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We Invite Inspection of
Our Subscription List, by
Advertisers, and assure
them that they will find it
he largest of any paper
Published in this City.
ai',lt«rf7VV7T,?7TTffffnTTfTn\f!?!TT»»f!T1fTmTTTT»-TTTfTTT»TTfTV!fTTTT , (!!rM!TVT*e $
Don't bay a cents wortli of Olottiing neither J5
2 Men's, Boys' nor Children's, 1
(R until you Lave seen what we are doing. C
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the time to get them, don't delay, but m
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pair guaranteed. If they ever rip bring S
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inberg Clothing Co., A «S!» EH *1
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arms, Automatic or Hand Gas Lightiin
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i . Jrl! , ien ayjentral Minual Tel. 0,)}*°
T. Hftit's lioo or SpectatoiyK -
office, will Ii -
3m / \22 W. MalnSt- £|.
1 _>_._■ L_B
■ _P--Tif
H __Fccds
■ _|m«8
_M Vile h
H back-
H _Ki-rnr. Cata*
■_ issr e Harrows,
H ■)«..• Fa.
■ W *♦—♦—♦————♦♦—♦a
undertaking which often o M_.._. Ch-.-, 0< *
and something "nearly ? I«\JW OflUC OlOfB, §
never satisfactory. There's 0 @
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ad it is a splendid orpor J* nov 11-ly *
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ss this Office. %—*——————***
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33J1 111 lilt III 110 III sSSSStiBi i>! Jy C L i CI 10 ll #
•jfl* ■' ■ ~
VOL.75. STAUNTON, VA., THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 1898. * f NO. 9.
'Over T~)ico<-"-,~
"" ■ SrlBw
, j cure th«
sdin '
faithfully carried out. We
willing to undertake the most
i desperate case with entire con-
fidence that African possesses
the matchless power to cure.
Why Continue to Suffer
With this Great
Remedy at your
very Door?
Sold by B, F. HUGHES, Druggist.
Muster Riill of Capt. Jas n. Skinner's
Cg.pt. James H. Skinner, Ist. Lieut.
Edward V. Garber, 2nd. Lieut. John
Lynn Cochran, 3rd. John B. Eskridge.
I). Beard, J. T. Maupin, O. C.
Lipscomb, Samuel Carol.
Samuel N. Patterson, R. C. Davis,
James D. Shreckhise, James D. Coiner, i
Adams, Jacob H. Ailer, John L.
Bayler, John S. Baylor. A. J,
Bear, Samnel V. Bear, Henry C.
Bosserman,Wm. H. Broyles, Walker, j
Bunch, John W. " Bush, Charles. j
Bellamy, A. H. Childress, T. J.
Childress, Francis M. Christ, Jos. M. j
Cox. Charles P. Cox, Thos. H.
Cox, Alex. H. Currier, John W.
Currier, Jos. S. Currier, Wm. M.
I Croft, Jacob Croft, Samuel
ChristmanThos. F. Cross, Gabriel
Cross, Jeremia Connell, James
Dixon, Charles S. Dixon, Francis M.
Davis, Joseph Dinkle, Chas. A.
Dunlap, Rob't B. Fellers, Gideon
Freed, G. D. Grove, A. J.
Golladay, A. H. Gongner, James P.
Gum, Wm. C. Gum. George H. j
Gilmer, James Hardwick, John W.
Hardwick, Jas. W. Hall, Wilford J.
Hupman, John A. Haruff, Andrew J.
Haruff, George W. Hunter, John T.
Hunter. David S. Heller. Jonas
Hildebrand, B. b'. Jamison, Wm. T.
Johnston, John B. Johnson, Sam'l M.
Johns, Samuel T. Loving, David H.
I Lange, Wm. F. Lamb James M.
Lowner, Emanuel Morris, Layton
Miller, Samuel M. Miller, George C.
Milstead, Gideon Mann, William
Mooney, Richard Mooney, John D.
Ma. incup, Henry J. Masincup, Jno. H.
Marshall, James T. Mitchell, Robt.
Misner, Jacob Mathews, John
Mathews, David Peilson, Thos. H.
lion, James A. Peyton, John W.
George. W.. „Pare. Ananias ..
Vm. Parish, A. J.
s, George W. Sprouse, MattinV
>n, Robert Smith, Robert
le, Geo. W. Stdgdale, Thos.H
le, Rob't A. , Taylor, Silas
, St. Clair Taylor, Solomon
Daniel W-. Teter, James W.
sr, Samnel Via, Wm.
'ollowing memorandum appears
aottom of the roll: Wm. Gait,
lieutenant in place of John B. I
re, deceased,
sral R. C. Davis elected lieuten
dace of Wm. Gait resigned,
las H. -Teilsoii elected 3rd lieut- ,
a pi of John L. Cochran, de-;
R. C. Da> ! I
.ono. ioiu.u ]£^Lsu-rf**"£T.' O ST,'"
milt- jio in inwHTWrr 11 I Tie Jlli,
b ''ox j >ined Ma; il
i .rg •. nbi
Novel Scheme of a Tin-it.
(Rock Hill Hearld.)
An ingenious theif has been operat
ing at the New York Races. About
two weeks ago the clerks, upon going
into the store early in the morning,
discovered a lot of clothing lying on
the floor immediately under tbe sky
light. They also observed later in the
day that a glass had disappeared from
the skylight. No one seems to have
suspected that anythingwas wrong-
Monday mornirg when the store was
opened more clothing was found lying
upon the floor, but still nothing special
was thought of the incident. During
the day, however, Mr. True, the pro
prietor, noticed that some towels hang
ing on a wire were out of shape, and
when he began to straighten them out
he found a fishing line dangling from
one of the towels. Two large hooks
had been knitted on the end of the
line and about a quarter pound of
sheet lead had been wrapped around
it. Mr. True at once discovered why
the clothing had been misplaced. A
thief had gone on top of the store, re
moved a glass from the skylight by
picking the putty out with a knife, and
with his line and hooks was fishing for 1
clothing on the counters underneath ;
but his hook caught in the towel and j
the wire to which the towel was attach
ed being stronger than the fishing line,
the latter broke when the thief at
tempted to haul it in.
Mr. True is not certain that the thief
was sueceefful in pulling any clothing
out of the hole in the skylight, but
thinks it very probable that more than
one pair of pants and perhaps several
coats have been stolen.
Who does not know women and young
girls who are continually in tears ? Who
always see the dark side? Who have
frequent fits of melancholy without any
abparent cause ? The intelligent physic
ian will know that it is some derange
ment of the complicated and delicate
feminine organs. The young girl suffers,
bodily and mentally, in silence. There
is undue weariness, unexpected pain,
unreasonable tears and fits of temper. Dr.
Pierces Favorite Prescription exerts a
wonderful power over woman's delicate
organism. It is an invigorating tonic
and is specific for the peculiar weakness
es, irregularities and painful derange
nieuts of woman. Careless, easy-going
doctors, frequently treat their women
patients for biliousness, nervousness,
dyspepsia, liver or kidney troubles, when
the real sickuess is in the organs dis
tinctly feminene, and no help can come
till they are made perfsctly strong by the
use of Dr. Pierces Favorite Prescrip
Send 21 1-ceut stamps to cover cost of
mailing only, and receive free, a copy ot
K.ctces Medical Adviser. Address,
d's Dispensary Medical Association
Buffalo, N. Y.
I hop Dudley, of Kentucky, has de
il the offered position of general
tary of the board of managers of
omestic aud foreign missionary
ty cf the Protestant Episcopal
_ •—
To galt U.t__co easily md forev.r. teir;i<?
I full of life, nerve and vi.-ror, take No-To
ho wonder-worker, that makes v,eak__cn
;. All druggists, We or Si. Cure guaran-
Booklet and sample free. Address
ag Remedy Co, Chicago or New York.
Woman," words to 1_ round in the Or-j
augc Observer:
"Onward, roll onward, O Time, in
your flight, make me a woman that's
clear out of sight; give me bloomers and
breeches and shirts, let me get out of
these horrible skirts. A whisker produ
cer invent if you can, give me a head that |
grows bald like a man's; grow tobacco!
that wont' make me sick, and teach me
to chew ala man very quick. Let me, O
let me drink whiskey and swear, bet on |
the chickens and back the fleet mare; stay
out nights, hold office and vote, take ill
tbe town and a six-shooter tote; sit in the
buzzard roost row if I choose, play base
ball and football and wear those spike
shoes. Onward, roll onward, O Time.
! quickly fly, make me a man or else help j
me die; this world as it is fairly fill me
with woe, but were I a man 'twould be
heaven below."
Never, no never, ye gods, what a
sight, make of sweet woman even on a
dark night; give her the bloomers, she
can wear them with skirts, but let her
keep out of our stiff-bosom shirts. A
"whisker-producer," you horrid old
brute, a girl with long side-burns
would be a real beaut; and nasty to
bacco—now snuff's not so bad, but
chewing-gum here is the prevalent fad.
Never, no never, give her whiskey or
beer, bet on the chickens or take a
good swear, to stay out at night, hold
offlce or vote, when she should be at
borne with a baby to tote. Backward,
turn backward, O Time, in your flight,
and knock the Observer man clean out
of Eight; sink him deep down in
oblivion's dark sea, and hang the re
mains on a gooseberry tree.
Indian Guerilla Dead.
Joseph Ski, 60 years old, a Chip
pewa Chief, known as "Ojibwa Joe,"
is dead. Ojibwa Joe during the civil
war fought against the Union for;
three y.ears.and..; S
113 Union soldiers while in the sharp
shooting service, tbe record having
been kept by scratches on the stock of
his gun.
Ski became a eoldier through the 1
instrumentality of John C. Breckin
ridge, of Kentucky. Mr. Breckinridge
H owner of some land near
• and "Joe" Ski was employed
o clear a portion of this land,
ekinridge was so impressed
i young Indian that he em
im as a body servant. After
joined the Confederate army.
.cipline did not r .it him, and
i-_.ed a band Of guerrillas, alter |
>h_t ihe Captain of tiis c
Ifr,ilow.rs , fr_7?**H
en. natives c. ii-nucky.
it w_ta to gratify the \..sh of
dor _r 10 give themselves a
'age appearance has never
rned, but the band painted
-s, decked their heads with
and otherwise disguised them
look as much like Indians as
i Cii-_i>i„iiits_We!eo._ie News.
act that our women suffer from
ai plaints and are consequently
_!, nervous, dragged-out and
ins and aches. Dr. Greene, of
4th St., New York City, who is
oubt the most successful spec
tiring female complaints, offers
ie consultation by mail to all
iffering from these distressing
:s, discharges, pains and irreg-
Consult Dr. Greene by letter
11 write you carefully explaining
ymptoms so plainly chat you
stand exactly what ails you.
v. He can and will cure you.
organ Tieat, the newly ap
narshal foi tins district, will
rge of his office on Saturday.
Jendit, a well knawn republi
er, has been appointed office
The general impression is
tain Asa Rodgers, of Peters.
1 be appointed chief deputy.
Jodgers was an active aspirant
jsitionof marshal.
Valuabls to Woßes.
ally valuable to women is Browns'
ters. Backache van-sites, headache
rs, strength takes the place of weak
il the glow of health comes to the
teek when this wonderful remedy is
For sickly children or overworked
las no equal. No home should be
Browns' Iron Bitters. For sale by
All Dealers.
Turkestan is thinly populated
_w schools. The Russian gov
las fitted up as schools a few
sarriages, which remain at each
_ a few weeks. The teacher
ie carriage. The children are
to learn a lesson or two until
ant school again reaches their
Oure Constipation rOTS-Cr.
searets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25c.
fail to cure, druggists refund money,
.cts ill these times are opposed
Dms in a house that are not liv-
I. The prim and usually desert
of former days has been banish
that old fashioned ice-house
the spare chamber sent to keep
iy through modern heating and
>ing improvements,
ber of young wo_en iv (ape
J., have formed a club called
:lor Maids' club. They propose
gate the character of ail young
wish to call upon them. They
ed not to marry unless each
if the club is willing.
-To--;_.-v h. ■ (-ifrj Cents.
cd tobacco );-■ i t i-re. makes weak
, biood pure. __,£.. All drugKists.
about "(..years the Latin lan
i the language of court, camp
society from the river Tweed
d to the Euphrates in Asia,
the Crimea, or Chersoneset, in
sea to the Pillars of Hercules
item extremity "f the Mediter
■eck of the Alaska steamer
—— _-_■
vada has been found and it is
that the forty persons -
joaid of her lost.
We have been requested to publish
the following provisions from the code:
Section 2048 Code of Va., 1887: The
board of supervisors of auy county, af
ter posting a notice of the time and
place of meeting for 30 days at the
front door of the court house at each
voting place in the county, and by
publishing the same once a week for
four successive weeks in some newspa
per of such county, if any such be
priuted therein, a majority of the
board being present and concurring,
may declare the boundary lines of each
lot or tract of land in such county, or
in any magisterial district thereof, or
ia any selected portion of such county,
to be a lawful fence as to any or all of
the animals mentioned in section 2049; [
aud to the extent the said board shall
so declare the boundaries of each lot
and tract of land shall constitute a law
ful fence as to the said animals, or such
of them as may be named, after six
months from the time of snch action
by the board and to such extent sec
tion 2038 shall be inoperative from and
after the said six months.
Section 2049: It shall be unlawful
for the owner or manager of any horse,
mule, cattle, hog, sheep or goat to per
mit any such animal as to which the
boundaries of lots or tracts of land
have been or may be constituted a
lawful fence to run at large beyond the
limits of his own lands within tbe coun
ty magisterial district or portion of
such county wherein the said bounda
ries have been constituted, anr 7 j
be a lawful fence on tb :ay before
this code takes eff__ j ■ c may be here
after so coosUtuted,
B(iSjfthe b-tc-i! body needs
• i throw oft the, stagnation
•ed by winter diet. As the teinpefe'
ature riF.;. under the grov. the
jjim_.s. . we fee] i;i£_-H_alf sick and
low in St-.r_-Tl_c-.uße the blood is slug
gish and full of impuries. Dr. J. 11.
fan's Strengthening Cordial and
. Purifier is a reliable spring remedy
■igorate the body aud give tone to
gestion. Price 50c and $1 a bottle,
ale by Hogshead, Hanger & Co.
*""* ,_ I
s possible to go round the world i
ouch on British territory all the
way—viz: from England to Halifax,
across Canada to Vancouver, across
the Pacific to Hongkong, thence to
Singapore, Penang, Mauritius, Cape
Town, St. Helena and England, or
Penang " Crtd a, Bombay,
. Peri in, .>.r.;t_t, ; breltar and
. f
. .-. >r sale sad
■ friends color, doe's b relied
fad flower, dying
>me ri'di , lost time,
I dead alive, sick Spaniard, mortal em,
common harm and chimney sweep.
l_:lac_te Your Bowels With Cascarefts.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
10c, 2_c. If C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
.—_ ■
The ruby in the center of the Maltose
cross on the top of the British crown is
the stone that was given to the Black
Prince by King Pedro of Castile after
the battle of 3S ajara. Henry V of Eng
land wore it in.his helmet at the battle of
It is estimated that the daily supply of
needles for the entire world amounts to
3,000,000 of varying shapes and sizes,
while the United States alone calls for a
yearly supply of 300,000,000. j
All Old !_._-.
Every day strengthens the belief of emi
nent physicians that impure blood is the
cause of most of our diseases. Twenty-five
years ago this theory was used as a basis for
the formula of Browns' Iron Bitters. The
remarkable cures eil'ected by this famous
lvtnedy are sufficient to prove the theory
correct. Browns' Iron Bitters are sold by
All Dealers.
0 0J .
A cork rope is made of small corks
placed end to end and the whole covered
with a bt-aiding of cotton twine. Over
this is a coarser braiding in heavy strands.
The rone will stand a strain of 1,000
The Philippine islauds have 0, 000,000
inhabitants, of whom 1,000,000 live iv
the mountains and refuse allegiance to
When old coins are Worn so that it is
hard to make out the inscription, gradu
ally beat the coin, and in almost all cases
the inscription will appear.
Educato Your Boweli Willi discards.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
10c, .sc. If C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
* ■ •
111 the town hall at Sydney is built the
largest pipe organ in the world. It has
five manuals and pedals and 140 stops.
The natives of Alaska seidom change
their clothes unless they are worn out.
They are considered the filthiest race of
It is positively announced that a
company has been formed to control
the entire coal output of the New Riv
er district.
0- 0. 9
Most of the canal barges in the south
of England are worked by women.
_ m _
The London policeman on an aver
age arrests seven persons every year.
♦ m 0
Wanted Aden's,
"The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War,"
j just published, contains 500 pages 12x16 inch
es, and over 1100 large Battle Sceues, Maps,
Portraits, etc. The greatest and largest War
Book ever published, and the only one that
does justice to the Confederate soldier and
the cause he fought for. Complete in one
volume. Agents wanted everywhere to sell
this book on our new and easy plan. Many
of the lady and gentlemen agents who are
a work are making from $100 to S2OO per
tnouth. Veterans. Sons and Daughters of
Veterans, and others interested are requested
to .end for a beautiful illustrated descHptive
circular, free, and termt to agents. Address
'•■~:jfea PARKER'S ™" I
-_-_.- life awajf*^T_
whole physical system
grows sluggish and torpid
No wonder so many sales
girls and factory girls and iiousewives suf
fer from indigestion and constipation and
bilious troubles. 2,0 wonder tliL-y are sub
ject to the diseases cf the delicate special
organism of their sex. The wonder is
rather that they can stand it as well as
they do.
But "a poor weak woman," as she is
termed, will endure bravely and patiently
agonies which a strong man would give
way under. The fact is women are more
patient than they ought to be under such
Every woman ought to know that she
may obtain the most eminent medical ad
vice/TV- of charge and in absolute confi
dent!- and privacy by writing to Dr. R. V.
Pierce, chief consulting physician of the
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, of
Buffalo, N. Y. Occupying this position for
thirty years he has had a wider practical
experience in the treatment of women's
diseases than any other physician in this
country. His medicines are world-famous
for their astonishing efficacy.
The most perfect remedy eve'- ' Ifot
weak and delicate wo_»-
Favorite Prescription Hi. .
ical Discovery" ■'-. thi onh
Restive md nutrient tot _hi
.chits taken ...
. |'.t- ■
tipafi- •! Di Piei ml .-diets
__.i with the
ferflfiiTiiMi iiiiiiiiiimili!ii!lii.ii:i':-!V"v:ii;'iiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSin»__| ___. . - '
||ijj|jjj I THAT THE
!! slmitatingtheFoodandRegula,- m
| ting the StomachsandBowels off I! —OF
ssanafiestCon •
t Oj>pitrT.Morpaineiiririyu_Ui_i M TS OK THE
. j"' NotKARCOTir , _ _ J "" _ \
£ W ttaaara 3. TV RAPPER.
i?«i_aXftr- j 6 np Tjy___Y
I mmbV ■« / MB
\ W ,. __
Hiab/yrecn, FitmR J 25:
r |?;
facsimile Signature of Ji ■«.■■■
Ijj KEW YORK. j!jHj Castoria is put np in cne-sise bottles only. It
■ S]- s B0 ' sold in balk, Don't allow anyone to sell
&J yon anything elso on the p!oa or pronriso that it
rflr 7 IT ffn■¥■«£■ S * 3 "j n£ " as good" end "will answer every pnr-
|J f-*-— g^ ■nrii-nnrgjaj m pose „ j~, gee that y(ju C-A-S-T-0-E-I-A.
EXACT COFVOT WRAFPEH. J -J rings /jlfl S/1t/r_*_jz. boa
And Our Store for
(harcoats. Ulsters and Warm Winter Cblliiiig-
It's risky business seeking Gold in the Klondyke Re
|gions at this season of the year. But it's perfectly safe to
come to our store for Pall and Winter clothing. Yes, it's
more; it's good judgment as well. You'll strike a regular
clothing mine
When you come for Boys' and Children's Clothing.
When you come for Men's Fine Clothing.
When you come for Young Men's Clothing.
When you come for Men's Dress Suits,
When you come for Men's Business Suits.
When you come for Men's Working Suits.
When you come for Men's Trousers.
tWhen you coma for Men's Fall Overcoats.
When you come for the Right Styles.
When you come for the Latest Novelties.
When you come for Clothing that Don't Fade.
When you come for Clothing that Wears Well.
When you come for the Best Fit and Make.
When you come to Save Money.
L BARTH & CO., Clothiers.
The "Wonder" Dynamo and Battery Outfit for $1.00
__H__9_H 9_\ *Bw
Inds readily to proper fer-
*ger crops, fuller ears and
- grain are sure to result
a liberal use of fertilizers
ining at least 7% actual
Ooks are free to farmers.
C3 Nassau St., New York.
i :aer sn'i gai Jenji 0
me. L.<rg~. and more#
i.ai. .-.-_r. Send namer |
'and address. Mailed Free. _j
, drllFFITH ft TURNER CO. i
|> 205 to 213 N. Pacs Slrocf. Baltimore. Md.
is of wonderful utility, mechanical perfection and cheapness. Supersedes induction
coils and chemical medical for curative purposes. Gives a stronger current
without continual expense and annoyance of replacing chemicals. Has a current
regulator and can be adjusted to a nervous child or to overpower the strongest
man. It is the most interesting instrument for the study of electricity evert**-**
duced. Every boy needs it for a practical study and experiment •** ~*
education is complete without a full knowledge of **■*
party can be entertained for hot"- - ""
Invalids m«"~
haustion from
•element which
Our readers will find
correct Schedules of
the four great railroads
of the State regularly
published Inthispaper,
the C. & O. the B. & O.
the N.& W. and Southern
J First Presbyterian Church, on Frederick S.
between New and Market streets, services
II a. m. and Bp. m. Pastor. Hey. A. M.Fraser
Second Presbyterian church corner Freder
Ick and Lewis streets. Services at 11 a. m'
and 8. Pastor. Rev. J. M. Wells.
Third Presbyterian Church, Nelson Bt..
(Sears' Hill.) Preaching Sunday at 11 A. M
Sunday School 3P. M. Prayer meeting Tues- l
-day 7.30 P. M. Rev. R. C. Gilmore, pastor.
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, worship on
West Frederick St. Services at 11 a. m., and 8
p. m„ Rector, Rev. R. C. Jett.
Trinity Episcopal church. Mam street, be
tween Lewis and Church streets. Services a
II a. m., and Bp. m. Rector, Rev. W. Q. Hnl-
United Brethren churt j, Lewis street, be
tween Mam and Johnson streets. Services at
11 a. m and Bp. m. Pastor, Rev. 8. X
Methodist church, Lewis street, between
Main and Frederick streets. Services at 11 a
m. and 8 p. m. Paster, Rev. F. J. Fret tyro an
Christ Evangelical Lutheran church, Lew
is street, between Mam and Frederic. -'
Services at 11 a. m. and 8 p. di -or. Rev
H. F. Shealy.
Baptist ch_rc»- • . !ng_
tonstreet . a . ~ p ~
Factor "
... iguats
. >.-C HI ■
1.1 B _>_d D-tert -. __• at
I ... n m
. Association, corner
y.ln - ..oets. Services at i p. m
-■inda:- bo, a. Overdorf, Secretary.
23 South Augusta Street
- 1 - 1 - ATTORNEY-
Offlce—Room 8 Masonic Temj
3»ne Staus
]' M. FEKBr,
Second Floor, Masonic cut*.-
Mutual Phone. Stauntoi
i -•-»- ATTORNEY-AT- L.
j S3 South Augusta St.
1 Tucker & Harrison's former Offlce.
Prompt attention given to all lega buslne
entrusted to our hands.
Practices in all the courts of Rockingham
and Augusta. nov 38-tf
I No H .1 St.
-... .■>?wntlon | ant
! vy h. LAirrrw
• ' ->■- i jR.,i£YAT-LAW,
.„.,,_> . STAUNTON, VA.
mo. a, oourt House Square.
ang»-tf "*
No 10 Lawyer's Row,
■_. ... ... Staunton, Va.
special attention given to collections and
chancery practice.
No. 8 Lawyers' Row, (near C. H. Yard).
oct 7 Staunton, Va.
- 1 - 1 - ATTORNEY-AT-LAW.
►— — t, Staunton, Va.
attention to collections.
R. S. Turk. Henbt w. Holt.
No. 8 Lawyers' How, Staunton. Va.
f aw Office or
Attorney- Law
No 6 Lawyers' Row
Rooms, No. 23 t S. Augusta Street, Skinner
B o lldl S&. STAUNTON, VA.
aug lo-tf
r h. crosier,
Offlce on Courthouse squai e,
Prompt attention given to all legal business
sntrusted to him. In State or Federal Courts,
will devote entire time to his profession,
iune 1-tf
Attorney-at-Law and Commissioner w
J an *- tf STAUNTON. VA,
OFFICE.—Rooms 13,15,17, Masonic Temple.
Jan 18 '96-tf
No. H Lawyer's Row,
Nota ry Public. Btaunton, V»
nov 15-lyr
OFFICE-Nos. 13 & 14 Crowle Bldg.
Offlce Hours—8.30 to 10 a. m, and 7 to 8.30 p. m.
sep 23-tf Telephone No. 283.
LAW OFFICES-Nos. 10 & 12 Masonic
nov 8-1 v; STAUNTON, VA|
virginiaThotel restaurant.,
On First Floor—Entrance on New street
Nice newly furnished rooms, private for
ladies and gentlemen and connected with the
ladies Entrance and Front Restaurant Din-
ing Koom. Nice Oysters served In any style

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