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IT was Rose Marlo who, markiug
the day of my last visit ou the
calendar, made the discovery
that 1 was to belong to father on
Christmas day.
This may sound a blt confusing, for
most little girls belong equally to their
parents, but I, Willette Warrington,
don't. Ever since 1 cnn rcmeml>er
mother lins lived in our nice apart?
ment In Central Tark West, and fa
ther has lived down ta the Fifties.
Just oil' the avenue. And 1 belong to
mother year la and year out. except
lng three days In ench month, and for
these three days I belong to father.
When Rose Marie DUHaa the discov?
ery that my next visit to Fifty-some
thing street would fall upon ibo '-'"'th
of L>eoeniber abe was quite cad}- to
cry her little Mack eyes out
Father Bent the brougham on the
morning of thc 24th.
?'Billie. Billie, dear!" .ried motlier.
clasping me tightly In her arms when
she caught Bight of the carriage which
was to take me sway.
"Don't you want me to go. mother?"
1 asked a little unsteadily.
"Want you to go!" site cried. Then
she hesitated aud added, very calm
and self possessed; "Of course I al?
ways want yon with nie. Hillie, dear
but then so does your father want you.
and for the next three days you he
long to him. So I want you to go."
"Rut now?and tomorrow Christmas
day! Oh. motlier, won't I see you to
morrow?won't 1 see you on Christina*
day?" I cried. eUngltig fast to tie:
pretty gown.
"I'm afrrJd not, sweetheart." she
said gently.
"But I want you?1 want yon. moth
er, on Christmas da J >f all days in the
year," I sr.id.
"But don't v. i: want Tour father.
too. Billie, deni, she asked "Oh. I
know you do yon must: So run
along, dear little girt, run ? quickly!"
She let nie gd and pushed me gonth
from her. and I knew by tbe smile iv
her big brows eyes thal the tear*
were very near
Father was waiting for me on Hie
steps of the Cordova, mid when he
saw the brougham halt under the
marquise ami hist one little Rici step
out his face went all a-giin. and Ut
picked me up and kissed me
"Well. well, well! Where's Hom
Marie'.'" he asked, and then I told Inn
she had stopped at linnie.
I wish yon could se' father's room*
In the Cordova. They ar* ,-ver so tine
with dark walls mid gay ru^rs and hi-.;
substantial looking furniture, lhere';
an open tireplaco ami a hilga* old sett li
with no end of red etislioiiai In his dev
and lt is here we tilt ni an evening
side by side, aud mik until bedtime
After we had cone np io the elev.ito
to father's apartment he turned to nu
sad asked me about the day's pr.i
"i'd like to go down to the shoos il ?
er luncheon." I told bin promptly
"Good! Jolly! And suppose we c
down to one af the more quiet of th
big hotels and lunch there." he said.
He always does think of the vcr,
nicest things] a bi;; hotel downtown
After luncheon we entered our hat
som again and were driven away t
one of the big shops, where, ns fathc
put it. one can buy everything from
collar button to a steam launch. Ros
Marlo says mon do not like shopping
but. then. Rose Marie doesn't knoi
everything In the world, and fatht
and I had ? beautiful rime. W
bought all sorts of gifts for just ever;
body, nnd lather didn't tool; while
selected his present, and 1 didn't loo
while he selected mine.
"Now." I said, as we came out (
the department store. "1 want to bi
mother's gift."
"Why, of course," said father hu
riedly. "What do you want? Who
do you want to go? I'll tell thc ea
"1 haven't decided what to get,"
said slowly. "What do you thin]
Can't you suggest something, father
He ?book his bead Tin afraid
can't. Killie," lie told me quietly. "Ci
'on worn ir ' i iiionnii.
J^baieyatr^^^Liiudj^M^r 'iK'iuer
Jfke. t know she wil! appreciate it all
the mon1 If rou select lt yourself."
He put ute In ibo hansom ami. Jump?
ing la liimsfU. told the man lo drive
flo? ly no tlie a venue. This would
ilw ms lime io decide ilium Its* pres
rut a ml where tl should !*? purchased
I was waverh : UtlWKU I set of silver
lor tier Antoinette desk and a pair of
green SsSjotlC* lars for her favorite
dwarf pines wheu our hansom wa*
caught lu a block.
Directly abreast of our hansom was
.lumber ono. ours going north, our
neigtitwr's coming south, sad as I turn
ed my bend I lookisl straight into moth?
er's eyes! She w:is the sole occupant
of the south coming cnn
"Mother:" I shouted. "Oh. mother,
inoi hor.'"
?'Billie:'* she cried. We had both se?n
| each ot lier together. Just as we alwaye
; see everything together
"What is the trouble?" began father
| when lie, too, turned his head and
looked into mother's lovely eyes.
"How-de-do. Will/" she said softly.
I saw father clinch lils hands tightly.
[bea, "Ilow-de-do, Nell':" he returned.
"Awful block. Isn't UV"
"Oh. very l>ad:" said mother, but she
?rs* looking at me sitting so proudly
nt rather's side, and presently 1 caught
the ausplcJoa of a tear In lier eyes. Di?
rectly ? big lump caine lu my throat.
I saw bow it was. Mother was think
I ti ii of Christmas and of her little girl,
and I was sorry, sorry for her aud for
father too. The surface curs banged
theil hells, the poUcsmss shouted and
the cabbies swore And all the while
our hansom vi as Jammed tightly next
10 mother's, and wa sat staring straight
ut each oilier and saying not a word.
.lust then a policeman came up to
mother's hansom and shouted to the
rsbby. It seemed that th* left wheel
sf mot lier's hansom was locked In t lie
ri_-!:t wheel of another carriage in such
? way na to render it sasafs to pall
out. The policeman, who of cours*
kio rn ""Hiing of our affairs, said:
"Step across into the hansom next to
you. ma'am Ita wheels are safe, amt
I'm thinking tlie Hue will be moving
non li first."
Poor motlier Mushed cruelly and said
not S word, bat Just sat lhere looking
with ,.'eading eyes at father. But fa
tiler didn't move, and neither did hf
?peak, so I took the situation in my
two small hands and said:
"Father, won't you help mother into
our cab'.'"
Directly 1 S|>oke to father he was all
attention ami politeness. He stood up
and held out his hand to mother and
carefully helped her across into our
hansom. 1 hcliove motlier would nevei
have como only she knew that a great
many persons had heard me and were
watching us. and so she yielded grace
fully, as motlier alone can.
When she was in our cati and Bitting
down wit li me squeezed tu between
father and herself, she raised her eve?
line! said quietly;
"Thank you. Will."
A moment later the line st irted
slowly moving northward, and mn
I hansom went with the others, fathei
and motlier and I were sitting side bj
si.l.' lt seemed so good just io think
; of if. although 1 knew it all caine el
hu accident alone.
Alter we had gone two blocks up
town, rather spoke?very quietly am
with tightly pressed lips.
"i'll speak to the niau and tell hln
to slop at lhe next corner. Then ll
get out und you and Billie can hav* tin
cali to yourselves."
Tacts ls uo need for yon to get out
Will." mother told him (prickly. "It i
1 who am the intruder Have him ste]
please, and I will lind another han
"I wouldn't have you do Hint for th
world." he returned "I shall leave yoi
at Hie next corner; that is settled."
Mother put out her hand and let i
rest lightly on father's arm
"Will," she cried, "please don't mak
mo feel worst- than I already do.
was forced in youi tab, by accident i
is true, lint nevertheless, I did allin
you to help nie enter It But that wa
been use people were?watching us
and I thought?it lust Now that w
are out of Hie tungie, I must than
you and ask you lo set me down ;
once! Else I shall never forgive you
And they continued to talk, and tl
hansom continued on its way. and ie
kodj hui mynelf noticed that we ha
I got well uptown .iud were u ii Ilia ta
Nooks nf the ao:;rt inent billilli Hg i
Cent tal I'.irk West, where mother an
I liv
So. quite unobserved. I spoke up tl
; lube to tbe cai.li;. ? ,i mid:
\ "The Strathmore mid quick, please
We turned down a mm* street in
soother, and lu fore one could *a
".lack Robinson" are had stopped
tile door of I he S' ral huioi e
"Ob!" cried mot ocr
"What is IOImT frowned father
/ j Bot BO leaped out on lue snow co
ercd pavement and gave SHH ber I
hand. A moment later we ab limn
sp tbs Steps and slopped in the tonk
?Tha uk you." said mother. "You a
very kimi "
Father laughed "Oh. nol nt all."
told tier "This is not a ease of ber
kimi exactly."
"Won't you come m - for a little
cup of ten. perhaps?" asked moth
1 don't know what father wot:
have answered, so I look no chane
"Do comel" I cried, and looked
mother to further scroad my invl
"Yes. do," she said, without ralsi
her eyes
"Thanks, I will'" cried father, a
we all went ap in tho HSTStOr togeib
Wheu we were safety In motile
pretty sluing room and I had secun
locked the door. I slipped away a
left (hem together. Somehow lt seen
as if they would get along better wi
j out me Just then, aud, besides, I thl
si Mis' llllliml fl jilt lill wa* for am.
little girl don't you?
An hour later?lt seemed hours aud
hours niter, although it reilly wasn't,
of course- I went hack nnd found
motlier in father's arms.
"Oh. won't we have a bully Christ?
mas?" 1 cried joyfully '"Cather aud
motlier nnd I ?what a lovely, lovely
time we'll have together!"
"You can wager anythlnc you own
that we will." laughed fattier "Why.
lt w-|ll be a regular Christmas n in
mode, eh. Nell?"
And then he kissed mother, and
mother hld her happy face on hts broad
shoulder, and I was oh. so happy:
Merry Christmas. Indeed!? W. Carey
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ger's voice und nuable Praia the rever?
berating nature of the sound to locate
the position of the enemy stands still
and so gives him the chance of stulk
ing them. Sportsmen bold there is
probably some truth In this, for unless
one is following tho tiger ti nd lins seen
bim it almost ls Impossible from the
sound alone to tell wltb :iny certainty
where he is. New York Sun.
The Busy Woman's Day
lt begins early, ends late and is full
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The Finest English Odes.
Ar.iong the many tine odes In the
English language Macaulay character?
ized Dryden's "Alexander*! Feast" ns
the noblest, and Dr. Richard Harnett
agreed with him In thinking lt the
finest ode we have. The full title ls
"Alexander's Feast; or. Tba Power of
Music?An Oda Cor St. Cecilla's Day."
Spenser's "Epitlinlainium." Milton's
"(lil- on the Nativity." Kents' odes
?Tn a N'lghtingale" and "Cn a Crecian
Urn" mid Shelley's "To a Skylark"
are notable Instances of this class of
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though their form ls Irregular. Words?
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Coughing at Night
Oae I ad cough can Keep tho whole
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The White Headed Boy.
The phrase "his mother's white head?
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It appears In ninny of the Irish fairy
stories of the last century. Irish moth?
er! who knew goo.Trairics always kept
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How Long Will Mary Be Away/
Before Mary went away for a vacs
tlon Komeliody asked her when sh
waa going nnd how long she woul
be away, nnd this ls what she sail
"When lt ls the day after tomorrow
aball shirt n week from yesterday, an
I'm not coming back until the day b
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Ught green Jade ls the favorite gem
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Russian D.scipline.
While attending a fair ut Kiga a Rus?
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Ends Hunt tor Rich Girl
Often the baot for a rich wife end*
when Ik* man meet** woman t Iii- fl ts*
Kleotric Hitters, h r strong nerve*
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Uer peack-blootH complexion and ruby
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SO els st H. II. lioricll'n.
Tobacco Penalties.
Tlie shah of Persia, in the seven?
teenth century, proclaimed that every
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was found should have his lips cut.
while la the same century Massachu?
setts ordered tba! "no person shall take
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His Sense ot Humor.
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Sealing Wax.
Sealing wax in the present form was
first notts! in London in the middle of
the sixteenth I eil tar J. A sort of earth
wis used hy the ancient Egyptians in
?miling papers and documents. The
F.g.N ptians placed such en rt li on the
li.ins nf cuttle, and apOO lt was stump?
ed the seal of thc priest. Thus were
Identified the cattle to be used In the
s.-h ri tires.
Dr. Wm. Si.dier, author of "The
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applications sometimes gi\o temporary re?
lief but won't cure; the sure way to secure
permanentresults is to thoroughly eradicate
from the blood all the impurities. Nothing
on earth will drive out the poisons from
your system, keep the bowels, kidneys aud
liver in good condition as SEVEN BARKS, the
wonderful remedy that has proved itsgreat
merits the past 42 years. c
SEVEN BARKS oin he had of nil druggists,
at 50 cents per bottle. Give it a good trial
and watch jour rheumatism disappear.
LYMAN BROWN, 68 Murray St, New York. N.Y.
Make* Kidneys and Bladder n*ght
Paper of the South
icred by lite well-trained special correspondents of
ic anti interesting manner each merninie *nd weekday
N IS IMilSI'I-.NSAHI.K, while its Imreansiii Wasli
lc)>islative and financial <-enters of the country the
no superior, being morally and intellectually a paper
features that can be written on fashion, arl aud mis
NRSS MAN'S NECESSITY, for the farmer, the mer
e and reliable information upon their various lines ot
itK or Eveinnp) is 25 cents a Month
ail. is 3 cents a copy or 25 cents for
Evening and Sunday, #7.50 a year.
orders to
Baltimore, Maryland

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