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BY RrrCIHB^ G«0_OH_;]___UICIIMONI), rjnci.VLl. : • ...■ i V. t ]11 1 rVOL- XVI —NO* ins ''U
Cl be KNUOIRBR it published twice a week, gene
rally, ami three times a w eek during the session ot the
& m tiegtetatVTt*—Price,th^aawsu bcretofoie,/'Vt/e
Hollars per annum, payable m advance. Notes of Char
tered specie-paying Hanks, (only) will he leceived in
payment. I he Editors will guarantee the safety of
remitting them l>y mail, the postage of all letters being
paid by the writers.
C No paper writ he discontinued,[but at the diacre,
lion of the Editors,] until all aircarages have been paid
C? .Vhoever will gnai ant set he payment of nine pa pets,
shall receive a tenth gratis.
fT One re—First Insertion, 73 cents—carh
continuance, SO rents.
.\o Advertisement inserted until it has either
been paid for, or assumed bg some person in ttris city
»r its environs.
. valuTijlr »>uy ti\)(7ns7
WF. are now receiving and shall receive in the course
of a few day*, about lifl packages of Dry Goods of
'be latest importations and 111 original packages, which
will be sold at lair prices at pttvute rale, and invite
y.urcliaseis to call and view idem, as tbc assortment will
-ns.vrr well the spring sales.—Among them aie 1 lie
- dlowui; articles.
Company S11 pi-nine Chandepoic Cos;:.*
Gold ii idrd J a lie pole Sunpas
( omiaay HueGiir.ahs
ugrl* liaitas
i.lueiUw. .whs
. aeilioniii Gurrahs
T.lor.drtbad Maioif.de*
e Gill.1 Han JK. iMuefs
t iiopany C imp pas
Seersuckers, e.cgant patterns
l.icb double Silk fancy Shawls
Damask and Crape Shawls
fusion Cmpcs assorted
Nankeen Canton Crapes
Nankeen Canton Crape Dresser, some very ri h
Itlack and assorteO’Sewing Silks
1 ire Vella, Lace Snawls, Thread Edging)
.‘.ilk Hose. Navy liluv Sewing Silk
Plain, Stl iped and iignied Cambrics
Superior and middling .jutliiy Calicoes handsome
notcniiue and I.evantine
Superior Moleskin
Macedonia) Silks, superb goods,and
(.Case consisting of tlo; most elegant goods ever .
«.flrred iu this place of lire kind, couosting of white
Cashmere Shawl valued at £U3t). Crimson do. valued
«l git}. 1-1111)11..deled mull mull iiiitsliulong Sliauls,
embroidered mull rottii muslin diesses, half dresses
<1o, plain r ml lutiia mull mull muslins sprigged,do do
dolled do do.
21 Cases Dooieslic goods, coiiMstiug of excellent
rheelings and shillings
OTIS, DUN I 01* ft CO. Auct’s.
March in. no..lot
\LL pels.Hi' having claims again* tin- csi.ur ni
JACOB WILLI AMSON, dec. are hereby untitled -
to sue mi llirm immediately ; and those indebted in
tUr said estate are required lo come forward and make
payment.—The public are cannoned against transact
ing My business relative to the said estate, with any
person oilier than the sutiscritn'r—and such person nr
person* as have possession ut the papers of said dece
dent, ate required lo forward them lo the subscriber.
A Irr.'orile bonis non, with the will unnexert,
o)' Jacob Williamson, dec.
March 3. u;..tf
J'o Trustees of Academics.
ATEACIIEI! from Edinburgh, Scotland, wishes to
take charge of a school or an academy, in addi
tion to the oidinary branches of a literary and iiiatbe
lnaiicat educating, elementary courses of chemistry
and mutual philosophy can he given, fur which he
Las an apparatus.Ucspectable references mil he
made as to quantisation and character.—Farther pur
ticutars may be known Uy teller addressed to it. X.
tf’nst utiice, Macl'ailand's, Virginia.
March 3. »si..i2i«
,4 LL persons iudehied io JOSEPH DARMSTADT
1 k dec are requested to make payment lo me mitre
Oiatelv.us I a n desirous of closing the administration
ai soon as possible, and therefore cannot grant indul
gence lo aay body. haniel call, Ex’or
of Joseph UarinstaJt, dec.
Feb, s. __ho..if
ALL peisous buying claims against the estate of
Paul Graham, dec’ll, are requested to make them
Known Immediately, murder that arrangetiituients may
i>e made for the payment of die same
AltCH’O : SAMUEL, Artm’r
rtf bonis non oj Paul (Jnibant, rtcc'rt.
Caroline comity, March vt Ili3..w4w
A LL persons bavin; claims against JOS. llAltms
a w. TADT, dec. are requested to make tlii-m known.
of Joseph Darmstadt, dec.
Feb. 3. 85..tf
Jl Mi’l'Itl.lMiKI),
\N0 for sale ai W'm.H. FilzwliyUntiu’s Uookstore,
and bv l-eier Eppes at the Capitol,
To the Virginian Law Authorities.
PT »*i ice S«
Jan, go._ 79..tf
Notice to Masons Bridge But liters.
T>UOFOS.L8 will be received till the Ith oj June,
nest, by llic subscribers, FOR IT IF. EllkC'IION
OF A lULl. F-KIDOK across James river at inis place.
The river is 293 yards wide at Hie contemplated site of
the bridge— the avera;e depth thereof at common low
water in summer two feet nine inches, ibe bottom solid
lock entirely across. There aic several quairirs of
-.'ock.of good quality, not more than 500 yards distant
from the site on the waters edge,and the wooden mate,
rials can he conveniently obtained by water Irani the
neigtibiihood, eilbrr above or below. The budge is
to rest on pier* 40 leet span, each pier l<» he 12 feet
wideat the bottom and S feet on the top ; 23 feet hign
and 2.1 feet lovg, of solid masonry of the most sub.
auutial kind, and the top wilt he required of limber of
suitable size and strengthen he covered w Mb substantial
plank. Due fourth of the cost f tiie bridge mil he
paid when the w rk commences, one fourth when half
v'wrk.Bond with approved security will tie required
from ihe undertaker before any money Is advanced. -
The above is the general plan of tbe budge coiilrm.
plated by Hie hoard of managers, hut is subject to be
altered upon the suggestion of otic more approved.—
Communications may lie made by any person disposed
to undertake ibis work, to the undersigned, agents of
rhe bridge company, at Carters', die, Virginia.
March 24. 10.1..18I
ty Tbe Kditors of the National Intelligencer will
please insert the above twice a nerk 'till the 41I1 June,
and forward their account to this office for payment.
IVY virtue of a deed of trust made to ihe subscribers
) by David I. Burr and wrlfe, Francis i->llef and wife,
and Vincent Lea and wife, dated the amii day of Jan'y,
in the year 1818, and of record in the conn of hustings
of the eiiy of Richmond— Will be exposed 10 sale, at
i.uciiun, on the premises, on ifoudo 7, I fie 71/A day »/
April next, all that 1.01 OF LAND In Ihe clly of Rich
tiiond, known and distinguished in Die plan of the said
city,by ihe number Stib.aml all buildings and improve
ments thereon, and which is known by the name of
77re Union Air J'itrnaee
Terms of safe, $ 2,83 < 33, with Interest thereon fr..m
the 201 h day of January last, and the cost and expenses
a'tending the rale to be paid down In cash. I he residue
t<f the purchase money, as far as it shall extend, to he
pud in the following Instalments, to wit: 521133 33, on
the JPth January, in the year 1821—$ 3033 33, on the
iblh January, in the year 1822—$2133 33, on Ihe 2blli
Janunry, in ihe year 1823 $ a?!U 3f, on the liuh Ian.
In the year 1824—and for Ihe surplus, if any, credit will
be allowed to tbe time last mentioned. Fur tbe four
instalments as far as they shall extend, and for the
surplus, If any, the purchaser must execute negotiable
notes with an approved endorser, payable at either of
the hanks in the city, and also a deed of trust on the
property to secure the paynieut of the said itistalmeirts
as they shall become due, and of like tenor with the
deed of (rust bow U< he avted on.
til Altl.l'.S COPLAND, 1
CAHfF.R B. I'AtlF, l trustees.
f^The property above advntlsed, comprehends An
Iron Founder!!, with two at' furnaces, one Cupel fur
uace.onthe most approved construction, with water
blast -and nil the Interior fixtures of the fun 11 drry com.
pleie and (it for immediate use
A Draft Founder y and ftntsliing shop.
A HlurktrnlUt't .Shop, with three forges and every
preper convenience,
A good brick t wo tf or y Dwelling finite.
Khcrls for store rooms,eoke oven, Arc. he..
I he whole forming a complete establishment for
casting, making and finishing all kinds of machinery,
and well worthy the attention of persons in Hint line.
Immediately after the sate of the above prop, rly,
Skill he sold at public auction, on a credit of six.
twelve, and eighteen months, for appioved rndoised
botes, all the IMItcrnt, Flasks, IlfunD, Tools ami
Dnideniems appcriaiuiug to said foiindety and work
snaps. ’
N. B. All orders fur castings, previous to fl,« above
l salt, will be r-’cerx-ed and duly executed.
. F'JLltr, SLR It A CO.
* 01..Ids
Rappahannock A cadi my.
1M I’HI'S?* I. H u Hli a sense of the niinieriMis advantages
|imir«inl by Hits Instilntlon, ihe quitters «l Ilie
IIAPPAIIsNNllCK ACA IIKM Y, drein it tbeli duty t »
invite the alien'ion of the public ttirr to. I he site is
nnnsiially healthy ; ilie neighborhood wealthy an t a
greealtle—the Library extensive and selei led—the pie.
rident of uuniaried applicaiioti, extensive erudition
and correct morals ; distinguished for tlic miliiiiets
start efficiency of Hie discipline Ire has introduced, the
consequences of which me matt distinctly visible in
the regular deportment and improvement of Hie pu
pill. I he Steward’s urpai iinriit it uilcil by a gentle
man, who enjoys tin full confidence of the trustees, and
who lias given cuttle saiislactiun. Assured of these 1
facts, the trusties solicit parents and guardians to visit
the academy and decide tor themselves. I he several
Maiichet ot a liberal education are taught heir.
The year is divided into two equal s.ssious, with it
vaiuiiiin of tliirr weeks at the tcnnination •>! each.—
ihe entiling session commeuces on the V-illi rlav ol Hir
present mouth. The price of lioaid and tuition amoaiup
to *:« per sesfeioti, payable in advance. I he lion;is
air spai ions, ami sufficient for the aeconin. •li.iiionuf
an hundicd pupils.
It. TaYI.oR, P«t;slt>t:NT.
CHARLES TAI Mi l.ltltO 1
philip LK.ni poor. f ,
toil'. It IlMVAAttf. lit. Ic*-*.
,'! • ’ l A; '
tor. • I I
Valuable I’rapn tn far Safe.
v >1 virtue of a deed ekeiiiled by John Mill, deceased,
x y and Baylor Mill, late merchants and pattuets, liad
mg under the til m o( John Ac Baylor Hill, lirniiiig date
the I mb (lay o( Jolv, Irtls, anil duly ircoi.lcd in the
Clerk’; tlttn-e of King William county court, (in Hie
pnipnsruf making an equal division of the pioprit)
belonging In the laie parinership, between the surviving
paiinri and Ilie repiesenlative of the deceased paituej,
we w ill sell on the pteinises to the highest Bidder on
I he St ft dug <■/' Mni/ nejf, if fair, if not, on Hie next
fail day, on a credit of foitryrais at least, tliat well
known W ANI'EAC tLRINi; MILL, and ONE. lit n.
joining, situate on Heiriuc Click, about two miles
Horn Alien's Warehouse in King W illiatiicounty, t his
propelly has many recommendations, and is won In
theu*trillion of millers and merchants. Herring » irrk
is considered .me of ilie most constant streams in ihe'
lower foimtry. Ihe mill is situmed in a healthy conn
try which affords an abundant apply of vhrai. | he
mill house is spacious, and contains three pair ol
stouts with necessary machinery m complete order.—
There are two granaries lately built capable of con
taiuing between in.ooo and l .’1,1100 huiheisol grain, and
a sloir hoot.' and duelling house. Possession «>| Hie
pieltilsrs, except Hie laud, will be d.-livcrnl 011 the .j:.»
of sale, and of the laud on the 1st day of Jannaiy,
ls*ii, with lioerty to son- wheat at the usual time..!.
Bond and approved security and also a deed of Hurt
oil the pr.'perty will he required of the purchaser.
At lli#* 4atn#» auil ii!nri> tlm Vi'nri.' hl* I'miiic
&r. belonging to the line firm of John Jc Haylor
HlH, will be «tih| mi a credit of six months. It.nut anil
security will k inlinioi .( Ihe purchasers.
Surviving partner ot J.x ti. Hill,
M,rrh 17 ■ IOI..WH.V*
i ri t«• i nmiv '‘illioul lesi'i've, for caeli.
Y.jT nut nr ot a deed at trust errtuted by Thomas
*- r H. Huudalyh and telle, am! hearing dote the
frst day of January 1*18, and duly admitted to
record in the county court of Cumberland lie
shall, oil ilir I Kill dav of May neM. at FarmerilH,,
bejore the doer oj Francis Smith's Tun rn, j.rocn i
to sell for cash, the Jollonlng tracts of I.A\I). or
so much (hereof as it ill be sufficient to pay the sun
due under the trust deed, and alt ,-haigcs of sale
viz: t.'ui Tract of l.and on Aj'f'jomattor rn gr,
j containing by estimation threi hundred U'd nineC
and a halj acres .bounded at the date of the deed of
trust, i y the landsoi Hluke /;. II unison and others
Also ant ot her'Tract oj /.amt, containing h esthatt
tioii <.n\ acres oj land. and bounded nt the dale or
the said deed by the lands of Hubert Ferguson and
Others Tilt said trade He in Cumberland aunty,
anil are in the same neighborhood, and in e in « f, u
miles ol Jumestoun and /•uruiriln The subscri
bers do not u arrant the title- hut nilt convey only
such title u\ they latijvlly have aiitl moo coni t y.
SlliEI./\(; ,v 11/77/
ii'A HUES it MEH/niTB
Ayri. 7._107..fed» «
Jcii Dallas's Iietrard,
IOSl.b) Powell Wiihatik as lie says) al his bro.
s iher .Sar'<cl’» near Nottoway c-nri home oh the
light o( the llth »*..!. A Ul.l>l>t> II VY HOUSE of mine,
about live I’eel high, an<> compactly formrtl. The raid
burse it eleven year» old (>:*& spring ; lias a small tile
mUb ill his leii eve and a lai<> tear op his left shmil
dei .occasioned l.y the co-ar ; one of hit bind hoofs is
while ; and it is believed also his left. \\ hoe- ei will
deliver linn to me living in Goochland, six cities north
oi Cait. rsnlir, shall receive the above reward, _n<l
satisfaction for all reasonable expellees I wish o In
i r expressly iinOersinoi! tbai this advertisement Ir. im
nari.e d. es llol absolve the said Williams from damages
in ihe event of the uon recovery of the horse.
ApriU. 107 . .vrltw •
The Editor of lire Peletthnrg Kepnhlican will please
insert the above advertisement, weekly, three weeks,
and lorvsnr.l hi- account In this office for pavment.
lahmhlc Land for Sale
' S'HF. subscriber being anxious to remove to the verst
» ern c..unity, offers for aale the plantation whereon
he resides, railed e'UTHF.RINGAY, in Montgomery
Coimlv, \Tigintu. Tills tract rotnams 600 acres, about
hall of which is low grounds, clenred and considered
first rare arable and meadow land it lies on both
sides iif Roanoke river, and the mam western road
rims through it. Til' buildings are new and valuable.
—Un a pan of this land, IS AN E'TABLISHM F.NT
FOR A TAVERN ; which, without any land annexed
tents for § 3no per annum. T here are at the faun lie.
tween two and three hundred catlle, a like number ni
sheep, and a good stork of hogs, which ran he bouglil
with the place.— Also, the turnpike road from the np
prrmnst crossing of the Roanoke river across the A lip
glianv mountain, of which I am the sole pioprirtor—
winch road has l>erii established and in operation annul
sixteen tears. Also, soinetn sip over 1500 atirs of laud
adjoining anil contiguous thereto, situated Irom.lto 7
n.lies of Montgomery court bouse, oil nil it Ii are four
plantations, leased out.— Also, a tract on both sides m
Little river, in which are about <430 acres.I nls«
offer for sale In behalf of tin son George, a ira< l ol
SHd acres in Botetourt county, nu tlte nottli side ol
the Roanoke This tiari contains about too hundred
acres of first rale bottom ; ilie balance good lohaccv
and grain lands. About tv. euly acres of the bottom it
in woods, tin this tract is a stock of rattle, sheep
and bogs, which may be bought with the laud I hr
terms will he fair and equitable, and negroes in faun
lies received in part vavineiii for all, or any part ol
this propeity. The prnpertv in Botetourt w ill be alien n
h> Mr. Joint C. Griffin, of Fincastle, «r
Montgomery, March ir. lot..virtu
i\l H KICK
MAIN SI REE I. a few doors above Hie Bell, has no
detiakrn an agency for the sal* ol
Dr. Ufa i/o's Ithi/ming Spelling Mooli,
and KHYvlNG Pit I MBit, (price of the former i.% its
of the latter cents.
teachers ivillbe supplied by wholesale,at a very libr
ral discount. f? orders from the country will hr
pinmpity attended to.
Being called upon to give my opinion of “ Mayo’
Rhyming Spelling Book ’’ I do not hesitate to ear, that
1 consider il better calculated to promote the Improve
ment of the learner, than any of the kind, I have seen
J. II I t'ltNKR, 1
Haltlmrre, Nov. Jtt, IBID.
We earnestly recommend Or. Mayo’s Hhyming Mjiet
ling Hno/i. as the best calculated foi the Iniproveinen
of yonng persons that we have ever seen. The har
moiiy of the mrcrisivc corresponding round*, lead
the learner torward in an rasy and nntuiai wa; .withon
fatigue or study,and is admirably calculated to dlmi
ntsh the labor «r Hie teacher and the pupil.
Pot merit/ Professor in the College nj William mu
Mary. Virginia the College of (Month Carolina
ana late of the Asbury College, Baltimore
f.ate Professor of Ancient amt Modern I,an
gauges, in the Alburn College, Bal'imnre.
Hector of ,st. Pi ter's
f.ate President of Asbury College
After having examined itr. Mayo’s Hhimlng Print.
*"d Syrtling Hook, with the view of giving lovopnioi
respecting item I (r- l tin hesitation in saving Urn
liter posMMv singular advantages over any (her vie
meniary Irocks of this kind.
l DM I Nf> II. BARRY. D. ft.
Prin,i)>nl of th Haiti more Acttt. my
Anri I IMs.wfffti
NO I iclT.. ..i he sttbserme* atone is anihnttsed I
receive the ouistaittfinp debts due to the late cor
cent of LYI R. SCOTI St S AI NPF.HS, havlag been ai
pointed fecei ver there” ft. v tb* superior court of chance
for the Itichinoud dis.rtet, |i is expected that all <
Sons i del.ted to Hie said concern will make tmm
ate pay’ne.il, a* longer ii,du(g*uee cannot he afforded.
fJ’C.3. ij«..tf 8 A Mv’F-f fAY f OR.
Jietirrfiitl.fi fate Com. StEPII KN DkcATPR
ml Com. Jamks Barron, which ini in ,
thr vnfortnuate meeting of the 22(1 of \
The fiit’lirtv of the title Commixture Iterator have
learned with vet> mral M-arrt, th;tl >»iiconcr|>tioti» tti
jnrtonv to him iirevutl. midair ea|endins. relative In
I he differ uic* helneen him and Coxxix.th.ic Harlou.—
I o |>lare Hub subject in its tine ti -lit, ihev have tlit
it ncre^Bary t» tubmil to thr nublii; without cninii^iit, ■
•he n hole correspondence which preceded the iirectiuc.
(No. l )
Hampton, Ya. June P2.+ ifitp
Sip--! have been informed,in Norfolk,
tint you have said that you could instill j
me will* impunity, or words to ihat ef |
■'(Vet. ll you have said so, you will no I
doubt avow it, and ! shall expect to hear
from you.
' 1 am, fir, yo'\- obedient servant,
To Commodore Si prup.N DECATUR,
H ash ing!on.
(No. *2.)
Washington, irth June, ish).
Sip — I have received your communion
tinn ol the l.Hh insf. Before you cotihl
have been entitled to the information you
have ttskerl of me, you should have given
up the name of your informer. I’lta'
f rankness w hich ought to characterise our
profession required it. I shall not, how
ever, refuse to answer you on that ac
count, hut hall lie us candid in my com
munication to vou as your letter or the
vase will warrant
W hatever I may have thought, or said,
in the rertf frequent and fire cutiret sat ions /
have had ret peeling j/ou and your conduct, I
feel a tliotougli eonviclinn that I uvvei
could have bet n guilty ol m> much ego
tism as to say that “ I could insult you"
(or any other man) “ with impunity.'*
I am. sir, your • hedient servant,
To Commodore James Barron,
JJampOm Virginia
[Pro ft kerf ftp ( oH'm ffcctitur. J
(No. ».)
Hampton \ h. June 2.3, irip.
Siit-Y >ur iiiniuiii'alioti <>t ilie 171I1
inst in answer to mine of the 13l!i, 1 have
T c circmnstances that urged toe to
call on you for the information requested
in my letter, would, J picstrme, have in
stigaled yon, or any oilier person, to the
sane conduct that 1 pur-u d. Several
gentlemen in Norfolk, not y nr enemies
nor at tu *ted hr any malicious motive,
* old no that “iieii a report w as in circula
tion, lint could not In- 1 laced to its origin.
I, 1 herefore, roiiciuded to appeal to you,
supposing under su h virvuinstauces,‘that
I could not outrage any inle id decorum
or candor. I'lns, I trust, will beconsid*
ered a ju-? motive lor the course ' have
put sued. Your declaration, if I under
stand il correctly, relieves my mind from
the apprehension Ilia! you had so degrad
ed my character, as i had been induced
to allege.
1 am, sir, your obedient servant,
To Commodore Stephen Decatur,
II ashtu/rton.
(No 4.)
Washington, June 2.9, irio.
Sir?—1 have re« cived ynurcommunica
tiou of the 2-f»th, in answer to nnue of the
17th. and, as you have expressed .ourself
d mbifnliy,as to your correct irnd rsland
tng ofinj letter of the a for* -aid date, I
h ’-'e now to state, and t request you to
understand distinctly, tha< 1 meant nn
more than to disclaim the specific anrt per
lieuhtr expression to which your enquiry'
..a- directed, to . it : tha! I had said I Inti
F could ill-lit 1 you with impunity As to j
the motives of ti c “ several gentlemen in •
Norfolk." y**ur informants, <>i the rumors 1
wiiii'ii v«i(i iiiji (#•• I i «ii(t i iu illtrlr
on which tin ir information was founded,
or who they are, is a mailer of perfect
indifference to me, as is also your mo
lives in making such an enquiry upon
such information.
Your obedient servant,
To C"inmodore J a mrs Barron,
Hampton, Virginia.
(•'ranked y Comm, /treatur.)
(No. 6 )
Hampton, Oct. 23, I8ti>.
Si I! — I had supposed lliat (he m asure
of your ambition was neaify compleb-d,
and tiiai your good ioitune iia i rendered
your reputation for acts of magnanimity
too d ar to be risked wantonly on occa
tons that can never redound fo the honor
of liioi that would be great. I bad also
concluded that your rancor towards me
whs lully sati-lied, by the • ruel and un
merited sentence passed upon me by the
court of which y.n were a member ; and,
alter an exile from my country, family,
and friends, of m ai l , seven years, I had
concluded that I should now lie allowed,
a' least, to enjoy the solace, with this so*
ci'dy, that lacerated feelings like mute
required, and that yon would have sulhr*
ed me to remain in quiet possession of
those enjoyments ; tint, scarcely had I
set my fool on my own native soil, rre I
learnt that the same malignant spirit
which had before influenced you to en
deavor to ruin >nv reputation was still at
work, and that you were ungenerously
traducing my character whenever an oc
1 cHsioti occurred that suited your views,
and in many instances tint much to your
credit as an otficer, through the medium
r of our juniors; such conduct cannot fail
• Among the copies we hare rect ircd, from Hash*
ington,of the pamphlet, itoncjroni Commodore
l/arrim - which hits a frtr 11. S. notes at the foot
, of the page. At threw were init ndcu ns rrplana*
lions, and do not appear cnlcnhtlid to produce
farther excitement, in riduti n to this melancholy
i event. they arc added, it I hear hits, to (ho copy wc
now lay hr fore the reader.
fCottons OK THE ESQVIlIEft.
♦ Will. rerper* in iM” dal- «r tola Piter, Il may he
proper lo ol»er>r, ihat, alUitingli il ia Wih June, yet
> Mir lt;tfif J.at mad., ini»hl writ he inllitktu <m a .1 ;
lieuir, In Cninn nd'>f<' pnratnt’a Piter ot refly, he
• .tillered II.► date In l-e Mil, 'Ill (•-tcriing,
> e,. In ilie p»M mark mi the o. ck of I lie Purr, it
a» (>1111(1 lo have been >inl ini • l!|r prtl office. on the
•oh : I enre In Com, S>era m> iiitt t to Com. Barron,
• oie ,|*st Ofituhef Hit, il It frrngni vri S', U.m- I on
'he l{ib
fo pr. dm «• at t on- vtlVc-f on tf p *i -
cipline and subordination id i!>«• • avy. A
report ot lliis sort, sir, coming from the
respectable and creditable sources it riel,
could not tail to arrest my attention, stud
to excite those feelings which might nat
ttraiu be expected lo arise in the heart of
every man who professes to entertain
principle* of honor, and intends to act in
conformity with them. Witlisn h feein g*.
I addressed a letter to you under dat» ol
the l.’Jih June last, which produced a cor
respondence between us, which I have
since b eu informed von have endeavored
to use to my further injury, by spurting it
to Norfolk by a respectable officer ol th>
ttttvv, to lie shew o to some ol my particu
lar friends, with a view o| alienating from
me tliei attachment. I am nlfrn informed
tiuit you have tauntingly and hoasliugly
Observed, that you would cheerfully meet
me in tire field, and hoped I would yet
ait like a man, or that yon had used
words to (fiat effect : such conduct, sir,
on th- part ol any one, but e-pcciuJIy one
occupying the inflii utial station iiudct
the government which you hold, towards
an individual, situated as I am, and op
pressed as I have lie n, and th.it chiefiv
by your means, is unbecoming you a** an
officer and a gentleman; and sliewsa
want of magnanimity which, liostih as I
have foil ml you lo be towards me, I bad
hoped (or your own imputation you pos
sessed. It vails I u lly ior redress at m»iii
bands ; i eonsiiler you as having given
the invitation, which I accept, ami will
prepare to meet yon at such lime and
place as our rcsoective friend*, hercaltci
to he named, shall designate. I also, mi
»ler all thecirciims'auces ol the case, con
sider myself entitled lo the choice of wra
pons, place, and distance ; but, should a
difference ol i pinion be entertained bv
our ti l* mis, l fiattrr my sell, dial you
would disdain au\ uufiii* advantage,which
your superiority in the its** of til pistol,
and the natural defect in ntv vision, in
crea-cd by age, would give you 1 will
thank you not t.-> put yoni name on (lie
cover n| your answer, as 1 presume y< u
fan have no disposition in give unneces
sary pain to the females ot inv family.
I am, sir, your obedient -< t * ant,
(No. (J.)
Washington, :n-t Ocf. lsir>
SlR—Your I tier of Hie 2.‘id unt. lias
been duly received. Prior to g vilig it
that reply which I int< ml, its contents
"uf?Ke>l •hi necessity of risening to our
June correspondeiire.
On the 121 it of June last, you addres
sed to me a note, enquiring whether 1
had said that “ I could insult y .u with
impunity.” On the I7tli June, I wrote
to you in i plyf as follows ;— * W'l atr
' er I may have thought or sait! in the very
frequent and fne conversations 1 hare hml
respecting you ami your conduct. 1 feel a
borough conviction that 1 never could
have heen guilty of so much egotism, as
t say that / could insult you, or any
other man, with impunity.”
On the 25th ol June, you again wrote
to me, that lire report on which you had
grounded your query ot I2lli June,
“could not be Irand to its origin,” and
your letter is concluded in tin- following
words: “your declaration, if I under"
stand n correctly, relieves my mind from
the apprehension that you ha I so degra
ded mv character, as I had been induced
to allege.’'—Imrupfiately on receiving
\ourh il r of the 25th June, I wrote m
yon, 2I)th Julie, as follows: " As you
have expressed yourself doubtfully a- *o
your correct understand >i;r f \ letter
f the 17ili .tmi", I have now to state,
and I request yon fc» und. i -Hand, fits
tiro • !', that I mean no inure than to dis
da m tlie specijic and particular expres
sion, to which your inquiry was dire -t«J,
to .'if : ‘ that j had said that I cnld in
sult \on with impunity-” Here ended
our June correspondence, and, with d,
all Kind <•{ communication. Mil the dale
of v our letter of the ‘2:fd inst. whi It l
shall now proceed t > notice.
Nearly (our mouths having elapsed
since therlaM* ol our last correspondence,
your letter was unexpected to me, parti
ctihrlv :ih the terms tt«rd by you, in the
conclusion ol your letter to me of the
251 li June, and your silei*c» .since receiv
ing my lettered the 2Dtli June, indicat-tl,
as I thought, satisfaction oil your part.
But, it seems Dial y"it consider yourself
aggrieved by ii*v sending tin* June < or
respondent!- to Norfolk. I did not send
our June correspondence fo Norfolk, un
til three months had expired alter your
Iasi communication, and not then, until
I had been informed by a captain of the
navy, that a female of your acquaintance
had stated, that such a correspondence
had taken place * If Dial correspon
dence has, in any degree, “ alienated
your friends from you,” such effect is
fo he attributed to the correapoudcncr
itself. I thought the papers would speak
for themselves, and sent them without
wriPen comment.
With respect to the court martial upon
you for the affair of the Chesapeake, te
which you have been pleased to refer, I
shall not treat Die ofii- cis, who compos
ed that court, with so mm It disrespect,
as fo attempt a vindication of their pro
ceedings. The chief magistrate of oui
country approved theru ; the nation np
proved them ; and the sentence has beet
carried into edict. But str, there is t
I pail of my conduct, on that occasion
which it doe* not appear irrelevant tr
r< vive in your recollection. It is this ; !
was present at the court of inquiry open
y«»u, and heard Die evidence then addu
ced tor and against you ; thence I drev
an opinion altogether unfavorable fo you
and. when I was called upon by the Se
rotary of the Navy, to act as member o
the court martial ordered lor your Dial
I begged fo ho excused flm duty, on tin
ground of my having formed such ai
opinion, The honorable Secretary wa
pleased fo in«.i t on my nerving ; sti!
anxious fo he relieved from this service
• Hrr th* rsoa'l frnn /':>rrui**» * »r:fr*» Itttrr, r*f
l»-!cs i a

• i"' ! . taking my seat as a u.ein
!»' r of the court, communicate to your
»hle advocate, general Taylor, the «.|>in
ion I had I.n oted, and my correspondence
with the Navy D. partpieul upon the soli
ji*ct, in order to afford y*tt an oppirlu*
uit\, should you deem it expedient, to
protest again-1 mv being a member, on
the ground of my not only having form- !
ed. hut expressed au opinion unlavorhlr I
to you. You tint ho! protest ngjiu-l mv ■
being a oit'inher. Doty cnysl ained me, j
, however unpleasant it was, to take my ,
seat as aniemlier; I did so, and disehar- j
g‘‘tl the duly imposed upon me. You. I 1
hltd, ar..- incapable ol estimating the I
ainlives which guided uiy conduct in till
For my conduct as a member of that
court ma tial, 1 do lint iou«i h-r mv-clf,
as, in any way, account.ihl. to putt. But,
Sir, you have thought lit to deduce. Irom
your impressions of n.v eon.tint as a
niemhei of tliKt court martial, mfcicnccs
ot personal hostility towards you. In
(Itienceil by feelings thruee aris ing, you
c. nmietieed the June oiiespoudcitce, a
correspondence which 1 had loped
•'oiilil have terminated our coutmuun a
Between you and my self, there never
has be* n a personal difference ; hut I
have i ut(‘Maiucd, and do still entertain
the . pinion, that your conduct »ss an I
lievr, since the affair id tin Ciu sapeak*-,
has been such as ought to f< rever baj
your re-admission into the service.
In my letter to von, ol llie I7lh June,
although I disavow* d the pnrtieu/nr ex
pressions lo which you invited mv at leu*
lion, candor required dial 1 should ap
prise you of my lint having been si! ut
r s|»* v ting voii, I informed von that I had
had verp Jietjurnt and fite conversations j
respecting pan mid pour etui duct ; and the
words were underscored, that tin y migl t
not lad t<» attract your particular alien
t’ it. Had you havi* asked what th*.
f i. 11 ll r ll 1 Mil ■ t I r.... .... jii.n.u .. ..
- • old, wit t!ic -amc I;a!ikiics>, .a\<
told yon; but, in lead id making »
demand ol this kind, \ou reply t«» nn
letter of lIn* J7ili June, “ That my
de laration, it correctly undei.stood bv
you, relieved your itiittd/'A-.*. That yon
might correctly uuderstaud what I did
hi can, f address, d you, as before oliseiv
cd, on tin* 29? June, and cudeav.icd,
by nmli't-scon'ti" •. rlaiu precise tern s, to
convey t< you my pre. ise no aning. '{’o
• bis iast h l d r i never received a n ply
Under l liese citenmst a tiers, I have
judged if expedient a! this time, t > stal ,
sis distinctly as may be in m\ power, the
tavts upon which l ground the tuilsivo a
lile opinion wliirh 1 entertain, an.d (rave
expicssed, «d y our eonduet as nn • (finer,
since the otirl martial upon you ; lisle i
di-claim all personal en . it\ to- aids you.
Snaie time alter you had be<'ii susp ml .
cd Irout the service, for vour condm t mi i
the atlair of th Chesapeake, you pr<*» j
ceeded, in a merchant hrig from Norfolk
! lo Pernambuco ; and by a couimumcit
i lion front the late Capt. L-u", whose
j honor and veracity w-re never yet ques
tioned, it appears—that you stat' d to Mr
J-V"l>, the Hrilish consul a? Pernaiii' mo,
with wli nn you lived, • That it liieChv
. sap.-ake had been prepared tor action,
; you would no1 have resisted the attack
of the Leopard ; assign,,,^ a reason,
I hat you knew, (as did also our g -v. in
Wen),) there were deai-itcrs on lioai'1 \ ui
ship ; that the President of tin* Unite i
1 Mat s knew there were desert, is >n
board, a id >1 the intc'itiou ol the l.ri
tisli In take them; and that tin P.esi
j dent cans* d you !■ go out in a delcm .
I less state, lor th express purpose o| hav
ing vonr vhipattai ked an do-g ace. , ami
thu b*K*u iiia favorite object ot mvol
v ug Hie United Males in a war with
(it at Britain.'' For eonfirmatieu of tin
i in.'nrmHtion, Captain L* w is riders In M>,
j * •• mas Cioodwiu, ot B .ilimore, 11. |>r<»
j ther of CaptaiH Ki gl y, of the Nav
.. 1 ^ .n i i #> mi nim^t'ii
It * renc<* v\a*< marie lo \Jr. Goodwin,
w,la>, in an < flici.il conimunicnli n, t<m
tinned all that Captain L wis had .aid
f’ue veracity and respe-lability of \|
Goodwin arc al« > beyonl que«ti>ii. ^ "it
will b enabled t» judge <d ? ,o i.rnpressi->n
| nia e upon Captain L wis’ mind, l»v the
following strong remarks be made on Hie
I am now convinced llial Barron is a
traitor, for 1 can • all by in oilier ii« n<- a
man who wool talk this way to an Fn
gli-liman. and an English .au in office.’ •
I’lie communu ali. n*. are now in In- ar
chives <d the Nav\ D partnnnt.
If. "if, llie affairthe Cliesap *ke ex
cited ihe indignant feeling, ot the nation
towards Great Britain ; and was, as every
one admits, one of the principal causes
which produced the late war, did it not
behove you to take an active part in the
war, for your own -rnk 1 Patriotism not
of Ih;* question ! But, sir, instead ot hud
you in the foremost ranks, on an occasion
which so emphatically demanded your
heat cxeiliojis, ii is said, and is credited,
ll'ial you were, alter the commencement
of Ihe war, to be found in llie command
ot a vessel sailing under (iritisU I,icent? f
I hough urged, by your friendto avail
you i sc 11 of someone of the opportunities
which were every day occurring, in pri
vateer*, or olb: r fast sailing merchant
vessels,sailing from France and oiiier pla
ce?, to r< lurn to your country during the
war; it is not known that y on manifested
a disposition to do so, excepting to the
, single instance by the van* l John Adams,
i in whii'li vessel, you must lave known,
you could not be permitted to r turii.wdh
i out violating her character a* a rail. I.
\ on say you have been <*ppM\*fM'«l —
’ Y mi know, sir. Hint, by Hhsmiitq; your
; self, as you did for years,from llu-country,
without leave from Hie government, yon
r subjected yourself to Iw stricken fr<*m the
, rolls. Y'di know, also, tint, by ■'•<■ loth
article of the act for the l»ef<< r govern
i m-o| of the Navv, all p* ison-< in Hie Navy
11 holding iuterc -tirse with an enemy, he
I come subje ct to the severest ptuiishuien'
, known t,-> uiir Jaws You have md, to
{*,! letter from r f, ,thman in t> e AVri to a rltr
»*»♦"« .Vtff y f)ryfb\jnfTi(
the ofiem es h. fon-staled, to tny ftmw*
leilge, received ever, a reprimand ; and !
dr> know, that y our pav e\ en during your
absence, lias been c ontitinedMo you.
A- to my having spoken «vf you injur*
ion !y to** junior ofh r*,” ! have to re
uiaili, tiiat sucli is the state of our sen ice
that we have but fee. seniors. If ! .-peaIt
"’do officers at all, the probability if, it
will hr w ith a junior.
On >our return to this country, your
efforts to re-establish ynuisclt in the ser
vice w i re know u an t b came a subject
of conversation with cithers as well as
others. In the many and free coiiv ; s#*
lions I have had respecting you amt vnuf
< on d net, I have said, for the eausi s a hove
enumerated, that, in tny opinion, \»>u
owgbt not to be received again into the
naval service; that there was not mi*
(>f>y inent for all tin* officers w ho had laitl;
(ull\ dischaigetl tlu it duty to their coun
try in tbe hour*! trial ; and that it would
be doing ail act of injustice to employ
you, to the excln roll < f any one of iheir>«
In speaking thus, anil « odeavoring to
prevent your ie>ailinission, I conci ivc
that I was perb runng a duly I owe to
th*' s i vicc, that I was con>i dintmg f<> the
preservation ol its lespeciabili’y. }’.;d
you Iimvi* made n<» effort to be re'em; toy
ed a(l< r the war, it is more t .au piolmble
I ought not have spoken ol ymi It \ ' u
continue votli < ffoi!v, l shall certainly
Imm the same hidings ..! publi deity by
wlii.li l luivt hit v rio be« u acinaled, |o*
coiislraim d to cotilinui the expression
ol my opinions ; and I can ascur* \< ti
th.it, i:i -he interehrt’ig of opinions with
other officers respecting you, I !.;• e
never met with more than one who d.d
not entirely concur with me.
The objects of your communica:! r.
of tbe *23d, as expressed by von, now
claim my notice. You profess to cotis -
(brine as having given yin 4 * an v-da
ttoti ” You say (foil v • ii I:av- t.*«*«.*ti » Id.
• bat 1 have “ 'amitir yly amt !> astiogly
oi,served, that I wool I cheerfully in t
V'U »'i du* <i I i, and hojed y u would
Vet act like a man.”
On. . out I nalmally Itliv supposed
tIi;m alb r liaviii" li. «*n so run nt)\ I. u mio
rfm by “ Illinois'* whirli cull til ii.*| luy
traced, % on won d Have leceiwd, with
s hik* caution, -uhsctjin nt rumors ; a' all
events 'that you would have «nd<sv reil
jo have tiared lii.m, before m veotnr
iujjioarl upon them as die wer tun.
Had you have puism-d this e mir e, \ oil
would have I’ist < \\ re 1, tlial the la’t*r
rumors were equally unfunded as tlitr
loi liter.
I never invityd you to the field ; nor
have l i xpre-.»ff | a h >pc tlial V"ii would
call me out. I was inform | by t;e». !t -
•naii with iv.s i n y m ha > pir • r ■ «• * I upon
• lie suhjec , jhat vim left N . n. for bis
place, someiioi • he I ore om Jti . " r i
pondeucc, w ith till-uileutlO'i ot eahi • me
Old. | then stated to that g *ntlen,.m, as I
have lo all oilier- wiili ivle n 1 ha. mi -
vriseil upon th subj. et, that, il . u 1(;e
the call 1 would meet you ; |>m : ,» , <>n
all score- I should bo mjieii h< i dea
to have nothin" !.. towilh y.y 1 do
not I in ok that tijpit.ii" duels, under any
circumstances, -an raise Mir otilatiun
ol any man, ami have loop siny discovt'
e ‘, I ha' i is nor even an it n ■ rrtii" cr;'e«
no of prrsoreel com ,!"• 1 s.hould regret
the tie e--i*\ t>» fi diu i_; with any man ;
on m my opimon the mail who mak s
arms Ins profession is not »t liberty to de
cliue an invitation fr»• »• an* person, w!i
is not so lai 'Cgijuled as It* he h« neat
his notice liivui" i icauti his!) sanl {
would meet you, I vd n t U -w consider
this to he \oin ease, alih.xii.di many
think so; and ll I h.i i not hi. *"ed rny
se|-, I mi"ln rec .iiviitc tlie cp«..
\s to** weapons, p|a an I f ..lice,'
if .vc an* to meet, lhns<- omuls iitf ns is
usual, he eommitted io the ; .end f may
self' i on the oeca ton. As or, t oe.**>er,
as it may be left I.) me, not ha.); , any
pi-ticul r prejudiec in favor i f ,.a .
tit ular arm. dis’.tiiec, or mod,, i i,» OM
| in- conir.iy (Il i km- them ) am,; i
not lie (nuud las idmus on »i>- >u,t.
lull should lx •-•'h i •«. . : , *
ai.y little ad. suit,:-, of .ills Milt. ,\t :
my -kill in th e <> o the i 4i . xi
!i>"i ‘ iii yoiii .... ha:; in reality
lor tli la-1 t v. ni\ year* 1 Imve had I id
lilt1' practice ; and ".«• disparity in out
a-c- to wliicli you have I., . n j,;. ,i j.,
r< ter, is, I believe, not moi. rjiau five n.
•iix years. It would have I.. en oni 01 t!i •
common conr-e cl nature, n the vis
ot either of us bad been in.pioved
V «vfl.
From your manner of proceed,!*!;, •
appears to me, that y ti have come t;;
ihtermiufttmi. 1<. ti-* • koiiic «.„«•, and tlo.'
you have —ltd. n o . lor that pur, m»e
and I must lake leave lo observe, t!i«i
your object would have been |» Iter at
tained, had you made tins decision dur
iny nr lale war, win, \our ftxhliug
ni'^ht have benefilted yn,,r coui'trv hv
well as yoursell The s'v le of voor rotn
iiiuuication, and the mailer, >■ • dr
serve so ilispassiotiale and i < »} a
notice as I have jtiven it ; n ut bad l
believed it would rec- iv uoo’her m.. -i
lion than your*, I -h >uld h»v> spared
my.sell the trouble. 'I lie course } ad. pt.
| cdwitliOMr b-rmer corresf otMlenc-. I shall
pursue with this, il I »h I deeni il expe
lam, sir, your obedient »• r; v. i ,
STEF URN M;< \ l UR.
To Comm odor. .I.\v. i*p- IJarron,
Hampton \irgihin,
i I XTil At’T.J
NoRFVI.K.tld II AujT'i-', 1810.
Hhj Dear ('nmmctlorr.. ..Nothin# ha.I
frali'-ptr-d here ,»r» v»« -1.- n n v .rr.v’tlon
tt. sllhj < t > Mh "or: ■ ord. in. e ; bi;! a
Lmly.a Mu- ****** | I ' ■,.$* eri:n- r *,
(role Ilan.pt t>, had ;• . ' 11.>♦» -
pol’d in • jiao tak ,> plr.i r b, 1wp n v m
and If whi i> sfi» p an d would e,..I n a
Mi.-eting The fe;, » of tic. |.p»\ mi- ;♦
dir' < t v Tian. . mi 'i th, opinion < voce
Irt » ds here, who t ink that h .* r.c>l
pi,' po *■ * > Ii.yr more on the »•,
\ i, so nn that it was ^ nos n . j lamp*
(' •• 1 • v u here, that |-m-,s h*.f pass^
i yntnc laity tiling in tht Jan,l{f tf f^s fathtr f
Mrs. Drc/tlur.]

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