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Archbishop Ireland of Minneapolis
Celebrates His Golden '
ST. PAUL, Minn., Dec. 21. —To-j
day marked the fiftieth anniversary
of Archbishop Ireland's ordination
to the priesthood. In deference to
the expressed wish of the Archbishop
no elaborate celebration of the gold
en jubilee was held, but the flood of
congratulatory messages received
during the day from archbishops,
bishops, priests and prominent lay
men throughout America afforded
eloquent testimony of the love, re
spect and veneration in which the
eminent St. Paul prelate is held by
the people of all classes.
Archbishop Ireland passed his
seventy-third birthday anniversary
on September 11 last, but both men
tally and physically appears to be in
the prime of life. His hair is iron
gray, and there are furrows in his
forehead, but the casual observer \
liuld not guess his age at more j
in 60. |
Given Purse of $100,000.
The priests of the diocese have |
ssented Archbishop Ireland with a
rse of $100,000 in celebration of!
his golden jubilee. That the whole [
or at least the greater part of this
large sum will be distributed in char
ity is regarder as certain by all those
who are familiar with the extreme
•generosity of the Archbishop.
A priest who acted as Archbishop
Ireland's secretary for some years is
authority for the statement that the
prelate never turned a beggar from
his door absolutely empty handed.
He gives money to them with slight
questioning, and seldom in amounts
less than $1, the amount often being
as high as $5 or $10. It is related
of him that one evening in winter a
forlorn-looking man came to his
door and asked for a quarter.
Fumbling in his pockets for a minute
the Archbishop brought up a $2 0
gold piece, and, handing it to the
man with a smile, said, "That is a
little more than you need tonight.
Take it, use what you have to, and
make the remainder the nucleus for
the fortune which you have it in
your power to win."
tGave Away Library.
Some years ago Archbishop Ire
id was the possessor of the finest
rary in the Northwest. Shortly
after the Hill seminary at McAlester
got under way as a great education
al institution it found itself much in
need of books of references. The
matter having been called to the
attention of the Archbishop, he, with
out the slightest hesitation, ordered
his own library to be sent to the in
stitution. His order wa sobeyed,
and, with the exception of a dozen
books, the whole valuable collec
tion has ever since remained at the
disposal of the students.
At the VIRGINIA —Jannet G. Far
rar, Clifton Forge; W. Me. Yarbough,
county; Nellie C. Farrar, Clifton
Forge; Susan Farrell, Claremont;
W. J. Alexander, Cincinnati; S. W.
Randolph, University of Virginia; J.
B. Newman, Jr., New York; H. R.
Weisiger, Richmond; B. R. Brown,
Jr., Norfolk; T. M. Fridge, Rich
mond; A. B. Brine, Boonesville, Va.;
James Morrily, Boonesville, Va.; T.
C Wilson, Lynchburg; D. E. Wright,
Harry Murphy, Milwaukee; W. O.
Dabney, Richmond; Mr. and Mrs.
J. R. Sandrige, Virginia; J. Moore,
Richmond; D. Kramer, Winchester;
W. E. Chelton, W. Va.; J. B. May
bury, Houston, Texas; R. W. Bat
ton, Batesville, Miss.; E. G. Beau
mont, Fordwick.
At the AUGUSTA—R. Randolph
Harris, University; A. B. Booker,
Lynchburg; Boyd Stephenson, Mont
erey; C. F. Bodly, city; Leo. A. Art-j
tim, Louisville; W. C. Shackelford,
Albermarle; L. B. Yancey, county;
G. Alan Maphis, University; J. R.
Eugle, Virginia; Paul M. Penick,
Lexington; Guy R. Fischu, Rich
mond; L. J. Marshall, Hinton, Va.;
Dr. J. L. Lambert and wife, Vir
ginia; F. D. Carson and wife, coun
ty; C. S. Jones, Culpeper; Elgin
Harmon, Bristol; Geo. W. Stevenson,
R. S. Suter, Dayton; Miss Grabil, S.
J. Williamson, Charleston; Geo. B.
Carvins, Charleston; Miss Poyntz,
F. P. Staley, Clifton Forge; Miss
Weil, Washington; T. S. Baskerville,
Waynesboro; G. W. Funkhouser,
Harrisonburg; Miss H. Spring, Auro
ra, 111.; Miss Sarah H. Shields,
Brownsville, S. C; J. H. Dillihger,
Mt. Sidney; A. W. Lunsford, Monte
rey; H. F. Sugarman, New York;
Jno. B. Pile, Harrisonburg; F. F.
Cummings, Maurretown; J. H. Wal
lace, Creston, la.; Thos. W. Carr,
New York; J. W. Carpenter, Bridge
water, Va.; K. E. Hanger Scar
brough, W. Va.; S. E. Drumkeller,
Charlottesville; C. L. Henson, Chi
cago, 111.; E. C. Tutwiler, Rocking-]
ham, Va.; G. M. White, Lexington,
Va.; H. L. Hellyer, Princeton, N.
Y.;Miss Maud Stickly, New York;
W. C. Dickson, Trimble, Va.; G. D.
Yonell, Fordwick, Va.
educational commission of the South
Carolina Baptist Convention met in
this city today to consider the ques
tion of beginning an active campaign
to raise funds, for the Baptist col
leges for women at Greenville and
Anderson. At the last meeting of
the convention both institutions were
reported in need of financial sup
Following is the list of letters
remaining unclaimed in the Staun
ton postoffice for the last week:
Ladies —Miss Mary E. Dickinson,
Miss Hellen Floyd, Miss Martha Ann
Hayes, Miss Estelle Johnson, Miss
Ethel Jones, Miss Maggie E. Lewis,
Mrs. Maggie O'Brien, Miss Gertrude
Royal, Mrs. E. A. Stover, Miss Mol
lie Taylor.
Men—Mr. Capperton, Jake Gor
don, Rev. C. R. Lacy, Stuart Neele,
Frank Ross, S. H. Simmons, Alia
Stranger, Minor Swisher, Frank
Trimble, S. H. Walling, H. Williams.
ROME, Dec. 21. —Either Mgr.
Aversa, papal delegate to Bra
zil, or Mgr. Stagni, papal delegate
to Montreal, will be selected by Pope
Pius to succeed Cardinal Falconio
as apostolic delegate to Washington,
according to a report in Vatican cir
cles today.
For Thursday, Friday and Saturday Only
Any orje bringing a copy of the following list can £*\ O
__L __i v____ __p^__
get any of the books listed below for C^C^
Jennie Gerhcart, Theodore Drei
The Carpet From Bagdad, Harold
Love in a Little Town, Buckrose.
Ailsa Paige, Robert W. Chambers.
The Purchase Price, Emerson
Robert Kimberly, Spearman.
The Conflict, Phillips.
No. 7 Masonic Temple. The Christmas Store
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Down Comforts, Table Linens, Rugs, etc.
Big Reductions in Ladies' and Misses' 1 Suits and Coats.
(Contlued from pa_a 2}
ing the Republican ticket, and he
can also persuade him to make a
number of other Republican floaters
stay at home on election day. It is
recorded that during the last cam
paign a few votes were purchased
repeatedly—only a very few, how
ever. By far the greater number
were bought in open daylight and in
I public places. A great many votes
were actually bought at auction,
which every one knew was in prog
ress. Many floaters at these sales
received handsome honoriums for
their chameleon-like convictions.
HARRISONBURG, Va., Dec. 21.—
J. A. Kennedy, a well known Staun
ton horseman who has frequently
exhibited horses in Harrisonburg,
during the days of the horse show
here, has bought the P. D. West
farm a short distance southeast of
Staunton. The farm is an excellent
one, contains 122 acres and is said
to have brought-$14,000. Mr. Ken
nedy was already the owner of a
very fine Augusta farm.
License for the marriage of Mr.
John D. Shover and Miss Amy B.
Helmick at Newport today was se
A Person of Some Importance,
Lloyd Osbourne.
The Root of Evil, Thos. Dixon.
The Gold Brick, Brand Yfliitlot-k.
Colonel Todhunter of Missouri,
The Dangerous Age, Michaelis.
Poppea of the Postoffice, Mabel
Osgood Wright.
The Translation of Krag, Eugene
P. lij-le, Jr.
Continued from page 1
ager plan. On one side there is pro
test that the $5,000 or so annually
required for the maintenance of the
office is a large item in the total of
city expenditures; on the other side
it is explained that the office many
times saves its cost, item after item
No Meeting to Be
tiled This Week
rmination was reached in con
;s yesterday morning by niem
f the joint committee on the
city business manager recommenda
i defer request for a call of
spective joint session of the
if Aldermen and the Common
. A postponement of the ses
r a week, or even more, was
one which would give oppor
for enlightening, correcting
irifying public consideration
profoundly important matter,
rise was created over discov
members of the committee
u-ious misunderstanding has
itertained by some members
Council regarding what has
me and planned by the com
in its quest for a suitable
Continued from page one.)
locally received. The title of the
number is "Commission Government
in Ameircan Cities." It is publish
ed by the University of Pennsylvania.
The publication is very widely dis
tributed, the association membership
alone being 5,000. "That is some-
Ing worth while in the way of pub
ty for Staunton," remarked one
teh gentlemen in the "Pro" camp
terday. "The prestige gained by
h things as this alone is well
rth the cost of maintaining the
office of city business manager."
Mr. S. D. Timberlake, Jr., men
tioned that Professor Bullock, who
M 3 the chair of economics at Har
, was so delighted by a recent
study of the Staunton Plan that he
expressed hope of securing for it a
special book treatment by President
■s. R. J. Hall, who was the guest
r sister, Mrs. J. R. Gregory has
gone to Port Republic to spend the
Christmas, with her father, Mr. May.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bough]
Bears the sjf? yZsJ^^-£ ,
Signature of C_6a>'9__/%___('&--
I Composer, Agne_ and Egerlon
Bin's Band, Vance.
White Sister, __ Marion Craw
hia of tlic Minuete, Vance.
Life Everlasting, Marie Corel
>c, E. Phillips Oppcnheini.
Circle, Katherinc Cecil Tliurs-
Matinee and Night
Christmas Day
An Eminent Actor
John £.
i:ess in New York City
d by Every Newspaper
in New York
akesperean Repertory
nday Matinee
.rchant of Venice
onday Night
, Matinee 25c to $1.00
light 25c to $1.50
from Empire Theatre,
New York
le, Friday, December 22
The Phantom of the Opera, Beronx
The Glory of Clementina, Burke.
The Social Bui-anecr, Frederick S.
Secretary of Frivolous Affairs,
The Song uf the Cardinal, Porter.
Ju"n Marvel Assistant, Thus. Xel-
The Common Bavr, Chanihers.
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