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I flatten of the Chief M.iri«tr»Scof the V. States. fn lftMe
«riiti'»cnU the Mayor, Hoaid of .tlOermcu mid Hoard of
Cotii«u«» Couucitcordially untie with the Citiae.ua of
W’a*t!ii>Ktou. in ta-ndcii.,* uu Ihe welcome of tririidvliip
in tfieUnfidfific «*f CtunltMir and lit ihe fulueusot ulleclioii
_ud confidence.
To which the President returned the follow
ing reply :
yb the Mayor, Board if dtittrmcn, and Hoard nf Com
mon i'unncU vf .'/«■ cit j oj Washington.
I rsnnol exprc'* m » i.licicoil) urwiy leitua the <r:'!i.
Qcatiou which I ft el hi i .•tumuli' to the m\i .,f c,
inem, after the Ion* and vriv interntiug tour in ntiich I
have «ieeu enjlaged ; a.id I iip» you to he us.* uaed tf.it im
llimit cun tout tame uioir t" dU-ip. |.- U;e lali.-.ie to
which I haie > • *u d, than the vri y , .0.1,111 ir vj»
lion win I' l*:" ' '• '* r.iveu me uy my h i.on caucus and
neigh""'ii ol ihec.ty and Outlie!.
I »inll»l*avy look liack io the import nr Incident* of
ina |ia»»-tour. Willi V- ■ ’U,it -,i . |. n, . i i]yi(,-l nn.-.;f
Iliai I have derived from it ini r .1,011 will >„ Ve.
r, ,.<-lul in the divcliar-.e of >t>e ,1 n;,. s otiiie high in: t
•Imlitle li iiiie -. .v, in otm i 1. it bn* .idi-r-i--,' m,- ;•«.
atghest sial'tiC*iu»U. Ill alt Han portion of our c imtry
llirmwh which 1 have d, I i-m-e see 1 wiili ,t. |j*ht
I,roots ti e nio.l e sioIik.,.-. e, 1, • ,lt vuthut of . , u.,p„v!
jitiieiis t.> thepi inei|j|e- v|' our firr lepiihfiian tovirn.
in'it, and lo out nap;>v union, the spool.me. ■* |
1,dep mleiit matinee iu .vtmh iht-t ■••inn- ..,.
dared, by the" eat body -,t (be |»«»|ile, wn>i„Q„-r inati
-,l circninsUnce* a t-ndm • them, rutisiled me tiiai p , v
vine from the heatt. I tiled firmly in ib< »np ’ C|
u-se meal, these vita' ilUei'cMf, we m •. i.,-rle loi-auiue
ibai all difficulty 011 minor ipieMKi-i» w ;»l...
lu retnilime to |l,r t ill of u.i ’ melon, 1 re.oo to
find tire putdic buddiii" intended f r tin- a> cuiiunndatioii
of 1 lie Chief Ma .is tale, in a Mate to rec.-ive u.r.aiid to
Nd.uit will,111 n thus 11 leiidly mieriie" mho you.
J • >t • S MmNR ie.
\V« rejoice ;it (h«fi>!iritnu*teimin tion of an
enlcipmc as litituiralr.p to t lie heart as to the
judgment of tin- Chief .Magistrate, ami which
v.-e trust cannot fad tn prove of the most soliti
and lasting benefit to the r.nion, liy itrifiroving
ntir knowledge of the resources of the ti.itinn,
l»v conciliating prejudices, and uniting <-ouii
vivme. ' [//,.
r.Xr ^cbiit/, proprietor of a clrridvliiicr lihra.
rv in Alexandria, last v. -d, in a fit of delirium,
tore tip the scat ot Ins necessary find j recipita
ted himself down into tin* vault (a depth of 1.1
feet) and was instantly suffocated.
[»<’. C. CUz.
Philadelphia, Seyt. 17—The Monorabl.:
JOHN QUlNCiiV ADAMS and lady ar
rived in this City yesterday : and intend
to proceed for tlu;'City of Washington to
morrow, where he is io act as Secretary
We hear that Captain Hull is collecting
^timber for erecting aline of buttle sbipat
file Navy Yard ittCharlcsIown, n ar Bos
ton—that a sufficient quantity of live oak
for this purpose may In* exjyi \u-tj tim ing
the present season—amtthat tin* building
will probably be commenced the next
The 306,000 Dollars in Specie, arrived
:if R:i I! l ill • iri» irniti k nttrctiui lum
I rought to tins City by tin* medium of
the .Steam Boat line, and has been depo
sited in the Rank ofth • United States.
The ship Radius, (.’apt. liel uio whii h
strived at New \ ork, on Mon lay, from
Loudon, brought o t One Hundred ami
Twenty Thonmnd Voders, fur the United
Slut, s' Bank.
<ku. MMTTwas lately i:i Quebec, as
we see by a Quebec i iuzette, which cau
tions the (iarrison otiictrs not Ij Ut him
discover too much !
MISS CARR A LOO.—Tl is announced,
by advertisement, in the Philadelphia pa
pers, that a Concert, “«;«/:•»• the pah on
age of several respectable gentlemen,"js to
be given for I In* benefit of this singular
itinerant, and that the superb rooms of
Washington Hall have been engaged for
tiiat pm pose.
Nkw York, Sent. 15.
Sentence of death was yesterday pro
nounced upon Captain .1 ACoJs.Ni)N*, at
three o’clock in the afternoon, by ins
honor Judge Livingston. The* pri
soner heard it with firmness, an I was
apparently unmoved, lie observed to
the Couit that lie had three r quests to
make, v z. that his person might not tie
confined in iton.s, that he might be exe
cuted in t e dress he then wore, and that
his body might not be given for dissec
Captain Post, Lie master of the ship
Union, arrived yesterday from Liverpool,
on the passage, went into the cabin in the
nigh) and ordered Mr. flennie, a passen
ger in the ship, to leave his birlii. On
gelling (nit of his birth Mr. FI. observed
Captain Post to have a pistol in his hand,
and made a spring l<» get out of his way.
Captain P. fired at him, but miss d him,
and immediately leaped through one of
the cabin windows into the sea, an I was
lost. 'rite, pistol was loaded with grape
shot. No cause is assigned for the act, !
A few minutes before Captain I*. fued,
lie requested the ca in windows to be o
pened, as lie wanted air. (’apt. P. is a
native of New York, but had resided in
I An fill* c< i M i 11 tit.»** itoct
Captain Gallop, from Gonna and Gib
raltar, inlbt ms, that on the'2d ot July,the
Anierirau squadron was at Leghorn; and
that the Plague raged at Algiers and Bo
nn. In c«»!ist*(|m-nce of whu li the com
munication between Gibraltar and the
above port/ was cutoff. Captain (J. adds
that the intercourse between Gibraltar
and all the ports up the Straits was pro
hibited on account of the plague.
Mr. Joseph Bell, House Cnrpentor, started
from tJibs Oil's hotel, Wnll-iOreet, New-York,
nt 3 o’clock in die morning of M ednesday the
3d of .September, mid reached Philadelphia at
six o'clock in the evening of the same day : at’
ter delaying about, three quarters of an tionr on
the road rendering assistance to a carriage that
broke down—he was to wajk from '•ew-Voik
to Philadcipliia and back again in 43 horn s, a
distance of |pg miles, add to rest as long as he
pleased during tiie journey ; litit of which pro
vision lie did not avail him self, bus mg ;.iken but
3 hours rest, walking about the city the rest of
the time, until lie staited to retwrii, u tdcii «m
at half p. st 1 o'clock, on Thursday evening, die
■41f» of September, lie is accompanied mi his
journey by & man and bor.se.— i ise net is held
by Mr. Janueey. merchant, unci \ir. Price,
manager of the Tlieittre, noth ot .v w- Yu s,
for $ ijy.
We have,;:ottie reason f'> believe, that
f' >n Ohm, and Mr. Iivtlc de N uville,
the Spanish and French mini.-tei , have
nnilrd in giving directions to the French
frigate Emytl'C", htfcly in o r water, and
hiking in tnpplies, to rniM: in the neigh
botirliood ot 11 ip Florida*, or to lake such
e-tcpn as may tint ho v< rv favorable to tItp
Patriot cattae. 'I'll -e gentlemen will re
collect, that while we i i f'litc oiir Ia',vs, j
whit h prohibits iinv succours to ill'* •’*- !
triots, we xlntli he rigid in our tuTutiity f<> !
prevent any expedition being s n; against j
them from our ports.—Our lieu; ahtv in >
tins* cuoe must be perfect ; hi t ifv.e have
any hus, it is i.i favour of ih< i .I'viots; |
and, therefore, it is tli.se-:-, ..red th;it tix-j
Kurydire is eruisii.g against the Ibdriot*,
ai the instigation «t* Don Otti«, nfitf tup- i
pipit g thuns'hu* v ill. n*ce*inrici from o.tt !
port, *ve should consider an\ restriction1
on our citizen*, relative ;;> t!ic Patriot I
cause, ax i.Mpisf and impolitic.
[ Setv- York Si nlmnit Adrocate.
The an rail election in Verm^Mt took plan •
on the vd inst. From the partis) returns re'
c«:V(, J, there is no doubt of die election of £•'
——mam _
•ihlicarj offiv’cr* ftroajliout, hy increased ma
jorities, though »be tiHtuhcr 01' votes nulled is
much less tiuiii l ist year.
,, I’oitrs .i )L rtt, September 13.
*'!l inH'l iy last, (ho sloop Vnrora, captain
Mr bill* of Doit I .in i, arrived in tins bar bur, and
tanned at Now-Cuttle ll passengers, their it < *
gage, and several thousand Spanish milled dol
Inx, and son.: Span;*!, g(,f,|. j.-|Ve ot the>e
j ers«ins, of let procuring tin exc hange, of nearly
k »Oba at one ot the hanks in this tow .i for U. .s'.
Itatikbills, and Aiueuean gold coins, Idtihuts.
liter, th early on t uesday for Boston, .lomuc ti- j
ciiin-la'iees, not within bur knowledge, having I
transpired, the collector sent down the river
ami M’l/.f-il the sloop, ami took out oi lier two
priests ot the i£oi i>>.h ( hutch, ami it was soon
«itifi ilweowred ih it lour others of the pa t n
i. uhirli vm re landed fro at the sin p,»e:e in
town, ibvve petj-nis on bring iiilenuguteo,
stated, (in substance,; that tl.-ev sailed in
,Vay last, from Baltimore, in die .NpauUli
I atriot ; i.'.iticr “ l uiinic.wu," under tut
commaiul ol eaut.mi Joseph Almeida, on a
cruise ; tbai tin- l tell m wiiii und
captmed sevt-tal vev i-iv, ami alter oavi> g t.i
ken valuable goods out of them, sunk, burnt,
or d» si roved lliein ; that 1 inn one of the rap
lured vessel*. I!tr two do n:-.ii priests were l i
ken; tli.it sew i ni .-ks siuie (no one ot them
being able to stale tin* precise time,) Hie (Jolt
grosser captured a valuable) siup, bound on a
voyagetromtin Mavar.afoi t'adu,loaded with
■'tlgar. i tiiii, Colli t*, •ailasses, Imne.y, and some
peesO; tli .1 a11er the cap I tin ot the vessel,
Iiit crew were taken out, tud a pn/.e vrevv of
ten persons,tm iei thecouiiii.uid in eapt, Diggs,
ami the twopiiests, were put oil board,and tne
prize ordered for Buenos Ayres; that 1 or 5
days after pai ting with the t ongrcsH'o.xoiire ot
till* crew,headed by a mauoftbe uaim id Davis,
t<> k |.!•“si -sk >t ot i he vessel,and steered bet
course lor Portland, in the District of Maine ;
•bat the vessel arrived oti Poillnnd about ten
days ugb, and Davis went on there in a tisiiing
vessel,ami the dny afterwards returned wnli :t
sloop*, ami eomiiieuecd unloading the s:dp ;
ami that on Saturday last, the whole ere wot
the prize,incepting Davis,were put on noitrd
in the Atnora, and Ordered by Davis for :-,e\v.
N ot k. _ *1 ticse pi rsous say, that wiieu tiiey i t!
the ship, she li.ul ail her cargo uitt esrvj i..„
ai> in .y'j puncheons ol'i urn, ami that ! )j> . n,?
trihuted several thousand ihl’m <d pi . u>
my among them, and told them to applv o tne
pri: c agent ut Baltimore, anil if the. e.i
tilled to any more tun t tuny won hi it.
they state that Davis is a native >. .
1 and a smart e ipulde man; that the Cor ,_es<o
I was built and fitted out at Bain .ore, at ,i
I her ciew consisted ot all uulions. V. eha-.
j seen four of these pi isi.us; t.v • »f th'-< .
; th..t they ai«. natives ot daiyh.nd,a third is an
Irishman, and Ihenthet a b.m k mao, supp-j
to he a native ot \tiica.
\l e since Irani that the prize ship lias arriv
ml in Portland, and that tier goods have been
rFrom the Sitlcm h'<% i.itcr of September 13.]
j - .. v- i (. n Mill tmjmnni
I •<**|*« cliiig tin new coiticr in tm-.i waters, it c
j .'.aw one»>i (he inost enteipiisiug of tlieir'citi
! /cns in the drsvi ot i seaman, ami upon a.xiv
i I'1",' *0,,,,d, he w .in t.ien going into the i>ty to
oof ' or the extract'd]rimy ti.sh which had so
‘•••ig visited their sholcx, hnt it.i.l so iong es
caped .1 very intimate acquaintance. \i e wish
l.iC'iusuccess lit umii^ him.
lit xi ON. Sept IJ.—The SEA S’ERPEXT has
again made his appearance in Gloucester, and
Ins neck and head were distinctly visible.—
1 lirce yellow rings iinont one foot apart and
two inches broad were discovered, w inch cir
cumstance leads to a suspicion among some
persons, that perhaps two animals of this de
scription are 0.1 the coast, since no observation
ol the kind lias befoie been made. That he
nu' not been kille I is to be regielted on vari
«iis accounts to silence doubt and eon found 111
‘ ledulity and to prevent liie destruction of
sniud t.sn ; L'tu that lie has nut been attacked is
not .singular, lor the animal lias always appear
c.. i;y Mii’pi ise, when no boats were on the
watch,and tieqiientlv in unexpected places.
/,., .. - [fi/f.
• he hve men arrested un Wednesday ho t
; w* iv yesterday examined before Judge Davis’
°! ll’’ T s-ri'1 Court. It appealing t.iat two of
I belong.ng to vrssels ken by the .>, i Vll
1 ie i, they wereivle.ised ; theollici three, form
1 11.4 pun ol the priv itcei s crew, were commit
ted lor further examination, which will take
p. .. e no tile * .tn Oct. next. H e understand
turns ot the pi.vateers cri vv, Inve been ar
ltiSteu at PvM’tSlIlOlltll and Portland,
r_,f* '’^1 Tint roSTON CENTtNEL.1
.xofiitng additional 10 the reports recentlv
retvived r,*s»>cclmb' lll« Institution has beeii
! he following we I elieve to he the present
orgiiouiiti-n, and numbers, of this Seminars.
Gen. ftw ilt, as Colonel in Ch.ef of the Coi ns
ol Engmeei s, governs the Institution ex officii.
t he other ollicers are—Jared Mansfield.
1 rofessor of ..dural and Experimental Philo
suphy-; David I, Douglas, Assistant do. ; Al
deu t artrnlge, Professor of the Art of Kogi
id . ring [ ! jus gentleman is said to h ive been
removed, and Major I'kayer, of the Corps of
Engtneers, appointed in his place.] .Samuel
’S:!'T’<>:i ; Adam Empie, Chaplan,
ClaiKlius .(ataid, | cacherol I’reiieh language;
C. D. /.ucller, 'i eacher of Drawing ; p. ,e
1 Itoiiuis, Swoni MaM'T,
The distribution of theCadetsare as follows :
Now Hatnpsluit* 2 ; Ma»
I O'inecticut 2; Vermont, /: New
! i»ew Jersey, in ; i’emisvlvaina, 12 •
Del.!ware, G ; Maryland, 20; Virginia, 38 ;
arolina, <J ; 8. c.iiohna, U; Kentucky 8
l. .mc-.e, t Ohio.G; Michigan,8 ; Induim.!
iMisjoj.ii, 1 ; C olumbia District,21 : Vulpa
luzu.i ; Louisiana, I - total,251.
«rVi 'W?'*1 ,'|r- Cl>*y accept ilie j>ort fcuille
of the U ar Department, Doubted ‘
Mr. T.at. who is named in the Southern pa
>• r.s to succeed Mr. Crovviinsliirhl, in not, as
has been pub ished, from North Carolina, hut
'V "u , V'V,fc* bait, a Senator from
ki.i, and at the I i*t session ol Congress Chair
mun or Hie Committee on Naval Affairs We
believe it to he the intention of (he pre
stni Secretary to retire Irorti office at present.
.... . F’ATTimore, September 18.
x.- ! yfil’r °f M0!" in boston on I riday last
was Ml : at*; in Baltimore on the same day the
pi ire vvas:«! s : .>(*. A similar difference in price
exu-ted during the previous week. [Fed. Gaz.
.... , Nashvii.i.e, July 22.
J lie postruler from Georgia states that he
lean a. »,e came through tlx* Cherokee na
tion, that about three Inmdrcd ot the tiilio had
Mom to the determination of immediately go
it -; «/> M hite river, on the W est of the Missis
sipp ; and he was told se.eral hundred more
' ,,,<>VC * <ail, as the opinion began to
f a i geiiaially, that they could do belter
theic In.in where they were. [Clarion.
.-)■? e.r/r.-n f nf „ letter dated SeptcnJn r 3d, from
^ <tn .eston, to a gentleman in < levrgetoH'n (Lid.)
< rops arc likely to |.r« verv short this year
I'* consequence of the almost mce-sant rains,
i.i. e !■-> unr so universally differed as coIIoiin.
i a’ city presents one seen© of desolation
i.osine s ot all kinds In almost completely stag
nant i great proportion of the while's have
, 'hteily—strangers p.r the northward and
the ’intivc v for MnltivaiA Waml.”
A i«"rt«-r of the28th August, from Savannah,
*.*vs, l ilt the .its has become quilc healthy
Jo consequence of the attention paid to making
tires in houses Every evening, and t.iirning tar
**> the streets. Not a single ca-e of death by
the lever has occurred, it is said, g.m e the «•
Ooprtion ot this simple remedy.
f niter/ Slate* [h<nk.— We pcrccue willi
pleasifre, that ntir citizen* have ficen at
J tietfi rojiveti t*» a just sense of their own
intcie-t. J h< \ have been too loti^ cramp
« 'l ami r« •trained by the operation ol
t‘i,7 1 s not v, iliiiii Iter control. \V'!*il<? a
txdelibniiring to tin Pa* been wallowing
in the abundance of their bankittg capi
tal, wc Ime be. u lied down to the pitiful
*mn o| little more than half a tniilioit. We
are about to emerge tioin fhi* *late offi
tianriai thraldom. Assurance* have been
Riven, that if is only necessary to “ ask
and we shall receive”« branch ol the Uni- i
tod States Bank. t’o off cl this purpose, I
the citizens are called upon to assemble j
at 1 heir court-house, to-morrow tnoioing]
at 8 o’clock. Punctual at ten dance is pat" j
tiuilarlv requested, as many «»; the citi- l
zeTi.s, who tael an inter..st ;u the business* i
cannot stay later than 11, other duties re
quniag their attcudaii e at'that hour.
(iVtrrriiir/f ih jt.
*'*»' ,V 'A \W i ! • *, /// /
v. v AVOA", . I // S/S '
* -• ;"v'
.... ‘ * ,oV.*£*_
: 'y^ —:V^.__
. ' - '•
■- •• • \ \ ■* >_
No. 5.
Want have the United S/rtrs to apprehend
/‘nnu the Powers of Continental E urope,
on their openly declaring in favor of the
South A meric an s ?
In answering this question, it will not
be expected that I should enter at large
into the views, policy, or thoughts ol the
several pow ers which it may be ne. cssary
to speak of—nor indeed can 1 believe that
such a detailed exposition would be at all
inquired to euable my fellow citizens to
form a correct opinion on this question,
"hen I recollect the very inquisitive and
continued attention with winch they have
always regarded the late struggles for li
berty in the European world, and the
iiccp interest they have manifested for
the rights of man in every stage of that
go al contest. I have seen it sonic where
s. iitl lliat ilu; “ people of the United States
were a prodigiously talking, news-loving
t, t! •>*. I believe it to be a trait in our
national character, and I fervently hope
that inquisitive temper may always conti
nue, and never lie checked ; because, it
is owing lo. such a propensity that the
jteiptc ol this country are inure generally
an<i accurately informed, upon all politi
cal subjects, than any oilier people who
ever existed, ancient or modern. In Eu
rope, to be well acquainted with the
Iu-tory o| om 's own times, is coitsid
cu<i as one ol the accomplishments of a
sclu-lar.. In the United States, it is an
acquisition common to all ranks. 1 shall
therefore oonsidor «!>■• <
ti' n amply and conclusively answered be
foic my fellow-citizens, if j merely recall
tlieii recollection to the history' of out
own times, by touching on some of tin*
principal events, so as to shew, that tin
powers of the Continent have neither tlie
opposition or the anil tv to interfere with
us, because oi any part we may take in
ilieathnrs ol the South Americans.
Washington, in his iarewcll address
which is 111 the hands, and recolle tton,
Init ui)tot tuiiatclv lor some years pasi
does not appear to have been in the/«<o7.»
«i| all ot ns; t< lls us that “ liur-ojte has a
set oi primary interests which ton# have
n,,,u; 11 very remote relation”—and
lh.it “our detached and distant situatio.
uwiles and enables w- to pursue a different
course.” These political axioms, have at
.ol tiiives and every where In-eu maintain*
t il as the fundamental principles both hi
theory sin.I practice, of tin-democratic re
publicans of the Util led Stated—and the
body of the people of this country
are now fully convinced that the inte
lestsand policy <d the European nations
arc essentially hostile to those of tlie A
mcricun Continent.
I lie !• rench I.evolution is certainly
<>ii'’ of the most wonderful epochs in the
annals of the human race. Ev, nt» ami
d t elopements which seem to b«* suflici
enlly numerous and vast to cover whole
centuries, lime been crowded into the
compass of the short life ofan individual.
Oti the *11 it ol July, 1/76, we look our
stand among tin* nations ot the earth, not
as one slowly rising from insignificance
ail-1 in fancy, but as “ a nation born al
once" like Minerva, starling in comph te
adult vigor from the head ol Jove. Tlie
stale lessons of antiquity, however excel
lent m tueir kind, seemed t.• be unsuit
ed, or inadequate in many re-peets to
our situation and risinggiealnes—and
Providence laid before us l ie events, tlie
warnings, tb precepts and tlie examples
ol the French Revolution. We saw a ge
nerous and enlightened people rise a
gainst their oppressors, and instantly ev
cry aristocrat, every king, and even
priest, laying aside all private animosi
ties, rallied with all their force, and raised
the standard of despotism and fanaticism
i i opposition 10 ihat or f|j«* rights ot man.
i liiie <ire some men even ol iiuimpcach
iil integrity, ami who are by no means
destitute of di^eriiment, w ho have alto
gether re I used To believe that any such
compact as that called the treaty < ('
nit/, ever was enter, d into by the kings
ol l.urope; whereby they hound them
selves each to the other, before France
hail given the least umbrage to any one
ol them, to crush her spirit of reform and
ol lib rty, to destroy h r, and to divide
lur territory among them. Whether
sm h a solemn league and covenant w as
then ami tln re. formally entered into, is
not as yet positively ascertained, be
cause no treaty as having been made at
that place lias yet been published, verba
tim, with all the usual formalities and
signatures of a treaty. But to insist up
°n the truth of the existence of I he treaty
ol I dint/, would he rather to cavil about
form, and to overlook ruArtanre; for no
one can now doubt, or will have the brass
1o deny, that the European contest lias
been from the beginning a contlict of
combined against a people w ho were
endeavoring to improve their condition,
and to establish their rights upon a clear
ami sure Inundation,
I lial people have been vanquished af
ter a struggle of more than lliirfy years
eon tin ua nee, ami by t lie con g regal ion and
combined efforts on the side of despo
lisin ot more than a million of men in
arms. But although the people have
been overcome, and the spirit of liberty
prostrated and pinioned down—yet it is
not altogether inanimate ; for the dcspols
have lint dared as yet to disband asingle
troop of their vast armament. 'Fite peo
ple are nowhere trusted to themselves,or
suffered to recruit ami renew (heir own
energies; and many parts of F.nrope ex- •
Inbir the singular spectacle of more than
one fourth the male population being ar
med with bayonets, and employed to
ki * p the rest quiet and in order.
I o talk therefore of any ofthe powers
nfContinental F.nrope engaging in a fo
reign war, at piescnt, with any nation,
more parfieiihtrU with the United Stiffen,
»ecms to he perfectly idle. There is not 1
>iic ot llicfn, Russia excepted, which is
m l completely debilitated and exhaust- \
’d. >Ve have drawn in a preceding iiuiu- i
I»**r a condensed and faithful sketch of
Engluud, w iticli is generally allowed to be
ibe most potent amongst the “ Legiti
mates,” and we have seen that her coiuli
li n .s in all respects wretched, and truly
«i-pi .table. Whctlier that nation is deio
t*..led shortly tube convulsed with civil
commotion*, or not, is a question unne
cessary to be decided, ns regards onr pre
sent enquiry : it is enough that it clearly
appears that site is utterly unable to
w age war upon us for any cause which
does not vituily a fleet her immediate ex
1‘ranee, Holland, the Netherlands and
Italy cannot stir ; for they are held down
by English, Russian and German bay
ouets.-—I inis the conflict is over, hut
the victors dare not remove their force,
or release their hold.—it is a victory of
that kind where every spectator is amus
ed to seethe vanquished man laving on
liis back, refusing to cry out enough, and
yet as much dreaded by his antagonist
a* if lie stood onliiiit u |*o ri his feet—'1 tie
victor insist* upon submission, haw is out
with affected exultation, vet is terribly a
!arrned lest that spirit and strength which
he sees and feels * lion Id by aeciueiit or
lh** logoff relaxation lie enabled to turn
upon lion—lli*, as it were, the victory
ot a cowardly bullv who lias gained a
temporary advantage l»\ sheer weight and
accident over a hero whose limbs arc \ t
unbroken and whose soul is un appal led.
—It has become a sort otcant among tin*
aristocrats ot America as well as of Eu
rope that the people of Prance are mj.t
for li!c rty — the people of the Republic
ot Holland are now surely according to
these wist acres utttcrly unfit for liberty
and tin* people of the Republican Can
tons ot Switzerland are surely unfit for
liberty—and the people of the Republic
of Genoa are beyond redemption unjiitcil
for freedom—lint of all tiling* bow wick
ed it was in mother Britain, to talk so
loudly and so niurb as she did about the
liberties of the people of oil Spain, a set
of people whom kings, nobles and monks
have not suffered to bear even the sound
of the word liberty since the days ofl'a
dili.i— I o talk I sav as the English did
to the people of old Spain about liberty,
and iu the slang of ’Pom Paine, about
the rife fits nj rum, whom very ears were
altogether wt/it for tin* sound ot liberty,
at any lime (first* four hundred years, vtas
absolutely cruel ; it was the most laimt
iug, worst speci's oi cru dlv.—This same
cant about the nn/ tutss for liberty is, 1 aiu
snrrv t#t tnn n ion I..
Republicans not only to tiie French, the
most gali.uir, enlightened, well it Wormed
people ol modern Europe, but to ti,e
brave and uiieowiipted Patriots ol Soutii
America. Such cant in the mouth ol an
European despot naturally to he ex
pected ami in place, but it is absolutely
barbarous, ungrateful and base from tin*
"ps an American—for, what Citizen
would hate the effrontery to say pub
liclily to Ea fayeite and lii.s associates
who fought by the side of Washington
ami established our liberties, that They
were Unfit lor freedom—'J he French u,i
fit for freedom ! ! \ “ noble people,” who
required more than a million of hostile
buyout Is to put them down and hun
dreds of thousands stdl pointing at their
hearts to keep them down. Oh justice !
how long will (lie impudence, the igno
rance and inconsistences of vile aristo
crats and priests he allowed to prevail
over the reason and the rights oi man
kind ?
I repeat it in the language ofWashing
ton, that “ Europe hasaset ol primary in
terests, Jbat to us have none, or a very’
remote relation”—and no man can mc
ddaie upon the French revolution and
ifs s.mckmg and deplorable results, wit li
mit sn i ig and feeling that the greatest of
fliose primary interests, is the destructi
on ot freedom and the establishment of
regal and pri ally government every
where—and this being tlie ease, I would
exhort and conjure my countrymen ma
turely to consider how warmly and im
peratively the honor, tlie glory ami the
host interests of our common country
calls upon an I demands of them, in the
i«ingu.ige of Washiiigioii, “ tiihY our eld
taclicd and (listaHt situation, unites ami
enuht-'tus to pursue a differ cut course ”
It isimpossible for any mailqfeommon
capacity to see any danger from any one
or all of Hie pow ers of Europe, by our
taking a part with the Patriots of South
America.—They cannot, they dare not
molest us for such cause. The spirit of
I leer loin at home is ns much as t he.•/ can pas
si" >J unmade and keep down ; they dare not
go abroad, much less across tile Atlantic
to grapple with the champions of liberty
on this new continent 'l'lm.A _._*
Of them that lias either tin* means or the
coinage to v.agc open war against them.
1 tie l/. States can have nothing to fear
trom Europe and their primary interests
tlicir detached and distant situation
• mates and enables them at once, open!,,
and baldly and generously to dee In re in fu
ror of thr independence, awl the. liberties of
the people of South A mcriea.
lienee the only remaining question to
lie considered is. which of the American
I rovinces should l»e first recognized as
an independent nation and aided in es
tablishing the liberties and independence
ol all the rest ' LAUTARO.
l'r The Superior Court of lmw for this Count,/
adjourned on Saturday 'three prisoners were
sent tethc I’e,i,lenti;v, for limntl larceny ....
intfatr of (i/bsrni may be gathered from tile fol
lowing statement :
ItoilMUTdlRSON, alias RoREIIT 0 lit I,TON who
was cnricted by a Jury on hedhr.nl ty last, of the
murder of John S. I'm trass, hep,re the Sr,, rior
t ourtof l mic for llenrico county, teas brought up
on Saturday last (s reicirr his sentence.—IIis
counsel, AndrewStereos,m. I-.*,,, moved lorn new
lmat, on several ground,.: / V hut was, that the
pnsener during his trial, though Mr/,orally present
triis mentally absent, baring been vtr.y ill for sever
al days ,c/ore his trial, with a nerruus l, r,r, uuil
then until a* (o it fleet hi* viind9 and to product n
■stupor du, mi! the whale trial, fit *uiia< i l of this
malum the physician who attended him stated, on I
oath, •lull the prisoner hod bon e.rtremc!u ill; that
his mind ir is affected ly the discus, ; th ,t l,r still
bad afen r envy day ; and that who, it was a I its
'u ight, whir,i wasg, n, r.J!yb.:t;e,rn t land.', o'clock
"*• 7 ,r"* frequently in a state of delirium ;
ibat such was probably his situation on H rdncsdt,/
hr did tiot *4* him aft* r *1 nrloch,
I he Judge of the Court sard. Ho t irh » the pi i
to be arraigned, * ing from Us
\>ath J appearance ,;lllt /„. baa been ill, lie distinctly
nqiureofrbm the bench whether the prisoner trot
Nation to be tried. The reply made by the
uilonras (hat the physician report f hi,,, as being
:cnr„U sr,"t, and. as he understood him, able to
IW n? further remark be,ngmade
,j tile, counsel, either for the Oommonweulth or for
'if prisoner, to neither of whom teas his sit lot ion
■ o?’ °r. * ""y, °,h r >’ r”;n' to 11,1 rtntr of his
•ra th, nth, r o) b,mind, the enquiry slopped,
md the arraign,,-, „i Jf trial jiroet eed d. I ‘mines
dgna h, he said, if „,r , tee the \
\"Ur\ had thru bun gtun,the trial w,-uk n„t bars
wen bad ; Joe it was not lawful to tip ,t man for
• nj cnee-, when he w„i not in a situation of mind
4f nn-hc In* titjKpn\ An iiiinttiow upptu*s ia hate J
» the case during the progress of I, > trial the 1
■trdnt mast hr set ,issue on thatg.fvn-t jwd anew !
i lul awarded him.
"T' Vntordijr, the Lieut. Governor, in the H
absence of tins Governor; presented to Col.
itrookc, tfic clem lit Sword made lor him b\
order ol the Lcn'i»ijtiirti of" Virginia.
jIT'tTkct* in /. rurbun/.—■’! be Triton brings I.i
verpool C lies to lio; t >tli wit. Flour, \~meri
«• in , 8w»ei, was 1s .t a is, per libl; sour, of a
•Id. -Aiucrii oil t; per cents were at 137.
The ramr* pending l*t l»vi cn Lord Sid- j
kirk wiirj the Northwest Company, which
has excited so much interest, mid which
was expected would he brought to trial
a! the present sill ing of tin* court of kings
bench in this city, we now h am is to he
tiiml before the courts in Upper Canada.
Wc are happy in being able to state
that the uuliiriiinafe disputes which have
existed between lord Selkirk and the
Northwest Company, have been so fur
terminated as to permit the fur trade to
take its course by the St. Lawrence.
In 1he town ol Calais, in the county of
Washington an I District of Maine, there
are now living, as follows :
I’w'o great grand parents, four grand
parents, three lathers, tlnee mothers,
three husbands, three wi\es, six children,
four grand chi] ren, two great gruud chit
d.en. The v hide number b lugonlv eight
persons. One husband and wife have
been parents of < igliteeu children, (utelu
diug three pair of tw ins,) sixteen of whom
are now living.
nii.nl—At WMtimrt, on the 7ili instr-nt. Pint, Cir
n.1., a \er> t.-ptrlahlc man i i color, in Ui< ivuh year ..i
lii' aye. A ilt'. tiKlunt ol Xfiho, in- uveitaine by lia
livii ii n.'th of iiiitii., <l !i»m adherence .l«i ptiBd|ilf,
liiv prejnJiti ' with wh;eli lur ilea* etuiunts aie la* I
lift i I) view i*rt liidimri’i.*. le.npcia'c .,1,,* pindritt, lit*
iiinoix ol ai itairin^ (trntieiiy, mii.ili al nr*l v.erc ciadiul
l> mri rmii ; anti i c t ir it I I't'.iily n*. in, fonihirt, c .un
til Inin mint' it'ii' i unis itiriiii' in ithti'ii he 11**vr zsii*
ijcIbiibb l. I''zrt'! the toll ndi'Mi v lliry l,,u« niyi- •,! nt III ill.
Ills ini lonl.te imrsutls « eie a -Jl) vu it-*»!ul ; and
lili -'i'ii -»iii r.inai:.n':r,il not mu, w,:|ili,tht eiil.irji«d
•'.•Iti'voli'jiri' ol ni' miikI H i' m.iit.'t'Ti <1 not uult ill atU
ol ell:*rit v lo luUiVnliitkls, and in liie prom-iUoti of objects
oixeinial mil ty, Inn luuie pailitn i'.i It m l!n- d.'.p uiie
r.'.-l tv lili’h ho frit for the welfare < i Ins titellui-it of the
African race. Ilr \;ns niiccrinrd not only lo Ml lliein u
?°* <1 example hjr Ins own roireci conduct ; lo admonish
anil rinni'i-l ll.i in .i ainst U.e viii-s and habits in r.liuli
be fi'liml tiii'ii) must prone- hilt more esiciivvrl) In pm
1)1 fj lltcir iveliair,ami at coliriitcra! le satiitlcenf pro.
i t 11'. he throe'llnio* visiird hr colony of.Wrrrn /.'otic,
anil after hi* nrslxoviie. tliuliti wem to I'.urfland vine
i.r inucb nniii’rt) by (lie liicaii'ns oMtn Ai’rUau In
ai'. 11 on, who rcVi iml n till Ittm nil tin' hr A iii-miis ol
rst millin' li c I't'ti' til* of clvili/attnn to Ibr people ol Af
1'ia ; and some nt wlmm Pave mute rx,iirs<n) tl cir »s
tili.l' tion in In* |i:ouk latxmis in the colon) ; liciu vnr'
thrill to have been protluctive oflinii h narlolntss to Ural
Many ol Lis nri;;lilior» S*I"J friends evinced Ihclr re
*t> n for hi* meinnn by u I. ndina hi* (Am ral, (ninth
n. x conducted agreeably in the usages of the Society of
I I’lends, nfwhirh he was a mrntbrr ) and at which sis
vrral lively testimonies were borne to the truth,that it •
Alnii"Uty IV'ciit bas” made ol one blood all the naUnii*
j ol ineii,” ainltiiai" in every nation he that feareth him,
anil wolketli iiglittous)w*s,is actep.rd with liini.”
hm> l imorni •'•■ngoii of flic I.tfp vTajnr
VS u. H iu, will he (iiruclieil on Thursday evening km,
at half pan 3 o'clock. at his late dwelling.'at Broad Ruck,
by the Rev. /. 1). Blair.
3&SSH* .vwa. jgggy
Arrived since our fast,
Rehr. John, Burke, City Point ;—bioup Maria, Speed
ing, Boston.
Schrs. P.nterprixe, Newton, Philadelphia; Fdwaid
Douglass, Douglass, do.; Jatie.W e k», Yoik I. nesa;
Thorp, do. ; Ann Y Mary, Wood, do. • Brilliant, I,lot k,
do; Mary St Pamela, Dickey, do. : Calhai ,ne, VYebh, liov’
ton ; Adeline, Brewster, do. ; Sandioi d eg V .Ilia ,. it iMi,
do. ;—Sloop Superior, Price, \. York.
gjgjor^. a .y ssxsa
E&mxmil t\\y>\vyy & Co.
I r A VF,, and are now receiving hv the .lo,e di Levant
« I and Indian t in.-f,front Lo idon aud Uvrpool a
neral assortment oi DRY GO«»I S, w 1.1, |, tiny vv’d| n
on as good terms us any other importin'' llo't-V in unvp
3.__ A'* At
Itaiwata Sv.wYYv.vYv^.
\'I F-V I’ll AN I V FERGUSON, having relinquished
her situation of Preceptress,In the Hertford Aca
derm .respectiuliy acquaints the inhabitants of Kichtnoud
Maachfster, and their vtcmilies, tiiat she proposes open
mg in this city, an institution for the tuition of young
,“•’*> 1,1 a,*|bc* p<diie and Decessar) blanches ofTcniate
Her school will he opened on the first day of October,
in the house at present occupied hv Dr. Ward on Shoe*
koe Hill, at the corner oi II and loth strcels, near the re
kidente of Mr. Robert Grecnboiv.
Tr.ltMS —payable qnatterly in advance.
English language ; including Reading, Writing, Arithnie*
t.c, Grammar, Orthography, Geography, use of the
Globes, ,vc. l*er quarter g to
Embroidery, Plain aqd Ornamental Needle Work, 5
D aw iuq and painting, on paper, si>k aud velvet S
Miniature Painting, 5
Head Painting, in water, chalks aid oil colours, 5
AIIibe above branches iiieluded, 35
Music ,j 5 entrance, and 75 cents per lesson.
13" Miss Fngiissoii will attend at her school room,from
li ii to twelve, in Hie forenoon of each day, from this nine
um il the first day of October, where those disposed lo
encourage her undertaking ate invited to call. From
ten to fifteen young ladies can be accommodated with
u'lard. Ye. I t.-situation is both pleasant and hralihv ;
and the strictest atlc'iMon will he paid tu the morals of
ah scholars entrusted to her care.
:,<i>! go 3i
'pni.rdiscrib-r hn.s removed toilie counting house
8 on Gary Strett, lately occupied by t 'harhs ,/„.
Co:,.-, /.>/. wh'ie he continues to offer Ins services to Ids
friends and the public as a Commlc\hm Merchant.
Sept.a.?, 4(>,
latvglc. Hotel.
I’L'BI.IC IIOL’SK, lately opened in this City under
i ilir n.tmeol ibe City Hotel, is restored to us farmer
n..me, I IIK fcAGLK—with the term ot IIOII.l. attached
tUVVAKO HW.CAM, Crvyrittor
_ . „ of the Eagle Hot- l.
Sept. 23._ 40
Ai Uoytv Anus,
I N Goochland comity, on the t«ib day of November
-1 ilext, 1 will sell to Ibe highest bidder the L.OU KR
I'Altl of my Hjvrr EsHtle, to be cut oil by a line run
mug out fiom James llivri io tlie mill road, and., on*the
said road to the bark linn on ritomus Woodson’s, »o a’- to
include one bimdred^Ad twenty acres of low ground and
about seven bundled acres ot highland—ilie in tit-si part
ol Ibe KState. I be low ground Is of ibe veiy first quail
t> ; that part of it which lies in Saimt Island is, hi my ..
pinion, the nest piece of laud of its si/e. I tier saw. I fir
Ll h land is of tine quality, and \ei> level, ii has an l.a.-t
cru exposure, mclimiii'gradually to Hover Creek, which,
bounds it a mile and a half, amt idlortJs some Meadow
•and. AIxhh two iintnlred acres ol it are cleared, the ba
laare gctn-rall) neb iohac< o laud. A tan-yard anout j
miles off ivit) want the bark, and a manufacturin'.;.mill
adjoining tlie ’raci iviil want the stare*.
i ' r,'M °.l HutflHtnt- oiir.bir il cas.i; i lie balance in two
rquul annual nstalmcnis, to < airy interest ftotn the day
"i sale, and to be secnted by bonds with approved securi
ty bd a deed rffritsl <>■ the premises.
I l.e sale mil take place precisely at twelve o’
clo k, and all disposed to purchase may bo assured I am
uriei mined to sell—first, became I want money to inert
my engagements ; and next, because I bad the Estate, as
it now Hands,too laige to be managedby ouesi.loibauds
to advantage.
An accurate survey and plat will be made and lodged
W’tli Mr. Gill, at the Mill, as soon as it can nertutir. Mr.
Joseph Watkins will do me the favour to show the lam)
to such as wish to View it.
Enough is said, it is believed, to show to all who are de
sirous o| pur basing land, that such ns ibis, lying mthm
vo i.dies of Hie City of iticlunoiiil, is worthy of their in*,
■Stpt ■It. __ •!!>■« ids
3c.vcm*ud\ k 3i\\\\Y^
II A\ K REMOVF.lt t<* the house lately occupied by
* Mt-itr.1. Hhkr, Moore ,y Co. next door but one a- .
hove Ibe Market Bridge, wLt-ie Ihcr are now opening a '
t 'inpleir assortment of Hit V GOoil.-,, most of will' bare 1
just received and well adapted to t’re present and aiv !
proaching season*• An one which aie—
Sheppard's beet extta sup. blue cloth* and Cassi- '
l.nndotr sftperuae farcy colours do. do.
U I io ltd rose Blankets •
I'oint ami diifilc do. welt assorted
lodinei Vestings and German forking* *
Brown. Mack crimson, olive and scarlet tfarnf asetis
<«reen, brown,nliveacnt Coburg 1 c 1 laser c loth*
I' isb Yheetiugs and Lawns m
1 willed habit f lollrs, well assorted
K i»*iadt> and Irish Linens, *e. Ac. tee. %
All v. 'in Ii the, are d- trim tiled to •»; I «t the lowest gri- *
c»». ft.'-T former customer* will still find Itto their in- A
teresle to call and examine. bent. dj. 4n rit »<
1 HEREBY NOTIFY M VCIlklil IHK.S, that III*not,nor g
I ever was mv In rntlon to remove irom this State until v
sdniy deists are fatly p.'.il and saiislied - Irmly ask tor m
"du‘»e.iee ; and rime • |,*|| pi«ye lot firm that «iv Hit. ml- w
™n» have been honor,: ah.>• tlivugh >ny actions Lave Le. u
rtiHMu de. u. vv. \tA I KYXs.
i'V "i jiid, ,g,t. ij. 4o vi*
CiveuA T\ftvs;ci\ua.
r\ \\ nivi r Horrov.i am* ro» sm
? J i“able /r«*7 of /., ./ »b-ie«ii t tie# r-sid- ,
n|»fer ead «*f ltorkii.'>haui cotinlr, fc t;. Iiim'. , '
i -eo’Ms.iumc about ti,,., ,, '
b< ft •- >0 of whu 1. I* . le-, led, aud mostly mrl , J1. h
b. urn. cnal ... ferula, „nv .be r-rer f., Ue e-.t
l.treol . .in.cotton.in!art«>a’i !sii;.(l,t,r-e Ure
mUrMbeieik j laMti.ebp,,,, , ,{*
ll)e in..>i cL .ue with .be i...e.»„\ outhousei
—an esc. Ui, gn»i inrfsaie mill, on » tari;r‘a •:
I. ill.lg SI lea ill--alto, an excellent distiller* ' *
»ua!e, both of wbii I* are m.ou, d in.less tc«n li; -Vri „,n»
Isom Un u«\«lli>,c bouse, which I* him of 11 - j,.. ,, 1
IJMII. us and Mlpplieu wnil as Bo„d wan, ... «mv ,« m e
MMe ; s, fetal lei ye orchards ol ,.e*t * , . , o.rtre. i »f
excellent Inn i. I lie Ui u ext, »d:n« •
»«e rlv.r, aHo.ds reveal escrllem bs|„r,‘ MU* ou
li e 'jieal critaiitly that Han I*.err w . v,.r,.
■me I.-, ended nav.v,|,>. w , , liwill.s t 1
the|.rleeuf land. Mol mis land l,„.„ , je ir>id of
i>.»m _:.t :*•!!. ;• it• i ^ u fci . t • uh.iw |(>» *’
to«»® *'•» *.. n, ,h„!;,TI ,j ; i* z,™*:
a &zr&zsi sssrs r.w,.rr;iw
vounj! Near.. » «ill be ',..\rn ... n.t. , ", oi tT.TiL.V
N. b. will be letiUdy aauioed to. * • »
s-pt. tj. ns: tnivG.
P If. SALC.—,vl! he ofl'ere l it , . ,■ :*
* d/w/./ny/«•‘tout ,/„* of tutu . r toil,no . 1
tier, U.al val ia.de . in. I iciil'. in,.,..ted i ,,V
r*-«nle.,roil,lug on U lu '1*" iift I*
nn*lwk ... tiepin .,1. ,t ,. w> ,,
asd library on the « , ond il o.”
Move room a,,., two el... ts <>n t! -.-tf,lf ,i ...,J, ' ,1
tieatlv Itniihfd. \ k i■hen ,...I ; . .'i.ftH 1 ‘f *,r- a11
..* -cr III. b. ioor "‘.'..X ! ih...,'e ‘.n r’- \T.
the acctnninodatiduols. rva . \ . „,ldi.o ■ .
ihreeapartnitniH. ei/ a .1. r- e. a - 5*. •'umti„•
c haudn-r ; mi.I- r this chamber is ...ac .".XIXii ' d
structe.l trine Vuu it-\ ,i,Ie ,,.i — . well Co u
h-i.e, ice house and k , o, s a , .V""
•the Karden is a hi-I, ofeninu, . : '' |a"~
tv.th a vane,.; of fr:,„ andortllfuenu" tie, . li.e VW
also has a var.et,. fgootfirnh 1... “ »• - •«*
den is a well coiislra i. (* , h ' , llu!,f»'r
•e.iiitan. as . . I ..,;.1; /,.* f.h •'•»«» la'k- enough ;y
can well attend t. ... . ifc „ X. V I'oul" iv. T i""'"'
At lur »ani*f4i»ie w*?| ot;., : .
hold and kite hen fCKxillii “'*,r
....o.v, llie fol.oUiVrV.hXt • UT': *
»".a f«i, .l.. .,c ,.d and tea tali'.-- , (', |! .VY
chests ,„d.a. ris ,vMid.oi.-»., XlV Two
w t Vt«t«»«V i »l| t in*. Ckl •»?(* lias,III* |..K . ’* , »-Cwl.«t
x’aj»3shntlc* %vicli€.»• Airv»itkfi ifH u7t *'*'*>*'•
ehina, mar*,iv.„y handle., t „iv,.. mil foi'u u,i,c
«?<■ '-I door rloilis -rates ft"' b .n To'P^'
a VOl vfni an -les about ',.lC hi “eandkud 1*
loo inns t:. ei!ti|. r,:,ie. e K“sl.en,
In addition toil:.: above r> il! I,-nsi.„a r . .
Ph.l.HVb.1, hmltvan I'-^e a ^r^o .tm^a^-wh^
Ztizr; 'r* ^
",u* “#‘c -
moMths ; f. , :‘l„. fn.niu!,.1 a'.d oihermlfcles for !S,:,n,,JI
_Pderslmrg. Sept. 2x. M,UtV K‘ ANnr.BSOX.
rI^*tlK sale of ,\ir. JOMit \ riif
Se”.'m.CURE* IU)E,N,SOX ‘v PLt.tS.AM s, Auit'rs.
*?*"'!.; "> ■ nM*Z£bf; ;«,•/, r‘i %
^~1l5S2a&“ o; «* 1
lv«i vul common CaMiraercs
''i'M anil Cambrics
Ux:ialiiii«»anit (hogbatus
I li.un- > ;: .1 | :;■ x i*
Plains, koihbarel s,Scutch Plmtli, r. . in a cl.#‘
h«,lh'|ala,"l made hi.owr *t .
Vew^KHU*L* "l NUM * LOPcA.,0,
■ —' *■ '---__-I • !*<«.
JV otico.
'riLSr'b °nh0r \,l:' “l" n>mlu »| - p,
nsui.lii.ich in ibis Cm on ibi u,.,,. i i.n .1
Clu™*' ... ‘^Lria, v. themouth/ ,B
— i _____-hi wit
’Vo .
r”?l*‘,L0.^ w"v P Street, and well
Sept j. am-dice.— (A MiitUm* at il.n unite.
"VUo Aenv.vto School,
TJNIM.n the d.rm.on oi. Mist H\\\AU iiiLi .m
, ,* 11 ‘ e*“u,"lt !«r at Moo u t.,y. ’
dmeil posits-. . ’ ^ A*ien-j*ein«M, n,„e| i,eci»nsi.
Caroline, Sept, as tiLS, I. RtYSHlLL.
I’o tUCllAHD //. PAYNE—Hi
[ "1 Ihe Eiu|/iiir „i\he
*"8 aat'Mit a *ouice, ilr.eivrs • h , . *’
you hate lungaincc been lauCrts .ml !, V k l i4t
«r, to injure others, as ‘ m m"? nH^e i
u musses and did the w.„i,| k„u»y„ / , 1
neiphniirs, yon r longue ivould be no .land" r ft,, l 7,
=5fi. afaarast.'*-Ssg*r«sSS?
Lynch burg, Sept. H. ui.u. c. NULlAl.s.
<Martn..Muster s Of pa: burnt, /
, ,, , . 1»11- L > 11. COOKh,
Sept. 12. Alt *’ Asi *■ V> - *WV. f , .*7.
«•?:«■ -v ,wv<**i*
.lic MIUr uivw iVi'fMviV* \TK",''J' "
Mom**"fml,r*"y '•"'»«• ^"-ecVu'wuil*s;
N l> to , V * r,' •*»'<! rorrftt n*m.1 n«-r.
other ’ise , v w.l.MT" ,;M,*"«s */ he post-pld,
«bii*V! y e‘"rttre" lu *«“■»■ m «le iW
811.t 5.
——I— ____ _3iioitf
’/ ''1 • ,i' M ,I:H "I April, 1817, l.\ 1 art! ,1 Suuii.
rffr*, lur Hie purposed securing the nawnctiof (.■i-.m
'v'V,” e"",,,‘ir:'U'd TatricK (aLon and
/hn . ^rott>Jr' anilotln rs, wilt »,e exposed k. „,le
Isf, ’.",'v • 9 |,,,h,'r readv money ontbc
1st day ot November next a l.or tip ratotvi) in ibn
EStoMrtEe','»: ^ “•« «»..1en« of
^./♦o on i|ie.:,i .lav i.f November next, at Whitby, in
nfurea.d V, '.'■'Held, many val.mbl. articles of fur.
VI r 1 Stock of Horseb,
Moles C.tltle, Hri'iS and Sheep, t.»ae.|„, n„|, ;,l| the
crops ot every duM iipii ny made 011 the .aid ula<—
And oiitlieaiic. i e.piu rln. .Iiriore the door of the Kell
ravein, in ihe ClM of Kir hitiond. eleven valuable stuns
ol wliniii 7 a.e unties an* 1 air females.
H K. eamillvfrV, >
J.VMI.S Lit,r in 1 Trust ret.
JIT2L**:___ -Mtds
| V f.ll AN' bill V —Charlotte Conti, 4th Airmst, 1817—
■ Kottert Anuiideis aim smauuaii Ins vs He,
sat in.sr ■*
Edm"n.l Hoard, Wm Hoard, John Hr»,d,James Mount,
flVfh'in,Vr s""1 "ewy ( hand let her lm.ba..d
*ud I oil) Hoard, adintuisirainx pfjftise Huai a „ {
James Hosrit, Sallv K. Ibrai.l, l*ats, r. Hoard poiw
Ann Hoard, and lease Hoard, jr.'lufam children e.i
lierrsof Jess-Hoard.
Ihedefendjiiis Pdmnml Hoard. Wm. Hoard, iiniry
harirtlrr and 1 liaatioib bl* isife and James Hoard sail*
E. Hoard, Palsy r. Hoard, Polly Ann Hoard, and .i<..*e
Hoard, jr not bavin a entered tivjr appear a itr e accoi do r
10 'he act of Assembly and the rules of this ( .mil, and it
appeal me 10 the satisfaction of thdOiirl tbmhey srr not
inhabitants of tins slate on tb< moiion or ibeniam 1
by their attorney , ft- f.« Order erf f hat 1 hey appeal bn’
on ihe ; r*tdjy of TJecember cntrfi rrxi and eo'er ifieir
appearance,aarl answer the plaun fT.’ hill and that »co.
|>y o/ihis Ord-r |. Insert, din one of the nenspapei*
printed in R feint <>vm fur itf*» month* aarcfsnlfHy, *nA
posted at the fr'.nl door r.f the Courthouse of the ,* d
A Copy.—Ttsfet
, JOHN lU'lWNSOV, r, c.
_40 wPi«
I AMI s HI V Ell IAN I S EoR 8 AI E.- I willTeTl f*»<7
it cres of Land, mi James River, iu the enmity of ptir.
vanna, at lire month of Hardware, a miles alrove Ch.rlre
A. .Aron's. Tlieadvaatrsr s of this place are,l(rbnnlit»l<y
loseveral fine mm,rtarruHnt milt* with navigation to a ft
if iliom; if codfalps 1.». .nt too acre# ol Wr t isle fi.w
r'ontrdr. Those 1 ns lined to p ,r, I ,«e are rrtp.eiited t*
rHIt and view the p’are. Mr. bun «■». oho reMd/x no
he phtec, tsill sh >» 1, so any person or p, im.us wur. tr*y
sHhtovlewit. f'o»oes»l»n emt ! eiud itimt'dtaielr
rorfnnlier panic,tiara, a ,pl> loittf mc*. Hrmlstr. s , a s-.
A l.I.p; V C TiNI* < I 1.
Bncb'ttjham, Sep*. 1: ,1ft*,..

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