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hme objections to the boundary established by
the Treaty, thinking it n»l sufficiently com'
prehensive to the South East of the Missis
sippi. It will be a consoling reflection to
those who think thus that it wilt be in the
power of the United States to purchase terri
tory beyond that line, whenever it is really
necessary to us. 111>.
The Debate which is now going on in the
House of Representatives is very comprehrn
sive in its scope, coveting ull questions con
nected with the expenditures of the govern
ment, and of course touching upon important
points of the national policy. 'I'here is every
indication that the Debate will be of consider
able length. Vi c shall publish such parts of
it as we can, and enough at least to give our
readers a full view of the merits of the ques
tions discussed. [III.
NEW YKArt’s Day.— Yesterday the Pre
sident of the U. Slates was grett> d, at the
executive mansion, uith the usual cotupli*
mcnls of tln« season, ly an uncommon con
course of visitors—among whom were recog*
msed many senators and representatives in
congress, the heads of departments, foreign
ministers, officers of the army and nary,
strangers, awl citizens. The marine band,
in the hall, performed various appropriate
and national airs, which contributed to the
gratification and animation of the compa
The President, and his lady, appearrd in
fine health, and gave a cordial welcome to all
[City Gaz.
A document has just been laid before Con
gress, in obedience to the call of the House
-of Representatives, furnishing a report of the
S-crctary of State on the progress and ex
peuditures of the commissioners under the 5/A,
(j'/i awl 7th, articles of the treaty of Cheat —
consisting of a general account of cash paid
for salaries and wages to commissioners, a
gents, and persons employed in running the
Canadian boundary line, from Oct 15, 181(5,
to Dec 21. 1820, which, under the bib arti
cle, amounted to $99,009 10 and under the
t'lth and7th artir/es, to $U5 038 bb—making
the sum of £194,137 63. [I!».
The vigor of the regenerated governments
of Spain anil Portugal are about to manifest
themselves 'The sq.uniron, which sailed from
Cadiz for Uarthagena a few days before the
V /u ii a, which Inis armed at i\ew lark, is a
proof of this Amt an item of news from
Ling land by the Hector, informs us that the
government at Lisbon is taking active ruca
s ires, for curbing the hitherto unrestrained
tlcp>\d.itions of the pit atcs,under commissions
front South America, upon the Portuguese
commerce 'Phis latter measure is a national
one of the most necessary and sirfutary c/iarac
ttv; and is the first evidence of the union ant!
Jf raleruity of Portugal in the common so feu/
'■/ commercial nations, We should be. happy
to see an extension giutn to it by the govern
tnent of Spain, which, judging from the com
jncudablr prudence, wisdom, mul decision of
her Cortes, t. e conjidcutly anticipate.
I Baltimore Tel.
ll will In: in Hie t ecoilect ion ol our reader*,
' soil last year Hie stall of Obi" imposed, end
t >rcitdy collected, « t.i\ ot SIOO.IWO upon the
branches of the Unit* d Suites Bank lit that
Tup hank sought the protection of Hie
General Government, and t ip Circuit Uourt
{'sued a process of iiltacintietit against Hip
And.tor of tliv state and his agent tor having
in vcU inii ot an injunction issued Irom that
4 "in t to restrain them, proceeded to the col
lection of fit* money. The mimes is still hi
ttie Siale t reasury, and a commit tve. of their
LiCgisIainre, now tu session, have made a long
report, recommending the return ol Hie two.
n* y to the United 'stale* Hunk, provided it will
|iay oil the cost* and expenses, and leave the
eiate ! • They also recommend that the Uni
ted .‘Mate* Bank should lie deprived of the he
mdit uf Hte command jails of the stale, and
should he disahled rcorn lecordipg in any
smtri or office ol registry, any deeds, moit
cag-n.oi 11 n»ts executed 1»> individual? to it ;
thus viiiaally. though iint expicusly outlaw
mg the bur.k. The Circuit (Join t ol (lift Uni*
t*-d .Stall s i-. sitting al tin* moment in Loluin
Ims. and lit- tide being made absolute lor the
attachment against O-butue and tlarpei, (lh»
Auditor and his agunt ) it th« Legislature
ltoii! out iii iIn?i4 project, Jud^e l utl chiiiioi
t eceue, and mimt imprison the st He officers,
and thus the state and Hitt Unit'd Stale* will
be completely at issue. f.V. Y Am.
Prom the Washington City Gazette. Dec IG
(•enetal Alexander Smyth, as chairman of the
committee < n mititnty atlans. yesteiday. te
p iricd, in the House of Representative*,a hill
to mince anil tix Hie military peace estahiish
incut s»t th ■ United State*. It )>tupo«es to cut
down the peace cstahlistmictii 11 G 000 men,
rnuimunded by a biigadier general; and to
discharge the whole of the topographical en
giimers from the service—a sacidice, to gratis
ty tue present rage for economy, (hat, it is
feared, io the end there tnav bp cause to re
pent of. In dispensing with’ the topographi
cal engineer? (feu in number,) we ioie a body
ol officer* eminent in their profession and
vrhu h could not readily bo replaced, and tor
wiiat t Hie saving a m-re fraction of the na
l oual expenditure The establishment of an
olhee in tInh t*»iy lor n ju Hiivocatr, which
piuvosr*. ua» 10(1" ijhpii deemed II*
ci unary for the picservation of the record* ol
couri martial*. Congress, before it sanction*
ilie disintinbei nient ol a portion of our milil**
Ty strength, even now too limited, and •• small
in nnittbei, but of tried and war pmuf value,”
we hope, in ay ponder well, and reflect on the
proposition. I here are many fat. ami almost
Rineriire ofne**, held under tiie republic that
Miould he pi uned, or lopped off, before wp nn.
dri take to discharge a body of men, th*l, in
me hour of ppiil.liave been so jnstlv appiamU
ed for tin ir patriotism and valor. The cun
ml situation of our foreign affairs obviously
demands a diilrri ut policy.,
B M.TiMOttf, Jau 5....Sailed on Wednesday
alieiiioon from this poit for Mobile and N.
Orleans, the fine coppeied brig Chatsworth,
onpt. John Dameron, with Lieut*. Wilson,
I Brook, Welsh and Dulanev, of the United
Kiates armv.and a detachment of artillery and
infantry. (Irrat praise is due to ail the offi
cers engaged in tin* sendee for their judicious
arrangements and persevering zeal in cm
barking ike troops as soon as ilie vessel was
ready, notwithstanding tlie difficulties noca
•iowed hy the ice and an intensely cold bois
terous day.-..We are happ\ to learn that it
was accomplished without rt'.siugle accident,
and that the Cliaiswortli, which for sometime
appeared to be entangled in tbe ice otf Spar
row » 1*01111, has ptoceeded to sea The ice is
becoming strong, and the navigation of the
harbor is cnlnety obstructed. [ Amer.
Wo are indebted to the hindness of an es
teemed friend for a regular file of the Ma
dr id •* Gazette yf the Government,' to the
. Ad ij fiottmbtr inclusive. To morrow we
' shall publish whatever articles we may find in
them likely to prove interesting to our rea
tiers. Among the advertisements of new works
te it mark Ike following, 11 A memoir up
on the negotiation* between Spain and the If.
States t-f America, which gave birth to the
| rtaty of 1810 - with a notice of the Slut is
‘ tics of those States, On />. Luis de Quit, late
| . minister Plenipotentiary to that Itrpuhhe
and at pr,tent it. C. l\i. Ambassador at Uu
I \ fourt >f Snples, fc. 1 vnl. Ato."
■ . National (la*.
i\ l W. W. Wnoffward, ati eminonl
\ bookseller in ^itilailelpfiia, contemplates
\ repobliahing tlte exposition ofjtlie Old and
\\ \ ' i i’ei’mmijfa, bv the late Matthew
London edition, edited try iLc R. v’dGeo
Murder, and tlie Uev'd Joseph Hughes
Governor Brown, of Ohio, states that
the amount of grain unnitallv raised in
that stale, is 45,000,oOO bushels. Tin
number ot militia, bO.Ooo.
From the Sntional Intelligencer,
I observe that the Cortes ol Spain have
prohibited the importation ol hartl soap.
I bey eaniiot be b.anted lor that. Tire
liunlla is one of their valuable products.
Without it, vz : the mineral alkali, hard
soap eannot be made ; but toda or tlie
mineral alkali, is the basis ot common salt,
(tlie muriate of soda.) The good house
wives of Virginia, the Carolina*, and
Georgia, have known, for a century pro
bably, that their s«J't soup, or the onion of
the vegetable alkali witli oils or fat, may
be easily made hard soap, \>\ boiling it
with a portion ol common -alt. I rinuhi
whether tin* is known generally in the
North and Lantern Slab s. jr.
It appear* liy Ooimu-rwi.d |{epul* from
Liverpool Mild Itollei dam, lit it III-quant.i y of
'i ol:At CO III Oi-tobi I 1.1*1. Was
to F.iixliiml 21 si2 hogsheads,
lo Holland 17 bliti do.
21>,(ii»S Total.
The i-ew crop is
estimated nt
Man I nid about 2r>,00ft
Virginia 5S.OOO
Kentucky Wi.OOO
j.i.vr.s t;n i:tt savh; i nt>\ ta ils.
Gentlemen —Several c*say* Iruve recrully ap
pealed in \onr paper relative to lire impiovi
ment ot the James amt Jackson’s river*, wiil
leo try pr-Josed ad vocal-* ol that great en
to find its siippoitvrs increasing. Hut either
Irum a want ot conipieheu»ion hi me, nr trom
sonic little amlii/uily really existing in those
essays, it lias forcibly stun k my uiiml that the
'tiiihors wont.l have' written hotter it they had
waited for more Loloi malton on the subject.
I route** 1 have given tlie two number* of
Givis but oiie slight leading, but the produc
tion of the “ Friend to Improvement" I have
now before me. in which I find it stated, that
Givi*, in hi* first No. riTomnieods an addition*
'll lull mi co d but in bis s. ro.id, expresses mii
opinion that this article cannot Imar any in
cuascil expense. In tlie latter sentiment lie
IS cordially united v.itli by lii.s friend, who
gives Iwo estimates to piove its correctness
Now. as the improvement of the river is ilie
subject Heated of, it would seem that there
estimates were intended t« have a beating
some way nr oilier on that subject; andmoie
over, I think that idea is plainly intoned fioin
tlie opinion given, that “twenty vears wilt roll
away betoie if 000,000 of buslit'l.s will be
b'ought down Janie* liver”— the estimates ot
tile Engineers and the improvemenl ot the ri*
ver hoiwitii.stnndiog. Hut siiauge as it may
ttccni, tliese estimate* ot the Kiieiid to lin
provemeiil are made in relation to the present
stale of things, without any reference whate»
’frhi an iuipioved state oi the navigation.
I have never read the repoits of die Engi
neer* since a short lime alter they were pul>
Ilslied ; but 1 think I well remember, that one
ot these at least, lias predicated his calcula
tion* on, not only the most improved state of
the navigation to Richmond but also on the
completion of the Richmond dock, winch
wohlil hiiug the rmal boat* nlong side of the
v.i \ VKHoix, I lie. first state* the inconveniences,
ihe losses and the different items ot expanse
attending the present transportation |»y water.
Mm Ft lend to luiproveinciit does the same;
hut tlie Engineer gae* a little further—lie con*
tiasts (Ins with an improved state ot tilings,
when a ui.ui, a hoy and a horse, will deliver
1000 bushel* in the .saint time that three in-u
uow deliver l.jO (for their average lead is u»t
inoie.) When ail the ilein* of handling about
tlie basin, cartage, loss io quantity and detcii
oration in quality are done away, and when
even an improvement in the management of
tlie coal at the mines .shall take place ; reduc
ing the whole expense to a very small sum
compared with the present ami delivering the
article into the vessels in a better sia e than
it can possibly be when brought in waggon*.—
All till* he supposed wool.I lend to encourage
the transportation by water, and met ease the
But the I’riend to Improremen> inconsistent
as it may appeal u >s nihde a di*eov -rj that
ant* till improvements at defiance.... In luxconi
puiison ot Ilia expense between water and
laud carriage, lie considers Hie difference be
tween I list value ot coal at the waters edge and
a distance »ltiill it, as an item fairly changea
ble to the water ttansportntion, and actually
Uuu,ch the latter with two cent* per bushel
from iliowi. iV Fiiituy’s mines, because tiiey
are nearer the river than some others It this
• ii n will apply to the present navigation, it
wiH also apply to a hener one, and of couiso,
it tlie Janie* River Gouipany should bud the
IIM.IH MV I.....It.... II.... ... ..
Drop Kuii Pits, they ought not to calculate
on any greater quantity (join- taken hy water
• hail at present, because the difference m the
price ot actual transportation, must be added
t.) the water carriage, so as to keep n up to
the waggon price, and ofcouise the coal mtil
still lie taken to inaiket by land. And so of
all the mines which may hereafter he opened
near the Canal. The rule will also apply
equally as well to every other aiticle that can
be brought 10 market hy water,
A* it is piohahle this discovery is original,
the Friend to Improvement will ot course lie
entitled loall the merit derivable therefrom.
in another part ol the essay lie a*ks the
question, " How oame it to pass that the only
** contract that has been eaten d into hy the
“ Directors of the Janies litvei Company, a,>d
* received the approbation ot Hit Commission*
* e.i s far a short distance ot the contemp a led
“ improvement of the Kiver, should he nearly
" double the two Engineei’.* Estimates'” Ttiera
is an axiom adopted bv mechanics and under
takers, which asseits that an additional quan<
lily ol labour at a given tale, is as ceitaiu to
increase the amount ol anestimate as Hie quan
tum oi labour contemplated would, H paid tot
at an advanced rale. For instance, it an esti
mate was given lot budding a house on a cer
tain plan, and i lie owner should alierwaids in*
crease Hie dimension.* so as to add In the quan
tum ut labour, the mechanic might perform
all Hie wuik at the conleinphited rates, uuJ
y» t the house would cost morn money.
Now n the Piiend to Improvement Im.I
waited until the ..ubjecl was fauly befote Hie
public, hy the publication of the tupott ot the
James Kiver Company and other document'
relative to it, he might possibly have discover
ed, that the Directots (pelhaps lor very good
ren*on») may have deltimincd to rcmlei Hu
lower and very important section ot ihc cana
inme capsCiori*, and tec locks and other Work'
moie perfect t** evry rrvpecl than was con
teaqdaicd hy tha F.iigjiif ei* ; mid tueiefotr
that notwithstanding tlic tales ol the work
msv bv the s mie, yi l the additional quantity
and kind in some respects, may account (or tin
increased amount ul me gross sum. It tun
should iniu out to lie the case, and tb* execu,
lion ot Hie piescut con11act should ptovc Ilia
the Wolk may be done lor the estimate of tin
Engineers, and they should happen to hi
) men of enterpriser, It ms) be convenient loi
i the liieud to improvement to take hack Ids a
vrimetit that tlicy will not uudeitako t'ui
Wifik at their own estimates,
VV uh nut: deference to the wider of the K»
ssv in question, I think it would have been a
Well to irave <* sited for Ihc intoi mat ion alln
ded to. became 1 think it of snuis imp-H t u-< <
m a w riter to understand the subject on whirl
be tfrit-.r, But tu giving tbi* seiiiiifitnlj
fmit I t»*y hive pronounced•at least an iir
plied oensui on myself, for I have written i
ooiit cerUiu rytiiiuiira it*th#»y i«• c
mated t<> have some sort ot atli'iity wiili Hi
unprov* merit of ih* Fiver wnliuiit ai y eri
tain evidence of die fact. Ilui as an li.noi,:
l>le man ts always willing to acknow Indite lii
trrrois, it the maker of these estimates vri
favour its wiilr an exposition of what was lit
t/'al meaning, and it turns out that 1 In veal
: together misiakeii it then all due concession
I will piomptly h. mole bv
A Real Friend to Improvement.
Mksfrs. Koitor* ;—Y<ii nally have mi
sincere sympathy in your snflei ini*s under ilu
lasli of *• I'liilo” llie l»t n*r i-tlcn* in hi* ir.
ply to** Fabricins” on the subject ol flie post
office. No Pr pe ever so completely proved
In* infallibility as Philo lias that of the Host
mw-i> i (irueiwl, bnt, the idea tests with hi,
own tliick—it jjoe» no taillirr. l*’or, ironva
part, (hereis not a i*. O in the Union, at leas!
mite southern department that do* s nol
rlui.y furnish prools ot the niter inrompetrn
* > in Ilu* directors be they who they may, ol
tlie eliint department. Not hii improvement
ilmi in Ktuope has been ..dopied in rjthet ol
the brandies ol tin* office, the packing; up
or conveyance, Hint is not studiously- net;*
It clod. I lie system ot way baas i- neglect*
ed ; and the responsibility ro divided "as to
pterlude the possibility rif ntiachm * it to *
ileln i|ut iii in the event ot misconduct. No
it i vi* he it*, dares to older on a newspaper, ex
cept II be one that ha* a laiso circulation —
so a* to occasion a large bundle hein- tot
dull ;ivi* it *unii* Hinuc** ol not rt*Hcha
‘"If il'P fl"»i barrel or receptacle (or stiay
papers" to be found in every Foil office in
the soul lie* u depai linen's." For example I
ki-mv a subscriber of your own who happen*
to be the only one in a ueigliboihood ; and. it
is w nh dil'niil'v lie obtains the paper— almosi
always attrr llie peiiotl of it* being regularly
due il a l*i .-sitleui’s IMessage or any tloru
m> nt of any inif-oriaece be m il, it i*' almost
ceilain ot rlrtemion Instances nt this kind
may be multiplied ; nu*l, no wonder, it tli* r«*
arv sticli minute siihdivikinu* of responsibility,
a* to rentier it perfectly invisible- Nol lim e
'•'ar« since .have l seen' the gnat ba*.* openetl
to take out a few news paper* by candle
light j and, insueli a way a-* to endanger llie
exigence of every letter of impoiiairce Philo
think* he enjoy* a mighls It mini,b as to the
Neyv York and New Haven coniiart With
icnoiamCHrs lie may but with those, who know
tchnt van be done. In* ran not Like your-vlve*
I keow no tiling ol the piivate oriel* ot the
p .r:i s that Philo has liPfsed neck and »huul
dei s into lh-context. I „i rely fio/o a
knowledge ol llie miilfauunccs ot the office
and yvuli a conviction mat there aie means in
remedy evety evil. I travelled ,»,e
• mu hcniioau l» i year* ago and found th« in.
conveniences such as to induce me 10 w.,t,- a
1 'tti r i.n the subject, of w hich the following it
. The mail stage left Fayetteville on Mon
day ih.- 18th iust. We 1md not reached lliedin.
iug house before ii was discoveted that the
contractor had the a->--ui ;u»ce to (tend us fiom
that place with one hind wheel deficient in .«
spoke and altogether so unsafe a state as to
occasion great delay. kite ciiciiinstance was
ag :ravutpd by the man servants having am
soiled m the piesnirvnt one of the pa-veu
gei» that the carnage (tne lug stage) wai
" had not proceedc-l faitheron the
r«I> sday ihail Lynchburg Creek Ilian we dis.
covered ilie si co id day’s stage in as bad a
• laic. Another delay look place ”
*■ I also beg to observe that 1 wasjforciblv
struck with tl-e condtit-i of the stage driver
between I- ox’s anil Ka e gli Th* r" nre two sell
01 tiumes ; and but one set of harness, 'I lie
stage ret off at Mich an hour as lo have en
abled it to reach Raleigh at,or{([ believe 1
might say con filler My) before iv* meridian....
I lie dt iver being told that toe circumstance
was thought practicable, laconically t-plied
I can, but l slia’nt.’* To aegrante this
conduct we had previously |0at an hour nr
two in consequence ol the fears of the driver
id the stage u mi Warranto.t. tint the people
at rox h . would not lie up. He proved correct,
and thcrelore could not he blamed lor pulling
up his horses. [His stage 28 miles J I would
• Iso observe, lie had lo call the driver tor the
next route and give him a s-at to Fox—itist
one mile- kite latter, on being asked tiow
long it would be before the stage could pro*
feed, replied, that the horses weio not clean
ed, and (hat It would be a cnusiderahltt tim*—
I .hick he specified an hour I am couvino d
that lull three hours w. re thus lost on the
road from U’arrenton lo Raleigh Tlii» delay
would b- checked hy tile punctual enloitV.
nient ol fines, and this particular instance ol
wilful misconduct adonis* ijood ounoi (unity
lor an example of the sot f.”
1 him “ kMiilo” will see romplaiut.s are not
confined to Fabricius ; hut that the whole
Country is Miff-riit^ under the mismanagement
ol the present chief or those whom tie deputes
lo do his business....It really is a subject • t
vast importance,when the capital conveyed t»v
(tie mail is recollected. II ever, tom day*could
be gained between tlie capital and N. Orleans,
and more I am convinced might lie the ad.
vantage would he immense. Many improve
in- nts might he suggested tor adoption and
(he system would in time become as period
as it oil • lit to he,...More, gentlemen I will
not add, than a hope, that the rising iinpor.
lance ol the towns at the head ol James river
will induce those who have tlie charge of it.
pi es»es, to recollect that, on the ca> y convey
auces ot persons and letters and more . spe
cially the cheap carriage of merchandise, will
tie found new source-, of wealth to a quartet
destined to sttpr-isi de the southern port? bull
in exportation and importation.
I am, gentlemen yours \c
.S'. Caro/1/id
• 1 would suggest that the P. M C. issnt
an tier tor a return of the pound* weight o
' *nay papers wltirh find their way per inontl
into the tl nr barrel*—not Iron) ihe want »
integrity id the postmasters. but an impossi
hilily to decipher the adilre*s—arising Iron
mismanagement in their conveyance.
We aie compelled to throw upon our las
page an interi-sting public I) cument viz
the Animal Report ot Ihe Hoard of Pubiii
Work* laid before the present General A*
aemlily We recommend it to the earnest pu.
ru.sal of every man who value* Ihe Intern i
Improvement ot the .Slate....!>>w thin;* an
10 dear to n*. a* that object; and tew mean
better calculated to effect it Ilian tile vain;,
hie Fund set apart lot that pmpose.
All arcoinils agree that this treaty is ratifiei
by the Cone* ; tint only doubt is, wl.ethei i
is with or without condition*. According t
the paragraph from tin Charleston Patriot,
letter liom Mr. F.>r.*yih inform* that Spai
require* the extraoidinary condition nf on
guaranteeing the Island of Cuba....On Hi
ot her band, the PLiadv* tiling* ;lic accoun
that no < ondilion at all i* exacted. The N*
• tonal Intelligencer m ike* the same statcineii
We should tlipretore loan to this latter nappe
sifion. The following I* the only direct com
inunication we haw liom Wasliiuglou upo
the subject:
Trout n Member of Congress —Jan. 5.
" Official inlt Iligeut'C lias reached the df
“ purlmenl of State that the .Spanish treaty
*' a* length ratifir d II i* »aid ttie large grant
" the Mtbj< cl o| di-agreeinent, are given up i
“ cancelled.”
Virginia Military /.anil (Haims,
F.xtiact nf * Liter to a gei.iit man in thi* t il
from Inn correspondent, dated
“ Tod it County, Kentuilty, L'd/i l>n:
14 I enclose yon a lint ol the taw aufhonxiu
the surveying of ttie military claims, whir
ha* passed Ihe lower Home of thw 1.‘
gidatuie ot Kentucky, a* I liave «»rn from if
papt'ts printed at Frnukfvri, »Mice the date i
ttie bill with smnv small ninetrilineiit* 1M ij
Wih. Croghan ha* the appointment, ami i
required by the law to give two month* uotn
br-tore h« cominriire* surveying, winch wi
btieg about the 111 of March,”
“ I' S. I had lorguiten to inetilion, that tl
legHlaltire arc about to cany into grant an
establish* I own at the Iron Hank*, lor ttie In
oetit ot the officer* and soldier* of the Virgin
i lice agreeably to the law of Virginia on ill.
( I he 1st ami GtIt rccrioni of the bill ate ;
i follow ;)
I ^ 1 Us il gnat?fit ly the Otntrnl Assembly
* Ute Coinir.onn-eallh of Kentucky, Th.il the stir
'• v yor of the land* sat apart f <r tlie satisfac
* lion ol ihe legal bounties of the officer* and
r • Idiera ot the Virginia stale line on state es«
* alili*hinent he, and he i* hereby aiithonzwJ
- by hlniself or his deputies, to survey mrh ol
> ihe entries made before tlie first day of May.
I 171*11, west ot ihe I eunes*ee river, on mililaiy
s j w an ants not her* tofore satisfied, as h« may be
■ I n quested to make by the person or persons
i J in w l,u*e naiue Ihe entry was made, or by the
: Mil'll heirs ol such per - on or pet sop«. or by I lie
I rtg^ni or attorney in tact.ol any such pc re
son or per*.imh.
§ 0. And Oi it further enacted, Tha f the Lands
aforesaid lying w«<t ot tlie I'euneKsee river,
sliall he subject to taxation as n»her land* in
• lii« common wealth, from and after the 1 o:li
ol March next.
^ RST8HDAY the H of D Were engaged
with ill- .Senate in removing by joint ballot
two member* of Hie Executive Vonuril in
compliance wiili the injunction* <>| .the Con.
Miiiitiou. Messrs \ ales and Aim tin, twuol
Ihe inemhrrs, witti a emit legy and magiiatiiini
ty which do Ilicin great honor, iu letters winch
they addressed o the Legislature, requested
to tie ottered up a* vto.'iuis in the ronstltll
lion. Mr V a tee’s Ictt.-r will be bund in'the
Journal of .Saturday — Mr. Marline wax sub
mi Me it to the 14. of D. yesterday, and is us
billows :
Kelson County 'Sith Knr. I82d.
Sir —I will ihu-h you io i omuiiiidcat* to the
I louse ol Delegates, that owing to my indis
position and other inipvrioii* circnmstaiiccs
I mu desirous o| retiring from the Executive
Council of Virginia, and therefore through
you respect!ti |y solicit my tenmval by the
Cineial Assembly. 1 beg ihe Legislatures!
so io permit me to express my sincere a< -
kiiowlcdgm- ills lor the disti -goi.shvd iilierali
ly ii has manifested tor me, and believe 1 am
with great eateem, your faithful and obedient
*r! va"'- * JOHN M MARI IN.
tlie lion. Speaker nf the
House of Dele cates
Dh tin -i-i ballot. Air. Yales had a majoiiiy
ot voles f.n in;, reiiiuvul—and on the 1 • ti ihe
same lot tell wu Mr. Alar-in —M e |i.»ve no
note* oi the diseiissi.-N which took place pro
v««M» b» Ihe hallollng ; It would lie difficult
wiihuti much explanation to make the reader
imdei staud ihe course ol that duciissioii; and
ii might he doing injustice to slate Ihe re
suits ol the balloting without such ex -l.iua
Hcn '
One circumstance came out in tlie discus
sion. winch It true. IS u t, rssiiug to the people
ailarg^; viz that the committee on Crucial
F-e-ioi-’s million had certain exbihi's ia.d
before them on batut lay fa t f-om which n
unpi. ssioti was i k ‘u in- ihm thete wa. nil ud
diii.-. at d- fi.-H in hi* aecottnr ot about S'jO.OOO
—this, in bis capacity ol coinnn.aii.tivr or
vesting (lie monies Ot tlie LlTERARY FunD in
LdDk \ltif Lr. (Ini i lift xn(\ir «t la _ 1 .... 1
inj mi inv**fi;>ai,ot' li' ioie the committee.—
1 he result will of course be laid before die
public. We shall lie lnp.v, both on account
of the public and tlie late I reastirer that tlu<
tuiprenKioii. so publicly di closed, ebonlil turn
out to be an tTtone.otis one.
No other business was transacted - Repor Is
were made b> some ol die committees, and a..
tn*njt tlie rest, a lomr ore by i\1i. Scldeu,
front the committee to lake into consider*’
tiou what M known by the lucorieci name of
the “ National Lottery Case"—The repott
was not read, hnt laid upon the table. —A let
tei wa* also received liout the Governor, en*
closlntt one front Njvucrr Roane, Kan pre»i.
tlinc Judge of the Court ot Appeals, -laltm;
the rea*..m ot Ins refumii* to act as an <.r nffi.
cin metnher ot the Hoard of the Literary Fiiud.
This letter wr is read, and on Mr Doddridge’s
motion (who expressed Himself strongly' in
tavor ol its reasons; wav teteired to the Com
mittee ol School* and Colei;*-*.
Frtthly, January 5.— V c .inmunicutmo from
the Senate. eiat d that thev liad passed the bill
“ au horiri g a separate election in the county
o- Cabell.”
Various bills and resolutions were presented
bv the committee*—Some bills Were read the
first and second time; and some ordered to os
ei-giosscd and read a third time.
On Mr. Brown's motion, leave was g:ven to
rirg in n bill “ chatigi-'g the place of m eting
of the officers Cor.d icting senatorial elections
wittiin the district Composed of the counties
Monro* , It !;t -urt, Hath, Greenbrier and
Nicholas,” O M. . Magill’s— “to bring in a
bill to amend the act entitled * an act reducing
it. oo call the acts and parts of eels c ncern
itig the superior courts of chancery”—and on
motion of Mr. Ma tenet, the C of It. and I.N.
»(re instructed to enquire into the expediency
ot tithorizr-g Fcter Conrad to open a public
road from hi> house in Randolph county to in*
erstci the roa .fr m Ijewisbnrg to the Clover
Lien at the Greenbrier county line, and erect a
toll gate thete<ui
On m-'t’Onof Mr. F.ppes, the C remittee of
Schools and C-dhgea were instructed to en
quire int) the expediency of sbolitlung the
Hoard styled “ the L'resident and I) r ctors of
the Literary Fund,” and of placing the said
Fund in the Treasury, su' ject to appropria.
ti ns to tlie objects of ,ts original estahlisl.
me t
I ngrossed bills—“concerting the records of
tlie commits oner* ti*r ailjti ti: g claims to lands
on the western waters !• r toe cbstr.ct ot An
giiata, Ho ttt ti =-l and (Ircenb hr, and for other
|iu. noses •* e*tnbli*liir>t» sevnrit fprri•’*
“ placing George Daniel m the pension list,
jind h.r Ills pre.er.t relief /’ •• c nrernjr.g the
i inspec'orHof tohsccoir F’armvilte warehouse/*
“ >n re. ton tothencto' Ik G r-eiai Asstm
b y of Maryla-d, entitle d ‘an act fo • eitluig the
i western limits of this rati-, and the dividing
line between this state a <1 f e Communwea ih
of Virginia/ passed Fib 19th, 1819;” “ con
I cerning .l iseph 1 ow es, n-1 minis'r*tnr of Jo
seph Glut V's, r|. ce.ss d /* "concer' r.g Joel
: Lcftsi.ch}” ■* concerning Jos ph Townes/*
”irc<nporat;iig a Ltb ary Company in the t wn
of Coarlest wn, in il.e c< unly of Kanawha”
[with a -yder;] “ placing Richard Cole on the
\ pension list”—were read a third tune and
The engrossed bills—“ concerning Henry
IV. AYa.kum /’ and “ concerningR belt Wil
lis lave d< nty of Robnt 11 Hill, sheriff of
I Ki"g and Qircn county”—were also lead a 3d
' liire, and rejected.
* Saturday, January 6 —The Speaker laid be
* fore t. i M use the following letter fioin Ren
, .i^rnin 15. I'.aker, a del -gate Irom the county of
e Nansemoud :
Richmond, (>t/i January, 1821.
* SIR : J have just received and «ccepied a
commission f n m tiw President of the United
’ States.
|( Cons tferir.g the acceptance of an nfure un
der tlic general government, a dhqualifi-nt-or
for a seat in the legislature, 1 deem it my dm
« ty to c. mninnicute the fact thro’ you t, the
a U use ot Del* goes, with the View of afT-rding
an o .pnrttinity of supplying this vacancy by n
r writ of cl c ion.
I have the honor to be, with very great re
spect, your obedient servant,
y A new wut of elect on was ordered to sup
ply R>e v- cHi.rv occasioned by Mr. Baker** dm
z q ul.fi .at on.
I, The Speaker laid before the House the fol
lowi* g t- tier fmm Mr Yates, a member of 11><
e Council oi St t*- ;
•f 'l'o the Honorable the Speaker, ami .Members Oj
the llovse »f lick fates.
Cntnscii. Csivstn January 6, 1821.
II The Pwlilection 1 cnUrtam for the pica
sores of a country life—the attention I tn
r compelled to pay to my professional pursuits
d mr.ksit my inclination, whilst they tender »i
mi duty, to retire from the office of Gouncil
* lor of State, which it was the-pleasure of th<
1 last Legislature to confer upon ito—on 1 thi
„ period having arrived when L *• Iv gi'datm i
mimt rreic'oe the unpleasant t. sk (imp-m*
jf- Upon thru* by '.he n A •* i: ‘.i*)l •} 'of rtr»oT.n|
from office t»r«> .'member* of ti e Executive
Cjuccil, I !i»ve no objecion to become one nl
the victims ol that constitution-.! provision, by
cceiving the votes of your houoiable body for
iny removal.
Having ha l the limor, during the short pe
riod of my aervice, to be associated with gen
tle .en, (members of the Ex. cudvc) in whose
intrgiily of character, imnarliall'y <>f conduct,
and fi mness cl decision, I hive the highest
confidence, it rffinl* me, Ml r-tiring from of
fice, the utmost satisfaction to recollect that
by my removal some on*, member c-f that body
insy be retained, whose stipe ior talents qua
lity him to render much more essential service
to my i ative st te. than my* feeble abilities cn
able rse to perform.
With sentiments of the highest respect, 1
have the honor lobe your obt-d.ent servant,
Tliesa.4 letter was laid upon the table.
O.i motion of Mr. Ward, of Berkeley, leave
wa> given to bring in a uill, «• to amend the |
act incorporating u company to es’abliah a
lump ke ri.ad from Shepherds toivr, by the i
w.,y of Martinsborg to the Potomac river in
the direc tion nl said town, and Cumberland in \
the state of Maty land, and for other pu po
\ ar.ous bills were read the first and second
tim s.
Engrossed bills—“ author.zi-g separate e
lections in the counties of Wuod tc Itaudol phy’
•* to amend the act entitled ‘ an act author*:?
ing the pi eddent ai.dJJin.ctors ol the Ashby's
Cap turnpike company to erect a toll bulge
acio s the Shenandoah river”—were read a i.l
limear.d justed.
An eng tilled bill—“changing the d.Viding
line between the counties of Harrison and
Leais,'’ was also read a thiid li.nt—_nd i e
Un Mr. Yancey*, motion, the nnnud report
nl the Hi>«rct , | Public Works am re.'crrid to
ti e C of ll. and 1. N.
Two > rsoltit or.swere rea l f om iheC. 41',
and Ci.—Is'., d daring leason. bie the petition
of sun try iuliHbitmts ol Orange that w speci
fied pail nl that c unty may be nil Jed to Ma
t-isoii ; J.i, also declaring icasiuiuble t.hc pe
tnion '.I sundry iuhuni au'svi Hath, llote'.ouit
and M i.roe, praying dial specified parts of
those c an tier ma> term cut d t.nct aiid new
County—. Ijreedto.
I" - - tiu.r res lotions were read from the sime
committee—1st, declaring reasanab e the pc
tit.on fmm mi dry inhabit! nts of Preston, who
pray that the Big Sandy Creek, with certmu nt
its nieaiuLrs may be established as the di
vidiiig line betv/can Preston and Monongalia ;
'■2d, clerlarii g i-r .n ,-nahL the petition of millers
anu ouier.-, inter. Bled in the flour tr-.de at
Ki IiiuoikI, praying certain al e atioi.s in ilic
i nspect.on of that article—.1.1, r jrctir.g so
mur.li of the said petition as prays that the law
respecting slop stuff may he amended or a.
bolislied—4th, rejecting ihe petition of on
dry i habitants ot the (Jtty of Uxiitimitd r->
og tlut the act authorizing a Major1* (Jour
irt the sadCity utuj be so amended . a to make
llte Mayor, Sergeant, Master ot Police and
high Constable ej:ctsble annually bj' tlie
people — 5' h, iu favor of permittit.g the over
aesrs of th» poor in Accoutre countt , t« hit.Id
a mill on a stream adjoining the the poor house
lands, for >h« pu-pose of Mtpplyi ig the poor
v. ith bread—«nd 6th, for inco. por.t'iig the Li
ter.ry Society of llontncy—Toe first re.o'u
toit was si amended, < n Mr. F»irf.a*s motion,
.v» tocl.ange * reasonable” m'o “be r j. ted.”
I ite JJ, J 1 and 4th, w ere, ori Mr. Seldm’a mo
tion, laid upon the table ; the o.h and 6th w ere
agreed to by the House
A resolution was read from the C. for C. of
•nnd agreed to—decia. ii g iraionable the pe
tition ot Jacob Page, a free man nt color to
reside in tins Commonwealth ; urd resolving
lu thcr, that a general law ought to he passe./,
.muracing all cases c< moig with.n the princi
ples f the petitioner’* case.
A farther resolution from the tame commit
tec was read and ag.-ecd to ;viz declaring it
inexpedient to r.-pt.-J so n uc , of the 7lh » -
t on f the Public ro,.d 1; w, at sdi-v.-s a c. nt
I CKSation to the surveyors of public roads.
\ further resolution Irom tile same com
niitttr, declaring it inexpedient to cl.aitg the
times of holding the quarterly and mo thly
<u>urts of Lewi* conn* >, was amended on Mr
Mc’Whorter’s motion, so »i to change “ inex
pedient” i .to “ expedient ”
Two iesolu ions fiom the C of K. and I NT.
we e read .\nd agreed to ; 1st, for d|. wii.g to
Alexander K.tchen to erect atoll gate oa he
ro-*d lately made across tnc Alleghany moun
tains from the Sweet Spungs i.. tl,j Wtnte
^u.phur Spring, on ccndt.tnn that die sa d pe
titioner should keep thu mad m good ordei ;
and 2rl,aittlionz ng in oonforinity n,th the pcti
tion oi 1> and J. P. ebles, a change hi the st.oe
road leading t.om Lewtsburg t . the western 1
coun'ry through Kanawha cou ty, Stc.
Sundry resolutioHs were re id from the C,
of 1*. and (i—1-t.declaring reasonable the pe
tition from Lynchburg which prajs fora re
due.ion in the price of storage on tobacco
inspected at the several warehouses in tint
town ; 2.1, reject .ng the counter opposition of
sundry owners ot the said warehnuets ; oil, de
cl. r ng reasonable tlie petition from smutty in.
uru. mill ui i.yii-nourg, inui ui- inspecitoi
laws about tobacco may be so am. tided ad tu
p.eve.ttne pmc ice comm my cadid nesting;
4 It, also declarmg leasmtahle the petition from
Rockingham, praying that tiie militia fines
a eil upon the delinquents in tw battalions
lor 1820 may tie reituc -d to 73 cints for each
dem cpie.-cy ; 5tii, for uicorg.u-at i.g tlie town
of Ctuiksvllle ui .Mecklenburg ;—A I these
resolutions were agreed to, except the 4di
which was rejected.
I w > res ult ijns from the <5. for C. of J.
were read and agreed to; 1st, rejecting the
pi ti ion oi l'-ggey Woody Ibr leave to sell a
tract of land t 2d, rejecting the petition of the
II inun Callioiids in IJerkelcy ant-1 Jefferson,
stating that a certain Adam I iviiigston con
veyed a piece nf fund in Jiffirson county to
trustees lor purposes mentioned in the trust
deed ; and praying for an act to extend ti.e
powe a of the Haul trustees a-nl also to em
power them to sill th* said I nil.— 1W . Slier
rard moved ui vain to change the words “ be
rejected" in the 21. rcSolu<ion into “ is reason
Certa n resolution* wer rea.' ftom the C. ot
C. anti agreed to, 1st .rejecting the | etmou u
Alexander IJromgoole praying a compensation
for services rendvred tlie commonwealth ; 2 i,
3 1 Si 4-'li allowing relief, rc»pec.ively to I'hos.
Kent,Thomas Dennis*, and John Lumpkin,
old revolutionary soldiers ; 5tti, n jec ing the
petition of Henry llungerfurd of Wottrnnre
land for compensation f ir summenipg acourt
On motion of Mr. Crump of C. die commit
tee to whom was rcterred the petition of
Leri. John Prts on. wire auti.o-ized to exam
ine into tr.e accounts of tlie Literary Fund,
and ;o make any other investigation (connect
ed wdii the »K’d petition,) which they may
deem nece sory.
Etnirrti op January .... Yesterday the vol
nntt-i-i corps ol tins, c• t> luiued out to do ho
nor to luc hiit'iant and itlnMrion* victory of
r Nnv Orleans, achieved by (lcn. Andrew
J»rk«uH. dilute-* weie fired on Hie occasion—
anil last nltfhc anjelegaut hall was givito at the
Ksgte Hotel.
MARRIED — In Ofottcestrr cn. on Thnrs
day, the 2l»t nit. Mr. PETER WIA'l T,to thv
.innable Mitt CORDELIA, rianaliter of the
la*« Col. Musk ot Middlesex county.
On Thursday, tire 24th uft. by the Rev. phi*
.lip Montague. Mr. (ILAIBOilNK FAULK
NER, to the truly amiable an*? very imtrli
1 •»«cpnjpllshed Miss I'.LIZAKE III <!fl.\l’*
; MAN —both of the renity of H Ac <9'!*u-/i
___________ _ • *■' ' —4m i
j mw tmt’■ni’i in^n.»i^r,|< or1 r
l M>1 • M< l I I l >
I Departinl this life on iht ilili ol last tu'mth,
h* lii» leajsleuce in (he remits ul Amelia. Mr!
.Alt I lit it (j HOOK I'll — m yvui'g man jot
in ill" piiiue ol Ills. Hem puiinii l|:p iicli)«
i| nalilie- *v In eh «i re enve loped in Die biernC
ol llii* yoimu roan inflexible liieud, and 4
man ol oiinf Nteiiiiig ii.ieeiiiv.
Oil Wednesday the 3d n sinnt iiy the 20'if *
yiai ul lii* r.gr, «i |i<* la Him i* resnlehre in the )
«■ onniy „| b 1 ali'n 1 <1. Ml. JA.MF.S IJFMIY 1
I.U.S I u;n. uuiy resilient cl nit* city, alley j
lia' ioc home nil iliuets of tlie moat jiroti aeleil
Mtnetin:* vvltu |>idii* ir*i, ration....One who \
lia* lour limi acquainted with the virfti*")
whieli rhaiai leiued ibe life ol tliia yon..
man, cannot toiegooft’erin- iliialast tribute o’?
1 taped so justly tine 10 d* parted Merit, ot < v
pie-alKg Hi.- nn -t heail*lcll roudoieiire with
hi* ue<|iiait.|;|it( e.4; Ml the hvtIiiI dupe tuaiion ■
Mhich ha» m-paraii d him I10111 tin- hosooi i f
hi* nnliclcil ft ii mis ; but rhry enjoy ihi*
ph asing ictUi iiuii. 11.41 *«i ho - n*' j'nn.itc
is 1* 1 ih. moial mii 1 iide. and pine irgriiiiuni.
nets ot chararter shall couiinn- 10 i»e i-ster-m*
rd. Itio dec* used wjilJon- |>e 11 member* -I.
!n< t i ii r. “ ~
|o:i\ lMltKiilLL iii* M-i'.-iaud MmtvIi Kjih KO
»' 1*8111" S. HOBhKISON ui.a JAMhS KKLSO
\*« '•**' . «i»rt«r Ihr llrm „i F-rkhiU. Hvhr,,„ 'n A
Arl.ut, fur (hr p.i*i>. sp ol Intnaa -.n-- m ,'I CIIU'. ...
COMMISSION ! ISINt-S.S, l(., itfrliu.. U;,
»’irt inult-i Oir 1 mi ..f ftokrrtuMi, Aritok Futkhi.i’
! ,1t, .lrJ1p.Vp,,t* *" "aiosc.lu* a genrr al COMMISSION
I I sINI.SS m li t riiy in ‘ ri.Y-iO. - they fisp.ct:uhy
ijlicit * lime ci the [t^Mir t a(*o>-age *
joiin imhkimi 1.
, JAMtS K1: ISO.
-- r-___rs.-it
t’v.rfihilt, Hubei Isom V Hl'su,
\ *’.* *‘,,w •'irivin* hy 1 l.e ulr-i'i- t Anrenora.
/m 11.: met, being- Alairt and . .hers, Mti.Sii ifcAS,
• btp Sa\aiiiirt|i • 1 rtf 1^0,
iijn 13 1(1. lioxti <;ut!|H»*tfer Teas
** '^t tin do.
*® hV', s Ganp iwdrr rnu.ciiatiin'i canisters alt..
•»4i ClieMl Yumic ll)f«»Si | r.i
"/.8| tr'*;«-•'<* N‘» Or Iren* Sugar*
I f) cl* < ri.o*fSng»r. Me* York manufactory
jii lags of i***i Or ten p. in, Kito CcCs
•JO |.i)*ea of C-eliisc |-randy
10 Ii Ini*, of Iiiiulra Hum
VII ilo. of Allligi.s d...
100 t.oxrs of Mould catm ii
IDO do ol Soap
3D i atK 9 of Cliertr
... , / ,rw hub ol pork nuri Hreh
AII ofnliicti tliej mil •*-.! on liberal terms
9__ 73..If
iM Alt.SIMI/M SAI.F. ’
|\ CIIAM t iiY -I nurd Stairs'Court, Flflh Clre«it
A \ • rrti»*;« I>!tltir(# Dec Itf. 18^0 •
M .illti Don, t s’or ol JoUu Cialiain, dec.
ao *ixsr
.lolni 8».-|i*r and Daniel Call.Urjetutanfs.
l») toiiieniofihepUhmirai.d ibr drleii.iatn Rosi.rr.
u) ir.rir counsel, mr court, ni|b..i,t ileciuing any n.:uo
a> to Ihe 'iieiitt of ibe ca.r, ilnili older, il.at 111*. Mac
• Mil *.l«r baling a over (fed *cc time and |.la. r of
*?, *V hi on. d tl.e nempaiers i.ulilnh.U in the
fli Sif Hie liinoiid, do tell tlir iquarr of laud iu tbrP’l!
fiiriiilonrtl. in ({if* (iitt|i4>.« ■,» ....i t.. _
u Ctrdit of on.- ami l »o >r«t«, ( he ptirtliAUi (o eivu
l.iuil and rrrnrtly, nltb a Herd ,.f .run on the latin to
• rcure p8>n,riii ofthr purchase woiic;,} aiul iruoit bi»
piotceilii U Ihe ctlilt* A cop), l>a»r,
k Jtmiits. cik.
tT In compliance with tit above order, f .ball o:t
thi- fn%t iiitp ,, ti hruurn rnt, proceed V- ,.e t ..t,
premises .»e :q xr. I. • M», ib<»«-».. mi „:;c„«d, and
described in tl-e bill III the loll.,* :
ll.e squint ,i yteinid an tie t> -rib ritlr < i the Kieb
iix.ii.1 itiriirke. iyiiiq i.tl»e.ii [ at. k s .r«t, ; | ,|„.r,
to Im left tony feet w Idu mi Iran. nod txt u.’.ue f,„„,
ti.r .trert of |l,i„> .,rt «„•«. w I etf'.n Wii'ixni
l,*<" ■> is, tin e.oi. it I rt l udjot.,!,.*
ilif .tt..1 i .ith the said G'n.,,n i- <i famirrly s.>td to
Hicham H»nt«. betu|> about lb.*.- bundled audtevelitr
itei rtum ciots sited to cio»« men.
Cl.o J'MVS I) M
Ja„ For A hovfu. V. r U.
wSL WlN .ua\
W M °!l faHHday. ihe27d lust, under ti». i s.
, ,, ‘-ri-eiitfiil 11 Mr WILLIAM M'lcK v.i I if
fir t testin' 'I'lt'.s 'll.ill 4‘Iliac, I rr t.l liUlt r.fpei t
iny in :.os ci-iuiin utlUi in ttnripe 1: s n . •).
. allot,* i s !' tea- i‘fi ,.t the Greek a,„t i languxzrv -
and Air. i \t IlfAl.l, teacher ip t't trench vid Italian.
i U uunitt of instruction util ue midi ter to that t nr -
i ned 11 e .as' yrw ; to Hie successful p.(,s,cn ion vl » t h.
it It «• t es-ity, ,u addition to the usual , Isms' ! i 4 /
Ihst I1"pill In I'losidol Sfiib Lampt ine’a < ;. • ,i. a!
Ilntiiiiai i, May..', At.i lent fir. yiaphi, •.
?.•“ Umol,’* Gazetteer, a ltd a Pl.lt t.i Jf,.
ne-.« oretnfmtion ufthe School, uric, ill Uej
1 l Ural ion of thr itmics oi in st t v r i ton notii ,lir tain ,
l ,>x,i!>„e the pup,'*. A la,It has l -eu riuraced o it,-*,,
the If n.dstahense, eh, it. I • !•> sol, i> eni i.cn "y
qualified lor that atali-n. in cnt.Mqn.n.e , f ti , »r.
Nnirintn'.il.t yiaily expense , itl be i nut rami thmy
d„ll..'.--nil,,nr board end tmt-oo, tvr|,y tx .%
thins exce,t br.-r it,F,§lt,tt ayeat, oi §05 x t« tin ol 5
i ,»•, • s , ■:,<•! it. ad» nice.
- *__75..51
1,0 H hi.AJ,;..
j t y MM « J : d edlifst.A mr purpose. therein
a A »■.! e l, i- ,1 he sold at nubile a tc.ior, . a I- tdiirt.
dttj, tut I I/A flay oj .4; til n?,t. at ■ 1-vn. . \ . , x , „
lb, ptcini-.es, those , alunble UltiCK TtMMi ms,,„
H IIJt.Rhiuok stict,belli): five it, nun ! r, c,.|„ir,epr.„e.
i" H e tenement at thi ► n, r (>f HoilinVu. k .-.5
Vi .more slrcets. orciipird b, |,.n * yar ar ;,(lJ
• 'IrndilifJ to tbe lot of Mf. J, r , f Kn-x s- dnbun are
It,mil,i ed in sa>J de l Nu. 1,2 3 4 and 5. t,--.
« thr. hr.ck l.v;r.!i. r Jlati.fr au,i -,i.f v.iiu. ,.|c i„;
prose men l a on s-ndUte Ihe * i, I.. . ,;t )r f.r !D
niurh thereof as mil he necasary to pay the , ei>t mu
JlIteieM M enti,.,,^# in irntt , It I >• |t„. , t„,,eMV
Is valuable and pr ductive and celt. •• t- wonbv the
alleittI n -t perrons o cain.it
I lie ten, 111,n - are unde r a fen, of from six to twelve
hiilHi-eri dollars each; and iietit? titrated in the ttio.t
tn,"iinerria! ,-att of lha town »i'| al-.vjy, ... a
C'u.d rent ; i d t einttnlv, lull) insured It, m ton by
die id the H, liniand otllcr, tin purrhaseraare rendered
perfectly serure on that itr.d.Should any prfon
res dineat s distance w ith f„e any tnrtber inl. ru.allots
resp-e inq this valuable of,petty, they nil, obtain it
b» w rtti-if. to tae at this plat e
1 be property will l,e m d on a credit of three, six,
and nine months equal Ipiialmetits ai d li e sale will
be conducted b* lit. Um Mo r, Mtr‘i tieer.
JuliN -• LLf“li\ Trustee.
rriersinirg. tan it 75..lit*
• HO Kr/rroejt. Mit/rs, ic at Anvtiuii.
I \ order to nrcmintod: tf pi rrjt; stt*. the sale of ,\V.
* ernes. Mules and Ho,ret, helot,glue ! • the''state < (
loht Grabs,it, dec has been imsip ti*,l tilt Moi.dftt,
rnt li//i hut. oi t’tr fir at fair day tber~:iftrr. tsheii'n
will-ake place In f „nt of the l.;,::e Jlote.. in the tin
VI mwniM/iMi, 111 I •# (IT.MU K J-ICi » r*V.
The S tic of Ihe l.lixlt. l aruitn; I ttiiMIs O wi .i* ,
Cosh, Fodder. Ha., and a'l tbenMer p ■ ..H;,i • ,,y’
will ! mad.-at lb? Coal pits on Tn Mt'tu;-,tt the
10 thirst at U oVoCk, or he tl st laird:,, tl. reafler
as adveri.sad.hyordei • ■!..• I-serin, r,
JAM IS 111 Ron, *" ( i loneer.
•an. o 7a if/
Coal Couth, S r f ry sale.
BY i I r; tie of a deed el triM MvitHed to ibf tehirri'irr
h) It tie t J 1\ tlkis< ■< n, and of record in lie clctk't
oifire of liie < •'tititv court f Chtslrrtfrlf.. ml! he jp.ff
for rash, at Hale) Cole's Ta-rrti, near Ihe Coal Mines.
-n /,'»<- 1 <jf // dag ef I'thruarr n, rf. Ilia folli.wi,.- R v / l
1’lllM‘tiKl Y, III Wll: •J'ir.crts ..f UM>, Iw.uoriril by
the lands cl Martin Kstirv’s estate,.hr i.nr. ,.i ft. y...
I'rabne's es ate, and liip lauds r! Hnley Ole. \i„., ,j],
aues o* L ANO. I iiunsfed |»> th • lai ris of MaMin Hailes'*
esta'e. the land* el md sa lUinsi n, the. lands • f H.:l«>
Cole ami the la-ms tonim nl> known anil .*||(.<M,.
lionet fils, and lb' Iran of I..ml rwiunt nlyiallrd .li •
| |||»U 1’i.a r.I" k.i acrra f.f MM), hi nndert hi (ho
lands of llrlrv Cole. M m Ellison, and (iie ir*. ( of land
cen monij ealiedlb.- fts.-er 1'iis.—also fliu equal mu
undivided iwenllelhs of 100 her ft, enn inotcy i ailed
ihe ituwi.r Pits-for li e t urpi «e «i saii.r.int' Mm
d*his specified in *aid deed,— A tu r psiliciitni de»
cription oi the land it de*mrd iitiiiseiiaa.y, a* ii u
presiiiiird M ai ilmte inrlined In pate! ase, • iK view
the saute previous in Ike day of inle.— .Hr. Wilkinson
lives on the premises. a*d vs,til give any Info;mailon
tsliirh inav he leqn.tird.
I will conve) ths tide vetted in me hv th* *aid >ir-d
of Must. L. HI HFOOI, 1m«iee.
I A". ____73..id*
I iii,ioiu /.Clint I 'Jin'€, Jolt. a. Ml..
IN confortttliy mill an ait of the Oenerpi Asjetr'dy,
filth led, •'/ill art »ii redt/ee into one act IIit l,i,
ml arts conn ruing I- tchi at urs,” passed January tilti,
imp, I do berel.v make known, that it a|.pei.rs, l<)
(ficfl ale eif ibe es'bealor of ihe coutnr o'
Ilia, nearli.f date li e *3(1 day ( f An<nSI, 1313, cini llin
nay received into tbisofliie, that “ * rertalu uart of
I.uhI u-ijoining the lands of I’l'hard F, irs and cilirrs,
ruiilaiuiiig one linitdrsd hud e|; hiy.fbiee seise, Ivlnp
in ihe county afniesaid, and of wlurli licni) Fietcbtf
died seised " hsib been found esi healed In Mi is •••in
niiiwriMth; the said Fletcher having died nllh tit
liens, piher than aliens r-sidem nithnui the tin it.t
biales, and who are lioai pi le in luv in take ut hold
raid land, IV M tl PENDLETON. Ret Islet.
'an. Oi 73..« ii*»
tv Ui |CI .... In puisi'anse oi (wo deed* ol Irml •».
l.o ruled tty Mint. D. Cole for the putpo't • f >fCtr
In* ibe payment of a deM Ihereln inemloned will le
Soid on ibe preoiisis, ov //afurling the *rfA <fgy rf*
the pretent iHUHth (January.) tor teatly top* et. Ihe
teveislnnary ngl.t nr die said Cole, In and i •» a eerisii
Itnrt of LAND lying in Hanover, eh the ttcrib side of
KotitFauna river ; :t it als« ihe rcvernonai; |i.ifi**t of
the said Cote, in nil the Slaves 6to< a, liotcthnld fn/.
uilnte, Ac. us mentioned In the said de- • s
My or.ter jf toe. TYuafett,
tan ft. , 7fi..ids
ClOVKTTm Illy. •
WH nr* nose receiving ukt hnndred tspshel- i'niit
ero CLOV KH.FF.F.fi, of me pi.sent ••< f no*
| espei t to receivekheet ibe stmcqcaiiiiiy of tph n* du
I by the middle o| netrl f.ooth.
•Aesft rtP(M /, Mr r.l! I Kill
• •!»

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