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Welnvltelnspectlon of 1
OurSubscriptlon List, by {
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themthatthey willflndlt
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. —, - — ■ — - ■ <b g»
! , , , \ ] 83 ZZZZ^IZZZ
VOL. 80. . STAUNTON, VA., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20,1901. W[ 51.
j 1..1. ' i' UALSAM f
%Jfeg9srJg~ ■ and bentnifiea the hair-'
a luxuriant growLQ.
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Queer Statistics That Show an Evil Week
in Every Month.
An ancient soothsayer said to iin- j
perial Caesar: Beware the ides of
March." |
But it the theory of Dr. Granviiie
Macleod, of South Chicago, is eorrest, ,
the moderu advisor cau say : "Beware
the 20th to the 29th of every month."
Dr. Macleod's assertion seems to be
verified by statistics taken from the
records of railroad companies, iron
works, grain elevators, boiler shops,
hospitals and many establishments em.
ploying large forces of men, as well as
the books of the Coroner's office.
Reference to the records of the Cook
county hospital for esch month for the
past five years shows an average of
ninety-five cases of injures by accident j
a month. Out of this total sixty-five
occurred during the "fatal period.
The Coroner's office shows a more
startling confirmation of the doctor's
theory. About sixty five per cent., or
nearly two thirds of the deaths by
accidents and other causes requiring
official investigation occur between
the 20th and the 29th of each month.
On the days of the week occurring in
this "fatal" period Saturdays and Mon
days appear to come particularly an
der the malign influence. This may
be partially explained from the fact
that a great many of the laboring class
are paid off on Saturday, and many
accidents result from intemperance.
As an old newspaper man said, "Satur
day means pay day, pay day means
booze, booze means trouble, and
trouble means news."
Professor R. A. McQueen, now of
Kansas City, but for many years a
resident of India, and a close student
of the Brahmin religion, theosophy
and occult sciences, says that the
priests in the Brahmin temples have
had the theory for years that at this
particular period of the month the ser
pent made his appearance in the Garden
of Eden and tempted Eve. with the
result that man fell from the favor of
Xl ever since then this particular
s been regarded as especially
— Chicago Inter Ocean.
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Just In Time.
Carrie—To night would be a good
time to speak to papa.
Lindsay—Why do you think so ?
Carrie—He wore a new pair of shoes
all day and his feet are so tender he
wouldn't dare do anything to hurt
them —Chelsea Gazette.
To put the brake on the wagon going
down the hill is a help to the horse
when the wagon is heavily loaded.
But what driver would think of apply
ing the brake to a loaded wagon going
up hill V If he did, his sensible horses
would probably balk. Many a man is
in the condition of pulling a load up
hill with the brake set against him.
When his stomach is out of order, and
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"Excuse me," said Mr. Pompus,
■'but I can't recall you. My memory,
perhaps, is at fault."
"Oh! no," replied Sharpe, "it isn't
your memory, but your manners."—
Philadelphia Press.
Bears the _/) The Kind You Have Always Bought j
Signature ■jf/?*' / i?
Learning A Song Over The Wire-A Mes
sage from the Dead.
Jessie liartlelt Davis used the tele
phone to great advantage last summer.
j She was singing in vaudeville In Buf
falo and was expecting to begin the
j second week of her stay there with a
; new song which had been extensively
advertised. Unfortunately the song,
which was by a Chicago compospr, was
lost somewhere in the mails and did
not arrive at the expected time. Mrs.
Davis at once called up the composer
in Chicago over the long distance wire
and told him that she was determined
not to disappoint her audience that
evening and that be must sing her the
soug over the telephone.
Thra the composer did, Mrs. Davis
taking down the words and humming
them over so as to catch the music aud
! putting down the notes as the compos
er sang them. Then she sang the song
over as she had caught it from the
composer and he corrected her when
she made mistakes. It took two hours
altogether, but in that time Mrs. Davis
was master of the new song aud had
the score so that the orchestra leader
«1 take it aud arrange it for his
cians. The bill for the use of the
long distance telephone for the time
that Mrs. Davis had been learning the
song was something like $400, but it
was worth the money, for by the use of
the telephone Mrs. Davis had learned a
song, words, air and accompaniment
from the lips of the composer himself
while he was 500 miles away.
Many of the hotels iv the larger cities
are now being equipped with telephones
in each room. The telephone in the
room of a swindler in Philadelphia led
to his detection and arrest. A man
who had been a guest of a New Y"ork
hotel for some time and finally left, ac
companied by a large number of dia
monds and other jewelry, as well as a
considerable quantity of money which
had belonged to his fellow-guests, went
to Philadelphia, and taking a room re
inaineil in hiding there, giving illness
as an excuse for having bis meals
brought to him and to account for his
■ leaving his room. The New
hotel proprietor had called up
oprietors of several Philadelphia
and described the man he want
ed. The proprietor of the hotel where
the thief and swindler was in hiding
said he had a suspicion that his mys
terious guest was the man wanted, but
that it would be impossible for any
body to see the man, as he kept his
room zealously and no one but the
chambermaid or a waiter carrying in
the meals was permitted to enter. The '
New York hotel man arranged with I
the Philadelphia landlord to have the
chambermaid go into the swindler's
room and take down his telephone and
talk with the New York man, who was
in his own hotel 150 miles away. The '
maid carried ou a conversation as :
though she were talking to one of her '
friends in the next block or two.
In the midst of her conversation, '
when the man in New York was listen- '
ing intently, the maid held the receiv- '
er of the telephone carefully iv her '
hand so that it pointed squarely at the '
bed and asked the swindler if her con- '
versation annoyed him. He answered !
at once that it did not annoy bim in '
the least and she might go ahead and
talk all she pleased. The man's voice
was plainly heard by the hotel man in '
New York, who recognized it at once, I
and soon an officer armed with the
proper papers was on his way toPhila- :
delpbia, and that night the swindler !
was taken into custody aud the next '
day was escorted back to New York,
still reviling the telephone which had
been the means of his undoing.
Telephoning from the grave seems au
uncanny sort of thing but that is what
happened in Florence, Italy. A youug
and beautiful girl of patneiau lineage,
named Teresa Allesandi, had been
consigned to the family vault in a
trance, her family believing that she
was dead. A relative who was in the
habit of paying periodical visits to the
tiny mortuary chapel forming an annex
to the sepulcher, for the pious purpose
of reciting masses for the repose of the
s juls of those restiug therein, and who
had also apparently been possessed of
a healthy regard for her own mundane
comfort and well being, had had a
telephone installed in the building so
that her servants in the adjoining
chateau might more easily notify her
when lunch or dinner was ready.
When the supposed dead girl recover
ed from her swoon and found hersel,
lying in a coffin iv a tomb her terrors
for awhile overpowered her. Then en
tangled in her grave clothes and scream
ing with fright she widly groped her
way around the damp walls of the
sepulcher until her fingers grasped the
telephone. More from force of habit
than anything else she took down the
receiver and put it to her ear and rung
up her relatives in the chateau. When
they answered the telephone and heard
ths voice of one whom the day before,
they had laid away to "her last long
sleep" the shock overpowered them for
a moment, but they soon recovered
and made all haste to the tomb and
carried the revived girl to the house.
Teresa Allesandi is now one of the :
famous beauties of Italy, and the ]
Pouly the other day chronicled
esentation at court—Chicago
How Are Your Kidneys 7
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The Kind You Have Always Bought,
Geo. W. Shuey, Oldest Member of Mt
Tabor Church Passes Away.
Died at his home about 3 miles west
of £ op, on Dec. 6,1901, Mr. George
Washington Shuey, aged 77 years, 2
month and 10 day. He was buried on
the 10th in Mt. Tabor cemetery, a
large concourse of relatives and friends
being present. The funeral was con
ducted by Rev. E A. Repass, assited
by Rev. C. A. Freed, of Middlebrook.
The deceased was the oldest member
of Mt. Tabor congregation, and had au
official connection of perhaps 40 years.
He was chairman of tbe building com
mittee of the church when it was re
built in 1888, and those who know him
will recall what an incessant laborer he
was in that enterprise, besides being
himself a liberal contributor.
He connected himself with the
Evangelical Lutheran church when
quite a young- man, and kept the faith
till the time of his death. He had been
confined to his room <ost of the time
since March, 1900, and suffered greatly
with a fearful ulceration of the knee,
produced, perhaps, by a fall received
some twelve years ago.
Mr. Shuey was higly esteemed in the
community, and much interested in
public affairs. He was a careful read
er, and kept well posted in political
He leaves behind a wife, two sons
and three daughters. Rev. G. E.
Shuey of the Churchville pastorate,
and Frank Shuey are his sons; Mrs.
Catharine Thompson, of Swoope, Mrs.
J. L. flailman, of Washington, and
Mrs. Prof. C. W. Foss, of Rock Island,
111., are his daughters.
Tbe community has lost a faithful
citizen, the church a great laborer and
an able supporter, and the family a
devoted husband and father. X.
This signature is on every box of tbe genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
the remedy that cures a cold In one day
Ii — *
[ Alaskan Exploration.
During the past field season the
I United States Geological Survey has
had four parties engaged in exploring
and mapping different parts of Alaska.
The first under Mr. W. J. Peters, as
sisted by Mr. F. C. Schrader, started
from Skagway early in February and
went,l,2oo miles with dog team to Berg
man, a trading post on tbe Koyuku
River in central Ah\ska, near the
Arctic Circle, where a cache of canoes
and provisions bad been made the
previous year. The party then pene
trated north to tbe divide of the Yukon,
making portages to the headwaters of
the Oolville River, and descended
through an entirely unkonwn count] y
to the Arctic Ocean. The country
from the mountains to tbe sea was
found to be an expanse of rolling
tundra. Owing to the lateness of tbe
season tbe party were unable to return
overland by another route as planned,
but were obliged to skirt the coast to
the west in canoes and whale boat,
secured from the natives, in the hope
of reaching Cape Nome before the ice
set. After working down the coast
for 350 miles they were fortunately
picked up by a collier.
The second party under Mr. T. G.
Gerdi<"e assisted by Mr. A. J. Collier,
penetrated the Seward Peninsula on
which is located Cape Nome, for about
100 miles and spent the season in com
pleting the exploration and mapping
the western part of the peninsula,
north of the Nome mining district,
wnich was surveyed last year.
Tbe third party under Mr. W. C.
Mendenhall, assisted by Mr. D. L.
Reaburn starting from Fort Yukon
surveyed the Yukon River for a dis
tance of about 200 miles down its
course, then crossing the divide to
Bergman, where use was made of the
cache established the year before,
penetrated unknown country to the
westward and descended the Kowak
River to Kotzbue Sound, an arm of
the Arctic Ocean.
The fourth party uuder the command
of Mr. A. H. Brooks worked in south
eastern Alaska examing the mineral
deposits and exploring the region
from Juneau to Skagwap. Two
months weie spent on Prince of Wales
Island and the adjacent mainland,
and much development in the progress
of that section was found.
The work of the Geological Survey
of the past yoar practically marks tbe
close of the exploration stage of its ac
tivities in Alaska. The districts of
which nothing is known are now of
less extent than formerly, and hence
forth more detailed mapping and ex
amination of tbe territory's resources
will take the place of the rapid and of
ten daring reconnaissance trips hither
to necessary. The size and remoteness
of the country, the shortness of the
field season, the difficulties of travel,
and the danger of losing supplies or of
being caught by oncoming winter bas
made tbe exploration of Alaska com
parable to tbe work of Lewis and Clark
in the early journey across the conti
nent, but in spite of the difficulties,
the survey's parties have carried out
their work through five seasons with- 1
out failure or loss of life.
The results of the Alaskan work have
appeared in the annual reports of the
Survey for the last three or four sea
sons, together with maps of the routes
traversed. They are available for dis
tribution except where the editions are
already exhausted,
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Cheaper to Fight than to Feed Him-A
Good Story on Colonel Murphy.
. "Colonel Jack Murphy is one of the
most noted men in the whole of the
United States," said 'Farmer' T. C.
Pilcher, of Fauquier county, for a long
times a member of the house of dele
gates. "Colonel Murphy is a frier-d of
mine, and I always come to see him
when lam here," went on Mr. Pilcher,
in his inimitable way. "But, so far as
I know, he is the only man who served
in the ranks in the Confederate States
army as a private that caused the Fed
eral authorities such trouble, and his
capture by the Yankees came near
bankrupting the country and putting
an end to the war. If we bad had
about one hundred like him the result
of the war would have been different.
"The story is true, for Colonel Mur
phy has admitted it to me privately,
but he will deny it now. You see the
Colonel, then he was plain Jack Mur
phy, and a better soldier or more de
voted man never stole a pig or chick
en, was captured by the Yankees and
marched off to prison in Elmira, N. Y.
and was there for some time.
"The officers thought he looked hun
gry, and they undertook to fill him up
with good, solid food. He kept on eat
ing and eating, and finally the officers
began.to get uneasy. He had eaten
everything that was set before him and
was asking for more whenever he saw
anyone. It was impossible to give him
enough, and the commandant of the
prison finally appealed to the secretary
of war, asking what he must do with
the man, that he was there and had
eaten up all the provisions without j
being able to get enough.
"The secretary of war investigated
the case and found the statements of
the officers correct, and as no exchange
could be made, the matter was taken
up in cabinet meeting and deliberated
carefully. The whole government was
in a quandery, for if the man was kept
in prison he threatened to bankrupt
the government. About three months
after the Colonel had been captured,
and after the case bad been investi
gated by the secretary of war and the
cabinet, the following telegram was
sent to the commanding officer at the
Elmira military prison : 'Release the
man Murphy from Richmond, it will
be cheaper to fight him than to feed
"Now you know why some folks be
come bonifaces."—Richmond News.
The "C" with a tail is the trade
mark of Cascarets Candy Cathartic.
Look for it on the light blue enameled
metal box! Each tablet stamped
C. C. C. Never sold in bulk. All
druggists, ioc.
■ m •
Opening of Winter Tourist Season.
The Southern Railway, which oper
ates its own lines over the entire South
and forms the important link in the
great highway of travel between the
North and South, Florida, Cuba, Mex
ico, the Pacific Coast and Central
America, announces for the winter of
1901 and 1902 the most superb service
ever offered. Its splendid regular ser
vice will be augmented by the South
ern Palm Limited, a magnificent Pull
man train, which will be operated be
tween New York and St. Augustine,
Florida. dov l-2mos
Boom the Ttlß Kind You Have Always Bou^it
Signature f& . _//_¥/> i <?- '
Hangs On
I You have used all
1 sorts of cough reme
dies but it does not
yield; it is too deep
seated. It may wear
itself out in time, but
it is more liable to
produce la grippe,
pneumonia or a seri
ous throat affection.
You need something
that will give you
strength and build
up the body.
will do this when everything
else fails. There is no doubt
about it It nourishes,
: strengthens, builds up and
makes the body strong and
healthy, not only to throw
off this hard cough, but to
fortify the system against
further attacks. If you are
run down or emaciated you :
: should certainly take this
nourishing food medicine.
50c. and ?r.oo, all druggists.
SCOTT &: BOWNE, Chemists, New York. '
The dizziness and fain S °rom which
women suffer may be Jt to one of
several causes. But the most common
cause is disease of the delicate womanly
organism. The story of Mrs. Brown,
told in her letter below, gives a fair
example of the conditions under which
so many women work: */ had a sick
headache nearly all the time, was so weak
around my waist could hardly hmr /»«v.
thing to touch me.
I would work a lit
tle while and then
lie down a while."
Failing to obtain
more than tempor
ary relief from her
doctor's treatment,
Mrs. Brown began
the use of Doctor
Pierces Favorite
Prescription, with
the usual result—a
complete cure.
Dr. Pierces Fa
vorite Prescription
is the best medicine
for the cure of dis-
eases peculiar to women. It establishes
regularity, dries offensive drains, heals
inflammation and ulceration and cures
female weakness. It makes weak women
strong, sick women well.
«A ftw years ago I suffered severely with
female weakness and had at times dreadful
Silna," writes Mr». Mary V. Brown, of Creswell,
arford Co., Maryland. ■ I went to my doctor,
and he gave me medicine which did me good
for a while, but I would get worae again. I had
a s k headache nearly all the time; was so
Weai. around nay waist could hardly bear any
thing to touch me. My feet would ke"<?p cold
and I could hardly do my work. I would work
a while and then lie down a while: was com-
Sletely run down. Suffered from disagreeable
Ischarge and also severe pains at times. After
using five bottles of Dr. Pierces Favorite Pre
scription, three of his ' Golden Medical Discov
ery* and one vial of Dr. Pierces Pleasant Pel
lets, and following the advice you gave regard
ing the ' Lotion Tablets,' I can truly say that I
am cured. The doctor said it was uterine dis
ease I had."
Dr. Pierces Common Sense Medical
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correct Schedules of the
three great railroads of tl )
State regularly publishe 1
in this paper—the C. &O ,
the N. & W. and the
Small crops, unsalable veg-
etables, result from want of
Vegetables are especially
fond of Potash. Write for
our free pamphlets.
93 Nassau St., New York.
Money to Lend.
57.000 $2,000
13,000 $1,250
$2 700 $1,000
$2,500 S 500
Long loans of above amounts at regular
rates are desired. Correspondence solicited.
a 6 3m Real Estate, Loans and Insurance.
I Pflß QAI C— A second-hand Kngh c,
I run OHLL. Separator. Hay Baler.
aodSaw-Mill, at a bargain, call on
novß-Bt* ValW Mills, Va.
Buy your wife or sweetheart an Xmas
Present, and buy it at BOLKN'S
Jewelry Store.

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