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(formkrlt beltzhoover’s,)
Head of Light, near Baltimore Street, Baltimore.
■ .
PI^HE increased patronage of this I°nff f&tablish
-*• ed and popular Hotel, under the manage
ment of its present Proprietor,has inspired him with
further energy and determination, and no e'xpense
or attention of his or that of his Assistants will be
spared, to maintain with the patronsof the “h oun
tain” the reputation it held all over the country in
its ‘‘palmiest days” of fie/fzhoot'er’sconduclorship.
To increase its former attractions and comforts,
during the past season, the Hotel has undergone
many changes, the Proprietor having made heavy
outlays in introducing some of the bc«t and latest
Improvements—which together with its central po
sition, being located in the very heart of the bust
nesss portion ofthe city, and near the centre of Bal
timore Street, and within a tew minutes walk ic
all the Depots and Steamboat Landings, it invites
the Merchant, the Farmer, the Artizan, as well as
the Man of Pleasuse to make the Fountain 1u>
tcl his home during his sojourn in Baltimore,
Containing Private Parlors, Saloons. Reception
Rooms, ordinary, and extensive suites of large and
airy Chambers, tilted up in a style and elegance
that cannot fail to give satisfaction and com hut.
Porters are attached to the “Fountain, "ho
may be recognized by the Badges on their flats,
and are always in attendance at the different De
pots and Steamboat Landings, who will receive
Checks, take charge of Baggage and convey it to
the Hotel.
Baltimore, March 13, 1850.—lm.
Valuable Property tor Sale.
VIRGINIA At a Circuit Superior Court of
Law and Chancery held for Augusta County,
at the Court House, on Monday June the doth,
*810, r%t. . ,
Thomas J. Michte. acting Executor of Michael
Garber, doc’d.—Plaintiff,
William A. Menzies and Elizabeth his wife, and
This cause came on this day to be heard, on the
Bill, the answer of Sarah J. Harman. M. G. Har
man, William H. Garber, Ann C. Garber, A. M.
Garber, C. Garber, H. H. Robertson, and Caroline
E. his wife, and of J. C. Michie, A. N. Michie,
Sarah J. Mic hie, Benjamin F. Michie, Thomas J.
Michie, Henry B. Michie, and Margaret R. G.
Michie, minors, by Nicholas C. Kinney iheirguar
dian ad litem, also the answer of Albert J. Garber
and the exhibits and order of publication duly exe
cuted against the absent defendants, WiiliaiuA.
Menzies and Elizabeth his wife, Alexander M. Gar
ber, and Michael C. Garber, and was argued by
Counsel. On consideration whereof the Court is
of opinion, that it would be best for all concerned,
that the Real Estate of the testator Michael Gar
ber, should be sold—It is therefore adjudged, order
ed and decreed, that Thomas J. Michie the Exec
utor of the said Garber, be and he is hereby appoint
ed a Commissioner, whose doty it shall be after
having tirst advertised the lime and place of sale
in the Newspapers published in the town ofStaun
ton, and also in some Newspaper published in the
City of Richmond for at least six weeks, to proceed
to sell the Real Estate of said M. Garber, dec’J.,
situated in the Town of Staunton and elsewhere in
thn County of Augusta, to the highest bidder, at
public auction, on the following terms, viz: One
sixth of the purchaso money to be paid in hand, and
the balance in five eipial semi annual instalments,
the purchaser to give bond with approved security
for the deterred payments, and a lien to be retained
on tho property sold as additional security; and the
saiii Commissioner is at liberty it he thinks the sale
will be promoted thereby, to divide the property
into such parcels as may best suit the purchasers,
aud report his proceedings to this Court for its sanc
tion or disapproval Extract,
CHAP. J. KINNEY, d. c.
IN obedience to the foregoing order, the under
signed a Commissioner appointed lor that pur
pose, will on the 3Uth day ot April, 1850, expose
to Public Sale, in the Town of Staunton, in front
of the Virginia Hotel, that well known and valua
ble Tavern Property in the said Town—called the
Bell Tavern. The Lot is large with a stream
of water running through it, and the Rail Road
also passes through it. " The rear of the Lot after
laying off enough ground with the buildings for all
Tavern purjjoses, will be divided into smaller lots
to suit purchasers. This laveru Lot trouts about
eighty feet on the public street, and is the most con
venient site to the llail Hoad Depot, that can be
selected for a Tavern. The buildings are large and
chiefly of Brick, sufficient for the accommodation at
once of many guests and boarders. Before the day
of sale convenient building lots for Store-houses and
Lumber-houses will be laid off on both sides ot
the Rail Road track, and sold separately. Also a
large Lot on the hill back of the Tavern, will be
sold separately, suitable for pasture or cultivation.
Will be so hi, also, at the same time and place, a
valuable out lot, containing about two acres, about
one mile from Staunton, on the right hand of the
Parkersburg road ; also another lot of about two a
cres, on the°Jentiings’ Gap road, and another lot of
about twenty Acres, partly cleared, on the Augusta
Springs road.
The terms of sale will be those stated in the fore
guing unler. T„og. j. MICHIE> C„m.
March 6, 1850.—tds.
gy The Republican Vindicator. Richmond
Republican and Richmond Enquirer will pleas» in
sert this advertisement, the two latter, twice a
week till day of sale and forward their accounts to
the Spectator office for payment.
VIRGINIA :—At Rules held in the Clerk’s Of
fice of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and
Chancery for Augusta County, March the 4th,
Robert Dunlap—Plaintiff,
James Dunlap, Nelson Dunlap and Alexander
The Defendants, James Dunlap and Nelson
Dunlap, not having entered their appearance and
(riven security, according to the act of Assembly
and the Rules of this Court, and it appearing by
satisfactory evidence that they are not inhabitants
of this Commonwealth : It is ordered, that til said
Defendants do appear here on the first Mon.^ y in
May next and answer the bill of the Plaiutifi ; and
that a copy of this order be forthwith inserted in
some newspaper printed in Staunton, for two months
successively, and posted at the front door of lire
A Copy—Teste.
C. M. LOVING, d. c.
March 13. 1859.—2m. _
AS Executors of the late John Mtcrs. dec’d.,
we will offer for sale on Saturday the 6th day
of April next, to the highost bidder, two valuable
LOTS Or LAND, containing about eleven A
cres. These Lots adjoin the lands of Christian
Cline. David Myers and Solomon Peters.
TERMS.—One halfm hand and the balance in
six months, the purchaser giving bond with approv
ed security.
Sale to commence at 2 o’clock P. M.
New Hope, March 13, 1850.—4t.
1 AA B AGS low Coffee; 100 do. dark urecn Rio,
lOU jtj hhds. new crop New Orleans Sugar,
30 bbb». new crop N* O. Molasses,
300 Saeks G. A. Salt,
10 bhls. Water, .Soda and Sugar Crackers, re
ceived and for sale by . vvt.0
Winchester Depot, Feb. 6, 1850.
For the removal and permanent cure of all Diseases
arising from an impure state of the blood or
habit of the sijstem, viz.:
Scrofula or King’s Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cu
i taneous Eruptions» Pimples, or Pustules ou the taco,
Blotches, Biles, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring norm or
Toter, Scald Head, Enlargement anil pain of the Bones
and Joints, Si-bborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Symptoms,
Sciatica, or Lumbago ; and diseases arising from an in
judicious use of Mercury, Aoitites or Dropsy, Expo
sure or imprudence in life ; also, Chronic Cotwutntional
Disorders, &c.
This Medicine has acquired a very extended and es
tablished reputation wherever it has been used, based
entirely on its own merits, which its superior efficacy
has alone sustained. The unfortunate v icum of hered
itary disease, with swollen glands,contracted sinews,
i and bones half carious, has been restored to healt h and
I vigor. The scrofulous patient, covered with ulcers,
loathsome to himself and his attendants, has been made
whole. Hundreds of persons, who had groaned hope
lessly for years under cutaneous and glandular disor
ders, chronic rheumatism, and many other complaints
springing from a derangement of the secretive organs
and the circulation, have been raised as it wore from
the rack of disease, and now, with regenerated consti
tutions, gladly testify to the cfiicacy ot this inestimable
The attention of the reader is called to the following
astonishing cure, effected by the use of Sands’ Sarsa
r*l'n'iis is to certify that I have a colored woman who
has been afflicted for the last live years with Scrofula,
and all the remedies I used had no effect in arresting
! the progress of the complaint; on the contrary, she con
stantly grew worse; and alter expending between §70
and §80 with physicians, besides using other popular
remedies without success, till the disease had eaten a
way the cartilage of her nose, made its appearance on
various parts ot her body, and had finally commenced
its ravages in the roof of her mouth.
In this dreadful situation, with the prospect of death
staring her in the face, 1 stated her case to Dr. Disos
way, the apent for Sands* Sarsaparilla in Newbern, y.
C by whom I was advised to use that article ; and to
my surprise and that of my neighbors, to whom her case
was kuown, after using four and a half bottles she was
restored to perfect health, and that in the space ot three
weeks, and was able to work in two weeks from the lime
she commenced taking it.
In witness of the truth of this statement, I have here
i “W *'“x"‘ ^ "““josEPH McCOT!llEB.“"'p.
Mouth of Ncuse River, Cravou co., N. C.
: (. The following is an extract from a letter received
i from Mrs. Bevan, who had been afflicted several years
with Scrofulous Ulcers, Dyspepsia, &c, and recently
; an aff ection of the throat and clu st
Jiaileijtbtug, l-a, Dec 13, l84o.
Messrs A B & D Sands : Before I commenced using
your Sarsaparilla, my suffering were almost past ex
pression ; my throat was completely ulcerated, I had a
dreadful cough, and there were frequently weeks to
gether that I could not speak above a whisper; and be
sides, the inflamation Iroiu my throat extended to my
head, so that uiv hearing was very much impaired. At
tcr taking the Sarsaparilla a short time, my health im
proved, and my throat is now well; I am as free from
cou»h and tightness of the chest as ever 1 was, and can
hear quite distinctly. My throat has been well about
three months, the cure ofwhich has been eltected en
tirely by the use of your Sarsaparilla.
Your friend; LOUISA R BEVAN.
The following testimonial to the value of the Sarsa
parilla, is from the Rev Luther Wright, aged 76 years,
Congregational Minister, residing at Woburn.
* Woburn, Muss, March 30th, 1846.
Messrs. Sands; Gentlemen—From what I have ex
perienced, and from the information I have recently re
ceived from a number of persons of high respectability
who have used your Sarsaparilla, I have not the least
doubt but that it is a most valuable medicine, and that
the numerous certificates you have received of its effi
cacy arc fully sustained by experience, and although its
reputation and utility are very extensive, and stand in
no need of my humble efforts to increase them, I want
all who are afflicted by disease to become acquainted
with the efficacy and power of your valuable medicine.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by A B &
D SANDS. Druggists and Chemists. 100 Fulton street,
corner of William New York. Sold also by Druggists
generally throughout the United States and Canadas.—
I’nce §1 per Bottle ; six Bottles for §5.
Agent in Staunton, Dr. E. BERKELEY .
Feb. 13, 1800.
To Phvfcicians, Hrnggiits and
Country Merchants.
DR J N. Keeler and Bro. most respectfully solicit
attention to their fresh slock of English, l.me t,
1 Herman and American Drags, Medicine*, Chemical*,
i Paints, Oils, Dye Stairs, Glassware, Perfumery, Patent
j Medicines, &c. Having opened a new Store No. 294
! MarketSt. with a full supply of Fresh Drugs ami Med
I icincs. we respectfully solicit Country dealers to exam
I ine ourstock before purchasing elsewhere, promising one
i and all who may feel disposed to extend to us theirpa
: tronaee, to sell them genuine Drugs and Medicines, ou
' as liberal terms as any other house in the City, and to
1 faithfully execute all orders entrusted to us promptly and
I with dispatch. ,_. .
One of the proprietors being a regular physician at
fords ample guarantee of the genuine quality ol all arti
cles sold at their establishment,
i Wc especially invitedruggistsandcountry merchants,
who mav wish to become igcnts for Dr. heeler s Cele
brated Family Medicines, (standard and popularreme
; die*.) to forward their address.
Soliciting the patronage of dealers, we respectfully
remain, ..ggggn ^ RRO.. Wholesale Druggists,
N- Kttceun ^ Ma,ket strcet, Philadelphia.
September 19,1849.—Iy»
-4UtP dieajjest and most brilliant Light in use.
We would recommend it on many accounts to the
public.—200 gal’s. Lamp Oil, warranted pare ;
1 300 ll»s. Sperm and Adamantine Candles of sttperi
i or quality, just received and for sale by
Next door to B. Crawford s.
Staunton, Feb. 27, 1830.
Bibles find Testaments.
; rpHE Augusta County Bible Sociely has a full
I A supply°of Bibles and Testaments at the Book
S Store of Mr. R. Cowan, in Staunton, where they
i can be purchased at the lowest prices.
March 13, 1850.
HJ. & W. B. CRAW FORD, have in store
• and offer for sale. 110 bhls. Fresh Ground
Superfine and Family Flour, of various and most
approved brands; 4 bbls. Pure Cider Vinegar, war
ranted ; A lot of well cured Bacon ; 2 firkins h am
ily Lard, and a lot of Venison llams.
Staunton, March 13,1850.
I rpEAMSTERS, AHOY .'—Wanted irnmediate
A ly, hauling to Scottsvillo, for whieh a liberal
i price will be given. Enquire of
| H. J. 8c W. B. CRAWFORD.
March 13, 1850. _ _
Fine Gun Powder 'lVa; f Chest Extra l'ine
: Garden Gun Powder Tea; of late importation arid
t >f 5ale b/ H. J. & W. B. CRAWFORD.
March 13, 1850.
fJ'RESH ARRIVALS—Received thisday Fresh
•T Figs, Raisins, Almonds, Prunes, Sec., for sale
low by the box or pound by
E. M. CUSHING, Agent,
j March 13, 1850. #
Jlad I. Paul and T. Burke haqe answered,
! establishing, at reduced
» and fair Tates, A DAY
! TION STAGE, from Winchester to Staunton, in
I 4 hours less time than the mail has usually made,
i They are thankful for patronage received and the
i many expressions of kind feelings on their behalf,
j and now in turn must call and depend upon the peo
1 pie to sustain them, promising to run on as lcngas
! wanted, notwithstanding we are threatened with
' extermination, and vengeance is declared against
the Union Hotel, of Winchester, while ever
a coach is running from her, from whence they
think said Coaoh -emanated. True, it has, mainly
I because the Coaches of Farish. Peyton, Kemp &.
Co., were frequently forbidden to take passengers
from said House, ordering them to their office and
starting place.
Ye who have long wanted th'e accommodation
Staor«, give us proof of your works. Call at the
Union, Winchester,and McClung’s, Staunton, en
joy comfort and plenty at .reasonable rates, and take
j seats in Coaches from Winchester every Monday,
| Wednesday & Friday, from Staunton, Tuesday,
Thursday St Saturday. Fare through $4.'
| January 30, 1850.—tf.
0^"'ISAAC PAUL, Proprietor from Win
i chester to New Market.
THOMAS BURKE, Proprietor from
! New Market to Staunton.
! TYic V)uletahave taken HoW&a&l
-=>«#«>«► _
! 'piIESE are the times in which men look for the
I doings of the world and general information, to
the Press” which is, by the-by, the true path-finder
j for business men, as well as those who wish to make
every Penny count most for themselves. 1 his be
ing the order of the day, the undersigned wish to
keep with the current, and at the same time give
the reader a good hint which path to travel to make
his money count most. A few good reasons will
i satisfy the reader at once why it is that they can
i and will sell any gentleman a suit of Ready made
I Clothing, frurn the commonest every day suit, to a
fine Sunday and superfine wedding suit, cheaper
than any other establishment. In the first place,
then, they are able to sell cheaper than other
establishments, because they are well acquainted
with their business. They buy and sell for Cash,
, and know when and where and how to purchase
'their goods. “Goods well bought are half sold
Kven if they bad no advantages over any one in
their line of business, they can still undersell them,
because they require no large profits to make up for
I a r^e expenses. They attend to their business them
selves, and therefore incur but small exposes, com-1
paratively speaking, in carrying on the same. They
sell their Goods for Cash, and therefore require no
laro-e profits to make up for loss sustained by credit
salos No one will doubt that the Cash system,
j together with small profits, is the best modeoi deal
I inir and most advantageous to the purchaser. If
' anv one doubts this, he will be convinced of its
truth by calling at theCLOIHING AND VA
RIETY STORE, Corner of the Virginia Hotel,
! where he will find a largo assortment of all kinds
1 of Rpady-made Clothing, for Men and Boys’wear,
such as Cloaks, Over-Coats, Frock, Sack, Business
and Dress Coats, Pants and Vests of all descrip
tions, Woollen Under shirts and Drawers, all kinds
! of Shirts, Collars, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Gloves,
Caps and I lats, together with some fancy articles,
all of which they will with pleasure exhibit for ex
amination to those who call upon them. rl heir pri-,
1 ces are such as will salify every one that this is the
place to buy Fall and Winter Clothing. The sub
scribers take this occasion to tender to the public
their thanks for the liberal patronage which they
have thus far received, and respectfully solicit a
continuance of the same.
Corner Room. Virginia Hotel Buildings.
Staunton, Oct. 10, 1849.—3m.
MiJMlt U If VI /i to S TO 1C to.
rpHE Subscriber lias on hand, and is receiving
JL frequent additions to a very expensive Stock of
Goods in his line, which he offers at very moderate
prices. He invites the attention of mechanics, buil
ders and Farmers to the extent and variety with
the cheapness of his stock, consisting in part of
Locks for doors of various kinds, very low, locks
for Cupboards, Sills, Chests, Closets, I ad, &.c.
I lincres ofiron and brassjall kindsandsizes. Screws,
Nails. Brads, Tacks, Bolts, &c. I lardware, from
ordinary to the most superior kinds ; Tenent, Key
hole,Compass, Web and Fellow Saws; Mill, Cross
cut, and Circular Saws. Knives and Forks, Ivory,
j in sets of 51 ps. ; also a large variety by the dozen;
Pen, Pocket, Butcher, Carver, and Shoe Knives*
Silver plated, German, Briilannia and Iron Spoons,
Scissors and Shears ; Razors and Strops. Chopping,
Broad and Hand Axes; Hatchets, Hammers, Au
gers, Braces and bits, and Bits separately. Brass
and Iron Andirons ; Shovels and Tongs ; Candle
sticks Shovels, Spades and Forks; Steel of all
kinds,’ Rod and Square rolled iron in various sizes.
Carryall tire, Eliptic Springs and Axles, Trsse
and Halter Chains. Blacksmith Bellows, Anvils,
and Hammars; Jack-screws; Screw-plates; Stir
rups, Bits, Saddlery of various kinds; Pistols,Guns,
&.c ’ Together with a great variety of articles too
' numerous to mention. * G. E. PRICE.
Staunton, January 23, 1350.
rplIE undersigned, desirous of enlarging his bu
1 siness, will offer his entire stock of
after the 15th inst.,at greatly reduced prices, kor
cash and cash only—at whiclt lime he is deter
mined to close his Books.
All persons having open accounts with him, are
respectfully and earnestly requested to call as early
i as possible and close them by Bonds or otherwise.
Me is in hopes that his old customers will continue
to deal with him. as he is determined to make it to
their interest as well as to the interest of all to do so.
Staunton, Jan. 16, 1850.—tf.
rpME subscribers having formed a Partnership
I under the style and firm of Ragland & Hooe,
for the purpose of doing a Receiving, Forwarding
and Commission Business in the town of Scotls
vifle, respectfully solicit the patronage of the public.
They are prepared to transact business of this
character as favorably and with as much prompt
ness and despatch as any house m the place, and
pledge themselves to spare no efforts to render sat
isfaction to their patrons. They are prepared to
furnish Salt, Plaster and Groceries of every
1 description, «t ihe lowest rye®'^ RAGLAND,
:j Scottsville, Jan. 9, 1850.__
The Latest style of Hats and Caps.
J’ UST opened, every variety of Hats and Caps
of a superior quality; Hats from $1 to »5;Caps
from 25 cts., 50 cts., 75 cts., $1, $1 25, $1 50, to
1 ! the finest Otter for $6 50J; also, Perl Water goof,
Santa Fe, Rough and Ready and Glazed Hats,
i Northwestern, Black and Brown, Men and Boy 8
oh^ap indeed. CM -JP-Jt.
1 Staunton, Nov. 14, 1849. it.
BARE & STERRETT have just received by
express from Philadelphia, a lot of GAbbl
1 MERES AND VESTINGS of the latest agony.
, | Alsu, a fresh supply of Oyer Coat Cloths suitable
, ’ for the present season, all of which will be made
i up in the latest style, and on terms that cannot fail
| tf> please. '
j Staunton, "Dec. 12, 1349.
ses opening near the Warm Springs, Bath
County, Yra.,a School for the Education of young
Ladies. AM the usual English Branches will be
taught, togethef with French, and Music on the
Guitar. Particular attention will be given to the
domestic instruction of young Ladies. Terms for
board, and tuition in the English Branches, will be
$100 per session of ten months—payable, $50 in ad
vance, the balance at the end of the session.^ This
includes all expenses excepting Books and Station
ary, which -parents and guardians are expected to
furnish. For French and Music, an extra charge
of$!0each, will be made. The School will be
under the immediate supervision of Mrs. D. and
young Ladies will be treated as membersof her own
The location is healthy and accessible, being mid
way between the Warm and Hot Springs—Daily
Stages passing the dooT during the Summer season
and Tri- weekly in the Winter—so that parents or
guardians may see their children or wards, in case
ofsickness, without delay. The School will com
mence about tbe 10th of September and continue
until the 10th of July, makhtg July and August
the vacation months. She begs leave to make the
following references—
Rev. T. T. Casteeman, Staunton.
Col. A. S. Gray, Harrisonburg.
Gen. S. H. Lewis, Port Republic.
Mr. G. G. Botf.er, Principal of the
Rappahannock Academy.
Dr. Arch. P. Strother, Bath Court-house.
August 15, 1849.—tf.
rpHF. subscriber has just received frem Philadel
A phia and Baltimore, a large and well selected
Consisting of fine and plain Gold and Silver atchcs,
Breastpins, Finger Rings; Gold, Silver and Gilt
Buckles; Ear Rings, Bracelets, Slides, Collar Buttons,
Studs, fine Gold Guard and Fob Chains, Lockets,
Gold and Silver Spectacles, Gold and Silver Thim- j
hies, fine Gold Watch Keys, Gold and Silver Pencils,
Gold Pens, Pen and Pocket Knives, Port Monaic,
Souvcnirb, Silver ami other Case®, Silver Tuck Combs, ^
Darts, Coral, Pocket-Books, Purses, a new article of
Percussion Caps, Pistols, Steel and Gilt Fob Chains,
Pencil Points, Scissors, Shields, Goggles,Shawl Pins;
a lar»r assortment of Silver Wnre, consisting in part
of Butler Knives, Tea and Tnble Spoons, Forks, Mu®s,
Fruit Baskets, Candlesticks, Castors, Tea and Coffee
Setts Girondoles, Can-*, Whips. Clocks, and all oth
er articles usually kept in the best Jewelry Stores.
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry carefully
repaired and warranted.
Staunton, Nov. 7, 1849. _
THE undersigned has just returned from Phila
delphia with a lat*e and elegant assortment of
and other articles in his line, which will be sold
lower than ever, and to which he invites the alien- j
tiun of his friends and the public generally.
His stock consists in part of fine Gold and Silver Watch- i
t-g ; Gold Neck, Fob and Vest Chains ; Ear and Fin- I
gcr Rings, Breastpins, Miniature Cases,Gold andSil- i
ver Pencils and Pens, Lockcjs, Bracelets, Clasps,
Kevs, Studs, Slides. &c. Also, Silver Table, Des- j
seri and Tea Spoons ; Sugar Tongs, Butter Knives, I
Salt Spoons, Spectacles, Thermometers. Magnets,
Microscopes, Spy Glasses, Penknives, Perfumery, i
Fancy Articles, ike., &c. . •
ngr Clocks, Watches and Jewelry repaired ;
and warranted. GEORGE B. WRIGlIl. j
Staunton, Nov. 7, 1849. j
Stock Transportation on the Louisa Rail-road
ri^HE owners of Slock are hereby notified that
provision is made for receiving of Stock on the
Cars at Shadwell Mills, to be transported from :
thence to the place called the Junction on the Rich- j
niond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Rail-road, on
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, j
It would he well for Drivers of Stock to write |
on to Mr. Edward J. Timberlake, Depot Agent at i
Shadwell, where there is a Post Office, (letters to
be post-paid) for a day or two at least previously to j
the arrival of the Stock, giving notice of the time I
when the Slock is expected to arrive at Shadwell, j
with the number of head and descriptions of Stock, j
C. R. MASON. |
Superintendent Transportation Louisa R. R.
November 7, 1849.—tf. 1
MESSRS. WHITE Sc CO., are now receiving
and opening in Waynesborough, a large and
carefully selected slock of Drugs, Med
icines, Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuffs ,and all
the Patent Remedies of the age.
The necessity and convenience of such
an establishment to the citizens and
those residing in the vicinity of \\ aynesboro’, must
be manifest to everyone. We, therefore, hope that
by keeping A Full Assortment, Selling loro and
strict attention to business to be amply sustained by
i the public. A. S.. WHITE &- CO.,
Next door below John VV'ayt, Esq.
| Norember 28, 1849.____
; ^ BOXES, Thick sole for Men j
. 3 do., Kip ar.d Calf do.;
2 do., Youth and Boys, cheap ;
2 do., Water proof, double sole, for Men ;
1 do., Cork Sole;
3 do., Coarse Brogans for servants, all sizes;
2 do., Fine Calf and Kip Shoes, do., do.;
2 do., Buffalo and Gum Over-shoes for Men
and Boys, and every thing necessary to keep you
warm and dry ir> winter. Call quick and make a
selection, opposite the Post Office, on Main Street,
! where you can always get the best bargains.
Staunton, Nov. 14, 1849._
Clothing at Reduced Prices
TlfE invite the attention of the public to-our
which we desire to self off, in order to make room
1 for a new stock of Spring Goods. We have on hand
Servant’s Coats, as low as $2 OQ—and all other
sorts of Clothing which we have considerably re
* duced in price.
Caff and see, and convince you-rselves of the fact,
that you can buy of the undersigned cheaper than
any where else.
Staunton, Jan. 16, 1850. _
MEMOIRS of William Wirt. by J. P. Kenne
dy, a new and revised edition, at half the
price of the first edition; The Mechanic’s Text
Book and Engineer’s Pocket Guide; The Ameri
can House-Carpenter; Benjamin’s Architect'; Ray’s
Algebra, part first; Parke’s Arithmetic; Day’s Al
gebra; Bo I Hurt’s Greek Reader; Methodist Hymn
Books, revised edition; Scott’s Family Bible; Web
ster’s Quarto Dictionary ; Johnston’s Natural Phi
losophy ; LeBrun’s Telemaque; Gillie’s Greece;
Kev to Davie’s Algebra; &c.,&.c., just received and
for sale by ROBERT COWAN,
I Staunton, Jan. 30, 1850.
WE have just received a beautiful assortment of
ETHERIAL OIL I AMPS, and will al
ways keep on hand the very firs* quality of Etheriaf
Staunton, Feb. 6, 1850.
POWDER.—30 Kegs Rock Powder; 15 do.
Rifle do.; for sale low by
Winchester Depot, Feb. 6, 1850.
Plantation and Mills for sale.
I OFFER for sale a Tract of Land lying on the
South Fork of Rockfish River, in Nelson Coun
ty, adjoining the lands of James Woods, Esq.,
Mr. Samuel Woods and others, containing by old
i Purvey between
a considerable portion of which is Rockfish low
grounds and branch flats. I he balance is all ara
ble high land of good quality—indeed is very su
perior. The low grounds and branch flats fine
meadow land. There is on the tract an ample
supply of timber, and one or two very desirable
rock quarries.
The improvements consist of a Mill, propelled
by Rockfish river, built in modern style, with cast
iron machinery, and two pair of stone*—the base
! ment story of stone; a good Saw Mill, good framed
! Barn, Corn Houses, Stables, Tobacco Houses, Ne
i trro Houses with brrek chimneys, a small
dwelling house,
I lco House and other necessary out* houses, arrd an 1
! Apple Orchard of excellent Winter fruit.
Rockfish Valley is situated at the Eastern base
' of the Blue Ridge Mountain, is a high and roman
tic country, alike remarkable for its beauty, health
fulness and fertility : and the tract now offered for
sale has long been regarded among the most desira
ble in that section of country. It is distant from
! Howardsville on James River, and the Canal, a
: bout eighteen miles; from the contemplated Depot
i 0n the^Railroad now in progress from Charlottes
' ville, across the Blue Ridge, to Staunton, only
: eight or ten miles; twenty miles from the Univer
! sj|y of Virginia, and about fifteen from Staunton.
1 The terms will be made to accommodate the pur
chaser, and a good baigain may be had by early ap
plication to James M. Harris, Esq., who resides on
the land. He may also be addressed by letter, di
,e«ed ,o Grunfiad,
November 28, 1849.—tf. ,
Valuable Real Estate iu Market.
(OFFER for sale my Tract of Land, lying and
being in Augusta County, three miles South of
Mt. Solon, and one and a half miles North of Par- j
nassus—bounded on the East by the Warm Springs |
I and Harrisonburg Turnpike road.
This Tract contains something upwards of 270 |
Acres, of as good Land as any in the Cpunty of |
Augusta, and is substantially and comfortably im- 1
proved, having on it a commodious DWELLING i
HOUSE, good Barn, and other necessary build- |
ings. There are upwards of 100 ACRES of this i
Tract cleared, enclosed and in a high strtfe of culti
vation—a spring of lime-stone water nearthe dwel- J
ling house, and an Orchard of as good fruit as any j
in the County.
I will sell this Land on accommodating terms as
regards the payments—and I think I can give pos- .
session to a purchaser on the 1st of April next, so
far as to enable him to pul in a Spring crop.
If this Land is not sold before the 31st day of
May next, I will on that day offer it for sale to the
highest bidder on the premises. If 1 sell before
that day the public shall be duly notified thereof;
January 'G, 1850.—ids.
Rockingham Register insert until sale,
and forward account to this office for collection.
rpHF. tract of Land belonging to the Estate of Ra
A chel. Logan, dec’d., is in market. The Land is
situated on the head waters of Christian’s Creek,
half mile N. E. from Greenville, and eleven miles
S. VV. from Staunton, on the Western or Cross
Keys Road leading from Greenville to Staunton.
The Tract contains 208 Acres, of which about
160 Acres are cleared and in cultivation, the bal
ance is well timbered.. This Landis of a good
nudity, and is well watered. There are some nine
j or ten Acres of excellent Meadow, and fully as
l much more could be made with a little labor. 1 he
Buildings are a comfortable double LOG I10LSE,
j containing eight rooms, a Kitchen, with a good
1 Spring convenient; good Barntand oilier necessary
j out-houses. This is considered to lie one amongst
' the best Tracts of Land in this part of ihe County,
j The Land will be sold in parcels or in a body to'
1 suit the conveniences of purchasers. The title is j
i unquestionable. . I
TERMS.—One-third of the purchase money in
! hand_one-third in twelve months—one-third in
two years. The title will be retained until the
j bonds mature and payment is made. Persons wish
! ing to buy Land will do well to look at this before
j purchasing elsewhere. Joseph A. Logsti or Y\ m.
M. Logan will lake pleasure in showing the Land
to any one who may wish to purchase.
OCJ- Applications to purchase to be made to Jos.
A. Logan. „
Executors of Rachel Logan, dec’d.
March 6, I860.—4t.
gjfgr Rockingham Register copy three times.
MY Land is still in Market. On account of the
bad weather on the 4th of December, 1 did
j not offer my Land on that day, but now propose
selling a small FARM lying on both sides of the
[ main road leadingfrum Staunton to Greenville, and
half a mile above G. M. Cochran’s Mill, contain
ing upwards of 100 Acres, with a good site for
water-power machinery. 1 he Land is productive,
well watered and well timbered. Any person wish
ing to purchase, will be shown the Land by Archi
bald A. McPheters, in the neighborhciod, or John
Rumels, who resides on the place. Terms to suit
the purchaser, and possession given of the whole
j February 27, 1850.—117A.
gjjgy* Rockingham Register copy.
VIRGINIAAt rules held in the Clerk’s Of
fice of the Circuit Superior Court of Law
and Chancery for Augusta County, Monday the 4th
day of February, 1850.
Anson P. Norton, Morris Owen and Alexander C.
Norton, late partners in trade under the style and ;
firm of Norton, Owen Sc Co.—Plaintiff!*,
Henry I. Deal and Henry Swoope late partners in
trade under the style and firm of Deal & Swoope
and Peter Swoope—Defendants,
The Defendants Henry I. Deal and Henry |
Swoope, late partners as aforesaid not having enter- j
ed their appearance and given security, according
to the act of Assembly, and the Rules of this Court,
and it appearing by satisfactory exidence that they
are not inhabitants of this Commonwealth : It is
ordered, that the said Defendants do appear at the
Clerks Office of the said Court, on the first Mon
day in May next, and answer thebill ofthe plaintiff
and that a copy be forthwith inserted in some news
paper published in Staunton, for two months suc
cessively, and posted at the front door of the Court
house. A Copv—Teste,
February 13, 1850.—2m.__
To Land Buyers.
A NY one wishing to bny a Tract of 430 A*
ORES of good Land, well improved, with
in 6 miles of Staunton, having npon it a Mill, Saw
mill, &.C., and water power for any sort of mach'wr
• ery, will find it to his advantage to confer with
03- Address Staun'on, Va.,‘for particulars.
' November 14, 1849.—Gm.
A VALUABLE HOUSE and Lot in New Hope^
The Lot contains about three Acres amMne mohsc
.» a good two-story Brick Building. Th«» «
also on the lot a good Barn, Gran ery fnIn«,nr
houses—also a well of good waf«?r* Apply to J no .
Barger, Esq„ residing in SHAFER.
I January 9, 1850.—6m*.
•TYm* Establishment*
THE undersigned having bought the interest of
James Maksteller, in the concern of Har
dy &. Marsteli.er, beg leave to inform the pub
lic, that they have increased their Stock, and will
continue to manufacture all kinds or Work in their
line—such as
Chariotees, Rockaways, Phaetons,
and Buggies,
in the most fashionable style, of the best materials)
and on terms to suit the purchaser. EspecialRt- .
tention given to all kinds of repairing. From the
specimens of work sent from our shop, we flatter
ourselves to have given satisfaction, and wirti a de*
termination to merit a continuance of the liberal
patronage heretofore bestowed, the undersigned
pledge themselves to renewed efforts to please.-**
Shop near the Bank.
May 16, 1849.
-:u: — *
FOR the construction of all kinds of Machinery.)
we have & Shop near to our Carriage Manu
factory, where we are prepared to build
threshino machines
and to do all other work appertaining to Machinist!
Staunton, May 1G, 1849.—tf.
AM. SIMPSON returns his sincere thank*
* to his friends and' the public generally for
their patronage, and hopes by a strict attention to
business and a willingness to please, to merit a con
tinuance of the same. He has just returned from
Baltimore and Philadelphia, where he has purchas
ed a handsome stock of materials fur the manufae
of BOOTS AND SHOES, of every description;
Fretfch Calfskins, a very superior article for Roots;
French and Italian Lastings, fur Ladies’ Gaiters;
Moroccos and Kid of all descriptions, for Ladies,
Misses and Children’s wear; also Cork Ssles, for
Ladies’ Winter Shoes; all ofwhieh will be made
to order at the shortest notice and in the neatest
style. Orders from a distance promptly attended to.
fgy~ Ladies’ White Kid Shoes made to order,
for Weddings and Parties, at a short notice.
Staunlon, Oct. 24, 1849.
Rockingham Register copy three months.
Merchant Tailors.
GRATEFLL to their friend* and the public for the
liberal patronage they have received, would re
spectfully announce that they have j«*t received the
finest stock of
ever broaght to this market, and which having been
purchased in Philadelphia, by one of the firm, ou advan
tageous terms, they are now prepared to make into ev
ery variety of garment for gcullemtn’s wear, at the
shortest notice.
They have also received the FALL AND WINTER
FASHIONS for 1849, and feel warranted in saying, froaa
their experience in business, that all work executed by
them will be done in the neatest and most fashionable
st vie.
N. B.—Babe & Stebbbtt hare purchased in the
Northern Market, a handsome variety of
of all kinds, which they will.sell at prices which cannot
fail to please, and the workmanship will be warranted.
ALSO—Shibts. Bosoms, Cbavats, Sl-sfendebs,
&c., &c. Call and sec at the Brick building above the
Virginia Hotel. '
Staunton, Oct. 17, 1819.
rPHE undersigned take this method of informing
* their friends and tlio public generally that they
have just received the
Fall ami Winter Fashions
and are now prepared to make work in the mosl
fashionable style for the season. They have remov
ed to the frame building one door above Rob’t Cow
an’s Book Store, w here they will be ready to attend
to all orders punctually. All work entrusted t»>
them will be executed in the neatest manner and
watranted to give satisfaction.
! Qcy- Country Produce and Wood taken in ex
! change for work.
W. J. & i. G. POTTER.
I Staunton, Sept. 19, 1849.
BEG leave, most rcjpetcfally, to tender their thanks
to their friends and the public, generally, for (he
very liberal patronage they have received since tbfcy
have been in bniriness,—and they take tbi* method of
informing the public that they have received the
Fall and Winter Fashions,
and arc prepared to exeente, to order, all work that may
be entrusted to their hands. If a desire to please, and
a determination on their part, to make good and sub
stantial work, will give any claim to patronage, the
public may rest assured that no pants will be spared to>
deserve a conntiuuancc ol the custom they have hereto
fore received.
Staunton, Oct. 17, 1849.
THE subscriber* have now received their full stock
added to their slock of home manufacture, enables tkeas
to oiler inducements to purchasers to deal with fleas.—
The choicest brands ot'i’objpco will so* be found a*
their establishment, together with every description of
, Segars, both imported and home made. No pains or
i expense will be spared to render every satisfaction U»
' those bestowing their custom on their establishment.—
' Merchants and others will find it to their interest to ex—
' amine oar stock before purchasing elsewhere.
Stannton, Oct. 17, 1849.
1ATE are just receiving and always-keep oft han/^
* » a full supply and assortment of Lamps, (soma*
beautiful styles) for burning Oil,Lard and Burning:
Fluid. Housekeepers are solicited to examine our
stock. ESKRIDGE & K!?N^YL
Next door to B. Crawford’fc
Staunton, Feb. 20,1850.
SKETCHES of Virginia, Historical and Bio
~ graphical, by the Rev. YVm. H. Foote, D. D. 5
Life of Mahomet, by Washington Irving; Tbe
Queen’s Necklace, by Dumas jSartain’s Magazine
«* February, * "“"“tCo(vAN. -
gtaanton', Feb. 13, 1850.
BAR IRON AND STEEL.—6 Tons assorted
ham’d Iron; 6 do. do. Rolled do.; 1 do. A. B
Blister Steel; 1 do. Sheet Iron; 2 do. Round and
Square Iron. For sale by
Winchester Depot/ Feb. 6, 1850.
Tanners, fish and sperm oil.—10
bbls. best Tanners’ Oil 5 1 hhd. Fish Oil; I
! bbl. Sperm Oil, for sale by
Winchcster Depot, Feb. 6S 1850

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