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Staunton spectator
Issued every Friday morning by
R. S. TURK, Editor and Proprietor,
Bast Main Street Staunton. Va.
A S. MORTON, Business Manager.
for One Year $1.00.
For Six Mouths... 50.
Iv order to nvolfl delays, on account ot
ners .nal absence, letters and all cormnuul
catlous for I'HB Hpkctator should not be
addressed to auv individual connected wltli
the office, but siinplv to Tiik Spectator.
Telephone In office connects with all
city and county lines.
Entered at the Postofllt-.e at Staunton,
V t , as second r.lass mail matter.
For President.
Of Nebraska.
For Vice President,
Of Illinois.
Tor Congress—lOlh nlstrtct,
H. U. FI,OOI>.
Of Al»l>oniatlnx.
What a misfortune that our gallant
Hough Rider cannot co to China where
he could shoot a few Boxers in the
If Gen. Roster succeeds in obtaining
tne Charlottesville postofhce. his good
fortune may lead others to confe f s
their past offenses to Teddy.
Tbe little Filipiuos "ate up a con
■iderable number of American soldiers
one day last week. Strange they keep
on doing this when the war is over.
The National Banks alone are put
down for $10,000,000 to Hanna's brib
ery aud corruption fund; Sugar, To
bacco. Steel plate, Railroad, Coal oil
and the other trusts are expected to
give as much more as is needed. Al I
this that -'business"—their business of
public plunder, may not suffer by a
change of administration When Car
negie admitedly made $40,000,000 out
of protection last year, that given to
insure honest Republican victory this
year will be a mere bagatelle, though
Col. R. T. Hubard, who is the Re
publican ring candidate for Cougress
in this district, has heard some how
or other that a rumor is afloat that be
i» to be hauld down and Mr. Yost
run up iv bis stead as the Congressioi
al candidate. Mr. Hubard's friends
and possibly he assert that this is uot
only "a I—c," but "a Democratic cam
paign I—c." Tbe first we ever heard
of the report was through the Rich
mond Times, and if they will expunge
tbe woid "Democratic" from their al
legation, we will admit that they are
possibly after the light allegator, aud
will be delighted if they catch him.
There never was hut one war and
that was our war with Spain, there
never was but one battle aud that was
the battle of San Juan bill, there never
was but one soldier and that oue is
Teddy. There never was but one in
terest protected, and that Is the inter
est of the Trusts; there is but one kind
of money, aud that is gold; there is but
oue boss for the G. O. P., and that boss
is Hanna; there will be but one elec
tion this fall, and that one will be a
plenty to knock out Imperialism.
In our National Abbatoir, or slaugh
ter house, in Luzon, about 600 Filipi
nos were hung up last week, but the
carcasses were not brought in so easily
as on some previous occasions. Gen.
McArthur, who has charge of the
slaughter pens there, somewhat as a
gentleman of the name of Armour has
of hogs and beeves In Chicago, wires
that while the American abbatoir
boasted of about 000 carcasses, the
competitive Filipino abbatoir was bet
ter filled than usual, for they had bung
up last week about 100 American car
casses. Our Chinese houses have only
begun business, but they bid fair to
have a heavy trade in the near future.
onie Republican journals are ask
ing, was Flood the choice of the people
of tbe 10th district V If not, they say,
"hie nominatiou was Imperialism."
Let us aek pray what kind of a nom
ination was Hubard's? Was he the
choice of anybody but himself and the
office holding ring who dictated his
nomination ? He was not nominated
with any idea that be would be, or
could be elected. He was made the
candidate, the people believe, simply
to choke off Mr. Yost, the only man
who had a ghost of v show for election
if nominated. Hubard is a stool pig
eon and nothing more. He moves
like a puppet when the strings are
pulled. He is not a strong man in his
own county, and very few people know
or care anything about him in any
other part of the district, and especially
in Augusta, where hie negro loving
qualities do not set well on the white
Stomach, even if he bad uo other traits
to condemn him in Democratic eyee
and nose. We hear he will get some
Deiuicratic votes in Augusta, but we
have not heard it from any very reli
able source, and would scarcely believe
it if tbe statement were made on oath.
The kind of Democratic vo.es he will
get in Augusta will be given by such
good and loyal Democrats as Jas. Strib
ling, Willis Carter, Parson Williams,
and their white brethren who hold all
the otlices or expect to bold them all.
He will, we admit, get a large majority
of such Democratic votes as these, but
no other will he get. Real Democrats
do not train in that kind of company.
Judge Atkinson, of Isle of Wight
county, ou Tuesday refused a uew trial
to A. O. tiilhgau, who was convicted
there for the murder of Mr. Turner,
and given 18 years in the penitentiary.
To The Spectator
1 hid thought I uever would vote
f_>r H. D. Flood for Cuugress, l»tt
sine- 1 kiiuw inure if the man. and
have s»eu what a splendid l)emccr*t
he i-, I have learned toadtnirehim.and
desiie through your paper to recant
all 1 ever thought or said against him,
for 1 now see in him the kind of Deal
ocrat and candidate I admire. I shall
cordially support him.
We had intended to publish the
above letter iv our local columns, but
on reflection place it in a moie con
spicuous place, as it contains au hon
est conviction. The gentleman who
writes this letter does not know Mr.
Fiood personally, he speaks from what
h : has heard aud read about him. If
Mr. Flood lived in Augusta we believe
he would be as popular as he is iv Ap
pjiuattox, aud we further believe that
he is one of those men who improves
ou acquaintance. He is no recluse,
tie goes out among the people, he in xes
with the Democrats of his county and
the State, and be takes them into his
counsels and seeks their advice. On
all subjects of State or natioual import
his opinions are au open book. His
career as a Democrat is untarnished,
he has voted the ticket from his youth
up, and though lie has been defeated
in several hotly contested battles, he
has never been known to sulk in bis
tent or falter or fail. Two years ago
when Judge Quarks obtained the nom
ination over him, he stepped on the.
platform aud pledged his cordial and
hearty support to tbe nominee, and
went into the campaign speaking and
working, and carried Appomattox for
him by a majority of about 300 votes.
This is what draws Democrats to
him. It is no test of party loyalty to
vote for the candidate of your choice,
it is when a candidate whom you do
not want is nominated that you show
your fealty. Mr. Flood showed his by
supporting bis opponent cordially aud
iv earnest.
It will not be long uutil winter.
When it coinos the poor will feel their
poverty as they have seldom felt it
before. All they eat and wear, save
pork and Hour, are many times higher
thau before. Coal oil has been ad
vanced, sugar is seven cents per pound,
coal will soon be six dollars per ton,
freights of all kinds have been advanc
ed by tbe railroads, touching the poor
in a thousand ways. This comes from
tbe trusts, and combines, and corpo
rate power wbich each day work and
plot in Wall Street for further victim
izing tbe poor, and yet the poor are
asked to vote to elect the man who has
made tbe laws under which these
pirates do their plundering. These
trusts have made but one kind of
money which is gold, so that money is
scarce and growing scarcer, they are
destroying silver and paper money.
When money is scarce it is almost im
possible for people to get it, therefore
the people will soon be greater and
greater slaves. When they have be
come slaves they will still be asked to
vote for their lords and masters, and
if they do it, well and good, but if they
refuse or show a disposition to become
unruly, they will be whipped into line
as the railroad employees and in fact
all other persons who were working
for corporations were four years ago,
only the lash will be laid on heavier
than before. Surely the people see what
is about to befall them and will free
themselves before it is too late. Re
publican victory meams slavery. De
mocracy is freedom
The Tenth District.
Every Congressional district in Vir
ginia has named its Democratic caudi
date except the Norfolk district,whose
couventiondoes not meet until August
23rd. Among the recent nominations
is that of State Senator Flood iv tbe
adjoining Tenth district. Mr. Flood
made a fair, open and manly fight for
the nomination and won it over great
odds, defeating Judge Quarles, the in
cumbent, and three other strong aspir
ants. The News has not always ap
proved the public course of Mr. Flood
aud tbe writer had occasion frequent
ly in tbe State Senate last winter to
oppose measures projected by the Ap
poinattox Senator; but there is no de
nying the fact that Mr. Flood has ele
ments of strength aud personal charac
teristics that makes him many warm
friends, who stand up for aud follow
his lead with unusual devotion and
enthusiasm. Without such friends be
never could have secured the nomina
tion at Buena Vista last Wednesday
over such men as Quarles, Gordan,
Loving and Catlett, after a hot but
friendly rivalry, marred by no sugges
tion of unfair methods. Mr. Flood has a
bright mind, is a strong debator, and
is thoroughly well informed on pudlic
affairs. He ought to experience no dif
ficulty in beating his Republican op
ponent at the election in November;
and if the Democrats of the district, do
their duty his majority will be large
enough to discourage any tampering
with the result by a Republican
Congress, should that be the complex
ion of the next House of Representa
tives.—Lynchburg News.
All for Bryan.
£. L. Uodkiii. editor of tbe New
York Evening: Post, who was vehe
mcnt iv dennuciaton ot Bryan in 1896,
is now out with an open letter, in
which he says: "My opinion of Win.
McKinley and the men who surround
him and act with him is that they are
thh most dangerous set of scoundrels
by which any civilized country was
ever beset."
In an interview Senator Wellington,
of Maryland, declared that be would
support Mr. Bryan, aud that he would
be a candidate for re-election to the
■Senate. He said: "1 am unalterably
opposed to the re election of President
McKinley. Bryan Is a better mau in
every way than McKinley, and I re
gard his election as essential to the
preservation of the republic."
While in New York Friday, former
Senator Gorinau, of Maryland, s.nul he
would take part in the national Dem
ocratic campaign, begiuningabout tbe
15th of September. His first efforts
are to be in Maryland, and then the
national committee of his party will
receive the benefit of his experience.
He says that while it is too early to
speculate ou results, Bryan will develop
surprising strength.
Slate, Committee Meeting,
Tbe Democratic State Committee
will meet iv Richmond on Wednesday,
the loth instant, at 11:30 o'clock a. in.
lion. J, Taylor Ellysou, State chair
man, issued the call Saturday after
noon. The committee will meet at tbe
Jefferson. The meetinir will be an iui-1
nortaut at one in that the committee
will map out tbe plan of the fall cam
paign. Mr. Kllysou will aunouuce at'
this meeting the names of tbe mem
bers of hie Executive Committee of;
ten. It is not expected that there will J
be any changes made, or certainly but i
Yuu Should Vote fur Mr. Bryan.
In mi «hle circular letter, the Wash
ington Times makes a general and most
able review of the present political
situation. It claims fur itself the dis
tinction of being the only newspaper
of cmisequence published between
New York ciiy and Richmond, which
is earnestly aud loyally supporting the
Democratic national ticket, iv giving
its reasons for supporting Mr. Bryan
thai journal says:
The times has never b.-eu a party
organ in the common meaning of the
term and it never will be; but M ad
vocates Mr. Bryan's election vow: —
Fiist: Because U believes in the man.
Second: Because it believes iv tie
Democratic Platform.
Third: Because if the government of
the people is to be continued in the
people, the Republican administration
now iv power must be turned out of
office without delay.
The Democratic candidates were
beaten iv l.snt; by the labor vote iv the
large Cities and the farmer vote in
Maryland, Kentucky, and the great
(States of the middle West It is time
for both of these elements to return to
their natural allies. Neither the Amer
ican farmer nor the laborer iv tbeciius
believes in imperialism, Trusts, the
domination of the money power, a
great standing army, or unlawful com
binatious in lestraiut of trade. Both
ot ihem revere the Constitution aud
demand that all legislation xhall be
shaped in accordance with and not ju
(ieliauceof the supreme law of the
Wtieu we went to war with Spain it
was to free Cuba aud not to lurottle
Porto Rico, and to increase the regular
army trom H5,*M to 100,000 men. We
noutemplated no secret alliance with
England for the abandonment of the
M'Hirue Doctrine and thealienation of
tUe Nicaragua Caual. But these (with
the war taxes) are the net results of
the.war without counting tbe inter
minable struggle iv the Philippines
where incompetency and corruption
have done their perfect work.
lie for in is necessary in all branches
of the general government and a man
with a backbone is needed in the White
House. Mr. Bryan is such a man aud
with his elevation to the Presidency
the reform will come.
America will resume its statiou as a
The Constitution will govern both
President and Congress.
The Philippines will be pacified.
Cuba will be turned over to the
Porto Rico will be erected into a Ter
The War taxes will be abolished.
Be Trusts will be regulated aud
The Nicaragua .Canal will be built
and owued by the United States.
The thieves in public office will be
driven out, and —
Hanuaisin aud all it stands for will;
The consummation is one so devout
ly to be wished that not a Democrat
in Virginia should spare himself iv
the coming campaign, lie should be
up and doing from now on, and preach
the gospel of Democracy to all with
whom he has influence. He should
make loyalty to the National ticket his
Bryan's Speech of Acceptance.
"William ,1. Bryan's speech of ac
ceptance of the Democratic nomina
tion for the I'residency, made at Indi
anapolis Wednesday, has been abso
lutely approved by the party managers.
His leading supporters are thoroughly
satistied aud, in fact, delighted with it.
Theae were over 50,000 oulsibers pres
ent at tbe meetings.
"Tbe address of Mr. Bryan is de
voted almost entirely to a discussion
of imperialism, the Philippine ques
tion, militarism, standing armies aud
the invasion of foreign lauds. Tbis is
the keynote of the speech.
"Mr. Bryau deals with imperialism
almost altogether, and says if be is
elected President of the United States
he will, immediately after bisinaugiira
tion, call an extra session of Congress
to end the war in the Philippines and
to provide a stable self government lor
the Filipiuos.
"He alludes to the 1G to 1 plank only
once, charging tbe Republican party
with having made a uew issue iv de
claring for the gold standard aud re
pudiating international bimetallism.
lie charges the Republicans with hav
ing changed their principles iv regard
to silver from piofessiug international
bimetallism to advocating the mono
metallic gold standard—gold, pure and
State or Ohio, city of Toledo, /
Lucas County. \
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tarrh that cannot be cured by the use
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Sworn to before me and subscribed
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ber, A. I). 1886.
,—>—nj A. W. GLEASON,
\ SKA.Ii >
1 >—v-»,' Notary Public.
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ly and acts directly on the blood and
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tling Indicates an
unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
neys; if it stains
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ney trouble; too
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REWARD— Will be paid for return or in
formation leading to recovery of
camera in small leather satchel, lost or
taken from buggy Sunday evening.
J. E H.,
auglo 2t* Care Editor this paper.
As executrix of the estate of John G. Cress
dec'd, I will sell at puhlic auction at his late
hoiue in Rockbridge county, Va , on Norm
Klver, six miles from Lexington and three
miles from llueiia Vista, on
a large lot ot valuable personalty constating
of I'niiii Stuck, Implements and Utensils,
and flnusttliold Yurnlture.
The list of property to be sold la large and
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handsome modern tf-seatt-d Brewster Car
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many other useful and ornamental articles
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Several trunks, including a gentleman's
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Hale to begin at 10 o'clock a. m.
MltS. JOHN «. CUES?,
Executrix •! John G. Ureas, dec'd.
ang 10-lt
VIRGINIA— In the Clerk's Office ot the
Hustings Court for the City of Staun
ton, in vacation, on Saturday, the
4th day of August, 1900.
Margaret Morris Beck, (sometimes
called Morrie Bodley Heck,l Plaintiff,
James I.owrey Beak, Defendant.
The object, of this suit is to obtain for the
plaintiff, a divorce from the defendant; to
protect plaintiff in Her property rights; to
secure to the plaintiff tbe custody and con
trol of her infant child, aud to prevent in
terference with it by injunction.
And it appeal ing by proper affidavit filed,
that the said defendant, James I.owrey
Beck, is not a resident of the State of Vir
ginia, it is ordered that he do appear here
within fifteen days after due publication of
tbis order in tbe Staunton Spectator and
Vindicator and do what is necessary to pro
tect his interests in this suit; and that this
order be published and posted according
to law Teste
Hanson & iianson, I
Patrick* Gordon, i p q<
Wedding Day!
and Everyday Clothes for Men's
Suits made to measure and to fit.
We sell all clothing needs of men
from Under shirt to Overcoat,
from Shoe to Hat, and cater to
the critical buyer in price and
V Furnisher*]. "
J Staunton, Va., July Id, IWW.
Tolarus Koiner'9 Executors,
Tolarus Kolner's Widow, et als.
All parties interested In the above styl
ed cause now pending In the circuit court
of Augusta county, Va., Take Notice,
that pursuant to a deen eof said court en
tered in said cause on Juae 27th, 1900, I
shall at my office in Staunton, Va , on
AUGUST 20th, 1900, •
proceed to ascertain and report:
1. The estate, real and personal, left by ■
said decedent,
2 The transactions of the executors, C. i
A, Koiner and Geo. E Layman.
;>. The unpaid indebtedness of said de
4. The taxes properly oliargahle against
Emma 11. Bruce.
5. The compensation to be allowed
Emma IS. Bruce for certain Improvements
mentioned in the nth clause of decedent's
6. A settlement of the accounts between
decedent and C, A. Koiner mentioned in
the eighth clause of said will.
7. Any other matters deemed pertinent,
etc. HENRY VV. HOLT. j
Patrick & Gordon, p.q, july 20-4t
tfcd. t\Of\ To lend on good real estate «*-
W v curity. Address 'X"
jul2o(f Care Spectator, Staunton, Va
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aug 3 3m Churchville, Va.
Prepares for College. Does thorough
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Tiriiiia Polytechnic Mite,
(State Ag Icultural & Mechanical Col.)
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Thirty Instructors. Thoroughly equipped
shops, laboratories and infirmary. Farm
of 100 acres. Steam heating aud electric
lights in dormitories. Degree courses in
Agriculture, Horticulture, Civil, Mechani
cat and Electrical Engineering, Applied
Chemistry and General Science. Shorter
courses in Practical Agriculture and Prac
tital Mechanics, Total cost of session of
nine months, including tuition and other
fees, board, washing, text books, medical
attendance, etc . about * 195 Cost to State
students about SIHS. Nest session begins
Sept. 21. 1900. For catalogue and other in
formation apply to
J. M. MiBRYDE, Ph. D., LL. D.,
jul IS st President.
J Staunton, Va., Aug. 1, 19j0.
Richard P. Dice,
Pearl P. Neff, et als.
All parties interested in the above styled
cause now pending In the circuit court for
the county of Augusta, Take Notice, that
pursuant to a decree of said count entered
in said cause on June 13, 1900, I shall at
my office in said city on
SEPTEMBER Bth, 1900,
proceed to take, state and settle an account
1. The state of tbe title to the real estate
mentioned in the bill and whether or not
it <s bound by the liens there asserted.
2. The liens binding the real estate in
the bill mentioned.
3. Any other matters deemed pertinent,
Ker <fe Kerr, p.q. Commissioner.
aug3 4t
By virtue of the will of Christian Beard,
dec'd, and of a decree of the circnit court
of Augusta county, entered at the May
term, 1900, in the cause of Christian Beard's
Kx'or vs. Christian's Beard's widow, the
undersigned executor of Christian Beard,
deo'd., will sell at public auction on
at 12 o'clock M., in front of the county
court house, at Staunton, Va., that valua
ble farm containing by recent survey 87
acres, 2 roods and 33 poles, of which the
Rev Christian Beard died seized and pos
sessed; this farm is situated about two
miles west of Waynesboro, on what is
known as the Long Meadow Road; it is
one of the most desirable farms in Augus
ta county, having upon it a large dwelling
house, barn and orchard, and practically
all of the land being rich and arable.
TERMS—One-fourth in cash, and the
residue in three equal annual payments
from the date of sate, with interest from
date, for which derferred payments the
purchaser must execute bis bonds with ap
firoved personal security, waiving the
lomestead, and the title will be retained
as ultimate security.
Executor of Christian Beard.
Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Au
gusta county, to-wit:
I, Jos. B. Woodward, Clerk of the Court
aforesaid do eerlify that G. W. Shuev. ex
ecutor, &c , above named, has executed the
bond required by decree of sale entered on
the 27th day of June, 1900, in the chancery
cause of Christian Beard's Kx'or vs. Chris
tian Beard's Widow, &c, now pending in
said court.
Date July 3,1900. Clerk.
Very Important
And Shfuld Be Read
And considered carefully by ALL farmers,
and particularly those who have been using
Acid Phosphate and other mineral fertilisers
aud stimulants ou their lands until the llu ■
mas has been exhausted and the lands hard
ened and rilled with Sulphuric Acid to the
detriment of all grasses.
Swift's Pure Bone Meal,
Ground very line, and being free from grease
decays readily and quickly in the soil, pro
ducing Huinas. which like rich decaying
vegitable matter, lightens aud warms the
soli, absorbs and retains moisture, and feeds
tbe plant from start to finish.
NO BONE MEAL on the market has a
higher analysis, and the price is no higher
than for the coarse rough bone.
Swift's Bone Meal & Potash
Thia article is Swift's Pure Bone Meal sup
plying the Ammonia. :i to 4 per cent, and the
Phosphoric Acid '->3 to 28 per cent, in the pur
est form with Sulphate of Potash added and
thoro'ighly combined, supplying the Potash,
.- to t percent, in the most available form of
that, ingredient. This is the highest grade
wheat and grass fertl lizer sold in the county
and considering the quality, is the cheapest.
For Sale by JAM. H. HLACKLEY, Agent for
Augusta county.
My Stock of Fertilizers
for the Fall Season is large, aud with the
above, Includes everything desirable in the
Fertilizer Line, from the best lilssolved Ani
mal bone taenia down to M to IB percent Acid
rnospbate (the lowest grade Acid I sell.)
My best grades or Ammoniitieil goods are
selected with the view of getting irom our
soils the very best results possible Iv grass as
well as wheat, and I sell no Fertilizers except
from the moat reliable manufacturers under
their own brands.
some items lit Fertilizers are coating more
this season than last,but those who liuv from
it c will and that this Is not to their cost but
nunc only, as lean and will give my custom
ecs the advantages of the amount | save in
Heidii's ct.mini Mlonaaiul expeuNis b* ma*.
iug my own sales at my office. I will have
■ no one selling for me outside of my office ami
I farmers who may kindly call on me before
buying elHcnwht-re will Hud thai in tii.iua M>
they will do ilieiiiKelvrNgnoit mm\ i ,-
I Make a Specialty of Clover
! and Timothy Seeds,
And all who have faaotvd me will) 'h.ii.
trade know ih-tl I s.ll the Ix-st thai ,-. M i„.'
had in ibis hue j
A full oil pi- of Fertilizer-: : i,.,| >'...,|. : ... ,;|
be kept In mv si ore Irom Hie o.ic-tu, g t»i tbe
Closm or Hie seus ill, lit Hi.- l.cuiM ...i.i's!
Greenville Avenue. y->.
■ Juli'7-2ui aiguse
W. L. Olivier & Son, Auctioneers.
>Nt to a decrep of the circuit couit
sta county, rendered Id the cause I
Cordon, I'uniinissii.ner for Ac., vs I
i'atrick l.oyd, et ais, we will sell at public
auction on
MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 1900,
(Court dav)iD frost of the county court
house in Staunton, that very VHluuhle and
desirahle paicelof lniMlcoiitainingtwenty
two (22) acres, more or less, with the
dwelling house and other improvements
thereon, situated on Naked (.'reek, in Au
gusta county. Hdjoining the lands of Sea
wrighf, Bosserman, (Jroushorn, et als, now
occupied by Joseph Calhoun. This prop
erty is in a high state of cultivation and
has on it a good grist mill. j
TKKMS—One third USD, and the residue I
of the purchase money In two equal in
stalments evidenced by the bonds of the
purchaser, bearing eveu date with sale,
ami payable in one aud two years from
date, with interest from date, with ap-1
proved personal security, and the title re
tained as ultimate security.
Clerk's, Orbee of the Circuit Court of Au
gusta County, to wit:
I, Jos. B. Woodward, Clerk of the Court
aforesaid do Certify that A. (,'. Cordon,
one of the commissioners above named,
has executed the bond required by decree
of sale entered on the 10th day of June,
lwill, in the chancery cause of A. U. Cor-1
don, com'r. vs. Patrick l.oyd, et els., now
pei.ding in this c:.urt. i
W. L. Olivier i- Son, Auctioneers.
Trustees' Sale of a
By virtue of a deed of trust executed by
Scott Powell and wife to the Trustees of
the Augusta Perpetual Building and Ixian
Company on the 22nd day of June, 1894,
duly recorded in the clerk's office of the
court of Hosting! for the city ot Staunton
in 1). B. 13, page 213, to secure the pay
ment of a certain bond therein described,
and default having been made, and being
required by the beneficiary so to do. we,
the undersigned substituted trustees, will
sell at public auction in front of the court
house of Augusta county, in the city of
Staunton, on
MONDAY, AUGUST 27th, 1900,
at 4 o'clock p m., that certain house and
lot in the Northern portion of the city of
Staunton, and east of the macadamized
road and fronting 29 feet i> inches on Bap
tist Alley and running back between par
allel lines a distances ot eighty-two feet
and was conveyed to said Powell by B. T.
Bagby and wife
TKRMS—Cash as to *134 85. and the
costs of executing this trust and any un
paid tmes on said property, and the resl
due on a credit of six, twelve and eighteen
months, with interest fiom date, evidenced
by the bonds of the purohaser to be secured
by deed of trust on the property.
Jul 27-5t Substituted Trustees.
In pursuance of authority vested in the
undersigned executors of Jlavid Landes,
dec'd., by the will of said Landes. and
also by a decree of June 27th, 1900, in the
cause of David ban das' Ex'ors vs. David
Landes' Heirs, said executors will proceed
to sell, on the premises, about the hour of
12 o'clock M. on
MONDAY, the 27ih day of AUGUST, 1900,
that certain tract or parcel of land, to
gether with the dwelling house and other
improvements theieon, situate in Augusta
county, Va., about one and one halt miles
southwest of the village of Sangersville,
adjoining the land of .Madison Reeves,
Thos. Reeves' heirs and others, and being
the same property which was, by the will
of David Landes, dec'd., devised to his
wife for her life This tract of land con
tains about One Hundred aud Ten Acres
There is situated on the premises a good
frame dwelling house containing nine
rooms and cellar, also a good new barn aud
all necessary outbuildings.
TERMS OK BALE—Ten percent of the
purchase money in cash, and the balance
in one, two and three years respectively
from the day of sale, with interest from
that day, in equal installments, for which
I chaser will be required to execute
lis with approved personal securi
the title will be withheld as ulti
Ixecutors of David Landes, deed.
>fßee of the CircultCourtof Augusta
uoanty, to-wlt:
I, Jos. B. Woodward, Clerk of the Cir
cuit Court afoiesaid, do certify that Wm.
11. Landes and David L Landes, executors
of David Landes, dec'd, above named,
have executed the bond required by decree
]of sale entered on the 27th day of June,
1900, in the chancery cause of David Lan
des'Ex'ors vs. David Landes' Heirs, now
pending in this court. Their duties under
said bond relating only to the sale of the
110 acres of land above described.
Date July 23, 1900. Clerk.
| Jul 27-5t
Drs.G.A.&A H. Sprinkel,
Modern methods.
Crown and bridge work.
WHEN intending to get something to
mark the graves 0 f your loved ones
call on W. S. KEltli, No. :i0 N. Augusta
St., Staunton, Va. Healer in all kinds of
Tombstone Work. Satisfaction as to work
aud prices guaranteed.
Are you Satisfied
that you get every
cents worth of
Shoe Value that
your Money can
OUR $2.00 LINE
Settles the question. They
are quick to sell, but slow
to wear out.
• Up-to-Date Shoe House.
Staunton, Va.
Many of yon will remember for a long time the Big Bargains you got at tbe
Slaughter Sale last March made by W. J. Swink. Now is your chance once
more at the same store. We will continue this sale for 30 days or more, but
those who come first get the pick of tbe stock. We will sell our Clothing and
Shoes, both men's and boys', AT I'M M F COST, aud give cut prices on the
rest of our stock. Read the prices we give below aud do not buy anything any
where until You have exainiued Our line. "Money saved is money made."
Were $1(1 00 Now' #11 50
" 14 00 '• M 10
12 50 " !l 00
10 00 " 7 50
8 (0 " 5 St
7 GO " 5 00
G (Ml " 4 GO
5 00 " 3 75
4 00 " 2 75
3 50 " 2 GO
Were S7 00 Now $4 50
(i 00 " 4 00
" 5 Oil " 3 75
"' 4 00 " 2.75
" 3 SO " 2 50
3 00 " 2 25
2 50 - 1 75
2 00 " 1 50
1 50 " 1 15
" 1 Zfi •' 1 00
Were $3 50 Now $2 75
3 00 " 2 40
" 2 50 ■ 2 00
3 25 1 75
" 2 00 1 50
" 1 75 " 1 40
1 50 1 IS
1 25 1 00
Fanners dont fail to look up your
plow shoes now, as you will soon need
them, Below we give a few prices:
Were $1 50 Now $1 20
1 3.5 " 1 10
1 25 1 00
" 1 00 90
We still have about 25 or 30 pairs of
Boots. Some of you like boots to plow
iv. We'er almost giving them away.
Come and see them.
Swink 8l Hoover,
Under Town Clock, 29 West Main Street,
jni27 im y. M. C. A. Building, Staunton, Va.
The Dunsmore Business College and
institute of Shorthand and Typewriting.
Begins its 29th Session SEPT. 4. lsiOO Do you want to prepare yourself thoroughly
to meet the emergencies of the times? 1)0 you want to learn the following practical
and iiseinl brances? bookkeeping, Commercial Arithmetic. Commercial Law, * hole
sale and Retail Mercantile Business, Joiut Stock and Corporation iiusiness, Penman
ship, Stenography, Typewriting and Commercial Paper. Do you want a good paving
position? If so, arrange to enroll yourself at the DUNSMORE IIUSINESS COLLEGE
Sept. I. 180 studedts enrolled session just closed. For further paiticulars. catalogue
and circulars, address,
Jul 20-2ni J. B. DUNSMORE, President.
Medical (i railed Course, four years, §(>. r >.oo per session.
Dental (iraded Course, three years, $60.00 per session.
Pharmaceutical Course, two years, $60.00 per session,
(iradnation Fees in Medicine and Dentistry $!!0, in Pharmacy $10. No extras.
For further particulars and catalogue address.
jnl 20-"m Kichinond, Va.
The THREE great features of our store and the ones that have brought BiiS9iicce9 are:
FlßST—Careful Selection of Seasonable Goods. SECOND—We are Satistied with
Small Profits THIRD—One price to all, and no kind of misrepresentation,
WE NEVER REST —We are constantly striving to improve the general character
and quality of our Merchandise. We have steadily bettered our Ttore and delivery
service. We have a large cssortment in all lines.
Come in and Inspect Same. We Have Reduced Prices to
a Minimum.
Our Store occupies a univue position in the very Important matter of HIOH VALUES
and LOW PRICES. This accounts for its UNEQUALLED SUCCESS and its CON
Boots, Shoes and Clothing. Ladies' and Gents' Furnishings,
And Everything Else Usually Founc in a Progressive,
Up-to-date Dry Goods Store.
The American Stock Co.
CLIPPER BICYCLES that sold last year at
$50.00, only f 27.50! This is a rare opportnnity to
get a first class Bicycle with first class equipments,
at tbe price of an ordinary cheap wheel, Call and
look at theiu. It will pay yon.
Up-To-Date Livery,
Boarilini and Sale Stables.
Nince Single and Double Driving Horses.
All vehicles of good style
Baggage called for aud transferred to
all parts of the city. Polite attention
given to hi'cliing yard.
Phones—Mutual and Bell—Nos. 20.
114 S, Augusta St Near c, & 0. Depot.
Dr. E. J. Neff, Veterinary Surgeon,
next door. Jul 20-tf
J Staunton, Va., July 17, I'.HU.
P. H. Trout,
Edmund Berkeiy, et als.
All parties interested in the above styled
cause now pending in the court of Hust
me for the city of Staunton, Take Notice,
that pursuant to a decree of said court en
tered in said cause on July 10, 1000, I shall
at my office in Staunton, Va., on
AUGUST 20th, 1900,
proceed to ascertain and report :
1. An account of the estate of which E.
B Berkeley died seized
2. An account of the indebtedness of
the estate of said decedent whether hereto
fore paid or not.
3. Any other matters deemed pertinent,
Elder & Elder, p.q. Commissioner.
Still a few pairs of Ladles' c I,pup
shoes left. Pricis run from 40c lo |1.
Our line of $1 .shirts is one ot the
best ever t ffered on this market. We
will move ihcni by Baking the piice to
low every oue will want them i.i.e
lifting garments. $1 now 88c, Tot' hi w
G.Sc; 50e now 44c.
Heavy blue or grey, t!<.utile front;
also white ami blue, with aprons, trniicg
now at 4-lc per pair.
We have just received 90 pairs Cor
durc \ Pants and are going to suciifice
thr-iu at $2 SB a pair. None better made
to retail at &s. Now is your time to
buy Corduroys.
SI 00 Now 88a 85c Now 09a
70 '• G3e GBe " 44c
Those who want working gloves km w
Craichen's oil tan sheepskin is the i*ht
ever offered for See. Our price 44r.
For an up to dote dreis Hat ask for
the Chesterfield iv derby and alpine.
$:l now $2 2.->; $2 GO now $1.75. Cut
prices on other hats, and straw bals at
slaughter prices.
We have some good Mackintosh
('oats worth £5 to $5 al $3.50, and some
worth $2 88 that you can buy al 81.65.
Great cut in Trunk prices. Roller
Tray aud Oval Top, lined, brass bound,
zinc covered—big value, little pi ice.
Fancy Vests, double breasted, woilb.
$3 to $3.50, will close at 82 to $2.25.
No goods charged during tbis sale.
Persons indebted to tbe Arm will
please call and settle their accounts.
14th session opens Sept. 7th. 11 instruc
tors last session, 4 of I hem men. Kull
Graduates. C'lassioal and Literary Degrees
Best musical advantages, inst in mental
and vocal. Delightful location, pure,
bracing mountain air, beautiful scenery.
Best advantages at most reasonable rates.
Catalogue sent on appliration.
Jul 20-4t Principals.
J Staunton, Va., July 23,1U00.
C. A. Houser,
Sam'l. F. Houser's Heirs etc.
All persons interested In the above '
styled chancery cause will Take Notice,
that in pursuance of a decree of the elrcuit
court of Augusta County, entered in saici
cause on June 27th, 1900, I shall at my office
in Staunton, Va, on
proceed to take, state and settle the fol
lowing accounts :
Ist. What would bo a fair rental value
for the half of the 91 awe tract, of land
owned by Luella lless.
2nd What would be a fair rental value
tor the shares owned by Annetta 8. Ram
sey, Nannie V. Ramsey and Maggie P
Miilione, In said 91 acre tract.
3rd. What would be a fair rental value
for the interests of Maggie P. Mahone,
Nannie P. Ramsey and Annetta S Ramsey
in the 8 acre tract and in the I acre tract
mentioned in the proceedings in said cause.
It. F, K. NEI.NON,
Commissioner In Chancery.
Patrick & Gordon, p.q. iul 27-4t

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