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ty The Lf 41 iltKlUf noMisbed Mru.*a week, gene-'
and titi'ce u.uet a week during the kiihiiof ilie i
Si tie Legislature.— Pilce, tbe t Tie •» heretofore. Five •
Oolinruget annum, payable in advance. Nuiet ui Char- 1
lered specie.pay mg banks, (o.v/y) "'ll be received m
p/yincrt. Tbe l.tlUor v ill guarantee ibe safety of ie
uiittieg tbe:n by mail, ibe postage ol ail letters being
1 paid lit tiie wi iiers.
ty No paper trill be tliscoiUlMueil. [but at tbe diieir-,
ton . ( tbe Editor,' until all arrearage* h ive been nai i u*i.
fy Whoever will gu a iani.ee ibe payment ofnllte paper j
• hall receive a irnlh gratis.
teems or iDvritrisiN/j.
gif One Square—First insert tan, t > cents—each
cti'i.inuam e, 59 cents.
•■n .■iU’iertlsetnent inserted until it has either been
(fluid fur, or assumed no same tiers, ■» in tuts cite or lit
en i’-nfis.
/ig 1 Oi! LON OON ,
tyw yy To ilie address of Mr-nrs. John Gilliat He
JoleM Son. ivlbilie libeily i>f coii’ih iinieni, tbe
K»*>il ship III \r.t CLAY, Ci.pt. llunhnrrv, now at
Oily Point, w litre shu uili teiiiain Im leo days, burke
via board any iu *.bi that nitty otter ; aitei *^,i. It she
tvill proceed to Norfolk t > complete Iter loaning: |ia\
lug too llimit ol liei eat go engaged, tbe wilt uitrei unit
despatch. 'For freight ol loo hints, tobuct i, or juij bales
cotton, winch will be taken on veiy luoileralf terms....
Anioyio UU. i.ll.LIAT.
• 1th. VJ. l»0..lf
'JVVF.'A' LOTTl'.lfti SCHEME.— The sonsci liter being
1 v authorized by the ItiMril of llneciurs of ilie Lile
rarj Fund to iwise by Loiter* £30,000 l..r tbe fotiudalion
of au Academy in the comity ol Montgomery, hereby
gives notice that be propovrs to raise llie said money
, Ev means of bis Imie- y of seven numbers ; and iltui
ilie ttrsl drawing of tbe Mine will take place in ibenty
Oi Riclinmnd on tbe :»ti day of April next, anil that ilo*
drawing will be monthly thereafter till lln* sun) sum of
nionej shall he raised. The diawiug or this lottery will
be « xecmetl in lire minutes: in wuieb tine w ill be de
cid d the fate oillic following piizes, viz :
35 Ptl/e> ol v5lllU) I
IBIS Prizes of in J- Price of Tickets, jg I.
•ZMIV Prize* of s j
Theie is in ibis scheme nut three blanks to a prize ;
anil the pi i/ex will lie paid without discount Hurt) days
allrr each drawing. A discount of near 17 per cent.on
the amount ol rickets sold is made to defray the expellees
oftlie lottery, and to found tbe A cadi my. The simplicity
k amt entire fairness of il.iiplau 6f drawing lotteries will,
the subscriber trusts, claim for it the patronage Of the
public, especially when ilie laudable object, ibe pio
motion of education, is considered. The subscriber
pledges billlsrif that the scheme which he flow offers is
essentially liifferelil front the lottery of uumbcis at
tempted i.i tlieUinoud some time since.
Tickets al ,j l each ..tr now for sale :n this city, and
’ii all me principal towns in Virginia. I be lottery wIII
post lively he draw ii on (he 3d ol April nexi, und all pri
zes wni be paid as above. Printed explanations ol Hus
'lottery can be had gratis al all the Lottery offices.
JOSEPH VANNIM,Sole Jtanogrr.
* f>»- *3_ If f..if
800 ucn s' of J.emel f ur sale,
!] 8* the comity of Goochland, wliniu 4 ur Smiles of
James river, aud nbout 3d from Richmond, on Lick
ingbolr creek ; which couluins from 40 to 3« acres Inw
graiiHd.*, heavily loaded with timber, und very rich....
fcuid lend is tvcil adapted to plaster, and suit ible lor ilia
ioiHuie ol tobacco, corn, mid small gram, mill lies iv«l|
—>< contains a i.-niki.U ruble portion of ilrst rate tobac
co laud to cut ; also Some excellent immured lots. A
considerable poitiou of ihecleaicd land has not been
Irurtrrt toe several year., nor pastured ; and hying en
closed, renders it tu a good »nuaiiun to prepare lor
Mh-st or other grain. The wood land is suihcieutly
loaded with timber to. suppuit tlie place—On wbivb is
a eood Cweiliii;- house, with a cellar the whole site,
suitably divided, with necessary lire places, Mid ail
beerssary out houses, burns, sublet. Ac. ; a threshing
machine, and uever failing springs. It is thought said
place would lie an excellent stand for v public house,
us it touches the mam road—It also has on it an apple
virharil of well selected, choice truit, which is Hioo.-Li
to be the most producliveitnd best orchard hi the coun
ty. besides otkrr good fi nil trees ; a tiislilltry for tin-r
•tills, and two Rood ones in it, with good pewter worm i,
ihe house hulk of stone, with aliquot store aitm-hcd
niakes.se a complete distillery. Also a MILL, the wall
of which is of etoue, and contains a pair of Cologne mil
lioir stones, which is said by at! the ueighbois to be
e'Hlicieut to auppoit the place hy toll. Every person
e.cqn.ffbted. knows that Goochland is peculiarly adapted
to hridihi situutirns.
Tbe subscriber will treat wtlba pmcliaser ; and Mi.
Edmund Anderson, of Richmond, is fully auiharizedfo
sell said land, and will shew Hie same to any person who
wishes to pm chase. I lo; terms of sale wtil bcaccow
modating ; say one-third in hand ; the balance in an
nual instalments as may be agreed on ; the balance to
he secured by a deed In trust on the laud, or pn-onnl
security. Alt undoubted title will lie made hy
CHAItl ES YANCEY, of Hbemarle.
P. S. Said laiu! can be rented, ihe present year....
The land not tended is not to be pastured. C. Y.
feb. 13. 90..Sw
"JVf EGR'ILA EUR sal I .—Will be o‘ffu7d at public
-Jl y . ale, lor cash, at MeckfeHbine Comthoiise.uh tbs
Third Monday in March, if fair, if not, the next fair
day. from rive to seven NEGROES : one ot them atnan
cook and bouse servant, who can Lew, saw, aud get
siiinglre — about vi years old. r.RM-A.
March ‘i.__ 9T..fll*
STOLEN from iny stable near I'rtm e i:.twain touri
house,on the niRlu o( the iHlh January, a stout,
’veil formed BLACK HORSE, tn good plight, . i lit or
Line years old , bis mouth m of ilonnish i olor, nun.li ic
seuibliug a mule ; rhnit tail, a little- hip •diotu.ii. which
would not he observed upon lirst sight; shod all aronud
— the hinder shoes mu h worn, and as well as t recol
lect, the Idft hind fool is pret'y inuck worn ott at the
toe.aud the hoof split nearly or quite to the hair ; pa
cej and ttot* toleiahly well; isuli excellent drat: i-in bp.
A liberal rewai d will lie given to any one who will ap
prehend the thief and secure to me tbe horse ; and any
information of either will he diaiikfuily teccived.
f>h.v7. _h. J. V. O KM IA M.
ltoaimln: J.dtul for idle.
rPHE suTvseriher will sell his land on Roanoke river.
In the county of Metklnihiiig, to me liiRhesi hid’
her, at Mecklenburg Courthouse, ou Monday, the nth
day of March wear/, (being court ivcrk.;—The teum
will he cash, or ope, two, ihrve years', as mv. best
suit those disposed to purchase.I ht land mljoinj
Richard II. Walker, Charles (•. I o ld,and Saui’l lock
eti, I sq’rs.: and is strong and rich ; containing hy an
old survey 101 acres—it has Rood water, mill tulnxble
Improvements.— I he land will be shewn to those wish
lug to *'iew it, !>> Kirhairi H. Walker,or by the subscii
her, living m TVarrenton, N.C. WM. t.Kl-KN.
fsh.’-t?. 9<i. .ids*
WAd Coiiiiiiltled in m jail --I Itocbhriiige cuuiilj on
the I Tih of lle«citihe> Ian, a negro man ivbo calls
himself i .* M ES BALLARIi; says he Is free, and was
raised in Baltimore county, Maryland : that lie sailed
from ibeuce wiih a captain Jack for Yoik and Rich
tnnnd ; said negro is a veiy stout, round shouldered,
lull-faced fellow; 5 feet B| inches liigli; he has a line
set of teeth ; then- is a mere Hum coniiiioii vmiaucy be
tween bi> upper front teeth, hut inert- is no tooth want
jug- When committed. |,e had on a suriont coat of
noiuespiiit, Hack and wint* twilled keist-y, white negro
cotton overalls, and black silk vest, much worn ; one
pair of drab casslnel pantaloons ; the remains of an.
eld hue blown coat. He is mi sgreeable fellow til bis
address, and uses Ihe words “ my «ear master,” frr
qucntly. H« had also when commuted a la/Rf horse
niau’s pistol, with powder, buckshot, Ac—Ihe owner
will please apply for him,or be will he dealt with aside
taw direct*. C. HOIIM AN, l.cp y
. for John Leybnrit, SherilTof K. C.
Lexington, March 4. 1 9j..5t»
\Af I1J1A I- Ihe highest price in cash will lie ;nven
. ”T f<>r good WHEAT, delivered at the Basin, by
.... ... , o HuhEKT AIIHATl.jr.
Who ivill also r-ceive Per other article* on .In
rage on moderate terms, hi Lis l.imbvr house, opposite
the Basin. Marcli-s. 97..Ot
T'vkn rv noti Ai’.x *nTuTui, . i,. . ■
• Inc snl-irribrr living i* ludford Conni* «•» Ui« nin
Prc. a nei'ro man named NPD-ftatk complexion
Mont tnadv, abmitn ftet high. Itn» very large teeth’
aged 35 year*—Hie clothing consists of a unit napt on!
Cow, a blue brandcloth frot h coat, a bine- homespun
■rent coat.—I recently purchased him of Mr. Hanktn
or Williamsburg, smd sun convinced it is l.ts nnention
•« return. I will give ihe above tenant, and all ma
sonsmle expences, if delivered at n.y planlallen near
Lynchburg. lAlltlCK P. BI KTON,
^Bedford con tty, Feb ?3. fit..if
^^OI ICB.— t he enbernbrr m telling to sell Ins nait
LANf», whereon hr now iprides, rnnratnlng .1.
the .. T* acr/*’ ,',"e 1,1 ,,ir county of Hnrklsghnm, on
inti.. *rV’f A'lljv't anti Tnng<i"arter amahs,about in
tonih of Buckingham court house. 12 miles west
»"••••• southwest of New Canton and
?’* Mills* - also, about , .1 miles from tin lunond,
Mloni ,in'" • >'H ht-nrg. The land is well
*™:d f;,r corn, wheat and tobaero, and well 1m
I'T",11 *" r,*l’erCr. *s to dwelling bouses anil all
kinds of ont houses I reins, one thud d » en ; two an
W. • Any person wishing to
' * *b'"■ "«« •"brerlbrr, living
fir the earns, and will sbuw the sa ne.
•.■VJiVJ Uir. ,t hrr.by givenihai t vr erfuTn the ftmsdJc
f. oi " "V ,'h’ f"* °f " appropriated
r J**',,’n'';v'“ •',1 '" Copied, .Hid that sin more
Sit.l I.” . ,er,l'"*‘ •■»«* lb* said Hflspilw
s.« • some pf t e said . oil. arc vacant -d«* aot.rc of
* v t v >«• g>, err,
*' ’•••■ r </ (Ht v'v. rtef fflrr< f„rr,
,, fsjp. MtNi.t \. c. c. n.
I S..vll
Valuable Property for Sdle.
rpilliluUcnlitr |.rs|twt« ln>rll llirtf tract* of land,
» lying in the count) of Buckingham. Tlie trai l on
" l>i Ii lie resides, two mil' s from New Canton and James
river, a id in the neighborhood ofsi veial manufacturing
mill- ; comaluuit: about liCo acres, (if which -«r are in
wood*, ihe geurial rliafncter of which is good tobareo
laud, while the open land pi<>dnc«* grind riops of grain,
and while clove*. This land is llltgrsri led by acre el.
irblcli ha* on i s Imriltn no o. . u acres of very ferule
flat ground. I be iuiprovnurnts air extensive and tari
ous, calculated lodtlie accouiniodatioii oi a targe iiuntly
nnii the eecnieuicnt of laigeriops. This pioperty will
lie sold privately,for which one third or the purchase
■Holley will tie rci|iiitrrl on !l>r delivery of possession,
and Hie reinaiiider in two ri|iial auuual payment*.
Adjoining the above is a Had of‘tin acres the wood
laud ol w Inch w ill produce hue tobacco I he Improve
ment* are a tolerable dwelling house, other houses, and
The third trael lie* about ten miles shove New Canton.
on in* waters of Slate river, containing 2(3acres,chicily
in woods,and adapted to the culture of tohacco.gr Ain. Ac.
3 he two Inst named tixcis of land wi.l tv sold to the
higher! bidder, in'hr town of New Cant' n.nii Satnrtiuy
tht’ Ili/« st/irit next....for »hicli the purtha er will be
l<d|iitii d to pav one hull of the price in baud, anil the
l.j' ucr n: twelve months SMITH I’AIN'E.
Marcli 0 _ DU..ids* If
f >V virtue of a deed of trurl executed to the sub ert
I y bet liy Lewis Hardwick and I'liseilia In- wlf--, in
order to seen<e Ihe payment of a debt dur John Dacoli
ami Co. tlirrrin mentioned, 1 shall, o.'« Saturday thr
‘lit Inlay oft his Month,(March) at Mount Laurel, Hull
Is* < .mill) ,\c proceed to sell to the highest Iddderoiic
tid'd ol L NIi esintsiiiiiie 320 acres, lying lininedialcly
:n the m ightiorboiid of Mount Laurel, upon lhe'«»(eri
of H“«d» Creek, a£ mcntio.ied m said :m-r deed Trims
at ale HOV.si.N CLARK. TniMte.
March 0. |oi..vytd»
,T ) A R>' H * I.". SaLK .... I inlei a ileciettor the »n,i> nor
itj court nl chsuerry for thr Hrchnioud district, prn
nopucet! on the v 71*i day of Juur, 1818, tu a cause therein
depebdiuu. In i« ee u the Mutual Assitrancebarieiy against
hie o.i buildings of the Stale of Virginia, plaint ill', am)
I'hilrniuli i,alewnoil and othei defendants, will hr sold
to tiie bi'-hest liirtii ■ at joibhc auction, on tbepremises,
0)1 I'll S'.ay til- 0th t>uy of.4)irUncJt, al twelve o'clock,
l.ie ilweiliiix house, store-house, kitchen jiirt Itimtier
house, on ihe south hide ol Ma.u or Lsirrtl, iu Ihe city
iiiFii Imioiid, uuu occupied by .1 i.-daii Mycr* add others
originally im.nred in said Society by Gortge r. Stias ; or
such partili'irot as may bciiecessary w satisfy said de.
cree,add ibr costs and charges aueudmg slie execution
Hirreol. J. GULRIUNT, sj. s. c. c. v.
March a._00. .tile
-lii .\fo'roes at Auction.... Pur i'-rali.
VT I’iihcc Edward April court, vie. mi Monday tue
llilh of April, will be sold gt public auction, for
ready money, 40 likely iifgioe*, consisting mostly of
voting Women, hoys and girls. They will heaolri iu ixm
Hies, or separately as may suit purchasers who want
them Uu their own use-hut in families only in those
who but to sell aeaiu. A lining them is a eood carpenter
about 45 years old—also,a most valuable young fellow
about 30 yrais old, * good cook, gardener,Stcrop baud’
Thr whole of ihem are uncommonly likely,healthy, and
of good character.
I lie sale will commence at 12 o’clock, in front of the
Tavern Notes of ihe Ij. s. Bank (Richmond liranclu
: it rl fifth** Yir.ruifio ns.l (.\rmo>r> If ,.L ...I. . Ii . .
taken in payment.... Hy order of the Ptoj.rietor.
Mail'll it HU..lib IHOMAS TAYLOR.
HENRY CLKTIS will sell, on accommodating trims,
if application lie made immediately, Inn HOl'SK
AND LOTS IN HANOVER IOtVN....A situation for
tlie practice of Medicine sin gassed hy none in the coutt
’ rv March tl.
Vlll-Sr 1CraRLF. MAN,of mature age and indiislri
••ns liablts, mil.out family , and having some rxpe
rieiHe ni Prartient Nur/iamfrii, h dtMioui nf emplny
"tetil as akiipn iiKemleiit on a faint,under tbr direction
•>t an imeliieein proprietor. He possesses a competent
knowledge of accounts, and is n t destitute of general
iHloniiaiion.Vpply to the Editor. Mare!, fi
'/ti the hle/nii. ra vj the Protest uni /.pimo ai Church
In yir&iuia.
IN pursuance of the power vested in me, as Bishop,
by the Cmi'lilulinn of tlie Church in this Diocess, to
call a . pedal convention of ike Clerical a Lay deputies
at surii lino aipl place a> t>> me may t>"eiu most «xpe
dint, I hereby give notice, liiat a >;,rcml convention of
the said deputies is appointed to be Rtid in the to wet of
Pcfmtiur.g, on Thursday the thirteenth dan m ,ttoy
tttirt —«lieiiHUd where their punctual uud foil attendairce
is respectfully and uigeutlv requested.
the Protestant EpiscopalChurch of Virginia,
i este.... W.'l. Ml '.I'UlxD. Sec’y.
Richmond. Ward i PP..!,l
iq'H I V DOLLARS HKVVAE D.— Itanaw ay" frcm-the
subscriber 011111 I llh ilist. g Vtri likely negro feI
otv, named NA I II VN, (calls himself Kuthun Short,)
aii on 25 year* of age, five lert light or ten inches high,
dark complex'on, has r. icnr on Hie lop of one of his
feet, occasioned hy a staid in lirccmher Iasi; whin
standing, stands vu v Hat on his fell ; and when spoken
to has n vo• pleasing connienniice. lie rends and
writes very well, anil I piesnilie has forged liimsilf a
set of free papers, ami ail) cinle ivoi to puss a a tier
man. He has been accustomed to the bouse bnsii - js,
and carried with him a Meat variety ofiloiliii,". |’
have no dnuhi he will make fur Plul.idi Iphisi m New
V«ik. I forewarn all masters of vessels from carrying
"il said boy.I will give twenty rite dol'iirs reward,
if Ip* id apprehended m this place or in viripiiv, mul
fifty dollaiK if lie is apprehended in Iticliinnnd nr Nor
folk, and lodged in jail so that I get him again.
JOHN C. A It Ml'' 1 RAD.
I’efertbiirc, Teh. I«. Pt.. rjl
Our /1 nil tired Hollars Keauirtl.
RANAWaY oil llilttil ol December lari from ibe
subset ibef, livnp_> in the upper ci(£ of Goochland
county, near Columbia, a negro mac. namt d JOHN,
commonly called John Tanner—of light complexion,
somewhat approaching that ol a daik mulatto ; shout
•ill )• art of age; byr profession a tanner and shoemaker;
annul 6 feel d or A inches high, stout made, and rather
inclined to be fat ; htni a full round lace ; Ins nose tic
tween ink eyes is eery Hat ; has an engaging rnimie
:i;."cc when spokeu to, and answers questionr. ndrnilly.
H is presuiimble he has procured free papers, and may
call himself Charles Barnett, and will endeavor to gel a
pn-kugeoii hoard of sonic vcr-el fur Ihe iidifbcrn tai n.
1 will give flic above toward if taken willioiit this stale,
anil htty Uollttrs if within this slat*, lor scenting bun
in any jail, and giving me notice thereof, so that I get
linn again. GKO: YV. M’l.RIN.
~jab*_ B?. .h
V! O I ICE..—• J wish to sell in) Had ol LAN D, lying in
Lxl Powhatan, about six miles below ibe 1 ouriboinv,
on lire main road leading i« Rirhll ond, containing
alton.ih.ec hundred acres,and known by the name nf
Hie Plat Hack. A desciiption of 1 lie land is deemed
unnecessary, as those wishing t<> buy •< El first view the
land. Any proposals made and ilireeted to me at
Lynchburg, will be aHeuded to.
If Hie above land be nol sold before (lie 3</ I’ednrs
dun in i/aruh next, il v.Ilf on that day be oirered al
public amnion, at I’uwliatan Courthouse, itelng court
1 f-7 ,d(||
NO I ICE.. .. I he sit), iribet alone is authorized to
receive tlie ouisnndiiig debts due to i|<e late eon
erru trf LYLfc, SCO l I v SAUNDERS, has mg I een an
pointed receiver 1 hereof by the superior court of chancery
for the Ricbttiond district. It is expected that all per
sons Indebted to H,e said concern w ill make .iiitiynli.
ate payment, as longer indulgence cannot be alVurdcd.
Dec.s._ ni..tf _Samuel i avi.hr.
k^l’YVESH HIDES.—He shall receive in a feu days,
0 .mu9 very prtnie'Tiiienos Ayres OX HIDES—which
•finite sold on reasonable terms,at onr store,
Dec .SP. 70..if r. ARM ON .V I’LEAS AN I A.
epilIRTV nul l. Alts ItKH AHD.—Rimaunt from me
JL MlK*rrir x Im i! ir i tt # < k n m Iir>rn ■>. ... a h 1 11
who lias probably assumed the name of AiIhw I Wf
tnttn. Fiomi circumstances, I have strong reasons lo
suspect he has obtained a fire pass. Ii is very probable
llial he is lurking in Culpeper cnuniy, from which be
was .•rig:u.‘lly bronrhu Adam is about fin years old,
oaik complexion, sltghliy Inclined to yellow—-six feet
high, or perhaps a lillle more ; (pare form,.thin virage,
sod more Own commonly active for his age. the above
i«w ;;rd will he given for his delivery to me in Hie county
of Bedford ; or Ttn Dot In t.» for ternting bun in imy
jail, so that I recover him. THO: kV b HI I IB.
JVMr IICK.—All persons indebfeil lo^be estate of The
J.w late JOHN kl .xsi.IK, dec. are requested to »>ake
immediate payment: and dll who have claims against
Hie said estate aie ili sired to present the same to the
subscriber, at thecounting bouiyof the late John l.ess
ll*. Jam is SCOTT, Kx'or
Jan, til. B3..tf of John f.ri'tlt ,<itc,
l^r.OKKftCft Cf»MMI%MON HOI Si:.-y *,*,»//. /»/>
■ Ktrttfp tf .Hputhnorth, have a warehouse at Hu.
renre at the head of navigation on the Tennessee river,
rendy for the reception of cotton ar,d snch other arti’
ties, domestic and f> »ri;>n, as may be consigned lo the in.
Ihiv will purchase rnt'on and lobacco. and sell dry
goods and groceries, salt and provisions or. rninmUsmii',
for those shmuy favor them with their rnsimn.
N. B SaU is veiv mneh wanted at pirsrut.
Hwrntf, |>ec to. __ 07.. Ill
VjOTIfH.- I am under the painful necessity offorr
1 warning the public against trading with niv son,
Thompson /If. Kl.iunt, on i.»y account, or nayti.g Inm
an* nmiiai tha< nsav be du* in*, »j be I* under age. and
•*m .viitlisn/ril by tnc to transact sns business, on my
account— wnl not pay aw; debts of his contracting.
I HUMHsilN BLs»l \ I . sen.
I’nwh l •: ;oppty, ir» it trl>.'r,isx.iS*
Pasted by the (iimeral Assembly rt the Srs
siov u l.ich Ccnmn need on Monday, ihe'llh
of Deer viler, 1818.
155 An nut, “ establishing a new jmli
j rial cueliii ami for other purposes.” The
new circuit consists of the counties of
[ !. vis, I hn i :son, Wood, Mason, Cabell
j a ml K<tihnua. The superior courts tor
| Lewis to f>e on the 10 Mondays in April
ind September; for Harrison on the 1 t
Fridays alter the 1st Mondays of April
ami September ; lor Wood on tin ;)d
Holidays in Apiil and September; for
Ha sun on Hit* 4th Mondays in April and
September; for Cabell on the 1st Mon
••ay s idler 1 b:* 41!i Mondays in April and
>ep|cnilur ; and for Kenliavra on I lie 2>l
Mondays alter llie 41 h Moml:i\siii A|»rd
u I Si-pteiiibet in each year. 'I In* conn
lies ol fiilcs and Montgomery areattai h
• d to tin* tireijlh *-tr• nit. The siip«r.or
onrtsellaw for IJelelnurt me hereafter
to b<’ I tddeii on the Cl Monday ; for
Mo mg uiery on 11*** 2d Monday ; for
(i le«- i,i: the 3d Monday ; for Monroe on
iiit* 4th Monday ; for Gicctibricr on the
Ct Monday ali< r tin ■4th Monday ; and
for Nicholas on the 2d Monday after the
41 li Monday in April and September in
each year: for the county ot I'rcstou on
5lie l»t Moi.day ; of Monongalia on the
2d Monday ; of 1'rooke on the 3d Mon
day ; of Ohio on the -1th Monday ; of
Tylur on lli«* lr-t Monday after the -Jlh
Monday ; and of Handniph on the 2d
Monday after the 4 ill Monday in Apiil
ami September in each y ear, 'l akes ef
fect from the 24tb of iebtuaiy, 1819,
v lo-n it pf."«i d.
lid. An sret, “ to reduce into one the
several acts concerning the auditor and
treasurer,” introduces no important
change into ihc I*.*\s concerning these
ofii its.
167. An act, “ to reduce inlo one act
the several acts concerning executions,
ami for the relief of insolvent debtors.”
In thefltli section of this net, it is declar
ed, that every sale, conveyance and tians
It*!' Ml M 11 U I SI IlfSt: At* t o M i 111 <■ f i I _
aiiy person charged in execution lor any
debt orihtmages, shall he absolutely null
and void as to the c reditor or creditors
at whose suit lie is so charged in execu
tion, unless such sale, transfer «n* con
veyance he absolute and bouajidc, and
be made ft;r the payment of the debt and
damages due to such creditor or credit
ors, unit the proceecbj of such sal* , con
vey mice or transfer ue paid, or be secured
<•> be paid wituiti a reasonable time to
such creditor or t reditors ; and that all
executions of capiaa ad satis faciendum
levied alter the commence ment of this
act. shall bind the real estate ol the de
femtaut from the tint-- whe n they shall
be levied. Cv tbe loth sect.on, the
clerks of courts are authorized to issue
e\i i utioils on forthcoming bonds, upon
motion of the persons to whom lliesame
are payable, their executors or adminis
trators, wiliiout any motion to the court,
or notice to the obligors. By i|te Idth
section, the sheriff is liable to a penalty
if tic do not return the forlheomipg bond
to the clerks ottice, or deliver it to the
creditor on the return day of the execu
tion, instead of u ithiu si\1 \ days,as In re
tofore. A clause js added to the 39lh
section, that any person in c ustody m
any civil action, on any original or mrsne
process, and desirous in avail himself of
the privileges hereby given to insolvent
debtors, may confess a judgment in the
clerk’s office, at any time during vacation,
for the whole amount of the plaint
demand, in hi* writ or declaration * i t
forth, and cost:, or such part thereof as
the plaintiff may be willing to accept a
judgment for: such judgment, so eon
I ssetl, shall he entered ol record by the
clerk, shall be final, shall i ;ave the same I
validity as if entered in open court ; ami
tlie defendant may thereupon dischaige
himself from confinement in the same
minim r as if the judgment had Ir en ren
dered in court.
1.08. An act, “altering the day? ol
holding! ertaiu court*,’’provides, that the
superior courts of law for Southampton
shall be hohlcn on the 1*1 days, loi
Greensville on the 71I1 days, lor Surry on
the lot: 1 days, for Sussex on the 201 h
days, mill for Prince George on the 26th
days of April and September ; lor I sic of
Wight on the {Mil days of May and Oc
tober; fur Halifax on ttie 3d Mondays,
ami for Pittsy lvania on the 4th Mondays
in April and September in each year..*.
The county court of Green*- iile shall l»<
huldni on the Wednesday after the 2d
Monday in every month. This net com
mences in force on the 3lsl of March
lot). All act, “ for limitation of actions,
for preventing frivolous and vexations
suit*, concerning jeofails, and certain
proceedings in ci\ il case*.”—By this act,
sundry very important amendments arc
made in the law. it* detail* are too nn
merous to be inserted in Ibisskflch : hnl
uie toilowiHg provisions merit particular
notice. In all actions upon tin- rase, »<•
tions of oorenant, and action* of debt, lor
a penally intended Insecure the perform
ance of a covenantor condition, wlu-n
the court In-tore whom the trial shsll be,
shall not he satisfied, and enter upon the
record, that the action was neither frivo
lous nor vexations— if llie jury find under
six (lollars and sixty six cents, the plain
tiff shall not recover more costs than the
sum so found. Every new trial giautcd
at law * hail he upon tne condiiionol pay
ing the costs of the former trial, unit**
inch new trial or gt ante d Jor the in 1 SCO uduc t
of the Opposite party ; undjn such ease, the
person guilty of the misconduct shall head
judged to ray the rust f the former trial.
VVhrre objections arc tnken to flic suffi
ciency ot appearance hail, the. burthen of
theproof shall he on the vat ty of/h :ui»g the
sufficiency, lithe sher-ff or appearante bail
depart litis lih-hcfor«'judtfuient be con
firmed against him, hi such ca.*< the judg
ment may lie confirmed against hit exe
cutors dr administrator* ; or il there shall
not lira certificnlc ot | rolwt oradmiuis
tion granted, then il may be con fumed
'•o'* I;i* estate; an i%» M|)| p| n.cn
lion may ill either case be issued. In all
cases wh* rein, the bail being adjudged
iiisndiceiit, judgment shall hr rendered
against the slier iff. his executor.*, admin
istrator* or estate, sticli sherit)' and his
representatives shall have Hies -.me rem
edy against the estate of the a» a
guitn-4 the estate of the delen !.lit. On
tliereturn ot a p/itrics capias, that the tie
fentont is not fotiini, the court, iu*tead |
of the process to outlawry formerly used,
may order a proclamation to s* ne,yyani
iti J the defendant to appear on a certain j
day therein named, or tout judgment will j
lie rendered against him, who h pruela j
matioii shall lie published <01 three suc
cessive <!;t\ at tliedonr<d tin- court house
ot the county or CMponliru, to which
tue last process was duelled, ur:<| al-o
tiiree limes in some public newspaper;
and ii the defendant fails to appear pur
suant io such piociau atiou, the same
proceedings shall be had anti the same
judgment shall be given as in other* a.-es
in default. The rules in thed ik’soflice J
of the county and corp iratinu • ourts, l ,
11n* superior court* of la .v, and the gene *
r«d court, slit,II he h>! !-u mi tin fi *t
Monday in * v< iy nn-uflt, ami umv he
COiifiilli'il from *i.iy Io ijy, mi! exceed
mg .*is days. I .very writ of cap- is ml »•*■<
pontltutlum or scireJ'acias, every summons
l*» answer any action, undev.vv wibpoiu
in chancery, issued fr-sm lh',<-ii,rl»’*<»:ii<-e
of any such court, ball hr returnable, irl
the opt.tut of the plaintiff. ■ ith r to the first
day <d the next succeedin*f term, or in l/.t
tin Its office to some previous nth dm/; and
it it sbsii he returned not ex* cut* d, any
subsequent proper process may i*sm
thereupon returnable in like manner. All
stidi process may be executed at any
tune before the i ‘torn dry hall have
passed. Process to bring the repress n
fative any decease*! paily i<1 f• > court, j
may be awarded at the rules, inlikt man
ner as in opencoin f. Any new issue nu.de
upon selling aside an office judgment,
unless good cause be shown (or a eonliti
nance, may be tried at t/u same letm. And
any y\ rtt of ciiqui:y, awarded ;;t the rule*, 1
may he executed at tiie next succeeding
court, slid final jtiegmcut he rendered
thereupon, unless good cause be show n
ror :» continuance. in every actum oi
indebitatu.t assumpsit, the plaintiff shall file
with his (It'd arntinii, an account, stating
distinctly the several items of his claim rgainst
the defendant; and in failure tmnenf, he
shall not he entitled to prove In-fore the
jury any item uhieli is not so plainly aod
parltciilarty described in the d.rlaiatioti,
as to give the defendant full untie- <d (lie
cliHiactei thereof. In every action in
which a defendant shall desire to prove
any pay in• nt or s< I off, he shdV file, with
his plea, an account, staling distinct/’/ the
nature of such payment nr set off, u nless
the same lie s«» plainly and particu
larly described, in the plea, as to give the
plaintiff full nnti< e ol f!ie • liaracl' rlli*-re
of. i\ciu tiiah may hereafter be granted,
as well where the damages are manifestly t to
small, as where they are excessive, (n all
personal actions, w here the declaration
plainly set forth sufficient matter of
substance, for ihe court In proem d upon
tl-e merits of the cause, the suit shall not
abate for want oi form. No judgment,
alter the verdict of twelve turn,' shall
lie stayed or reversed, for setting forth.
t>y way of recital, any matter which
ought to hare been Set forth by aver aunt;
or for not alleging, that ihe suit or
mutter is within the jurisdiction of the
court ; or for not alleging that the properly
1,1 the declaration mentioned is the property
> f the plaintiff, or for any mistake or inis
conct ption of the form of the action ; or for
any other defect whatsoever in the dcc/iira
tion or pit ailing, whether of form or sab
stance, which might have been taken adcan
tage oj by a demurrer, atul which shall not
have been so taken advantage of.
100. An act, “vesting in Tims. M’Con
nel the Commonwealth's right to certain
real estate therein mentioned.”
ltd. An act, “authorizing John -M.
Ryan, an alien, to acquire and hold c r
faili real property therein mentioned
lf>‘2. An act, “ to reduce into one act,
the several acts concerning the method
of proceeding against free persons charg
ed with certain crimes; declaring the
mode (>f proceeding on indictments, iu
lormalious and prosecution* on penal
statutes ; and tor preventing vexatious
and malicious prosecutions, and mode
rating amercements," contains tin- fol
lowing new provisions, among oilier* of
considerable importance, viz : “ the of
fence of petit larceny may be tried in the
court of the county nr corporation in
which such offence was commuted. And
to this end, it shall h - the duty ol Hie
examining court, !»■. lore whom any olfim
der shall he brought, it they think Itiaf
lie ought to lie further prosecuted for tlie
oden c oi petit larceny , and that sucii
offence is cognizable before the court cd
their r only or corporation, to remand
such offender to jail, to lake his tn a! ac
cordingly, or to Ml.e lii.s or Iter recogui
zancc, with suthciout security, tor hi* or
tier appearam e on the first dav ot the
next quarterly term, Idr such county in
corporation, and to lakr the rrcognizan
ccs of all material witnesses to appear at
the same lime.
“ The mode of trial shall hr by indict
ment, found by tin* grand jury id such
county or corporation comt, according
to tile rules adopted in the KUperiorcourts
of law. The sheriff shall immediately
thereupon, summon twelve good and law
ltd men, not member* of the grand jury,
and in every reject qualified a * venire
men, m the said supei ior courts, w ho shall
constitute a jury for the trial ol sm li per
son. The riglii of challenge shall be the
same as t*n other trial* tor felohy.
" The superior courts of law in each
county, shall have concurrent jurisdic
tion wrtti the county ami corporation
courts, hi I Ik* trial cd free persons charg
ed with petit larceny, And where any
'•lie'll person charged at « quarterly term
«*l the county or corporation court, with
pelil larceny, shall by the /rand jury or
petit jurv, r»c deemed guilty ol grand
larceny, no y shall stale the fact, and
it siisll (»• »n«; duty ot the court Ipseo-I
the person .**0 deemed guilty, to the supe
rior court ol law ol the comity, lor lur-.
liter prosecution; and lo do all oilier act# I
"hicli are required by law to be done, by |
mi examining mut, wl o send a prison
lo be tried t , erpir cnurl ol law.— j
Ami <11 h mi,; 'mr n.url shall proceed a- j
"mist sucit ; • <..» in the same manner j
<i4 ii be ii . I becu sen I lur trial by mi ex- i
anuniiig c* u. t.
Venue mi n sumtjinucd and attend*;
ing eon: 1 for tlie t f la I ol any person
charged v\i111 a criminal oft. nee, s!u»d tint
I;-' entitled io any cnmpeu-'a!ion lo: their
services; but whenever in l be trial of any
criminal cause it shall be necessary to
keep together the jury beyond tint day
on whit'll they were ''Upanoellcd, it shall
be tlie duty ol the court bvtore whom
i*;cli trial shall be depen ling, Indirect
Uie sheriff, nr ntliv proper officer, lo lur
1 ish such jury witii convenient hoard
and lodging dm mg the period • ! their
cui liiu-iii nt. lor nil leasonable expeu
M'x incurred ittuler such order, tiie cuurt
sln.II make an alluwance to the sheriff
or other ot]j. er, and - citily the same t<>
toe auditor of public accounts, to lie i>aid
uni of the public treasury ; provided, tlial
Mieli ulioaauce siiall in no case exceed
th.' amount >{ mu* dollarhimI twenty hve
cents per -ii hi, for each juror so confined.
Iaiiil pm. •eutjuns t«.r misdemeanors
before anv superior court *>l law, such
court shall have the same pow er t.»e trange
tue venue a# is herein given them, 111 pro
secutions fui treason and fel ny.”
W hen during the session of a court
of law, proi i ss of arrest shall be award
«*<’ in any criminal prosecution, against
flic body, either ol the act used, or of any
witness ir. contempt, it shall be lawlirl
for any .~ft*rifl, orotlier pro|n*r officer, io
whom such process shail In* directed, to
ex* eut.• it m any part nf t e Common
wealth, v.’brther within or wiilnnit his
county or corporation, in the poiform
anc.* oi this fluty, surh sheriff <>r other
ollii'ci r hall have all I Jo* powers given to
the sheriff orotlier officer, m the next
preceding section of this act, ami lie, and
the men impressed by him, shall, in like
manner, be paid lor their services; ex !
■ I-. Miai mi* s.M-i suoriil or other
.n.icer, (or the trouble ami expense ol
travelling out ol itiscoutdy or corp • ation,
t<* execute the process, and for doing any
other act necessary and proper, in lot.
service thereof,.anil lor which no other
compensation is provided by law, shall
rcc< ixe a reasonable compensation, to be
allowed and certified by the court (nun
which the process issued, and pai I out of
the public treasury.
' " 11 «'»> person accused of any
treason, I Inny or other criminal offence,
shall In* committed to any jail, and tlie
s!ici id or jailor shall have good cause to
suspect that such person will attempt to
escape, such sheriffor jailor is hereby
empowered and required to impress a
siit.icicnl guard for securing such prison
er, so long as it may he n eessarv. For
such guard so summoned, the court slml!
make and certify an allowance, not ex
ceeding 7/j cents per litem, for each man,
to h~ paid out ol the puhlic liviismy :
Provided, however, that if any sheriff or
|.ul> i shall summon any such guard,
when, in the opinion of the court iTe had’
not reasonable cause therefor, or shall
summon any greater number < f persons to
lie ofsuclt gnardlhnn shall be thought rea
sonable by the court, such sheriff or jai
lor shall be lined m a sum double the a
mouiif ol the allowance made lor such
unnecessary guard: audit shall be the
duty ol the court making such allowance,
to assess such fine, the sheiifi or jailor
naving been first served with a ride to
shew cause to the contrary.”
.no person arraigned for any offence,
punishable bv confinement in the public
jad and penitenti.n vlnnis *, sliail be ad
m111; d to a pen-mptor.v challenge, above
tin* nuruber of twenty : and every person
so arraigned lor any of the offences ufore
saiif, shall lie admitted lo the number ol
peremptory challenges as a for- said, and
if any poison so arraigned, sinillchallcnge
w it bout 1 au.se, any nhovc tin* uiiiiilnr
b reby allowed, such challenge shad be
wholly disregarded, and tin* juror so
challenged, shall be impannelled and
sworn as ii fie had been accepted.
In a presentment to a county or cor
por.dioit court, if the penalty of the of
lence exceed not five dollars, or lo the
superior court, if the penalty exceed not
fw< nfv dollars, no iuforiiiKlion thereupon
shall be filed, but a summons shall b*» is
sued against the defendant to ailsWi r flu
preset!tinenl ; ajirl such summons having
l.ceu served upon him, or a copy ihereoi
having been left at his usual'plain of
abode, at least lu days before the return
‘lay, If he do not appear, judgment shall
b * rendered against inn) : >r tin penally ;
and il In* do appear, the court shall, iii a
summary way, without a joey, heat ami
determine Ihe matter of the presentment,
in the form in which it shall have been
mad-, and give judgment thereupon ae
rnnlm<‘ :im( rim t ..t ii
1-use, disregarding any exception (hut
may or might lie taken to the form of the
presentment ; /Vseu/rr/,hmeroer, that any
person against whom judgment shall so
have been rendered by default, without
actual service ol tile process, may, ill any
time before lie shall have paid the fine,
hare tin* judgment aforesaid set aside,
and a new Inal granted him, if tie appear
in court, and by his own oath, m other
satisfactory evidence, prove to the satis
faction of ihe court, that he had no notice
of such presentment, in time to have ap
p< and and made Ins defence thereto, at
tire term at which judgment w as midcied
against him.”
lOd. An act, "incorporatinga company
to improve the navigation of Middle Isi
and creek in the couuty of Tyler, and fur
other purposes."
IM. An act " to reduce into one the
several acts lor the government and re*
Rotation of the manufactory of arms,”
U>5. An act, * farther to amend and «x
plain tin* act, rmilled. * an act h»r arrang
iug the counties into districts lor the < lee
lion of senators, awl for equalling tin
land tax.”
■■■•■■■■■■■■■■■■nadraMsswoi 3Mmwni
IGG. An act, * to icduce into one net,
• he several acts concerning ihe land of
fice; ascertaining Ihe terms and manner
«’t granting waste and unappropriated
lands ; directing tin* mode of procession
ing and prescribing the duly of su vey
o.s.’ The following amendments aie
made to l!ie law on these subjects. Every
1 ml warrant granted in pursuance oi tins
a t, and every part of Such warrant, Hot
local-* d on waste and unappropriated
•and, shall he taken amt held us personal
estate ; and, from tile time ot such entry,
mdi! the same shall he regularly with
drawn or vacated, such warrant, or m>
much I hereof as shall he so entered, shall
In- taken and held as real estate, ’j ite
omission of any person, claiming heller
rigli! to a tract ui land, to avail liime* II
«>t the remedy by caveat, to prevent Ins
adversary from getting a patent, shall in
no wise be construed io bar or binder
such person from asserting st*-h bell r
right in any court of law or equity, in die
same manner as it no such remedy by
caveat had been given him. it shall be
the duty of the register of the |jud < flic* ,
!o cause to he made, aud in future t<»
keep, a separate index for all patents that
have issued, or may hereafter issue !* r
lands lying in each county within tl<V
Commonwealth, ascertaining the county
in w hich each tract of laud may lie, trou
a relen nee to the patent. All inclusive
surveys, hereto! rc made, embracing, la*
[ gelher with patented l.imie, other (and?
cl.limed by entry only, and all grants •
which have been, or may be. issm d upoij
sueh surveys, shall be deemed good and
valid in law, if such surveys and grants
"ere, in other respects, pursuant to law ;
notwithstanding that the lamb claimed
by entry, were never separately snney*< ;
saving however, to all persons other than
the Commonwealth, the lull benefit ut all
right and title which may have been ac—
qtti'ed by them, to any such lands beloie
Ihe passing of this act.
lt»7. An act, * incorporating a company .
foi the purpose of improving the naviga
tion of Chickaln ininy river.’
138. An act, * concerning Archibald
1 GO. An act, ‘authorizing Benjamin
Wilson, ir. and Josins Adams to erect a
toll bridge across the West Icik nl Mt>
nongain la river.’
————*~*rsaa7!& _ .—.
[/ the A (it to full J/itt Ufpenct-2 .
* IN' SENATE—March 1.
The engrossed bill to grant a donation
ol land lor the seat of govern merit o! Illi
nois ; and the engrossed bill making pro
vision for I lie civilization of the Indian.
t«'ibe» adjoining the fronti r settlements,
w -i severally read the third lime, passed’
and sent to tlie oilier House tor toiicin
'I lie Senate resumed the consideration
ol the hill to revive the powers ot loe
commissioners lor ascertaining and decid
ing on laud lilies in the district ot De
troit, at (men Hay, and Prairie du Chi. e
in tiie territory ol Michigan: and, having
gone through the hill, the question was
taken on ordering it lo he engrossed lor a
third reading, anti decided in the affirm
ative, a- follows :
A EAS-Mc-st*.Harbour,Borrill Crittenden
Daggett, Dana. Dickerson, Gaillttrd, 1 .a rock,
Morrow, Noble, Rohr ns, lincgle*. sanli id
l ait, Taylor, Thomas, \V dlianis of Term. R il*
son —IS.
N VYS—Messrs. Eaton, Edward*. Kiri*
j L.i ike, Macon, Storer—h
'Pin* Senate llieu resumed the cousid -
ration .1 the hill, from the other Non-,
to establish a separate territo ml gurrni
meiit in lire Aikansaw count
Air. HuniH moved to recommit ;|.e
hill, with iuslinotions so to aiiieud it
that tire further infrodiict on of slavery
“ or tirvolunlary servitude u ithin thmsaid
f’ territory, exv.pt f,„ 11,, j,;)f
“crimes, he prohibited;" w b i b not on
was.decided in the negative, by the fol
io v- iiig \ ole :
1'or the mofiorf-Messrs. Rurrilt Dagireti.
Dana, Dickeixxi, King. Lacxk, Mellein Nol
hie, Ri.li. l ts, iitlvidns, Sanford, Merer Tlrli
nor, Wilson.-tl. ’
Agnimt iht; mount - Mci«,r«. Hnrl.enr, Crif>
teiMti'ii, Eali.n, l.tlw. tds, t •*, 1 lonieiitx,
Gaillaril. Gohisboiouuh Joints.xt, E.-uke
eon. Morrow, Stakes, 'l ad, 'I alfaot, Ta\l. ,’
1 honuis, Williams ot Miss. William* of j,
So the motion was negatived, nnd the
bill was passed and leluniedto the House
ol Keprtscutalives.
Nix bills were received from the Hnr.rr
of Heprea. ntativcs, re< eived i;,«» nsc}>j
readings, and were severally referred.
The Senate recede*! lion, their amend*
nieni to the general appropriation bill
w hich had been disagreed to |,y the Hons,
of l.epresettlalives, and returned the hill.
'Pile hill authorising a state gorernin.nl
in till* Missouri territory, w:is taken up
and having h'eii turtb.-r iinietuied was;-, ’
dered to a third reading.
Oil motion of Air. Hopes, the commit
lee I.H Imam e tw re (IIm h;»i#. d (Void the
further ceu-ddcralinn of the petitions if
Joshua Anhiti and ot Henry Hire.
Mr. h'infy presentedf' ■ riieinorial offlie
Chamber id Commerce of New ) orlt, ie
p resell ling the great evils wideh would
h»is** from a ri p--a! of the eliaiter of the
Hank of the United Slates.
f he hill providiii" for the correction of
errors in making entries of hind at the
land offices ; (lie hilln-lalive |o the pafm
oftiei*, and the salary of the superintend
ant, (which was filled up with 2,000 dol
lars) ; 1 lie hill tor the relief of Harold
Smith ; I lie hill for the relief Uabcdoycre
and Kerinion ; the bill for (he relief of
Vine onto Grant ; and the bill for the re
lief of Joseph Ucfehve, were severally fa*
ken ap and having been eonshlered, were
ordered to a third reading respectively.
March 4.—It i* ‘ carre|y neces-ai v to
give the Journal ot the two Houses of
yesterday, since the Uist of Acts will
■ show v.hat wrs not done, as weft a* whet
• was done. We shall tineatter state
• of the Proceedings, that ot the Land Uiij
; particularly.
I lie following are tire Proceeding * *,(

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