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We ; Insj ection of
OurSu ,>t-on List, by
Adverti.. and assure
them that _y will find it
he largest of any paper
Published in this City.
• j. ___ _» ?__K
?. Don't buy a cents worth of Clothing neither &
S Men's, Boys' nor Children's, 3
*R until you have seen what we are doing'.
<n The season having far advanced, and not wish- In
ing to carry over an;, Winter goods, we have &
& marked our goods waj d j\\ .1 in order to dispose m
s| of them. IK
d Though the assortmecl is 1 *< flat broken, j#
'm we are sure we can plea r ydo is 1 S.ii* Over- 0
£} coat or Pants. V
£k Now is the time to get hem, doi* 'elay, hut £k
Uk come at once. la
U Everything reduced it pj <;i.v. pi <lLay Uk
5 Worsted Suits and Sweet, 0 : <x Oo.'s C dAy §
6 Pants, the best in the world. Price mr S
§ Every pair guaranteed. If they ever ,ip bring g
& them back and we will give you a ~<. v pair or 5
& your money. &
I Weinberg Cloihiiu Jo., *■ !?™ G ' |
1 Tiie ClMers iio Buyer Misrepresent Anil. |
gvure, or opeciaioc- v lft-
;eive immediate _Hten-
22 W. Main Street.
___F__5____3k"' ■"- -MfcdSJl "laH ;
tin Friction Feed* a r, J
esome undertaking which often
in failure, and something "nearly
i" is never satisfactory. There's
ng that you cannot match, that's
he Famous Silver Polish,
iere is no other like it. Nearly a
usekeepers use it. A trial quantity
u why. Then the secret of beauti-
ire is yours. Simply send your
a postal card to
[Licos, 30 Cliff Street, New York.
iHERS Buildings ot a most suit
nature for the establishment of a
ited at Huntersville, Pocahontas
Va— are for rent or sale. The peo-
sperous and it is a splendid orpor
rav enterprising teacher. For] fur;
ulars, address this Office.
idule of Prices at
, Spotts & Co.,
sad of competition they still
•friends a stock composed of
e incident to that branch of
s 7
?at many watchmakers who
;h properly, and don't, bo-
considerable time to do it
ier? are many others who
no matter lio-.v hard they try,
e watch a boat as ranch good
lien is still another class (and j
set us down in this class) who
do the work conscientiously,
Unvince you.
SStatmton (ISP 0»atetaf tf .
VINDICATOR. 9 - -'■■■■ /I -
: __—; _ _ — — : ——— £ _- -7 - " -- - ■■—=«*■-»
VOL.75. STAUNTON, VA., THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 1898. »*& NO. 10.
r ■
Over Disease.
This matchless Blood Purifier
has never failed to cure the
worst case of blood disease
where the directions have been
faithfully carried out. We
willing to ifhdertake the most
desperate case with entire con
fidence that African possesses
the m. .chless power to cure.
♦Vith this Great
Remedy at your
very Door?
Sold by B, F. HUGHES, Druggist
I New Shoe Store, |
* Opposlse Masonic Temple, ♦
| Everything New, ©
| No Old Goods or Styles, §
| Everything Up-to-date, I
- and Prices to Suit the Times, ©
• C. L. WELLER. |
9 nov 11-iy %
t is in a letter until you open the
ope and look inside,
ou can get an iukling of the
y good things in the Book aud
St;.lionery line from our windows,
but to fully realize how well and
cheaply your wants can be supplied,]
you should come into the store and
poke around a little. We are always
glad to show goods.
Roll of Co. F sth Reg. Va. \ olunteers
Confederate Army.
Capt. St. Francis Roberts, Ist Lieut, j
W. G. (iilkerson, 2nd O. H Ramsey, 3rd j
(3. H. Calhoun.
Ist B. F. Shney, 2nd H. S. Keller.
3rd J. D. Trimble, 4th G. R. Piper.
Ist J. L. Dunlap, 2nd W. H. Weyland,
3rd W. F. Bailey, 4th W. B. Dunlap.
Argenbright, A. J. Argenbright, J as.
Argenbright, D. F. Acord, G. W.
Acord, Jas. F. Acord, Jacob F.
Adkins, A. J. Armstrong, Wm. j
Bailey, J. H. Bailey, G. A.
Bailey, W. D. Bailey, M. JJ.
Bishop, H. H. Brown, Jas. W. j
Brown, J. M. Bridges, Peter
Burke, M. Calhoun, T.
Carroll, F. Carroll, S.
Carroll, Frank Carroll, Jas. j
Cook, D. F. Cook. H. E.
Demastus, E. Dedrick, J. D.
Dryden, T. J. Dull, J. N.
Drumheller, Jas. Douglas, M.
Dowd, Jno. Dunlap, W. H.
Easton, W. Edwards, B. B.
Fox, Jno. Foster, A.
Garrisoo, J. S. Garrison Newton
Greer, L. T. * GordoD, Jno. S j
Gregory, N. C. Houseman, J-t. "2^
Hoover, R D. Hull. H. C.
Hobbs, J. O. Hobbs, J. W. J
Hodges, J. W. Hanger, W. D. j
Hansill, M. W. Johns, Edw.
Kelley, Eli Kershner, W. F.
Lamb, J. C. Leahy, Wm. j
Livick, A. J. Moneymaker, J.
Misner, J. F. McMawaney, Jas.
McNeil, Jas. Moran, N. j
McMahon Jno. McNair, Jas.
McNair, G. T. McGinty, Thos.
Irien M. Perry, J. H.
Ps, David Propst, Morgan j
bins, J. H. Ramsey, R. H.
_e_r, C. W. Roudabush. Alex,
ledge, P. E. Rutledge, P. W. j
gert, W. H. Rodgers. A. J. j
,t-r, Thos. Spiter, Jno. |
.. r, Benry Spiter,~_'-_>ob
1.t., A. Sherman, P. C. ]
ey, J. J. Suttle. J. A.
Sullivan, Dan Bfc&?e*, 1\
Swink, Jacob Speer, Jas.
Sterritt, J. Y. Stover, J. W.
Stratton, H. Trimble, J. K.
Trimble, J. W. Talley, G.
IJ. S. Ott, jno.
fossen, W. Vanlear, A. J. L. '
fossen, J. B. Wilson, P. E.
small, H. . Weaver, J. A. \
.man, G. W. Whieinan, Isaac l
Yago, Jno.
lis roll was furnishedby H. S. Kel
. rderly Sergeant.
Siberian Gentleman _ Life,
'or five months of the year the
rian man of fashion lives i the
i air, either at the mining camp or
ie hunting field," says Thoma. G.
l, Jr., writing of "Fashionable Life
beria," in the March Ladies' Home |
nal. "He is an early bird under
ircumstances, and invariably rises I
■een seven and eight o'clock, al
gh he may have had but a couple
ours rest. Nearly every meal is
ceded by a nap. However, dress- i
iperations do not take very long,
rhen he retires the Siberian only
.ts himself of his coat and boots. I
ts are unknown iv Siberia, and in
y houses beds, also. The samovar
: on the dining room table at eight
„ together with eggs, black and
c bread, sardines, jam and cakes,
Breakfast is eaten, and washed
i by five or six glasses of tea stir
ap with sugar, cream and some
s jam. At one o'clock dinner is
served, and at five in the afternoon an
other small meal, much like that of the
morning, is taken. A meat supper fol
lows at nine o'clock. i
♦ — —_
A S-r.at Book Free !
When Dr. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo,
N. V., published the first edition of his
great work. The People's Common
Sense Medical Adviser, he announced
that after 680,000 copies had been sold
at the regular price, $1.50 per copy,
the profit on which would repay him
for tbe great amount of labor and
money expended in producing it, be
would distribute the next half million
free. As his numoer of copies has al
ready been sold, he is now giving
away, absolutely free, 500,000 copies of
this most complete, interesting and
valuable common sense medical work
ever published—the recipient only be
ing required to mail to him, at above
address, twenty-one (21) one cent
stamps, to cover cost of mailing onljj,
and the book will be sent post paid. It
I rentable medical library, complete
ie volume. Contains 1003 pages,
asely illustrated. The Free Edi- \
is precisely the same is that sold I
.50 except only that the books are
rong manilla paper covers instead
__h. Send now before all are giv
c Greenbrier Valley Coustruction
as been granted a charter by the
tary of State for the purpose of cou
rting railroads, telegraph lines, etc.
capital stock is §2,000,000, of which
has been subscribed. The principal
is to be at Grafton. Hon. John T.
raw of Grafton, J. M. Beckley, E.
■pton and Thos. R. Lewis,of Roches-
ST. N., and C. M. Warner of Syra-
N. V., are the incorporators. It is
atention of this company to con
, the new Greenbrier Valley Railroad
which is to be built during the coming
spring aud summer.
To qui. . '.'co e_si!y .s__a-orevcr. fee mag
I Belie, .-die. life, nerve and vigor, £_Ue Xi ■•>- I
U::c, t'.i. wonder-worker; that makes .cab —tea
strong. All druggists, Moor tl. Cure guanm-1
j Iced Booklet _.;:„ samp!- free. Ad-rcss
Sterling licmeuy Co.. Chicago or New York. |
Knightly lances were from 12 to 20 feet
long, the heads 4to 8 inches broad aud
I from 12 to 20 inches long.
_,c-__-_.;.c i_r fifty C-nts.
Guaranteed tobacco'babit cere. make, weak
ipen strong, biood pure. 6D_, .1. All druggists.
Ot the 12,000 tonsof ice cynsumed daily
in Greater New York in the summer
time about 20 per cent is artificial.
Society Bnd of the Last Cen'nrr,
"Nothing under the wing of the
mamma is the debutante of fifteen,"
Mrs. Burton Harrison writes, descrip
tive of a scene in a fashionable mead
house on the Bowery (New York), more
than a ceatury ago, in the March
Ladies' Home Journal. "She is made
happy by a new gown and hat of pale
green satin, with a petticoat of India
muslin trimmed with fine Mechin lace.
The stockings spoi ted by this favored
damsel are of green silk, clocked with
silver, her little shoes are of drab em
Id leather. That she is, for the
i, allowed to make one of the
p party in the arbor at the
use fills her young being with
ion. For the moment she can
dispense with the society of a
endant. But when a smartly
'oung fellow rides up, by and
jrseback. and dismounts, fliek
lust from his beautiful ridine
d oreeches, as he consigns his
a arr" >tv aud hastena along the
als to join tiie'ir group, a. .!_..__'
•-J iov comes into her checks.
" nnon her next
,_, -_ —1.1- ujjOFl tU- !■-,...
--cres. All this has been long
I between the families. The
pair will live with her mamma
hall during the.winter, and in
sort to their *seat' in Bowery
♦ _ *
leasare, Because No Health.
.rest in the things of life, or
i any of life's pleasures. Such
ily lament of thousands be
some disease, the conditions
it of utter weakness and pros-
The most skilful treatment
ary for the cure of such dis
ordinary practitioner is not
it. It is to Dr. Greene, 351
_ St., New York City, the most
.1 physician in the world in
)f disease, to whom you should
mt your case. You can con
free, and he will write you his
md advice free.
9 — o ♦
Twas JSver Thus.
ay new umbrella—l miss it
i-ht. The day I rashly bought
J t.3 .' .iiding by. Next day
. lie >__ owed it, to be re
>ttt night, !•;.■ since that fatal
i hasn't l>!e__cd my sight.
t i a neighbor's wife, and to
m woe she lent it to the
minister an it"' l -til. upon the go. He
lent it to a. st ident, who lent it to a
friend, and eti ' it's ijoiug, going, gone,
Iwh re 'twill end. But
i.l ul of borrowers one
I j - perhaps I may be
t w.i 'c lent to me. —Chica-
■t_iii. macH llist age
r cum the masterly power
lerican ervine Tonic. In
uffer m tiger because this
r can cm hem all. It is aj
ie whole orld of s'.o"iac_
lindiSest. Tb.e cuife be
e first dot c relief it
rvelous sua "I'lising. It
lure; neve.' ppoints. No
long you h;.v iffertd, your
tain under use of this
giving force. ;asant and
Sold by B. Hughes,
.. Augusta St. _ nton,"'a.
,te on the Lewi rg a: d
turnpike has be., move '.
is now free to the or th.
i charter out. ined thi.
exyired some t'lne the
Board cf Trade v, as oar
teps to have the read wn
ling of this Thos. A. . I>
lithe stock, and wt. i
ng tolls on the road, V' :
ihed all rights and thrt-. .
•eenbrier Independent.
o Con_tip:-.il-:>_ - __ever.
■els Candy Cathartic. 10c cr2s_
, to cure, druggists refund money.
;ial of the 27th from Hint, n
ston Gazette: "Mrs. Josie
lof Ronceverte, was in ihe
calling on our merchants,
linent lady iv this section iv
:les. She owns and operates
ill, aud we volunteer to say
dy miller in the State."
♦ 0 0
ilnablc to v _Y-_-c__.
valu-ble to worne_ is Browns'
Backache vanishes, headache
irength takes the place of weak- j
c glow of health comes to the
when this wouderiul remedy is
sickly children or overworked
10 equal. No home should be I
„ns' Iron Bitters. For sale by
VII Dealers.
trust from the New River & [
ilroad Co. to the Central i
N. V.. to secure the pay
,ooo of 5 per cent gold bonds,
payable in 80 years, has been filed in tbe j
office of the county clerk of Summers
county, W. Va., and Baltimore parties
are now in New York placing the bonds.
Their proceeds are to be used in the con
struction of the New River & Western
Railroad, and the prospects are that work
will be begun on the road in a short time.
♦ __— ♦
Eii-i-l. Vonr Bowels Wi'.h Cascarets.
C-ruty Cathartic, cure consiipatioa forever.
10c, __c. If C.C-C. fr.il, drugiiisis refund money.
There are two blind beggars in New
York who have stood at their respective
corners on Fifth Avenue every day for 25
years. It is believed 1 hat both have ac
cumulated fortunes.
E_taea__ Your 15— welA __.ti Caacarets. j
Candy Cathartic, euro eoneiipatioo forever.
ICi.,---. If C.C. C. fail, drug-istK refund money.
E_ciii-iuus to _Va_t__K__> -■ C. Via Ches
and Ohio Ky. Feb. 17tii, March 17th,
Ajiril i-til, ami ..l:iy l-tli.
The Ches. and Ohio By. will run excur
sions to Washington on tiie -hove dates, at
35.75 for the round trip. Tickets on sale for
trains Nos 2 and 4of those dates leaving
Stauntou at'2:o7a. m. and Il:0(i a. m., good
to return on any train within ten days,
j Tickets are good going only on dates aud
trains mentioned. For further information
call on or address. James Ker Jr.,
T lie Newest Easter Gowns.
With tho newest Easter gowns comes
i a soft, supple skirt which clings close
ly around the hips and widens gradual
ly toward the edge, where it has a
Ih of between four and five yards..
tiffening material is employed for j
the idea being to get an easy
c. Very often, to produce this ef
a separate and rather elaborate
irskirt is furnished. The bodice
h has the invisible fastening con
es in vogue, although many cos
.B have a tight back with a semi■
■ plastron,
leves continue to be quite closc
ig, with a slight fullness at the
The neck dressings are less com
ted, the decoration above the
collar covering only one-third of
leek. Among the colors best liked
champagne, brown, blue, pink,
trope, bronze-green, red, black (as
tter of course 1 and white, most
rtant of all. ircb Ladies' Home
10 American captains were recent-1
lating their experiences on differ-1
<"es __._■.?_*- _x_i_ Fol_ the
-ing story: "About Ip.m. on
h2 my ship was proceeding un
ull sail when a cloud about the
size of a man's hand was observed on
the horizon. It came on, and as it
neared the ship we discovered that it
■composed of locusts. They settled
ac sails, and you couldn't see a bit
invas for them. When they flew
y, there was not a stitch of canvas I
left on the yards." "Ah," said the
other oaptain, "I can quite believe
that, for at about 3:30 p. in., on March I
2 my vessel was proceeding under full
sail when we observed a small cloud
on the horizon. As it approached the
ship we discovered that it was a cloud I
I ousts, and as they passed our ves
e saw that every man Jack of
l had a pair of No. 1 canvas trous
n."—Brazil Nut.
0 0 0 I
Relief in Six Hours. i
stressing Kidney and Bladder dis-1
relieved in six hours by "New Great
h American Kidney Cure." It is a |
- surprise on account of its exceed-1
n'omptntss in relieving pain iv blad
der, kidney and back, in male or female.
Relieves retention of water aimost mr- |
mediately. If you want quick relief and
I"" is is the remedy. Sold by B. F.
Druggist, G 8. Augusta St.,[
in, Va.
servant girl is surronnded by
-seen, unseen and kerosene,
sun will only set in the west,
old hen will set anywhere,
.go bas a female pawnbroker
c is not a poor loan woman, eith
•tii-.-s t".i. r : -' he.ip- t-.pr b4'„s
_r out and gometi-Z-fas It is IK*'
armer prefers the silent lay of
is to th" musical notes of the
may not make the world go
but it makes the young man go
;o her house about seven nights
. —Chicago News.
c spring the human body needs
cc to throw off the stagnation
d by winter diet. As the temper
ses under the growing heat of the j
ys we feel tired, half sick and
pirits, because the blood is slug- j
id full of impuries. Dr. J. 11. I
i's Strengthening Cordial and
urifier is a reliable spring remedy
;oiate the body and give tone to
stion. Price 50c and $1 a bottle.
iby Hogshead, Hanger & Co.
May Take It.
iter—Do the trains for Waxtou
nve this station I
>ad Attache—They always have
ate, but the thing is getting
shaky aud it wouldn't be
some u>:y to see one of the
|rryi_g" off.—Boston Trans
..*_•>.'ie between the Romans
th:igiLi..".s off the coast of Spain
vst Punir war was lost by the
cause tne ga 'ey slaves could not
ir seats wher he ships rolled.
An C. < ca.
Ev?ry day •*.*--- 'ie belief of emi
nent physicia ire blood is the
lof im. . - _wos. Twenty-five
ago this ti , u_ed as a basis for
rt_ula of i Iron Bitters. The
ka.ble curt ected by this famous
y _;re s__i- _iit to prove the theory
t. l'.rov.ns' Iron Bitters are sold by
Ait dealers.
— ♦ *> —
The pn___ ' ' defeated by the legion
because the 1 ">uld not be maneuv
ed save on flat. ->. n srornd, while the
I cor Id c.h tLo iL' any kind ot coun
fisherics o, the Unite.! Kingdom
>rths32,oCV ' • these of England
Shake Int. Y<--ir SUo-s.
n's Foot-Eaf c, a powder for the feet.
It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and
instantly takes the st : .n,C out of corns and
bunions. It's the greater, comfcit discov
ery of the age. Allen'j Foot Easf mal.es
tiu.it-fitting or new shoe. /Vet easy. It is a
certain cure for sweating c -lleous and hot,
tired, aching feet. Try i .' ■ day. Soid by
all druggists and shoe sto". By mail for
25c. in stamps. Trial pac .. c free. Ad
dress, Allen S. Olmsted, L, . >y, N. Y.
i mar 3 4ts
i tVa-itc- -nen s.
I "The Confederate Soldier in tL: 'i T il War,"
just published, contains 500 page-' i—l 6 inch
es, and over 1100 large Battle See. . . Maps,
Portraits, etc. The greatest and la -t'st War
Book ever published, and the only on? ihat
does jus tice to tbe Confederate soli er and
the cause he fought for. Complete in one
volume. Agents wauled everywhere to sell
this book on our new and easy plan, -..my
of tbe lady and gentlemen agents who .are
la work are making from $100 to 32C0 per
month. Veterans. Sons and Daughters of
Veterans, and others interested are requested
to send for a beautiful illustrated deecripti c
circular, free; and termt to agents. Addres. i
of a boastful, cheerful idiot. If his head
aches, it isn't worth paying any attention
to : if he feels dull and drowsy during the
day, it isn't worth serious consideration;
if he is troubled with sleeplessness at
night, he doses himself with opiates.
When he suffers from nervousness, he
walks into the near.st drug store and or
ders powerful medicines that even a phys
ician prescribes with care. He is a very
knowing fellow, but without knowing it,
he is hugging death. There is a wonder
ful restorative tonic and health-builder
that will keep the hardest working man
in good working shape; it is Dr. Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery. It is made of
min-raf roots ant ' barks. It contains
i^'_,!-,r,i«-a ! no narcotics and no opiates.
It Sl—ipiy _ -..,.. «>.,t»,r..l rtrr,
cesses of st
__-t» the st"
digestive juices. It _nake>a-m _n ' mngr,
as a horse " and then sees to it that'tbe
life-giving elements of the food he'takes
are assimilated into ihe blood. It tr«rigor
ates the liver. It drives out all impurities
and disease genus from the system It i?
the great blood-maker and flesh builder.
It is the best of all nerve tonics. It cures |
bronchial, throat and lung affections as
" I had indigestion and a torpid liver," writes
Mrs. A. I. Gibbs, of Russellville, Logan County,
Ky., " Dr. Pierces Golden Medical Discovery I
cured me."
If constipation is also present. Dr.
Pierces Pleasant Pellets should be taken.
They never fail; they never gripe. Drug- '
cists sell both medicines. I
__3_. ; Jh
" PITCHER'S CASTORIA," as our trade mark.
DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hyannis, Massachusetts, .
the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the seme
has borne and now sjf si$Z+-J-~' or "
the facsimile signature of CAa/tffi&Z&x wrapper,
is the original" PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has been
in the homes of the Mothers of America for over thirty
?. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is
indyou have always bought yjj? on
has the signature of Cda&ffi4U4&tM, "'rap-
No one has authority from me to use my name ex-
The Centaur Company of which Ckas. E. Fid I
ident. - -_t_ a
areh 8,1S97. Q&«~~*1 &&»***~**>r>>
i)o Hot, Be Deceived
net tl»C Ine o ! your child by accepting
;cap cubcl'tutc which some druggist r offer you
ause he makes a few more r "-he in-
dents of which evefi h€- mium.
["he Kind Yon Have Always Bought"
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Failed You.
to We Are Cutting Prices ||
m Having Finished Stock Taking Call M
M and Secure M
|J0S. L BARTH & G0,|
1 Cloitos, Fmiiers and Hatters. jj
||| No. 9 South Augusta Street, STAUNTON, VA. ||j
|| jp jjL. _-- > | portant ingredients of
M II %_ I 1 a complete fertilizer;
others are phos-
phoric acid and nitro-
gen. Too little Potash is sure to result in a partial crop
-_| —1 An illustrated book which tells what Potash is, how it
r9 J 1 should be used, and how much Potash a well-balanced
B"4 ~Wtjf\{\ fertilizer should contain, is sent free to all applicants.
fcl & \ J Send your address -
-*- "*" OERnAN KALI WORKS, 93 IfcK | St., New York.
|K and iSgS Manual of — 2_j
j& New Seeds I implements3
gg* Every farmer and gardener
E& needs one. Larger and more
H£_i complete than ever. Send
■-Sat" name and address. Mailed
Mt 205 to 213 N. Paca Street, jM
Baltimore, Md. ■■
Un. v. W. _-UUut.no,
OFFICE—Nos. 13 & 14 Crowle Bldg.
Office Hours—B.3o to 10 a. m, and 7to 8.30 p. m.
sep -S-tf Telephone No. 385.
On First Floor—Entrance on New street
Nice newly furnished rooms, private for
ladles and gentlemen and connected with the
ladles' Entrance and Front Restaurant Din
ing Room. Nice Oysters served In any style
man. It is the most interesting instrument for the study of electricity t*vi
duced. Every boy needs it for a practical study and experiment of elect ricit
education is complete without a full knowledge of this wonderful power. An t
party can be entertained for hours with expei iments made on this Dynamo
Invalids may cure themselves by its use without expense. It la an ef ti
fact that electricity cures rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, numbness an.'
troubles. It increases the circulation of the blood, and displaces . •
haustion from any cause with strength and activity. Electricity is the c
element which the emaciated system requires. The "WONDER *' Dyt
all an inexhaustible supply of this powerful agent. Fully equipped w
magnet, brush, multiplying gear, crank and current breaking switel
perfectly made and handsomely finished. Packed in a strong wood '
instructions for medical use and many electrical experiments.
Price complete, $1.00 by Express. By Mail, $1.2
Address all orders to JOHN GLEASON'S SO
N. E. cor. Second and Diamond Ste., Philadelphia, Pa.
' Our readers will find!
correct Schedules of j
the four great railroads j
of the State regularly I
published inthlspaper.f
the C. &O. the B. & O. I
the N.& W. and Southernk
First Presbyterian Church, on Frederic - "*
between New and Market streets, sei '
II a. m. and 6p. m. Pastor. Hey. A. M.
Second Presbyterian church corn.r -_e«
ick and Lewis streets. Services at 11 a. m
and 8. Pastor. Hey. J. M. Wells.
Third Presbyterian Church, Nelson Bt
(Sears' Hill.) Preaching Sunday at 11 A. M
Sunday School 3P. M. Prayer meeting Tues
day 7.30 P. M. Key. K. C. Gilmore, pastor.
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, worship on
West Frederick St. Services at 11 a. m., and 8
p. m„ Rector, Hey. R. C. Jett.
Trinity Episcopal church, Main street, be
tween Lewis and Church streets. Serviced •
11 a. m.j and B__p. Rector.,Ser. VT. Q. Hnl-
United Brethren chcre-i, Lewis street, bo
tween Main and Johnson streets. Service* at
11 a. m and Bp. m. Pastor, Rev. 8. X
Methodist church, Lewis street, between
Main and Frederick streets. Services at 11 a
m. and 8 p. m. Pastor, Rev. F. J. Prettyroan
Christ Evangelical Lutheran church, Lew
is street, between Main and Frederick street*
I Services at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Pastor. Re.
H. F. Shealy.
Baptist church, corner .Mail and Washing.
ton streets. Services at 11 a_» m. and 8 p. m
Pastor. Rev. M. L. Wood.
St. Francis Roman Catholic, North August
street, Mass at 7 and 1..30 a. m. Vespers and
benediction ot Most blessed Sacrament at
p. m. Pastor, Rev. Father McVerrv.
Yonng Men's Christian Association, corner
Main and Water streets. Services at 4 p. m
Snnday. Geo. A. Overdorf, Secretary.
TO' i _. C7II.Kr.Ojr,
-uuth £=533ti Street,
Stai'mion, va.
.y n. m.i..-_si..
-fitce—Room 8 Masonic Temple.
--»-- Staunton, Va.
1 _ J li j." ». i> \
Second Floor, Masonic Temple,
Mutual Phone. Staunton, Va.
-3 South Augusta St.
Tucker & Har"'- '-lee.
_ .AMICS B-\!..A_-K-R. IT.
_. nmfOA-u-Kit. KO_o_r_-_CM . :u_nt
I_, _ 8. BUMSART.
Prompt attest, given . ■ _._ iega business
■ -■ .__..
Practices in all the courts of Rockingham
and Augusta. nov _-..
No. 23 S. Augusta St.
-pedal attention given to collectlcrs.
A_». GENS-LAI. AI . '.tts.
Lan 8-tf siAU_rro* v V_u
No 10 Lawyer's Row,
_____ _, STAONTOtC, VA.
.•■pedal attention given to collections and
c__ noery practice.
Jan 32-tt
No. 8 Lawyers' Kow, (near C. H. Yard).
oct 7 Staunton, Va.
___„_ STAUNTON, Va.
attention to collections.
R. S. Turk. Henry W. Holt.
No. 8 Lawyers' How, Staunton, Va.
I I" aw office or
No 6 Lawyers' Row'
Rooms, No. 33,3. Augusta Street, Stlr.ner
au d! fu?« STAUNTON, VA.
Offlce on Courthouse c,
Prompt attention given to all legal businc*.
to him, in Stale or Federal Court*
1 4 evote entire time to his profession.
Attornet-at-Law AND COM-US-IOJ-HR »
_an_-tf STAUNTC
OFFICE.—Rooms 13,15,17, Maso_!c Temple.
Jan 18 '96-tf
No. 11 Lawyer's Ron
Notary Public. Staunton, 1
-ov 15-lyr
LAW OFFICES-Nos. 10 & If

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