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JitaimtiM |§pci;ttar.
Local N"ews.
The List of Letters, remaining in the
Staunton Post Office at the end of each month,
M published, by authority, in the Spectator.
The ladies of Baltimore are preparing to hold
a grand fair after Easter for the benefit of the
poor of the South. God bless the good ladies
of that generous city.
There are 135 students at Washington Col
lege, from twelve different States, and the num
ber is still increasing. The Board of Trustees
will elect two new Professors in April next.
We are indebted to Hon. Jno. W. Chanler,
of New York, for a pamphlet copy of his speech,
on the subject of negro suffrage, delivered in
the House of Representatives, January the
12th, 1866.
A vacant house on the estate of Jos. Harper,
near Stuart's Draft, was destroyed by fire on
the night of the 1st of March. There is no
doubt but that it was the work of an incendiary.
The house had been rented W Mr. John Paul.
Mr. Ad. H. Price, living witnin a few miies
of this place, shot with a rifle two hawks whilst
flying. What do the "brag shots" in Rocking
ham think of this? Can they have the slightest
idea of getting the "palm" for good-shooting?
The "Clarke Journal," after a suspension by
the war of five years, has been revived by
Messrs. McGuire and Obannon. This Journal
is published at Berryville, Clarke County, A ir
ginia. It is a very good and neat paper, and
we hop,e it will be well sustained,
The man, Maupin, who some time since tra
ded a stolen horse to Col. M. G. Ilarman, and
afterwards stole a horse from Mr. Duggan of
this place, has been arrested in Amherst county.
Before he was arrested, he had stolen and tra
ded some half dozen other horses. Mr. Dug
gan recovered the stolen horse he had adver
tised in the "Spectator. '
A freedman stole two boots from the store of
Mr. Darden in this place about a week since.—
They were of different sizes, and both for the
Jeft foot, yet he wore them, and they were found
and recognized whilst he was wearing them.—
He was arrested, and is now iu jail. What
punishment the freedmen's court will inflict re
mains to be seen.
The Lexington Gazette will hereafter be en
titled the Gazette and Banner, in consequence
of the union of the offices of the Lexjngion Ga
aette and Stonewall Banner. The Proprietors
of the Gazette and Banner are Messrs Sam'l H.
Letcher, J. M. Leech and C, H- Burgess. The
paper will soon be eplarged and otherwise im
proved, e hope it will be wa}l sustained.
■ -
'The Weston Herald., published by Mr. Fred.
J. Alfred, says that a uegro woman of Weston,
Lewis county, Vi r est Virginia, hatched a chicken
by "keeping the egg warm in her bosom, and
the ' little chick' follows after her as if it un
derstood the ' cluck.' The question for discus
sion is : which is the mother of the chicken, the
•heu that laid tbe egg or the negro who hatched
it. We don't take sides."
We have been presented by Rev. Geo. B.
Taylor, the author of "The Oakland Stories,"
with a copy OI * "Gustave." AA-hich completes the
series of "The Oakland Stories,'* the whole se
ries being comprised in four A T olumns. "Gus
tavo" is a neat duodecimo A'olume of near two
hupdreel pages, and is illustrated Avith some
-half dozen engravings. In the preface the au
thor says:
"The author has sought not so much to con
vey direct moral and religious instruction, as to
have it pervade the atmosphere of the narra
We would commend these volumes to the
youth of our State, belieA*ing that they will find
.them not only entertaining but improving.
We published last week the proceedings ofa
meeting held here on the 26th ult., calling a
joon\-ention to meet in Staunton, on Wednesday,
the 4th day of April, to devise measures for the
early organization of a company to construct
and equip the Valley Railroad under the char
ter granted. The chairman appointed the fol
lowing gentlemen as delegates to represent Au
gusta county in that convention:
H. W. Sheffey, Wm. G. Sterrett,
Bolivar Christian, James Wilson,
M G. Harman, Absalom Koiner,
A. H. EL Stuart, J. Marshall McCue,
W. J. D. Bell, J. Givens Fulton,
.Geo. A. Bruce, . Theopihis Gamble,
Dr. T. W. SheitOE, Wm. Cray ford,
Adam McChesney, Gen, Kenton Harper,
Capt. James Henry, Thomas Burke Sr.,
Jas. Buinbirardner Sr. ; Maj. James Walker,
Baud. H. Bell, Saml. B. Finley,
Ig__. M. Tate. J. Davis Craig.
Wm. Montgomery.
The March number of the Cosmopolite has
been received. The following are the contents
.of this number:
1. Inside View of Four Years iv the Rebel
jCapital. VI. A Change of Ba-e. VII. Onto
VIII. Settling to the AYork.
2 Worship—A Poem, by S. T. Waliis.
3 A Suicide on the Nile.
4 The Nose of a Notary—(From the French
,ofEd. About.) VI. History of a Pair of Spec
tacles, and consequences of a Cold in the Head.
5 Mv-tic Meeting—A Poem. *
6 Dint-3 and Milton—Fr#ijfie St. JameO
7 Reminiscences of a Southern Hcfspital—By
its Matron—(No. Three.)
8 Bradbury's Yisitor—(From London boc*.-
•-9 Woman's Vocation.
10 Sir Self and Womankind—A Poem.
11 Stapleford Grange—(From All the Year
Round.) .
12 our Gossip—Things on This Side—Th i ngs
Over the Water— &rt Gossip—Music and The
atricals—About Books.
The Co mopolite is published monthly at No.
32 Franklin Street, Baltimore,, Md. Yearly
subscription, Four Dollars, which can be sent
from distant subscribers in Post Office Orders,
to undersigned.
The American News Company, New York,
and Henry Taylor, Sun Iron Building, Balti
more, will furnish the trade everywhere, at re
duced prices. Address, DeLeon & Co., Box
2M P 0 Baltimore Md.
There are forty-three widows and nineteen
widowers in the ijttle town of Lexington. Lex
ington must be a rather unhealthy place. The
Gazette seems to consider widows as nuisances ;
for he connects them with "bad crossings and !
sidewalks." It says:
"The bad crossings and side-walks are about
as numerous as the "widows ; and we hope their
number will be lessened too."
It has as bad an opinion of Avidows as Samuel
Weller, Senr., Avhose injunction to his hopeful
son was:
"Beware of vidows, Savivel, beware of vid
ows." We have always respected widows and
old maids, and think that they are entitled to
courtesy and deference, sympathy and commis
. > •
The stamp dutys on bonds, instruments under
seal, and promisory notes, instruments not un
der seal, is the same, both being regarded as
written evidences of amounts of money to be
paid at a time designated. The stamp duty
then for a sum not exceeding one hundred dol
lars is five cents, and for every additional hun
dred dollars or fractional part thereof in excess
of one hundred dollars, jive cents.
March came in like the mildest kind of a
lamb, and, if the old adage be true, may go out
like a furioiis .roaring lion.
List of Letters
Remaining in the Post Office, at Staunton,
on Feb. 28th, 1866:
A—Mrs. Malinda Ankera, 3: Miss Zeddie
A. Acord, ■ Jonas Armentrout, D. M. Auvil,
Mrs. Catk. Armentrout, A. V. Abney, Miss
Annie E. Allen, Miss S. M. Arganbright, R.
B —Miss Jane Bridgess, Isick Bradley, Man
dy Buckner, N. A. Brent, Francis Barker, Mrs.
E. Baylor, Dan Bohen, D. S. Baylor, 2 ; D. E.
Beard, Mrs. Martha Britton, Miss C. A. Bran
arnan. A. Blouthe, Miss M. E. BaA'lor, A. Bur
gess, R. S. Burwell, (colored) T.C. Burwell,
S. B»'ady> Mrs. S. Brown, Mrs. M. RroAvn,
Mis. Mary Beard, Miss L. A. Baylor, Levi
Beard, Lt. J. C. Brown, J. E. Bohen, Dr. J.
H. Bosworth, Jas. Boavsgi - , S. H. Bennett, J.
C. BoAviin, J. BoAvman, J. C. Brown, J. W.
Bailv, Miss J. Brown, J. R. Brown, 2; A.
Burvel. A. McR. Blame.
C—\V. H. Campbell, W. J. Clements J.
Cooper, J. IT. Canute, James Careheart. J. S.
Crawford, W. H. Cretzer, W. H. Corbin, Mrs.
J. Carter, W. H. CoAvyer, W. Clark, Miss Jen
nie Cameron, H. Connell, Win. 11. Coager.
Cook, Grove <fe Co., Ed, Coffer, MissE. Cham
ber, C. 11. Cunis, 3; D. Croft or Craft. Nancy
jJ. Croft, Miss M. B. Christian, C. Creek, Bax
ter Crawford, Miss B. A. Miss Addie
Craig, Miss M. Crawford, Mrs. Cooper, Mo
i ses Craig, Miss M. E. Cook, Miss M. S. Cur
i rier. Miss L. Copes or Capes, Miss Mary Cook.
D—U. Davk R. Davidson, R. H. Depriest,
!2: Miss M. C. Dinkle. Miss 31. R. Deisher, Al.
!R. Davis, J/iss E, 31. Doom, J. 11. Dummy,
J. Dugan. J. 11. Dugan, Henry Davis (colrd)
11. C. Doi-sev, Mrs. E. Dundore, J/iss E. Dam
erson. Miss E. 11. Davis, A. M. Day, A. Dull.
E-R. B. Ewan, Mrs. ML Ellis, Miss L. Echr
ard, J. W. Engleman, A. J. Estiss. Miss S. El
F—R. Fornev, J. D. Farrar, R. Firl, Mrs.
Mary Fitz, 11. Fisher, Miss M. D. Foara, J. H.
Fuller, J. Fioyd, Dr. J. F. Fresslv. Geo. Far
ringt'jn. Miss F. Forsythe, miss E. Fishbuin,.
D. Fail, 2; Frame, miss A. V. Fi h
burn, Biaxtou Fry, miss E, Frionch, A. G.
G —nirs. O.'Geiger, miss 11. Grey. mi«s M.
E. Grady, miss M. C. Grady, missM. L. Glen
dy, miss L. J. Gardner, J. C. Greiuer, G. B.
; Golf, 11. Grove, E. Geeding, Rodney Gregory,
i Dr. A. W. Gray, miss N. Graham.
H. —Amanda Head—on, Miss L. liamrick,
! Mi-s L. J. Hcllinger, Mrs. L. Hanger, J. W.
Hudson, J. G. Hays, Mrs. J. Harrison, Jas.
Henderson, Mrs. Jas. Henen, Jas. Hutchens,
Jas. Harris, G. C. Hanger, Egbert Ham man,
iW. Hutchens. Rev. W. W. Houston, W. F.
; Harrington, Miss E. Hirrkle, Miss C. V. Harns
\ berger 4, T. Heden, I). Hufmand, Thos. Hay
den, C. Harden, S. lleeks, T. Hepana, C. C.
Herman, T. Havden, S. L. Hupp. Mrs. S. A.
Hanger, Mrs. M. Hersev, A. Hizer, Mrs. A.
M. Herring, Miss Bell Hall 2, Mrs. S. Hunter.
L—Miss M. E. Irick.
J.—Miss F. Jackson, Wm. Jones, M. R.
j Ingelnran, S. Johnston, Mrs. M. Johnston,
I Miss M. Jackson, (c 01.,) J. C. Jackbuger, Mrs.
! L. A. Johnson, Let. Johnson, (col) Lucy John
\ son, (col) H. Johnson, (col) 2, S. Jackson, B.
J Jackson, }<Jis_ M E. Jackson, (col.)
X. —Ro. Kinney, P. Kesy, Owen Kirlahan,
I Miss M. M. Kerr, Keesee & Co., J. T. Keesee,
John Kiracofe, Miss E. Kunkle, Condin
j Koontz. Messrs Knight & Jobn-on.
L. —Miss M. Logan. Miss N. Lynch, A. Le
vy, Mrs. M. Lewis, Miss K. L. Lam, Mrs. J.
light, Miss E, L. %ayne, Adam Lowry, W.
M.—M. Milev, Mrs. M. A. McKee, G. Myers,
i Miss R. M. Myers, Miss K. M. Myers, M.
1 MeKelen, Miss J. Marshall, J. D. Murphy,
Miss J. Matthews, J. Michael. Jas. Mitchell,
I John Miller, Miss G. Miller, (col) Mrs. F.
Monis, Miss C. Mahoney, W. Mauris, A. A.
' McPheeters, A. Maybush, Miss A. Martin, Dr.
\S. P. H. Miller. S. N. Miller, 3 T. Mahoney,
:R. S. McCullock, Ellen Mahoney, A. D. Mil
0. —Michael Okeefe.
P.—P. O. Palnler, Miss L. Pierce, J. R.
Pentz, J/iss Bettie Piper. 31 iss R, P. Payton.
R.— York Rid. John Runels. Mrs. N. Riffo,
! John Robenson, J. G. Riley, J. V. Ramsey. 2
j Geo. Rosin, J/iss F. Reynoldsj F. Roler, D
i Rife, D. Ranken.
S.—J. Snider, Jas. Straughter, J/iss L.
j Shuey, 2W. S.. Swink, W. Stickley, D. H.
I Spradling, V. C. Smith, W. Shurly, J. Say
' age, 2 H." Shillings. J. F. Stuart, J/iss H. F.
> Showalter, H. T. Shorn, Jacob Spitler, J. Sny
j dei-. John Sires. T. Striblipg, (col) J/iss E.
! Stuart, t. Shelley. J/rs, E. Sioneham, T.
i Shaeffer, C. Swink. J/iss B. Smarts, P. Smith,
1 J/iss P. Scot, A. D. Stanton, J/rs. A. Sitbng
ton, J/rs. A. Smith, J/iss 31. F. Smith, 2 J/rs.
I K. Smith, J/iss L. E. Smith, R. Sillings, J/iss
Jennie Satles, (col) G. R. Sneed, Thos. Sprid
T.—Sandie Taylor. Miss M. Thornton, J. C.
Thompson 2, J. _.. finsley, John Taylor, J. R.
Thorna■■ & Co., G. Truinvell, A. W. Taylor,
Mrs. B Taylor, Miss E. Taylor,
V.—W Yanpelt.
W.—L-. H. N. Wilson. Miss S. B. Wright,
G. W. .VingfieJd, Mrs. R, Wriggle, Miss M.
J. Whitlcck, Miss h. E. Wibon, Miss J. Wil
son. Jas. B. Walters. J. L. Wright, James
: White, H. Watson, Mis. E. A. White. Eli
Watkyis, C. A. Whitjock .&, C. C. Wertenba
ker, E.B. Wickford, B. Walters, A. A.
Whites. MissS. Wiggins, Miss Mollie Wheeler.
Y.—Jas U. Yates 2, T. S. Young, Saraii
Persons calling for letters in the above list
must say they are advertised, otherwise they
will not receive them.
Coxoress in Peril.—4. Black Republican
writer for the Springfield Republiccn, deploring
the fact that the President has got the Repub
licans ip ap .inextricable difficulty because he
proposes a plan while they have no plan of re
construction, says;
''Congress is like the boy out on a rough sea
in an open boat; 'Can you pray, Jim ?' 'No.'
'Can you sing z hymn?' 'No.' 'Can't you,
then, repeat a verse ofthe Bible?' 'Not a bit
of it.' * Well,' with a sigh, ''something hax got
to be done d — d tjeffat.'
— ■ ■ —
The kindest and the happiest pair
Will find occasion to forbear;
And something ev'ry day they live,
To pity, and perhaps forgive.
• —Confer.
Dr. S. M. Dold to Siss Saluk Irick, at the
residence ofthe bride's father, A. B. Irick, Esq.,
by Rev. D. C. Irwin, on the 27th of Teh.— all of
John* G. Flory, of lowa, to Miss Sarah V.,
daughter of Wm. Wright deceased, of Augusta
county, 'by Rev. Daniel Thomas, on the,22d ult.
Jos. Shickel to Miss Na>cy E., daughter of
John Miller, of Rockingham, on the same day,
by the same.
Samuel IS. W*ine, of Rockingham, to Miss
Mary M.,' daughter of Michael Evy, of Augusta,
on the 2otb ult,, by the same.
Dr. John S. Myers, of Wavnesboro. to Miss
Maggie J. Palmeh, at the house of the bride's
mother, in Port Republic, by Rev. H. A. Gayer,
on Thursday, March Ist.
Mr. John* H. Craun to Miss E. Hale, by Rev.
0, I*eard, on the Ist March—all of this county.
Death is the port where all may refuge find,
The end of labor, entry unto rest;
Death hath the bounds of misery confin'd,
Whose sanctuary shrouds affliction best
—Earl of Sierline.
Miss Louisa If. Bear, daughter of J. and C.
Bear, died of complicated disease, on Saturday,
February 24, near Churchville, Augusta county.
Shenandeah Herald please copy.
—n—bmp—_—■__■hwi„> ' w,.wi__f—__i——i wammm -
State Taxes.
As we know our readers are anxious to know
the rate of the State taxes for the year 1866,
we publish below such as are of most general in
terest :
On tracts of-lands and lots, and the improve
ments therean, not exempt from taxation, four
teen cents-on every hundred dollars on the as
sessed value thereof.
Upon any estate of a decedent, which shall
pass by his will, or upon his intestacy, to any
person other than to his lineal descendants, or
his father, mother, husband, wife, brother, sis
ter, nephew or niece, two per centum upon the
A*alue or amount thereof.
Upon every person, over the age of twenty
one years, not exempted from taxation for bod
ily infirmity, twenty-eight cents.
The specific license tax on every commission
merchant or firm shall be twenty-ffve dollars;
and there shall be a tax of two per centum on
the aiooui_t of his commissions, to be ascertain
ed and determined in the manner and under the
rules, reports and restrictions prescribed in the
second act above mentioned in relation to sales
of ifl£rchants.
The specific license tax to eA'ery person for
the privilege of selling by wholesale and retail,
Avine, ardent spirit*:, nialt liquors, cider, or any
mixture of any of them, shall be one hundred
dollars : if by retail only, forty dollars ; and there
shall be an additional tax on the amount of sales
if sold by a merchant, or on the commissions if
sold by a commission merchant. '
The specific license tax on cA r ery pedler, for
the privilege of pedling and bartering, shall be
forty dollars.
The specific license tax upon a land agent
shall be fifty dollars.
The specific license tax upon a common crier
to sell shall be ton dollars.
The specific license tax on any person to en
gage in manufacturing or distilling wine, ardent
spirits or malt licpiors, except as is excepted in
section twenty-four of the act, shall be tAventy-
Ga*c dollars ; and an additional tax of ft\e cents
for every gallon of wine or ardent spirits to be
manufactured or distilled, and two cents for ev
er*,- gallon of malt licpiors to be manufactured.
The specific license tax for the privilege of
letting to mares any stallion or jackass, shall be
tAvice the amount charged for the services by
the sea-on.
A licen-e tax shall be required of persons who
sell for others on commission or for profit, or
Avho.-e business it is t,o buy and sell for profit,
ancl not for feeding or grazing fcr as long as
three months, horses, mules, asses, jennets,
cattle, sheep and hogs, or any of them ; and on
such a person tbe license tax shall be twenty
five dollars. If such liv.c stock be fed or grazed
by the person purchasing them for three months
or more, they may be sold by him without a li
4-11 taxes due before the year \ 8.65, which
have not been paid by the person from whom
they are due, or by some person for him, and
which have not been accounted for at the treas
ury by the sheriff or collector, are hereby releas
ed and discharged: Provided, That nothing in
this section shall be construed to release taxes
against any non-resident.
Alarm Among the Radicals.
The New York Herald says :
_ "Systematic with Thad. SteA'ens's recent
tirade against the Executive ofthe country, the
Radkal organs and Radical writers opened out
Avith better invective, as if a movement of that
kind had been preconcerted. We i;eed no bet
ter proof that the-e revolutionists are being
dm*en to the wall than the desperation which
they exhibit in their speeches and writings.—
The remarks of the President to the delegations
who haA*e recently called upon him are fulj and
complete refutations of these assaults. The
Radicals now squirm Avorse than eA*er, and seem
to be sorely troubled to get out of the dilemma
in Avhich they have placed themselves. Mis
representation ofthe President As statements and
a distortion cf facts are the only things left for
them to do. To this work they are now direct
ing all their efforts, but apparently with very
little result.''
Escape of General Craavford.—This
somewhat noted personage has made his escape.
■It is knoAvn that "General" Crawford, by Avhich
rank and name the filibuster expedition' on the
Rio Grande recognized its chief. Avas arre-ted
some time since by the order of General Sheri
dan. jn his arrival at New Orleans, and impris
oned in Fort Jackson. He was accused, not
only of being the leader of an armed expedition
wtih purpo -c to violate the neutrality law, but
of being concerned in the late pillage of Bagdad
and a sharer in its spoils. When arrested, he
had with him $20,000 in gold, which was seiz
ed, together Avith his papers. As to the man
ner in which he effected his escape from Fort
Jackson, or the circum-fances attending his
flight afterwards, w*e are not informed.
. ■ i ■
What does it Mean ?—We understand that
Hon. Mr. Boutwell, Avho is at home for a short
period, said on Saturday, February 24th, iv
conversat on with g, friend, that the situation is
so perilous we need not be surprised if JiosjtUities
were to break out anew within tiie nexf, two
months, flas Mr. Boutwell any information
which the public do not possess? lie is' on the
"Committee of Fifteen." Does it form part of
the programme of that committee to precipitate
hostilities 'I—Boston Commercial.
The Testimony of Interested Parties. —
The General Assembly have passed a law that no
Avitness shall be incompetent to testify because
of interest, and that in all actions and other pro
ceedings of a civil nature, the parties thereto,
or those on whose behalf the proceedings are in
stituted, shall, if otherwise competent to testify,
be competent to give testimony on their own
behalf, or on behalf of any other party to such
proceeding; but the evidence of parties shall he
t*n*A*t „ ore tonus and not by deposition,
■ Sig-nificant Order.
citizens of this place and county are dis
posed to co-operate with the Freedmen's Bureau
in the discharge of their duties. Those who
maintain that there is any necessity for troops
here to enable the Freedmen's Bureau to dis
charge its duties, slander our people. The fol
lowing order of Court needs no comment:
Virginia :— In Augusta County Court, Feb
ruary 26th, 1866.
It having been suggested to the Court, that
-ihe officers of the Freedmen's Bureau have
found some difficulty, in having their processes
executed, within the limits of this County, and
this Court, feeling a strong desire to co-operate
Avith the officers of the Bureau in the preserva
tion of order, the enforcement of the laws, and
the protection of freedmen and refugees in all
their rights:
It is thereby ordered, to be entered on the
records of this Court, that the Court, the Ma
gistrates in their respective districts, and the
Sheriff and other officers ofthe Court, are ready
and willing, at all times, to render every neces
sary assistance to the officers of the Bureau in
the discharge of their duties, and that the Sher
iff and Constables be and they are hereby in
structed- to serve promptly, all processes which
may. be-placed in their hands by the officers of
the Bureau and to enjoin on the people the ne
cessity of a ready obedience theretp, and in oth
er respects to render all the aid in their power,
in the execution ofthe laws ofthe United States.
Copy teste,
"WM. A. BURNETT, Clerk.
.. •
Federal Forces. —A detachment of U. S.
forces, about seventy-five ia number, came up
the Valley as far as Lacy Spring, one day last
week. We understand that their object was
the arrest of several citizens of ftockingham,
for alleged offences, charged against them by
freedmen. One of the marked gentlemen was
Capt. Lincoln. It is stated that a negro report
ed Capt. Lincoln as having killed a minister at
cljurcb, recently ; and that it has been a very
coinnmn occurrence for him to carry to the cel
lar of his house a 'live yankee," wheneA'er one
could be caught, and deliberately butcher him,
in the most approved style. It appears that
this military squad captured some one, whom
they believed to be Capt. L., but, after taking
him doAvn the Valley, were convinced of their
mistake by the testimony of several freedmen,
as well as white persons. It is al-o known that
the statement of the negro about Capt. Lincoln
was found to be utterly without foundation, and
that euffee was placed under arrest. — Rocking
ham Register.
1 _.#_
The closing part of President Johnson's veto
message says:
" Should this expectation unhappily fail,
which I do not anticipate,-then the executive is
already armed Avith the poAvers conferred by the
act of March, 1865, establishing the freedmen's
bureau; and hereafter, as heretofore, he can
employ the land and naval forces ofthe country
to suppress insurrection and overcome obstruc
tions to the execution ofthe laws."
This is a double-edged blade thus fashioned
by the President. It will cut both North and
South. It is a very significant hint to the dis
unionists at Washington. If they are wise they
will understand that it means that the "land
and naval forces will be used to suppress insur
rection' ' AvhereA*er found; that they will be em
ployed to "oA r ercome obstructions to the execu
tion ofthe laws," whether those "obstructions"
occur at Richmond, Mobile, or Washington.
York, March 1. —There is great excitement a
mong the Fenians in consequence ofthe news of
I the su-pension ofthe writ of habeas corpus in
: Ireland. John O'Mahoney has issued the fol
; lowing order:
Headquarters Fenian Brotherhood, \
New York, March 1, 1866. J
j Brothers : —The hour for action has arrived,
i The habeas corpus is suspended in Ireland.—
I Our brothers are being arrested by hundreds
: ancl thrown into prison. Call your circles to
! gether immediately and send us all the aid in
your power at once, and in God's name let us
start for our destination. Aid, brothers—Help, \
for God and Ireland.
John O'Mahoney.
The Cause of Grief.—The Philadelphia
Age thus points out the distress ofthe radicals : ;
"The radicals are in despair. They are, at •
last, cut pff from the loaves and fi.-hes. The
idea of losing the fjjl drippings from the Treas
ury which have solaced their ' loyal' hours of
the pa-t five or six years, is extremely distress- j
ing. The feeling of being ' out in the cold' is, !
to individuals of their temperament, almost un- j
bearable—but they must get u>ed to it. They j
would haA*e a fight with ; the man at the other '
end ofthe avenue,' and they must take the con
Great Inducements!
The greatest inducements to secure g~o.d
Jewelry and Wetches at Si each,
T 5 ,000
Watches, Musical Boxes, Chains, sets of
Jewelry, Pens, Bracelets, Castors,
Goblets' Spoons. Forks, Nap
kin Rings, etc.,
Worth $GOO,OOO /
To be sold for One Dollar each, Avithout regard
to value, and not to be paid for until you know
what you are to get. Send 25 cents for a certifi
cate which will inform you what you can have
| for SI, and at the same time get our .circular con
taining full list and particulars, also terms to
I ageuts, which avc want in every regiment and
j town i*; the country.
. One certificate Avill cost2ac; five for $1; twelve
I for $2 ; thirty for §5 ; one hundred, yvith premi
um Gold Pen and massive Gold Holder aad Pen
cil, for $15. All we ask is one trial.
Address BRYAN BROS. & CO.
Box 6788, 58 Liberty St., N. Y. City.
' Feb 20—(5m
To Farmers,
of Rockbridge. of Rockingham.
a. m. Hamilton, of Rockbridge.
General Agents for
' For tbe entire Valley of Virginia and tAventy-five
1 countfes immediately East ofthe Blue Ridge ex-
I tending from the Potomac to the North Carolina
i line.
jffg- Mr. Thornton Bekry will act as our
I Agent in Augusta county, from whom Farmers
i can procure Machines and receive all necessary
information as to terms, &c.
Feb 27, 1886—tf H. W. & Co.
Roots and Shoes,
: have fitted up a shop on main street, next door to
IA. M. Pierces grocery store, and opposite J. B.
1 EA*ans', Tocacconist. where they will manufac
i tore Bopts aiitf Shoes, of all kinds ancl of
! the best materials. "'Gents' Roots and Shoes, La
dies' Shoes ancl Gaiters, Misses &nd Children's
Gaiters, of.all styles, and warranted to give satis
faction, all of which will be sold as cheap for cash
ias can be bought elsewhere.. Country Produce
taken in exchange. Give us a call. Nan2 —tf
Garden and Flower Seeds.
ARDEA* SEEDS.— Landreth's celebrated
T Garden and Flower seeds just received and
i for sale at ' P. H. TROUT'S
Feb 20, 1860. Drug Store
" Marble WorksT
j at Staunton, Barrmonbu-rg. Lexington and Char
lotter-tT}*. jwpfi—tf
ShoAving the value of one dollar in Gold as com
pared Avith Confederate Treasury Notes during
each month of the war, from May 1861, to April
Ist, 1»65: , ___,
1861. 1862. • 1863. 186*1 1866
JanuarA*, $1.25 $3.00 a— $20 a2OJ $45a60
February 1.25 4.00 a— 22Ja23 45a«0
March 1.30 5.00 a— 23 a*24i 70*60
April 1.40 5.50 a— 22 a 23 60a—
May 1.10 1.50 5.50 a— 18 a2l
Juno 1.10 1.50 7.00-8 17 al'J
July 1.10 1.50 9.00 - 20 a 23
August 1.10 1.50 tiLOOaW ffliaa
Septemb'rl.lo 2.50 12.00-13 22'a?7i
October 1.15 2.50 14.00 a— 2D a 27
Novemb'rl.ls 3.00 15.00a17 27Ja33i
December 1.20 3.00 _______ ' U a 4°
Staunton Prices Current.
Corrected Every Week by Ker, Stevenson & Co.
Staunton, February 27th, 1866.
Flour—Superfine, $8.; Extra, $9; Family, $10.
Wheat... .'....:.'. fc2 "£ bushel.
Oats 40 cts. "& bushel
Bacon 15 _ 151 Hog Round
S alt,..'...'."V>.'H Cts *£ tb ; Marshall, $51*$ sack,
a (Crushed, 24e; Powdered, 23c; "A,"
Sugar, { 2 l'c; - _," 21c; "C," 20c.
Hvt ••■• [email protected]_ts. "jft cwt.
Flaxseed $2.10,@;52.10 S bushel.
Beeswax,: ,[email protected] & H>.
Corn ....Toots, $1 bushel.
Molasses, , •' 75 cts -ftgdloa-
T-sas, • Black, |U0
Lari:,.., • locts. j*«lb.
Toba'ccq, Manufactured, 40c _$1.10 19 tb.
Whisky—Terv superior, $s(ci,so; common,
Richmond Prices Current.
. ♦»
Gold—buying at 135—selling at 137.
Silver—buying at 130—selling at 131
Virginia Bank .Votes,
Bank of Berkeley, 85cts.
Bank of Commerce, Fredericksburg, 40 --
Bank of Charleston, M '
Bank of HoAvardsville, (New,) 5
" " " (Old.) 35 "
Bank of the Old Dominion, (secured,) 40 "
Bank of Phillippi, (countersigned,) 25 '-
Bank of Rockbridge, ....38 |*
Bank of Rockingham, 41
Bank of Richmond, 20 '
Bank of Scottsville, (countersigned.) 86 "
■' " " NeAV Issue, 10 "
Bank ofthe Valley, |_ "
Bank of Virginia, fz _
Bank of Winchester, go _
Wheeling Bank, 35
Central Bank of Virginia, (new,) 5
'-- '•' M « (old,) 25 |»
Corporation of Alexandria,..... "
Corporation of Georgetown, 85
Danville Bank ...........25 '*
Exchange Bank of Virginia, .35 "
Farmers' Bank of Fincastle, 86
Fairmont Bunk 96
Merchant's Bank of Virginia, 40
" M M •' New 155ue,...20 *'
Manufacturers and Farmer? Bank, 05
Monticello Bank, (countersigned,) 80
New Issue, 5"
Merchants' and Mechanics' Bank (Wheeling>_
arid Branches "5
Northwestern Bunk (Wheeling) & br/, 96 "
Southwestern Bank of Virginia, 38
Farmers' Bank of Virginia 40 "
Trader's Bank 80 *'
Bank of City of Petersburg, 2 - J
Bank of Pittsylvania, , ...10 "
City Cattle Ma rkets.
"Baltimohi;, Mar. 1, 1866.
Beef Cattle.— Prices to-day ranged as followa: !
Very beston -ale SS.(S S9; first quality $7i<s>sß*;
second do. $o(_ $7J '$ 100 lbs. Average, $73 ;
Sheep.— Sales at S7 cents $ft gross.
Hogs— Prices ranged from $18(3 $i 4 "pfOOfts. '
_N*eav York, Feb. 27, 1860.
Beef Cattle.— Sales at $10(0,17 for infe
rior tv extra quality. Milch cows sold at [email protected]
$100 for common to choice.
Sheep.— Sales at 6(_ 8j cts. $ lb for common to
extra. ..>
Hogs.— Sales of corn-fed atll $(?SIIS r* iOO'rbs. |
PW__l>ixphia, Feb. 26.
Beef Cattle.— Sales at [email protected] 'f*Aooibs for com
mon to prime. Milch cows $10 _ $80 for spting
ers, and [email protected]$100for fresh.
Hogs.— Sales at $12*t_ $14 $100fl>s. . |
Sheen.— Sales at 6(_ 7i cents t*'b gross for good
fat sheep. j
I ha:.e just received a supply of Goods in the
Hardware line, comprising all the articles usual
ly found in this line, sucli as Blacksmiths, Coach-
Makers, Carpenters and Shoemakers' Tools and
Materials, and a great variety of other articles,
for Farmers raid Housekeepers.
Starting out aneAV, after four years devoted to
other things, j propose to act on the principle of
supplying the people at very short profits for
cash. " All who desire to lay out their money to
the best advantage are invited to call and try me.
They shall not go away disappointed.
__________ G. K. PRICE.
CQACJf MATERIAES.— I have on hand
a good assortment of .Coach and Wagon
Makers' material consisting of Hubs. Felloes,
Spokes, Shafts, Oil Cloib. A„U:-.. Painted Can
vass, Springs, Patent Leather, _c, vhi_'i will be
sold at the lowest market rates.
Staunton, Jan. 9—tf G E. PRICE.
S~ ADDEERY, Ac,— l have just received a
a good assortment of Saddlery, consisting of
Buckles, Kings, Saddle Trees, Webbing. Harness
Mounting. Haines, Stirrups. Spurs, Thread, Ac.
Ac, to which I invite the attention of the trade
as theVAvill be sold at short profits.
Staunton, Jan. 9—tf v G. E. PRICE.
LwwtstmWwjmm pi-ows a xi. CAST
INGS.—I am in eontsant receipt of all the >i
zes of the Bradley Livingston Plows and Castings
of every description from the original patterns of
the plow, sold here otily by himself.
Sept 26-tf_ G. j_ PRICE.
FOR Blae-UWattJU*; —Best English r<\inud
rolled IKON, of'all sizes Tire, Round,
Square. Barred, Ilobp.JlJorse Shoes, Nails ; Shear,
Cast and Blister Steel. Plow Plates, Livingston's
Castings, etc, just received and for sale low for
cash. G. E. PRICK.
S_*OVES AC. AC— I have constantly on
hand a good stock of the best patterns of
Cooking Stoves completely furnished. Also,
Chamber, parlor and Box Stoves, Ac, for sale at
the lowest rates and warranted. .
Jan 9-tf G. E. PRICE.
a good assortment of tire for Buggies, Car
riages, and Wagons. Also, Band and Wrought
Iron. Nail Rod, Shoes and Naiis. Steel Ac.
Jan 9—tf __ G. E. PRICE.
WDfB#W GEASS.— I have just received
an extensive assortment of Window Glass,
of all sizes, Putty, Ac., Avhich will be sold very
loav by the box or at retail, for cash.
Sept jj_-__ G. E. PRICE.
(*IA.EF SS£IXS, Ac.— l have just received a
J lot of French Calf Skins, Linings, Lasts,
Thread, Nails, Webbing, Wax, Bristles, Aavls,
Tools, Ac, for sale loav.
Jan 9—tf G. E. PRICE.
_IV VIES A VISES.— A few genuine En
_3_ gfish Anvils and Vises, also first quality Beb
loavs, Screw Plates, Files, Rasps, etc.. for sale low
for_cash. [Sep 26—tf] G. E. PRIC&
CORIf SHEEEERS Ac— A few very good
Corn shelters and Straw Cutters for sale wy
Jan 9—tf G. E. PRICE.
11T11.1.6W GLASS of all sizes, and P__;
f ? TV for sale at P. H_ TROUT 1 :,/
Sept 26 —tf b)ru^ ; - Store.
(s%f\ KEGS Nails for sale by
Staunton, January 23d, 180*' 8 m
NAILS.— 60 Kegs fe» saleby
Jan 9—tf G. E. PRICE.
Debtors and Creditors.
XT^ T . ,^'E —The Bonds and Accounts of Dr.
X' 1. Retinoids, deed., are in my hands for
settlement and collection. All persons knowing
themse/ives to be indebted are requested to come
forward at once, as longer indulgence cannot be
given. WM. B KAYSER,
Sept 36—tf Attorney for tlie Ailm'r.
ISkTOTICE. —Our books having been destroyed
X\ by fire, at GreenAA-ood, during Gen. Sheri
dan's raid, we respectfully ask all persons know
ing themselves indebted to us to come forward
and report the amount as near as they can and
close the same by Note. We may be found at
the store of Hoge & Mason.
Sep. 19 -tt Yin copy TAYLOR A HOGE.
R a Iti more Ad vert isem ents.

mj of Bedford county, Virginia, with
PA TTERSON 4- BASH, wholesale dealers in
No. C German st., between Charles and Hanover,
Prompt and faithful attention paid to order?.
ftT'i. Davis, Jr., refers to Lowix M. Tat
■ i.0?., of Staunton. Feb *Jo—lts*
Jf Staunton. Va., Sole Agent (Ar StiefTs Pie
inium Pianos, Factory 84 und b's Camden street,
near Howard, and 4-"> and 17 Perry st., Baltimore,
Md. Warerooms No. 7, North "Liberty street,
: near Baltimore.
These instrument- havo begn before the public?
I for the last thirty years in competition with the
; bejt makers of the country, und are now pro
i nounced by all the leading professors and ama-
I teurs the best Pianos manufactured. These in
struments hsye all the latest improvements und
are warranred for five years, with the privilege of
exchange within 112 months if not entirely
factory to the purchaser. Second hand Piano*
always on hand from SCO to $800. Mtlodeona
und Parlor Organi from the best makers.
References.—Geif. K. E. Lee. Washington
College, Lexington. Va. : Key. U. 11. PI i
Va. Female Institute; Miss Mary Baldwin, Fe
male Institute; J. 0. Corell, Principal, and Pro
fessor Graham, of Virginia Institute, for the Deaf,
Dumb and Blind ;J. W. Alby and A. J. Turn
er, of Staunton. A call is solicited. Terms lib
eral _ ' [Sept 19, 1866—1y Vino j _
l)XwOs«. 7 A r'W'qQWW.■_-_»,">
■01, S. Charles street, Baltimore, Md.
Tobacco ancl Produce Commission Merchants.
Special attention paid to selling Leaf and Man
ufactured Tobacco, Grain, Flour, Bacon, &c.
Orders for Groceries, Guauos, Agricultural Im
plements, Seeds, etc.
Consignments and Orders solicited,
September 12, 1865—1j
TQWV MA-HSR, Agent, Man-dpturer
tl and Dealer in all kinds of Agricultural '_
plemonts. Seeds and Fertilizers, corner of Plow
man and Front streets, Baltimore. Md.
J_fr* Castings of all kind.- made to order. '•fl|
__________ »mos
Dry Goods, Groceries, *£c.
nTORE AT SEW HOPE.— The Bubacri
(sl would inform the public that he has pur
chased the Store, at New Hope, formerly belong
ing to his brother, Samuel Lowner, ancl that ha
has a good stock of New Goods, Avhich he is pre
pared to sell on low terms. His stock comprises
DrA* Goods, Groceries. Queensware, Shoes. Boots,
and aii'fhe various kinds of goods usually kept iv
country stores. He will pay the highest Kich
mond prices for country produce in exchange, for
goods at low prices. He respectfully requests the
former customers of his brother to continue their
Custom with him. as he is determined to give them
satisfaction. E.MAN UE L LO WN ER
Jan aO-_Sm
\T EM, BTEVEM SOS m\ CO., (Burwell's
Corner,) iiave in store and for sale
3 bbls Butter Crackers,
5 bbls Soda da,
20 bbls extra Flour,
6 bbls Whisky.
Sugars. Teas. Coffee. Soap, Candies. Maccaroni,
i Cheese, Rice, Blacking, Brooms. Buckets, Bagi,
; Canned Fruits, Spices, &c, with everything "to
; make a complete assortment of good family gro
ceries. For sale, whole-ale or retail; wholesale
I prices in no way affected by retail.
St .nnton. Feb. 27— -t
__ *i ** 5 "«* you M ©.—
f\_ Wi: have again been to Baltimore to take
' t.*e first pick ofthe New Goods in market. We
can oner our friends and the public a complete
stock of Winter and early Spring goods. With
some reduction in former prices, we hype tq ho
able to please those seeking both fashionable ar,d
cheap goods. Our new purchase is large and d_-
sirable. Come and see for yourselves.
Feb 18—tf JK. __Y___
VJT We have a large lot of winter goods which
we will sell very low for cash, to close out. and
make room for a new stpek, including ready
made clothing, boots, shoes, aais, caps, dry goods,
Come and get good bargains.
_**?_*** 500 lbs nice country Lard for sale.
Feb 20, 1808. ISAAC PAUL & CO. ;
Main street, Staunton, Va.
d ireat attraction ! Selling ofl'al cost!
VT —In order to make room for our Spring stock,
we arill sell what Fall and Winjprgoods we have
on hand at cost for cash. Come and examine our
stock if you want bargains.
Feb 13— V and V copy IK KG E A .MASON.
|~A SUPERIOR lot of Spanish Sole Leather
I_\ _for sale by POW ELL& BLA CKLET,
'< rf\ _H_T_fC_._» Manchester Cotton Yarn
Oil for sale by POWELL A BLACK LB Y.
Tff YOUAIEIC v Cement for sale by
IS ISA iiae< for sale" by
: QOI-EJ-EATHEK for sale by
Drugs, Medicines, _C;c.
__% . next doorto tiie old Post Office Building.—
Dr. N. Wayt & Bro., would inform the Physi
cians and Citizens of Staunton and surrounding
counties, that they have just received a full stock
of fresh Drugs, Medicine-. Paint.-. Oils. Ove-tuffs,
Perftunery, Spices, Fancy Articles, Fine Teas,
and every article belonging to the Drug Business,
at the above Store Room. Everything in their
store -is fresh and has been selected with much
care. Presj_ipt£bhs accurately compounded.
Dec s—lf
Ac. —I have a large stock of pure Drug-,
Medicine-. Rains, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Spices, Per
fumery, Patent Medicines, inflict a fhu and com
plete 'Assortment of all articles incident to tho
Drug and Apothecary business, which I will sell
at reasonable prices. Under the present state of
anus, Avhi.le others are doing a c**f*«h taurines it
cannot be expected that I shalf continue mv old
credit system. P. 11. TROUT.
Aug I—tf Main street, Staunton, Va
JUST RECEIVED an extensive assortment
of KEROSENE 1 .AMI'S, also a No. 1 arti
cle of KEROSENE OIL, which I will sell at old
prices for Cash.
Oct 17—tf
) nice lot of Coal Oil Lamp- and No. 1 Kero
sene Oil for sale it reduced prices. Call and see.
Dec 12— ISA AC PA ___, A CO.
WE have just received a large lot of Niekol's
& Co.'s justly celebrated preparations.
Dr. WAYT £ BRO..
______ Druggists, Main Street.
MACStllf E OM- from l.fiO to $3.50 per gal
lon aY P. H. TROUT'S Drug Store
Oct 17— '
Wines and Liquors.
• Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Corner New Street and Court Alley,
Pure old Cognac and other Brandies.
Pure old Jamaica Rum,
Pure old Holland Gin
Super'br Old Port, very fine,
Superior old Sherry, very fine,
Superior old Madeira, very fine,
i Superior old St. Julien Medoc Claret, very fi__.
Supericr old Champagne, Ac, Ac
Pure old Family Rye Whiskey. 8 3-ears old.
piue old Cabinet " " " "
Pure old Monongahela Whiskey, 5 years old.
Pure old Bourbon Whiskey,
Pure old Rye Whiskey, 10 years old,
Pure old Scutch and Irish Whiskey.
Scotch Whiskey Punch Essence,
Rum Punch Essence,
•Tom and Jerry, Egg Ni*_-g,
Imported Ales an<_ Porter.
Stoughton and other Bitters.
Demijohns, Flasks, Ac. Also a large an 1
splendid assortment of Choice Cigars. Dealers.
Physicians, Druggists and Families are respect
fully- invited to c_il and examine our stock.
Nov. H-ly H. F. RICHARDS _ CO.
Livery Stables.
T I VERY STABLE.— The undersigned
J keep constantly for hire, at the AmerVsn
Hotel Stables, Saddle Hok<***s, Evggiej* am>
Hack.3. Hor*_-- fad nlso, and well frrooinii.
Wow 14—tf CBAWrOKD ft cq

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