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_k %/ a coranl, t'i ee of three
jl J editors in a contest re
cently held, the Spec
tator was declared by them
to be the best weekly news
paper published In Virginia.
If 9,896 Farmers
and planters told you that their yields per acre
of cotton, corn, tobacco, wheat, fruits, peanuts,
rice, sugar cane and truck crops were greatly
increased and even doubled '
By Using
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ducers on earth—wouldn't you feel that you should, in
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thousands of un-asked-for letters from farmers blessing
the day they bought Virginia-Carolina Fertilizers. Many
of these letters are in our 1910 Farmers 'Year Book, which
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Richmond, Va. Atlanta. Ga.
Mail at this Coupon Norfolk, Va. Sarannab, Ga.
VI.GINIA CAROLINA CHEMICAL 1 '/".' _ . _______________■_______
Please send me a copr oi yom lgio Winslon-Salem. N. C. mW T________B
i.uiir:, Yd Book nee oi s c. FFertlllzci_W
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»— coiumbua.c.. KyinfinlaCaronnaj
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IM &dpeafOUlkSM.'£UmmA IV I
Itgln li Jlx.Seima * \ KU _. I_%
BHIBj AniseSttd* ( f% 1 l\ * 111
BSrt MCiS*Si&i* [ \\ JL/1
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ffifStgVl Clarified Suwr-■ t _P_P I Ia A
||S 0 / AVf W, USB
lllfi Aperfecl Remedy for Consßpa- I I. I'
__■&«*■ lion,SourSlom'acii.Diai-rliaei I IA/ p ft
HbbS \Vorras,Convulsions.Fevcrish \W tflf |\/P_
ijjF * ncssandLossOFSLEEP., V/ IUI WlUl
■X Facsimile Signature/ TL_-*« Vaava
11 &s__ | Thirty Years
| _____§3pAOTfIDIA
I 111
Exact Copy of Wrapper. - the centaur eo«MMr. «m» yo»« errr.
wHfit Spectators
' " * . G* *
. VOL. 89. STAUNTON, VA., FRIDAY, APRIL 1 1910. J* NO. 13
The blue laws of lhe Puritans were
not in it with the blue laws of old Vir
ginia, though it has always been sup
posed that the cavaliers of the South
land eared more for high living and
frivolity llian for good Ijehavior and
order. In 1(>(!2 the follow ing laws were
enacted in this state:
Kvery person who refuses to have
hisehild baptised by a lawful minister
(Church of England) shall be assessed
jiounds of tobacco, half to the
parish, half lo the informer.
To steal or unlawfully kill any hog
that is not his own the offender shall
pay to the owner 1,000 pounds of to
bacco and as imieli to the informer,
and in case of inability to pay shall
serve as a slave two years, one to the
owner, one to the informer.
No marriages shall be reputed valid
in law but such as is made by a min
ister according to the laws of England.
The minister who doth marry contrary
to this act shall be lined 10,000 pounds
of tobacco.
If a married woman shall slander a
person the woman shall be punished
by ducking and if the damages shall
be adjudged more than 500 pounds of
tobacco her husband shall pay, or the
woman receive a ducking for every
500 pounds so adjudged against her
husband if he refuse to pay the tobac
Enacted that the Lords Day be kept
holy and no journeys or work done
thereon, and all persons inhabiting in
this country shall resort every Sunday
to church and abide there quietly and
orderly during the common prayers
aud preaching, upon the penalty of be
ing fined BO pounds of tobacco.
Any person inhabiting this country
and entertaining a Quaker in or near
his house shall, for every time of such
entertainment, be fined 5,000 pounds of
tobacco, half lo the county, half to the
Every master of a vessel that shall
bring any Quakers to reside here after
July 1 of this year shall be fined 5,000
pounds of tobacco, to be levied by dis
tress and sale of his goods, and he then
shall be made to carry him, her or
them out of the country again.
The court in every county shall set
up near the Court House, in a public
and convenient place, a pillory, a pair
of stocks, a whipping post and a duck
ing stool. Otherwise the court shall
be fined 5,000 pounds of tobacco.
The Demon Ot The Air
is the germ of La Grippe, that, breathed
in, brings suffering to thousands. Its
after effects are weakness, nervousness,
lack of appetite, energy and ambition,
with disordered liver and kidneys. The
greatest need then is Electric Bitters,
the splendid tonic, blood purifer and
regulator of stomach, liver and kidneys-
Thousands have proved that they won
derfully strengthen the nerves, build
up the system and restore health and
good spirits after an attack of grip. If
suffering, try them. Only 50c. Per
fect satisfaction guaranteed by P.. F.
Fate Was Against Him.
From the Argonaut.
When Mr. Jenkins went to his bed
room al half-past one, it was with the
determination of going lo sleep, and
with another determination that he
would not be interviewed by Mrs. Jen
kins. So, as soon as he had entered the
door, and deposited his lamp upon the
dressing-table, he commenced his
speech: "I locked the front door. I put
the chain on. 1 pulled the key out a
little bit. The dog is inside. 1 put the
kitten out. I emptied the dnppan of
the refrigerator. The cook took the
silver to bed with her. I put a cane
under the knob of the back hall door.
1 put the fastenings over the bathroom
windows. The parlor fire has coal on.
1 put the cakebox back in the closet.
1 did not drink all the milk. It is not
going to rain. Nobody gave me any
message for you. 1 mailed your letter
as soon as 1 got down-town. Your
mother did not call at the office. No
body died thai we are interested in.
Did not hear of a marriage or engage
ment. 1 was very busy at the office
making out bills. I have hung my
clothes over chair-backs. 1 want a new
egg for breakfast. I think that is all,
and I will now put out the light." Mr.
Jenkins felt that he had hedged against
all inquiry, and a triumphant smile
was upon his face as he took hold of the
gas-check, and sighted a line for the
bed, when he was earthquaked by the
query from Mrs. Jenkins: "YY'hy didn't
you take off your hat?"
Saved From The Crave.
"I had about given up hope, after
nearly four years of suffering from a
severe lung trouble," writes Mrs. M. L.
Dix, of Clarksville, Term. "Often the
pain in my chest would be almost un
bearable and I could do no work, but
Dr. King's New Discovery has made
me feel like a new person. Its the best
medicine made for the throat and
lungs." Obstinate coughs, stubborn
colds, hay fever, la grippe, asthma,
croup, bronchitis and hemorrhages,
hoarseness and whooping cough, yield
quickly to this wonderful medicine.
Try it. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles
free. Guaranteed by B. F. Hughes.
$60,000,000 worth of American mer
chandise was carried by rail across the
islhiauses of Panama and Tehauntepec
in the fiscal year 1909, and in the cal
endar year the total will probably
reach $75,000,000 in value.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of QviS/ffIeUCAUK
By the time Halley's comet arrives
it will have lost the last shred of its
Astronomers have already declared
that it will not consume the earth.
Sir David Gill, late astronomer royal
at the Cape, went so far in a lecture at
the Horticultural hall recently as to
deny that it can exercise any political
influence or even affect the weather.
"People always seem to have thought
that something was sure to happen
every time a comet became visible,"
he said, "as if something did not hap
en every day. How can a comet a
hundred millions of miles away cause
a flood in Paris, say, and dry weather
in Egypt, on the same day?
"Halley's comet appeared in 1835,
and it is to appear again in May. Ac
carding to the superstitious, it must be
a political comet, because the repres
entation of the two main parties in the
house of commons is practically the
same now as it was in 18P>5.
"18.>5 there was a dissolution, and
this year also there is lo be a dissolu
tion," he declared, amid laughter.
: 'There were 386 liberals an is;ss, and
there ;>9:i in 1910, while the number of
the opposition is exactly the same now
"YY'hen the comet appeared in 1006,"
he continued, the pope of that day, it
is alleged, denounced the comet, the
Turks and the devil in one bull. But
it has been shown that the excom
munication applied to the Turks and
the devil only, and not to the comet.
"Comet's tails turn always away
from the sun. The worst of it is that
nobody knows exactly what they are.
"Some people think they consist of
very minute matter thrown off by the
action of the sun, and others think the
tails are electrical affairs, because they !
cannot believe the tails could travel so
He added that the comet would give
its most gorgeous display on May 21.
The Call of the Blood
for purification, finds voice in pimples,
boils, sallow complexion, a jaundiced
look, moth patches and blotches on the
skin—all signs of liver trouble. But
Dr. King's New Life Pills make rich
red blood; give clear skin, resy cheeks,
fine complexion, health. Try them.
25c at B. F. Hughes.
Here lies a man who seemed to think
His trouble he could drown to drink.
He succeeded.
Sleeping here quite free from strife !
Is the man who contradicted his wife.
She's married again.
Dear friends, here lie the bones of one
YY'ho always carried a loaded gun
The other fellow pulled his tir^t.
A hypnotist below doth lie:
He looked a tiger in the eye.
No inquest.
Beneath this willow lies Paddy Shea:
He yelled "Hurrah for the A. P. A."
No flowers.
This slab in memory of maid Irene,
A stove and a can of gasoline.
That's all. — Kx.
Otto the Orator.
Friends, fellow citizens and toilers,
lend me your ears while we puncture
this latest fallacy called "Fletcherism,"
Fletcher says, "chew each bite .!2
times." lam now talking to working"
men who earn their wage by the sweat
of their brow. Men, let us say you eat
the equivalent of four slices of bread at
each meal. Each slice of bread should
contain 10 bites. Four times 10 bites
is 40 bites. Each bite chewed :>2 times
equals 1,280 bites. Allowing a half
minute for each :12 bites, it will require
648 minutes of more than 10 hours to
consume one meal, and more than 90
hours for three meals. Gentlemen, I
ask you in all sincerity, where are you
going to get the time to cam the money
for that bread ? YY'hat!
Staunton People Have Abso
lute Proof of Deeds at Home.
It is not words, but deeds that|prove
true merit.
The deeds of Doan's Kidney Pills,
for Staunton kidney sufferers, have
made their local reputation.
Proof lies in the testimony of Staun
ton people who have been cured to stay
William L. Rohr, 1041 Front street,
Staunton, Va., says: "I used Doan's
Kidney Pills, and the results were sat
isfactory. Kidney complaint was
with me for a long time and I suffered
from severe pains in my back and
sides. Stooping or lifting caused sharp
twings to dart through me and I had
to have assistance in getting out of
bed. The kidney secretions were very
irregular in passage, and I had but
little control over them. 1 tried sev
eral advertised remedies, but received
no relief until I procured Doan's Kid
ney Pills at Thomas Hogshead's drug
store. 1 continued takir.g Doan's
Kidney Pills until I was completely
cured. I publicly recommended
Doan's Kidney Pills six years ago,
and to-day 1 am pleased to state that
the cure has remained permanent."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cts
Foster-MilburnCo., Buffalo,Ne\v York,
sole agents foi the United Slates.
Remember the name—Doan's—and
I take no other.
Laces and Embroidenes.
The New York 5 and 10 cent store
has just received a new shipment o
aces and embroideries, ladies' collars
pillow tops, towels and table linens.
15 N. Augusta Street.
As staled a few day ago, and, in a
sense, carrying out the agreement
reached some time ago, Mr. George VY r .
Stevens, president of the C. & O. Ry.,
has been elected president of the Hock
ing Valley system, recently acquired
by the C. & O. Frank Trumbull of
New York, a director of the C. & 0.,
was elected chairman of the Hocking
Valley board. He is a close business
friend and ally of Edwin Hawley. The
d rectors of the Hocking Valley were
named as follows: Edwin Hawley,
Frank Trumbull, Geo. YY'. Stevens, A.
C. Rearick and James Mackie. Stock
holders of the C. Ar O. are called to
meet althe principal offices of the com
pany in Richmond on April 28 to pass
on the proposed increase in capital
stock, from $66,000,000 to $100,008,000,
and for a corresponding issue of 4 per
cent, bonds, out of which the purchase
of the new YY'estern connections is to
be financed.
The Chesapeake-YY'tstern Railway
Co. is having a survey made from the
eastern terminus of the road at Klkton
through Ma lison, Greene and Orange
counties. It is said that the line will
be run to Tidewater Virginia. Should
this be done it would connect two of
the richest sections in this State, as
the western terminus is now on the
border of the great coal belt of Virginia
and YY'est Va Elkton will be near the
centre of the system. It is also report
ed that the road has been bought by
the Pennsylvania Ry. Co.
Worse than Bullets.
Bullets have often caused less suffer
ing to soldiers than the eczema. L. W.
Harriman, Burlington, Me., got it in
the army, and suffered with it forty
years. "But Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cured me when all else failed," he
writes. Greatest healer of sores, ulcers,
boils, burns, cuts, wounds, bruises and
piles. 25c at B. F. Hughes' drug store.
The Modern Visiting Card,
YY'hile it would be difficult to say just
when visiting cards were first used, we
are quite certain of the fact that they
are not of very ancient date. Appar
ently they were adopted in English so
ciety before they were generally used
on the continent. It was probably
about 1700 that they came into fashion
in Great Britain, and it was as late as
1770 when they were introduced in
Paris. It appears that the first visit
ing cards were regular playing cards,
the backs of which were used for the
address.—Chicago Examiner.
Make a Shabby Floor Look New.
Get a can of the L. &M. Floor Paint.
Paint the floor in the morning. It dries
hard over night. With a bright var
nish finish. Saves wear—looks bright
anil cheerful. Get it from Culton &
I'eale, YY'aynesboro; C. H. Cohron &
S3n, Stuart's Draft.
The South has 62,000 square miles of
coal land. Great Britain, Germany,
Fiance and Austria combined have
i 7,000 square miles.
—. 1 . m •
show the beneficial ef
fects of
Scott's Emulsion
in a very short time. It
not only builds her up,
but enriches the mother's
milk and properly nour
ishes the child.
Nearly all mothers who
nurse their children shouH
take this splendid food
tonic, not only to keep
up their own strength but
to properly nourish their
Send 10c., name of paper and th in ad. for our
beautiful Savings Bank aud Child's Sketch-Book.
Each bt.uk contains a Good Luck Penny.
SCOTT & BOWNE. 409 Pearl St. New York
FM. rup.Ki.
Second Floor, MasoMe Tample,
un.n.l OhAM* UnimimN Va.
Mustial Phone. btadhtow, va.
i s
S Beverley book Co., |
INC. ;
New Year!
P.evcrley Carlwn Pajier at
2.") C the dozen is good value.
Majestic Loose Leaf Ledger?
I Beverley Book Co.,
I ' 'Under ye town clock."
V. J
The Number Feeding Wet Maah Ap
pear* to Be Increasing, a* Re
sults Given Are Better.
Most poultrymen feed mash—some
wet, some dry. The number feeding
the latter appears to be Increasing.
Its advocates claim equal or greater
results, healthier and more vigorous
stock, and better results at hatching
time, and there certainly is a sarins
of labor. There is no questioning the
fact that mazing and carrying wet
mash for any considerable number of
hens is hard work and takes time.
What do the hens say about dry
mash? We have tried It in a small
way, and I have been surprised to
see how readily hens that had been
accustomed to wet mash took to it,
says a writer in Good Literature. We
have fitted out five pens with home
made dry-feed hoppers, and are trying
it on the hens this winter. A cut of
one of these hoppers is shown here
with. It is made from a soap box 20
inches long, 8 inches deep and 15
inches wide, inside measure. The
throat at the bottom is two inches, and
the tray part is two inches deep. The
cover is made sloping to discourage
any ease-loving hen from taking an
after-mash siesta thereon. Leather
hinges are used on some of ours. This
hopper might be made with the box
on end, making a shorter tray and
less exposed surface, If preferred.
Self-Feeding for Dry Mash.
These dry-feed hoppers mads of
wood or galvanized iron may be pur
chased from poultry supply houses.
They may be a little more artistic,
but no better for practical purposes.
Another style of hopper for feeding
wet mash consists of two triangular
end pieces 20 inches high, to which
are fastened one by two inch strips,
and to these are nailed the upright
strips, about two inches wide, sharp
at the upper ends. On one side these
are nailed fast, but on the other the
lower longitudinal strip is rounded at
the ends, these ends being fitted into
an auger hole In the triangular piece,
thus making a sort of gate which is
opened to put the feed into the trough.
A wire hook at the middle fastens
this to the other side when closed.
The trough is about five inches high,
V-shaped, and rests in V-shaped cleats
at each end, so that it may be re
moved readily for cleaning. We have
two of these feed troughs which have
been in use several years. The trough
in one of them is made of wood, in
the other of galvanized iron. The lat
ter is now rusted through in several
places, while the wooden one is good
for several years more of use. These
feed racks or troughs may be made
of any desired length.
He have, also, a couple of the same
! racks, about 18 Inches square,
designed for water. They were very
satisfactory while they lasted, but
the galvanized iron pans rusted out in
a couple of years. One of these was
built with a space under the pan so
that some hot bricks might be put
(in cold weather to keep the
from freezing. These devices
>c purchased from some poultry
r houses, though I think th*
are made of round rods instead
lo Fear from the Chickens.
aes not require a very large plot
rly vegetables and small garden
and no fear of the chickens
I be felt. The large fields of
tnd potatoes can in most cases
planted at some distance
the poultry house, and in any
the fowls will harm them little
after they get a good start. But by
no means would we be without a
place in which we could confine the
hens when desired at seed and har
vest time and of course breeding hens
must be fenced. In this manner the
parks do not require to be so large
as when confined constantly, and
fowls can be given their freedom a
greater part of the season. On this
I a larger egg yield will be secured
c the greater profit.
Fence Out the Chickens.
great many farmers and others do
keep fowls because they claim
destroy so much garden truck
grain. That it is far better for
to run at large most of the time
;nerally conceded, and of course
no one can have a garden with hens
in it. The matter can be easily ar-'
ranged by having the garden fenced
in and the hens fenced out, contrary
to the usual method, a fence four feet
high will answer and the fence can
be removable and of a temporary char
"Reverse English!"
Dinah, crying bitterly, was coming
down the street with her feet hand
"Why, what on earth's the matter?"
she was asked. "How did you hurt
your feet, Dinah?"
"Dat good fo" nothin' nigger (snif
fle) done hit me on de haid wif a
club while I was standin' on de hard
stone pavement."—Everybody's Umgm.
■*—-. JyifVfmrtmMmmm
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
Putnam's Music Store!
We are now settled in our new YY'are-rooms, No. 11l Main
Street, and invite you to see and examine the largest and
finest stock of
Player Pianos,
Organs, and
Musical Merchandes
YVe have ever shown. Old instruments taken in EXCHANGE
at their full value.
Oak, Black YY'alnut, Poplar, Chestnut, i'ine, Sycamore and
Maple Lumber taken in exchange the same as cash on Pianos
and Organs.
If you are considering the puic'iase of an Instrument, let
us know, and one of our Sai.ksmas will be pleased to call on
you and explain to you our VERY EASY plan of purchase.
No. 11l W. Main St.. Staunton. Va.
A Great Opportunity!
A farm of nearly 200 acres, which lies almost perfectly for gra/.ing
and farming, in a good state of cultivation, and crops well, con
venient to schools, railroad and church. There is an orchard of
about 3,000 apple trees from nine lo twenty years of age, about 886
peach trees and a choice variety of small fruit, a vineyard of about
000 vines, good barn and a plain, four room house, a line spring
and a stream of water, is offered herewith at a price and on terms
seldom offered anywhere. If you are alive to something good, see
me at once.
Building. Real Estate and General Insurance.
An Ideal Home School for Manly Boys.
365 Boys from 45 States last session. Largest Pri
vate Academy in the South. Boys from 10 to 20
years old prepared for the Universities, Government
Academies, or Business.
1,800 feet above sea-level; pure, dry, bracing mountain air of the
famous proverbially healthful and beautiful Valley of the Shenan
doah. Pure mineral spring waters. High moral* tone. Parental
discipline. Military training develops obedience, health, manly
carriage. Fine, shady lawns, expensively equipped gymnasium",
swimming pool and athletic park. All manly sports encouraged.
Daily drills and exercises in open aih. Boys from homes of cul
ture and refinement only desired. Personal, individual instruction
by our Tutorial Systkm. Standards and traditions high. Ac
ademy 48 years old. New $100,000 barracks, full equipment, abso
lutely fire proof. Charges K560. Handsome catalogue free.f Address
CAPTAIN WH. H. KABLE, A. M., Principal,
Pays. Express on One Gallon
or more
Whiskey from $2 to $6 per
Phone 9.
Farm Machinery !
I have a large stock of highest grade FERTILIZERS made especially
for spring crops— manufactured by the best companies manufacturing
Fertilizer. A full line of the best grades of Grass Seeds; also a complete
line of FARM MACHINERY—Com Planters Double and Single Row
Reid Cultivotor and Harrow complete, New Idea Manure Spreader'
Bucher A Gibbe Double Action Cut-away harrow, Johnson Binders'
Mowers and Rakes; Anderson Surries, Buggies, Runabouts, and several
other lines which are the best that can be bougt for lhe money. Before
making your purchase for your spring supplies see me, as I can save
you money. All I ask of you is to look the line over and get prices and
you will be convinced that they are the best for the money on the mar
ket. Middlebrook Aye. and Johnson St. Yours truly,
OUR Readers .will And
correct schedules of the
Chesapeake [£ Ohio,
Southern, and Chesapeake-
YVestern Railways, publish
ed regularly in the Spec

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