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vertisers, and assure
them that they will find it the
largest of any paper published
in the city.
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*~" i—
J For The Sp«.t ATob .
I lira, r Staunton, M arch 19 19oq
I The following estimate of Li ncoln
I You will note, however, that it JB
based entirely on the testimony" Lin
J-- : most intimate friends a y nd L pa D r
,'. I,d " ke to haven published for th.
! benefit of the *oung peo pl e of thU day
f "»« truth about Lincoln is S
ceded,. for if but.half of whaUs s 2
,of him ,„ this his centennial yea r •«
i true, we Confederates were very wron«
;to oppose him as;we did in the sixties
It has been often said that Lincoln
was a very remarkable man, fa
mighta lmostsaythath we
possible man. What he accompli
and the changes wrought by him in
the Government of the V. 8. are amaz
youti, ! m ; ir ° nmentof hi * childhood,
youth and early manhood, othe
great men have risen froinvery humble
origm, but what great man has come
from such base aud sorded surround
•ngs as Lincoln ?
See what Lamon and Herndon lif*.
'ong friends and admirers say 0 f h
early life «... it ' yOI hu
crowd betted on the i* the
wliiskey, knives, tobacctail t Tli
small properties were at stake Tin
co n was uncommonly *,„.' ,*
related that he could UfTl it ,
Nhiskey.anddrinkouto ts \uS 0 i: f
Lincoln's next highest delight was n '
talking over these flst-flghts^''
thrnkers, and joined with them in dt
w d 0 " g a th , e h Gos P of Jesu, H^
burned c So? s^rr
Lincoln's death were thes ;
As to the social and moral tone of hi*
I ' l £
ten k r Chronic le of Reuben," writ
wemv ' n WhCa he »« about
twenty-one. It is much too indecen
for publication. indecent
the^Tnd'«« "'« "" fMt that though
«„h ° at Lincoln lived aud di>H
a deep groU n ded mndel W dwd
Holland says that twenty out of thl'
twenty-three ministers o/the difliren,
denonn nations of Christians ? nd a
Spr tigiield rn hUrC,JeS in his h °™.
idPn f 'I 1 oPPosecMiim for Pres
nis clear," Ba ys he, "that Mr • ,
was at -.11 »,„ " la i uir. Lincoln
, at all times an infidel, it is >jZ
v«ry dear that he was not at all tim!!
J£"*J 'willing that everybody
«a. ifestattoas with reference to his
Political interest, He saw theimmense
and "ft e,UiRg P ° Wer ° f
and in times past had felt n
charge 0 f iufldeaty hftd J"- The
not appearan enemy withjn their™
wctio" n bYt? on forchan * n * 2S
victions, but he saw many Krea t an,)
=? t reasons for not m^them
Much has been said of Lincoln's ten
derness of heart. y e t, says Gen. Dorm
••Therp n ar( ' ent admirer of Lincoln.,
there is a popnlar belief that Lincoln
was o. kiud orgivj = n
iat his gentler impulses interfered
doubt" *S Tlie u d
all aki id"?: 111 " Mr LiuColn ha ° a '
" a Kmd . forgiving nature."
E a his A t;r ywel,doubtit ' whenw c
his telegram to Sheridan congrat
mg him on his "month's operation
i- Shenandoah Valley, especially for
his splendid work,"ofdevaSatio„ B n d
burning. When suffering ean,e in hi ,
way he was kind sympathetic
but it needed to be seen in be felt Lin'
coin was a man of the Charles U type
ST: 6 ' by ViSib ' e P aiu a «d. suL
5e for U h emirely Cailo4B t0 " other
wise, for he could let his soldiers die by
B thousands in military prisons m the
h, refusing exchange, refusing to
medicines and food to the sick by
his own surgeons, a „d even r efu SinK to
accept the sick, when offered without
exchange by the Confederate autho- ri
£n° n aCC ° Unt ° f inabilit y to care for
One must fully en d orse Lamon's
Phed to*. 0 " 6 ' ;* Wily poli «cian," as ap
plied to Lincoln. Lincoln was one of
the shrewdest politicians that ever
f Ward Baid 0/ hi m: "He (Li n :
coin) had a cunning that was genius "
vfnlin" 1 ?" le " derS Wh ° controlled the
SKW in m >
E IT 7 m the dark as t0 his P«rpoie
«>Z IT: UP t0 lhe lm moment,2
>otue fatate was kent in t »- r r»7 •
fesdj to strike at the seceded statel^
;i-ManUKardolph, returned toS
nond after their,integiew WJtJI t-„
f m we may think of its morali,
>. 1864, called Lincoln "an ign'o*
'oonsh, third-rate, backwoods
it appear* that he must have
equalities that made him very
« « the ha, HernZn Us
tner for twenty years, and faith
r«Pher, had a great admiration
on, both as a man and a law
id as able a man as Edwin M.
Lincoln's great war-secretary,
have dreaded Lincoin as a le
™ry; for he once said of him
'•d "met him at tie bar an"
<n a low, cunning clown,"
»'■ reputation as an orator
mainly on his Grttysbure
or there is little else to jud«
nly speeches in Congress tht
aye attracted any attentions
hose on the so-called "Hoot
is," and they, according to
m t0 have been only suffici
to keep him from beinL
a "one of th» .m . *
the nobodies" of
ttysburg .oration attracted
"tentwn at the time of its
-Uk. most of Lincoln
•rds, seems to shine with a
n back upon it after hi "
»mly as an orator. Lincoln
inguished,tho'hew« an
*der at the bar.
character* may well be!
Sether, and irhaps
V be snirl t„ v I
h,„,k ldloh « ve create
he other to have chang.
nnni 1. " ylhe People of
onded to Abraham Lin
roop, to coerce sovereign
died, and
«! remarkable ability
W, thus uan'foS
B umed\n^r e 7ofldrt o or' ha i M d
speaksof .. t he enornn yof t hett.
done under his (Lincqjn'«l » utri l ,** ?
andfeavs "h« L„ J * ut homy, "l
thenar- ■ Una,i for
U 8 S UHO PrlSOn of of the
orders .str f U * ted ** thou *»nd S , on
or C: Otters do Caclet
pro,edu W Wlght^v n e T "** "J
«-t j"
l.g.nd m2)onlegajwa between
ereTJn «? ' Bnd SOU S ht to coerce soy
3. teS - True
Hould hay, m him tQ keep^ a m ™P
«c tlZf- C ° nVen^0a - ">* «
hmb; c c u w" eas T urged S«
in S !*£ oUwr WBr ™ n
other border st J Vl *nl»and the
edintKni o n^ n 71 dha r--«-
Llentsmigh welfh? nC ° la '' « reat
seseded state. »i.V ** tlme the
avenS, V more P
doomed- i "^P' ,or « I*veiy1 *veiy was already
c Z P and iaeaWV * Yen H
hBVe C °H
*ure of a LVIZT^^ 1 " ac P"*"
and free from'thf ? Bn J
-^i„^---eserv- r
.^nrJe\r hytote^
«H*T "erld's greatest and hm*
with, or even above? w5
What m igh t not Lincoln have «
SbT' Jl f d h " a "
side of h.s character? The a '!f I
of that dreadful four
»nd the perpetuation of the SSt, t
UnioT h. ?' ' ***** of this present
weak h^ o S£s w £- ;"•
in the mines near Butte. USCd
colu 316 8n(1 by centrifu Ka' force^hls
the top of the boiler " ° r
The age of earth « placed
some at 500,000,00 V)' y ea rs, by others
100,000,000 years, and still others of
later time place it at years.
None place it lower than 10,05.000,
knowing wht t processes have been gone
Other planets go through the same
process. The reason that other planets
differ so much from the earth is that
they are in so much earlier or late
stages of existence. The earth muj
Newton surmised, although he could
* W , "° rea son for it, that the e ar th
would lose all its water and LrW
perfectly dry. since then it ,
found that Newton was correct
As the earth keeps cooling it will h*. '
come porous, and great cavities w I .
. Itrsesti '-tedthatti.
process is now in proirress « n e„ ~
the water diminisnesTt^ro/S
SS r 0l t a Sheet °< **» eaelita/
er till n ° G ' ooo 'Wyears the wat
ooo7he h s v t i a /t c ' an ; ,inls ' ow --
The nitrogen and oxygen i„ »i
will be S o thin that no creature ?'
\k now could breathe it and hv e J
time wm come when the world Inn f
hmnm That wmVSJ^S
report of the register g e „ e a, lTp""'
'and and Wales during S~ J"
"ages numbered 2* a*, *" mar "
Per cent per S-ff* ""* of 4 * 3
1 " 6 population °<
I This is the largest rate in many
3 ra r
spinsters 53. - i " s $*|
sons! The to al ge ? f di vorced P«-
H an T?f rof divorce
:iSI O ? re «"
women glorCed men
at ? h e , a nnual st eady increase in the a-e
isnotSr/' 6 ma continues I
now 28.66 for men and 26,49 for W , MU I
i en - The number of births was 91*25
p^««u f 2o.,peuoo^; a
rhede a tn°
■orded it SWerea,So lowest ever
-orueu, being 524,221 or l r i I
- at worrT UrSOfmi^'a t'-sure
needless woe. ° uW Save mu <* I
sick kid
weys. Many residents of this virini
endorse them. ««u»j
Front Royal, Va. ECk ardt' ** *J
canon.y paj ; Iy(le J ib / enj anil
I endured. The most
tom was b ackache a „<| at £J r "
almost prostrated with S^
K throng my loins. 1 was so welkth"
1 -t lift even the slightest
At lastl procure*] Doan's S
Is and. » was only a short Ume
oetorel ren greatly improved Tr.f
atn sood entirely disappeared a „7 al
he other symptoms of kidney tlc , £
eft I keep Doan's Kidney V p,£; „
t e r house at all " ,es - "'id ado c o
st a ,r' then serve t ° k^-^
Foster-\r*iK ivwWSfc Ppice -"30 cfcs
I te i^iSJS'suS" York '
Remember the name-Dclt „ ,
ake no other. a
a y> which was recently „„" ,
tween W Va. completed **"
folk, Va. h„ • Va - and JVor-
Th,tma"k ,benreCeivedat^or- !
r 7 °f, the Cosmopolitan Coal & CM™ I
in Gilmer and Braxton countiesJ
'LwXTSL tt ' plant a « d
aW e 2 fh '" "" acres held
I_ J
of Waite
W. \ a., has been organized with
W stock of 160,000 for
"cut in Potts Creek Vail J- j "m
en oV t U Promote the develop
of the iron, timbar and agricul
"ral resources of that valley,
E?""'* TIMBER de v-EIop MEXT
am hP, '? current re ports announc
er i, purchase of 20.000 acres of tim
* Co " a » l ' the intention of the
vileteceas' P , m K ,U - "* company
•00 feet d, , single band Sawmill of 75,
- Alexandria
•hiner! f t ' and,s Phasing ma-
WOerj for Us equipment. The tim W
to cu^ns,oo0 1 000r ce 1 t mber
Kclativetothe purchase 0 7 & 17 J
im? r vr, and i in p ° eah -i
3S it th e " S l 0'" Ule I,Ur P° se of de
fo'ttslLXf OVlde other »«BS
Swept Over' Niagara.
This tenable calamity often happens
riv?rr, aCare!^Uat -ignores the
blnel That Nature's wa rning a are
back, the dUll pain or ache in the
uSonifT *" *•***>» needs H
JieS™ ° U : V ° UW escape '«al mala-
T.,l P 'T', diabetes bright's dis-
Up Before the Bar,
he^Vt^viT; 1 ' 3^llo^'
Xxini-, v' ? : We have used Dr.
linn New Life Pills for years and
m Kind Yon Hare Always Bought
? re i*7 e *K y . our blood ' and on
nSh?n rt ch a Or P 00r - Therein
nothing else to live on or by
snM?< n hUK ength is full and
When weak, in tow spirits no
Cheer, no spring, when
not rest and sleep is not fier?
we are starved; our bK &
poor; tncre is little nurrinieiit
ft°*aij eP t tr W ° 0ti ric *' V/ hen
J ani making
"° ™< vhnZtlT '* me tow your »»* I ma,
Wfc. fed Esfofr „ir LtS '
j . ' Coooa, Mnak^^^*^^aWMrqaa^i.^iBaaa^^^
Farm Machinery r
ket - MddlebrtSk A vV aS:. a I re u the for Sf*f get prices *3
e< an(l Johnson St. 'v ney on lh e mar-
ED V jr m y ours truly,
r> •. " =s
i -^ 7T7T J==?.^^^? a,,w «y.
ljTi|H Lv - N. Ri V e r G "'Z^tiH^"
? S ! 5 « 8 8toki e vilie ap - Ar , 1 « 7 88,'"~~"
.1 JHI I 891 Mt Solon. 1 43 7 S3 M «)
i a3 II* 9 *» Walkers,/. 136 7 2 lj«
IS Sffl 988 Ste mphleytown, f Jffl 7 5 W 2
2 SI 8 oO 9 46'a P'easant Hill, f. ' W 8 « ,j Jf
1 f*i«l 4 °°' 955I) Har nsonburg. 12 55 6 4i| | £
| J5M 101 10 «tJ f. J» « 6 J |Je
12? 15 le " Chestnut Ridge, f. ' 2 S • 3 •«
3 48 4 13 io is Barmans, f | ™ W 6 art I il
IS 4 * Ws»| Keezletown »« 6 13 f *
S «2B <2e 10 » Pe>m Laird. 12 26 0 |S 9^
J 2 o? 4 3eJ 10 2 Montevidea, f » 19 6 00s S
I * m 4 40] 10 W McGaheysville. * g 8 08 f &
. 4 22 4 * 10 • * X T Mauzy, f. 12 08 5 86 8 S
J pM 6 ~ 4 10 57 Inglewood, f K 00 5 5o1 I *
e PMJPm|am| Elkton. Ly I »M 5 44j I %
- )
i| President. C - *■ WILLIAM80IV,
J °' A " JE WETT, Traffic Manajr Su Pe"ntendent.
I Fan*™«*^ i uLlEf % •^
oulo neW fUrnitUre when we will make your
[ flicker building Au l»i« , sta Street,
|Br. H. R. Clemmer,
r Veterinary Surgeon,
• Corner Job nson and Lewis Streets.
Phones: I Office, 648.
The Mode (laundry,
- Bring us your flat whrk, as well •*
the starched work. Its an ecodomj'!
All work called for and delivered
But How Good."
J ' of Mineral Water, ™ ,AX
15 N. A» T nsffß| it
Southern Railway
and are not^uari£,^J nform «ion
in effect .„' garanteed. Schedule
s __ January n, 1909. *
if aYe Charlottesville _ '
** 9, daily, n.50 a follows :
Jacksonville 0 < *£2?"' Savan na * C and
and Aiken. bintogc ar se° ■■ Augus ta
J 35, daily, 12.10 n -
Jcarservice? l ° New Orleans; dining
I No. 41, daily ln* „
j and Memphis Li • m " New York
T Roanoke? Knoxville
» Memphis. Chattanooga and
joining car service New Orleans
0"X Renders w UJ Sac
•orrect schedules of |*
Chesapeake & , )bj „
*****, and Chesapea,
re guiarly in

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