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Subscription $1.00 Per Year.
2 This paper guarantees a larger 0
o circulation in Augusta county §
2 than any Newspaper published. 8
© The subscription list is open to O
O inspection. 8
beautifully printed at the Spectator
office. An elegant new line of type
for this especial purpose.
In order to put our subscription list on a I
cash basis, we will hereafter omit the names
of all delinquent subscribers. The paper
will be stopped when a person's time has I
All kinds of Job work done at this office.
Bell & Baker call attention to their fine I
line of drugs.
There is said to be considerable move
ment in real estate in Alderson, W. Va.
All agents known as employment agents
are to be taxed $50 under a bill just passed. I
The trading stamp bill will become a!
law prohibiting their use.
A little work is at last being done on the I
Middlebrook road.
The "whipping post bill" has been defeat-1
ed in the Legislature.
Ro. U. Allen was entered for treatment I
Tuesday into the Western State Hospital.
Toe Planters Bank of Bridgewatpr is now 1
doing a fair business. It began on Februa- I
On last Friday at Winchester, the birth I
day of Chas. B. Rouss was celebrated by an I
elaborate banquet.
The Ist Nat. Bank of Harrisonburg, Va.. I'
lias reduced its rate of interest from 6 to 5 I '
Rev. A. P. Funkhouser has been nomi- I'
lated by the President as postmaster at I'
Bit Bridgewater last week G. F. Arey sold I
Hp fine building lots on East Commerce I 1
Bet to Geo. W. Fiory. '
Messrs. E. K. Jones and M. M. Dixon I'
Bght James F. Lowman's stock of store I'
Has, and will consolidate the three stores. I
H B. Magalis, of Harrisonburg, an en-1,
Her on the Valley branch of the B. & 0., I (
week whilst stand- j
H '
Ho town and wish envelopes
Heads or any other kind
Hcall at the Spectator and ]
Bid Mary Jay Daingerfield, i
Bit. Foxhall A. Daingerfield,
■ Judge John Paul's family I
■ of State of W. Va. has
■ - tl! of incorporation to the l
H, of Bluefield, with an au-
Bal of $100,000.
Bainpbell, of Ronceverte. was '
H last Tuesday night, on the '
■is condition is considered pre-
B.er °f Atly. Gen. Montague and
BTson were on Monday fired on by
I man named Bailey aud both .!
Hew by
■ction empower-
■ <
B abolish the ap-
Ho up
B .id. The scheme
■ :. Of to
WW'? -f. goes
yesterday evening
B but tbe re-
Bleurned. thought it
Hon has been appointed post-
Bowell, Highlaud Co, and
offlce to the new store room I
■ ward G. Flaherty died at his home
H Baa, in Botetourt county, on
H ; -. »ged 73 years. He was a broth-
HA- (} Flaherty, and father ot
HjMalh.'ny of Moutery, Highland
He license has been issned to
Hsterson and Miss Emma W. Har
-81l In- -.-day
H il| iiltou.
Hf Lexington, have
Bug Of
H the Fe
■ who so badly
B >ii
Hi. have
■ brother, Mr.
Hi his a
HV of
Hliis nn
Hi twelve.
BTthe Electric
city, have
I gas plants of Detroit,
aye associated
gas men in the
~~.nd they have secured
H pieces land in Staun-
H select the location of new
■ Flatherty, an influential
Baring Run neighborhood,
H, died at his home
Hr, after a brief illness with
Htherty was seventy-three
Has Headlight aud the Clinch
Hn-o newspapers of
H-"< llave consolidated under
H\. Leslie, and will be run
Bunder the old name of the
H-ors of Rockingham
Hd the Valley Turnpike in
Hlii- bill passes known as the
■rnir.g said pike over to the
Handoah has unanimously de-
B, or purported ranchman,
Bt John L. Dwight, advertis-
H. Journal recently for a hus-
Htughter, offering the young
■ us of $10,009 to any desirable
I i marry the daughter
I !of On the nth
I al published a number of
I > by amongst them one
I n man. In all he had up to
I ed 5,889 offers.
For several days last week the summer
street cars were put on.
Mrs. Howard McQueary, a daughter of I
Jndge John T. Harris of Harrisonburg, I
whose home was in Minneapolis, has, with I
her husband, abandoned her home and gone
to live in a social settlement at Unity House
in that city.
On Thursday evening a reception was ten
dered Rev. R. 0. Gilmore by Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Moore, at which the officers of the
church and their wives were present. An I
elegant repast was served, after which the
evening was spent in getting acquainted
with the new pastor.
Last Thursday night's entertainment of
the Catholic Hibernian Beneficial Society
at the opera house, assisted by the St.
Cecilia Society and other Staunton vocal
ists and instrumentalists, was the most suc
cessful and agreeable in the history of the
organization. It was given for charitable
purposes. It was well attended. The
amount realized we have been unable to
Cards are out announcing the forthcoming
marriage of Miss Otta M. Glover to Raleigh
Gilbert Koiner, to take place at noon of the I
24th inst. at Mt. Tabor church. The bride to
be is a daughter of Mr and Mrs. W. B. Glov
er of near Middlebrook, and the groom is a
son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Koiner of
A few days ago while Mrs. Thomas Kerr
of near Monmouth, was driving from Lex
ington along the road through the "Boom" I
grounds in the vicinity of Hotel De Hart, I
her horse became frightened by loose horses
running about it and started to run off and
began to kick. A hoof caught behind the)
shaft and the horse fell, breaking the shaft.
Timely help from a stranger relieved
Mrs. Kerr from a trying and what had been
a perilous position.—Rockbridge News.
On Monday evening of last week about 9
o'clock, Mrs. Jeuuetta Sampson died at the
residence of her son, A. Y. Sampson in this I
county. She is survived by two sons and a
great many grand children. Her illness was
not very long, and was caused by old age.
-he was 83 years old and had spent all these
•ears in Rockingham and Augusta counties.
The funeral took place at 10 o'clock Wed
esday evening at Pleasant Hill church.
Jev. Joe Cline, assisted by the Rev. Levi
Garber, conducted the services, after which
he body was conveyed to Middle River
emetery and laid to rest beside that of her
msband. The pall-bearers were: Samuel
raig. John McCausland, Wm. Parr, Sol.
riokenbarger, Wm. Taylor and T. A.
Fayette county, W. Va, now breaks the
ecord with tho achievement of five mur
ers committed within its borders inside of
1 hours. At Glen Jean on Thursday night,
eb. 3rd, in a dispute over a sma4l sum of
oney. Bob. Hunter shot and killed a man
nown as "Gray Eye Dick." Chas. Carter,
n uncle of the murdered man, then pro
eded to avenge his death by shooting and
stantly killing Hunter. Carter fled but
as captured and lodged in Fayetteville
il. Then came the killing of Mrs. Tucker
nd Wm. McAllister by the outraged hus
and, George P. Tucker, at Crescent at |
oon on Friday. Then on Friday night at 10 I
clook at Sewell a drunken negro named
ritchard Cook had his head fatally frac
red with a club by a railroad employee
ayton Hill.—Monroe Watchman.
Mr. Henry Wright of the Moffett's Creek
ighborhood, was in the city Monday and
nded us S2 for himself and wifo to begin
fund for the starving people of Cuba, the
d men, women and children who are hud
ed together and are known as the "recon
ntrados," who are dying rapidly from
sease and starvation, and for whom the
aritable people of this country are doing
grest deal, and who are in a most pitiable
nditiou because their homes have been
rued and they are not allowed by the
laniards to return to them, or to work,
d the Spanish have little or no food to
c them. It is estimated that over 309,000
these people have died since tho war be
n. Auy charitable person desiring to
ud auy money to be used in relief of these
opie can do so by forwarding it to us, and
elr name and the amount tfillbe publish
and the amount promptlysent. We may
ye more to say of this next week.
In the Hustings Court.
Mrs. Sarah J. Shanholtzer ou Saturda
alified as administratrix of the estate o
nor Shanholtzer, deceased, and as guan -
of her three youug children,
.'he case of James Bailey on appeal fro
police court for disturbing a religiou
rship was called with reference to bon
defendant, who is held for lack of suffi
nt bond,
'here was a decree entered confirmin
sale of theßumgardner lesldeuce corn
ederickand Coalter streets to Mrs. Bess
Bell for $3,500.
here was also a decree confirming sa
Sadie Byers' interest iv the lot on corno
Lewis and Johnsou streets to M. Houn
n for $750.
n tbe Huntings court clerk's office la
ek the following deeds were admitted t
Brown & Dore to D. L. Clemmer of th
unty. 43 feet front on Johnson street, th
tern half of the Shaughnessy lot, the ol
1 property, consideration $2,750.
iildred A. Davis and others, to M. E
ddlekoff, lot on North Augusta stree
nsideration $200.
''ive deeds by tbe city for the purpose o
dening Johnson street, being gifts to th
y, by Brown & Dore. L. B. Bosserman
A. Davis, R. L. Strattou and W. S. Wi
he will of Capt. A. J. Butts was admi
to probate last Tuesday. The estate
ued at $18,000. The real estate, consis
of the residence ou Augusta street,
t absolutely to Mrs. Butts and one hal
peisonal property. The other half o
personal property is left to her durin
lifetime, to go to his heirs at her deatl
Earl C. Keater Dead.
arl C. Kester, who had been in deelin
health for a long time, died Sunda
ruing at about !) o'clock at the home o
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Newton C. Keste
Coalter street, aged 24 years. Mr. Ke
was a graduate of the Dunsmore Bus
s College and was highly esteemed b
offijers and teachers of that school. H
a member of the Second Presbyteria
rch, from which the funeral took plao
nday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in th
sence of a large congregation, Ihe teach
and stndents of Dunsmore's Busines
lege, attending in a body. The servioe
he chnrch were conducted by the pastor
.J. M. Wells, assisted by Dr. A. M
Ie pall bearers were: Gilmer Weston
V. Driver, Elwood Stonebuiner, Rober
sell, J. U. Chittum and P. H. Chandler
lie interment was in Thorurose cemetery
Tucker Memorial Hall.
rof. Henry St. George Tucker, of Wash
on and Lee University, received last
k from Mrs. Lucreta R. Garfield, widow
he late President Garfield, a letter con
ing a check for $500 as a donation from
and her family to the John Randolph
ker memorial to be eree'ed at Washing
and Lee University. Mrs. Garfield
reted their inability to do more and used
se words: "General Garfield's friend
n and love for your father, the affection
e gratitude of the children for his interest
them, and my own admiration and high
gard for him, all combine to give us the
sire to make a contribution to the memo-1
il fund worthy of him n
Capt. li. G. Gooch is in Richmond.
Miss Jennie Bosserman, of the county, Is
■siting friends at Waynesboro.
Miss Maysie Guy; of Deerfield, was
n the city on Friday last.
H. S. Radcliffe is in Richmond on bu9l
Miss Wyllhart Ilarmaii has gone on a visit
o friends at Millboro, Va.
Miss Ella Hizer has gone to Washington,
). 0., on a visit to friends there.
Mrs. Allen T. Caperton, of Union, Mon
oe county. Is again quite ill.
Wm. L. Mowry, of South River, was in
t ie city on Friday last.
A call lias been made on Mr. Wm. H.
.Andes to become a candidate for Mayor.
Mr. J. Claude Clemmer and sister, Miss
ddie and Miss Caricofe, of this city, are
siting friends in Clifton Forge.
J. A. Wise lias gone to see his mother,
Mrs. C. J. Wise, who is very ill, at her
home, near Bridgewater.
Frank L. Lee. who has been visiting at
the residence of Dr. N. Wayt, for several
days, has returned to his home in Baltimore.
Lynn Taylor, of Charlottesville, who has
been visiting friends in the city, has return
Mr. Joe. Young, brother of Mrs. Edward
Echols, has been in the city for some days
B. F. Hughes went last week to Charles
Town, W. Va., to visit his mother, who is
in feeble health.
The father of Miss Edna Way, teacher of
articulation at the D. D. & B. I , died at
Grace, N. C, on Monday of last week.
Mr. Thos. P. Grasty, of the Manufactur.
ers' Reoord, passed through the city Friday,
an route from the west to his home in Balti-
Miss Nannie Forrest Richardson, of
Uharles Town, W. Va., is spending a few
lays with her friend, Miss Charlotte Ranson
W. Frazier Bell, son of R. P. Bell of this
sity, is among the Juniors who have been
leelared proficient at the V. P. I. for first
naif of the present session.
loseph B. Woodward returned last Satur
eveuing from Florida, where he has
a taking a month's vacation. He threw
train off the track twice on the trip,
on. Jacob Yost and Mrs. Yost returned
taunton Friday eveuing from Washing-
Mr. Yost has been ill with grippe.
Miss Grace Hileman, of Iron Gate, who
las been the guest of Miss Mary Yost on
!lenck street for the past month or
returned to her home Saturday.
loffett, for many years local rep
e of Baltimore and Ohio railroad,
ppointed travelling agent for the
is succeed as agent at Staunton by
Woodward, who has long been in
:her Wm. Fallon, pastor of St.
latholic church of Clifton Forge,
;be ice near Low Moor recently
ued painful injuries,
on Mathews, of Lewisburg, son of
dv. Hy. M, Mathews last week
ist creditable examinations at the
liversiry lor admission to the bar
nson, of Monroe county, who has
3 city attending Dunsmore'sßusi
sge, returned to his home last
P. Eakle, of Lewisburg, W. Va.,
d favorably known throughout
vas in the city Friday last, ou his
hmond, where he usually spends
every winter,
id Hotchkiss returned to Rieh
day to appear again before the
committee in behalf of his geo-
vey bill, which is a mostimport
e in the interest of material de
Capt. James 11. Waters and Chas. W.
Miller and family have returned from
Lynchburg, where they had been sumnion
;d again by the fatal illness of Mrs. Mit
er's father, the late John W. Carroll.
Rev. J. M. Wells, of the Second Presby
;erian church, went to Alexandria Saturday
where he filled the pulpit of Mr. Thacker,
who is preaching at the First Presbyterian
Dftliis city.
Jas. C. Lightner, attorney-at law at Warm
Springs, Bath county, was in the city for a
lay or two last week. He has entirely re
:overed from a severe spell of typhoid fever
which prostrated him several months ago.
Rev. Arnold Hall, synodical evangelist
)f Williamson, W. Va., and former pastor
)f Shemariah church this county, ii now
lere visiting among his former congrega
;ion. He will preach at Hebron church for
Rev. J. E. Booker, Sunday, 20th inst.
The Greenbrier Independent says of Mr.
Thomas L. Feamster, who is the retiring
postmaster of that town. "Mr. Feamster re
tires from the office with the consciousness
lhat he has discharged its duties with credit
to himself and fidelity to the government."
Rev. Henry Alexander White, A. M.,
D. 1)., LL. D., Protessorof History in Wash
ington aud Lee Uuiversity, who has been
elected Professor of Ecelesiastioal History
in Columbia Presbyterian Seminary, Col
umbia, S. C, has not yet decided as to
what course be shall pursue touching the
Capt. T. D. Ranson, of this city, is one of
the incorporators of the Deep Water Rail
road Co., which proposes to build from
Daep Water, Fayette county, on the line of
the Kanawha and Michigan up Lower Loup
Creek and to Glen Jean. Abram S. Hewitt,
of New York, is at its head.
kMr. E. M. Taylor, of this city, has been
ppointing travelling salesman for Bailey
Bros. & Co., of Philadelphia Manufactur
ers of fine cigars. Mr. Taylor has a large
field to cover, is a young man of line address
aud should be a valuable man in any line
that brings him in touch with the commer
cial public.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Van Lear of Little
Kock, Arkansas, are in Staunton, and will
make their home with Dr. C. W. Rogers,
whose wife is a sister of Mr. Van Lear,, who
s a native of Augusta oounty. They will
occupy the Van Lear residence next to the
First Presbyterian church. Mrs. Van Lear
s the daughter of the late R. L. Goodrich,
clerk for a great many years of the United
States court at Little Rock.
Tom L. West, with the United Mines Co.
of Richmond, Va., is in the county to look
after ores, which may contain gold or sil
ver, if any one knows of such an ore or
hiuks he has such Mr. West can be found
or a few days at the residence of Mr. John
W. Todd, near this city.
Grand Jurors.
The following are the grand jurors and
venire to be announced to the ensuing Feb
ruary term of the county court:
Grand jury—Samuel F, Pilson, Edwin A.
Fulcher, Albert R. G. Bass, Clement H.
Fulton, Samuel U. McCue, David N. Kerr,
'hilip N. Coiner, James R. Kemper, New- j
on J. Baylor, William H. Cochran, John
V. Montgomery, and William H. Lange. I
'hoy are required to be present on the first I
day, February 28.
Venire—Donald Allen, B. L. Partlow, I
'homas W. Hunter, Thomas R. Steele, Mil
ard F. Johnson, Cornelius J. Coiner, Har I
isoti M. Clem, William M. Harman, John I
L Kale, J. Addison Wliitmore, Joseph I
[ouseman, Samuel H. Daggy, William H I
\st, Thomas J. Childs, Julius J. Coyner. I
Attendance is required on the second day of .
he term, March Ist. t
Feb. 15.—The students of the New Provi
dence Academy have elected their commence,
ment representatives for their next annual
com mencement as follows: President Sam
uel Dunlap; Orators, Campbell Wilson
Charlie AVhipplo and Forest Robertson
Essayists, Morton McOlung, Robert Ram
sey and Lena brown; Recitation, grace Wil
son; Declaimers, William Heard, Samuel
Wright, Robert Buchanan, Argyle Smiley;
Valedictorian, Grier li. Smiley; Ushers,
Beny B. Beard, Herbert Brown, William
ley, Robert Dnnlap and Rutherford
i regret to chronicle the death of Guy,
■ son of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Smiley,
died on Friday last from diphtheria.
3ses Nellie Irvine and Janie White, of
agtou, have returned home, after a
to Mr. aud Mrs. Edgar Dawson.
Messrs. R. A. Wallace and R. R. Berry
have returned home from a visit to Craigs
The Middlebrook Progressive Crokinole
Club met at Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Dawson's
on Friday night last.
Roll of honor for Walker's Creek school.
No. 2 for 4th month is as follows: those
making a general average of 90, Nannie
Buchanan, Bettfe Gregory, Mary Lucas,
Emma Lyle, Kate Patterson, Mary Strick
ler, and Wm. McCutclian. Scholars who
were present every day during month,
Pearlie Patterson, Mary Strickler, Lina
Strickler, Emma Strickler, Hattie Zimmer
man, Wm. McCutclian, Eigar Zimmerman,
Tom Patterson and Euiniett Strickler.
Average daily attendance for past month
23.6. Teacher, S. S. Berry.
UHOT.o_. mews.
The past has been a quiet though busy
week in this town, as the mild weather has
set those agriculturally inclined busy at
cleaning up gardens, fixing up fences in an
ticipation of the eternal stray cow, and
getting everything ready for spring. Per
laps there is some cold weather yet to come,
but we hope not.
Mr. Marvin Eutsler of our town, begs to
tate that he has tbe fastest horse in the
ountry, and is willing to take up all
wagers ten to one as to the outcome of all
rials of speed whatsoever.
Mr. J. Fred Mullikin. of whom we made
nention last week as being ill, is getting
bout again.
Mr. W. L Livers, Treas. of The American
lard wood Mf'g Co., who has been in Chi
ago and the Northwest for the last two
eeks, has returned.
Messrs. Pirkey Bros., our enterprising
erchants, have housed a line lot of ice
about 40 tons) and they think they will be
ble to supply the demand the coming
Rev. Mr. Junkin, who holds semi-month
y services at this place, was unable to
lhciate last Sunday, being absent in Rich
Miss Ryan of Staunton, who is teaching
a neighboring school, was in town Satur
lay and Sunday visiting friends.
Mrs. Sam Sipe who has been seriously ill
or some time with bronchial affection, is
.till far from well.
As to the political outlook in this place,
we beg to state that it seems to have, Irom
. cursory view, a bad case of the fantods;
vhich expression having no particular de
nltion (and which we borrow from Apos
e Braun of Waco, Tex.,) we will presume
attach a meaning, equivalent to "dead
oke." However, your correspondent was
arly, if not quite, extinguished the other
ay. He asked a "cullo'd gen'l'man" who
as bewailing the hard times why he had
t voted for Bryau, and thereby received I
copious shower of silver. He replied:
' )e fax ob de case am, sab, he am de very I
n I voted foh."
Edwin Bennett.
A Sad Death.
Mrs. Sarah E. Fretwell, wife of Wm. W.
etwell, died at the home of her husband,
Sears' Hill, Snnday morning about 3
lock, aged about 63 years. The cause of I
ler death wa3 the bursting of a blood ves-1
el. She is survived by her husband and
ix children, John C, William, Charles,
Srnest, and Misses Katie and Florence. She
vas a loviug wife aud another, devoted to
ler household, and caring little for the ex
citements and pleasures of the world. She
lad long been a faithful member of the
Uethoilist Episcopal church of this city.
The funeral took place Monday afternoon
it 3 o'clock from the Methodist church, the
jastor, Rev. F. J Prettyiuau conducting the
iervices, assisting by ttev. J. T. James. The
jallbearers were: Messrs A. 11. Fultz, C.
4.. Craftou, Wm. Simpson, J. A. Hutcheson,
iVilliara L. Lushbaugh and C. Armentrout.
The interment was in Thornrose cemetery.
Pocahontas Items.
Mrs. Llgon, wile of Dr. Jno. Ligon, of
Clover Lick, is very seriously ill.
Mrs. J. W. Loury, of Huntersvllle, has
been very ill for some dajsand is no better.
AtHiilsboro, the thermometer during the
:old snap dropped to 14 below zero.
R. V Hill, for several terms deputy sheriff
of this county, died on the Ist of February,
aged about 08 years, ile was a man of re
markable, generosity and very popular.
Capt. J. C. Lakin. now of New York, was
in Lewisburg last week. Miss Virginia
Burrows, a niece of the Captain's, will
shortly give a humorous and dramatic re
cital in that town, and the Captain was ar-
Sging for her appearance,
.this home oc Greenbrier River, Janu
ary 22, 1898, Mr. Allen Gulford, aged 81
years, 10 months, and 7 days. He was a
professed Christian and member of the
Presbyterian church.
Fort Defiance.
Feb. 15 —The Mt. Sidney Mutual Tele
phone Co. has been organized and the fo -
lowing officers elected: Dr. T. M. Parkins
liident; S. D. Harper, Vice-Presiden
A. J. Ritchie, Secretary and Treasurer
infract was made with James Parish io
d the line complete ready for phone
l Mt. Sidney to Staunton, and the wor
ing pressed towards c >n pletioa so tha
in 30 days the line will be in use. The
multiple phones of tha newest pattern
be used and the service will be first
, iv every respect,
he black plague has broken out in
era Yunnan. At Chan I Cheo 600
tha occurred in two months. Coffins
canuot be supplied fast enough. The
people are throwing dead bodies to the
. . i
Royal makes the food pure,
wholesome and delicious.
Absolutely Pure
New Advertisements.
Dr. E. E. Terry, Veterinarian, has moved
his offlce from North Central Aye. to F. C.
Smith's sale stables, between Main St. and
Thornburg's stables. He advertises that
correspondence and consultation are free.
Mr. Chas. T. Palmer, proprietor of the
"Palmer House," calls attention to his
hotel today. This is the Hotel formerly
known as the Hoover House.
H. L. Lang, the jeweler and optician,
tells of the best way to procure glasses to
Struck by a C. & O. Express Train.
Tuesday morning the C. & O. fast train.
No. 4, struck two boys who were walking
on the tracks just west of Covington. One
was killed instantly, and the other so bad
ly injured that it Is thought he cannot re
cover. The boys were on their way to
school and walking on the tracks which are
double at that point. In getting out-of the
way of a freight train they stepped directly
in front of the express.
Compiimeatary Notices.
Spectator axd Vindicator :
To say lam pleased with your paper
superfluous. I expect to take it as long as
live, and would like it continued for ma
years afterwards if it could be mailed
me, but alas. Respectfully, Wm. S
Lone Fountain, Va., Feb. 11th, 1898
Staunton Spectator and Vindicator:
Dea Sir.—You will please discontinue—
the advertisement of the George Swo
farm as it has been sold.
I have found your paper a good mediu
ough which to reach the public.
Yours truly,
John S. Lambert.
:urslons to Washington, D. C. Via Che
and Ohio Ry. Feb. 17th, March 17th,
April 14th, and May ISth.
'he Ches. and Ohio Ry_. will run excu
sions to Washington on the above dates, a
85.75 for the round trip. Tickets on sale fo
trains Nos. 2 and 4 of those dates leavin
Staunton at 2:07 a. m. and 11:06 a, r_., goo<
to return on any train within ten day
Tickets are good going only on dates an
Ps mentioned. For further informatio
on or address. James Ker, Jr.,
P. & T. A., C. & O. Ry„
Staunton, Va
President Uuestas, of Uraguary, ad
I rim, has issued a decree dissolvin
assembly and has become prov -
al governor.
tttaunton Mantets.
Bpectatob office.
Staunton, Va., Feb. 16,1888.
Countrr Freduce.
■-patent * ©55
■mlly Ist t~S.(KJ
Newprocess to 4. r
New process, extra S3 ~oldH.i
new a ~
eathers .... 50c
d '.'•,;■:,■ saßc
lats—shelled @j
few Potatoes-Irish al
lye J
'allow ; 2)i
Inegar—pure apple I2>,c
Pool—unwashed 17-c
fool-washed 20
Lppies green per bushel 60aKG
Ik w Bacon—country cured.
lams iOall
iioulders 6a7
Sides— 6a 7
leeswax 20
lutter __(
lornmeal .'.....,'" —(2)4
!gps 8
Ilxed Hay 6.00 a 8.00
'imothy Hay 8 Oo a 9.50
!lover Hay 5.00 a 6.00
Hover Seed... $3 00a3 50
Feb. 10, 1608. f
f Cattle.—There were fewer good tops
ni the market than last week and more of
he medium and common grades, particular-
K latter. Tops were about up to the
of last week as to quality, while the
were about y y e easier than they were
hen. Prices of Reef Gattle this week rang
id as follows:
$est - J18555 00
ienerally rated first quality 4 60,a;4 75
ilediium or good fair quality 3 56<_410
Irdinary thin Steers, Oxen and
Cows 2003310
Of tho Cattle received 1093 came from Vir
linia. <
Sheep aud Lambs.—There is a falling off
n the quality of receipts of lambs since
Monday, while sheep show little if any dif
erence. Sheep selling at the prices ruling
hen; viz: Common to fair sheep, 60 to 'i 5
bs, sell at good to extra, 80 to 110
bs, 4a4%c per lb gross. Lambs, as to qual
ty and weight, 4Kn6c per lb.
Swine—Trade is slow, with a slight im
irovement in quotations. Good light far
Vestern hogs sell at 84 40a4.50 per 100 lbs
rross, those from other points ?4 15a4 30,
md light pigs ?3 90a4 10 per 100 lb* gros3.
Fresh Cows—A fair trade is reported in
resh cows at the prices ruling last week,
120 to §50, with few at the latter price.
Calves—Veals are dull and lower fully
iOc per 100 lbs, there being a heavy run
frices, as to quality and weight, at 4a6J40,
tnd extra at 6>£c per lb. Roughs ?3a7 each.
MISSION Merchants Jersey City, N. J.
New York, Feb. 14.
Total receipts yesterday and today, induci
ng all local points, were 4607 beeves, 813
jalves, 13,142 sheep and lambs, and 11.987
loes. For the week ending Snnday, last;
1.959 beeves, 155 milch cows, 1,758 calves,
!6,892 sheep and lambs. 38,748 hogs, against
),374 beeves, 112 milch cows, 1.487 calves,
!7,432 sheep and lambs, and 33,379 hogs the
week previous.
Shipments from this port the past week
were 2952 beeves, 70 sheep, 10,911 quarters
if beef, against 1977 beeves, — sheep, and
10,290 quarters the week preceding. Private
lables received today from London and Liver
pool quoted American steers at lOallc per
[b. dressed weight; American sheep at —a—
per lb, dressed weight; American refrigerator
beef at 7ia7jfc.
Receipts ot beeves, yesterday and today in
cluded 21 cars to be sold, of which 16 cars
were at Jersey City. On light receipts prices
idvancep sharply all around, steers selling
lOaloc higher and rough butcher stock 15a20c
stronger. The yards were quickly cleared.
Poor to best native steers sold at $4.45a5 30
per 100 lbs; stags and oxen at $2.75a4.50; bulls
at J3.00a3.63: dry cows at $2.25a3 40.
T7IRGINIA :_ln the Clerk's Offlce of the Cir-
V cuit Court of Augusta county, February
15th, 1898. «._■*..*
Wm. D. Clarke's adm'rs, Plaintiffs,
Wm. shaver, et als, Defendant's.
In Chancery.
The object of this proceeding is to revive the
chancery suit in the name and style of Wm
D. Clarke vs. Shaver, et als. against the lieirs
at-law of Emanuel Hi3e, deed., in order that
said case may be finally heard. And It ap
pearing by affidavit nied that Wm. F. Hl?e,
one of the heirs-at-law of Emanuel His-,
dec'd., is a non-resident of the state of Vir
ginia, it is ordered that he do appear here
withi-i fifteen days after due publication
ie eof and do what is necessary to protect
his interest in this suit.
J.. J 1.. & R. Bumgardner, p. q.
Choice Western Clover Seed,
Choice Western Timothy Seed.
Fancy Blue Grass Seed,
Va. Orchard Grass Seed,
County Clover Seed "Wanted,
Flaxseed Meal for Stock,
Fertilizers for Spring Crops,
Bissell Chilled Flows,
Livingston Plows,
Double and Single Shorel Plows and
Mow Steels.
Spring Tooth Harrows,
Corn Planters,
Chain Pumps,
Deep "Well Pumps.
Steel Roofing,
Old Hickory Wagons,
For sale at low prices by
feb 17-4t
Large "Colonial" Mansion, perfect con-
Ition. Large barns. 1,100 acres; 350 rich
ver bottoms, (not overflowed) splendid for
mothy and corn; 350 acres cultivated up
nds, gently rolling, and adapted to corn
d grass. Whole farm substantially
ned; many fields; water in each. Rearing
chards; lake stocked with black bass.
on river, best of shooting and fishing.
'.minently healthy; a beautiful place.
10,000. Photos furnished. Pox 282,

The Euclid Oil Company,
i feb 17-lt* Cleveland Ohio.
Correspondence and ) j Mutual Phones:
Consultation Free. ] i Office, 31;
| Residence 35-5.
E. E.Terry.Veterinarian
Office and Veterinary Hospitat at F. C. I
Smith's Sale Stables, (between Thornburg's I
Stables and Main St.)
"the hoover house
And under its new name and management
every effort will be used to make It first class
in every respect. The Commercial Men and
i raveling Public are earnestly requested to
give us a trial. Our location is unsurpassed.
Rates $ I .OO and $ 1.50 Per Day.
Meals 25 Cents.
Hot and Cold Baths. 'Bus meets all
feb 17 .'it Owner and Proprietor.
12 Acres of Land
witn theimprovementstheeeon.lyingnear i
Arbor Hill, Auousta county.
By virtue of a deed of trust from Thelphllus
llandall and wife to the undersigned, dated
May 11th, lt'J7, of record in the Clerk's Offlce of
Augusta county Court, in D. B. 126, page 450
default having been made in the debt. Secur-1
ed, and being required so to do by Maria Cave I
the beneflciary, the undersigned trusee, will I
sell at public «uct;ou in front of the court
house in the City of Staunton, on
Saturday, the 19th day of March, 1808,
at 11 o'clock a. m. All that tract or parcel of
land ly.ng near Arbor Hill, containing la acres
with the Improvements thereon and thereto
1 lelonglng, about 5 miles southwest from the
City of Staunton.
TEHMS:—For cash as to expenses of sale,
any unpaid taxes and the sum of $ ; ,6.00 with I
egal Interest from May llth, 1897. And as to
! ihe residue, upon such terms as the grantors
n deed shall prescribe and direct, or In the
vent of their failure to give such direction,
upon such terms as the trustee shall think flt,
and as will be announced at the time of sale.
feb l(i-4ts Trustee.
To the Voters of the City of Staunton;
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
ie Offlce of Commonwealth's Attorney for
the city of Staunton at the coming municipal
election to be held In May, and subject to the
Democratic primary, and earnestly solicit
l ~E su P-° _■• If elected I pledge myself to a
faithful performance of the duties appertain
ing thereto. Respectfully,
3an,27-tf T. PEYTON BROWN.
To the voters of the City of Staunton:
I hereby announce that I will be a candi
date for the position of Commonwealth's At
torney for the cloy of Staunton at the muni
cipal election to be held May next, subject to
—ie Oemociatic primary, and trust that I may
receive your support.
Very respectfully,
Jan 13,1898 VVM. A. PRATT.
To the Voters of the City of Staunton : I
I hereby aunounce that I will be a candi
date for the position of Commonwealth's At
torney for the city of Staunton at the muni
cipal election to be held in May next subject
to the Democratic primary, and trust that I
may receive your support.
Very respectfully.
Jan. 13,1898. HERBERT J. TAYLOR.
To the Voters of the City of Staunton :
.__?__?_ bee ? reliably informed tnat the
present incumbent of the office of Common
wealthis Attorney for the City of .toiiuton
v a., will not be a candidate for re election at
f__ n , e , m uniuipalelection to beheld in May
IBJS, 1 therefore respectfully annoi'i. myself
as a candidate for that offlce, subject to the
Democratic primary election, and trust that I
may receive your support.
t„ ~ - „ Very respectfully.
To the Voters of the City of Staunton:
ror r r e h S P . Pc n C ffl. Uy ? n ? ourlcem y s9lf a candidate
Commonwealth's Attorney
AM-_f h„? S f ? tau ' u on, as a Democratic can
m.?i c ;^ t , not , s "i ) ' <3ct t0 » Democratic pri
~H.~ty support of the voters of
T° of the CITy OF
\1 h , er «''y announce myself as a candidate tor I
~~? le , ctlon *° offlce oi City Sergeant, sub
ject to a Democratic primary. 1 feel very
££___/£ 50,,r su PPort in the past a„_
£_£ you - I ? ay feel "-Posed to render me
your kind assistance on this occasion.
T° -?M_3? 8 ° F TH¥ UITF °F
B.ffl?.„ y o a^ ou ? cc myse]f as a candidate ;or
-J 2,° lty *&*?*** subject to the Dem
tic Primary. If elected, I promise a fait I -
mergetie and prompt performance of the
es of the offlce. Respectfully, lne
J an 27 THOS. A. DAWSON.
January !2d, 1898.
leg leave to announce my candidacy for
~£L on to , the offlce of Commissioner of the
enue, subject to the Democratic primary,
promise if re-elected a faithful discharge
i,«?£. a 0 offlce to th e "est of my
ability. I solicit the active support of mv
rrleims, with a sincere appreciation of their
past efforts In my behalf. I
Very respectfully,
1 nereoy announce myself a candidate for
.S c ?,5 cc of Commissioner of the Revenue for
u_™£? r i i _- UIlt;o S- Elec «onto be held In
May next, JB9B. Respectfully,
Staunton. Va..
Dear Sir-The office of Commissioner of the
,oi' en, ie is one of the most Important in the
gift of the people of Staunton. It'should be
filled by a man who is universally recognized
as capable, conscientious and painstaking.
More than that, when the city has any favors
to bestow, they should go to those who have
given ungrudgingly of their time and labor to
build up the city. No man has given more
generously of both, in proportion to his
means. Recognizing your merits, among
which is your lifelong fidelity to iho Demo
cratic party, It is with great pleasure that -ye
ask you to run for Commissiouer of the Reve
nue, promising you our hearty support. j
j In reply to your flattering call on me to an
nounce myself a candidate for Commissioner
of tne Revenue for the ensuing term, I beg to
say I appreciate most highly the desire ex
pressed by a large number of my friends thus
to honor me. I hereby announce myself,
therefore, a candidate for said offlce, subject
to the decision of a Democratic primary.
My record as a citizen of Staunton for B
y s, i oula 'estify to my character, and my
ability to administer tho office acceptably
and to my desire to promote the interests of
the city. Respectfully,
| H. M. Mol~H~jn~
_ Staunton, Va.
, a De » Sir-There is no man in Staunton bet
ter iltted to perform the duties of Coinmlsion
er of the Revenue than yourself, and non
Sth, f a ,r£,° r n ed more pH»~-a_ and success
fully for the Democratic party. Kreo-'mzirc-
your high qualifications for the place, ana th
esteem in which you are held by the people of
Staunton regardless of party, we resr~~~il]T
urge you to become a candidate for this offl.- e
subject to a Democratic primary, and nledire
you our earnest support. 6
In response to the above call I announce
E„"_ 5 S--$_* t0 for Commissioner of the
n__£~. ?? the , (; it.v of Staunton, subject to a
Very respectfully,
t, _ „ Staunton. Va.,'
n,^ c ~ r Sir - Fu ,"y recognizing your fealty to
the Democratic party, and knowing your n.
E™ , , l ! ! ' 1 " iCatioM auu fltnes '' w » respect
fully call u,.on you t-> announce yourself a
candidate for the offlce of Commissioner of
~S_f-~J5 c oC tui . city - au -ect to a Demo
cratic primary, if you will become a candi
n~h«- a c *. ure >' ou U-~ you will, without a
_2„% r i ceiv * the nomination at the primary
and the hearty support of your party and of
many other good citizens, who are not Demo
crats on election day. May With 1898 "
In response to the above call, I hereby an I
nounce myself a candidate for the offlce of I
Commissioner of the itevenue for the City nf
Staunton, subject to the decision of a Demo
cratlc primary election. My long continued
services In the council chamber of mv native
city will be I am sure, a sufficient guarantee
to my fellow citizens that any duty they see
fit to assign to me, will be faithfully dia
charged. Very respectfully, I
We have the exclusive control of this brand, and it is
the best 5c Cigar on the market. Try them.
HOGSHEAD, HANGER & CO., Druggists.
Our cork soled SHOE
simply enjoy bad weathe:
Try a Pair.
Prices 12.25,13-{4
Take your feet in out o
the wet. They have alway
stood by you and deserv
the best treatment.
McH. Holliday,
Up-To-Date Shoe House,
Staunton, V
I Gradif Farm For Rent !
My Mountain Farm of 4!il acres near Green
wood Depot, Va., Is for rent, for grazing lv
poses. Address for particulars.
I _._._: °- H - FI'NSTEN,
feb 3-lt 1113 Main St., Richmond, Va.
1877. BERKELEY. 1897
Cabinet Photographss2 per dozen. Our car
Dnnettes are equal to the best. Crayon an
color work a specialty.
A neat Photograph at 75 cents a dozen.
ma 20-6 m Adjoining Masonic Tempi
— -~
Now is the time to buy your fence wire a
there will most likely be a big advance in th
early spring. We have all sizes at bottom
pnees, and we will make it to youradvantag
to see us before you place your order.
Our Easy Fence Ratche
Is the greatest Invention on the market. N
cutting of wire. Put on any fence, old or new
Cheapest thing or the kind made.
Sash, Doors s>nd Blinds. Pumps of a
kinds. A Big Cut in Winter Lap Robe
and Horse Blankets.
*-aS~*s~S_^_*• persons from a dlstanc
will be carefully crated.
W. A. McCOMB, Proprietor,
ShenandoahValley Herd,
octu-emos Arbor Hill Va.
For Sale and Eidum
Ist—7B acres of land, 20 minutes drive o
Staunton, valued at §1,800, in exchange
for improved city property.
2d—Seven room hrick residence in Staunton
valued at 91,250, offered in exchange for
country home.
3d—s-room frame dwelling in Staunton
valued at 9800, in exchange for smal
Ith—Excellent store room and shop, gooc
size lot, in Staunton, only 9500. Gooc
location for business.
sth—About 200 acres of level land 3 m. of
city, good section, will offer 91,750.
isth —A very fine mill property a f '""v fig
ures, or will trade for farm.
Our Real Estate Catalogue, desc
eral, timber and farm land-. >v
sent free to any address.
Rates for life, fire or accident p'..'v;i»s on
Correspondence desired from tnose .wiring
to loan or borrow money.
Mcllhany & Hilleary,
leal Estate, Rental & Insurance Agents
Jan 13
\braham Lincoln:
Any man can repair
Some Watches Sometimes,
Some men can repair
Some Watches Any Time,
But we can repair
Any fate. Every Time,
Switzer & Grubert, fi
io. 3 E. Main St., Staunton, Va. {
Two Ways of
Getting Glasses!
One is to go to a firstclass
optician, have your eyes prop
erly tested and get you what
you need—the other, to go to
a merchant who keeps specta
cles, make a 'grah in the bag'
as it were, get a pair that
don't fit you (although it may
seem so for the moment) and
run the risk of ruining your
eye sight entirely.
If you need the services of
a good optician we can serve
you. We make no charge for
examination and charge a
moderate price for the glass
Jeweler and Optician.
■ ■■ ■■■"■L7& ""* ;
• 'v :'-•■ ..■ jjj - vi*'-
.-''■'• - -'i-.--- : ••:.■.:,.-■ s -.
'■,'"••■• • " z.\'.Slm,' ■**.• mratwi--. \
. ■ ■;. V-.' - '•'? •Ji'tSSfeT ■■'•
-•,' '* V' •*' ' " - ■-.' .:■ ■ ■ ;
- - y ■■,■'-.■ :4
\&-~-- — i? ■■■-:<>.---r v~*£36ys
and is about due, so you had bet
ter have plenty of good, clean
coal in your cellar and be prepar
ed, Old Boreas usually avoids
the domicile that is heated by
Miller's genuine Fire Creek
Lump. Fire Creek Lump Coal
is absolutely free from impurities,
forms no clinker and is in the
end the cheapest in the matket.
M.Erskine Miller &Bro.
City Offlce—W. 11. Rarkman'a Store,
Masonic Temple.
for some particular Medicine or Drug and
don't like to be offered a substitute, come
to us when you need a new supply. We are
pretty sure to have it. Everything that a
well stocked Drug store usually carries, and
a great many things besides, can be found on
our shelves.
The purity of the Drugs sold by us and the
accuracy of our prescription department in
sures to our customers just what the Doctor
''' ~ -* Vain street - Staunton, Va.
CriHe Boards!
Regular Price $3.50
Our " 2.25
Other Goods in Pro
CaWf ell-Sites Company
Masonic Temple.

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