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Richmond enquirer. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1815-1867, February 22, 1817, Image 1

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■*»■> » "-r —**-■' «wwi-«-.-?w* ww--w»yTi»aw^T»qawrr«WM-i-w..,-«fn-;. wwet --y^nr. a^^fpgeaMsx^n^m’^ TXdusam nrvr*-r—-.-rM M,-Tur-nnnr i ..,i.v-_t.. . ... ^--r - -nia„ ~~~ rr
|}Y THOMAS lUTCillE.}____MCHMOM /. . ' KUAV, 1 KBRUAUY v-i, 1817. [VOL. xIir .NO. 1)7.
f 'hU — — -• - -
— ; r-.- RV)t t;t Kit •• pi'd'shcd twice a wreck, eo'ie
M.;* i: >•» a week UiHim? tlie »•:»'»'"» '•* 1 j
V «/«• - Ittlee, file atolM » Uem«.*ne.
ij.jlatj per at ilc m vovanc. Vil.s ol Char
■ , „ fwdl t>« ' wwJ in (in.iiieiit. rile
editor will mwr-iitee •>.. -act) of reoiiltn.!'. them by
M*< l*»iag« Ol all le." n l tn^ paid by the «i»
r ue Vo !>.-• ;*• c will he discontinued, licit id ilie.di'cre.
, ■ h: jf the I d.I >i mild all aMc-a es 1 .»>• b • n <• ml I ,»
Who.. • r will!"1 *’«" le* th< payruciu o: lime pitpcie
,1 i,ii receive a lem ■ j;r.,r^.
l i.lt mV UJVI RTIMNO.
/•“■ (;,ir s’j tr -fit f <i O —•'trh rr»
f Vo i»\.rfr ! un,ft:t A'-'.f , liter hern
,,,/q /•.;, or tUliMlt? t/y si--ni yirso.l i ri this Cljl or its
fitl tlOH i. _
friir' -tTwroHr- ca- vr»-runsr*..wsx*'to
D;,. IV il) tl.OCK. w-ix cHiuty iui-ims li.e piddle
la,,, lie lias Juki an lied rims Philadelphia ,'.l Ibis
pine.' uild teudrrr In* sctvice* as Om-tor. a
, |... , ,„nitlui iJ atut.
,ie a.-" eni.u’l > *-»r is it. a f* ■' minutes, without oc
- ,-i.iiiiug the least pain, dtawtii-: ai > Ubi«»d. •»» pirvent
:l.;il;e pcrs" i Hum walkm . mi tic.iieteiv alter the oneia
1.1(01. lie urraiues nails *ro-.« :i t : the , -<> that the
l>cr*o# will not Miller any pains, oi be troubled with it
‘any more*.
He keeps for rale,a most--do "ions powder, for will
t; uni*; the i seth, iiudprcseiv'iirt tb.* gums in perfect entei
•earns piupl's and rm»\vm MIS aldrli happen login'*
)., ilie la radically. I be nomeiow* * iw - x. n. made
in the (lili'eieut placer where Ina iniilessn>ii li. call 'd
him. cuanics Inin i» produce the Inmi te.-.iinniiii-s '»l his
pi nirssPHi tl character.
lie Will tic f'liind home,ready tn wait on p rsims de»i
s-ou.s of the lieiic.ll 'll !ils -me -. Ill till- luollll'c i. on
o'clock till 17,and from t o'clock till t in the aftc;
l.adi'sund gentlemen can l.e attended at tlieir rest
v tm e vi ben 11 qii. -lcd.
(Jr Jni'iid* in lenmn in IhW P-wti one month. Ml* re
m .. , - • i i.... i. - - 1 deasrs.
’J i ipli'ii A i o’s Store, I or -t.
r' b-y IS.___
J''*1 (l,i. l" IP I*. Iictw is * i I MI .SOI.Hi and KiOtliiioinl.
t.1 In . .i.se pieu-e , l lie-cry high puce of prod me,
tile Staae. nwm rs Iwmecu the almve place* Mild them
«,.|v s eninpMIrd tniatsc the price to -V. >n> Hollar' at:it
.11 Half-• • *• •••* "•* ebaii'ct on ahd altcl
ilir is’t. him. rot I rof’f' r • v.
let'J *»*-____!'} il_
<T",~,V|I'V:. - t lie laid paitnci ship between .Am/ , «
ii>t 6<>ivuua I' Utiitiii Craves, was dually dissolved on
tb In ol Jasmin ■, till.
Jannai> 1,1M!7. _W-3t
=vr RORmts/viTsv//.'.—*.\ it: ..«».>.«i, i • i. • «c...eM
.i * bidder, at the de cMiii1'of Mr. llavid Iti-henly. ii,
in l.o.iish. near M itelicll’s si.>re, on Friday. i!c :i in -
Bianl, live !ik< t> \< rnr.t. I ‘i money— Also, soil. hoi
res. hog? and ptantaiior.tools.
It is earnestly requested that those who have claims a
jaiasi It. Richardson, will present tl.em <>n that day,
v eil »ntlieniuv,t< rt, that provi-imi may nmde lor their
Imal flisclii.i.'(•. ftt'/.V. tiUJt1 AHHhh)A.
t etirvm .- is. ill-uls
\! (l.t A1! 1.1. TTT.’l i ,cUr. m; ■>. i_ 11".- il
positively l.» the highest bidder, on Tlmis'i.iv, the
ldtli day of March, being Hie day alter Powhatan court,
«iu the pretuircr.if tair, if not the nexi lair day , Hist beau
tiful situation i’rosi t i t Htll., m the comm of row l:a
idii, whereon I now live, con...mins 7|»0 acres, mil. a
large convenient dwelling bouse, welt calculated for the
ac joaiuiodaliou of a genteel family, with suitable and
convenient out-houses, such ns a kitchen, nursery, ice
JiciiiHe. erwiaiy am) stables—a yo mg and lioot ishuig ap
ple orchard.
ALS<j—An interest of eoe-slxth of a larse brick cotton
feetoiy; with thiiteeD acre* ul lund,and suitable huu*ts
attached thereto.
ALSO—i large and cmntnudiott* Mrrihant Mill,
I iuiuii'7 three pair moncs—in a court neighborhood for
-t he purchasing of wheat, and within two miles of James
sliver, and on Jones' theck. a coustsut-’i.ein. Tin- vw
I ,a>:>' property will he sold entire, or divided in the fol
lowing iriannei tosmt purchasers, via. the dwelling*
li ei.se, oiit-hoUM's a idorehaul, with aboo* l.oir liniijit-d
stores of laud 'about 411 of ivhich are excellent meadow
lau.l.) anil lays „nith of the Sector)' and it* < nisi. About
ti>o acres nor ih-we.-l of l lie Fat mry, and him ruled by il, •
o.O courthouse road. My lutei. d in -is F :. i or >-:i 11 be
eotd with or without this 750 acre.*. The mills with
ihftltr's he sc,arid Ufty jl res.
Al.si) —Mv equal moiety with M*. Wm. n. Po.all, in
a valuable tract of /, /07, containing 1KI tines, within
tw* 111::: X of J i ll 'S ltivrr, well known hj the name,of
the l*a'tesi>li lrac> mi wliicli is a vul.iirMc Coal Mines
!tr.'v'rt ouLfbr tiiepresent and lire surreediug years, xt
•*U c -.'s t»ei mi'li 'It for hall me <■ lantiir licit may be 1 ai
red and carried array ; at present worked hr ,\lai. Harry
Hrth —llie ooal is of superior quality, wild eoiilliieutiy be
lieved inexhaustible*
ALSu -lls acres of LAND, laving immediately «<mfh
nf and adjoining toe Pattern)* Tract, with a convenient i
dwelling-house aud tliit-liniises, ruth,a flrht Mill, on
Uutoy's crei.-lr. on this tract also, coal 1:.<- been raised ;
nnd a large bortr of it. u is nipiwsi’it, n: iv readily be
found. The lines of this Intel come w ithin a ferv hun
dred yard? of the Cits, oil the t’attrioa Trai t, i iicse
lands will be siirvev-d and platted before the day 01 s;.lu.
'J o enterpi i/ina men, or th >si'who may want hi tidsoine
•.mil agieeable situiitiotis for family resilience, this pro
perty holds out strong ladiinmenta to purchase. Ii is
'Pdi. veil rest r-tste of rqti.il value with that now of!.-red
tor -aleis rarely in rnaiket. I he whole of it lying from
ko ro i5 miles from iiichrnoml.
TfiHMX 'iv fourth r:v It, one-font th in no davs, onc
fourth in 1 .*t< d », ami the remaining nm-fourth in ltd)
dar •, for the fanning lands, mills, Ac. : forth' coal (Pat
tis.ui Iran hurt, one f.iuith c:ish ; ri, 17 and H mniiVi
cre.li'f.ri the balance -All with approved endorsed ne
gotiable notes, pa) able at either of the Richmond Hanks,
with Meeds of trust to ►••cine tlm payments.
rhis sale will he ewiidin tail under the ipanacement of
Mr. Tti iam* Tautar, of Itirhmond, commencing pro
e.iseiy at eleven o’clock, and continue ftoiiirtay today,
nn!i! ail is sold.
As soon ,u the land? are surveyed, the plat? wiH he
left at the ol'.ice of Messrs. Jh ran, Sint an j fit. Rich
Powhatan, Teh. 13._!»:< id._
i AM» 1 Ult SALK.—Ur.* nuoscrilnr wishes to sell hi?
s A 'Tract of In tut, lying 111 the enmity of Fluvanna, >-u
the Hivamia Itiver ami Adrian's creek, about In tmb *
from the town of Columbia, aud seven from the court
house of >he comity.
of the tract, winch contains, in the whole. '.’,.lon a-res,
there is r.lily 5 uu acres 1 leared — I or- of which r- iiwnl
bottom land, bordering on the river and creel;. At UaM
flilffl actex of high land fc- •? -nd tohaer.oland, and the l a
lance 01 the tract is welt i.aptetl to the cultnte of corn,
wheat, Ac. liver) prod'""..' • . and liv» well "iiieially.—
lee'«. ami oilier necf **.ire ;*ud convenient not houses ; »•>
pcilier with a tolerable good orchard of fruit trees. I he
ilwellifig house i* heiuu.tally -i 1 i .rl»• it. a'.i1 i- letuarhahla
healthy, of which tile bitl>«cri‘.ier, iron l.ir long cipeii
e.m e.« an civ- lull I'Ssniuiice.
There is on the laud, w inch tvi'l ’>r : 1.1 n i;'i it. a g >od
Manufacturing, Grill, and Saw Null; llir ; iHcr of which
« .11 tic particularly valuable to the p itch* er, as |xnoa
•:es of the laud abounds with good prim* timber, rheie
K also a house wliich has been hither lo. and i* ai pie
p nt, used for Merchandising, and i» c«u».'lct<d _u <\u.l
leui .land fur luidnesp.
The whole will he (old together. mid possession given
immediately, Ot divided into tracts of.him acres, as may
best suit purchaser*. Oue-tliird ol the p’lrr 'uiv inonev
w ill lie i< M illed in tailt,and the other t wo thuds »w two
« tnual payment/.
t hose wishing m purchase vri’l he sbewnthe land !<v
my son fhoiiiis Bernard, residing on the premises, to
whom application may be made for ihllt purpose, nr to
mvself .it the Washington Tavern, in the eit) of Kich
Vtl I’ H’l.F. Jmtin liter l.tniii fir .We.—Mil be
•old, Iwfore the door ofilir Bclb I avern, on the Ith
r* editwsil.iy of iiesl month, if f ur. if rot. on the nest
f.ir day, bi twfen the hunts bf !•? ;,"'l *i o’rl -eb In ihe e.
s tig, *2 Ir ti ts or parcel* of I I' D, vi/ ;
Out* tract containing ahum 1!50 arret, !>'ng cn t’v
south side of James ftlver. Just helot* the Westhsnn ierrr,
nud adjoining the amitinent of the bridge tube built a
oross the said river by Mr. W'ilton o ( o,
rite oilier iraci containing ud aer*”, and lying sbe”? «
fijie from the llrst mentioned, and the r une tli«i;.n«.e
from the river. The timber and other advantages of
f..e*e tr.'cf* *f land, render them c- .o-f i- of i iipr' ire
li. gentlemen who wish to arquiie property in the ne'g'n
horhood of Itichmnlid.
t'crt/n of No U —J cash, Ihe bal in#e in two aiirrwl pay
n nit* from tlic dav of sale.
In i<i4iihii.iMe title tot be land will be convevrd fo the
ti'irchsifr, no i| lusniahi'W the lir-i payment, and giv
r*n inonls niih appiove.i security for the la*, la by

r-briiury 13* | ^ 1*3 * '»
(I | MI91I \L’s Sfl 4..—Hy vlrt * or rk decree t.( P >■
i' I Hupei i.,i conn of Chancery for Hie Uichwofid Hie
tool, pfoncmr ! on the sm1' day of June, |is1H, in a
evoue therein dCpcmlingj Wt* «i Janie* ff. |burvfori,
pialntltf; anti Ihotnn* Am trout, l iebairt Jours, »ii<1
► niniei Jones, of Nottoway, defendant*—Will besold, to
i •••highe t bidder, for • a*h, on Iburfdav. the (iiti day ol
l..arch nest,»t NMtoway copn-housc itbe tigroort day,
the. ’/'fad uf hood na ned bi tl i *eid docreg, and a* cm*.
*••)ed by iVcrl bearing d'-'le the dip day r.f March, IHI'f
from thenhuvenamed plaintiff, and .Sally I., bis "Ife, t*
tlie defendants tlurve n/.fhf , Containing' ; J acros, he rh*
soior mote or less,lying In tire comities of Noflo.vav no
Aui.'.i.i, ami adjoining tlie laud * of Jena Harper, C»agk
4Miner, and EliMbcili Overton.
J, Oytt PAN'T, n. ». C. e. n. o.
rahrq’.ry H. thito
{ l.\\l'I.K’S-1 \hl /« tr^rili! oficrul tor fiie.—T!ie
ii !>uli>crlticr is disposed to soli .1 ' > irg.u 1 Iti till# 1
i . 1) mi# farm, uul u> divide ilit iwyincnn, t< < rhrac- I
Couimod,Inei ot‘ a p;rc.tu»er, ii!!i* *■ 1 •• c .«:»•* r ris.iti .
Ilfg.'i.alile |iA|ier, V.ell endorsed, I'l;" .. ci'OCf .
i>. i.c Iticliinoiid Itauks, the dr.t of w ’ icli to :>«? at do day •
sight, and soon hi surressioii. lor cvct > oh d vs.uutlltbc 1
pmeii i*r iltouey be fully duch.’i.:. •, wlmi. will I.c at i
tlit' cnuuftwu years fralu t’l« dole »f 1st IITr*.
I 11 fa 1 1. - 1 11 • “In e .:di • 1- .1 . i .. |t* ':i* fully I
■Icsi i Hied -:i 'hervtoie dW*-n«.«t ilii’|;.r« sory ..-gaiii to (
• 1 fully 1.1(0 a description "I I li*-* ill t’ •’ eoiioiy ol j
Ul.iuii, leu mil s aa ive loe r e'll-lp. ;i««, on lurking- I
bob Cli ck, nnrt a : lilt forty Itil • » ' from Ht j' lnond; It j
cod'itn* ...'.mi /go acre,, H- •• t-l 1 for f..rinieg, and 1* j
well v. etricd, and III a g >od iicig: !rirliood ; annul tidily I
ar»*-s of this tract l.itg iiL'icdiarrlv un Lickinitboie
1 icek, is coii*iik*red e pi.dly a# 1 n li a# ’lie .'.•.uir* K:\cr
I ow (.tonmis; the residue produce* go.nl wheat, coru,
tobacco and clover. l i:c buildings aie mat and conve
ntenl - also the orchards on the lurin me extrusive and
of the best kind* oi trim.
T here are also two small fir 1* near Phtuhr't Pure,
I’clougiiig to the Suhsrriher, w hich are also united lot
sale. l ilt'two contain 3AJ i.rtes, anti nearly the same
-i.e: one ol wliteli is elieiinihi 1 eil wub the lite estate of i
an old lady. A very great bai .it 111:11 also In* p d mllie |
l>!Ueh..M' oftlofe parcels of laud, or either of them, and
llie way rne'it# made easy.
an. neison w i-tiing to purchase, is invit.J to rail on
the tib-eiilnr and rin|uiicoi lion hispriee lur tins dr»i
■ alile |»i"nettv- -ll shall he made m.irh nelow its rctilva
Ine, or the ordinary prices that such lands are selling
February 4. so ;f
^ 3 Wl'iu K M KlSTF.lt, h. - opei i ll, .11. ... .0
II ji • the Old Globe fa vert, K -neil. a choir- Uud ex
tensive ’-#ortni«iilof GI.ILM a.\ l.1 Kills, selected hv liira
-elt, viz;
«>il cloth, silk velvet
I iniiroiih-ii-d piir'e-. and watch chain*
Fine cut clirysuil glass urns, salla . b<uvl«, sugar :
di-l. tumblers, wine glasses &;e.. voiy hrd
rhininer ornaments and ihmei puts-—new patterns
I urge lamps mid chandeli. i >
l .idr' ’ “hiss work boxes,
I'aper do. 2l*d dressing boxes
l'.onr das* v.i-cs, bowls, sugar rti«hrrs, saltscllcis,
inkstands, &c. plain and colored
Musicalclocks, clocks iu landscapes, framed
F'egant time piece*
A1.1 ■ ■rltnr.if -..riofigl .•_• glass •?. p irXrt do,
.!• nz ..oil, Inns*, and plated caudle-neks
.'a , zoned w ire coolers and tint canisters
I urge and small . inhcr, 1
b'-al g i t, cut glass, *ml h HhADS
< onipo-iiion J
Artibi isl flowers and garlands
Morocco pocket books, pocket blares
Matliein.i'iealinstruinents -single and incases
F.xtia line uml eoinmon sand boxes
t).dd*ml silver repenting w niches
Jewelleries, music.st natch keys and seals
Micr rscopes, reading glasses
Spy, optic, opera, and mull {plying glaf-es
Camera obscuras, of all sizes
Iu,1 lead pencils; I*asi«d and Port Crayons
Camel hair pencils, for oil and wan r
\ urnisiilng and washingbrush' s
A »;.i ie;y of drawing books
Fine ucwr embroidery p illions, colon d
l ine engravings, colored landscape.sand flowers
Co d and silver paper—ornamental aod plain
baskets, table mats, racket bottles
< hi-‘stiM ii, lottos, square and oval mid dials
An assortment of TOYS, and a tiuuibm of articles
too tedious to enumerate.
BY vii :ue of a deed of trust executed to us by David
Dickenson, and recorded in the County C ourt of
Hauover dated the&tri day of Match, tbit, to secure the
payment ot certain sums of ttumey iliereiu named, and
tl i- T:(.encrs attending the execution of said deed, due to
"tit. I'rueheart, of said county, we or either of as, shall
tTo ecu to sell, at public auction, to t!ie highest biddet,
it »■ ' ,..ney,im the premises, on Wednesday, the
5th of Mvrch next, if lair, if not, the next fair day, a cei
mnti.it >>r parcel of laud, lying in the county of llano
\er with the iiiiprovemetiis tlieieou, suitable for theac
rt.iiniiodatiou of a genteel family, containing by survey,
Hltiac.es being the same t mat of land which said Dick
ctpor lat. 'y pnirh?*ed of Edward D. Svduor :
.' >i “ii Frida;., the7lhof .March next, it fair, if not,
;bi n> • 11 an ■ av. tiv virtue of the above mentioned died,
Ue si,. 11 pioceed to tell, forreadv molli y, oil tin ptrtui
the -aid Dick' 'isnii’snne halt interest it, one half acie
I i la ibt i j oi Richmond, bring known by the Xo a,
in Duval’s addition, or.so much thereof as will be sutlii t
cnito .-Jli.sly said deed.
Kit 11 YU 1) It. JOHNSON. | trustees.
Ft hi tint v 11.__ po-oawtils
1,'' I- V ! II, .Surgeon l)rnt’*t. ■ i s pecilully niloims
1 is the l.olies and gentlemen of Riclinioud and its >i- 1
rinity, that ilnringtl.e short time he shall continue in this
city, he will he happy to attend them, in his profession,
at Ills io-.ni over Messrs. Dabney * Baker’s Store, oppo
site Ike Swan Tavern—or, at their several places of a
H • hits three different kinds of teeth, each excelling in
it -»itid, w civil he engrafts upon stumps of decayed teotli
or inserted where there ure none, fiin:i one to a ,et. -
The are fabricated fiom tin- Hippopotamus, Natural
teeth,and t!i»* Mineral Pa;tc f'r. tli, which are ail im
provement uputi those invented in Europe ; llicir superi
ority roii-i;t*iii never changing tiieii colm or dtraving.
lie mends decayed teeth, with gold ,,r ml. -o r
tl.cy I'vunri' artificially sound, and as useiuln* tln-vew i
lie cleanses, separates, extract* teeth or their stumps,
in the c'Vsi.uni most approved manner, and rc'iilaie..'
children’- teeth.
He ha* pi ' ioo'Ii powder. prepared by him i ll, fu e
ft -iii every deleterious quality, which in it. use not only
polishes the teeth, but pi serves them ; dirts disoj-i'il
gums and Keep, them in a hcnlthv state.
Advice given on the teeth eratie.—Attendance at
hi* room till in A. M. amt front 3 1*. M.
■ -* /nonirrr* are rtirert, it t< ffr. V'f'ntr,
»Jh r* WKBif-rt»V.~ m “sITeT —
O 3" hints. hiiiI M * bis. Voscovado ttiqais
•I boxes IlavaiotH ,* ,t
3 iilids. and -/n bands nf do.
S '.O’io I's. cotfee, si p^n pritp.• green
00 Iilids. Antigua ititn : H»do. N. Ei-glrpd do
|7J lib's. I.etlnirn's and Curuther’s liust old rectified
whiskey; IS Mid*. common do.
D> lihds. applebrandy ; Cognbv brandy
Holland gi't In pipes mnl cases
3 qr. tasks Sicily Madeira l
l’i do. dr- Malaga WIST..
i" cm. Slutrry |
•io lilids. mol i-* *; 15 fieri r Loudon porter
.nil) *»rk- l irn pool salt ; 15 no;- liar iron
.2 do. Id:* tried su-rl ; j do. Herman do.
2 ► lilimlli - Crawley do. ; jhret and poop iron
I ton nail rod.*
iui ea-ks etil nail* and brail.*, assorted size*
■ o libls. Men York prune pork
in do. mess beef - 30 do.liver oil
-t :o bid*, rut herrings
I ’D do. whole do. (Navn-Se.dla)
V5 keg* I oekflne Inclines ( trnrr„
9_j boxes smoked do. { ‘ ' l c li
50 Pbl>. shad; a ten hhl*. mackerel
til boxes W'hltinoie/s cotton and wool card*
5c 1 boxes 8 by to ) .... ..
25 do. do. 10 h) I? < WlMltm I.l ASb
f. Iibd*. glass waie, assorted
5 r.i*e* half pint tumblers
t do. pint do
•Z’i hove- mvdd i,nntb ; : 70 do. eliomlatej
.'•o do. brown soap ; ;io do. shaving do.
.ran reams writing and letter paper
loo do. wrapping do.; I c*ir quill-*
12 crates queen’* ware ; 3 ton; palent hot
35 K"i;s warranted gunpowder. F. IF. FFF.
P.ono lbs so.d leather ; Jitn sides upper do.
13 ilii' calf sod kid skin*
SO ion* plaister or pari* ; .is toil* hemp
Tar, rosin, L.iglish retlned silt price, quart
bottles, bottle Cork*. Inipen.it, gunpowder sil l
young liyson tea. |iepper, pimento. nttlmrta.gin
|a»*r. rig blue,madder, allmri, pnttv, eoprirra*, I
brimstone, indigo, srine twine,saekior and sack I
i baes, wool and line hat.*, bedeoid* and leading
lines. I'nikey yarn shoe thread, weeding hi,
grindstone*. Ar. &c.
* I ®0— 1 ri“e ebsek silk handkerchief anil ; {quantity
of I’OiJKSTlc tiOOIdt,
| of
Patitnett*. shirtings, bed tick*
thambray*. si ripe*, plaid*
ft'llghdlO. ViWtillfS, AC. a-c.
f.'ft ffsCfltTi/'-W resin* wrllinf parer, rnmplrtelv
ted ; a qnantllv of Macon’s family tlrmr ; and 1
e-o.' t« Fresh imperial lea.
tut hr fVrrt—S'lhhds. Veil retailing r.mla**rs; Slilids.
ihntlgn t re i ; a few ba'er ndloti.
1'' X i Li, 3 NT C \ F. I Vk i I* nrs't i t 11 1:. (ill-. Cnnis
a i • * v, f'uhliot Fill'w St.flS'e pair Mreet.,
rear I’ ■•arl 9t. N tvt-You k, respect frilly Informs Hie cl*
rr'-R* of the Southern State*, that he has principally a
droied hishurinewfA .'-ontiiero demand; hi* furniturei*
o • i- , r-' • vie of ettVsnu • . and slciv* wurraMrit of
tiff f t trork.nitnohlK . tie wilt.I with the view of e ta
hlishiug I'.tnsetf ,o Hf.tliern custom,; leduee hi* price*
ol order* from Ihei.ig Foe per rent, below Xen York
price-, which will trim ally nieet Hie rosi of freight.—
Mrdrr» directed to bill -v truer, w .11 r- reive Immediate
atteptp n and mfirninf i given, if requisite, a* to lash
ton and pries*.
til his work ismsdelu -j« ntvn work-shop*, under In*
pernyfi?! Inspection, ay t p..(t.rd up by himself, which
entvhle- him in wariaif in, fornit ire C those that maj
pli»'-" i" favour him */itli in, .r command*.
C t. i, very cratefnf m those ladies and gentlemen of
the southern suite* tt-at bar, .avoted him with their ns
t-«m. amt solicit*-* cotitiun.uiee tlieif p itrortige and re
commendaton. ‘
B imli day of March, si to o'clock, will Ik sold n pub
lic Auction, liet .iw tlm duorofttie ftcil- l*sic**rn, for rii'li,
I ollltY \ i.KY v v i l Altl.h SKi.tuh s, •nu n. women,
and children)said to be as likely ns rtny in Ytriinia. A
innui; tbcm. ate said to be an excellent house sonant &
a good sawyer -the balance prime nop bands,
February 8. Ul-ogwlils
* RRIKK Y, A.C. I he subscribers r>-- esunllv inform
tlieir friends, and tae onidic gcmr.iily, ti .it bantu;
funnrd a connection for the purpose m citriyni* tin the
ftrrin' .< .x Flat kmiitM I’nsini w, <>;i the cioss-slrce*
leadin ' from itrirk Stow to the Hay Scales, ill the same
shop formerly oceupiedby James lynch, solicit a shat e
of eticool aueute'.t, mid leel mol.dent ill pledging (Jieirl
selve.- (fio'n mabj yeais experience) lo execute all or
ib i * i iniHied to them, in s manner that will give pci feet
r.i..sfactioli. ./ I 1// .V PUFF til.f.
r/io. n.tr nr it. v.
February 2b. DC, it
I'd l. WE UT /. /('ll I/O A n.
In Council, Fein '«ry!/,|SI7. (
71 ESOl.Vr.n, 'I hat the Halt will, al iis ilmiiUily »cs
» h «iou in 'larch,* proceed in the ai> " oiineot of a
flintier ot Police for the City of Richmond, for one
yeai limn the‘..>:h ot Match,in t’.< place ot f|, Itnhni.'Oii
resigned—and lit: directed that thisresolution be pub
A C«pv,
•3d Monday—Salary $ I ,?<•!> • year.
IVlVvgn._ ' ~ ■ Prt.'2'.i" M
)on\ tv. iVituO tillers his services as Voiitnnssuni
Cary Street, Keli’y V). fhi it
IAN l) S ir. I) til he soli), to the highest bidder,
/ on Satin day, the i id .M t it li next. *ixti .seven acri x
ot I.ANI), bctlie same more or less, lyitiH in the county
el'Che-let held, and about fourteen mile* from Mam In-,
ter, being a patt id the tract known by tiir name ol ti e
M iiiP, tortnei Ir belonging to Janie* Harris, tier.—T he
s.de wi'l tube place on tin premise*—and the t-iuisate
twelve months eiedit, tin purchaser giving bond with
appiovcd security.
lij the Commissioners.
/'.-A' < on. t„- .
rpiVl'.\ IV D’M.I.AItS It RUM It l>.—Runaway V.iii'i H.e
» Milne liber’s farm ill Culpeper, a negro man named
Printer trie. atnoit p c feet incite* hit:b,w eli mail
Strowe and nctive ; h>c uplormn is daik, nun be i ;pi
ycaisof age, high toiebi.nl. and iHcliniug to baldness —
He lived in the county of .sltettaudoalt before I t in ba
f'd him, and s'lli'ripieiitly in Culpeper Hr has also
frei|uetiied Ri'lnnoml atul Kctersbnr;f, shout some of
which plai i s lie is piobtlbly lurking.
1 lie above reward will be p.nd on Ins delivery to mv
overseer at Hilly I'artu.Culpepet, and all reasonable ex.
peaces paid.
Feb’y HO • in,.
HATS. f.Viiwn/ii/ A Prnthei «,(at tb. s,c ii oil,,:
/■'he Hot',' have now no band an extensive to. r
mem of ,/m, lien a, t ■■•/iOi. and French III ivF.lt
!l IIS.ul the most fashionable kind, exceeded riy imi.e
ill ininlitv.
Also—( \e.*tnr and Horen II \ rs —w hich they will sell
as cheap hy « hoUralr nr retail • > they » an In- obtained
iti any uiarki i in the I'nurd flairs.
Andtliey liavenn hand a xi ry good supply of Hatter’*
On Consigni cuf—giip side, soal leather ; tuft superior
Northern-made uses ; 10 crates common w ate ; 1A casks
slate nails.
N. It. They have instructions to receive orders for
Marble Mavtle-yiee** ot a superior kind—prices from
Mt to S arm. »I .W aw
# \ CII.IM I.IIV.— ii. I'outiatan Omul) Court, Decent
I hei Is. IH!o.
Kichard V ;il and Polly W. his wife, formerly Pollv W.
l ogwood, and William W. Logwood and Thomas S.
Logwood, iniartt children of Fdtminri I ogwood, dcr’d,
Hie late brother ot John l ogwood,dec. hv thrir guardi
an, the said rtioinus Logwood, Htaintijfs.
toAltxs r
Jesse Hughe*, Lx’cr of John Logwood, dec. Jsrrr Poore
and Judith fucker, Holiert Poore, Hubert Sampson and
Agues his wilt , Josiali Poore, Francis Siiiuh ami Var
tl.a Ins w ilt*, David Poore and Ann I’oore, in their own
rights, and as heirs of Sampson Poore, dec’d,
IJi fen it ant*.
This day eaniethe plain tiff, hv their anomies, and it
appearin'. flie satisfarttoo of the rmnt ths' the def# n
daius Francis Smith and Martha Ins wile are not inhatd
talus of this State, It Is,therefore, [tecree.i .ud rider
fd, t hat ihe said Frmo i* smith and M.ntlia hi- wife, d»
appear here oti or before the third Wednesday in Man It
next, and answer Hie plmmui-’ hill, and give security for
performing such decree as the Court may make herein ;
and that a copy <>t this order t>e forthwith inserted in
smile newspaper ptihlished in the City of Itichmond and
sonfitiiied tor two months sit. cessively, and that another
copy tie posted up at the door of the • ut lioice ot tin?
ceinnv mi t wo sin ri'oiw court days previous to the said
third Wednesday In Man'll next.
A Copy, 7'e.v/c,
Wit. S.nAVCK. die.
January 13. HiieHrr
^-atxcocisuo.. *-»•, niwuBi»arwj>araMwww».-f
Joseph Milligan, bookseller of fltrorprctown,
O. C. Itii-rfittblislirrl proposals in tlic National
Intelligencer ofthcTlb inst. for publishing bv
\ jjif.An-ro\Poi.i itcalKcovomy :
To which i> prefixed a supplement to a prece
ding work on the Understanding or I lemcnts
of Ideology : with an \ti dyticalTable, and
an Introduction on the Faculty of the Will
- l»y tlig Count Uextvtt Tracy, member of
the >« mite and Institute of France, and of
the \tneriear% Philosophical Society—Trans
lated from the unpublished French origin
" Air. Tracy is the author of a Treatise on the
elements ot Ideology, justly considered as a
product! n of the that olde r in the science of
our tb'.r.kiiin* fur nltv. nr uftlio iiu.li.rslst.ilinn
considering the present work but ns a second
section to those Elements under the titles of
Analytical Table, .Supplement and Introdne
t.oti, tic gives, in the-e preiiuiinary pieces, a
supplement to the Elements, shews how the
present work stands on that as its basis, pre
sents a .summary vit w of it, and before enter
ing on the formation, distribution, employ
ment of property, he investigate** the question,
ot the origin <>t the rights of property and per
sonality, a question not new indeed, yet one
which lias not hitherto been satisfactoritv set
tled. These iiivcstigationsarc very metaphysi
cal, profound and denioiistmtiv«, and will give
satisfaction to minds in the habit of abstract
speculation. Readers, however, not dbpo*ed
t<> enter into them, after reading tltc summary
view, entitled ‘‘ On our actions,” will probably
pass on at onee to the coiniiit iiccuient of the
m tin subject of the work, which i, treated of
under the following heads : ,
Ot Society.
<>i Production, or the Fmmition ofonr Rich
Ot Value.oi the Measure of Vfilitv.
Of Chauge of Form, or Fabrication"
ttl Change o| Place, or Commerce,
Of Money.
f'f the Distribution of onr Riel.es
Oi Papulation,
OJ the employment of our riches or Con
Of public Revenue, Expenses A. D hts.
Although the work now ottered is but a trans
lation. it may he considered In some degree, «>
tiieoiiginal, that having never been published
in the country in which it was written; the
author would there have been submitted to the
nnpleasint alternative either of mutilating his
sentiments, where t/iiv were neither free or
doHOtful, or of risking him/'If, under the un
settled regimen of their press. A manuscript
copy communicated ton friend here has ena
bled him to give it to a country w hich is alra;d
to read nothing, and which may he trusted with
any thing, so long as its reason remains unlet
tered by law."
M e doubt not lint an immense Impression of
this work w ill be demanded at this monr ot.
For oui-elves we are glad to see it anr.eunc
It i< t*> be elegantly printed on fine wove p i
per, in owe »vo. voHuiie of about lot pages, at
[»V. Co!.
hnr-'iwh Itisiorivrti Society.
At a meeting of this Soci-atv, on the 11*1
inst. the following resolution was passed am
committees appointed :—
Whereas this institution was established 'ffj
hnowl-Jc* «’f Hie natural, civil, literary mul
occ*U;.<ui.iieal History ot America. and more
especially of this 'Slato.** iu the intent,
therefore,of aUaiiiiii^* these ol.jects,& c i. ud*
inr the tilililv of thi> society—
u< solved, i hat Hu: following committees he
appointed, whose duty it shall lie to carrv in*
*’• edeot the several objects ( f their appoint
ntent, and to report llieir proceedings in this
V committee on Zoology-T>r. * tntmj 1,.
Mitchell, L>e Witt Clinton, ami —Ee Conte.
Esq i s. ’
On Eel.tny and Vegetable Plmiol <;v l)rs.
David flosack, C. W. Eddy and-Lv Conic,
tin Miner.dovry and rossils — Col. George
Gibbs, I>i -. Ilniee and Mitciiill, li -v. Mr.
Sehaell-r, Me-sis. John G. Ii-.inert, and John
I*»r Ihe Collection of Coins X: Medals -John
G. Dogart, Anthonyflleecker, Emj. and Dr.
To collect Manuscript*—De W i'(Clinton, esq.
Dr. David Hosaek and John Puitard.
'IU colled Hooks relating to American His
tory, and also rare and iiittresting: Marks—
Me sis. Janies Eastbm ii, Jmnes Sum It and Dr.
John W. Ciancis.
’I In- corpoiaiion ot tEi- city h is i vqirorniatfd
a suite of ap til incuts in the Vsi w-Y..rk Institn
lion, foi the pm pose of tdi nung a Cabinet of
Mineralogy and Fossils. Tins cabineti«order
ed to he immediate!} prepared by the APine
rulogical Committee. The duty is already com
menced, and the cabinet will he srientiiirallx
at r iiiig-'il uniter the superintend ncc and direc
tion ot Col. Gibbs.
Ji f cording Secretary.
f I'rotn the Philadelphia Gazette.]
Tip- following sportive article has been
reunitsnic iual by ;tn anonymous cor
respondent. There is such a spr'inkling
of niwccnt tiiin-.or about it. that \\i
t itmml deny if itisertinn ; p.ulYcit»:iiT\
ns it alhuli s t-> so pleasing a stthjcr I ;:s
the restoration oi’ specie ciicululi
A n v k i: r i r- r. m f. n ■ r 1 • \ • r n A ordinary.
.V rprivirg Avrltij.
Day J rancis, the great, Stettr Preslau,
atnl the Magician Poller, having already
amused and astonished the town, by their
wonderful |»c rforniaiiccs in slight of hand
and magic, it has at length den.bed upon
a votive oj the United Stales, to have l’i ■ ho
nor ofstirpassiug all their dexterity am!
sKin. i lie puunc an* iiiereiore respect
fully informed, that the first exhibition
will lake place outlie t2(ith inst. in Car
penter’s court, and by the agents of the
subscriber at the different City Banks.
He assures the public that uo deception
will be used in bis miraculous art of
turning paper or rags into gold or sil
v r.
The performance will comm nee with I
the display of
too REAL SPANISH 1)01.1 A US!
Which the spectators w ill have the pri
vilege of /uniting ft, bill Oil UO a*i oUflt
can lie permitted to touch them, lest by
handling they might be defaced or inju
red nivaluc for fid ure exhibit ions. Af'ur j
wInch, will he shown,
Visitors wishing to hold them in their
hands, as matter of curiosity, will he |
( barged 10 cents a minute, or50 dollars i
for the w hole day.
As soon as the Eagle representation is
closed, a new and elegant transparent
painting will be displayed, illustrative of
the departed spirits of innumerable ,'>o's,
y.Vs. tOA’s, and 0]’s, w hicb hav gone to
the “ tomboftlie Capulcts.”—The scene
lies near a licach-wood. A requiem w ill
then lie snug over their ashes by a select
choir from the borders of' Schnptkill, from
different parts of North-America, and some
amateurs of Philadelphia. This drop
scene will close with a grand clior .s from
a number of Farmers and Mechanics, and
some scientific Pcnnsi/Jvanians, accompa
nied by a celebrated trumpeter from the
Northern Liberties.
To diversity the amusements as uiHch
as possible,
\N ill go through several wonderful feats
on the slack rope, (their business being
rather slack)—After which, tiiev will
'I hrougli a Paper llalloon, inHateri with
Gas, and alight oh their heels, without a
ny \ isiLie injury to their heads.—“ (Jiiirl
lo’s occupation’* gone.”
P.V way ol interlude. a Commercial and
Mechanic Professor, will perform a Minuet
on a platform ofti/er, ■ and in order to
discount er.ance ail ..ha of deception, will
conclude hy throw in*
from the platform.
June —“Click, Click, Crockery.”
7 'll E M IRA Cl f.O I S PI f (, -7 ft P,
Which will revolve on if.snxi'» fifteen mil
lions of times, without losing one end's
worth of its momentum, or cctitriftignl
velocity. Thi« will ho the only time of
it* exhioilion ; and will conclude with
a HP \\ \KO DANCE, in character.
Tune -‘‘Molly put th»* Kettle on.”
'I ae whole to conclude with a ii ’wlv
composer! Hornpipe, |»v
the \mehiCan mnmmoth
Tone—“Com#*, Paddy, none of;our
blarney to me.”
Admittance seat*.* -to fh*.*j*e vim irsa
into n *t.
K k n r c h a u n a z i: h tn \ i r. *.
Passed at the ,V> .<•#/#// of th* Cem rat A . n
Idtj tihivh com;/- net don tin l iik h'oumOei,
[ t 'imtinvcrIA
fi>. An act “ for appropriating money to mil
inllieop-inn** of a public io»u t;om Si li e
villi*, oil the (rack of ttir- Ohio r.ver, thtoti'l
>1 Uldlcboorti, to Clark-tmrz, and to Beveth-y
io Hits county of Randolph. '
oti. A’l icr “ rlruiirinr I * ton#* of h tin •
I Hu* H|!me«;ry district court ot V> illiam A'linj*, to
the Lt <lnv of June ami IMii dry of Octobn,
in imi !i year.
*7. An net” foaltrr ttiei'nv* koldiiu'thc *n
periorcnnrtsof la.v in tlirot1'. jii.l,/*mJ oir. rit.’
tty tlii* «ct, the sonorior court for Mr-tklen
tr.irjt count;, are to lie hotdm, on the 1st Mon
•Lys : for i harlotte on the 2d Monday*. tin
Halifax on the Tuesday* after the 3<i Monday
for Henry on the 1st Monday* otter th# U!
Mondays, in April Mint September ; for * if* u'
Mtpcrinr court in Henry;and far Franklin on
the 20t!; days ot May and October.
58. An art** e*'abUsbing th<* line between
the counties of Kanawha and iWu«on.**
50. An act “ establishing « town on the bind
of Isaac Over..II, in the county of Micnaudo
IV). An act “ far improving the navigation of ,
M .ills’* river.”
J»J. An i« -t1 eftui;';-blng a town cii the ;
1 tad of the heirs of Willi., u New land in the
county of i.cuis.”
IK*. All at t “ !■> amend an act, entitled. An
not incorporating a company to establish a
turnpike road from tin: lowu of Alan cites tor to
the town of Petersburg.”
til. Vn act** authorising James Wiimn to o
1 ••*!» a road fi inn lUritgonioryN ferry,to inter
sect the Mute road I- i.wecii i'f ui.ian’s and
the top nf Sewell mountain.”
ot. \*U act “concerning li. » kiidi Sf.rr.”
t>5. An act*1 incorporating a .ipiJ n\ for im
proving the nav got ion of the Monongalia river,
and of the we*t fork of ilia river.”
tv.. An art “ changing thc)daee of holding
the superior com tof law for tilt- c anity < :'
Spot t sylvan in" to the town et i 'it ’ cricks bn. i .
IK. An act’* coin ruing H ilh.iin '.i i. lor*"n."
I. . V 0 ad‘‘Coll ••inn.' I * i v s a * 1 l Ve. til.”
• •'I. Aii act “to :.|i. l the lime of ! ei 'iug the
Mtpciior court “I law for the coilin', of ()•
range, “ ta the Friil iv sifter tin* gd Monday in
April and September.” ami the Hustings court
ol the town I Petersburg” t » the H I Tuesday
in every month after the ensuing .'larch tutu
70. \n act1* authorising the .only court
ot Norfolk to rent, »7r leas, out for a term of
year*, the ferrii s at ross Klizalu :li i iv er, audit*
blanches, and for other purj • e*.”
71. 'o act“concerning' the cieiuui- doner of
the revenue f«*i the town of i.ynchburg.”
72. Aii net *• to amend the art conci ruing
'hive:” Under this act, tiny person who may
hereafter remove t<> tins (Jotunioiiwt -..Jib, • >
with a Imita tide intention of becoming a
cit’izeh and tiJiaini'nit then of, and shall be,
at h*. I in** of til ii i'i. nt, ih. tv*in.t o-**ur.t of
auv sluveoi slave*, burn within Hie initod
.Mate*, or the m i dories thereof, is autliori-ed
to bring into this State and to hold therein nnv
such slave or slaves, in the sumo manner, as if,
•it tin time of snob removal, be hu I lie, n
the actual owner thereof for two years inline
dintelv preceding; subject, however, to all
the other conditions and provi sj|»*|V ('OQtiUliC*U I
in tile act concerning slave* which I Jan.
Mb, if.I.t. Any person who, since the • f, j '. lii
ol dannaiy pli, may h ive removed t i tins
State, with n huna tide intention of betmning
a citizen and i habitant thereof, being, tit the :
time ot such re inoval, the actual owner of such ]
slave, or slaves, and who heretofore hath ;
brought, or may hereafter brine such sl i.es I <
into this State, shall beat liberty In ratlin !
thepamc therein, free from ali t. rleitar* v :m . | i
penalties, io the same maimer as if he had I i
neon tiie actual owner thereof ft r tvwr yea' ; j '
immediately preceding such removal; p’n-vi- I :
ded that, on or before tlie i.-t day of January, j ■
Dis, he shall as far as may lie, comply with tlie | <
Con 1 turns of the lirsi section ot the bolero rc- | <
cite.<1 act. The oaihproscribed bv that section
may be so far varied, as to omit the words,
“or in any munuci contrary to the provisions :
of this act.” Wli. never ariv person holding 1
laud--aithin this state, in any coui.tv l< r cl
ing on an adjoining State, or tlie District of*
Columbia, whether the said lands stn.ll h. in j
cue or moii trai t shall also be the holder or I
proprietor of any distinct tract or parrel of
land in the. said district,-or any bordering
coital v, or such adjacent State, anil shall h ivo
separate farms or plantations on each of such
tract- or parcels ufiand, he or slu nmy law
fully work any slave, of which he or lie is tlie
owner, in any one or all of such farms,
without incurring the penalties of any law pro
hibiting the importation <4 slaves; provided,
that nothing1 contained in tins section shall
l<e deemed to authorize any person whatever
to sell any slave within this Commonwealth, in
violation of any existing law thereof. Any
person owning a slave or'slaves in this State,
and hiring the same mit of the limits thereof,
tor one or more years, may firing any such
slave or slaves hack into tlie Commonwealth,
without iucuri ingany of the penalties imposed
by law to prevent the importation of slaves;
and any person living within this Common
wealth, may lawfully hire for me or move
years, any slave or slaves, resident in an adjoin
ing kiattgor district, and bring such si ve or
shivesjinio tins St.it'-. aiul keep the same there
in during the continuance of stirh hiring, wit!,,
out inclining any of the said penalties; hut
nothing in this section shall be con- trued so as
to authorize the issue ot any I a : <• slave
so hired and Drought into this -.tan-, to remain
therein for any time beyond the rontieiiancc
of such hung: nor to authorize any person
having a limited estate in slaves’to cany
them out ol the Conmioiivvc i!t i, contrary to
existing l.uv». All slaves acquired ny gift may
be brought into this Commonwealth and re
tained therein, in the *anie manner, and upon
tlie same terms and rc triction , a-if the title
thereto had been acquire .I by marriage,descent
or devise. I’assed .lannary ;ilst, 1317, ec takes
effect from lle.it ii-,v
7A. An act “ concerning James White.”
71. An nut“ to amend the act, entitled “An
act concerning John McCansland.”
75. An act “ incnrpor.itinjr a company to
make mi artificial roa t from Vi eliaburg in' the
comity of Brooke to tin* VV i su.ni houndary
of reiiiisylvaiiia, on the v...y to tin* city of
70. An act “establishinga separate election
in Hie county-of Caboil.”
77. An act “ concerning Benjamin Jones.”
78. Ail act r‘ incoi poraim: a coimianv to es
tablish a turnpike road frmu iiarp'i's fern', i i
| tiro county of J« tttr;fon,f* the fny.n of A inckcs
I ter, in the coiiutyol Frederick,p sing through
lie town of Charlestown.”
71k An act “ increasing the pension of Fie*
dcrick Finder.”
80. An act “ altering the time of holding
(Jour!* of Hustings fur Hie city of Richmond,'
to tin* last Monday in every month.
M. An a»*t “ autliori/iiig the appropriation
of Hi'.* money arising from the **aic of glebe
land in Hie e-aunty of James City to the purpose
of establishing a poor house and school in the
said county.
82 Vn at I “ a.nfhorizing a epante election
in that part of Hath c.Unity lying west of the
Allcgh'uiy, and fur other purposes,"
Hit. ,\i it c * uiiHinri.'ing the Common II.dl
of Hr* City of Richmond t»» make certain
change' in the streets *>f the sa*d < iiv.”
Hi. An act ** curt eriiiiig Hie public sijaare in
the toon i*l W ai reiiton,"
85. An act \ < - tin : iii Robot t B. Fife, J «tne*
Fiti and Willi .tin tile lie. (. uuiinoilrs entth’*
right to certain land' therein ini-i.l.diied,''
mb An a-*( **<,a uistiing the toWirof (faille*
b u.m '.'ii m Ho counry * i t redcirck.-v fu, otliet
ptirp •••«.”
st. Am act “ to csfahli‘h two i:tw bi nks with
in Hu» Comuiaiia ••altii,” edaldi • s a liauk at
Wheeling,in Ohio comity. to bt st\led “fire
North V inieru Bank of Virginia tin; capital
fo be raised by subscription, shall i.ut be !<•*«
l’*i;*M S tt) t.iMHi, iior more thru .*» i.t: 0t):>, to h**
divided into shares m o Kw cadi j the shares,
taken l*\ sunscrdit r.°, t<» bo paid f*.r in such
•uin, and at sucti rates,a* arr .iiHiorm'd tn the
subscription to the Hank ; tin t uin..I .States ;
with ofticej ot discount :uuMcpo«it to In* cdta*
blidied at \v ctlshnrg m Btuoke county, at
Slot *anto\»n in M*.m urgtdia county, uud a
Clarksbur;' in the county ot Harrison; al> >
a bank at H inclievter til t n dim•►, to j„ ,tr.
led" the Bank ot Hie Valley,” wirii capital
at not l**ss Htan ,t> bw*#tH>, nor mure lo in iona,
8Mi to Ih* raised hy sm.sei iptioii, iy shares ut
S hum c. h ; two offices of discount and depo
sit to be established at such places, within tin
comities of Jctlerson, B rk icy, Hampshiie
and Hard v, as the stockholder *, tt H»**A lir.-t
88. An act “ •tntkor.ic* *- 4 ijiiani (Jo*.,. to hold
sundry slave-, v.iini.i t'us l om uonv.eiillli.*'
H‘>. An art ** -oi :oiiaa« Thomas }|. ! 'rev.’’
W>. kn act w ' ;.:iiii“.. i-eMaiiou ?i-.t riot • 11
the south side of l.'lt f\! t mount.!-:- (ll tti*
count) of Muntgomer).”
i»4. An rt-.rt " »pr •iv aMmi « l —lev
lor !'»(■ purpov•• iot-roiii m.-nttotod*’ a;>’
1 -•piiutioii ma <: i \ ;hi> act is to pay sira-liy
iui-.abii'ims oil t county ot N'Oi'ihum..i-i'i.n.>f,
for the value <*t 1 iicIr *,•- itv an-i oiii«h,which,
cturingthe late war, were destroyed, by resv;
lution of a hoard of officers, to prevent im
proper communications with the enemy, uuoso
licet was then in 1 'touotc liver.
t>-i. \u actexempting the town of Peters
burg from the payc.L it of county levies, ami
tor oilier purpose*.
U3. \n act •* to am d the ne t. entitled * An
act atit'iori/.ing William Wood ot the county of
Albemarle, to open tunl improve the it
tion ot' the itivunua mer, and forothe.r purpo
U1 ■ \i» net *• incorporating the Norfolk Ma
1 iue .Sot ii-ty.”
ir». \n act "* an hoii'-hi" T.liznbetl* Johnson
to ho! la cer?'in slave therein mentioned with
in thise .mn riwenltii."
t»3. Auact “ cotu-eiuinir William Iloniir.”
fir. '.tract “ to amend u;i..et, tnlii -I * An
act t t re-luce into urn the several *• (• eon
fer: 11 the loco-, ei .1 - t dfcbrs !*>•; to ’lie
public. . nd the sale 01 l a • f . jm,.-.ni<-. 1.01
othu r.it the t'omni;, .e ,atUh i-gein-t pttl.iic
officer.,” piov:Jes, i! t .call s«:!es of hunts
heretofore tna.Je, or hereafter to In- node, by
viiliifot anv evec-.-.t *•». on tlu-part of the t-oni
monueulth, by anv »!.-',<ilt. or other oftreeV,
who in.>> have dej.-iit U this iif-, or removed
out ot tin- t 11 c, h. !cu- conveyance thereof to
the (.michaser . pit* chasers,am! in e. hicli ra
tes convey;:.. n a to be made, it .shall be
l.iwtuj h r -‘.c < till pf the cout.ty where lh«
laud lies, I-. in oliice, or his successors, to
convt' tin- -me, a. effectually the sheriff '
. ; otliei t j- who nude the sale mi; lit or
should bav-. d no; which conveyance shall
•■"'iU ll.u «•••• •t.'.-,.. J r.*,.T- -l.r|* ,. J,.ri.
tint*, amt -.ail p...s to * he purchaser' or pnr
cb;i - er* nli t!*c i "state and inter*--1 v. hicli t!.e
debtor, <>1 e. 1.0.onw oaitli, hail, or might law
fully part with,m (lie land so .old.
f.s. \ii act ‘ author.r.ing the President and
Directors of tiie Hoard of Puhlie Works to
subscribe for a part of the ..tack of t iie liap
pahamiock Company, and for ollter | urpo
1AI. An act concerning Jidm Neiiwon
If» >. An act “ prescribing certain general re
gnlati j-is f<a the incorporation ot turnpike cons
panics. i ue •.op-ci <u inisaci is in cMauiiSii
ii general system of regulation* fur alt turnpike
companies, hereafter to he incorporated, to
prevent tin* iteecss Uy of voluminous repit tions
in the statute book, The system adopted con
tains many improvements in the mode of pro
cev ling, in re!ation to ibe e.':atd,*bmci.t, or
:: :n :;,i11• .11. and conducting of the. bus.su ss of
'■roll companies, together with provisions to
eisnie the keeping of turnpike r:;a in good
old -!, which are too tin icms m*d in units*
to be inserts* 1 in a sketch of this 1 at,-***.
1 ,U. An act “ to ei s'lis Jane s d. 11 ••‘■on to
red •eiii it cerliii . *.i< r oi land, i.i tin c m.'v of
Cab. ll, which vested in the l’iv», and i>i
r tic tor- jfu.i . »;»i;ir> i nndi.ie aaL*s for
taxes iii tliatcr tuny,i.t A.rgii t
Iih’. An uct “ incorporating trustees of the
1’iUi.ylenuiu acad- my.’’
lo.. An act *' piaciinr fiionvrs I’lunkett on
tl s pension list, ana for h s pre.-.-.it t -
101 An act “ phi eiii: iUchai.1 .lines on th*
pension list,and for other pm; inn's.’’
105. An act “ ii'eorjjoi aiiiie a librarv con ma
ny in the town of Greensville, ui the county ot
100. An act “ for increasing ti e pensions of
John Lain and rfcnrv Crook.”
107. An net *• to am n l the art,ent tied ‘ An
act to incorporate a company for the purpose
of clearing out and rendering navigable Melier
rin river.”
li)rf. An act ‘‘allowing time to the collector
of r’rince.is Aline comity to coilo-ct and pay in
to toe treasury certain t.i\*« due from»aid
100. An act “ incorp.orating a company to ert
a canal, to unite me wan-i- ot Goose Creek, in
i:i flic counts ui l.oiidoim, with ilte waters of
Hunting (.reek, in tin- cutiniy of Fairfax.”
110. snact” reduriegnit..out thesevera! ac1-*
a. d parts ot'acts, estahlisTiing the rjri.* rt *r mas
ts i -general, adjutant-general, ami .ice,mot.mi’s
odices, and rt c minting tin* sala. .< * thereof,”
passed Feb. lath, si7, lirecG m t tin*, otfic
oi i|u.ii rer-m isier-geiieral and commissary ge
neral ot ordnance, in- attached to that oi" the
adjutant general ; (bat he be held responsible
for the pet u.nuance of all the duties attached
to these office*!; anil that he in* allowed *!VM
per annum, payable nunrteriv. i i lieu ofa iota
er compensation ; that, in add icon to the duties
imposed on the adjutant general. t»y tic orb
section of the act *‘ • i»«-.-riti ■. • iiie pub
lic property in the city of Kichinotid, hn
.liKiii i/t ii-.i i' . ub.ir.' i turn'll i m
tlic F.xeentive by the in si Anm of ta.it nvr
and lor that purpose, sliaJIaave the command
ot tne t'itv-i •Hard , subject, however, !.. tn«j
conlioiii of liie Fx"cutivh : that, so lor." oily,
as, in the estimation of the Fveetiiive. there
sit ill bi* miercs-.iiy for an accountant, to sc. -
th: tile claims ac iir.st th* -date, whi' li have a
risen out of, and m consequence of the lap*
war.ii"* may appoint a rfi | ers* a to discharge
those duties, with a salary of .t.lOiii), p-i • *.
'ion to * iii| doy a clerk with u‘-alary of., am per
III. Aii net “ concernin'; Charles Radcliit'e.”
lit.'. A-i..i:l “ to anieml the it* t,entitled ‘ A it
*<•1 lor i i.thle liiii,' .• turnpike front h’.ehinci.d
t*'th* I'* i’-lv iin ('<i 11 l' i >, and 11 uni thence to
the tli.ee notched road.”
113. An act “ onucertiiuiia new edition of the
inws * l this com.nonweallli,'' provides that tiv<j
gent Finer, v-./.. >p< ncer Roane, .Cbm (Jo >tt
Kohert \\ bile, William iirorkcnhi iijli, m.J
Renjamin \V. l. igh, be appointed, 1st! to i e
porl wb it laws, nr parts ot l ies, which are of
a general concern, shall leniain in force at the
closcnl'tlit- in- \i flc-sioii ol the C' .'tt d A-se n- /
J»ty : idly, to prepare bills upon the *;ibicct « f /
loi ii laws at, Iroin fiieii miiitipiicity t.m/hi fo lie f
red.,ceil inin ■ i.ti.-.irls; Idly, tnrejort what /
laws, , t parts oi laws ineeither ni l.! <o beeoi—/
tinned n force, or n line cess ary p, ,K. published/
vii anyrode ofihelav.s; Italv. t » ( : *f in *ji,<j/
order of time, and report them , of all In ■ i
v- hirii in.* \ l> • proper to he oaf it' . m a : >nJ
ral1 tmpiiidion ot ill laws f eud .>tHly,to ma!/
stich notes oi e ^rnution and reie■•■•n**" /
:! *s*» in >y *i* *y»»t »• Wv'jiai to :* clear ituuer.'fa
Fmg of the lav* s ; that III- sain ot ; jh '1
he paid to, and divided union* tie * ml .
men, or »o mans ol them, as rliull cut r> he f
work into * v.<- t. in equal ptoportu’iss"; tin./*
!’:<ecnti* .shall supply tltevac nrv, in c ’fd"
tiie death, disability, nr in n* ;ec| i -n .e
of tic: said ! . 'Cots, if net uarv to tl.i li
plelion of th * work ; that the Report of fir
pro' C'jdlll" s|* II he !ll.t*lf to til'. I'CS r» I ei
the < tenet ail Assembly : amt tlial * i fu'ln t
•hall liaw Td) copies <d such report prim! t*.r
the ii n ftfiht nest (fcyierai A stem illy, fibre
th.* commencement >\ il <r sion. *
Hi An act •* In amend thorf redrtHl tut**
one the several a t*. coiiccrtiing the ir>--|etioh
or lumber.” 1
li ». \n act •* to jimcftd the aet -midi 1 1
I act incorporating >* company to < A h*‘> •*
| turnpike road from John I. lav*
erti, in the countv ofl.oochlaiid, t*i (ft cm i
m*'ii(i nifi't ol the Richmond turnpi'.'wnad.”
lift, Atiact "to amend (hettd emitld * Aft
act kpCornorating tcornfitniy toc-tai ii'J a intii
niko r.iaJ from *1 ; city of Uicbtiiotxl to A' >•*
Iiunr-on’s tavern.”
117. An act *• Incorporating a Cor? '*’• t*
establish a Turnpike Road from Stkantoii to
the Ohio Rite* it Jijf irvfle " ^
l'3. An aot “ com* mdnf

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