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Staunton spectator and vindicator. [volume] (Staunton, Va.) 1896-1916, September 29, 1898, Image 4

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Loot10 your Interest!
N». 1ft iOHMrool _f80iiie. $
opsiteC, &0. Freigtit Decot.
jfci Fertilizers,
j SftlfWxr anJ Dissolved Bone, Eureka
Animooiated Bone, Slaughter House
1 MJBtoe,..Eni-ekn Bono and Potash.
HI>?l»Grade.H.C. Bone and spec-
■\*'' 'U mixtures. Canvas covers
for wagons, hav stacks, &c.
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The last two brands, by _____ recent analysis
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SAr£: ■ J* w *f i ■*•——*• LArJiES ask £r\
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scaled, wtdi bine ribbon. Tato Vs*
tw ;i5^5'4*aP f * 0^*ier '* /at 'k."c dazgerov* suJ/stiiw v
lv _5 4 *St<licf fbr J.atU**," in letter, b* rvturr
_V MalL 10,«00 Testimonial!,. A'ame Pay
x I*|noe
Sc_tF7aiiIisealliruBg_a. PSULADA.. Pi
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Nt-vfir Fails to Best ore Gray!
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Our " 2 2 _
___]___?BlUs Company
Masonic Temple.
H "J^""-
"We spare nothing to make the wife
■Be- 1 BiiMll H
\Wt ? ■uili'llMvl
_■»'■"' Jk*WW 11 iil __i—■■
■are unable to relieve her of the
;ns of domestic drudgery. In fact,
verage woman insists upon per
sonally carrying the cares of the house
hold even if others do the hardest man
ual work. It is incessant work and
worry that make so many homebodies
thin and pale, tired, nervous, irritable
and despondent.
I Guardian Angel of the household
Greene's Nervura for the blood
srves. The nervous headaches to
the housewife is subject; the ex
ion which no amount of rest will
uv.i.ume; the melancholy which love
and plenteousness cannot remove—all
these things vanish under the magic
influence of Dr. Greene's Nervura.
Why suffer when relief is at baud ?
You are welcome to consult with Dr.
Greene freely, personally or by letter, at
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Is a consideration when it comes to
Carriages and Buggies,
As all must admit—it's a fact
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Of that sort low;down--mtkes 'em, too.
Harness for Sale also.
Repairing Gets Attention
John M_ Hardv&Son.
\I " ¥» M I- <_t __*
eading and most successful specialist
famous health resort ou Syphilis, blood
, Kheumatism, Gleet, Stricture, Var
Lost Manhood, Night Losses. Imroten
all Private Diseases of Men and Wo-
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11 lilt- "* ua vs. You can be treat-
AAAJAki e( j at i lome for tlie same
price and same treatment as used in this
famoae healtli resort, if you prefer to
come here, we will contract to pay railroad
and hotel bills, and no charge If we fall
to permanently cure.
WritP to< -ay and give us a full description of
IT 1110 your case, and we will give vouan hon
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All lettets answered in plain envelope. Our
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Provided application be made at once, In
I orderthatitsinveutions.appliancesaud never
I failing renu dies may receive the widest pos
I sihle publicity, and prove their own merits by
I actual use and permanent cures. No money
I whatever will be received by the State Mcdl-
I cal SanHaiiu n from any one under Its treat-
I ment until b ______ results are acknowledg-
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I beei.commended by the new-.pai.crs of two
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gard less or age. They cure evil habits and
permanently remove their effects, ns well as
those of excesses and over-taxed brain work
Ithenia or nervous exhaustion. *.ofail'
publicity, no deception, no disa') noint-
WltlTli TO DAY.
Sf A ¥jN &m S? Jfp r&TpWi A$ D YIN DIG A%O R _
Court of Appeals.
Thursday was opinion day in the
Court of Appeals and the following
; business was transacted :
Judge John AY. Riely :
Alleghany Iron Go. vs. Teaford et al—
circuit court of Botetourt county. Af
Judge James Keith..
Robertson vs. Breckinridge, &c—cir
cuit court of Botetourt comity. Revers-
Commercial Lynchburg vs.
Miller et als—circuit court of Lynch-
Judge Geo. M. Harrison :
Teesevs. Kyle, __c.— circuit court.of
Amherst county. Affirmed.
Judge John A. Buchanan:
City of Charlottesville v_ Maury, Ac.
— circuit court of Albemarte. Affirmed.
McCbnville vs.
court of Lynchburg. Appeal a^jc-ipc;; :
Walker-. sJ'BaylOf'Act*.—circuit coqrt
of Giles county. Appeal refused.
I VS. Downing.— Argument «cjm
,hd 'case submitted. J. A. D.
, t_. A. bailey and J.M. Jpjin
appellants; J. J. Williams, for
nald vs.Logan.—continued until
pson and wife vs. Monumental
_ Assoeation.—continued until
next term.
N. & W. KB. Co., vs. Marpole.—con-
Intil next term,
ill and Fink receivers vs. Bor
ntinued until next term,
backer vs. Maupiu.—Heard in
nd continued until this
*. J. B. Stepeusou aud AValtou
>n for appellants and Sipe &
Harris, Winfield Liggett and G. G.
Grattan for appellees.
ii vs. Commonwealth.—corpora
rt of Roanoke. AVrit of error
ng vs. Commonwealth. — writ
refused to the county court of
is vs. Cline.—petition to re
.tition refused.
Dr. Conrad Dead.
aniel Burr Conrad died at his
c in AVinchester Tuesday morn
8:30 o'clock, from blight's dis
ease, from which he had been suffering
for about nine months.
lonrad was the oldest son of that
ashed lawyer, the late Robert Y.
He was born in 1830. Dr.
cruised all around the world,
js surgeon on tbe vessel that
c first Japanese delegation that
iited this country back to Japan,
t he returned to this country the
ir had broken out, and when he
ked to swear allegiance to the
States, he, like all other souther
dined to do so, and resigned from
the navy to join the Confederate forces.
He was appointed a surgeon iv the Con-
Ie Army, but was afterward made
eon in the Confederate Navy,
s appointed on Admiral Buchan
,ff. At the battle of Mobile Bay,
dmiral Buchanan had his leg
, Dr. Conrad amputated it. Af
war he was appointed superiu
of the insane asylum in Rich
jut afterward gave up the posi
account of ill health. He was
iperintendent of the AVestem
lospital at this place, but resign
r holding the position for three
.1 he married Miss Susie Davis,
sr of the late Dr. William A. Da
isides his widow, he is survived
children. He is a brother of
iolmes Conrad, solicitor general
tl _ited States under President
id; Messrs. Frank and Charles
and Miss Kate Conrad and Mrs.
'auntleroy, of this city.
■ 99 —•
Sen. Lee as a Peace Maker.
al Lee reached Richmond last
from Jacksonville, and will re
that city for a few days. It is
y those who claim to know that
ie is in Richmond he will try
1 the breach which exists be
ie officers of the 2nd Regiment |
vernor Tyler. This breach is j
very wide, for it is known that Gover
nor Tyler was on the eve of revoking
ler of the commissions of the!
regiment officers, because of
ss made upon him by those ofil
ch the governor should _____ in
jion bs subjected to, as he the
r, is commander in chief of
irginia troops by virture
office. The exact plan which
Lee will pursue is much in
doubt, but if the breach can be healed.
General Lee is more likely able to do it
Ry one else. As soon as the legi
disbanded the officers will be
alk, and it is likely some rather
remarks will be made. The
or some of them claimed to
have had a conversation with the gov
ernor in which he said he would recom
mend that the Second regiment be re
tamed and afterward acted differently.
The affair is one of the most interesting
which has occurred in the State in
* _______
Distressing Stomacli Disease
Permanently cured by the master[y power
of South American Nerviue Tonic. In
valids need suffer no longer because this
great remedy can cure them all. It is a
cure for the whole world of stomach
weakness and indiSestion. The cure be-1
gins with the first dose. The relief it
brings is marvelous and surprising. It
makes no failure; never disappoints. No
matter how long you have suffered, your
cure is certain under the use of this
great health-giving force. Pleasant and
always safe. Sold by B. F. Hughes,
P. St.,Staunton, Va
, son of B. A.
ber of the Stone
iu marriage last
■ssie Peaco. The
led at lhe home of
nd in the presence
ids and relatives
Mr. and Mrs.
ecipients of many
Mivilie, will spend
y Springs f..r the
iret-nbrier Cntta*
i the city, » li* re
iff, who arriv .1
on, 1. C, Fri-
Jjsepii S. Cald
before returning
Mt. Sidney, Sept. .21.—The corner
stone of the M. _S. Church, South, was
laid at Mt. Sidney yesterday at-3 pj m ,
by Rev. J. J. Ringer, assisted bY the
Odd Fellows and Junior. of'
American Mechanics of tWts,ipl*Cr*, in,
the presence of a large assembly of peo-
pie. The corner-stone of the old church
was 'used, after enlarging' the crevice
and lining it with a metal box.; The
following articles were plafed "In the
stone: A Bible, presented by tbe Jun
iors containing the names of all the
members, .1 Hymn Hook, a Discipline,
United States flag, a roll cOfft_iuing>the
nk _tf £j_ of the _ as(ors; b ti. j ft9.ri.ti) i t te'e_
tv us* board jof , Vw" •: tt_e'
members of the church, some coins of
■tage.'a wheat; _n er_i
thb I. O. O. ___ ! aii_. a' ctfpy! o_
A. cat.Uo_.ue of 1898. j ,j 8
H. JJD_.
if H arrlson V delivered jAa
address, inteusejy interesting; .irp,.!,. prp-;
iitable. upon the sulqeet of.iCorn_ir-,
stones, and spoke of man's ability as a
builder. He stated that man had never
created any thins, and that his ability
was limited to building from things
already created —applying his remarks
to the materia], physical, intellectual
and spiritual condition, comparing the
present with the past and predicting
the future improvement of the human
race, both physically and intellectually,
from the increased facilities for the
acquirement of knowledge, closing with
the assertion that the three pillars of
this republic were : "Free schools, free
press and the open Bible." He held
his hearers spell-bound for thirty min
After the singing of the Doxology by
the assembly, the benediction was pro.
nounced by Rev. J. Kyle Gilbert, a
former pastor of tbe church.
♦ — *
Party to Black Rock Springs.
sville, Va., Sept. 21.--A num
e young people of this section
last Friday at 6a. m.< to visit
k_ Rock Springs. They wended
their way down Long Meadows, on by
Koiner's Store, admiring the skill of the
industrious farmers; thence among the
mountains admiring nature's beauty
and scenery, arriving at the springs
near noon. On securing a vacant cot
cottage with all tbe obtainable things
necessary for their comfort for the
night, lunch was served and enjoyed
by all. After spending the afternoon
iv viewing the lawns, springs, hotels,
ten-pin alleys, they spent a very pleas
ant night in slumbers and dreams,
arising in the morn intent on viewing
the noted Black Rock, several miles up
the mountains. It was noon before they
retraced their way to the springs. After
partaking of a sumptuous lunch and a
morning of pleasure they bid farewell to
the springs and reluctantly wended their
way homeward, making the courfe
down the mountain sides, up the river
bottoms aud far out into woodland coun
try, merry with fuu and frolic and
ringing with laughter and song. They
parted for their several homes, voting
the occasion a success, and to Miss Ber
nice Coiner, of Long Meadows, and Miss
Nettie Conrad, of Woodford Farm, they
all extend many thanks for the-r kind
invitations, to be a part of the merry
♦ ___,
Personals from Fishersville.
Fishersville, Sept. 22.—William Lock
ridge and wife, of Nevada, lowa, who
have been visiting iv Augusta county
for the past few weeks, spent Monday
in Fishersville and left Monday night
for Lexington, from which point they
start for home.
Miss Moffitt, of Richmond, who has
been visiting her cousin, Mrs. D. A.
Bell, left for home last week.
Mrs. Samuel Register, of Richmond,
is at Dr. Watson's.
Mrs. Bessie C. Porter, of Louisa,
reached here yesterday and will spend
several days with her father, Dr. D. W.
Mrs. Frank Gilkerson, who has been
visiting her father, W. D. Hanger, in
Louisa, returned home yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Paul re
turned home from a pleasant visit in
Nelson last week.
Mrs. Craven and daughter, of Rich
mond, are visiting Mrs. G. A. Gulley,
Mrs. Craven's sister.
Mrs. A. C. Barron and her interesting
daughter, Miss Dora, of Charlotte, N. C,
is visiting Mrs. Robert Goodwin.
Samuel Steele is critically ill at his
residence near Fishersville,
Miss Minnie Burkholder, who has
been ill, is now much improved and
safely convalescent.
Mrs. Jas. W. Baldwin and her niece.
Catherine Hoge left last week over
the C. & O. to visit the Omaha Exposi
D. E. Euritt returned Friday from
New York, where he has been buying
his winter dress goods.
John Andrew Moore and Summers
Sharp, of Pocahontas county, West
Virginia, are in the city on business.
Tested and Tried
For 25 Years
Would, you feel perfectly
safe to put all your money
in a new bank? One you
have just heard of?
But how about an old
bank? One that has done
business for over a quarter
of a century ? One that has
always kept its promises?
One that never failed ; never
misled you In any way ?
You could trust such a bank,
couldn't you?
like such a bank. It has never
disappointed you, never will.
It has never deceived you,
never will.
Look out that someone ,
does not try to make you
invest your health in a new
tonic, some new medicine ;
you know nothing of.
50c and $1.00; all druggists.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York. ■
_»_v ■ i t Hi___»iw_v > jH_ > , t
There is a sense of. uncertainty, if
not intense anxiety, as to the fate of
Lieutenant Carter P- Johuaoii. of'tbik!
<_itj>, \fbrj is in the ?«_£' _£gblar Cay-:
airy, a colored regiment.,. He .aasent.
into Cuba before the Santiago battle'
to make a,junction with ttotufcz. __)tti-,
ins very definite has been hear._'6fbim
since, .but. recently
alloat that he had taken down a Cuban
flag, *od no* having 3 United State). 4aj_?
'had hoisted his blig__ie|6ver a fbrt','4n<.
thus t-nrayed tbe Cubans to such an lex;
tent that Gomez ordered bis-, arrest,
that he had shfeeqaehtly ; te___p_a ilnd
was a'gkih kptf&tiH; 1 titc;.,',
the stateiueut in | the Washington. .l't__*
from Carl Decker. ___>_ian who rescued
Mf__: C____H/, •tfeaV __ ' ! {__^e_V v wij_.
ilic-is deserted him. anil as they rode
v way It red their revolvers in the direc
tion where T_i_wtet__-i_ ;__>_„#_•- _.t-bj.<L
the iv fe r ence from , I_ckar'«- svatu vi tut
is that there whs such feeling-against
.ahiiaoii tin t__»_ v -|___;fci't_f fa.i_
they oJ>p'ortjiu.ty kill
bin:, and the (,'ubaus only mvitiled
a like opportunity.-' Nothing* dirtdtly
has been heard from him since that
time, and the belief is growing that he
has been killed.
A telegram to Mrs. Catlett, of this
city, who is an aunt of Lieutenant
Johueon, stated that the de
partment knew nothing of him
and this causes deeper anxiety, if
not genuine alarm. The government
will certainly investigate the matter
at once and we hope to hear a favora
ble report.
Tragedy Near Lewisburg, W. Va.
North Caldwell who is in the city re
lated to us a tragedy which took place
near Lewisburg, W.Va., on Friday last.
A negro man named Henry Robinson.
who was raise 1 by the McOlungs, of
Greenbrier, but who claims to have been
away in the army, reached Greenbrier,
county on Thursday last and spent the
night with a colored family on Mr.
Caldwell's farm at Caldwell Station on
the C. &O. Tue next morning on leav
ing for Lewisburg, Robinson said he
was guing to Dr. P. Rucker's where his
(Robinson's) wife lived and would kill
his wife and Dr. Rucker and himself.
When he got to the home of Dr. Rucker
about half a mile from the limits of
Lewisburg, he called bis wile out but
found Dr. Rucker was not at home.
They sat down by the well and talked a
while, when Robinson drew a revolver
and killed the woman dead. He then
walked t. the house of a colored man
near by, and called him out and in the
presence of this colored man put the
pistol to his own head and killed him
self. The impression is that had Dr.
Rucker been at home he would have
killed him. Dr. Rucker is the father ot
Edgar P. Rucker, attorney-general of
West Virginia, and James T. Rucker,
Superintendent of the West Virginia
Institute for the deaf, dumb and blind.
Thf> cause of the tragedy is thought to
have grow.i ( ut of the fact that Mag
Robinson, the wife of Henry had in
stituted pr cetdiugs for a divorce from
Henry, aud Dr. Rucker who is a prac
tising lawyer at the Lewisburg bar was
her counsel.
Relief in Six Hours.
Distressi 112 Kidney and Bladder dis
ease relieved in six hours by "New Great
Wh American Kidney Cure." It is a
i surprise ou account of its exceed
ing promptness in relieving pain iv blad
der, kidney aud back, in male or female.
Relieves reteution of water aimost im
mediately. If you want quick relief and
cure this is the remedy. Sold by B. F.
Huges, Druggist, 6 S. Augusta St..
laton, Va.
_ _ .
in Astonished Porto Rican Editor.
c most surprised man in Ponce af
lie surrender was the publisher of
aily paper who was told by Gener
ilson that his presses and other
property would not be confiscated.
Out of pure gratitude he told tbe Ameri
cans he would confine bis news of the
day to runaways, society and police
ouit items, and wouldn't say a word
It the capture of the city. When
mcd that he could hustle out his
ters and write up a story of the
nder if be felt so disposed, he al
most dropp d over iv his paroxysm, of
joy, aud offered to send General Wilson
the proofs of the first edition "Con
found it, man," General Wilson said,
"I don't want to see your proofs. Go
Ii aud tell your story just as it is.
out censor newspapers, and we
re in a free press." This unheard
erty so completely upset the editor
in the first edition he abused the
iards in the purest Castiliao, and
ssed his sympathy for the new
Try Allen's Foot-Ease.
Dwder to be shaken into the shoes. At
_ason jour feet feel swollen, nervous
and hot, and get tired easily. If you have
smarting feet or tight shoes, by Allen's Foot
• It cools tbe feet and makes walking
Cures swollen and sweating feet,
blisters and callous spots. Relieves corns
and bunions of all pain and gives rest and
comfort. Try it to-day. Sold by all drug
gists and shoe stores for 25c. Trial package
FREE. Address. Allen S. Olmsted; Leßov,
N. Y. augl_4ts
Rouss Mill Liberal.
Charles Broadway Rouss, ihe mil
lionaire New York merchant and phi
lanthropist, has presented the Shenan
doah Valley Agricultural Society, of
which he is president, with his check for
$1,000 This is the eighth annual gift
of this amount from Mr. Rouss to the
society. He will ba present at the fair
on October 13, aud will tender a recep
tion and banquet to the thousands of
persot s expected to be present.
Overwork, either physical or mental,
will pioduce wi akuessi aud less of ener
dy. Too many business or family cares,
overwork in the harvest field, an excess
of woman's work and worry, will pro
duce mouths of ut'Bery. To prevent
this tbe exhausted system should be re
iufoned immediately. Jjr. J. 11. Mc-
I_ean"sStrei:g:beuiiigCoidi«l and Blood
Purilitr is an appropriate reuifi!}.
Price 50c and $ 1 per bott_s For sale by
Hogshead, ITang<*r &Co , Staunton, va.
Peer McLaren, of Perh, Ontario, is
in the city. Mr. McLaren owns very
large aud valuable tracts of mineral
lauds iv ibis aud adjoin ng counties,
and is here looking over his properties.
He is a_.cotchuiau <>f tbe old type and
as genial a gentleman as oue will meet
in one's travels.
Salver ¥©ur*Mottey.
One box of Jutte Pills will save 1
ttlany 'brlts
They wHlsurely cure all diseases
of the stomach, liver or bowels. :
No Reckless Assertion
For: dyspepsjiC
malaria,; constipation and bilio-
usness, a m illi on people endo rse
tuttsTOgi pu-Ls I
'I. I 'It '. J. J11 II .. J. ■ 1 ■..l..,,l,MI I 11
T<J TEACHKK8.—BuHdlnK.ora most spit-
J, able nature for t lie establish meat of a
School located at Huntersvllle, PoCalipritWl
SrjWntv, wPva., tSW'rbt r.nt or safe. ■ -Tli« noo-
ple ate prosperous and it 1. a splendid ivppor-
tuulty tcHvawveaterprUlnK J»ftSl ie, Vi.r 8 'ft r l WJL
UrWltftiptt'A B'BlkBf'jii**' iJ*r»»iH.
j ,.' , - fesjatinton," yK.
iiEPTIcfliirBH !S7Hi, T-WlH -.MY'tm !my
XX ihlEes-vvte.st of, I'ojiiI (jap,■ 4: .head- or
horses, a lot of cattle, hogs, sheep, and farm
implements, such as grain drill, mower, bind-
er, rake, and all Implements necessary for a
large farm. Also household and kitchen fur-
HEBM8 OF MALE—Cash on all sums
All over that a credit of six months
iterest, party giving negotiable
sctorily endorsed.
I (Mrs.) D. W. BLACKLEY.
Weller's White. Front
Shoe Store! :
Try Our New Shoes !
So Easy, Oh. So Easy,
Makes life Worth liviner.
We have them in Ladies', Misses
and Children's. Also in Boys
and Youths.
II _____ JM™. a
Oar (ient's Furnishing Department,
No. 9 Masonic Temple, is being fitted
up with the latest of the season. Fall
Samples for Suits just received—and a
FIT guaranteed. Give us your order.
We want it.
I have the Most Reliable Assort
lent of Garden Seeds to be found
1 the city. When you get Seeds
rom me they do not prove to be
r eeds or inferior vegetables. Thej
re Landreth's.

the agent for the Old Reliable
Lonpan _ Martinez Palm
B. F. HUGHES, Druggist
No. 5 South Augusta Street.
is 8 tiresome undertaking which often
results in failure, and something "nearly
a match" is never satisfactory. There's
one thing that you cannot match, that's
The Famous Silver Polish,
because there is no other like it. Nearly a
million housekeepers use it. A trial quantity
which is sent
will tell you why. Then the secret of beauti
ful silverware is yours. Simply send your
address on a postal card to
Silicon, 30 Cliff Street. New York.
Stoves, Tinware & Furniture,
Chairs and Household Goods of every
description. We have on hand a complete
line of WOOD AIR TIGHT heating stoves
second to none in the city. Up-to date in
style and finish, durable in construction,
and economical in fuel. Positively tbe
greatest bargains ever offered on these stoves
will be offered this season. Call and see
them before buying.
»N. Augu_ta St., - Staunton, Va.
Ichedule of Prices at
ging, Spotts & Co.,
dread of competition they still
offei to their friends a stock composed of
There are a g.-eat many watchmakers who
can clean a watch properly, and don't, be
cause it takes considerable time to do it
thoroughly. There are many others who
can't do It rieht no matter how hard they try,
and one does the watch about as much good
as the other. There is still another class (and
we want you to set us lown in this class) who
know how and do the work conscientiously,
Kwill convince you.
uth Augusta Street.
SPBCTACLKS to suit alley*.
f;,POP AND OrlliSOT^Of'! I
Handle all the Different Brands of Augusta Coun-
ty Whiskies*™, Tm^^^^^%
* , J? 'TjiIrT ji i-i«?iirr;ii:jTi|i.i[ KinT v
1 :- Have also on hattd different til-ands of fine Old WikiC-n and Mdatg 3i
Z c cello, Penn.sjlvaniii Gray, MelriM, and other fine brands. Special at>' 3*
< : tent ion given to nil orders. :Q C-35
! V H
I i= offer to Iflaucremente. We handle Port and Sherry
i E for 6a»ily.,u*ie wbuel. we-wiUeel! at $l-0ttj»%«aja«iu, tfc ,_--,4. 3}
1 ¥(l A^^o^tJ^dfl fi eT r Spo1ic r a,Al|Band L«»8rJff¥o*t«fr lau3W 34
ft:/, Bur $2 a gallon Whiskfey you'wHtHmlpsre and goad, t iw |Z
.(i '.» -u .1 NbVr Street, Staunton, Va. 2
' - '■' "■ —-———-- 1 ' I .;-iiiij(iiniijniiiii i.i.nn'ivuf l!.".v --r~v?rn*=™*
... j ir-7*d NaT rniupnll;,!, Il* In
I l_lsrTj^ a *^ E TaP^f^ = " but h * Tfl • o!l * dirMt ttl * co °- I I
[\ mwr for 25 /ear* at whole- L UtfrSa 1 ifiHfJ ■*'
3 I \ wR ■*«• prieei, earing him th* J_kd_ak!_*^S
u f^^^.-L(J dealer'a profltj. shi P "7-1 x , 'T""__ B TT' , r_H Hbh***S.
\ / J /! ] where for examination. A- X/iVN 1 Vfl Ki / j^
| |\ llSatylei of Vehicles. /^ MM—M^M^-fY--' \
I I l\\ 1 JWiNv K atviee »f Harnesa. 1— —~V^Wa3|f£'4~--rW t ]
ii\\ f/\1m TopBof 8 iM,t3at*t70. W^vJ W jiro^iVv**^
till //Jlf Sarraya, |50 to SI25. Carria-X ArVVAX / X 2/f W/
I / S^?<L^ g **' Pb ~ tODJ ' Wafoa- \ V^
J »T«.n. Barray Harneaa. Price, 11100. Saad for larya. Ctm Ko.SNBorrey. M_>«Mm_M_U_5 aajst
As food _ Mile for Pfc Catalogue of ail our ftylsa. aaade. aproa andftnaare, |S0. Ai food m eells foi-PS
ELKHART c-K_i_eE and harness mto. co. w. b. p_att, s« e >. mjbabt, ind.
it is only oneof many indications
that your liver is out of order.
Use a remedy of
standing, that has acquired a
reputation for curing Liver com
plaints—such as
They are easy to take, will
improve your complexion and
relieve you of those low spirits,
sleepless nights, sick headache,
costiveness and biliousness.
At all Druggists, 26c.
My stock this Fall Is the best that I have
ever had and consists ot the best brands on
the market, all made by reliable manufactur.
ers under their own brands. Handle all kinds
of Fertilizer material, such as
All the Fertilizers I sell are manufactured of
first class material and standard guaranteed.
They have been sold in this county for sever
al years and I will refer to hundreds who
have used and are still using them. They are
Splendid Condition for Drilling.
All l ask is for you to call and get my prices
and examlng goods before buying, as I am
sure I can save you money.
Choice Clover and Timothy Seed
A specialty and I have always a plentiful
stock of the best on hand and at the lowest
No. 15 Middlebrook Avenue,
au___>-5t Staunton, Va.
And Other Fresh Fish
Lettuce, Radishes,
(1 EarljGicen "Vegetables
The Best Early Varieties, extra well
Trade Marks
r Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention ts probably patentable. Communica-
tions strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securing: patents.
Patents taken through Mann _ Co. receive
special notice, without charge. In the
Scientific American.
handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir-
culation of any scientific Journal. Terms, S3 a
-ear; four months, f 1. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN&Co.36'b™.-«,. New York
Branch Office ' - — ~ '--"ton, D. C j
33 & 35 S. Augusta St.
Staunton, Va.
Will sell you at very low prices for (ash:
Machine Oil,
Black Harness Oil,
Neatsfoot Oil,
Cylinder Oil,
Engine Oil,
Burning Oil,
Leather Belting,
Gum Belting,
Stretched Canvass Belting,
All Styles of Harness and Saddles,
Calf Skins Sole, Harness and Upper
Endless Thresher Belts a specialty,
UNIIEI' 8 I'ATES. A book of two hun
dred pages, com.li'iiiij. a catalogue of about
_____ thousand newspaper*, being all that are
credited by the Am rican Newspaper Direc
tory (December addition for _B_j with hiving
regular issues of I,l*oo copies or more. Also
separate State maps of each and every State
ofthe Amer can rnlon. naming those towns
only in which there ar ■ Issued newspapers
having more than 1,000 circulation This book
(Issued Doc. is, 1897) win be sent, postage paid,
to any ad tress, on receipt of 11. Address The
Geo. P. Koweil Advertising Co.. 10 Spruce Si-
New Yortc ■■—._______
IN EFFECT SEPT. 26. 1897.
Trains leave Staunton a. follows:
11:06 A.M. Dally. Express for Washington,
Baltimore, Philadelphia,New York,
Richmond, Old Point Comfort, and
Norfolk. Dining Car.
2:07 A. M. Dally. F. F. V. Limited for Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Philadelphia,
New York, Richmond, Old Point
Comfort and Noifolk. Dining Car.
2:30 P. M., Except Sunday, Express for Rich-
10:20 A. M. Except Sunday. Local passenger
for Gordonsvllle!
4:22 A. M. Daily, F. F. V. Limited for Cincin-
nati, Louisville, St. Louis, Chicago
West and Southwest. Dining o ar.
7:05 P. M. Cincinnati and St. Louis Special for
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis,
Chicago, West and Southwest. Din-
ing Car.
ifc38 P. M. Except Sunday. Day Express for
Clifton Forge.
For further Information apply or address
James Ker, Jr., Pass, and Ticket Agent, Staun-
General Manager. Gen 1 Pass. Act.
Schedule in effect May 1,1898,
For the South and Southwest.
_No.9. No. 35. No~3F
Lv Staunton C & O tlO 20 am *1111 am +2 30 pm
ArCharl'vtlle " 11 loam 12 20pm 4 05 pm
Lv Charl'vlDe.. .So; *I215 pmi* 215 pro »15c am
Ar Lynchburg... "i 217pm| 3 50pm 340am
Ar Danvllle " 4 45 pm 5 47 pm 6 40 am
Ar Greensboro.. " 825pni| 7 2tfpni 7i6am
ArRalelgh "1 140amj 140am11141 am
Ar Salisbury.... "I 8lopm| 8 37 pm * 12 am
Ar Chattanooga "| 7 40 am; 7 40am 11100 am
Ar Charlotte " 935pm lOCOpm 925am
Ar Columbia.... " 137am 1245pm
ArAugusta... ■■ •• 74Sam| 415pm
ArSava'na KC&PI i 500am; 4?5pm
Ar Jacksonville " 1 1 9 10 am 930pm
Ar Atlanta..So Ky 510am 3 55pm
Ar Montgo'ry awp 1030am 920pm
Ar N Orleans LAN 810pm 7 40am
Ar BirminghamSoi l~iI75ainl 10 00pm
No. 9,—Dally—Local for Charlotte and inter
mediate Stations.
No. 35.—Daily-United States Fast Mall
through Pullman Buffet Sleepers to Jackson-
ville via Savannah; to Atlanta, a"d New or
leans, connecting at Salisbury with sleerer
for Asheville. Knoxville, Chattanooga, and
Memphis and at Charlotte for Augusta.
Personally conducted touuist kxcuiC
sions, through car on this train every Wed:
nesday, Washington to San Francisco with-
out change.
No. 37.—Dally—Washington and Southwest-
ern Vestlbuled Limited; through Pullman
Sleepers to Asheville, Hot Springs and Nash-
ville, via Salisbury and Chattanooga- to
Tampa, via Savannah and Jacksonville to
Memphis, via Atlanta and Birmingham and
to New Orleans, via Montgomery' and Mobile.
Dining Car Greensboro to Montgomery.
Trains from Staunton by Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway connect In Unlun Station at
Charlottesville with Southern Ky. trains.
5:43 +12:80" Lv. Staunton Ar 325
SiS ??° " Harrisonb'g'• 9 30 2 00
7 20 4 14 " New Market " ' 8 49
746 450 » W *' JaCkSOn " 834 10 »
IS fiil ." w °odstock " 8 07 12 45
8 22 5 40 '• Strasbnrg " 7 32 1216
a!S ?A*" " Front lioyaj» HI J} 55
10 50 8 25 " Manassas " 5 03 9 36
1135 912 " Alexandria •• 4 23 8 35
PM Ala*
'1200n| -1935 ArWashlngtonLvj 4 01 8 12
tDally except Sunday. 'Dally.
Immediate connection In Union Depot a
Washington for and from Baltimore, Phil-
adelphia and New York.
ET a ? Gannon, 3d Vice-Prest & Gen. Man.
i 7m k rr? e 5 er . a . 1 Passenger A gent.
J. M. Culp, Traffic Manager.
L. S. Brown-Gen'l Agt. Pass. Dept.
I Washington. D. C.
Kasf. \f ' 'J 1 , ,
VVfcai f VIRGIN.*, kV/C T^sTie^"
JWountain Lake
V T^Oh' LooKOUT Mountain
roanoke xa\/j\ Memphis
Write forRates.MaptTimeThbitsSletptt* Car
KeseTvatiomDtscriptivePampHeti to my/benta;ti
SUKam Pass Act.,. I w Pass Actm : Taavciasa f*H Act
RoMHOHfy*. COLunatno. I Rqahcw."%.

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