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1‘iat slale. Tlie General wns treated with the I
most ii;a>hi*l respect Sc hosphatiiy by the L«-1
gijatur* of Maryland, assembled «t Anntpo-j
J,., as well ashy the inhabitant* of that an-j
c.ciit metropolis. &, lie returns ii ghly gratified j
with ids visit, lie spent last evening, tty pre
vious appointment, mill the Mayor of the Ci
ly a.id ms Indy, in company with a very nu
merous and brilliant assemblage of tlie otlieers
t,f mu Government, riti/.eiis, and strangers, in
chiding the French Legation, and oilier fo
reigners of distinction. j Vot. I'tl
lo both Houses of Congress, it will be si eo
by I tin rpeort of the proceeding* therein, the
h. e-jact of a pru» ision for General Lafayette
was yesterday under consul.-ration, lo the
Hi-nwe.i hill passed, w ith a reiii.nk.ihle iniah
i. ii.y, Cuusidci.og tlie vigilance w lorii. lo I • I it
Houses, alway s pioltcis the pub' c po sc, I,a
bijhing- i very liberal app opiia!io:i of omoey
nail laud for Mr* use oftieiier.il F \ tie
la the House, a s'. •> tar Ii ii met i\i;ii opp.i-.i
lion, radler attributable !-. (lie want of notice,
and sonic d-QWcnce of opioion as to di«* details j
td the nuasoie, than t<* any objection to the j
piiiirijiio of die lull. We see, ill pu sent :.p- ‘
in-arauees, no reasno to ilnuhl, dial, by a lian
S-.nie inability in In.til llo.ijis, a iibei.d pro
vision mil he made >u provide for live rmn*
f.,n of the f iiui e iife of ■ h>- N . ion’s G n st, (lit
W A il i m< row, Dec. dJ —W. ii .. e plc.ie.;: .
in announcing <ti.it llie |iropo.iiUoO lo.' it grant
of Ttvo 11 ii.i.li . vj T.in.i < ni.l i l.illiu *, and an [
cuirij township of land, ( g:5 01.) acies,) has j
received tint sanction of C mgri-s*. Id.mil j
House h j - p is-ej i ii d of ns own, h.it tin
j t::( sanction r. ij .irc! to nue i r tb** oliterj
' of them, uf'er vvha! Inis passed, may he eon- I
: fiideicd a llialter of cool se. T-ie thing i.- j
d".ic, and with tin uti.ininiiiy vv inch has lew j
i a.111 • t-s in nor Irgisiain «t iinnais.
Il w art «i•'ni: shir, tloilll Ii Iiial I Ilf llieiititirr
fc .mild !:ate in to ad'ipted i»y si Vjt*> entirely
im .niiii'ii:.-. >•»:• 1 ivilhm.il debate. I> ii, if ii
bail *i-• been <h b.iif il,atn( 11 |here li.nl uni !>•*«*<)
c .. tbi't.ag opinions i ji.ui iiii* OMitir. ii iv.mill
bail; b .11 n.il of tl iisnu I\i'|| I lie 1'b.iriti-lri
n ' n n a.f. einniaii'. Tin-(I it IVIICI‘ 'H ill*.1.inn
lv.is mi' aj I<* in •*!»• iitianlliv. and iml a.< In
Ji.'.aeipli*. Vi u bale g eat s.i;isf.n.iinn in
Staling that nut nf (l.e distill ii nt mi.'in,
l.vy triv IV •III opposed I.I the joinCI,dr nl
fir blil, ,i.i i noun.' .jUi-ti iin- 1 nr tli',111 ij;i'i|
l' ti merits lit tile eminent inditidll.it fn,
ti.mso iiviii’iii ii is intruded. [.Sat. I a t.
Bv tbu sniu.il nl Hie in.t.i I.-t rvgkt, w c
li.n«| M'riml iiur n-aid.ir siipiily of .\eu Or-j
leans m t\sp-ipn*. Tin v enini-ni liu; inl.ir-I
mamu by i-itr u ay nf :\, tv Yoi k, Ih.-.t Hi,. ... i
I e.toi'al toll inf tile State urn d vnlril In*' \v, rn j
G- ii. .! ii kson and Mr. A Jams. Tm L niia- !
•;oi i b 7. He n| Hie J J 1 mi. (Jie d.iV ai.rt |
tin- iiiuii:.* in Ivi-cHns loiik jd in., g:vc- the J
i •si,ii f.,|!„tvs :
I' nr H:r J. c.. sou candidates.
J. IJ. Pliuci.e - 8 l legiHalite votes. I
i’. bmi-ie • - ;j'l
J: lieu i.ut - s.)
Fn- i li e A J.. i ns c.inJnl iM>.
A A m. No'l - - ;j.i
J H. Sin |'« id - r.o
T:n- e.i'n.i i.dvs favorable to Mr. Ciay bad !
each t ntes.
Fn ni tin* about results, i; iseiiJerd dial j
Ml. Clay lias been d'p.’ltrd nf tile rbctni a! I
111 * i * a nl Louisiana by a cnn'bu.ilinii !>.t \\ i i-n I
tlir I it mis ot Air. A tl.niiH i tl tin. J^rk.-un
a, proved by III** *<| * • t .si , • i ■ • iii'rsl
f.*r Kb i Im's for :: ■ r (if; iiU-l. . ;|«* s tllir |
fnrtm . •• e ■ i. I ili.i , . d to Mr. Clay
at • . . a a live U. fed I •> 'it CunVlnHi
a. V j. [/1113J1. C.lj Ciuz.
t an rnr.ym::*r. * j t t i . t,'n:yioe.\t
Andrew JackSon, It J. C*. Cm-. . II!
Kxiract Ilf . teller III til i. . .. I lie A ill n. .1 !
and 1'rn• bl n Gazelle, d • ll nrisbuig. i».• -
Ceii'ib* 1 JO.
*• / -in day. in s:* »l* . Air. [| n its.in pm
SH!it'd a {i.-t tinn mm-por.i . Um Pmla
u •l ilii 1 an 1 Sciiuyikdl Coal . nuipauy. All.
G ivf.j pri se.ili d 1 iH, ii:i jin for Hit* appoint
ment yf e*imiiifisitin»'i s in mintiii* in:,, puiper
ism in tile city n*ni c unity Pbikidetpliia.—
Mr. Kuril- id« I rp*ir rd a bill :•* am inn ./. * I he
iippnin inent of itvo ml.I tin.ial judges to :lm I
smprenm court. AI . litwkui.' submitted!
Ibr 1* ibiwiog resolutions, In it limb was added
cue r* ij I* *tl ig I lie G oVt*mill' to fur W'ai 11 a lupj j
ti> e.ti: > of our senators and repm.ti niaover
ill Cnligir.ss :
**/t solrtil, Tiiat tbe I. *gi*d dorr nf Pi*mi*\ 1
Viiuia yii w with great -.•.rtslaclinii (hr univrr
sal lu-rl.iiili of joy t.llrwn by t'm citizens n.*
I'm United S'.»trs lit tin* af liu; Anirii
call patriot General LAFAVCTTK I lit* «*<•••• -
II iiii.in in : r.ns of Ibr great and g >0 J WASH
Il solrr.l. lb it our repri*si*fi!.iti» i* t in eori^mtis
br rrtpmired to n>e tlmir ioflurne** totturds
exlfoibr.g to tiiat d;Htingui»brd silent sorb rr
Jit* lor !« s * ku t:u I il (nil m*. vm i's »i*MiJ‘*nu,
during the rev>dfi!in:i;ny war, m in iy »ppe;n
1i> he d e* hum u in.ig'idiiimoils and gr«tefui
people. ”
L yrr.sT fuu.vi fiance.
Nsw \ uiui, Dee. 2d. -Uy the arrival nf
t!i« packet s lip Cadmus captain A'lyn, m 40
pays from iI ■ vre, the Ediloiu of tae New
Yolk I) lily Advertiser have reeeiv ed their Jiie
of Paris papers to the fltl of Nov einher, and
Havre papers to November Pb. Those pa
peis contain London dates tiijthe Jtldi of Oc
Captain A'lyn visited (Jen. La Fayette’s fa
mily at La (T ange, and Sett them ali well on
the 21 h Oel. has brought letters for the (}>.•
neral and liis son, and a portrait of tin- (Jene
ral presented to Congress by 31. Sclldlrr
( Paiutei nf Paris.)
The Courier nf tin 30!h says, that Jilthmigh
the report of l,i< majesty’s agents at i> .g<>
ta is veiy favourable Col mibnv cannot re
cognized until tin: termination of the war to
I* i hi.
Toe beat understanding 19 said to subsist !*e
I veen the niinistiy nf Fiance and that of
Id iglnnd. which is proved by the fact Ih.vi So
Chari 's Stuart is In pie.ierv 1: his siloalioo a
anihii'isador in 1 raui'u, in conformity to ■>% ii*?*
« a eupteused by Charles X, to n Inch 3lr. (niu
ning v. iliitigly agreul.
Mr. Fain.lit my has been condemned to
deli ih.
I’ll \NCfd — Paris, N v. 2.
(’omni rce with iht IJnUtU Tlie di
lectoi ge.n. 1 d of customs yesterday poh!iati« d
ht llavie, that, In the 7tli Mflic.e nf the con
vention between Franee and 'he Unit* d Stall *
of A ifowica, concluded mi tin- 2 tli June 1 tt <2
the 1 Ktraordmary dmic* specified in the lil
and 2d lirt'rle" of Him treaty are to < eanc on
tile 1st of (Jet. 1821 nod that I lie amp le
cei»cd ove.r and above will be reimbursed or
producing at lb« nihtnni houses the receipt!
nf customs paid since (Jet. ), accoiihog tu tin
old iMiiflT.
No change has been made in the duties o
tonnage,nor in the charges nf brokerage or p,
Jot!»ge. . .....
We believe it is certain Hint (h<* subject „
the evaeaition of Spain, has been cousiderei
in the late council* held by the ministry., ]
xpptiai il.lBculllo cuntiuuo the (KCti|'iiiiun Im
uup troops any looker, tvi:>iu:»t dcsimmliug |
new guaranties ol King Fcidinuttd, as well for '
• he security of the troops, as for the pet uni.ity :
interests tif France ; it ml these guaranti. s can-1
not by obtained while Spain has no system of I
cit-dit which cum permit of u idinbuisemcnt
ol the considerable sums advanced lit France,
and I he new expends w Lie!? will be pioduc
e*t by Midi an.augmentation of force as is
absolutely iirces.-aiy ill (lie Jhcseul slate ol
all'ill s.
The evncui'i *n of Soaio :it (lie expiration of!
tile tlealy ol July Iasi, has I.,el. Cits been tie- i
eided ; but from w hat w- nr« able to h aro,'
it oi l not t»o complete for some lime. ilu.OiH)
men w ill return in France; the rest of them- 1
my mil If tire upon (!„• l.bro ; a.,J 'It.- for- '
tresses, siit.il us Cuiltvg F.tiiipduiia. tsie. will I
remain in our power u.ilit (lie peife. i exec- l
lion tif ihe tiratics nhicii have i.gulat.d (lie 1
J*/*tat In** C*ihiu(itpitiii'i i inr i>i|•
.la'mo .<1 France oris,,ns o singular phenom- !
eo Hi -a o.'iiioo fatigued wiili cud d -r..nl> >
i ailyiog itloond ill,- inrone us t pmol of jofic- f '
line lor a!, inter, sis, nod a miuUi.y t. riilict '
at lius union, it. (raying its iegret* a; n ,-v,nt ^
much thUu.es joy alll.nl,; .ill good dm. ns. '
l'' UOniit. I I..I pwjier doll.lilts the ii.ll' iwillg.J 1
l..‘!teis Iroin Vienna of the -Jlsi tn.-n.i<1
til >t lhe ties!in.ition ol' llu* I!gy,.;i.,o |J.. t
mmii tv.* the chi. f li,i|.. :|n- Porte, h ..
intiie.'y tl< e d.-vl 1,1,• t|.ley.ion In i.vuitr of '
Itie.-ee, The 1.1111. I, (lets state, that a g't.'t '
power, nlucii, 011 ace.>001 ol ii g... g; * j..»-i_ 1 I
''till..lion, is able in employ an iotp.i-itig hue.
"t (be .\|i d;l* i 1 aoe.01, is mooli in fa.i.ur .,j
tile 4'lirislnns i'l ill- dl pd-gn Jti'.d llie'AIo
tea, 'll .1 «|. may in.pe In see the tear thin
111miii.iie will! great ..ml niem.tiabb; events.
Si* VI.N.
L.imiun, Oct. .'it). — i .i,itif Ii iiirti)|*i)l, it is
report, d, is to socceevl l.', n. D g.-ollt tin
cootoiund of tile out y ol ot iuipali..ii. •
T'lecKpedm.i.i prepaiingat F.wrol, of which
ill** o "him Omit *> r 111 a!v**s id 1 n 1 mu appiuu -
be ini .'tide 11 ag iinsi »ii •• miiucrniia C *«.|.»ki
.. f ... .111.1.11 v lint. ll would seen.
•jiiiie in iiii|.n.lam (o i.ji liti 15.uli.iry pi
“5 has bifii -aid at Cam Iona, -utii.
-tl ij. I. i-'n \ f-3t is il.lVe ll. fit Set'll III tl|>' W a
■'•IS I>i \ tic.I, 111. re of wiuc.!i we i «* set n from
* a.te Si. Aul.i.ii.t oiwiuo di.i ,o fo a In !f.f winch
.li y iiic .Mi'tjtosi i! fo have e.pii r. d.
^ r>l»,t\s -It, J. ^ t it //..
lbri'n III.- *.litres o| lii«' O i.i.ibe, Ot-tojiei
.1. i'u,' iai.M news from the Arcim'i-la*'*,,
fmriisbt's reus.hi [o It. lift,, tli ir 111 ■ c.iuu* ol
i- . ll i- asserted that a ere.n
jt.twiT lias declared in tii.-ir famui, and dial
iioti'.ri.iiil , v. .it will lal(e (iIium i,t vt sprue'
i .! *ui..a! -1. s 1 It'Si.tI - i tv.i,ok.-, 'Ii.tl Tin
!ve\ liasot'ter encountered '.imiisi dlsasteis
—surpi i/..:i£ tlli igi wilt be published ui a lew
d ys.
News fmi.i V ies'f of f).\ t 5 !i speaks o'
' new » letory nlitaiued by lit* Gret Us on tj|.
o .,»er the Tmk.sij J'^yuiian fleet,
•mtweei. Puitiifis a. d S.iitius. Tile () | .mans,
after III* i: defeat, tl .1 In Miiyhve u 1,1s ;i., ves
sels, pursued hy at Greek ’vest-rls. Ail .he
' lu--ebi).i:i transports, to liie nniiiber of IOtJ,
i cm,lined at Ciitlrinn or film die hud
t 1! (a eeks. 1 is fu.-il). r Sillied, tii.U lbe *o,j ol
iht' I .It i--' of I'liypt, isniaei (J direllur, cum
mander . f the i]. e« of i,„ father, ami oi,,-, aid
.j.-e > •p to G-u. G.-oi.t i,y, end a nephew of
il..* r*»J < f Tu: ir. has be, i. taken, l.tvelher j
w iiii it mill n is oi pi.i-iiv-i, i'inch iiiey l.n-i .
trail,etl to Napui, di Romani... Tim viee oy I
.1 b.'i>|it I." ... it his Iasi ii.- ile, wind) bore '
.lie Admiiai’s il •
1' is .aid. Iinavo-er' (hat the pacha of Sen-i
lari is at1 ml oigam/bi.;; a corps of Albii.iiitm, |
for the Pur!e, and has er,;.aA‘'d Omul V.j
‘•ne to break his agreement n ith A«av rui-.,r-j
tb* >n.
1. .vn \ () ; :', ii.—The order in disman
tle lb. H ni, Ve-,. U employed in life la e
xpetinim against A^ins, has j ut hem
concur .antled.
A .‘ be K 'i-t of So .in , published <
17 U Oct. •ledt-os Unit the < -tnirts sliali ad - !
’ll.' pjinidiyiii nt of de.'tili ,m all !
w|,., after U,.! Is* O t. la.vj. s:,..!! hav e .. i
jti.n.tll . he, looms in U, • !e»iti ,ijyrGtfv !
Ol the Throne, or part:*.,.,., of the lute c ,i i
-I tt if cm, ii.chili i, <j all who s'l.dl publish!
p . lets or j.iiimais of ihe same. tend, ur V. j
Liimiun, '.Vloher si.S.— W.- learn from Don I
'll .1 tile Columbus, fra ill iehec, r.niv, d yes- !
tenl.iy a fie run i,j) in tin. I >.w n-, and cast an- ■
fi>-n Ii.'ai the Grand Ship li undies, notwith-j
-itiinduill tin* m ni of war is ofihe first r|.,** ;
she appears m, l.ie .r f, a canal b,»„t. *1,,...-.* !
-i I ■ ..I this Leii.iib.in of ilm ,v Wnritb— I
U iIn* m.uneui ih.it III.' Columbus appeared '
msiAbt, she appeared like a dua'i ,v f.|.l:ld j
'•id her masts ii\e Clnirdi s ei-nl. s. Slip ii:
In b.' towed lip to Deptfor<b by s earn R ials!
to 1* ' tlT.-chai eed.
^Oft. Sl.-Il appears J
linjaistiimi vvd! n.,1 be e.-tablisheil. I,mi in
;.m. ol rhere is b, be a J.„,ta, citmjiosfd of
c-.t:.es:a.mcS ..1 Li.y-.-r-, to prevent tin
propo'A i, tun „| auti-reli-ious tt„d revolution
ary uoiks.
P. r\i~*nri!linnl no -nl. nrJiir.ve.ninlj h i lh
Pul nolii
F’.y the arrival of tl,.- ship Hop,., Captain
A S i) ii'i'in, in forty.sewn daV- from Rm I
...ll.eiro we have lies oi Rj,» p,p.ra
tlaie *'l III - aotlinx nf the II ,,,j j;,, [
c.M Ayna |>i,.<ei« to the t; j ol October, In.
•V in. I. We are mdubled (o the kind attention of
Captain Dung.ti,.
Ltlrtul of ulfUrr.duUd on h;<vl lit- P itruU
/•roltcior, in Hit bun cf'Cul m,. 17 i
*• »*v iir.AH n.Exu-111 my h*t I inform' !
.the bcdiiHiii ««■:> mi ..f Cn.»!Hiu Ail- !
dis.n., u no, mil* four In,;,(s and li,':y voi„„. !
Ire,- burnt nnl ,k si* v4. »„«•:,ulh.R i
the SiiNnlHli i , les V'engon*. >md S,nf , |{.,
S! |"Ml lil'UVf (|(;J
of(/.d!,io —u *. >v r.-OMrkalilr Unit lie
l>erfi>imed ' ‘ hunt I,nine a single !
,v |»lea in,- („ eiunmimi
n.ie In >„u, ihal on H„. mK!lt ,h<i ni,lt|l
■ ill*, an AdTir.il Guise <1,-span-lied Ci.pl Hull- !
erls.,0 atcro, o-e.l !>) (j na„ i
feu.m.in* >.| Ins vessel, with hu)ldretl and
iwenly-livt- non, u t(> ukv
destroy as many of i!lt enemy’, vessels as
were In l .ill.,, ,
. A'. In-. 'in - I. opposed by mure
\ and inline, in
• ||T vess, I. <t fiHeet, hundred artillerist
wlo. maotod •*,. iMttiries the Chiles. and
k«*|*1 **§ 11inn.'nd.'tn fire on our men. ft,it
«• In, .nihug mix liny rAVcfe.l !
die eoii'ipri.xo, by destroy mg ami taking tin
f llow i:»g * essel* :
Tiie President of i(» guns— burnt
Joanna Gordon, li ,g ship — f j*lc>-n
I’ lor iietly of tJlnli — taken
A Ji'iganltiiM name unknown_taken
A l» ge vessel, name tlukndw o-—burnt
The I’cuSeetor, the Congress and the
Ce,Ionian were employed in diverting ||. •
tenliuit of (lie batteries, but a',.oust a!l l|, f,.
of the latter was directed towards tbn brave
men charged with the destruction ofiliu ve«
f -el*.
nouvAirs victouik-?.
The R Aytes Argo§ contains :• »• detail* of
l Rolivar's Victory Cantarac at Jooin, which
| have already appeared til this and other
I American papers, but wo have also a hrm!
account of a battle at Acobuinhj? previous to
ffiat of Jnuln, of which m* have hitherto had
no intimation.— We irvtalula it Iimuj the i1
Algos of September 17, as follows: ,
Possagt nj the Ami 3 by H'/lictir. ,
Well asten to iot'oriu the piihjic of the im
portant news of llie ronte of llie vangtiani of
the emiuv’a army by the Patriot arms, con
iMiut«1 in Ml Correo, rtciivcd Lot night hy
5X|irits from Chili—
The Jvbcralur Bolivar and all Ilia army [
pasu d (lie Andes in llnee dtvigioiis on the • •
«v fiily-ti lh of J one — tlie fii -I umt r : lie colli- i ’
naiid of (ten. Coi do vs, hy C <ja Tamlm, t In . ,
u'Cond under llie cmiiiiitiud of General Ho i. j
• V Cli.tvin—HI ul vonlel the Cnlli a..Old nl G»‘ | >i
•'it'd hi Mai, l»y G t; y.mco. Ttn* v angoarvl |
d tile enemy, composed > f three thousnid j(
I 11 ililndied Ilien, ill Aeoha nlt.i, Was Com- j ,
•hdely r«Mi cd,( (ifcncial .Mo.let who com- "
■landed if vvis Wuimdi d and taken piisoucr. •'
viuoisl iiii this div •Mnn of tii - enemy fell in- “
•' power, the numher id killed on tin if ,
'ait h'ing very great—tiefmc this action t
• e hit.id rill inf.intiy and and uuu lumdicd
av.| v, ucdi-r the cmiiii.md of du* Spanish 1
•oi I Pena, cailie over to lib and t||e-e liven *'
oi.^iii valiantly m,Her the direction of their
'•Hiiitnu di-i. We have also t..i.< n f.ur cab*
ton, iiii* train, munitions, forage and many 1
“ i'i e % milliard nf our army Is on the other f
ii|e sf Jai j v — ('anti rat wlio was witliin two
■ -.•goes of Cachic.vchi. when informed of Hit: x
!> f>"t of Ins v.mg'Mid, letii'ed endeavoring j
n sur .ou l.i itself to v.oions, points which lie
\ as met essiv* lv i.luiged to abandon. i]• ft
• dly f 't'ifi d hinia It on the -kirt of llm hoi lf
• f A |i<io, apparently wi;hthe intention oil,
II I'n:.ti ling that position, hot with the klih j
• lii el of gaining tun* toaive his mag •zim s I ,
• (i. iivniiiiii. A I tin* iiioiuilai eers with!,
he r c'lii fs hive juintd (J -ii’i. Miller, h.ing j
ing inme than seven hundied horses and!,
miles, and they are now acting against the
•in-my in Chupaciia uud’Ciiiingns. reinfurc- ,
•■i hy a sluing division uedvi Gcii’h Hara.— j,
With another division, (iairvna, Ote.ro'hiu; j
i h>rr»'iuv joined hy the mountaineers of tin jj
i*.iti;nt s; my, occii| y (lie. mountains to pre-j.
vent llie intruded e-cape of llie Spaniards.— i
l_)nr centre is io S-'i-.iga, and the reserve un-I ,
Icrilie iimanrlal [i niv.irin Cnchicachi.”
The battle of Jiinin in Angus!, as we know,
placed the Magazines of Canletac, vvllicll
I rum llie fios jr.iing he appears In have been
anxious to prescrv e, in live bands of the i
I'aii iota.
m :»sB,gvi,uuuiajjai«B'.’gHL^B—bbbii ■■ i tiiwiwi
* \
HIPM viOND DRi'K.XMJKSt ■ " •*
H‘<ui.\u Li-.r,i*L nunc.
f'lU-K Ur- JjELi.UA-lEi.
Thnr.,-1 nj. It'c. TS —M> S*ga» illnitl tie fol
low tt<* i.-••Inn..ii, vt him \v ir ii jfi-tnl ;
!<•■• 11 ’1 ;*.t ili* f’oiumitlie fi-r A.", of .1 lie in
Him: 'It o i| ive ih'n file rifp 'iliencv <-l *n m.i •- i I
"• i*tf 'In- net cotter rainy ronr'allies >•» i,> tMpire >li
• ous-il.|> . ii'-. f.iii n| the justices, 10 k rp V* rrco;,'
• I iIn.*11* (iioi-.eeil'ot, , .mil of :my ntner iiuitii iuioti:,
-vi li tf*avr to ippm i li» In.I ur nllnrw.se.
() i III.i'i i.l ui .Ml Mono nl It i-ii.iulinl cnuntl,
l'n' ctuniiiiiie* I) t Hie n.lij *c.t ol I e militia, m re 1.
aimcieii ti eucptire into ilie expr'limcy of rr ilaciny
lie tiny ol reilniit • di 'ift of ilir •iiiiit'in ami f r toe |
!•- l-i . 'gtil.i:in.*1 ol it i*i!»••• ri j| C.n r » M rr:i * , vv. f
I u>e • i ptiH |.y Ii .1 .ir in In; i >v me.
Mr \ m*e\ nlil .'in il tea*.- to tun a in i Ii '| m r(».
I'fnI oi ••m ml ■ im •»: i> m • inns piOv>ail'll lor |n nlull
ing i'.ms ••I ilio i|eri»5’».r« •< ’i.ec nu i of i|.
lie b •!•:. Ill II III pf«n:ii. , £399(J ippea rcll In lie .ip- t
tUOpfnU*'I Ini tl'" I lll'liei l ill of til •• - e tepoila, Hell I
■lint li inf ol ilii-M ll nl lit.en roll. *1 In- lie lltoiinlll
nl' ,n*.'vy nn evp nili:ure !i Ji:t |J e iien-nrv on a
subject ..mcii ous’it iu be I. ij to ilriiii ititi ii run
,ir ■ ",
() ■ m tin - of Mr. To-.v In-,-||» C fu. f'. of J. were
•">•« -’ll ! I ••".(•; e loti' i*:. j 'fill entry of so i
in mine tit- In v nn ili - s I | 11 roikT.'yiiur.es,
na iii nn in'i s 1 if l. tiiKa i l rutin v conrm i«i receive
• li.: m ‘.ii.i-.v leilime' l o! li- patty oi jnuuf liy there
i| oaoc minilo < nl n t 'Oases ol ilie exeionm of all
ilfiuii tm in pi opet IV, mil lo certify the same lo
'lie •*!•".' i-v in Curpotn'ioo in win. 'i li.c In mi li *.
ftl*. C ll" ■ I oln.iiiir .i leave III hri.i" III a iiiil con
cerning lue Wdiii'm tin ••!• "m I) a:rmi.
Rl l •almr nfl i»nl t!te fallowing prrnrr.Me afnl !
rea ' iiii.i ih. in. f ir.eij liy few rema k«s, i.i ivim-li lie i
mill n Inintl-iiiiiii .iii i jua H it.tile in I n: meat worth !
Hill ilutmgu nlteil »ei \ ices of Gen J, . I'ayelte : I
\\ iieiena Hie (i. ieiul \u m .ly ol Xiijiiiiu. cn- 1
ieri liiiirn; in t:* iiitunii with nil ’lie people of ills fj
"!•*<*, n "i nlcfiil recollection of ti.n services rcurtnml l
lit f* I*. La EuVitl fi:, lo this IIImic rtatn<it, ill ii:n I
;rrii s’liigef ol ilie it v i • I ii < ii iv ; impresseij vvi ii a
jiiH' of use nl Ilie gen root mnl ti.s. ate rested riolitcf I
!,y vvittcli lie w is gmemeil ; an.I ook.iiil vviiii mil i
a i-nl lu pi.a, to 'l.e tnor *. I rft -c * which are likely m j
remit I in in Ins presence muting iih, liy rallied forilt -.
I ia;. ic.*- an of ii , to ii it tc.l'.in ainl thereby Iihh- !
pilv it na i .j l lie eiiar i«; -r of our fine institutions;
— in il. ir. i» 'ii i.ff i Iiiin a iestoiieiii.il of ilie esli- ,
m i ion in .• hicu Ii- i. held, ky ail the people • f Vir- I
gili'a. T n - "li. p.
in . * " UUJni,il:ll:j:lJ lnj til” (j”Hfl~ /! .*}shfltthllj j
i ..it I In* r>)**:nk i . nl I ae finite u ml i i uiisr ol i) -;
leg lies lie icipiesTi! f.i.ilmnli t., I'niiiniti'lic ile i(l
Gviieral La Eavk t rr., iii • e.irnes: i!i site nl ,li-> \^. '
.• * ^(11(0. tilfll k ..ti l Villi 1 ia• 111 iLi.il..* n...;- . ... '
/> * .'i•oU.-.Uo. Tint 'inmeri; aft-r t|,p arrival !
of Guupr.ii L.\ F a VI rri. Ill tins Illy, ihn Ti.-.ik is i
•d ilio livn Ii ,n be »■• <| icsied lo wail on Imn in!
.•"* ■‘■ •'j :>ad <■S!nf»' III turn, III |ho name of tbr pci.
ji!r ni iiii Cullin' iniVc-dilr, ilis iiih'm . |i'f nuif
vhii li his pr • hit t F'"iiiilirin ; ilieir lii(jit adniirn* i
*io.i id l.*s civil' Hiiil mill,.try vutuPt j fl,f ir deep ,-r- 1
sct" lie I n- In , i ’■ ir i t-'i, puli il! .mil p.iy tc ; • i.pir j
kinceio i»' ac.' oxMii In lm p.-isoc, m.d lup.r grsii ful!
ami* • of bis i.ruy Sfivirm d< vo'td tn I!• * ir «.tmle I
>i (I n nv i pc ri|"»| m Mu- f'PPiloni, the li.ippintss ami i
iic pmspernv of a .iic," AJ .linn,
■ Tli ii i|ip (i ••cr.il Atsrint lv of Vir- \
gMii.*! Hiei i* a w till j ■ dims h"ni lime ni, tie < x • n > |- I
W llirll (IPII.'I il L A F\VrMK til) • if ltd |<» | ||C '
Wo I I, ol H I iic (I .* ruled "i II P J»r c-. I ran-p of L I >Ct H , j
■nil 'hc\ p'O.Pill III in, iv.ii pit Ip and |d» aims, in • ;!
i n i c ■ »ym at ii cy.i -,i ni .1 -I at pure rcpidi
|ic >i"*"' and il sm I reft d pliilaiilirnpy.
i/ii, i >al l ip Siip.ikpr "I t'i'a | J »n«p lip
■ Mpirsird m piPvidc far G nerd I. \ I'ays'H,
»ra, vvilliiii i|,p |,.,r rlirrefl ; ilm |,.. |,e ,.,»i..l,n : d
d.i rrin, and iii imliicp l in iIip Mi.ihisol «lns
li nisc III till'll iiiiiiIp in dip Speaker i.i .y ai'tin ir
ill .*i apppr.n ria'p and iPSpi filial.
1 iipko res.tluiinoH kv i p cnuiniiniicatrd Hi tlic Se
nate for iIiph c.iuii urrenrp.
Air. J limit rjnv *d in -ii-p.nd ill-, rule of |Iip I).mac |
f.ir tin* purpose of rc-t o.is.dn lag i|jp v no of ac
rid.y nj ciing ilie lull concerning Hie leek ol
i Ipi k».
Air. \\a'*Jfeae siittainc I dip million, omf p*iIpici| i
m'.i ‘uni', 'n ails tn sli >.* tiij n« eag.iy of 1 gitiabon j
H If 1*11* *ld j-Pt,
Air. Carer of K. O. opnitaed the nroiinn. M«
'l"i"gin IIip gpiillrinaii li.iil bpnpr iilnam bsv*. m
hung in a b,|l proaulmj |.,r Ilio p ir:icul .r cans
which Ii ■ Ii id enniiiPfaicd.
Air. \\ . |- ice, |ep,.cil dial lip j |» l.rcd I i.n p|f In
unite u nti utliri t lutlniil’K fi out iiac lull C vciy u lirr
Air. 1 «r|pr frjninP'1. lint the gonMpnvrn avon'J (In
don' t a* t as Ijp bad said J I ni «>i|,er inrmbris ni g''
ii.ii, ..i il IliP nlmli ilplaiis of rhft bill being again
"r.i.ig'ii lipforr di • Ii i.ite, an olinec-ss.ry iistnm
iV'iild p oli.bly arise.
Ti.P inn ion in tukppnd ffcr rale rvas »t»pp' red I r
\lc.sis. ( JJJPS.MI an I Ai.ir,is of Vi'. —slid t ip ndc
i r ng niipemlril, IIip lull nil referred ni die commit
! iep ** Ini brought il in,
A i engrossed bill prptrrilnng the tn d» of selling
[ 1 taiii N-.il lint vetlfd in tiio | ncraiy Fund for »h»
1 n.m-p tymeni tif l ines, u.)i ipad u lliitii time and
An engrossed bill Siphnriiing 'liP rrcr.linn of n
sbet'er in, iIip fi ism l! ink, ivat l iken ui'« mi nioliim
| mf Atr. II iirir, ol ft.
Air. Ci irdnii oiaiip a few remarks tn »iin*v i!i»
porta a.p ol sin It a kliriiei, io me on nets ol il .mr tanl
down ilie river,
i lip 111,ink in ilio bill hiving l»ppn fi led will, llie
! tun, nl $1000, •» ihr i o*i ol the •hehr:.
i Mr. M tyo »ffereil a ndsr, providing ih .t the trio
; »ej that expended should Op reimbursed b» •> i,,x cm
flair liitulinl tiij.J.-r slid diflicr, of on» ecu' per bar*
el—in.I tviiou »lm« rpinibvirxetl, llie t-M n> ta* tvo.
Mi. Smith,uf pr<i|NMed to Mirwl tlir niter
1 in'1 Hog ivvo cents iin.e.id uf otto cent ptr b-n
1 ■* iv o n..,io»»il by Ilarvie of R,
\ «.|, .i», uf <1 .iii.l \\ .i kin* of l’. 15. I' iv.ni kiml,
iii' .<x nf i.i.e t'*.'ii m11uI,I pay 'll** am'unit hi one
v ir. 1 :.r. •■ntuiliil-'iil iv ifc i rjncii-il ( uini i!ie nviri
'-II'SC M;msWiJ, |i.tnsu«J mill llie lull.
\ li il ui «uih i,i lie net on llie »nlij*rtof tilhenble* <
ml «'I us.) lev re- VV.K tnk-ll up, mill rend .1 Hi'ri.iid j •
111 . Ml. tie iimm i,|i,V£-lt IfH llldefi'llie pirv'liti,,* • I |
1 **.» iii.niiin «.«* ie» *itil liy IVlv'Ht.k Winn- J
i met, ui lb W.i.imi*, ui l‘. i'.. und liiytc— I .
..•1 i j I- i.
Ai d ju Alt. i\., ki.i»‘ ui iiiun tiie b.ll was rccuu- I
I* *•»«*. J.
A* • . $1**t» ofF*i <mJ jJj# f*«)l!«i sfMilii'ioti^
/•*. v r ./, F.I.M »;«»• Atidtitir ol \* c.>»»»»»'« f
tj.iiirW u* lr h»h'i It r ill*? in<f»i in ••mmi ol tin* it »uvf
h .i** uirnt ol (or* .(tiHii •! imturn* a il «• ur c V
1 iTiiHiii) io tint* «* *m.non wVv.%!11:, 1114 . llir *
riiMpoi, of ilirir r» .0 tin* lluioe «
I 14# 1* (lie I.ikI live j
Alt K <tbeilout liiinkmic tin* mloriii iti.-i r illcil |
>r vv *- H 'lie p .•ao-n-itui ul llie i lou>- , .irjvCii lu lay
*e if.' Iil im, 0,1 IJm l.llilr.
Mi. S.iji ww mil ■..il.j.liril 1t1.1l tiie inf ii niaiioii ex- 1
1'i‘it in t»ir* il.-iin-d Iiiiiii 11-* il,,b!i***t *ii Ii** In:■ \ nit- ,
ri*i’.lui 11, ** ex or mill 111 ft ul putllm money, aud ltvt|e ,
ii 1 lie 1 evolution w.tu'il Im .ihiri il to
lue 1 evij|i|.|iin vv.,h laid on die
A n r n^. u* *. il !i II i-.ium 111 Mg In* Sai vrvnr’» books 1
I Hi in.anvil k i'Imiuiv, uigeilier »v. ih 1, ruin .»O'.' 1 **tj ;
' Mi. Lt .um^ujle, ivcii! trad .1 liurd mu.' and pa»*- j 1
1 kvi'kisi>av—Sutuity hills ami resolutions
l,,ii* 11 |ii,iii-.u limit ilm CoiimiiUcts ul Hit*
1 ui .0. I
Ou motion nf AJr. Massif, a r •mmittei* |1
>a> a|>p.iiiili'd In empmt* iulii liif i'X|ifdii'ii
y i.l- feting auiilitur Hunalic lloxpilul in
iW< State.
'* bf iSiifiilvT laid Imfore llu* Hi use a cum
niitiica'.iiiu ii,iiii ilii'U >vriuui, i'urnisiiiiig ibr
i(oiiii.iii,i»i trailed foi' by tlif Huii-w*, in the
llbjrt;| |,J *iai'J.»us uf jKi'euilL'i h ti'uUI like Poll- 1
[i-tiliary, i-v;.
tin Alt. Yaui'ey’* iiK'linn, tin-flutis,! ri sulv- 1
d, liiat ivlifii i, ...‘j iiti'iu .1, il would adjourn 1
in'il Alitntlay I *‘I’l'lurk. !
Alt. Ali'.li-i, Norfolk, tillered a resniauon In
n -11 ui t she Aiiiuii 1 'inn uni ice tn fiaiiiiri* in—
'> I lit* • vpftlil Itcy I'fl’X* 111(1 HIM fi'iuu military 1
Ini y,peiVuius iv Im had serv.-d - yeai>. n an", '
••iiluiitary company. or an* alii- n-.1 iimmhet.s
il any file company : w hit'll uns ki.Ji c i ku.
Mr. Cirtmilt 1*111.11111*11 Iimiii lu tuing m
•ill 10 4*i»f furllirr lim*'lu llie nivuris n| iule
m rntnj.11 Inwirj tu iiupriiVt: llie 3.111m.
Till following iMigrusst'd lulls i\ri'f 1 rail a
Mtinl Ian; ami passku : 1. Auilim ising Ja
e. ili P* icu and iiilifi'S tocifct a lull gam .1
crns» till* matt loading m rr «!i** uiiddb' timiin—
lain isuin F.iicis ie ui lim Siv.'ot 8 ,rings a
V >1 inn i-mgllsf coiiuly cuurt ul Kicluuonti i,, j
dispusf nf a (i irlioti uf ihf public ptii|»fily ut
• aid cmlnty. d. To revive and amend tm
ac’ autiioi airg A .exaialor Ki cli* n tu or. cl a
toll *g:i o across llu* road at lim Swri't Springs
It adicg ut or l*•■li'i’rt niiiimlain in Fincastb*.
t. Cm.1 erning Win. A H-r<*fmd. b fclsla
Itlisllirig *lm Inivn ul I,.* (}rang-* nil (hf j
lands nf Llai.iLl Ward and G.v, Klctciior ini
AJi. Ilarprr has addressed four letters In
Mm Ldilur uf lim National (i a *tic, t«» ci> ai
(In* f«*.!*iHl party from tin* charge in AIr.
Al'.nru"’. I* Iter 1.1 G.11 Juksou (in lolR; a
gnusi Bonm uf ilm l**adf:s ol tin* Ffdcrul 1 ar
V. ui b»ing .'clu.iifd by iiionaii ’it'caf views, nr
in itn:ij'os «:ift u utVj 10 IUz t r c!. ng sijs'' in 0/
our gotorji— We have n?i 100m |.,r 11,1-0
■' i.m's a* presonf. Air ii 3 <( labours cviUiiiiy
il 1 ilii d »Cr*'dH tu a no A'spapf i'.M
H • b is , 1 -io ad,.ii'ssfd a Ifiti-r to (he voters I
uft ii: (. ungi r- - 11 r• 11 di; ti id o| 15 illluiure, ecr.
avowing Ins political crei'd, and olirTing iu.s
services for the nveuti*th tmlgrca*. — He as
rtUrt's lb* in l:.at “ the prim:i|>al public
nica&art s” lo whirl) In* would devole lire re
maiiid: r uf his twblie life. “ are iiitern.it im
prortuieuh, and lim Colonization rj the Lhuks
w iiirthoii iiiviic'.iisiii:, and llu* cuti-i ul of
b.K.se who may h tr& n light tu their service.”
! (*- think 1 tFlal o.iitln*) ol 111 ose can lie nil**cled
“ to tmy »yi y t*s»*lid oxleni” wiihuut Urn vi
goruos a;.|dicaiiiii) “uf i 11 ; notional rtsnurci s”
— uni heiittves huilr of (hem In fall wiMiiu llu*
scope of ilm coiisliliiiioual powers of llm mi-,
lionai guve. 1,mcot.— Tim Iii-l powci lias born
li t qiioiUly daiimd — hill we do not recoilect
over in have seen the last power assumed be
I is really high lime to slop f; is r.:gc ol
oian p.ilio'i, \\ li.-.tfi cr iolen t liic Snulticili
st tcs may be suppo'sed lo ha> i* in !lli.- (pies
lion. we trust that they will bit op tlmir hand.
■ig.iuvst iln* ass(|.>||,(i,,,i of any mio!i piiwer j
'Sj‘,r!*>•-. brii/ij gioirird on which A! .11
claims it calcinated to rei oucile llmio to the j
measure. “Congress(says he)may llnr -lore
apprupriatf to anyo-'ject, winch they may
deeni conducive to the gtnentl w'lf've., pro
» ;d> d It does not interfere iviill llie stall* pow -
ersamljmisdti ti.il.” indeed ! cuu il the old
coufi d*'i at ion have exercised such sweeping
powcis, allli .ugh these magic words •• gt :i
ei'al wrTf.iic” wen* foiiii l in the limit.daiti
clcs of lim coiif. deratiu '*’ - C«.litres - (s . y s In ^
m iy nppropriale money for dm p.,1,1 build
log-, at \Y ,yhii)g',tn. lor military -dm..Is, (ten
sions, libraries fee. See. And tm ■■anii<*( see
*• th. least doubt ol tlmir power, 11 llxt man
mr,topiov id furl lie /mn/i 13 £•«( ducatioo ol a
»»)■ imtiibiTj.ti' nil nf llie cli Idr. o of colour, v I,.,
"•’tv an, or bcrmfnr aliall be. boro, provided
tlmir owners will agrou to sell tlmm ; and lor
ibcif transpoiraliiiu at a suitable age to
im,” or cImcwliero, *• if they should dcon tlmso
Ulfas'ites cooducive 10 the general uc.fa;,.
t|.e Ik 8. am! w ill,in tlw tamvi oi. nt reacli oi
I.l'* Il Hinnal le-oiiri'CS.”--If (|„.jjfl art* Mi*'
grounds upon which Mr. Ii. throws himself
upon the support „f tho people, it is hoped
tlml they will still preserve fbeir eonstiiutmi),
lit >iigh at tiie rijk of losing Mr. H’s splcudiu
SI.'I '
Iln certiiin'y is taking time by the fou l.irk
— mi! giving rlieisi I. ini '• en .ug!i to disi u-s
In* pi.0-1 ms. 'i’u" elecii tn will not take
4* .»(•*; till i.u* f,J ul |.; jfj —and his sit 1 ices not
tilth'- w inter, peibaps of lhj.7. A tv,.g sy.
that Mr. II. is somewhat like |>r. F.mgni s --
who oil ifd hi itself as s tutor to ieird |_». 11 * 1 ■ r -
“ 'I ;i hey should hies* ms nopii.ils,'.- Inch 1.
now si,only ab .nl to take pi _**y „„ rt).,
out o:m nf those, sir, it seems, who cm ap
pointment fur want ol an early application Ibr
Oi 1 O'sd iy, (a* f i. ul |£ alter laving
the Hi l* aveii ;|»i|| on the fable, it-sniTii'd tin
• •it! * fur occupying tin. mouili nf Columhiu
Air. Piiinsetl’i mofion to nllo'v an option ns
to tlm location of a J l. p i-.reif. — Ti*e Com
mifti'f tlii 'i ru-c—ami in the H »ost* Air. 'i’ay
■ )<• of M. . tnnvid to stfike out tin ,0th *,1 c
! M hich provides f o a territuiinl g ivi riiim ut
| leaving only a »ii iiinri/posl lilt.*, ea'abli, tied
I ml the Columbiii. (Thu wastlm moat thal
j the l*i es 1I1 r.f reromineiiiled in Ids Aless-g '
I'l.ia motion gate rise fo h 1 able and uni on
1 led <U*i*ii«->ion. Air. A. Smyth (chairman n
tin* coinmiltpc upon that p.rtoi the |*rrsi
dent s me ;x:-'i’gej advor.ift d a mililary pns
; only. II- Went Into a long discussion alum
, the etpediewry and practical!.lily of extend
! iog a con/'ilerain/ government over *n Iti"** 1
i(tiiee. F.rect a IrrrHon,, am! ti'.u, fmabjt’w!
it* 11 st hav ..■ a state then* t ut.l.i ,.or f.'dcr ifiv
sj -tt*m take in so much? He ntjrm *1 iu^eoioufil'
upon this point -and reamed lo .hinklht
'•pethaps our federtdire svslcin IJitjht operut
?o far ns to one or two tiers of Stales bpyoml [1
ihe M sse-s.ppi—but no', in hisjudgment, fnthtr '
\hun this— lie argued against the bill si cl ion J
dsn on other grounds.—The tuotiun to strike i
rut that section prevailed. «
A/r. Smyth also moved to amend the hill, 1
>n as to authorise the President tn occupy , c
1 the territui y of the U. S. on the Northwest [ v
fast uf America,” with a military force, in- t,
fend of “that portion of the territory of the •
J. S. lying mi tlie Pacific ocean, north of the •'
;id deg'ee of nurtlt latitude ami west of the 11
tocky Mountains,” as now in the Inti.— Air. j
‘*loyiJ u:ad* an ingenious reply In Mr. S’s
rgimn nts. Mr. S withdrew his amendin nt, 1
ud uti red another which was to stiikentil
he W tmle of the ;}:) serf. (which cjfe.rs b'tUO'y v
f'lund to stivers iii the lendvrg.) Air. Turn-!
!i* ol Iv. o|i|,osed this aiii.'iidmout in an | h
loijuent and aide manner . No question was *'
ak* it when the House adjourned.—Alore ] j
Lust night’s mail gives ns Wednesday’s f
iroceedings of the ii. of If. Tile 3d sen inn
•as Htriki n out. After an unavailing al
empt to amend, nn the part of Mr. Wick*
•ire, the hill vv as read, at the uq-iest of Air.
I tmiitoi) of S C wit!) the amendments
idopted on Tweed iy,—and it vvas ordered to
>c engross* d fur a .1-1 reading no Tuureday. (
st'UTii Carolina.
It is said, llio II. "I li> |ocs*-tratives would |"
•ass the resolutions from ttie Sena e, in r» p'v
o Ale. Wirt’s li tter and the cimmuntc.tin'n
•I Oiio—But with some modifications of the
.ngu.tge. “'i’ll* y lire ohjecteii tn not so much
or the substance its lor the for in ; which h\
•everal persons is deemed t 'decorous towards
io* general gnv erntni nl.” The ren.ltiiio:i
* denying tn Congress the power, tinder the
‘onstmiiiou to adopt a general system nj iirer
i- l ; mproViUi' nt as a ualii>»al iiieasuri*” had
lassed Hie S-nute, 30 to 1One. curies- {
mmli-tit says, iln-y would prnhably he indtli
uti-ly post punt'd in the H.nfK.
ACIiaihst'-n paper slates, that (Jen. La
•’aveMe’s visit i< post|nmed to ||ie latter uml (
>1 Kebruary or beginning of Aiarcli.
A little breiz' Its-* blown up at La Gutiyra. !
*|lt. t’lu'ly. an officer II) t lie (.'idnmlllai) str
ife, cm.y.ug off Carl It.a gen a, fill in with tin!
i’lench li.ag of war Ua/.elle, then bound to *
•I < r t in tijvii*, and suspectn.g it tube a pirate, |
0 dei i d tin* captain nn board with his papers.
P .** I 'aptiiin iiuresis'inglv and pusiil .iiunousiv
dieyed Par (ins act, Die captain vvas cash
i‘". d on h.s arrival at AlarUnique, anil a biig
• f war dispatched In hi (Ju: yra,tn demand
> ui-f.ic'ion fmni ;h«* t'ldnmhiaii uilhoiPies.
Tin y, u is said, letused upon the ground tba ;
t ’apt. ('hilly h.«d Hindi.* a S'lfii. ieot apology,1
when he said to the cap-, of the (lag, !',*.• “N
that I see vv lio you ate, t tegrei having gull
jei ted you to Hits ioronvenii uce.” The cap
twin of the ling had sailed, lint atening |>iin-'
a fleet tn enforce ihe demand. T.»ey aft: ful
•oiving suit of our Commotion.'.
aiv hippv to iimiI • stand, that thV
hoard til the L'uivt;r*ity ol Vi. gtm.i will not
exceed 5 100— education must tlieief,,re h,
cheap—and »he University will rapidly fill and
over flow. There i- no tlanger of it. While
llu* University of Trans y i v ania can alivavs I
coinmam! n. ar :l -t) pupils—Vv hilt* all (j,,. j
Northern Universitics-trc filled vvitli a greater
number, what dangi r is tliute. that om C over
ally will no| command till Him pupils which
.1 can contain ? Under such admirable rt:is
pices too, as ft will commence with s Tiler,
is no u mger nfits success. Why, then sli M|lu
we interpose any jealnnsies, or apprehensions
from Win hi. 'i'ii> ? Pio " it where vtm will.'
it wtil always In* .a snlioidioafi; institution._
Willi Miiailer funds, suiailer lihrarv. smallt"
apparatus. Jcc &t.—ami with a Irgimr tmaitl.
it mitisf always play in an infeiio;' orbit.
us then ni.ikt* (fiends of bulb, instead
[ •lilies. Tile College will assist Il„. Unite, si
1 ty,instead of injuring if. It will m.tke CJu
! e.ition better—bin g it more in tlenianil —i n-j
pro*« buth institutions—atul improve the '*1:1;.
[eial mind.
The Savannah Republicans?)}'*, that there
s no doubt of Air. While's election (over .Mr
Lyman) to the tl.ufK., in place of Mr. C.itdi
|! tile day had been fair, “ Air. W. tvoultl
have beaten Ills opponent llltce to ooe, not
•v ilhs'andtng tin: cmnhin itinn f • uned by tile
ft i' li,L uf Jackson and Adams.”
TllK Sf.Ason.— Wk iiavc hcon blessed by
iincomtnor'ly lints weather—Om elimatt: L |„.
pidiy bectimi -g much milder. — Tins same im.
provciiieut of temperature took place in Ln
rope, when the marsh' s wen* drained, t ie
woods cleared, av-d the bosom of (be earth
laid open to the l ays of the ram. L, Charles
too, some of the pear and peach trees have
lie. .j to full bloom. A pear tn e it as Ii df g own
fruit upon it. Tin* tig liu.sbes huvt yomi"- fi -,
upon them. A friend in Wraggsburntigh ha*
'•■nt the Editor of the Charleston Courier *• a
fu.l grown ripe cherry. t!ie second crop m, i|„.
same tree the present season.” In Savannah,
ti young peach the s y.t* of a iinlmcg, has been
protlticed—The .sweet j-ss imiiic and w.ied
I bine me covered with leaves, and present full
jhlu\\ u flowers.
| II •' The Isngdi and i.i.jn.iM.e-s nf |1,o f’nngm
j Hnn1.1l .1 o* 11.1t rxeli.de many vl. S. a.iici ■* irnui 1
! 'In., d.it’» t> qiBt—VucrB ih a lima for nil iliii.u*
i It could IiAvp bran w.kl.ed (bat tliPre I ml l,r-r<t
j m.n e 1111.1:011, sold perfect iio.ii.ouiiy U tV*.in,
ilmut .tin v|i|'('J|iri.ili'lli to Udicial Li i'.ivsila,_
I I’itc .iKi.MBi.t, bitwrvBr, li t* Ir.ti our u ">d . li'etc._
: It ti..*->'i die dlttitri'iiK ri. irrioo r ol I,.. Kayenc
I 11. In n'litci ligli * l!i .ti ever. t‘V tlio.igli: tl.ero tv .t
j *i- tredy Htiv • t-<mg ii>»l la.nttl me I.in our csiorni.
I ii o.U* a- Mr i I .y.f ! IP Ins u* f ,a *_li.j.;.
|.i» Tsi.l L. I"« (tieIt ii.I'H*. I'nll «* rre <i» tv to ii«,
— lids in.in natMtortJ an *• oritsinenl of hum at iu
li-.l n* niietu Ii <ve brm expected ficnn 'tic frpfdom
of :mr Iiimiiii "■ 1 ■•. j rl'MMisB'on l. i* oikan placv_
t.id finally III 111.' 11. ol it. tlie bill Irnx p-iBit'd, ll.fi
to 't».
IS,.1 iliFAppoviliwi which ii met with, Imwevcr hn
j >r v|, 1.1 inlpiil.ii.i, «..» Ire! I* in iiniHbrtr*. T;,P very
j • t-*.<• illi^*n:*. iln-n.-clvx p i d Hiiij.lo joxuce in il.c
i .-u* of L-i K.— 1 ike .1 nil in P i*olie ol ||l9 nioal
i {tnrioii* coiiiplont n » w Inch has ever iieeii paid u>
I l.i III.
'flic xnmB biM wiitinitine in bnlh limiscx_ftaneil
Iteu Iv -t IhO •.line m imni, t.y tin'll—an ofl-iu ,,
j i.iii-. fiT .t, 111 nl<* liv Iwnmeli ImfiM av t-nili i!m
i .c* nl (*oni;l',»« ! I: dne* ll ii'ii. even to Li K. ijnu
! it'll \V i'll 01 *V he If 1-1,111,1 „l ,1.
I lure let ax p .11 --t iloiiac.t c*n x*vtr fie r.ilfni
I in'll rum rdf in. I nrifis nn n'hr r !,i I —Wh o
! w lia.c done fur lorn ivc cun.ini, muxi no, do, toi
| my u tier nun oil man.
\i a Urge 1/1 I rrxpr-ci itfie mci
j '*1 ivll-i kb 1 r *|,|.-v, mi >J i
1 A ivcsib 1 ! *.‘1 1' ticiny r.mrl
j -tic umpire id l iki *K fit -t i nils
j 'V 'it in-1 iirli x »n
I 1
' C**!
* j At, wherenp n, I
psii'lc I— Mi. \\ in
■ ; Ivr-nnn... Mr. .1 N
• ! Mafxhvll Mini Mr.
. f lino reported ilie I
.1 We''i‘8'"“'U
mpmwj with i!it nucniuilp of tfm imire* ran*
1'nd M in tniniHOii with ilw real of ilie |i*o|>1e of
h'm* thiued Si.nn ; l>y our gram mid illuairiona
'ien«l lifii. 1.4 F.»jaiia, mul the great sacrifice* on
•« |>.in u» uni ua in our mru,?*!- lor inilapanUruce ;
M,"'« « l*i 'Bln nxMoipla (0 li- civiliaetl wot III -end
•Hi.ig reel) iNy ilia lianafi a of ilia |>p*ce, onlar,
•••iliir uml |»rij»|.an y cool* nail on ua, iu a good dc
(' - l.y tiia Hatiaimico ii'nl iulltianca j 10 recount
*"• '• wjiiid Ua use Itaa, a* iliay .ira race tiled in lua
,r>» “'il'f* "» i'ja lienn« of araiv American,
iv-solvad, 'liaiefora, Thm Generali,, Fayette i*
'• I) culiilad 10 oor giatitudr, es'.erui .inU liduiira
U-'ao'ieii, '1'iiiii oor Senator nml D -lrgmea in t!m
lira in Idy u( V iigiul*, 1,0 iniirui'lHil, huiI iliey lieir
' 'ii> m>ti,n isil, m a««it ilitir intluauca to nrooum
><■ |i<a«4ge ol n 11iv, gi .lining io Gan. Li Fayeim
nu a don iiimi in none', mb ahull ohuiihui witli
»« credit ol the S'va, and iu acute sui.ill degree
r *'* In* am i,em tirviraa.
li -"Uril, 1 ii il our H'-|irraant:iIivea in Congress
•• "latiuaia.l mid uu. Satiauir* injiealed lo u*e die.a
•diianer lo proem n tbe pmaaga of ti Ian by Coii
r'a*, tfim.iiMg in Gu„. L Fayette a liberal dctinnou
y t»t ‘‘t*r I Government.
H.'M.(v..d, I ii ii iht liiregoing |irocacUii*i>8 be nub
aheil in ilit 1C eliiniiiid Euiiuircr.
r* r n TH0** V| NELSON, Ciiairwau.
u. li. N INU'IIIII, Jj-.o’iy.
Dmii.g flit latter part of thu last summer.
In; l)fli-M,,(prt »*|»ct nf iIn* county of Sussex
JoM'pti M isun anil Will am Iianison, i-sqrs.)
;u‘e.. public uotirr, that bring desirous ,.f
iscn •iiaing the sense of a m-j .rity of their
ainstitu.'iiM iipiui the subject of the piopos
> I a-'.'ivi astiarn, inerting * of the fiethoideis
>1 lilt cum.iy w is I. ,| Jested at the courthouse
"l the succeeding court day, lor liie purpose
>1 t;»l;:ii» tn it oialtei into consideration. Ac*
on Hu* day appointed, after the
justness of the Court had beeu dispatched,
lie c:t./.' 114 assembled ii. the Courthouse.
illiiiei Jisriisnn, esq. first, in awry brief
nu! hands..me n .inner explained the purpose
>r which Ins coibagtu? and himself had ii.vit
d the im-eti .g, and ex pi cs-ted him -.if in fa
••Ui III a coni eiitinn ; selling f01 th his ohji c
:o-is to nnr present constitution.
J:m. A,. J>.mister, esq. replied, not only to
In- objections utgej by 'dr. H., but to others
V*1“‘| <ii«U appeared in the public prints and
■Leu nere. The dear and dispassionate view4
akeit by that gentleman, and tile cogent and
m msueral.ie arguments advanced.by him in
••ppnrt of hi- posilinus. gate tin* highest proofs
>t his tii.w nugh acquaint.met* viiiii the early
listory of o-sr government, nud of ids capacity
hi mil ; .gniii.g the must abstruse biibjocs.-—
lis speech 11 ll. cted great credit tijion him,
mil ue. reg.ft extremely l|>.| tv,, cannof at
hi- dtsiaiiLM oftuie, gim a brief'nit lino nf m.
C..I, Etchant Epps, ui in-, usual f ircibl.i amt
ingenious manner, folio tv ed Air. 15. Ul oon
niterabie length iu favour of a convention.—
iu reply to some of the arga u.-nts adianeed
!•> Col. Epps, Air. a made a few romaiks
ivii. o the totes of the. freeholders present be
ing la ken, ttie result it as as follows:
In favour ol a Convention 9
In optJ'isiiinn 119
It lias then agreed, th it as otlieis who
n ere hot present might lie dispo-ad to express
their sent lull'Mt4 up oil tile question, tile puli*
-IioiiM be left open ivitii 11,0 clerk of lit«
comity court, togivesucti as thought proper,
oppiu iunity of voting. At December Coin t,
however, no other names had been «n:e..<j,
both pai lies having considered it a fair J. i i-ion
"I ih« qiliblion. It may lie proper to observe,
that among timsu who toied in favour nf a
e mi codon, besides tile 11. legates before
menliouei), were si feral of the must iiohieu
ti-il men o! the county.
i is to b>; regi.tt.il tint a course, of this
shim is not pursued throughout U e State.— »
Git c. t lie penpb- ail oppo: tunity of nodi'r-t md
ing die Sui.j.'i t, let them hea; bath 'Oiles of ll;,
qoesiioil ami hate siillje.ient time for <i liber
I • hill, and there will be tint little doubt n-, to
the i emit. “ ii .ire ti'il aj m,l Intrust the
— -4i-—
Thf* 11-1.1 .'•••! Ml. rc...ilu!io:i ol air li. of D-Irgnira
'"VI1 ' l.i t * •' * le oiii' t' .|i'i>l.—Hal u i v ia lit
;lt'ol i-H>i. in otr l..i fits ai C 'diilio.J s'lllli ? J ar iin
jl'A*. ..ii lot* « ‘talipt i; » hip li.oiil in han.i mu,
tiic it.ii .moil. Ii is itul loa laic Iu n pail t‘i« mi
ailh.ij uililiunili. \ [j.
No rl.-rtisn ol S.-nTar v* i in IV.nta 'vnniii !~On ill- IRlU
,,v." '.il' •>«-M*ik- 4.:. Du nsi.ii: i.cil ni.ua
in. tOc jJ Blau J v ia J miliary 1
io cnuati.sroNDKNTS.
ii ai . in a ir n.'Xl. 1 fc Ins, Nu. ul J)cmncritut. Ill •
... of Silnfluril, lui.-l.il a (inn. K.»yriir,il,
'.' i. •• i t in emii-.g Hit- liu. Itriwcrn Kr-.tU-.i -. n nml ...
.- mill - HI li.r i-.mi-f ,.l He u. ti week—Thr Durnmi—i
irim.% r lit tIi.; ri'inovnl <>f W'llinm nml ,'t .ri Cnll.-a,... i.|
»||J." ir lirfore Mir iptriii.in caiurs uu in It,. ||.,..,e
... ower r> 1 Scl.ouU Hurt 1’olSrges ti..ve brm iiiixJouMy
m ; gr.i In II-.- iiivraii*-Ilian nf ilii.i until;r—we un.'i-r
nil.:, a Will Iny over oil the Sili .l.ennrv, iu i nalilr il..
""7 » andrai>rr*J We l.nv.- v.uiuus ..roclea
"rt Clr „ Ini'll it Di.i'til |U| .ItcJUion. 'I Ur ru n ul liu.inrs,
.i ii..- L.'uisi .tare n i..i Ouiign*-.- i.- niv.i gmw iujr uii .u
i .air li.ia u. L , i. -url. rii< i„i-i.im-e,, „ „.,l ex.
[ i'r'‘ - ’ "i-U Uiai ll.- rftV.iui.,<i til i ur Oiin.i'li iutl siuiuM
[ <r "i'l< i rci. I nut our |-.i| -r i<> It - [.I'dViiilne llnll (mi
II '* '“ " ■ • ' • f .J ' so ui ■- wrj line ilia 11;.-.uimi, i|,u
IH" •<*: i»» < f Kl->;_i>, ll" .. J. a Cu.li.e ul uuL.iu4liUU *Ulm
1/i.r, A...! it*.- oil,c. u^aintt t
A ihoi.Mia always p eservi-s a dignified at
lito.lv and maintains an up igin republican
’p"! cv. It »t ll| ul"ay s !» • a apmee of jM'iiJe
I i the fieuids ol Air. Crawford iu iliis part of
tile country, and a confirmation of their opin
ion ih liie collect ness of their course, iii.it
they have been associated in the same eaom
n'tli thu high tniiiiliirl politicians nf that stale.
!'.n:si id. Kevolution to tliis i! iy she Ins in.i.r.
t titled her character and principles,and w licth •
er her policy is in iKcuidau e or nut with
that of her bister slates, she always preserves
• heir respect. An association with her either
i in prosperity ur adversity will aliviirt him
uiable. [Uusluii Stultsiiian.
PIKDj—on ilit* 7iii iiistn 11, «>t t# k I**.trm, hi conntf
<»f •**V i. flit* Irtta* rrttfjctici* *f ln^ I'nthtT, Uli'Ji
A i'U Ili.NKV AlOSd, ton of iht* late Jubn A. Iilb»», i,»
;ite 11 il* yi'itf «*t i».s ttf^e.
1 ■ — *•» New OrJenn? on lh<* lltli N<»v. in the 26’it
yrar itl Ins tiye, #»M#*r * IfW «l»tni «*•»» fiti**iiient of ||»- if*| -
l -.v irvfr, Mr. IUMIUN i*. MOOI(Kt ton ol li iijfUitui
AI- or#*, I*, q Imp of llt-tlloni ('utiiiif, Vf i.
J Iu* nu-*• i|p,itii ,.f tl.i5 .»m‘H!jfo yopn? tn*n lir\4
tf r<»u u « tl. rji ^f.ion» over a n»il#» cirrlo oi |«i<*ntit nuj
r«*ii»iv#*» Ilif tnrrnw nl all knew him, who Ji •. |
u iti#r*.M«| hit t q nniinllv and kndiiett of h**^rt, Uiv ex
#lisfh-*»^ - of ih- variocui dull#** ol von, tirorltef*
*• n«• Iru’iMl - ln'be*t nml Inifnest etflo^y. Itil <urvivlfi]l
frn-Mti*. hnue»er, li«iv#y .» cnifailation of no orilinftry Utinf.
ii iowr "It m ihf prase his rioted, lew, perluifn,
hjv» l»»*i»r» Inttei |tr**iMr** I *f«ir the awful cltantf#!. or met
». iih iitnrcf Ci'itq**>s«<f •—hit l«v«t hnort wore r.heerfd
»it»i #n*l» l»y r* flection of a well n|>Piit 11ic—Lai liy ib#
rx l.e.t ln»j*».« nn*.l camdliiiiuitof religion.
Jvorih (\n(i!ina Fannie AcnJetnj.
4 .. I 1.!-. .. L Ji'N'.'M', frlvrlpU—rirrrl«fi •>.
/, Him In'iii'itiuH will lie rsmiuril cm tl.e Isi (bv .if
I •■intoy I ;.S A; Him Donilrary a ecinplsio nnrt rmti
« - : J • f inti (Kliirmi.ui, Imth Liiemrjr xml Hclcnitfle, mar
l’» elf i iu* A. It \,h| Mu tlm f Mill,) nml I nil Inn, lit.
I - l'. r '.in. | .iv.iiile In mli.iiirn, Encli |,iI mi„t
f rmiV n e’lri.f t pi«, I.Ink,-is tuw*N nmt nrov.rli l,
r.r ru J <1 lit .V) c>. i in i i n, (,. r fiiina, Th >r» arp ..
•"'i rumi'Pisnt ira’eli-rft r iM.im * Piuplnvp.t; logplimr
I ' •* ’• I" W!,.ii--. ur. Ofi.-ij, nnd n valunbl- Kk tlnv.i.bl
|.u sum * 'I'Vnij. ut Al*}inrnt ;l». *
1 •'* ' "" tt •>»'lotiiiM. i> 4»inu amt Pilmtng at 20 ttatfir*
I p. r >n. I'mclr" it 10 ,| ill.in p r ,(nnrr, nrr t-ii'/l.i
I " li-n r«',;n r."l f !•"»<• l-i.-rmir.l in i.iHiinlninc f jr Iticr
I i'r,'V''r!nr,?Aur* tv “I f > '■> ‘«tm . (fiMI |>al.<) W
| Uifi’tli, UtNnviflf Hofintr, Ihc. *25. 72—44#
w : HON ( ■)' i'll.! - t't;- llli
'■ulin,r*hij» I Hiofoir auliaxiinir l-ciwe-n
I I .a him It.rr < i_.. .n.J V*. ui. I..I,1 P*h of Itri.iMt
j 1 ;n. hiNiivn mv Mi- .irmi ,,f f4 '1lur noiifw'
j 1 mu? n*"l vhfltllug p;(M 1 ,v l*rn«- ('l«>rkt u till l.uuvlug
| tn . 4 iu |i,». ... 1 uii, , r,,.u.*r|ipiit unit Virgi'iiH
" u tiy I'Mii i„| fnii.n.l <ft«4 •I'. 'l un llip Bth .Uv of Junu*
•« r..'v.f., 1 III I';.- l.mt, nUr.it Dour..,H,
-. 1..;.-' 1 Mill..;,*t% i>( llrrif >r.l, tom,. A'l
... mtt lipr,.|,t r.ift'l.l IMHk inr |. lynirn. t . .»H I .tin.
! mi .. m..i.ir- Aim 1 , ih,. *1- »■»,.. .f pariM « X Julia
• I I ' I'urup. i .1 hr-.'H, *4 ) will |>Ml tl.J ill'!., Of hlf
‘1 ' ' J IlU.-lAs I'AJi XKH ir.
I |;m- i„. Dft |«j i,„ J

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