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-.t ■wnn'»«.ir>immum»«op*
[Front BtackwoaJ's Krtiu’ntrgh Magazine.
4a Erpnttulatory Knit! U areas I fitted hy the tallowing
yaisage In his Spiel ntns of Knglis/t 1‘oetry t
" '•<" us cvleuiated bxrd drinking, because it was
•■’.r latUlot.—and Ins songs are utnv seldom vociferated,
>. just- that lusbiou Is gone b)
{Specimens, yi*l. vi. p, 437.
Sit, vo»»r lust wrtik >i»ii tUe logic tlispluy
Of A Id rich • or unrgerdirk, Cionsaz or llainrl,
JSmi 1 (Link that ;ou trr veiy lAueb wben you t.iy,
t liat the faibtou of drinking is past, Mr. Campbell.
lff.tMiii.il rebels Jolly lopers, ’lis plain
Thai fudiimi’i mi ignorant soil of.1 siraminel ;t
And a lashloii so senseless, so dull, will iciiiaiu
Uni a sbuit time in vigor,I ibiuk, Mi. Campbell,
1 n 1 retand. I’m sure, many ag£p must roll
lletorc with sinb rules run tree spirits we tranintcl,
lltfore tin- hriglit tights of the liollle and bowl
" ill cease oY-r our tallies to sbuie, Mr. Campbell.
Cnuir over mining us. sweet bard, and I swear, [tuel,*
I bat nbeu boineyun return with a nose red as attain!
You will never again so prompt to declare,
1 bat the sons of gay Bacchus are dead, M r. Campbell.
Then, -h ! by that face which in prospect 1 view
AH slowing and grand with rs purple enamel *
Jteircrl yum rash statement. So I buiitas adieu
l ot my puHcbisjnsl out and I’m Air'd, Mr. Campbell.
Cork. Jam,ary SI, la.’O.
Half yast one o'clock in the morning, || H.Y.T.
• Tour logicians. The first as honest a fellow as ever
, a pipe ; Hi- oilier ibree were mode and liguie men.
It is uot wnilb while to prim after the etymon of
i ns Wind ; in lieland it signifies a sluttish awkward
woman ; it 14 sjunuymous with the ahoit word for
teinale (log.
;lteilui.'li clutli, nseil by B. Johnson, Beaumont and
l ielcber, Sir vv. Haveiuiu. &«•.
1 I i red, according to Colibett, in one of his* Year’s
»s>ideiice lit America.' is a .|uvk<r word to express
tixonk. flow tine this is I know not ; but t supplicate
i.ie gentle leader to lakeit here id 11* more usual sense.
1- e Host ten Tumblers.
• --v^ W 4 anIT—11 -
Mnuoir of the Queen of EnMuntl.
\ II ve jierioil of Hits icceipt of the letter
ptiitlivlieii 011 l'ltesday, Mr. Cocbranu Jtihu
bioni' liail tftvrit notice of «v mol ion on tliojinli
.leci of Hie 1‘iiuccKS, lor the Hit. L.oul Cas
»; le.tg.., in itnswcr to a tjuestioii from Mr.
• » *HHi •*«*), Riiitl, flint it Was not uecentfary to
u" “ ’ mi iur. Johnstone s
UJoj.on was brought forward.
I In: icport alluded to iiv her Royal Hi di
r.-vi, having liten ftl.nl lo |lt.r bv |nn, j£d.
uionili. releired lo her letter lo the I'linci
Hagen:, on the subject of the ictrictiuiis which
' 11: placed on her intercourse with her
daughters ami submitted “ that the intercourse
between her *Royal Highness and the Princess
a •tiaiiotte should continue to he sHhject to
regulation and restraint/' This iute.conrse
limited hist to once a week, auJ subse
iju^mlyto oiicc in two wepkii,
On the Ui of Match Mr. Cochrane John,
done S motion came on : it consisted of two
i-solnl.m.s which called .'at all the documents
diUti.g to the vital grs which had been directly
and indirectly imputed lo her Royal Highness.
\ debate took place with closed doors, sir-iu
lids having been deluded fiom Ihc gallery
the result ot winch was the complete admission,
\ Jr '“JrJ n Lasll>!rcatfk, of the innocence of
/rJ'.ny,"1, ‘‘"‘'eW' "uJ "" “rfMwteigmenl that
' ..c pin! net mu ■>/ the doeurntnls n:itl pavers in
j’trslion ays not necessary to establish Unit fad.—
i he motion ot Mr. Johnstone was in conse
quence negatived without a division.
■ oon alter wards the long suppressed “ Uook”
made its appemai>ee. and put an end to all
those donills which the previous mystery that
*/" hung about the transactions it unfolded
was calculated to excite.—Addresses of con
n-.m! 1 'T* re* ^ivc«t by the Pi incest*
tiom a.I nailers, in which the greatest indie
i * a 11 o 11 and abhorrence was expressed “ against
i'll- tool and deinstall!./ rouspiracv, which by
j-cj!"c«l and suborned traducers” had been
cajticii on ittanut her life and honor, lint
;c!u.e tins spirit .so generallr pervaded all
. is, there were those who were still di.sin
ined to ncmitesce in all that was urge 1 in
nvor of her Koval Il'gliness’s innocence.—She
v..s siul an oxilc from the liritisli court, and
sustained nil that prejudice which such a situ
ation was naturally calculated to produce.
.■ restrictions too as to her intercourse with
her daughter were likew ise continued, and she
t. ul only occasionally the li.ippinessof cnioviu"
Me pleasure of her society. Her Koval Hi-h"
ness siu coinmned her benevolent 'pursuits,
a,,'‘V' ‘''f exerctsa of private good to obtain
a t ousoiatiou tor Iter public w rongs. Under
t be Kcgenvy, a proposal was made toller, by
Ministers, io accept ot an allowance of Tab 0j;»
,>.el 'V.“',,IU ’ ,wl ‘,,e ‘Indinod accepting more
Ilian iJ.OtW ; which provisiou.be has since
iu.l-Ml l. licr Roy~.il Highness having then but
tew inducements lo renidiu in a country where
biio was constantly exposed to iudiguitv. quit*
ted ly,gland with a small retinue, and bv
t.avel endeavored todivert her mind from the
contemplation ot circumstances which were
eminently calculated to produce pain. In this
w::y -.he visited nil that was woilliy of obser
vation in i.uropc, and Asia, and then lixed her
t csidrttce on the holders of Lake Como, from
■w hence she occasionally made excursions to
Otlici pieces Of her estate in this romantic
j. tr. at she liter wards disposed, and proceeded
to I e-aio a town in Italy, within about l to
tunes or Koine, where she now retail..
P’op'/'’y. i . MIti, .slu, w.,h apprized of tl.e
iirar'idgeof liie I'ruicess Charlotte. and in the
follow mg year, had the painful intelligence
coumiuiiicaied to her of the death ot her |>c
ovi-d and amiable daughter, whose Ins* whs
'•oi less a..]iciiiig to her feelings than it was to
Hie nation over which, had she lived, she wus
wHmed to govern. Her rtoyal Highness had
new fewer inducements than ever to return
11 *-iuUnd, sod she continued to seek, by ot>
< i-Hin.il changes from piano to place on ihe
r.muiunf, a relief from the melancholy by
vhich -he was assailed. During these exenr
sum, iamors were circulated, that the conduct
or her t<. yat Highness was utterly at variance
wtin that dignity and puiity wim-li was calcu
; itert t > rcllcci Imuor upon heiself, or upon
i nt-'fl tank in which site was placed.
ia It’' mai-ih of l ebniary, IHH>, p iiagrnphs
'* i,',, I" -oim’ of Hie English journals
si ding, tnat a gentleman of eminence at the
drawer y U ir had set out from England.on a
most extraordinary mission ; the ubied h< in-»
tn announce to her Itoyal Highness that her
i'onlinet vr.u to he the subject of minute. iu»
veslizatioti. One ut these |.!Utlg*nplis con
. lud.-.l with these words:-" It must lie evi
dent lad! the reports which have long been in
»ircnlatum, aad which recent events are said
E« render uioro striking, loudly call for cn
* "Hy. we then, as we do now, *trou-ly dr
|.iU'kte:l the circulation of MiclMlaudrrs upon
n:cif idle rumour ; and we again sky. that thu
1 tiuem ranee of the daughter's virtues,4, w^/|
:m the. elevated rank fo which this illustrious
.un rulni.l has now arrived, ought to secure to
»:-3 parent indulgence that is extended to
.e most humble individual, not to he declared
gamy v-nlmut a Dir and impartial trial
In fhv month Of June following, fresh pi*,i
i »ap :s mail.- iheir appruiance. nad it was then
rn toiiiiced Hi it the Chancery hamster before
tb,hail returned from the ( mujuct
and hlonght with h in such MiCviit&stahIc evi*
c-iu-c ot the improper cr-ndm-t ot the i*n„
- is of U ales, as ronilered it highly pmlM.de
<rtat itic unttet vvoiiiil he (,n,light In-lore l*tlr
tfar vent, for th.- purpose of grounding upon it
By letters received in England, from the
s’rtuccM, shortly after the d- .ih of the king
-i* » ppear.. to have been perfectly aware of*
the renewed machinations nt her enemies In
one dated Marseilles, December MUh, |»I1) *h
»ys, " Mv tradnror* aed em-mie* of Engiand
have a/ain held secret m«|iii*itinn at Milan,
t hroilgh Iti* in-.*aus of 'pics and m y ohl servant*,
who iuve be« n sent Hon Ihe Imure lot bad’
» of’dud A Ir. (. Mr. |*. a Hoi. It ami Eoid
have bci it Hiakiug (|| sorts of mutiny into
my private conduct "
I’tie followin' extract of a letter front the
Queen, dried if-une. Iihli March. I-Stiff, contain1.
3u luturcsuiiK duDii ot fact* ie»p«ciitig bet
treatment by feteigi! potcets, pieviour Id her
settling out tot England :
** Dining my residence at Milan, in conse
quence o» the infamous behavior of Mr.
Ompleda (be ha\mg bribed my servants to
become the tradnerrs of my character.) one
of mv English gentlemen challenged him ; the
Austrian Government sent off Mr. Ompleda. 1
wrote myself to the Emperor of Austria, re
questing his protection against spies, who cm
ployed person.- to introduce themselves into
my house, and paiticulurly into tuy kitchen,
to poison the dishes prepared for my table.
I never received any answer to this letter.—
After this l was obliged to go into Germany,
to visit mv relative the Margravine of Badeii,
and the Margravine ot Itarcuth ; I lie Shortest
road lot my retnin to Italy was through Vi
enna, and l took that road with the flattering
hope that tbe Emperor would protect tne.—
At rived at Vienna, l demanded public satisfac
tion for the public iusult l bail received in
'Lombardy ; ibis was retiistil me, and a new
insult was offered. The Emperor ref used to
meet me. or to accept my visit.— Lord Stew
art, tbe English Ambassador, having received
a letter fiuiu me, intoitiling him ot my inten
tion of returning by Vienna, and of taking pos
session of bis house there [as it is tbe custom
of foreign ambassadors to teceive their Prin
cesses into their houses, when travelling,] ab
solutely refused me his house, Jett the town,
and retired into the country. Lord .Stewart
afterwards wrote a very impel lineal letter to
me, which is now in Mr. Canning’s hands, as 1
sent it to England. Finding the Anstiiati
Government so much influenced by the Eng
lish Minister, l sold my villa on the Luke of
Como, and settled myself quietly in the lio
inan estates.....I there tin t with great ci
vility for some lime, and protection against
the spy, Mr. Ompleda ; hut from the moment
I became Queen of England, all civility ecus
ed. Cardinal Consulvi has been much influ
enced since that period by the Baron <le By
tlan, the Hanoverian Minister, who succeeded
Mr. Ompleda deceased. The Bar n de Bydan
lias taken an oath never to acknowledge me as
Queen of England, and persuades every per
son to call me Caroline of Htnuswick. A
guard lias been refused me u» Queen, which
was granted to me as Princess of Wales, be
cause no communication lias been received
from tbe British government announcing me
as Queen. My Messenger was refused a pass
port for England. 1 also experienced much
insult from tbe Court ol Turin. Last year, in
tbu inontli of September [l was then travelling
incognito, under the name of tbe Cotintos
Oldi.J l went to the confines of the Austiiau
estates, to the liist small town belonging to
the King of Sardinia, on my way to meet Mr.
Brqiighnui, at Lyons, as the diiect road laid
through Turin—l wrote myself to the Qu--eu
of Sardinia, informing her. that l could not
remain at Turin, being anxious to reach l.vons
as soon as possible,and ulso that I was travel
ling incognito. I received no answer to litis
post town m ar the country villa where I then
resided, absolutely ret used me post horses;
in consequence ot this letusul I wrote to Mr,
Hill, tlie English Minister at Turin,demanding
immediate satisfaction,and the reason lorsm h
an insult. Mr Hill excused himself upon the
plea of its being a misunderstanding, niid told
me that post-horses would lie in readiness,
whenever l should requite hem. I accordingly
set out. aud arranged logo through the town
of Turin at night and only to stop to change
horses, bill [ received positive aiders not to
go tliioiigli the town but to proceed by a verx
circtiiious road, xxliicli obliged me to travel
almost the whole night in very dangerous
roads, and prevented ine lioin reaching the
post town (where I shon.d have passed the
night) till 5 in lire morning; when by going
through Turin. 1 might have reached it by !0
o'clock at night.—binding so miicSi difficulty
attending my travelling, I thought the iiio.«i
proper mode lot me to pursue, would he to ac
quaint the high personages of my intention of
passing the winter at Lyons, or m the neigh
borhood of Lyons, previous to mv intended
return to England in the Spring. I addressed
a note to the French minister for foreign af
fairs infnttiling him of my intention* and also
that I wished to preserve ihe *tricie>t incognito
No notice was taken of this letter ; and one
nihliesscii to the Prefect of Lyons, met w ith
like contempt : in fact, from the 7th ot
October to the‘ifilh of January, the day I eni
linked from Toulon for Leghorn, I received
so much insult front the governors and prefects,
that I almost considered my life in danger, un
piotccted as 1 then was, in such a country.—
Another motive induced ine to leave it. Mr.
Brougham could not fix the peiiod tor meet
ing me any xvliere iu Fiance. I have written
to Lord l.iveipool aud Lord Castlereagh, de
manding to have my name inserted in the
Liturgy ot the Church ot England, and that
orders be given to all British ambassadors,
ministers, aud consuls, that I should be re
ceived and acknowledged as the t^ueen of
England, and after the speech made by Lord
Castlereagh in the House of Commons, in an
swer to Mr. Brougham, I do not expect to ex.
perieiicc further insult. I have also demands
cd I hut a palace may be pieparcd Im my recep
tion. England is my real home, to which 1 shall
immediately fly. I have dismissed mv Italian
court, retaining only a sufficient number ol
pci sous to conduct me to England ; and if
Buckingham House, Mat thorough House, or
any other Palace is refused me, I shall take
a house in the Country till my friends can find
a Palace for me in Loudon. I have sent a
messenger to England to make the proper
airangemeuts for that pm pose.”
The occur!cures which too!; place on the ar
rival ct the Queen ill England, have been so
recently before our i eaders, that vve think it
unnecessary to detail them here. From the
whole complexion of the case, be she guilty or
imicceui, wearr iriesis'ablyiTawuia to admire
the display of fortitude, which tins unfortu
nate, and pet haps persecuted female, has e
viuced in every stagu of her eventful life ; and
to deplore the steps taken by her curiums to
dispuil her of her honor, and of her life, ller
sex at least,even if tin-re have existed grounds
of suspicion, ought to have induced her per
ncLiiiui* lu ur.u Mtr wim some appealauee of
delicacy, till it was made lo appear iliat sha
was guilty. It'her husband hail really been
a* liis admirers say, " ihe mast accomplished
gentleman in Europe,*' he could not have done
les«,consistent with that character,than to have
drawn a yeti over her eriois, and to have left
the investigation ot her condnct to liie tribu
nal appointed for that purpose. It was the
more nirnmbriit upon him that he should have
acted in this manner, seeing it was known to
the whole nation, that the greater part of his
eat ly life had not been the most exemplary,
Ji'ui chat at (lie? very moment he %vaa aSectio];
indignation at tlie supposed private vice* nt
his wile, he was probably pursuing the vjiy
same line of conduct, liven aftci the (Jiiveii
had undvi-one the erdeal of a scrutiny, and
iiad b«.eu declared most innocent by the very
tricml* and advisers of her hnahaiitf, he never
ceased one moment in treating her as a guilty
person, and in endeavouring to route the poli
tic indignation against her
Hut notwithstanding n(j those efforts, and
uotwilhslaiidii g the high respect whi ;U the
people of England have always shown to their
sovereign, Ihtv could notshut their uyes t» the
insults which had been so often and so openly
heaped upon a personage of the: (Jikjcu’h rank;
they could net turn their minds hum the mi
jtsMifiable means which even the hiugof (iieat
Britain had reported to, in onlrr to prove a
woman c stilly, w hum he was in und hy every
principle of honor to protect, and of ju*iir« i«
regard as innocent. They could noi lot get
tnat it was lo this •arne woman lie was indebted
lei the payment of his debts, which ho bad
contracted in hi* ea ly career, and which
would have hung as a load, forever.around his
neck, iiml a*, a memento of hi* ext ravagau *e
but foi his marilage with the. Princes*..
“(>ratituile," exclaimed every r»ue, " grali
tii.fv, at least, ought to have inado him for
bear Hut neither gratitude, pindemte, nor
J0*lice, seem to Jiavc iiifhieuccd him in tins
all air.
It is lo thv conduct of George IV. towmdxhis
nnh ippy Uueen, that we are In a measure lo
at tribute the revival of ihe almost subsided
Imsmou* of the popuface, agaiust ihe govern
incut. J-> i*n were die guilty, Hip circumstance
ot her bethg persecuted, is calculated to nro
« her 'iniumeiable friend*. 'I he mind ns
Inrrlly slniiik* at employing vio’ence; and
we an? mute di*po*ed lu applaud the oppress
ed,when they hear oppression with forlilnde,
than those wim resort to rigour, instead of
*n!,nutting to ti e decision* of the law. j he
k*n'*m ot England is evidently viewed !»v ||,,
bulk ol the nation, a* martyrs were eftosiderrd
of otd* M iiliont urlctlng very rniunuly into
tlie n.p.iUof her Cam.the p«oi»ii ftWtiiUi l er
as a victim of oppression ; and influenced l>\
these feeling*, it would he hard In cnitviiire
them, that even were her guilt to he made
mnnilcst, that -he was otherwise than innocent.
Considering the great legal talents which
the Queen has on her side ; looking at the
complexion of ihe cvldeucc. about to be
brought against tier, and the circumstances
r.mler which that evidence has liecu obtained,
concerted aii-J arranged; combining these
important circumstances with 'he fact, tlint
iier accuser* stand charged with having for
merly bribed false witnesses to swear against
her, whose evidence, although they ranked
with tba nobility, was utterly discredited ;—
there appears snlficieiit reason for concluding,
that if the Queen of England is pat upon ln*r
trial,as she doubtless will be,she will he able,
as effectually as site did formerly, to bailie the
machinations of her enemies This can scarce
ty he considered a political question, a!though
Her Majesty has sough* the protection of the
Whigs, and although the Itcforiuers may avail
themselves of her peculiar situation to exclaim
against the government. It was the former,
when in power, who denied the Queen that
justice which she afterwards obtained, in so
ample ti manner,from the Tories: and the He
formers or Itadicub, entertain as great a dis
like for the principles of the Queen, ot whose
vast income they loudly complaiu, as of any
pail of her husband's'conduct. Should Ihe
result of the investigation about to take place
in Parliament, acquit the Queen of all blame,
she may then become a rallying point, too for
midable lor the sovereign'and all his minis
ters, and thus compel hun to do her lull jus
tice. or abide the chaucc.s of a revolution,
which, in the present perturbed state of the
public mind. Is an event not so improbable as
many imagine. Our next arrivals from Eng
land will scarcely enable us to form any cor
rect opinions ai to this interesting subject ;
and it will probably lie. several months before
we shall he in possession «t any additional
facts, or have the result of the Parliamentary
When we published a few days ago the
proclamation of Murillo of the 12th Juno, and
that ot his subaltern brigadier Correa, of Hie
10th of the same month, with the rumor which
the Spanish agents bad circulated of the sus
pension of hostilities in Venezuela, wc gave it
as our opinion that the whole was a russe tie gu
me of that monster of nlnimuittv.
We now present to our readcs a translation
f the letter of Morillo, addressed to the eon
gressat Angostura, dated on the same 17th
of June, upon the subject ol liis proclamation,
together with tiic answer given thereto l>v
congress—from which the friends of liberty
will lie able to torm their own conclusions.
f Aurora.
To their high mightinesses the congress, assem»
btcil at Guyana.
High ash mighty Lords—Your high migli.
imr«»• «* mv v|»ic*iiii"fi win! me idle event*
on the* peninsula, and with the triumph of the
general opinion of the nation in the toextah
lixhmeut of the constitution of the Spanish
monarchy, sanctioned at Cadiz in the year
1812, l>y ihe universal suffrages of the re’pie*
s>'iit.iti vcs of /*o//i hemispheres. Having rectiv
ed positive orders from the constitutional tnnn
inch of the Spains, to enter into a just and
generous accommodation, which shall reunite
all the fumily. in order to enjoy the advanta
ges of onr political regeneration, and'to put
an end to the fatal eticcis of a division general
ed by the desire to he tree from oppression,
that, by a false calculation had been consider
ed peculiar to those countries, notwithstand
ing that ii had been transcedcntal to all the
empire. 1 take upon myself to make known to
your high mightinesses, that 1 have opened
communications with the superior military
chief of your government, aud with his sub
alterns, proposing to them a suspension of
hostilities until the realization of a reconcili
ation which has been confided to brigadier
Don Thomas Cires, governor of Cumaiia, ami
Done Jose Domingo Duarte, iiitendant of the
army, ami general superintendent of the finan
ces, appointod commissioners near your migh
tinesses on the just basis of equality and reci
procity. honorable to both parties.
1 have given orders to my subalterns to
make suspension of hostilities, and to remain
in their several positions without m iking any
movements, unless they sliuli he first attacked.
As a military chief, subject to subordina
tion,the IHiid.tmcnt.d lias's of my caieer, I
have made war ; as a recouciliator I take up
on me, with the greatest pleasure, and in the
same -pint ot suhord-uatio-i, to display the
principles ol liberality, wiihTwhich rite king
aud Ihe nation have author ised iuc, to estab
lish peace and reconciliation between the two
people, Spaniards by nature,and by ihe course
0 aciuul circumstances,worthy to participate
in ’lie reform ot our political institutions.
Your high mightinesses mud fast away from
your remembrance, as well a« I do from this
moment, the odiousness of the war and bestow
all our regards on the sweet and smiling hope
of re uniting sous with their fathers, brothers
with brethren, friends with friends, and Span
iards to Spaniards, who had been separated
by a fatality, in order to reciprocate our feli
citations on the happy opportunities which a
conciliatory constitution presents ns, which, by
common consent, we can ameliorate, when the
practical operation of affairs aud experience
shall puiut out its necessity.
The constitution equalizes the representation
of uil the people—no one is dependant on the other
—oj course they are free and independent: To
the sutfiages oi this representation is assign
ed Ihe authority to make those law* which
we are to observe, ss well as the economical
regulations by which our agriculture shall lie
governed, as well as our commerce, all the
arts and every kind of industry fiec from
thosu odious monopolies which I lie avaricious
policy of the past centuries had imposed on
every people. >
The commissioner? will explain to your high
might busses the elements ot reconciliation,aud
1 urn fully persuaded that affection and hem*
vole nee will renew, and by their Irateinily
notwithstanding tlui lor (lie moment coniidc
ralions ol distru-d, arising out at' past er.-utj
—epoch* truly of fury and desperation-w»m
high mightinesses may’for a moment irfu-e to
adopt Hie proposition* ot the nation, eiiuuat
ug from the predjliction fry which it is uui
mated, of making ilie tntunpli common to all
the Spanish possessions, in alt the quarters ol
tlio globe wheie its laws have reached, and
where with better disposition* the new institu
tions will now he received.
What a delightful m< tamorphose for all of
us, when we shall he le united, anil I shall he
enabled to divest myself of the habiliments of
war, and without any other disfinctioi. than ot
4 pacific .Spanish citizen participating in com
mail iri the. pahlic celebration,of the l.imu.di
obtained reciprocally over out passions. (In
til tins happy event *Uall hi con ummaicd,
your high mightinesses cannot appreciate the
difference between a general and a i itizcu,
who lias a coiiMtitutioual honor to be tlie most
humble servant of your high mi"lilin*s-e*.
Head Quarter* Caracals June 17th. lsiill
Sill— 1 lie sovereign congress winch has barn
convoked in an extraordinary session, to take
cognizance ot a letter from you. dated the
JJlh June, lh20, from the head quarters at
Cameras—in w bich you have coiiiiuunirateii
that brigadier Gen. Thomas Cire», and Uo
lumgo IJuaite, were appoinicd connnisMoners
to proceed to Ibis city, with the object ot ro
ll, mug llui union ol this country with the
constitutional monarchy of Spain, and that the
said commissioners will explain the elements
of reconciliation proposed by the nation-lias
hi the public session of tho lllli insl. delihe
raled and resolved, that the following decree
shall be transmitted to you as the.ir answer:—
DEC it EE.
The sovereign Congress of Columbia, anxi
ous to ree peace re-established, will hear with
pleasure ih- proposals which may be rnutlr on
the part ol the Spanish government,provided
they shall have lor their end the absolute ac
kuowldgenient ot the entire sovereignly and
independence of the republic of Columbia:
and that they will not admit any otbvr over
tine, which siialI not conform to this prim iple,
proclaimed by the government, us well as by
the people at dittcrenl epoclias,
Tbe president ot the sovereign congress hss
the honor to rviuain, your vers hdivildeservant.
PreuMent of Congress.
Palace of the Congress, ol .Vt ic (iuyana,
mill July, Ihgn—tenth year.
1’im.ip m is 1’las g, Secretary.
To H:,n Pablo /U n itin.
THE CM V' H\U ...
Wash(Nuyon. August id.—Yoluihv, aft—.
cording to previous arrangement, win la’id the
Horner Stone of the building about to be erect
ed lor a City llall. Notwithstanding the great
heat of 1 tie day, the procession ot masons and
other citiaens was larger than was expected,
audtbeconcour.se of persons on thegiouud
was very great. The ceremony was comnieuc*
eh by prayer from the Rev. Mr. Hawley —
alter which au Address to the Craft was deliv
ered by War. Hewitt, Esq. the Grand Master
of the Grand Lodge for the District ol Co
lumbia, which shall be hereafter published.—
The stouo was laid with all the torms of
Masonry, and the completion of the work
eras announced by discharges of artilleryfioni
the Nuvy Yard and Fort. Au Oration, suited
to the occasion, was then pronounced by
John Law, Esq which is highly spoken ot
and which also we shall have the'pleasure ol
laying before our readers. The ceremonies
being concluded, refreshments were freely
distributed, and the assemblage dispersed at
an early hour.
This building, which will be, it is said, of
equal magnitude with the Capitol, and in its
design not unworthy to Maud in view of it, we
hope, w ill become the favorite of the people,
for whose use it is intended. Apart of the
plan only is proposed to be executed at
present ; but we trust onr corporate authori
ties will not stop when that is done, but go on,
without delay, to the completion of the work.
We wish to live to see it finished.
_ The Capitol is a building of which the U.
States may be proud, its extent is adapted
to thut ol onr empire; its style lofltlio stme
tureof our government; and the material of
winch it is erected is of appropriate durabili
ty. As citizens of the United Mates, we ic
joice in the expectation of soon seciug its
towering dome uspiriug to the clouds.
What the Capitol is to the Gutted States, let
our City Hall be to tu ; vet dearer, because it
is for our personal use as well as for that of
those lowborn wc delegate authority. Isolated,
-t present, from the rest of the Union. let ns
have a rallying point of onr own. Let us,
moreover, endeavor to establish for onr ntv a
character which will make the title of a Cili
ecn of. Washington a passport to the respect
and kindness of tin* yvoiltl. To do this, we
must shew respect tor musclvcs ; cultivate a
20od understanding with c=cli other ; cMab
lisli a vigorous police; and otherwise improve,
by intelligent legislation,the advantages which
nature and circumstances have given us. We,
of this city.arc now passing from au infancy
m which we wcie surrounded by dilHculties.
to an adolescence which Is lull of piomise....
We begin to feel our security, and to appre
ciate onr condition. If we have not to boast
ot an 'independent Legislature for the Dis
trict, we may congratulate ourselves on liar
"ig a government for this city, invested with
legislative powers adequate to all our pieseut
wants. Let us then select for onr public otii
cys iiiendistiugnuiMicd by integrity and caps .
city, in order that onr attairs may be so cor
ducted tliat we shall never have reason to hr
aMianieti or the interior, any more than of the
exterior, of onr City Ham. [AW. hit
The Americans at Paris, celebrated the 4Hh
Anniversary of American Independence, by a
dinner, which was honored bv the presence of
Ognerai, La Fayette, and His Excellency
Mr. Gaixatin, as guests, and Mr. G. W. Kk*
vise, our late Minister t* Spain, as Presi
dent. At the close, the following Toasts were
drank :—
1. The f\nj u-e celebrate.
2. The President id the United States.
3. The King of France.
•I. Our Country—May its manhood perform
the promises ot its youth.
5. The memory of Ihisbington.
U. Franklin, and the other departed Sages of
our Revolution.
7. IVarren, Montgomery, and these who fell
in the struggle for our National Independence.
H. The Militia of the I'nitcd States.—Experi
ence lias shown them to |>e tho most efficient
supporters of our National Libei ties aud Inde
9. The Army and Xavy of the United States—
'1 heir heroic and patriolicexertions in defence
ot their country, is a pledge of their futuie
It). Onr three late Presidents—Adams, Jeffer
son, anil Madison.
11. Our Agriculture, Commerce and Manufac
tures— May their course be steady and piospe
12 The Union of onr Slates—More and more
firm by every accession.
13 The American Fair—Our hearts for their
love, our lives for their honor.
Ily tlii Excel. Mr. Gallatin.—The commer
cial relations between the United States and
France. A speedy adjustment of all existing
misapprehensions, on terms honorable and ad
vantageous to both countries.
By Grn La Fayette.—Amkhican Liberty !
— May it prcsrrre its iiutirc purity ; the spring
which is to fertilize both hemispheres ! !
Hy G IV. Erring, Esq.—The Spanish Cortes
now about to be assembled—May they emu
late thu virtues and wisdom of the American
Ity J. C. liarnet — Our friend. General La
Fayette—The illustrious companion ot Wash
ington; the distinguished votary of liberty—
and the zealous supporter of representative
By James Gallatin.—The Spanish People—
May they long enjoy those liberties which
they have so nobly acquired by their ow n ex
By Beni. F. Styles, of Savannah.— Patrick
IItnry— 1 lie tliu.iderol whose eloquence (ir»t
bloke the slum hers of American liberty.
Our able and patriotic Minister.
Our worthy President, J W. Erving.
Onr worthy Comal. J C Hamel,
By I). II ardin — I lie Literary and Scientific
Institutions ot the United Status.
Bo Mr. tJl udhomiiic of .Win tlrlvoo* _1
siatm. though one of the last, no, the least
alh ctioiiate of the Sister States.
, tty Mr. Uelugrungc.—The American Stars—
[ May they wave here below in union, liberty
ami happiness, as long as the sister Mars shine
tty Mr. I.it mb of Xew York.— May the Geni
us •! America Maml on llie summit of liberty,
anil congiatuiate the sous ot Columbia with
t; -1 felicity.
lly Samuel Stilts, of Snrannnfi.—South Amer
ica—May she soon etleet her Iiidepeudeuce,
and lie restored to honorable peace.
tiy Mr Sheldon of Sew York—The Hero of
the i\!ac< doniaii—We would ever cherish his
memory, while we rcgiel the manner in which
lie fell.
Hy Mr. Etoisgerard, of Charleston.—The mem
ory ot O. H. Ferry.
Uy Mr. Seurte.—James Otis—A fellow la
bourer with Fatrick Hem yin the great cause.
tty A. Fernanda,of New Orleans.—The 8th
of Jan. 1815—Which proved the American mi*
lili.iinaii equal to the veteran.
Ity ll. liarach, of IJhiladtlphiu.— America—
Her motion und her modesty, always equal to
her genuine spirit of tiheity.
Extract of a tctterjrom a gentleman, to his friend
in Norfolk dated
t'. 8. Ship Cyane, Santa Crnz,>
( reiienfle,) July !i, is-zo. J
I lie U. S, ship Hornet arrived here ftoin
New V ork, in TJt days passage, where she was
lot tuoately joined by the Cyane, winch arrived
on the sneceerihig day from the Coast ot Afrt*
ca, with her officers and crew in good health.
‘‘Me have just received information that a
Slave vessel, commanded by an American, is
lying in the port of Oratava.on the North side
ot this island. It appeals that she cleated at
New Yoik, amicame here to obtain a clearance
hence for the Coast *f Africa. At the teqiiest
ot Capt. Trenchatd, the Governor has detain
ed her until to inonow when we shall despatch
an oHiccr to examine her,and should she prove
a slave vessel, sliull send her to tile V, states
for condemnation.
“ The Coast is swarming with vessels engag
ed in the slave trade, a great number of which
are commanded l»y A met leans. Me calculate
on having much trouble on the Coast after tire
1st of August, as the law respecting slaw ves
sels, commanded and manned by Americans,
will then be carried into effect. We shall he
obliged to use, boats, piincipatly in shore, iu
capturing them.
“ We expect to leave herein a week or ten
days lor the Island ol Madeiia, lor piovisions,
and tlirnce return in a short time to the Const
of Aliit-a. wliric we shall continue to noise
until October—w|,en wo expect to sail foi the
(J. .States. I he Cjabe proves to be u very
line ship.
" Not having landed, I cannot give von r
deaciiptiou ot this Island, iu which, however,
1 see nothing remarkable except thu Peak ot
i'eneritfe. The islauJ produces excellent fruit
and atlords good water."
Salem, (N. J.) Aug. Si.—We last week paid
a visit to the Pea Patch, which is situated
nearly between two poiuts, about fi5 miles l>y
the course of the river from Philadelphia,
and 5 from the uurlh of Salem Creek The li
ver between 3 and 4 miles wide—but large
ships in passing, must sail within a little more
than half a mile of the Pea Patch, on which
toriiticatiou* are building. They are progress
ing vr ulually : aud have risen to the secoud
tier of port bolus. There aru to he three tier
withM5 i oithoies ina tier, in nll35o.The height
will not be lai from 43 feet. Tin y aru built
iu angles,presenting ten trouts, ot hard grav
or granite stone. The island, containing 73
ucres, of circular form, is wharfed iu. which
prevents it from being overflowed at high wa
These works are really worth seeing—aud
the sail from this place, only 8 miles,agreeable.
People at a distauce and those iu the cities,
going in the couuiry tor health or pleasure,
will find this au interesting, aud at present
healthy place. [Messenger.
Zan esvili.e, Ohio, August IS) —The Keceiv
cr of public moueys, at this place, has recently
i been instructed to receive iu payment for
! Lands, the paper ot all hanks iu Ohio, that
redeem tiieir notes with specie.
Heretofore the notes of thu bank of Chilli,
cotlie ami those ot the Lancaster bank, were
the ouly ones in this state, taken at the Zanes
ville land otlice.
The following is a list of the Banks, the notes
of which are now receivable iu the Land Ol*
tire at Zdiiestille, viz:
Bank ot iIre United States and Branches—
Banks ot Boston—Banks in the citirs of New
York, Philadelphia, Baltimore 6c Richmond ;
and those in ihe District of Columbia, (except
ing tlie City Bank of Baltimore and the Mer
chants and Franklin Banks ot Alexandria.)
The Bank of Lancaster, Ohio.
Do. Cliillicntlie.
Do. Marietta.
l)o. Mount Pleasant.
Do. Stenheuville.
Farmers'and Me* ..
chaiiics hank,
Belmont do. St Clairsville.
Franklin do. Columbus
Wvsteru Reserve Bank,(Warren.)
fW Times'—A sexton of a paiisli church
within lull miles ol Station! (E) complaining
ot the baldness ol the times, said that he had
ouly dug two graves within the last fortnight!
THE 11NE *Il]S.
1 lie celebrated VASE, Ibe cbrld* a-nvre of Grecian
Sculpture, by ibe chisel of Lysippus was Ibe perpetual
boast of ancient taste. Ibis splendid specimen of ibe
aits was presented lo Ibe bail of Warwick by Ibe tale
Sir William Hamilton. A facsimile of bis meat Vase
entirely «n meul, was begun iu ISM, by Mr. Thomason,
ot Uirinuigtiniu, ubo has lately linisbed ii. i be Vase
is i| leel in circumference, n ciRiit several tuns, and
lure in ihe "Oi Id. In IbN, ihe late Earl, who was a
liberal pa.rou of tbe I me Arts, crmilted Mr. Thoma
sou and Isis artists to have free access in the oiigiu.il
vase 10 model it in wax. which occupied sevrtal moiilhs :
Iroui these models r asts urre made in lead, lo ter t
as patterns to form tbeubole, which has since been
completed iu two distinct uieta.s, the Held being of one
metal, and the handles, vines, maiks, panther skins
and leaves of another. T Ins ungioal thought gave Mr!
lliomasou the oppoilimily of adopting two uovet
ineiUs of oxidation, iherel.y producing the most beauti
fill ellrct of light and shade. 1 he oxidating of the Held
was accomplished by a combination of the sulphates
and nitialcs urged on by powerful heat, which has
produced ihe desired appearance of the rouge antique
marble. I be marks, handles and parts ill relief, arc
oxydaied by tlx aciiales.and resemble the verd aul qne
bronze . and ihe harmony of these two colours produ
ces an eiltct at once graud and imposing.
[A'. Daily Adv.
flAHTiMonn, Aug. 'Jl.-Tlie Mayor of the cily, having
received certain infoiiiiallun winch led to the piece,
dure, yesterday, in company with Ju ge Aesbit and
Judge Drive, seaiched ihe house of Henry Art burger,
baker, in l iaukliu elrtet, and, after a laborious seaicli,
found a stone jar, about a foot under ground, in the
cellar, containing four large bundles of couuleifeit mo
tiey, of the following hanks : One bundle of ones on
the t ranklin Hunk oj iialtimore ; one do. of twos on
the same ; one do ui twos < u the Havre dc Crave
Dank; one do. of threes on the I nion Dank of
> ror^t town. One ol the bundles also contained a v j
rieiy of other holes. Mr. Noah Fowler, and Mr. Put
another ollicer, were the intlefatigahie and active agents
m leading 10 the discovery of this villainy. Fiehurger
has thus far eluded apprehension. Olhcers, however,
arc iu pursuit ; and we irust the culprit will yet he ai -
rested We understand Fiehurger has recently return
ed from a tour of pleasure or business to the noribi r.i
or western parts of New York and to Canada. I he a
mount found was about f.-rly thousand dollars. [Hat.
The return oftberpieen, and the attending and subse
quent events, have already allordad Ihe wits of the »p.
position, ample means for lampooning the King and
ministry. We have leceived a Hie of a new opposition
paper called the Indicator,from the latest number oi
which, we select the follow lug list of new publications
and caricatures,just published. [A. Y. Com Adv.
“ l» lire Press. On ihe 1st of Jiilv will he published,
illustrated i.y engravings, ihe Queen that Jack Found.
Wiilien ill the style of 1 I be House that Jack tluilt.’
Dedicated iu the b inestesi mau in Eugiand, Mr. Alder
man " ood, by an Irishman."
New Caricatures. (Price one shilling each, color
ed )
I. Coronation Arrangements Awkwardly Interrupled ;
or, lpjuied Innocence demanding her Rights.
*• Female Intrepidity ; or, the Infamous Proposal
3. Harry ihe Eighth’s Address to his Parliament, on
the suhjet l ol being Divorced
An Ode to tieoire iv. and Caroline his Wife.
(P. ce Ibree p. ncr.) •’ I In ilnoiu wehonor is the pen
pies’ choice. - Sheridan."
•’ An Ode *n the return of Queen Caroline to England,
(Price three pence.> Long live the Queen ! Oh, may
she live for ever I"
’’ Two New i mgs. (One penny each.)
“ 1- Urltons, C'ann ller as yi ur Quern. Tune_
“ Scots, wlia’ hi’ wi’ Wallace hied I"
“ 2. (Jud save tbe Queen. 'i'unc—“ Ciod save the
King "
Memoirs of the late King.fotherwise the Diamond
Q-XU: )• (Price a» fid.)—With interesting auiJ
authentic biographical anecdotes ; containing some
cm ions anil instructive Notice* of political and Family
Transactions, hitherto nut generally known, by II.
W. Fill George.
“ Among the distinguished Political, Military and
Navar Character*, iiieiilioiied in tins work, will he found
lire following :—Mr. King, (a grtulenir.il upwards of
eighty,) Mrs. King, (lire lately ut) Mrs. Snlletiherg,
Mr Gearge King,Jun. (II—l.) Mr*. Herbert, (Fill,)
Mis. Caroline King, (I’r—s of w—*,) Miss Ci.arlolu
King, (daughter of the It I,) Mr. Frederick King, Mr.
William llenry Kin;:, Mit. Pir IHe, (a late Actress,)
Miss Augusta Kiug, Miss lletsey K'ug, Mr. Edward
King, Mr. Ernest King, Mr. Deputy King, (a Secretary,)
Mrs. \ tillers,(late Countess of.1 —sy.) Pmasiau Dragoon,
(laic Frederick K—gtrf Prussia,) Major Ursa, (Enip—r of
ltussia,) Loid Derry Down, 4c. 4c.”
Valuable Tnbucca Land at Auction,
T SHA1.L offer for sale xi public auction, on the 4th
J il'ed netting in October next, my farm lying in ihe
county ot Albemarle, within Jj miles <•« Scollsvllle,
upon James lliver.and the same distance fiom Warren,
cuntaiiiiug between five ar.d six hundred acres, one
half of which is cleared and lira high slate of cultiva
tion, the balance prime tobacco laml. Ibis laud fits
remarkably will, and is admirably adapted to the use
ol clover and plainer, of winch fret use lias been made
for tbs last tin )ears, lanr wairantcd in saying that
tills is the richest farm to the size in tire comity, there
not being ten acres of poor or exhausted land upon lire
tract.—The improvements are a comfortable dwelling
house, with all necessary out bonses.and a well eticln*.
cd garden, a large Irani, and a new threshing machine,
Ac. 4c 4c. t shall seed about l.in buslu Is of wheal,
principally In tobacco and tallow lands, ibis fall. I will
Contract foi this land piivalely until Hie -loth Kept, sis
the event of my selling it,nolice will be given. I invile
persons in want of good land to come and vl> w this ;
as I am extremely anxious to sell, and will give a great
bargain in il. 1 etmsone,twnand three)ear*credit; bond
wllli approved secmlty and a deed of trust will Ire re.
iptired for ihe lirst payment, and a deed of trust wnly tor
the two latt payments. Possession given the 1st Janu
Iminedlat'ly afte r Hie sale of (lie land, I will sell all
my stuck of Horses, Cattle, Ac, Household anil Kitchen
furniture; Plantation 'Pooh—logeihet with the croy
if corn, oafs, ladder Ac. Terms at sale.
August n- d»*_WM. H. DVF.il.
,I,RG8T SALE.—By virtue of adeed of trust executed
M to the subscriber, by William T. Barlow, and .Su
sanna his wife, on Hie ITili day of June IKlu, and of
record in in the oiltce of Charles Ciiy county court, in
order to secure to John M. Gregory certain sums of
money, therein mentioned—1 shall expose to sale at
politic auelion, before the rioor of Charles City court
b'use, on Thursday the ‘list day of Ktyf ember next,
being Charles City enurt day, if fair. If not the next
fair day, the tract nf LAND in said deed mentioned,
containing live hundred acres ;» large portion of which
i* first rale Cbinkahominy low grounds—and all nf it
equal to any land iu the county. Tills land is Situated
on the margin of Clil'-kahoinlny river, aad within six
tntlta of the court Imnteof the cniirny, Tbeterms of
sal# will be made very accommodating, only about eight
hundred dollar* to be in cash,- and ilie balance upou a
credit, which will be made known on theday of sale.
An(t*f*. _ f k 30..Ids
IN CltANCl P.Y.—.1/ a monthly ccrcrt re: f.'oNCd end
tuId Jor the county of l.mIIcutter, ut the «.»<»■/'
house thereof,on Tuesday, theUOth day o/Junc, Inyo
Rauteigh H'. JJonnmun,........ ...Cuuiplaiuaul
John fieu by,and Benjamin %g«»..nirndiali.
this day came the complainant, iy II III tans he
Ball, gentleman, his counsel, unit the iiejendant John
nttaby not bating entered Ms appearance und given,
security, according to law and tbe rules oj (bis court,
and It appearing to the satUartivn of the court,
that the said drjrndant John, is not an inhabitant of
the Commonwealth, of Virginia : On the motion of
the complainant, by his counsel, II i* outvied, that
the said aejemtant John, a} pear here on tbe third ;>
Monday in ,September next, aud ansner the bill of
the complainant, and it is further ordered, thut the
iiejendant Benjamin Hogget11 do not convey
an ay, or secrete, any money or ejteets in his hands,
belonging to the other dejendant John, until the
further order and dearee of this court, conci ruing
the same. And that a copy oj this order be J'orthwith
inserted in the Richmond Enquirer, Jor two months
successively, and another ported at the front door of
the court house of this county.
A Copy-Attest, B. M. WALKER, D. C.
J-U!J >'•_IjG.wawr
ON AN INJUNCTION....I* l'owhaian county court.
July SO, ittTO— *
Brett Randolph...Plaint id, ]
*AQAI NS r 1
Peter Walthall and John Brig**.Defendants.
1 hit day came the plainwir by William P»pr, F.su. his
attorney, and It appraringto tbesatlsfhctluii of tbe com t
that the defendant John Briggs it not an luhabiiant of
•••*•» it it therefore decreed and oidered, tbai ibe
taid John Brlgga do appear here on or before ihrthirii
I hurtday In October neat, and answer tbe plaintiff's
bill, and give security for performing such dec tee as the
court may make herein ; and it is further ordered by
the court, that a copy of this order be forthwith insert
ed In tome newspaper published in tSe city of Hick,
mood, and continued for two months successively, and
that another copy be posted up at the door of the
courthouse of this county on two tuefetsive court dais
pievious to Ibe said third Ibursday in October next.
A Copy—>T«ste, WM. 8. DANCE, Clerk.
Aligns! 8. _*r..nsw
JN CHANCERY.—Hanover Couuty Court, July Yiib.
Samuel Orantland sen. and Micbavl GramJand,
Plaintijts, ‘
Parhe Street, late sheriff of this county, who was dr
reeled to administer the estate of James rfranttgtii)
dec’d, William, Thomas B. aud Jobu ft. Gruntland,
Nancy Green, Judith Audersou, John C. Powell amt
Lucy Q. his wife, David Wade and Eliza bis w ife, Ante
Mails, Seaton aud 8auiur| Granttand Jun. Lewis Day
aud Caroline his wife, William Davis aud Saiah blj
wife, and Richard McDougle and Frauds his wlfe.and
Saiah Eliza and Fleming Craruiand, infants under the
age of iweuty.oue >eart.Defendants.
This day came the plaintiffs by Thomas latley their
counsel, and tiled tbeir bill in this cauce.aud tbe dr.
feudauts William and Thomas B. Giaailand, ff»n«y
Green, Judith Anderson, John C. Powell and Lucy f».
bis wile, David Wade and liliza bis wife, Ann Mans
and Seaton Grautlaud, Lewis Day and Caroline his
wife, William Davis and Saiah liis wife, and Saiah,
Eliza and Fleming Gtantlaud, not having entered ihvir
appearance aud given security accenting to the act of
Assembly aud the rules of this conn, aud it appealing
to the satisfaction of the conn that they are not inbali
ilauts of this country, on the motion of the plaint.ds
by their counsel, Ordered, That the said defendants do
appear F.ere on the fouilh Wednesday lu Uclcbei next
and answer the said hill of the plaintiffs, and that a
copy of this older he forthwith Insetted in tome sub.
lie: llfkt HU niiMialifri iii i It. a*a i u art U ...I...._JS r. ^
two mouths successively, and tbat another ropy lie
posted at tl.e front door of tbe Courthouse of ibis coun
ty. A copy—Teste, THOMAS POLLARD i>. c. it. c.
August 22._3|,.«3w
James Hirer 1st ml J'or Sale
1AOA1N oflrr for sale the tract of LAND helonglnr*
lo tbe estate of Randolph Jefferson, dec’d, lying iu
Buckingham county, isnuiedlalely on James r.vet,
opposite the town of Scotlsvillr, containing about (iftreH
bundled acies, ISOof whir bare low grounds, ibe gr eater
pint lirst rate....A considerable proportion ofthehigli
laud is very bile, the balmier of different qualities,'
abounding with good timber. The land is convenient
to three or four fine mricbant mills, (be farthest of
Ibcm is situated on James river, about leu miles below.
A fuiiber description of the land is deemed unnecessary,
as it is presumed those wishing to purchase will hist
view the land.... For terms apply lo the suliteriher.
ZACHAKIAH NF.VIL, Adm’or tilth the will
annexed of Kundolph JtjftriuH, dn .
CTTU tbe land Is not sold previous lo tbe I5tb of
October next, it will on that day be RENTED to tbe
uigbeit bidder for the term of one year, commencing
the 1st of January, 1321, with tbe privilege of seeding
gram immediately after renting.
ZACHAKIAH NF.VIL, Adm'or tilth the will
annexed of Jlandutyh Jejjer.ion, dre,
- August B.___27 . .tv 11 w *
MEhbltS. William Ltoswell, Peyton Doswell, David
M. Doswell, Thomas IV. Clay brook and Mary km
wire, Jamrs Doswell, John Dnswell, Janies H. KIrma i
bud Elizabeth L. bis wile i t K B NOTICE, that I shall,
on the third day of October next, at Jvltiees’ Stole in
the county of Nottoway audstateof Virginia, proceed to
lake the depositions of Adirw Miqoay, of Mary Dowdy
and of Joint Doswell, to be read as evidence in a suit
depending in the superior court of chancery for tee
Richmond district, iu which I am plaintiff aud you arc
defendants : at which time you may atleud, if fair—or
otherwise on the next fair day , the.
f mice Edward, August I. 2fl..wttw
Land in lluvhmpham for Sale.
( second Monday in .September nut, bein'*
...'. , !*? lal" cou,‘ <>a>. * shall «ner for sale to the
highest bidder, at the courthouse of said county Jon
It i I*,-0,.. " Fart of the tract rommoHly called
n*vLF n c ' brANCH. One half of the purchase mo
ney trill he required iu hand, and the tesidue in two
equal annual instalments from tbe25ih December next
with a deed of trust upon tbe premiss* to teeiire the*
P?.>A plat of the above laud will be exhibited
on the day of tale. IIF.NUY PAGE.
A“gu»« I-26..W0W
Property in Charlottesville for Sale.
tj AVI.yG purchased land adjoining my farm, I am
in a",'lo,,, lo dispose of my properly in Chailnttes
vme It consists of an acre of laud welt improved
situated in a desirable part of the town, both for a pro
fesimual mail and a private family. With a little repair
Hit dwelling-house may he made very comfortable...]! .
lias lliiec rooms below stain, with kitchen and cellar *
together with most of Hie convenient out bouses, ftilha
centie of the two lots it placed tbe best well of wale/
in the town of Charlottesville. A good gxrde.i, grass
>ard> the....To a family with children, our liniver
sily oilers to tbe purchaser eflnexlton at tbe door whilu
our climate secures them good health. I ask one thou
sand dollars on the delivery of ibe propetly—on the
by lance I will take two annual payments. Application
In meat litllnnint. near Milton, or to Mr.O. Aorruik
Inaloiuivillc, will be aiteudnl tn.
August 22. 3l,.w3w CIIAHLt-ft EVF.KF.TT.
/■ lONTAIN'INff five hundfe-d acres by a late survey
V' wlirrt,f,» I now reside, lying on Aaron's creek la
ibe county of Halifax. Va. twelve miles won of ciaikt
vnle. aud four fiom Dan liver. Itis well waierrd —and
tw O fifths cleared ;in<1 urll#nrlnfFJ. Tti* hn.i w iu.i_
for itself. Two or three negroes will be taken in pait
payment. JOSIAI1 HrltLINE.
«*-_ 31 ..«)»*
'■Malt subscriber offers bis eerrlres to tbe public, as
• Practitioner0/ fair, and will attend the Superior
and Inferior Courts in the City of It it Jniiond, in the
counties ol Hanover, Dinwiddle and the (own of I'riets.
bnrif. August 4 at):wtim_SAM1!EL OV EJt I ON.
JHSI received, and for tale at William II ~ ril/wlnf
•own s Hook Store, a few copies of the
I'jtli Volume of MunfortCs He ports—
Price g« ’su.
May be had also at tbe same place,' and of'the Author
at the Capitol,
oinian Law Authorities, containing all the points
of taw decided in tbe cases reported by Washington.
Hull, Uming and Man font jointly, and Man/ord
sepaiately, carefnlly extracted, and ariauged under
proper beads in alphabeticalordrr. with notes referring
to conflicting or explanatory decisions, and Act* of the
General Assembly, especially to such pails of the nkvv
Ki.visuu Code, as have in any respect changed the
hue, previously settled by the Court of Appeals.—
Price SB- tVM. .Ml NHillti.
Jtily I t-_ VO..ui)w
/ |NE lie N UK EH HOLLA Its K EW A l<D.~— Hunanapt
V-f from the ubscribtr on the 3uth July, Hamulus,
a mulatto man aged about 47 nr Hi years; he is about
bfeet to or II Inches high,very likely,and well made,
has a veryjull bushy head of hair, and very bad
teeth, haring lost same /believe ; but he eon with' an.
erring certainty he known by the loss of one joint of
his little .linger of his right hand, he Went off with on
ly the tluthes he had on, but have tin doubt but he
will get by fair or Joul means very decent apparel,
as he. Is very Jond of dress, / have reasons to believe
that he wilt attempt to pass as a free man and go it.
board of some vessel to ejfect his escape ; should he
muhcfhe attempt, I wlltgive any captain or sailor
36 dollars for his apprehenton and delivery in any
jail so to (hut I get him again, if A OH MUSHY.
Powhatan, August 4. 96..tf
17 Having reasons to believe (bat Romulus has
gone or is making an effort to go to one of the northern
aiai s, I will give a reward of § loo if taken wiibout tlx
state, and fiMlf taken within the stale, and seinicd
In an* jatl so that i get him again. WADE MOKPV.
I'HE old HaleighTavtrn In tbe city of Williamsburg
is offered for sale, with lire lots attached Ibcrrto,
containing about sixteen acres of land, and the principal
furniture used about tbe establishment, suck at bed*,
tables, < hairs. Ac. will be alto sold with It. To a gen
tleman desirons of engaging intbit line of business, I
know ol no < stahlistimenl in Virginia, which offers bet
ter prospects; with diligent attention, success iscertain.
Tbe terms will lie made accommodating, l or particulars
inquire of the subscriber.
I with also to sella first rate Jack Ass, railed from
the best stock In Virginia, new In hit piinie : he it of
the Isrgesl sue. bis proved himself a tine foal getter ,
and hit colts are surpassed by no mules its the stair.
Angmt 75. 34..At WILLIAM M'CANDLLSH.
All persons indebted to JOSEPH’ DA RMS P ATT
dec are requested to make payment to me imme
diately, at I am desirons of closing tlx administration
as soon as possible, and therefore cannot grant Indul
gence to anybody. DANIEL CALL, Ex’or
Feb. 8. 85, .if of Joseph Hannidau, dec

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