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WW _u_seriilio_ List, by
A<lv»rti"< rs,n>i(l assure
them that they "ill nml it the
larg-stofauy pi.per paWi-h
--ad In thle <"itv
I TEETH | I^ey
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Rugae Suction—a secret process known'only to us.
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nnis Goods
Ackets and Si ti and tbe fol
-07 Teiii-iB Halls :
t & Ditson Championship.
Goodrich Championship,
yell-Sites Co,
k Sellers and Stationers.
VOL. 86
300 Marshall Street.
Hampton, Va.
Immediately on Hampton River,
near 0. & O. Station. If by elec
tric railway leave Main street car
at Locust, walk to Fulton, then 2
Weinberg Clothing Co.
o.ur Spring StocK is now
in,"and we invite you to call ami
see us before buying. Our stock
the verj best. Our prices always
tbe lowest,
Staunton, Va.
Stosroiott lIHtS SBcctate
-—* ___i\r__> +3- Pi Vrsr * m f'^ m W • ff^P
j Living expanses are increasing at a
rate that finally has startled the gov
ernment statistician—and he is th«
last man in the world tn be startled at
For three years the average Ameri
can housekeeper has felt tbe strain of
increased household expenses, bat, un
til within a few montbs, tbe matter has
not appealed officially to the statistical
agents of tbe government. Indeed,
leps than a year agi figures were made i
public by the bureau of labor which
seemed to Indicate tbat there bad been ]
no increase in tbe living expenses of]
tbe average American citizen. Thel
_gures showed that some articles of ev
eryday use in American households had
gone up in price, but the e-euer-l per
Centage of increase «ass_ -nail as to
lie inconsiderable. At that very time
it was known to every householder in
the land tbat bis expenses uad inereas
ed materially and tV.it he was paying
more for tbe supi port of bis family
tuan he ever had paid before.
Mow these facts have dawned ou the
government officials. The latest in
lations made by the bureau of
bave thrown some h'.rong light
s subject. Tbe aritici.-.-) made of
ports made about a year ago in
the officers of tbe labor bureau
titute an inquiry into tbe cost of
sale amounts of commodities
illy used in heasekeeping. Tbe
trisous instituted covered a per-1
seventeen jears. Tbe inquiry
re wholesale prices of such arti
ad been completed at') now an
igalion into the retail rices of
me commodities is be; ; made,
itter will not be com .-ted for
I months yet; but the statistics
iting tbe wholesale prices has
red the statisticians for what
fill find in tbeir irqul- ■ into the.
prices. I
In tbe ii quiry only recently complet
ed it was discovered tbat the wholesale
prices of 258 ordinary commodities bad
reached a higher level in 1906 than at
any previous time in the history of tbe
Iry. Ct course, the period cover.
;he investigation was very sev
i years, but at no time prior to
ad prices so high been attained
ny considerable number of the
s investigated. Ou the whole
number of articles the average once in
las 5 C per cent, higher than it
1905, and 30.5 per c«nt. Mgher
n 18-7, tbe year in which the
prices of all the commodities
reached in the seventeen year
. The statistics Bbow thai the
it lever of prices was reached in
December, 1901}, the average for that
mouth being .-1 I per cent, higher than
for the entire year of 1906, aud 6 3 per
cent, higher than for the correspond
iug mouth of the previous year.
It is stated by the bureau of labor
tiiat the inquiries covered farm pro
ducts, food, clothing, lumber, building
material, drugs, house-furnishings and
miscellaneous commodities. Farm
products and chemical? showed a slight
decrease from the prices of 1905, but
all other products indicated a material
increase. The average price of farm
products showed, iv 1906. only a slight
Ciangefrom 1906, while food products,
aa a whole, increased 3 6 per cent over
1905. I
Sixty-six of tbe seveuty-five articles!
of clothing showed an increase in price,
while only four indicated a decrease.
In the others there was no change.
In submitting tbe figures the bureau
of labor makes no att. mpt to discuss
the causes of tbe rise and fall of prices,
contenting itself with a simple state
ment of the facts as It finds them. It
is siguilieant, however, tbat an inquiry
is being made into retail prices on the
very heels of the other investigation.
The Old Man's Tip.
"Bill, my boy," wrote the old man
to the college youth, "when you'ie!
rldiu' iv them new-fashioned auto*
mobiles at forty milt.- a hour, don't
f.rgit that you wuz raised to the ox
cut an' tbat it bluug you to wbar you
air; an'when you're a-whirlin' them
golf sticks, don't fail to ret_ember that
it wuz the ol' axeh_udlc ihat helped
you to git to 'em; an' when you leave
,fer yer home vacatiou, don't fergit to
leave yer high falutiu airs behind you.
i fer efe >ou fetch any of 'em with you
I I'll wear out more seasoned hiCKory on
you than you ever'dreamed growed in
Today I met an irresistible body.
What happened V
1 followed her for twenty blocks.—
[ Washington Herald.
The most eminent mediea dentists
| are unanimous iv the concli ion tbat
the generally accepted limi ation of
human life is many years below the
at tail.men t possible witb the advanced
knowledge of which the rare is now
possessed. The critical period, tbat
determines its duration; see_is to be
betweeu 50 and 60; the proper care of
the body during this decade canuot
be too strongly urced; carelessness then
being fatal to longevity. .Nature's best
helper after 50 is Electric Hitters, tbe
scientific tonic medicine that revital
Ues every organ of the body. Wuarai -
for Infants and Childie ..
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Sp ""*
Signature of C/ui^/y^CUcJUai
I wing; beautiful poem b>
r Wilcox, bas been sent
glasses, tilled to tbe brim,
i's table, rim to rim;
lily, and red as blood,
is clear as tbe crystal Hood,
i of wine to his paler brother,
lies of the past to each other,
anquet, aud revel and mirth,
king, for 1 ruled in might, j
dest and grandest souls on
y touch, as fiough struck
Is of king- I have torn the
;hts of fame I have hurled
vq; I
! many an honored name;
i'irtue and given shame;
ed the youth witb a sip, a
tde his future a barren waste,
an any king am I,
rniy beneath the sky;
he arm of the driver tail,
-in from its iron rail;
;ood ships go down at sea,
ks ot the lost were sweet to

'Behold, how great you be!
h, wealth, genius, before
htv power are over all.'
brother," laughed the wine,
>t of deeds as great as mine?"
glass, "I can not boast
nmed, or a murdered host;
of hearts that were sad,
drops raade light and glad;
. quenched, and brows 1
re cooled, and souls I've

:hrough the valley,
lie mountain,
nshine, aud dripped from
y aloud fetters and dropped
re gladdened the landscape
le hot forehead of fever and
c parched meadows grow
ith grain;
the powerful wheel of the
ut the flour, and turned at
inluiod debased by yon,
ilif ted and crowned anew.
I strengthen and aid,
teart of man and maid;
d wine-captive free,
tser for knowing me."
ales they told to each other,
me and its paler brother,
ether, tilled to the brim
s table, run to rim.
-—« — +—•
Laws in Norway.
igian liquor laws are buCi
b soudag system gives
icipalities to grant all tbe
censes which tbey deem
i compauy which would
' bind itself to carry on the traffic in tbe
interests of the community, witb a
fixed annual return uf not more than (>
per ceut. on its paid-up capital.
Id establishing tie system the qiiet
tion of compensation does not appear
to have presented much difficulty. Tbe
| allotments of the profits are as follows:
To tbe state, ($ per cent.; to the mu
nicipality, in lieu of large license du
ties, now abolished, 15 per cent., and
to objects of public utility operating
as counter attractions to the public
bouses, in towns 10 per cent, and in the
surrounding districts 10 per cent.
Tbe profits of tbe trade under these
restrictions have contributed 87,000,000
for objects of public interest since the
founding of the system. During the
}ast eight years the proportion accru
ing to tbe state ha. been increased and
set apart till 1910 to form tbe nucleus
of an old-age pension fund, which now
| amounts to $2 300.000 The most re
jin arkable fact in the history of
way sobriety is that the consumption
of alcohol per inhabitant has decreased
about 45 per cent- In tbe last fifty
years. The decrease bas been most
lince tbe establishment of tbe
ns and principles of the Sou
th are these: The elimination
i profit and securing the ino
ilue for tbe public, insuring
juali'.y of liquors sold, the re
it tbe number of tbe licenses,
enforcement of tbe law, the
destructions of the power of the spirit
!1 the furtherance of all pro
measures of reform —Chicago
A duff—
A frill—
A smile—
A thrill—
A look— !
She's now j
A cook. I
Comforting Words. I
ye the pains and aches of a bad
uoved; to be entirely free from
ig. dangerous urinary disorders
ii to make any kidney sufferer
. To tell bow this groat change
irought about will prove corn
words to hundreds of Staunton
lieckwitb, of Main St., Lex-
Va.,Bays: "For two years 1
ject to attacks of backache,
bese spells lasted I could only
a. short time, for tbe aching at
les became almost unbearable,
le any sudden movement I felt
laiiis in my back and in the
» when 1 arose I felt lame and
1 for a while I was hardly able
.round. Nothing helped me
irocured Doan's Kidney Pills,
iking tbe contents of one box
ing and pain disappeared and I
t been troubled since. I loan's
Pills are the best medicine I
■ti anil 1 and I am glad to tes
heir merits."
Proof—There is plenty of local
:iy like the above. Call at B.
lies'drugstore and ask to see
f statements of Staunton peo
bave used. Doan's Kidney Pills
lie by all dealers, Price 50 eta.
Milburn Co., Buffalo, N Y.J
nts for the United Staea.
mber tbe name—Doan's-and
■ other.
The Lorain a llailroad is said to bave
I obtained rights of way for an exten
sion from Cqose Neck to Pullman, W
Va , live miles.
The C. & O. Ry. is reported to have
[ laid twelve miles of track on its Potts
| Creek branch, which is to run from
Covington along Potts Creek for
about 21 miles.
President Hansbrough of the Win
Chester & Washington City K-ilway
Co. says that while his company lias |
built a power plant on the Shenandoah
river, the railway plan will probably
not be given definite consideration for
another year. This denies a recent i
report sent out that the compauy con
templated taking up plans for building
the line at once.
The Coal River Railroad is reported
to have completed au extension from
Cobbs Creek to Rock Creek, 11 miles;!
another from Hush ton to Peytouia, j
W. Va., 2_ miles. Construction is also
under way from Rock Creek to Spruce
Fork, 21i miles; from Spruce Fork to
Laurel Fork, 5; from Peytouia to Ra-
X miles.
rs. Edgar E. McWbiuey, James \
rray and Ralph E. Busser. all of
Philadelphia; Geo. E. Holmes and F.
C, Kuntz of Camden, N. J., have in-.
corporated the United Coal Co., with
a capital stock of #200,000. It is said
to be the purpose of the company to
develop coal lands in Kanawha couu
ty, West Virginia.
Senator Stephen B. Elkins of West
Virginia, states that it is proposed to
'extend the Great Falls & Old Domin
ion Railway to Frederick, Md., and
posaibly to Harper's Ferry aud Charles
Town, W. ¥%, The report about an
extension to West Virginia is prema
ture. Preliminary surveys are being
1 made, and a press report says tbat the
line may he built to Leesburg, \ ...
New York capitalists have secured
an option on 5,000 acres of land in I
R-Ppahannock county. A mining ex
pert sent tbere to make an examination
of it, found on one part of tbe proper-1
ty a 12-foat vein of copper. Tbe capi- '
talists will probably form a company
and capitalize the property at about !
The Empire Coal Company owning!
29,000 acres of coal land on tbe Ohio
side of tbe river, opposite Wheeling,
W. Va., which it bus been operating,
has sold tbe entire property to tbe
Rail and River Coal Compauy of
Pittsburg for a nominal sum. There
is a bonded indebtedness of about
$2,000,000 against the Empire com
pany, and it is understood tbat tbe
assumption of that debt by the Rail
and River Company is the real conßid
eration. The deed bas been filed for
record, and tbe consideration on it is
Thomas Fortune Ryan and his asto
oiatos in the world of finance bave on
foot a plau to make the Seaboard Air
Line the greatest coal carrying road
in tbe country, by opening up an enor
mous coal field in Virginia and con-1
necticg it witb th 6 Seaboard Air Line
by means of 200-mile railway line, now
being built and known as the Sou b
and Western Railway.
The road which now has its terminus
tn Russell county, Ya.,.is being pushed
rapidly, is already half finished and
will oost wben completed to Marion,
N.C., $50,000,000, for the question of
expense bas not entered into the plans
of the financiers wbo are behind the
The million-acre coal field which is
practically inexhaustible, was purchas
ed by tbe Ryan syndicate through Mr.
Carter from tbe estate of Mr. Dale Car
ter, of Virginia, from the Interstate
Coal Company, from John H. Inman,
of New York; the Clydes of Philadel
phia, and from the native landowners
of Russell and Dickinson couuties.
The plan bas been kept secret for jtwo
Mr. Ryan's and Mr. Blair's
n »mes not having being connected with
tie deal.
The present plan is only the begic-
O'ng of the Clinchfield Ooinpa-V
scheme, tor, the connection witb the
Seaboard Air Line being completed, it
is the purpose of Mr. Ryan to extendi
the road north to tbe Great Lakes by
way of the Ohio River, where it will
Connect with the Detroit, Toledo aud
Ironton Railway, known as tbe Zim
merman Route, wbicb is controlled by
thfi Ryan interests This ia tbe road
which threatened two years ago to en
ter the coal fields controlled by the
Chesapeake and Ohio Hailway, by
building a bridge across the Ohio Riv
er, thus operating a short route to the
Great Lakes. The plan was frustrat
ed by Zimmerman's lack of funds and
the road went into tbe hands of .1.
Pierpont Morgao, who passed it on to
Mr Ryan
To resoj the Ohio, a tunnel three 1
The effect of Scoffs Emulsion on thin,
pale children is magical.
It makes them plump, rosy, active, happy.
It contains Cod Liver Oil, Hypophosphites
and Glycerine, to make fat, blood and bone,
and so put together that it is easily digested
by little folk.
miles Imig will lie l.ored under Sandy
Received in California.
Not long ago. A. J. Millison, the
operator at the wireless telegrah sta
I tion on Point Loma, in Southern Cal
j ifornia, observed his apparatus inter
cepting a message. On investigation
he ascertained tbat a message was be
ine sent from Washington, D. C, to
Peu.aeola. Fla. He adjusted his in-1
struuieuts, which are the most delicate
used by the Uuited States government
aid caught tbe whole message. At
a'.iout the same time part of a message I
to the battleship Connecticut from
Washington was clearly read on the
instruments at Point Loma.
Highly gratified, the operator sent
messages to the Atlantic coast, aud
received answers from the operators
a? Washington and Pensacola. Later
he wrote out copies of the messages
tbat he intercepted on the Atlantic
coast and bent them, with letters, to
the operators there.
The distance from Pensacola to San
Diego iv an air line is about 1,800
miles, and from Washington to San
Diego is about 2,400 miles. The matter
h_s been reported to Commander H.
C. Gearing, Chief of the Equipment
Department al Mare Island navy yard,
California. The messages sent by the
operator at Point Loma to Washington
were only faintly recorded on the in
struments, but the messages between;
Washington and Florida and part of I
a message from Washington to the
battleship Conuecticut, 600 miles out j
iv the Atlantic oceau, were recorded j
clearly. The new apparatus is partly
the invention of Mr. Millison, and bas
been installed in the Point Loma sta
tion only a few months. Some time
ago tbe Point Loma operator succeed
ed in communicating with Tacoma,
Ii —Scientific American.
1 . .
Everybody Should Know,"
D. G. Hays, a prominent business
of Bluff, Mo., tbat Buckleu's Ar-
Salve ia the quickest and surest
uj; salve ever applied to a sore
or wound, or to a case of piles,
lsed it aud know what I'm ta:k
--about-." Guaranteed by 15. F.
les, druggist. 25c.
Making Artificial Nutmeg.
cording to Fuer Alle Welt, there
lade in Belgium artificial nut
in so clever a manner that they
ardly bedistiuguisbed from gen
ones, especially if mixed witb
,tter. A chemical analysis bas
n them to consist of a mixture of
p jwdered nutmeg (from extract
injured kernels and about 20 per
cent, of mineral substances. The fol
lowing means of detection are recom
led: 1. When the kernels are cut
mown plant like .structure so
eterictic in genuine nutmeg is
t. 2 If the kernels are treated
rte or four minutes witb boiling
they become soft, and can be
id up into a powder with the
s. 3 Upon being burnt they
about 18 per cent, of ashes, while
true nutmeg contains but 2 to 1 per
cent. 4. The imitation nuts are gen
linuch heavier than the genuine
, didn't you toil me when you sold
me that dog tha: be was a bird dog?
I, that's w_M 1 said.
1, you .swindled me. That dog
iu'i say lie would bunt. He's a
log. Cook the bird's for him,
the way he likes them best.—
Stribling Springs Open
tiling Springs Hotel and cottage
[or season. Cottages completely
nted this season. Tennis aud
et grounds for use of guests,
ng parlor. Excellent mineral
s. A delightful place to spend
the summer. Rates on application to
A. R. Elliott, Mg'r. Stribling Springs
Hotel. Stribling Springs, Va.
Virginia Hurse Shows.
The Southern Ry. will sell extremely
low rate round trip tickets on account
of the following Virginia Horse Shows
season of 1007 :
Rockingham Horse _; Colt Show
Harrisonburg, Va., Aug. 13-15—Tick
ets will be sold from Washington, Cul
peper, Bluemout, Warientou. Front
Royal and intermediate stations Aug.
12 to 15 inclusive, final limit Aug. 16.
Front Royal Horse Show, Front
Royal, Va., Aug. 21-22—Tickets will
be sold from Washington, Harrison
burg and intermediate points Aug. 20,
21 and 22, final limit Aug. 23.
Warrenton Horse Show, War
renton, Va., Sept. 4-o—Tickets will be
sold from Washington, Lvuchbnrg,
' Harrisonburg, Bluemont and inter
mediate points Sept. 3, 4 and 5, final
limit li.
For further information apply to
nearest Southern Ry. ticket agent.
L. S. Brown, lien. Agt.,
Washington, D. C.
on it is
NO. 32.
Extra Horns, and all kinds of Talking
Machine Supplies, Cabinets, Etc.
The Largest StocK of
to be found in this part of the country. Call
and see us whether you wish to purchash on not
103 West Main Street. SIAINTON. VA.
A. Walters. Chas. F. Switzer
Tailored Garments
that characterize style, neatness, and shape, wide built up
shoulders, snug fitting collars, shapely lapels single and double
breasted three and four botton front.
Aare the characteristic features of our Clothing. We have
them in all the leading styles and colors, Greys, Blues and
Plaids. Our line of Boys', Youths' and Children's Suits are
complete. Also a full line of Men's Furnishings H C
and Shoes.
Call on Us Before Buying and get our Prices.
Walters & Switzer,
New County Building,
$100.00 TO WAGER
That we can sell you a Vehicle ot Harness for less mon
v^rT«l ty „ consider ed—than any one in the business.
Why ? Well just drop in to see us and let us show you we
hav'nt room here to tell you of the numerous little items
which others add to the price of their goods and we do not
And the, Oh! well, we'll explain when you come in Re
member we carry a full line of vehicles—Buggies, Surries
Runabouts, Road Wagons, etc. All new, up-to-date goods
and advanced ideas in vehicledom. Heavy team harness
break and lead harness, single and double driving harness!
collars, bridle, halters, whips, robes, blankets, buggy nets,
team nets, etc. We invite the closest comparison of qual
ity, style and price on on anything in our line.
We defy competition to undersell us.
•• Come and S c Us."
Ihe Shaver Carriage Co.,
Exclusive Dealers,
Weyer's Cave. Virginia.
Big .Sale!
At 8 o'clock Thursday, August
Ist we Began the most
ever held in this State. Our inventory shows
that we have 4,982 pairs of shoes in our store.
That is just 3,982 pairs more than we should
carry over to next season.
We Propose to Sell them Within
Two Weeks.
And we realize that to do so we must mark
them way below cost. Every Pair a Bargain.
Your gain, our loss.
Armstrong Shoe Co.
OUR readers will find cor
rect Schedules of four
of the great railroadi
of the Stale regularly publish
ed In this paper—the C. & 0.,
the Southern, the N. & W., and
MADE f v 008

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