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We Invite Inspection of
Our Subscription List, by
Advertisers, and assure
them that they will find it
be largest of any paper
Published in this City.
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pNBERcGioTHiNG Company.;
Belle Clotto, Tails aid M\i\m. \
Opposite Court House,
23 South Augusta Sti-eet,
Jan 6-Bni tSX-Xunna, Va.
Harry 11. m ham;,
Ofllco—ltoom 8 Masonic Temple.
Lan 6 Staunton, Va.
23 South Augusta ;t.
Tucker & Harrison's lo;uier Olnee.
dec 9-tf
J., J. L., s a. BUM<rARDN_R
Prompt attention given to all lega business
entrusted to our nands.
Nu.3b, Augusta St.
Special attention given to collections.
No. 2, Court llouße Square,
aua n-tf
Staunton, "Va.
Hugh v. elchelbehgkr,
attorne y-at-la w,
Staunton, Va.
i^S 1- Prompt attention to collections.
No 1C Lawyer's Row,
Staunton, Va.
Special attention given to collections and
chancery practice,
■*■ Atto_nkv-at-Law
No 6 Lawyers' Row'
No. 8 Barristers Row,
aug Ift t_
Ot'FlCE.—Rooms 13,15,17, Masonic Temple.;
Jan 18 '9tt-tf '
No. 10 Barristers' How.
Second Floor, Masonic Temple,
Hut..-i mono. Staonton, Va.
Office on Courtaouse squai c,
Prompt attention to £.11 legal ..usiness
artrusted to bim. in Stai.e c- I ederal -onrts
Wjiidovote entire time to his profession,
tune 1-tf
Practices In al! the courts of Rockingham
and Augusta. nov 25-r.f
O E. tt. NELSON,
LAW OFFICES—Non. 10 & 12 Masonic
no-H-lvr STAUNTON, VA)
No. 14 Lawyer's, liow.
Notary Public. Staunton, Va
iov 15-lvr
lan R-tf Staunton, V_
_ _ . —_ ■ - —- ; si .. -..—., ,__ _~___■■» , _>——■- ■■■ i -i. m— - %w ■■ m ■ -■.-..-. . i ~ssj.,+i » ■-■ ■ ._. . ■ 9
f it n f ffit ft iipif_fl_P fiAfftt*
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■ ; VINDICATOR. j? >
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I-W Iron
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B_-__ liver, constipation __J_3
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BnoM\s> Saw
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out ntrvu ;d.tiatreas. 3 BT-»_Wrr
tiae, purities the blood, re_-«Q? fig
stores lost manhood, ._*c/B_l 6s' Sfl i.,',.',.
makesi you ■■■■rone «t;,
inh;alfh,ncrve^if^ClJg¥i&>»^a. st . Si . l , r , i „ v .
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mar 10 lyr
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have purchased the drug business formerly
conducted by Bell & Baker, and will continue
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Having sold my interest in the drug busi
ness of Bell & Baker to F. W. Bell & Co., I
desire to thank my friends and the public
for their past, patronage and wish for my
successors a continuance of the same.
W. H. Barkman, Agt.,
Headquarters for all the Magazines, Dai
and Weekly I'apers, Fashion Books, &c. 4c.
Staunton, Va.
Funeral Directors and Regis
tered Embalmers.
Lady Assistant and Embalmer.
Telephone connections.
gaTMutual Phone No. 10.
'|X> TEACHERS.—Buildings or a most suit-
A able nature, for the establishment 01 v
school located at Ifuutersvule. Pocahontas
county, Vv. Va~ ire for or sale. The peo
pie arc prosperous „iid ir is a splendid pj-pcr
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Telegraphic News olthe Weet.
San Francisco, Nov. 2:l.—The Bald
win Theatre, oae of the most important
in the city, c&Ugbt Are this morning, the
llttraes raging furiously. The building
was live stories high, of wood, though
it« outward appearance whs that of
stone, and the famous Baldwin Theatre
occupied a large part.
J. L. White, who had retired, helped
to nave seven women and then lost his
own life. Max Levy and Sadie Hart
are missing. Mrs. Sharp, of New York,
was injured. White attempted to de
scend a rope, and losing his hold fell to
the ground. Three hundred and thiitj
guests were in the hotel.
The lire A'as discovered at 3:1-1 this
tnorniug. The chambermaids slept in
the upper part near the Mansard roof
and it is believed that eight of them
perished. A man named Morris from
I the Klondike died in the hospital. The
building will be a total hiss. Some
property iv the stores underneath will
probably be saved.
Madrid, Nov. 23.—The official Gazette
j today publishes a decree accepting the
resiguettiou ot Captain-General Blanco
wtiich, *vas seat in soon after the surren
der of Santiago.
Washington, Nov. 23.—The annual
report of Captain Crowinshield, chief of
the bureau of navigation, which was
published today, deals mainly with tbe
war. The Captain is a member of the
strategy board. After reviewing the
step taken by the Navy Department he
recommends that Congress authorize an
increase in the naval force to 20,000 for
general service, and 2,500 apprentices.
The argument is made to show the ab
solute necessity fo.- some such increase
unless the reserves on receiving the
ships are reduced below a danger point,
an evil very closely approached during
Chicago, Nov. 23.—8y an order ot the
Probate Court, entered to-day, Mrs.
Hattie S. Pullman, widow of the late
BM. Pullman, will receive $3,000
ith on account of her share of
to. k, Nov. 24.—The eight, gold
Democrats who threatened to start a
.:lub in opposition to Tammany hiis
prided in talk. Tha scheme has been
New York, Nov. 24. —E. P. Pierce, of
Chri»ti_nsburg, Va., committed suicide
today in this city at the Moiton House.
Thj cause v not given.
Madrid, Nov. 24.—A telegiam from
Manila to the Minister of the Colonies,
cays the Americans have just landed
four thousand men at Archipeligo, and
that two American warships haye gone j
Paris, Nov. 24.—General Zurlinden
this alWnoon ordered a court martial
for Picquarc. He is charged with
ry and using forged documents.
Aijiii-ton, Ala., Nov. 25.—Two negro
soldiers killed, several wounded; four
white soldiers injured, and two mem
lie provost guard missing, is a
mary of a race riot in the
tmy corps last night,
w, Ky., Nov. 25.—An attempt
the murderers, Bob Brown, of
ir-iu-law, faiher in law and sis-
Johnson Franklin, of his moth
, was frustrated by the jail
f ter a hot battle last night. A
repaying to renew the fight to
.'he jail guards have been in
, Nov. 25 —The prospects of a
etween France and England
over an outlet to the Upper Nile has
been unexpectedly increased according
to official advices received from Khar
toum. Both British and French flags
are now (lying from the banks of Bahrel
Ghazel, and its a question of which
nation will withdraw. Advices from
Khartoum to the fcreigu office stale
that two British gunboats have sailed
from Bahrel Gnazel for Meshrof-rreK
whern they found a military post and
she French flag. Tbe gunboats return
ed, but, hoisted a British flag at several
points along the river.
London, Nov. 25.—A Paris dispatch
says the report has been confirmed to
the effect that Rios and his colleagues
of the Spanish peace commission re
signed as a protest against the exorbi
tant American claims, and that Pre
mier Sagasta persuaded them to con
tiuue by assuring them that they would
not be held personally responsible for
the results arising from the uncompro
Ititude of the United States.
Sherman for Governor,
wis, 0., November 23.—Friends
lior John Slenuan the
working a quiet but effective
lis behalf for the gubernatorial
on at the Couven
•xt year. Within the past few
inner of letters have been bent
. different parts of Ohio by Mr.
'= friends in order to ascertain
nent regarding his becoming a
, » my •
k-auly Is Uluoti 13<<ep.
blood means a clean skin. No
thout it. Cascarets, Candy Cathai
yonr blood and keep it clean, by
P the busy liver and driving all : m
--rom the body, iicgin to-day to
mples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
iickiy bilious complexion by taking
, —beauty for ten cents. All c'rug
sfaction ',U'»"a r '-teed, 10c, 25e, 50c.
Political Groveling,
mored in Washington at the
bnson that after all his oppo
and abuse of, the executive
w of his party in his State,
man Walker has actually asked
mittee to use their influenc
c Northern Republican Con
gressmen in his behalf, in his proposed
contest for the seat to which Judge
Is been elected. I
Itacco Sjiit in:'.i S-K&e Your life Away.
tobacco easily a-d forever, be mag
of l.te, nerve and vigor, take No-To
rooctor-worker. Unit makes weak men
.11 druggists, DCc or $1. Care iruaran
•oklet aud sample free. Address
Remedy Co., Chicago or New York.
A d'spatch dated at Philadelphia on
the 23rd inst., has the following signifi
cant statement:
•'A charter was effected yesterday of
the British bark, Highland, to load 2000
I tons of cas ( -iron pities for London direct.
"This will be the first full cargo of
i the kind ever Shipped to Euglaud from
I tnis or any other American port. A
laige quantity of this material, however,
| has been exported to Glasgow by tbe
j Allan Line steamships, a contract to
j supply that cry with American drain
age.aud water pipe having been secured
by Philadelphia dealers."
A year or more ago a gentleman who
( had largely been engage 1 in tin mauu
.' fad ure of iron pipe at Pittsburg, Penu.,
I was on to Rich Patch receutly invest!
igatirjgjls value, when he remarked,
\ ihat he would be one cf a company to
j raise 52,000,000 to purchase the tract cf
i it,ooo acres and establish a pipe factory J
He stated that he could in twelve mout .8
after tbe iodotty was fairly in operation i
command the market for this product
iv the United States and run every iron
! pip- factory out of Uie country.
He was of tbe opinion that in noplace
|iv the United Slates with which he wan
j acquainted coulJ be found so many ad
vantages for making iron pipe at a
minimum cost, and that ne could not
j only control the American market, but
! successfully invade the markets of the
| world. At that time he dull not iu
j duce thegentlemen with him to euterat
j ouce in the scheme as they had been
: trained in other lines of business and
were not prepared to enter upon a pro
j posed experiment at so large a risk.
The recent purchase of the Rich Patch
J property by Philadelphia parties, who
j are financially able to establish any in
I dustry they might wish, encourages the
hope that they will weigh well the judg
ment of the gentleman to whom we ie
f fer. as we!! as the fact contained In the j
I paragraph quoted above. The iron ore
resources of the Rich Patch property
| are practically unlimited and with such
combination of interests as are within
tbe range of probability and what we
know of the contemplated plans of its
!re<:eut purchasers, we are inclined to J
tbe conclusion that we may expect re- j
( maikable industrial aciivity iv that lo-
J cslity in the near future.
Bearing upon the iron pipe i.'idustiy,
and pertinent to the remarks above, we j
Bud the following forcible statement in j
j the Bar.i.nore Manufacturers Record of j
yesterday. We do rot hesitate to say j
jtbat there is no place in the United'
States where such an industry as rhe
Cincinnati firm represent, could be|
I more profitably oper-.ted than at Rich '
Patch. Tbe high per cent of metaiie'
iron that the ore* of (his property
I carry, the proximity of fuel, of far
j superior quality to that of Middlesbor-;
j ough or Birmingham and the cheapness
iof labor constitute advantages ihat \
shouid assure success without a doubt
and demonstrate that both iron pipe!
and basic steel could be produced there
at ie-s cost than at any other industry j
It is rather singular that in referring
to tbe South Virginia should be stu
diously oinitied as an iron making
I State. Neither Tennessee or Alabama
has mineral resources superior to those j
of this State, and when facilities for
market are considered in connection
with the class of our ores, fuel and la
bor it should be apparent to the most
superficial iuvestigator. that Virginia is
in the lead iv cheap iron making, and
when the South is mentioned sheshouid
not be overlooked iv the procession of
industrial progress and mateiial devel
opment. The Record sa>s:
What the Manufacturers' Record has
for years been proclaiming as the inev
I itable pre eminence of the South in in
dustrial interests is gradually being ac l
cepted as true by the most careful in j
of thi3 couatry day" I
adds new strength to the Souths posi- j
tion, and shows how rapidly the trend 1
of manufactures is iv this directlou.
Last week we printed the views of the
president of the Addystou Pipe & Steel
Co., of Cincinnati, the largest iron-pipe
making concern in the United Slates,
in which he frankly admitted the
Souths pre eminence in iron interests
and the necessity of his company build
ing a large pipe plant in Alabama in or
der to Secure the advantages of that dis
trict. The whole iron situation of the
South is growing upon the World's at
tention. Men who eyeu five years ago
had little faith in the Souths ability to
stand the final tests of extreme depres-1
sion, combined with the v, st ore discov
eries iv the Mesaba region, now realize
that the South is today tbe most prom
ising iron district in the world. They
realize that every test has shown the
I inherent strength of the Booth's posi I
J tion, and that the in ..re tboroagolj the
I Souths iron-making f«--ilities are
Investigated the greater do they ap
pear. In the new era of steel-mak
ling already successful at Middles
borough, wi.li two Urge plauts
uuder contract at Birmingham, the
south is destined to hold a »ositiou in
steel affairs as important as it now does
in iron-making Exporting even now,
although this trade is the growth only of
about two years, an average ot ICOO
J tons of pig irou a day, Birmingham is
j setting the price for the woild's irou
—* •«»- ♦
i-io-To- Vac for Fifty ti'uls.
Guaranteed tobacco hubit cure. mal:es wei*k
men strong, blood pure. 5Uc. SI. All druggists.
Among the AVest Virginia Democrats
prominently spoken of to succeed U. S.
Senator Chas J. Faulkner, wnose term
expires March 4lh uext, are Senator
Faulkner himself, Hon. John T. Mc-
Graw, of Taylor couuty, Hon. Henry
G. Davis, of Randolph, Hon. E. W.
Wilson, of Kanawha, Gen. C. C. Watts,
of Kanawha, Congressman-elect David
E. Johnston, ot Mercer, aud others.
To Cure Constipation lorever.
I if"? C:ascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25c.
Moffeit's Creek Matters.
Moffett's Creek, Va., Nov. 23.--Geo.
L. Clemmer, an old aud respected cit-l
zen of this neisrbborlood, was found
dead in his bed near this place on last
Monday. The interment took place on
Tiesday at Mt. Herman Lutheran
Cemetery. The deceased is survived
by three children all of whom are mar
ried nmi living in Rockbridge county.
Ti.ere hHve beeu six burial-s in the
Mr. Herman Lutheran Cemetery with
in the past two weeks.
The chrysanthemum festival given at
New Providence church by the ladies
of that congregation, on November 3rd
and 4th, was a marked success. About
$150 was reaiizwd.
The regular quatterly communion
services were held at New Providence
el ui'-li on Sunday, the 13th inst. Pre
paratory service was held ou the Satur
day preceeding; the pastor, G. A.
Wilson, D. D , was assisted in these
serv.osby Rev. C. W. Trawick. of
Buena Vista. Twenty persons were
added to the church membership by ex
amination and certificate, the result ct
tbe protracted meeting held a few
weeks ».go. conducted by the pastor una
Messrs. John W. Beard, John \V. Mc-
Faddin, John L. MoCutel.en, G. L. DiuJ
Raistou R. Berry and Dr. W. R. Turk,
are on a deer hunt on Big river.
Mrs. Thos. M. Smiley has returned
home from a visit to her mother and
sister, of Newton, N. C.
B. P. McNutt, of Churchville, is build
ing a handsome granary on his farm,
near this place.
Uur husbandmen are busily engaged
gathering their corn, which crop is the
Mm many years. Messrs. Richard
shead, Willi in H Pulton and Jas.
P. B. Smith, will each make 2,000 bush
Dr. James B. Tuttle, wife and son, of
Cr.iigsviilf, are visiting Mrs Tuttle's
father,Jas. L MeCatc&an and family
Mis* Agnes Irvine lips returned to
her home, Long Glade, after several
weeks' stay with her brother, Wm. K.
Irvine, who has been ill with fever, but
S.Turk, one of our oldest and
t respected citizens, celebrated his I
birthday a few weeks ago. Long
be live and his last days ever be bis
v. S. W. Haddon, pastor of Old
■ideiTce Associated Reformedchinch
been absent from bis uulpit for two
nths, attending a meeting of tun
)d of hi- church, at Chester, S. C
c second football team of Washiug
-6 Le.e University and tbe Valley
i School team will play a match
c this afternoon at Raphiue.
v. G. A. Wilson, D. D., beinu it.
•bbuig. yesterday ids pulpit a? New
ideucf who filled veiy aecepteblj
cv. Dr. Q'larles. j
<c Valley High School has an an-
Uy good alteudauce this session,
y pupils have entered and more are
:ted. This s.-hool is under tbe effl-l
i management of Messrs. Houston !
♦ m ♦
Circuit Court,
tlie circuit court yesterday the fol-:
ig business was disposad of :
list Glenn qualified as adminietra
f Lucy J. Snyder, i
c estate of C. A. Sutherlaud was
uitted to N. C. Watts, sheriff, for
uistratiou. I
Smiley and wife vs.Tbomas and wife.
Dt cree ordering sale.
IF. Shuey, &c. vs. Mary J. Miller
)theis. Decree confirming coinmis
r's report aud ordering disburse-1
of funds.
A.. Koiuer, trustee vs. J. C. Thorn |
tthers. Decr;e confirming comuiis
r's report aud ordering disburse
of funds.
in D. Brown's administrator vs.
n"s widow and others. Decree
iiiiug commissioner's report ana
ing disbursement of funds.
rgaret A. Grant vs. Jerry Grant.
c dismissing.
?rank Points and others vs. Samuel
o*n aud others. Decree dismiss-
Cause settled.
Il's executor vs. Loving &a. Order
•miug commissioner's report.
A. Depriest vs. C. L. Depriest &c.
M. Huffman &c. vs. Samuel T.
;r &c. Final decree.
). W. Ryan vs. R. 3. Ryaus admi
itor. Pinal decree.
H. Michael & Sou vs. D. K. Joslin
Final decree.
John T. Smith, trustee vs. A. D. Lotts
&c. Pinal decree.
IM. & H. H. Hartley's creditors vs
&H. 11. Bariley &s. Decree of
rgaret Coffman &c. vs. Eveline
l.in. Decree conflrmiujr commis
rs report and orderiug disburse-1
of funds.
ry L. Pr.iiiCisco vs. John W Gleudy
Dismissed. Settled,
iv Thompson &c. vs. Isaac Thoinp
:c. Decree ordering sale.
T. Burner vs Jennie A McAllister]
Decree confirming sale and order
lisbursemeut of funds.
intiressman Trigg on Gen. Walker.
long the visitors now here is ex
ressman TrUrg, of the Ninth Vir
district. In talking about Coo
man Walker's prouored content foi
eat to which Judge Rh-ahas been
elected, he said the election was as fair
a one as had ever been he d, and that If
the seat shall 'la given to Walker, it
Kuly be because the Republican ma
• in the House has the power to do
le says the people of the Ninth
ct are Southern iv their feelings
and that they had become tired of al
man who availed himself of every op
portunity to hurt Southern men,
though posing as the friend of the white
man and of ex-"onfederates.—Wash
lou correspondent of xaaria Ga
is said that the successor to Colonel
f>. Whitehead, as Commissioner of
Agriculture, will be Mr. George W.
Koiuer, a resident of Augusta county,
and a well known Democrat. Mr.
Whiti head's terms expires the tiist of
next year.
The Death of Silver.
For the Spectator.
Whose grave is this Horatio ? Let's
read the inscription that's here writ. !
(Reading) '-Hera lies Silver. White j
with age, and feeble, be was set upon, i
and his bent form could not withstand
the stroke? which fell upon him. Six
teen blows his adversary strike, he
strake but one. He fell and died. We
shall not see his like again." And
is silver buried here? Methiuks I saw
his grave elsewhere. Yes, I have many
burial places seen, in my late wauder
ings. In all, an epitaph like this.
Ah, now I do recall that in my archae
ological research two years ago, I went
into the catacombs, and iv the furthest
part, beside the bones of the great I
Captain Marcus Aurelius Hannus I,
there was a tomb on which was writ j
thin fame inscription. And jet, llora-j
tio, did we not meet such an one, upon
the stepsof the Acropolis as we journied
to the Pantheon, yesterday? Horatio
let me look at thy pbylosophy, and sec
if there is writ, this name within, I fain
would know the history of this person
age. Maybe 'twas his ancestor who
died, but if so he is of ancient lineage,
and honorable. Aye, tis writ in jour
phylOsophy that lie has played with
Kimss, he has been sought by queens
and princes for his good fellowship. He
has made joyous hearts aud mauy,and he
has been the poor man's friend. What
would I give Horatio, to have his pedi
gree, a line of ancestry such as his, and
to have kept always such good com
pany ? But why, Horatio, have his line
beeu slain, who the envious persons
seeking to encompass him ? I must
know if there lives today a scion of his
race, and if 'twas he we met. * * * I
Ah ! Horatio, 1 went to look the lists
I the great library, and as I looked
I found the chronology so
it I could trace it at a glance
st I looked a grey hatred manl
, and when he saw mi With tbe]
went his way. ills leatuicsi
I mi>, he was the same we met,
r which I passed out by toe
eh he had g ne, and when 1
neath the arcade, at the outer
ard a shout, and as it grew
vent into the street, and there
diers all a' out. and men in
jbes, and all the senate stood
eeuturians of high rank, and
1 'heking, and mouey chancers,
_rers on, but the people fled and
cken dumb with fear. Aud I
{airy and one said, 'Silver is
» nave killed him," and those
itant mouths did shout, and
i dealt in news made notes, and
ote an epitaph. I was amazed
d myself in awe, when all at
urdy youth, splendid of form.
re all that art could crave,
ck bis toga, as he said to me,
the loins of him, whom those
s think, they have slain. Now
• bury him again, and make
great feasts and eat and drink, and go be
sotted to their homes. And when they j
IJir revelry, will laugh and prcU
;her with their fioners and guffaw,
.iliug of tbe stab that he himself
c, and how It happened there.'"
miling went he in the street,
ople came about and showed him
ice. I nosed and said, if that be
titers is thy sting. Oh, grave,
is thy victory '; T.
♦ m ♦
thy, happy children make better
d women of us all. A little care
ttle planning before birih is of.
re important than anything that
done after. On the mother's
md strength depend the life aid
tire of the children. A weak and
voman cannot bear strong and
children. Most of the weaknws
en is utterly inexcusable. Prop
cine will cure almost auy disor
the feminine orgau : sm. Dr. I
i Favorite Prescription has been I
n thirty years of practice. It is
, toothing, strengthening. It is
ly natural iv its operation and
By its use, thousands of weak
women have been made strong and
healthy—have been made the mothers
■ and healthy children. Taken
it makes childoirth
almost painless and insures
aeing of both mother aud child.
ents in 1-ccut status to World's
.ry Medical Association, Buffa
lo, N. V., and receive Dr. Pierces 1008
page Common Sense Medical Adviser,
profusely illustrated.
Irning by a Sotuhem Kearft,
address at the Colored People's
ileigh, N. C, on Friday, John
son, colored, denounced tbe
rk negroes who held meetings
the Southern negroes to ue-
Uicti tiiey dare not make in
rk. He said the Governor in I
was the worse enemy to the it,-1
is negro in the country and that
us and o;her Noniiern Statt s I
•o mason and carpenter were not I
to woik at their traues. Wii
sUited that ihe Southern white
s the best friend the ntgro had,
ed his hearers not to listen "to
y negroes who do not own a
and in New York,but who want
ipbale us into trouble here
re own homes and are getting I
on well."
B.ev. Dr. L. G. Bronghton, pastor
lionable Baptist church iv At-j
fa,, made an innovation in hisl
last Sunday by replacing thej
deacons who have hitherto pass-1
ed the contribution plates by six young
women of the congregation. It had the I
effect of making the young susceptible!
bachelors attend the services iv force I
and the amount of money collected was
considerably greater than usual.—Phila
delphia Times.
Mrs. Joseph Ligon has a bill of lading
for goods "shipped by the grace of God
by John Norton, in and upon the good
ship called Thanet." The goods were
shipped from Loudon to Thos Massie,
of Virginia. The bill of lading is in
a good state of preservation and bears
— w i
? Carried Down
r Stre-a..
r When a man
crossing some
difficult place in
his working
career; spurring
all his energies to
accomplish some
critical passage in
his business jour
ney, suddenly
finds his health
giving way and
fee Is himself
swept out of the
saddle by the
current of dis
marvelous rejuvenating properties of Dr.
Pierces Golden Medical Discovery will
prove an unfailing means of rescue and
It is a very simple though eminently
scientific medicine. It is not a mere stim
ulant like so many malt extracts. It re- '
stores healthy power by reviving the in- j
nermost sources of vitality in the nutritive
system. It enables the digestive and
Mood-making organism to manufacture j
good blood abundantly and rapidly, so
that the immense waste of tissue and nerve j
fiber entailed by hard labor is offset by [
a speedy upbuilding of fresh energy and
A promineuf and venerable Illinois physician j
D. \y. \ owles. M. D , of I-owler, Adams Co ' I
writing to Dr. Tierce, says: " I send herewith '
thirty-one (31) cents in stamps for ■ The Peonies |
Common Sense Medical Adviser' in cloth bind- j
ing With this pittance for so valuable a work I
jtndya gift tothe public), I must express mv '
high appreciation of the vast amount of (rood I
that you have rendered the public. A correct
measure of your usefulness never has been and '
never will be estimated hv the public- no' not
even by the multitude of afflicted humauitv'that t
ba.i been relieved and cured by your "medi
ones Wherever Igo or have been in the
United States, I find persons who have used and ;
are using Dr. Pierces medicines with satisfac- i
tion, for all conditions for which they are recom
mended. Never has one spoken disparagingly
m_ • IClr act * on > ana - from ha\4ng seen so often
effects, I am also enthused with eon
tiacTree in their action iv cases and conditions
tor which they are recommended. It is not
common lor regular physicians to endorse and
recommend proprietary medicines, but in this
S T ~h aTe no e l uiv ocation or hesitancy in so
The quick constipation - cure — Doctor
Pierces Pleasant Pellets. Never gripe.
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over SO years, has borno the signature of
jfjj? anrt *•■ heen made under his per-
C/^ sonal supervision since its infancy.
'^^ y/ ' *' c Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are but Ex-
periments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend.
y>p Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
j There is nothing like a SLIM FIGURE to put it in motion.
We haye laid in a very large stock of Seasonable goods.
A lot of goods turned quick at a close margin is plenty good 1
' enough for us. Now is the time to buy A No. 1 Goods (none I
| better on earth,) at very close to manufacturers' prices. We do']
! business to live, we live to do business, and the way to do it is
!To offer the very best grade of goods at prices'
! that make them jump,
Commencing right now we are going to give bargains to all |
comers until the goods are gone. 1
Where do you Come in on this Big Chance ?
There must be something you need in our line, there can't be I
I a better time or place to buy it than at 1
! Hen's, Boys' anil Citron's Gloii, Over- i
| coats, Pants, Ms, Gaps, Gents' Fnr- j
! nil Goods, etc. -1
INo. 9 South Augusta Street. 1
! Staunton, Va.
I Our readers will find]
i correct Schedules oft
j the four great railroads jj
of the State regularly t
I published Inthlspaper,!
the C. & O. the B. & O. [
the N.& W. and Southern!
A thorough study of the sub
ject lias proven that crop fail
ures can be prevented by using
fertilizers containing a large
percentage of Potash; no
plant can grow without Potash.
We have a little book on the subject of
Potash, written by authorities, that we
would like to send to every farmer, free of
cost, if he will only write and ask for it.
93 Nassau St., New York.
:: Attention Farmers! ::
As there is a very large Corn Crop this
year and as there will be no Fair at which II
can be exhibited, 1 will give to any farmer
of Augusta or adjoining counties for the best
and largest Five Ears of Corn, labelled and
delivered at F. W. Hager's store, No. 7 S.
■treet, Staunton, a first cl.ss $6.00
i Stove, cast top and bottom. The
1 be made on Dec. Ist, at my store,
to be three responsible farmers of
Dr. Geo. A. Sprlnkel, Jr., Dentist, will opan
a dental office, fitted with modern Improve
ments and appliances, at No. 108 Main street
on the 25th inst. He practices dentistry In all
Its branches. Crown and Bridge work a

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