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We Invite Inspection of
Our Subscription List, by
Advertisers, and assure"
them that they will find it
he largest of any paper
Published in this City.
$ aHmniTmmffyfmfififwnfumnffwnwnw"""'""""""""'"""'"* jn
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I Men's, Boys' nor Children's, |
|R until you have seen what we are doing. C
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ft Though the assortment is somewhat broken, ft
ft we are sure we can please you in a Suit, Over- ft
' ft coat or Pants. «
ft Kow is the time to get them, don't delay, but ft
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g Every pair guaranteed. If they ever rip bring 5
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your money. ft
| Weinberg Clothing Co., * "gS? 8, 1
1 mil Giotto too never Misrepresent Anything. 1
8 Opposite Court House, Staunton, Va. ft
15 Boor Bells, Annunciators, Burg-
Autoraatlc or Hand Gas Lighting
, Motors lor Fans. Sewing Machines
tit machinery. Novelties for Show
latteries ana Battery Supplies of
3all on or address
38 West Main Street.
ic bell systems put in perfect work-
ind telephones repaired at small
nates cheerfully furnished for elec-
!3-Sheriff N. C. Watts, President
sphone Co. Mr. G. M. Blakemoro,
Mutual Telephone Co.
■ le'u *c Cen„ tual j el. Office,
olt's Book Store, or Spectator-Vln-
:e, will receive immediate atten-
'22 W. Main Street.
I,provementtaFrt<alon Feeda.»-_'•
i£k motion ot Carnage 3 time»aJ '■ ■«
he market. Friction ClutchF.-. <t.
eed gearing to stand etill while ta< k-
vin« tn power a.i.t w». C"»-
eB free. Also SpriaB Harrows,
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DrWgOLD, Mlr»., York, Pa.
ime undertaking which often
failure, and something "nearly
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ledule of Prices at
g, Spotts & Co.,
jESALE grocebs,
sad of competition they still
friends a stock composed of
e Incident to that branch of
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Over Disease.
This matchless Blood Purifier
has never failed to cure the
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where the directions have been
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■willing to undertake the most
desperate case with entire con
fidence that African possesses
the matchless power to cure.
Wny Continue to Suffer
Remedy at your
very Door?
Sold by B,F. HUGHES, Druggist.
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Bookseller and Stationer-
22 West Main Street.
■ Garments—Capes—Jackets—Skirts
mings—New Millinery—Answers.
The comparatively small size of
sleeves, does not so far affect the pop
ularity of capes and though early in
the season, dealers show them in great
variety. So much however has been
done in this direction, that the produc
tion of many novelties is more or lets
limited and most of the new capes are
much on the same order as hitherto
An example that is the perfection of
neatness, yet elegant in material and
finish, is made of floe quality cloth in
a dark green shade. The lining is of
tan silk and on either side, a large open
design in passementerie, shows the
same a 9 a contrast. A more dressy
cape has a lining of black satin that is
•sen through an overlaid coveriog of
half inch wide rows of black ribbon
that alternate with passementerie in
a very open pattern of the same width.
A finish on the lower edge is given by
full embroidered mousseline and the
completion corresponds. This exam
ple is in keeping with the prevalent
idea of an open material placed above
a dressy lining and is also in evidence
to show that gauzy finishings about
the neck and elsewhere, still remain in
vogue. Jackets are very short, tight
at the back, with loose fronts and com
paratively quite small sleeves.
are in a transition state similar to that
which overtook sleeves last season.
Certain it is that efforts in the direc
tion of greater ornamentation, have
been more or less successful and the
ruffling and flouncing that was chiefly
confined to light wash fabrics, has now
extended to silks and some thin wool
goods. Black taffeta silk skirts ruffled
throughout or showing fanciful ar"
rangements of flounces that depend
from apron fronts either round or
pointed, are quite in order and some
times the back shows two deep flounces
reaching well towards the waist, with
narrow ones in front below the apron.
Other black taffeta skirts displaying
flounces of the same or graduated
widths that run regularly around, are j
more graceful, although more conven
tional and will be becoming to tall,
slender women.
have caught the infection and nine out
of ten or a larger proportion seen at
Lord & Taylor's, are finished by em
broidery, braiding bands of the mate
rial, cordings or pipings. Such orna
mentation is placed in many arbitrary
ways, there being no rule, but a fa
vorite method in case of embroidery,
is to place it about half ws»y up, leav
ing the bottom of the skirt plain. Cor- j
dings sometimes extend all over the
skirt, with corresponding finish on the
waist and sleeves or again there may
be several rows placed near together
with wide alternating spaces. An ex
quisitely neat dress has strapped seams,
with finish of a band of the material
around the waist that ends at the back
with a black buckle on either side and
some distance above the bottom of the
skirt, two corresponding hands are
caught each by a buckle on the left
side. Many of these new
are made with short jackets tight at
the back and having loose fronts, but
there is more grace in such as show a
short jacket opening over a pointed
waistcoat, with chemisette and tie. An
advantage here, is the opportunity for
changing the waistcoat that can be
either to match the dress or in con
trast of any desired character. In
view of frequent ornamentation on j
skirts it may be added that plain goods ;
are in great demand, but mixed cloths
have a showing and after all, there
never was a time when perfectly plain
tailor made skirts showed to more ad
vantage. The desire of
is indeed often carried to an ungrace
ful or tawdry extreme. A black net
skirt showing twelve rows of narrow
black ribbon slightly full, with pas
sementerie above, has a heavy appear
ance and in notably bad taste, are
wools showing flounces trimmed con
spicuously and and made over linings
that are inharmonious as to color con
trasts. But the wish for surprises,
seems to carry the day. Materials hay
ing lines or stripes that cross the
breadth, are in unusual favor and
tuckings woven in the goods, fall in
with the idea of skirt trimmings that
are placed horizontally. In
the lavish placing of garniture quite
equals that of last season and a favorite
idea is to veil a rich assemblage of
flowers by net, either plain, spangled or
dotted. Beautiful little hats composed
wholly or almost wholly of flowers, are
again noticeable and again too, are
seen many wide bummed hats on which
the floral trimming is massed at the
back or under the brim while some
severe accessory, such perhaps as bows
of black velvet or wings, are placed in
front. This reversal of the natural or
der of things, is one of those curious
freaks which have a long life and in
keeping, is the present liking for wings,
when ribbon or flowers would seem co
much the more in harmony with wo
manly softness and Nature's gentler
aspect. Colored straws are frequently
seen and among them, green, red,
_ _ _
bright yellow or purple show conspic
"Tabitha."—Some of the handsomest
gowns are made with Russian blouse
waists and such style will have at least
another season's lease of life. In mak
-oiew goods however, some other de
would be more advisable, but the
dress of which you write, will easily
pass muster.
"Jane S. W."—lndependent waists
are shown iv immense numbers and
these made in silk, have preferably,
revers turning back from a vest that
also differs from the garment. But
this is by no means obligatory. Tucks
are extremely fashionable and a fa
vorite idea is that of running them so
as to form squares. Black taffeta silk
skirts flounced, will lead as a comple
tion to independent waists and black
taffeta silk waists tucked are in great
demand. Rosalind Mat.
■>thed in Postage Stamps.
c stamps to the number of
ire used by Miss Antoinette
Warlitz -in making the fancy dress
which capNured first prize at the Har
monic masked ball in Baltimore the
other evening. Five weeks were spent
in stamp collecting and three in mak
ing the dress, the foundation of which
was muslin. Miss Warlitz appealed to
her friends to help her and her drees
was completely covered with stamps
of all nations.
In the centre of the front breadth
was an eagle, made of brown Colum
bian stamps. Suspended from the
talons was a globe made of very old
two cent blue revenue stamps, the
meridians being outlined by the nar
row title borders cut from the blue one
cent stamps and red two cent stamps;
the stars of the blue stamps.
The foreign stamps were pasted on
the bodice in the form of a shield, the
centre of which was made up of por
traits of Washington cut from revenue
A large Leghorn hat covered entire
ly with red and blue stamps was worn
with the costume, and a pink mask,
and a round fan covered with the red
stamps, was carried. Over the should
er was slung a tiny red mail box, with
the letters U. S. M. in gift on it.
Men of Woakened Power. Exhausted Vigor.
Weak men suffering from nervous de
bility, weakened power and exhausted
vigor, can now take new hope. Dr.
Greene, 35 West 14th St., New York city,
who is without doubt the most successful
specialist in curing this class of diseases,
offers to give free consultation by mail to
all weakened, vigorless and nerve ex
hausted men. You have the privilege of
consulting Dr. Greene by letter describ
ing your complaint and he will, after
carefully considering your condition,
send you free a letter fully explaining all
your symptoms, telling you everything
about your complaint so plainly that you
will understand exactly what ails you.
Write to him at once aud get back your
strength and vigor.
1 » a) ♦ ■
The Frankfurter Zeitung states that
among 72 agents who make it a busi
ness to secure engagements for German
actors no fewer than 15 were found to
be men who had been punished for
some crime or other.
-* —«— ♦
The Japanese government issues ev
ery day three weather charts, which
include observations in China and the
Lin Klu islands, enabling captains to
ascertain the movements of storms
several days in advance.
Women are not the only ones who are
sensitive about their ages. A man doesn't
like to be told that he is getting old.
Health keeps a man young. It doesn't
make any difference if he has lived eighty
years. If they have been healthy years,
he will be hale and hearty and won't look
within twenty years as old as he isj Good
digestion and rich, red blood make people
look youthful. Dr. Pierces Golden Med
ical Discovery makes rich, red blood. It
makes health in the right way. It works
according to the right theory, and in 30
years of practice, it has proved that the
theory is absolutely correct. It begins
at the beginning—begins by putting the
stomach, liver and bowels into perfect
order, but it begins its good work on the
blood before it finishes with the digestive
system. It searches out disease germs
wherever they may be aud forces them
out of the body. All druggists keep the
j To Curo Const.ipr.lLuu rorevcr.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c 0r250.
If C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund moiioy.
The annual increase of the (ierman
nation during the last five years has
been more than five times as much as
that of the French.
Distressing Stomach Disease
Permanently cured by the masteriy power I
of South American Nervine Tonic. In
valids need suffer no longer because this
great remedy cau cure them all. It is a
cure for the whole world of stomach
weakness and indigestion. The cure be-1
gins with the first dose. The relief it |
brings is marvelous and surprising. It [
makes no failure; never disappoints. No
matter how long you have suffered, your
cure is oertain under the use of this
graat health-giving force. Pleasant and
always safe. Sold by B. F. Hughes,
!fi S. Augusta St. Staunton, V a.
It Works Weil. j
v believe that honesty is the
:y Rodden ?"
assuredly. I make all my
it of my honest customers." —
'ree PreßS.
• • •
Relief in Six Hours.
sing Kidney and Bladder dis
ced in six hours by "New Great
lerican Kidney Cure." It is a
irise on account of its exceed
itness in relieving pain in blad
:y and back, in male or female.
:etention of water aiinost im
. If you want quick relief and
is the remedy. Sold by B. F.
Druggist, (> S. Augusta St.,
blee visit of the colonial prem
o the discovery that the Prince
! pronounces premier as in
. ~«k «.
spring the human body needs
eto throw off the stagnation
by winter diet. As the tempcr
es under the growing heat of the
swe feei tired, half sick and
irits, because the blood is slug
-1 full of iii'puiies. Dr. J. 11.
s Strengthening Cordial aDd
irifier is a reliable spring remedy
urate the body and give tone to
ition. Price oOc and $1 a bottle,
by Hogshead, Hanger & Co.
♦ *
Everybody 6a>a Set
sts Candr Caliuirt:,-, the most won
[•diual ttifK-ovcrv of tlie ago, pieas
refa-sbing to ibu lusie, act gently
ivoly on kidneys, liver and bowels,
the entire sysu-ui, dispel colds,
lacbe, fever, habitual constipation
jsness. Please buy and try a box
3. to-day; 10, 25, .',O cents. Bold and
ed to cure by all druggists-
A Puzzling Problem.
"I am very much troubled," said John
S. Wise, to a Washington Post reporter,
as he walked across the rotunda of the
Capitol the other afternoon. "I attended
a session of the Daughters of the Revolu
tion, and one of the ladies who made an
address had the several sheets which
contained her remarks pinned together.
As she proceeded with her speech she
would detach a sheet and put the pin in
her mouth. Then she would detach an
other sheet aud but another pin in her
mouth. She kept this up for severl
minutes, and yet she continued talking
all the time. I want to know what be
came of those pins. She certainly did not
gsv them, and she did not remove
rom her mouth. The thing was a
ytome at the lime, aud it is a
•y yet."
Hats are Kich, Gorgeous Creations,
ro describe the coming Easter hats
and bonnets must sorely try the pen of
even so capable a writer on fashion as
Isabel A. Mallon. In the March Ladies'
Home Journal, she pictures the femi
nine headdress that will have its first
airing on fashion's great show day—
Easter. The united effort of pen and
pencil bring the conviction that the
vogue gives the widest range as to
shape of headdress, and that the plu
mage of almost every known bird will
be brought into requisition, beside
artistic duplicates of every flower of
the hot-house, garden and field will be <
called upon to supply the ornamenta
tion. The velvets and ribbons may be
as rich as the purse can buy," and the
woman can select almost anything in
the way of colors or combinations and
yet be entirely within the bounds of
tAn Old luca.
r day strengthens the belief of emi
iysician3 that impure blood is the
t' most of our diseases. Twenty-five
;o this theory was used as a basis for
aula of Browns' Iron Bitters. The
able cures effected by this famous
are sufficient to prove the theory
Browns' Iron Bitters are sold by
All Dealers.
Making Himself Safe.
you, sir," asked the incomer with
the shiny long coat, "can you give me a
short and succinct definition of money P"
"See here," said the financial editor, j
"1 waut to tell you before we go any fur- \
ther that you needn't to-_expect this to j
[be any- ObJectT lesson." — Indianapolis
Con"! Tobacco &i>ii atil Gxitc »cnr in; l»ijj - i
Bac, the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 50c or 51. Cnreguoraa- |
teed. Booklet aud Sample free. Address |
Sterling Kerr.cdy Co.. Chicago or New York.
m m ♦
The late Professor George M. Lane, j
Harvard's greatest Latin scholar, won
more fame by composing a bit of dog
gerel called "The Lone Fishball" than by
anything he ever did as an educator.
"The Lone Fishball" has been one of the
commonest college songs for the last 40
• 0 ♦
Ko-To-Bsc for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men strong, blood pure. 60c, (L All druggists.
An American lady went into a chem
ist's shop in Nice and asked for a bottle
of the finest perfume sold there. She
was informed that the price of the best
scent was $25 an ounce.
licato Y.mr i;owfc!s With Cascarets.
dy Cathartic, cine constipation forever.
«. It C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
rmany's highest bridge is over the
perthal at Mungsten, near Rein
d, back of Elberfleld. It is 360 feet
and 1,630 feet long, the central arch
lg a span of 530 feet. The only
;r bridge in Europe is the Garabit
in southern France.
Educate YGcr I.owels With Caccarcta.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
10c, 25c. If C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
The crosses on the English royal crowns
were introduced by Richard 111 during i
his short and turbulent reign. The
Eot the diadem were added by
VII in 1485.
Valuable to Wonidi.
cially valuable to women is Brovrns'
itters. Backache vanishes, headache
»ars, strength takes the place of weak
ness, and the glow of health comes to the
pallid cheek when this wonderful remedy is
taken. For sickly children or overworked
men it has no equal. No home should be
without Browns' Iron Bitters. For sale by
All Dealers.
Excursions to Washincton, D. C. Via Ches
and Ohio By. Feb. 17th, March 17th,
April 14th, and May 12th.
The Ches. and Ohio Ry. will run excur
sions to Washington on the above dates, at
Kfor the round trip. Tickets od sale for
is Nos. 2 and 4 of those dates leaving
nton at 2:07 a. m. and 11:06 a. ro., good
to return on any train within ten days.
lets are good going only on dates and
s mentioned. For further information
on or address. James Kek, Jr.,
P. & T. A., C. & O. Ry„
Staunton, Va.
Shake Into Your Shoes.
Ken's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet.
es painful, swollen, smarting feet and
instantly takes the sting out of corns and
bunions. It's the greatest comfort discov
■f the age. Allen's Foot Ease makes
-fitting or new shoes feet easy. It is a
certain cure for sweating, calleous and hot,
X, aching feet. Try it to day. Sold by
ruggists and shoe stores. By mail for
in stamps. Trial package free. Ad
dress, Allen S. Olmsted, Le Boy. N. Y.
mar 3 4ts
Fruit cannot stand freezing, because
it ruptures the cells of the fruit, and
decay takes places.
. - «
Wanted Ajren's,
"The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War,"
just published, contains 500 pages 12x16 inch
es, and over 1100 large Battle Scenes, Maps,
Portraits, etc. The greatest and largest War
Book ever published, and the only one tbat
does justice to the Confederate soldier and
Ruse he fought for. Complete in one
le. Agents wanted everywhere to sell
ook on our new and easy plan. Many
! lady and gentlemen agents who are
a work making from f 100 to 5200 per
month. Veterans, Sons and Daughters of
Veterans, and others interested are requested
to send for a beautiful illustrated descriptive
flfc wk I o pom o If* I" f* ttTtlllZd" *
p. II SJ^>1/k5-»-5- tne others are phos-
phoric acid and nitro-
-™ —«j An illustrated book which tells what Potash is, how it
9 should be used, and how much Potash a well-balanced
B-4 "W1/"V/~V fertilizer should contain, is sent free to all applicants.
8 E rnVrnV Send your address.
JLm -*- VX GERHAN KALI WORKS, 93 Nassau St., New York.
and 1898 Manual oi*~~~ J
% New Seeds! Implements 3
V" Every farmer and gardener
_V needs one. Larger and more
Urn complete than- ever. Send
I K name and address. Mailed
■P* Free. pfl
; S 205 to 213 N. Paca Street, «fl
WZZ Baltimore, Md. >S
feb 10-8t
OFFICE—Xos. 13 & 14 Urowle Bldg.
Office Hours—8.30 to 10 a. m, and 7 to 8.30 p. m.
sep 23-tf Telephone No. 385.
On First Floor—Entranceon Newstreet
Nice newly furnished rooms, private for
adies and gentlemen and connected with the
adies' Entrance and Front Restaurant Din-
ng Room. Nice Oysters served in any style
desired. The best service—Low charges.
nov 21-lv J. C. SCHEFFER, Prop'r.
"PITCHER'S CASTORIA," as our trade mark.
7 DR SAMUEL PITCHER, of Eyannis, Massachusetts,
was the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same
that has borne and does now siSt-*-*?-" ° n BVeTy
bearthefoe-simile signatureof C&&%7&ZZ4f wrapper.
This is the original " PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has been
used in the homes of the Mothers of America for over thirty
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is
~Vte kindjiou have always bought /rf sjjfiTTT?* m **
and hastes-signature 6}' UZ&zMZZm wrap-
per No one haswZkerity from me to use my name ex-
clpt The Centaur Company oj which Chas. H. Fletcher is
Do Not Be Deceived,
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting
a cheap substitute which some druggist may offer you
(because he makes a few more pennies on it), the in-
gredients of which even he does not know.
"The Kind Yon Have Always Bought"
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Failed Yon.
I We Are Cutting Prices §
M Having Finished Stock Taking Call ||
il and Secure ||
I Glotlmrs, Fornisliisrs anil Hatters. if
H| No. 9 South Augusta Street, STAUNTON, VA. ||j
finely-strung nervous
system of women sub- ( .
jccts them to terrors of nervous apprehen
sion which no man can ever appreciate.
The peace of mind, the menial poise and
calmness under difficulties, which is neces
sary for happy womanhood is only possible
when the sensitive feminine organism is in
a perfectly healthy condition. If there be
any weakness or derangement in this re
spect no remedy in the world so com
pletely restores womanly health, nervous
vigor and capability as the wonderful
"Favorite Prescription" invented by Dr.
R. V. Pierce, chief consulting physician of
the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute
of Buffalo, N. Y. It purifies, heals and
strengthens; insures functional regularity;
provides physical reinforcement and sus
taining power at periods of special weak
ness and depression.
It is the only medicine which makes
the coming of baby safe and comparatively
easy. In a personal letter to Dr. Pierce,
Mrs. Marguerite Collin, of Cutler, Algoma
Co., Ont., says:
" I was a sufferer and was cured by Dr.
Pierces wonderful medicine. When I com
uienced the medicine I could neither eat nor
sleep. My hands and feet were constantly cold;
I had a wasting, troublesome drain for three
months, *lnd my monthly periods were never
regular. I took Dr. Pierces Favorite Prescrip
tion and it cured me. J feel well. I thank the
World's Dispensary Mtflical Association.''
without continual expense and annoyance of replacing chemicals. Has a current
regulator and can be adjusted to a nervous child or to overpower the strongest
man. It is the most interesting instrument for the study of electricity ever pro
duced. Every boy needs it for a practical study and experiment of electricity. No
education is complete without a full knowledge of this wonderful power. An evening
party can be entertained for hours with experiments made on this Dynamo.
Invalids may cure themselves by iis use without expense. It Is an established
fact that electricity cures rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, numbness aud nervous
troubles. It increases the circulation of the blood, and displaces weakness and ex
haustion from any cause with Ftrength and activity. Electricity is the one great
element which the emaciated system requires. The " WONDER " Dynamo offers to
all an Inexhaustible supply of this powerful agent. Fully equipped with armature
magnet, brush, multiplying gear, crank and current breaking switch. All parts
perfectly made and handsomely finished. Packed in a strong wood box with full
instructions for medical use and many electrical experiments.
- Price complete, $1.00 by Express. By Mail, $1.25
Address all orders to JOHN GL-EASOM'S SONS
N. E. cor. Second and Diamond Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.
Our readers will find
correct Schedules of
the four great railroads
of the State regularly
published Inthlspaper,
the C. & O. the B. & O.
the N.& W. and Southern
First Presbyterian Church, on Frederick 8\
between New and Market streets, service*
II a. m. and Bp. m. Pastor, Rev. A. M.Fraser
Second Presbyterian church corner Fredei
Ick and Lewis streets. Services at 11 a. m
and *. Pastor. Eev. J. M. Wells.
Third Presbyterian Church, Nelson St..
(Sears' Hill.) Preaching Sunday at 11 A M
Sunday School 3P. M. Prayer meeting Tues
day 7.30 P. M. Rev. R. C. Gilmore, pastor.
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, worship on
West Frederick St. Services at 11 a. m., and 8
p. m„ Rector, Rev. R. C. Jett.
Trinity Episcopal church. Main street, be
tween Lewis and Church streets. Service* a
U a. m., and Bp. m. Rector, Rev. W. Q. Hnl-
Unlted Brethren churtJ, Lewis street, be
tween Main and Johnson streets. Services at
11 a. m and Bp. m. Pastor, Rev. 8. X
Methodist church, Lewis street, between
Main and Frederick streets. Services at 11 a
m. and Bp. m. Pastor, Rev. F. J. Prettyman
Christ Evangelical Lutheran church, Lew
is street, between Main and Frederick street/
Services at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Pastor. Rev
H. F. Shealy. ,
Baptist church, cornet Mali and Washing,
ton streets. Services at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m
Pastor, Rev. M. L. Wood. ■*•>
St. Francis Roman Catholle, North Augustt
street. Mass at 7 and 10.30 a. m. Vespers and
benediction of Most Blessed Sacrament at
Ptor, Rev. Father McVerry.
lien's Christian Association, corner
Water streets. Services at 1 p. m
Geo. A. Overdorf, Secretary.
£3 South Augusta Street,
Jan 6-6 m Staunton, Va.
Office—Room 8 Masonic Temple.
jan 6 Staunto», Va.
Second Floor, Masonic Temple,
Mutual Phone. Staunton, Va.
83 South Augnsta St.
Tucker & Harrison's former Office.
_ PFQmpiatteptio
entrusted to our hai..
Practices in all the courts of i
and Augnsta.
No. 23 S. Augusta St.
Special attention given to collections.
Lan 8-tf Staunton, va.
No. 2, Court House Square,
aug 9-tf
No 10 Lawyer's Row,
Staunton, Va.
Special attention given to collections and
chancery practice.
No. 8 Lawyers' Row, (near 0. H. lard).
oct 7 Staunton, Va.
| Staunton, Va.
attention to collections.
R. S. Ttjbk. Henbt W. Holt.
No. 8 Lawyers' Row, Staunton, Va.
T aw Office of
No 8 Lawyers' Row
oct 17-tf
KoomS, No. J3 S. Augusta Street, Skinner
Building. STAUNTON, VA.
aug 10-tf
Office on Courthouse squat c,
Prompt attention given to all legal business
1 sntrusted to him, in State or Federal Courts.
Will devote entlr~ time to his profession.
lune 1-tf

Attorney-at-Law and n»
jani-tf STAUNTON. VA*
OFFICE.—Rooms 13,15,17, Masonic Temple.
Jan 18 "Jti-tr
No. 11 Lawyer's Row,
Notary Public. Staunton, V»
LAW OFFICES-NOB. 10 & 12 Masonic

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