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Mrs. Anna Gage, wife of Ex-
Deputy I). S. Marshal,
ColumbuSj Kan,, ssys i
' 'I was delivered
of TWINS in
less than 20 min
utes and with
scarcely any pain
after using only
two bottles of
Express or mall, on receipt of price,
•1.00 per bottle. Book "TO .MOTHERS''
mailed free. '
Always in season, Hopkln'l Steamed Homl-
The Ideal Panacea.
James L. Francis, Elderman, Chicago, says:
"I regard Dr. King's New Discovery as an Ideal
Panacea for Couges.Colds and lung Complaints,
having used It in my family for the last five
years, to the exclusion of physician's prescrip
tions of other preparations."
Key. John Rurgus, Keokuk, lowa, writes: "1
have been a Minister ol the Methodist Episco
pal Church for 50 years or more,and have never
found anything so beneficial, or that gave me
*uch speedy relief as Dr.Klng'sNew Discovery."
Try Hiis Ideal Cough Remedy now. Trial Bot
tles Free et B. F. Huahes Drug Store.
tic Cure for Rheumatism and Neuralgia;
radically cures In Ito 3 days. Its action upon
(he system is remarkable and mysterious. It
removes at once the cause and the disease im
mediately disappears. The first dose greatly
benefits; 75 cts. Sold by W. M. ALLEN, and
B. F. HUGHES, Druggists, Staunton, Va.
TF. ANTHONT.ex-Post-master of Primrose
• City, lowa, says: "1 bough tone bottle
•f "Mjsi— Cure" for Rheumatism, and two
doses of it did me more good than any medicine
lever took," Sold by W. M. ALLEN aud B.
F. HUGHES, Druggists, Staunton, Va.
A Valuable Prescripsion.
Editor Morrison of Washington, Ind., "Sun,"
writes: "You have a valuable prescription in
Electric Bitters, and I can cheerfully recom
mend it for Constipa'sen and Sick Headache,
and as a general system tonic It has noeuqal."
Mrs. Annie Stehlc, ll>2| Cottage Grove Aye.,
Chicago, was all run down, conld not eat nor
digest food, had a backache which never left
her and felt tired and weary, but six bottles of
Electric Bitters restored her health and renew
ed her strength. Prices 50 cents and SI.CO. Get
a Bottle at B. F. Hughes Drug Store.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best Salve in the world lor cuts, bruises,
ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tatter chapped
hands, chilulains,corns, and all skin eruptions,
and positively cure^g^— 3«je-P&y-r»mi_d,
It JlVgtigrguTeed to give perfect satisfaction or
money refunded. Price 25c per box. For sale by
B. F, Hughes,
Tbe Cheapest
Carpet House
on Earth*
Bays this (exact) extreme high back and broad
■eat Arm Rocker, guaranteed to be the most
comfortable ever built. The fine cane seat
and back contributes ease and rest; this
Rocker all small stores charge $2.00 for.
Mail orders for above Rocker promptly filled.
You are losing money every day you are
without our immense Illustrated Cata
logue. We cheerfully mail it to any ad
dress free of all charges. Drop a postal
for it now.
Julius Hines & Son,
401, 403, 405 IT. GA7 ST.,
Cor. Exeter Street,
Apr 17 6m
Bucket Pnmp and Water Purifier
_"or — 7~"eiis &_.„ Cisterns.
Md Modal World's Exposition.
Will purify a foul well or Cistern In 16
days use or money refunded.
Draws 10 gallons ol
water per minute. No
tubing to rust, burst
or -wear.. Never has
to be packed, primed
or thawed. Will not
freeze, as buckets
drain themselves.
Will not rust, chain
and buckets made of
Galvanized Steel. Can
be set np in 15 min
utes. No attachments
below the platform.
No wooden tubing,
rubber or leather to
contaminate the wa
ter. Makes bad water
good and good water
better. Saves its cost in Doctor bills
alone every year, pure water being a pre
ventative against Cholera, Typhoid and
170,000 I_ DAILY USB.
For sale By
Jul 10-3 m Taunton, Va.
J. M
? .AWYEfi,
LAW <"> ' ■—Nos. 10 &12 Miisonic
nov6-iv£" STACNrON.VA
X W."
No. 14 Lawyer's Row,
Note rv Public. fctaur. on, Va
Ostrich Feathers on Large Hats—Flower*
of Fine Quality.
Flowers are worn in profusion, and they
are finer in quality and more perfect in de
sign than any heretofore shown in the
market It-would bo difficult Indeed to
select the natural from the artificial with
out touching them, so perfect is the Imita
tion. Among the popular flowers are
mignonette, cornflowers, poppies, roses and
orchids, with an abundance of greenery.
Foliage in rich red bronze and autumn
leaf colors is much liked.
Feathers are even more favored by the
better dressed among fashionable women
than flowers are Rich, thick ostrich
plumes, either black or white, are most in
fashion. On very large hats the profusion
of feathers is preposterous. Sometimes as
many as 11 are used to trim. One large
plume is carried around the crown, two or
three fall over the hair at the back, and
the others stand erect or are laid about in
various directions. If the present fancy for
feathers continues for any length of time,
the business of ostrich farming will be an
exceedingly profitable one, as good feathers
always bring a high price. Ostrich plumes
are a luxury in which bird lovers may in
dulge without any qualms of conscience,
as, unlike breasts, wings, paradise plumes
and aigrets, the feathers are not obtained
at the cost of the bird's life.
Jeweled insects—butterflies and dragon
flies in particular—ornament many fash
ionable articles of headgear. Sometimes
these artificial flies, particularly the dragon
flies, are wonderfully good Imitations of
nature. The French nation excels In
mimicking insect life, in both genuine and
Imitation gems and metals, and the most
perfect specimens of the art are seldom seen
on this side of the Atlantic.
An illustration is given of a hat of
crimped straw of a bright poppy red shade.
It is trimmed in front with straw colored
gauze and at the sides with yellow roses.
A cluster of black ostrich plumes is placed
near the back. With this is worn a collar
of rod velvet, above which is a frill of em
broidered white gaum The cravat is also
of embroidered gauze
Judic Chollet.
Serviceable Lace Dresses—Full Serra ©v
■ - JJew Parisian Costumes.
Efforts are being made to revive the lace
dress, but thus far with only Indifferent
success. It was always a comfortable, be
coming and every way desirable style, and
arrayed in one of those a woman felt her
self presentable for almost any occasion. A
great deal of crape, crepon and soft crin
kled goods will bo worn, and the woman
who buys a genuine Japanese crape may
feel sure of getting her moneys worth,
even though she pays a good price for it.
Made up either with silk, or in a complete
costume over a silk lining, there is nothing
that will give better service or be more
comfortable and becoming.
A full belt, soft in appearance, but as
high and well fitting as a corselet, is a fea
ture of many Parisian ecowns of the mo
ment. ' It is made over a close lining, of
course, and in order to drape well the ma
terial should be cut on the bias.
In spite of attempts to introduce double
and trimmed skirts, the plain one clings
to general favor most tenaciously, and with
good reason. Like every other part of the
costume, it must be well cut and well
made, and, that taken for granted, it has
the merit of leaving the upper part of the
figure the most important. Upon that
fancy may exercise all her ingenuity and
attention will not be distracted by the va-
J garics of skirt trimmings. Properly the
eye of the observer should be drawn to
ward the face of the person observed rather
than away from it, and the plain skirt is a
great assistance in that direction, as well
as being more becoming to the figure.
The cut shows a costume of woolen ere-,
pon of a dust gray shade. The s.kirt has
godets at the back and is slashed ;.t either
side of the tablier to show a lowci skirt of
maroon and rose glace taffeta. Maroon
and gray applications adorn the lower part
of the tablier. The Louis Quinze bodice is
ornamented with applications and has a
vest of changeable taffeta and a chemisette
Khite gauze. The balloons of the sleeves
rimmed with plaited enquiries of gray
gauze and the clone lower part of the sleeves
is slashed to show taffeta panels. The cravat
is of gray gauze. Ji Die Chollet.
No Advertising on Street Vehicles.
Liverpool has a city ordinance forbidding
the use of the streets to vehicles displaying
advertisements. A man who undertook
to show an advertisement on a bicycle w;is
fined recently under this law.
The Word •■nollar."
According to one aathority, the word
"dollar" is a corruption of the German
word "thaler," the form in Dutch be
ing ' 'daalder." All these different forms
were derived from Joachim's Thai, a
Bohemian town, where the count of
Schliek, A. D. 1518, coined some ex
cellent pieces in silver of one ounce in
weight. "From (he name of the town
came Joachim's thaler, applied to the
abovo named coins as well as that of
Schlickeu thaler. Hence, Joachim's
thaler pieces were first contracted into
Joachim's thalers and then into thalera.
These coins gained such a reputation
that they became a pattern, so that
Others of the same kind, though made
in other places, took the name, the word
assuming different spelling through the
low countries, reaching Spain as dol
lars, and through its provinces trans
mitted to the western hemisphere, where
it was applied to coins prior to the
adoption of the federal currency. In
coinage the word 'dollar' is a favorite,
being found, under various spellings, in
almost every part of the globe."
Man begins life helpless. Tho babe is
in paroxysms of fear the moment its.
nurse luaves it alone, and it oomes so
Elowly to any power of self protection
that mothers say Hie salvation of life
j and health of a young child ia a perpet-
rbia from the soul incorrupt whom Athens
had doomed to the death,
When Crito brought promise of freedom:
"Vainly thou spendest thy breath!
Dost remember the wild Corybantesr Feel
they the knife or the rodf
Eeed they the fierce Bummer sun, the frost or
winterly flaws?
If any entreat them, they answer, 'We hear
but the flutes of the God!"
"So even am I, Omy Crito! Thou pleadest a
losing cause!
Thy words ara but sound without import—J
hear but the voice of the laws,
And, know thou, the voice of the laws is to
me as the flutes of the God."
Thu3 spako that soul incorrupt, and wherever,
since hemlock was quaffed,
A man has stood forth without fear—has chosen
the dark deep draft-
Has taken the lone one way, nor too path of
dishonor has trod—
Behold, he, too, hears but the voice of the laws,
the flutes of the God 1
-Edith M. Thomas in Independent.
By Which the Direction of Sound May Be
Accurately Determined.
Possibly there is no greater terror
among the many met with at sea than
a fog. The helplessness of our harbor
boats and the clamor of bells and whis
tles during a heavy fog in New York
harbor give one some idea of this night
mare of the ocean, but when a fog closes
down upon a vessel at sea the most reck
less captain proceeds cautiously and
The probability of collisions and
wrecks due to fogs has been accepted as
a sort of unavoidable evil, which must
become greater as the number and speed
of vessels increase. But the inventive
genius of man could not let such a con
dition of affairs continue without at
tempting to do away with it, and there
has been perfected a simple instrument,
called the eophone, by which the direc
tion from which a sound proceeds may
be determined with absolute accuracy in
fog or darkness.
The simplest description of the in
strument is that it consists of two bell
mouthed sound receivers, separated by a
central diaphragm. Tie sound receivers
are connected to the two ears, and, when
pointed directly at a source of sound,
the noise is the same in each ear. When
turned away, the Bound is heard in only
one ear.
On shipboard the sound catching and
dividing part of the instrument extends
above the top of the charthouse. The
tubes are brought within the chart
house, and the instrument may be turned
from below to point in any desired di
The eophone has now been perfected,
there being many points for which nu
merous experiments, lasting over several
years, have been required, in order to
determine the best form, especially with
the sounding tubes and ear pieces. Va
rious refinements, suoh as microphones
and devices adding to the complication,
but not improving the use, have been
eliminated.—New York H<>vald.
How Napoleon Kaised Money.
Napoleon had the lavish hand of a
parvenu, but hjs beneficiaries were not
graceful, a. -«»?'-*» th. ever increasing in
solence were always craving more. The
system of private confiscations or forced
contributions from individuals had al
ready attained vast dimensions. During
the winter of 1809-10 it was extended
and regulated; the sums wrung from
German princes and Spanish grandees,
from English merchants and the Italian
clergy, were not entirely exhausted; the
remainder, together with what was "ac
cepted" from tiniorouspolSticians, crafty
ecclesiastics, sly contractors and unprin
cipled financiers, was now erected into
the dignity of the emperor's "extraor
dinary domain." The term "army
chest" had been devised for times of
higher public morality; it was now dis
carded. Confiscated palaces, forests,
lands, fisheries, moneys from the sale of
American ships—all were now the em
peror's private property.—Professor
Sloane's "Life of Napoleon" in Cen
A Cautious Suitor.
should have proposed to her long ago!
B.—That's just what I'm going to
do—as soon as ..the official list is pub
lished. —Fliegendo Blatter.
It Involves a Plunge Into Matrimony ot
a Heavy Forfeit.
In some parts of Russia a queer game
is stilfplayed at Christmas time which
has much to do with the future life of
the participants. Some prominent per
son in the village announces that the
annual merrymaking will be held at his
house. Ou the appointed day the young
men and women hasten to his house.
There are songs and games and dances,
but they are simply a prelude to the
more important business of the day.
When the time comes, the hostess leads
all the girls into one room, where they
seat themselves on the benches. Laugh
ing and chattering they are each prompt
ly muffied in winding sheets by the
hostess. The head and hair and form
arc securely covered, and when she is
done the girls resemble papooses.
The young men draw lots, and one by
one they enter the room where the muf
fled girls sit. Helpless so far as sight or
touch goes, the puzzled lover tries to
lecate his favorite. Maybe she would
help him if her eyes were not hidden,
but she is as helpless us he. Finally he
chooses one, and then he may unveil her.
This is the critical moment, and disap
pointment or rapture will be the result
: of seeing her face.
i It is the law of custom that the man
shall marry the girl he has picked out,
and if either backs out a heavy forfeit
must be paid. It is said that this mat
rimonial lottery is productive of many
happy marriages. —Moscow Correspond
tore or Ilabu.
' 'The preacher made a great mistake
•m Sunday, and lost a good collection."
hie if every man in the congregation
lidu't ask him to call again on tbe
"The water wasn't scaldin she- throw•
ed at yon, was it, pw.rdner?" asked Ev
erett Wrestt, who had done the waiting
at the gate while Dismal Dawson had
made "the play for the poke out."
"No," said Mr. Dawson, "it was
worse. It was soapsuds.''—lndianapo
lis Journal.
The lord president of the English
privy council i„_v„ ft salary of |30,»
Tutt's Pills
Cure All
Liver Ills/
Twenty Years Proof.
Tutt's Liver Pills keep the bow
els in naturalmotionand cleanse
the system of all impurities An
absolute cure for sick headache,
dyspepsia, sour stomach, con
stipation and kindred diseases.
"Can't do without them"
R. P. Smith, Chilesburg, Va.
writes I don't know how I could
do without them. I have had
Liver disease for over twenty
years. Am now entirely cured.
Tutt's Liver Pills
Mh a from IT.S.Journal 0/ IMlrtnl
■ ~___•_ __ *">*• ~'• H. Peeke, who
■ <V makes a specialty ot
■ ■ I&. Epilepsy, has without
■■> V ■ I~ _ doubt treated and cur-
■ IB — _ ed more cases than any
■ ■ ■ ~i living Physician; his
■ . I success is astonishing.
_Wk, __. c have nea rd of cases
Of 20 years' standing
cured by
LIU Life
tie of his absolute cure, free to any sufferers
who may send their P. O. and Express address.
We advise any one wishing a cure to address
taUW,JL -___, 7. V.i 4 Cedar St., Hew Tork
is a
and is the result of
colds and sudden
climatic changes.
It can be cured hy a
pleasantremedy which
is applied directly into
the nostrils.
For Your Bggctia
we positlv^^ - state
that this remedy does
not contain mercury
or any other injurious
Cleanses the Nasal Pa
ssages. Allays Inflam
mation, Heals the
Bores, Protects the
Membrane from Colds,
Hestores the Senses of
Taste and Smeli.
A particle is applied directly into the nostrils
and Is agreeable. Price 50 cents at Druggists
or by mall.
ELY BROTHERS, 5« Warren Street, New York.
Lan 8-lyr
VIRGINIA— In the clerk's office of the cir
cuit court of Augusta county, Aug. 19,1886.
It. G. Byers, Plaintiff.
Rudolph Myers, c' as. Defta.
In Chancery.
The object of this suit is to settle the es ateof
J. G M»ern,dec'd,and for that purpose to sell a
tract of laud in Augusta county containing
about .49 acres. And it appearing by affidavit
tiled that i'yers arid Myers, widow mid
infant cnl'd of.jolmll. Ryers, dec'd,Catharine
Keller..l. KH. Byers, and Hadie P. Byers, are
no.i-rasidents of the Stute of Virginia, it Is or
dered lhat they severally appear here within
fifteen days after due publication hereof and
do what is necessary to protect their interests
in thlsßuit. A copy teste,
aug *!-« JOS. B. v. OODW ARD, C erk.
__ ___^
, p 1
, :i 1^i[ .1 i T*_-_ AT* T* _-¥__?
SgetablcPreparationforAs- I SIGNATURE
atonilating LheToodandßeguta.- M
' m —OF
Pto_iotesT)igcsUon,Chscrful- I^^WW^
ncssandßest.Contains neither ■ *»
W jg qjjt THE
Not naecotic. m
IteFcofOIdBrSMCSLOICmiI M VV Iy/T-JT Jt I-flx.
Pimipkm Segal" . iKI
Mx.Scnna » I H ■„
_W£- I I ,-> OFEYEET
Clarified Suaar I _X
HHciyncn flerct: J W
Aperfeet Remedy for Conslipa- Sfiffc ■ ||V|i ■% ■ ■
lion,SourStomach.Diarrhoea, | §I|H" I 111
Worms .Convulsions.Feverish- | |_||% i | X 111
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP- |i|M|J I IIH
facsimile Signature of ffi
_TEW "YORK. || Oartorla is put up _ one-sbe bottles only. It
fljis sot sold la bulk. Don't allow anyone to sell
lyw anything else on The ploa or promise that It
j ft__L__]L_f^J_r_ 9 " "j" 4 aa good" and "will Answer every pur-
II p*~—HWWMI'III'IW » pose." *»- See that you get C-A-B-T-0-E-I-A.
T 3____ —.amaHy M ■ .■ * wtsppw.
The Largest and Most Fashionable Millinery
House in Staunton.
We offer this season the very latest Parisian styles in Hats and Bonnets.
They are things of beauty at very moderate prices, is the general verdict
of our customers. Our New York raflliuar-is fast gaining in popularity in her
fine artistic display of taste, and can sui.. the most fastidious.
We also received a large line of the ;elebrated K. & G. Corsets. Sunniet
' r-- .- H. &8. Corsets. A full line of ladies' and misses' underwear, hosiery.
' incy tc< cds and
Mif -be*f makes in the country. Black Dress Gocds a specialty. We carry
lin* of th c celebrated _ _ ,„
"Gold Medal"
Bla.-k Dress Goods, and can say without fear of contradiction that it is the
'nest qunlity of goods in the State of Virginia.
It will be pleasing to your eye and money in your pocket to call ou us be
fore hnying your Fall hats, or anythinar else in our line.
_ji_,|i|. Famo-a Remedy cures quickly, permanently alt
I'U.l'l — JJililW'lJl ■ a~ i.. ..... j dieuases. Weak Memory, Loss of Brain Power,
i.I<. A i-H 4 A 'M3 . Mil ll -{ 1 ! u,"g iche. Wakefulness, -oat Vitality. N.lghtly Emla-
l_b>2B_^~_S_™^a_ I *__r__Bv^ ; t • ;: earns, lnipotency and wasting diseases caused by
__R*S _rrN^P~\_~ (l 'V^Hw : .;.'.'.' m .jorexcewes. Contains no opiates. Is a nerve tonic
r fl__ _r<_-_l _-* ___B .__> lon<lb!o(.<i;:illlder. MakesUiopalenndpunystr.meandplnmp.
f lE-=!lT<-'.rr<<"tlnTestpockflt.»lperbor;«forM».Bymall,pre-
I __-f_S__*___\ Jtl\ __U/i.jDni ":■■:. ~.'oHtten<niarantecormonevTefnpdcd. Write us.ffreo
Iftl -_?_L ____*___ ?"•••«.'• : '-on. 0 •>■"_ wrapper w„ Q testimonials and
•ci n din- Wo cfcoro*-™ ""nmiltof <on». Be -are o/ imita-
Afraid %
The New York Journal is the only
Metropolitan paper indorsing
Bryan and Sewall
and it daily publishes articles by
the kadine financiers of the country
on both sides of the question,
"Silver versus Gold/
It is progressive, liberal and always
espouses the causs of the masses.
Every broad minded man should
read it, whether Republican or
111 MR!.
Daily ----- 1 Cent everywhere.
Subscription for Caa Month,
including Sunday - - - -40 cents
Two Months and a Half - - $1.00
Send, subscription to
The New York Journal,
Circulation Department, HEW YORK.
The tobacco habit grows on a man until his
nervous system is seriously affected, impair
ing health, comfort and happiness. To quit
suddenly is too severe a shock to the system,
as tobacco to an inveterate user becomes a
stimulant that his system continually craves.
"Baco-Curo" Is a seientlflc cure for ihe tobacco
habit, In all its forms, carefully compounded
after the formula of an eminent Berlin physi
cian who has used it in his private practice
since 1872, without a failure. It is purely vege
table and guaranteed perfectly harmless. You
can use all tbe tobacco you want while taking
" Baco-Ouro." It will notify you when to stop.
Es a written guarantee to cure perma
wy case with three boxes, or refund
ley with 10 per cent, interest. "Baco
s not a substitute, but a scientific cure,
res without the aid of will power and
i Inconvenience. It leaves the system
and free from nicotine as the day you
ur first chew or smoke.
By fiaco-Curo and Gained Thirty
hundreds of testimonials, the originals
h are on file and open to Inspection, the
lg is presented:
Clayton, Nevada, Co., Ark., Jan. 28.
Eureka Chemical & Mfg., Co., La Crosse, Wis.
—Gentlemen: Forty years 1 used tobacco In
all its forms. For twenty-five years of that
time I was a great suflerer from general de
bility and heart dlsese. For fifteen years I
tried to quit, but couldn't. I took various
remedies, among others "No-To Bac." ''The
Indian Tobacco Antidote," ''Double Chloride
of Gold," etc.. etc., but none of them did me
the least bit of good. Finally, however. I pur
i chased a box of your "Uaco-Curo" and it has
entirely cured me of the habit in all Its forms.
and I have increased thirty pounds in weight
and am relieved from all the numerous aches
and pains of body and mind. I could write a
quire of paper upon my changed feelings and
condition. Tours respectfully,
P. H. Makburt
Pastor CL P. Church, filayton. Ark.
Sold by all druggists at $1.00 per box; three
boxes, (thirty days' treatment), $5.50, with
iron-clad, written guarantee, or sent direct
upon receipt of price. Wi He for booklet and
l>: oofs. Eureka 'Jhenilcal & Mfg. Co., La
Cresse, Wis., and Boston. Mass.
The Schedule of Prices at
Bowlig, Spotts& Co.,
I Without dread of competition they still
offei to their friends a stock composed of
every article incident to that branch of
| Merchandise.
iC»T«BLIBHBD, 18«*
iolesale Grocers!
OItGA-i-ZGD T._3_
luuesa vary short and comprehensive policy,
Fan of patty restrictions and Libkkai. In lta
tarms and conditions.
K. J. CUSHING 4 CO., -asentt,
No. lOOrowle Building,
Atannton. Va
The general verdict of all those who have worn the class of
Olothing we sell is
For the following points:
"Excellence of Quality,"
"Perfection of Fit and Style,"
"Most Reasonable Prices."
A Ten Dollar hill goes further to-day towards Jhuying a
FINE suit than fifteen dollars in former days at our store.
Note the following items, each line in large and well se
lected stocks to he found here:
Men's, Youth's and Children's Clothing,
Summer Coats and Vests.
Fancy and White Vests,
White Duck Pants,
Light Weight Underwear.
A Great Line of the prettiest
"Fancy SHirls," Straw Hats, Stiff Hats, Salt Hats, Neclwear.
Hosiery, Ms, Telescopes, Satcoels, Direllas,
laciatosles, k, &c.
Mail orders promptly attended to. Money refunded in all
cases where goods are not satisfactory.
A. IvOEB & CO.,
-£_L_B_t- The creat remedy for nervous prostration and all nervous diseases of
- ■QHs* the generative creans of c! thor sjt. such as Nervous ProstratlOD, Fall-
AJ| ft* inu or Lost Manhood. liv potency. Nightly Emissions, Youthful Errors,
«_____&__!? Mentai Worry, excessive use 01 Tobacco or Opium, which lead to Con-
9<_B!_S_i—T sumption and Insanity. Withovery $5 order we give a written guar-
B_it>___NDAF__lTO_„. an^^^
For ß s y ale Hogshead, Hanger \ Co.. st ™v a .
The 30 Days
h .M, ..■ ■ 4 s
Greatest Borgoin Sole!
In ibe Hory of die Cliii Bisiuess.
If you have any
Clothing, Hats. Shirts, &c,
to buy. The Price* we quote at our store are less than half
value. You must c;»me aud sco for yourself.
Our motto—"Good honest, Well- Made Goods
for Little Money."
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers!
9 South Augusta Street.
ffifjT— ■•—|«3 T_ a _ - _~?.~_~"_ ~g=_ Tb ° onl y ßafe * auTeand
«jS_B_. -»- -^ — *»• __. __ K7 relia _i e Female PILL
fi for D 3. MO-T'S P_lTH__o-A_ _I__S wdtake no other.
l^Bßcl**" - Seed for circular. Price $1.00 per box, 6 boxes for $5.00.
__£_■TUR, I_o__''S_ CHEMICAL CO.. - Cleveland, Oliio.
Fo » Hogshead, Hanger $ Co., staunton v a .
Mvfm <^J^S^ Reduced
$25 to $10, Until Oct. Ist
This is your opportunity to get well, cheap.
PAUL PRATT, Agent, Richmond, Va.
fifteen Different Brands
The best ever sold in the Oity.
! Also Select Groceries.
Farmers 8m Tour Foier!
The old Reliable
Boss Foier Cutter & Shredder
The Buckeye up-to-date Steel Frame
Glass Feed Drill, For sale by
JOHN A. WISE, Staunton, Va.
1 and OHIO *
_&____ - v-._.-_-.
In Effect May 17, 1896.
WESTBOUND. F-F f^iiy aß- i No. 1 Dally.
Lv. Staunton 5:12 A.M. 7:06 P.M.
Ar. Cincinnati,... 6:00 P. M. 8:00 A.M.
" Indianapolis, li:«> P. M. 11:30 A. M.
" Chicago 7:30 A. M. 5:30 P. M.
" St. Louis 7:30 A.M. 6:58 P. M.
" Kansas City, 6:00 P. M, 7:00 A. M.
" Louisville.... 9:35 P.M. 11:50 A.M.
" Memphis,.... 2:55 P.M. 6:50 A.M.
" Nashville 6:54 A.M. 8:58 P.M.
Ar. New Orleans, 6:30 A. M. 11:55 P. M.
Additional local trains leave Staunton as
follows: Except Sunday—3:39 p. m., arrive
Clltton Forge 5:55 p. m.
No. 7, leaves 7:47 p. m. for Goshen,
RASTUOrND. [ No . 4 . Dai . y . N0 . 2 . Da iiy
Lv. Taunton, ... 11:11 A. M. 2:07 A. M
Ar Washington,. 5:46 P. M. 6:50 A. ft.
" Baltimore,... 5:24 P.M. 8:00 A M
" Philadelphia, 7:5] P. M. 10:25 A M
" New York,... 10:38 P.M. 12:53PM
" Itiehniond,...i 3:20 P.M. 8:20 A.M.
" Old Point ! 6.35 P. M. ! 11:35 A. M.
Ar. Norfolk 7:00 P.M. \ 12:06 Noon
Additional local trains Wave Staunton as
follows: Except Sunday—2:32 p. in., arrive
Hlchmonrt 7:45 p. m.; arrive at Haunton. 8.45
a. m.. leave 10:20 a. m., and arrive at Gordons
ville V2Xi p. ra.
•ex. Sunday. Where no sign Is given, dally
For additional information address P. II
Woodward, Passenger Agent, or Janes Ker
Jr., Ticket Ageut, Staunton, Va.
General Manager. Gen 1 Pass. Agt.
B. & O.
Time Table in
effect July 19, '96,
'til farther notice.
420* 408* 440*
NORTHWARD. Pass.- Pass. Pass.
Lv. Lexington 6 00 a m p m
" Staunton 748 am 355pm
" Harrisonbu'g 852 am 500pm
" New Market 935 am 5 44pm
" Mt. Jackson 051 a m lililum
" Woodstock 10 18 a m 629 p m
" Strasburg 10 48 a m 7 02 p m
" Capon Road 10 57 a m 7 11pm
" Middletown 11 12 a m 728 p m
" Winchester 60OamH43am 800pm
" Stephenson tt 09 am 1153 a m 8 11pm
" Charlestown U4banil2 31 a m 8 51pm
Ar.Harp's Ferry 70Kaml2 58pm 9 15pm
" Washington 920 am 253pm1125pm
" Baltimore 10 40 a m 3 50 p m 12 45 a m
" Philadelphia 12 55 a m 6 08pm 3 50 a m
" New York 300pm 8 25pm 6 52 am
Mixed Trains Nos. 4+4 Staunton at 6:25 p. m.,
stopping at all stations, arrive at Harper's
Ferry 3 3U.
On Sunday mixed trains leave Harrisonburg
at 500 p. m., arrive at Harper's Ferry 11 49 p.
41e* 405* 419*
SOUTHWARD. Pass. Pass. Pass.
Lv. New Fork 12 15 a m 11 SO p m
" Philadelphia 7 55am 1 -'-5 p m
" Baltimore 400 am 11 00a m 4iopm
" Washington 12 CO a m 5 50pm
" Harp's Ferry 800 am 145 pm 7 55 pm
" Charlestown 824 a m 218 p m 819 p m
" Stephenson 9 02am 2 48pm 9 00pm
" Winchester 9 It; am3o2pm 910 p m
" Middletown 945 a m 328 p m
Ar. Capon lioad 10 00 a m 342 p m
" Strasburg 10 09 a m 351 p m
" Woodstock 10 47 am 422 p m
" Mt. Jackson 11 18 a m 450 p m
' New Market 11 36 a m 507 p m
" Harrisonbu'g 12 23 p m 0 04 p m
" Staunton 131 p m 711 p m
" Lexington p m 9 00 p m
Mixed train No. 411 leave Staunton at 6 50 a,
m., arrived at Lexington 9 35 a. m.
On Sunday mixed trains leave at 10 10 a. m.,
arrived at Harrisonburg 100 p. m.
♦Daily, except Sunday. tSunday only.
Train No. 403 connects at Harper's Ferry
with last Limited Express trains, leaving at
1:40 p. m., arriving at Cincinnati at 7:45 a. m.,
St. Louis 0 00 p. m., and connects at Weverton
with train arriving at Hagerstown at 3:11 p.
m., and at Washington Junction witL train
arriving at Frederick at 1 55 p. m.
Train 41K connects with fast vestlbuled trains
at Harper's Ferry at 8:14 p.m. tor Chicago, at
10:31 p. m. for Pittsburg, and 1:58 a. m. for Cin
cinnati and St. Louis. Arrive at Pittsburg at
7:00 a. m.; Chicago at 9:15 p. m., Cincinnati at
5:00 p. m., and St. Louis at 6:30 a. m.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars run through
to Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago and Pitts
burgh on all express trains.
For rates, tickets, baggage checks and fur
ther Information apply to B. & O. agents or to
C. E. Dudrow, Traveling Passenger Agent
Winchester, Va., or C. T. Hammond, Agent
Staunton, Va.
den. Pass. Agt. Gen. Man.
Wanted-An Idea £3
Protect your Ideas; they may bring you wealth.
Write JOHN WKDDERBtJRN * CO., Patent Attor.
neys, Washington, D. CL, for their f\,H» prise offes
and list ot two hundred inventions wanted.
I Beautiful Lady
I May or may not be the meaning of
.the word belladonna. But mauy wo
men know (and others are daily
learning) how excellent a thing for
' aches and pains in any part of the body
•is JOHNSON'S Belladonna Plas-
Iteb. It is fine, smooth, elegant, and
ifuU of quick and kindly healing.
I Try one and we shall not need to ad
. vertise them any more—not for you
at least. On the face cloth of the
genuine see the bright Bed Cross.
I Manufacturing Chemists, New York.
Encourage Home Enterprise.,
The latest chemical discorery.
Removes Crease Spots Instantly
without injury to the moat delicate fabric or color.
If your grocer or druggist does not keep it apply to
Marshall Chemical Co., Marshall, Va.
SPECIFICS are scientifically
prepared Remedies; have
been used for half a century
with entire success.
80. sriciric FOB
I—Fevers, Congestions, Inflammation—
3—Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic...
3—Teething, CollcCrying, Wakefulness
4—Diarrhea, of Children or Adult*
7—Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis t.
B—Xeuralgia, Toothache, Faceache
9—Headaches, Sick Headache, Vertigo.
lO—Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Constipation
11—Suppressed or Palnfnl Periods ...
IS-Whites, Too Profuse Periods
13—Croup, Laryngitis, Hoarseness
14— Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Eruptions.
10—Rheumatism, or Rheumatic Pains..
16—Malaria, Chills, Fever and Ague
19—Catarrh. Influenza, Cold In the Head <
SO—Whooplnc Cough,
2T—Kidney Diseases,
28-Xervous Debility
30—Urinary Weakness,
34-Soro.Throat, Quinsy, Diphtheria....
«77" for GRIP.
Bold by DrnKgUti, or lent prepaid on receipt of price,
Jsc., or 5 for $L. (may bo aiaorted), except 38. 91. size only.
D-,Hu-FtißßTt' M*)iU-L{-Dl-rfe_lEKevlaed)_-ii,BDr_u
mwril«tT9'El&ca ( Ul*llSWU»_m3C I sewl«rk >

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