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THE FALL SISSION of this Institute will com
mence the second Wednesday in September
next, and conclude the last Thursday in June follow
Board, Washing. Lights, Furnished Rooms
j-uel &<. ( * i » 00
Tuition in regular course in Coll'te Dep'nt, in
cluding Ancient Languages,... 20 00
Tuition in Preparatory Department,... 10 00
Music on Piano, with use of Instrument, 25 00
« " Guitar, " " 2 *>oo
« « Melodeon, " " 20 00
Modern Languages, each, 10 00
Drawing, &c 10 00
Oil Painting 1& oo
Library Fees, for Collegiate Students, per an
num, — *00
Library Fees, for Preparatory students, per an
num • • • °?o
For Books and Sheet music the cash must be paid
on delivery, or deposited beforehand. All bills paya
ble semi-annually in advance. Where two sisters
come from the same family a handsome deduction is
made. No tuition to ministers' daughters in regular
course. _ •. . ,
We return very grateful acknowledgements to our
numerous patrons for the large patronage we have
received the last year, compared with any previous
The School is becoming year by year better quali
fied to do its work to the satisfaction of all. We have
now a full corps of Southern Teachers—all Virgin
ians. We adrise Eastern Virginians especially to ex
amine our rates, and the advantages we offer, feeling
assured that if they do so we shall have a large pat
ronage from that quarter. To our own Conference
people we say, here is your School. Will you make
it the best in the State—an institution which the
whole Church will be proud of? or will you let it lan
guish for the want of the patronage you are sending
elsewhere ? We call upon you to rally to your church
School. We challenge any School ot a similar grade
in the land to present a better standard of gradation
than the W. F. Institute. We invite special atten
tion to the course of study laid down in the Catalogue.
For further information apply for a Catalogue to
B. ARBOGAST, Principal,
July 17, 1860.—7t Staunton, Va.
SESSION OF 1860—'61.
THE Annual Course of Lectures will commence on
the First Monday in October, and continue until
the 1 st of March.
Ch. Bell Gibson, M. D., Prof, of Surgery.
Davio H. Tdckeb, M. D., Prof, ot Theory and
Practice of Medicine.
Bevbbly R. WELLFonn, M. D., Prof, of Materia
Medica and Therapeutics.
A. E. Peticolas, M. D. Prof, of Anatomy.
L. S. Joynes, M. D., Prof, of Institutes of Medi
Jas. H. Conway, M. D. Prof, of Obstetrics, Ac.
Jas. B. McCaw, M. D., Prof, of Chemistry.
Marion Howarb, M. D., Demonstrator of Anato
This institution offers to the Student every facility
for the acquisition of a thorough medical education.
Through the liberality of the Legislature, at its
last session, in appropriating the sum of Thirty Thou
sand Dollars in ad of the College, these facilities will
be greatly extended. A new Hospital is now in course
of erection, in immediate proximity to the College,
which will much enlarge the field for Clinical instruc
tion. All needful repairs and alterations of the Col
lege building will be duly accomplished, and large
and important additions are being made to the appa
ratus and illustrations for the Lectures in every de
Ample facilities will be afforded for the prosecution
of Practical Anatomy.
Instead of the "Warron Prize." of One Hundred
Dollars, heretofore offered to tbe graduating class,
Two Prizes, of Fifty dollars, each are now offered —
one for the bast Essay, on any Surgical subject, and
the other for the best Essay on any subject pertaining
to the Theory or Practice of Medicine.
Ticket of each Professor $15
f Matriculation 5
Graduation, 25
Demonstrator s Ticket 10
For further information, or for catalogue containing
full particulars, address L. S. JOYNES, M. D..
July 10, iß6o.—St. Dean of the Faculty.
Rev. W. W. TRIMBLE, Principal.
THIS School will be open for girls and young la
dies on the 3rd day of September, and will close
on the last Thursday in June, 1861.
The school is under the entire management of tbe
Principal, aided by competent assistants. The in
struction will be practical and thorough, embracing
all the elements of a sound and liberal education, and
having reference to the body, the head, and the heart.
The location is eminently "favorable to health and
morals. The Academy Building is large, neat, and
handsomely situated. The discipline of the school
will be conducted on Christian principles. It will be
firm, parental, and kind.
Tuition in the Primary Department $20 Oo
Tuition in tbe higher English Branches .... 80 00
Tuition in the Academic Department, including
the Ancient Classics, 40 00
Tuition in Music 40 00
Tuition in French 15 00
""Contingent fee 1 50
Board, including Washing, Lights, and Fuel,
from $100 to.. 110 00
A few boarders will be received in the family of the
Principal. *
£3P" Address the Principal, until the 20th of Aug
ust, at Cedar Grove Mills, RockDridge Co., Va., after
that time, at Brownsburg.
July IV, 1860.
SCHOOL.—The undersigned respectfully inform
the citizens of Stannton, that they will open a PRE
SCHOOL in this place on Monday, the 10th of SEP
TEMBER- It is their intention to establish them
selves permanently in Staunton and they hope to ob
tain the patronage of the citizens of tbe town and
county, pledging themselves by strict attention to
their duties, to give satisfaction to those who may ,
place their sons under our charge.
Terms.—Payable one-half in advance, the balance
upon the Ist of February, 1861.
English Preparatory $25 00
English and Mathematics 30 00
English, Latin and Greek 50 00
French and German, each, 10 00
Instruction in Military Tactics, if desired without
extra charge. FRANCIS W. HENDERSON,
I refer, by permission, to Dr. Jas. A. Leitch, R. T.
W. Duke, Esq., John H. Bibb, Esq., Alex. P. Abell,
Esq.. John M. Godwin, and John Cochran, Charlottes
ville. F. W. HENDERSON,
I respectfully refer to the Faculty of the Universi
ty of Virginia. C. D. McCOY.
Staunton, July 3, IB6o.—tf.
CHOOL FOR BOYS.-The subscriber, who
has been, for several years past, one of the teach
ers in the Staunton Academy, will open a preparatory
School for Boys, in the basement of the Lutheran
Church, (occupied last session by Mr, Long.) on the
First Monday in September next. The usual English
branches will be taught, embracing a thorough course
ot Mathematics.
Tuition, $30 for the session often months, without
extra charge for fuel, Ac. WM. H. WADDELL.
Staunton, July 31, i860.—3t
The next session of this school will commence on
the 6th of September, 1860, with the same teachers as
heretofore. The school is preparatory to the Univer
sity, College, or business. For Catalogues, containing
full information, apply to the Principal, at Church
ville, Augusta county, Va.
JED. HOTCHKISS, Principal.
July 3, 1860.—4 m
MIDWAY ACADEMY.— The third annual
sesion will commence on the lst Monday in
SEPTEMBER. Three or four small boys wanted as
hoarders in the family of the Principal. For particu
lars, apply to the subscriber, at Steele's Tavern, Au
gusta co.,"Va. WM. PINKERTON, Principal.
July 10, iß6o.—tf.
A CAMP MEETING for Churchville Circuit, will
be held on the ground belonging to Mr. John
Whitmore near-Parnassus, the Exercises to commence
Friday, the 10th of August, 1860. We cordially in
vite Preachers and People trom adjoining Circuits, —
Hucksters will not be suffered to settle on the ground
under our control. So none need apply. A commo
dious Boarding Tent will be kept on the ground.
By order of a Camp Meeting Committee,
July 24, 1860—3ts. P. W. ARNOLD.
NO HUMBUG.—The numerous unsolicited cer
tificates sent to Mr. Ezekiel ought to remove the
doubts of the most incredulous as to the efficacy of
his Hair Restorer.— Richmond Whig, July 14th, 1860-
--%_W Price $1 per Bottle.
l_T DR. W. B. YOUNG, Sole Agent for Staunton.
July 31, IB6o—4ts.
IMPORTANT NOTICE.— My Accounts are
drawn off and ready for settlement to the lst of
July. Many of them are of several year's standing
I need Monet and must collect to do myself and
customers justice. I hope my friends, especially those
whom I have indulged so loDg, will not disregard this
notice. Call in and fork over. T. H. ANTRIM,
July 31, IB6o—4t—V. copy. Waynesboro', Va.
CALF SKINS.—A fresh supply
_T just received. Also fashionable LASTS and a
full supply of findings for sale. GEO. E. PRICE.
Staunton, July 31, 1860.
(^ ARRIAG E WHIPS.— Just received another
J supply of Carriage, Riding, and Wagon Whips
of all qualities and prices. GEO. E. PRICE.
Staunton, July 31, 1860.
Vtt'OV'EN WlßE.—Just received a supply of
W Seive and Sand Woven Wire, for cleaning
Wheat, Ac. G. E. PRICE.
Staunton, July 31, 1860.
ARN DOOR ROLLERS.— A full supply
for top or bottom on hand, with wrought track.
Staunton, July 31, I860; GEO. E. PRICE.
IPOWI)ER.-20 Kegs Rock and Rifle Powder
X just received and for sale by nnTn „
Stauntou, July 31,1860. GEO. E. PRICE.
SONAL ESTATE, at public auction—INCLU
tue of a deed of trust executed to me by John Dun
dore, on the 26th day of JanHarv, 1858, and of record
in the Clerk's Office of the County Court of Rocking- ,
ham, I shall, on Friday, the 17th day of August next, i
in the town of Port Republic, in said county, at the
late residence of said Dundore, dec'd., proceed to sell, ;
at public auction, to the highest bidder, the following
property viz: A certain TRACT OF LAISD, on the
South East side of South River, opposite the town ol
Port Republic, and adjoining the lands of Stephen
Harnsberger, all cleared. Also, a Tract of Wood
land, on the same side of said river, containing about
60 Acres, adjoining the lands ot Palmer, Harris and
Also the following HOUSES AND LOTS, situated
in Port Republic, viz : The House and Lot in which
Mrs. Eddins resides. A Lot and Stable on bank of
South River. The House and Lots attached, in which
said Dundore resided. One Lot .containing one acre,
adjoining the lots of N. K. Trout and others. The
House and Lot occupied by Jonathan Bateman at the
time of the execution of the deed aforesaid. The
"North River Mill Seat," at the lower end of said
Also, the following Negro Slaves, viz: Mote, a
boy about 14 years of age; Maht. seven years of age;
Ann, 27 years old, and ncr two children.
Also, Cattle, Hogs, Horses, Cows, Farming Imple
ments of every description, Growing Crops, and
Terms accommodating and made known on day of
sale. The title to all the above property is believed
to be unquestionable, but selling as Trustee, I shall
convey only such title as is vested in me by the deed
of trust aforesaid. A. B. IRICK, Trustee.
WE will publicly offer for sale, in the town of
Lewisburg, at the Greenbrier August Court, if
not sold privately before that time, the TAVERN
PROPERTY, in Lewisburg, known as the
This valuable property is eligibly situated on Main
Street, containing thiett-odd booms, all in good con
dition. Tnere are three buildings covering a front
of 150 feet. If this property is not sold as a whole at
the August Court, it will be offered, on the 2nd day
of the Greenbrier Agricultural Fair, in three separate
This property is now unoccupied, and, if sold, pos
session can be given immediately.
Persons wishing to buy. can see the property at any
time, by calling on S. A. B. Gilmer, who resides in
Lewisburg. and who will take pleasure in showing
the property to those who desire to see it.
Of course"persons intending to purchase will exam
ine the property and judge for themselves of the pros
pects of making money out of it; but we feel con
strained to say, from the many applications to us to
have the House opened, that we believe a more fa
vorable time to open a Hotel in Lewisburg never
before presented itself. There is a positive demand
that this House shall be opened.
Terms :—One half down, and the balance in equal
instalments of one, two, and three years.
July 24, 1800.—4w. S. A. B. GILMER.
Agent tor the heirs of Abraham Bushong, dec'd.,
1 will proceed to sell at public auction, on the premi
ses, 4 miles South-West of Greenville, on Tuesday,
the 4th day of September next, the FARM known as
the "Bushong Farm," containing 160 Acres. 100
are cleared, aud the balance heavily timbered. The
cleared land is in a fine state of cultivation, having a
sufficiency of good water and meadow on it, aud an
Orchai d that cannot be excelled in the county for good
fruit of all kinds. The Buildings consist of a com
fortable Log Dwelling House, with other necessary
out houses—good Barn and Stable—convenient to
' Churches, Mills and Schools, and in a first rate neigh
■ borhood.
TERMS:—X of the jurchase money in hand and
'_ the balance iv three equal annual payments, the pur- j
j chaser executing bonds, with good security, and the
r title retained as ultimate security.
' To any person wishing to look at the land it will be
shown by Mr. Peter V. Bushong, who lives on
the land, or by myself. JOHN J. LAREW.
July 31, IB6o.—tds.
Z__f~ Rock. Reg. copy and send account to this office
for payment before day of sale.
LAND FOR SALE.—In pursuance of a decree
rendered in the Circuit Court of Augusia county,
depending between Kodes, plaintiff, and A. Markli,
Ac, defendants, I shall proceed, on the premises, on
Saturday, the 11th of August, 1860, to sell, at public
sale, to the highest bidder, a certain TRACT OF
LAND, containing about 75 Acres, adjoining the
lauds of Cyrus Ramsey, Peter Hanger, &c, on the
waters of Fauber's Ran. It has on it a DWEDLING
HOUSE and Stable. About one-half is in cultivation
and now in the possession of Henry Wood.
TERMS :—ln six, twelve aud eighteen months, in
equal instalments, the purchaser to give bonds with
sufficient personal security, and the title to be retain
ed as further security. J. D. HANGER, Com'r.
July 10, IB6o.—tds.
Choice Books for tbe Season.
GOULD k LINCOLN deserve the
hearty thanks of the American public for the publica
tion of so uianv works of solid and enduring merit. —
The Catalogue of their books comprises not a few of
those which the scholar, the theologian, and the Christian
would place in the very first rank." — N. A. Review,
July, 1860.
sor of Christian Ethics in the Presbyterian College,
Belfast. 12mo. Cloth. $1.25. (Just published.)
Of this work Db. Wayland remarks, "1 have been
delighted with it beyond measure. * * * The
narrative is clear, unexaggerated, and rich in every
thing that can delight a soul that is 'waiting for the
consolation of Israel.' I know of nothing of later
times do so much to strengthen the faith and
encourage the prayers of Christian people through
out the world."
THE CHRISTIAN LIFE; Social and Individual.—
By Peter Bayne, M. A. 12mo. Cloth. $1.25.
"The book as a whole is admirable; the biographi
cal sketches worthy of a place beside those of Car
lyle, Macaulav, Mackintosh and Stephens." — Hon. B.
F. Tliomas, L. L. D. «
choice selection of Anecdotes ot the various forms
of Literatuie, of the Arts, of Architecture, Music
Poetry, Painting and Sculpture, and of the most
celebrated Literary Characters and Artists, Ac. —
By Kazlut Arvine, A. M. With numerous illus
trations. 725 pp. Octavo, Cloth. $3.00
Rev. DeLifeside. 10 mo. Cloth. 63 cents
This little volume, just published, consists of three
parts : I. The Signet King audits Heavenly Motto. —
11. The Inheritance, and the Journey to Obtain it.
111. The Shipwrecked Traveller. The work is every
where spoken of in terms of unequivocal praise.
Rev. Wm. B. nprague, D. D. 12 mo. Cloth. $1.
A series of graphic and life-like Personal Sketches
of many of the most distinguished men and women ol
Europe, portrayed as the Author saw them in their
own homes.
C. Knight, author of "Lady Huntington and her
Friends," kc 12mo. Cloth. $1.25.
"Tbe psalm of Montgomery's private life, prepared
in Mrs. Knight's usual graceful and happy manner."
— Exeter Aews Letter.
CHAMBERS' HOME BOOK, or Pocket Miscellany ;
a Choice Selection of Interesting and instructive
Reading for Old and Young. Six volumes. 16mo.
Cloth. f3OO.
ERATURE. A selection of the choicest produc
tions of English authors, from the earliest to the
present time. Two imperial octavo volumes, 700
pages each, double columns; with 800 elegant il
lustrations. Embossed Cloth. $5.00.
RIANS.—By Rev. Thomas Laurie, his surviving
associate in that Mission. With a Map and nuinei
ous illustrations. 12mo. Cloth. $1.25.
THE GREYSON LEITERS. Selections from the
Correspondence of It. E. H. Greyson, Esq. Edited
by Henry Rogers, author of "The Eclipse ot Faith."
l.vac Cloth. $1.25.
"The letters are intellectual gems, radiant with
beauty, happily intermingling the grave and the
gay."— Christian Observer.
Productive Forces of Modern Society, and the Re
sults of Labor, Capital and Skill. By Charles
Knight. With numerous Illustrations. Revised
by David A. Wells, A. M. i2mo. Cloth. $1.25.
This is emphatically a book for the people. The in
telligent reader cannot fail to be richly rewarded in
its perusal, wnile some of its suggestions may return
him his investiment a thousand fold.
Presenting, in a graphic and popular form, Memo
rable Events of Early Ecclesiastical History, Ac.—
By Rev. J. G. Miall. With numerous Illustra
tions. 12mo. Cloth. $1.00.
Vision of the Apocalypse, and Christ's Epistle to
the Seven Churches of Asia. By Rev. A. C.
Thompson. 12mo. Cloth. $1.00. (Just publish
Dr. Thompson is well known as the author of "The
Better Land," of which fifteen large editions have
been sold. This volume is a pleasant blending of ex
hortation and exposition, with personal reminiscences
of Patmos and the sites of the Seven Churches.
MY MOTHER; or Recollections ol Maternal Influ
ence. By a New England Clergyman. With a
beautiful Frontispiece. !2mo. CI th. 75 cents.
"It is one of those rara pictures painted from life
with the exquisite skill of one of the Old Masters,
which so seldom present ihemselves to the amateur."
THE EVENING OI LIFE; or Light and Comfort
amidst tbe Shadows of Declining Years. By Rev.
Jeremiah Chaplin, D. D. 12mo. Cloth. $1.00.
A most charming and appropriate work for the
THE BETTER LAND ; or the Believer's Journey
and Future Home, By Rev. A. C. Thompson.—
Fifteenth thousand. 12mo. Cloth. 85 cents.
Copies of the above works, sent to any address,
post-paid, on receipt of price.
July 31, 1860.
PUBLIC SALE.—WiII be sold, at public sale,
at the late residence of Jno. S. Thompson, dec'd.,
M>K mites from Staunton, on tiie Valley Road leading
to Lexington, and iy_ miles Q-om Greenville, on
Thursday, the 23rd- day of August, 1860, all his PER
SONAL PROPERTY, consisting ot good work Hor
ses, 15 head of Fat Cattle, 9 milch Cows of fine quali
ty, 1 yearling Bull of improved stock, a number of
young Cattle, Hogs, Sheep, Farming Utensils of every
character, 2 Waggons, Household and Kitchen Fur
niture, 1 set of Blacksmiths' Tools. Wheat, Rye, Oats,
Hay, 15 Shares of Central Bank Stock, 2 Shares of
Virginia Central Rail Road Stock. Also at the same
time the homestead FARM containing near 350 A
cres. Said farm is of good quality with good Build
ings of every character, plenty of Meadow, water, and
timber, 2 good Orchards and most of the land is in
grass. Another small FARM, adjoining, containing
about 120 Acres, with HOUSE and Barn, Fruit
Trees, Meadow, with a spring near the house—a suffi
cient quantity of timber. The whole of this land is
well set in grass.
Privilege will be given to put in a crop this fall
on both of tbe farms, with full possession in a short
time after sale.
Said property will be shown at any time by the sub
scriber, who lives within 2 miles of the land, or by
my son S. F. Pilson, who is on the Premises.
TERMS :—Accommodating and made known on the
day of sale. MATTHEW PILSON,
Ex'or of John S. Thompson.
July 10,1660.—Yin. copy. -
dersigned commissioners offer for sale the follow
ing TRACTS OF LAND, belonging to the estate of
the late Wm. L, Rois, dec'd., to wit:
No 1. That part of the Home Tract of the late
Wm. L. Ross, situated on the East side of the road
leading from Culpeper C. H. to Wayland's Mill—6
miles from the former and 1 mile from the latter place
— Acres; is well watered, well tim
bered, and well improved, and has on it a small
No. 2. Adjoins No. I—contains Acres—well
watered, well timbered, and well improved.
No. S. That part of the Shirley tract, which lies on
the West side of the main road leading from Culpeper
C. H. to Madison C H.—B miles from the former
place—containing 401 Acres. This tract has a good
Dwelling and other out-houses in good repair; a
large and thrifty Orchard Worth from $100 to $250
annually. There is a large supply of timber and wa
No. 4. Is a small tract of 31 Acres, is well watered
well timbered and has a good Dwelling and other
houses. A plat of the above tracts can be seen at the
Spectator Office.
Terms liberal to suit purchasers.
Address JOHN C GREEN, ) Cnm , ra
Z. T. ROSS, ] Com rs '
Culpeper C. H-, April 17,1860—tf.
bers offer for sale the FARM on they reside,
near the town of WaynesDoro', Augusta co., contain
ing 200 Acres—very productive soil —a considerable
portion of it bottom land—wateied finely* The im-
Erovements are new, the dwelling of good size, and
uilt by a northern man, with all the conveniences
for which Yankee houses are famous. Rarelyso good
an opportunity offers for securing a nice home; and
not the least among its claims, is its convenience to
Railroad, Churches, Mills, Schools, Ac, and all in
sight of it.
In connection with this farm is a Mountain Tract,
the title to which is possession. For timber it has
long supplied the wants of the farm, and will do so
for many years to come.
The terms may be learned from the undersigned, on
the premises. JAMES & THOMAS CRITZER.
July 24, iß6o.—tf.—Rock. Reg.
FOR SALE.—This property is located 8 miles
Northwest of Staunton, on the Stage Road from
Staunton to Stribling Springs. The farm contains
353% Acres of good and productive land. The
Mill is a large frame building, running 2 pair burrs
and 1 pair choppers. The water wheels are new.—
! For flouring purposes it is considered the best loca
tion in the county,
i The above property is offered for saleprivately, and
i any one wishing more particular information will ad
dress the undersigned at Churchville, Augusta co.,
July 10, IB6o.—6mo.—Rock. Reg.
offer for sale, privately, the FARM on which I
, reside, lying in Augusta county, 2% miles south of
Greenville, on the Junction Valley Turnpike. It
i contains 290 Acres of land, of which about 200 acres
• are cleared and in a high state of cultivation, and the
f balance heavily timbered. There is about 35 acres of
j No. 1 Meadow on the farm. The land is well water
j cd. Tbe buildings consist of a large, two story
I BRICK DWELLING, with 4 large rooms above
i and 4 below, and a good cellar under the entire build
ing. There is on it one among the best Barns in the
t county, aud also all other necessary out houses, such
ias Grainery, Smoke House, Ice House, &c. There is
• on the farm a large Orchard of the best fruit.
Being determined to sell, a bargain may be had by
applying soon.
Address—Greenville, Augusta Co., Va.
July 24, 1860—2mo.—Rock. Reg. copy.
LOOK HERE.—The undersigned wishes to sell
his HOUSE AND LOT in Germantown near the
Warm Springs, Va. The Lot contains IK Acres.—
First rate Dwelling House and Outbuildings. He also
i wishes to sell his entire Stock of Goods at cost and
carriage. A good Storehouse can be rented.
Address, MARK BOON,
June, 12, 1860.—3m0.* Bath C. H., Va.
Ayer's Ague Cure.
THE co-partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. A. G. Roberson will wind up the business
of the old firm. A. G. ROBERTSON,
Richmond, July 31, 1660. S. BROWNLEE.
NOTICE The term of co-partnership of Robert
son A Brownlee having expired by agreement
on this day. the same business of SELLIAG LIVE
STOCK ON COMMISSION will be continued by the
undersigned under the name and style of ROBERT
SON A GRILLS. They will pay particular attention
to the sale ol Cattle, Sheep and Hogs.
With a due appreciation of the liberal patronage
heretofore bestowed on Robertson A Brownlee, they
will endeavor to deserve and hope to receive a contin
uance of the same. A. G. ROBERTSON,
Richmond, July 31,1800. W. A. GRILLS.
The Business Relations between Col.
A. G. Robertson and myself for the last two years
was conducted and dissolved with a high apprecia
tion of his capacity and integrity as a Live Stock Bro
ker; and it is with pleasure that I avail myself of this
opportunity to recommend him in the most unquali
fied terms of approval, to the feeders and grazers of
my acquaintance, as a salesman in whom they can
safely confide. S. BROWNLEE.
Richmond, July 31. 18G0.—tf.
I TAKE this opportunity of informing the citizens
of this county tbat I have opened a BOOT m &m
AND SHOE STORE in Staunton, on Main •■I
St.. near the Union Hall, between Woods k ¥
Gilkeson's Store and Bickle's Corner, where
an excellent assortment of all kinds of Boots and
Shoes will be kept. As I get my stock directly from
the manufacturers I am enabled to sell them cheap,
for cash, and am determined to sell them as low as 1
possibly can. I have but one price, and that so low as
to astonish most people. I will keep on hand all
kinds of Ladies' Shoes and Slippers, Gentlemen's
Boots and Shoes, and Boots and Shoes for Servants.
Call and examine my stock and prices. Perfect sat
isfaction is guaranteed. LYMAN R. BLAKE.
Staunton, July 31, 1860—tf.
EWS ! NEWS7T~NEWS ! ! I—Agency of
the New York Herald, Baltimore Sun, Richmond,
Dispatch, Whig, Enquirer. Examiner, Ac, Ac.
Also all the principal Weekly papers printed in the
United States, Magazines, Novels, Bound Books, Ac.
N. Y. Daily Herald, per week, (delivered,) 25 cts.
Richmond Whig, " " " 20 "
" Enquirer, " " " 20 "
" Examiner, " " 20 "
" Dispatch, " " " 10 "
Baltimore Sun, 10 "
J3P Back numbers of all the principal papers can
be had. Subscriptions received at
Opposite the Post Office.
Staunton, July 27. IB6o—tf
next Session of this School will commence the
2nd Wednesday in September, and end about the
20th of June,
Common English $20.00
Higher English 30 00
Mathematics and Languages 35.00
Incidental 1.00
Charges in every instance from time of entering to
end of session. REV. WM. BROWN, ]
S. B. FINLEY, ESQ., *> Trustees.
J. C. McCUE,
July 31,1860.—tf
EW BOOKS—Man and Woman, or the Law
of Honor applied to the solution of the problem,
why are so many more women than men Christians.
By the Rev. Phillip Slaughter, with an introduction
by Prof. Bledsoe. Science a witness for the Bible,
by Rev. W. N. Pendleton, D., D. Julian Home, a
tale of College Life. Home Pastimes, or Tableaux
Vivants. Danesburg House. The Mill on tho Floss.
Right at Last. Hawksviene, Ac. R. COWAN.
Stannton, July 24, iB6O.
EREMPTORY SALE.-On Saturday, the
lUh of August, in front of the Sheriff's Ottioe, we
will sell a nice lot of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings,
Linen Goods, &c, by order of the Trustee.
Terms—Ten dollars and under cash, and over that
amount four months credit, with negotiable notes sat
isfactorily endorsed.
Sale to commence at 10 o'colck, A. M.
July 31,1860—tds—Vin. copy.
IpRUIT CANS.—We have just received a large
lot of Glass Fruit CANS, which can be sold at re
duced prioes. MOSBY, TAYLOR A FULTZ.
Staunton, July 24,1860.
ALL kinds of TIN WARE on hand and for sale
Staunton, July 24, 1860.
LV NETTINGS.-A. second suoply of Fly
Netting for harness horses. G. h. PRICE.
Stauuton, July 31,1660.
AS executars of John Cooke Green, we shall, on
Monday, the 10th day of September, 1860, if fair
il not the next fair day, sell, at public auction at
•'Greenwood," the following tracts of land :
lst. The tract known as "Greenwood," (the late
residence of Mr. Green,) containing 900 Acres.
This tract has been for years regarded as one of the
finest in this region of country. It lies within one
mile of Culpeper Court House, immediately on the
Orange and Alexandria Railroad. About 92 acres
are in timber, the residue cleared and in a high state
of improvement, improved by its late owner with a
view solely to productiveness and with no expectation
of selling it. It is divided into seven fields, with nev
er failing water in each, flowing to the South, giving
to nearly the whole of the land an Eastern, Southern
and South-Eastern exposure. It is thoroughly drain
ed by open and secret ditches, the latter laid with
stone. The soil ia of the gravelly, red-vein of Pied
mont-Viiginia, finely adapted to the growth of corn,
wheat and the various grasses. The improvements
are a large and commoaious DWELLING and out
houses of the most substantial character. For fertili
ty of soil, facilities to market, healthiness and beauty
of location, advantages ot society, of schools, church
es, &c, there is rarely ollered for sale so desirable an
estate. It could be conveniently divided into three
tracts so as to give an abundant supply of never-fail
ing water to each. The purchaser wilt have the elec
tion to take another tract of wood land, situated in the
"Flat Grounds," about one mile distant, containing
176 Acres; and so much of a larger tract of 507 A
cres of wood land also in the "Flat Grounds," about a
mile further off, as he may choose, at prices to be
made known by us before the sale of "Greenwood."
2nd. Should the purchaser of "Greenwood" elect
not to take the one hundred and seventy-six acre tract,
that will be sold immediately after the sale of "Green
3rd. Should the purchaser of "Greenwood," elect
not to take the five hundred and seven acre tract, or
only a part thereof; it, or so much thereof as the pur
chaser of "Greenwood" shall not take, will be sold
immediately after the sale of the one hundred and
seventy six acre tract. The five hundred and seven
acre tract is covered with a fine growth of Timber,
consisting of white oak, post-oak, hickory, ash, Ac.
TERMS:—One-fourth of the purchase money in
cash, the residue in three annual instalments with in
terest from the day of sale to be secured by bonds
with security to be approved by us and a deed of
trust upon the premises.
Possession given for the purpose of seeding wheat
so soon as the purchaser complies with the terms of
sale, and full possession so soon as the corn crop is
gathered and the Slaves and Perishable Property sold.
Either of us, or Mr. Edwards, the overseer, will
take pleasure in shewing the property.
Culpeper Court House, Va.,
Raccoon Ford, Culpeper co., Va.
July 24, IB6o.—tds.
PERSONAL PROPERTY.—By virtue of a de
cree of the Circuit Court of Augusta county, rendered
in the case of Simms, Trustee, vs. Simms, Ac, 1 will
proceed, on the premises, on Thursday, the 9ZA day of
August, next, to sell the FARM upon which Wm.
M. Simms lately resided, lying upon both sides of
Christian's Cretk, about 5 miles South East of Staun
ton, adjoining Wm. McComb, James McComb and
others. This Farm contains about 300 Acres, a
bout one-half of which is cleared, and the other half
well timbered and a fair proportion of Creek Bottoms.
There is a SA W AND GRIST MILL upon the
place, with a good head of water. The DWELLING
HOUSE is large and well built, of Brick, and is in
good repair. The Out Houses are built of wood, and
also in good condition. About 25 Acres of the land
are in corn, and with that exception possession of the
whole premises will be given on the day of sale. Per
sons desiring to seethe premises will please call upon
the undersigued, or any of the neighbors, who will
show them.
At the same time I will sell the Household and
Kitchen Furniture, seme Oats, Wheat, and the
growing crop of corn. Also, the Farming Imple
ments, 2 work Horses, 2 Colts, some young Cattle,
Hogs, and 2 Milch Cows with their calves. Also a
NEGRO MAN about 30 years of age, who is a very
valuable farm hand.
TERMS :—For the Land one-fourth in hand, or ne
gotiable note well endorsed at 90 days, with interest
added, and the balance in 1, 2, and 3 years, for which
bond, with good security, will be required, and the
title retained until all the purchase money is paid.
For the Personal Propeity a credit af 5 months will
be given upon all sums of $10 and over for negotiable
notes, well endorsed, and for sums under $10 the
cash will be required.
Sale tocommenae at 10 o'clock, A. M.
DAVID S. BELL, Comm'r.
|3|f" AT the same and place and upon the
same terms of the land, I will sell, as agent for Mrs.
Margaret A. Crawford, about 100 Acres of Land,
lying on the road next to Staunton, adjoining the a
bove land. About 40 acres of this tract is cleared and
set in grass, and the balance is well timbered. This
land has no buildings upon it, but would make a com
fortable settlement for a small farmer.
Mr. Taliaferro Crawford, who lives with his mother,
will show these premises to any one wishing to buy.
July 10, IB6o.—tds.—Vin. copy.
pursuance of a decree made by the Circuit Court of
Augusta County, in the case of Roudabush, Ac, vs.
McNair, Ac, the undersigned Commissioners, ap
pointed for that purpose, will, on Tuesday, the \4th
day of August next, on the premises, at public auc
tion, proceed to sell two very valuable TRACTS OF
LAND, belonging to the estate of Emanuel Rouda
bush, dec'd. One tract contains 252 Acres of ex
cellent land, about 170 acres of which are cleared, 10
or 12 acres of Good Meadow, and the balance well
timbered. The improvements consist of a New Frame
DWELLING HCOSE, a good Barn, and all other ne
cessary out-houses. This tract ha 3an excellent
Spring on it, and is situated on Jennings' Branch, a
bout one mile below the village of Churchville, in
Augusta county.
The other (2nd) tract, lies about one-and-a-half
miles below Churchville, at the Junction of Jennings'
Branch and Middle River, and contains 188 Acres,
100 of which are cleared, and in part first-rate Bottom
Land, and the balance in timber.
And on the 2Zrd of August, next, we will, on the
premises, proceed to sell a tract (3rd) of land, lying in
Bath Countj, on the road leading from Williamsville
to the Warm Springs, about four miles from the for
mer and 15 miles from the latter place, containing
229 Acres of arable Land, 150 of which are cleared,
and 418 acres of Mountain Range.
The improvements on this tract consist of a com
fortable LOG HOUSE, Barn, Ac. There is an excel
lent Spring near the house.
TERMS:—So much money in hand as will be nec
essary to pay the cost of suit and sale, and the bal
ance in three equal annual payments from the day of
sale; the purchaser giving bond and approved secu
rity and the title retained as ultimate security.
The corn crop on said lauds will be reserved to the
tenants, who will have the privilege of remaining on
the land until they can gather the same, after which
time full possession will be given to the purchaser,
and so much possession as will be necessary to put in
a fall crop will be given immediately.
GEORGE BAYLOR, l rom > rq
WM. S. H. BAYLOR, J M)mrs '
N. B.—Persons desiring to know more of these
farms can make inquiry ol either of the Messrs. Roud
abush, who reside upon them respectively.
July 17, 1560.-tds. G. B. A W. S. H. B.
FOR SALE.—I will offer for sale on the premi
ses on Tuesday, the 23th August next at the late resi
dence of George Nelson, (if fair, if not on the next
fair day) his FARM containing about 1000 Acres.
This farm lies on the road from Warrenton to Beal
ton .Station — 4 miles from the former and 6 from the
latter named station on the Orange A Alexandria
Railroad, and 4 miles from the Fauquier White Sul
phur Springs, adjoining the lands of Lewis Shumate,
Richard Payne and others—about one-fourth of it is
well timbered —ail is well watered and fenced and is
very productive in all kinds of grain and grasses.—
The buildings are comfortable.
This farm is susceptible of easy division in two or
three farms of almost equal size with plenty of wood
and water on each.
TERMS:—About one-fourth in cash, the residue
in three annual payments. Possession given on the
day of sale. If preferred by the purchaser a portion
of the money will not be wanting for several years.
The manager of the farm will show it to auy one
wishing to look at it. L. P. NELSON.
June 19. IB6o.—tds. Ex'or of George Nelson.
POSTPONEMENT—The above sale is postponed to
Wednesday, September the 12th. L. P. NELSON.
Jul« 31, 1860.
sell on the lst day of September next, by virtue
of a deed of trust executed to me by Wm. Hall, on the
21st of April, 1853, and duly recorded in the county
Court Office of Augusta, a valuable TRACT OF
LAND, in Augusta, adjoining Peter Strouse, Jacob
Baylor, Jr., and others, containing about 300 Acres,
within 5 miles of Staunton, and 4 miles of Middle
brook. This land is situated in one of the best neigh
borhoods in the county; very convenient to Church
es, Mills, Schools, Ac The soil is of Red Limestone,
and susceptible of a high state ot cultivation. It is
worthy the notice of purchasers, and it will certainly
be sold. The improvements are very good, water in
abundance, several never-failing Springs, and can be
so arranged as to give water to every field.
Terms made known at sale.
The title is believed to be pood, but acting as trus
tee I will convey only such as is vested in me.
Wm Hall resides on the farm, and requests the sale.
Hewill show the
July 31, IB6o—<ds.
PUBLIC AUCTION.—I will proceed, on tbe
premises, on Saturday, the Ist of September next, to
sell at public sale, one of the most desirable estates
in the county-formerly property of SM. Long,
Esq. It is of the justly celebrated Naked Greek land
easily tilled, fertile and productive of all kinds of
grains and grasses. There are 345 Acres, and has
op it an elegant BRICK MANSION Ji<? KSi? a spa
cious SwiUer Barn, and an Orchard of selected bear
ing Fruit Trees, and is in good plight from judicious
cultivation. In a word to one wishing a home that
has all its comforts and a farm which will return a
plentiful harvest, I know no spot so attractive as this.
The terms will be easy and made known on the day
° In the mean time, the property will be shown
and a sale can be efl'ected privately, if the price of
fered suits. The title is believed to De without ques
tion JOHN Y. LONG,
July 31,1860-tda-R°ck. Reg. copy.
PUBLIC AUCTION !—By virtue of a decree of
the Rockingham Circuit Couit, rendered at its May
term, iB6O, in the name of Wm. Patterson, Guardian,
Ac, vs. Mary A. Devier and others, I shall proceed to
sell, at public auction, on the farm lately occupied by
Jas. H. Devier, dec'd., on Monday, tiie 6th day of Au
gust next, the valuable.TßACT OF LAND, lately own
ed by said dec'd., lying on Spring Creek, in Rocking
ham county, containing 207 Acres. About 125 A
cres of the farm is cleared, and in a good state of cul
tivation ; the balance ia well timbered with a tine
growth of Pine and Oak. The farm is conveniently
situated to Mills, Churches of different denominations,
Schools, Ac, there being a saw mill within a few
hundred yards, and a flouring mill within half a mile,
and Mossy Creek Academy three miles off. The farm
is good and susceptible of a high state of cultivation.
It is now nearly all sown in grass, and every acre can
be cultivated.
The improvements are a BRICK HOUSE, Log
Barn, Stable and other buildings. There is a good
Orchard of excellent fruit that seldom fails to bear.—
The farm is watered by Spring Creek running through
it—always affording water enough to turn machinery,
with a lane running to it that furnishes water for all
the farm. There is a well of excellent water that nev
er fails, in the yard, and the creek runs close by the
house. It is deemed unnecessary to say more, as per
sons wishing to purchase will examine for themselves.
The land will be shown to any person desiring to
view it, by Henry Heatwole or Solomon fl. Patterson
living close by. ,
TERMS: —One-fourth of the purchase money to be
paid in six months from the day of sale, with interest
from date; the balance in one, two and three years;
though, if desired, the purchaser can have longer in
dulgence, by the prompt payment of the interest. —
The purchaser to give bond and good personal securi
ty, and the title to be retained as ultimate security.
June 19, '60.—tds.—p. f. $5.00.
ber will offer the above desirable property for
sale, at public auction, on Ihursday, the 6th day of
September, iB6O, if fair, if not, the next fair day there
after. This FARM is situated in Augusta county,
lying around "Craigsville Depot," on the Va. Central
Railroad, and immediately on the Free Turnpike
Road leading from Staunton to the Warm Springs,
and about 21 miles from the former. It contains 235
Acres ; about one half of which is in a good state of
cultivation—well watered with running streams, and
Springs. There are also Chalybeate and Alum
Springs on this place, as well as a fine Sulphur
Spring, within half a mile of the dwelling. The remain
der of the tract is well timbered, which is very valua
ble for Railroad purposes.
The improvements consist of a very comfortable
DWELLING HOUSE, with a good Kitchen attached,
an excellent bank Barn with Stabling, Ice house and
aU other necessary out-buildings. There are also
three other Dwelling Houses on the farm, besides a
large Store House, which is convenient to the Depot;
Shoemaker, Wheelright and Tilt-hammer Shops; all
of which will be found good paying property, as there
is no other Store within ten miles, and the neighbor
hood being thickly settled, makes it one of the best
and most delightful business places in the county
for mechanics, Ac.
There is a fine mountain range suitable for stock
of all kinds. There is also a fine young Orchard of
about two hundred select fruit trees, a portion of
which are now bearing.
The climate and locality, for health, is unsurpassed.
Also Churches, School-houses and Mills in the imme
diate neighborhood.
Terms made known on day of sale.
The above property is for sale privately, and if
sold, due notice will be given. Persons wishing to
purchase will be shown the property by R. S. Craig,
who resides on the premises. Any farther informa
tion will be given by calling on or addressing the un
dersigned at Frankford, Greenbrier co., Va.
July 17, 1860. JAS. A. CRAIG.
Tho subscribers, as executors of Moses Leipes,
dec'd., will sell, at public auction, on the premises,
on the ZOth day of August next, the valuable tract of
land on which the late Hoses Leipes resided. The
said tract contains about 375 Acres, and lies on
Mill Creek and the Macadamized Road, 4 miles from
Buchanan, in the county of Botetourt, and was origi
nally equal in fertility of soil to any tract of land in
said county. There is in the immediate vicini
ty several fine merchant Mills, and the neighborhood,
for good society, will compare favorably with that of
any other in the Valley of Virginia. There is übout
150 acres of south lying cleared land on the place—
and about 170 acres is finely timbered—some 75 acres
of which is first rate TOBACCO LAND.
There is also between 6o and"7o acres of fine mead
ow or bottom land on the farm, and a good Orchard
ef summer and winter fruit.
Immediate possession will be given of most of said
farm, and of the residue so soon as the tenant can
gather his crop, or by the close of the year.
Terms: —One-third of the purchase "money must be
paid down, and the balance in two equal, annual pay
ments, for which bonds with good security will be re
quired, and a lien retained on the land as further se
curity for the deferred payments.
The subscriber, Samuel Leipes, who lives near the
farm, will take pleasure in showing it to any one who
may wish to purchase. SAMUEL LEIPES,
Executors of Moses Leipes, dec'd.
July 24, IB6o.—tds.
V offer for sale on Saturday, the 4th day of August
next, if not sold privately beiore that time, the valua
ble farm on which Robert T. Poage, now resides. It
contains about 209 Acres, 40 or 60 of which are
well timbered, and the cleared land in a fine state of
cultivation. This farm is one of the most beautifully
and conveniently situated in the county, and in a
neighborhood noted for the intelligence and refine
ment of its people. It is situated five miles North of
Staunton, immediately on the Staunton and Winches
ter Turnpike, which passes in front of the Dwelling
House, and near the centre of the Farm. It is one
mile from Middle River, and the soil partakes much
of the richness of the river bottom.
Tbe improvements are comfortable and convenient;
and water of the best quality in every field on the
It is seldom a more desirable place is offered for
sale, combining as it does all the advantages of pro
ductive soil, good neighborhood, convenience to
schools and churches, and fine roads.
This farm will be sold on very reasonable terms,
such as cannot fail to please any reasonable person
really desirous of purchasing.
The terms will be made known on day of sale.
Any one wishing to look at the premises will be
shown them by R. T. Poage who lives on the farm, or
myself. I may be seen at my farm, or in Staunton at
any time. GEORGE POAGE.
May 29,1360—td5.
the 21st day of August, next, I shall proceed to
sell, at public auction, at the late residence of Elijah
Carson, dec'd., a large amount of PERSONAL PROP
ERTY belonging to the estate of said Carson, consist
ing of Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Hogs, Farming U
tensils of all kinds ; Household and Kitchen
Furniture ; a quantity of Wheat and Oats, about
50,000 BRICK in the kiln. In short this sale will em
brace a large amount of property of all kinds usually
found upon a farm in this part of the country.
TERMS :—slo and under cash, over that sum nine
months credit, with bond and good security.
Adm'r of Elijah Carson, dec'd.
HFT P. S.—AN arrangement will probably be
made Dy the heirs to sell, at the same time and place,
about 60 Acres of Land near Old Providence Church
—and also 12 Negroes, of different ages and sexes.
July 17, IB6o.—tds.*
HSF" Lexington Gazette copy and send account to
this office.
TURE LOTS.—By virtue of a decree of the Cir
cuit Court of Augusta county, pronounced at the Jnne
term, 1860, in the case of Edward Dooley's Adm'r vs.
Dooley's widow, Ac, I will proceed, on the 20lh day
of August next, in front of the Court House of said
county, to sell TWO PASTURE LOTS belonging to
the estate of the said Dooley, containing 3 Acres
These Lots are situated on the Parkersburg road,
about 1 mile from the Court House. To persons de
sirous of purchasing pasture lots, a fine opportunity
is here afforded.
TERMS : —One-fourth of the purchase money in
hand, and the balance upon a credit of 6, 12 and 18
months from the day of sale. For the deferred pay
ments bonds with approved security will be required,
and the title retained as ultimate security.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock A. M.
M. McALEAR, Com'r.
Turk A Coshng, Auc'rs.
July 17, IB6o.—tds.
determined to move west this Fall, I offer my
LAND for sale, on Cedar Creek, three miles from
the James River Canal at Waugh's Ferry, with a good
road to said place. The tract contains 394 Acres,
about 50 of which are flat lands of the first quality,
and mostly well set in Grass and Clover. The up-land
is of the first quality, being well adapted to the
growth of Tobacco and the various kinds of Grains, as
well as Grass and Clover. The land is well watered,
and can be divided into two tracts, with Buildings on
each tract.
I will offer the above place privately until the 152 A
of August next, it not sold by that time, it will be
sold, without reserve, at Public Auction on that day;
if sold privately due notice will be given.
Address D. C. BLANKS,
Pedlar Mills, Amherst Co., Va.
Juiy 17, 1860.—4t.
Having sold my farm, I will offer for sale at my
residence on South River, near Stuart's Draft, on the
loth day of August next, the following Personal
17 head of Horses, 35 head of Cattle, 25 head of
Hogs, abrut 500 or 600 bushels of Wheat, about 300
bushels of old Corn, and the present Growing Crop
of Corn, one Wheat Dull, one of McCormick's Com
bined Reapers, one Palmer Thresher, two Wagons
and Harness, and all other Farming Utensils used up
on the farm. Also, all the Household and Kilch?
en Furniture.
Terms :—For all sums of $5 and over a, credit of
nine months, with approved security, will be given ;
for sum* less than $5 cash w\H he required.
July 24,1860—t05. A. H McCOMB
On Saturday, the iath of August, we will sell at
public anction, in Staunton, for Cash, one share of
CENTRAL BANK STOCK, by virtue of a trust deed
executed to us on the Bth of August, 1855, by Jas, M,
Peaco, and under a decree of the Circuit Court of Au
gusta in the case of Peaco's Trustee vs. Eagle, Ac
J. D. IMBODEN, ) T „ lirtaM
J. H. McCUE, \ Trußtee S'
July 24, IB6o.—tds. j
The best, the cheapest, and most
Endorsed by DR. R. H. STABLER, of Alexan
of New York, two of the most eminent
Chemists of the United States,
as the only combination of
Yet offered in a REALLY SOLUBLE FORM. It
is composed of
It has been severely tested by many of the most
successful and intelligent Farmers both in Virginia and
Maryland, side by side with Peruvian Guano, and its
superiority fullyiproved, besides being
The SOMBRERO GUANO, before being added to
LUBLE by a process but recently discovered, and pe
culiarly our own.
The value of PERUVIAN GUANO, presented in
this modified and improved form, can be hardly over
PRICE $50 PER TOff OF 2,000 LBS.
To the above, we offer to those who may prefer it,
Per Ships "Conquest," "Juliette," and "Tartar," ex
pected to arrive at this port, dnring the months of
July, August, and September,
Per "Judge Blaney," "Rachael Jane," "Lewis,"
We are prepared to sell the above articles as low
as they can be bought in any market in the country.
July 10, 1860.—5m0. Alexandria, Va.
The proprietors and manufacturers of HOS
TERS can appeal with perfect confidence to
physicians and citizens generally of the United
States, because the article has attained a repu
tation heretofore unknown. A few facts upon
this point will speak more powerfully than
volumes of bare assertion or blazoning puffery.
The consumption of Hostetter's Stomach Bit
ters for the last year amounted to over a half
million bottles, and from its manifest steady
increase in times past, it is evident that during
the coming year the consumption will reach
near one million bottles. This immense amount
conld never have been sold but for the rare
medicinal properties contained in the prepara
tion, and the sanction of the most prominent
physicians in those sections of the country
where the article is best known, who not only
recommend the Bitters to their patients, but
are ready at all times to give testimonials to its
efficacy in all cases of stomachic derangements
and the diseases resulting therefrom.
This is not a temporary popularity, obtained
by extraordinary efforts in the way of trum
peting the qualities of the Bitters, but a solid
estimation of an invaluable medicine, which ia
destined to be as enduring as time itself.
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters have proved
a Godsend to regions where fever and ague
and various other bilious complaints have
counted their victims by hundreds. To be
able to state confidently that the "Bitters"
are a certain cure for the Dyspepsia and like
diseases, is to the proprietors a source of un
alloyed pleasure. It removes all morbid matter
from the stomach, purifies the blood, and
imparts renewed vitality to the nervous system,
giving it that tone and energy indispensable
for the restoration of health. It operates upon
the stomach, liver, and other digestive organs,
mildly but powerfully, and soon restores then?
to a condition essential to the healthy discharge
of the functions of nature.
Elderly persons may use the Bitters daily as
per directions on the bottle, and they will find
in it a stimulant peculiarly adapted to comfort
declining years, as it is pleasant to the palate,
invigorating to the bowels, excellent as a tonic,
and rejuvenating generally. We have the evi
dence of thousands of aged men and women
who have experienced the benefit of using this
preparation while suffering from stomach de
rangements and general debility; acting under
the advice of physicians, they have abandoned
all deleterious drugs and fairly tested the
merits of this article. A few words to the
gentler sez. There are certain periods when
their cares are so harassing that many of them
sink under the trial. The relation of mother
and child is so absorbingly tender, that the
mother, especially if she be young, is apt to
forget her own health in her extreme anxiety
for her infant. Should the period of maternity
arrive during the summer season, the wear of
body and mind is generally aggravated. Here,
then, is a necessity for a stimulant to recupe
rate the energies of the system, and enable the
mother to bear up under her exhausting trials
and responsibilities. Nursing mothers gene
rally prefer the Bitters to all other invigora
tors that receive the endorsement of physi
cians, because it is agreeable to the taste aa
well as certain to give a permanent
of bodily strength.
All those persons, to whom we have particu
larly referred above, to wit: sufferers from
fever and ague, caused by malaria, diarrhoea,
dysentery, indigestion, loss of appetite, and
all diseases or derangements of the Btomach,
superannuated invalids, persons of sedentary
occupation, and nursing mothers, will consult
their own physical welfare by giving to Hos
tetter's Celebrated Stomach Bitters a trial.
CAUTION.—We caution the public against
using any of the many imitations or counter
feits, but ask for Hostetter's Celebrated
Stomach Bittebs, and see that each bottle has
the words "Dr. J. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters"
blown on the side of the bottle, and stamped
on the metallic cap covering the cork, and
observe that our autograph signature is on the
48- Prepared and sold by HOSTETTER &
SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa., and sold by aU
druggists, grocers, and dealers generally
throughout the United States, Soutn Ame
rica, and Germany.
For sale by P. H. Trqot A Co., Dr. H. S. Eichml
bebgbr and Dr. W. B. Young, Stannton; Wm. With
row, Wavneshoro, and Geo. T. Antrim, Fishersville.
March 6, IB6o.—if!
of a decree of the Circuit Court of Augusta co.,
entered June 18,1860, in the case of James Berry »».
Alexander C. Mellon in his own right and as adminis
trator of Patrick Mellon, dec'd., A al„ I shall proceed,
at my office in Staunton, on Thursday, the tfth day of
August next, to take, state and settle the account of
the said Alexander C. Mellon as administrator of Pat
rick Mellon, dec'd., at which time and place the par
ties interested are notified to attend.
July 10, 1860.—4 i Com'r of Circuit Court.
LASS,—36*4B, 30x36, 24x36, 24x30, 20x24, and
all the small sixes tor sale at
Staunton, July 24,1860.
kc.—J. W. Randolph will purchase Auto
graphs, Letters or Manuscripts of Washington, Jeffer
son, Madison, Henry, Randolph of Roanoke, or any
*\a °v the men of note of Golden times. All kinds
of old books taken in exchange for new works. High
prices in cash will be paid for Burkes Virginia, 4
vols., or odd volumes.
Stith's, Smith'i, Dodridge's, Keith's or Jones' Vir
ginia. °
Robinson's Forms, Davies's Criminal Law. Acts of
Virginia 1849-50,1850—51 or 1852. Arator. Con
struction construed. Inquiry, or New Views, by John
Taylor. Burn Trial, 2 vols.
Buyers of rare and valuable books will find at 121
Main St., Richmond, a larger assortment tban any
where alse in the Southern States, and very few bet
ter in the Northern cities.
Five Catalogues will be mailed to all who send us
•ix cents to pay the postage.
Richmond, June 12, iB6O.
NC. BARTON has removed liom No. 109, to 229
• Main Street, four dcors above 9th Street, and is
prepared to exhibit a much larger assortment than u
sual of Bonnets, Dress Caps, Head Dresses, French
Flowers, Ribbons and all articles in the Millinery line.
Also a large assortment of French Lace Mantilla*,
and Traveling Dusters.
Strangers visiting the city, are invited to call and
examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere.
Richmond, May 15, 1860.—1y.
BY JAS. THOMAS, Cary St., near 12th.
5 pack's of Butter for J. M. King, Craigsville,.2sc<pfi>
1 box lug Tobacco F. Burns, Augusta, $2.Bosowt.
1 hhd leaf " H. Kelso, Goshen 6.00%cwt.
3 hhd « " W. G. Dempser Rock
, bridge [email protected]@4.20#cwt.
18 bbls Super. Flour for J. T. Black, Augus
ta, 86.50#bb1.
16 bbls Super. Flour for J. B. Dryden,
Rockbridge, $6.60»bb1.
25 bbls Super. Flour for Wm. Blackwell.... 6§«a6 W
June 5. 1860.
With Portraits and Tableau illustrative of the char
acters and actions of the world-renowned order of
Peter Funks. Price 75 cents.
Published by J. W. RANDOLPH,
June 12, 1860. Richmond, Va.
COOPERS' TOOLS.—We have for sale at low
prices, Coopers' Adzes with bolted handles, Lev
eling Planes, Barrel and Hogshead Croze, Chamfering
Knives, for right and left hand, Hoop. Stave and
Hollowing Knives.
June 19.1860. iNo. 106 Main St., Richmond.
Valuable Book send to RANDOLPH, Richmond.
The largest variety of New and Old Works in the
Southern States, is at 121 Main Street.
Richmond, July 19,1859.
Chain Pump Fixtures;
Well Chain and Wheels.
For sale cheap by
June 19, 1860. No. 106, Main st., Richmond.
Just to hand an additional supply of those su
perior Ohio Tool Company's Premium Bench and
June 19, 1860. No. 106 Main St., Richmond.
APPLE PEALERS.—2S dozen Whitemore'i
combined Peelers, Corers and Slicer», in store
and for sale cheap, by
June 19, 1860. No. 106 Main St., Richmond.
is now fully prepared for business, and the at*
tention of the public is earnestly called to tbe import
ance of its objects. This company, under its charter,
divides seven eighths of its profits every three years,
among the policy holders, thereby giving the assured
the advantages of the mutual system, with the pledge
of a perpetual Capital Stock of $100,000, and the ad
ded security that its Stockholders have a permanent
moneyed interest in conducting its affairs with pru
dence and economy.
Tbe Charter requires that one-half of the Capital
Stock and Earnings to be invested in Bond and Mort
gage on unincumbered Real Estate, worth double the
The chief object of the company is to aid in retain
ing at home the immense amount of money which
goes annually from our State for Life Premiums to
Northern Companies. That money will be ioaned to
customers for a term of years, at legal interest, and
disbursed in our midst.
Endowments and Annuities granted. Life and
term Policies issued at as low rates as other good Com
panies. Slaves insured for one year, or for a term of
Wm. H. Macfarland, John Purcell,
Joseph Allen, Samuel T. Bayly,
Roscoe B. Heath. Jos. R. Anderson,
Tho*. W. McCance, C. G. Barney,
John H. Montague, Robert H. Maury,
David I. Burr, Jas. A. Cowardin,
Lewis Ginter, **• Nash,
John Jones, P. T. Moore,
Jas. L. Apperson, John H. Claiborne,
Lewis D. Crenshaw, B. C Wherry,
Wm. G. Paine, Wm. H. Christian,
H. E. C. Baskervill, Wyndham Robertson,
Samuel J. Harrison, John C. Shafer,
Wm. H. Haxall, Peter C. Warwick,
Robert T. Brooke, R. O. Haskins,
George D. Shell, Edward Norvell,
' Wellington Goddin, George J. Sumner,
John Dooley, D. S. Wooldridge.
Upon tne adjournment of the meeting of Stockhold
ers, the Board of Directors convened, and elected the
following ofiicers:
Phbsident—WM. H. MACFARLAND,
Vicb-Pbbsident—SAM'L J. HARRISON,
Physician—Da. BLAIR BURWELL,
■ m ArroaNET—ROSCOE B. HEATH, Esq.
X_W Office corner Main and 11th streets, Richmond.
H. M. Bell, Ag't at Staunton.
May 29, IB6o.—lyif.
FOR the prevention and cure of Fever and Ague and
Bilious Fever. This wonderful remedy was
brought to the knowledge of tho present proprietors
by a friend who bas been a great traveler in Persia
and the Holy Land.
While going down the River Euphrates, he experi
enced a severe attack of Fever and Ague. On dis
covering his condition one of the Boatmen took from
his person an Amulet saying, "Wbae this anu no
Fbver will touch you." Although incredulous as
to its virtues; he complied, and experienced imme
diate relief, and has since always found it an effectu
al protection from all malarious complaints.
On further investigation he found that the boatman
attributed to it miraculous powers, and said that it
could only be obtained from the Priests of the Sun.—
Sometime afterwards, the gentleman in conversing
with a Priest obtained from him the secret of its prep
aration, and ascertained where the medicinal herbs
were found, of which it was compounded. The won
derful virtues of this article have induced a full belief
in the minds of the natives in the miraculous healing
powers of their Priests.
Since his return to America, it has been tried with
the happiest effect by several Ladies and Gentlemen
of high character, who have given it the most unqual
ified praise. This remedy having been a specific in
Persia for hundreds of years, for the prevention and
cure of Fever and Ague and Bilious Fevers—is now
offered to the American people.
It will be sent by mail, prepaid, with full directions
for use, on receipt of one dollar
Principal Depot and Manufactory, 188 Main St.,
Richmond, Va. Branch Office, Bank of Commerce
Building, New York. Address
July »i, 1860.—1y. JOHN WILCOX A CO.
of the Circuit Court of Augusta county, entered
June 27, 1860, in the cause of Thomas Shumate va.
Thomas Washington and als., and Julia A. Washing
ton, by John Diller her next friend, vs. N. K. Trout
and als., it is ordeied that one of the Commisioners of
said Court convene before him all persons asserting
liens on the lands of the said Thomas Washington,
whether as venders, or byjudgments, trusts, or other
wise, and ascertain and report the respeotive amounts
and dignities ot such liens ; in pursuance whereof, all
persons interested are hereby notified to appear before
me, at my office in Staunton, Monday, the 3rd day
of September next, at which time and place said order
will be executed. JOS. A. WADDELL, Com.
July 24,1860.—4t8.
OU PAID. —An active Agent is wanted in every
County in the United States and Canadas, to solicit
orders and introduce our New National Double Thread
$20 Sewing Machine. Warranted equal to any high
priced machine. Practical for every family, which
makes it the cheapest and most popular machine in
existence. A limited number of responsible Agenta
are wanted, to travel and solicit orders by sample, at
a salary of $50 per month and expenses. Business
permanent. Address, with stamp, for conditions and
instructions, J. W. HARRIS A CO.,
Shoe and Leather Exchange, Boston, Mass.
July 24, 1860.—8w.
-I A AAA LBS. WOOL WANTED—for which we will
lUiWU pay the highest Market price in Cash op
Merchandise. TAYLOR A HOGE.
Staunton, June 19. 1860.
TLES of Various patterns and sizes, for sale by
Staunton, July 8,1860.
O KEEP COOL this hot weather purchase one
of "the Dr. Kane" Refrigerators, a Water Cooler
or Cream Freeser at WOODS A GILKESON'S.
Staunton, July 3,1860.
■ jl rege for Shawls and Mantles just received by •
Staunton, June 19,1860. *
HORSE SHOE IRON.—Superior Horse Shoe
and Nail Rod constantly on hand.
Stannton, July 81, 1860. PRICE.
S~COTCH SNUFF\-Just receiveda No. 1 arti
cle ot Bond's Scotch Sn ~ n 4 and 2 oz. papers. '
, Staunton, July 31, iB6O. J. B. EVANS.

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