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Richmond enquirer. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1815-1867, December 06, 1823, Image 4

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Ti> IDA.
• Deflect mi me MS on lh«* dead
Ami iliiuk my heart ties buried her*.’' B'jron.
•* Vi- o’er—ibe only lie which t-aind
My heart h* ID » is retd in twain—
’Ti» r—iu'i 1 ini) vi >ii luii' lound
Mr life Ua'h hern—mini he m vaiu.
Siv I'lieek wDh Agony is iludied,
In sand* nf life are running low—
K%ei» fair geriu nf Impe ia crushed,
, Anil thine the limn! tlml gate the blow.
Wt dee,n nut that I cnr-r thee ms,
"I hei'ch limit had wrap' in) Pay in ill,
Ami scattered anguish on mv hruw,
I love thee mi,I I I tie-- liter still—
Km Until bn-t ever l.t-en p> me
The i tin I in n.v enrlhl) heaven,
An.I eie I t-ea-r fur me In lie,
'[It -Tirri ilinl iIiou -UouldM lie lorgiiao.
1 ha e not wept—I have nut -tailed
Bier ion.inM mv i«.|iiir'» lonely meek—e
It is mu ti.de—ii is not pride
Ihai serves I lie sigh, the tear tocher*
tl is I bill quiet mini d. -pair,
VViiivh lialli no voice II- uoetotell, *
Which brood- upon mv bread, anti tlivie
Sluders its dark ood secret spell ,
Ami gnaws upon mv bosom's core
It'- writhing nod it's helpless prey,
Koi I, Ida- have hist the po—er
To drive the rav'noiis fiend awav.
With frehligs wrung and pnraligoil,
With spirit nrukvn atnl un»iruiur
I touch tin lyre which om-e l . riled.
anu uui uui i:> once i sung.
The ft l rain i« now forlorn nn»l wild,
i he iiitiftic uf n limkru Immci—>
h t** ll ol li-ip^s whiclj L •ivi* lie;;ut!e«f,
Oi lies b\ hit li linvt* lieeu lorn
ll l»i<M*hes ihe dirge r>riinp}iiiir»«,
Vkwishe* tlr.it v% hi •* forui^f in vnir>—>
l l of .ni illovrd rih|ii*u,
riie kCorcUiug fever of ibe brain.
No more—no more, on me, ran lull
rile C'Vlbiii*h» ol n.Tect•oil's dew,
TLuiigb:,fi»iv, lervor. all
A*’*4 »caihM nud cauuiti bluo<n anew.
T’» .* •rri. f in limes \%itlulrnw» b^r dart,
»U uoi to i^tve m* sorrow* rrM,
The ^JmiitiM r madness of ihe heart
a Uta bare id) knocks ujmju my bie.ut,
..•I ML (10HQLK\ .— A gentleman alio tins pre»
f*?iil during lii** m * »*le period ol i||h |m .1 .,f A oil tilt i
•V m . ihe mail lubl.tir, ivliirh look |;t«t sveek in
»bi' Cirftinl CuUM of icy United Suit**, Ira* o<i|igiiiH
i ivoured ibe ediiura of ike iinlcimoic A.ueucu
VMjii the loltouinis iliiscfftfi' 2
lit purl of thr Tiial.
I'xiuu SrATi;>, ik. Juii.n Awisiusoh—linlict
I'... rubbing ibe iu.nl, utiilei the ui-.i ul Congress.
lalO, 13, " ’
Ou A. i ,1 «v I ll e ~lth November, (lie accused was
P11 •* 1 •** B u, ..'til «. be had been previously ar
raigned, iln: c.e.k commenced the calling ul thr
Jin> °
A!ur sever il rli .ll.-ug lie following person*
were sworn: L vi A. Si .de, K* ..tins S.m'k Thus,
i e-utc, U I . 3-ewan, Ii j .i'i... O J tu, ., Lou «
ll vi itey, Unit. I Im.ivvu, •Vln h.ie Wtiue. ,..|f Geu,-.e
i< A tiv\ J lint ’.V M Coui.m, Lltne Due vti l, Lvivv.
• <vl ini, lilt* ill-tr'r.t .tlornev, opened the com
I)> reud.iig to the ju.y he eft .it Congress, .
ant e ol winch lb<- lediutment had l.een (iorued. H
im ii ioncd t > the j try :t -it lie hml adapted the count
in the ii.ilii'iiiieui tu tliu iJ. gr-' N of the .(T-ncc «* .In
scribed by ibe I n., i id sliuuld expect' Irmu them ,,
vn.iict Generally 01. the iudinuieivt if lie eiiilld satis
fy them 1,1,1 the life of h> driver, nr the lite «| tl,<
go «r.l imv put in jet-t ardy.—.Such h vl rdiol woubi hr
ill;, -ii » ub the capital pnntshui. ttt nf live prisoner.
Silt, til', In If ,ied etloniey ultserve.d, I hut if the (Jllill ll
a. .!b- f.lhil I,I tilth-1 illllnlC the prioClpi.l i fi’eitct ,
tile ju■ y mu -i then liu I the in tenner guilty uu llie ’htr.l
eO.i :oi «.f Ihe iit.iiriuj' lit, which ut.-iely < h og. * ;.
Iteij nf lint in >tl. The Ulan let attorney furthrro
tetvvd. lint tie Nlt.tiild reel lit- ca»e up.iit twn kiolll
*d I.I—11 should in llie fit** pt.ee, pie*.tit in
them, a roniiene l chain of ci. cunts,auce,* which
were eiotcly linked together bv litue, place, mil
ill. niutlti t «tf lb- party, dmi lie wight safely Hop
the pro*. , iiuoii there. But as i* w .s a rottse nf *u
mot h •iiipv.rta/ice, lie had thought it prutleut in add
In llie nrruinsl ill jd ovule nr e, the pusrtve proof ul
li 'i.r, It. Aloute, one ul the accomplices ol ibe pri
G ■ no then roiled on the part of llie I). Slate-,
F.tn k G ree the cuutd ol the moil. On tV
•OOln, ,g of thn 8th *,f Jelv, lielwe -it the lino,- ol 3
Htld 4,'Ml ibe in viit load between Ruiis. ’h Ttvert,
a.itl B dtiuuire, he perreueil .1 fence oh, ail of tin
*ii.K ■, and -u-pi ctieg an ottark, t ainiuued the drive
to I e till hi* guard. As they appioaehetl the fem e j
be descried thus turn tin ihe right of tii- *t ,gc a I
men;; the tiers II- ,mule,(lately hretl Ilia bluodi rlm-s .
tit tbeiu ; the horse* were much frightened ,u,| mn
up on a honk ; i«o ul th* men then ndvaneed, one
. n h- right and the oilier on Ihe led • the one o„ the
rigt,, n uied w nit u pi*lid j (l.e one on die left pre
sented i niu-b* 1 to die In, ;tsi of the ibiier, wiilt the
«dzs|e -ll hear to the g . lid lll ll he r.Might hold of >
Htnl held it nw-ny from In a, until lie could draw his
]ii*'oh*- presented hi* piMtid j it so ippetl—die ml,,
tier Uien piesenled Ins musket a second time, and I
ihe guard Ii-ed Ins -eco,id pistol and wounded die
Puohei in inu liren.t—one ol ij,e robher* tl,eo spuing
ltd the stage nod knocked the guard down—lie did
iibt know how he w-,« knocked down—he w as thru
drugged from Ibe earring, and placed in,ijei the rare
of one ol tii. rubie r., while the other two pro
ceeded to p4nt der the utol—these fttitpi.-ntlyr ealh-d
lo the OHO w ll*» was watching over him, '* ifautti lout
■ hunt him, or we will shoot >nn”—he n-k>d the innu '
who ginirdt tl him with a pistol at his lit cam, “ doyou I
mn hi lo take my life lie replied “ how cam • !
yon to hoot ute f”—he told him “ it w m his dutr.” '
M> ketl the rohher a Kccond Mute, ° do Voo mesu 1
*o take ,py lifer” to which the robber replied by a-i
K >i" *"iv'titr how he caiue to shoo' him ? and the gunnl !
•"'If »• before, “ it was my duty”—the rol.lair then
•uni “ d„u’l be afraid, you th.dl not l-e hurt, you at*
wnlt a geodeninn.” The two men who wcae plunder
log die mail, Called it. the one who had die guard in
HIM- nrrymij,- vinrrui: L*iri\ to* pqrkftf i> r*a*
df-" Upon which, Ibc ic»H>e> pushed ili»j gu«i<| mtu
the woods, tin) »teul 'nw.irds Ins aMoriMles,
CuM'*lhxa nined. Hn dues nu< know dial the roll- I
brm did lire—lie neither saw nor heard any firing I
frotu them— the utio who presented i|.<> musket mi i
t""i, bud (lie gun lip lance, In-fore the guard fired lu« j
she.mil pistol—tbe iimii who iiiesenied ihe musket, lie I
belie ten to be the same man who tva- suliseiiueullv
«li|,oiiiied to guard him —while ihe mo robbers wei'e
piuuileiing Ihe aiwtl tb ••>• lulled 'o die min who was
gu triling Iimii, •• tie hint, hlindf.ihl lino”—he had been
iKipteuily in company a ilh Auiitiliisor, was wry fa
Itnlliii with him, but did mil i erogni/e Aiiiiuliisui n
til" robbers—lie he„id Ibeni i.ilkiug loge.lher,
Dm did ant distinguish the vui> •• ol Ainiutiisor. ’
_ The lb it ei, J.lines liv n», was tin n r..i||. d |,v A|r
Glrmn soil sw.iru He suw the rot her* hmio> g ihe
Ireec, null iheij gnu- tniinleil inward* tbe slug''— he
glM.il put Ins hluudi-rbiis* liter die m ms uf the dritei
imd li ed—rbe robbers lieu *| rung up and hallmird
like IikImiis—diet got mm (lie singe .ind knock'd
ib wn he guard, and he dinpglil were linking him_
lie il.rew liimsi t on', mill lloy got on top of him,
and one - ml “ IiIom oiii die In.mi* of die «un ol a
biicli.’ II h-nril 'he pis'ol i n. ke.l or »iM|ined—.two
bad li il l of him. One of dn in fi ed oi him—li• gne
him- ell .1 l( surge like * nild mil disltugui-n — I ires
tt ei. fitwtuisrti—tsere IiImi k — he dtiiri'hl Ihrm ne
Pf'-'x— wuweeksbef re, mi a I tem, no-t wadi VV .ril
end Mooie, ibovif id oh lock :*i nigh'—diet W'Miit* d
to it1 *u die in *d -luge — — rlord iimii wl.i,ni di* y r.il|en
then Irteni|^ was tviili tlicili—lie also wisllrtl m go
in di* ®iigr—me driver odd llieiil P was again*! do
ord-f-to li id received—he w a* foilndilen to ink.
tv.it , a --ei ger-—they -aid they b ij ph olt of inouet
tin I cut'ld pat fit, .Jieir -e u, — lie ttdl relusi'd—ilo t
com r..iicil lit ib ink. and he wax Ci'iiMcd to | « ' if)
wn n ilieT knowing u— ie kio-w M »ore and IVhi11
—had bank »lib lh hi b.In n tifue bcl'iwe, In.
dn not bowevei ret ognige »id.-i their feature* ot
III" i too t* iluring di* n I ii.o’e ' y.
If w * not Itoniglit ii-i »•— nv by do counsel fn
III" |il ••lllier ;.I Sill die lesliniony il.e ,|lll(., I,y
process of m cross ex iitiiiia'iiin. 'J •• ilesrripi'on
wl i:n lie bad given tv is cv«)en !y si, i S iggernleil to
o' r, .o il sp highly I'.ilonr il by m Mi'itu'tori tunisg
•ii v It*’dmigi ia 'jifiiiigh winch he Ii ol |. n«(.tl, ..,mI i
by (tie e*c|ie,||».ni of a Wonder-Working spirit, 'KhI '
if ite iVii'i )i"|" cieiln eider fiom die ei'iirl in the!
ntrdofn'-e, I was di-flosed III a sill *• «j-I» I.f lull ol j
do- .ae , dia* mi Ins li -t ex iniifiMiitvi In* or Jinin i 1
r "I, <*iliie'lMt"k alter (lie rubber) , he rail III' O' I
cure tpor men, ijulune nlthem tvfi« in 1*isIoman, siel
fh •' f- w i« • o Is igiiieiieil dial he ilinuglil (In' wood
tvrrr itni of inptiers.
! ’•* ne*i f/iliiSs. «v(t« Julia J ok son, who •** eal
len in •< It in pi fit e dill ('► Intd loaded dip blundei
li J « with Ino'k am! •inilrel din'.
J H III bn '—H" loHl'd * shift on die gtontnl,
d. di dii k i • -l acM line « —be if, liyer H n in M .
Bark—bn*.Ill II oil lilt . h mil sale uf die S'Jgr,j
on die fond, between diy-light and con-up
James Tuckei ,(lhe man.•germ ike Forge) was then 1
Call* <1, and the >.|>irl being Immlril lo him, lie said 11
was llte same shin ti*i>i'ghl In linn hy :\l . Bn* k —
He did nol finni llu* cm uiiismuce* ol ha knowing
the shin In tic Aminhisur's, and Us being Inuml near
die |i|.ifr nf ilit lutilii iv, s us) lent Ainiuhisor. lie
ilnti'ghi it was taken by some other perstni, lo throw
die suxpiciAu on Aminliisor. He locked up the shirr
— weul lo the forge—Aminliisor was dllie—Anllllhl
sm ItiiUed around mid said, “ Mr. Tucker, this is a
shocking linn* which happened last night, iliev say,
they have killed die |K>or lellinv”—“ wliai! John”—
“ why have you not heard lltnl the man was roblmrl
Iasi uighi l—do they suspect any body ?”—Aiuodiisor
picked up die poker anil stirred ihe tiie—Mr. i'uck
• r ilioi'gni he dol so lo conceal his agnation ; All. 1 .
Weill lo iiiiiiliiMn '* house lo look lor Ids inuskel—
could uni find it—i plumed in A. who snid it was
under die work-bench—The work-bench was there,
but md not liud The musket there. Therohlnoy was
* atwn ai the iorge very early in die morning. Mr.
T. lias been Maoagor during the live years that A -
iliuhistir li.nl winked theie, and hail aiw.iya llioughl
In.ii a good uatui nd man—he reposed gical conti
denre in him.
John U dlawav was then culled—He went with A.
frouithe Iorge— they took then turn ol work logediei—
they piepai • rl lor work nest liny—A. went in ami went
lo '.nd—witness he.ml a door open in die nigld—some
nue weul inn—does nol know it was Aminliisor—
went In slerp—did not hear The person return—ne
gi o called the witness, lo take his mrc of not k—wit
ness called A —he did nol ailswoi— A’» wile said lie
wax nol iherr—about day figlii, A. called witness ■«.
g(> .<> wuik—iskeil A , why he had not lieeu al wuik
helbre—said lie was asleep in die huge—witness xaw
A. anil Moore convulsing at die Spring—lliey sent
him s* mo lirptori— A. went to die house, re
loiiieil with a xlurl on—laid tlttwn in die coal box
and went lo sleep—saw men with guns and Mirks—
A. was alii.ing them — A. eauin hark ami said ** my
Mud ! lliey robbed the mail Iasi night”— witness ask
ed A where h* win in the early part of llte morning
— A. said lie was on die carpenter's henrli—hut wd
ness knows he Was util there, tin hr looked parliru
laily lor him, ami theie was no work dour but the
grain drawn. A hue who thru presented lo die wit
ness lor die purpose ol iileuiilyiog il .is Ilia properly
ol A.—he had seen such i* hoe alioiii A’x liou-e—
knows nothing Iiiiliter of ii—in wnrui Member, die
men in die huge wuiked wtill ihcir xhnIs olf. witness
dill mu vvfiir in* uliivf.
Mi . Fell, was then railed — lie uiw A. on ili>- morn*
i'ig ul Hie Tin id July hanging uni lux sliiH io dry ; a
jiuie was luirnl in llie lower pari of ll —Ward came
in mi llie morning ul llie iitli aliout an hour anil a
half before day — Alum* atmut tlav light—A. after*
vv.irdx came III llie greatest possible perspiration lie
ever saw—A. ask'd fur whiskey—A. asked M. ore;
weni to the Jug and filled a cup nearly lull and drank
1A. said he would cm ry some to old G illawny ;
Moure smd lie would give him (Uallnwiiy) u» send
him hornt—A. said lie would give linn 100 all lie
could—lui ker shewed ilie shirt to wiluesi—witness
could noi swear io H—had known A lor fine years J
consider oil him, an lionesl, good-hearted fellow.
Joan lto was next *\v<>rn—•'On the turn mng of |
!•»#» 8>ii Juiv l»rt vv« a. wall otli^rx to ;«pprhlt<*m<J the
Iv 'liheis—when witness lulil A. lie iiium go before
the squire lor examination, A. said he had no oljec*
'am.* to go hefoie llie M igistraie.
Ben. Burl;,tvaa then called—witness found llie shirt
Bud coined it to AT iuckei— die pistol, was shown
to witness—iie said it was one of a pait which he
losl al'oui five weeks lielore the inhherv— lhe\ were
li'*i ini**uil on ill” evening ot a d tv, duriug which A
had been a I Mil ness’s stole—llie pistol was found
os >r the Ir.ig w hicli e.iiii'Htned me letters— witness
h oi t.eeu in Ihe habit ot lie .hug with A. had .Kenya
found him lionrsi uni punctual—always held him io
ue a mas of good character.
Mr. Taniiau was next sworn—
IT-was it indni i inusier on the dny on which Buck
•o*' his tustol-There was a gieai uunilier of persons
i B u k s s or — \. was tltei c^>\Yiinew had always
coo ddered A. a man of good character
W hi. Ilu i inns, Jr. (a boy of 12 > earn old) was then
call* i! and sworn.
Aliinil a lurtuighi since wan driving the cow home
—lie siooued down to pick up a si ck anil canglii
hijjd ol ih” muzzle ol ihe um*qtiel—luund the pistol
next mot no g.
Mr Mann—The men charged with the mad rnb
i»eiy, were delivered over io him and House io he
brought to town — met a wagon—put them in—Wit
liexx heard Ammliivor in in. under ror.e of voice s i\
in \\ in , “ It you h d gone to work Hus morning, as
I ( ii i d von, there would have been none of this
wot h —\Y rd said, “ It is easy io talk, look at the
Jl uni l have gin ”
Mi. Hill ock —-H” happened on ihe ground and
Chill” to it.e h-B and picked if up—u was full of Heal
ed papers, lelleis, kr.—beg not lied—some lepers
Sivd slipped ont ami wne Idoody—some hands full of
l-aves iio-r die bag.
Mi Tucker, (again e died)—He believes the hug
to h*tvr* tj«»|«>u<*p(| it. ili(• lorge.
Mr. Stokes, one of the mail ron'meior**.—As ihe
mail did not inr.ve al the usual hour, wiluesw lisle
• ■ut low mils ’ll” forge on the road io Plidudclpliiu—
wlien iher , herd that some of the forgemen were
siispecietl— lie Ii-oiiiI A.—odd him he must go h« lor*'
[ u lu. gislr.ile—A. s.*ul lie wa* willing to go any vt here
—Some one told Milne**, there **- aon'llr, „i«» iu
the house—wen) m and atre'sieil Moore—saw blood
—look A ’* nhiri—ilioughl lie would confii-e Inal—
threw it into I is lap—A. raised u up mil exaniiued
il vviili gn hi coolness, amisaitl n was Ids—examined
Moore auil di*c vered the wound in his hr”a»'—en
ne 'Vonr*’(i '<> gel ii nnii .-mu inmi .Hours—tnl.l linn
In* punishment wax (leuvli—hill if he trcuhi corifrts
willies* would list- Ins iutliieiire with Hie Ec i'UUH
in have lui punishment rmnmulrd—finding Moure
uh**tiiiaie, told aim he would now go to the others
and urge them to routes*, and dial In* cage would
he reudeied hopeless, and his lift would certainly he
forfeited—Monte theu said he wuuhJ runles* every
H'-ur> flslland Moore (die accomplice) wag then
* ulicil arid sworn
On the 7di ol July in die morning the thing wag
couli-mplHted hy A. and Ward—Ward and A. had ■
(pi rrel in the uf.prnoon—Ward came home and
asked wniies- where is A. ?—“ I will lick him or lie
shall me.”—Tin kct gaid ai the door to tvilnesg,
don’t lei these o'Cn fight—witness found llieiii al dir
spnng—they were <li-putiug almu' ilicit ipiarrel—
w itness told them n was a shame for men working al
tlie SHiue fmge nr quarrel, and urged them to make
i up—lin y said iliey would if he would treat them to
a quail ul whiskey—witness gol il—Iliey dtaiik it
out and nioir was gol—liny drank two or threw
quarts .uni .entitle pietiy merry —witness went aw ay
hy himself—W ard followed him and said, lo-mglit A.
says we must do the hu-iness—nil is lemly — W ituess
returned io A. who lold him, “ ibis night we will
inert il”—dial night between II and 12 o’clock,
he and A went to the bridge—Ward wag lliere.
They Weill a mile up the road—they had a hoe, a
lau-kel and a pair of pistol*— Ward turd if he could
dig a hole go as io upset the Mage — he did not suc
reetl— Wald said they would build n fence—it wi»
dom—iliey laid dow n—ahum 2 o'clock singe came
up—W srd and A. raised up—die guaid fired and
Ward filed—itfier die two fires A. jumped into die
stage and Mrtick ihe guaid with the pi-tol—Wild
ordered w.tnes up l>ei auee A. jumped out be It. ml
die si age—guard sod, Yon wool ghoul me will
you t '— A. and Waid gaol, *• Shoot, llama you,
shoot,” while witness wag talking with die guard—
the guaid shot I im—wIkm ihr guaid shot him the
giend gaid, “ Khi God's sake don’t shoot me’ —
w hen guaid W’as put in cusi oily of witness lie gaul,
“ Mi dear fellow, you won’t hurt me—Aie you an
■ ■a' < ouniry man f I am ; you will mil hurt me”—
“ (i ic nr* yum hand upon it j I will hoi hull you,
and nobody « Ise shall”— W lines- smd “ no ! you me
with men hat woii’i mi mu ” Whilst A anil Ward
were plundering die mail, Moore and the guard were
standing together—lie g ive guard a lilllc push, a d
he s;is down in ill-' wood He went to Ward and A.
who said, 1 Damn your soul yon ought to lie slo t
you -rif," TV m-*« hum!, “ Wii.n for?” Tloy rund
lur talking *n. iliey ordered witness lo take the
big—I did no, and carried ii a hide wny — A. carried
Mullein oils—laid down one of the pistols in die
wood—Wind and A. look papt rs on' of dir mail-nag
■ ml pul them iiiio another i liey had conic mpluif d
die ndiheiy for um luonih*, hui iiolliing fixed excep
one login when they had deiermined In go. They
nei-f Ids i d of il unless iliey were in liquor—Told
Sink'* lie did im" know whcie Ihe hag was, hoi
■••oli d go as near a- he possibly could to It—horn in
Chi '< ' county, I'-uns, Ivaui •—csine from Somerset
eon. i, I'ennsiit *»ta, lad fall—name lo the huge in
Company with Want—he had die muskel—did not
al'enipi to use p—did uni llireaien Ihe guard—guaid
war h .i.el ed down before wimes. was shot with the
j.i-;.il— wl, ii wdues* w as-hoi, the druer wag siding
on iii•• In.ei seal, and wooes* was siamling close hy
Uie hoe wlie. I and iv is talking In him.
It* • • tin testimony on ihe part id the prosecution
. 'o-”d The e.otiu~el for Ihe prisoner th*'ii adduced
le-'.i tout (Villi r* gard lo the chwuovcr of Aimaliisot
infer* deni *o li e sii<pii iotig w hich fell upon him
from die rntihe.y of ike III ill.
11.1- leviiutonv cun«isied of the opinions of many
highly i e-peelahle p*'fgoas who lived in the neighbor -
tiood of the forge. ,M u.y of litem Hail li.oi dealings
win. Amiithisqi, au*I iheir evidence irpresanied him
as m man of I ur ai d untiiip' Hi lied repulniion, Of
puucl.i .1 n*..J honest Ii aid's, and of excellent disposi
Ijori— A w uriem Slated that Auiiuh'-oi inlioilue. il to
ll'ui one oj Ins arqnau.tanrcs, wlmia the wilne-g
e.rcdiied ; au*l on hi* leaving the, place, Aaiiuhisor
a- iiui- d dm delil <o fui ag to pfTer five doll.it * on ac
if w a* made out in the most gaiigfactory manner,
that every inference which could be derived from
!»• pievHutft gniffid cluiraeier of any man, might lx
'•••) ui.»nil .a M'/jiuil vl Me cliaiaeti cl Aiuiu- |
The testimony on the part ol Ainothirmr in ie t los
tfil, and il»t* (.unit adjoinuetl Im iwo Lours.
A* G. I*. At. the (*‘ uit met poison lit io adjourn
•»einf ami the plpmim** on the pail of die CuiUd
Stale* "fie opened by All. Git-mt, the diwtticI al
lot t»t*y.
lie was Micreedfd |»y l>n\id Stewart, Es|. one ol
ihc counsel to tin* mcuhiI. Air. Slewati eoucluded
Ilia aigiMiiiot at 3 o dork, and the four I then ad*
jour tied io llio it* \t moi ihm^, in roia< <|ii«*iirp of tin*
indisposition ol lltto rdy Jcuunin, E.M}. out) ol the
counsel io the iM tirul,
On l oe*day morning, the Circuit Court ajpun
no l, and K - vsua Johmuoi ,imI Upton b Ile.tth,
fc#s«|t>. vouitnucd and concluded die deient e ol (la*
pi IMtllHl .
Al the i eipiesf o| tin* |)isiri«M A'totuey, dtp Coni*
then adjourned oinil o o'clock, 1*. AI. when Mr.
G’euli closed «ut* ca»a on the pail id the Untied
1 he Judge*, l)n\ all .ind lllind, gate separate char*
i;p>* io die Jury, in winch they upheld tlit* construe*
lioo winch had beoe give* io flip 1'Jh portion of dir
act o| CotigisMi ol 1310, l»v the Daniel Attorney.
*IIih Jury retired a? 7 o'clock, *ud reiornvd umhii
0 o cluvk, w rtii a vridict ol *4 (unity" on tin* u.nd
fount of the itiilretiiteui, mol 44 jYot (auitty" on die
ll’**S second am! looilh count* ol iliu ind , inn nt
VV e have not lieen able io old tin a sketch of flip
arguments iidtliu ctl by llie cuuusr-1 lui the pi imuifi . |
1 hey contended lor tin muni pint against .urli a I
construction of llie acl ol Cmurrui as would render !
die mere possession it mi exhibition of d.utgniotis wen- I
dolls, stlfil .1 use ul duUgei |||]« w r *ptllls .IS VTol'.ld III |
itself pul I it o lives ul ilns ilnvii ui llie guard injeup- i
ill'll. I
1 hey strengthened llieir case by m my and iimiiu- J
oils illusiinitons lu sliuv* ihe extreme degree of danger :
denoted by die word “ Jeopardy," and sin-ouo.irtv t
argued ili.il Hie lntentm i of using tup dangcron. I
weapons, nnisi concur wiili lie possession of i|ieu> |
before ilm liie of tin- earner or guard cuuld lie said |
• o be ill jeopanly. '! hey denied list any such itiltn- |
tiou w as iiumue.si.d by Xinmliisor or I i- assort;. s '
and iliey Ioniiiled Hus d< mal up. u I ins broad Hud im
moveable urgoiuem : '1 bni ..s Hie pm(,os. which
il.ey vveni together to ureomplisb was a I must hue
ilaled by llie mimed.ale and lu.ive rrscA.imc „f
Citi.ud ; «3 (lie use of die dangerous wenpnos w i.
..m essnry ul me very eonimeuceine.n i| the affray
if they ever intended to use them, is they bad eve, v ..,’i
puriumiy of ilsiiig Mn.ni ; atnl ns tin- motive I ie
veuge, (lor iMnure unit Ward were dreadfully
wounded) conspired wiili he motive of a|ip.utni n.
COSnily lo diriao llie use ol lliosp wctip ‘ U„J us
these dangerous Iceafions were never u.>er/,* the .
ence .it reason and ol law would oe, .i.u.t i|... ■ nl>b>*is
did mil intend lo etfeci Hie lobb.iv liy .|ie ilseid il..ii
geruHs weapons w Inch would pui ibe guard's ble n.
ihe Jury inipnnelled on llie cause «> ri> of high
slmidiug in society lor rxpeiience end iiiitdligenrt
nod their verdict lias given gie.il and pe» vaiioii: sails
• lbs pitloU and inuiltel*. when found, were all loaded
fl V NorK—Il may be p ’ .t i<» ii;.tp thin there i* an
indictment ngnin-t Aniinliisur uni Ward lor worn Un.ir Ibe
iluard. Tile u .mix of |li« arl ul Congress me ns I'lll-.ws:
bee- li>. •* rii.ii it any pprsun shall ,ob nuv earner •■!'i>.e
Mad lit li.e United btuu », or other person . .ilrusud ll.eie
w illi, ol soi'b i.ind or of p.u 11iiereel, -neli i ffe.i l.r or nffeiul
ers, shall tin colt V ir 11. lit, be imp. isoned noi ex,-, ruing on
years; HlIU .1 cniivirlrij a second |jm<*. of a like iiffi n’c, |u
or they, sha I suffer death : or il' in effecting -ucli robl.ei v
ol the mail the fli-l tune, llie offender shall mound do*
pet-sun basing ciisunly tlieie.il' or pul lits llie in je..,,arils,
by 'he use ..I .tat.geruus weupuus. suck offender uruffctilers
shall suffer ne.illi.”
Iudictmems were found on each Alternative of die In.t
clause ul . c teciinn, and of curse, in ibe alioee ttial.llie
■iu::v could HOI take cngnlxanceof any wound which ibe
tpuaril may l.ase received.
lu case of tVnnl, ihe iusti urtlans of ike Cuurt were ex
press tu this effect.
Moktgomkrv, (A.) r* .. I j.—Gen. M‘lni..sh, of
ihe Crock nation, passed through this pltiee a lew
tiuvs ago, anti mini mi us, dial lie i- ,u-i Itom llie
treaty hilels h*ld between llie United Elates and llie
Cherokee nation, At }*,- tcnauln J uiul ili-.f thete w.ifi
no piobaitiltlv ul Ibe Citerokees selling anv of iht'.r
lands lo .11. Unite.I Slates, (the object for wlit. lt lit.
treaty was held,) the chit Is being iuucu opposed lo
arty dint-utt'ioti ol llteir letriloty.
1 lie Untied States being boniiil bv contract lo ex
liuguislt tile Indian title u, all ihe laud* within he
tet rttori .I limits of Georgia, we doubt whether u
more pr >|i.linos iiitie for dial purpose will ever nr
rtvp. I < proportion to llie ui.trch of civil.g.iiiutt a
ntottg the tiiliaiiR, they pi tr.e a utgliPt value upon
their lumls ; which, in fact, become more, valuable
tu piuporlion In ihe density of the while population
tu bund t lieui. AllhnXiob u may not have been llie
object of die general government to treat for any of
ibe Cherokee lands within the Umita of the* state,
yet mi M.'tpilritloii of lands within the liniilsof Geor
gia, upon the head waters of (lie Alabama livet,
would, in « cumuierrial pninl of view , be of Con.iii
.•inlile lui.ioitaitce to this slate, hefun.e the \lahama
river would ft Ihe uiosi convenient highway through
w hicb the in habitants u( llint set non of t.ouutiy could
li. .I a in itk-i for U|«ur surplus produce. And when
il is cousin, ictl, it.af a eoi.Mb.ir .tile exte.il of (elide,
healthy it nintii, now occupied l.y ihe Cherokn's, is
willitu llie chartered limits of llimsiate, we appir
liend llial mix leiisl ilnre. isliiri. will .i.mlu l.. ...
arseiun, would lender a vary essenli.il nr vie** u> llte
lindv pollin', Iiv uniting with Iho sun, of Georgia m
ait eiiergeuc uppeal to Congress for such nil appro
priation as • ould at oner effect an oxbi.giiikhineiit
the Cherokee title to the lauds in (piestiuu £ Hr pub.
New y.iitK. .Noveut'if,-29.— We learn of Capt.
Ilipk.ns, who arrived last evening m a short pakvage
from E gmr.i, that the town of Potto Cavellu was
taken by s.urm on the 7 h irtsi. hy Gen. P.ikz, and
mat the port Capitulated 24 hour* uflfll wauls. Thin
intelligence wax brought t > Laguira hy Capt. Murray,
ul the Coluuibiau navy , win, catne express.
The day C"t|it. H, left Laguna, Capt. Fenton, of
Ihe Ilurr, nl Philadelphia, arrived there in
an open baa', with his crew, lux vessel Paving been
captured four day x previous i ff tie Kurus’, and they
eent adiift with nothing but titter. gallons of water._
I hey had tieen uul llnt’e days a ml Four nights, and
but foi a little sustenance from some limes in the
pocket of one of the crew, must have per shed. The
Col. privateei Gen. Sooblelle,Capt. Morgriuge, •ailed
immediately in pursuit of the pirate, with a number of
Americans and Europeans on houlti, who volunteer
ed their services. i.Mtr JUv
We have received l.j lie ling U Slates,.« file of
Cnruccus p.ipcis to the d-h m»t.
Ihe gove. uiiieut ha* lli ■ 1.11 y announced, that the
powrrs granted to Sen^r Hof4 Herrngo, ax Munster
to England ; to Ltm Loprz Mendez, ..H Moils er to
Fraoce, 4ic. ami Urn. Oerereii.r, as Mmtsier to Kus
H.n, Sweden. (ut. are fO.VOKKD.
Ill Hon. Manuel fluhTADO, late n member .f
the Senate, is atipooited niiuisinr plenipotentiary
to England ; and denor Moreno, ix named ax acei t
to Home.
The papers contain a list of the Intendant* and
Governor* of'lie sever d drpnr'menla (Jen B rntti
tl-z is appoint, d Inie da of the O. inoco ; (}. n. F< . -
I'.til,ol Boy aca \ li a Al aitilia, ol Al.tgilalttua . Gee,
C irrepo, ul ihe isthmus ; Gep. Ortega, ofCauca;
mid Ur. Uai uia, ol Cundtnaaiarra.
Gen. Toro i« appointed provisiuunny to the depart
ment of Venr/uela, nud Gen. Main iipie, to that of
Quito, and Gn»yat|uil are yet under the immediate
command of i|,e President.
I lie Congress cave a formal approval to the ex
peril lion the Prr s.den' Bolivar to Peru.
rho rxchotive | rivit« ge u| to . onf.tciorinz sheet
••upper, for cglit year* ha* been granted to Charles
Stuart Cochrane. \lb.
'Mfcft—kwa'JBWB, tvwreaa—n.re 'tesrrvr,
DK it remember' .1, that on tl.e 15th .lay of .Niiventber,
it in the forlv-eltrhth year r.ftlie Independence of tin' If
mini State* of Anierica, William Waller llening, of (aid
I’hlritti, hath <lcpo,ite.l in lid* Office the title of a honk, iltr
drill whereofhe claim, proprietor, in llie word, foltuw
ing.lo wit: *• Maxim* of Kiptily collerterl from ami prove,I
hy caxei, out of the bor.kv ul Ihe l>eM authority in the High
I .uurt of Chancery : To whi.-h i* mtiteit, The rave of it,.
Karl of Coventry, concerning tin- defective execution of
power,; lately adjudged in the High t'nuftnf Chanrerv.
Hy Itirhar.l Krn„ci*, of the Middle Temple, K«»f.— Kir’-(
American Edition, with reference* to modern sttfl.nritic*
is.th Hritixh and American ; Hy William Waller liming.
Cuun«ellor «t I.at* , Anthur of tl.e Virginia Justice, the l.nw
ver’f Uuide, Ac. and Kdilr.r m the Kb.tute* al Large nl
Virginia." In conformity o* the art of the Cnogrev* of the
Doited 8'nte*, entitled “ An act f.'r the encouragement of
learning, l>y xecnrlag thecoplev of map*.chart*,anil hook*,
to the anther* amt proprietor* of *nch copies, during the
time* therein mentioned." Hit JKKKIIIKti,
(Tlerk of the Dtdrirl of Virginia.
Decem’.or 2 00— w4»*
"""lands FOR SALK.
r>V virtue of a deed nf tro*t of record in OooehUnd conn
i t ty r ort, executed by Daniel J.dino.n to the «nl»xrriherx,
we or oi* of n*, will sell at ttnochlnnd Courthouse on the
22d dav of December next, at pul,tic auriion fur Cavh, a
Certain lr«* tor parrel nf land, 'lying and tieiog in the coon
tv i f O.sM hland. no., bounded hy tl,e land* of Tho. It. Thu
It. '.Vaikio*.J..«e*|d» D Walkin*. and the land* formerly
Itetongtng to Ihe evlnp. of J..fin (furrrant dec. rantatnlng l.y
extimalion four I,mi.Ire i acre*.or *o iiloeh uf »nid land, a*
will he sufficient l<> p.,v the amount that may then remain
due ami unpaid of the debt* mural by *nb! deed of trn-l_
Su.-h title a* I, verted In o* t.v * hi deed will l.e tna.le to ihe
purchaser. W.M. MU.l.KH. »
Til,,. U. WATKINS, \ Truster*.
November 2f ' A7-v.3w*
rilK i.i ms wInch >' ,ir Vrw’tl in the | iteiarv Knud for
nun i n niet.l i f I.Ue*, wilt lie absolutely liufsltrd it
I. ' K-ii.-. Iiiwt prior tn thr 23d dm nt Kehruaty 1*21. 11n
n em jit tun Cun unit be • (Ti tn! in pnvnieiii m ibe arrrar
IP's a ml it.•lunges ists tAr 7 'huiuii, tie In re that period.
.1 OIKS E. IIHATH. Atnlllor.
A Ii'ltm’* Office, No*. J7, 1323- 59 Ii
COLTON Ac ('LAI:KE have lemoved front their eh!
untHl.ftlie Curlier laittse oypntiie the Uetl Taterti,) ie
he till.. occupied liv H 7’e(t dccM, into iliairn In
nit -.ml Intern, amt hope |nr the cntitti'iiaitre of the nit
in iieteiiifme lerelve.. from llieir frieml, suit tin public
. !",*-v h ive on hantl their usual assortment (with recent
kddllioii ) til bl'AI’l Ii IHt Y (iOOUS.
Alto-S'-le. russemi.il stated leather ; kin. calf and seal
tuns; si i,n id; * lames tamers’ nil; ..Id Madeira
»i»ii rt*ani' of jm • r»i in j/. r< |», put .«ml
«iei |«a|N-t ; 10 itnieti Valencia flam mats: |S00 Its spun
intnui, Id h;.|s. r|.iiih>-,ri»-,30 boves Spanish ci r.it.kc Ac ',
.(■of «« Coe.tr.. an m.
5 (’as. «. en h containing 20,0 - I E ire I'mrkers.
November 29. j,_
r ()1 0\ u < ■ COMPANY.
►. »* licrrbv given. Itt;at a gynrrul mcHlnef of tin*
L^l Fofoiiiic r«»iii;»sinv Lnk been a|MHiiulti] to *<
llie f'oliiiiildjtti l,.... |). (j. OM Mondnv Hie
s'NI dnv |l.r.M.kr II oYl'ti-k, for tin* ..
'I c«»iiM«f*»ri*v •riin important nmt vr* •••c oding ibe.r
li»It*icvtv width will l*t* ifit’ii Mitiiiiiii« <! 10
J. MASON, Fr**k't Po. Co.
(fporprlonn, Nov.T2. .S3—!0t
<;Rates, plouu/is $g.c.
HP** siii'sritlie. is ' e, civil.£ am' lifter- for mile sin mode.
! rate term-, » rnnsignaieii; of fresh inn arled util hand
s.inn ls assorted rr itrsof Cum l.eri amt (Jo.cut Ware: lie«t
English Seim Twii e.atulttiMiT .il for seiv.tnlt' rlntibng, '
ftiirti as I* inns, Isri-ci , Nnpl ('nttiins. Ace kr.
He is regularly iuriu.li. it u tl‘i PLOUGHS of various -i. j
re. .nil pnllerut, from th“ manufactory of iUe.sra lle.tkvn
and t’aliner. which hiving been Iri it tty « uniiitiei- of re*.
t*ertalite farhiers.amt found to perform entirely to flieir
ta. .sfaeliuity ate lespreifulie aid eniitideiit'* offered In tiie
public. (iliO. I'. lilf'HAHI’fti X.
Kigu «if tit*— Qnlden Phaigli. |
Were is eunsbintls kept n getter:, t .nut well selected 1
M rU t:l GltfM EP.rii.
N-s- idu 7. 33_tf
Fi)K s \LTTTT.lrASk7olTiteNri\ I
i\ Y \ h slHtitislinieni in tin* in en .if Com idiia. cnn-isiing nt
j.* J a Ur"' (iso-stury smne ti uisr.a linn' ■ r In use,smoke
linit-e. iiinl ioi i.f Mioti’ul of atanit iwn acres well rnciarrti;
•l |ia’l of whli h groaiid i- in ew rlie.-i gtrilcn. A port of
the slime hnti-c i> lined mi mr .• dry g- ds and grocery
store, with sidtatdr enttniing rim ns : Hie other rnoms me I
siiffteient f-r Itie acrnntitindailnn of n fanillv. JSvrol them
Inving Are places. This e-t.d.lishmenl, writ aituMerl in a
village mImiuI 50 mill « ahove llielimnn.:, a • e Junction of
the l.tinesnnd : Ivanna uv. r« ,i. well.!. • ug the iiitcu
linn nf any percnu de.ir.uis in ;uu*-cu ti business uf
mercliainli-e. as the town eri.iiij v p,..sr». local ail van
mgr* superior ui m i.t pinery in ililtl pari f-nuntrv. Those
disposed Inpttrclnise, lease or rent, will tpply tn Mr Peter
it. Jiiliiiin'i nr t apt. I'.du ard G Ma.-rioter reviiling in Cm
Inmbia. In Mr. Edmond llrnwn of ii ichtnond, or in Hie sub-'
srriUer living in Hie rn.nils'of Lmiisn.
UJY. shall muter n decree ol Hie county conn of Charlotte,
oo XV. .me—lav ihe J7llir!Hyt.f December next, at the
late le-ide .re of Snhra Mnrt i» dee. in Ibe county of Char
*ff*1’*. pror-ed to *e|| a|1 the I.nuts Its-longing to ilie estate ol
.1 q-litt.t Murri* deceased, at public uuetion, upon a n edit
o, one aiul list* years. Tlic land lie. in three separate n to ts
lull adjoining eaeh oilier, a no will he sold sepm a.-r all
l’-ether as may suit purchasers, the whole making dxiut
t.00 acie.. a part w ell improved. And on Wednesday the
2iih of the same nnmill, at Ihe lied House, pen- Martin
lien nek’s, no *' a<l mmer ill- >ai.ie decree, proceed to .ell
at pnhlic anrii m. op. n a credit of twelve months, nil the
slaves hehoiri-’o to tlm same estate. 22 in number, and as
i keli ms any eat r offered lor tale, among which are men.
u iioien. hoys mid gir|». flu purchaser *if ilie lands will ’.e
Mft'O il In »i»e ’ unis with approved personal security (,,r
com III) lot' S r(l. the term, ef.ile. ami the title will.hell on
III ilie ivh.de purchase nnn.i v i. panl : Hie purchaser, of
slaves will give bunds with r ind security.
Flo. M'dlTON, N Commissioners.
TTAltnu, 10.1 .lives II ill he sold at the Red House from
21’.l in .Mill Ilei-enitier. I‘ei...ns wishing top.ir.h.ve will
well oi Mi,ml. Novemlier 21. yj__„ to
Land, Negroes. Coi n, SfC. for Sole
rN" |i • •un'iceol a lie... • rasl cxe.'ina.' to us hi vVni.il
tlabel,, u,(|. hearing date the 8th dav of March in the
year l«.|, aed ir.-'l.leri io the courts of the counties „|
Nelson mid Rockingham, we .hall, on Tucsriav tl,e 16|S dav
of He. milier next, if fair, if not, the next fair day, proceed
to sell to die highest bidder, at public auction, the fuilaw ii, -
property, vll. "
One tract of land In the comity Of Buckingham, lying nn
James liver and on Bishop's creek containing its e.iiius
tioo 7iK) acre—one other tru. t in the said r.uinlv containing
tiv clunation 250 acres, lung on Bishop’s creek, imincdi*
ately afuive and adjoining the i,«ct first nientiou. il—ami
ooe oilier tract in Ihe county afr resold, on Slii.lt s' creek
containing hy es<1 matin 70> acre*, and adjoin,u«- ilie two
t.iicis fict mentioned, flit. William Oill*, living at Monte
Video near these lands, will slow them on appii. alien.
Also, fiftv seven negroey.the pr .petty of \v,n. Ii
fratiell ai d Itei'.o all • at he now on tit. They al e, i,< might
lie expected, of varluMS agni and different’sexes—aiming
them are many valuable huu»e servant*, a good black<uiith
nod a good shoemaker.
Also, sev.-a or eight hundred liarrels of corn, 20 work
sieeit. 15 h’irses, tome cows and calves, lot) l.e;,.I m hoy. a
great variety of farming utensil., and some few ur.ic'rs of
household MU.I altchen furniture. gait will lake place at
,u Netaou Cotlul),..Lout two mile, fium the town
ot Warminster.
1 hrite of -ale : The land will lie sold on three equal an
nua. instalments, the purchaser to give lion.l » iih a. proven
semritv, and a deed ol tiust on the land. A few of the ne
groes win he sold for cash, null the rest on twelve months
credit. As to all other property, for all stuns a,tore 200il.it
Mrs. twelve loonllis credit will lie given; Inr nil sum* |e.<
than 200 and not lew; than 20 dollar*, .it uioiilh. credit ; and
fur all sun. under 20 dollar*, three ir... iths credit. Bunds |
with appro.ed security will be required in all c;.-es
October 51. St—t,t< .tnill! i, n • g j.
f"A the f.r*l .lav Ol .laiiuarv n-x., the sol..-, ril e,!
ri",v aut heri.e.l ■, Mr. John Parracut will sell to the i
highest bidder at public auction, the TRACT OK LAM)
nn w hich the * .id Dii-rum.i at present resides, sitoaied in
the Fork* Of Hanover, about eiglit miles, above Hanover
t otirt house, containing ahout three hundred acres. | here
Is on this tract »f land one of the largest and ties; countr.
houses in tlii* part ,if Virginia, being almnst new, finished
anil jiaiuted In the best *i. ir—besides, there are all other
ncce.*Mrv Out hous'e.. including an h e.house, Ac. The sip
nation I* healthy and lianci .om-.io n genteel anti agreeable
neighborhood, and immediately adjacent to an ctcellen.
mill. Mr. D.irraeutt will take pleasure in shew mg the ore.
nilses io any p-rson wishing to purchase Th- sale will
take place at Taylorsville, about |,v. miles from the premi
ses, w here there is generally a large eoll.rtio,, of person,
HMfinMon f.irihr purp'>%«* of hiring nrcron.
The terms of sr.le will he a credit of 6, I2nnd 21 month*,
the purchaser giving lamrif with approved security, and n
iier.l of trust to secure Ihe purchase money.
Nov. 71. 57—'*>t W l>. WINSTON
r » Y virtue rtf a deed of trust executed 'liv Walthal llnl
I .» r,Indie, to the subscriber*, anil duly recorded, for Iht
purpo-e of securing a right tlue io Martin Hanr.ick, we
shall nn Mohdavtlie 751 of Dccemhet next, at Ihe late’res
idence of th- said Wnltlial Holcombe, I„ the county of
( harlotte,proceed to sell at public auction, on a credit ol
one and two year*, a tract of laud lying in the county ol
Campbell, tm the Little Fulling liver, containing530 acre*
mote or lex*. Weshtill conv-v hs trustee, only .
i lls. Mc&INNKY. Jr. )
r 10K. I*. UlCllAtiDBON, {Trustee
November 21,_ 57—w dw
■pioll sale nr lease, the w ell ktv.yvn TAVERN’ ealhul llop
r kins.ilie,on the lliirkingliam road whom 20 miles above
Richmond, now ocropit-.l l.y Mr. Cornelia* Rock. The
luiililings aie In good rondilinn,and the tavern and dwel
ling house have been recently well palmed. P.iisession
ni y he had on the 1st January next. Persons disposed to
rmi nr purchase, must in ike application previous to the
• V... W. -* »• '11.^1 II U'l r.H |
Itirliiiiunil, nrtnhtr 7 44_if
R’pilK subscriber. residing in Mr. Wllilntnson Tnlley’i
5 f mily, about four in !•••. from Richmond, will eoctii.ur
M< school ihe ensuing scar,comprising In liis course of
lotiruriinn(lie English, Latin,and Ore»-l, languages, Ariih
nieiir. Orography, History, j,r.. The school will commence
mi Ihe 1.51 h day of-lanum v anil end on Ihe t5(hr!av ol (le
reniher, making a term of ten month*. with n vacation of
one innn h In the fiimmrr. Tuition will be It* roly dollar*
lo he paid half yearly ill advance. Hoard, for lliree or four
•mall boy*, nmv lie had m Mr. Williamson Talley'* fur
seventy-five dollar* ; boarders flirnishirg their own lied
and bedding,EDMUND HE I HI.
i OM MIT t K l> (o I lie jail ol Aoih er-l c.-um v, on ihe 121 b
* / dav of August lost, a runaway slave try the name of
>1AOOB, who say* he lathe property of Joseph II. Tra»i»,
of Brunswick county, Virginia Jacob I* of a dark complex
ion, fi feet lit inch, * high, small «rnr under his right eve,
sold to be occasioned by a burn, a large scar on one of bis
leg*, said lo be occasioned by the kick of n horse The
owner I* requested to come forward, prove the said property,
pay charge* and take him away, otherwise he will lie dis
pos'd of a* the law rill eel*.
Nov. 4. 52—w3m JOHN KRAVKMN. Jailor.
VriCIIOLAS J- POINDEXTER ha. removed to the city
1 v of Hicliumod svllh a view to transuding a Comml-Moii
business—he will for the present be fi und .it ihe groceri
tune of William Anderson, on Cary Street—where all ol
der* ftom his friend* In Ihe country, nr elsewhere, will he
thankfully received ami promptly executed
Nicholas j. Poindexter.
November 25. 5ft—wfiw*
WILL he Mild lo Ihe highest bbliter, on a credit of 12
momlis, on the 19th day of Deremher 1923, If fair—
(If not, the next fair dav thereafter)—at the plantation af
David Johnson deceased, In Lnni.tn. pear the Courthouse,
hetween 90 ami 4(1 N KfJROES, all the stock of horses, cow*,
sheep and bag*— plantation tools, crop of corn, fo drier, hay.
hr. The negroes are very likelv arid valuvhlr, ronthtliip
of men, hoy*, women and girl*. Ilomlpind approved security
will he required, pavahle on demand, with an endorsement,
“That if they are paid on or before the 14th of December
1821, the Interest will tie remitted nod no suit ordered.’*
Nov. 21.—wtds* of David Jobo*on dee.
WILL lie Hold for cash, on the Rth dav of Jnnuarv next,
if fair, il not Ihe next fair dav thereafirr. at Allen
Lindsay’s tavern (James City county) eight likely young
negroes, cnnsjsilr.g of hov» ami girl*.
All person* having claim* against Ihe estate Of James
ilank*. dec. late of the County of Jnme* City, are requested
>o make them koawn on or before tbeday above mentioned,
nml all those Indebted lo said estate are requested to make
immediate payment to ARCHER HANKINS.
. ComniOtee and adm’r of tlir
iX’c-4- ei—wtd* Estate of Janie* Dank*.
.1A V'l'.S >i c.N AUGHT— GU.Y-M.l/v'KR,
R oi* ?K’rl,i"C ,,,n' hr b*'. visiting the most extensive Mann
. , ,, ,, hie line i. t n eta nd. w here he In. tin nislied Innisell u nil t-serv a tide liie Hie snorisman 1
! 1 former stock nianiifarinrd l.j loots. It alter the latest iio|irovrioeots, he nssni .. hi. friend* is now the
bennvifi '^:^7fr"■"hn* • vv '••v7\rrtl,o ''*■ ,,r ,h®'>,,,,iir 1,1 »***- ■>>««•—mud.
II on rs .ion r.al.1 e.l priei S i .-...re confii.-ntlv. hot ir»pcdiu!iy mviieaall tiro«e wln> delight in the snort. of
the field ... MSI, h.s , dl.sli. sen,, wlieie . ■ y s. ill ,in.t do, h e and gle .. l ow ling piece* ; liuelllne P?Lclt«
n‘t * vi \mV. ’ * ’ |b.' 7"‘ “r " V 11 ‘ "h'r"* ; tBiuhle ami si. gle IwislesJ aid Damn scat Hands ol aU lengths
\ii L,1.*'’\ ‘•■"•rera; ot B. h* : I O.S.I. r and Liquor Flasks, Hon, Tumbler* ; tinrle.;
. • v 1,1‘.n ’ f-,-‘toC», Itelis W liipsaml 1 alls; Wash Itod. w ill. ap;nrai|i* complete; Game Dags ; Ska Chir
k Al o"i'r“': 1 7 V ""n- ''"“''hest Ko.l.'t at... Buck Shot Mould ; with a variety of other article..
lorir! *"7/ V' *' ' ' "l? ‘ "o’1 wBboo, lliiits, a new improve..,eitt that l,a» never before hem
oT tbcb^t CutW ^ f;Cr«» flour, male in shiHrt with ball or shut: likewise a general assortment
wlth^^i^T n’ V‘r / ' r'JV‘ U“\l K',r‘,P*«1* Improvement. to C.un«, Pistol, and Rifle*, ic. ami
^ wu.,, powder, s..u, .„u ou *
I ' laakhln : lu l'u« ,udtity court, L , *■» i ifi
A i Hi,;
U.'ben DnvUJ cx’or ul' VUvn. Davis, dec. P it '
Samuel Davis, William Dlickbu.-u, ami Jo-eeh t|. ,
ti • i ... 1) Jradonts.
t in* ilnv came the plaiutiir liv bis attorner, in t i H| ,,r.
mi; in the satisfaction ol" i!ie r..prt il ,i the no i ■ i Win
lllari.bm-ii i. not an inhabitant nl'tlii* rati- . on hr mini n i
ol lli* plain till, it is decrt.041 oni nrdsfri-. l hy I bo ct»nr», thoi j
the said defendant do appear here ■ or tnsboc ilie thiol j
Thursday iu January next, .mil i.i.svn i Ihe p'.aiMiif-. loll
ami g., * security for porfo miug sin |. decree a- ibe ei.o.i '
may make herein ; and that a copy of tbi. .,r(!er be fonli
u illi iuser|e»I in some new.pope, ,, , .i,,. | j„ r-„, ,,f
Kicb.•mod,anil continued Ibr two month* successively, and !
ilml another copy be posted up al ti e Hoot door of the j
ciuirtimo'e of iliis roomv on nso successive court days pro- i
vious to the said Will'd Thur*day in Jan.tart nest
A copy—Teste, WJi 3 DA fiK. O. 1
No«ember 14,
XN t'llANCK.l Y —At a court til «| i.m.ot „ . j
1 uod ami lirlu Ibr Loui.a County, at the com toot on I
Tnes.lav November the 11th, 1623_
NUImlas Winston, Pliii;t</T
Thomas Winstnn, John Winston, Henhon Thornion and :
Marie his w ife, late Mario Win*t to, Marta i ,M.t tn, iviit '
ow of Uickertnn Wiiislon, anil tjh.vlc K !>.. ,i . R . Kliz
ell! tv., I., Uisa U. Uicketinn noil Jo-epl, K. Wlu.t .*,. rhil
ilren ol tit .id the. error Win ntr drr’d, Joshua M IP and '
Durham Ins wife, lale Uarhura Winston, nml Arhio.tlrl .
An.lerson and Pat** Ids wif . late Pats. Winston, and j
Joshua Willis and Archil ah* Anderson, aUtai"l*ti.il r. ,!e 1
' lioiii-non til'Jolin Winsi. ii. de .-a .-.I, U./tnJnnU. j
I be defendant. • lionia. Win.ion. John Winston, Ift-rrben I
Tlmrotrio and Marin liis wife Maria D Wl. stun, widow ..ft
llic'.i rtoi \\ i. ston, ami Charles K., David Y *■ zai e b K.,
Louisa K. liict eriou and Joseph ii. Winston, coil ires . ttl#e!
soil! UieUerloit Winston dec. nut having cut" re.' heir p. ]
|iio-.raure Olid given security neendipg t I n* aril llie rn; 1
ol I Ii t. com i. anil it appearing to the satisfaction of the ;
court lli it they are not inhabitants nl ibis stale; • ••, l e ., i
lion Ol ihe plaintiff h* lii* eiittnsel, it I* unit red, that Un
said defendan S appear to r- no In- firs' dav .1 ! ■ tiruari 1
court next and .iu>w<-r the bill oi the rdnimiflf, a: , ,i u
copy of this order lie foribwith in-a- ted to font* u ,v .i ,-r
■milted in the city of Hlrhiiuiriii fur two „
ly.nnd pnsied at tin* front door uf the courthouse of this
county on sunn- court dov.
A copy—Teste, JOHN Ht'NTFH, V. O. I
I November ;.5._ 58—v Rw *
VI iKlil NIA : At Jlules buhlru In the l.-rl. v ufli -e ..i King
ami Que -ti Conatv, at the iuilh<ii*r ;|irir..f,nuM"v '
day ilie d,| day of Noveintn r
eoloni mi Fallen, vi Itn sues for fie benefit a: d til the costs '
of llcnjamin II. Mopilay deceased. P.-iintiff'
Andrew Samuei, Lee U ni!ware, adin’nr of Tboni •« S .m
u* l dec. ami Ann Samuel, /, f,
The defeiidaul Andrew Samuel mu having ent.-i., ni.- 1
appealanre and given .>-i unity according to the act of
semld* nml tiini -f'iii court,end iiappeiring I t .u
isfactory evidence Ii i he is u... m tnbalrliml of ihis'coin I
inonweallli ii is., -red, unt th< -aul defend., i do ap e.,r •
hereon or liefnri 11. - i.-i.tav >.'M,rcli court next a-id an- '
swer the plaintiiT- toil, and that a ropy of if.is order be
fiirihwDh p-.ih]i.lieil in some new.pap- r pri vie i in Hie ri.»
oi Uirhninnd t rtwo o.o.lis .uiee —:velv, an.' lii.ii another
copy lie posted HI lile hunt door of the courthouse id .rid
county. A ropv—fVyte,
«K0. B. Pf.INDirXTpIt, l). «.
.N'ovetolier U, AR —w8*v
W/.A cue milled io Ihe jail of Albeit -.'ri- < ..mo, , r.ti . i.e
2bth of JuV 1623, a dark tliulallo man name,I Oil.
about 5 f cl 5 inches high, .. i re hj.ili, ao.i d ,i
uose ; .ay* be belongs |o Joseph >( .. i* nea- Ur- i n.i
(jeorgi i; had on ivhen c mniiile ■ ,i pairoi ov. pn-. .loons'
atnl shirt. The owner i- > e.pieste.l i., e .nie forward, ...ip
i.roperiv, pay harpi s mid lake him awav. or he wil; • ,. t
ue ,ll wilii .is the law dim is
_ WILLI M v>. iYI L"N, fail,, I
November 25. ’6—w i2
(JAu11\kt u. i;rnoj,sTKKf;ii’s F(7iT- I
Nir.'lt K AND 'I A I! Ilf • A * Y.
rpilKsuhscjliter Keeps cousb.-ut. .... |,R, ,| , ,„pp . ,|,p :
*- foliov ii.c tiiiele. which he Hill sell I’ll*, and pui •!
at the shone,t not , tpi r I,, m.entry pi-iel •. or town 1
u-v-epunre., vij : «i«ietit>ar... torem**, «ecr. t ,r|es, bo ,k :
cases, wardrobe . dinlio*, ii a and > ,rd tab *, .vo.k w..s|, I
and candle stao.e • c ,-ve.i ,i..H plain mah any ..nil
htgli post I i F-euih ’*•-is-eads; couches, boin «... .,,|ns
and «l*y ell- .- , , cuii<-tl li.* a.-.l rnn.v nidiress. p,a
ny other at irle. in ibe above |, ,e. of.,,, ,nc.« . I,.. ,| ,j.
Iv rnniiufartorii^ tn Hie in.- in-r, hnvj g th.- most -e.
lect journeymen and n > .i pre-., , . t,„ i.,,.,. , (|> ,,.ot,er
saiisfaction ini the quality . f w n- m.iiip, and no pains
In' -ipAixl m ih»* -*• ' cti')p ’ tn it r't 4 «
AN,fur the u<fiof (bil)iiii i ' . . 1 CnrppnV^rx fit '
I)«nniiifro nnrl IIomiiir^H in *<»*..% I. mt • , nl ii*hs •
liftnd railing nn»I vfiuvi ; rmv .,rn .n •/ -,t l i%wg.
curlt'ti hnir. mnh«i. Iiriir rltn . . -•
Vhn f,,r birr, m an l nnr\ a t-v«* : \ j;AL 1
UKAUSK, Wit!i a pair ol gentle horse*.
nnwoK jiK*. ;>;■ i.k
Abovrthe Eagle, .Haiti .trrei, llmi-n
November 28. 5H—.wt
~ KTuiuTTfo jtjT ‘ I
•'JpTT Tlie suhsrtil.-r li.vlng prepared himself with !
UJmL a wmnmdioui building, pinion, fl, ,|IH ;
pt»l»ilc, ihnl no eirrliunit *%•ill hr ooii'irj lo r#*mt'*r ii ;
wbu hih> think proper to call on hiui, <*nvnfori:t !«• dml '
at:rr»*a«.le. I3ENJ. IJ. JOlCVSON.
Cartonmll*, Nov#*mb*»r 21. .77- utiw
WAS coaiOiillrit lo tii* JTi7 *»l I»i:r.bi ,ir p**un.\% h%** i
runaway, mi tli* 20fh July InM, a '*«•*•:.» j,«»» |,r j
iMiTiP of KDW AIM), who say* fio is lb#* proper!v ni \„r I
borne Nelson of MerkletJtuit' rountv : l.y i. about 12 cir 13 j
ye tr* old n bright mulatto, with long hnir, inrliued to ruri.
The nu tier I. desired to conn forward, prove hi. property
p »y the charges and take him run*, or he « II be *!ea||
Willi according to law. JAMES 8COTT. l.til,,,.
Ociolifr 17. <1?- wUtv
WARNEli’S li00'fi~ST0UE.
rrillE business heretofore carried on in the name of f„»e. I,
J. Warner, a ting executor of Benjamin Warner dee’. !
was closed on the 27ib »f September last; all persons :n
debtesl to the concern will please dinke pay mein. nn.I those
haring de ton nils will present their acroonis to Mr. pjdli,,
Dougherty or tlie subscriber, who are duly authorised to
settle.them. UOUEKT I. SMI I’ll.
The business svill be conducted in future, at the old *
•land, Market Bridge, in the name of COLLINS & 00. I
whose connexion with the trade in the Northern citien. will [
enable them to keep constantly on band a "eoer.il „su,rt [
meat of BOOKS and STATION AMY, which they will con 1
linue to dispose of on the lowest terms.
JOT Any article in the line(ifto be bad) can be procured
on (he shortest neiice.
Novenilier 7. ___ M~wl2w
BY virtue of a deed of trust executed by Waltbal Hob
ranthe, to the subscribers, bearing date 15th d«y of
April IH22, and duly recorded in tlie tlerk’s odire of the
comity court of Campbell, to secute a debt therein men
tioaetl. due to Martin Hancock, we shall on Monday the
22.1 DaTember neil, at the ,jte residence of Wntttial Hob
comlie dec. in the countv of Charlotte, proceed to sell at
public auction, upon a cretbl of one and two v. rs, a tract
ol land, lying in the couoty of Campbell on Liule Falling
river adjoining the land* of James g. Jones and Martin
Hancock,containing by survey 70j acres. We .ball con
vey as trustee, uni).
I>. U. HANCOCK, *Trullf*‘
November 21. 57_w-lw
r iHIE sulwrriber Informs his friend* ami the public gen
I erally, that he ha* rented the altnve establishment and
is prepared for the reception of company. Hi* table will
be furnished with ihe best the markets afford •, particular 1
attention will be paid to hi* bedding atul bed rooms. Tlie
stable shall I,e Supplied with Ihe best grain, fotldrr. ic. t
and atieinled hy ait experienced ostler. The most mire- <
milted attention shall be paid tn evety thing appertaining <
lo the house, anil it will be hispartleulw care lo endeavour i
to give satisfaction to all who may favor him with their I
Custom. He has fixed on the lowest rales for man end t
horse hy the ilav. month or ve„c. The Members of the l— i
gisl.ture are rcpeelfully informed, that 10 or 12 can he <
accommodated tvith iuuird t,v the week, on very reasonable i
terms,and their horse* IsearrlsNl proportionablv cheap. i
Dec. 7_fid-41__THOM AM KEF.il V*. j
tllKHCifANT TAILOR, next door to Ihe Mansion House j
x s I Hotel, Main street, Rirhmnnd, respecifuilv inform*
his customers, and the public g-nerally, that he has just
received, and constantly has o„ hand, a handsome assort. I
ment of superfine. bine. hlae||t olive ami fanev coloured s
CI.OTII8 and f'ABSIMEH E8, of superior ipia'lity. which s
will he made lo order, at the shortest notice, anil in the I
most la.htonaMe style. *
*f. H -f|e ha* also on hand, a variety of fashionable r
READY MADE CLOTHES, of every description, suited *
10 lh*'C.ason. which he will di«p«,e of twenty per cent,
lower lh in such can be bail for in ibis city.
November It. 8-5— tea
VI., u I .> 1A : At n Superior Court of Ch.inreiy hehl nt
the t'1.1 merUapitol tu the city of VVillmui.bing. Ihe
31 l tiny of Jill v 1633—
ttfillioui Mayes, Plaintiff",
Jiutnsl M
Wdli.no II. William anil Calheirlue his wife, and James
\V iililx mid Kuia'iefl. tiia wife. Urjcntinnlt.
Ou the motion of the delendants by counsel, to dissolve
tin.* i .jn.iclloii a» artled iii the came, the court on etinside
n i; c: tlie hill,answer ol the defendant Uilliani and the
• sliibii- tiled, doth outer Ihnt the plaintiff William Mayes
il si ule li Tore one of the enmntissiouet t of this colli l Ho-a
«- i ui’. iruosacilon. on the estate ul Elliott It anyone, ami
lUo Iris i.wii transueiions in ilie estate of the said Elliott
itai.snue, who is tlireeted to enquire nr.d slate tlie unture
and nr. mnt of any mit-lniuliiu; uelds agniu.t He estate of
Eld'd' l» lusniie or Koss Longest, and repmt the same to
court, idi anv nmllec specially stated thought p. rliuunt
liy hiutself or reipiired hy the parlies to lie so staled.
A cop —Teste, Kit. C'MHIgTIAN, 0*0.
Woo ester CourthouM*, Hi pi, ml or 16, I8‘33. t
The parti, inlere.led are hereby notified, that I have
appointed Fues,lav the 31st day of December next loeoni
inenee Hie fillies required of me by the w itliin writer of ilie
court; oa «ld b d.i\ t>\ nine o’clock A M tin imtlrndai ce
■ s reqcir rl at lids i.flire, with ilie necessary documents
vouchrj amt le t niony tcttdv lor examination.
_ji-oHw TIIO. O, AMORY, ComT.
\ii NIA • At it Superior Court ul Cbaucery bullies at
•he Cl pilot in .beOny ol lticbuiond, the 7lb dnv of
M'.rrli, IH3.I: J
Dabney At. IViiailon, Pit,
Samuel H. Hauiidei-s, Samuel 11. Saunders, James Lyle,
ad'o’.i de bin,is non „l Inr.c l.yle-eiour deceased, who
was ex'oi ol James L) lejuniui deceased, Illume Alil.n and
tuber jjJiu
acuin't «
isnmofj H Snuod^rs St ilmr.iili bis wife and oilier !)fh.
Anil J
Willi am llolroiniw, Pit*
K«ln tr4 i limit/b r«nd oilier Dft*•
riic c CdOM A fAm^ oil »HU da\ to b* heard tofr*tl>ri% oq
tb* h*» nimviT-i oi Mimlrt ilefcitri* »*ts. ih*- sev»r<iite
crethI order- mid pugiirntn.ti* nt;Aiom ih# ntlier*. exhibit*
jiHii (‘XHiiiiiiiiiim a t»f * itmid wrre hi la ruun~
*»*l: On rm*>idei *tten *' lieieof, the ronri bedo* «*i o\ ii ion
lb , >• tb> deed fr< ir, Sau.io | II ffMutder* ami Ham ah his
wife, Ol tile el ink day id la>.l.i.,,7. io Hnniuel S S.iun
oer., fortw i hundre nml thirty o res ol Ian,1 wa exeri.leil
tie, <1,1. ami lot go >d . mistn, rniion, should p , i nil over
nil lie liber U'i» qin-ut deeds made In Ilie salt' Han... I M.
.-.tinders for benefit of the various i rr iior. and others
t! e e > ■ .'i.iione : and'lie rtfiu dissolve.g ||ie srv.rnl
i" nClims. lien or. .artled ini|"Si muse-, d. lb .,d
jud«e oi ,, rau,t,i,'ip tba. ibe defendant Thomas Aiiilcr
I'm °''l of i' e monies to bis hamls of ibe proceeds of tba
slave, sun their io r ase mentioned in the d.-ed of trust
tiled .m c\hitd: i . if.- firsi »a|, from Samuel II. Haim
••'er- io i.emg- IMrCretlie and lames I.yle jr. trustee- for
Ilia benefit ol Meiideisuii. AIC.iul it Co to the defendant
Ja .e- L,e, aiMiiinis raior de hunts non with lb- willrn.ex
e, "■ Jam - I yle senior, who was the surviving puttnerof
llt'adei-on Ale* , ul it < o ,iie miih of on* ihomaiJtl nine
hiiniiie,| dri-.iirs ami forty-two cents, with intrresl thereon
Il III im 31st tint ofJai.u.iit l II mill paid, alter tied net.
ing lie. i,on, tlie e. sis io these soils : and ilie court limit
* 'Tiber n judge, oril-r .udtleo.ee that the plaintiff in ih.
thud suit lie I..1-evei quieted .n i|iv pos-essimi of Ul- iraci of
IH ><i I I the proceeding- in tlnil sub mentioned : hut a. he
h id g .at ransv lor mining into this c, urt. io r },,}•. ,1 . ie.
unoer the iru« ee.ilol ih, IAiIi day o' Octcd er 18lfc; until
Ci» tight t,. the said iai.il should l»e establish' d hy a dert e,
IbeeoMet d.,i|, fuither adjudge. ortlcr and tier.enr t|,ai lie
d'lea n Samuel H. Htu-der. In the Island 3d sail, do pay
l,. Ihe plaioiit) in the sah 3d sail his cost, therein ; am, ibe
c ai.i doth further . judge, order and tin ree, tl. i tin same
Iir-, mil III. rn t« liv hiiu expended hi llie priiM . ti:iou
t.o.<* .1 A ail Hie Ci.iiri nut dendi g at mi* time ..* t.. ibs
I ihiiilt III llie VHrWitu-II eiD referred Hi hub.- orleimd and
am-'tided lull- i r second soil, b' »i lug nib»c,|lieut
Iu il i* 2*1 il.iy ol lime 12*13 ilotli utilei that one nf il* ri>m*
iiih-mner* o time iin nceouKI. fil.e claim* of ib: creditors
under 'Ik m ill tin'll*, n.l i. r I the Mine In tin- tnnrl,
a i'll .hiv mall, v specially ,i it,-.t iir. me,I |,eriineiii bv I no.
“•■f. wim I. uuiv be r-,|un,..'• ihcpar.to In-»o slated.
1 I iy .i ttoUinJtiH .tif I’H i'/f’. co:U in thiiil j mV.
v."K,' S *•*-* Uler Nile* .3-, 87
ito. oj > um! nl\du« 1*1 73
Primer’.- «lo. 8 I'rin.ei 10
L-tee amt lax 18 Ii L. Ice And UiX 18 1C
« 180 12 » ; e
Deft. Thomas Milter* cod'., ft 23 24 *
A cop-- I'evie. Wll. W HKNING, C.V.
C O 1 ISSIii' Eli .*> hi i |i E I I In- parlies inleioievl
, n»e* i, v.iO, C2I J will pi r 11 sc lake notice,
l.i ■ I have I.ppoii'led il.e 27th dav if lierember ni xt 10
e Uimiei.re the r innl dinted in the foregoing deiv..- of
n*. nuri. on wh: b * \ s| H o'clock M. ihey me required
. ...I i’i i.dirr in lid* city, Willi ll,i no estaiy | aper*
- paw I ir ex* rh.atiun and settbni.nl
N "_i-~_11 raker. v.r.
\ ' **l» 11, ll.e . in Ihe Ctrl k‘s offire 1 the
• ’ 'I l oi t p.iiuery for 1 be 1( it Inn..ml Dis
rim. ay III iii'lahr 1 1823:
■ " 'inch; nr,d Tin.mas Ac Kirhnrd Crmint Deft3.
' , il' I. dam Robert Crouch n.u having enter* d his
... '•ini given s-rurily ncrording to the nr 1 I Ax
s.'uiiilv .1 ml lU-'Jiule* r>! tin- ' tuirl, unit Ii appearing *v -nt
l»Uit..' j rviueii 'a ,|,a. lie i* mil *u inlir bilafrf ..1 inis
, a. v . it 1* oriiereu linn ll.e said deft*, on lit sir. np; . nr
° * l*" ('•*• h"' "1 h e next leim and ai i»rr th- blU
in- pi •illfv { am 1 ini » rep) 1. -hi* order lie luilb will.
” son*' newspaper pu* listin' .1 b* . hi id 1 irb
nion.i, .r Is*" in *»tbs aiicce *.«. i», and polled ni llir (root
Pmr ni Mm capital, in ihe said cil*.
A*o » — Tes'e. UM. W. HKM'.ft, G C.
' ' _4fJ—W8«*
I I .utnnna County torniTonober 27lh,
Walker Timlin hike, P.'ainH/r,
• Igei.uf
Nathaniel Perkins, Tlinmn* Shores, lain R'erff of Flu
vaiu.i county, .,nd H idler I Horsley, „den/»
I 'O. plniniiiT.* bill ‘1 dog tiled. ,,n.l the defend 1.1 Nnihan
II I i-rkin*, not Ii living entered lit* appear.n -e nod g vers
*ei urn; nrrurding to the *c| of Aurnlilv and the roles
■ I lni< eoun , and 11 appearing to ihe court dial be i- not
»n Inhabitant of 1I1U 1 niiiuiuwealtli . fin lb" motion o. ihe
plaintiff l.v hi* counsel, il is ordered, that the said "fend
111I 1 erkiny do appear here on the footlh Monday in Jan
uary next, and air- ter the plaintiff's bill, and tbni a . py
»• ilijii <*r«l« r 1'irtlmiib in»frifd in mine n#»■» *p»»» <*r
printed in the cilv II irbuniTid, and Conlinued for elgli* w.**'lsa
.'in r.sively ami that another copy thereof be pr,*|rd «• lb®
I run l door of the coortbouse of ibis rnuniv.
A copy—Teste, MO. riMHKM.AKE, 0. 0.
November 14. ,5.*, wgws
IliOl N| \ . At Uu;es bidden in the filler' ’* Office o> ||il*
Superior Court of banrery for tin Picbun nu 1st*
Irirt, li e 2,'d day of October 1823:
ThomasT. Uouldin, ex’orof David Rottder. pig.
Rusanna Hrsnberrv widow of Jalip Granlrerry der’d and
Jiimts Hastings ailni’rof .fohn Oranherry deed,; and ihe
■aid Jonas Hastings in right ol his w ile Eli*.., who was
Klira Grabberrv, one nf ll.e heirs ni the said Gran’,'rrr
lerensed. Klira Hafiinfct, Juba Grnnbern , Augusta G an
lerrv, Mary Uranberry, Caroline Granirerrv and I nrr
araota-rry. ebfitlren and heirs nf the s«i,| John Gra. herry
ec d ; andEdma.id U Narvell e*’„r of Th.-mas N.uveU
tec i . Wo>. Rurli.n adm r of Ueniamln Mushy der’.i, H-.er
rr.u i:r !’f *,nr,>' ‘•‘•c’d, M.tharl W. ilnn
mck. fhtllp ilas.ill 4 Co, George Wmsion, llynl H< • re,
k.ilruiiml V, lioaies and Wilson Allen .
The subptroa scire! ,e„, ., Wanted Iu this rnusebeliip re
nrord not executed on the defendant* J»uas Ha ting, nd
• I7.a fii«t u*ifr,iiri(l no! entr?r<l Ibrlr jt|ipfnr
inrraml g*vi ,1 seeo*ity uceording to the at 1 of As*en»bly
mil 1 In* rules of this court, and it appearing by saiisl ir<nrv
vulcnee, that lirev are not inhabilanls nf Mils roiintr' 1 It
' "idered, tin,t the said defendant, do appear here on the
lr*i dos of the next .fantn.iv lerm and sh. iv cause il any
hey too igain-t the '"tivalbv ihe said process sought, and
trswer lb" bills of the pUlalifl*j and Inal a ropy or ibis
Tiler be forthwit h in'eried in some nraspapn publ *hed
II llie dry »f llirhnonrl, for two months surrn.siv..|yt and
aistcl at the front dour of the <'anl|..l, in ihe said city.
A ropy-Taste, Wit W. HEN IMG V. U.
■Hovemlier 14._ AUnSe
ISfiLf be sold on Sirs- premises, no the litli dav ot Derem
TV her Next, by virtue nf a deed of lrn<t exe-uied by
>*'.ijsudii Awdrrsiut 10 ‘he subscribers, for ira-'v niuoev
ixiy five acres nf land adjoining Gnoehlved I'oerlhiutve •
laaeight negro slaves—isrsumm Ii of ».vl,l properit as will
e snftrlenl to **t!sf. Ihe purpose. Of li e said trust deed,
ihlrli re dbl; rceurded In Ihe clerk’- office of Gooldan.J
iMimv rnuri. Rn h idle vs III be conve.e.l 10 ll.e puich.iser
1 ii inihrifi««
WII 1 f VM MfLfrKH , > „
aaochismi, (.cioher 42—w4»'

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