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The amendments of the Senate to the
* bill respecting the district courts of the
United States, within the state of New
York,' were tak< n uparnl concurred in;
as also werethe amendments proposed l»y
the Senate, to the hili ‘ to alter the time
of holding the circuit court in the sou
thern district of New-York.’
On motion <*f Mr. Pindall, it was
/iVWreiV.Tliut a committee he appointed to
enquire into the expediency ot‘ making provi
►ions on law tout iting the pro-vrnnon ot peti
tions ot n-lti, and intorinatinns ut‘ mi muon in
the fedeiui vnui t»-, in cases Nvtiei via the United
Stales ale couct i ih-lI.
The bill “ coiiccning the bounty or al
lowance to fisb’ng n esscU in certain cas
es,” nn;.v r«*ad the tiiird time and passed.
Villi! AM K RICA N (. Vl-.s !|u\.
The Mouse having resolved itself into
a • omiinttee (»! the v.hole on the genera!
appioiwialiou bill; to \vhich an .mu inl
ine nt hud been moved I n Mr. Clav to in
troduce an appropriation for theotdiil t>,
a Minister to Buenos Ayres —
Mr. Smyth, of Ya. opposed this motion
in a speech of something more Ilian an
hour’s length.
Mr. Hahn s, o* Massachusetts, advoca
ted it in a speech id about the same ex
i\I•. Tnrhrr, of Virginia, next spoke at
eons durable length, in favor of the. mo
Mr. A elson then delivered a speech of
about an hour's length against it.
When, at a late hour, the committee
rose, reported progress, and
'J he House adjourned.
The stream of petitions slackens, three
onlv having been presented to-day.
On motion ot Mr. J. A.Smith, the c<*in
miite - on ilie public lands were in. lruct
ed to inquire into the exped; i.cy ot au
thorizing some other person than the Pre
sident ol the United States to sign patents
for soldier’s homily lands.
On motion of Mr. b'ioytl, the Secretary
of the navy was instructed to lay before
this House the proceedings of the court
martial held for the trialof Franklin Whar
ton, lieutenant colonel of Marini s.
The following message was received
from the President, ivy J. j. Momoe, his
Secretary ;
To the House of Representatives of the (rni
l&U WH.'tti.
I transmit to the House of Represen
tatives, hi compliance with their resoluti
on, ol March the 201 li, such information
not heretofore communicated, as is in
tin- possession of the executive, relating
to too occupation of Amelia Island. If
any doubt had before existed ot'the im
proper conduct of the persons who au
tincized, and of those who were engag
e I in the invasion, and previous occu
pancy of that island ; of the unfriendly
spirit towards the United States, with
which it was commenced and prosecut
ed, and of its injurious efl ot on their
highest interests, particularly b\ its ten
dency to compromit them with foreign
puweis in all the unwarrantable ads of
the adventurers, it is presumed that these
do* uinenls would remove it. It appears
by the letft r t. om M. Razos, agent ot cpin
nioiiore Aury, that the project of seizing
the Morulas wus formed and executed
at a lime when it was understood (hat
Snaiu had resolv'd to cede them to the
United States, and to prevent such ces
sion horn taking effect. The whole pro
ceeding, in every stage and in all i*s cir
cumstances was unlawful. The commissi
on to General McGregor was granted, at
Pliihtdeiptiiu, in diitcl violation of a po
sitive law, and all the measures pursued
under it, bv him, in collecting his force,
mu! directing his movements, were «•
du.i11 v unlawful. With the conduct of
these persons, 1 have always heen un
willing to couiit'ct any of the colonial go
vernments; because I never could be
lieve that they had given the sanction ci
ther to tlie project in its origin, or to
tile measures which were pursued in the
execution of it. These documents coti
ti.in the opinion which I have invaria
bly entertained and expressed in their fa
Washington, March 20, tsts.
J.ist ot papers transmitted with the Message of
the President t» the livin’of Uepre sent at ires,
in pursuance of the resulutian of the 20th
March, in relation to the occupation of Amelia
Extract of a letter to a gentleman in the Dis
trict of ('oluinbia, dated Baltimore, 30th July,
ItJl7, withpi.J enclosure, being
Copy ot a letter from Sir Gregor McGregor,
to aireiitleinan in Baltimore, dated Ferdinanda,
17tb July, 1S17.
I he same tu tb'o same, dated at Nassau, New
Providence, l'5th December, 1817, with an en
closure, bring
Extract of a Proclamation.
i xirarr ot a letter to tlie Secretary of State,
dated - till December, H17, with .m enclosure,
being directions for sailing into Tampa bay.
Extract nt n letter Irom the same to tliesume,
0 ne'! 13th January, HIS, with enclosures, be*
ing directions for sailing into Tortula ; Trans*
1 itioti of u letter ot M<iri|iie, and ot Natural*
i-tation, granted by .Sir (iregwr McGregor.
Extract ot a letter to the same, dated 19th
Major J. U.mkhcad and Commodore J. D.
Henley, to the President, dated i'eruandina,
23th January, ISIS.
Don Vincente Puzos to the .Secretary of
State, dated ojh Febiuaiy, 1818.
Di.n l.uis de Amy In the President of the
United States, dated KctiiauJiua, 23d Decent*
her, Is 17.
Memorial of flan Vincente Pazos to the Pre
scient of (lie United .Slates, dated Washington,
< !h Febrnaiy, HIS; accompanied with several
1 he Secretary of State to Don Vincente Pa
li'S (luted oth March, HIS.
I I’lte meisag'* was read, and ordered to
he on the Hide.
1 lie Speaker laid before I lie House a
tetter from I he Secretary of War, trans
iiiiiting, according to the dire turn of the
House, certain slnfetuenis in relation to
the expenses ol General Courts Martial
*iuce 1st of August, 18i2 ; which was or
dered to lie on ill table,
I lie order of the day oh Hie uniiui>ued
bu<nii“is having been announced—
Mr. Puimlrxler moved to postpone the
further cotHtdt-rulidn of the bill, in order
In a ft ord time for ill ■ documents expie-s
*> b aiing on Hie question, yesterday
Communicated, to be printed and laid be
tore the I louse.
Alter con visa lion respecting it, Ibis
tunlion was negatived.
I lie I louse then having again resolved
• I self info n committee of the whole, Mr.
li'tha in the chair, on Hie general appro
priation lull ; and Mr. Clay’s motion toiti
"',rt an appropriation for a Minister to
Huenoa Ayres, being yet uuder Co us trier*
Mr I(Hcntks addressed the lu-c'e in a
speech of about ao hour aud a ball, t„ op
position to 11 jo to ot ion.
Mr. ltuhcrt/<*n followed, in » speci ’» of
an hour's length, m support of ;«,<_• moii-ni.
■' • '>**•>“', 'id next i.j.*,. . .i ,

House in opposition to (lie motion, at
some length.
Mr. /Yojrf then (bliv-Tril hi* views in
: favor ot the adoption of l!:r annulment.
Mr. Johnson, of Ivy. followed in a speech
on the same side of I he question.
1 Mr. For"jth spoke briefly in explana
tion ; w hen,
j On motion of Mr. Smyth, of V». the
: emu mi tire rose, obtained leave.to sit a
gaiu ; and the House adjourned.
IN SENATE—March 24.
Mr. Huberts presented the memorial of
Benjamin (i. Orr, requesting an investi
gation of his conduct as Contractor tor
supplying the troopsiof the U. S. in South
Caiwiioa and (jeorgia; winch was read.
Mr. IhehersoH, agreeably to notice, re
potted a re- oluli in doecling medals to be
st*nek, and, together with the thunks of
C'ougre-s, pre: eiitrd to Major Col. Har
rison .md ( iov. Slielln.
•*h. m.'iioiir, h ave having been given,
brought in a bill to increase the salaries
of certain otlicers <d tlie government. (To
men ace the salaries of Heads of Depart
nietiis, at the rateol per cent.on their
present ai.iotml.) The bill was read.
I he (• j‘i adji;.* ting tin* c kiitns to laud,
and establishing land olhees in the dis
tricts «ast of the island of New Orleans,
had b< en previously much contested ;
ami, on the question that the lull be on
grossed for a third reading, it was decid
ed as follows :
YEAS.—Messrs. Campbell, Daggett, tlail
larcl. Morrow, Uolieits. Buggies, smith V.m
Dyke, Williams.—U.
N A1 .S.“Jv 1 riivis. Burrell, Dickersou, Kpprs
Froniciitine, Horsey, linnn r. Johnson, Latuck'
Macon, Stokes, Stnrcr, Talh,.t,—12.
iso the bill was rejected.
Mr. Troup submitted the follow ing re
solution :
Hrsotred, That the committee on the judici
ary be instructed to enquire into the expedien
cy of set ting npui r .uni approio tiling the divi.
‘fends widen shallniise from the lines hi Id l>v
the government in the Bank of the United
States, to the mauufactuie ot arms and equip
ments for arming and equipping the whole
bod . of the militia of the United States.
The resolution yesterday submitted by
Mr. was taken up and agreed to.
The lull to authorise naval depot* and
dock yards, was taken up, and, with the
message of the l*n sidml of the 23d in*t.
on that subject, referred to (liecommittee
oil n tva! affairs.
i ue bill >o provide for the distribution
; ot the laws of the United States, was fur
j ther considered, and amended, ami then,
. on motion ot Mr. A.>IU, postponed until
tlie first Monday in July u.\i.
j lie Senate resumed tin* consideration
ot the bill to reduce the staff of thcarinx ;
and, on the question of agreeing to the
amendment repotted by the military com
mittee (to substitute a commissariat in- j
stead of the present mode of subsisting
the army by contract,) it was determined
1:1 the affirmative, b\ yeas and nays, as
follows :
YE \_S. —Messrs. H.irbonr, Crittenden, Dm-.
gelt, Lppe«, Cromeiiiiii, (Jailbird, Horsey,
Xiuc. I .acock, Macon, .Morrill, Morrow, Noble,
I Jt Buggies, !>ani'iiii', Smith, Stokes, Tait,
I »!! ot. i ayl u, Troup, Van Dyke, Williams ot
Ml*'. Willli-ns Ot l’f*n.—2.;
—Mea-r*.Bmrill,Dickerson, Roberts,
I ic.it nor, Wilson—a.
The bdl was then ordered to be en
grossed lor a tbixl reading,
foe bill to increase tin* compensation
of tin* Judges of the Supreme and Dis
trict Courts of the United States, v as
taken up, and postponed to this day week ;
The bill in addition to the act for the
promotion of useful arts, was postponed
to this day two weeks.
The joint resolution, offered hy Mr.
parlour on thelMh of December, propos
ing _ an aniendineiit to the consttlr.tton,
to give Congress the pow« r of appropriat
ing money for the construction of roads
•and canals, with tin* const nt of the states
in win h they are made, <Vc. was taken
up; and
Oil motion of Mr. Dn^geU to postpone
the further consideration thereof to the
1st of July next, (to reject il) :t was deter
mined in tin* affirmative as follows :
l ort u* postponement—Fleurs. Snrrill, Camp.
hell, Crittenden, Daggett, Eppen, (idllaid.
Horsey, Itimler, King, lucock, Morrit, Mor
row, Itngglcs, S iitlYird. S'.orcr, Talbot, Taylor
Tronp, Van Dyke, William* of Mis. Williams
of Ten. Wilson—22.
Against the postponement— Messrs. Rut hour,
Dickerson, I’ronicntin, Macon, Robei Is.-Smiiii
Stokes, Tait,Tichenor-9.
The Senate resumed tlie consideration
of the bill to increase the salaries of the*'
Heads of Departments and of the Attor
ney General.
Various propositions were received and
disposed of respecting tticiuceasc proper I
to lie made, the iinnrourielv of d i nt i _
nation in fixing the compensation of these
otlicers, <S;c.
The bill vs as finally amended sn as to
fix thepalai ies of the Secretaries of Mate
and of the Treasury at G500 dollars cad),
the Secretaries of War and of the Navy at
<>000 dollars eadi ; that of the Attorney
G initial at 3500 dollars; and that of the
Post Master General at 4000 dollars, to
commence on the first of January last.
In this shape the bill was ordered to be
engrossed for a third reading; and
The Senate adjourned.
Report of the Secretary of State, transmitted by.
the J’rt s'ulent to the House of lleprescalaliret.nn
the tibth inst.
llie secretary to whom lias been referred
thf; resolution ot the II Mine of Wej»r**»eut4liveH
ol tile. Kith <>l December, has the honor of mi l>
nutting the documents lieiewith transmitted,
as containing the information possessed at in,
department, requested by Hint resolution.
In the eom ituniralions received from Don
Manuel II. Aguirre, there are references to
ceil,tm conferences between him* and the se
cretary of state, which appear to require some
expl.in ition.
The character in which Mr. Aguirre pre
sent ml himself was that of a public agent lioin
the government of l.a f’lata, and of private
agent ot that of Chili-his commissions from
both simply qualified him as agent ; hut hi* let
ter from ili« supreme director Pueyrrcdoii, to
the President of the United States, requested
that he might be received with the considera
tion due to his diplomatic character. He hud
no commission axn public min xterofauy rank,
nor any toil power to ntegoeiate as such. Nei
lliei the letter, of whit li he was the hearer,
nor he himself, at his first interviews with the
si 'Telary of slate, suggested that he wa* »u
thniiscd to ask tlie irKiiowiedgmoflt of liis go
vei imieut as independent— a circumstance
which derived additional weight from the fact,
that hi* predecessor, Don Mamo I hompsnp,
had been dismissed by the director I’neyrre
don f«,i having transccHded liis powers; of
which the letter brought by Mr. Agnirre gave
nolice to ttm President.
Jh was some time alter tlie rnmme iirnmcnt
i of the session of Congress that he made tins
I demand, ax will be seen by tin; dates of his
{ written romininncations to the department.
I In tf>u conference* held Willi him on tint *ub
•••cl aittimg nthri questions wtiicti it naturally
tags‘stej. were those of the manner in whieii
I <■ <• -t'hOowl. dgment ot Ins goveinmcut,
! ••ini i it >»e deemed a lnsafrle.oi.giit lie made •
J ‘*''1 "•> "I were t’ — teintmie* *•)>•«»• l.f const
derc.l at forming (lie state or nation to he re
cognised? 11 wa* observed, that the manner
in which the United States had been »« know
lodgedn« an independent power by France,
tv.is by ieiteatt concluded with them, us an ex
i't.ng independent power, and in which each
one ot (lie state* then composing the union,
w.i* li.siinrtiy it Mined : that something of Uie
same k.n i seemed to he necessaiy in the brst
acknowledgment of a new government, that
snmedrf itc idea might be tormed, not of the
precise boundaries, but ot the geneial extent
, ot tin couutrv thus recognised, lie said, the
| govtrninvM ./i* which lie desired ilie ackttoiv
ledgiuettl was ot the country winch liad, before
the it volution, been the Vice Royalty ot. La
Plata. I* w is then asked, whether that dnl
tint include Montevideo and til** tel ritorv occu
pied ii\ ti «■ Portuguese : the Banda Oriental
oudeik|i;, ii io he under the government of
General Arligns, and several provinces, Mill
in th*- mi lisputed possession of ihc .Spanish
government. He said it did ; Init olxcittd,
that ArtigaK.thmigrt in liostioty wiiii liie
veriiinent ot Mnenos A>res, supported, howe-.
ver, the cense of indep ndeuce i f Spain an I
tlie.l’urtuguese could not ultiin^tclx in lint mi
tli.irposstsi.iou of Montevideo. It was mu r
litis thpt Mr. Aguirre wrote tii*1 letter, oiit-r
i"g to enter into n negociation foi coiidueting
a treaty ; tliough admitting that h« had no au
thority to that ctiect from his government. It
may he proper to obscive, that the modi- of
recognition hv concluding a treaty had not
been suggested as the only one piarlical or
usual, hut merely a> that which had l.ceu e
dopted hv Fiance with the United States,
and as olfei in,* the most convenient means of
designating the extent of the ten itoi y ackitow -
lodged as a nt w doiuntion.
’i he temtirk to Mr. Aguirre, tlu*l it'P.uenos
Ayrtsshould he m-knnu lodged as iiidcpeudeiit,
others ot the cotitending provinces would, p- r
haps, demand thr same, had pnrtirulatly refer
rctire to the lianrta Oriental. The cni|«iry was,
whether (ictiPiai Artigas might not advance a
claim of independence for those provinces,
conflicting with that ot linen.>* A vie- for tiie
wlmh Vice Royulty of La Plata ? The Portu
guese possession of Montevideo was noticed ill
j it former to a similar question.
It should be added, that these observations
were connected with others, stating the rea
sons upon which the present acknowledgment
of the government ol La Plata, in auy mode,
was deemed, hv the President, inexpedient,
j in regaid as well to their interests as to those
of the United .Slates.
List of papers transmitted to the President, trith
the report of the secretary if s. ate at the doth ot
I. Don '\ ono AS vat ez, to the Pres dent of
the United States,dated Bueno* Ane», 6th Ja
niiarv, 1616.
-• Declaration* of Independence of the U
niied Provinces of La Plata, da tod at Tacu
niau,9th July, 1816, cumin,uprated hv Don
Mamie! H.de Aguirre. to the department ot
scatt\ zltfi December, l ^ t^.
3. Don J. Martin Me Pueyrredao, supreme
director ol tlieT’n.teM Provinces of the Jiio de
la Plata, to the President of the United Mates,
dated 1st January, 1817.
t The same to the same, dated 5t'n March.
Ci. Commission granted bv the ftipeeme <!i
rectoroftlu state of Chili, to DonMauuel II
de Aguirre, dated 8th March, 1 w|7.
(3. Commission gianted -o tlie same, bv the
"I’pi' nif director of the United Provinces of
S.miDi Americd, dated .it Buenos As res, g*th
Mulch, 1817.
7. Dow Bernardo O’Higgins, .supreme direc
?‘>rct the state ol t!;; I i. to t ue President ot the
United States, dated 1st April, 1817.
8. t oniinissioti granted by the supreme di
leetor of the United Provinces of Rio de la
4 Itita, to Don Mariifi ll. Aguirre, aijeut
of that gaverument. dated 28lh April. t3l7.
U. General Don Jo*e de San Martin, com
mander in Chief of the army of the Andes, t«
the I of tiif* U. Slnies, without da!**.
10. Don Gaetano !>■ /are*,secretary ofstate
ad interim ot the i xccnt.ve di pm tment of the
c ot- derated states of Vexiczin In to the secre
tm y ol the United Mates, dated, Pampatai,
•day 1,., 1817—71 i»—lunniiittin
11. 1 he art o; toe re-establishment of the
Congress of Venezuela, at the ciivotSan Pc
lipe de Curidro, on the sun id ay, 1817.
IJ. (leiicrsi Don Jose Artists, to the Pro’i
Ment of the United States, dated Head Qnar
tersa: Purification, 1st .September, 1SI7.
IN. Don Manuel ft. <ie \gnirrc to the Prcsi
< euro, the United States, dated Washington,
SJOlh October, 1317. ** ’
,.,li,'.'l ilc s?me to Secretary of Stale, dated
lfltli December, 1817.
Jo. the same to the same, 2-:>th December,
IO. The same to llie same,29th Decemher,
17. Tlie same to the same.fith January, 1318.
18. I he same to tne same, Kith January, 1318.
south’ a^y/iuca.
Biltimore, March 27.—The selir. Patriot,
capt. I hompson, arrived here yesterday, in oi
days from Buenos Avtes. A gentleman who
Ins been lor some time past resident at that
place, and who came passenger in the Patriot,
ns* politely furnished ns with files of the J.ue
nos Ay loan “ Censor,” from the -ith December
tothe 8th January, inclusive—with Buenos
\> lean “ Gazettes from the 1th October to
the 23d January,inclusive—with the Provision
al Constitution of the Sotitii American Con
grc«s, and sundry miscellaneous papers. They
have all been placed in the hands of the traus
lie has also furnished us ‘frith the following
•..p uu, Jmtauuiiuilliai
country ;
“ I hand you a fe w numbcrs ofthe Ccnsm and
C»nzelte,ot Buenos Ayres, down to the *J3.1 of
January last,in which', if von think there are
any article* worth extracting for publication,
be good enough to insert them in vour paper.
1 lie detail* given in them relative to the ope
rations ut the armies, arc in many respects but
partially described.
“ The country war in a state of trannuillilv
at the time of mv leaving there. .Some appre
hension* existed a short tune previaa* of a .spa
ni*li expedition, aided by a Hnssian auxiliary
torce, was coining out to restore Ferdinand's
authority; hut the alarm had entirely subsid
“ Hostilities had commenced between the go
ftnuMi'cnt of Buenos Ayres and the patriots of
tlirltfindii ()i iintal, or east side ot the river
Ha Plate ; and in consequence of rcpie&eiita
lions made lo the former tiiai part ol the army
under gen. Artegashad levelled trom his com
mand ami solicited their assistance, a division
ol troops was sentoyer toco operate with them
in expelling him from Ihe govet uiiient , but
owing to the vigor and promptitude of gen. Ar
tegas on the occasion, report viy*,ttie expedi
tmii was entirely defeated, and nearly all either
Killed or made *»risoners— Nothing fartliei lead
Ijtfcn attempted by either *idi» fttYet tins event.
Several odteers, Imwover, who had deserted
the canseof gen. Artcgas andjoitied Iheenemy,
on being taken, were immediately shot. r
“ By letters from St. Jago, it was stated.that
all the troops stationed in the capital had
marched for tire coast under the command of
Hen. San Martin—who, by tire last am-ounts,
w as encamped in the neighborhood of Valpa
i.riso, with 5 to fiOOO men under him. The
same letters mentioned that a very general spi
rit of patnotisiii prevailed among the people,
attended by a firm resolution to maintain, at
all hazards, Ihe independence of Iheir country.
Measure*, however,had been taken forth*pre
[ serration of property both in the capital and on
the coast, and incase of invasion, by it* remov
al to a greater distance into Ihe interior.
I he mo.< I arnica tile i elation* appeared to ex
ist between tne Portuguese and the govern
ment of Buenos \ y res, at t ho’ the impression was
general at one time that war would have been
declared by the former .11 cr/n-equeuce of the
captnie of two Portuguese vessels by a Buenos
\yrean privateer. 'I hey, however, have heeu
restated, and since that' time, Irntli parties ap
pcar to be cn good understanding with each
“ The Portuguese are still at war with grn.
stul hiockriilftl t'olonia, a purl
on the ca«t side ot the river izi Plate. Tin* is
ihe only event of consequence that ha* occur
red between them forsorne time past, ’l ire ob
ject ot blockading t oloma 1* to prevent lit* eu
trarue into poi 1 ol any prize* taken bv Artc
4a* coAsmtstroits. in oilier respects, ttie Por
fugueae have heo;r ‘ * v Irion*!’* «
ri«»ts on that side, itfiri on all occasions ircnt
them «itli riiDMilmlilc i < «pect and confidence.
• he result of this conduct towauls them, is,
'hat the patriots frequently come within the
Porttnrie-e lines at Monte \ idvo, and entet
the city without molestation. The Portuguese
at Moiite Video are now (or in Decemberlast)
plentifully supplied with provisions of everv
' kind from their enemies, though at on<- tinic
the greatest scat city existed. As the Portu
guese are no donbt aiming at the sovereignty
of the country on the ca«t side of the rivet , the
policy ot opening a friendly intercourse with
tin- inhabitants,may be the means best calculat
ed to attain llieir ends. Their hostilities are
chiefly directed against Artegas, whom they
must uwtjuith before nny change of government
can be etlecfnd. This general rulosduspotically,
and continues to maiutaia gieat influence over
the people.
“ An ai l of the most unjustifiable nihac was
coinmitli d by tile government of liueuos Ay s
towards Mr. Halsey, our <-oti*ul,a kw days he.
t«»r»; the |*atilot sailed, lie oiiexprcii di\ re.
cei\ ed an oiilci from I lie 1 >ire< ior 'o quit Biur
iims X vie.- aiid ii* d<pi iidriieies ill tlliuiirs,,,.
Some causes v.i re assigned for this pi •cedure,
hut whether founded on truth m conjecture, it
w as llin’t by the. .\llie■ leans in Bueno- ,\y i« - to
bea most arbitral v act. iMr. IliLiy,however,
was permitted to i.avean explanation with ihe
enveiiiiueiit on the sutij-vf — (ii eotncqiiriice of
wIih h the ord* r was recalled, and in. further
step taken an..lost him.
“ Business was rather dull at the time of
leaving Buenos Ayres. 'i ue markets well
supplied wiih ..Imosteveiy -peci*sol
Powder and arm- m.sate.ible. \ . l-that
amv.-d with these articles vvere compelled lo
>t eh auotliei in.ii I« i for them.
V boiltGO lo 10 - ail ot vessels m*i e lying I here,
tlie largest propoi lion of which were Knglisli
uid a few Ann lieau vessels.
*' two valuable Ameriean vessels, ihene (In
diip lienvor,of New York, the other of Salem,
have been captured by the Kovali-i squadron,
blockading the coast of Chili, ami scut into
Conception. Two vessels (sloop Com. Decatur
am! sch. Auu, capt. Mix, both m N. York; were
wrecked on the coast of Piilag-iii* in August
fist — I lie ci ews built a vessel fi o:u the materials
of ihe v. i erks, in v, hivdi they ni i k cii in if tic nos
Ayres on iheftli l.m. list.
*• Ihe Mu-i;u;t(>, British brigofwar, arrived
on 10th Dec.from St. Helena,at Buenos Ayres,
iiifeearclibfacoiiv ict ship w hicli had been taken
po—i sxiou of by the convicts, and had notbeen
hcard m—she '■lilcd again in a lew days—three
British vessels n| war were king in Bueno
Ayres w hen Ihe Patriot sailed."
“ '• he Ontario, capt. Biddle, had not arrived
in ( hill .is Isle as goth Dec. last.
“T he ship Ou is, cap(. Peas., of New York,
w as leading for the Cnit-d Mates, i nd would
sailin fifthly s. The ship Amei icair.t apt. Lord,
in i ived a few days before our -ailing from Hio
Janeiro. A number of Patriwipriv.irciirs were
ly iug in Buenos Ay res. The brig Patriot.com.
i uy.or, nna just arrived.
*“ The Patriot has on Loan! dispatches for
the government.
“ I hand you likewise a copv of the Provisi
onnl Constitution promulgate din Buenos Ayres
it. December last.
lis features are good, hut 1 am «orrv to ‘ay
that the authority of the law is too often mi-’
pended,and in itsplacearbitrarviueamreNand
despotic government adopted.' But with all
the objections that may be urged Oil this sub
ject, it ought lo he tlic wish ol every liiend to
freedom, that the provinces of South America
may go on in the career of independence i.il
the period ofits consummation, wheunotu ‘pot
remains where royalty has the least shadow ot
power. [American.
Baltimore, March iO.—The schooner Pat
riot, Captain Tiiomp«on, art«ved at this port
this morning, in (it days from Buenos Ayres,
with a cargo of hides, specie, and copper.' We
are enabled this evening to present l.ie follow
ing intelligence brought by her.
A letter received in this city by this arrival
says, •• the cause of the Patriots is not m so
nourishing a condition as it nns been, but i am
almost air.id lo write you mv real seuiiinent*
— 1 ho government i. verv suspicious of all A
met leans, and would not stop to break open
all CAiresiMMidence, which is quite a common
thing in this country, hly real opinion is, f/«ut
!ii fjciliei.viMt trill never j/ourish in thin country —
rHfltft/, tiiCtf UTJ HbW utf JUV t thiOVi il JI VJU libt’lly
as bejvrztiie revolution."
,, . Buenos Ayres,‘Aid January.
i oct Complain of mv not being iegul.tr in
communicating the state of this country. It is
not for the want of inclination, but from the
nature ol tiic government under which we live
— it is dangerous as well as difficult to give an
opinion of ihe poiilic.il Mato of Buenos Ayi es.
1 he present go vet nine nt is rigid ami seveie in
the extreme: .mil its police and emissaries
numerous and vigilant, i Ins country has rc
ver been in a mote dial hi bed Man: since i have
been lieie; and it will requite aii loc eneigv
ol the government lo extinguish die Uame that
is now kindled aud inci casing, and which ititi
mately will burst forrh.
A declaration of war has been declared
by the chief. Artioas, of the Banda Oriental,
(eastern side) and ibis government lias trails
pui ted l»Ot) of it* best troops to the other
side, in expectation of a division among the
troops of Artiuab ; but as as I told yo^they
will be disappointed in their expectations—
bo it has happened—they liave been defeated
w ith loss—to what extent i» only known ,is u'l
to the government, who keep it' from tiie pub
lie ; certain it is,a great many wounded have
arrived, who tell a dismal story.
The latest news from CHILI is not the most
favoi.iblc to Ilia patriot cause. I nlcalmana,
wtm h is the only port the Spaniards havete
......... v uni, mis oecn ne.«icgcu ny the pa
triot* lor a length ot lime ; and two unsuccess
iul attacks liave been made against it, and the
t>< sieging army has suffered cmiMileraidy. '1 he
j ist mail brings an account of 3000 royalists
landing at that [dace, and the probability ol
more arriving from Lima. This news has de
pressed ilie people a good deal here, but I am
ct opinion it will be oi service to them.
i he army before 'lalcabuana, is commanded
by General Braver. who you no doubt -aw m
H.dtimore, and who left there with General
( >arrf. ma. He is sail! to he a man of expei ienre,
and a good soldier, from the school of Napo
J eon ; and it the jealousy ol this people will
but let him alone, I have no doubt he will give
a good account ol the Itoyalists, should they
dafe to attack linn.
I *ay it will be ot service to the country, in
asmuch .is it will iftord a field for discipline
among the young officer* and troops, and with
the skill Gen. Braver possesses, give them an
idea of the di fail and ininiitite oi an army of
which they 1. retotorc had little or no know
ledge of.
It the government of Buenos Ayres will act
iviili a spirit ol iibeiality towards the Chilians,
they novel c«n be eouqiioretl ; lint if, on the
r.oini ai v, they puisiic the system they have
now adopted,and create divisions among the
people, it Hint/ tall ai'aiii under the .Spanish
yoke, alter imieli bloodshed. [I'ut.
-— -
WioapSHtos, March irt).-—The long expect
cd proposition ot Mr. Clay has been made,
ami is m full debate in tin: House of Kcpreseu
tatives, having reference 'o the acknowledg
of Ihe Independence ol (he Unit'd Pio
vincea ol Kin La i’lata. The Speaker has
broken ground at a greater distance from th«
object Ilian we believe liad been generally
expected, Ids proposition being to npppropri*
ute a sum for the outfit and a year’s salary of 4
Minister to the government ol La Plata, w beli
ever the President shall think fit to send one.
1 he proposition, therefore, does not contem
plate any dirvrt change iu the actual state of
our relations, but anexpression of the leadnivvs
ot Congress to second such a measure as is
proposed, when tiie Executive shall deem it
expedient to retort to it.
i he proposition lias covered ground enough,
however, to form the foundation of an animated
debate,id w hich the w hole policy ot »lie United
States, in respect to the South A men can pio
vmces, ami incidentally as to H|| the European
powers, ami to Spam particularly, have been
brought into view. It is not far ii« to predict
tiie irvitli ot i:f,s proposition. especially since
wo have recently billed in anticipating the fate
ot the lull to amend the acts for enforcing out
neutral relations, whirl) has posted the House
of Itepreseutativrs in an amended shape, in
stead «t being ludeiimlely postponed, as we
<*i trnnhl he. It 'etpoioit to
*av, that we shall keep pace with the debate,
and present it as soon as it ran possibly be pre
pared for the press, considering it m utloroiug
luminoni views of a question, of : • tooch inter
est as any uow agitated in the I’ntlvd States.
... i A of. ini.
' 'I be I.ociiments transmitted to Congress by
the President, yesterday, were read too lau* to
enable us to take such a view of tlietn as we
could wish. That duty, however, shall be
attended to in our next. Meanwhile we advise
the reader to peruse the interesting Message
which is published to-day. respecting the origin
ol ti.c Se.vimcijp W\k. The aspect ofatlairs
iti that quarter becomes every das more inter
esting. * | lb.
1 he papers laid before; Cotigress dtir
ing the two last days Have shod much
light on the question now pending in the
House of Representatives, as well a* on
several others which have been lately «
gited. Those who have assailed the go
vernment nit the score of the suppression
: of the rendezvous at Amelia Island, n,a v
| nib their jaded pens; fresh food is uf
fored for I heir tage by new proof of the
correctness of tiiat measure of the Flxccii
liv“- f Net. J„t.
Tiie Debate yet continues in the House
of Representatives on the general qur ti
ou icspectilig the South American pro
vinces, and grows even more animated
as it proceeds. The quest on 01 a ai
with Spain is almost as much debated as
the ques ion mtnally before the House,
such is tin latitude of the discussion.
_ l
r.f.N'.U.M MINA NO; T>.';AT* !
H Vt.TIMO!:! , M>trell VI —( 'n tlo* . ut iol jfy I t
t" •• ' ••ltd - icrei''d in I hi* v'ilv one timu the
aid of General Miiu dited 11 dav s since, die
ntlu rfioin Gcnci <1 Mina him-ell*. dated nulv
<1 jvs since, vi e a»e justified in a .sc 1l, ng i bat
I lie account published oHh::! tiSuia, being
taken and shut, is itliont tone •••••on « d th" t
hisulluiis are now in a mine ; i .s .*-imis situa
tion than ever they have yc| n«-«-n.
> _• __
!• MJli.MONl), INI AHUM :>l.
V. e have crowded into this day’s paper ail
that we liml interesting in the proceeding* and
papers exhibited at M aslrugton touching the
Meath American affair*. The/iic/.r are before
the i eader—In our next, we shall frankly and
•freely give om opinions upon them.
U e must improve thi* opportunity, however,
be foie i: be too late, to protest against the pro
position ot M r. Clay to carve out a mission to
L i Flata, under the guise of an appropriation
to that object. Mr. Clay is a friend r ft he pat
riot cause ; so ..re we. Mr Clay wishes root
fen the right hand ol fellowship to sin has have
attained a rank among the nations of the earth.
Mo does many a man who will *leru!y pretest i
against his proposition.
We take the question upon its own merits
only, l ire proposition of Mr. Clay is vrrin*.
U e believe it i* a new case in the* hi*toi > of
tin* country. It is a proposition against the
established crdsriu which it* cuiistiiunon has
been administered The President, by mid with
tiie advice of the Senate, receive* foreign >i in
islei s—oi deputes ministers to foieiun i ow« r*.
W’lta. hae the House of Representative. I./ oo
with foreign embassies? By what tight do they
carve ont a mission to Beenes Ay re* ot to Chi
li t II the President does not rend or does not
receiveininisters, when the inii rest ofiho conn
try detnauds it, ha is responsible to that coun
try— Where is the power ot i1npc2chr.11 nt ?
where is the force ot public opinion r Where
arc tile hailot* ol til** people ?
Nor is tins step absolutely nects.nry to una
ble the I’resident to send a minister to La I’; .
ta. It be. c house- to do it, lm bar the m-- an* in
his own li inds. lie ha* all ouO ot coatiirgeut
fund, from which lie may ca.ilv take out
S IM.btH).
W e. pass over the advantages which the Ex
ecutive possess in making up an opinion on
such a point. Every day is t. uging tiesh lijlit
upon their minds. .Scarce have they laid a
series of document* before I'ongre.s*. before a
vessel arrives from Bueno* Ayres with fresh
information. AVe pa*s over llie light in which
the Executive is placed before Bin mn Ayres
11 veil by tin* interposition of the Representative
hiancii of the government.
W'c believe this step to lie perfectly unne
cessary. W'e believe the President to be a
warm and sincere Miami of the Patiiot cause.
V e have taken the utmost pains to ascertain
this tact. We brliiv* he might safely recog
nise I lie independence of La Plata—hut l?o
wishes to make up his mind with the utmost
dr libcrntien, and wait until the return ol the
eommissioncis; why not allow him lime? V* j,y
eitiier wish to precipitate linn into a decis.ou
by a vote of Congress, or by such a vole ex
press a mistrust ot his inclination to do what i*
I •'.*•** ^ »* m ^ c ilia awi IH lie V ill 1113
j infallibility—(witness the lour)—ImiI on iliis
itnjjoi (nut ucfd-inn, whatever Mr.J. G. Ad.mis
may wish, we believe the (’resident VcrU-rliy
disposed to do what is right.— W itli such in
tentions, therefore, we do not :ec tiie necessity
oi proniptinx bun. Mr. ('lay must have inui'li
less confidence in him, than we bate, to result
to Mich an expedient.
The rumors from Buenos Ayres and Mexico
b ave opposite impressb ns. i be former gives
us somejeurtt; the latter some hopes. Mina is
alive—il this be true, it is indeed glad tid
ings to the wot Id—the measures .,1 Buenos
Ayres and particularly the war with Artigax,
"• ves us soinetnicasin ns.--Indeed, from a
I part ol the world so distant, and where there
are so many interests to distort the views of
things, every day satisfies it- more ax.l more
how difficult it is to reach the truth.
GAINES LIVES—be was so fortunate, says
one nccounl, to reach Foil .Scott—according
to another, to fj|| in with the Gtory .a detach
To (he I'm holders of II ilitumdurp James City
( harks City, Aire hint, lUznlnth City, Y<>rl{,
II nr trick, Henrico,uni the c.ty oj Kit ham ml.
The late arrangement ot the senatorial distr.cts ol the
stall having collected into one, the people of mory than
twodistruls. n Inch hefoie enjojeil a birger sbate ol
rep esrniullon, there must hence arise a variety,and
pci haps collision of interests, which will call foi well
balanced local feelings and great inipariialilv oi i uig.
int ni in the individual, w hom al the approaching sena
torial tlrcDon, you may seleet for join i«prrsriilaUve.
Heine a freeholder in most oftlie comities and inr: al <>i
the town* i n lit luted in the district, and feeling of rmifse
a diversified as well as a strong interest in in foriurtev, I
am entwoiagedonihis ground, as wet! as others, iwotrer
mi sell as a til candidate for your votes.
Having long resided In Williamsburg,the eenlfe oflhe
district, I believe I am personally known in n great
majority of iln ficrimlders. ISiey most all he sensible
that my inti mis are irleufitled v.uli iheirs, and with
those of the lower conulev ; in tbr taifs and d..ng« rs of
defending which, it nr i rig the ear, i lifiriahv shared ;
and, fur *1ie prof, stron of " h >sr rights in peace, I shall,
if elected, continue as a le-rrsctilative, wh r | lisvr
been as a private cilinn.a farhful aed e-ulmrs advocate.
7 b (hr cat/ ofa emit inf ton, 1 am <Ut nhtlly * /■; to rit.
The demon of party spun having forttimiMytaken
bit Olglit from r.nr thrice happy conny, his liuyldepyr
mre thall not hr ? mnrir: t H larded I > any rrn s-» of
mine. Indeed there Is n« man who more In anity ihan
myself, rejoices tbai the expsfienia of -eventem y.sis
has so mncli ronfirined the vi*r< -11011 - f Vr. JefTeison's
inaugural speech, that ** We ate all I. icial.su, and all
The near approach of the eterllon, and the rlrcnin
stance of several of me counties le>ldln<! ihelr polls on the
same day, deny me the oppoit- nit) of paying niy res
pects to you all personally ; tot I cheerfully rnnho’e my
claims as a candidate to your dispassionate considera
tion and impartial derision. Should the Isfei rot be in
my favor, I shall perfectly accoid with the .spartar,
who being dtsappomird in his application for an office
to which several hundred were rligtlUv, exclaimed—•
" Thank Heaven, thrteare in the state so many heller
men than myself.”
Wti,f,i*u«srs :. March JO.
JgHiR tM.it.—ISM *Ids .cits aikifasl i.sv j • n
«■ the big Bsri-n river : and too on Duke's erc«X.-»
Apply to llfcRi-bl-r A. CLAIPIIRSV
bar eh JJ. -at
Nf.w Vokk, March W —Tt:o Hiiited c\?fr *
ship Hornet Captain ft, n>, coi uudci way
vesterdav, amt went down to the Vt at. rinV
Pine*.—\Ve have before stated that'l.« :,ncS
first to St. Domingo, and, it conjecture ot*#o:*
i tect, she will pi..oc. d to the Spanish Main and
I (south Atneiica. 'I"11»■ genth nien who so out
in her, wc understand are clothed wittt esten*
live diplomatic powei*. It is pvobutde »l.«
, depaiture of the Hunt U rnnm * led w ill] tie
I im;)V«aiNl state ot our negotiations witn t< a
i (i| anisli pivnniiH t. \i e may know mere m
a few days ; for it is certain ih„’t at piesei t our
goveintueut is <lisrt!*sing, m s»«rit, some vciy
inipoj taut n t astiu leiut.ve to <pain.
Tin* Hornet waits f i bunt tiiktruclions,
lionrly expected. [Gaz»
Dot ton, March 2.».— \r ,* have received i vr
London tile* to the tih ot 1'vbruarv,and I i\rr
potd papers to the bill, by the l riton, ni n\» d
y stttulay.
A bill in repedl the law for suspefnlinp t* o
Habeas Corpus act. passed the L>.ii<s the
and the Commons the •_* Hi Jan. l.i tl < utscu*.
•ion, the A'tornev General said, he should
move the CVm i ofKui"’k Dench to I’iMhnmu
all recuKUiaaiicen iiudei the l«w.— 'ihtv have
a 1 bt fin dis. h ,i "i tl.
Vote* ot condolence to the queen,and prim. •
J.eopold, passed both houses. (ti ihoCcinn •
• h;n to I he <|ii( eu wets iliksenteu to Lx Mi
C.dcmlt iiiul't ayloi.
Su 11unci« huideit had piestnttil
petitions Joi a 1 urliuim i.tr.i\ u i, u .
t til tin 3d I- eh. the t*i iiu i iiegeul i
iMtmertiua pnpcis to 1’iirlr.tintnl, ui.'.iir: . >
"v internal stair ot the conutiy, m 4 s>..l*t!
c>l ct O J3h". | I’m its thus co’liinniiit'' it it .1
i t'iditlcniia vmi an aiw.iys icit rltd tc a st i t
commit tee.J
Lan d .Slaiiliopt:, an nppesit ion I r> r, in a tie.
b..ic, said, he In'.hi! v. ith ”is i»r pain a ri port,
that *he allied troops wore to be withdrawn
from France. Hu said h« hu 1 stionir lours of
1 lie cticel oi such a no »«ni: in hr.,.ice. lx. id
Liverpool, in icply, said his Lord. l ip's i't.u*
v ere groundless.
t he J in ke ot V cl line trn. afte r a she • t r V»
lo I in;hint!, rt *11 rued 10 Par s tin 1st Ft ...
with his lady and staff.— lie is , ! *1. ,| ..itli . n
important mission rr":pc ti»;> the pi is nto > e- n.
mary demands 111 l'ratn e.—Sotne Inie ij'.ers
till At*
. lied ...ivt'i«:jgi s tliat they raniit.-l it!t !\ with
draw urr diminish llc-i inmj iii f iiM.ie.
. A great European <m>>y was it, n, k- hi upat
Frankfort, to nraiiihua tin peon of l.inoi . . 1
The army. P'-are Establishment, of 1 I'm-r,
! is fixed at ‘JtO.fiOJ men.
! 1 lie Algerine* haw i.t> less than i.inr pica.
.. hi uiryi i I duii
.ve* i it rear the i*rtrnut e cftl.e Stteitriiti*.
.Sii Gregor M,Gte<>«i' bud ai.ived in K::
I land.

jM ii.i.tuUEV'ii.i.K, Murcli 17.- Vor point* dies
a most painful anxirtv has bee ■ felt t. r the
fate of Major Get.t ral Gsii.««. It t: ... pos
itively nsccitainc-d that tiie (.-ptier ! is x.,te,
though some of those who wt n* with turn arc
lost. 1 ti cotisei)iteure > t tntorni.ilion 11 m te:t
Scott, lint! the comiriaudiu;; officer intended
to evacuate it, lining scarce of piovis'.oi
General Gaine s, to prevent a measure so it. -
astroiis, started vi'tli a few oil ; rs iti a h.i. i
Hem F^rt 1 irIy to descend the tive t to Foit
Scott. In the night, when about to miles dis
tant 11out the lat ter place, the boat wa« upset ;
the General Maim Nix mol some c-f the tin n
escaped ; Mnjot Wiigln (aid to the General,)
and foitr men. ate stated to I a\e been drown
ed. General Gaines nud tin *e who reached
tin- sili.ie vs in him, art* und«. stc.od to have
fallen iii w.ili the Georgia detachment on itj
march, near 1'cn .‘tutl. [Jvurnai.
tiVL-** kttVV .VFAVS. v
vow: f F RiCIlOKP, MfiCIMA.
Arrived a.ore our tail,
sc'.rs. redeishtt, t’.iov n.t aliiu • i«- ; Mart Ann,Feu.
lint, I’i il<ulei|M.i ; Pit In Little Vv |,.ie. In Hike, r-LilartU.
flivi ; Patriot, Hill, Info ; Sloops 111.!).,«.mi, ora
Nonoli ; Vine Aiiirriesn. KrvnolOs,New Ilmen; f,e7
tune, c rstteudui, .Yen v< ik , Fume, bliss Yelk.
?clr. MkIcm'j, M'iul, ti* slou ; blouii Snuoicr, Price,
Cbi-'ii-t« ii
jp>A I'KlL K I1F.N i . ,
-I- Wei, ttiii, tiq. is ini -aie si Lii.j^Him V> toner's
til-* Kr'.oi o._ IIll, a I • 108 till
\ V 111 '• HI.AM.lt It vis.. Ji!«t receive*! try ItovinoM
’ \ * Brothers, an e'.e^.tit rupplj of d hit, Ju*lrr
Hats, tn si and second qualities.
March :tl._ jpi;
\ ALl,ibt| l,lUiF>hll l y | (,K SALF' — < ii M,m:Vr
v the trill It lit April, iv 111 be sold toibri i,..h*«l i^l.i-r,
eni'.i-vs, tlikl ei.ii ii, odious and well Inina
J, i * ^ ^ »1,1 «' Jou ;i of SljiiiMtou, It*/in# r } knpt hr y r.
LuiHiindsuii anil in n belonging |. t|„ ..I W nliriri
i bn shall, dec.—One fourth »f the purchase u onev will
Ire require A to he paid :i hsn«, ..r in a note with an
appioved endorser, pa) able and nouMtiiiMe hi60 dmriii
one o| the hanks nt ltirbn«ii:d. I la- i i ii i.ii. i:ii three
foul ti:a In be pitid i it one, iso and three )t i.i - _the
l.urcliase to hesicuied bj a deed of hum on the pm
,!r.r‘> - J. M.tnbIlAl.1. Adin'r.
_ I06t.tr
I i .ini m T~ .. 7 77 I... 1. ' ■
1 * ;t cock in Pwershuiji, under ihe direction of
. '*owe,‘' *'5,l (* ' place ] suspect lie h ffonej
in ihc t>n*lr.e»» of a cook ; lie is v. r, aui*u ; he if about
tue ciiiiiiBini fire pub) urli mai'r, aboi.t 25 years old
a dark yrllow complexion, xud mints io |>e religions —
I will give ,S30 lor Irn delivery, snd baiftlie inm to
•ecuro Lull ;i» jail to ihm I may get bun.
. . .. „ , O. TOWLES jun.
Lynchburg. March 31. U-,i 3l«
£ M '-H .M A I m s - 11 I'roicy (ot k, , who -cr .
-» a soldier in ii,e old rev'*'ut unary war, in Major
KeilUeid's troop of cavalry of tbr Vimuila |lHer m,
Lvu»,) will eppiv lo duller I odand by letter address,
e.l to Mni at Coiiiinb x t)bio, can be mini rued of son.e.
ibintt tohmor their advaniage. n*
74 I L persons liaving c'am.s .""a nisi the estau. of rue
4 late IhouiasC. Alexander, will make them knows
will i ut felny ; Lkewn lbb‘c mdt bt< d lo '.lie said estate
will pieate make payment.
I. llL’UTON. I) 8. for
H . S. .V/o/ZA, ,V //. P, ( ' lUi’ltlft
tr'thcf.tate oj /if laU j.'.r. a > .. . „„tT
"ViOl 'Cm.—b> vutiieof a deed of im i exer.eud t*
^ the Mibm.bti by David l.acv, »i i
1’owbaian. dated ipr laili day of S plunbi r |p
rrc- rded in roivhialsii cleik's oAue on llie v.ld nav , f
October ItMt—Will be told. In tue highest bidder. , .
c*txli at tlfui/nH Jla/it i 'a. lx ibe ‘Mil f on ti i S' »»p ^ (j. .
day the iu nay of May next, the IIUCI OKI, \T)..'n
"incli the said Lacy ,’aiely died sewed, i he s •. ci.lo r
will convey tbe title only wkscX he holds as hum,, ,.f< ,c
\- wiith. -All ptiious Indebted to the fate concern
ol Hnchaiiaii At t’nilok of I’ctirahuig, , i k.o , tt
Ac Allan I’u.lsk rx Co of Richmond, aie tiotilL o i| t
the blinks and papers are in u,e posscslmn «.i he Mib
scribes — who is amboi in ii a- attorney in i ft ol |i.:t«)
Bocbotia i. I i). the si*mvii'1. partner oi noth fiii'i- t .o
make rol ectinnrof all the npuiiian pg d< i •
Koilca is theiefoie lineliy gi.ee «• al be Will ulwatt
be read) to iiant discharges to ml. as may paw ,f
riaui's e-,n i l tlirni—nr to ti ske atri rigeini lit; w oti
snih a. .i'ii wish to inalte ptovu uii lor fninir p vmi nt.
Umexx mu oi |fe other mode is adopted su< n unis ,« uj
he indisoiiniiiatrly insliliileii.
I W RiM.'l l S.Aiturrm us nfor.sufA
Marrh3l. '
jIU - kWh'. ' • V i«. t | li>\ — M ill ~w~~. ;, . VT~J
«\ a.Le k«v||le,tn Ilie i nil lily ol lu-ckit," am, * o o
* aiollna on *\ i dncxday thrt/d April mi, t. -t-,v. ..r ,n
sun to l..i|'>, lying in said town, on a • re<,ii of
in nmiiihs,payable in ei|nal iii-i»lii.. nis.
rhe gittiaiioii of till* little town for l oinn etr al pur.
pose*, ts perliapt superior loasty nmlie rtvei D,.ri_.u«
position i. high nod elevated, and Mesjosi above the
J'tncl.onof biniili'stitter in o uance of about oik mile ;
I hr Dan at lltir loyvn in the low cm water it ffon. 8 lo m
| (pci hr. ;i, the e in tv lit ,« s tin v All and troile, m ,| ;li
bank j , .. rd i vceilviit bail ors ip |i jh Wales for hoai».
T be in;*iii * mrhi i it, wester ii :ind itistern toads unite in
tin* neigiiboriiiHid the prliicl|ial wrstyrn fcalled ibe
Marrowbou . imul passes through ailil.i.t fertile valley
between the 'llnefl-ige and the ws rrr or Souit. s river,
which ix kiioonlo or Ibe pnnupal toliaee i im ruiy m
Ibc westernparls of Virginia—from the very bee* rnf....
liiation, ano ilist oktainrd from en' ld re ptctai'ie x n
lleir.Mii, wbore eaily lift- was prnirrly devote,; t. jny
healing liusines*, and who reside, w'ithiu one n i p <,f
I eakavilte, say* that the navigation fr*in tills place to
Ir.ii., ille, fwiiitit it a dsn me of at.otit 30 in,!, * ) , j
pi|i>al ii not "iii.ertsf to anv t-arl ot the rmr bn..it
Danville, rhe ns* p atios bI;*.v* the pwilit i» Certain y
dtflicull ariu d. iigerooa. and Ibe duiniter frnii, thix : :a -;e
to Ibe rngbcei extent nf which it Ii Miitep. b • ,i ul.
, provruirut is no: ilioreibsri kor In li lies tig pr.liiet . d
i bark cno’iify the fertility vf soil, iin inrier sliy of pro
j duce made foi nrsikrt, togeibei wub ibe great raprrt
i already la**i out here* adding :h cnrtalnt’ * f tlu > .ab.
lisbmentof a hank <r agmec (iiMttr tix.n of lutk
i Carolina, give it advantages ion vbvlona o In' nmcon*
1 ceived.
fie ipecmal've efforts sihich will do, ties* be n>ade
to defeat the provper'ty ot m,. p'.vte. wl.l recoil wo ip r
l»r>J - tois, and it wart their .'liberal vi< • ». it u n r
rieo xMy for men of en efprtre » d 11* cc:n >■< >i. m *, t
!Le elute and view ut ad^aren t j islfy t,« t*e rvyi.g |
D.etibt i fvaclry.s *bo*r eponiers J a** po-.icu ; • i»/
. Le'f.vi' m w pre-eta.eot dt|iv«. I LbWux.
j Aftsgt/ pi Ivd /l*

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