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Staunton spectator and vindicator. [volume] (Staunton, Va.) 1896-1916, September 08, 1898, Image 4

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Emperor Kwatig Su, of China, is ill, !
Uamp Wikoff at Montauk Point is'
said to be a pest hole.
A needle trust is reported from Lon
don. Capital #7,500,000.
A $300,000 fire has visited Nashville
destroying many fine buildings.
The proposal of the Czar to disarm
all Europe is meetini: with little favor, j
The Shenandoah Baptist Association '
is in session at Front Royal.
Property owners iv Cuba want Cuba
annexed to the United States.
The steamer Klondike bringing gold
dust valued at a million and a half dol
The 3rd Virginia, which is to be dis
banded, will be sent to Richmond to be
mustered out.
The Chinese say that England did
not offer to keep the Russians out until
it was too late.
A large Dervish force is going to meet
the Anglo-Egyptian army in the Soudan
and a battle is expected.
The Albany, which is building in
England and is a sister ship to the New
Orleans, is about finished.
Mexicans aud (iautemalaus are fight
lug near the Mexican line caused by
thefts of stock by Mexicans. •
Hope of finding Andre, the balloon
Arctic explorer, has been abandoned
and the expedition has returned.
Rebels to the number of -500,000 are
gathering north of Canton, Ciiiua, and
an attack on the city is expected.
Gov. Black, of New York, is at Chica
mauga and says the condition of the
camp there is not as bad as reported.
Mormons are said to be gaining con
verts in Jefferson county, West Virgin-
In Richmond John Signaigo, eight
years of age, fell through a skylight
and was killed.
f The Republicans of the Richmond dis
trict have determined to nominate a
candidate for Congress.
1 It is predicted that the V. M. I. will
have more cadets than have been there
any session for 15years.
Some Laplanders taken to Alaska to
do certain work are becoming American
Wilhelmina.who is now queen of Hol
land, has issued an address which is
well received,
There are still not enough beds in the
hospitals at Montauk and 150 sick
soldiers are lying on the floor.
Schley w-iil likely be placed in com
mand of the Pacific station and a num
ber of fine ships added to his squadron.
The Democrats of Watertown, N. V.,
want Bryan delegates to the State con
vention. Roswell P. Flower is not ac
Admiral Schley and General W. W.
Gordon, have sailed to Porto Rico to
settle the conditions of the Spanish
New Hampshire democrats haveask
ed an investigation of the action of the
war department's management of the
Santiago campaign.
Ensign Powelson of the destroyed
battleship Maine was married yester
day to Miss Margaret O. Millan, of
Wyoming, Ohio.
Gen. Merritt has started from Manila
to appear before the peace commission.
Aguinaldo has designated AEgoncillo
to accompany him.
The breach between Gen. Miles and
Secretary Alger is widening, and there
, is every reason to believe that a court
martial will follow.
The Norfolk and Western had a
freight wreck, near Petersburg, iv
which 1G gondola cars were broken to
The Kepublicau congressional conven-
I tion for the eighth district, which met
. in Alexandria, decided not to nominate
a candidate.
Chas. G. Kizer, a printer, employed on
' the Norfolk Virginian Pilot and a
: member of the legislature, has betn
elected chief of police of that city.
Capt. Edward Murphy, of New York,
who commanded the associated press
dispatch boat Dandy during the late
war, died Tuesday, aged 35 years.
Alston G. Dayton, who gained reput
ation by defeating William L. Wilson
has been renominated by the Republi
cans of the Second West Virginia dis
Commander, J. W. Phillips, of the
Texas, has been transferred to the New
York as his flagship and given command
of the second North Atlantic squadron,
thus succeeding Admiral Schley.
Reginald Garrett, son of Mayor Gar
rett, of Rocky Mount, Va., shot and
killed a negro on Wednesday while as
sisting the sergeant in making an ar
rest. It was a case of self defence and
Garrett was acquitted.
At Paris Col. Henry has been assisted
iv connection with the Drj fus-Zola
case, as it has been discovered he was
the author of a letter that figured in
the trial.
Col. Hay our embassador to the court
of St. James who has resigned to ac
cept tlie portfolio of secretary of State
has had compliments paid him by
General (iarcia has been deposed by
jGeneral (iomez. This caused by the
provisional governinerj+'s disapproving
the action of Garcia at Santiago and
his treatment of General Shatter.
General Wyler has made a speech in
which he proposes to be independent
both of the government and ot the op
position, '-always aiming to preserve the
country aud to reorganize the army."
The Minnesota Iron Company and
the Illinois Steel Company have con
solidated with some miue firms, and a
new company has been formed known
as the Federal Steel Company with a
capital of $200,000,000.
The Spanish officers and men captur
ed from Ceveras fleet, off Santiago har
bor are to be tent to Spain, and Admi
ral Cevera was yesterday released un
conditionally. This gave gieat pleas
ure to the people at Anapolis.
Captain Sigsbee has been detached
from tbe the St. Paul and plased in
command of the battleship Texas.
The New York, Paris, St. Louis and
St. Paul, will be returned to the Ameri
can line and the Cramps will put them
in the same order they were when the
government got them. *■
Tbe lighting has begun in the Soudan r
between the Dervishes and the Anglo- .
Egyptian army. The Dervishes have c
100,000 men and will try to overwhelm s
the English and their allies. t
New England manufacturers want an '
outlet into Canada for their products. ■
Two hundred thousand workmen auel 1
staffs to amount of $900,000,000 in
Massachusetts are deeply interested '
The twentieth annua! meeting of the
Western Hay Fever Association is be- *
iug held at Marquette, Mich. Five '
hundred hay feverites are in the city, '
E. R. Goldsmith, of Hamilton, Ohio, '
has been re-elected president. '
Ensign Powelson was married in the -
Episcopal Hospital at Philadelphia. .
He has been suffering from a broken ]
leg, the result of a fall down the hatch- ,
way of the St. Paul. As stated yester- ,
day, his wife was Miss Margaret O. \
Millar, of Wyoming, O. i
County Judge Levi .lohnson, of Jack- '
son county, Ky,, killed his wife Tues
day and then slew himself. He was •
jealous and Mrs. Johnson threatened to :
go to her mother's. The Judge, it is
alleged, swore he would kill her if she I
did so, aud kept his word, shooting her
down as she passed through the gate. ;
He then put the pistol to his head and
blew out his brains. Both were young.
Mrs. Johnson had been a widow before
her last marriage. Her first husband
was killed about two years ago.
Atlanta's Big Sensation,
The Wife of Thomas J. Leftwich Sues for
Atlanta, Ga., has a big sensation, the
occasion being the instituting of a suit
for divorce by Mrs. Camilla Leftwich
from her husband, Mr. Thomas J. Left
wich, a prominent lawyer of that city.
Mrs. Leftwich was a Miss Price, a mem
ber of one of the best families of Vir
ginia. An Atlanta dispatch to the
Savannah News says:
Mr. Leftwich, who came to Atlanta
to practice law about ten years ago, was j
especially commended to the people of
this city and section because he was
the sou of the Rev. Dr. Leftwich, for
years the beloved pastor of the First
Presbyterian church of this city, and a
man of wide reputation and iufluence.
He educated his son in both theology
an! law and made him a graduate of
Johns Hopkins University, of Balti
more, where the elder Leftwich was
also stationed in church work for a
The bill for divorce was filed in De-
Kalb county Tuesday morning, the
mere factof its filing being made known
here Tuesday evening. The details,
which are highly sensational, however,
did not come out until Attorney Left
wich handed them in for publication
later in the evening.
His wife, who is living in Atlanta, at
the Normandie Hotel, on Peachtree
street, based her bill upon the ground
of infidelity,.without going into details.
This Mr. Leftwich followed by unfold
ing a story which is one of the most
unique in the annals of divorce pro
ceedings in this State. He confesses
the charges and, going further, tells
how he has for six years or more lived
a dual life, the fruit of his illicit love
being two children, the oldest a boy of
five years and the youngest a girl baby
of a few months.
.Special Seashore Excursions to Atlantic
City, Cape May anrl Sea Isle City, N.
;.!.. and Niagara Falls.
The Southern Railway,in connection with
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each succeeding Friday and Saturday to .
and including Sept, 10, 1898, to Atlantic
Ulty, Cape May and Sea Isle City; to Niag
ara Falls over Pennsylvania By. Sept. 29; '
over Baltimore & Ohio Rv. July 12 and 28,
August 11 and 25, Sept 8 and 22. For fur- I
tlier information call on or write to nearest '
Southern Railway Agent. til sep3o 1
. » .
Over in Bath.
Prom tbe Enterprise.
John Camdeu was thrown by a horse !
and body hurt. 1
Miss Sadie Stephenson has gone to
Highland county on a visit.
G. A. Payne and Gay Hodge, who
have been quite sick, are improving. *
Rev. J. C. Given and wife, who have
been visiting in Pocahontas, have re
turned. .
Mrs. T. I>. Hickman, after an illness ,
of ten days with typhoid fever, died ]
Saturday, the 27th ult., at 8:30 p. m., at i
this place. She was born and raised in c
Cermantown iv the same old brick ]
dwelling in which she was living when (
the Mastar called her.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Cackiey, two
boys and sister, Mrs. Sallie Middleton,
of Clinton, 111., accompanied by Miss
Bell Cosby, of Clifton Forge, stopped
over Tuesday night with Mr. Jas. W
Bonner, en route to visit their cousin,
Mr. Joe Loury, at Huntersville, W.Va.,
where Mr. Cackiey was born but was
taken to Illinois when but six months
old. They expect to continue their tour
as far as Huttousville, and will return
in about two weeks.
Excursion to Washington, I). C, via C.
& 0. Ry September Bth.
The Chesapeake and Ohio rail way
will sell excursion tickets to Washing
ton and return for their trains leaving
Staunton September Bth at 2.07 a. in.
aud 11.00 a. m. at §3.10 for the round
trip. These tickets, are good to return
on any train up to midnight of Septem
ber 14th. Positively no extension on
these tickets. This is absolutely the
lowest rate that has ever been sold to
Washington on regular trains with so
long a limit and it is the last chance
you will have to visit Washington on
such liberal terms. For further inform
ation call on'=br address, j
James Ker,*Jr.,
Pas-, and Ticket Agent C. & O. Ry.
aug 25-2w
Democratic Committee Meets
in Richmond.
The Democratic Executive and State
Central committee met in Richmond j
Thursday night for the purpose of.
mapping out the congressional cam
paign and to discuss the situation in
every district. The meeting -was hc!d
at Murphy's Hotel and was called to
order by State Chairman J. Taylor
Ellyson. The session was a private one
aud only members of the committee
were present.
More than ball of the session cf tbe
committee was devoted to considering
the situation in the Ninth District.
Judge William V. Rhea, the Democratic
candidate, was not present. 11. T. Ir •
vine, of Big Ctont Cap, a member of
the committee from that district, dis
cussed tbe situation there at length.
The lack of unity in party ranks in
Washington county was fully discussed
and methods calculated to produce
harmony wer.? considered. The differ
ences between the Watermelon and
anti-Watermelon factions in Washing
ton county, have not been entirely
healed, but they have not threatened to
endanger Democratic success in the
Ninth district. It was realized that
Judge Rhea is making a splendid light
in that district, and every member of
the committee felt that it was due him,
personally, as well as due tbe party,
that he receive the united and enthusi
astic support of the party.
The exact nature of the methods
which were adopted by the committee
to harmonize the factions in Washing
ton were not made public, but a mem
ber from the Ninth district stated after
adjournment that he believed they
would be successful.
It was the general opinion of the com
mitteemen from tbe Ninth district that
Judge Rhea will be elected. If General
Walker is returned to CongreES it will
be through no sin of commission or
omission on the part of the Democratic
candidate, who has thus early given evi
dence that the campaign which he will
conduct will be remarkably prudent,
cautious, and aggressive.
The situation in the Tenth district
was discussed by Judge J. M. Quarles,
the Democratic candidate, and by sev
eral members of tbe committee from
j that district. The prcspects were
shown to be highly gratifying—indeed,
a member of the committee said they
were all surprised to learn that the out
look for Democratic success in this Re
publican district was so good. There
are strong reasons for believing that
Mr. Yost will be succeeded by a Demo
crat. Mr. Hubard, the Republican
nominee, is not nearly so strong as Mr.
Yost, and factional differences will, it
is thought, contribute largely to his de
There was practically no doubt ex
pressed as to the result iv the other dis
tricts of the State. Democratic success
is in every instance assured, unless some
unfoiseen contingency arises. In the
Second and Fourth, in which the candi
dates are Hon. William A. Young and
Hon. Sidney P. Epee, respectively, who
were elected to the last Congress, but
who were unseated by the Republican
majority, the indications point to their
receiving such a majority that the Re
publicans will be awed into allowing
them to retain their seats in peace.
Upon the whole, it was stated that
the committee was extremely gratified
by the reports received. In two dis
tricts it will take hard work to beat out
a Democratic victory, but the party is
eminently in the humor to light, and if
work is all that is required, it will be
The campaign has not been fairly
opened in any of the districts save the
Ninth and Tenth, though in all much
work in a quiet way is beiug done. The
time for the opening of the campaign by
the establishment of State headquarters
in Richmond was discussed, but no ac
tion was taken, and the matter will be
left with the chairman and secretary.
The session of the committee lasted
about three hours. The attendance
was unusually large, both of officers and
party leaiers, including members of
Congress and of both housesof the Gen
eral Assembly.
The Democratic candidates for Con
gress who were present at tbe commit
tee meeting were Messrs. Young of the
Second district; Lamb, of the Third;
Epes, of ttie Fourth; Swanson, of the
Fifth;Hay,of the Seventh; Rixey.of the
Eighth, and Quarles, of the Tenth.
Lt.-Covernor Echols was also present
aud gave the committee the benefit of
his advice of the outlook in this district.
Overwork, either physical or mantal,
will produce weakness and loss of ener
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overwork in the harvest field, an ex
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Doctors Say; !
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The Cincinnati Price-Current of last
Thursday says:—
The week now closed has been as fa
vorable as it could be for the maturing
crop in most sections of the West, and
tbe prevailing tenor of late information
is somewhat more encouraging than
previously. The general situation, how
ever, is without important change, the
position being mainly one of mainte
uance of maturing conditions, while iv
many instances the grain of later growth
has in reality realized improvement
from recent rains. In Ohio and Indiana
a considerable part of the crop is in
good promise. In Illinois the condi
tions are quite irregular, the average
appearing to suggest considerable defi
ciency, many localities being decidedly
short, while in some instances good
yield is assured. In lowa tbe crop is
uneven in promise, much of it very
good, considerable of it quite deficient,
and the general promise fairly good.
In Missouri a good proportion of the
crop promises well, some of it is con
siderably injured and deficient. In Kan
sas and Nebraska there will be import
ant deficiencies. In the Northwest the
situation is generally good. A large
crop is reported to have matured in
In the other crops the week has made
no new development, of notable char
acteristic. Conditions have continued
to favor autumn plowing operations in
most sections, and such work has pro
gressed more favorably .than usual-
There is maintenance of expression of
unwillingness of farmers to market
wheat freely at current values, and the
fact that inteiior millers are paying
prices above a shipping basis makes it
plain that primary receipts do not fully
reflect the extent of the marketings iv
omparison with other years. The wheat
is being absorbed near the producing
The wheat markets have not changed
much, closing at Chicago fractionally
higher than a week ago. Prices are so
low that an essential decline is not look
ed for, and the plentitulness of availa
ble supplies anticipated for the near fu
ture holds in check expectations with
reference to an advancing tendency.
Notwithstanding the more cheerful
talk concerning the incoming corn crop
the market for this grain is being well
sustained, and quite likely may continue
to display a lack of tendency downward.
September wheat at Chicago closed lie
below the highest point of tbe week,
He above the lowest point, and $c high
er than a week ago.
Corn at Chicago for September clos
ed fc below the highest point of the
week, ie above the lowest point and
§c lower than a week ago.
Wheat receipts at primary markets
were 5,757,000 bushels for the week
against 3,895.000 the preceding week,
and 5,939,000 last year.
Corn receipts were 4,400,000 bushels,
against 3,490,000 the preceding week,
and 7,880.000 last year.
Lexington Notes.
From the News.
Two eons of U. S. Senator Donaldson
Caffrey are to be entered as students at
at Washington and Lee. Senator Caf
frey was at Lexington this week.
Prof. Le Conte Stevens, who has re
cently been elected to the ebair of
physics at Washington and Lee Uni
versity, has arrived in Lexington.
Rev. and Mrs. Frank W. Lewis, of
Clinton, La., were in Lexington this
week, the guests of Professor and Mrs.
D. C. Humphreys. Mr. Lewis preach
ed from the Presbyterian pulpit Sunday
Dr. A. D. Estill, accompanied by Mrs.
Estill, is at Virgiuia Bjach attending
the annual meeting of the Virginia
Medical seciety. They will start from
Virginia Beach this week on a trip to
New England and Canada.
Mr. Dorsey Cullen, who as first ser
geant of troop B, Third cavalry, took
part in the gallant charge made by our
troops up the heights at San Juan, near
Santiago, on July Ist, is recuperating
in Lexington. He is the guest of his
sister, Mr*. William S. Hopkins.
E. Louis Ide, grand high priest of the
Virginia Grand Royal Arch chapter of
Masons, Jacob Bumgardner, grand lee
tiirer, both of Staunton, and Edward 8.
Conrad, assistant grand lecturer, of
Harrisonburg, spent Monday evening
in Lexington with Rockbridge Royal
Arch chapter, exemplifying the work
of the Royal Arch Masons. They were
afterwards entertained by the lodge.
♦ ■ .
The Hot Springs [of Arkansas—The ftloun
tain-Locked Miracle of theOzarks.
The hot waters, the mountain air,
equable climate and the pine forests
make Hot Springs the most wonderful
health and pleasure resort in the world,
summer or winter. It is owned, en
dorsed and controlled by the U. S.
Government and has accommodations
for all classes. The Arlington and
Park hotels and to others and 200
boarding houses are open all summer.
Having an altitude of 1000 feet it is
a cool, safe and nearly refuge during \
the heated term in the south.
For information concerning Hot :
Springs address C. F. Cooley, Manager
Business Men's League, Hot Springs,
For reduced excursion tickets and
particulars of the trip see local agent i
jt address W. A. Turk ,Gen'l Pass Agt. !
Southern Ry., Washington, D. C. '
The Spanish prisoners who are to be !
lent to Spain and who were on Cer- j
r era's fleet expect to be court martialed 1
when they arrives there. ',
Handle all the Different Brands of Augusta Coun
ty Whiskies from Three to Eight Years Old.
Have also on hand different brands of fine Old Wilson and Monti
110, Pennsylvania Gray, Melvale, and other fine brands. Special at
ation given to all orders.
Having on hand a large quantity of Whiskies and Wines, we will
Bthe trade special inducements. We handle Port and Sherry
ily use which we will sell at $1.00 per gallon.
Bottled Beer, Scotch Ale and London Porter.
Our $2 a gallon Whiskey you will find pure and good.
tin. 3 Smith Maw Strnnt. Staunton. Va.
k no in m of job rein.
. 118.00. *»«»"• Ssad for lar«. frw No. 60S Sarrsj. Trie...llhconain.. lamps, s»
As gooa as ssu. for !■.-.. Catalogu. of all our ltjl.l. iaals.aproo.niifeod.ri,|6o. A, aoodaiatllsfcr|s
UiDT ~,,„.., i» . ..„ „„., .
Grand Excursion to Washington.
In order to give its patrons an oppor
tunity to visit the National Capital the
Southern Railway will on Saturday,
September 3rd, operate an excursion
train from Harrisonburg, Front Royal
and intermediate stations to Washing
ton on the following schedule and at the
rates named below: Leave Harrison
burg sa. m., 82 round trip. Leave
Strasburg 7 a. m., $1.50. Arrive Wash
ington 10:30. Returning this train will
leave Washington at 7 p. m. the same
, day. Upon the payment of $1 addi
. tional at ticket office, 705 Fifteenth
street northwest, original purchasers of
tickets can have them made good for
any regular train on Sunday, Septem
ber 4, or Monday, September 5, return
ing. This train will make no stops be
tween Front Royal and Washington,
thus giving the patrons a very comfort
able trip. Train arrives and departs
, from Ninth street and Maryland aye.
L. S. Brown,
Gen'l Agt. Passenger Department,
705 Fifteenth Street, N. W.
Washington, D. C.
♦ ♦ ♦
J Staunton, Va., Aug. l«th, 1898.
W. C. Smith's Adm'r,
Ella V. Smith, et als.
Wayne Land' Company.
All persons interested in the above styled
chancery causes will Take Notice, that in
pursuance of a decree of the circuit court of
Augusta county entered in said causes, I
shall at my office in Staunton, Va., on
Saturday, September 17th, IS'JS.
proceed to take, state and settle the following
Ist. A further settlement of the accounts of
T. R. N. Speck, as adm'r of W. C. Smith, dec'd,
and as Receiver of the Wayne Land Co.;
2nd. Of any additional lots acquired by the
Receiver of the company;
3rd. As to whether the lands upon which
the debt due from the Wayne Land Company
is secured can be sold free from any ease
ments in the way of streets and alleys;
4th. If all the said easements cannot be
closed, which one should be left open and
how they atfect the residue of the property
upon which the lien rests;
sth. Any other matters deemed perllnent,
Commissioner in Chancery.
Patrick & Gordon, p. q. aug 18-4t
Staunton, Va., Aug. 22,1898.
M. W. Quarles,
J. H. Ranking, etc.
All persons interested In the above styled
chancery cause will Take Notice, that In pur
suance of a decree of the circuit court of Au
gusta county entered in said cause, I shall at
my office in Staunton, Va., on
Friday, September 33d, 1808, '-'_
proceed to take, state and settle the follow
ing accounts:
Ist. Of the debts of the plaintiff;
2nd. Of the real estate involved In this
cause and the condition of the title thereto,
and the fee simple value thereof;
3rd. Any other matters deemed pertinent,
Commissioner in Chancery.
W. N. r tshburne, p. q. aug 25-4t
\J Staunton, Va., Aug. 52,1898.
Pearre Bros, & Co., etc.
W. A. Burke.
All persons interested in the above styled
cause will Take Notice, that in pursuance of
a decree of the Court of Hustings for the city
of Staunton entered in said cause I shall at
my office in Staunton, Va., on
Thursday September 2?d, 1898,
proceed to enquire into the exact and correct
amount of the lien heretofore reported in
favor of J. L. Beury, and what other liens, if
any, have been placed upon the property of
W. A. Burke since the entry of the decree of
sals In this cause and the order of their pri
ority; together with any other matters deem
ed pertinent, etc.
Commissioner in Chancery.
Patrick & Gordon, _ „
A. C. Braxton, i »'• q ' aug 26-4t
J Staunton, Va., Aug. 22,1898.
Henry Curtis,
Carter Hawkins, et. als.
All persons interested in the above styled
cause now pending in the circuit court for the
county of Augusta, Take Notice, that pursu- .
ant to a decree of said court entered In said
cause December 1,1897,1 shall at my office in
Staunton, Va., on
Ist OF OCTOBER, 1898,
proceed to ascertain and report a further ac
count of the liens binding the real estate men
tioned in the bill, together with any other
matters deemed pertinent or required to be
stated by any party In interest.
Grey & Timberlake, p. q. aug 25-lt
J Staunton, Va., Aug. 29,1898.
Frank P. Sheets, et al.
Sam. A. Sprawling Ad'm, et al.
All parties Interested In the above namep
cause Take Notice, that pursuant to a decree
ol the circuit court of Augusta county enter
ed in vacation. August 2S», 1898,1 shall at my
office in Staunton, Va., on
OCTOBKR THE Ist, 1898,
proceed to ascertain and report:
1. An account of the transactions of S. A.
Spradllng, administrator of Mary Sheets,
«'. An account oj the debts binding the es
titeofsald decedent in the order of their
legal priority.
3. Any otner matter deemed pertinent, etc.
H. 11. Blease, p. q. sep l-4t
lc| UNITED STATES. A book of two hun
dred pages, containing a catalogue of about
six thousand newspapers, being all that are
credited by the American Newspaper Direc
tory (December addition for 1897) with having
regular issues of I,'tXl copies or more. Also
separate State maps of each and every State
of the American Union, naming those towns
only in which there ar= issued newspapers
having more than 1,000 circulation. This book
(issued Dec. W 1897) will be sent, postage paid,
to any ad lress. on receipt of %X. Address The
Geo. P. Koweil Advertising Co., 10 Spruce St,.
New Yorfc dec x3-3t
(pte£%) Chesapeake
MKS& & Ohio Ry.
IN EFFECT SEPT. 26. 1897.
Trains leave Staunton as follows:
11:06 A. M. Dally. Express for Washington,
Baltimore, Phlladelphia.New York,
Hichmond, Old Point Comfort, and
Norfolk. Dining Car.
2:07 A. M. Dally. F. F. V. Limited for Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Philadelphia,
New York, Richmond. Old Point
Comfort and Noifolk. Dining Car.
2:30 P. M., Except Sunday, Express for Rich-
10:20 A. M. Except Sunday. Local passenger
for Gordonsville"
4:22 A. M. Dally, F. F. V. Limited for Cincin-
nati, Louisville, St. Louis, Chicago,
West and Southwest. Dining oar.
7:05 P. M. Cincinnati and St. Louis Special for
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis,
Chicago, West and Southwest. Din-
ing Car.
3:38 P. M. Except Sunday. Pay Express for
Clifton Forge.
For further information apply or addresi
James Ker, Jr., Pass, and Ticket Agent, Staun-
ton, Va.
General Manager. Gen 1 Pass. Agt.
Schedule in effect May 1, 1898.
For the South and Southwest.
No. 9. | No. 35. j No .37
Lv Staunton C& O tIO 20am "11 ]lam't2 30 pm
ArCharl'vllle •' 1145am| 1220pm| 40.) pm
Lv CharPville.. .So *12 Jo pm.« 215 pm *1 50 am
Ar Lynchburg... " 217pm 350pmi 340 am
Ar Danville » 445pnii 547pm| 540 am
Ar Greensboro.. " 625 pm] 7 2Bpm 7tsam
Ar Raleigh •-, I4oami 140 am 1141 am
Ar Salisbury.... "j SlOpmi 8 37pm; "12am
Ar Chattanooga "| 740 am: 7 40am'1135pm
Ar Charlotte "; 935 pm 10 00pm 925 am
Ar Columbia.... " 137 am 1245pm
Ar Augusta "j | 745amj 415pm
Ar Sava'na FC& Pi | 5 00am 425 pm
Ar Jacksonville " I > 910 am 930pm
Ar Atlanta..So Ry; 510 am 355 pm
Ar Montgo'ry awpl 1030 am 920pm
Ar N Orleans L&N j 810pm 7 40am
Ar Birmingham So' t 1145amS lOOOpm
No. 9,—Dally—Local for Charlotte and inter
mediate Stations.
No. 35— Daily -United States Fast Mall
through Pullman Buffet Sleepers to Jackson-
ville via Savannah; to Atlanta, and New Or
leans, connecting at Salisbury with sleeper
for Ashevllle. Knoxyille, Chattanooga, and
Memphis and at Charlotte for Augusta.
Personally conducted tourist excur
sions, through car on this train every Wed
nesday, Washington to San Francisco with-
out change.
No. 37.—Daily—Washington and Southwest-
ern Vestlbuled Limited; through Pullman
Sleepers to Ashevllle, Hot Sprlugs and Nash-
ville, via Salisbury and Chattanooga; to
Tampa, via Savannah and Jacksonville to
Memphis, via Atlanta and Birmingham and
to New Orleans, via Montgomery and Mobile.
Dining Car Greensboro to Montgomery.
Trains from Staunton by Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway connect In Uniun Station at
Charlottesville with Southern Ky. trains.
f No.ll No. I tN0.13»N0.»
5:48 t12:30 jLv. Staunton Ar! 13 81
l> 45 330 " Harrlsonb'g '• |9 30 200
720 414 I " New Market "'8 49 123
73* 432 "J)t. Jackson" 834 109
746 450 | " Edinburg •• I 818 12 55
L°S. -?°f i " Woodstock "| 807 12 45
822 8.6 40 " Strasbuig ";7 33 1215
842 1:6 07; " Rlverton "7 11 1152
852 618 | " Front P.ojal " : 6f9 11
10 50 825| •' Manassas •• '6 03 ' 935
1135 912 j " Alexandria "j4 23 835
12 00n t»35 lArWashingtonLv! 401 B*l2
tDally except Sunday. 'Dally.
Immediate connection In Union Depot a
Washington for and from Baltimore, Phil-
adelphia and New York.
Frank S. Gannon. 3d Vlce-Prest & Gen. Man.
, V A • Tu rk Lpeneral Passenger Agent.
J. M. Culp, Traffic Manager.
L. S. Brown, Gen'l Agt. Pass. Dept.
Washington. D. 0.
tbg*Ci W Co LuRAY
Natural bridge
mountain Lake
|/>Sjh • Lookout Mountain
Write/or Rates. Ma/Js.TinieThi>Us.Sletping Car
Keiervafioru.l>eicriptiutJ>jmjj7/efj, t,
CsNtnsi Pass flotat. Bivwow Pass.Aeon Taavcuw tmiMX
ftomHOHcy*. \ CoLunaus.o. 1 RauiOMf^/^.

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