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Richmond enquirer. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1815-1867, March 09, 1819, Image 4

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SI . JKKOMl.'S |.0\ S
fa (he in; exqiii.-iie hut*. the rrsd«r mu mu
P.l In rei Kgm/r il-i yruiu. and I'.i.ity ,.i nn>».
** id r | nr d «u| my giuril s-gi, ,,
lliroii.n ! • ! trpfO'if Hint slanrtvi's li.igbl I
Has sin- l,un'» lutes on htr i herk )
It liti's <a «•>•• u: tins nulIll’s tiglit I
\ > -wan and >iu, 1.1 n,l Ju jM |.rai.;r,
'!« ill- |ir|r Am ! Ii.1 1 |..»o ■
'-H 'l W ii lira A lefli' »|- tarre,
lit ‘ ■ ii** la kni'llt d Ir.iin Ji'jove.
v!i i'- not her, ir.) soul’s t i ii.
i i • .\ il*.»ye • v’in .stA niia .11 .K»r’i stiriue,
lu • , i.iid _• ir: iiutj re b i tleeke I,
' ■ >i tln-iu<r,\i , ntrc ilungs divine.
No ' lie.yen li>it fmiill) v.utus the luj-isl,
1 ii -i (iruis I■ ♦*11a• Ii .i V; m*iri i it veil
An i ln> ii,i. c mi. m -!iit. ri - i, i
I a iiiiiiirn tier liuiltv, sim 15 (1,,;).
N' >' 1 1 lir f oli’il fur hi I |irur,
; \i- * ! i.r . ; ii|sr i|t |il.min 19 jOB'l ;
r.ir ■ hi s n ili.ise vjirtlpil ejes
Is all ilir ;i up lici In .«■ puls on.
An'I '.*• Vi «■ .. It .j.i|j •, ,|an « |g!,|t
o 1 iua.’iiinc i« rial I’-Iill's denay,
M l i-l'. Iil.i 1I1- iiltailir .ililinc Iij;fst,
In hu!, Ins ■ ut .ii,. jo., ,
---...art - ,
f /■V11..1 t!i; \ntiiiml lnlcl!>"<ni:er.
I no . n| \iIn.-Ii J; i« l.iloly passed the Senate,
to jinvide lot 1 lie sale of the |ii.!,tia lands, we
liiiv-' already iniiinuteil our opinion, is one of
i|,e mi «i import ..it ami interestin'? measures
That has eiiLMied the attention of Cnnpross.—
. 0 one will in- a: a lo*s to perceive tin* magni*
tiidi and lii’iettliy tj 1 the subject, win* reflects
*‘‘r ;t " o:nn t no the vast extent and value of
ti.c 1 ■; *1 ' idiid,m*«l the ure;it importance of
• si'.h. .) 1 i-sncli n system lor tliu sale and d.s.
ti unim n iii it s secure 1 lie public intcic<t,
pieveni ;pe c. In lion or mcnopolv. mid,at the
r.inie tine. I.icilitute tiie acquisition nfit to
aiM i- a Inrista in such Mimil parcels ns they may
tn.ii n nc si convenient pi pnrehase The object
i*t til.; I*i 11 ss hi oil w 1 have mentioned, and
-'ii cannot ha loo uell iindfi stood, is to
el.- • 1 n> 1. r c!aclic-iide all these .sninturv
i , :i" ^ s.ni.d to remedy the evil* of the exist
l>: ■* J’.J,n b, 1 f.iiu we? the iiiiuimnin piice ul
ji'ajlic :.,m| in one do'inr and litty cents pel
a .'<• oil ci: c it tor sale in smaller pttrcHvihan
.i.-rci,am. ex,u linK the prompt |...viueiil
' "f'Ov pilffll.ise iimnev. ’| |,« ,,,e.,.|.|
Svnl*!it tki »*• i• 1i» 11. .... . .... 1. »’ 1 .
dnced a debt to ilic tuvi il inent of almtu
HvHwh tfiilroes of d-II.irs ; and Us etfert
C iMtll-HI -I I I,. >|,,| f||| ||,(. | j, ,1*1,
* ".."II. and Id t:iente io a most alarmin'
'■'! i ",0 1 unfiicudly and inauspicious
it •* • • * «ai jiiiis that eiui.-j.isi between u gi-v
,r ,1''< ni ' l,N — the i datum ofdubtor
“*■' e»c...u;r. Seineihiii- w.e- necessary to be
con- on ll'is «l i ;•'> inteit-sling subject ; and
* t is hoped .a., n, iu v. t that liie bill in on. ,
I on. il passed "tin a law, w ill reidi e tin?sun.
PxincliiiOi.snt .IS advocates. |t vVi.s
lia nel and recommended bv Mi.Mottnow
II"- Senator fioni Oi.io. and demrsin. little
b iiiCtiun Ir ..in liie aiitlini it y of a mjine .voltighlv
<!•• ling hi-bed m ibe enate of ibe l. Mate* —
I ti.it genll.-nian bns lung been Ibe chairman of
-n- o-mniiitei- „f ibe Public Lands, in the
IK.",v nf Represent .lives and more recently
tn till- Senate, and bus ari|tiired tlic ported
e'in.‘:it,i ■ ot tie euatc in everv tiling that
u. it,.it .in,..,i taut subject. Ilisimiclito
n- i .•;! i tti d t., i; mi v.dllable and excinpl-uy a
rneiiit-ei is ,«tiout to be lost to the councils of
. * u. iV’i-.iiied Mitb long service, Mr
Mon -1 - h-u declined a re-election, ami rentes
K> |> tv. te lire at llm dxpiralion of the present
; ,:i!' ret led iiy all who know him—by
tiiiu'i- uav witnessed the blameless tiinidicitv
' ins uci.n.tfhcnt. and the stainless it.tegrily
»d Ins eoiiiffi t. 1
lii.-ic are oilier 111 embers of' the Senate, and
Many rs . . the House of Uepnseutalives,
\tio*y lopaiinn. tinm the councils of the
cotiiitiy mil I" a national Joss, and a privation
*- Hu- remaining nu mbers of Ibe bodies to
wltu-ii il.< v belong. In inriitioiiing iliu n.ime
<-t mu ev.itlrm .n. -vc di-claim the exclusion nt
n.iv oilici it is Hu-subject, at a (lie incident
W-- .!•■ u bet: i to not ice, which has brougbi bis
HJliW* inju \ ;t;
W < *i • .(h ry 1 fi.11 it is not in our powfr to
K'vr to the public ll:e whole of tin- debate
which to.ik place in the Senate upon the bill
we i.hvj mr-iitioned. | bis discti*siou furnished
*°,nV M,r" '* uf the high sense cntertacird
"> ilia - intic.nl. a- nodv or the merit of the fa
* •**• < . • '.ir mca^nri*. 1 or Ihc foll.*wm£
n.a'V-s. nn.»e ny Mr. fm rrcv.iEv, in conclii
siob « r a -j m . Ii I., -iipport of the bill, we are
ohl ge:l i-i a :ii( ...i who was pre.-eat at the
‘V* • 1 being enabled to lav before our
r< a i.-rs :
* i i President : i must acknowledge toyon
t- at I »-• r. ^ --u i..i soi-1 of partiality ii-i this
b I sutd Hint, ni.irpe.i.b.ni of the reasons
which i have na.l tb«> honor-if siihmitling, I
an in.liiciced by frejin<;s somewhat of a purVo.
ii'4> <■ araettr to de-in- i|> p.usage. It u t|)f.
W’.nk o. till- hnnoiuuie getith in n from Ohio
( l. not lew; win. ,s ,s0 soon to be filially
*>-p. . at,- . tro.ii ns. He ha . long been onr Pati
“' tvuy tiling Hint ielated to thisimpor
t.in i-. | |-]*- ha- l« ei t d as -alt ly tiifuiigIi
u«i vJ..liv’nllirs. ujm, '.Mill him tur omi* lif*trnh
nia.i, *v-i..iw- »--ted neither t-cvlla nor Oha.
T- M-!‘- '' *'..vc ii- t. to fore fidlooed ; itn with
tin-' conbdciice. U »■ liavc deu-r beni
de c in >1 -.hi...nilied. 1 In- bill now belorv
>. i f. pio *.i.)iy the 11 t, the most important
a. I ol -ii- Ion; and llsclul pol.lic.il life. It it
t-h ill J ass. Sir. it will identify his name and
hi ; memory with tins interesting subject. \X
wi! be his p. rcni.it.> A noble m.-Inu
tii-c.i! >.vb,:-i. whilst u ; uid-s i lie couiseof
iiiiui. jdgishdioti, shall pi i p.-lna.c the icuu ui
b;a •"-»,v iiuM-.si u »ir,ifflie ostracism
°* lull'" r t.iii-s prevailed -viih n«, | d, )l(<t
know .in indivniital wii.i-c virnif * would more
«• <pu-c him to its envious and r • ->l us sentence.
*»ch iH»r <i tuna!': diviisction Irjili Hud ancient
»nii”e.^(l d nnt better deserve the epitlsfi <;f
*‘.(n-,t. Mr. J’.t -idi'iit, i no nut m.m-J t„ |J.it.
p ler the lioimidlil. genlleinaii from <Vltiu. M.it
" t*'< y i* 1'iKi'lnioj. I bin n ii!) unci) idcchm: at
lne *)nnil: of any man. The sincere lioinrge i
of tile ‘•'■• i I i-s iul ibitlcry. I have spoken the !
liportlane .11- It clniL'N ol liiyinviibrr .i l. I am ]
i .ntnlciit tun Hi.■ i ] !i,iv t spoken the sentiments 1
oi the 'Janafe. sir, I mi. lit, peril i|..«,
In .b ir p inion ni ti.i: bid. iraiiU' jroinlem.m.
I or, I have hiurii • aU'i* tc.ir Hmti. •*,.»i, 1
in'a I .nil , iliive had ill olie ■ ing tin* jiinr t ri im Ic
ol 111 v i expert, is nr ir Hi in ( i.unisuOaf.u.ci d
by tin; p.liil u U.'n intdcled on Jnm. ’*
Rmcu r>rt.ii (N. Vft binary in -It is with
plcaroir vv»-siiujfiniuv to tile public ih,.t tin:
ll \(»M i l;II)(ii', i,-. vfini)#icleil, ami
l/iat its slrfiid'i lias been Mice.: ..slnily ir„sicd
J*> Ibe authority tit giniM-d in its .har Ur of
4•'r *iC|»t>r tlinn.
it consist of an cot ire .Arch thrown arrow
the llmexe river, the th ird ol wnieli is A.V2
7 JSd.ft Mu i,mid tliv yer. d nine .il b at. Ilva
i t. lit and aci tuuir udineuMiieinent, it is
louml tii a I tin: summit ol iln aieh in Pu lent
unove the snrfacc ofthe water. It is seven
bn. di( I and eighteen r . t m b n'I i, :ii<«4 ju m
w*Ul|rbo*ides Innrlarge elbow lna,e. pku c.l
at ilm ckirfinillc. „rtlic arch, and projecting
|.> feet *»n t*m ij side i,I ii, I hurt- by presenting
u lesislance lo».n> |a|. ral piewure m casually,
eipial to a vvidlii ol I.) feet. The iiiv.i
passes upon the crown ol Hie aicb, whit Ii con
soils Ol nine ril.», wo Met and lour inclie*
thn-k. c niiiiejed bv braced leveller* below,
and secured b> 'marls cjOsff.nj iron bolls. .
Tbe feflnlillie rreb test upon sftlnl rock amini
Ob Met below lire surface of tbe upper bank;
..n I me whole sit iid ure is braced and bound
iogelbci in a in inn r so Co .pan, as to disarm
• «cn cavil oi ift doubts. 'i i(e Mr) j, contain*
ni >ic than 'don tni-a, anti can sustain any wt ighl
lliat ordinary Havel may tiring upon it.
a. Mill'd teams i,| more than l‘t tuns, passed
over it t .geilin a lew days since,amt pioditr
i d very little percopldiic tremor.(ire it
* 1 fdit i« d if to iUe •onlr.ictui's, Messrs.
Imani.lid .v s,iiap<n..ii, tor (heir prrscseniig
and iii.iemitieit clitnis in u« cwniph M g Hus
•tiipenoous vtoriv.
M w is 11 • i l asi upon a frame calls f ti c sup
i os l*i oi Isos liielgtff Iks bey lid Inti
flows under tlie liidgt- with Aii iipetuons,
current, and i» i (;:i!|m'*s('il lu thewniiii of I
about l_i» fvet. 'I in* willtli w .*s c lusscd l>\ !
commencing a fiame oil each side, near the
Uiaigin. and causing ilie weight behind to
susluin the Lent* ptogtessiv elv bending over
the water, w hich ini cling at tlie t>■ j• farmed a
l • otlnc arch ovu Uk* stream, the vertex uf
which v.a* about go feet Inflow the jueseut
Unai id the tniilge, Tliiingli now purposely
diM'iunici'trii tr*.<u ll*e Inidgc, the (lullin' Irek
still *l mils un del ilea i li the mu, and is
esteemed t>v An hilt > is,tin point ot mcdiani
• nt mgttouity ) a' dr. a; a curiosit \ us tin hi id ■
its. It. j
I he bridge contain:. GPdKl feet uf timber,
nun iuj measun , hi'si.h »uitidd (eel of boaid j
hieasulc ; in ad in n I • .') .yOG li cl of limber j
e. nlmued in lit tain titi.i, e iii Mtpp.*i ter,— I
1 All tins ha* Im***Ii i (!i'i i] l»\ Hit* laiior of
| somewhat li s upon an avi tagc > than twenly
! tSVU WOlkilieM.Wni.in tlie shoit s p.. e* It| u kite
months. \i t ip tail lact told m I mope, it
would only ixi iii the sin tie 1.1 im i . .' .it s ....
1 tie ini vice at xchniliuuseii in s>\ 0.il..ud.
which lui <:!iir.«i halt m i i ntin\ «,;» t.gardcd
a- l.iv pride ..T tin easlt ru hemisphere. was
in ll», wo are iii'oiiumI. Iii a “ Utlh less, limit j
i/.mi ypuir.” uii.l wa- the longest arch in l.u. j
■op* . it was hut I-' feet lunger span lima the j
br.dgi a: t! i i tI.age,(adiuMting Iliat it derived
no support from a piei in the centre)—was
only irttmt wide und ui ordinal y and couve
incut lieigi.;. s( vias ocslroyed dining the
f t elicit i c« nit.; inn.mi-1 nociilirc at eh iv Known
at preM-nt in the old w nlil to exceed g lit tcel
spall. t he most lolly n.d single inch III fill
• ope is in 1 i>gl:intl, over the river M «ar at
Sumici l.tcd which 1. lisslunt ot the bridge at
irtliagc 11,; It. In the length otibi s i •••»", iV id j
feet in the neiglil ot the areli. The bridge at
( art huge i: ay therefoti be pioiieuiiet il linliv
ailed iii iis combined dimension*, stfejigih and
beauty, by any sliucluieot tbc kind in K.uope j
or Amerii a.
I ije *cci i i v aionnd it is pie*urem|up and
sublime, within view tr< n: it arc thiee water
tails ot the (iciiesee,one oi’whieh bus lu.j feet
pet peiidiculai descent. The *tu|.enduns hunks,
the mills and machinery, the foi est v iebliug to
the tndu.sti \ <>l a rising village—,uul tbc navi,
guole waters not la > rods below it, are ealcu*
luted to fill tin* mind of a generous beholder |
vvi li *urpi is< r.inl saijsfjeti.m, I'ui ticulai Iv is i
iiiis tlie c.iso wiien toe utiiily of the bridge is I
re: arded in connexion with its extent. It I
pr-gents the neaie*t route from Canandaigua J
io 1.0vvisto11 ;—ii cotitirelK the points nf tin* i
Gm'.ii R.dge Ro.dl ; it opens to the counties of j
viciwsci anil Nii.gaia a direct coiuinuiiie.itum j
with t hi Witt r privileges the lower t„!is,
and the bead nt Navi;; .t:«ti <>• tue river, amt
render* the village cl C.u tli age aeeessiob; .pel j
c. nvpiiicnt. as h tliorutiglifare. It em the «as. ■
the west, amt tiie north.
Mr. i. //. llentU'ortU, a distinguished Ian.I j
| scape painter, has lately taken three views of
the hi n.t»> nf lultioii l.n ..l.l.. l. I
ilia large a ltd elegant engraving, 'll;.' reptv.
sent..lions lie 1ms made, arc elegant .v correct
and it is Imped that a generous public will
fnsicr (be ©Hot t.» ot an ingenious, self-taught
artist. by a liberal support. The tine arts now
pioniise to cull..uce liie pleasures of taste, Iiy a
dviim atioii of ilic most "hiking cotitiast be
tween toe magnificence o! Art, and the gran*
ib-ur ot Nature, that the scenery ot t lie western
world can present. f Telegraph.
Owkgo,(N. Y ; I-'elirnary If.... A very enri
oiu machine, appoieutlv possessing, wtlr.ti
itself, a power to move and in continue it*
m< lion, li o been exhibited in this village for
some tun#* part. 1 he machine consul* of eight
’.vnecls, six ol whi.'li appear to be of no other
u e than la add velvets to the cijlitli. The
btst or principal win el’gives ninth it to all the
rest; it contains a bunt go bucket*; eight ol
tlicM* tin. ket", which arc contiguous to each
other, and upon one »ide of the wheel, contain
each a small ball , the upper one being placed
all'll- out of llie line ot dii rction. Ibices that
s:dc of the wheel which contains the w eight *, to
g r i vitafe. At tile lowest point of descent, I lie*c
ha I s are .snroe»*ively discharged, one at a
time, into the eighth wlier I, wliicli < ari im them
U(» and deposits tin m again in the original
wheel One of liifse balls, in ascending,
(owing to I he increased' velocity of the eighth
whet I,j occupies lint one inuith pail of tItu
time that is occnpit il by the tii t wheel in des.
Cend.ng tlirougii ttie space intervening lie! wren
l wo of its buckets ; m> t bn! tin ce fourth* of ill u
ti'iu-, the eighth wheel i.- without any weight in
it. I tie accelerated motion lint liiis machine
acquire* by all the weight* being in the ptiii*
cipal wheel *o gie.it a portion of the time,
appear* lo Ire sitfiiriciit to counteract the
ie action ol the ascending ball ;—so (lint the
machine in making this revolution, lose* no v
nl its original force. Theconslriirtinii i* simple,
n d ihe. wlioie movement is obvious at a single
glance. 1 lie iiivetiloi i* a Mr. W in. Foster, of
this town, an ingenious and self taught media*
me, who, we midcistaiHi, mtuiids taking the
machine in the city ot Albany, dining the
Pi '-sent session ot'ilie legislutuie, to v \ In bit t'.'r
l lie gr.u ib.rat to ii of t tie cm ions and the u tied.
- [Gr iz.
vVc understand a veiy interestin' 1/t..r»tr on
Serpents, was piesruicd to the New Yoik
Historical Son, |V at its law sitting, by Cllnis
t:an Scf,nl;/ ,iin. E*rj now in tin- Ohiocotinli y,
a member of said Sm icly.
J he writer adduces a number of facts to
prove that that the generally received n| inion
of .Serpents’ ascending trees, fry mums of a
spiral niotio1: around the body of the tree, is
erroneous ami tnat they effect that object
by ascending lip one side only; doing it by
nn an* of laying tin insclw* in zigzag folds,
oui* Hoove i if other, ot trout 1 to 7 ifirhfd
in lttig th. 'i iicn hi *| ion upwards is exceeding
si IV* .
He next shows that the bite of thr Hattie
Snuke ami Cupper hnnl is far le«s dangeioti*
Ilian generally ima:n ed, a .d that the i i'*«
ol these dreaded replih x a.c easily and s dclv
cmerl. 'I iie bite of the Copper head lie proves
tube more daiigcioiis, and vet so easilv cured
a* that ot' the itattle.snake.— He likewise
prove* by tact*, that dog*,bitten utgh v>r ten
time*, aie to more itfecle I tliau when
bitten but once ; from which tie draw* a con
elusion, that serpents of tb.sl denciipti'ii
disch irge all tlieti poison at one or two bile*,
and require time to replenish tlietr ban. Hil
•tot e.
He al*o proiiticci some instances . f the
pretended ta-cinatmn of birds, iVe by nr
penis, winch lie explains in a very uaiiu.il anil
snthfaclory manner. He has likewise m.tired
tlii* pn tended ' qffiurmn.' -aid to proceed
ti in >>. i ) cuts, and has trueed it lo a < iceping
v iin* growing in most places.
Ami, i.isily, iIn writer examine* ar opinion,
generally pi . valent, dial swim: are great
d vumcr* of.Serpent*. He lias tried a mimb-r
ui experiment* on this <|iie.*ttiii), w-itli le.m
and fattening bog*, in the pen in tii« nchls,
and on them half wild in dn. woods ; tlm result
of which is that, in no instance could lit
induce a hog lo cat a snake, liinngh lie
olie* td evei y kind, from I hr rattle snake <Jov. n
lo die linrinli-ss gai let snake.
•Mr. Srlnill/, tin- ingenious wriler of this
Memoir, i*,anative . f the at, of N. Yoik, hoi
h.r 11 -ided. In.-sonic years, in the hack's mi
nt \ irgima ; an t >.s a New Yorker, i i.joice
ti bear Inal lie is annul to return to hi* native
city ll nin t he highly gratifying to his hii
! loeiott* friend- In hear that the health id In*
| tail'd) ha* been greatly hcnelitted by a tempo*
| iary sojourn in the west. [Jib. Hp.
Oeoiu;ktown, March#.—\n officer so vici
! it us the present head ot the Trcniiy
I Department could nut fail to perceive that
great frauds were practised Upon the revenue
in our sea ports. Hi* pitinii.u vvns dtt refcie
e.uly employed in d* v isiiitf means 10 pret enf
an abuse so injurious Ip the nation. His fust
measure was to subject foreign in reli.intli/r
subject in an ad valorem dnljr. to r* v.illations
in Her < nleul tied to a-errtaln tin ir real value,
ve Hi* i < emiini"inl iimtis ti> con ness wilh
tin view-were general!* adoplcil ; and. a die
I -st SI. * " ll, a lav* Was pns-ud lOI' can « n;g
them into efleet,
Ol d" law the beneficial result* have
a’ready l.eeo astonishing. || is proved liv a i
ailflltfiiii*- dociimriil l.*i I before coegie**
some time ago, that, adlioHgh the i^jHtilnliont
dining |!ic fiist *.* iiixuili* of the present
year liave bl eu h v« Ilian dining the fi st si\
m >n:hs of die year thin, the duties have hei n
nearly va. A-f/i more; and tins increase ha*
been nliogettu i jai the n*t •.alorem duties; —
those duties wluch weir the pai tieniar object*
of the Sn ri taiy's legutaiions.
It is a fact, w hi eh, wituoni proof, would
t »t afeeiy [. • Uer«eTedrlU«t m a tingle h.nuu
vith-ir ti e iir.poi (Alien* air Unr.vtn to he <V>
model.itu in omuiml, there lias been a yam ul'
nearly t n o mitii' ii* ,<t ilutlurs.— Front tllis it is
easy t>> rutijectnir wti.it mu»t liuve been the
lAlriit vl the I mints pi act imi*. n )>«>•■ liie rev*,
nue till liny the vu»t impel t.<iioiis which prece
ded and follow etl the war.
But tliiny.iiu 11* the Tieaxury, t*rent as it is,
is not the unly advantage Msuittny from the
lliensiiie. Tile tltsiioitesl impoilcr of foreign
met cbmuli-c, di-pnvc.l ot that fraudulent
i>ii ht ol winch he litrtl clnated the custom
Imcse, is no Ionitei a rival to hi* dr.aded,
either hy tXtihoi.c-l nunli.mt nr ii t-domestic
niannlaelnit-i. Om own tan tr«.iter now
'■‘’lints w ill, <•;•! 1.iinly mi a put »ain ; and our
own inanufai-iincis cn.ihu tl tu bring tin ir
b:!iiii-s into sulci > ini cunipelilion with u".h
ei s. see their establishments evils where le
[Mi-a*, m-.r,
i tie ililiahit nuts <d thi Hi si rid nnd memhcis
ot fon;ri >» gave a xph mini Bai l, on Fit
d.iy hist, al C»aw lord's Tavern, lo Hr. nnd
y*-* Ungut picviuiix to tin ir departure lot
l-iiirland. Mtci stippei tin- health nt Mr. and
di,. It. was drank with yirnt applause : and,
t:i roinplitfn-nt to the occasion, the bund s|i m k
"i- the I.imlidi n.it,an d air Ch. lruCt th, I.iny ;
V'-i:*h was immediately follow id by Wiiit.i
tt'indtr Mi B. iwtiimed thanks n a haiuDonn
in.tuner. ami cxpiessed iii» gratctiil sen>y of
the atleidinii which hr had icrcivcd since Ills
an is al i i. l Ii x count IV, and It is 'im i u- vv ix|ie$
bn the In. |,p!iM>, ot tin* people and tin- pi os pe
nt \ nt 1 he ualion
Mr J. has, nv Ihc amenity of lti< inanneis,
tliere«ped s im I: In is lickcvet! to have al.v.iv s
'hewn tnwa'ds the i:nvci'i iuriil, iii-d the tmi
<i»r*it pojilcnr.xs with which liv iicatvevtiv
hod\, e .lined a gtcahr decree ol good will
Ilian has been experienced I»v any other Km
itibb ixiiiislci ; vvtlti the c «:t-c pt ion, perhaps,
ot Mi Ivskiiie. lie has shew n how 1.01 it is
to riiinhine w ith the inos| specie aUaclio.ro. t
tn iiis own c. nut i \ uoil 1t» just it utiaiis. t lie imi>t
l>ei feet iespr d for , tlu-i s Mr. B im truly an
hnulishin iu; in, departure will excite the
mo,f siiu-rie leyret of all who have had an
opportunity of knowing him. \lb.
I-1 om our Allnniy t'nnesfwndeut, we have
J'***'’ ''* d copies of a imi ibei ol (irportt and
bills lately laid b elore liie Assembly, ot two
ot vviiieh we will now picseut a summary
I ll1 first now Ivinp-before ns, j, a communi
cation to tie Sneaker, fiein the dirk ot the
•\ «s e-iihly,fiyh! aciiiy *• a list of all the incur,
poi aiions in the Mate of New York, except
t»< lieinus iucurpiu.-itina*, vvilli a ircital ,d ail
then nupni | at.l p - i t icnlars and peculiar;! ics.”
'! ‘"’t b'lis cc in to mi -i a: ion, which occupies one
hundred ant! six Inlio paves, it ;*pj ears tiial
i-o re are in this state nine hundred nnd twenty
incot ppiait-d In.-dit x. ew Insive ut incorpo
,iW'd it ligious M.cjdit s, ;.s Uilows:
A'sm nr e and Insurance Companies, 25
I ..inks, 9
s. not tolLbridge*. .t
Toll Bridges, * \ 71
l»a«n«, 39
! ci ru .«, ^
Ait* i il.i live to In 11 Mini Nav i gat ion, 18
ill ■rnric*. 5
v*miiiai ies of Literature. and arts
telating thereto, 2ft
Academies, 3'
'lannfartiiroR, 99
AI a 1111 tael tiring Companies, 129
I titi!|'ik« do. 2B1
> haiities and Benevolent Socie ties, 7-1
It.lges, ,,
to.iiii Boats, 9
'• lilai.PH. g*l
\A .»tci \l oiks. Aqueducts and Aque
duct Associations, 2S
I he Animal liepnri of the Superinten
• taut ot Common Schools. In this report the
SupeiiiiioMdaiit thus remarks—From the
rein 1 its which have been tm.de during the last
>**at. it appears,dint in font hundred and two
towns, lion, which, only, minus have been
t e.-tyed. there are t in thousand six bundled
and l.mi 1, eu common v hot Is organized under
! act |,.r their establishment ; and that in
1 hire thousand right litimiied and rVuty four
of these schools, from which, only particular
district 1 cl 111 us ha vc been 1 ed, here have
I'ocii tan:*In, during the last yeai.two hundred
arid ten tin nsand time liimdied and sixteen
childii n. There are !'»8 towns m the state
ticin winch no lettnns lave been received;
•'.ud mauy nt the retiiins received Mom ollit r
town*, are deficient in m-1 statin* the whole
number of •u luioN t\s(nbli«lit*#i, or dip nuiiibrr
ui cluldien luught in theni. Allowing the
towns, 1 nun which no teturns have lx cn made,
to have the same number, 1 schools, in prnj ot
tinw to their population and extent, ns oilier
towns, of cfpuii »•: teuf ;,ml pupnlatioii, from
which returns have keen made, the whole
nittiibei ot n •iiiniou schools ih t (testate,01 gauiz
e-l and permanently established tinder the act
°! t'1*' Legidattn c . may be estimated at nearly
Mx t oiisaial; and (lie i-Tunhei Of children
annually t.»u*ht in them, in the various l.ianch-’
« s ot clem 'utary education, at neariv iwo htin
<1 red an<l fifty tbons.'.si.i.”
By this report, it alsoappcar*, that the num
ber of M-hnlai s in the differe nt free schools in
11.1 • city is .. tijl ; and that Ihe public triortev
distributed among theJc schools during the
1.1st year, amounts to 3 10,781.2'J. rs follows :
New Vork Fr-e.School l.2l8sclioI. $3,082 80
Orphan Asylum 111 do. 300 61
economical School, 1,'ty do. 23544
African Free School, 417 do. 1210 87
Female do. do. Gift t|„. j'r,yj 40
Reformed Dutch Ch. |u() do, 327
Epi«i opal l hitrch T>* <J0. 302 40
St. Fete,'* Ch. 301 do. 1,12188
Methodist Ch *0fj do. 40.5
St. I'Airick’sCh 272 do. 7ftf fit
Scotch Presbyterian Ch. 25 do. fir, 40
• in man Lliihciiiii Ch. 21 do. 78 18
1st . Baptist Ch. 13 do. 423ft
ClniM Chinch, 12 do. 3ft 21
lit. Fresbytciian Clntrch 11 do. 32 70
The last thice have no charity schools, but
support charity si hol.n* at piiwatr school*.
t Aew i orh Com. shiv.
in the ycai IS! I, the fir'd steam boat, to navi
vatc Die m-<drni waters, was I nii rhod at Fitts
bmg Ohio. I In re arc iion , iii lull t ide ot Mir
et-ss. oil 1 h<- Mississippi & its t ri hut ary streams,
*t» nmu-1 ,1s. and Ihtlly inure arc
building, mid neatly completed, f,,r the same
navigation. A llovv in* e,teh boat to make tin ee
voyage* in a year to N. Orients, at the present
r.sii'M nt ItPit'lil fttiil tin. s.f r i
I*,'ci's is estimated «• f tin* ciihimolts sum ol
Si Vifi.Mo |>« r minimi! Wliai a world of
industry, enterprise, activity ,md productive
ness !
A ronm ifee, appointed for the purpose, has
lately piih!i«lied a report, giving a statistical
vi* w ol iIm city ot Detroit. According to this
n porf, it is situate iu North latitude 42 dug.
21 min. mi I he iioi fit western batik of the river
Detioit, nine in•!«■> distant from Laku .v,’t
t lair, and IH miles tiain Lake f-.rie. The
piisi tit population,exclusive'of the garrison,
i* llld; ot whom .'*‘jti are whrfc* males, 4i;
fi inali «, and 70 free pi ople of color. The
buildings an- lil dweiiing liou«e*, and i.,1
sleies and *ln p*. and public buildings, of
xvuich ;>| wc; • erected during the pislxear.
There ore two catholic at d one piotestajit
clergymen, 12 aHofnies at law, :j physicians
and surgeons, 7 instructors ot' tin? Inglidi,
Fieurli and Lent tied Languages, 170sclmlnrs,
and 174 mechanic* — 'I he value «.f expor,s
during the past year xv.i* S (L,3Jd— Imports
$ 17,hii.
cam nr srtiRUKS vi cRoWNiNttili t n.
We h »ve bet n favored with t n> p, i I <>I a
| letter received by :r gentleman ..f die bar in
I this city Irwin Washington, dated die 2»th Feh.
! sfming the snb'laure ol the opinion of the !kn
| pieme Colli I <<f the I'nil* d Mates lit the above
case ; whieii is as follow* :
•• l»i*i barges under stale insolvent laws
exempt die In* ly of the di him lrmn impil-oii
incut ; lull hi« property «uh‘ci|ii<*idlx nct|iitir tl
Is liable to his ereditur* ; or i-. oilier winds,
flie runtiart i« duel: iigeil as to the person
bill list as lo the future, estate of the part* ”
It is further decided,that until (h>ug<css art
upon the subject, the states max pjs* iu«oU
vent nr bankrupt laxv*. which, hovret.'i, can
have no ether rtfecl than i* above slaleil ; lint
may In* l>* n* fici.il in putting ail end in the
paitial dispositions ot |iM<|>eitx, which mix*
opera to so severely upon Ibe great nuts ol the
cl editors of tliOSO who tail among u *
’I his is all that has vet been settled upon this
ioteiesting subject, ficutleiueii of the ptofes
>iiMiin'l|i«tct 4r that lirsny points remain for
Our irmlet* ni»y he satisfied, that thefowv*
whence the above iiit'ormatiunistlferixeil is’VicIi
as to preclude all doubt of Us iiuthetilkit v.
[A'eir York liren. Hoist.
MARUU.l)]—In Ailml, Mr. JOHN (JUS
to Mis» 'iOl.l.\ l-OCKR.—Wbat is a pun
«itiiottl a Imii !
I ANUS I <»lt b Abl*.. — 5 ill lie sold ou V Vi.<c.w.'<. .v,tke
it J 1 >f u oj' U oro/i it, it, if ...it, ii ii a, the iirM '
I.til day, ut public awi'lion, at my Ihiim1, m the upper '
p.iit ul uuuiTiluiiu mmity, IWO VAUMI LI JIMCTS
Ul I lM>,:—i)iu> l)iii| hi ||ie (.ii)! (hiiiij, CD ilie |.il
tie I'-iu tiers, atlyulniHg (Or Ui:.U ul *.j r. George j„.
i- . Mr uraije bobbinnrili, amt oiliest, eoniaintwg
‘ '*t> if , . ii «• inch is a omimriable dwell,,.w
! bun.% ul i|, Slid ui'iel hut' ■ rt ; HI J a I «u a itiy
I a',pi<- -iminl. Iteu air S',.,ui :tu acre* urioumuiiUiAs
mm ir. Uitiieil, lielunyti.K i« ili:*liaei,ol pim.e quail* '
I '.*• the oili. i u Mi, ii «i.»i i-Jot) m !••, ii tiliialid in
Uie VI! 1 COI.II'I, ,.|. il.r snmr ueeb, adjoining Ibe |:iu«|» 1
'*' '’*• *’ •••’<!» iiiig'ami a dulli.i,; hat ..It ii dwel
Mis liotixe, bam. uml <>ibei i:tt.esvaiy «ui houses ; .
. almi.l hi aciesu! litis llae.i aie b.n gmunus. | be sell J
»l tioili li acts is ul hue .(".Hilly, well a ..pled lo the j
, lulliiie ul cum, wheal and islyccs; aktl null Mill a I
j bitrui.aii *i as Is tli..Hgbt ietid.it iheiii ranily smcipu
I bit-HI lii -.u itu|iintc’.iri:t lioitt I lilt, r and pla nr. A i
, go. d am. ulicieui pitipoiuuu uteacb iraci isih woods■
. ami b .III aie It , ut*. ,d. the fit sill act la idiom six,
.mil Ilie oilier annul Imn mile-noin Jam s nv«r._Any
I I'1 u-’ii ditr 'i'ti*. to nun liase, tan lie shewn ihe lauds,
I mi a;- j*lr r.uon, ,-y Ilie sublet! er. ol liy Win. Geoige,
| j". irsldinHi.il II.e lust lueiilivnrd tract.I lie lerms
j me, one third cash ; uiieilmd oil the Mil tar ol lie
u ni er in \i ; ai.d (lie li.iluuce twelve inonibs llierenf
irr : the |*iittl.a»ci giving h..bd wdh apptnved seem ily,
.mi* j deed ol UjJ.st mi ilie ploperti in ensure a piiu.it;'
*• l*h*ilirnt. l'o. icssiou lo hegivui the lu day ..( Jan
njry n.xi. \VM. Gt.uKGE.
J AM* loll "*>i.; . | be wiioleol ibe lands olliaviil
- * Koss, dt. in ibe eviiiuie*ofCan.pb. il ,v l lutaiiiia
Uie Hint III ti e n .n kti.—I lie Campbell Ijnds may be
inliirai led loi rvilU Mr. John l.yucli.jr. ol Lyncbbuig..
I liotr in ( i.ivai.ita (including a Utiiobei of lots hi ilie
town «l Columbia,; wi:h Uf. Gemge Holman ol that
A I’onsi.l-raiil* pioporiioii of the Campell lands, and
all lb. I'titvaiiiia lauds, not bofuie disposed ol, will lie
sold at am ii'in iu (he nitmili «,i I eliruary next.—The
[t'liUS ol pnliltr sale will he one fourth ca-li, Ibe lesKlHr
ill (hire equal aiiituul pamietil.*. I be pailieniar tnicis
*° be sold publicly, mill the dav* and places of mle
Will be duly .dveitued.—The lands m Campbell min’
pusv a iei y I nee body Athieli has r.ev*i been ciillivuted
I* ins generally nelv ern seven ami Itvelxr milts Irnin
l.vncli'iuij, au.l between halfa mile :.nt» s*x miles fiom
lames uver. Mi plarc i:. the state ia Ulieved lo be
m n. healthy, hud bum its siinaiimi in ihe heart ol' an
improving and flourishing ronulrv, w dliin one or two
hours tide of the iliming town oM.yucbbittg, would
uiroi tl many agree able •nuimci retreats for families in
ibe lower coiiuny.- I heir me also n;.tiy pieces of good
w heat aud tuhaccw lurid, and an rxcetlvnf stand fora
lav.m, ucar one ol the best sptlttgs below tlie ui.iiin
,ai'' • I ISOM AS r. BOLl.UIN.ex’orofU.H mis.
5' 7 3..If
A 'IHailiM JIILl. KuH SALh.—This mill is si
, “ tnuleil HUillgiloos lo ilie lower pail of (he city of
l(ic.iiiioiid, how in complere oulei lor iiiaiuifartiiiing
n.nir,fbciug rebuiltwilhiii (lie present year,) runs Sour
pair Hioues. its situation (•. very coliveuiriit io obtain
jiiaiu eitbcr by laud or waier, particularly the latter
being a ioill 2 Ol 3Ud yai.’s fiom Ihe \. halves of Kuch’
ells : and liy etcm'ine out 2b .in .m «r so ,.r .i._
"*• a 1,01,1 navigation may be bail to then.ill door.—
I .ie terms will be accommodating sothe i>urcbasei.....
For l.irther particulars, apply la Thomas i at lor or
111 “">■ i(i- <2..\nf_SAME HI PMIKOXS.
>aV!k. SALE—A iracl os LAND iiiTtTbn u, |e loo.nv
a. I)inj on Moore's creek, 11 miles Hom Charlottes
v l.e, containing about two act es, on v» hut, ihere is am.,
si. i) dwelling house, liai it, threshing machine, kitchen
.mtl Ollier conveo.i nt building*.—Teiiua ol sal* H ||| |.r’
mm..-known on appiicaliou to the subsetibei livin', in
tliesaui county. tv. D. MEUtWEIHER.
. _P7..wtw»
al 1 e«r t "Itom’s hunk: tore, ML'N
rintilWi* 0*1' «U1S’ 51,1 V,,l“ll"‘ -Also.jii.il received
< blit) s I leadings, new ed.iioi. by Iit.uHp, Ac—and
th- Aoulrclic .Magazine fit January, ism — Febmnrt
No.expected III a few days. Subscribers will t.lease
«.ill tor their ku'i. Match 2. B7..(gi,i
| ****t,-‘—“> dietnoulb.oi for Ibel-a.ance
■ 01 the >«ar, 15 or 20 able-bodied MIA, to cl.ai a
piece ol lainI, and do other work on a larm— Also to
purchase » o» 3 Miongplmii.li MARKS.
11-11 • -*•_KO■ ■ wit il. \\ . COLEMAN.
IVOUCw -Mr. John Hopkins w II take notice, that
we'wl‘* Proceed to take the depositions of Heury
, • "1,.lk":t I'm! others, at Soblilt’s tavrin m the conn
> ol 1 owItatall, I.I. the 22d day of April next, between
llie boms ol ten o’clock A. M. ami live o’clock 1’. M.
a,‘" I'O.ceeu I re in day to day, at the tame place
aim between the same hours, mini all the depositions
Mini, le 1 a ken, to he read as evidence in a suit now tie
periling in tbe superior court of chain ciy (or the hu h.
uu-nd district. wherein John Hopkins,Joanna Hopkins,
willow, an. 1 utliei s heirs and distlihutees ol Win. Hop.
kins, dec. ate plaintiffs,and Fanny llatris, adm'x with
the will annexed ol II.emus Mains, ucc. Ann Moseley,
executrix of Win. Moseley, dec. aud Samuel llaf.'oii
are defendants. FANNY II ARRIS,adu/x, ’
ANN MOSELEY, executrix,
leh. 2o. tri..THtw« SAMUI L HOlisoN.
’I lit. JOHN S i'fwaIII—SiT^Take notice, that 1
shall 011 Fbursday, the 1st day of April next l.e
tween the hours of nine o’clock in the forenoon auditive
in lue afternoon ol thac.ano the following day- uniil
completed, proceed at the Exchange laveiu, ’in the
t'.wuol .Manchester, to take the depositions of David
I'atlersM. and others,to lie lead us evidence in » suit
I depending in the superior court of chancery foi Hie
Richmond disiiict, wherein I an. plaintiff, end yon and
olners are dslrudwht*. .-. 1
w-1 a. COCKE, and Catharine his wife.
. ___ft.,upi.
s,' it'.K.R, O .... lilts lemovcc! to u In.us
A_au a few i.aots above the New B&r.h*.
[ Mr c. wishes tin.sf person.’ who may waul liisservi
ces. loc .llic M Ills ban: . when practicable, as it will lie
Uvi.deii w ith mi ch less incoi.venlfore to l.iin.and 1: will
I hMi:*i ally he legs Inc.mvement for them, as w ell as le«*
x pensive,_Qct.do. ai..wif
iAND FOR S.tLf'.....l:y virme of a deed of (1 ust ev
J vented to ns by 'Vann r Le ris on tbe 27ih day of
Aplil 1813. II. secure to John Woodson 1 e pay nielli ol
| stludry sutnsof mini") tnerrin mentioned, we willow the
10/4 dug i>) Varch nrjf.al Wiiliam ftcmgr’s lev. rn
in tin Connly of Goochland,sell foi cash, a tract of laud
, exit!Mliing by estimation 1*0 arris, bp lim seme ln nt- or
1 '*»». I>ini;In Goorhlatid, and bounded in she lauds ni.w
, or late 01 Iteveii-ux Jarfai, Gf<v|e Holman, tfilliam
M ait l.e i. s and I; (Irvin T urf.ln.or so much the 1 tof ;.s may
be snidcirt!’ to par £4,-in0 with imprest from (he fi.-t
dai of this presto month until paid, Ugtllin with the
coat* attending ih< exrcuitoiiof thistrusi. l ins land lies
in an »*.i elli nl neighborhood— the greater part otu ip
wood, am) is capable of producing rinc tobacco. That
which is rlcatffl Is fresh aud in line condition f» r yield
iitgacrop. It has on it a good ham and tobacco houses.
Jan. 2. 73..wtils ARCHIBALD BRYCF, Jr.
COHN • OODK.jr.—A r t o a n s. y a t L s w—Will prr.c
• “ lice nt ll e inferior and superior courts of Alecklen
burg and Brunswick. Persons placing in his hard# bn
fibers, may lei) Upon twirl audition |o it.— His resi
i'.i nee is :.t Brunswick courthouse.
F> b, 18.___02..tr4w»
A 1 AllSHAL’S SALE.- I’uiHiant lo a tt in of tbe
f' * superior 1 otiri of chancny for the ilistilct of vvtb
liamsbnrg.pronounced at the June session, min. tn the
rase of pick anil others against Donglats- W ill be sold
to the highest bidder, for ready money, 011 the 137/t tiny
ofWarih next. I.rforeihe tavern of Robert Ransoue,
In (be county of Gb»iu:e-trf, - ne Had of LAND, in Ibe
said county, near the (Hive Branch Meetiiixhonse, con
i.lining f*I aervs, more Or less, wlfb the ionises and In.
puniinciiir. meteors. lIYII.Y, Ii. M.
Jor U. If. Pryor, At. U . (’. It. V. 1
FHi. IB._02..(2)-1w»
i' will-.l.l.i K tenders Ills (bank"• to the pnhitc gene
rally, mid Iiis friends In particular, fof llie liberal
encouragement rei eived while .1 mem her of llie house of
vt heeler A firhenoi, and infoyns lliein that be has re.
cmiiineiurd COAbH-M AKIM'., mull ilsvanon branch
ij.i'ti the lot below, adjoining llie lot funner ly ueriipiert
In V heeler & Tichetior.- h. Wheeler Hallers bimsellibat
frion his long experteiiee in New aik , In addition In ihal
of Itithinniid, lie will lie enabled to execute his woik hi
llm man si and strongest manner ; and pledges himself
that im niieniion sbail In wanting on his pan lo give
general satisfaction |n sneb a- may favor Inin tvilb tlielr
pat foliage, lie now has on ha in', a few nil Dili-lied coaches
andgigs, which can be finished ai sboit notice, and
triinined in a style lo tnitilie pntrhbser.
NSiriill'i" 70. 57.
' ji il u I I I I.M I N I It Kl Htll.iM-.Hb7w hiTe' Wmii
S lands arr convenient hi thtsriiy.nr tn.l.iont titer.
We, the Milisi uliris, give this rally notice, ll:M we
wish in be supplied In the ensiling season with ids lo
eight bundled foul, of well lined OAK Is A It K — fo r
"hb h llie following liheial prim will he paid sii its
delivery, In good order, and well pasted, at our us
prelive tan'arils, or at Ihrmarest lioal landing ibrir
|.», riming all the in*.mini of Apill, May rod June next,
eii'-ning, vis :
tor I lark and I’.od Oak bark, fl A per cord
Willow do. do. d
Spanl-.h do do. <>
Voitiig I'hesmtl Oak do, in
V. It. The balk brought in Imais wlillic measnred In
the boats, and received without < hinge f. r in cartage
to the lanyards. It. r yf K Ke C<».
I’eh. VO. 0312)l|J I.WINi, a, Htiinp.
JIIIMlI’.lt K .Ifinrntpot Ion - Will stiend II e
• superior and Inferior t onus of law for li.e eonn
ties of Hertford, Campbell and Plltsyivstr la.— business
inndited fo Inin will he tanciually niten.led in.
New Condon, Va. Feb. 1.1. !in..fg>|w*
I ANH KOI b tl<F....... The so{t»i idler Intending lo
1 A in veto the sertlfc’ n roimliy, is desirous of selling
hit ii ; .1 of I A N I >. ly iig in ft ailolle cowm v, on W ard’s
folk rrerk.len miles iroflh of llie eonrihr.itse, < nnirtn
ic« Hill atrey. 4 hit land lies wed, end a gieat propor
tion of the wood land pi nee lohacro land, the pJan
lalion is in good repall. and lew bends nun woik it to
advantage, in l-aei is well watered arid remark*ti%
well li’wbeied ; and lhe stlnaih-n is irry beallby. The
.mvros erneois air a small d» ♦llingbowse, la by 20 leet,
with tv O Mr placI wllh olbri SNtlskiy o«l linotr*.
the iniirilbti lives4»n the pienilses, and will shew it
to uuv person disposed lo pi.rebate.
Cbailotte cwuntf, Fsh 2J. 0|..(V)toiv
TVl'iiiw Land In the Comfy of Jmhei'st, for tale•
| > OB CRT II. Host's LANH on llanc»'cr««k, Isttlll
i°r sale, ami Ins anxiety to sell uudtuiinisbrd.....
I lie trait contains 500 abics, well watered and limber
ed, witblu 0»e luilr* ol !.y neb nut g, anil is of tiHe i|Uoli.
t) • In bis absence, application tail be made to tieo. i
M hiilocke. lit. tjuslavnt A. Hose, t buslopher Autbony
or John ll. I'leasanls, all of l.y nebbing, olio tan give }
any Inf dtuanuii as to terms, e,c. anu wliu sue tolly |
authorized is ttll. Jan. a. 72,.ViAult 1
. i I.NflIts. v. it., ituliiu and lloiace Uuvknci, ct'vli ,
■‘Vt ol Archibald Ktichie. dec. who was ex’oi ol pit
man Clements, tier—Gentlemen—Ptetie intake notice I
that on the IMli day .» May, imp, «t tbe Bell Uvem, in 1
Ibeciiy of Richmond, between tLe hours of In o'clock i
m llie fotciiOMi i.uit tl o'clock 111 the afternoon of' that j
o.i», I shall take tbe depositions of Win. t'ousbce, a list i
Others -And oil tile ftfktb day of May, IslO.at lialum.
o’t Hotel, in tbe tonn ui rappahannock,in the count)
ol t no, butcru the bouts »i |u o'clock in U.c forenoon
and U o'clock in tbe ttfternun of that day, l shall take
U.c dcpiisitiousof Sthicsbly Kehbutu»,aiid oihcis, lobe
ictd in evidence in a suit m chancery non depending
in >!ie count! court of b»sex, m which I am plainttif
anil you are defendant*. Your most obedient servant,
h. W BN Cl.!*. VtNlb, Janf’ur de buff's non
Jau.23. BI..»Sw* of Ku en Clements. dec.
I.UASK, for a term of' vean trout the 1st of
May next,those valuable M tRCH AN I- Mil L8 call
ed llie " Mu-to Mills."—1 liey are situated opposite to
the city ot Ricbmotid, on the bank of James liver, from
which they are most abuudaiitly supplied with waier
at ail seasons of ibe year, .be situation of these mills
I consider superior lo any I ever saw. i lie laeilily of
trails porting by water the wheal mips which grow ;,i.ove
and In-low tlie falls, to tbe mill doors, logetbri with the
opportunity of piirrbasing the wheat which i* bro\ by
land from tbe south s.«»e of me liver, ensure to miv
capitalist disposed lo eutbafk in the niaunlui limns ol
Hour, all l!icadvantages in point of giani and milting
power which can b- desired Yetteli diawing leu feel
of wratei ■ an lay at tbe wharf about two hundred cards
from the nulls, from which the Hour is shipped (o' a fo
retgu market. 1 l.esc mills have hitherto hetu in the
occupaury of Messrs Myers. Marx a Co.—Ifpitfrrie i,
I would dispose ol the ubovi nulls on terms iuivaiita
genus lo the purchaser.— Ibctt are many mill sites at
tached lo them, with water .villtcUnt to supply alt flic
inn- Inner) winch may be eiveietl thereon.
Should I uni meet with a pareb.i.er of Ibis valuable
properly before the first of May next, l shall then be
M-adv n> leas-, 1 it n term ol yems, the mill sites, with
any (|iuutily of iviter tiiat may be rr-ylitrcd.
I'T Lhe I'di/ors of the Baltimore .hue nr an and
Philadelphia UenwerulL' .'*>, *.r, wilt pleas, tains,it
the above advertisement jov t,eo weeks in their res
pective papers, unit forward their bills to C. M.
l-cb V.___
’ | ’HI-subscribers having put their ,li xrbic Mill in ope
1 laltou. me prepared to execute with skill and dis
patch, orders lor chimney.mantles, hearths, steps,
tombstones, sills, Ate. Arc. Ibe mill is situated outlie
Hank of James river ; orders therefore from Richmond,
I’eiersbuig ami Norlolk, can lie ullcd at little expeuce of
fi eight
This, it is believed, is the first and only establishment
of the kind in Virginia ; and asilie citizens have now
an opportunity of f uruisliiug themselves with these use
ful stud ornamental articles of line quality, the produc
tion of their own stale, the proprietors cannot hut in
dnlgea hope that they will meet liberal encourage, j.ent.
I*. S. A Qaarrier who can come well recommended,
will reoeite liberal wages.
Stimact Christopher 4 Jordan slnthvny.
Lynchburg. Sept. vtf. a*.
jL^l Vk DOLLARS RE\V AR D. — Slia) id or Molt o trnln
F tlie subscriber, near Mam btsUi, on the tStli lust,
a Dark hay SI L'll COLT, three years old, 4 feel r
or 8inches limit, wii!i a star in his ton-bead, a small
knot on each side <>i bis fare—lately ducked.The
above itwaill will be p.iiii in any person who w ill do
liver the said coll, or Rive such information that I get
hun again. DANIEL WEISll.lK.
Spiing Grove, l-'eb. 23. ps..ti
13LASTb.lt.— For s:ne, manufactured French and Nova
» Scotia FLASTF.Il,warranted ofthe best quality, de
livrred lr. e *f expense on ibe Basin.
We will aDu giiud 11 oil loll. P. HAXAI 1. & To.
T«b. ir>.__ wi..ist
lYJOTICE.— I «lo hereby i.an;lnu all persons from
1 xf trading for a imie exscnled by me on me iiiU Jan.
last. In Fleming Wood,for sixty-nine dollars, due Hie
X3tb of December next, as 1 am determined, under
existing circumstances, not to pay it until compelteu
by law. WM. CATLETT.
New Canton, March -1. ds..ai
a above rev aid to any person who trill deliver In me
niv negro woman I.IDY, n ho leli my farinoutlie I bin of
January last ; or Fifteen Hollars il she is lodged in
any jail so that I gel her again.—l idyls a large likely
woman, of dark complexion, and rather remarkable fot
a simplicity «i manner when spoken tu ; she is .<boot
twenty years old,and had on when she left borne, .1
preen tl.iuuel habit sprigt-ed with slack.— a: she was
seen pasting up the rH-«r ill a Lyiirhb.Hg boat, I law
no doubt she has returned to Host's ImnU.rks, (neat
l.vni bbufg) limn wine b place I bought bet at a sale
conducted by Fhoinas V. hoaldiu m tot;.
Dover, Gonehland county, March 4. »8..(*)tf
17 The Editors of the Eyachburg Frets uiUyleu te
insert th 1 above onv 11 uxtk until forl/id, amt for
trnrtl their account to T H. It.
A LL persons who have claims against the estate ol
JOSEPH (iALl.KGU, dec. are tleslied to insl.e
m«n ktio.i II to ti* .without delay—that if found correct,
they may be speedily discharged—and those indebted to
the estate, aresolirlted to pay what* they owe with as
little delay as conveniently can be. as ae are desirous of
paying the several legacies of our testator at expedi
tiously as possible. JOHN RICHARD,
Eeeculors of Joseph < '.at It po .dec,
August 28. 33..If
-Vegroes at . Inchon 11 pan v credit of 12 month*.
ON Thursday, the I HA March, at la o’clock, ilic
SI vA'F.S now 111 t!i« Penitentiary, leprievol tut
transpurtaiioii, will be suld before my auction dour,
upon a ctetlit of |-2 mniiibs.— I’utchaserr in give b--n.l
w ith sccnrtly In be approved by ilie Executive, for Ibe
pa) meut ol pmr base, for conveyitig them w ithout rliv lim
its of the IMitied States,and complying witn the la v....
Flu- negroes are valuable, and may be seen at the Peni
tentiary until the day of sale.
lly order of the Extralire of Virginia,
Feb.-20. 513..tits ROKI HI IMMItl 1^. Ailct’r.
1AM) FOR sale.— I'V virtue of a need ol trust • f
a lecord in Flanovrr county court, bearing date ibe
•2‘.it!i day of December, 1817, and exArulrd by John l-.t-g
land to the subscribers, f ,r certain purposes ibeii>n
mentioned—Will be sold at John I). Iten-'rInk’s Tavr 1 n
in Hanover eounty,on MHNDA \ , tl:e 13th Instant, 10
the highest bidder, for ca.-b, the tract of l,A M) )>-,r,g
on Money Ruu 111 said county, contaming by snppo>i.
lion 200actes, and at ibis time occupied by Catherine
England, tuolhei of sR'rt John Hnglimd, It i.- deem.-,
iinuecessaiy to give farther d-.-.*ct ipli n of tin- lam!, a
those who wish in purchase wi.l vh-wr the premises he
fore the day of sale. J<HIN tVINN. >
Match 1. W’2W» PAitKE IIN.SLbY S '
\ i lirjt.ltN STrwTiff’ Soi Fake notice, H at sir
iJ-A shall on Thursday, the 1st April next, between
tbs boms of nine o’clock in the foreiinen ami live in 1 lie
afternoon uf that day, and t!ie foil,.wing days uiii-.l ct>m
ple'.ed, proceed at Hie Excbioive Tavern, in the town of J
Manchestet, to take ’lie depositions ol David I’.-ti- 1 son
and others to be read a. evidmre 111 a suit depi tiditi;
in the superior court of chancery for the Richmond
district, wherein we are plaintiffs, and you and Harry
lleatb and others me defendants, Ac.
Ann his irife, late Ann Kona let.
Jan -;8. _'_ H3..wSw
1> II. Bit A DY—.Saddlar and Harness I laker, n-s
1 prcifitlly 1'ii iriii* In* fri< iid* ;<mj the public, lhat
lie has commenced the Paddling iitlii Harnett Making
liusinrsit, in all it* vatiou* branches,in the house Intel)
occupied by Ii. Krdford, next door u> the I iilnn H 'Ul,
»lie ft lie has n genet at assortment of SAPDI.KS, rl!|.
OLKS.aiul HAltNUSS, on li-.ni.t—and Is Mill incroa-tiiio
In* a»«oitnient; he also hopes ibut coiimii nicrchanis
will giro him a call, as writ as those v ho waul for their
own use. lie llailers himself from liU sitton»ion and
expen-ni e in Ihe business to mem a.Miure of ihe ptihlic
pairoimge ; and be can assure them ih.il Aitnurk is
made > f as good mstterials as any in ihe i it*. and in cx
e. ailed in the best manner. Feu. In. T1..wtf
| >1 ItLIC SALK.— Hy »iiInc ol a deco ot tiustexi ruled
A to the subsetihi r by Kohert i'leiunuls on ihe Villi
day of ■March. Iil|7, and recorded in the county roult
of roffiraun on ihe IOth day of Kovemntr following,
f. n fio. poses therein me if I toned, will positively he until
to I in- highest hi'ldet, hit cSSbitl I'on hstftit Com i house,
the l.t Ibrinyu/' February tint, twelve Nit.POPS :—
.'.ml pn the I bill riuy ul flit fame mouth, will be sold
inidri llvk.iul dcui o'f trust, nt ihe Fife Creek Mill* In
I’li-.rInstall county, in the highest bldiier, for cash, tw o
| lo ins, ihree beds and fnrmiure, and sundry other arti
cle* of h.msehnld fitrnliure j or sn much of the said
propeily a* mny he necessary to satisfy the money secu
red b> said deed.
Th* title ve«ied in the suhserilier will he conveyed to
Ihr purchasers. W.M. S. DANLL, trustee,
January a.
tO' In coimqiielice ol Ihr hsd weather, the sale ofthe
above propeily i» unavoidably postponed un'il ihe
riu y ul March »r*t on wlnrli day, or on Ihe fir ol fair
liar thcieaflrr,the whole of it will ceMainly he exposed
to rale, tor cash, at the Fine Cft> k Mills, lu Powhatan
iootiI) WM. ii. DANCL, Trustee,
I«b.l3. ii.. wills*
] O ITCH.— by virtue of a deed of irtrt exeentvil to
isl us by Jesse Talley and KHInginn Tall -y, Iwaring
date lath January, l«ld, and duly reeorded ip the
Cie-k’s other ol Halifax county—Me shall prorred to
sett to the highest bidder, on HA I flllU AY, the I7lh
Inst, one certain tract oi parcel of LAND, eontalniug
hy esti nation I AT acres, lying in the county of Halifax,
six or fight miles west of the courthouse. The afore
said laud is told lu satisfy debt* doe .tnhn M ood, ten.
as ihereiu mentioned. Sale on ihe premises, for cash.
€H AHLFS PK1 < P.,1 ...
March 4. IH,.«3w*
uT~M AHTIN SMITH—Sir Not knowing Where
yon live, and believing that yon are not a resident
of Virginia, I have taken this inode nf notice, that I
shall take the depositions of Wallhal Holcombe, and
others, at the house nt mud Holcrnnbe in the county of
Cumberland, on I be 4th Tuesday in April next, bei ween
the hours of to o’rloek, A M. ii<d lg o'clock, P. M. to
he read at evidence, rir ben,-1 r*r. In a toil now depend
ing in the county <omtof I’nwb iati, w herein )•>« are
plaintiff end I an* defendant. W IDF. MhSi'Y.
March I. «*••»»<
"I BLIC -SAIF.—Vy virtue of n deed of trust, now of
«cotd tu the county cui.it of Powhatan, ext curd
to Ibc suhsctiher by liot.ilio Tuipiu, of ibe comm
atoiesaid, to seuiretlic payment nit mam sums of mo.
ney tbetetu mentioned—Will lie oflcted for sale, to ibe
bigbr-t bidder, Idi cusli.Ht Powhatan Couitbotise. ou
lliollf/* drti/oj Murth lint, a tract o? LAMi, contain,
mg 5ti« act ex, mote or less, lying on Fnic Creek, in llie
county aforesaid, Ud adjoining the land* of Ldiiiuud
Hains.iu,John Goode, mi. and Win. A.lutpri_Ard
alto SIX SL t\ l.s, named m s.itl .i r.t ; ot m. muc !i
iheieoi as will satisfy the claims ther.ou, together wHit
llie rostot executing tlie sxiu trust.— | he title vested tu
the subscribe! will l>v conveyed to the pnuhum.
Itli.l, bd..vtds_W . H. Cut KF, s.-n.
e< oil t»A t.l - A /nu t vf l.uMir ly lug m the coiiutTof
a Goochland, .-it Btavtidaui creek, cotiiainiuc luta
acies adjoining the coui'.i.ouse tract.am! w asungii.al!*
8 t*" tbcieof. Ih|« laud lies well,Ibe soil tagvid . 4;d
ihere is a Steal at'..1.dance of good oak t.u hei on it I
The lieisblioibood is wealthy and ujicblr, and tlie
sitiialiui. of to.'land • * healthy. 11 a purchaser cho.
not to pin .Imre the w hole tract, lie.an be atrouttmida
ted w!tbthree,l"iir, or live bundled acivs iuime.liat.lv
ad.ioining tli. cuuiti.oiise tiact.ot it can be had at ii.i
upper ctidol tlie ti.vcl adjoining Mr. Archer Payne
Un-land ill he shew 11 L> myself, iiviu* <tdJoialni>**oV
t*> Mr. Amos living on it; and the payments w'll |.e
made cut. to the pumbaM-i. I bis laud is really w.nih
the tutt-nliott nt those wiyl.itp to pass. s> valiu.t.lc i.
c-tati Apply to WM .MUllH
t.oo.'M;.nil,kept. U. 3. ..v ii
' I"' L* IT but LAl.b I, l W AlilrTTjrauiwi u..„,'ire
A 'ubscribc1 . " the Uth Sept, last, in 1 iiit.r, iliM
*. .*! * Vi>\-**4a 1 *t, '“ 1 reek, a lieglo ii.au l y the unit,*
ot « II IllLkS, sumrtntitscalls hitusell ( narl.s U
aged about it years ; h. is al.ont 5 I'ciT tt 01 II 1..1 *,.•*
lily.h, of hlflik e.inpleM.i,, ioi.K t.ice, f., tu leetli fi...<:jr
e.l; iilcllui.l 10 Ik how-Usce.l ;»iui..i J. do.'.1 to. y hut
he.ce w hen spoken to. I expre. s .til chail. x has as
some in net name, and is pas..;,,* to, f.e, u,h„,
and perhaps bs-tree papers 10 subsianiiatc sucb pi.!
*'vt' !,‘l ;‘,,uv« tvwar.! h i said nemo,
eilli.r drlttrird tu me orttetittd in jail |i)M. , ,1
bun again. All pe,urns ;,ie mlcin foiewst,,, p .
harboring or emiloytt.i, said Hav. n.e „
h.'. Mi'Ll. IANi.ll .
|->J lw-_•______ 111 • • 1T*t
i^FMALb TI.A. Hi.it.. v...i.t-c, ai IhrK'ii7air»lmT
1 . "71"."’ N’,l,v^l.i.-gow. \ .1. as atiafsinaiu teacher, a
lady af liheial ,.tu anon, .ji.alite.d to t.acl, music, and
oci EMonally assist in some 01 the l.mgry branclus —
1 lie esrablisbuiei t as a female t.ru.iuary, lie,mt very
e.Mnistve, requires several leacLerr.I.utthe emoluments
an . Ii.’d lotlie above siiuatlon, may at pt.j. nt i,.; . al
t'U.ucil u l 0 1.1 fun is per annum; and as ibr i.u...
I t-i ol pupils sir Mill tncieaxiiig, tiie ter* w ill ptobah'v
exceed 'hat Sum Ibe rustling session. Couiilitiiiicalioi.s
arc. my.anted will, refrrthc.s, addressed to li e under
ligued, will be 1 i.ui.pily altctidcd to.
v , Printiyul of the Jmtitulioti.
New f.'aigow. I eh. Id. <H,^«ll
i\l K: 1 "^WAh Al.Mb I IUixc. — Adttdor of ItobVrt
10 Uke tk»« I shall at
end ai the Slur.* ot | botnr.S CTeigh, in Lew
111 ho county 01 (inmi ner, on llie third Monday In
Api u nex| aud on the AlLTuesday of the same m<.ti 1 h
and •au:e plate and ytm i;j order to lake III. it'-nevltici.s
T!?'"' 1 i,,a;l also attend ai.tl.e•’!..
r. oLm-‘ »«si. oh Anilu.i.y's ere, k 111 t.ieeul.iier
an lo.’ Ii" rt'r 1 “,>a' "f -•»«•«- ">oUlh and year,
au.i lot the purpose above. J rhall al.e. atlrm: on llie
od I uesday in Juuv next, al the cjerk'soflit e in Mont, e
County aud low 11 of l him, f„r the puiposeof lakiBfihr
i.eposiions of certain witnefses, which I mesit in oii. r
t vldence ma suit in the entity chancery c«u,t
»*Ii.i "',|,r,u‘linK 8,1,1 ntid.ieithii.rii. I,.
saici Suit I Hu. the t •m.i tn.. .
-i svU'w-lt places li,/I days l shall alter,,I helwcruhe
lioMrs ol six in Hit morning aiul tlx III therveuir
lumimic from day (•> nay uutll tL-e evide nt, is i.ik/u
——°V lH.-wSw*_JDSKPH 0 KA 1IA J!.
W'ai .mon papik MltL....|.-,0ST^rQfTe
qinumaucewith the method in which an establish
"•en. oltlris kind fchoiild be condncicd the.ui *cn « i.
i ijdncrd ... ofier ins yu,<r munnjiTrW, for wale.it ].
MU.., . .. immediately upon u,e skirl* of the town, and ■*
supplied by a plentiful and nevcr-lailing so,am. il.c
n dl contain* aiw.re.eHi only one vat; but Ihe stream is
considered amply sudicicm for lire < outran! oueiativn <*f
wo engines; and at a very moderate expense, an ad.lil
l'°"al val 'n*y , c fiitrodnceff. Altai bed to the mill seat
ate several acies of land, upon which is the dwelliug
liuniie ill the subscriber, and evciy house nnessary for
Hie ai.coiiiinodatinii of the hands employed, f he tun.
chaser will he pnvileged lo a»..it bin self .filie whole
;n.heefr:„,;;;‘,;I,:,:,I',;:,t,a,,,,‘as ^ -«*» —;
vt Iren ibcarivaniages whlrli this mawpfgclor) |.o«s,»h,.
»rc Cunsi.leud ; it being situated in the centre of the
slate, and upon the niam loi.il from north to west • il«
sca.city ol such esUl.lieln. ents linlu-m te; the imm’rm*
quart i.iie* of papti consumed n, \ ngmh., lot whirl, ,i8 ‘
•ire cinHly dtp«.*ttriaui npui: uiu staler Mates; Ibr ctjean*
prts ol proviimiis, and lhi,r;rni»eqneuf low price offaboi •
the lira.thnreu of li e »iit,„i!Oh ; t ie. itrr i with the (aril-'
lly will: which slock may he collected u, the country
rontid alni.it—when a|, these me dnly consitVied n
IttlievMl tlini t:n one acrins.riiled wifi, tie uatuy*'of thr
tnisii.css. u ill deny tip excellence of the prospect which
it bolus out, i„ a man ofsctlicient capital & etiterpnir.
hellers (postage paid)t,pun the subject, will he chet/
l*o ) :‘bd plump,ly.aUrndtd to. DaYIIi f Al.kY
*Sl.tlll||<>)|, NOV. to .
J Juts in in jNV «■ YvtJi.
{ l A I Itl.Cl l\ I I), per sol.i. VV ■ fiu.u,ill, four c:,?' • • f
*' sfri‘s best HATS.—In stoic, a penerai colirc
llon from the Inst anil mob, tmhionalde make,, in
Haltlmoie, 1*1 iladrfphia, New Yoik, and I oiiriuii.—All
of which, I wish lo .impose of at a small profit, lor
ca*.", ,, John Winston.
**‘‘* * • S!l. .Willi
|s .‘.It IKON.— lau tunsM, nil. i, and Mnerieun Imp.
u| superior quality ,making a gcuci.i'. a .somne-nt
'& loii? hoop iron, aMortrd
-Y do. Swr, dish pi. U!;II plates
4 du l-.ugli n blister steel
1 do. Ann i icau do.
1 tl.i. : < ,,I Herman do.— h\rr i'll? by
7 ^ir l»! I-", IT .III t. C'HrOIl
'■Jj’WINTY IH>1.LARS KA.U AUn—W :if be’ paid for
3 Hiking nnd ceciirinu him in any jail ;<> that t ...t
him again, my man John, wlm eloped from lur j„
l.yiichliuip, the f.rsl of Urtol.tr Iasi. |!e j» a small
«**‘lerl bla.k fellow, i;,i*ril hy l>r. l eter M. Haulaway
oi DiHwiddi., and once brlongrd t» benjamin VM.thine
l.dlgb of Riciimond, and has a t. ite at Philip \. Nh
lay’*, which induce: in.- to presume Ural hr lias contrive
eb lo make ms war to Hichiii.md, | bate iirul rwcoi'ii:*
of hit being in L)mhhmg, ui its vicinity, rvriy Wrek
since Ins tlopepicnl ml snout il.rte weeks Ihh k, al-o-n
* icli tunc I oir.-rnl a rew. rd fur him. I . t. m im
bax been harlmi. d hy free nectreb. and’t,x pit liable
Ihe. in:,) ban fuiii'Ti.d linn with a free > u-».
l.yui'lihNlg. . 71..wit KIT *■ ti’tlN.
fc? II.< >\|i b.Lj.R ill.t.bn- \ |" “
MANIT U U»KY.-the sitluirihet: h.ive n idefitch
. aiihiigriiiriith for |irocuring inaieiials. that they -
will have cousin nsly on hand a supply ol the hr si it l; ft K
bhOCKjS ; and harm;- ohiaiucd a trumhei oi prtl ra,e
N'orlliein wotkmi-n, they ,'ltitiet thems.-Ho th.a mhiin
I it loi t « i i not nr sin pasrdi |,y ,mv mil., p h,,uc- . i ,.r
Mleiigtli or h. tii.ty ol woikin.iushin I h. > hav. now n
hand pan oi ready mnele, wnrranted Alll.f.s MJfNI i*,
dillerelll si/ra, built ut tier then iinmeihui.' superitii. ic
ante, wnith ti cy util soli at Notthr rnprtocr,lot cash >-r
tow*accept.,ine». I’cr-ops »ishingto get Mil f.MuM-S
i>re-. inns to the nexl crop w ill plecsr lo lotwcrtl their or.
det*. to winch puiirni:tlalleudaiice shall he paid. I Hev
niive aUovslahlished c manufactory in IVfeishni g,« b. b'e
North Carolina merchants, and miller* adincnit u. p«
leishtirg, ate lopecifulljr itsviled lo call and nee a «pe.
cliiien of workmanship. pj.wtf
Fel.f iiai * ‘IH. I Slit b.-twecu l» and I. streets.
I VulttnhU: S/nir JJiver LmihI f<>> stile.
i rl1IIK litb»f r!hn? lrii» c»r*n. i».h ti- t* i«• tl »
A iern country,l.ate determined in sell that VTUt.
BU; KM Alt" nu Stale risei, three it drs lr<>in Buck,
iiiuhatn je, n<>« Maytville, enniaining !;) a if.
cent sin vi y Uno acres ; about .'ilio nf whitli it primp
InwgroxHClt, ;• mt aliont tan aciet in wnodf, Host .if
winch it piini* tobacco land. 'Ilie clemrrt land is In i
arid time of Impiovniient, and well adapted to itn:
culture of com, wheat and tobacco, and is ceit.iinly
Kind to clover and plaslci—A meadow of about ten
acies,seeded Iasi spun;, on vety licit soil. I here Is op
this land valuable itupn vri: cuts, well calcniaieil for a
family of tiu.e ; a!) v.!,ieh,ioj;ethei w^ih (he piatiltilion,
it in good repair, F ifieen good /.anils may he woikrc!
on tint (arid to advam; u; ; and in point of piortnctu v,
is equal to any hi tills section if coiinlty—it will,
does produce, from IH to an liushrls wheat to the acie.
It has on n one of ilie most valuable and convenient
mill rest* in the courtly —an orchard of ex tel lent frml,
and situated in a health) and wealthy iiriglihnilmod....
'I is thought tb liver will |,e made navigable wit bin 2
miles of this estate ; and tlie town ofM*'*iTle rapidly
inerrailiu!, which will, ntiil does prodnee. a reguiai and
husk maik'T for ul! surplus on a larm—at winch plage
U an excellent manufacturing mill just finished and
now in operation. This property will he divided to suit
purchasers; Iml at the same time give an oppm faulty
for (lie whole on tlie most accommodating terms, 10.
geilirr with tlie stock of all kinds, and crop of corn,
fodder,ogts, Ac -some household amt kiicbep funis
tine may hr included at reduced pliers..». Possession
can he given In time to seed a crop of ymjll grain—
there is land prepar- dto sow •2Sj to.shell small giain,
the subscribers will take to or 13 young negroes tsi
part, and hot tittle money wanted down.—Any |>ersen
w-ishmg to see this property, will »j piy to Itriiiainin
Hardwick,on the premises, or Jonathan P. Hanlvii.k,
9 tullestielow May. Henry flood’s, on the mam isitth
inghain road, and about seven mils* from the faun.
N. It. Thry have four *ih»r small liaru in tlie neigh
borhond, of inferior lands, they would sell also.
Jan. 33. BI..WHW* It. Si J, |». H.
/i count), January comt, totp,
Aiidiew V) lute...... I’taldt Iff,
a o »l A » r
Powhatan I Indnll and Wm. H. Petkbi*.. Dejtndrnlt.
on the ptsiimn's motion, by cotmeVl, ami it appear
lug to the saiiifariion or ttie eonrt ihat the defendant
I indall is not an inhabitant of this sialv. // /.r Itn retd
and Ordt rtd, I hal nnles* ibe ssid ’I indall shall appear
hrrr on or iirfore May conn next, and kntwrr 11.e
plaintiff* hill, the rooil will Shell prnerrd In lake the
•Mine f«*r confessed as to linn, and decree the matin ,
Ihrirol' r.i foiniugly , and .Iml a copy of lies order he
forthwith published n Mimecne of l he public bewspn
pels Of the eiiyr ot l!l« hhinnd for Iwo monibs sueie*
lively ; ,hd ihar another ropy fiumi up at tbs
from door m the courthouse el this county.
A copy-1 -sie, Jk, tktKIlilit. jr. I>. C.
fit. ft. Od,,»(,»♦

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