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Rev. Wm. H. H. Joyce of Roanoke
Valley is Cited
Intercepted Letter, for Which
Explanation Will Be Asked,
Started Scandal
ROANOKE, Va., Dec. 14. —The
who has resigned as pastor of Trinity
Methodist Episcopal Church, South,
of Roanoke, has been connected here
recently with the name of a promi
nent society woman, who is the wife
of a wealthy real estate broker.
It is understood here that the hus
band of the woman who figures in
the case will shortly file suit in the
local court for a divorce from his
The resignation of the former
Valley clergyman appears to have
been practically forced, as it is stat
ed that the resignation of Rev. Mr.
Joyce followed upon the heels of an
investigation made by Rev. W. L.
Woolfe, the presiding elder of Roa
itrict of the Baltimore con
;v. Joyce must stand trial by
er ministers. Acting under
from Bishop Collins Denny,
W. L. Wolfe, presiding el
le Roanoke district of the
3 Conference of the M. E.
South, appointed a conimit
•ee ministers to make an mo
o the rumors which have
ulated here,
mmittee met here yesterday
concluded its inquiry. Their
commends to the presiding
t a church trial will neees
eonsider Mr. Joyce's case.
ns that Bishop Denny will
. committee of ministers to
case and decide on the
of Mr. Joyce's culpability,
enny is at present in Flori
icting a conference. It is
)d that he will visit Roa
:t week in connection with
c matter,
ature of the evidence has
disclosed, but it is under
it an intercepted letter is
ipal point at issue.
the construction placed on
r depends the future of the
The fiadings of the corn
ill be forwarded to the pre
ier, Rev. W. I_ Woolfe, who
rt to Bishop Denny.
Ur. Joyce did not occupy
t in Trinity Church on Sun
e services were conducted
eg ministers,
r. Joyce was pastor of Brad
eet Church, in Winchester
n years ago, having suc
le late Rev. Dr. Samuel K.
[r. Joyce has served as pas
a.lem, Blacksburg, Beuna
1 L,uray since leaving Win
ind went to Roanoke a few
3 from Blacksburg.
Ir. Joyce i sa pulpit orator
tional ability, possessing a
personality which attracts
N. V., Dec. 14.—Following
ivery of one of the worst
i the history of New York
; police are today hunting
;alian farm hand suspected
ering Mrs. Ann Morner and
! children—Arthur, twenty
rrs old: Edith, twenty, and
dies of Mrs. Morner and her
liters were found last night,
is not until after " o'clock
ning that the son's body
d. Each body had been rie
und otherwise mutilated,
y were buried in refuse in
table batik of the Morner
ise in Blooming Grove,
ST county,
.lian employed as a farm
to was knawn only by the
Ed, is missing. A hatchet
the stable, is believed to
n used by the slayer.
_BURG, Va., Dec. 14.—A.
aged 56, a farmer living
ynchburg, died Tuesday
>m a carbuncle. He is sur
his wife and three children,
at home.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Sough]
Signature of Cda^/jffa^C^U
Continued from page 1
the matter of danger to emptying
the third Iloor rooms in case of
panic, but to the climbing of so
many stairs, and perhaps other ob- j
"It was estimated that the cost
_f the former plan, viz.: remodeling
ihe present building into an eight :
room school, would be in the neigh- i
borhood of $3,000 while the cost |
under the three-story plan would
be from $21,000 to $24,000.
"Under either plan we would face
t he necessity of providing additional
facilities in the way of a school
building or buildings, and this j
brought us to a consideration of the
use of the Baldwin street schooi
building and the old Academy build
ing on North New street. The latter
so we are informed, is held by trus
tees and under the terms of their!
trust it is prescribed merely that
the building shall be used for edu
cational purposes. It is now in use
by the Beverley Manor District
School Board, but will be vacated at
the end of the current session, and
will be available to the city for its
school purposes at practically no cost
except adaptation of the building to
modern requirements, etc. But it
is estimated that the cost of improv
ing and fitting this building will per
haps run as high as $5,000.
Patrons Fear Building.
"The Baldwin street building has
not been used since June, 1910, just
before the cave-in occurred. As it
now stands the school patrons, as
teems to be the general belief, would
refuse to permit their children to
attend school in it. And this is
:>ut natural. Under the present cir
cumstances it would be indefensible
to attempt to use it or compel its
use. Some concession must be made
to that sentiment, or opinion, or be
lief —call it what you will —held by
i very large number of the school pa
rous who regard the building and
its foundations as unsafe. At the
same time to the lay intelligence an
inspection shows the building to be
n external and internal appearance
practically a sound and safe struc
ture, and since it represents an in
vestment of at least $25,000 of the
people's money, it should not incon
inently and lightly be consigned to
■.he scrap-heap.
"Your committee, as well as the
School Board, have come to the de
liberate and fixed conclusion that the
subject of the Baldwin street build
ing i s the keystone of the whole
school-building proposition. Upon
he question as to whether this build
ing can be used for school purposes
or not. depend all other plans. If it
is available we shall need fewer
rooms elsewhere; if it is not avail
able, we shall need more facilities
Request Early Action.
"The School Board, concurring
unanimously in this view, has re
quested that steps be taken prompt
ly to have the question as to the
uvailibility of the Baldwin street
building for school use determined.
"We recommend, therefore, that
the council proceed at once to secure
the best expert opinion obtainable
on the subject, covering the struc
tural condition of the building it
lelf, its foundations and the possi
bility of danger in its use by reason
of underground conditions. In this
connection it may be necessary to se
cure the services of two experts, but
whatever shall be done, we believe
:hat an opinion should be secured
which will be thorough, unquestion
ably authoritative and final on the
-object. It is more than probable
thai a building engineer of practical
experience may be found who will
possess the necessary qualifications.
"We recommend further that a
committee of not less than one mem
ber nor more than three be appointed
to act in the matter."
I (KINGTON, Dec. 14.—Presi
'aft tonight inaugurated the
season at the White House
ie gave the first of his formal
;. He entertained the Cabinet
rs and their wives. It is true
b gave a dinner to the Re
n National Committee a few
ago, hut that was not on the
Iprogram and did not count
opener of the season,
next formal function at the
House will be the New Year's
on on January 9, then the
atic dinner on January IC.
i, until February 20, when
ay and navy reception will of
close the social season, there
i receptions and dinners ave
one a week,
year's program of social
is practically the same as last
A few changes in dates have
lecessary, but otherwise the
list of affairs at the White House
Irs Written by Another Man
ilieved to Have Prompt
ed Deed
WILLE, Va., Dec. 14.—Lcav
idence that he had planned tbe
c deed as long ago as Thanks-
Day, William C. Pinnix, a car
itant employed by the South
lilway, yesterday afternoon,
4 o'clock, without a word of j
lg, seized a revolver and fired
illets into the brain of his wife,
'annie New Pinnix; then, turn
e revolver upon himself, sent
et into his own brain. Both
id and wife died shortly after- |
double tragedy took place in
;droom adjoining another, in
a son, "Will," was lying
Upon hearing the shot the
ished into the room in which
igedy Was enacted, but was
te to render aid, both father
and mother being in a dying condi
tion when he reached them.
The immediate motive, which im
pelled Pinnix to the frightful act, be
came at once apparent when it was
made known that he had two hours
before the tragedy placed in the
iiands of his son a package of let
ters which were evidently written
from another man to Pinnix's wife,
and which, it is said, contain lan
guage leading to the conclusion that,
there had been intimate relations
existing between the two. It is also
said that Pennix's wife had left him
The letters in question were signed
"A. 8.," which are said to be the
initials of "A. Bridges," who was
formerly an insurance solicitor here,
but who is now said to reside in
Richmond. Some of these letters
are said to be dated as late as Decem
ber, 1911.
As a result of the double killing
:he two children —Polly, aged twelve
years, and W. G., Jr., aged eighteen
!'e_;-s —are orphaned.
The slain woman is a daughter of
\V. W. New, formerly wealthy and
prominent socially here. Pinnix was
a son of Colonel Pinnix, deceased of
Yanceyville, N. C. Both families
are prominently connected here. No
funeral arrangements have as yet
been made.
o '■ —
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. 14.—
Weak from hunger and exposure
Harry Waldron, the juror whose es
cape last Sunday night blocked the
progress of the second trial of Dr.
B. Clarke Hyde, charged with the
murder of Col. Thomas H. Swope,
returned to his home today. He was
brought into court by Mrs. Waldron,
and after a conference with him
Judge Porterfield announced that he
would dismiss the entire jury on
the ground of Waldron's mental in
His eyes shifting and every move
ment betraying shattered nerves,
Waldron described to Judge Porter
field four days of wandering through
the country in search of "fresh air
—»i in _xi_» l ±_v", v a., uec. __. Ine
local corps of the Salvation Army
will serve Christmas dinner to 300
poor children of Lynchburg in addi
tion to sending dinner to the homes
of a large number poor families.
* --■
Why should you continue to ex
periment with salves, greasy lotions
and fancy hair dressings trying to
rid your scalp of germ life. They
can't do it because they cannot pene
trate to the seat of the trouble and
draw the germ life to the surface
of the scalp and destroy it.
Why not try a PROVEN REME
DY? One that will do this. We
have a remedy that will rid the
scalp of germ life and in this way
will cure DANDRUFF and ITCH
This remedy is ZEMO, a clean, re
fined, penetrating scalp tonic that
goes right to the seat of the trouble
and drives the germ life to the sur
face and destroys it.
A shampoo with ZEMO (ANTI
SEPTIC) SOAP and one application,
of ZEMO will entirely rid the scalp
of dandruff and scurf. Do not hes
itate, but get a bottle of ZEMO to
day. It acts on a new principle and
will do exactly what we claim for it.
Sold and endorsed by the B. F.
Hughes and Waynesboro Drug Store.
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 14. —In
accordance with an annual custom a
delegation from the Masonic lodge
of Fredericksburg, Va., visited Mt.
Vernon today and placed a wreath
of flowers on the tomb of Washing
ton, in commemoration of the an-
Progress Comfort
Hot Blast
The most won
derful Hot Blast,
smoke consuming,
Air-Tight Stove on
the market. Keeps
lire 24 hours. Hand
some and Durable.

All stoves cut in price
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largest stock eycr ex
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China and glassware
both imported and do
We have what you
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D© f _E_* - : ' #•§ '■•___? J
fyMLfIM If• Julv^
/S/J Christmas Novelties at Cost
cc Chief Lipscomb went to
itoek yesterday, and returned
afternoon with C. E. Blades,
?gistcred last week at the Vir
hotel as from Baltimore, left
tulay with an unsettled hotel
d is alleged to have since then
ed similar practices at hotels
jhboring towns.
City employes were given a court
eous vote of thanks by the Board
of Aldermen last night, and a reso
lution was adopted providing that
receive their pay envelopes this
month several days before Christ-
Christmas Buyers
Are cordially invited to visit our
store and inspect our line of pretty
Christmas Gilts.
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Simpson, Baylor & Co.
With the Coming of Middle Age
There is a letting down in the
physical force often shown in annoy
ing and painful kidney and bladder
ailments and urinary irregularities.
Foley Kidney Pills are a splendid
regulating and strengthening medi
cine at such a time. Try them.

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