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Staunton Spectator
For President,
For Vice President,
For Congress—Tenth District,
. H. D. FLOOD,
Indianapolis Convention.
During the last week a convention
principally of railroad-attorneys, mem
bers of syndicates, bankers and per
sons who'aie under corporate influence
met in Indianapolis, and nominated
the aged Senator Palmer of Illinois,
for President and the aged General
Buckner of Kentucky, for Vice-Presi
dent. The real object of the conven
tion can neither be hidden nor dis-
Ilts object was to aid the
! of McKinley. It pretended
sought one thing when it really
another. It declared for honest
, whilst it was working
U dishonesty. It paraded
tlty t6 party and especially the
ratio party, and yet its mem
many of them had previously
lto duly organized conventions
,t party, and when defeated,]
the party nominees. The,
scheme is one of deception and
a masquerading under the
>f Democracy, whilst their sole
ie is to elect a Republican presi-
They have no hope nor desire
re the Democratic party. Its
to them will be the most wel
>ccurrence that could transpire,
will never have place again in
imocratic party. They will un
onably be spurned from its
as Arnold from the ranks of
can Revolutionists. No one
i the right to differ upon politi
bjecfcs, but tb^vj.'-m something
las heretofore been questioned,
lat is the right of a person to
into party conventions, and
defeated to bolt and counterfeit
ime of tbe party he left, or coun
r its insignia, and under the
ise, lead an enemy into its camp,
sassinate and destroy it. Men
ove honesty so much, and who
the Democratic party so much,
vho walk upon the turrets and
sments of truth, so that the world
see them and honor them, and
v them, should be too proud to
ice such deception, and feign an
,'v they do not desire, and an af
>n they do not feel. A
c work of the convention will
be the laughing stock of the land.
il be the most ridculed object on
political earth, before it has
aed the age at which its wet nurse
Hanna can safely carry it to high
priest McKinley to be named and
christened. But if it has the strength
to pass that ordeal it will be too insig
nificant to be needed by McKinley,
and too much laughed at to be noticed
by Bryan, so if by accident rather than
otherwise, it lives its little life of two
short months, then will it pass out of
existence, and it is to be hoped out of
• ■ - ♦
The effort of corporations to dictate
who shall be President of the United
States, by allowing, or rather by di
recting their chief officers to enter the
campaign, intimidate employees,
swear them, enlist them, and coerce
them into voting for and supporting
the candidate of the choice of the mil
lionaires who own and operate those
corporations, is the most dangerous
step ever yet taken by any such crea
tures. The boldness of this step is
alarming the people, from whom these
corporations derive their rights and
existence, and the masses stand ap
palled at it. They are sowing the
wind and they may expect to reap the
The corporations without exception
are said te oppose the election of
Bryan. Suppose, however, Bryan
should be elected, would not these
creatures of the law run great risk of
being rapped over the knuckles by
the man whom they are denouncing
Pan Anarchist.and whose defeat they
c endeavoring to bring about by
ercion of employes, the use of money
d every means that their ingenuity
a devise ?
! ■ ♦ • ' — ,
Ii is going to cost a good deal more
per mile over the railroads to go to
hear Bryan when he speaks in Virgin
ia than it has ever yet cost to go to
hear Mr. Ingalls, or to attend gold bug
eonventifiiis. Our people must remem
her this, and the railroads had as well
be getting the excuses for it ready.
The day will come when they will be
called for.
By the purification of the democrat
ic party the dross has been turned
over to Bryan and anarchy,and its pure
gold to McKinley and good govern
ment. McKinley will be greatly dis
appointed when he looks at the quau
tity, and his lower jaw will fail when
he sees the quality.
The ancient precepts of the Demo
cratic party are said to be represented
by the ancient Senator Palmer and the
ancient Gen. Buckner. The principles
they represent are so old they ought
«—♦— •
Not one in ten of the mf n who went
to the Indianapolis convention will
vote for Palmer and Buckner. They
will bolt them just as they have bolted
the Chicago nominees.
Men are known by their deeds and
not their words, and this is why we
know exactly the intention of the
Hanna crats. They want to elect Mc-
■ — m ■ —
Hanna crats would be an appro pii
ate name for tbe Bolters.
The news from Arkansas is that the|
Democrats have swept everything, the j
majority being over 50,000. If Ver-i
mont was a pointer, what will be
I A "Sound Money Democrat,"through
I the columns of the News of the 4th
inst., informs the Spectator that it
could have found a full report of Capt.
JBunigardner's speech when he took
the chair to preside over the sound
money convention at Richmond on the
127 th ult., and refers us to the Rich
mond Times of the 28th for it. It is
like burying a speech to print it in the
■mes so far as the people in Augusta
d adjoining counties are concerned,
and therefore we ought to be pardon
ed for not seeing it when in a paper
nobody around here reads. j
Then the same writer states :
"If that Editor (meaning the Spec-1
tator) had made any investigation or ,
enquiry, he would have learned that j
no railroad gave transportation to any
delegate from Staunton or Augusta |
county to that convention."
The Spectator never made any such
charge. Here is what it did say :
It is said that the delegates to the
sound money—honest dollar—JeHer
-1 sonian—true Democratic convention at
Richmond did not pay any car fare. It
is said by some that the railroad com
pany furnished transportation to all
who would go. "Lord how the world
is given to lying." Such men as these
certainly would not let a railroad put
a collar round their necks before tney
Srted from home,
'he same writer says: j
In view of editorial statements con
ned in the last issue of the Specta
the Editor of that paper should
specify the delegates to the Richmond
convention, or the gentlemen who at
tended it, whose hotel bills at the Jett
erson or at any other hotel were paid •
for them, or which of them receiver!
fall overcoats."
The joke in the Spectator's article
does not seem to have dawned on the
writer. As he seems serious, we will
say that the evidence is all with the
delegates, but we will at once file a bill
of discovery. In the mean time as
there were only a few delegates why
not let them come out over their own
signatures and say that they and each
of them paid their railroad fare„,an<i
their hotel bills, and did not receive
either individually or collectively a
fall overcoat.
Bryan Touches Up Mr. Ingalis.
In his Kenton speech Mr. Bryan
attacked President M. E. Ingalls, of
the "Big Four," C. & 0., though not
by name. Mr. Ingalls is the author of
a letter to railroad employes, which
points out how free silver would ad
versely affect their interests. Here is
precisely what Mr. Bryan said in re
"I am willing that each man shall
have whatever influence his neighbors
are willing to give to him, but I object
to any man using his official position
to coerce other people who have opin
ions of their own. I have had my at
tention called in this State to an inter
| view given out by the president of a
j great railroad to the employes of that
road, furnished when they received
"Iwant to say to you that if the ob j
ject of the managers of the road was
merely to instruct the employes on the
money question, we have entered upon ■
a new era, when the employer becomes \
school teacher, setting up a school of j
political economy and becoming in
structor to all those who work for him. I
"But if the object of that circular
was to show the employe that if he
wanted to hold bis position he must j
make his views conform to the views
of the employers, then it is merely the
revival of the old idea that might
makes right, and that power can be
used without regard to conscience or
public good. I want to remind em
polyes of the railroads that in this
State they have the Australian ballot,
whose blessings they did not obtain
through the aid of the presidents of
the railroads.
•"I have had men tell me that they
were under compulsion to join repub
lican clubs and wear the insignia of
republicans. I shall not complain if
they do. I appreciate the condition of
the man who feels his wife and chil
dren tugging at his garments, and
who knows that want may stare in the
faces those whom he loves if he dares
to assert the sovereign right of an
American citizen. I recognize the em
barrassment of his position.
"I will not ask him to do anything
which may endanger that position.
Let him wear the opposition button if
he will. Let him enroll his name on
their club list, if he must. Let him
contribute to the campaign fund if
they will it, but let him remember,
there is one day in the year when he is
his own master and can use a pencil as
he pleases. lam willing for you to be
republicans. lam willing for you to
be republicans every other day in the
year if you will just be democrats on
election day. lam willing for yo« to
wear gold bug buttons all the rest of
the time, if when you enter the booth,
you will remember that the gold stand
ard never conferred a benefit upon
those who toil, and that it was never
.indorsed or approved ot sanctioned by
any body of people except those who
hold fixed investments and trade in
money or profit by the extremities of
I.i and Senator Daniel.
Senator Daniel and his secretary,
Mr. Young, returned to America on the
St. Louis, with Li Hung Chang and his
suite. The Senator was introduced to
the Chinese ambassador at the latter's
request and had a long conversation
with him.
Li Hung Chang asked the Senator
how old he is, and what he is worth,
besides many other questions, which
showed his interest.
"He was very curious," said Mr.
Young, "about the Senator's lame leg
and insisted upon knowing all the de
tails of tbe battle in which the Senator
was wounded and of the surgical "pc
ration which followed. 1 found that
Senator Daniel is about as well known
in England as in this country. He is
known among the lawyers of England
as a great lawyer, because some of his
works are used In the English courts
as authorities."
E Carlisle Amazes I-i.
ussion of finance and tariff with
and gratified with the Secretary's
knowledge ot the Chinese systems, and
the firm grasp and clear perception
that had puzzled China's chief think
ers. The Viceroy declared that Car
lisle would be the greatest man in all
China if he went there.
Judge R. W. Hughes, of the U. S.
Court, was in the city last week hold
ing a term of his court. He said to a
representative of the Gazette that in
his opinion the election in Vermont
was wirhont significance and that
he believed Bryan would carry
every State in the Union except five or
six small States which would be bought
for McKinley.— Alex. Gazette.
A dispatch from Indianapolis says
the men who compose the gold bolters'
convention there, are well dressed and
prosperous lookine, and that most of
them are corporation attorneys, rail
road officials, directors of banking and
i,,» .iM.ce companies, and government
office holders,
To the Editor'of the N. Y. Herald:— j
The conyention of sound ■**?_'
democrats, the true democracy 01 i
nation, is a magnificent success, me |
attendance is large and represents^tne
■classes of the community, men vi |
iing, ability and prominence. It,
really exert themselves during
campaign their influence is so
t that Bryan may not carry more
than one or two States in the South,
with a possibility of one or two uiore
Tn toe West. The 16 to 1 candidates
cannot be certain to carry any btate
in the Union. -~.„„„
The above is the utterance of one of
them, and shows the good opinion they
entertain of themselves. "Standing
ability and prominence" are fane
A private letter to the editor of this
paper from Congressman Tucker, is so
fraught with good example that we
transcend the bounds of sacred pri. ac>
and publish au extract from.", ue
ferring to the withdrawal oi hie name
from before the nominating conven
tion, Mr. Tucker says:
"1 have done what I thought was
! right in the premises and therefore
have no regrets m the world about it.
I trust my judgment is wrong on the
116 to 1 matter and that the people, if
they pet it, may realize all that they
expect from it. 1 shall heartily sup_
port the ticket, believing as I do that
the unity and supremacy of our party
in the South is of the first and greatest
importance to our people, and over
shadows the one issue in the plattorm.
Very truly your friend,
y H.'St. G. Tucker."
~~~ Va. Citizen.
The bolters say Mr. Bryan would
make an unsafe President. But their
favorite candidate for President is Jur.
Cleveland, who, as President, without
the slightest reason or faintest warn
ing, issued a declaration of war against
Great Britain, and whose second
choice. Mr. Bragg, was in such a con- j
dition at Indianapolis that his friends,
oat of regard for himself, had to deep
him away from the convention. Could
anybody make a more unsafe presi
dent than either of the bolters favor
ites ?— Alexandria Gazette. i
Col. Bryant, who for a long time has |
been Station Agent at Clifton Forge,
and who will be remembered by almost
everybody travelling on the C. and O.
railway, dropped dead at the depot at
West Clifton Forge yesterday morr.ing.
He was abost 70 years of age.
Mr. Baldwin Resigns.
New York, Sept. 4.—lt was an
nounced to day that W. H. Baldwin,
now second vice-president of the
Southern Railway Company, had been
elected president of the Long Island
railroad, to succeed the late Austin
Corbin. Mr. Baldwin will be succeed
ed in the Southern railway by W. W.
Finley, now second vice-president of
the Great Northern railroad.
Pmherst C. H., VA., Sept. 4—Rev.
C. Bledsoe, D. D., of the M. E.
Church, South, who was this year the
stationed preacher at Charlottesville,
died suddenly at his home hers at 1 p.
m. to-day of heart trouble.. He came
here about ten days ago .to rest, and
seemed decidedly better to-day, but |
the end came suddenly. He was one
of the most prominent and popular j
ministers ot the Virginia Conference.
His preaching was acceptable and pro- j
fitable to all classes. i
On Wednesday night of last week j
the large barn of Mi- James H. Renick
of Falling Spring district, this county,
j was destroyed by fire, together with a
large quantity of hay, machiuery, «
I Loss, about $1,500, with no -insurance
I The cause of the fire is unknown, but
lit if supposed that thieves set it afire
by iiuntiug chickens with a light —
I Greenbrier Independent.
When a mau owns a blooded horse
he is always careful of its health. He
looks after its diet and is particular
that the feeding shall be regular and
right. While he is floing this it is like
ly as not that he is himself suffering
from some disease or disorder. When
I the trouble gets so bad that he cannot
work, he will begin to give himself the
j care he' gave the horse at the start.
: Glood pure, rich, red blood is the best
'insurance agatoct disease of any kind.
Almost all diseases come from impure
or impoverished blood. Keep the bkaod
pure and strong and. disease can fiod
no foothold. That is the principle up
on which Dr. Pierces Golden Medical
Discovery works. It cleanses, purifies
enriches the blood, puts and keeps the
whole body in perfect order; makes ap
petite good, digestion strong, assimila
tion perfect. It brings ruddy, virile
health. It builds up solid, wholesome
flesh (not fat) when, from any cause,
reduced below the healthy standard.
A Word or Two.
to those suffering from catarrh or the
thousands subject fo severe attacks of
cold in the head, will not be amiss if a
sure remedy can be offered. Ely's
Cream Balm has become a favorite in
all sections of the United States, be
cause of its effectiveness Your cold in
the head .will be quickly relieved by it,
and the severest attack of catarrh will
yield to, and he perfectly cured by a
thorough treatment. Catarrh is not a
blood diseate, but an inflammation of
the passages of tbe nose and throat,
due to climatic changes.
How's i'lws!
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured "by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last IS years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm.
West & Truax, Druggists,
Toledo, 0., Walding, Kinn in & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. Ohio. •
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of ttie system. Testi
monials sent free. Price 75e. per bot
tle. Sold by all Druggists.
Pursuant to decree of the Circuit Court of
Augusta county, entered at the May term.l B!H>,
in the chancery cause of Basic City Mining.
j Manufacturing anrMLand Co. vs. Paper Fab
rique Co., I will offer for sale at public auction
on the premises at Basic City, on
Saturday, September "Gth, 18iiC,
tho real estate of the Paper Fabrique Co., con
sisting of the lot and factory building thereon
situate iv Basic City.
TBUMS:—Ten per cent, cash, the residue od
a credit of one, two, three and four years, with
interest from date of sale, evidenced by bonds
with approved personal security, title retain
ed as ultimate seeuritv.
* N. C.WAT i 3,
aug lli-tds Receiver,
For sale by T. I?. N. SPECK,
jullO Staunton, Va.
Get our prices before you buy
Besides our own mixtures, we have iILOOn
HAW BONE and s. c.'nOM E, so you can mate
your own formula and do your own mKim.
or we will mix for you. " ""
Gladness Comes
«th a better understanding of the
ransient nature of the many phys-
Lls, which vanish before proper ef
forts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts—
rightly directed. There is comfort in
the knowledge, that so many forms of
sickness are not due to any actual dis
ease, but simply to a constipated condi
tion of the system, which the pleasant
family laxative. Syrup of Figs, prompt
ly removes. That is why it is the only
remedy with millions of families, and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value good health. Its beneficial
I effects are due to the fact, that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating the
organs on which it acts. It is therefore
all important, in order to get its bene
ficial effects, to note when you pur
chase, that you have the genuine arti
cle, which is manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by
Ijputable druggists,
in the enjoyment of good health,
the system is regular, laxatives or
r remedies are then not needed. If
:ted with any actual disease, one
may be commended to the most skillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
one should have the best, and with the
well-informed everywhere, Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
used and gives most general satisfaction.
fab 1-lyr
'I*7'ANTED —We want several
VV organizers for City and State.
inducement to the right parties. Call or ad-j
. 1115 East Main Street. Richmond, va.
RGINIA:—In the Clerk s offlceof the Court
of Hustings for the City of Staunton,
Sept. sth, 1390.
Henry W. Holt, Special Receiver Plaintiff,
Albert J. Dabney, Charlotte Augusta
Dabney and Robert Creusnaw, Trus
jtee.. Defendants.
The obiect of this suit Is to have set aside
and annulled a certain deed of conveyance
from Albert J. Dabney to Robert Crenshaw.
Trustee for Charlotte Augusta Dabney. con
veying the real estate owned by Albert J. Dab
ney in tne city of Staunton, upon certain trusts
in said deed mentioned, and to have the real
estate sold and the proceeds applied as far as
may be necessary to the payment of complain
ant's debt set up in this cause.
And it appearing by affidavit Hied that the
defendant, Robert Crenshaw, Trustee, is a non
resident or this State, it is ordered that he uo
appear here within fifteen days after due pub
lication of this notice, and do what is neces
sary to protect his iuterest.
Valuable Real Estate.
Pursuant to authority vested in me as Trus
! tee under a deed of trust executed by Mrs.
Emma B. Turner and Logan Turner, her hus
band, of date April 2'Jth, 1895. and of record in
the Clerk's office of the Hustings Court of the
1 city of Staunton, in Deed Book No. 12, page
437, default having been made in the payment
of certain of the debts secured in said deed
and I having been required to enforce said
deed by a sale of the property therein convey
| ed, according tcthe terms therein prescribed,
Saturday, October 10th, 1896,
lat 12 o'clock M , in front of the court house at
< Staunton. Virginia, proceed to sell, at public
; auction to the higher bidder, the house and
iot in said deed of trust conveyed, the same
tela* situated in the city of ntaunton on the
north side of Frederick street, between Mar
ket an 1 Coulter streets, and being the same
property, In which the said Logan Turner and
wife now reside, for a fuller description of
which reference is here made to said trust
TERMS:—The said sale will be for sufficient
cash in hand to pay rho costs of executing said
trust, and the amount In full of the principal
and interest of the debts secured in said deed
which, at the time of sale, may past due
and unpaid/which cash payment it is estimat
ed will amount to about $550,00- and tor the
residue of purchase money, credits will be giv
en for such times and in such amounts as will
suffice to meet the payments of principal and
interest on the debts secured in said trust deed
which may not at the time of sale be due, as
the same shall thereafter fall due and become
payable;-and after so providing for the then
undue payments of principal and interest of
the debts-secured i i said trust deed, the bal
ance of the purchase money, if any there he,
will be on credits in three equal Instalments,
falling due in six, twelve and eighteen months
from day of sale. All deferred payments of
purchase money shall bear interest from tne
day or sale, and be evidenced by the bonds or
the purchaser, waiving the homestead, ana
secured by satisfactory trust deed on the prop
erty sold. . . «-*-,
For further particulars as to the p: >p ert-y
and terms of sale, see the undersigned.
A. C. BRAXTON, Trustee.
gept»-tts :
fE M. Cushlng & Son, Auctioneers.]
The Ast Land.
In uursuance of a decree of the Circuit court
o' Augusta county rendered on the 14th day
ot Ma . 1896, in the cause of Asts guardian vs.
Asts infants, &c , the undersigned commis
shmersw ill proceed, in fiont of the court
house in Staunton, on
Saturday, the sth day of September, 1896,
at 4 o'cloclc P. M.
to sell at public auction, that valuable tract
of land containing about I<M) acres, hereto
fore sold in said cause to Kee ves .£ a tt, and
constituting part of the propertyof the Staun
ton improvement Company. Ihe land lies
immediately North of the city of Staunton n
Augusta county, and is a very desirable prop
erty. It will be offered in the following- man
n Tne lots, listed in the report of the Master Com
missioner in said cause as ha ing been sola iij
the Staunton Improvement Company on tne
12th dar of August, 1891. will be first offered, all
streelß and alleys, as laid out and opened u>
said Company, to remain open; should mere oe
a deficiency in the parohase money or these lots
to pay the debt and costs, for which the land Is
liable, the lots listed in said report a»«»M bS
said < ompany on the 11 th day of August, ISM.
will be next offered, said streetsi and alleys to
remain open as aforesaid: should there still be
a deficiency, the lots listed in said report as sold
by the cSmpanv on the 27th day of IS ivember,
188•) •will Ihe next ottered, said streels and alleys
to remain open as aforesaid; and should there
still be a deficiency, the lots listed in said re
port as lots drawn on the 26th day ot £«"«»»
bei, 18», will be next offered, said Btn*tsa..d
alleys to remain open as aforesaid, "h"" 10 ;
tYiere still be a deficiency i« paying »"bt
and costs the tract as a whole t exclusive of
what is known »s the Robertson lot with Us
appurtenant street and alley) will be ™xt offe.
ed, all streets and alleys other than the Robert
son, to be closed, and the property will be sold
asa whole or in parcels, as It brings thebest
P TERMS OF SALE-Cash in hand to pay the
costs of the rule agiinst Reeves Catt and his su
ref.es, and the costs of the amended and supple
mental bills; and the costs of sale, together with
Siy taxes unpaid on said tract or any part
thereof, and as to the residue onoKfflM
one two and three years,inequa! installments.
?be purchaser to execute bonds with approved
personal security for the deferred P?y ">«•>*.
and the title to be retained as ultimate becur
Clerk' Office of the Circuit Court of Augusta
county, to-wit:
I, Jos. B. Woodward, clerk of the court afore
said do certify that Richard P Hell has exe
cuted the tond required by aecree ot sale in t c
chancery cause of Asts Guardian vs Ast el als.
now wilding in said court. Given under my
hand this ith day of August,
flang 7-tde - oierl£ '
The above sale is postponed to
Monday, 28th day of September. 1896.
County (Court-day)-at the same place..
Sept 9-3ts Commissioner*.
XTTHGINIA-Tn the Clerk* Office of the Court
I V of Hustings for the City of Staunton,
Sept. B,lBiW.
Fannie L. Cox, Plaintiff,
i J. L. Cox, Defendant.
i The object of this suit 1s to obtain a divorce
a vinculo matrimonii by Fannie L. Cox from
I And it appearing by affidavit filed that the
said J. L. Cox is a non-resident of the state
of Virginia, it is ordered that he do appear
here within fifteen days after due publication
of tliis notice and do what is necessary to pro
tect his interest.
W H, Lanaei, p,q.
Staunton, Va., Sept. Bth, 1698. 1
Nichols, Shepard & Co,
Sam'l Howdashell et als.
All patties interested.'in styled
causenow pending In theCircuitLonrtfor Au
gusta county, take notice that pursuant to
an order of said court entered in said cause
May 12th, 1892, and to an order entered therein
in Dec-1895,1 shall at my office in Staunton,
Virginia, on
October Bth, 1896, I
proceed to ascertain and report. j
Ist What real estate Is owned by the de
fendants or either of them, and its fee simple
and annual rental value. _—_.
2nd. The liens binding the same in the order
of their priority. -- -: _■ ..._,_!
J|3rd. What fee should be paid to the Adm r
of Commisioner J. W. Green Smith for work in
this cause heretofore done by said Commis-
I Sl 4th. r Anv other matters deemed pertinent,
3 ROTATE —Pursuant to authority vested
in mebva trust deed executed by Charles E.
FietweU, of date June 20th,1894, and of. record
in Hustings court clerk's office, in Deed Book
No 12, page 208, default having been made
in the payment of the bond secured by said
trust deed, and I having been requested in
writing by the owner of said bond to execute
said trust, I will, on
Saturday, the 19th day of Sept. 1596,
»t the court house in the city of Staunton, at
I i'> o'clock M .proceed to sell the real estate in
said deed conveyed, at public auction, to the
Highest bidder, for CABH. The said real estate
is Known as Lot No. 81 on the North s,d* of
peabody St.. in the city of Staunton, fronting
4« feet on said street and running back about
122 feet together with the house thereon situa
ted and all appurtenances thereto belonging,
leu «uu » rr A LEX. H. FULTZ,
Felizers and Seel
Pare Raw Bone Meal,
Pure Dissolved Bone,
Best South Carolina Bone.
ker's Soluble Phosphate,
oice Timothy Seed,
oice Clover Seed.
II buy a limited quantity of good
.tortakeitiu exchange for Per
• or in payment of notes due us.
Fully nine-tenths of those who wear
Is have different vision in each eye.
irnes it's a decided difference—in
only a slight variation. A carreless
nation will fails to bring out this
-the same lenses will be adapted to
yes—and headaches and eye strains
ledicine fails to relieve,are the re
;,.■„. We test each eye separately—select
Proper lenses, adjust glasses to suit both
eyes, and charge very moderate prices.
mar 6
Commissioners' Sale.
By virtue of a decree entered in the cause of
Grooms, Ei!a E. vs. Grooms, Xhos. W-, r ; ,
.vcx'entered on tee 20th day of H ovember. PSftj,
we will, as commissioners appointed roi me
Crt-day) to sell at public auction to tbe
est bidder, in front of tli- court-house in
Ihe city of Staunton, tnat certain tract of
land containing by estimation CO acres situ
! ated on the v alley Turnpite, about one mile
northeast of Mt. Sidney, In Augusta county,
being the tract of land of which the late I nos.
W. Grooms died seized and possessed, upon
Encash cash in band to pay costs of suit ana
sale, and'the remainder upon a credit oi six,
twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months
trom the date o' sal", with interest from the
date of sale, the purchaser giving bond with
approved personal security for the deferred
instalments of purchase-money, and the title
retained as ultimate security.
aug 5-lts Commissioners.
Tire above sale lias bsen postponed until
Monday, September 28th, 1890,
County Court-day. .„,„ ,
sept 2-4ts Commissioners.
E. M. Cushing & Son, - - - Auctioneers.
I —OF—
In pursuance of a deed of trust executed to
me. by Samuel Uyers and Martha A. U>ers,
his wife, dated April 17th, 18'JU, I will proceed
to sell at public auction on
Wednesday, September 30tli, 1896,
on the farm of the said Samuel Byers, Esq.,
situated at Burketown, Augusta county, v a.,
the following property:
2 Clydesdale Stallions,.
4 Head of good work horses.
14Head of '/year old cattle.
30 Head of hogs (sow 3, pigs and shoats).
2 Binders (1 McCormicS, and 1 Buckeye.)
2 Mowers (1 " " 1 B-eermger., j
1 Pitt horse power.
1 Road wagon.
1 Spring wagon.
1 Buck board.
1 Road cart.
2 0.-C. Plows.
Harrows, shovel plows. Harness, Forks,
shovels, and in fact everything usually found
on a well conducted farm. „ -
Also 200 bushels of wheat, and about 30 tons
of hay. Sale at 10 30 o'clock A. M.
TERMS:—S2OXO and under cash, over $10.00 a
credit of 4 months will be given, the purchaser
to execute his note with approved personal
security. j, A . ALEXANDER,
sept 2-tds Trustee.
Fertilizers aHuSeeuS!
Mv stock this fall is large and includes every
thlii" desired in the Fertilizer line and suited
to our soils and the growth of wheat and grass,
I sell no goods except from the most reliable
manufacturers under their own brands. Some
.'it the leading Items to fertilizers are costnjg
less this season than for some years, and In
addition to this factor in the farmers' inter
ests 1 will sell at a small profit to regular tune,
buyers who pay promptly when due, and from
these low prices will give a liberal discount
i'O ALL BUYERS who, to save money, will
make a special effort and pay spot cash.
I have bought not only a general assortment,
•is heretofore, of the best goods to be had in
i lie fertilizer line, but believing tho plan adopt
ed by me for this season will be appreciated
DV my friends and will add to my trade, 1
have, by buying a large stock, been able to got
low prices, and the farmers who kindly call
on me before buy ing elsewhere will find that
they wiU do themselves good service by S"
K believe my experience in selecting fertill
3-a specially with me for years-and my
cnowled»e of the wants of farmers in this sec
tion are worth something to my customers, as
-veil as to myself, and in making selections
their interests as well as my own are can-fully
C °VTv stock,'as heretofore, will consist of the
ricsi <'oorts made, in fine mechanical condi
tion arid will be fail early and late, and farm
ers can get anything they want at any time in
I ' e \s'profits will be sl'.oi t.l mu3t make the cost
I ,f*handling Jtiet as small as possible, and will
• herefore not be able to sell through agents,
I • ir to send out an v one to canvass, and all such
I unnecessary expense will be saved by farmers
who buy directly of me.
forget that regular time buyers
will get their goods at a low |cash prioe/wlth
uterest added lor time, and that SPOT CASH
will entitle every buyer to a liberal discount
Jas. H. Blackley,
ureenville Avenue.
Staunton, Va,
The various District Boards of School Trustees will meet to appoint and contract wit!,
teachers at the following times and places:
BEVERLY MANOR, September 19 September 28 Octobers STAUNTON.
NORTH RIVER, October 1" October 24 November 2 PARNASbI 3,
MIDDLE RIVEH, September 24 September 24 October 19 NEW HOPE.
SOUTH RIVER, Septembers;} October 10 October 12 WAYNESBORO.
KIVEHHEADS, September2l October 10 October 12 MIDDLEItKOOK. ;
PASTURES. October 3 October 31 November 2 BUFFALO GAP.
Teachers will please send their applications to the Boards at once. Be sure to state grade
of certificate. No one will be appointed unless he holds a certificate In full force in Augusta ,
C °sept s li-3ts - X O. FEAUE, County Supt.
[Tie Mity loirt ol AD Tented Exlilitis!
Its Record Unimpeachable, Imperishable, Unblemished, above
the Reach of Jealous Rivals, --------
Monster Museum, Triple Circus, Great Elevated Stages, Double Monagerie, Spectacular'
Pageant, Grand Aggregation ot New Sensational Features.
mm imßutmmoN pmy. it a.m. <jI ; \
Bengal Tiger ever in captivity. THE ONLY RIDING TIGER IN THE UNIVERSE. Actually
performing equestrian feats beyond conception on the back of a flying thoroughbred while
encased in an iron cage that circles the ring, to be seen only with great shows. $10,000 school
of Educated Sea Lions. No other show possessing such an attraction.
Preseiitii an BiaWpi ani Unparalled. Profraime
The Best Performing Elephants! A Diove of Monster Camels!
Leopards, and Baby Camels! Zebras, Bears and Baby Monkeys!
5 Great Bands in Street Parade! Kichly Caeved & Gilded Tableau Wagons I
Courtly Knights and Dames! Myriad Cages, Dons and Liirs!
The Greatest BareUaclr Riders That The World Has Ever Produced.
The Largest Birds on Earth and the Only Show Possessing such a Feature.
as Princesses, Male and Female Jocteys, Squadroons of Princesses. NoMesaad
Cavillers in Royal Robes and Rich Costumes, Mounted on Spirited Horses
like Dogs of Old. Be sure and ask your Station Agent for
Every Railroad Give 3 Low Rate 3to this Big Show.
At 10 A. M.. a Glorious, Grand Holiday Free Street Paraile.
i__/l_w/ &__rfl iU
Both Sexes I
Our Men's Satin Calf Shoes at $2.
Latest Styles anfl Shapes. .
___________r_—s_t—■________ j**** :.; i. "fYf— —p—
Up-To-Date Shoe House, Staunton, Va.
We have too much Summer Clothing- left,
and in order to dispose of them quickly we have
reduced the piice on every garment in the house,
as we do not believe in carrying goods over.
There never was a sale where such bargains were
to be had for the taking,and when you think of
the quality of the goods and fihe workmanship,
not to speak of the Style and' Fit, you must
admit that we have surpassed ourselves and dis
tanced all competitors. And you may know
what the Weinberg Ofbttog Company tells you
every one will vouch for. Call and see us it will
pay you.
If WlilWvi tag IV ■§■■.■ JjJ
One-Price MusSsSor & Guft Furnishers,
Opposite Court House, Staunton, Va.
Term begins Sept. 2d, 1896. Located in Slienanr
doah Valley of Virginia. Unsurpassed climate
grounds and appointments. Board, etc., wltn
full English course. $250. Music, Languages.
Elocution. Art, Book keeping, and I'hvslcal
Culture, extra. Pupils enter any time, "rue
for Catalogue. July 29-Sts
Front Koyal, Va.
illy situated among the mountains
pure air and water. Prepares Boys and Young
Men for College or Business life. A selected
corps of teachers. Thorough mental training.
Physical healthfulness. Moral and religious
Influence. Full equipment. Moderate charges.
Session begins Sept. 17,189«, and continues for
nine calendar months. Send for full partic
ulars to
Key. B. W. JtONI>, Prill.,
Front Royal, Va.
■X Chlrlmter'a English Dlaniond Hraan!.
Pennyroyal pills
■ jjr*v Original Mid Only Gennlnc. A
7y/J/*&>V safe, tlwavn reliable. L*(Mcaaa_4_k
_»" ti C'u?K' st for Chichester's Enqliah />!'i-.CTV\
-' Bran- in Ked -ad _o£ti meullic\XK'
T__^ J^»~^flr_ ho,p^ ' < CXie<i with blue ribbon. Take \W
Ak_H>Sno other. Rffune dangerous mbttitu- ™
I'l am* ifflif a(t-n». AtDr_ggiats,or_e_d 4e.
I 2_w ln stamps for particnl—rs, teitimonials _n_
In M •» Relief for Ladle*," »n *_««*, by return
.A fl' Wail. 10.000 Teatimooi-la. Name Paper.
WWWm atfLocelDm- ■_. PhU_d_..P»
aug 19 -Its
Commissioners' Sale
In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court
of Augusta county rendered on the 28th of
May. 18-Ki, in the cause of H. F. Wiseman vs. S.
H. weaver, the undersigned commissioners
will proceed to sell. In front of the court house
in Staunton, on
Monday, September 28th, 1896,
(county court-day), at 12 o'clock noon, at pub
lic auction that valuable tract of land known
as lot No. 2 of the S. H. Weaver land, on which
Mrs. Rebecca A. Miller now resides, contain
ing 47 acres more or less, adjoining the lanas
ofWm. Cochran, Geo. Kelley, Weaver and
others near Middlebrook In the county of Au
gusta, upon the following tterrus : One-third
cash, and the residue upon a credit of one and
two years from day of sale, taking from the
purchaser his bonds with approved personal
security, and reserving the title as u;timate
security. H .G.EICHELBEHGEU.
.1. M. PERRY,
Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Augusta
County, to- wit:
I Jos. B. Woodward, Clerk of the Court afore
said do certify that Jno. A. Alexander has ex
ecuted the bond required by decree of sale in
the chancery cause of H. F. Wiseman vs S. H.
Weaver now pending in said Court.
Given under my hand this 22nd day of Au
gust, 1898. joa WOODW ARD, Clerk.
aug 26-tds
L/ Staunton,, Va., Aug. 11th, 1890.
Baxter Crawford's Exor. et al.
Jno. W. Kyle,
All persons interested in the above chancery
cause will take notk>, that in pursuance of a
decree of the Circuit Court of Angusta county,
entered in said cause May 19,1886,1 shall at my
office in Staunton, Virginia, on
Saturday, the 12th day of September, 1896
proceed to take, state and settle the following
-Ist. Of the balance due by Jco. W. Kyie to
Baxter Crawford, Exor. . _
2nd. Whether the deed offered said Kyle by
the heirs of Baxter Crawford, dec'd, Is a good
and sufficient deed.
3rd. What assurances, if any, were made to
said Kvle with reference to a right of way
through Craig's lands by said Baxter Craw
ford, or by R. L. Crawford ror Baxter Craw
ford's heirs; to what extent said assurances
are binding upon the land, or the heirs of Bax
ter Crawford, dec'd, and whether said assur
ances are binding at all,
4th. Any other matters, etc.
Commissioner in Chancery.
H. G. Elchelborger, p. Q.
aug 12-Hs
•bates Lung Troubles, Debility, distressing stomach and
female ills, and is noted for nuking mres when all other
treatment fail 3. Every mother ana 1 invalid should have it.
r ; *i£Ss*»_i HA,R BALSAM
!»a__*H_^'__*<___ Cl***I"**1"** - n d beantifies tho hair.
jffiSyfeMgg^* 1 * aga Promotes a luxuriant growth.
_S?jfS«»&_=jJßß Never Fails to Eoatoro Gray
___air to its Tevtbfui Color.
6V^fe«a-~^|p|Cures ncalp diseases k h_ir > .__._ig.
HINDERCORNS The only sure Core for
Corns.Stops all pain. Makes walking easy. Uc atßreggi—•
aug l'.-lts
Valuable Real Estate
In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court
ol Augusta county, entered on the 3sth day of
May. 1890, In the cause of Fulton's Assignee rx.
The Grottoes Company, the undersigned com
missioners will proceed to sell at public auc
tion, In front of the court house in Staunton,
Saturday, the 13th day of September, 1896,
at 13 o'clock M., the certain lot 3or parcels of
land described in this cause, being the same
iand which was conveyed by James A. Pulton
to the Grottoes Co., and by said company di
vided into lots. These lots lie in the town of
ibe offered m the following man
ncluded In Commissioner Quarles
er the head "First" that is ttie lots
of land of the said .las. A. Fulton
3wned by the Grottoes Company,
hese sell for enough to pay the
ue as set out in Commissioner
port and the costs of suit and ex
sale said Commissioners will pro
•ther; but should there be a deti
;he purchase money of these lots to
tit, costs and expenses a» aforesaid,
est offer the lots listed under the
rmd, 1 " Alienations made Feb'y Hi,
I there still he a deficiency In par
it, costs, and expenses above nien
v will next oiler the lots in said re
the head "Third.'' Alienation made
1, and should there stiii be a defl
f will next offer the lots listed un
id "Fourth," Alienations made .May
1 if upon this offering together with
the debt in said report mentioned
there should still be a deficiency,
they will next offer the lot listed under the
bead "Sixth," Alienation made Sept. 11,1SW0.
TERMS OF SALE:—Cash in hand to pay the
costs of suit and sale, and the residue on a■ •"
fcredlt of six, ami twelve months, purchaser
executing bonds for the deferred instalments
of purchase-money, bearing interest from
date and waiving the Homestead Exemption,
with approved personal security and the title
to be retained as ultimate security.
Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Augusta
County, to-wit:— —
1 Joseph U. Woodward. Clerk of the Court
aforesaid do certify that William Patrick
ha- executed the bond required by decree of
sale i:> the ofcanowj cause of I'uirn.'i's assignee
vs. The Grottoes Co. now pending in said
Given under m> band ti.i.s ilth day of Au-
aug !--Ms
Hay _ Grain Insurance,
Written by
Jas. R. Taylor, Jr., & Co.,
(2d F:oor Masonic Temple,)
In Best Companies, at Lowest Rates,.
.Li farm in Augusta county, the rlel I:t
quarter of the Valley of Virginia, containing
about 560 A cres has on It good new eight room
dwelling, two new barns covered with slate
and painted, other new outbuildings, two or
chards three miles from nearest railway sta
tion with turnpike leading to station, in splen
did state of cultivation, tine spring, plenty of
timber, in sight of ehurehes, mills, stores, fee.
Price $37.50 per acre, on Jvne, two, and trr»«»
years'ttme. Hason itnow]3head horses, li'tr
cattle, 4Q hogs. 150 sheep, 10 milch cows, raise t
2000 bushels of corn last year, other grain v
proportion. Write for full description to thbi
HINDERCORNS Theonvsw -«-_fcp
Corns.Stop* all pain. Makes waifcmg "asy. lSc. at .. .* its.
_bg_li_if^J^W-i^ rQn '' ,re9 * luxuriant t" *th i
Bcaip diseased _ hi r l_£ >
i r~_
Indlß-stion, P-inful ills or Debility of a.', _t_ 1 •
PABKE-fS GINGEB TONIC. Many wt i »ew ac
kamuq_ Uiscouragediiavo regained health o •'-'■ '■ -•*

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