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improvements that are made, and from o
tlicr sources ; ami above all, bv the confi
dence that our acts and those ».» future Lt
iMslatun t, will inspire, that t:o mcjpve will
have influence in this float'd, or yi the A.
s-.-mbly of a local nature, but that the fund
will be faithfully applied to /(il the' differ
ent objects in turn, giving priority to those
vf most importance, and to whim the c
ttibutions of individuals required by law,
jr.. y h; cbt i.ied. To me it is imm.teri.d
whether the first exp nd.'.urc is made in
this or lh .t p rt of the country. All that
1 asii is, that the improvement shall be
practi« able ail valuable, and that the
j ublic ni ray shall be laid cat with u ciue
i cml to cc 11a oy n< d the public interest,
i flatter myself that our ex-niple cf for
b-uruce and devotion to the great object
tf the general I prove meat of the State,
without sny const ieraticn cf particular or
lo ci ben fit, will reconcile ti e people,
in every part of the State to the op n
ion, tlr-t t'ne improvemc.it of the whole
country is n' t to bo end ngered or
defeated Ly local je.tlosi.s, or a per
tinacious adherence to a preference of
particular objects. For myself, I give
\.>u the in* st solemn ph dge, that 1 en
ter up n the discharge of nty duty, as a
member » f this Biard, us.i reprcr.Ciif.Uive
i.t the Stat:*, ond that no personal nor local
considerations, shall ever have the sm .11
fst influence upon my conduct ; and I have
the utmost confidence, that tvciy member
>vill do the same with equal sincerity.
I tho’t it my duty to convene the Board
of Public Works at th 3 time, t > communi
cate to you the measures taken to pro ere
an Kngiueer, and that i v,a.si r.practicable
t) effect that object, unless the compnsa
t‘on to be given, should be first fixed. A
delpy in piMcuring an Fagir.e r, must un
avoidably ptver istinate the comiiu r.cc
Kient cf every work cf improvement.
_It is ind spcnsable to t: e cxe- i
cation of the law, that provision sh aid I
b' rat.ls by th.3 Ro-*-i to defray the |
expcnc» s to be incurred. u; d r die a< t !
country, nncl a Gc er.il ax >p of the Tcrti
tory of the Commonwealth.” I believi <1 too
that srnv* rnnci rt ar.d interchange of opi >
ion should take place pia vious to the meet
ing i-A N. vemhe’’, as to ti e objects which
should he fi:.st. u .d rtakcr, and th t the
public inter •‘•t w .s nice 5 kely to be pro
moted by the early d velopemeut of the
views cf the Ho^ri, than by them being
called upon suddenly to propose and to de
cide upon scbj.-cts of sti h great importance
and general interest. The d fferent views
tin t arc . ntertained ran now be disclosed
a d deliberated upon until November,
when i hope we shall be able to act with
, Our highly distinguished fillow-c t'z m,
Thomas J: fferson, having tie* lined the ac
ceptance of his appointment to a seat at
this Hoard, th<’ law requires the vac ncy
r i he fiihd l.v us during the recess of the
Leg slature. While I regret the lots which
the pu.'ili.. must sustain from this resigna
tion, I cannot refuse my assent to tire rc-a
sows which dictated it. Aft-i nearly fifty
years of unremitted ex?rti ui in the public
servic e, no man can complain of his rrsclu
tion to r.c k that repose which nature ik.
» Vour great intelligence renders it unne
cessary for me to suggest any particular
objects to your consideration, and nothing
remains for me to do, but to give you the
strongest assur .r.ccs cf the most zealous
co-operation on my part, to promote the
great and good work confided tons, to ex
press my most ardent wishes that our ex
ertions may be crowned with success, and
that we m <y have the sitisf ction of know
ing that we have essential y served our
btl ved Country,
The Presi 'ent laid before the Board a
letter from Thomas J ff’-osn -, Ksq. declin
ing 'is ap ointment, as D u-ctrr—And al
si ’ ariou- lc ters on the «ubj- ct of procur
ing a fit, able, and experienced Civil Engi
On motion, Resolved, That the President
of the Board, the Attorney General, and
Treasurer of the Commonwealth, be n«
thoiisec! to provi !e “ a common seal for
tlie Piesi lent ik Board of Public Works,”
with, suitable dev ces tl.emou, and that a
<*;rr. net exceed ng one hundred dollars be
appropriated to defray the expense there
y I'revived. That the salary to he allowed
th' 7)t ncipal lingmcrr cr Surveyi rof Pub
lie VVoiks, '■hull be for the present three
thou a* d io lars per annum, payable quar
terly—ar.J that the siirl principal Kngi
tieer or Surveyor of Public Works, during
his cant nu no* in office, be not permitted
to engage in any other prof* ssiunal business,
without the permission of this Hoard while
in session, or cf the Piesldent and any
two members tin re of during the recess
of the Board, being first obtained.
Resolved, That the S-crtarycf this
Hoard he instructed to address, in !>• half
of the Hoard, a circular letter to the Pres
ident and Directors cf each cf the incorpo
rated companies, the stock of whi h con
stitutes n part of the Fund for inter
tad improvement, requesting of them
tuc.li information as they inay have
it in their power to communicate 10
th,3 Hoard, rei five to the present state
of the several public works under their
direction, and cspei hilly the c.;t nt in miles
of the road or n •.vigatinn already tu npik
c.l or impteved Jiy them, tbs .total cost of
SJCh road or ot such improvements, the
debts, if any, due by the said companies,
and the debtsdne to them, with the times
°fpayment, the past receipts fiom tolls,
,:''ting the years in which they w«re exe
cuted, and the existing obstructions, if
any, in the way of the farther progress of ■
hie said works,where tliey me not already
r- implc'tcd.
On motion, Resolved, That the fl'Creta
fy of tlo* Hoard be instructed to address a
•etter, is behalf of the Board, fo the Pres
ident and Directors of the James River j
Company, in order to know of that Compa- |
ny« if thev will undertake, with the aor»ro
tr.ion of the ^Tenvrel As’eniblv of Virgi
r,ia. to extend the n-vigatlou of James Ri
ve>' to the mouth of Dunlap’s Creek, and
’'.Jf>n what conditions.
On motion. Resolved, That the President
f ' 'he Hoard, the Attorney (letifiul and
1 feastirer of tiie Oonuoi'nivrs.dth, be mi*
‘•forised to take the necessary s,"p,’i to pro*
."r**, for the use of the Hoard, such
* r“atisrs on the struct we of roads and
- a, nr ««i h nl wo or drawing, i*histifi
!we thereof, or i f any otjier branches nf
’ -,vil K .gi .« ring, t mother with Midi h s
■ ■ ■ i 'if t ie Public A n>;scm thn. i e crip*
i already eitc-ttted oe be^un without |
the limits of til's Conram\ycnlth, as may
■i -rve ti aid li e President and Board of
Public Works in the performance of the
duties required of them by law, and that
the sum of two hundred dollars be appro
priated to cirry this authority into effect.
lie wived, That the S?crctary of the
Bjatd l-c authorized and required to re
ceive and prepare a i.daloroe of all hooks,
p! ns or dr w-.-igs presented u> the Boani
of Public Works, aad to pr -serve such
books in some place of safe-keeping along
with the public documents and proceedings
of the board.
Id lward C. Carrington, Esq. was u
nariimously ilccteda Director, m the toom
of Mr. J -ft*: rson.
Various rcsuluticrs for the improvement
of the roads and rivers of the Common
wealth, which wi re submitted to the
Board, were referred to a Committee i t
five ; who made a iteport on Friday—
wiii ii Hep li t was considered, amended,
and finally agreed tv, as follows :
The Committee of five members, to
whom were ret. rred sever.I resolutions
for the" improvement of the roads and ri
vers of th i Commonwealth, have had the
same under th-ir consideration, and beg
leave to
That in the situation in which “ The
Board of Public Works,” is placed at pre
sent, not y t enjoying the advantages an
ticipated from the skill and expCri. nee of
its “ principal Engim er or Surveyor
without the profits to be here fter expect
ed from “ 'j'lie Fund for Internal Improve
ment,” which is moreover pledged by the
legislature for the accomplishment of an
o!ij ct not yet fu fi.ied ; an 1 relying soKly
up< 11 the i -.format on to bij derived from
us individual members,convene ! u .expect
edly at tl. is tine to form “a i extra meet
ing of the Board for the trass ictirti of ex
traordinary business,” it is not expedient
to decide upon any particular woik, as a
iii subject** to be recommended to cite pat
rol no ye • f the (iv ncr l Assc i b’v.”
But, as there are certain great objects,
w!i st? attainment your committee regard
as of high iir.portan c to the interests of
this Couimrn wealth, and to which it is the
opinicn of your Committee “the fund 1 >r
intern l improvement should he applied,”
when “ the Board for Public Works” skull
h ive acquired the interest in that fund it
will he re aft r possess, and when the board
shsd h uc attaim d the requisite 1: f r.'nm.it n,
to enable t to deride upon the best mcuis
of accomplish! g hem ; with a view of call
i g die attention ot the citizens of this State
t > these ohj ■< is, and of attaining the infor
mation in relation thereto which tlie board
is s.d.chons to acqu rc, your Committee
beg leave to recommend to the board,
the adoption of the subjoined resold
tli ‘Pa—
By the enumeration of objects stated in
these res dud .ns, your Committee hope
tliiy shall not tic understood, either as ex
cluding any others, or as recommending
in anv way i piefrrence amor g those v. h ch
they have enumerated :—they are awar ■
of many other objects of great importance
to tlie internal improvement of the Coun
try, not enumerated in these ivso’.uti.t.s, to
each of which the att n ion of tlie Boai<i
should be hereafter drawn, and some^P
ivliich in.'.f probably be entitled to a pre
ference over those n »w enumerated—Eat
with a view of pi evenin g the difficulties
and confusion w hich might hrreafter arise,
from exhibit ng too u,.n y o! je<.t.> at the
s me time, they have .confined themselves
for present, to those which t!i y have
stated, ns beiii" probably the mcsi exten
sive or difficult of any of the works, vvl.i h
m ly hereafter h.:\e claim to the patronage
of the L.-gisLture :—
1. Resolved, That opening the navi
gati n of the Roanoake and its several
branc hes both above and below the great
bids and within the limits of this State,
the conncx on of the waters cf that river a
buve the great fails with the watt rs below
tae sa nv, and tlie connexion of those wa
teis with some of the ether rivers in Vir
ginia, by in a.is of one or more navigable
c i als, ai w ohj cts of great i.upm t.>nce to
the int rests cf this Comm, nwealth.
2, Resolved, That the making of en ar
th:s Statu near Abingdon in the county of
Washington, to the town of Lynchburg on
James U ver, is an object of gie.it imp r
tance to the interests of this Comm m..
3. Resolved, That the making of an ar
tificial road from some poi'.t oa Jackson’s
river to so ne other point on the n.iviguble
waters of the Kenowlm river, and the ix
tension of the navigation ol those rivers as
high up the same s practicable, are objects
of great importance to the interests of this
Common wealth.
4. Resolved, That the making cf an ar
tificial roa 1 from Staunton to some point on
the river Ohio in the counties of Wood or
Tyler, is an ohj cl of great importance to
the interests of this Commonwealth.
.5. Resolved, That the making of an r.r
t firi 1 road from Salem in the county of
Hotetourt to Winchester, is an object of
great impoitancc to the interests of this
6. Resolved, That the opening the navi
gation of the river Shenandoah and its
branches, is an object of great impor
tance to the interests of tins Common
7. Resolved, That the opening the nav
igation of the river ilappahannock and its
branches ah-ve the Gn at Falls of tn. t
river, is an object of great importance to
the interests of this Commonwealth.
8. Resolved, That the improvement of
the navigation of the Monongahela ri
ver. is an object of great importance to the
iiit- rests of this Commonwealth.
9. Resolved, Tint th ■ making cf an ar
tificial road from Winchester to a point
n ar the eastern base of the Alivgh ny
Mountain in the rood which the g vern
rrentof the United States sext.-ndn g from
Fort Cntnhcrlantl to Wheeling, is an ob
j c.tnf great importance to the intt.rc.sti of
this Commonwealth.
And fur the purpose r-f cnablin; tins
H. ard hereafter to decide upon the best
means of attaining these gre.t object', or
to rrco mend tbvni or such ol them
nny be found must pr tmicable nod oonvi—
n;v t, to the pate m. ol the I. goda
turi :—
10. Re"■oived, Th - h~ Ib rsidrat of t’-‘;
?. i' J <1 • “nil- t rtr.o s*!i the pub re "uws
papers, or in any other mode which he
ha.! tt. »ik. m s: * vi •'.!>>, ill the informa
tir.n which either iftd vk’unls or cr.rj tat.
Irnd' s can co nmitni) •' a to tho b. ard,
touching thee sulifjrr.tR iliat in Ktch
cji.t.u.ratal ..0, afoj cnatiuo he particular*
J - —
ly requested as to the direction, th ' Trr '
:»rul til-* probable cxpcm-c nf t!• «* i>r' j ct**" i
works :—that the comr, onications be tVi- !
rected to the President of this Hoard ; and
li.it all cnrnniuni atim s *o re cited be laid
by the President before the board at its next t
A resolution was offered and ad p'edin !
the fo.l v i.g words : I
Jin (rived, I’hat the sum of thr c tlmut- j
and dollars be net apart out it the ftim' j
for internal Improvement u-id denominated !
a ** Contingent Fund ih t the t ntun; . L !
fund be implied to meet any expert u •
chargeable on the fund fur internal i * p ov« - '
went wiii.J: have been authored by the a'*t *
•t ihe (/ nr ml Assen>bly of Yirgini.n, • r.ti- !
tied “ An act to provide an accurate cl* i t !
of each county, £c a g' neral map of the ter- 1
ritnvy of tiie Commonwealth or which i
may have been or shall hereafter bo *u
tlmr'sfd bv any appropriation of the Ho r;l
of Public \V rk , not provided for by a spe
cial order ii;:on the Treitsu cr of thr- C :»«
mrnv. er.Ith ; that sirdi poni n of the s id
fund, us up.y he fvomti .»<• to time r> qiur; ',
lv pm l to tin- oidcr o' the Pets dent • f t" e
Ho .rd. winch order sh l'setfoith t i p r
t cub r object for whi h it is made ; teat
the Serrr t.uy shall pn serve ;■ record cf nil
orders so drawn, mrl that 11 re in every
vc :i* an examination sh id 1 e in u'v by or
der of the board into nil txp.ncli-urcs out
of th** Cont tig nt Fund.
Thr. Bo rd adj timed to meet a^a'n cu
the first Monday i:i Novemb r next.
A C AITD — /• r the Enquirer.
The letter. No. 3, with the signature
“ Fritnd to theN ny,” was pr< p ling, in
answer to minor objections, mad b-’ the
“Friend o/the Navy” to V >rk Ulvcr,
when tiie arrival, in that river, of th •
“Noy-Such” with the Navy (dominks’en
ers. was annnm; cd to him.—The “ Friend
to the: Navy” n i iong.r deems :t access .ry
tooccupv th.e columns of your useful pa
per, by the discus ;i in of a subjc t, «.u which !
those who are ultimately to iVride, are far !
more competent, n i tqu lily disu s-d to do,
" l i can ;or an,, j slice to in ir ci uuny.
The characters these gent!eni-n sust-in—
thoT'.rgc *;•> ce they justly occupy >n this
v.c'ety, indu ; s the “ Friend to t .e. Navy*’
conmlentfy to repose in their intelligence,
and patriotism.—lie will attempt to • x- it -
no use 1 hs or groundless f ar. , tier rais .*
the ph ntom expense, in terr-r, b fore
these gentlemen : in the writer it would i>e
i lie ; to the Commissioners, disresp t tful.
*,* We l.av.- si. t- f r.c.tii- g r- *’ ccti' g th** tin ns
• c'ii -i, U> whii-ii tiu-f jiioMi ik rclat- *, i.ut what has
r-ti ll, if ns in soil)** itsji ct *l>'.c sli.qi-. We have
puliiolr il them wiihn.t colour or o in-oi i t. Tlie
•talement or Mr. Wells, iv,* r :»li from tlio
.ivgua, wait the uuQost cScerfuli.evs.
A proper regard f r the social, as wi 11
as f r. tisie, maxim, “ He-*r bo‘h si lt?s” and
that a!<> e, induces us to inset the following
extract from h ro nuiuM-aii m to us hy
Thomas Weil?, Esq. a Delegate for Notto
way county. Wells intends this as a
countt rst-.tement to the n t ee taken, in
thr Enquirer of the 1st instant, cf the la
mentable occurrence wlii h tnok place on
th- 29lh of May, betwee Judge Randolph,
Colo, el Greenhil!, and lii.t self*
“ On the d v mentioned, near about sun
set, I was walking in my garden, when my
wife stepped into the Kit li.-n, looked out it
a i> t k window, and informed m .ti.at the
Judge was in the yard, walking about. I im •
ui- r...t -iy walked out of the garden, went
ii to my dwelling house and on entering the
dining i-o rn discovered the J.idg *s servant
st rnding on the grr und, li dding the three
horses, sev r.teen yards from ir.y Piazza
and in front < f my dming ro m d or ;
which hors 3 I knew f<3 well as I fid my
owti. Haring fir some time been c.‘un
dent, th t I should be attacked hy the
Judge, ar.d also cut-rtaiiiirg belief, that
when*.wi- th* a tack shr.ud i>.* m id*-, I
shorn*- fiavr t > c in; n I with more t an cne,
f was forcibly struck with th-be.i< f upon
■eeug Crd. Greenhill’s horse with th?
Judge*'-, th it T th n had th -n both to con
tend with. B be'itig at o/i-r as 1 did, that
I should he • tt k ;! hy the two, an * t.ot
wislimg my wife and children near mi?
fwhn fl'f. Hiriiii*/! 1 imntPfli
at- J v st -i t - 1 Jo the other large loom of my
noils**, to g rt from the presence of n.y wile
Tiii h. i n, whom f wasundtrlhe neces
vtv of dircc ing ficretnfilorily to keep ba< k.
\\ hen I unived in the front do< r of the
room now alluded to, I discovered the
Judge thirty or f rty yards in my fruit : it
w s my wish to have se»n where Colonel
flreenh 11 was, hu; the Judge seeing me in
th** door, immediately adv need in a direct
line, with his eyes fixed steadily on ir e I
discovered that he had a whip with a
thong to it, rn h s I f; hand—he pi erd h s
r gin hand, either in the hosom po ket of
his c .at, or in h s bosom, in i le of hi*, v ni t
cent. bo s vn as he had advanced within
fifteen or twenty p tees of me, I stepped
b ck with my left foot b’?>dnd my r g it ;-.ncl
pr-p ired for defence.—When tha Judge
adv need to the st ps, of t c piazza, he
made ro h dt, and when he commenced
ascending the steps, 1 ask«d him if he
m r.t to attack me in my own house ; to
which he made no reply, but with his eyt s
fixed on my far.**, stepped into the piazza,
wiiere be halted-within less than t n feet
of me, at which plac * he commenced
s...•raking, raising his wh p and driw ng hs
hand (w hich I presume v/a3 on his p's.cl)
all at th“ sum-* time*. Si scon ashe com*
m need t c'.e motions and speaking, I
drew my pistol (ready cocked) anti tired
as qu’ck’y as poss bit*. 1 was under no up
prehension of ii issir.g as I have r.lr ady
stated, be was in l_ss than ten 1 et of roe
which r.*n?iered it not necessary to take
sight; and t!» s accounts for the quickness
of my fire. !I s words, when he c unrnenc
ed his motions for attack, were these :
" A re you the damn’d rtscal t at,” ami at
the word “ that” the fire of my pistol slop
ed his speech. Kach of my p sleds was
charged with two bails, and one struck the*
J *. ig -'s *vrim, which sav' d 1 is lit**, if
Mi rough the mercy < f providence he shall
recover. Compart? the holes in bis wvl.'.t
n.i , p ■*, ■’v in liis breast, 5c it will be pi i . y
discovered, that he was in the act of draw
ing when | fir' d. H’swicm. having imped |
rd the force of the ball, it did n t penetrate !
entirely into hit breast, but fell ha k oi
die So >r. Tin- Judge, after a short and si
j «nt pause, turned, st.? ,gc el out and fell
j hiurtec i ynrik. from th- d or : but sum**
time. b-f ae hr fed, I stepped rHo the p:
i near midway, between the house door
i id pi as/.a ' >r, when I duttov red (ail.
(»r**- .ihtll advir.cnHj rap? 11/ tow »rds th**
j Judge. Colonel G: ecahUl advanced to ’.he
JU V *% m ;!v --.mrdi n?.u«c, something past
<•',1 . ... *'. •ir> which I Ui<l not distinctly
understand, and lie iinincdist *!y 1 ft th;
i.u a.lv need towards me. I iro
n e in e'v ns 1 ready with my second pis
*i >, .;s<i win n ii • it a.; advan id w;thin f u
*, r»rda • th - teps to t.ic piazza, I address
c.I h. »• i til* s • v* ■ * : '* Anil Isasc 1 got
l<. ?■ hi ir u t < ” vlieti lie in dc me n
aesw* r. ■ nl a ’v x .1 to the f>. t of the
lb w s t!i n within ter. feet of me
0 I s„v.;li' s evi s fixt-don my f ct: ; ;<• d
: a I t !;- ve, \h u* t i draw a pistol, svhn
r11 witjef iv' mv - if rot lx und to wait r.ny
long r, I drew, aimed at h:s h<*ad, a d li
ed. C i'oixI GrerMhilV st-.gg i .’d and fell,
with his head olf f mil the door, whor ,
in struggling to r so, lie bic 1 r. osnl raid.
*• He (Jr.d^e ila idoip' ) w s fnn- d four
toon yards f.vmi n.v door, urn.e 1 wilo f. nr
j'is'.ols ; an.I Cidniitl (»r*ei.bill's l»: od was
only four ynr is from my door, t dhc Uitn
cd with a pLtol a;-1 dhk.*’
Tin- Tiifelli^rirr.i* ftout Kvrop' is xr;u S’ itic
* v pr« j. . Ik Aii; in :ts;;:.ti it’we m i> j.al-e from
fl.e uio.l.li .fj noise w n-!t pr citlis die tn. j- v.
TIi*; U-.ii’ tt® innit.lir, is,'.liul t • Hinirkms :nr ; .
la* w/v ini loin.- i:v •.'•ver<*',<'i pt-t-ril «>•> i; .
i’i n't • •*% tl.-o WH'nl i.rUlltlii lit all |nuUlliil.V,
** tin. mi'}; A;;t». y i, nol y tl over.”
Tr is really d ■!*.;• tfu* t . ic el ike moss-.p-c
1 •telr ad'lr* .-f'd i y this new Governor to
i'..** i,ej,-;s‘at n «fM ssarl nscits—5 civar,
*o eo-so I r toi.ve hr fiitii a <■ f ule • c
f party, s i foil of ;ontid VnvtiC 11 m*mii
irents. S*t>u* in f.x-, however ir r.ic.d
iv m a* t. was the remark of ‘he !'u.,ton
Coilin /, th n it 5s in “ contra t with s,.nio
s r* 1 chi ", whir 1 Ir u been deliver’d ft* 111
e s >o c rhn r !” * r example, of ;lu* (I or a
end. tlv S r ngs—II w opp s tv to ’he n ur
marr. of disobedience and nsnrrectiou !
moment of leisure to lay before our read
• 1*3.
Vet \vp an: afraid, that i!\ s I" 5 y scene
will not last I ng— s th I .eg l.itur have
drum irotin h m f rhis Ci ii;'- .1 'erne ef
the most infuriat d p lUicians cv*.n of the
Boston su'ioo!.
J! inchester Convention.
1. D > not all the Count es, whose citi
zens nu t t W nchester, contain unch tr
ier- d b mfcs ?
2. Are not th*» ri"asns, whose names nre
.fliiscd tothu Address to the P epic of Vir
r-.inii, either the Diiocl r»or Agents of
these unlictnsetl insli nr ions ?
3. Is riot tiie gia at object of these gent! -
men to prop tiie B ilks—their means, the
hair-hurtc; menace of a Co »vcn:i ir. ?
4. Wit t respect should be paid t > such
an A '.dr- ss, propagated under suchauspi
c.cs and such motives—Whatever be the
rcsoect which a < u.d be paid to the
jirinciples themselves which they have the
ingenuity to enlist in th; it- service ?
5 Is it not a fact, that these unchartered
banks are not curtailing tueir discounts ;
that they are t king no effectual means .o
windup their affairs ; in the very;fs.ee t o
. f the l iws o! th- land ?—And me they r.o;
abusing the cor.li.len.e of the Legislature
by misusing the time which was allowed
'diem fur closing their transactions, un'or
tiie nrserub'c pretence t .at th s period was
as-.igr.cd them for continu ng their busi
ne a-, when it was understood and *v iwed
that it whs to gillie tlnii. dcn.itc «*;id hw.
theT.seivts ?
C Is it not the duty of the L-g:sl iture,
tiie first n o ••ent they me ef, and can re ich
the su jeci, to give their decided rejection
to the new petitionscf this darnig system
of lawless institutions l
ATixnachuxetts Legislature.—Mr. Oth,
!c i wn so well r.sachief in the II rtford
C invention, and i Mr. Ash nan, t.f wluini
so little is known, are elected Senators of
tiie U. S.— C Gen. Vartium the late Re
publican Senator, may yet be the Goner
nor of Moss ichosetts.)—Ths Legislator
have, by joint Resolution, taken into their
OTjr. bonds, the election of Lie tors of
President of the U. S.—in tiie teeth of the
Elias Boudinot, the President of th~
ka a/a fit: r iLun. u uic ujlu ivt
li »s ma te a donation to them of §10,000.
Accounts from lt>o Grande st ite, that
th** Portuguese were daily sending forces
aga nst Monte Video, at which place all
t ij Poituguetc vessels had been detain
to* Letter 2.1. on th? I"irri Ptigp.-Wc «lin!| cr.mi:,flinj
tlw publication of the Es*ay on Hunk*, iij our next.
IV ED—et Koekels i'ti hatnnhy cfcaijig lust, Captain
VVdliuni Goudwiu, aniioitetl man.
Norfolk, June 17.
Com. Rodgers, Col. Bomford, aid Mr.
Paulding, Seci\fvy to the Navy Board,
arrived lu re on Saturday, in the U.S.schv
Nonsuch, list from York River.Com. Por
ter we understand is llainpto.i.
New-York, June 14.
Capf. Dominijit, from Cuba, infnnns us tint a
nninix r of Ainerictin ami British Kainen had tnmi
ntd I he sehr. I'iiasitotn, of (>h >i l< st<» i, Inr the pin—
fK**e of tiiking a pirste wliicb Imd committed < <»•>
ri.l-rnhlr. dept •■dalutis on the c-'-.st. They ruc
c-.-edrd in di iving her:»1 in , s-t hi r < n fire, n- <1 jc
•••iivi! Refrii of the vr ■ ", whom tin y brought into
Il.rsc el in iro.-s. J'h le wire l others of tin
ci pw, who fl d to the s! ore a d liate not. ret h< en
tnl.u:, limn ,f> it wnfl bclLvcd they could Out csc.ipe
tliclr p i.uuei s.
rntiT of utciixoXn va.
June H^iV|i KdAiVl'i, Vt'<«t, CilyVoiut:
Stiff and Crttfre
SuliY. S.d!y, Mister; c.iiiiinor •;
X-rc'wulif. J~r,
T-*-.,■. Hu:' ", i' ii, Pfi.iiii St ft vrs
:r. :. .ii, Ti irki ,
!t f.rt •> Hardware
I't mien, Adliiigtxt^CilydMm ;
.'V a mil f rates,
VVe.tr rn Tmi'r, 1*1:11101,<n.5
Salt, t ttpn and St ret
r.R.s •«.}• s», Meeniii. t Boards
Brig l jrr-1, .v.,bin., Lulwk ;
Palm- if Patti
F!or p IntU'Ci nrio, VVoulw.iru, llty-iCiii' :
t rate >
Juno M.-—Hritf ‘t-nmen. 'VlfAwry, -nnii.
S s.;s .Jmii. Is wilhinr', '.f. Hutlfi.
Mr- }'*ig Mnry, In**, Ct/ti ind,
F.'ii’r. Liti'r W»;« i n, r ' ,Pm*o -.
. *ip t . dr llmwil'nti, Ce.ii i. i-V.
H .i.i.. i, Vrimbt, fiii'4#!-1, m.
^”5 Y virtue of a I >cr“'l of Trust, executor!
?• by Corbin atari Wittia*-i Jr* Kraxtoii to iIk* SuhxciiVrs
j»».!»• t•». U'd in Henri o Coonty Court, will {«• m»1*\ *o i • •
!t‘v iv'i U.kl^r,Kt Piihl.*' 4 • »■»:* rm*.d:;>, the U*li uay of*
»i> a \t that v:J*i:.hV 1HACT Ot LitiSD, lying on
C!nh» u»:iiin% vniltd
Pu k-novk*-. or rru J'u’!.
. ■ ■ 1 * '
•«h«, ;»i*d f 1 *o 1ii diUml i* very • ;■ ul jK'l of ihe
. .! • »|oi *< . *i. ■ IU..I ut 5 •tiwa.* N. Mil' Liltvt ,T. from
t.» 1 i id; oiOctuiar bt.t, widen .* «*• r d to i .,!*
nl. / iiois’rRf r of.l-ihit V bn., «!• .« •>.* d, by il.
1) vil of lYn»t—» • n»i> lb I. itlit t Mini t*fi»l*o*»t (uu
lit* ii41idduli:.ni a t uril b} another d%x it to ivicharU Cur
i be «*Ir will ra!.e place on th ‘premises, at II ohdml* in
ill IJlU*lil,,t%
lU i.Miii v*l! h !i iJ d i:i»n kitt* or vd*l *i?tire, xb •«to
mi* nun «m» 4*—un». i:*e su»c will be conducted by I bourns
l a lor, l .Mi*
i ti • jiuicliiucr will reft*tir* *1 * e'.v* nCtotLib!? non*,
wi n.ipiirov*.! a. I »r» in >, l‘J >iik: D months oi
LI Uu* <*• y of k I .
V > ELI \M ITAV, Jr. l — .
REFER V. DANIEL, ^ * ruatecs.
I -
$J\VF. JUST UECF.IVKD, the t;n
V* 4 derma nlioiicd GOODS, l*y the Clutf, from
London, %i/. :
Sup ifu.v* blue, black, an>l fain y coloui <*d Cloths and Cai»
Mirer a
Bhckund fancy Rmiiha7.vttt*s
H titer amt mod; Dm-.km Glouj
»burn on and Gih Pius
i .in. » Col to iik a j nl sur **fn** Fomiiurv 1'iiuts
V hit • f:»»-ry '*?.»»•*. iii > Wklh.Ri
.Imo;.ett and Cambric Minims, C't ;'"y Hose
Ma^oefie Hn/.or Stto)*, London lb own Stn it.
MINTS, rra»!**tf in od k: pi wo* rrd, cvn<»iu»r.;« f
White arid K'd !. ad—Spn York and Or »n- • Pr •••■n
— HaUriit nidi I .• v •/*•(« «1 Yt-ib w—Mineral, Uruitmick,
Cdin, M i iiiUm ar.l l ivi.rltlinfii—Hltu* Veu ii. ; —
P Pvb n id jlvkc fiuikMVdLlUii Ibxl~£hck
alul L ml Colour.,
Km- ry t nl f llms P:»m*rt
V/h. h ii *o t\ v for % de,o*i irarcjrab!;‘ tumu, r*t tli* ir store
•iii IN street, 0’»pc» tie die if..t^le-Tavi^n,
7V/5 2‘ li A V K A L V 0 H Mi KIV£ Dt
A few Vuuchvous Jutiiaica 4ih P» if it I'M. «.f n "ikiU
CM..*ii*. J AC Oil ^ W I.* M
V. It.—A fmi^r r,,p?’! "* Judin, I’i»h>h and W*.
tlbt GOODS is slmniy e.\[M ctul.
f o ,• | i 19— s •
FoiiElO.N MliM.l STILL Vi |*AU FURliOUiJj —
Thr HUM*4 */r /
TOITN M PHEtlSON h s just re * * \
.v? at I V Itovv, No. 29,a tVishivp'ih u! HANDoUMf.
GOUBfc. i/.:
Imperi I Mip*r. S \ *n blue Cloth, very flic
lain tun CasMiu. res no.
Ia k-.ii Lire s. Mini*. • !• jviit
Sujwr. bihvli ILiintr,.: tt* s and Bom!Kizii.**$
r..n<o!s, n : f Rliivk Lite Veils
.ilk Mui * HiidkvrtiU'ts
r. ini* t) I* <ul»« r I* 11is
I it'll •» ( • i» »I; -s, rii" ,* lotvfic* fix] ivvarti**.’*
J - rstir!. r, M <'i;..i..is.* uuu HdliLTn
t^iins, 4wv*rtod
Iu;h». (! i.
j ilk uikI c run) lime
^ Wry tin** I.in n l\i ar*! I/m«r Lawn
All of v Til. Ii v ill U- v. !J us cheep <s ut any home In Ricb
nr.-itl: cal Haliimor. , Dear let, Cu|k: Fcur m-.il i'liilzde!
pt.i.i tuenc; t.s «>ui withotit discount.
»'l«* |.n!ili an-iMii iiiul.nl) invited tu call ami examine
r.iy ei. .-is . id pi i ■ s.
Oj" WANTED, a LAD, about 14, of respectable c>nneo
.•ifie 19. 12—St
« N v tf AN "TRY ;—Ta, palianiuvk, Es
S, s x t'*«iiity Conn, Ii Id eisi day ofMarch, jsifi—
i: oiins N> w bill, u'r.iil' Wil.uni New bill, dic'd. Plaintiff.
cg.ti'«t Sp lie r I’nrkiiu ami Winter Dray, adm'rs. ol'cia
.luiel Puikins dciM. Defendants.
C..IIH- <lin I’binii.r, by hit Attorney, and it appearing lo
the satisfaction id' 1 be Court lliut tile Defend; .it Speucer
Turbins h n n an Inhabitant of this State,and that he limb
not • n'.t r I his appearance and iiiseu security, according to
the \.t ni Assembly and llie Hubs; of tliis Court ; on tiu
motion ofthe Plaintiff, It is ordered, I hat the said Defbnsl*
lint do appear h re on or before the first day of August
Court next, and shew cause w hy the former d< cree pronuun
c»d in lists cause should not he revive!1, and that a copy of
this order lie forthwith inserted in the Enquirer, prion.I in
the Ciiy ofRiUimond fur two months tneiessivcly, and a
notlier copy thereof posted ut the front door of the Court*
Hoilseof tins Count).
A Cope,
June 19. I2-w.S-5i>*
“Notice is ukueuy t;i\ i.,\,
fjpiIAT at the it xt August Court of
a Campbi 11 County, at tlie Court-ll nise tli rmf. I shall
si II. at public miction, fin-cash, so much of all Id.- Iannis jnil
Lots in the said County r.-tumuli] linquent for li t non-pay*
n.ent of the taxes thereon, :i« will lie siuTivient to discharge
th - urn nrs of tuxes w hich shall (Inn remain unpaid, r.m1 n’n
pci ci-nioui da oagis llirr <•: , t> •••;h r with th ims ofthe
prsviit >cur. The sales wdl| cnniiuenee on i s lir.t d v ot
the Court, and continue from ,l»y to .'ay until they shall
be compu ted. Tin- snbseriln r i ' juthonscsl to receive ail
siieh taxes and dan at any ti-»t-lw fore the hold shall he
sold. _ A list of lieliuqnenei >mai lx-win in the Clerl’s Of
flceofiite County afi.res tid, in the OfHre of th Auditor of
Public Accounts, or iu tie-otflce of thetuhjei ib .-.
June 19- 12 -i-Sv
\T at t ie next August Court of Bath
< County, ut tliu Court Home then of, I shall tell,at pub*
lie auction, fur cash, .n much of nil tlie Lauds and Lots in
that County rctnrinsl delinquent for the non-payment ofthe
texts of the last year anil tilt" year 1814. in will he sufficient
to discharge the arrears of taxes which shall th-n remain un
paid for those years, and ten per centum damage* thereon, to
gether with the ta\<x of the pres lit year.The ..lies will com*
m- nee onthe tirstiluy of the Court,and eonti me from day to
d iy until tin y shall be omplrted. I'licsilbserilier is . titliorisi si
to reef ive all such tax s and dm ag< s at tiny time before thr
I.imd slistj he sold. A list of delinquencies tuny be s.-en in
the ( IcrK’; riffles; of tie County, in possession ofthe Subscri
ber, or in tho Office of the Auditor ol public Account*.
Jtt-.ir 19 12 -vi S «•
I rg^A T at the next August Court of Au
9 gn *tii'County, at th*’ Court-House thereof. sicxhall sell,
at public Jin ;:on. for cadi, so much of tin I-niiilj anil laitj
i;i f at founts returned delinquent for tli" non-payment of
the taxes of tie last year, an l the preceding years, heretofore
return*d, as v ill lie suliicicut to discharge tl.e errear- oftnx
ts which .' ill (hen remain unpaid for that and the preceding
years, and ten |>er cei turn per annum damages tliereon, to
pi ther with the taxesof't ir ur .-nty.ar. The rat s will
cni'iinoiceon the first dry o‘ the Court, and continue from
day to day until they shall lie completed. The subscribers
ai e nntlmrlzfd to receive Ml such taxes and damages at any
time hefurethv land shall he sold. A list of dclinquencii*
lu.-r hi >e a in the Clerk’s Office of the County, in posses
sion of the subscribers, orin the office of dir Auditor of Puts,
lit Accounts. NICII. C. MNNKY,' I>. S. fo. hihnWo.
HI'.aUY l'APP, 5 rve.s. A.C.
June 19, n->o.v
3> F/ }S 1<‘9V to inform hi; friend. *n I t" »■ yuMio
• > K nerahy, that lie h.n l.it lv re turn d from
tl e north, and taken a 3’arid onfall e u Hill, four
d *v a nb -ve Mr. Mark Richards’ Tavern, H
»tre< t. where 1«»* intends carrying on lb • And<!te £/
tJarurvn mniriny, and :i',.>uivs tbos ■ who may favour
liito * ills (heir custom, that no trouble or rxpence
sha!l be wan’iogf l<> make hi* work equal anv- in
tbs c ty, nod In- can venture to nay ou as nicv'i rate
*i rro* ; b»- tftlSe.itn the gen unity that from true di
lig nrt only, he may merit.
All orders sha'1 be str>*;i ly attended to, and e<c
euted with ai tiiueli fi.lt lily as if thy parson sr;.s
.laoe !9. 1 f!-2sr
.hint Hr reined—-I'on .S',ill,
4 pqiei Cog"'mc Ili-am'v, 4 li proof
5 Idids Heft fnal Whisker,
13 IiM». Pennsylvania c.ninitjn do.
.9 Mul*. Ne.w-F.i g'luul I n ii
lOu boxes brown soap, of goon qualify
a Cm*! * wool Ii it*
Hi boxes Spanish St gar*
10 rcair.* line Eller paner.
JO!L\ O. LAY if Co.
June 19.
CV?s Thurn’v, the Otlth Jiuic, M l"i.'f ; "*t !• o’
J? i lo-k, I’. r*I. on the preoi'v*, will he No'd,
w tiiO’it rn ewe, / Inrtv t-r i-rty Vnlvub/e (, O f.V,
Ixear Adnn.s’s Mill, between 11 end 1. and IVUi
ami 17tli street*, and tlis'snj about three tniniti.-s
v nik From the Market House. «V plat there* f muj
11* ten the WttbmUj precrd.ng the aid •, at our
J’ nfter tying within *o very -f vt a di*lu*rr
f V’t the fninciftal itrert fr bv in the cty, it
-nr.t't'y the attend tn oj tlieAn bUe.
’ Furry l >t r fll r**!, w11l/yi * ively be sold,
*j V.R MS -1*2, I ft ■ n-l 2k uir it th •’ credit, fn* »n.
priiv'd cndoisetl negotiable note*, and de-ds o'
J. P.RolYK, It. !< W. l'l JJ JC F. Y,
f endue Muster a,
June 19. , IJ.lt
Fur Sa'.- ok ■ ■•■if c edit.
f lN Wfclui-suav. o ! ij. >.», Ii • subscriber
w willtfll, »* Public -A ' in, o.i tliv pi»;;iii-a,
75 Lots o'i 2lil(%
cl- lijrt'tfi'lly hirnatc.il fa:- r.i«* tv i lure o' gcn*A» 1 ft.
mi'i s; :hit mt It'cvr a x to pl,‘> frovlrc-t) ..tpi'iS'i
Iv ln< -• •!»<■ ('-‘i'll' I, mii ! not cri'-r'- v-mh 3 nr fair
Rimer*-* f urn tM»t «*|--.iuiU i.*i;>t w- ' p :.r-%r c*t‘*hvj
r'.i-. , f tbo r stir ioi ul 1/i.ism Vi IniiliMii. Cii
I'iJt 1 <’g ‘ M r-b:*ll, Nc.l m . .-rp u |>t<*f jino
l-.i ii i-t ;.!ove<l, lit- iy sold lor u.utt ei- liicn. u-.’l
| .VI •*. * 1
1 l.cs iiba* p 7 * ln'»C ’n •' ae b- u- nr li? f rf -n
j *1 i f •' »M.vp. e--ncr.-ci.vii.tf cii V I’/t-tf st-c- f, a |
Islet; ' v piv. ti ,0 t* * Co Slicitiki/- |i-i i It. All
'b Titccti-ric-il ilit-Us of -li'* rilv, 1 ora Ti-j-cl to
Tenth 're-c, jti -s <-> • ’ i*; ItUi . is i rul.it- H l*»
I bo il *:-»-i - * ... . liiul * . :i : ’ . r h I. » n-.t» .. ,
- » ;.«• uliari i --i.it v-i!I h<- n !>:* Ii Alili.-u.uiilitA
from lb« r.st cf V*k- r » , •> then* e ol‘
N.aVY HI!.!.—
! it briog I1'.- ',<'1 1 • ’ <t"<ct-/fl Ul -1 v-t—•*
j th ci*— t - c t the la ip, t: • urn-trie t/ /»/*'-'• •*-,
I er.inri. tv-vu-tivr C.flho r.i->p :--.-l *-.- i rn-pljot'
! ''ic '■’’ii'i'l H.-to-s J-/i- th- uv rio-4 it iV.lg t'n
j I i*. a t! //.///1-«// - /’/ ;c -ni .).”,:i »..} JC» t li lj
; ill- j»r (Hint pii-| lirieas -I' *l-« 'a . 1 . cia'ri’o vi
i from ftp -fit n |!ruw t! doll.ts, p~r--tr r%vu tin]
j c i. pipo 'i 11 w ♦!* t'-e 'ti V i • v Yc\ »!.« i-.i-V
!•« i-lcci* -i rnajr h sS to oilo-ii t!i*: .c—<*. The
pi-*' <> li- si* Tif,' i* s sml lots on IV. v- Kii], i«
si o c iugi in- », ii i [*l. , o-iCT/mo'i .ti t ---.; . | caj i
—co'.nultllug iv.'th, hut bi--m.if.i;it ivpiiiti it JV,.,
t’og i: i ul plan f !. «i-*. Wtnlth ill ,! Caste
ci :n burn It..- t.-the - sultr-s i-t a.lvt tig*; bo-c
i up!. nt t «£*• d-t-p! v, it vi'l c!t*riv • -V ior ul
lu*Ti::.-o.i tli- lu Iac.us o;tier and on'- •i '.^i.uj
niva -*-mpi 1 of tli* p!.in.
J-t'-m. —’! fiPtt’iT s <, : .p . ill i> liiu*rk) ; one
tew\, unhi, nfthe p’sicU’ > »..<>• c« v 'ulbcrpq -i d
in i ndorspt'n*- oaiab!. uotc-s i.t ' 1 ,i .vt; ch rt
cvfiinder clirit! f1 iat * SM-.Uul ofl. 1 -
a-. 1 jrir.rs, .’v s:-pi.rati > '..i ’!; ■ •ubi-riijtr,
p. t vi—.ir toth-t cliivnf k.Sp, t’ c a;u-;.-.l in.i,:| — -3
loi') bu c^tco.lud t-; crul*. -Le a pe.'-Ocj (if S.-vw i
Ca<.i»-1 m -n in lb- it." i. ptiI c-ni r*, nnd s'1 v. ho
v. l I'-havr* an ii t-i i,, t;,. u *•'.> ( .-ftr.-.rfa.
.- snftb, t-iijcoflii l-nipin,c im';,-! m *j«,. ,j
Ii.iis-.I-. In so ii.,in.*, ('pv ip-v v-ptr i! p sufis
feet'hi of h i-.gp- -sit it’s*- :t *i • : e c-r.tn- ...
rtoi*a'U)u oftht greet MmI-ip ' Fvs luilc.f hi- -I S
of 'y* " lr««»v ANi)nr:sox.
11 recit'd' if tf '. S \ <leC.
.ii'iio in. jo , -.j
7 \ vine ,.f „ ,i.
ST ■ ’ • ' • tv. • • J ■ . M VI , Ml \ »r.
i!.s« <-t. . t'l't <! t -h fv* uw , j
will’- snl,!, at p.d»'c asction, nn tin* premisr s!
r" * JS, 'In id I I at 11 , ’,-t, k |i c
Thr ee Sto ,, ft/tlCh’ HO ■ „„ «, . >• ,
> ir< t. I ,-tween tbe Hr k of Vi pi i i amir* >• F r
rir-i x’ Rank, iieb/ipiiig it, son f Kamilf-i
01:. k. decM. Tim- is MUuhed Co lids t i e:r>, lit
» ii irk kronen, war- lion,e, Sjo. •. J<,. |t ;3
fuiveil to be among the best standi for a im. reliant
in t'n- city.
Will be sold, imrnedbtelv rfte *, and nr..’ ,.|* he
ame decree, Ibilf Jtcre LOT. No. 5_’j, corner nf
Otb an l I) ii* (J ly sir., ts, imiLcdi.itely below d j.
Marx. k\ i|.
Term* r.f S A*.—3, fi ** q in- mbs' cr**i'it- the
purchasers giving not s with approved emlrriers,
and a deed I - uno t'e projserty to aectire
the payment of the money.
i MOM AS t A' I.OR 7 Commis
RENJ. SHEPHERD. 5 si-m s.
June 19. j ->_
* NO'l ICE. ‘ ’
T yf'l.b BR SO 1), to tin* | ij.kf.-t bidder, in
IT WebisiOt. the 13th July, Jl Snml Ti e.t
r,J J.C.TI'!. Ivil.g bl Ii nnv |* (Jo*|r ty, l n late* r-si
e'enee f.Mro S:rni* Pulliam, d ’ !. Tier is oo
t es.id tract of l< ml, aveivconif rti-bl dwtUn<r.
bouse aud oilier houses of use, a god wvil&c gar
den. ‘ a
RORF.RT .1. purj.l \M, >,*
jVi inters.
June ID. ]■; i;»
t &Y r.-ir.ua1 consent THO". H MITCH
*" S' KT t. Ins v, ithJixivrn fro ■ 1 ■ c . fWm. .- t;
II. Mitchell£t Co, Av'M, *.l rcilEuI .jun.
<• it. !f*M 1 1.
T/IOS H.JilrCiii i.L,
TIm* b”»in< Will t>-(-n-r <» <>n hrr*vf, r. nnjbr the firm
of Win. Sc G. II. Mitchell, hy the ■nlwrH,* -.
AVM. MI I CtIV.r.T.. jun.
g. ii. mitcm:•*. :..
.Tunc 19. lB-t*n
t k:;\v Minor tK'TiTm.V^nnKTT7^:
j i 7../.7.V, v. II 1. gherf, i- tli dj i t, „ ol- g
77i;>/'wbo stel e tb«« flowing JI l LF .YO f'.’-'S
a id Our. ffwither! Di/Jara mare to m y person who
uill islum si.id b»if not, s either (o Elder ami Tay
lor, in I..dtiiiiure, or the sub-.c ii ri (,bi -enthe
One half of t' c following d • r.rl fja ,t ,%*■ f.*q
having b, eh bat in the iriii si tb-*,>7t ,.i M , ey,
la't, b tv/e n this pb.ee Hid the cited Rsltin,,,,.,
on which dry they wvre put into ti e I'oit Qffios
by Mr. Culb-rtr-n, inc’oscd i.i a Uitc*r d p ,. f,
"I to Eld r and Taylor, tnei*c! t.'s o' t! at i tv.—
Notice is her by given, Tli t sfiplicali u »ji|' j,e
made to the r apictiv.- banks for the full pay .ie; t
of the same, on pies litilig the halves if the notes
wl i. ii ai r now in possession (I the laid Eldtr a:ai
Tnvlnr. viv. r
£100 BnnknfVirgi it, No. 141, B.Boor Mar-'i
100 Fanners’ IJnnk of d.». No. 2381, Wd.'wrn
f hark
1'W) do. •(. Morrell, 21215, 2.1 Anril, 1815
I *o do J. Metro , 1718,4t’i I) c. 1814
II do..? .'h r t ii, 1764. 4fli T) r.lsi4
1"0 do. J. M swell. 1561, 12 h Mn o'., isij,
l"f do. J '•,.*(> 1 ~v, Gilt March, 1814
100 do. 326, 2 .1 13 4
100 d«>. 804 2.1 .lid., 1814
100 V. 8393 \V.Ci:i.k,4'li March, 1814
10 ; F nnkiiu li nk of Baltimore, 4y4 Jf.
M Lnt.iiig.
£ 1,100'
dyne 19. I2..3i*
7Hi.L hT>. „(}J.J),
ft 1 O'-’Wie ."'"ion, on the pr< *. iv *, on Thnrs
f. d >v, t e 1 li i ,.*. !,t <•» o'clock A. M f) V(J
■■ ' fLANO.o.1 I- !/>« ,,- W. Mh»im
V -’ *• I*elongi gti Maj :• Hubert Qninl’r. I,,,,-,.
oe.I r..i the nor 1* by the thiv* notched roa !, n.,,|
•- • j .io."g 'he lfci.il? 'fThotnan Wi'snn ami John
H'-ahtm, r»*<?V. This Lmd ..ill k. 3 .Id in I.. },
• t troin 8S to 50 acre?, to - nil rnn- mu__,
'l'*i< re an many clegvits. it *. B.i- |.*ii* l; ,es_%
g ..rt p»*t <1 ilr" land in w mis, and a c r.side aMu
ij'M' tiiy cf fin.* limber.
A gnod CIllHT *md S \ W-MI 1,1. will he soi.I
at t»e same time, vith fifty n* a htindre 1 acre* of
laml, as (lie ft irc’iSspr m y wish.
I vv. :y.-’f '^btc n *„d tv enty-fotii. months ere*
'. t wt.i -.d.owed the pun m n, upo lli ir e;c«
• ctllng epf,. th approve ! e.,dorsei§, an.i givi'ie
a deed of ,ru'.tMjK)n tlvt property U» secure the
1 a vi dlrec’e.’ ’ t tV p-np*; -6, to — ort rjCntle
m n.t'rt :v r In' off r*d o: ill tie .id will r tit any
1; :it lio - and that tlk*re v ill he rerivshment*
prnrid <nr *ic!i g'*ntli*;nen as mr favour is wiji
tlicir-n jp'r.v.
J!v order oft!# VroU ir' 7”.
. ... 1
(T r ' ■<* fi" ’ •nte viu ir rin!inv l rn It'd.
'' '.iltr iCtth of the pvtcnf mouth, vpm the
pr'v'J't. r
Tptwi of payment, condition! of 1 de, Lie bit. nt
___r. r
/a HAT a*- the— xt A*I Mist Court of (lr- i
' ate 'Vm u,,„. ,i„|r„, , \
• " .' V < >c >; ' nfal’ it.c l.j.mts .ln,| t »
"• • <’•••"") ■ tarred«*p!inf|'i - t 1 !„ ,, 1
I t • . J i.rt > •• Prt, V femvtur Iron. .1 .yi„ ,1,. ,
'all * • romps 1<.S 11, •„ V'*"1 ’h r
• t— ' *< m '*■ * »h 1 ..r.
ii- '*•'• ,A *'.l > M n t ir.'.yl, , „ |n ,j, . f|.
Ifiie.-of|S«. r*ft:ifpv ip r. I, 1.^ , _
ORierofiSe AuMiut o r, v • *» ..,•. 1
HOMKH 1 ity \/< f p n
fi<i J'jus r \r,.* w,. 0 .
i June 13. .*•—.ryw*

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