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|| jh. invite inspection of our 6
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w Advertisers, aud assure #
4 them that they will find it the £
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Stattnton l||jl iipectotatrf I
V0L.85 STAUNTON, VA., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1906 If NO. 38. | !
An Interesting
Display of Suits for Men, Youths and
nitildren. Interesting because here yor
can see E.VERY STYLE in apparel that
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Weinberg Clothing Co.,
Devoted to ttte Interests of the school?,
teachers and children of Vlrulnia-and
conducted alternately by Miss Margaret
Kallon and Mrs. L. C. Ware.
If 1 had a dozen boys, I should not
send them all to college. I should caie
fully select from the number those 1
judged to be best fitted for higher edu
I cation; the rest would have to get along
I as best they could with the elementary
I knowledge acquired in the public
schools. I had to make my own way
thus insufficiently equipped; aud While
I am quite contented with my fate, I
cannot help wishing sometimes that in
my youth I had had a better opportu
nity for developing my natural ability.
1 should hesitate to advise a parent
to send even the brightest boy to col
lege if I was not quite sure that he
could withstand the temptations sure
to be offered to him there.
There is too much luxury about our
present day college life. Young men
who cannot afford to spend some thou
sands a year are becoming afraid to en
ter certain universities. This unfor
tunate state of things prevents many
parents from sending to college boys
who would be greatly benefitted by a
university course. lam happy to say,
however, that there are still universi
ties whose regulations and general
couduct are 'dead against' luxury of
any kind. At Cornell, for example, at
Aun Arbor, aud at the Iceland Stan- .
ford institutions iv California, the .
principles of frugality are taught and
practiced, aud our American fore .
fathers' custom of paying for their col
lege education out of their own pocket .
—that is, by hard labor iv the summer
—is still followed successfully by many
Webster had some hard places to get ,
through iv his undergraduate days. .
One winter day he wrote to his father < .
from Dartmouth, begging him to send
ou four yards of stuff to be used in
making a warm suit. Old Webster
answered in this fashion: ,
"My Dear Boy—You know that when
1 sent you to college 1 had to borrow a
collar to be able to stand the expense, c
Siuce then 1 have bad to borrow four t
dollars from as many different parties ,
to pay the original debt. 1 enclose two
cents Take one ceut and buy a pipe, J
aud use the othtr for tobacco. Stnok- I
iug bleeds contentment; contentment \
breeds sloioiMn. And if you are a com
plete stoic you will not want clothes."
That sort of education, acquired by
one's own effort, at the expense of
horuy hands, and sometimes of bu- j
initiation, is tbe most lasting and the ,
most, desirable; accomplismeuts ob-t'
taiued without effort are little valued. ! '
The best gardner's come lrom Scotland .
wheie it is most difficult to wring from | l
the soil its products; the worst from I
Spain, wheie abundant crops may be P
raised without effort.—R. P. Flower, j
Education is more than a transform (
ing process, it is a creative process. By ,
it we become a new creature. Our ,
problem then would seem to be, in its |
broad aspects, a study of what our t
native common endowments are, and (
a study of what educational processes
at work upon this native material may
produce The emphasis of study should ,
rest upon the second of these proposi- '
tiuns. At tbe outset we shall believe
in tbe creative value of education. We
are warranted both by experience and
by study iv believing that education is
a far reaching aud momentous influ
ence. To be a man, mau must be ed
ucated. To be a teacher, man must 1
be made over again into a new agency. '
No fixed aud ligid laws can determine I
wttat this making over implies, since '
the teacher must from lime to time be
made into an agency adequate to the 6
needs of a changing and growing ■
Christian civilization. The accepted '
teacher of ytsterday is by no means '
the accepted teacher of tomorrow. We <
shall understand our problem best as '
we attach increased significance to tbe <
function of tbe teacher in civilization, 1
and as we interpret our standards of >
efficiency in the light of tomorrow. '
Teaching is always prophetic. It <
aims to describe the needs of the fu
ture, and to equip tne childhood of the I
present for the mature life that is to '
be. Teaching must always proceed on
the assumption that its test is to be
found not in the immediate product
which it sends out from tbe class room
but in tbe wider circles of influence
which it will exert on the days and tbe
activities that are to be. A wise teach
er concerns himself primarily with the
task of euuipping human souls for
life's service. It lays the emphasis of
its concern not upon the scraps of
knowledge which it gives from day to
day, but upon the fibre of character
which it builds for all the years to
come.—The Making of a Teacher.
| Starving to Death.
l Be cause her stomach was so weak
ened by useless drugging that she
could not eat, Mrs. Mary 11. Walters,
of St. Clair St., Columbus, 0., was
literally starving to death. She writes:
'My stomach was so weak from use
less drugs that I could not eat, and my
nerves so wrecked that I could not
sleep: and not before I was given up to
die was 1 induced to try Electric Bit
ters; with the wonderful result that
improvement began at once, and a
complete cure followed '' Best health
tonic on earth. 50c. Guaranteed by
B. F. Hughes, druggist.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
I Bears the SW.JJS^Z? M
Signature of Uut&^&4<Jit&:
Items That Will luterest Our
It is planned to start this fall con
struction of the Rapid Transit Railway
at Wheeling, W. Va.
Surveys supposed to be in tbe inter- J
est of tbe Deepwater and Tidewater are
reported being made on the south side
of tbe Kanawha river.
The White Top Railway Co is re
ported chartered to build a railway
through Smyth. Grayson and Wash
ington counties, Virginia, 11 miles.
Tbe Hampshire Railroad Co. bas been
chartered to build a road from Green
Spring Run to Romney, W. Va , pass
ing through Moorefield and Peters-
Toe Globe & Guyandotte Railway
Jo. bas been chartered with $150,000
.• ipital by A. D. Preston, M C. Brack
man and Geo. W. Harris of Becklv.W.
ya ; G. 8 B« ckwith aud 1, F. McGratb
if Cleveland, Ohio.
The Southern Railway is reported to
lave engineers in the field making
tirveys between Dry Fork and Dan
rille with a view to changing the route
oas to avoid tbe beavy grades and
tomtit of double-tracking.
The Northern Railroad of Virginia
las been chartered by Baltimore capi
aiisls to build a railway from some
toiiit in Frederick county through
Marke, Loudoun, Fairfax and Alexau
rla counties to a point opposite Wash
ogton or Georgetown, about 100 miles.
The Hampshire Southern Railroad
!o , with capital stock of 830,000, has
ieen chartered in West Virginia to
ulld a railway from Spring Gap via
tourney through Grant and Hardy
ounties to Duibin, about 100 miles,
there connection will be made with
he Chesapeake & Ohio and Western
laryland railroads. Tbe incorpora
tes are Duncan Sinclair, superintend
entof the New Central Coal Co, in.
be Fairmont field; Raymond Abba-I
icihio and William B. Cornwell of
I'airmont, John J Cornwell of Rom-'
ley. and John T. McCraw of Grafton,"
_ I
Beariug upon tbe unconfirmed report
if a deal looking to the acquisition by
he Southern Railway Co. of the Vir
ginia & Southwestern Riilway is a re
tort that the Virginia & Southwestern
s backing the Holston River Railway,
i line now building from Moccasin
Jap, Va., ou the Virginia & South
western, to Persia, Tunu., a station on
ibe Southern Railway, a distance of 4U
niles, for the purpose of giving a free
md short outlet to the Sauth for the
soal in Southwest Virginia. The Vir
ginia & Southwestern is also said to be
■unning a race with the Louisville &
Nashville iv building from Penninng
lOtt Gap, Va., to the Black Mountain
lo Cure a Cold In a Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
Druggists refund money if it fails tc
sare. E. W. Grove's signature on
:a:u box. 25c.
Watermelon Pickle.
Just at this time or the year the fol
owiug recipe, published in the Wo
man's Department of the Southern To
aaccouist and Modern Farmer, will be
found of interest and value:
Cut the rind of the melon iuto small
squares, put iv salt water over nigh ;
next moruiug wash it aud put it on lv
boil in enough water to cover tbe fruit;
when tender take it out, drain ou a
iish and prepare; four pounds of browu
sugar; four pints of vinegar; one ounce
of cloves; one ounce of cinnamon. Put
this on and boil ten or fifteen minutes;
then drop in the fruit and cook for fif
teen minutes or until you think it is
done; then pour all iuto a stone j ir.—
The next two days pour off the vine-
Piil five ur.uutea and pour back
atures Warning.
Kidney ills come quietly—mysteri
ously, but nature always warns you
through the urine. Notice the kidney
secretions. See if the coloring is un
healthy—if there are settlings and
sediment, passages too frequent, scan
ty, painful, its time tbeu to use Doan's
Kidney Pills to ward off Bright "a dis
ease or diabetes.
Mrs. D. C. May, of German St., Har
risonburg, Va., whose husband is a
traveling salesman for the McCormick
Harvesting Machine Co., says: "I
found relief in Doan's Kidney Pills af
ter suffering for a long time with kid
ney disease and after taking quanti
ties of medicine of all varieties. I feel
myself in a position to express my
opinion ou kidney medicines as I find
but one cure for kidney trouble and
that cure is Doan's Kidney Pills. I got
a box of this remedy, took it regularly
as directed and my improvement was
remarkable, not ouly noticeable to
me, but was apparent to my friends,
and called forth much comment.
Doan's Kidney Pills is the only reme
dy I have taken that has done its work
without distressing tbe stomach."
Plenty more proof like this from
Staunton people. Call at B F. Hughes
drug stroe ai>d ask what customers
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 et». I
Footer-Mtlburti ( o . Buffalo, N V.,
gnlp m;»iitH for the L'uitrri Sta'es. t
X- member the name—DuanV—and'
take no other. '
I " POW "''" TAS '
Romantic Drama Founded on the Life of
tbe Beautiful Indian Princess
'Pocahontas' is tbe name of a new
romantic drama written by George
j Frederick Viett of Norfolk, which is
I shortly to be produced throughout tte
country, and it will settle down at
th s Jamestown Exposition, which is to
be held just outside of Norfolk, Vir
giuia, next year. At tbe Jamestown
Exposition tbe drama will be produced
in a most elaborate manner and as it
it based on a story of which the world
never tires it is bound to prove a last
ing attraction.
The scenery for the play will be spe
cially painted, the artist visiting James
town to secure sketches of tbeorigiual
scenes. Tbe costumes will be bis'ori
cally correct in every essential detail
and will be very gorgeous after tbe
manner of the period
The playwright has made a daring
innovation in the introduction of tbe
character of Shakespeare ou tbe stage.
Tbe Bard of Avon appears in the first
act where, in a fine oration be wist es
(■od speed to the colonists as tbey de
bark from Black wall, Englaud, to plant
the first permanent English speaking
colony on American soil.
Tbe play contains such episodes as
tbe quarrel between Ratcliffe, one of
tbe conspirators and Captain Jot n
Smith and the trial of Kendall for trea
son and his sentence of death.
Tbe saving ef the life of Captain John
Smith by Pocahontas in tbe third act
is a thrilling piece of realism and the
scene at tbe court of King James in
the next act when Pocahontas is pres
ented to his majesty is said to be of
surpassing beauty.
Another beautiful aud interesting
scene is the crowning of Powhatan,
the proud father of Pocahontas, who
declined to kueel, declaring that he
would "kneel to no man, not even to a
The play ends with the arrival of the
cargo of maids who came from Eng
laud to be the wives of the colonists,
the price for each maid being set at
120 pounds of tobacco. The finale
takes the form of a magnificent callet,
its theme coveriug a span of three
centuries and typifying scenes of the
seventeenth and twentieth centuries.
Mr. Viett, the author, bas introduced
three distinct features into the play;
fie introduction of Shakespeare, the
first trial by jury on American soil and
the first marriage of white persons on
this continent, namely the ceremony
whereby John Laydon aud Aune Bur«
rus were made one in the rude but pic
turesque church at Jamestown Island.
It is supposed to introduce real In
dians into the play for the group paits ,
aud the war dances and for this pur
puse tne Secretary of the I-iterior will
be appealed to in order to secure tbe
red men from a government reserva
It is that "Pocahoutas"
Rie its iuitial performance at an
ite. >i
The Breath of Life.
significant fact that the strong
est animal of its size, the gorilla, also
has the largest lungs, Powerful luugs
means powerful creatures. How to
keep the breathing organs right should
be man's chief study- Like thousauds
of others, Mrs. Ura A Stephens, of
Port Williams, O . has learned how to
do this She writes: "Three bottles
of Dr. King's New Discovery stopped
my cough of two years and cured me
of what my friends thought consump
tion. O'i, it's grand for throat and
lung troubles." Guarauteed by B F.
Hughes, druggist. Price 50u aud SI.
Trial bottle free.
A Spoiled Romance.
The beautiful girl waded into t> c
yeasty surf.
Presently she uttered a shriek of Ur
"Save me !" she cried.
There were seven men on the piazza.
Tbey conferred hastily.
Theu the oue with tbe clearest voice
c tl'ed to the struggling maiden.
"Awfully sorry," he shouted, "but
there isn't an unmarried man among
us "
Then the lovely girl ceased her strug
gles aud presently waded ashore. — I
Cleveland Plain Dealer. j
Well Worth Trying.
K. Brown, the popular pension
y, of Pittsfield. Vt„ says:
"Next to a pension, the best thing to
get is Dr. King's New Life Pills." H e
writes: "They keep my family in splen
did health." Quick cure for headache
constipation and biliousness 25c-
Guaranteed at B. F. Hughes' drug
Attractive Low Rate Round-trip Tickets
Wasbingon, D.C., and Alexandria,
Va., via Southern Hallway, on sale
every day from Bluemont, Harrison
burg, Warrentou. Somerset and inter
mediate stations to Alexandria; good
returning day following date of saie.
except when sold on Saturday, when
they are good for return until follow
ing Monday.
Washington aud vicinity are parti
cularly attractive at this season of the
year. Washington's many pleasure
resorts, including the new Luna Park,
are now open.
For full information apply; to any
Southern Ry. agent, or write L. S.
Brown, Gen. Agent, Washington, DC,
Ma' s*i I little Willie for the tenth
Silence, sir, ere 1 his m • her D dn't
I tell you not to iulerrupt meanl Mrs.
Gilibi-v W-Ut until we're through
' But, ma, I want to say turn today. I
The Language of Umbrellas.
There is a language of umbrellas as
Of dowers, says a writer in Spare Mo
ments. For instance, place your um
brella in a rack, aud it will often indi
cate that, it will change owuers.
To open it quickly in the street
mpaus that somebody's eye is going
to be in danger.
To shut i' quickly signifies that a
hat or two will probably be kt ocfced
An umbrella carried over a wcman.
the man getting nothing but the drip
piags of the ialn, siguilies courlsLip.
When a man has the umbrella, and
the woman the drippings, it indicates
To puuch your uinb ella into a per
son, and then open it, means - I dislike
To swiutr your umbrella over youi
aaoulder signifies '1 am making a
nuisatce ot in > self"
To trail your umbrella along tie
footpath, menus thit the man btbicd
you id thirotiug for your blood
To entry it at right angles uudtr
youi aim siguilits Lbat an eye is be iu
j'irtd by tbe man who follows you.
This is generally a woman's way of
carryiug her umbrella.
To opeu an umbrella quickly, it is
Siid will frighten a mad bull.
To put an alpaca umbrella by the
side of a silk one signili ;s ••Exeuauge
no robbery."
To purchase au umbrella means ■ I
am not smart, but honest. "
To lend an umbrella indicates '"I am
To return au umbrella meaus—well
never mind what it means; nobody ever
does that.
jjTo carry an umbrella iv a cas i sig
nifies it is a shabby oue.
To pii-so an umbrellaoll your friend,
sayiug: '-Oh, do take it; I would mLcb
rather you would than not," signifies
! To give a friend half your umbrella
means that both of you will get wet.
To carry it from borne in the morn
ing means,''lt will very likely be a
fine day."
' To Cure a Felon"
says Sam Kendall, of Phillipsburg.
Kan., "just cover it over with Buck
len's Arnica Salve and tbe Salve will
do the rest." Quickest cure for burns,
boils, sores, scalds, wounds, piles, ec
zema, salt rheum, chapped hauds, sore
feet and sore eye. 25c at B. F. Hugh*)'
drug store. (Guaranteed,
Throat Coughs\\
A ticking in the throat; j
hoarseness at times; adeep j
breath irritates it; —these ■
are features of a throat
cough. They're very de
ceptive and a cough mix- j
ture won't cure them.
You want something that
will heal the inflamed j
membranes, enrich the
blood and tone up the
Scott's Emulsion
is just such a remedy. ;
It has wonderful healing !
and nourishing power. i
Removes the cause of j
the cough and the whole
system is given new
strength and vigor .'. .\
Send for fi cc sampie
SCOTT fe? BOfVNE, chemists
409-415 Pearl Street, New York
JOC and $1.00. Ail druggists J
hjjw The Cleanest ***0
rjTflW Chew Made! jkf^W
_ naSI C* ■* **; >l_ I_l fe.'">-{: •/•V' *v-"' '"'i-^w
M tured tobacco of which it is j. ; ,-.?^L
made, you would dis- p cover the rea- '^^^P\
# sons for the big difference between SCHNAPPS » JfR H" " SSII
I SCHNAPPS is clean! The Reynolds factories
* are as clean as the cleanest kitchen - - the tobacco ,W&&^^%s^^£' :>' ; ;SsPi§
w in manufacture is scarcely touched by human .-'"':---||s||l
hands —with special machinery to cleanse the leaf lIPl^-s^H£ ■■■-■ '-^^^f^^
and produce clean chewirg tobacco. I "H| ' ->Mr
When such scrupulous care is taken with the choicest
selections of tobacco from America's finest chewing to- IjV "'• -• i '■
bacco districts, can you wonder that SCHNAPPS is so X* < p^' t
satisfying, so pure, so appetizing and wholesome —so ■•-'':
I different from chews that pretend to be as good?
|| Expert tests - -ovc that this superior tobacco requires \ v ' J~"St
\ and takes 3 srna ier amount of sweetening than any other Nfe;;'''-'■?'
% kind —and has a wholesome, stimulating and satisfying ;
\ effect on chewers. " " 'Wm
\ Be sure the letters x*i the tag and under the tag spell
The Reynolds Company is under the
direction of the same men who have managed it since
1575, and who have made the chewing tobacco busi- f t||-''''-' c <J
ness a life-study. " f llfillllsf
There are plenty of plugs that look like Schnapps, with- Wlll»
out the same satisfying chewing qualities. Wa&fr
_B_F■ *■'• " ■f^yTn!
If- f' ii. 11* ■"' ffw7 Mai ■■
jj _*__*-_ C__jv?3JMPS
M f'

Victor and Edison TalKing Machines.
And a Large StocK of Records.
W. W. Putnam <_ Co.,
103 West Main St.. _> Staunton. Va.,
- -
Highest Cash Prices Paid for Iron Scrap.
GREENVILLE AVENUE, Near B. & 0. Depot.
PHONE 368.
/\UK readers will find cor f
d II rect Schedules of four "f
* of the great railroads w
1 of the State regularly publish- Z
* ed in this paper—the C. & 0., f
0 the Southern, the N. & W., and »>
> the Chesapeake Western. *
We Are
Now Open
And Gents' Furnishings!
Walte k Switzer,
New County Building.

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