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Reports of 30,000 Cases or Kidney
Trouble, Some of Them Lex?
ington Cases
Kaeb of some 6,000 newspapers of
the United State* le publishing from
week to week names of people In its
particular ueigbboiaood who hare used
and recommended Donn's Kidney Pill*
fur kidney backache, weak kidney*,
bladder troubles mad urlusry dls?rd*rs.
This mas* of proof Includes over 80.000
testimonials. Lexington ls no excep?
tion. Here is one of the Lexington
J. W. Walker, policeman, Randolph
St., Lexington, Va., say*: "I can't any
too much for l)oan'sjKidu?y Pills. lani
glad to confirm what I said about them
lu my previous >? tatoiuent of a.me years
ago. For a long time I bad bean trou?
bled by weakness acroaa my back and a
dull, miserable aching lu my loin*. I
had beard about Doau's Kidney Pills
aod finally I got same at ii. H. Worrell"?
Drug Store. Two or three boxes, I for?
got which, cured tue."'
For sale by ali dealers. Price 50 couts
Foster-Mil burn Co..Buffalo,New York
sole agents for tbe United States.
Remember the name?Doau's?aod
take no other.
fl & \y Norfolk frWestern
Kl ? ^asai?^??aaassaa-???
2.20 p.m.?For Bristol aud interim-d?
ate stations. Pullman sleeper aud Din?
ing Oar to rtoaujke. Parlor car Roan
ofce to Bristol. (Jonaeete at Roanoke
with St. Lou:* Kxurese for ali points
*Vest. Pull mau Sleeper Roanoke to
Columbus, aud Cincinnati Cafe Car.
7.2b a.m.?For Roauo'se, Bluefleld
uocahouta0, Norton, W ins ton-Salo in
Charlotte, Welch aud iatermedlate
stations. Pullman Sleeper to C-ary and
Wiustou Sa.eui, N, C Cale Dil lug
Car to Wary connects at Ro.ii.oke with
Mem pille Special tor Chattanooga,
Nashville, Memphis.
1.67 p.m.? For Hagemtown, Phila?
delphia, iSe? York. Pullman Hleepers
via Hatferstowu for Harrisburg, Phila?
delphia and New York. Diuiug Car to
8.30 p-iu. ? For Hagerelowu,Philadel?
phia and New York,l'ulliuau sleeper to
New York, Cafe Car.
Rates, time tables and 'information
cheerfully furnished upon application
to Agent N. A W. Hy.
Gen. Paae. Agt. W. C. SAUNDERS
Roanoke, Va. Asst. Ueu'l. Pai-s. Agt.
Jan. 13 'OM
Builder and
A. W. HANSPILE'S Old Stand
W. L. Benson is associated Jwith
Phone 208 Lexington, 0
Nov.22 tf Virginia
"After four in our family had died
of consumption 1 was taken with
a frightful cough and lung trouble,
but my life was saved and I gained
87 pounds through using
W. R. Patterson, Wellington, Tex.
Kocky Mountain Tia Nugget*
A Busy Medicine lor Busy People.
Brlnos Golden Health and Renews* Via*
A specific for Constipation, Indigestion, I ir-i '
?nu Kidney trcabie*, Pimples, Eczema. Imp*- ?
Blood, Bail ureath,Sluggish Bowel*, Headacbe
and Backache. ItaRocky MomitalnTealn tad>
lat form,35 centa a boa. Genuine made bf
Hoixirrm Daua Compamt Madison, Wis.
Whet They Will Do for Yoa
They will cure your backache.
?trengthen your kidneys, cor?
rect urinary irregularities, build
?p the worn out tissues, and
eliminate the excess uric acid
that causes rheumatism. Pre?
vent Bright's Disease and Dia?
betes, and restore health end
strength. Re'use substitutes.
R. S. BRUCE. President. TELEPHONE 75 T. S. BURWELL Treasure
WM. R. KENNEDY. Vice-Prnsid.-nt. E. S. SHIELDS, Secretary.
Rockbridge Fealty Corporation
Desirable Farms aud Town Property for sale. Located ia Lexington,
Ya.- Rockbridge and other Coontie j.
HISTORIC LEXINGTON: A center of education and culture, seat of Washington and Lee
University and the Virginia Military Institute. The one enjoys the unique distinction of having
been endowed by George Washington and administered by Robert E. T^ee; the other, often called
tbe "West Point of the South," is rich in the memories of "Stonewall" Jackson. Excellent High
School, four strong Banks, live white and two colored Churcnes, two liailroads. a population of
4,000, including nearly 1,000 young men at the two institutions. Nearly 1,200 feet above sea-level,
healthful and invigorating climate, average summer temperature 72 degrees, low cost of living, on
the National Highway frouu New York to Atlanta.!
KOCKBUIDGE COUNTY: Situated in a picturesque valley between the Alleghany and
Blue Ridge Mountains, being a portion of the famed Sheuaudoah Valley of Virginia, and about one
hundred and tifty miles fruin Washington City. Good farming lands, stock raising, blue grass,
tine fr jit, excellent springs. Tbrifty people, nourishing schools, numerous churches, good roads,
equable climate, attractive summer resorts, including Natural Bridge, Rockbridge Alum Springs,
Gosben Pass, Rockbridge Bains and Wilson's Springs.
All properties listed with us are widely advertised without cost to owner, whether we
make sale or not.
We are in touch with leading Real Estate firms in all parts of the State, and
If we haven't what you desiie, write to us and we will supply your wants.
Deeds written free of charge for all property sold by us.
Farms $850 to $20,000
Residences $500 to $ 10,000
Lots $110 to $1,600
Business Properties,Stocks of rierchandise. Tim?
ber Tracts, Flouring Hills, Bearing Orchards
Aversion to Being Ordsred la One of
tbs Most Prominent Traits cf an
The Chinese ls a poor soldier. Not
that be ls lacking In courage, for on
occasions he cheerfully sells himself
aa substitute and goes willingly to
tbe executioner's tut in order to pro?
vide bis parents with the small sum
necessary to suport them through life,
writes H. H. Windsor In Popular Me?
chanics. The strength of an army ls
In teamwork, and here ls where be
falls on account of his aversion to be-,
lng ordered. This ls found in his do?
mestic and Industrial work. A gener-j
al line of policy or desired results can.
be laid down and he will faithfully
work In accordance therewith, but be
dislikes to be followed up through the
details of the work with frequent or?
ders. He will produce excellent re-,
anita?but they must be accomplished
In his own way. Hence the essence
of good militarism?prompt and un?
questioned obedience?comes In di?
rect conflict with his nature,# andi
makes him a poor soldier. However,
thia trait ls not entirely wanting In
other nationalities, as every business,
man knows to his sorrow, and the dif?
ficulty of getting employes to do a
thing In the prescribed way ls one ot
tbs constant anxieties.
Wortn Knowing.
To get rid of carpet moths scrub the
floor with hot water made exceedingly
salty before laying the carpet and
sprinkle the carpet once a week before
sweeping till the pests disappear.
To have gems bake nicely, when fill?
ing the gem pans with battc leave
one of the cups pmpty and fll lt with
water. The gems will not scorch when
this method is followed and will brown
A Guaranteed Cure For Piles
Itching, Blind, Bleeding, Protruding
Piles. DriiarKinf ara anthorlzed to re
fund moiirty If PAS!) OINTMENT
falls to ,-nn< in fl to 14 daya.
A Common Mistake.
Many a man hus thc idea that be ls a
hi i nu irist merely been use other people
think be ls funny.
Dr. Fahmey's Teething S\ni|> con?
forms to the Pure Pood aad Drag l-aw
Eaoh bottlo fctiiarantofd. Sample tree
RecValsss Question.
"I wasted a full hour yesterday.**
"How?" "Asked tireen how his baby la
getting ou." Detroit Free Press
Pardu" d<?n't rn I nd eos ?* or t??? "ni.'
if kept well wldi Dr. Fshrnev's Teet'i
it'8 rtyrp. Pet it anywiiert*. Sample 1
[dp the Horse
_To ait ide is more useful
di'out the stable than Mica
Axle Grease. I"ut a little on
thc si.iu.lK-s helorr y?Hl '"hook
op**?lt will help the horsa. and
Lriii); the load borne quicker.
urats U'fll?better than any
oilier grease. Coats the axle
u:th a har.1, smooth surface of
powdered n.ica which reduces
friction. Ask the denier for
Mica Axle Grease.
vr^trlUl .
Ill '
Don't You RememberT
The love of reminiscence is deep
rooted in ua. We do not need to hava
length of years in order to possess lt.
All we need to have la a consciousness
of the past as past. Some year* ago
a little friend of mine, then four years
old. attained a new phrase, "Don't you
remember?" I Bay "attained," because
lt was evident that she had not only
enlarged her field of expression by a
new word, but that aha had enlarged
her field of experience by a new sensa?
tion?the sensation of reminiscence.
For the phrase, "Don't you remem?
ber?" always ushered In a story out
of her small past, some event of tha
preceding winter or summer, some
glimpse of history lu which she had
been actor witness, lt was always ut?
tered with shining eyes and a flush of
delight, which deepened if I waa abl*
to catch her reminiscence aud recog
Blze and enjoy it with her. Yet the
tblnga remembered wera very simple
?a drive, a walk, a kitten, a child wa?
tering his garden or falling down. The
pleasure came, clearly, not from the
original quality of the experience, but
from the very act of remembering- Sh*
was tasting the pure pleasure of remi?
niscence. Watching her, I fell to won?
dering what waa the precious quality
of this pleasure whose flavor she waa
beginning to taste.?Atlantic Monthly.
Autumn Soup.
Out In thin alices the whit* part* of
four leeks, the same of two heads of
celery, and a lettuce; wash and throw
them Into bolling broth, add a pint of
young peas, a little sugar and pepper,
two largo spoonfuls of flour mixed
thinly and smooth. After bolling one
and one-half hours put lt into the
tureen with little "crusts" of bread
fried in drippings. The last should
be carefully dried in the hot closet
so that they shall be crisp and not
English Hotels Seem to Have Queer
Idea as to the Popularity of
a Hearse.
Some of thc hotelkeepers "on the
other side" have peculiar ways of ad?
vertising their houses, and one of the
most singular of these methods ls the
statement In their advertisements
that the hotel ls equipped with a
hearse! Inasmuch as the American
hotelkeeper is only looking for "live
ones." it is not of record that hearses
have been used as attractions in this
country as yet. One of the English
catering Journals In speaking of this
custom, recently said: "We have on
several occasions commented upon
the uncanny mixing up of the funeral
traffic business with hotel keeping?
an unholy combination to be met with
In some northern parts of Ireland.
Apropos, here is an enticing adver?
tisement from a Sligo, prper calculat?
ed to bring quite a rush of guests anx?
ious to test the accommodation: 'Mrs.
-, proprietress of the - hotel,
begs to announce that she has added
to her establishment a glass hoarse.'"
Should He?
During a discussion of the fitness
of things in general some one asked:
"If a young man takes his best girl
to the grund opera, spends $8 on a
supper after the performance, and
then takes her home in a taxicab.
r.hould he kiss her good night? An
old bachelor who was present growl?
ed. "I don't think she ought to ex?
pect lt Seems to me he has done
enough for her."?Llppincott's.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bang'
Bears the
Signature of CmtuzA^J^\7u23uik\i
:hickx3tcr-b Cr.ei.ISH
OHrtaaTaad ObIt Uraulae.
In UKO mat Ueld
wiib alMribbaa. Tame as ether. Krlaaa
l>aia-rreae NabatltuUoa. aad lrnlla
Ueaa. Ba; or roar l>t???i.l. ar mia 4a. la
?tampa for Partlealare, TeetlaiealaU
au.l - Kalle* far Ladlee.* >?? i?ci?- br ra
tara Mall. 1 0.000 Taumnal. S-.M .,
all Pi.nru. ( Blob..lrr chemical Oe,
Menu.m tl*, pace: tttattoaa ?>. l-lilla t?
CTesneee and beautifies the halal
Promote* a hannant fiuvth. I
Slaver falls to Hector* Ofaarl
Employer Likely to Be Satisfied
Only When Tangible Results
Are Forthcoming.
Object Lesson In Case Recorded Her*
?Bookkeeper Had Many Plans
But In No Cass Had He Mad*
an Effort to Carry Th*m
Jamison, tbe third bookkeeper, ap?
proached th? desk of hi* employer and
6tood there hesitatingly.
"I came in to find out If I couldn't
get a little raise," he began, when the
opportunity came. "I've been work?
ing here-"
The employer raised a hand.
"Jamison," he said, "I have been in*
tending to raise your salary for soma
time?and I have been holding off ia
the hope that you would deser\f a
better raise than the one I am about
to give you. Now, sit down. I Wit
to have a little talk with you."
Jamison's fare lighted at the ease
with which he had won. "Thank you,"
he said, as he seated himself. "I'm
glad to know that I've been doing
good work and-"
"You're the worst disappointment I
have had in thia office in the last ten
years," the employer cut In sharply.
"I am giving you your raise simply be?
cause you are a disappointment. Now
let me say what I started out to say.
"When you came here a year ago I
thought I had found a prize. Remem?
ber the day that I stopped by your
desk over there and asked you how
you were getting along? You an
swered me with alertness, and almost
?wept me off my feet with the flood
of Ideas that you were going to put
Into execut'on. You will remember
that I told you to go ahead and rut
your Ideas into execution?whether
they -won or not. I want a man to
come to me with ideas. I'm willing
to lose a little money experimenting
on him."
Jamison attempted to say some?
thing, but the employer went on:
"Three weeks later I wa* again by
your desk. The day I had left you I
had prophesied to myself within a
month that you would be managing
the whole office instead of doing book?
keeping. But three weeks of that time
had gone by and I had not seen any
results that would Justify me in sit?
ting up nights to think what a prent
manager you were. Not oue of those
Ideas had shown any working. You
had simply told me of them and then
forgotten them.
"That day we talked tocethcr again.
You had an entire new set of dreams
of things you were going to do. 1
waited a month, but nothing turned
up. Two months later I remember
we chatted together a tew momenta
You were tbe possessor of a new set
of plans which nobody but yourself
could carry out. Well, I waited for
you to do some currying, but nothing
occurred. And that, Jamison, is why
you are still in the position you had
when you began with this firm?-and lt
ls also why I cull you my greatest dl>
appointment. You're fast in the head
and slow on your feet. I suppose you
have another hatch of hunches cook?
ed up for me right this minute, their
only trouble being that you're the
man who must carry them out. and
you will get tired before you begin.
Isn't that true?"
"Well, I've got some Ideas all right,"
Jamison said. "Now, for instance-""
The employer stopped him
"I've got a better idea than any of
yours," he said. "And that is for you
to go and carry out some of your
plans first; then tell me about them
"Yes, slr," said Jamison, meekly
Joy in Effort.
In ancient Greece the victors at the
contests of various sorts won (treal
honor. These contests were called
games, but the men who won in them
did not win through play, but only by
strenuous preparation, through real
and often prolonged work. This prep?
aration required patience and persist?
ence that there might be a constant
advance In strength and skill.
Testimonies to the effort thnt the
liveliest exercise of strength and skill
gives the greatest of known joy are
very numerous. In the Century maca
zine there is a sonnet written to ac
company a bas-relief by A. Tait Mc?
Kenzie, with the title "The Joy of Ef
fort." The picture is of three hurdlers
clearing the bar. The poem tells ol
their eagerness, their impetuosity
their joy In fleetness The last two
lines, a couplet, read. "For men 'tis
not enough to be alive; the noblest
Joy of being ia to strive."
Work for the Secretary.
The secretaries of great men usn.il
!.- turn out to be somebody In the end
and the quality they must have the
most of is tact. The big men and
women themselves have no time tc
smooth things over?they are busy
ruffling things up. And so it ls the
secretary who must assume th*
suave, placating manner; lt la the sec?
retary who must learn how to tie
up all the loose ends that the big man
leaves flying after a business deal; ll
is the secretary who must devote her
self to the people that the big man
thinks worth cultivating
Having made a little foothold '- ?

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