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Welnvitelnspectlon of
Our Subscription List, by
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them thatthey wllltind it
the largest of any paper
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| Facsimile Signature of A , _.
jgg| I Thirty Years
EXACT COPY OF WRAPPER. i'ifij iji |fg H fl tl 1« |j
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Himovit His Bnsioess.
J. P. KICE, Furniture Deal
er and Undertaker, has moved
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South Augusta Street to Bish
op's old stand No. 112 West
Main street, the Harrison
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SECOND—I4I acres of land in a fine sec
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Young orchard of 700 trees.
Jf i ice $5,000. This is a delight
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THIRD—ISO acres in a cboice region—s
miles of Staunton 1 mile of sta
tion, churches and school close
by; brick dwelling, frame barn,
good water, very productive land,
orchard, gooa timber. .Price
FOURTH—An exceedingly desirable little
home on tubuibs of Staunton;
18 acres, about 300 fruit trees,
excellent vineyard, comforta
ble dwelliug, stable. Price
FlFTH—Frame dwelling, garden, stable;
well retted; located in city.
Will submit offer of $ojo. Good
We have a list of large and small farms.
City and Suburban property we
will be glad to furui-h upon ap
Jul 26 3ni
Stannton l§il Spectator
A Tripie Event Celebrated by W. W.
Hanger and Family Today. -
Tbe Daily Courier of Petaluma,Cal.,
Oct. 8. has the following in regard to
a former family of Augusta coUDty.
Mr. W.W.Hangerisasonof Mr. David
Hanger, formerly of Fisuersville, and
a nephew of Capt. Jos. Wilson, of
Churchville. The Courier says:
"This was a memorable day for the
family of the well known townsman
for it was the occasion of three im
portant events. Today Mr. and Mrs.
Hanger celebrated the twenty second
anuiversary of their marriage. This
evjniigat Washington, D. C, Mrs.
Hanger's youngest sister, Miss Mattie
Crawford Bnar will be married to
Houston Paris McL'lung, after which
they will depart lor Buffalo on a visit
to the expos tion. Aud last, but by
no means Wast, at noon today at the
home of the bride's parents, corner
Keller and Prospect streets, Miss Lena
Mcffett, eldest daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Hanger, was unite! in marriage
ti Campbell Pomeroy of Oakland.
'•Rev. W. 11. Daruen tied the knot
aud aitho igh the wedding was a pri
vate, family affair, it w.s nevertheless
a pretty one. The bride wore a natty
green traveling costume and tbe bridal
pair were unattended. They stood
beneath a canopy tf tiniiax and white
buttei fl'es.in tbeparlor.wfoile the cere
mony was performed.
"The bridal bonquet followed, the
dining-room being daintily adorned in
pink and white. In the parlor the theme
was greeu and white, and the sltting
rootn decorations were red dahlias.
Mrs. F. H. Atwater and Mrs. W. H.
Darden were the artists aud labor of
lore transformed the house into a per- I
feet picture.
'•Mr and Mrs. Pomeroy took the af- i
ternoon train for au unknown dis'ina- i
tion and thf-y departed amid a shower '
of rice aud blessings. Their home will
ba in Oakland. The groom is popular i
throughout the coat and comes of flue I
English family. His mother, who is :
related to the Duke of Argyle, on her i
mother's tide-, tracts her ii ieage back i
to William lhe Coi q leror iv 1006. Tbe '
family estates are in Devonshire. Mr.
Pomeroy, who was formerly assistant i
coast manager for the White Sewing I
Machine company, is now the cost i
traveling representative for the Wheel- I
er & Wilson Manufacturing company, .
and is making rapid strides in tbe busi
"Both he and his bride have hosts :
of friends to wish them more than
rheir share of happiness and prosper
isy. with life as bright as this, their
biidalday. ,: |
Wtu'da't Support Him. ,
Apropos of the recent marriage of
an ci e : gn in the navy a short time ago, 1
who did not have an over abundance !
of this world's good", some of the vet
eransat the navy yard recall this story I
of Rear-Admiral William Kirkland |
who was afftfctionatly known ij the
uavyas ,- Red Bill,"saysthe New York
Times. i
A young ensign hesitatingly found
his way into the Admiral's cibia one I
day, tnl with a great deal of cirum i
iocutiou and coughing finally let ir. be i
kuown that he loved the Admiral's i
daughter, and would be the happiest
man on earth if he had her parent's
consent to marry her. ■
"No, sir!" thundered the Admiral, i
"No, sirree. Not now, anyhow. No
pauper of an ensign is going to marry
oiy daughter. You'd better wait until
you are promoted and are able to sup
port yourself before you think of marry- |
Theyoun* officer astounded the Ad
miral by nit retiring precipitately. He
even ventured the lemiuder that the
Admiral himself had married when he
was but an ensign en 1 that his marri
ed life had been a happy one.
•'Red Bill" Kirkland glared at the
presumptuous speaker for a moment,
and then ;hund«rec:
"I know I married when I was an en
sign. My father-in law supported me
for several yews, too, but 111 be hang
ed if yours will I'J
♦ mt •
Carss Ecz:maand Itching Humors
B. B. B. (Botanic Bloid Balm) is
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cure for Eczema, Lolling Skin, Hu
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Carbuncles, Prickling Pain iv th« Skin
Old Eating Sores. Ulcers, etc. Botanic
Blood Balm taken internally, cures the
worst and most deep-seated cases by
enriching, purifying aud vitalizing the
blood, thereby givirg a lnaltby blood
supply to the skin. Botanic Blood
Balm is the only cure, to stay cured,
for these aw I ul, annoying skin troubles.
Others remedits may relieve, but B. B.
B. actually cures, heals every sore, and
th« rich glow of health to the
skin. B. B. B. builds up the broken
down body and makes the blood red
and nourishing. Over 3COO voluntary
testimonials of cures by Botanic Blood
Balm (IS. B B). Druggs'.. $1 Tria<
treatment frje and prepaid by
Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ca. Describe
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until cured.
Some Excuse.
"Hit wuz a mighty cold day," said
; the olti deacon, "en dey wi.zsoraeex
! euse fer de parson inakin' dat big mis
i take in his text; fer stidder sayiu'
'Many is called, but few is chosen,' he
' give it out—'Many is cold, en a few is
t frozen ' '"—Atlanta Constitution.
c? m* fif , l > S3L s -A.«
Bears the \_o Tlffl You Havß *jgg
Signature /& '
An Effect of Nerv.iu* Tensioi Whiih a
Cincinnati Man Thinks He Sees.
"The things that has impressed me!
most during my two weeks' stay in
this town," remarked a m n from Cin
cinnati, 'is the eraokej at New j
York people. B> cnoßed fae<-H I mean
a face wh si two side-i are not nia'e-i
Keally, tlie mill who»e fnce looks' the
sam j out c iiht and tin lefc t-id i i«
a rarity, an i when I run aerflaa one I
set him down i s * strtiiger in town.
"1 suppose this facial peculiarity is
more '.>r lrS3 prevalent everywhere, for
it is said that the people whose faces ■
are exactly alike ou both sides are few,
but in New York it is unduly pronoui'C
ed- Women are afflicted as well as the
man, and I have met scores of women
who would be very pretty were it cot
for that inevitable disarrangement of
tbe features that characterizes one sido
of the face.
"In the majority of faces it is the
left side that is out of whack.. Jjytty.
the mouth is screwed up at oue corner
or the nose tips to oue side or the eye
is drawn up into a reprehensible squint.
Sometimes all three of these imperfec
tions are combined in oue face, with a
few other little contortions thrown in
for good measure. Actually I have
met people here whose faces had so
many different expressions according
to the point of view that it was with
difficulty I could persuade myself that
the right side was any blood relation
to the left side.
"I asked a physician for an explana
tion of this disfigurement, and he as
sured me it was all due to hiah nerv
ous tension. He also went CO to say
that if my stay here should be pre
longed much beyond two weeks I
mi-;ht as well resign myself to bidding
good-bye to my own mobile expression,
for a mobile expression is not compati
ble with present urban conditions.
"To pick one's way through crowd
ed streets, looking seventeen ways for
Sunday at oue time lest one's life be
forfeited at the next step as the price
of negligence is not, he explained con
ducive to a classic cast of countenance, i
This is probably the cause cfNew
York's myriads of crooked fices, burl
it really does seem a great pity thuti
the good looks of 4,010,0J0 of people
should be offered up a-i a sacrifice on
the s irine of public improvements."—
New York Son.
Euneate Tonr Koircls TTilh Cascarr.ti.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation torever.
10c. 25c. II C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
The Latest 'Houss of HiU" Publications
The great* s'. hit ever made with a
ball id by the Primrose and Uocsstader
Minstrels was m ide this s<sason by
thorn with "While the Convene Bells
Were Ringing." This i< a new and
beautiful song by Max S. Witt aud
Robarc S. Rolen.
"No tUe in Asking, "C tn a e You Know
the Reason Why," is au odd coon sous,
featured by Lew Dockstader himself.
He sings it inimitably, and the song,
which is by Bjb Cole, J. W. & Rosa
mond Johnson, is a great su-cess.
"A Thousand Leagues Under the
Sea." is the titl- of litest and
greatest hiss snug. Oiir readers of
cours) know hii. "Divy Joues'L ick
et," but this is the ti iest sjng ha hts
"When the Iris'i are on Parade," is
a character song introducing all the old
favorite airs. It is by IleeUu and Ilelf,
writers of' Every R -cc has a Flag but
the Coou.'-'
"Ma heart's Desl.ih is Miss Miriaii"
il the greatest, hit in .•) c on song ever
featured by L»w Do -.k-tender, the fa
mous minstrel. He hi\s uiunelf tv t t
the in doiy of t.h«> B«o* fasciu ites.
"Eist Lvnne!'' Juit think of the
beaiitinil bit sal incidents emb idled
in both the story and the pi<y we ail
like so well. This song is one of iiedan
& Kelt's greatest efforts.
These songs are issued this mouth by
"The House of Hits, Jos. W. Stern &
Co., who will be pleased to send any
one writing them their vocal aud in
strumental, orchestra and baud,
"Hawkes" Band Instrument, Beare
Majestic Violin, S. S. Stewart's Sous
Banjo Catalogue, free on application
to their headquarters, 34 East 21 st
Street, New York City.
"C. C. C." on Every Tablet.
Every tablet of Cascarets Candy
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His Little Game.
An Irishman took a contract to diir
a public well. When he had dug abut
twenty live feet down he came one
morning and found it caved in—filled
ucarly to the top. Pat looked cauti
ously round aud saw that no one was
near; then took oil his hat and coat
and hung them on the windlass, crawl
ed into some bashes and waited events.
In a short time the citizens discover
ed that the well had caved in, and i-ee
ing Pat's hat and coat on the windlass
they supposed Ins wan at the bjttom of
the excavation.
Only a few hours of brisk dizain?
cleared the loose earth from the well
Just as the eager citizens had reae;;e I
the bottom, and were wondering wher j
the body was, Pat came walking out
of the bushes and arooi naturtdiy
f hanked them for relieving him of a
sorry j >b.
Some of the tired diners were dis
gusted, but the joke was too goo I to
al<ow of anything more thin » hearty
laugh, which soon foltewed —Tit Bits
Boars to _# T!w ** Vo" Have Always Bought
Signature s J r / /f/7-t~#\,
All Come Out in a Single Deal at a Cin
cinnati Gambling Resort.
! Cincinnati, 0., The boys around
! town who play poker are talk
; ing about a play that came up early
one morning in a Vina street
resort, where thegreat American game
i-t played for keeps.
1' was notiug more than four
flushes, all handed out in one
<le;.l, and the man who got the pot
Withered in the checks with a nine,
h eh straight flush.
They had been playing for a long
j tims, aud some player asked for a new
deck. The keeper sent in a red deck,
and the dealer buckled them once or
twice and handed them over to the play
er at his right to cut. At the same
time he turned to talk to the player to
his left. The player to the right was
at the 3ame time talking, and the deal
»r took it for granted that the cards
had been cut and began dealing.
The cards were dealt and every one
passed except the man next to the
dealer. He opened the pot for $5. The
play went arouud and the next man
played for $15. The man that follow
ed played for $20. The next player
stayed and the next followed suit. The
next man stayed.
By this time there was enough in the
pot to make it an object, and all hands
were iv. Then came the draw. The
first man stood pat. The next drew
one card; the next man asked for a
card, aud the others stood pat.
Then the betting began, it was a
$5 limit game, aud the first man bet $5.
The next man raised him, and he in
turn was raised. The betting continu
ed until the man to the right of the
dealer laid down a straight flush, say
"The cards run too good for me; they
were not cut."
The betting continued until there
was nearly SSOO in the pot. Every
player laid down his hand, and the
man with a nine-high straight flush in
hearts took the money. The next man
had an eight-high flush in diamonds.
The next had a six-high straight flush
in clubs, and the man next to the deal
er who had laid down first, had a five
high straight flush in spades.
Then it was discovered that the man
with tbe seven-high flush hadmadehis,
while another, who had dropped out,
was drawing to a king high straight
flash, with a chance of making a "big
dog," but he failed.
There was nearly $-500 in the pot,
and after it had been raked in it was
discovered that the deck was a new
one aud had not been cut.—Chicago
Bow Ares Your lii lnt'yn f
Dr. Ilobbs' Sparaftus Pills cure all kidney ills. Sam
ple tree. Add. Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N. Y.
The Value of Home-made Wind-mills.
Nowhere in the United States are tbe
natural conditions more favorable to
the use of the windmill than upon the
Great Plains. The level country and
the strong and steady winds of this
great section haye made them a popu-
Hr and reliable means of obtaining
power. The landscape of the plains is
thickly dotted with them, and their
variety is almost as great as their num
ber. Examples are found of the Old
Datch style, with sweeping arms, a
large number of the very excellent
shop made varieties, and an unexpect
edly large number of curious and in
teresting home made affnirs which nev
er saw a shop and are innocent of all
The home made windmills seem to be
most plentiful in the State of Nebraska,
aong the broad valley of the Platte
lliver, and from Omaha west to the
s ie line; for over 500 miles they are to
In found m great numbers. They are
o ten crude In appearance and of com
ptntively low efficiency, but the aggre
g ire amount of work they do is by no
insignificeut. They will pump
v7j,ter for the stock and house, run light
machinery abou' the farm, and some
times furnish water to irrigate small
tract of laud. The most important
feiture in the construction of these
h line-Btada mills is cheapness, hence
the ingenuity of the farmer is shown
by the use of odds and ends, which he
works into his mill to save the purchase
o? new material. Old wire and bolts,
S3rap lumber and old neglected
parts of buggies, mowers and reapers,
cranks chains and spocket wheels, all
find their way into these strange wind
mills. Many of the mills have cost
their makers nothing at all but time,
others have co3t two or three dollars,
and occasionally in the case of the
more elaborate ones the cost may run
to $25, $50, or 875, but $'2.50 is the fair
average for a very large number. The
prevalence of these windmills on the
Plains must not betaken to indicate
a want of money among the people; on
the contrary it shows a commendable
thrift and ingenuity which is always
evident in many other lines on the
farms where the mills are in use.
So mateiially is the water supply of
Great Plaius increased by the home
made mills that the United States
1 Geologicial Survey in its comprehen
sive study of the water resources of
the country has given them its con
sideration and published a pamphlet
desciptlve of them.
Resident Ilydrographer U. S. Geo
logical Survey, Rutherford, N. J.
Beam the jp 8 Kind You Have Always Bougtit
mt | — I
Couldn't Use Him.
Coolly—So you think I am too slow
for any use V
Sue —Yes. You don't even make the
other young men jealous.—November
Smart Set. j
Death of an Estimable Lady.
At the residence of her son-in law,
Levi Wampler, near Moscow, on the
night of the 12th of October, 1901,
Saiah .1. Sandy, widow of the late
John W. Sandy, passed quietly away.
The deceased encountered many sore
trials in the last years of her life; sev
en years ago she lost her husband, taken
from her by that dire disease con
sumption, a few months later her oldest
son was taken by the same disease; a
year later her second son followed the
father aud brother to the grave,
through the same aflliction. The sor
rowing mother patiently watched over
and nursed her dear ones, and while
so doing, the germs of the dreaded
disease was planted in her and preyed
upon her life day by day until the
night of the 12th wheu the death angel
took her to reap the reward of her
long and patient suffenug.
She retired in the evening at her
usual time of repose, an hour later her
daughter called to her and getting no
responee, she went to her bedside and
found her in an unconscious condition
from which she never rallied. She is
survived by one daughter, Mrs. Levi
Wampler, and three sons—the eldest
10 years old and the youngest 11. Mrs.
Sandy had been a consistent member
of Mt, Pisgah United Brethren church
for 30 years. The funeral service was
conducted by Rev. L. H. Paul, of
Mossy Creek, assisted by Rev. G. P.
Hott, of Dayton, after which the body
was laid to rest in Salem cemetery by
the side of her husband and children.
The large assembly at the church and
the number of beautiful floraf offerings
that covered her grave, evidenced the
esteem in which she was held by those
who knew her best.
"Dearest Sarah, thou hast left us;
We thy loss do deeply mourn.'* ,
E. L 11. j
-"- ♦
Beauty is born in the blood. Beauty ■
is more than "skin deep," it is blood ;
deep. When the blood is tainted by
disease the flesh will feel it and the skin
will show it. Sallow or muddy com
plexions, pimples, blotcaes, and erup
tions are only the surface sigus of im
pure blood. Face washes, lotions, com
plextion powders, may palliate the
evils but they cannot cure the disease.
The only cure is to cleaase the blood of
the poisonous matter which is the
cause of the outbreak in the flesh and
skin. Impure blood can be obsolutely
purified by the use of Dr. Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery. Its effect
on flesh and skin is marked. Sores heal
and disappear. The skin becomes
smooth, and regains its natural color.
The eyes brighten and sparkle, the
whole body is radiant with the bright
ness and beauty of health. "Golden
Medical Discovery" contains no alcohol
whisky or other intoxicant, aud is ab
solutely from free opium, cocaine and
other narcotics,. The use of Dr.
Pierces Pleasant Pellets, assists the
action of the "Discovery," by cleans
ing the system of clogging matter.
Would Do His Best.
She—After I marry you, Fred, will
you reform ¥
He—Yes, if is isn't too late.—Nov
ember Smart Set.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the S/&? i /'-
Signature of (^a*t*fflT'CuMU/t!
Still Greater Cuts.
In addition to our present reduction
we are making still greater cuts in
prices, Cabinet pictures $1 50 per
dozen. All smaller sizes $1 per dozen.
These prices are for cash at time of
sitting; no exceptions will be made to
anybody. Take advantage of the pies
ent opportunity as it will only last for
a short time.
Hlkuav's Studio.
«- m •
Excursiou rates via Norfolk & West
em Railway. Pan American Exposi
tion May Ist to Oct. 31st, 1901. The
Norfolk and Western Railway will sell
excursion ticket to Buffalo, May Ist
to September 30th, 1901.
W. B. Bevili., Gen. Pass. Agt.
may ii-4m Roanoke, Va.
The Count Came First.
••Miss Bondy has married some
blooming titled foreigner."
"I think he did."—November Smart
aCilli a
of Cod Liver Oil is the means
of life, and enjoyment of life.to
thousands: men women and
When appetite fails, it re
stores it. When food is a
burden, it lifts the burden.
When youlose flesh.it brings
the plumpness of health.
When work is hard and
duty is heavy, it makes life
It is the thin edge of the
wedge; the thick end is food.
But what is the use of food,
when you hate it, and can't di
gest it?
Scott's Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil is thefood that makes
you forget your stomach.
If you have' not tried it, send for
free sample, its agreeable taste will
surprise yon.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists,
409 Pearl Street. New York.
50c. and SI.OO 1 all druggists.
NO. 41.
A & Ivondon club man once laid a
wa g"T?(- 1 a friend that the latter could
not J5 y j;iven number of gold guinea!
at ag»g y a piece. He won his wagu.
TheM re c refused to buy. They thought
he was oiiering too much for too little.
It may be that the claims made for
Dr. Pierces Favorite Prescription seem
almost too great to
medicines. But it is
to be remembered that
no claim is made for
"Favorite Prescrip
tion " which is not
substantiated by thou
sands of women cured
of pain as a sponge
for women. It estab
lishes regularity, dries
enfeebling drains,
heals inflammation
and ulceration and
cures female weakness.
It is the best prepara
tive for maternity, mak
ing the baby's advent
practically painless.
"When I wrote toyou In March, asking advice
as to what to do for myself," says Mrs Ella
Reynolds, of Guffie, Mclean Co.. Xv„ "I was
expecting to become a mother In June, and was
sick all of the time. Had been sick for several
months. Could not get anything to stay in my
stomach, not even water. Had mishaps twice
In six months, and threatening all the time
with this one. Had female weakness for several
years. My hips, back and lower bowels hurt
me all the time. Had numbness from my hips
down. Had several hard cramping spells, and
was not able to do any work at all. I received
your answer in a few days, telling me to take
Dr. Pierces Favorite Prescription. I took three
bottles, and before I had taken it a week I was
better, and before I had taken it a month 1 was
able to help do my work. On the 27th of May
my baby was born, and I was only sick three
hours, and had an easy time.
"We praise Dr. Pierces medicine for it ha»
cured me."
Dr. Pierce* Pellets cure biliousness. I
—^ ■■*■ Your Lifeawayl
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OflMsteTiGi and Furniture RepairiGi.j
All kinds of Old Furniture done up In the
Latest Style.
Furniture Packed for Shipment.
All work entrusted to uur care will receive
Prompt Attention.
Corner Main & Market Sts.,
WjPf&S.J iiAl.i BALSAM
taffi~J&!-~*."''r-. **==a Ciet:::-( i ■ ami ii'.-uMf.ci the h*it
fc*\i*» '**' -;ca a luxumnt growth.
- Tills to Rcs+ore Gray
IfittiVVJrr = V Hair ta its Yoi.thful Color.
3|3¥>(i>->V J flcaip <!m-usfjj .V hair tailing.
The Life of McKinley
By COL. A. K. McULI'RE. the noted
journalist and author of Lincoln and men
of War times, will be the best and most au
thentic, profusely illustrated and hand
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dress Keeler-Raleign Co., Sixth and Arch
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i j. j. nuRPHY, I
Handle allthe Differentßrandsof AueustaCoun
ty Whiskies from Three to Eight Years Old.
t 5
E Have also on hand different brands of fine Old Wilson and Monti- 3
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Our readers will And
correct Schedules of the
three great railroads of the
State regularly published
in this paper—the C. & 0-,
the N. & W. and the
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I Mutual.ssß.
PHONES: I Hell, 38. nov 80-lyr
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The Very best of Teeth guaranteed, JB.OO
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Amalgram Killing, - 50
Gold Crown 22k, - - - • -IN
Porcelain Crown, - Mt
Bridge work, per tooth, - - 5.U0
No charge for extracting when oth
er work Is done, otherwise, - - .25
Modern Methods. Examination Free.
Can work at night as well as day.
sept 13-tf
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1 Lee Enowles, ■»•■
2i West Main St.

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