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or TUK
7Aid before the Legislature of Virginia on the
*34 Inst, and ordered to be printed.
The Committice of Finance have, acco: ding
to order, prepared an estimate of the proba
ble expenses of the common wealth, during the
current 7Car, and of the ways and means to
roe**t the same; and they have prepat ed it re
port, nnd adopted resolutions on the varirus
subjects referred to them; all of which they
respectfully submit to the consideration ol the
House of Delegates.
Sxpemet of the Commonwealth from the l.-r day
of October, 1820, to the doth day of Septem
ber, 1821, both d.iys inclusive ;
For expenses ol the General As
sembly. S90.020 00
Officers of Government, inclu.
ding slierifFs and marshals, 90,000 00
Commissioners of revenue, 21400 00
Clerks of Courts, for examining
Commissioners’ Books, 5 000 00
Criminal charges, including
Guards in the country, 35.000 00
Clerks of circuit courts, 3,00'j 00
Civil c miiiigent fund, 18,000 00
Military contingent fund, 3,000 00
Sinking fund for the pay ment of
principal and interest of G and
7 pe*- cent, stock, and interest
on old certificate debt, 103 030 00
Heimbursementofloaotrom Bank
of Virginia, and Farmers'
Bank of Virginia, 51,500 00
Pensioners, 6,500 0J
Militia,for the purchase ofdmms,
files and colds, and fjr the
p.iy of adjutant's clerks, pro
v i.sts martial, and musicians, 22,000 00
Officers of militia, including ad
jutant general and brigade in.
spectors, 5,000 00
Penitentiary internal charges,
and purchase of raw materials, 54,000 00
Offic ers of Penitentiary, 5,900 00
HemoVing Criminals from the
county j ids to die penitentiary, 7,000 00
Expenses of thr ruiory, includ
ing the salaries ut officers, 44,500 00
Gun carriages, and transporta
tion of arms, 4,000 00
Public guard in the cily of Kich
menu, 15,WO 00
ISxpen-e ofrepresentation to con
gress, and live senate of this
wate, 500 00
Public warehouses, including pay
of snpennienje ,t', 2.0 0 00
Staves transported and executed, 15,000 00
Clerk*, sheriff* and marshals’
fees. 500 00
Lunatic hospital, 8,000 00
Public arsenal, 5 0 /0 Oo
Hening’s statutes at large, 4,000 00
3618,800 JO
Way* and m-ans !o meet the foregoing expense* :
Tax on lands and lots for 1320, §271,642 00
on slaves, do. 162,981 0y
on hwrses of all descriptions, 51,456 00
on carriages of all kinds, 17,577 30
on merchants’ licenses, 4J.260 43
on pedlars, 1,931 34
on seines, 32 oo
on ordinaries, 15,947 53
on houses of private entertain
ment, 714 3fl
on shows, 115 o0
$563,686 95
Deduct sheriffs’ cod;
missions of 5 per
cent. 328,199 34
T)o. do. do. 2$ per
cent. 10,808 83
insolvencies and over
charges, 22,559 48
- 61,567 70
502,119 25
Add estimated amount of nett
taxes from Giles, Wood and
Brooke, from which counties
there are no returns, 3,620 §0
1 ax on law process, seals of courts,
and notaries public, 58,000 00
on tobacco shipped, 8,000 00
Militia fines, 15,000 00
Register’s fees, , 3,0u0 00
Redemption of lands, 2.000 00
Sales of unappropriated lands, 2,000 00
Proceeds from sale of articles man
ufactured ?t the penitentiary, 45,000 00
Arrearages of taxes, 10,000 00
Miscellaneous receipts, from the
sale of condemned slaves, and
Other sources, estimated at 30,000 00
Add balance of current revenue
remaining in the treasury on
the 1st ol October 1820, 1,521 00
3680,260 25
- tic amount of the current ex
penses of the year being 618,300 00
61,46'J 25
rbe revenue of the year terminating on
fhe 30th of September, 1821, will exceed
•be expenses within the same period by
. the sum of $61,460 25, which will be a ba
lance remaining in the treasury on the 1st of
October next.
The treasurer stated in his annual report,
dated the 5th ot Dec. 1820, tliat at the close
of the last fiscal year, viz : on the 30tli of
September, 1820, the amount in the treasury
belonging to the Boar 1 of Public Works n*d
literary Fund, was 71,764 dollnrs. The
special report of the auditor of public ac
counts, called for by this committee, and
herewith transmitted, marked A, shows the
amount received into the treasury and dis
bursed therefrom from the 1st day of Octo
ber, 1820, to the 16th day of January, 1821,
both days inclusive. From this document,
it appears, that within the last mentioned
period, 60,813 dollars and 80 cents, have
been received on account of the Literary
Fund, and the disbursements from that fund
■ in the same time, have amounted to §90,583
r 82 cents. That the receipts on account of
[ the Board of Public Works, have amounted
i within the period aforesaid, to §10,835 50
cents, and the disbursements tliertfrom to
§27,172 07 cents; so, that from the 1st of
October, 1820, to the 1 Gtli of January, 1821,
both days inclusive, there have been §37,116
59 cents, more, disbursed from these two
funds, than have been paid in; and conse
quently, the difference between this Inst sum,
viz: §37,616 59 cents, and §71,764, which
amount belonged to these two funds, in the
treasury on the 1st of October, .820, viz:
1 §34,647 41 cents, constitute that portion of
the balance ol §61,500, which will remain
in the treasury on the 1st of October, 1821,
applicable to the Literary Fund and Board
of Public Works. It follows then, tba* the
true balance which will be in the treasury at
the close ot the present fiscal year, applica
ble to the purpose* ot the ordinary revenue
of the g >V?rnment, m-st amount to the sum
ot §26,852 59 cents.
The committee beg leave farther to sug
gest, that the expense* <of the g >vei ament,
will probaoly be much less during the fiscal
year, commencing on the 1st of October
next, then during the presort fiscal year.
Ihe sun: of 51,500, wnich has been raid to
the flank of Virginia, r.»d Farmers’ Hank of
Virginia, since ' s 1st of October last, Vas a
specific appropriation, calculated only to
meet the deficiency in the ord nary revenue,
which was caused by the ir.<ilvc>rs.\*ion in of
fice, Of th,. Ja«. treasure-, and of course, \
similar appropriation v. id not be again neces
sary The sinking fund has for some years
past, been always to the amount of SI ltVKH);
hut inasmuch as a great part of the public
debt has been paid ; so large an annual ap
propriation will not he henceforth necessary
to meet the engagements of the State. This j
sum may be reduced in subsequent years to i
§30,0^0, and tlie faith of the commonwealth [
completely maintained. If the expenses of
the armory should be reduced, either by the
sale of the arms manufactured, (the State
now having a sufficient supply for her own mi
litia,) or by a reduction of the operations of
1 the establishment, as the committee to exa- j
mine that institution recommend, here also, •
would ensue a considerable diminution of
expenditure, which may be safely estimated
at 5520,000. These three sums added toge
ther will make the amount of §91,500.
The wages of the members of the General
Assembly were increased during the session
of 1818—19, from three to four dollars per
day, and the mileage from eight to twenty
cents per mile, on the avowed and sole
ground that money had then depreciated,
and consequently, that all the necessaries
and comforts of life had been accordingly
enhanced in price. Circumstances have
since entirely changed, and money was rarely
ever of mure value in this commonwealth
thnn it is at present. It behoves, therefore,
a consistent and magnanimous legislature,
representing a free, generous and confiding
people, to take these facts into their serious
consideration ; and to evince to their consti
tuents, and the world, that while they can
assume the responsibility of doing themselves
justice on the one hand, so they can render it
to the people on the other.
The committee believe, that the salary of
the adjutant general, which was increased to
1,509 dollars during the late war, v lien his du
ties were necessarily multiplied and arduous,
now the country is in a state of profound
peace, may he with safety reduced, and that
both propriety and justice demand a reduc
fice of vaccine agent for this commonwealth,
may be dispensed with, ami no injury there
by clone to the public :
And, that two officers, a tipstaff and cryer
are entirely sufficient to attend the court of
appeals during their sittings.
It is presumed by the committee, that if
these Inst suggestions of retrenchment be
adopted by the legislature, the sum of
£20,000 will, in future, he annually deduct
ed from the amount of the present expenses
of the government i which, if added to the
£91,500, t> fore mentioned, will make th sum
of £111,500, by which sum the expenses of
the ensuing fiscal year, will fall short of those
of the present. It is moreover believed by
your committee, that the balance on harnlat
the end of any fiscal year, applicable to the
expenditures of the ordinary revenue, need
not be so large as that which will remain in
the treasury on the 1st of October next, viz :
£26,852 59 cents. It is certainly proper
that the commonwealth should at all times
have more money in her coffers than may be
absolutely necessary to meet her engage
meats; and therefore, it may not be correct
to reduce the balance in the treasury at the
end of any fiscai year, below the sum of
£20,000. If the sum of £20,000, be consi
dered a sufficient surplus to remain in the
treasury applicable to the ordinary expenses,
at the end of any fiscal y ear, the difference
between that sum and £25,852 59 cents,
which will be the balance on hand the 1st of
October next, viz : £6,852 59 cents, inav be
added to the sum by which the exuens-es of
fhecommonwealth mav be *.10000 during th
next fiscal y ear. It follows, from this view of
the subject, that the taxes may be lessened
during the present session of the Genet.d As
sembly, at least to the amount o' £118,000.
Tnc committ-s are the m r .^augtiine in the
propriety and s fety of reducing the taxes as
hi-y at pre*ent exist, because of the large ar
rearages which aredu horn various ccun'ics
in t e state, and from which o d ubt consid
erable sum 1, not less th»n £3.) 000 may he de
rived during the present ...1—. ovided the
measures which will be hereafter recommend
cd in tins rep.iri be adt.pied by tha legisla
ture. It may not be improper also to aulcti
late that some portion ot the large debt due
'lie commonwealth by the late treasurer, will
be paid during the ensiling fiscal year; a'td
it so, will come m aid of the revenue fn that
year. When the pecuniary erobarrassin#nts of
t >e people of this state are so oppressive as at
present, it is certainly due to the r loyalty as
well as to every principle of justice, and of
fair representative gsrernmen', to lessen the
burthens which they sustain, by all means of
retrenchment and ec-momy not inc ns'ktrnt
with the public weal. The committee there
loie recommend the reduction of the taxes on
land1, 'ots, slaves, and horses, to the amount
of £118,000.
Vf.np rnnnmtHon hovn tlimifrlit ffitf if mirrl.t
not be deemed wi bout their province, and
that it would certainly be .satisfactory to i he
legis atureaml to the publ c, to asccnain the
precise amount of money o« hand belonging
to the corn-norm aith on the morning of the
17th inst. that being the anniversary of the
late treasurer's resignation, when he deliver
ed up hia dice, and a m w order of tliii gs
omiwenc d in the treasury With this i b
ject in view, the chairmm of this committee
addressed a letter to the auditor of public ac
counts, a copy of which is herewith tians
mitted m.rkcd B, to which he received an
ans%ver (marked , with the document mark
ed A, already referred to in a preceding part
of this report.) A letter was also xddress
ed to the President of the Bank of Virginia,
and to the President of the Farmers' Bank
of Virginia, a copy of winch is marked D
and their answers, marked B, and F, are
also herewith delivered. From these doc
uments it appears that on tiie morning of
the 17th inst. there wa . c«sh in the Bank of
Virginia, to the credit ol the treasurer of the
commonwealth the sum of $135,395 75
To the credit of the treasurer of
the Board ol P. Works 962 28
In the Fa liters' Bank of Virginia
to the credit of the treasurer ol the
Commonwealth, 116,6-15 51
To the credit of the lrea.*urer of
the Bnaid of P. Works, 18,443 25
There is no separate account for
the litemry fund in either Bank,
thn. gli there arc separate accounts
for each fund both in the au litor’.t
and treasurer’s c fiice ; and per
haps >t would render these seve
ral funds more distinct and < le*r,
if the saint course were pursued
at the two Banks.
Cash in the treasury office on the
morning aforesaid* actually count
ed ay the chairman, and Mr-sis.
11 tin Ur f Bs»e * and Bmyer of
Kocabrulg , t-.vo o<her mem
bers of *diec< muiitlee, including
a check of Mr. Jas. K. Heuh for
$8 33 and ;. flsgtrstown if ink
note of $ i0, and a Saline Bank
note of both ol which were
found in i|i« office when .1 no. Pfws
i«>n delivered it up, and winch
notes were Considered of no value. 1,825 28
Amounting in all to the sum of $273,243 77
By the annual report of
the auditor St treasu
rer made early in Dec.
las:, it appears that
the balance of money
on hand the 1st Oct.
*'•3 £-"1,285 6'J$
Hy statement from the
auditor, being docu
ment marked A. be
fore referred to, it ap
pears that since that,
period to the 17th
Jan 1821, there have
been received in the
treasury, 630,583 14
Warrants is
sued on the
treasury in
t lie same
period 133,105 69 197,477 43 -TO,705 14’
l)iffcrencel97,47745 270,763 14$
. ©2,430 62$
Deduct checks drawn by the trea
surer on the banks and which had
not been presented or paid on
17th Jan. 1,408 51
1,072 11$
So that there must h:>re been on the m. n
ing ot the 17 h nisi, warrants from the and
itor on the treasurer which were •() at, and
had not been presented for payment, which is
very probable, or die treasury lias gained this
nun to the funount c f $1,072 II $.
I lit a n uint (,( cash on Imid when • h« la*c
treasurer went out of oWee was $350 197 77.
So that there were in the treasury on the
17th inst. $23,046 more than on the 17th
day of January 1820; notwithstanding the
payment of the loan of $51,500, which has
been before mentioned, and which was
charged on the revenue of the present fiscal
year. The committee cannot conclude this
part of their report without congratulating
the Mouse of Delegates upon the correct
manner in which the books in the treasury
ollice are now kept, as well as upon the
great punctuality with which the revenue of
1820 has been paid in. The increased pen
alties imposed upon public delinquents have
doubtless, in a great measure, produced this
last most pleasing result ; and if our revenue
laws are rigidly enforced, and should some
alterations be made in relation to them, which
your committee will now proceed to suggest,
it is confidently believed that the finances of
the State, notwithstanding the contemplated
reduction of the taxes, will continue in a
most nrMiipf.ina rmwlit mt
It is almost impossible for the most diligent
commissioner of die revenue, to list all the
property within the limits of his district. Some
persons such a* are transient in their pur
suits, or disposed to evade the payment of
their taxes, will by the most faithful officer
be unavoidab' overlooked, anil hence seri
ous detriment is caused to the revenue of the
commonwealth, while the truly virtuous and
patriotic portion of the community bear
core than their due proportion of the bur
thens of taxation. To remedy this evil, it is
recommended that the duties of the commis
sioner to apply to all persons for lists of their
property within the limits of their respective
districts, by the 1st day of June in each year,
should remain as now prescribed by law,
with increased penalties for fail ng to per
form them. Hut the law should be so amend
'd as to make it the duty of all person*, wli,
h ve .Topertv, if they shall r ot be applied to
foi- u list of the same by the commissioner, on
or before the 1st day of .!«• e in each year, to
tiinkif out a list themselves of their taxable p.-o
per y, m .ke oath to the accuracy of such list,
b ore some justice of the peace for the comm
or corpora'ion in wh ch they reside and de
liver it, or cause it to be delivered thus sworn
to. t'i the clerk of the county or corporation,
or to the commissioner of the revenue, on
o before the 1st day cf July in e-rh year;
which lists, rn made out, shall be copi
d ny die commissioner and furnished to
the auditor and sheriff or collector of the
revenue by the fir»t ot Aii/n.t in eaeli year, in
the same manner as the commissioners* bonks
are now furnished. Provided any person shall
fail to list hisor her taxable prnpeity either
with the commissioner or cletk,in the manner
how prescribed by law, or as stated above,
Mich person so failing should be liable 10 a
tine of S Jfi) for eveiy such failure, and more
over pny treble taxes on all such property the
next y-ar The fine should be recoverable
before the inferior or superior courts of die
county orcoiporntionin which the property of
the person so failing was at the time the jail
lire oertuied. To eusuio the due execution of
this piovision. it should be made Hi- duty of
each judge ot a circuit eomt, and the com
inoiiwealthN attorney ot each iiilerior eomt
at the half yearly tenn of the former and the’
quarterly sessions of the latter, to give this
art in special charge to the grand jury,and to
cause the commissioners' hooks to be laid be.
fora the same. Any presentment for a viola
tionof such an act should he prosecuted in the
same manner as other presentments are pro
seemed in said courts, one hall ot the penalty
to go to the informer, and the other half to
The committee beg leave to suggest that
the compensation now allowed by law to the
clerks ot the different comity and corporation
court* within tbe commonwealth, tor exatniu
tog the commissioners' books,!- very unequal
and in most cases too large. The com Is ate
authorised under the present law to allow any
sum not exceeding S 50 to each clerk tor the
performance of this duty—aud almost invaii
aldv the maximum has been paid.... I’he con
sequence is, that in very small counties, or in
those wlinc there is blit titile taxable propei
iy,ihe same compeusaiioti is given to the eleik
as in larger counties where there is treble the
quantity of taxable propeity, and of course
tlie examination ot the commissioners’ hooks
requiring much more time and labor to its
due performance. Ii i* recommended. Ibcre
tore. that Hie law should be so amended as to
allow to Hi- clcik ot each comity or corpora
tion, in which il eie is hut one cnnimisfiourr,
the sum ol $ M for examining the books of
said comini-siouei ; to th« clerk of each coun
ty v»h«rr there are iwo commissioners, tbe
sum oi $35 tor examining the books ot both ■
and wlieie tbeie are tlnee commissioner.- in
a county, the -urn ot 4 5U tor the examina
tion of their books.
It is recommended by the committee, that
the auditor ot public accounts should be di
rected by law to furnish to each commissioner
ot tbe revenue wnbm ibis commonwealth, -a
copy of the laws relating to Ins duties, with
such instructions as the auditor may see cause
to give him. This is absolutely necessary to
secure uniformity and accuracy m the book*
ol tbe commissioners, amt punctuality in their
transmission to the auditor
It frequently happens that sheriffs fail to
perforin their duties to the commonwealth its
Matters not relating to the immediate subject
of the public revenue. As Hie law now exists,
for any -uch failure the sheriff is liable lo a
motion only in the comity w hem lie lives ; ami
it frequently happens that tbe expense ot
giving him notice at a great distance, and
prosecuting film in Hie court ot his county,
subjects Hiu slate to so much expense and j
difficulty, a* more than to cvnnterbalance tbe
stun winch maybe recovered. It pt therefore
recommended that the sheriffs lor <U! neglect
ot public duty to the commonwealth, should
he prosecuted in the genera) cunt without
notice- The slientf is a public officer presum
ed to be acquainted with the laws ot In* coun
try, and tlietluiie.swbic.il they impose on him,
ami ol course when he violates his duty lie is
I'donned of the fact—and any notice to him
is only a matter of form, while it subjects the
commonwealth to nitifli expense and delay.
Il is recommended that Hie fine on Hie
cleik* of court* lor not transmitting to Hie
auditor copies of the siietiff*’ or collector*’
bonds tor collecting the public dues, should
be increased from 150 to S 100. The sum is
now so small, dial it Ihe clciks should he
Corrupt and collude with tlie sheriff-.the hititr
might well afford to pay the hue imposed on
flic former, to avoid tne prosecution to which
iliey would he subjected tu the general court
for neglect in paying in the icvennn uccoid*
mg to law. Tne same reasons whirl) apply tu
the slientr* as stated above, operate with hi
cteasril force to subject ihu rlcik* in nil cases
of failing to perform their public duties to a
prosecution in Ilia gem-tal conit wiihnitt no
I '
Tiir r»c • liitee further suggenl that each
'kvufi ->|i.,ii|<| be liable to a separate fine for
,vei\ failure li> reitiru art eKeriflfuM In Mior
»'l tile •’IIIIIII3IIW rpilh — aetl Jlte law flioultl lie
s*> mu alt il, m< lii compel shcriHs m give
buml tm I lie enller lion ul mililu lines : copies
•>* which lnii.il-should be transmitted t<> the
niiiliiui ’ • i.ffl .• ia ill*- «uiiie in a nue r ...x oilur
bond. <>i -in nil. .ire tian-uiilie.l.
IIi ih i- a large (pt.inlily ol land in v»i|
eils f ans of tile s!.;ie which has been Im*.
•etted to the common wntllji or puirhaned by
her agents. I Ins land is nunr prodnciiii- no
tricorne, aurl tur the most pail may be const
dend sinisM denlict. It woiiiil he icilal. lv
m>e in the (11111111111 ol Hus «oiiiuiillee ihai
mi aus should be taken fur the disposal ot
tins land on reasonable credit. The power
to appoint agent, tor this purpose the e-iu
mitt, e think »h”Uiil be vested m iliw auditin' ot
ptiblir accounts,subject In the cmilioril ol the
exicutlvp ss to iIre amount ol compensation
In he allowed the ag-nt- ho may si led, and as
In llie validity ot tne secnulx whicti they may
respectively giv« lor a laiilihtl performance
ol the eonttacts they make with the Hinlitoi,
the bond in evety such case to he given to the
governor lor the time being and hi- sin ce*
sors. I lie auditm is by our law, II.e etea> s .*■
pervismg olhi er ol the rgvtline system id the
cuiiinioiiMealih—bis le-pon-ibidiy i- direct,
aim annual, to the immediate lepresentaitves
Ot the people. .'Should he neglect or itiirli.ke
his duly, Im eaminl by possibility shin Hie
accountability iroin hiunelt to any utli. r |> ■ r
son. Kesnle.». it appears to your commutee
that to ensure the rHicaciotis management ot
the revenue system ot any country there ate
the same unity ol action, and promptitude of
dt rispm required, as m the |iio|>er disci, line
«>l an army : without a skilful general to con
trout and direct the whole, any army would
soon degenerate into a mob ot men with mus
k*'t' in tlieii limils—so withmii some iie.nl to
devise schemes of finance lo direct Iheirexe.
citlioii and account strictly lor the success ot
In* operatm s, any system ol revenue will be
come relaxed ami ineHii lent. Km the same
reason- the conimiitue would recommend that
tile attditor he vested with the power to ap
point u!l ccilectoisol tin arrraiages ol taxes,
subject to the like controiil on thepaiiot tin
Lxeiulive, as m the case of agpius to sell
lands, as staled above, with the additional
provision that no collector should receive more
than -JO pe» cent, upon the Minis he aciuaily
paid into the treasuiy as a compensation tor
lus set vices. Whenever the aitditoi should
Hunk that the ariearages ot taxes could l>«
better collected, anu Hie minis: of the com
nionwe.ilth should permit, Im sIiumIvI be au
thorised to stipulate for th« payment of Hie
aim not unde.t taken to be codec.ed m two and
111i*.*•? annual nistdlmeiits
\our committee recommend Out hereafter,
when any land t* ietuiued delinquent, it
should be iedeetuable only at the Aiidnoi's
olhie. By ihe pies-utmodi jrom ihe lieqneut
changes in ilte shenlls, ail responsibility in
cases ol this kind is lost, an.l h me owner ot
the laud pay the slieiili, the amount rarely
finds its way tn the I'reusitry. And it would
be certainty hut justice to the Commonwealth
that when claimants ot laud loilotted to me
Literaly Fund, redeem Uie same, they should
be compelled to pay all the taxes winch may
have accrued thereon while in a state ot for
feiture. In many instances, it is believed, mi.
der the present law where laud m mis situa
tion has been ledcemed.thn mtei v< mug laxes
which accrued between the lime ol luileiiuie i
and redemption amounted to mote than the
damages paid the C unm tiwealth, and hence
she suffered hy hei own fruity s ,.t u,diligence.
Your coniimttee suggest still I'mthci, ihti me
clerks uf comts should ba compelled to gi»^ j
bonds and security tor me punctual payment
of all public monies whicn come into ihtti
iiaitJs, and to certify copies of stu b bauds, to
gr tnerwiih copies of ihe bonds ot tin- coin*
ini"iimers of the revenue, uoitnie* pot,lie and
slieitffs tor the return* ot procc*-. given m
ttieii respective courts—to the auditor ot
public accounts, in the same iiiaunci as they
now cei lily shentl’s bonds fur the collt ciloii ot
the revenue, and under tike penalties,
Ihe commissionei sol the it venue should lie
authorized and required in value old liniid
iugs on any land assessed withiu ttieii icspt-c* 1
live dtsli lets, and which were omitted in the
last assesviue.it, in die same inaiiuei thai they
are now difected hy law tu value new build
ings ; and lorall neglect of duty Ihe CuiuuiU'
Stoners slioulil be liable to a prosecution in
tliegenet.il conn in the same mode with o
ther delinquents. The coniuuitte recommend
that (heGlh section ot the act to ieduce into
one all ads and pails ol acts relating to me
duties ol sheriffs, should !*p so amended, that
where a sheriff is continued m office in cotise .
quence ot any accident or impediment which
prevented the qualification ot a successor, tie
should be compelled to give*bonds and seen
nly for ihe collection and payment of taxes,
levies and other public monies in the same
manlier as when he first qiiahti-d.
Your committee tmthi-r state, that a letter
from Joseph Jackson, clei k ol accounts tu the
auditor's office, was laid bclore them by their
chairman, uud which is herewith transmitted
Mtmked Cir requesting compensation lor the
extra services which he performed tu tiring ■
mg up and examining the accounts ot that
derailment from Octobci lui)3 till September
1817. a period ot nearly nine years an tenor to
Ins acceptance of his picsunt appointment.*..
After considering this letter and the docti.
ment which it enclosed, being a certificate
ot nis services and their uiilny, hy both the
auditor and treasurer and also after a pvrso*
nai examination of tlie latter officer, your
committee cannot but think that Mr. Jackson
rpiub'red essential service* to the stale, Jse
yond the scope ot his official duties hy Ihe
examination aforesaid , wi.haat which the
accountant appointed hy an act of ike last
Geueral Assembly could not have performed
the duty assigned him ot ascertaining the
amount due the commouwc. itli by the late
To bi iug the various subjects recommended
' J Jv”' nvim ll»l||| III
the consideration ot the Holise ol Delegates
they beg leave to submit the following i(-so
lutions :
1st. Resolved, As the opinion of this finin'
tntllee. that the wages of the Members ot Hie
General Assembly, should he red need in m
tnre to three dollars per d ay each, tot everv
day’s attendance on said Assemblies
2d Resolved, That the mileage of the Mem
bers ol the General Assembly should be re
duced in future to 3 dollars lor every Iweuty
miles travelled by each Member coning to
and returning Irom the General Assembly?
3. Resolved, That the anno; I »alai\ of ihe
Adjutant General ot tins Commonweal'll,
should be reduced to $ 50U
4th. Resulted, That ibe office of Vaccine
"Agent for this Commonwealth, should lie
henceforth abolished, and all laws relating to
the same repealed.
5lli. Resoleed, That when the term of ser
vice ot the present incumbent shall expire,
the Hliei iff ot the County of Henrico should
not be compelled to attend the sittings of the
Cnnt ot Appeals, and that the powers now
exercised by him in executing the outers of
said Court, should he transferred to, and vest
ed in the Tipatati'of Slid Court.
6lh. Resolved, That hcrralter it shall lie the
duty of all persons owning nr in possession ot
taxable property within the limits of the Di.x
trie! of any Commissioner nt the revenue fur
tliis Commonwealth, (if not applied to by the
said Cominissionn lor a list oftlieir properly
on or before tliel«t day of June in any vi-ai )
to nt.ike out a list of Hie same, swear to it
betote «oine justice ot III" peace. Inr the Conn*
ty or Corporation, in which the properly may
be, and on or brfoie the I t day of .Inly, in
the same year, furnish the lisi so made out ae.il
sworn to, to the Cletk of the alore-aid
County or Corporation, or to the Commission
ci ol the District, whose duly it alnil! be to
transmit copies of the same to the Auditor
of Public Accounts, and deliver them to the
Sheriffs or ( olleeiors ol the lIcvAinie williirr
Micir respective District*, on or before the
1st day of Animat thereafter.
7th. Resolved, Tint the penalty now Im
posed by law on Cntnmissiouets of tin- lie
venue, tor not applvmg to ah persons with
in their respective l>i«nirts, tor their n»;* ot
taxable propeity, should be increased, nml
that the sen! Commis.-nuiers | i !!<•;• ».*Cl to
peifoim this duly, slum;,I be I, a bis to p e
seirtmeiil by n Grand Jm y lor the nnty or
Cirmit Court* within ttie jurisdiction ol
which they may re«ide.
(itb. Rescind, That the ooinponaaiion of the
Clerks ol f-o.u ts fur exaim mug ruinin'a done t *'
book-, siioiibl |,e so arin tg.-d ttiai wh*ip
lltpft* is but oe- rou rrv*,' ■■ m niou. it.
(lie allowance for examining hi* honk* shall
not exceed twenty dollar* each year - wlterc
there are two Commissioners, the allowance
l->r es uninin- lire bo. its nl' both not in exceed
' 111 dollars ; and where tlier-* are three corn*
I ini*«nuteis ii> any eonniy, the allow.me* for
examining llie books of ail,-hall not exceed
50 dollars.
9lli. Reached, That th<* Auditor of 1'nMii
Arcounf* should he director! hv law, |n (in
ecdi the Commissioner* of the Revenue
Ihion'hunt tin- Common wealth, with copies
ol nil the laws defining their duties, with such
in*t' actions as he may see . an**- to give itu m
loth. Ur-wired, Tint the Sheiitfr, f leiks unit
Ponuuissioners of Hip I\*vet!n<! wiilun this
Commonwealth should he conipulted to givp
bond and security in their respective conns
lor the faithful pcrfnitnsuico of their public
duties, and the faithlnl payment of all public
monies which may come in'o th«*tr hands •
copies of which bonds, with those of Notaries
Public, should be transmuted bv the Clerks
of tbe respective courts to the Auditor of
PnMir Accounts.
IIlit. Res-'li fU, That the foregoing- off-eis
• or any neglect of public duly relating to the
ti«ral affairs of the Commonwealth, should he
• iilde to a motion upon the copies or tbrii
h unts duly certified m tlh4 gem rei couit
without riofire.
12 h. Rraotveti That ihe fine now imposed
by jaw on the Clerks ol Courts, for •>ot rer
lijying aurl transiaittinir copies of the hoods
ot the .Sheriffs. »>r other Collectors of the
public revenue to the Auditor ot Public
count*, should be increased limn 150 to 100
Resolved That the law should he »<•
amended, that each sheriff should he li able t«
a separate fine lor every failure to return an
execution in favocr of the Commonwealth
l I'll. Resolved That it ft exited rent to an
thoiize h\ law the Auditor of Public Ac*
count* to appoint agent* to dispose ■ of me
binds forfeited to the C .muinnvu aim or pur
closed lot her benefit, on reisom-ible ciedit
the compensation to such agents,(irotn whom’
bond and Recnritv shall h<* leijuired,) to ho
approved hv the Executive, and to roniisf in
•i percent upon the monrv actually paid .uto
the treasury Irotn the sde* thev u'uy effect
not exceeding ten per ceniini.
Rewind That like agent* should be
at»pointed bv the Auditor to collect a!| er»
rearages of taxes due the Commonwealth the
com] cnsaiion to be at>pir>\ed hv the Execu
live. and not to exere.i 20 per cent, upon the
money actually paid into the Treasury—these
agents giving bond and seemitv to pay the
money they mav collect faiilitiilly • and i,v
instalments ol one, two and three years ,|
• he Auditor should see cause lo make siicli
Kcsolml. That hereafter when any
land may he relumed delinquent, i; j f,’,.
redeemed only at the Xudit.ir'.' e • and
when claimants of land fnileited to t|i{.
r.iiv bund dull redeem the mniir th .htmld
he compelled to pay ail ux,, which ,„as
nave accrued on ancit land, while in a state
ol forfeiture.
iTth. Resolved Thnt th-! (Tilt .section of* t!,e
act to reduce into one. nli ;;cfs relatm? to th.
nitiirs ofatieiiffa ” dinuld he -c amended, that
when a Sheriff i* rnntinind in • flirt* becuuse
or aitv accident or impediment which prevent
> '■ the qttai.fi.'nloti ol h Mirrp-.sor he «l*onld
K,vp i,omI and ecciiMiv it r the collection and
p a v me lit of all puhlic tax.-x and |**.|p,« and
oil!. . juthiic ntett: « i:s the initio uia.tnei a.x
W'* n he fust qiiidtijed.
I-Mli. Rev? rtf, I hat the commis;xio"crs of
t lie ip venue elmitlil he itqnired to vrt'ue old
IiuiMihl'.h on any lanil a-'P.x»cd wi'ltin ilieit
respective di-lii.-tn and whirl, huil.lin^s were
omiftrd in the last assessment, in llie .same
mnueriii which they aie now ditt-cled hy
law to value new huiltl;tics
lOtlt, Resilient i It at 000 dollars shott'.l he
paid to Joseph Jackson, Clerk of Accounts,
tor the extia services which he rendeied to
the coiniiifinwealth dining the la*l yeat.
lidth- Rcsolrtil lastly us the opinion of this
( nnttntllee, T h u lire pie*< ul taxes on land-,
lots Iioiscn atm slaves, sltonid he reduced 5A>
per cent.
All which is most respectfully submit I rd.
-- -- ■— «B»
MARilIEO]—la Gom-'.JiukI r. only, bv i n- Rrv. Lnui.
I liHiiuuin, in the year IS20, tk f.dloui c.upk'j :
Jan. l.— W 111,1,111 Sinitli to Kli/tihrlti Sin.lit.
1-Ulw >nl N. Kraitlry Ann F.Richards.
~ c*~* s i I.inrry to KltA.Urth gangster.
Gib rn L. Fowler o, Iali/jb i!i .salmons.
Aprrl 20.—AniJrrst.it Johi.snu in Nancy fierce.
May 2.——Willi till ieivis Jr. to Lon:. A. Pry or.
JI—•* .Ini 1. Parrish in lli.,-.i,a L nisy.
, 'iS-Henry I urpin tu Lupy F. Sait, rwhite.
June IS Zaeli.triuh I»lu | t„ Virginia llureniMirl.
22—SaiinnI C. Mitch I in Maritm Csu-kr.
July 19 — Francis F. St.-g r lo Ann P. U. in.-nt*.
20—John Sullen* bite to At n Graves.
Aug 2—James Hoye To Njnty Wliitt.
3—1 honins A. WnoJson to Christian Johnson.
Sx-pt. 6—Sandy Bnu to Mury 1 logins.
5—Jessie Parrish and Pat a y Morrer.
Nov. 1—Wdtoii M. Honrheiis to Ann llerndon.
Uce, 2—hnl. ir.l T. Underwood hi.u Martha Mullins.
20 — Audi.xv Crestnn nnil Anna |*ag.-.
2 1—James Wh-tlnckn-ni Eli/tlt. ih Hat,, tr.
SL'CCI-SsioN Ol- >H9F«IR| tJMhx
nl DL- In Ibis c.uy on Sunday, the I nh mat. (at ihr
house of Major Hull, way,) Mrs. JL'DII H COUCil
aged ol. She was a native of Kelli In England.—rho
deceased is represent'd as r.ftlip ne-kest * o,si disne
liln.n In the wi.rid—She u as devoted to tier bttil- an
prayer hook, though shtwaai.nl in the habit of fic
qncntiug mettmg houses *r churches.
following her death,the wife of hrr son,
tr.Wnt. Com l, ol Pett. slung, was depitve.l nf tier
mother, a resulent of the county of Pi|nee Geotcc.
Ou 1 ririay, as Mr and Mrs Coneh were on ilinr way
to the fiMieiat, ilie horse took (right and ran asvnv with
tIt* filR — irmii which l.i.rli were viecitulr.led. Mr f
..... .mu nu i.iiv in a delicate siate of health
was verv much injured.
Ii taking him in ihe ground, the horse took fright,ran
• If.and almost euitirelt demolished ihe hraite, mid di<
grral Injmy to ihe Collin. The laller particu ;*r» art*
•laicfl in ihe following article from the Petersburg lie
publican of tbe tzsd lutl.
On r'ijiv U.m. as 'lr. If Hl'mm t’ovch, of ihl* p!:»rc
wnb liis Jndy, was poiiif; to ihr counny tolhc tolieral of
Mrs C’s mother abort lifiten miles from l<>»n, the
hnrjo, hy some means, hecamc friL'Iiiencd, aim being
unmanageable, ran away with ihe gig, from which Mr
and Mrs Couth were both pn ctpiiairrt and w « regtel
I" adrt, that Mr. C. was instantly killed by the fail. and
bis lady Vi!r% much iujnicd. ihoirih not dangerously.
In the death of Mr Cuur.li, a discoiisulaic wid n has
lost one of the best of badlands, and two male chtldien
ihe most allecUonatc of parents, and society a worthy
member—lias, the nohlrst woik of find, an honesi
apart. Mr C hashing been a mem'icr of the Methodist
Sneietv • mill if there ever was n sincere man, hn
was one, ami no doubt prepared fur h-s untimely and
We would arid, as a singular occurrence that when
the remains at Mr. C. arrived in the vii imiy o' tbe
•own, lh« horse hy which they wete drawn, bee me
frightened, ran of.’, and almost entirely driiiul ilied'lie
hearse, and injured Ihe C'./hn in which ihe b«dv was
deposited very considerably. (Peters. Hejjutt.
DepArtcil this life on flie* 23tl iiiMui.i at elr
ven o'clock A. M nt the icmiIimico est I tin l>ro
• tier, on H street, Sltorkoc Hill, Mr Joitv
W. Pledge, ayerl .12 ypais, after a pmiifnl
illness of live month*. which lie Loro with
Christian fortiluile •
Staple* of the Hichmond Market.
Tobacco, Hrl, $ ftj a £8j—new,5 * 7 J —Flnnr
coiintrv, S.V; a 31 cilv, S 31—Meal, 50 n
58c.— Wheat, 02 a foe.—Ilemp, $150-Oal.i.
25 c.
Groceries — Krnwn Su^ar, S 7*, a i I — T.oaf
<lr>. IH * 22c.—Rnnt, W l 85c. a SI —«lo. N F.
10c.—U lii-kev.'i-lc. —Mo)h«sc*32 h 35c —Tens
intpcri.il 5’, (25 a I >•» -Y lIvson.'M) * 05r—(’ if
Ice, 30 a 32c—Huron, 8c.—Cm Herrings £3
h I*,.
Hunk of Virgikls.7,8
J'atiiiciV H.tnk of V<t .i>3
F S Itiiik. ..,.,.,,.102
Marine .Stock . 1 50
AN Adjourned Meeting of the Members of ihe Muln
al Assistance Sucltsy will he held in the Hall oi
the It use at Delegates in the Capltul at fl o'clock ori
Thursday evening the H.h let.ruarv H71.
JAME9 ru’,VUV.H, P. Ag’t M. A 9’y.
fan 11 ■_____ 91..ids
\i.L peison* Saving i l.ilins ..aaliiM uMiN iillAfls.il,
deceased, are requested t • im-kc them known.
W AI Ti 51 DUN, l t ten lot
Nos. 10 .'I..If of John Oralowtt, drC'lt,
'I'HK Ritlisi 1 *her • ill Hainan a CitMMls.'ION p.il
I filNESf, 111 I he house I.iil> ocritpied hr i'Tlt. A
Wm fjilllat. lill. I. MrifUflR.
’hit. IE,_ __ 77,.11
^TOTICf.... .tnfii»» from any part 01 ibe Cuni.ii>
l w addtessrd to Pop ar Otove I’osi oflice, Dsrtnistdii
crowniy, Va. lor Ceriingt* of any kind, Otgx, Punat,
fitagrt. Dearborn U’tfgatu, gt A#, with the ncisti
•diptoved (‘Atitl itte*, wrtli ova* sieei springs in from
seme of them light cn >ynb for <>ne hor.-e. will h,
prempily wtended to. E I KlW IN,(t WOODWARD
9’ ft A fincfale < impl, blr.« V <rttith and a spring ant
stcpnihl' r. of fwVr l.ah>ca, will meet with coaster
Ofslujc va!,vru In- »»•*■" is riven Apg's .■
a’ ee» ! 53 wt»
I/tiniam et l\:t/n if and Ironmrrt'fev'j
('JkOllfJF. WATT, l i k stptr M.pn street, i.'faiju'
J oppilt*- tbe Hell T.-vetn l>a» a large, renrra’ and
ktcll selected assrn luo-m «i ilir .v..»ve ii.cnllonril mu
vies,i>l superior»*l imaide tha—Shape's lor,
l ruoi fowling Piecr* ; u uimiair -»i • A intrust* jtidik
relehiaied Plums ; Wn,fiiaiut a boa Looking ci» )r>,
*,,c- “f which, w I III a vie*. of changing hi?
line 01 bluings be is now jelling off pi \er* re«l te.|
prices, aff.id tn an npporti nlts to purchasers ht ololr
?a:e or relail. lo secure great Uiuiiu ciihrr lor < i*h
•*t n’l'i o ,i nr,tea._m.c so. 7i..«awir
fteuiund I'enomtl Frfatr •>? .ftrlm (irah*in~d7~
Full SAIt AT Al'ClIOv. *
|>Y virtue ol the laal Mill mm teskarn irt of
hM iliahain, dec I, as executor of ibs ,a|tt last will
and 'estattienl, nil! sell for realty money, at pnhlli
auction at the laie resided e of the out J«|in r.ialnm
Aix.rnTnrsitm’.Uf ftk ft,tv of tnrvay nnt a’
n»RNritfuH* W‘ *an,“ & Ritcit: >
Stuped Maiskeu of iaice si»r«
SOdoella of oanabnigs, tukleiihurcr, and S>u:I.-l*
Of excclleut qnrlliy ' *
Ififio raids of white, ieiios,rad red dniinei
Cloths, cMtiinerts. seating
luilhi anti Dnmerlic enttnn
Russia sheeting, Haven’s dork
rill And wool Inns, coaiar sho. J
3 tons of put and sheet Iran
Nul roils «*nd hoop Iron
bo I • amt upper leather
Salt, hriaut i.c, •i.llpclie. window rl.,;*
A I; Ijewpaicrl ,s( can and " aWa ti-.sr
r.cif*, acr ingles, camp kettles. Urns
— A latte pxrcel ofr-tuemsei trucks
:t,ono lbs of wrought nails
• 1’it and croiscm san s i ast erect hoes
Axes, spades and shovels
A raii'en engine
An iinporirri tolling hox, ©fspproyed ccnsl*r,
A large quaintly of well seasoned tcaailir * and
Hour mg p'.iuk
20,000 prime shingles,sl&le
Nrw saddles and demies
2 waeguns and gent
h canal In als sevrial wheel harrows
10 tons plaster uf Paris
And a variety of uiber articles.
sirtf nn the HI ft rirty of ftf>r:tary next.
Upon a nedlt of one and two yen- ar twelve n’cloi.k
nonn. Ofiin the premises, all (he R8AL 8.81 t I F of the
said John Graham, dec. In ihe c.fy of Richmond, to
ih-'.-V|,,VN"cJt’9’N‘‘ tfl0’ *M" N’" *•». "> ’*bn h
lh?re!'n e<!rilb*im 'V1*1*8' " «*>* lldpfuerineiltS
n h ; md ","' * <»»xliiu«housJ.
hnim .'u 4sr * »0i»t« h.iuse, and Other
a d rh .V. ' Ca'de,‘ ”tn ,'OCh'-‘1 '*"h Kf.,pr V lilts
Ik i \ A,‘ ’' L"tNo- mi life Canai
,,ct;,,i"<A by ihe snlii j ,tl„ b’rahaifi a? a
. “ ' ’ ^Wcl lsO| No. Ill, lu'.uly opp.ksivt* io the
last mentioned lot, not, occupied hy Mi. (.'nritbn.
?" 1 "‘J1 '*e teqoued from lha purcha
i ,*« ' !‘e 83,|J wUb deeds of trust am.ii them,
lor securing the payment of ihe purchase m.'-iev
The ,,Y I? ,,L’v £, or vt J Groitam, die.
I Me salt mil M«* conduci«*it Mv
_Jn . .’,7. S3..H, JtMl S Itrnov, Ane-iuoeat.
. til nr p, /Jinti.o- Srfs “
J pmued^iVnm0 c‘N" a’ Er8'<‘ *"* • »'<" Mne
"an n be sold cheap
-^____ 77. e. fiilf
. „ " l> 1 iM N iCliU Alin *
|7'OR Robinson C. Jatnet and H iUiatn At. Jcmrr
1 iv. die i., trarn tl.e millw.lKbfe'
tte.de u> Mound J.c .i 01 Sussex c.iiimv No rosi or
Cbs'iff * j "i11 vr *©•»•■ HI S IiinTun.
—-—:—’ ~ _11«
I IIP- subscriber having tl,|« da> entered Ini-part.
..Mier it,,, arm of LnnSHOWX a. ctlN.
. ictp.eiftnly „rr r u,tjr aer«irta*l.i the pub'tc
M*n/tanfr, 111 ibe town ,-T
*" r h*veiaae„ house „„ Old strerl
full""Iv otuipisd by Messrs. Rob-ns. u * Beavers'
I"’y, irt ,,'c,ar'',, r""Vf *H kind. ot m
' !,!m Co,,,,-,> I’totliice on st r-g., . i f. , ,a|r. 1 fl,_
W 11 1 Sell c» ItlllM pii ■ ll(* nr *}] in II ft r I',
»bn may think Proper to authorise then! rb-s wvlil
..!•« puichatr Tubtn i o «-« the r .. a ao nut
•,j'' S1.,4.e .MMIS tlOXNU *'
i / \N' tin- inti inu | exernirii my note in tYiti. Farrar
", I'M menu rive tlolUt*.payable tiie
‘ isvv to, hire Of , negro l ot Hi. h •
ion<y'h ,' !„“,r. ' "> ",?* " by auoibt.
I5 . ! ,,> l",ew..rii all persons ftom itatiine r. r
or t,.king said note by assignment, as I shall u„uull
abler tin self.lo ,.a> the:,.,.,. '
,,:v' nt 'ns s. sfMpsoN.
~ IKIM S'.LIv *
R\.Vlr«',r "f;; deed of li si, execut' d by George
. "•".‘My t.unrdru, ihc subscriber
“ til ' ' r., :r'’,':"1 cl|i for the nut poses specified,
‘ ” ttojrnt ray of March neit, n- Ibe It.-,,. r
i n e i'1 the ciiy of liii'liin.iiifl, proceed in
»e.l be properry beiritiaflei tneiil h.neri ai pul,In am
i lie in'll' "V"'' "Cl for ready innaey as will produce
lUe sum of tbret thousand cigbi bundled *nd ih.nv
nee Coliats ami taniy four cruls, with legal interest
.Uereoii from ,.»j of November last, and ail c-ns
atten lug the execution of ibla in.*.; at... ibe residue
of Ibt purchase money l«. hep.ttf as foil, ws t„
1 U,r** Urn hundred ami iblily
l net il.diarj autl fhtrtt three c?:.Is ou the Hist day ,.f
Orioher next eusnina: aMt» the i„f;,er im„ ,ilV|(l,
t.. ..i>and three hundred mid tbbiy three dollars
«’,'.f|f*t C*.n!f "" ‘bt ,"5' '■*“ “I October, . t>.
I ‘dZ., mill legal interest tbiienii fr.-jn ,1;.. „f
' iiTeflm1’"""'' ,ww "l“ r5 i*NI»in ibe
c hinfy r. Memico; one containing lueiiii • v
r'liri'n l’"? t1"'' ' “ Ua,h,,‘* frn t» lire Brook
■V.. . ie B'“leev ; ..n'l the „,hsr r o„
j laiiiiug seveulv tnoacre , tnnre nr lest on the Mecirao.
| ' JSville llirnpike; and bounded *■ in Ibe de*d of trust
.* patt cularly de.clh.d ; eacrpun* autl rei.rv.ni
Miber levs than mn acres therr-f, ,c»t l.d i .
Haul) a freeman of color ; tc, be h. I l.y bin, d »
i? yhr \:rw "•» «b- •> w bis w,7e
A.s^ ibe folloi.l'ig rji, ,V|:N . ,80„
The»ll! '"‘ft''"1" ..<a> C a h r»e, Kiir.i and Aztyl
I ne sr^C vt 1 I t ntllii'cice at eleven a’i IPcIi, A. M
•I'll vr B'...t>ids THOMAS T not I. It IN.
II 1 Ely A U Y NO l II i:
SI SI rrilLlSHKI»,aiid for ra e at Mi. mUitim A
■ \r". r".ir ' h“'tororef and bv A. f’allarrl at the
I rank Ini I Mil'll,' Olio r “ A finrlfcoflrit oi the / an t
lirriliiiy lht rote of Intercut on i.oanr .• Hon, the
• lecli. tis .f Jneii.) Bculhaiii, and the Eilinbnii ti
*«t."Wrl*' °i'°rUt case urUutiurcm Hfl.
A few copies of this trotk hsvr been put i„„, ,pr
.; .. fiisiitigisisiierf iiirf, an,,,,;t
us : and it is tintlri>t„rf that, mill one v-n- t ,'t;
drrtare it to hr tnmplt tell sailsfatr ry i.ii i|,r subject
I lie arcniiieiiHs liiurii).ham. The new tangled notintiii
-r ncnihaiii and the Reviewers are put down ; ami ih.
W isdom of i|,e Ian,, which go to restrain the oppression
of Hie usurer ami protect the unloflauate, is plat ed
beyond all doubt. '
J;l11 13 77.... |f f |f)
t ,,r Sale, or f.'rc/rtiufre for other HenI k*tate.
I’M I- suhsi liber wishing to remove to spin - roi'lirv
*■ in this state, near the Hoiniiiaius, and heijveeu the
'ames and Dan livers, effna for sale, «, exchange li
"her lands, lo r.me called itVM jo, in llle count
Uf Inst i,awn. lying ... Appomattox river, distant from
It i< uni on it va inip-s, :rn-l from Petersburg ait.I hit
estate comatin abort rpo acres, is ol godd clay soil
mid susceptible of the higlirsi i)iipiovein- ,i|, 't here i"
a sufficient iiuantiiy of it standing in t.,<t il, aud on
the user IS ail extensive Qleailotv prciluring every ye-t
Nhundant mips of hay. A lat hed m the farm is a
vatna hie Manufacturing and Hrist Mill. which receive .
mi li year from foot to ru e bundled barrels t,,n r„Ml
Ibis SI) 111 IS owned Jointly b} the sohsi ithrr and one of
his neighbors, is situated on the river, anil lx,ats run
from Hus place to [’tteisburg nearly ail the year. On.
<«i the neat vrtslmi market loads passes inimrdrt lelv
through tins estaie l * lllchmomt, and another to IV
tershuig — Ibe improvements enlist of several small
dwelling booms, a tavern, xio-e In.u’e, tic. «.c and I'
has ion® |,ern „ik.iv,j as a Height < ihoi.il viHacr.- it Is
mi.tided li. establish a town where Ihe pi'sent im
pi»< rmenis are/itnated : and a hill to, ibis ohlrct <s
now in pro.rre.-s beloie the Henuial A sendily.- I.rilito
is situated in one of Ihe hot i.e!ghl>otlinod» lit tbn
connfty, ihltkly settled, and, ia general, wealthy rtr.
zrns sni toond Ho,, i o genrtrmrfi tii posed to encage In
the merrhhtlleliaiii'en, it is h«i ived that this puce
©iM'ft ih** nMI t*iuftttpffjii,
Fur farther parlii "Urs,app,y in Col. James n.dieil
sow of Hie Hfnaie, ima in K jrhinnrtd, Capt. Henry
AnrtfnoR o( fbc ((I) oi ftittnii i cl. or ('• ii.c iiliv
on Hie premises. t.kOKOF. WU l.lAA'SOv '
It •_7fi.,l'!l*
I Wil l. Jdll.O" acco'iitii.Ml tint* itrms, mi /e/u wi.nf
I In the ti’Vi of Col .mi ha. Ibe buildings, a store
house and lumber ben.e, luvebeen IrUeiitiew shii gi c
_ Sei'l w.Mi.. JOHN PoRpyp
Jioppnhttrto torh /, it ii ft far Sale. *
npHAT VBIbnhle and well blown In ism ailed I NIM A V
I B ANKS lying III the Cottrov of Richmond, on Hie
f <f k of Si niatico deck,contl .. rg Hy an oid surer v SJIi
acres, nearly the nhol- of »Mrb Is flrsi rate river land y
on It are th oce and productive p/seli and apple or
chards,* tws story htir k dwelling h or tr|ib foot rimvig
below and tlveai ove st.rrn, w ith ta-nrenimi ( lotrtt arid
cellars, alsotni'shie and comforiable our houses The
plarc i. hrxltby, well watered, c< rTilt;Andi a hraitlrful
at.rt tMrpsive > ee. .iftne (lappwhynrtoch river, the tea.
lets'1 which afford aw al.cndanieatidgre.it variety nf
the finest tish, oysiers, ami witdfwi. rug society In
Hie neighborhood is genreel, wtailhi And h'SpllAtle...
Tel juris wishing I purchase t s (in case Of 11. v ail*
svree,) 'irw the land by apply trig t«- Mr. Richard ft.
Iluii, wbn rendes on It
likely y eng Negroes v. ill h? retH-red In hayrd'nt for
the Wh"lv pun hair, fof further pariirnlars apply to
the snb-crlher. Af fM v A. HI AMCfH'fv
I’|A| n It.* ik* Rjchrp ,;A C■■■ tr.ri.un A.)..»sArv
itil/Nif sau:. ' "
BY vltmeof a deco oi trnsc rxec”ie<l i ihe robscri*
her* hy Mrriin Pricn, .,n the T-ij May IhgO. f< f
’ r errain mtfpnsrs Hirrrln mc»nio' »d, ne shall pr«re».i
or, IhV</ftf.trfd.tr the 1th day r>* t'e'f*'Uiry Wcjrf, If fair,
if wol, ibe Best *,,r d y.aft’e is'e r> tldence of ;S|I*
MJffi'S I'dre in sell f.r c.se , an the h..-urh-id irf
I klit hen tointtaifi criivewd ,W eai.1 I rd. — The fern.
I tare is ol the re-t quality. ttfNJ .M|M MdspY
l*KCf«iUK ItUkKT
j Jan ij. Yl> IK.’tII si.

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