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We Invite Inspection 01
Our Subscription List, by
Advertisers, and assure
them that they will find it
he largest of any paper
Published in this City.
We are now ready to show the peo- f
& pie of StauDton and surroundings the 5
$ largest, best and handsomest stock of |
| GlottiiuE. Fnnisknjc Ms & Hats j
S ever shown in this city. Every gar- §
S ment we offer is perfect is fashion, in S
8 fit and in finish, and better trimmed and g
g more reliable goods were never put on §
S sale. We can meet every size require- 8
3 ment, the regular build, the stout, the 5
g tall, the slim, and come so near to fine g
X tailor made perfection, that an expert g
S would be puzzled to tell the difference. 8
g You cannot afford to buy anything in «
B our line before you have seen what we §
g have in stock and how we are selling S
them, as we are sure we save you mon- §
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All Goods warranted as represeted. Auy pur- §
I! chase made of us and not entirely satisfactory <$
g your money cheerfully refunded, &
6 Eeliable Clothiers, Tailors, Furnishers & Hatters. 3
J Opposite Court House, Staunton, Va. S
Electric Supplies!
For Electric Door Dells, Annunciators, Burg-
lar Alarms, Automatic or Hand Gas Lkjhtin;;
Appliances, Motors for Fans. Sewing Machines
or other light machinerv. Novelties lor Show
Windows, iiattfries and Battery supplies of
all kinds. Call on or address
Old electric hell systems put in perfect work-
ing order, aud telephones repaired at small
cost. Estimates cheerfully furnished for elec-
tric work of any kind.
Eeferences—Sheriff N. O. Watts, President
Electrician Mutual Telephone Co.
- Orders left at Central Mutual Tel. Office,
ator office, will receive 'immediate atten-
—~-*~ — - ,^»— ■' ** — " -• —
A wonderful improvement in Friction Feeds and
(iiji-Ilnck. times as last
itS-any other in the market. Friction Clutch Feed,
causing all the feed gearing to stand still while back*
tag; great savins in power and wear. Cata-
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C*iii: valors, Corn Planters, Shelters, etc.
Mention this paper.
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r~pO TEACHERS.—Huildlngs ot a most suit
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school located at Huntersville. Pocahontas
coutitv, W. Va., are for rent or sale. The peo-
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ian 32-tf
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Without dread of competition they still
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every article incident to that branch of
mar in
There are a great many watchmakers who'
can clean a watch properly, and don't, be- I
cause it takes considerable time to do it !
thoroughly. There are manv others who j
can ■ do 't ritrht no matter how'hard thev try,
an '' one does the watch about as much "good ■
as the other. There is still another class (and I
we want you to set us down in this cbs«) who !
know how and do the work conscientiously i
as a trial will convince you. I
102 South Augusta Street.
VOL ' 75 - STAUNTON, VA„ THURSDAY, APRIL H, .h98. W N0 . I5 .
fc§!i->. 'i.'-. ; ii'.,l bilF° S - tlVe CUre for I -■--'
BB for 10 cents. a flKsr
'*• BK .„» BRowss' «Ib~
slfeP 'Hm IBM ""TIERS CO,. 3B?
f S??,Pa^sTcontnTSln?a catalogue < of 0 «bSnt
six thousand newspapers, hpinljlii that »?.
fo^% 5 i? » ,,l,An; ™ Newspaper I>ire£
torj I December addition for 18975 with hM-insr
regularIssues of 1,080 copies or more aiS.
of^™^?{^ 0fe * eh «"»> ™v 0 ery stile
onlvf-i whvh a t. Union ' MptoK those towni
only l.i winch there ar-> issued newsninnora
having more than 1,000 circulatioi This 1 oot
(Issued Dec. is, 1887) «ill be sent posts" o paid
to any ad iress. on receipt of SI. Vddress Tl-«
Yew VnlT' 611 Co., 10 Spruce St.!
I Duly original and genuine French '-p.
' 1:,tor . of Mme. St. Germain, Paris. I
ery case. Sold under'positive'guarantee I
*ates_an/ Canada!"king hakvakb
r'io 1 ashluston st -> Chicago.
Extract r f Beet
30Kii BOOK
telling how to prepare many deli-
cate and delicious dishes.
• meStand ?em ' '° P " j
i tiir*r ! o?mI" ,r BU K ? e!iis ive territory! An'rac
i tnvo Iremlums atid profit sharing
Locust St., Philadelphia, I
gSSS&tMsSm 1 " LT "'-' and. bc-actifics tha halt, j
KHf/omotes a Ituuriant growth. I
= M -Mover Pails to Bcstoro Gravl
HSs«0liB s^>ltH^F, " r ' to lts Youthful Color I
fgiSgftiJtfn — *tfiflB ClL-j) Fcalp dj'PQses & hair fallin? I
tEHMIC j*7f ' ■' ' ■ ... - ,
Bookseiler and Stationer- j
Fabrics — Millinery — Colors— I
Trimming— Parasols—Neckwear.
The most noteworthy feature in
Spring and Summer styles, will be a
lavish use of sprangles. In compara
tive moderation, they are no novelty,
but remarkable newness is now achiev
|>y the great freedom with which
r find employment. Fabrics that
i in iridescent transitions or fade
y in the most delicate alternations
ue, are a constant source of enr
?, since all that is striking or cap
!itina-, comes not from the material,
om metal like additions which
se breadths in extremely bold
s that glitter in an almost bar
mine, while extreme richness is
rues obtained by combinations
aille in dariug patterns of fruit
c materials are brought out in
hape, with corresponding corn
's for sleeves and corsages or
3d fabrics may be bought by
■d and cut according to fancy,
ie former style is preferable
rich gowns are in question,
lersons however, would hesitate
r spangles in the profusion that
allowable and since a fine,
luality of Brussels net is chosen
Jundation, quite elegant dresses
le of plain net, with spangled
is in the way of an open front
bly a long, pointed one) with |
ian addition of panels or bor-1
both on the skirt. Touches of
would appear with more or less
on the corsage, but a dress
nay be quoted, has only an
apron front, vest and the sleeve puffs
•ngles, the remainder being of
lack net. By far the greater prc
n of spangled goods- show a
Black spangles on black, have the
appearance of jet and because in keep
ing with a leading idea of the day. jet
is in great demand. But choice fabrics
suitable for party wear, are wrought
upon by glitterings in evening colors I
that show with much delicacy on a
white surface. It may be added that j
spangles though metal like in appear- j
ance and therefore seemingly weighty, j
are in truth very light, being made of I
gelatine. In.
some very pretty results are obtained i
by hats in monotone or different tones
of one color. A pink hat may be trim
mcd wholly in pink: a blue, in shades
of this iuoß_t gentle hue and there are
dashing examples in which the new
and very handsome yellow called
"burnt orange is conspicuous. This
hue is very becoming to brunettes who
should scrupulously avoid the tur
quoise blue of the day or indeed any j
blue, because such color is fatal to I
many cornplextions. A well known)
belle however, who had been obliged I
colors as were best !
j complexion, has j
| just ordered for Easter, '
|in turquoise bine and she attributes
make this selection, to the persistent
use of Pears' soap which she applies
freely to her face and which her friends
and herself consider unequaled for gen
eral toilet purposes.
[ though stylish, are so far. rather ex
ceptional than otherwise and thegreat
|er number show a massing together of
| the most varied and opposing hues,
[such as green and purple; purple and
blue or gray and green. Yellow is a
color that enters readily into cornbina
j tion with any other and this season's I
yellows are so beautiful that they j
I might become a rage, were they more
generally becoming. Any one how- ■
ever, can wear yellow, provided it be j
not too near the face and on many I
hats, it appears in touches that bring
into relief comparatively subdued
tones of blue or purple.
are again used with great freedom and ]
in general, the high finish that seems
now a necessity in millinery, is given
by spangled or jetted quills, which tips
or wrings and this for the reason that
flowers fill in under brimsorarealmost
always placed in low masses that en
circle crowns. The added breadth thus
given to crowns, is indeed a most note
worthy feature and is often carried to
remarkable extremes, the circumfer
enee being comparatively immense.
For the reason too, that flowers lie in
low masses, their veiling by draphan
ous material or lace has become like
wise a marked feature, while on hats
which do not show a massing of flow
ers around the crown, materia! may be
placed in swathing style, as if to im
part breadth or where flowers come to
an end, quilled ribbon standing up
right above, may complete the work of
exaggeration. But light effects are
often obtained by the use of chiffon,
mouaseline or tulle,
in the better styles are remarkably
pretty and the success of the season in
rather moderate priced ones, is the De
butante having a well chosen name,
since it is at once modest and dressy,
lv shape it shows the elegant canopy
top and as a special feature, has six or
more narrow ribbon ruffles placed close
together, which form a stylish border
to a centre that is usually in tasteful
contrast, though examples in monotone
I are noticeable. But the limitations
are endless and some fashionable wo
men have had Debutantes made to or
| der to suit their -owns. The Aspasia
.is a very stylish parasol, made with
flat top and displaying a cover com
[ posed entirely of narrow ribbon ruffles,
[ but too high priced to suit any except
[rather wealthy buyers, who however,
appreciate it the more, because in no
wise common. Unique and also expen
sive parasols are wholly covered by
rows of narrow ribbon running length
wise and ending in loops that fall over
in fringe like fashion.
is now much more becoming than last j
season because of the various ties in j
front, that are certainly in far better j
taste than the stiff, stock collar. The
fringed ribbon ties passing around the
neck and tied in a slip knot in front,
are growing somewhat passe, because
of a popularity that has made them
common, but nevertheless are seen fre
quently. Extremely pretty and be |
coming ties are made cf chiffon ori
mousseline, but of course are very
perishable and a better selection can
be made of fine net edged with lace.
They giy c a delightfully soft finish and
color can be imparted by a well chosen
pin set in the centre or when worn
with a bright gown, they do not need
any colored addition. Bows at the
throat are also very fashiouable and
are made of ribbon, silk edged with
lace or entirely of chiffon, net or lace,
Rosalind May.
"Let parents not live fortheir children
but with them." The mother should al
low no false modesty to stand in the way
of her daughter's knowledge of herself,
of her possibilities, of her perils. For I
over thirty years Dr. Pierce has used his
Favorite Prescription as a slreiigthener, J
a purifier, a regulator. It works direct
ly upon the delicate, distinctly feminine I
organs, in a natural, soothing way. li,j
searches out the weak spots and builds J
them up. a woman who would under-1
stand herself should send 21 cents to the
[ World's Dispensary, Buffalo, N. V., for
[Dr. Pierces Medical Adviser, a book of
[ 1008 pages.
Mr. Reed's Joke.
Recently Speaker Reed wished to see a
man on some pending legislation, and
telegraphed for him to come to Wasking
j ton. The man took the first train avail
| able, but a washout on the road made it
[ impossible for the train to proceed fur
ther toward its destination. Going to a
telegraph office he sent this dispatch to
the Speaker :
"Washout on the line. Can't come."
J When Reed read the message he sent
back this reply:
"Buy a new shirt and come anyway."]
—Pittsburg Dispatch.
* -* - •
Distressing Stomach Disease
Permanently cured by the tnaster.y power
of South American Nervine Tonic. In-J
valids need suffer no longer because this J
great remedy can cure them all. It is a
cure for the whole world of stomach
weakness and indi-estion. The cure be
gins with tbe first dose. The relief it
brings is marvelous and surprising. It
makes no failure; never disappoints. No
matter how long you have suffered, your
cure is oertain under the use of this
graat health-giving force. Pleasant and
always safe. Sold by B. F. Hughes,
Druggist, (i S. Augusta St. Staunton, V a.'
Thought it was Loaded.
Deacon—Yon. I hear McKinley has
just fixed up an ultimatum and sent it to
| Spain.
Yon—Hurrah for Me. old boy ! That
thing will knock the stuffing out of that
Spanish flotilla if it meet it.
_ „ i
.__.__ Recognized.
"PoorCifli-j'"7igTiear -_irs. -____&_? J_
j "it's sad fate is strikingly similar to the i
fate of many poor women—starved an'
[downtrodden by their lordly husbands."
"I doirt see why you should have any
complaintto make,"' replied Callahan.
[ "I recognized you as a belligerent twenty
years ago."—Atlanta Journal.
Relief in Six Hours.
-Ustressiinz Kidney and Bladder dis
[ ease relieved iv six hours by "New Great
[ South American Kidney Cure." It is a
I great surprise on account of its exceed
ing promptness in relieving pain iv blad
[ der, kidney and back, in male or female.
J Relieves retention of water airnost im
mediately. If you want quick relief and
cure this is the remedy. Sold by B. F.
[Huges, Druggist, 0 S. Augusta St.,
I Staunton, Va.
■ ■ —♦— *p »
Still Another Order.
"What's this new patriotic order Smith
has faunded?"
"Cousins of the Revolution. You see,
[ Smith's great-grandmother promised to
be the sister of a man who afterwards
fought in the War of independence."—
Had no Other to Tarn,
Sabbath School Teacher—Why, Petey
Murphy ! Fighting again ? Did not last
Sunday's lesson teach that when you are
struck on one cheek to turn the other to
the striker f
Petey Murphy—Yes'm, but he belted
me on the nose, an'l've only got one.—
Grand Tower, 111. Feb. 7, '98.
I take pleasure in reeommendingDr. J.
H. McLean's Liver and Kidney Balm. I
have been troubled with a disease of the
liver and kidney for years, and have been
treated by a number of physicians, but to
no advantage. Bj the use of six bottles
of Dr. J. 11. McLean's Liver and Kidney
Balm I am now well. ]
J. J- Vastine.
For sale by Hogshead, Hanger & Co.
—♦ _» ♦—
In England during the sixteenth centu
ry stealing above the value of 12 pence,
burning a haystack, killing or stealing
sheep, breaking a dike or bridge, breaking
a bank of a fish pond, cutting down a
tree in an orchard and the malicious
tearing or defacing of the garments of a
person in the street, were all capital
offenses aud were punished as such. j
Eve-—body 5.i>.~ 30. j
Otseexatt i Candy UaUmrtie, the most won
derful medical dbK-o\crr of the r.<*c pleas
ant, .md refreshing to ihe 'uste, act gently
aim positively on kidneys. liver and bowels
• -1.-using the entire ayst. m, dispel colds
cure headache, fever, baWtnal constipation
ai.d biliousness. Please buy and try a box
of C.C.C. to-day; 10,--.,:,(. cents. Bold and
guaranteed to cure by all druggists- j
—— -♦ —»- ♦■—
Near the Caspian Sea there are several
j "eternal fires," so called by the natives,
j where natural gas issues from the ground'
J and has been on fire for ages.
—.—M_tfl Yoar Bowels Will, Cascarets.
! I—,' ,! —; <ly p*—l*rtic, csire consi.ipation forever
If C.C.C.fail, urugsistsrefundmoiiey.'
The great clock of Rouen, France, has
been measuring the time and striking
the hours and quarters for over 500'
Thrice Wedded In Six Years.
Brookfield (Mo.) Argue: "Our vener
able fellow-townsman, Moses Fifield,
is married again, and he has broken
the record by becoming a groom four
times in his life, three times within the
past six years, his last marriage having
taken place on Wednesday night.
There is quite a history connected with
Mr. Fifield's matrimonial experiences.
His first wife died in Brookfield some
seven years ago from paralysis. Si
years ago he took the second Mrs.
Fifield, who fell out of a cherry tree,
| from the effects of which she died.
About two years ago he married tiie
third Mrs. Fifield, who last November
met with a runaway accident and was
instantly killed. But, as Mr. Fifield
grows older, now being past eighty, his
heart, wish the approach of early
springtime, seems to grow youger. And
now he has walked under the mistle
toe again and fallen to his heart anoth
er love, and the Argus joins his other
ni»ny Brookfield friends in congratula
tions for a long and happy union down
through the fourth degree."
For Seven-Up Players.
j See how the Jack evades the ace-
Eludes his kingship, too—
To at last be caught in the I__s_ _ em-
I I see where he's jyght—don't you ?
Didn't See Him Saw.
"How did Fakem, the hypnotist, get
along on his last trip ?"
"First rate, until he tried the impossi-1
ble. He hypnotized a tramp one day and
tried to make him saw wood."—Brook
— —♦ ■ *- i
To Care Constipation Forever. '
if n n 9i ls , ca J' ets Cand Y Cathartic lOe or 25c
ii v. o. _. fail to cure, druggists refund monoy.
The Dear Things. I
He—You know Jones' wife, an old
[schoolfellow of yours; tell me, is she
She (her dearest, friend)-I should say
decidedly not, or she wouldn't be so fond
of hearing the sound of her own voice.—
E-lcc.-.t a Your Bowrt, With Cascr-.rcta.
Bteafc' 2" ™nstipation forever.
wc,»c -C.C.C. fail, druggists refund money.
"Ain't I a little bow legged ? "asked I
the dubious young man.
"Bow legged!" said the tailor. "The
idea! Your lower limbs, sir, are abso-
lately without a parallel .'"—lndianapolis !
Shake Into Tour Shoes.
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. I
It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and '
instantly takes the sting out of corns and j
bunions. It's the greatest comfort discov-i
cry of the age. Allen's Foot Ease makes
tight-fitting or new shoes feet easy. It is a
certain cure for sweating, calleous and hot,
tired, aching feet. Try If to-day. Sold by
all druggists and shoe stores. By mail for
S Trial package free. Ad
lmsted, LeKoy, N. Y.
at Westminster and • again at
ister, and Henry IV at Paris
>-'I'o-_::.- for ; 'illy Cc.-:t_.
ec_ tobacco habit cure makes weal;
f, blood pure. 60a, Jt All druggists.
iliugame, Kan., a woman who
have a gun about the house,
ar son's in the sitting room,
to carry it, at arm's length, to
v Just as she opened the door a
Qg to her not to shoot.
* —_—• _
Wanted Agents,
nfederate Soldier in the Civil War,"
—ed, contains 500 pagesl2xlC inch
;r 1100 large Battle Scenes, Maps,
itc. The greatest and largest War
published, and the only one that
eto the Confederate soldier and
ie fought for. Complete in one
-gents wanted everywhere to sell
>n our new and easy plan. Many
and gentlemen agents who are
ire making from $100 to $200 per
eterans. Sons and Daughters of
md others interested are requested
a beautiful illustrated descriptive
cc, and termt to agents. Address
irnal Job Printing Co., Louisville,
—• -•—•- . ,
nense traffic on the great canal
svhich traverses the Chinese
raid be so increased and expe
le use of steam tugs or launch
i authorities are said to be con
sidering favorably the plan of enlarging
lai als and introducing steam power,
rsions to Washington, D. C. Via Ches I
id Ohio Ky. I-el>. 17th, March 17th,
April 14th, and May 12tli.
i Clies. and Ohio Ry. will run excur
to Washington on the above dates, at
for the round trip. Tickets ou sale for
i Xos. 2 aDd 4of those dates leaving
ton at 2:07 a. m. and 11:06 a, m., good
■urn on any train within ten days.
ts are good going only on dates and
mentioned. For further information
>n or address. James Keb, Jr.,
Staunton, Va. I
sen Elizabeth had as great a love for
fans as she had for gowns, and had
B collection of them.
™ Observation Cars Between Baltl- I
re nnd plttsburg on the Baltimore
— Ohio Kallroad.
new Observation Oars "Undine" and
3a" on trains Xos. 5 and G, the New
md Chicago Limited Trains on the
ore & Ohio li. X., are the latest cars
.of sis pattern from the I'ullman .Shops
Rare magnificently furnished with
idly equipped buffet, parlor, state
_. is a special feature. It is six feet
'ith extended roof, the sides being
gers can enjoy the magnificent scen
all sides in perfect comfort The
a ever ready to supply light refresh
ments, and dining cars en route serve full
mea U The cars are the handsomest ever
built by the Pullman Company, and will
be run daily between Baltimore and Pitts
burg on the trains mentioned. mio-*; I
in the form of sulphate.
Our books will tell you just what to use
They are free. Send for them.
6? Nassau St., New York.
V 11 *^ T 0;wlt:-In the Clerk's Ofhce of
the Circuit Court of Augusta connrv
the 21st day of March, leas county,
John Silor, Plaintiff,
Charles Garrison, Defendant. i
Action of Trespass on the case In assumpsit
and < l attachment returned duly
The object rf this suit is to rtcover luatt-
3% Pi, a,ra i n * t . C ? arle8 Gairison for the sum of
rth itZ^ 1 '? te "-est thereon from October
!ith,188B, due to said John Bilor on an oDeii
account; and to attach the effects of said
fendant in this State.
<i£2£t£ appearing by affidavit filed that the
defendant, Charles Garrison, Is a non-resident
of this ttate, it is ordered that he do aonear
here within fifteen days after due publication
»hereof and do what is necessary to protect
terest in this suit. " ureL
t «, w ,^ OS ' u - W-OODWAHD, Clerk.
. L. & H. Bumgardner, p. q.
ir 31-lt
slmilatinguicroodatidRegula, W\ oiUWAIUKt
tiigtheStoiaaciisaiuiBowelsaf Si ——OF
I ProfflotesDigestion,CliecrfiiI-
! ness and Rest.Contains neither .£ * * -*—v-w
j Not Narcotic. i Is ON THE
ill Seal- 5>i A^*^,
fjj Mx.Scnna* \ 5 [
|! jgKSec*. I §i OF EVEBY
• ■ i iFtypenwnt > Sfl
i gste.. 1 BOTTLE OF
1 |.-O I ll
11 I S. CaBloria k pnt up in ons-size bottles oalr. It
11 Wr 1 not £ol| J « Dtuk. Don't allow anyone to toll
K YmtnW^S^S^tS^^}'** ' Piy°1 ( an y' 5 MS the en tho pies cr promise that <t
II "j !i" j nst as good » end " will answer every pur.
B 1 ---Impose." that von get C-A-S-T-0-B-I-A.
|:Si Hefac- ,• |
EXACT COFY"OF WRAPPEB. fa tiailo X"2T "* ,.„ '
They look Laodscne i, k&E9R995|
ally tar handsomer when you see them in the store
JJanie Fashion has displayed a wonderful amount of I
good common sense in dictating the styles of Clothing for = —-
men and boys this season. The Suits and Overcoats are 1 W M - A - PRATT,
The T ~re neither too | W A tto RNE y.at,'aw.
■Our present stock displays the best taste, the highest 1 no,,™,*, * " "SII' '
and the most reliable materials we have ever shown a3yl5 ' lyr suunton.v.
Inere s j» look of the right sort about it—A feel of 3 I M OUARI "
the right kind-A fit, stylo and workmanship of the high-1 J " U ARLES,
est Perfection In fact the clothing has genuine merit. 1 law offices-Nob % * u Maso w
* , B .^ er /Swt or Overcoat that leaves the store, is ready 3 Tem P le - *
to do its full duty, and do it honestly. 3 nov6 - lvr btapntos. y A .
ih» J® uarosu roto receive more value, style and service 1 DR C W RfMRFRQ
for your expenditure with ns than is usually given for a ' U " "' KUU «tH5,
third more money. J & 3 office at residence-Co.- Freder
The Say-so of this ad. is the Do-So of the store I om B ick -Market sts.
We might talk for hours about the quaHty and price, I Sg^ggSSKr 1^
M tn e a Z haVe the Most Reliabi e Assort-
WO. if S. AUgUSta St., Staunton V» meut of Garden Seeds to be found
_ _' wmMnwn, yd in the city- Wnen you get geeda
~ ==!=5!==! = : == s from me they do not prove to be
i^^lfflfffTWIf^l|TTTffffTT!l^y?>Hf^? ? fflyYnn W6edS ° r infer , ior Ye K e table3. They
| OF EVERY DISCRETION ,'"""" **"""""" 0,a "•"*•>'•
»" "e B. F. HUGHES jj^m-fM
a woman asks this question' Hewnmcrj i
thought and study she devotes to it! It i-;
natural. A woman hates to think that she
is growing- day by day less charming- and
attractive and youthful to her husband's i
eyes than in the days of courtship
A woman may always retain her charms I
and the vivacity and freshness of youth if I
sue will ta_e the proper care of her lit-alth
A tremendous percentage of ill-health in
womsu is due to weakness and disease of
Pierces ~ c ' ,y -/ eminine . organism. Dr.
It allays inflammation, heals ulceration!
tones then lug drains and soothes and
all the charm of heaithy'ToVth 8
sands of women have testified to its mar
velous merits.
spectacle dealers in medicines° DeafonW
keeeVwh ar £. honestI y treated. Any store
honestly and you should take toum__l
elsewhere. t '-~ """^
" For nine years I have suf&rtd with __ks_
of Ral'h \iFi? S '" write 3 Mrs - Mary Williams
frau?d no't d s k™f len ""^°^ P *°^ n « r ™»°°«"
cal Cr _iscover o^ te J r< ; scripti ° n '^ >G ° l! d?n%ie^ii;
Worlr.'." 1 !?- 3 ' t0 eoverWm a>i'ng onlv 2 to o th e e
Buf&Jo N TT" 7 Medical Ass °™tion,
ounaio, a. V for a paper-covered copy of
_£», r?f ?_ c ° mn ? on Sens e Medical Ad-
J^r^Clothbinding,i stamps. j
I Our readers will find
j correct Schedules of
j the four great railroads [
of the State regularly I
published in this paper, jj
theC.&O. the B. & O. 1
the N.& W. and Southern!
First Presbyterian Church, on Frederic- 81
between New and Market streets, services
II a. m. and Bp. m. Pastor. Rev. A. M. Fraser
Second Presbyterian church corner Fredei
lck and Lewis streets. Services at 11 a m
and 8. Pastor. Rev. j. m. Wells.
Third Presbyterian Church, Nelson B_
t (Sears-Hill.) Preaching Sunday at 11 Am
nday School 3P. M. Prayer meeting Tues
yMlP. M. Rev. R. c. Gilmore, pastor.
Emmannel Episcopal Church, worship on
West Frederick St. Services at 11 a. m. and 8
P. m„ Rector, Rev. R. c. Jett.
Trinity Episcopal church. Main street, be
tween Lewis and Church streets. Service! a
11 a. m., and Bp. m. Rector, Rev. W. Q. Hnl-
Unlted Brethren ehi_- t _, Lewis street, be
tween Main and Johnson streets. Services at
wine m * na $P ' m ' Paator - Key - 8 - X
Methodist church, Lewis street, between
Main and Frederick streets. Services at 11 a
m. and 8 p. m. Pastor, Rev. F. J. Prettyman
Christ Evangelical Lutheran church Lew
is street, between Main and Frederick street*
errlces at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Pastor. Rev
a. r . onealy.
Baptist church, corner Mali and Washing:
streets. Services at 11 a. m. ana 8 p. m
Pastor, Rev. M. L. Wood.
St. Francis Roman Catholic, North Auguitt
street, Mass at 7 and 10.30 a. m. Vespers and
benediction of Most > leased Sacrament «t
P. m. Pastor, Rev. Father McVerrv.
Tonng Men's Christian Association, corner
Main and Water street.. Services at 4 p. m
,grdor f- Secretary.
j 23 South Angnsta Street, AT LAW '
3aDfr6m BtaCNTON.Va.
E_ce-Room 8 Masonic Temple.
Staunton, va.
Second Floor, Masonic Temple,'
23 South Angnsta St.
-er _ Harrison's former Office.
,__ J -' J - L - *R- -UMGAHDNER
JtS?u!o t oT-_n 8 d 1 J. entoa " *™ b ™*™
an^SVa 11 "" Ule courts ot Hockingham
B ° iM - nov sa-ti
a ___. No - -* S. Augusta St.
special attention given to collections.
No. 2, court House Sau«__ AtJNTON ' VA
T? B. KENNEDY, ~ ~~ "
No 10 Lawyer's How,
Jan 22-tf
No. 8 Lawyers' Kow, (near C. H. Yard).
oct 1 Statjnto-, Va.
to *'
X- S. Turk. H_hbt w. Holt.
No 8 r_SS,»?
«o. a Lawyers' Row, Staunton, Va.
I" aw Office or
I oct 17 tf N ° 8 Law Y ers ' Row
i!,H?,? m .T No ' J3 - 3 - Augusta Street, Skinner
au_ K-tt STAUNTON, VA.
Office on Courthouse squai c,
■ J™S I „ attention given to all legal business
_-,'__' to nim ' ln sta *e or Federal Courts
I June i-_-° entlre tlme to bla Profession.
I " "
i-nj-tr. STAUNTON,'VA.

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