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| Advertisers, and assure \ / 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I S>^i^7^55-3WBE-B WiL \' 3
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I I - * --+ Aifr) f *T s * I published Inthlspaper.g
I be largest of any paper _j „ _ . 1 ■ 5» 2 i
!_____.___. I VINDICATOR. If •£" I theC.&O. theN.A w. I
J| Published in this City. |_ . __, g_ , $ H
S ——— ~~ ■ — 1 £"o" raand the Southern.
VOL.76. STAUNTON, VA., THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1899 | NO. 18. j ____*_^_^^
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_j^___* i^JtS*_ IIo^b^Cu^c:*.
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the sz3_uror«- <_.„.._ _____! AMU ArSOLUTiSM rEHOUi'OLn.
Tcrritorl.il X_pu._iou denominated, "TIIH rOO.l JL_jY*£ LOAD,'' mad opposed to tlioOcns.ii-.ition
of t!io Unitoi Stales, the Declaration cr. Independence, _-tt all the most sacred doctrines cf our
Bapabiiuaj iiauucd uo.vu to us bv ot.- I'atlic.a.
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An English View of the Progress of
In an elaborate discussion of the
pig-iron problem the London Statist
"The great pressure forste«d plates,
and strucMirnl ironandsteel generally,
is tbe main cause of thegrea* pressure
on iron smelters, and the scarcity of
pig-iron is tbe cause of the short sup
ply of finished material. It is becom
ing more and more obvious t'> i he trade
geneially that it the present demand
for iron and steel is sustaimd —with-
out even being increased—the question
we asked a year ago. 'Will there be a
pig-iron famine ?' will be answered in
the affirmative within six months.
There ie, of course, the possibility of
the demand subsiding—and tli re is
for the moment, at any rate, a distinct
pause in the booking of new vessels,
and in some other trades in which
iron is coniutned—bat there. Is little
hope of relief from America within that
period When we wrote a year ago
American pig-iron was coming over
freely to us, and was being shipped to
the Continent, and the output for 1898
was expected to reach 12,000,000 tons.
As a matter of fact the output was
only 11,774,000 tons, and was so much
less than the consumption that the
stocks were reduced to 291,000 tons, as
compared with 656,000 tons at tbe end
of 1897. Aud now, even though the
production has been increased since
January 1, the export has practically
stopped, or rather, we should say that
tbe sales for export have practically
stopped, for it is true that in the two
months ending February 28 we im
ported from tbe United States 28,149
tons of pig iron, as against 16.335 tons
in the correspond log two mouths of
1897. But tbtse shipments were in
completion of sales made some time
ago, before the prospective scarcity of
America was being felt. The Ameri
can consumption in 1898 is now seen to
have been about 12,250,000 tons, which
is to say nearly half a million tons
more than the production. l!y so much,
therefore, must the output of 1899 ex
ceed that of 1898, without absorbing
every ton of stock, even if the con
sumption does not increase. But tbe
consumption has increased and is in
creating, so that even if tbe output
should reach this year 14,000,000 tons,
which is predicted, there will be little
or any margin for export. Whatever
margin there is will be in tbe second
half, not the first half, of the year; so
that the critical period will be within
tbe next six months."
Tbe Statist concedes that under ex
isting conditions hardly any material
increase in tbe English output of pig
iron can be possible within the next
few months, and adds:
"Whilst the American supply will be
probably wanting this year, and, there
fore, our imports of pigs will be a good
deal smaller than last year, the exports
will be greater, because the Continent
will have to come to us to make up
some of the falling off in tbe Ameri
can supply. Our exports have already
begun to increase, and were 61,553 tons
in February, as compared with 55,553
tons in February, 1898. If, then, home
consumption and exports reached 8,
--■ tons in 1898, the total this year
nlikely to be 10,000,000 tons. If
means the absorption of every
ton of stock in the country, and more
also. In other words —famine.
"Of course, there remains the ques
tion of increasing the output, and no
doubt more furnaces can be blown in.
But many more will not be blown in
unless pig iron rises to famine prices,
because most of them are of such an
tique type that they cannot be worked
at a profit on anytning like present
range or prices. There are 503 reputed
furnaces in the kingdom, of which 380
were in blast during 1898. It is ex
tremely doubtful how many of the re
maining 213 are fit to use again at all;
it is probable that the majority of them
could not be worked at a profit unless
pig iron rose another pound per ton or
so; it is certain that very few more can
be blown in, whatever the price, until
fuller supplies of iron ore are assured.
We do not forget that some new fur
naces, perhaps a dozen in all, are being
built of modern type. It does not fol
low, however, that these will be put
into blast in addition to those already
blowing, but rather that they will take
the place of others getting worn out.
And as regards the supply of ore for
any additional furnaces there may be
available, there is the ominous state
ment from the TJjited States that the
increased output of pig-iron there will
necessitate the importing of ores this
year—doubtless from Spain and Cana
da. Het the production of iron ore in
j the United States has increased sixfold
within twenty years, and is now about
24,000,000 tons. The prospect is in
deed serious if the supply of American
ore is now insufficient for the needs o'
. American smelters, for though ther..
are enormous reserve supplies of ore
on the American continent, the valne
of the deposits depends on their pro
ximity to coal.
"From the national point of view, it,
is not agreeable to find that whilst
| twenty years ago we produced 50 per'
cent, of the world's pig-iron, we now
i furnish less than 25 per cent. America
has taken the lead since 1890, and will
easily keep it."
In this connection should be read the
following from the London Iron and
Coal Trades Review:
"Less than six months ago it appear
ed to be probable that we were likely
to be inundated with impcrts of foi
eign iron and steel, and especially from
the United States. This prospect was
generally regarded as not far short of a
calamity. Today the tables are turned,
and it rooks as if we were in danger of
being unable to secuie supplies of
iron and steel from foreign sources to
supplement what may be lacking in our
own. Both Cermany and tbe United
States have as much to do as they ap
pear to be able to accomplish in sup
plying their own wants. It is, there
fore, possible that the trade of this
country may be seriously hamnered for
lack of mateiial which we are uunU-j
to provide at home. This considera
tion brings us face to face with, the
question whether competition in our
own markets is a boom or otherwise.
It is certain that if the general indus
try of the country is to be handicap
ped for Kck of the material of con
struction at a reasonably l.iw price, it
will be a matter of seriou-" concern.
The home works are not able to for
| nlsh at present adequate suppiies of
i either pig iron or certain descriptions
of steel. It is equally certain tbat we
cannot to any large extent depend on
from abroad at prc.seii f prices.
The situation thus btconi-s greatly
changed, and possibly changed for II c
worse. Better that an Dt-ca»louaj or
der should pass info the !i»n * of
American or German manufacturers
than that the general mechanic.il in
dustry of the country should suffer
from the want of the most fundamental
of all industrial requirements—tha of
sufficient supplies of material at a rea
sonably low price.
"For many months past, both Con
tinental and American manufacturers
have bad their bands more full than
usual, and have bsen greatly strained
to meet the wants of their customers.
Within the last two or three weeks the
long anticipated boom has taken place
in the iron trade of the United States,
and prices have been rising by leaps
and bounds. It is generally expected
that this movement will become more
accentuated as the summer approach
es, and that there is little probability
of drawing further supplies of iron and
steel from the United States for the
current year, except in fulfilment of
orders alreaJy contracted for. Today
the general range of prices in the Uni
ted States is as high as, and in some
cases higher than, those quoted for
corresponding quali'.its in Great Bri-:
tain. Up to the present time this con
dition of affairs has not led to any ma- j
terial appreciation of prices at home,!
but a further rise is more than proba-1
ble, and both manufacturers and con- 1
aumers wili no doubt make their fu-.
ture arrangements in accordance with
the new outlook."
Keller In Six Hours.
.Distressing Kidney and Bladder dis-,
aise relieved insix hours by"New Great j
South American Kidney Cure." It is a:
jreat surprise on account of its exceed- j
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. Va.
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1 William J. Bryan has been
o make the principal address
;casion of the celebration of
ay in Richmond next Septem-
Try Allen's Foot-Ease,
der to be shaken into the shoes,
eason your feet feel swollen,
nervous and hot, and get tired easily.
If you haye smarting feet or tight
shoes, try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools
the feet and makes walking easy. Re
lieves corns and bunions of all pain
md gives rest and comfort. Try it
today. Sold by all druggists, grocerp,
3hoe stores and general storekeepers
everywhere. Price 25c. Trial pack
age free. Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
Le Roy, N. Y.
Marshall McCormick, of Berryville,
has been appointed general counsel for
the Norfolk and Western Railway
Company, in place of the late Wm. H.
Travers, of Charlestown.
TIJO.X. man jo oaoojtn '«0 A'pauiaa Snii-isiS
sssjppy '93.11 oidcuva pirn ?apioorr pool
-oeacna oano •!» jo oos'sisiSSnap HV -Suojis
uota heoav sajvcui at:".! M3:i-i o 4>- J; >P UOM O'll "'TI
•o.Tj-on 9f\\n *jo3ia pun OAJOU '3J|I jo Hn; 'OII3U
3cui sq jaiaioj pun £u«a ooooq.ol »mb oi
*<suv OJI'I -i" 0 ! 9*.oias l mß " l,s """I"! l. uo <l
. —
Charles Broadway Rouss, the blind
millionaire and merchant of New York
city, will shortly erect in Stonewall
cemetery, Winchester, a handsome
mausoleum to cost about $40,000.
■ ■ ■
Distressing Stomach'Dlsease
Permanently curedby the masterlypower
of South American Nervine Tonic. In
valids need suffer no longer because this
great remedy can cure them all. It is a
cure for the whole world of stomach
weakness and indigestion. The cure be
gins with the first dose. The relief it
brings is marvelous aud surprising. It
makes no failure; never disappoints. No
matter how long you have suffered.your
cure is certain under the use of this
great health-giving force. Pleasant aud
always safe. Sold by B. F. Hughes,
Druggist, 6 S. Augusta street, Staun
ton, V 3.
• » •
T pHntof the Imperial Fertilizer,
C.-m,uii;, near Norfolk, was complete
ly destroyed by fire, entailing a loss of
almost $20,000, fully covered by insur
ance. I
Bears the The ni You Have A,Wa)fS Blill£h,
The company of Pennsylvania capi- j
talists who recently leased the; Mitch
ell gold mine in Spottsylvaniacounty,
I have beguufcui eia'.ioiLS, v and jare now
sinking a shaft. , SB ■
♦ ■ »
No-To-liiic iur fnty Ctsuls.
Guaranteed tobuuuu luiuit cure, makes weak
men strong, blood pure. sue tl. All druct'ists.
m m •
Midwinter Excursions to Washington
The (. hisittle i i*3 CI i< iiivi >
will sell excursion tickets to Washing
ton, D. C, and return at 85.75 round
trip, good for ten days from date of
sale, on February 16th,' March 16th,
April 20th and May 18th.
Kther information, write to or
James Keb, Jb.,
Pass, and Ticket Agent,
R'y., Stantcn, Va.
I Now ii the Penitentiary.
l T. Todd, wli > was convicted
hustii gs court of Staunton and |
llirre < card in the penitentiary
aining Miss Jessij B. Rogers,
bland county, in a lioihi- of ill
md Joseph Pates, convicted in
otirt aud givea same term for
tealing, were taken to the p«o
--ry last week. 11. W. Marslmil,
•d or the [ euitcntiary, camel
hem iti.d carried them away
handcuffed together. Tcdd appeared !
■ much aff-cted and nervou .
the Tha Kind You Hays Always Bought
Things Worth Knowing.
Salt will kill fleas or drive them
away. If you are bothered with them
salt will do the work.
It may be worth remembering that
when a splinter has been driven deeply
into the hand it can be extracted by
steam. Nearly fill a wide mouth bot
tle with very hot water, place tbe in
jured part over the mouth aud press it
slightly. The suction thus produced
will dn.w the flesh down and in a min
ute or two the steam will extract the
splinter and inflammation together.
Etlticata Yctir Uo .. «-v Willi CmcurotH.
I . n CanJy C at,| arttc, cure constipation forevei I
10c, 25c. If C. C. C. fail, druggists refund mooej I
♦ I—, i !
Another Home for Orphans.
Rev. Dr. H. M. Wharton, whose
great work for establishing homes for
orphans is known throughout the
country, is now endeavoring to raise
the sum of $50,000 for the purpose of
establishing a home for the orphans of
I sailors and soldiers who gave up their
I lives in lighting for our country. It is -
j proposed to Iccate the home near the
| city of Washington. Those who desire
jto help in this great movement may .
i learn full particulars by addressing '•
! Dr. Wharton in Baltimore. '
j !
o__*a>x a «-»2t-.x__. |
I Bears the B- You Have Always Bought I
~ I '
A Young Man Missing.
~rnor Tyler has been informed
jof anolher mysterious disappearance,
' the details of which are remarkable.
! A gentleman who is a friend of the
j Governor wrote, him from Charlotte
| county, stating that last December
young Landon P. Garnett, of that
county, left Rindolp county, W. Va., j
for his home in Charlotte. He was
making the trip on horseback, and •
had a led horse with him. He was I
seen in Staunton on December 27th.
but has never been seen since. Helm si
not been heard from. Every effort has
been made to find him. He had $80 on
his person when he left Randolph
county. His family are suspicious of
foul play. His mother is nearly dis
traded. Young Garnett is—or was— ;
, about 21 years of age. He was well
■ known and popular. He was of excel-
We note with pleasure the good for
tune tbat has befallen our young
friend, Mr. Chas. A. Miller and his
brothers and sister, each of whom has
been remembered by a wealthy rela
tive, Mr Koiner, of Augusta county,
recently deceased, with one thousand
dollars of the gold standard variety.
May they live long aud continue to
prosper.—Page Courier.
To Cure TTsfMrlljtntlnii lorator.
Take Ctiscavets Cam!. CJ..tu:irtic. 10c or 25c
If C. C. C. fail to cuic. druggists refund moucy.
An old Arkansas planter, on being
told that inonkejs were trained to
pick cotton, n | lied: "There ain't any
use of getting tl.eui monkeys and
train in' 'em for as soon as we get 'em
trained the duined Yankees will come
dowu here and free 'em, and before
long they'll be votin' jess like the
niggers. "—Ex.
Their Business Booming.
Probably no one thing has caused such a
general revival of trade at JB. F. Hughes'
drug store as his giving away to bis many
customers of so many tree trial bottles of
Dr. King's .New Discovery for Consump
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Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup,
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ly cured. You can test it before buying by
getting a trial bottle free, large sisj sjc
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1 «■ ■
The report that the Chesapeake and
Ohio would soon put on a new fast
train between Richmond and Cincin
nati is incorrect. Such a step was
contemplated, but there is now no in
tention of making the addition nor any
change in schedules.
A charter has been granted in Nor
folk to the Atlantic Coast Lumber
Company. The capital stock is to be
not less than $1,000,000 or more than
$20,000,000, and is to be divided into
shares of $100 each. The principal
office is to be located at Norfolk, with
branch offices in other parts ot Virgin
ia and the United States.
. ,
Brave Men Fall
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney trou
bles as well as women, and all feel tbe re
sults in loss of appetite, poisons in the
blood, backache, nervousness, headache
and tired, listless, run-down feeling. But
there's no need to feel like tbat. Listen
to J. W. Gardner, Idaville, Ind., he says:
"Electric Bitters are just the thing for a
man when be is all run down, and don't
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Only 50c, at B. F. Hughes' Drug Store.
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Reduced Rates to Annual Meeting German
Baptist, Roanoke, Va.
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tbe round trip. Tickets on sale, May
17-22, inclusive, final limit, May 26,
I "he Potash
thorough study of the sub
has proven that crop fail
-5 can be prevented by using
tlizers containing a large
centage of Potash; no
it can grow without Potash.
have a little book on the subject of
h, ; written by authorities, that we
1 like to send to every farmer, Free of
if he will only write and ask for it.
93 Nassau St., New York.
M iog store!
Opposite Masonic Temple.
Ladies', Misses', Children's and Yonlh's
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Oxfords, Black & Tans,
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—. *
Dr. Williams' Indian File Ointment I
will cure 151ind. Bleeding, Ulcerated I
and Itching Piles. It absorbs the tu
mors, allays the itching as once, acts
asa poultice, gives instant relief. Dr.
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment is
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Cures .': huir tilling. I
fW ~H 50i-,aiKlgl.(xjat Oniggua I
If you have Distemper, Pink Eye and Coughs
among your horses, try the
Mountain Distemper Remedy,
This is not a condition powder, but a
remedy for these diseases.
■I the following letters from Hon. J.
iurchman and Mr. John Li. Wallace,
c Oountv.
Brookwood, Va., Jan. 25,1899.
r ayt & Bro., Staunton, Va.,
men—For several years 1 have been
using yoer Distemper Powders. Their mer
it. In my estimation, rest not alone as a Cu
rative agent, when horses already have the
Distemper, but are equally effective as a
preventive when used in time, on stock lia
ble to take the disease. 1 consider your
ra valuable remedy.
Very truly yours.
Stuart's Draft, Va., Jan. 23,1839.
Dr. N. «'ayt & Bro.
Tt give* me great pleasure to say a word
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i many years. Ido not fear that dread dis
ease (Distemper) now. If used in time it
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enza some three years ago, succe^sfuelv—all
■leases. I have been recommending
ry one, and thought strange you did
it on the market before th.s.
y. <fee. JN'O. L. WALLACE,
N. Wayt & Bro,,
I™X "\ J \JT That you can paint and J
Do You Know %t^] B °^l
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1111 lilli HIVIIVV 0il '" ll: "' y°« ! " iv ■"
WW IWW B|IIUI f any price, but your paint
will only be on a few months when you will notice it coming oft.
g Closing cut sale !
SgS v UUii.1u.mi...i..iim.i..a.ui.....i.nua.....a..i.
P We are offering our entire
|| Retire from Business. Posi
m tively Closing Out Sale.
B E Fair WitH Yourself anfl See Onr
Oar Store is crowded with the Newest of New
Ityles. selected with experienced care as to Quality,
iood Taste as to Style and Generous Prodigality as
o Variety, it is the BIGHT PLAGE to get the
Popular Styles, Late Novelties, Standard Grades
Est Attractions are all found in abundance
)epartaient of our Elegant line of
ILOTHIG-, Hats, Cwal (UK
No Question about these Goods Pleasing—They
lake None iietter.
Fo Question about prices being satisfactory—
one can sell Cheaper.
Depcuil Upon Us for Perfect Satisfaction and
Ye deserve your trade became we
give tlie Fairest, Squarest Oppor
tunity for buying Honest Goods
at Bed Rock Prices. Come to us
for your Spring Goods and you
will come out ahead. f
Outfitters for Men. Boys and Children.
o. 9 South Augusta Street, - Staunton, "V
X++++++++++++++++++++++++4"t-++++' ******+**++*+****+*
i Fine Furniture I
+ < ♦
+ Of every possible kind, from kitchen to garret. +
+ Sold direct to you from the manufacturer, say- +
+ ' . +
+ ing the middle-man's profit. You can buy it +
J from us at prices that retail dealers have to pay J
J manufacturers. J
% We are manufacturing retailers, selling %
+ direct to housekeepers, and not to the trade, -
saving the public over $ioo,ooo annually.
> Illustrated CATALOGUE Mailed FREE |
We have just issued one of the most modern
and comprehensive Catalogues possible. .•. \
j. B. Van Sciver Co.
+ *
+ Largest Furniture Dealers in the World 4
+ 4
+ Five Minutes by Ferry PnmHp.n I\l I *
+ from Philadelphia »warnuen, i>. j. 4
t *

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