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X3* The ENQl IKEU ii |>ub|iihtii twice a week generally
ami three tint's a week during the »**«k<n of the Stale LegisU
(me.-* Price, the saute os heteloltrc, Five Dollars per annum
pay aide in *d\alo e. Note* ol' chartered, xpecie-pay ing bantu
(only) will be received iu »y.nent. The hditoi* will guarun
lee tlic safely ol remitting ihvui by uiaii y the po»Uge of all Id
ler* being paid, by the writer*.
(1^/* No paper u ill lie discontinued (hut at the discretion 01
tlie Editor^) uutil all arteanges have been paid up.
I"/* Whoever will guarantee the payuunt of nine paper;
shall have tlu lentil UUATIS.
£27* One squate, Olt LESS—First nuutiuu 75 ceuls— encli
continuance, 50 cent**.
*** No advtrtiseuieut inserted, until il has cither hceu paid
for, or assumed by some person in this city* or it* environs.
RESPECTFULLY announce, that they have undertaken
the actual management ot th** Lotteries authorized by
Uonctes*, for coinpbtme the Washington Canal, and for uth«i
1 public impiovemeuts; aud that, eutirelv exonerating the pub.
lie autuorilics fiuiu all responsibility, they have given satisfac*
lory security for tin punctual pay uicut of all prizes which may
be drawu.
They j»»«urr the public that thc*e Lotteries, under their uia
nageiueut, shall he arranged and drawn upon ju*l and fair prin
ciple*, in tlie I ite.t and luo.t approved mud* *, uud that the
|»iun shallbe promptly paid in ra*li. Thty have the houoi
to picicnl the following Sr heme of the
CLASS Ao. 1, fjr
To be drawn on the l7ih day ol August next, aud fmElicd m a
/ lew minute*.
TJ* Sixty Nambeis—Eight ballots to be drawn.
1 prize of £25,000 is 25,000 Dollars
1 prize of 10,000 is 10,000 Dollars.
1 prize ot 5,000 is 5,000 Dollars.
2 prizes of 2,500 is 5,000 Dollars.
1 prize of 2,360 is 2,360 Dollars.
20 prizes of 500 is 10,000 Dollars.
30 prizes of 250 is 7,500 Dollars.
52 piizcs of 50 is 2,600 Dollars.
156 piizcs of 25 is 3,900 Dollars.
1,246 prizes of 10 is 12,460 Dollars.
• 10,606 prizes of 5 is 53,*40 Dollars.
‘ 12,120 prizes, C 21,220 < loroon n n
22,100 Blanks, £ tickets, i 130,880 Dollars.
A convidciable portion of tin* Lottery h put tin in parcel,
of 'M ticket#, embracing all the combination number*, from 1
i which parte Ugannot port ih)y draw Icm than $40| It*
th' deductiuu ui* 15 per cent, wi u so many chance* for tin
capital prize*.
tJt esent price of tickets $5,Shares in proportion
1 he* i-'JlovTin" brilliant Scliernr* uf Lotteries are also «>iT»rrei
to the nuMit. uioiiT lli«* Man* eminent aiul ie*uuii>ihil:ty oJ
J.ii. YATES and A. MU XT Y HE.
To be drawn on ih. ZOrli ol Jul». at New-VurL
20.000 DOLLARS,
15.000 DOLLARS,
10.000 DOLLARS,
5,737 DOLLARS,
20 ot 1,000 DOLLARS, &c
Price ol’Tickets 10 Dollars.
Delaware' lottery.
IT0 bd drawn on tin* Sd or August at \Y ilininetun, Dataware.
10.000 DOLLARS,
5.000 DOLLARS,
3.000 DOLLARS,
2.000 DOLLARS,
2 of 1,151 DOLLARS,
12 of 1,000 DOLLARS, See
frice 3 Dollars.
For the benefit of the Medic al Cull, gc of Baltimore, Fifth
Ct in, New Sei ici.
ITa be drawn on the ISlh day of October belt, and finiih in
few minuter.
1 prize of $20,000 is $20,00'
1 do. 10,000 10,00'
2 do. 5,000 10,00'
2 da. 2,956 5,91'
I 12 Jo. 1,000 12,00'
1 12 do. 500 G,0Ui
l 30 do. 100 8,00'
I 168 do. 50 8,10
I 168 do. 25 4,20'
’ 1311 do. 12 16,12
11310 do. 6 68,01
13080 Prizes, $163,60
19566 BiauU
32736 Ti.-kets.
Price of Tickets 6 Dollars*
Tabs drawn Zil November....lii'iirst I*'i/e,:
20.000 DOLLARS,
10.000 DOLLARS,
2 of 5,000 DOLLARS,
2 of 2,956 DOLLARS,
12 of 1,000 DOLLARS, Stc
Price ot Tickets G Dollars.
lo be drawn IU November uev-.l'ri/e*
20.000 DOLLARS,
10.000 DOLLARS,
5,000 DOLLARS,
5,000 DOLLARS,
1,900 DOLLARS,
1,990 DOLLARS,
18 of 1,000 DOLLARS,
Price of Tickets 5 Dollars.
The drawing of each ol'these Lotteries will certainly taki
plate on the days named, and br finished in a fixe min utef
•snd the fortunate bidden may have the Calk immediately.
1 j* Orders from all put* enclosing the money (o be inrestei
tor tickets, in any of the lotteries of the several 8lale», anti n,
the District of Columbia, under their management, will be re
gitlarly set veil.
XT Notes of the Bank of the drilled State* ami its branches
and, generally, the note* of all Banks in good credit at thei
own home, trreivcd as cash, at par.
13^ pi I*e tickets signed hy or for them, in the LotteVies n
Connecticut. New-York, Ncw-Jer»ey, Prnnsylv-nia,Delaware
Maryland, We llington City, Virginia, Kottli-Carolina, am
Louisiana, will be received at this Office, and (he cash remitted
or the amount invested 111 Lotteries, according to directions.
JIT Vendors of Tickets throughout the couutiy will be veil
.lib.rails dealt with.
%* All letters lobe po t paid, nntl addietsed lo
YATES It M’INTYRE, If'aihingtonCity.
July 9._ 18—I2t
Valuable, Real Estate on Janies Rioer for sate
f ITIIE subicriber having determined to Convert bis properl;
-JL into cash or stock*, anil decline farming, having move,
near Richmond, offers for sale privately bn valuable farm with
in 7 miles of the rity of Richmond, until the first day of An
gust next, if not disposed of before that day privately, it will hi
sold at auction on (he premise* lu the highest bidder al t;
o’clock. The Iran *.»nUins .246 ac.ea of land equal lo any 01
’he river, 1000 of whirh i* cleared, and the halanrc in lind er
some pail of which is heavy and the best road in ihe stall ly.,J
ing through it to Osborne’* Kerry; and convenient to all point
for vessel* of almost every use. A considerable poitiou of tin
ignd first rate low grounds. The barns two in number equa
in any in the state, with a first m’e thrashing m whine in each
■Jlatge and spacious stables, and convenient to farh barn, am
one near the overseer's house which is a cuinfnttaMe dwelling
an lee boose, dairy* sruoke bouse and kitchen kr.itc.; (her
are from 15 lo 20 1 icellent spiing. on the land, and any pei
ton purchasing the laud, ran bare the growing crop and jtorl
of >• II kinds, which is equal lo that on any farm. Ami aln
at a fair market price, 00 a* valuable negroes as any that can h<
purchased; (eims accommodating by being well secured. Ko
further particular* apply to the subscriber at his residence, om
snile below Richmond; or tv Messrs. Rrooke Ic Cosby’s Auc
tloaeers, who will shew the ptoperty; and they are fully au
thorireil to coalract fora whole er a past.
June 21, 1525._13—Ids_EDWARD COX.
(TV Yitlue of a deed of trust executed by Thomas Mam
9 Randolph of Albemarle, we shall on Monday the flih 0
August,proreed to sell »ii Ihe premises, so much of the estati
called Eslgehill, lying in AIbemarle county, together with th.
Blaves, stock, Ire. a* will pay the amount due Timms* Js-ffersoi
Randolph and Samuel Carr, on aceounl of their securityahip .1
endorsements (foe T. M. Randolph) of certain notes Jte. menti
oned tn the deed executed April 1st, 1324. The real estate wil
be told entire, or in parcel* lo suit purchaser*. The persona
property will he sold first-, and Uisb payments will be requires
of all purchaser:* F. W. OfLMKR
V. W. 801/TlUUs.
June SI* 13-—fda
Farmers’ Bank of Virginia.
THE President ami Directors have ilecuitil a dividend of
two and three quarters per cent., for (lie la.t »i* uiuuths;
which wilt he paid in the block holder, on the I5ih not.
. WM. NEKERVIS, adder.
July 5, lb?5. 17—Ct
Bank of Virginia, July 4, 1825.
Pre.ijeut mid Directors iiave declar'd a dividend of
-a three per cent, oil the capital .lock t»r the la«l half year,
paya.de oh the tjtli irut. Ksclt .hair of the Old Sloth u ,ut>
ject to a deduction ot one dollai Ac a quarter lor I lie houti* to the
y,vc: WM. DAN Dill DUE, Cashier.
July 5. 1823. 17 • Ot
LOS r on the 23J June la.t, in the neighbourhood of Cuiu
hcilaud Courthouse, a liond of i$185 38, on Met ill II Al
len and c iry C. AIK n, payable ih.- 25th Dec. 1827. Any in
formation relative to raul bond, will he thankfully received by
the subsetibet. WM. A. ALLEN.
Jl|ly 8. _ |8—ti
rpHEremaininedOOcopiesof a volume of Sermon* by the
A late lies. JOI/H I). RLAIR, are now depo.iled for «alc
at the Hooks tore of Mr. Watlitu, near the Eagle Hotel. Such
of the rititen* of Richmond, ami other person, that mav feci
dlipo.ed, are re.pectlully invited to supply IhcutjttlvM with a
*oov hi lore the litb ol' Auzuat.
8-__ 18—U
fpilE hu'ities, heretofore carried on in ltd. plarr, in the
A iiaine ot D. \V. Ac C. Wuiwtck, is ilis.olved hv mutual enu
r'd- rho.o having claims will apply to either of the subscri
ber* fot pay menu II AM EL HARWICH.
Richmond, July 8, 1R25. 1R—2t
A PI’LtCATION will be made to the Preiident and Direr
LX tois of the Rank of Viiemia for the renewal of a Ccrli
Jit-ule for twelve sliaicod Ul I Stock, No. 1530, which i.-ued ...i
tht-Jltli 4*ebrutrv, 1H06, io (irorge Huilin, »iucc dc.nl, aud
w4m U iio* bctu inii ur ini»l.<ul.
_ . „ Ueuige KufBn, dec.
Pnncc Ci enrge, Jo!v 8. 1H—|;Ji
67.-7REE & CO’S FLOUR.
IIrE have a lew lull' barrel, of XEW ELOUll for sale.—
f » Apply at our Office on Curty-slrttl—Where the mar
ket puce will be pant lor
„ ... . 'tT'BQBAV*
Ur Coaiiactj Ui.ulc lui liic truiiy dciive r\ ol rrnpi.
t , „ Guay t pan key.
Ju|y«•_ is— th
flU,AYw 1>A.NKKV ■*"‘l WM. M. CLARKE, have leased
the Mnyii M,l„ MunchnUr, tui a term of vcar-.A: will
woik them under the firm of Win. U. Clark, If Ct. who will
at all time* he pi spared tcpuichase WHEAT at the highest
m il ket price lor Lark. WM. li. CLARKE \ Co.
-M ,v 27■ _ __ •»—3in
Hcceising and tor .air hy WM. AXDEKSOX.
Ju"*' -1-_11— tit
Notice to Female Teachers.
\\ Euiah tu employ a lady ol experience, lo take charge
ol a school lo consist of fi om eight to Isseisc gills. To
one wellI qualified to teach all the branches necessary for an
English E Jurat. nr, sve will pise liberal wages. Letters addreas*
ed to.us, Langhoi ne’s Tost Office, Cumberland counts-will be
promptly attended l, MARTHA li. £ EPES
Jul.v b._IB—-dt*_ JOH.\ C. PAGE.
Subscribe! having been raised a luru.tr, accustomed
J. to the entire manaceiueul of Plantations, well acquainted
with the management ol Tobacco,can ptoduev satisfactory re
commendation, *s lu hi* qualification*, and with a siu.ill family
svi.hes lobe ru.plusc-I loi another tear as anosctjeri. A liue
addressed lo li. f. D., PouUutan Court Route, will be intuit
dial t ly altcniieii to.
J”1*’ *•___ 18— Et
JOl/NMcENT/R E.~—Mtncn a k r Tai jloh
REsTEc Tl-LLLV inforuii the cilixens of Richmond, and
ihc public generally, that lie liar just opened, at llie miiici
comer -tore, opposite tlie Jlell Tavern, a svtll .elected assortment
Ol goods, eoiapi IS III g chiefly, rseiy article in hi. liue, which he
. is prepared lo make up to ordn, at short notice, in the most
lashioiiahle manlier, and at pi ires, which lie flatters himself,
will gise genii al satisfaction. He lug. leave to solicit pationaer.
and ( ledges him.elf lo use his best efforts, in reudciiug satis
laciiou totliose, who may favour liiiu tsith orders. °
N. 11. Acouslaut supply of fashionable, ieudy made dolh
illg 011 IcJi.il.
Ju|y *• 18—it
. l-i '’■? hVk’JA iroiu the subscriber on Monday the 9th ol
' May, a mulatto man named MOSES, or a. "lie rails him
) ‘ sell, Moses Worden ; he is about Sleet 8 - r 10 inches high, l-;
, years old, and h.i a dejected look, particularly when spoken to
Had on when he tun sway, a blue roundabout jacket and pan
J tab.ons ol Virginia cloth, and a fur h.it much worn; took ur
) othci clothes with ium whtn he rau .way. I purchased him
last December of .Mr. Alexander, lie . ante from the neigh
hoUihood uf Fiedeiii ksburg to wlii.-h place it •> probable in
) has gout. I will give the abi ve reward to any one who will
). bring Imp louieai Richmond, ur hall the abuse ,mu it srrured
iu any jail so that I can get him again, and all irasnnable rx
l"n'*■'* I'-tid. M wten of vessel, and others are li roarued fiom
3 hai hoiing said Moses at their pet il.
3 June Id. Jl—tot H STARR.
. I-/. f“e,Lllllor ‘he “Virginia Herald” will please insert
the above f .r one week, ami lot ward his account to me iu
j Richmond. H g
,,‘b*c,|btr on the 3d net. a negro man named
1 MOAtA. Moses is 2t m 22 ) ears of age, ?feet 7 oi 8 in
i lity l.i^h coiu|>l«rxi>»n, %%-ith a scar ou his left check. 1
purcha-td .\lo es n( Mr*. Trabue, residing near Tiahue’s Coal
Tilts, in Chesterfield counts.
Un .he following day EATS V. the ssife of Moses. Palsy is
19 ol 20 \seats of -c., a very likely light mu.alio. I purchased
herol Mr. Charle, Pickett of Cl.e-lc. field in lt‘2d. I will cu e
twenty Dollar, reward for the abuse advertised negroes orleu
doilai, lor eill.ri of them. JOSHUA STORKS.
aVIcx.n.w Bridal Juuc 14.
(jouchland and Hujtocer Land /'or tiale^~~
IN VII fill- of .III *af ihf Ktt.art ...r . V f.k... .... t
1 the Richmond Di.tiiet, I offer at private sale a tract of land
intlie Itfiper |.v»t of UuorhUnJ county on tin water, of Lib*
IK..I theek, containing 1-PJl acic. or thereabout, and aimil,,,
Iran in liiocounly ol 11 lower, containing hub acre.. As il i.
deniable Incline a. speedily a, possible the concern* of the
date, the land will be .old el a moderate pure and aerom
modeling tern... Both tract, will be divided to .uit purebajer..
I hr Uoochlend land will be .hewn to per.on. wishing I. pin
ch--e, by Mr. Wiu.ton Payne, and the Hanover laud, by Mr.
Laney. mu. Possession cm bt given itnniedialely.
WM K. WICKHAM, surviving
„ . . . Trustee of the e.lale of Baud, (ii.t, dec.
Rirlunond, Jan. 11. 182A. 77---lf
A Valuable Farm near Richmond for Sale.
IUl l-f.ll for ,al.-. by private contract, my Ear... called
ocoor/ac/if, bordering on the llrook run,end the lfiook turu
| ike io»ii, Use mile. trim. Richmond. It contain, upward, of
.11 hundred anil thirty acre., i. in good order, ami iia. on it a
good dwelling house, and every houte necessary for Ihe accom
modation ol alarge lamily,und all houses necenary for a farm,
term, will he made known by application to (be .ub.ciiber at
the Shock* arehou.e in Uichu.jiid, or on the pirmi.es.
M ,, hen. siieppahu.
Mjyl7-_ a_tf
I^OR .lie, my tract of land in Albemarle county, heretofore
M. my reudrnre, consisting of 3,A00 acres, about SSIKIU of which
ate uf the hest mountain quality, and I.SOO lying below the
I l"°'J"'ain,and eatendmg from it, generally of good quality,
aud ..*“'dy »ell timbered and witered. Thetrarl lies <?„
the south side i f the Rivanna a branch of James Kiver, mv i
gable lor llaitfaiii to Milton, w Iik h i. witlim three and a half
mile*. It ii five mile* front Cbarkrtteivillr, and «u from the
University. 01 it, advantageous >■ tuition for health and *ocn -
ty, no remark need be made here. The estate ha* all the usu
al improvement! on it,a coimnoJinu. dwelling housebuilding.
. for servant*, aud other domestic purposes, good .tables, two
barn., nub tine,lung machine,, a gii.t and saw mill, with good
lioii.es fui managers and laboier,, well posted foi each pm pose,
and all in good repair. The tract may be divided, edvai.tagfou’
ly, into sevet il pails, (c will be so disposed of if de.ired. The pay.
ment ot the puics.sse money may bemailc by iii.ulmem,, with
J ve,> 1,k*,al «'edit, to be agreed on at the time of .ale. The
■ tu, u,’ul«.*"« »luek of every kind may be ,<dd with the land.
I hive also for .ale another tiact, of rathei more than 7J0
I ac,c‘> o mile, belc wMilton.w illiiu one of the i i.u, 0n its northern
fide, which lie. well, is of good quality, well limbered and
> mi . . 'a\* *a U,M* »ct“of lioie.touc paasiog tbioutli it.
Thu tract I, divided into two farms,each hiving on u a dwelling
I .me, very ram,modioii, for a .mall f.m.ly, „.tb necewa.y out
i E.itldusgs- Credit will be given for thisliact in like ruinnei a.
t for the other. Person, inclined to putcbaie, will address them.
'nl.i"n'‘'rrJAMES MuMtuE.
QghHtlf, L»ud nut roui>fy$ Vt. April 12. ji 5 j fm
. . Richmond, 2»th May, 182.}. \
0TI(,E 1* hereby giv.n, i|„t fr„fll ,h„ (llne forwwi|,,||
persons offering themselves a. principal,or securities tv
anv bond or contract to be approvrd by I he Eiecutive, will be
t required to accompany the same with affidavits in legal form,
staling the value of the properly which they would bona fide
pos.e.i after the payment of all theirdebts.
By older, W. II. RICHARDSON, t. «:
Mr"t n_ e,if
a'OTIC E. “
THE Directors of fbe Brook Turnpike Company bare this
diy declared a dividend of 6 per cent, for the tad ail
month., Which will he pa„l ,he Stockholders oa application *i
1 the Uumptmg-rooin ol the subscribe,.
July », IMS. J‘ “ LU8rA';E' T"«»r*r ^-TO.
\ SC{'pl'Y of John,ton’s New, and Book Ink, *u,ted tolbu
rw >e*.on, ha. been just received, and may be had at lb*
Oifire.at llirrivtia-lelphift price,, for r*-,h, 1
Mi'ch 2fi. ,f
FULLY inform* llu public, that he h cop* net
_ ln*i AiMPthtcary Store, in the City of Richmond
opposite the Eagle Hotel. l|f hits laid in a general aworiujcni
*'l DRUGS 4: M KDIi'INES, which he warrant* genuine. 11^
ha* engaged Mr. John II. Bl.imbe, from Nur'olk, a geulleum
w boluw beenregukrfty • wrought up a* an Apothecary ami Drue,
gi^t. 1 h<*se who may favor him with their cu.tou, iluy rel.
ou punctuality and despatch. *
I n addition to the above, lie ha* and intend, (nkt-rp a genera
y oitu.ent of PAINTS, OILS, dec. and all kinds of Sing.ej
Iu*tiuim nt*,at Philadelphia prices, Jtiiuiily Mcdiciue chest,
complete, with printed directions.
Older* fiouj the counliy will uicet with immediate attention.
June 14. II_„,f
VIRGINIA: Ala Superior Court of Chancery held in the
town of Krederu k'burg,ou the 21 >1 day of April, 1H25:
William Starke, Sat ah Stat kt. It ImmU lieli and Alice hi, wife,
Kitty S'arkt* and Lucy, Kiriiaru, James aud Polly Starke. iu
tants, by Joliu Moucuxc ihtir ucxi IwcuJ, i'UmuiJj.
Joseph Starke, Defendant,
lly consent of the parties, by counsel, the former order* in
this care air rescinded, and tin* came came uu to be heard In
con-elit ol u.tiifj, by counsel upon the lull, aiim'vr, and an
exhibit, and was argued by counsel: On consideration whereof,
thccouit doth adjudge, order and drciee, that the Marshal of
iheSupetioi (Joint ot Chancery for the Richmond di trict, af
ter advertising the time aud place <»f sale lor four weeks suc
ceasivtlv, iu some newspaper puhli-hcd in the ritv of Rirli
niond, do rxpo.e to *ale, at public auction, to the higU«*»t bid
der, on a ci edit of twelve month*, the tract or parcel of land,
in the Biil mention* d,»aid to contain oiic bundled and lifly
ihr*«- acre*. And to »*rure the payment id* the puichase mo
ney th« rent, the said Mushil is nir* tied t«» take from the pur
chaser of the said land, h'.nds with good secutilv payable to
him>elt, «c»4> to divide them atmni'«t the partie* entitled there
to j and that he assign over the said bond*, without recourse, to
the adult plaii.tilf, aJu] the legally otuiili* J guardian of the
infant*, ic-pertively, and to reiam tile title to the said laud
until the purchase money he paid, and report his proceedings
herein to this coint. And (lie Mar.hal is further diiected, if,
upon offering the said laud for .ale it shall appear (hat the share*
‘d the parties respectively will exceed the »uio of three bun
dled dollars, *K»t to make *afc theicof, hut to report that fact
to the court.
A.opy. Teste. J. II. WILLIAMS, C. C. C.
Id* lu pursuance of the foregoing decree, I .hall on tlu*
20th day ol July next, at the front d**or of the Eagle Hotel in
the city of Richmond, offer,for male the tiact of land therein
icferied t«», said ro coiUxin oue bundled and fifty three acre*.
Sale to commence at 10o’clock, A M.
J. GCEKU AN r, M. 5. C C. R. D.
June 21. i:i—ids
IN |*urMi4tie« ol two s* vtial decree* of the Superior Court ol
Chauc**rv lor the district of Richmond, made on the 24tii
Marcn, Ib25, and on the lOtli June, 1625, in the etie of Stott
vs. Cut lie, 1 shall cn the third day of August next, offer lor
sale to the highest bidder, at public auction at the frout d«>or of
the hath Hotel iu the city ot Richmond, an undivided moiety
of au undivided third pait ot a tract uf Land containing Coal,
the counts id' Henrico,anil known as the Deep llun Uoal Pit
Tract, lerins: one fourth Cash, and a credo of me, two and
t In ee years for the balance; the puichtuer executing boudwiili
approved ecurity, and the title to he retained until the pay.
incut of the purchase ujoi ey. Sale to commence at rdo’chx k
.’.UU ERRANT, M. 6. V- C.H. ll.
-* 13—t.i.
IN' pursuance of a decree of the Superior Court nfCIiaDcety
lor the Richtnoud District, pronounced ou the '■’-*■ I d-ay ol
Match, Ibi5, in the eases of Esaus vs.Uooker, et a|., £ - hall or
the it St day of July neat, offer for sale t.. the highest bidder al
public auction, fur Cash,the Mill, with the Lund, Houses ami
appurteuauecs, situated on Turkey Island Cieek, called mil
known by the nause of the Urunvillc Millt: and, at the samt
lime mid place will in like manner he offered lor sale, the lorn
adjoining said mill, Ate. called and known by the uame „i
Monnl Piuspect. The above sale, will he made at or near ti
the abutment 0| said anil dam, on the Henrico side f Tuikex
Island Cieek. J.U UEURANT, AT. h'. c. C. R l) '
Julle21- 13—Ids
IN* putsuance of a decree of the bupe. mr Court of Chancer'
lor the District of Richmond, piuiiouucrd un the llthda'
of June, 1826, in the ease of iMHijl vs. Hancock, Ate. I .lull oi
We,list.day the 3d day of August next, il a fair dai, if not fat
Me next fur day thereafter, oiler far sale In the highest bidde
at public auction,that part of the falls plantation conveyed bx M
W. II ou in k to Charles J. McMunlo and others, In the niiicn
tuie ,.| the 1 Who/August, 1818, tiled as au exhibit in said cause
containing et^bl hundred ami ,evtt;ty seven arte., inrludiiii
two islands iuJauu. River,hr the sains mere oi lew, lying li
the county uf Cliesteifu Id. The well known fertility ol this lam
lying immediately on James river, and in the vicinity ot tin
town of Manchester anJltie city of Richmond, imdtrs il un
necessary to do more than to invite gentlemen of c.ipil si to cal
and see t(. Terms: one third of iln- purchase monry to hi
paid iu cadi, or a note or notes at 120d,vs, wi b a go. d ru
dorcer or endorsers, payable andnrgoriahle ilthe Rank uf Vir
giuia or farmers’Rank of Virginia, one tliiid one year, aud tin
lemainiug third two y. ars from the lay of ,alr, the purchase
giving bond with approved security foi the two last payments
and the title retained until they .ire made.
bale to commence al ll o’clock,a. in. attho front dnornfthi
Eagle Hotel in the city of Richmond. The purchaser eai
have such pu,session on the day of .-ale a, will enable him t,
uiJa ci up of wheat, 1c.
J. UU ERRANT, M. s. C. C. R. D.
June 21, 13. _jfj
JN* pursuance ol a dcciee uf the Superior Court of Chancer
foi the Richmond District, pronounced on the i5th day c
tebrmny, lbJ3, m tin . a*c Covington vs. Ifortst.i shill o
tnr J 3th ol August next, Oder for sale, to the highest bidder a
public auction for cash, on the premises : “ A certain mill j,,
mill site, on Swift Creek, in the rountv of Chestrifield, an
known by the name of Covington's Mill) together with t«
X. res ot land, one upon each side of said stream, and i„ain,
which the tpJi of >ju1 null dam ire abutted.”
J. UUERUANT, al/. 6'. C. C. K l)
I N virtue ,f a decree of (he Superior Court of Chancery fo
the Richmond Uistnrt pronounced the 12th Juu«* 182*
wherein Henry Hank, i« plaint iff ami Win. 1’rireN heir* am
niiii M arc deleudanU, there will he told by the Marshall of th
Superior Court of Chancery hidden at Clarksburg for the *lt
district,on the Tuesday after the 2d Monday in Aoumt 182/
heiin; rourt day lor the rountv ol K'ltrion. if lair, it* n.
him Ian ujy, ti\ uuiulrifl Bern of
, ',
palintrd in the name ol Henry Ranks,supposed f<s lie in I>re,
ton county, ad joining Johu Judy’s Settlement Kight, at Hi
front door ol the i.iid c ounty courthouse J but if the caul «i
liu ndied acres of Land should lie in Monongalia county, thci
the sanl land will he old to the highest bidder at the ft nut d,.o
ot the courthouse of Ihe said county of Monongalia, on the hi
Monday ol August neat, if lair, othe rwise mi the next fair dav
on a credit of one, two and three years. The purchaser givin
bond and security towards imyitsc the debt due hv Henry Hank
to thradmV of Wui. I’rice and tin- idm’r (of Join, f| „ v^ty w„|
Ihe will unuexed. liy order of
C. A. S XVEAR I NO E N, Marshal
June 14. IS-.i II—wbw^ of Ihe O. C. Iriclrict.
BY siitoe of a deed of t lust executed to us, hy XVui. H f ,
hell, Esq. and recotdej in the court ol the’ county of fa
hell, we shall, oil Monday Ihe Itilli day of September next ii
the Town of Staunton, proceed to s»ll to tlx highest bidder tin
tract of land . on,nioiily called the firtrn Itotinm. lying in’ t|,,
said county of Cabell, on ihe Ohio liser, coot lining hetwrei
four and hire thousand ncicsj of whieh, .re than righted
hundred acres are said to l.e mime low groiinJc. XVe aie no
pcisonaily acquainted with tbit estate ; but it h.s l»>„ rrpre
seined to Us, as I ring the tines! on that part of the Ohio whirl
borders on tins stale. It abounds in Meadow bml of the fir.
quality, and therefore well merit, the attention of the -toel
Jf/’V- , For many years while this estate ..a, in the hands o
LrOl. \\ ll-'Hl (y. NjcIioI.R, 111 whoiu I* foi HIC rlv III ]</!)£*.(] i; U||
c xteu-ivcly cultivated in Tobacco, which when sold in N Ym l
and j mope, comma tided p-ice, equal to those at which tin
best James H iver tobacco sold. Dels lahd abounds in eoaL 1
ha. be in divided into many smaller tracts or I .|., as may ht
seen by a plat mi the possess! Ji of John Hannan, Esq. who live
adjoining, and who will shew the whole ot any part thereof, t,
those disposeii to view it. ilu. it Well be sold in one mine trail
or in such parcels, at on the .Jay of , ,|.. may l. ; th.mght he,
calculated to emure Ihe bet price, fhosale will be on three
equal nnmul io.talu.euts; Ihe purchasers to give lu.iidi wrtl
approved sureties forth* seveial mttalmenls, a. *|,<. a .leej o
trust on the land as a farther security far She ultimate n,as men
of the porrhn < money; (he deed of trmt, however, is not ;<
operate till the last instalment shall become due
The subscriber, are sery solicits.,,. wind up the |,mines, o
the Host confided u. them. If personsth. refoie .houid d. i .
to purchase this property, they,nay attend in the foil emt,
deuce that «t tul! he .old at the lime and place above mention. J
John goal run,
John ii. cogke,
Tru«tfc> for \\ II. Cabell and bii crrJit'irt.
■ s.” T!‘* f * °!}hr V'rrinian in Lynchburg, It. p.lbliral
in XVharbr.t* Herald in Fredorickshnrg, Cowries ii. Charles,
town (Kanawha county.! Farmer in Staunton, and of tlx
Country National Intelligencer, are requested to insert tbi
alxove .idveilisemem in lh< ir ruspectire papers, once a well
fot lowr westks preceding Ihe first of September, and to for
ward th-u arc,owls to ihi, Office f„r collection.
4 LI. persons having claim, again.! (lip e.tat* 0f XVos. Halt
J.M. ilrr. wiU Tiling lliem fWward proiieify fui
,n'l»|de.l to the ...fate, or to the Isle concert
Cl UaU fc Jx/iuifoily M ill m ild* payment lo u«. warhotif <lchv.
.muff ALLAN. ( Executors of
. .. WILLIAM HAI.T, l XVm.Oalt, dec
APr" _I04...4m
I ** NDINO tkortit/ to go to llurtpt —All those who hav.
■ claims agxmt me. ate requested to bring them in for smile
m, nt. And those who are indebted to me, ar, h,r<.|,y ,|e,irr,
Ucall .nd make pay u..uf. LEWIS .M. 1MVALAIN.
»*♦ 70*..jf f
_jOELiEBIlATIOirS, 1825._
Petexsbvko, July 5.
l esterday, being the 49th Anniversary of the.De
claratiou ot our National Independence, was
celebrated by the Citizens of Petersburg, with all
those manifestations of joy and gratitude, which
the occasion is so well calculated to excite in the
bosom of every patriotic American. Ascuntotua
ty, the datvn was announced by the discharge of
cannon; and at sun-risc the salute was repeated.
At half past £> o clock, the Military, consisting of
the Officers of the 39th Regt and Capt. Hender
son sand l apt. I aliaferro’s Voluuicer Companies,
assembled at Market Square; where, after arranging
and taking up the line of march, under the direction
of Major Pillsborougli, Marshal of the Day, the
whole moved first up Old Street—then tl-rougli a
part of Market to Dana Street——down Sycamore
to Hoilingbrouk Street, and thence to the Theatre,
where the procession haled, and where had previ
ously collected a large audience of Ladies and Gen
One gun was now fired as a signal for commenc
ing the civic proceedings of the d ,y. The Mili.a
ry having taken position on the Stage, which had
been previously decorated with flags, &c. a:.d the
curtain drawn up, an appropriate overture was
played by the Hand—at the conclusion of which,
the Declaration or Independence was
read, according to appointment, by Otway H.
IJakuaud, Esq. in a manner at ouce gtaceful,
audible and impressive.
One gun succeeded the Heading of the Declara
tion ol Independence—when P. R. Ratte, E-q.
Orator ol the Day, addressed the audience in a -hort
out neat Speech, full of patriotic fervor and correct
moral sentiments. lie commenced with the em
phatic sentence. ^Ihe Jujuille is Come!”
One gun announced the termination to the cere
monies at the Iheatre, and gave signal for the mov
ing ol the procession to the Lawn in front of Pop
lar Spring—where, at Id o'clock a grand Federal
Salute was fired.
At this hour, crowds began to collect at the New
Presbyterian I.hurcli, where, according to arrange
ments entered into by the several denominations, it
vv as determined that a Religious observance of the
Day should take place. This spacious and elegant
building was filled to overflowing. The exercises
commenced by reading of the CVIIth Psalm, b
the Reverend A.ndrvw Svmt_o..a ,v..i__
“ Oco/ne let us sing unto the Lord; let us hear
tily rejoice in the strength of our salvation,”
ice.—lid, Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Thrift_-4.h,
Aati.cm, “ ■&rom all that dwell below the skies,”
fitc. I be Declaration of Independence read by
the Rev. Mr. Rick accompanied by appropriate
remarks—5th, an Original Hymn, composed for
liic occasion, was sung a6 follow s:
O i> uot tin- 4 Mcrril time !
I*he Jubilee of ireedi'io’i Oitth;
(io l of oui Fithtn ! at thy sluiut-,
i*/We ^UO'1 th-v Fra**e all the earth ;
Wnh chaiful notes and douriug icoguts,
lu thee H r iiise united song*.
From stern opj regions haughty land,
The Flip mis cross’d .he T-outVoui wave;
A jMiieut, turn and pauioi band,
1 li«- God «»f h.ittU » inatlr them hri\tl
0 make us ever blest and free,
This JiKftfi of peace aud liberty!
Their blood sent up a cry to thee,
, The blood that d/rd their pt aceful field_
It was the pledge ut victory,
ibtir freedom'* independence sealed,
'I nen roil thy piaiie^fr.iui land to *ta,
1 heir sons are happy, brave aud free.
T»* thee, their sledfast, suppliiut eves
Weieriiiod, ’audit wx/ and diead alarms :
O God of hntile», I roiu the skies,
I by mei ry sent the completing arm I
Still guard our fi redonj, rights and iarne,
While we exalt thy holy name.
Here we the children of (he free,
Now gladly chau’it the j >ytu| »«ng;
And own nur houndlets d» ht to thtc.
Which time shall gladly hear alou~,
He tins our universal rrv,
Tui God, for Home, for Liberty.
Succeeded by a Discourse of the Rev. Mr
Charlton, from the text, 1 Sain. ch. 12, v. 2-4, in
these words, “ Only fear the Lord, and serve him
i > truth wi h all your heart—for consider how great
thing* he hath done fer you”—in which he d.vclt
with earnestness on the necessity ol virtue and re
,f ligion; and noticed particularly the obligations
l , which bind us as a nation and as individuals to feu
i God. 7ih, Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Rice. Thi
i proceedings at the Church terminated by ti e singing
I ot an Anthem, and the benediction feelingly pro"
• nounced by the Rev. Mr. Rico.
1 In the evening, the usual Jlnnivcrsary fJinnct
took place at li.uhSprings, provided in Mr. Wor
sham * best style. The company sat down abou
four o’clock—The Mayor of the Town, Jabes
r Smith, L-q. presided, assisted by Joseph Bragg
j John I-. May, and M. B. Pillsborough, JSsqs. ai
.i Vice Presidents. The cloth being removed, tin
‘: following toasts were drank, accompanied by Musii
; ar.d many excellent sonjrs:
!• I he Day : Freedom’s Jubilee: glorious foi
the important truths which it proclaimed, ant
memorable for the great principles which it es
tablished on the immutable basis of natura
right and human dignity.
4 guru, 3 cheers: Hail Columbia.
, 2. ThoPeople: Self-government, their perfect
practical and sovereign right; the redeemed
, ll-e demonstrated right of every people.
1 A guns, 3 cheers: Yankee Doodle.
d. The Constitution of the U. S. : The work o
wise heads and pure hands—preserve it fron
the touch of interested meddlers and conceilct
2 guns—Marseilles Hymn.
4. Washington: His virtues, his own, his deeds
iiis country’s; hi* success, the worlds; hi*
fame, the chiefest eulogy of man.
jYogvn, no cheer: Hash. March.
5. La Fayette : The friend of man, the loved
of Heaven—man may do i.im honor; Heaven
only can do him justice.
Ag-Ac. La Fayette's March.
C. Jefferson : In his maturity, the political teach
ei of natious; in his old age, the philosophical
instructor of youth.
„ ^ g- Jefferson's March.
v. I he President ot the U. .States.
2 g. 2c. Adams and Liberty.
Adams, Madison, Monroe : As Patriots let
them be honored, and as good tnen be loved.
2 g. 3 c. Auld Lang Syne.
9. Lite War : Like the war of the Revolution,
proclaimed in defence of sovereign rights; ter
minated in national glory.
4 g. 3 c. Hunters of Kentucky.
10. Army and Navy: Liberty their object;
love of Country their passion; victory thair
career; gratitude and glory their reward.
4 g. 4 c. Let Fame Sound the Trumpet.
11. Souths American Republics: They have
driven European oppression back on the moun
tain wave, and equipoised the liberty of the
Wes’ern against the tyranny of the Eastern
2 g. 2 c. 1Zre around the huge oak.
12. Greece: A speedy restoration of Liberty
and Independence to that (-lassie Land, the
first-born ol the family of Free Nations.
2 g 4 c. Copenhagen Waits.
13. The New States: Eluren additional Pil
lar* supporting and adorning the National
! Ag. 4 e. Russian Quirk Step.
14. The American Fair : “ If choice lovt
should go in quest of beauty, y/hcre should h<
find it fairer than in them? If pious love
should go in quest of virtue, where should he
find'it purer than in them?”
I gunSj 6 cheers : Come haste to the V'.'edtiin*.
Several other parties took place in town and the
vicinity, hut it is not in our power to give particu
lars in to-day’s paper. [Intelligencer.
The following volunteers, drank at the dinner
provided for the people, have been politely furnish
ed us by the President of the day.
By Jubez Smith : The Orator of the Day.
By Joseph Brae's; : La Fayette: “ In bannered
fields a Hero; iu civilized life the benefactor of
By It'chard O Henderson : Rolivar : Wash
ington his model; the liberty of his country, the
emancipation of the world, liis object.
By Louis -C. Bout din: Barron: Nature can
j stand up and say to ail the world, this is a man.
By O. B. Barraud : The University of Vir
ginia: The fostered child of Jefferson: may it prove
the alma mater of children as illustrious.
By It IT. Moseley: K Pluribus Unum : Eter
nity to the motto, and victory to the fla- that
bears it.
By A. B. Spooner : The State of Georgia :
Let her not forget the Hartford Convention.
By C. J. Claiborne: Gov. Troup, the Hero of
State Rights; the friend to the interests of ins fel
low citizens.
By James Davidson : The American Revolu
tion : An etent which gave the first effectual
check to systematized de-poti'sin, & established the
temple of liberty on soleinu at d adamantine bases.
By IPm. H. JPJaefarland: John Thompson:
Tho’ cut off m e-triy manhood, the aged tiny rev
erence his name.
By ft. B. Collier : A irginia: The birth-place
of talents, the residence of virtue—Unshaken she
is still the faithful sentinel on the watch-tower of
the constitution.
By IV. Shand.s,jr. The United States and the
Republics of South America : By valor, union,
patriotism and virtue, the corner-stone of the Re
publics were laid—let these abojiid, and the fruit*
shall be quieinces, peace and happiness forever.
r »» . .•
Baf.timore, July 6.—1 he glorious anniversa
ry of the birtli of freedom, was announced in Bal
timore at day-break by the ringing of bells, firing
of cannon and o'her testimonies of joy and grati
tude. The sound of the first gun was a signal for
the display of the flags from (he shipping and til
the public places in and about the city. A -ree.tblv
to the arrangements of the committee appointed on
| the occasion, the citizens of all ages, sexes a ,d con
ditions, assembled at an early hour of the morning
in the area in fieri! of the riuatre, Holliday street*
where suitable arrangements hachbeen made fo. con
ducting the interesting ceremonies of '.he law , i,,.
decorations of the platfoim or st-.ge which Ld been
some days previously erected in front ol the Thea
tre, were arranged iftcr 12 o’clock on Sunday night,
so that Monday morning, the fourth of July pre
sented a work apparently of magic. E.ght lo*t<
pilasters supported an entablature of sixty feet iii
length ; in the centre of which list, raised upon
i pinnelled blocking, was plac ed an eagle, with 'he
colours of the United States, arranged after the
fashion of rays from either side, the whole forming
a beautiful and appropria'e military trophy. Deep
sunken pannels in the pilasters contained the fasces
and bet ween the neck, mouldings and the capitaU
were civic wreaths. The pilasters were placet!
double, and over each pair, the bust of Washing
ton, Lafayette, Adams, or Jackson broke
the sameness of the upper part of the entablature,
and were admirably relieved against the theatie be
hind. Oier the centre opening was the motto,
“ Our Country, right or wrong!" inscribed in a
sunken pannel; and to the right of it was inscrilted
in similar characters, “ The Land of the Free ”
and to the left, “ The Home of the Brave." In
deed the general effect was striking in the highest
degree, and the talent and industry of the commit
tee superintending the erection of the platform and
the arrangements of the decorations, cannot be toe
highly praised.
In front of the Theatre tavern, adjoining was
I painting of the Battle of a North Point, decorated
with wreaths of flowers.
Upon the platform scats were placed for tht
accommodation of those whom the committee hat
invited to be present on the occasion. This invi
tation embraced the Officers and Soldiers of tin
Revolutionary War, and the members of the Soci
' ty of Cincinnati; the Major General and Brigadiei
Generals of the Third Division and their respectivi
Staffs; Field and S’affOfficers of the Militia of Bal
timore engaged in the late war, and Otficers ant
’ Soldiers who were wounded in the defence o
1 Baltimore; the United States’ civil, naval an<
military Officers; Otficers, civil, naval and inilitar’
! of foreign states: civil and YTilitarv Ofln A.
| state of Maryland; Members of Congress and o
; the state Legislature; Judge of the several Courts
'(Mayor and City Council; Reverend Clergy an<
aged Citizens; the Regents and Professors of tin
University of Maryland
In the rear of the rentre of the platform, wa:
’ stationed the excellent band of music attached tr
' Fort M’Henry, by whom a number of p.ilriotii
airs were performed.
. ’rite ceremonies of the day were opened by i
Prayer to the Throne of Grade, by the Reverent
| S. Eecleston, abounding in eloquent and appropri
ate sentiments, and delivered with all the fervoi
and piety of the Christian and the patriot.
The duty of reading the Declaration of Indepen
dence, was performed in a highly creditable mannci
! by Win. F. Small, E>q. who prefaced the reading
by some excellent introductory remarks.
The Orator of the day, Peter H. Cruse, E-qr.
j then arose and delivered an address fraught with
talent, eloquence and patriotism, and listened to
with delight by all who had the pleasure ot'being
; within the sound of his voice. Indeed the per
1 formances of all the gentlemen were worthy oi
themselves— worthy of the great occasion which
called them forth; and we are gratified to learn thai
the committee have applied for copies of tht
Prayer and Addresses, for the purpose of pubiica
t ion.
At eleven o’clock several of ihe Churches werr
opened for Divine Worship, and were filled by
those who preferred to observe the day by rcligioii
thanksgiving end praise. A number ol military
corps and private parties of citizens dined together,
•nd testified their feeli ips by the utterance of ap
propriate toasts and sentiments. In the evening w<
observed that the Museum was brilliantly and taste
fully illuminated, and decorated with a transparent
painti.-g of Washington.
W e regret to be obliged to note a melancholy
accident which occurred during thffday. A pro
mising young man named William Rust, met witl
an untimely death by accidentally falling into th«
river from a boat—he was drowned notwithetnndiiq
the utmost exertions were made to leecue him.
- [ Jimer.
Washington, July 6.—The anniversary o
American Independence was celebrated in this cit'
with much glee on Monday last, by public ceremo
nies, and by several parties of gentlemen dining a
different places in the city and i>s environs.
At sunrise, noon, and sunse*, the usual salute
were fired at public stations, and, besides these
there were a number of salutes fired, during tin
day, by lliu artillery and tufui/.ry cmcpxnic-s of tfi
About i0 o clock, the several volunteer com
panies of the city formed in line on the avenue in
Iront of the entrance of the President'* House
an.l, having received him, with his Sccretarie.-, the
Header of the Declaration of I: dependence, and
the Ora-or ot the Day, proceeded in procession to
the I'api ol. Theday wastemarkably tine, .,nd the
troops looked well. Mr. McLeod, with his usual
spirit, had prepared a stage, mounted on wheels, ou
which were four and twenty states, repre-ented by
so many pretty femMe scliol rs, which formed part
ot the procession, being followed in it by his male
scholars, some of them yaimed and habited as the
aborigines of our country, and the remainder in uui
On arriving at and en'ering the Represent, lives*
Chamber, which was lull >o oveiflowing, the bless
ing ot Heaven was invoked by ihe Rev. Mr.
Hawley. After which, th*- Declaration of Inde
pendence was read by Daniel Brent, Esq. and
the Oration delivered bv Asbur y Dickins, Esq.
two of our esteemed fellow-citizens. The Oration
we expect 10 have he p*e..su re of laving before our
readers. Ft is spoken ol as a very able and appro
priate production. Much was expected of Mr.
Dickins, and l.e has t>een fortunate euough to realize
the public expena.iot.
Alter the ceremonies at theCcpi’ol, the mansion
of the President was brown wide cm for the
reception of those whom friendship, re pect, or
curiosity, attracted thither. An immense con
course tJirorgcd the spacious halls, aid were kind
ly and frailkl; received by the President and his
family. Tiie occasion was enlivened bv the cheering
I'C.es of music from ihe -b.ri.ie Band, tmd refresh
ments • ere liberally distributed.
At the Columbian College, a spiri'ed Ontion was
delivered bv Mr. Baron Stow, and the Declare
'ion ot Irtle. e d.r.ce was read by Nir ui.o. W.
Lewis, bodi Students of that Imnuuth n.
At the • atholie Semin *rv, an Oration was de
livered on .he occasion by' John Boone, son of
Mi. Ignatius Boone, aitd theDecLr. tio ofln—
d* pen .fence read bv Noble Young, son of .Mr.
James Young.
O the Dinners in honor of the d:tv, we sh-tll pro_
bjbl « be enabled hereafter to gi <• uu,.e pnr icu
. . W w.c- pre-ent we wiiloi.lv add lo
I this brief notice of the day, that D vine Service . as
performed early in the day at the Rev. D Lau
rie s Church; md that a non* those who paid their
respects to the President On the occasion, was the
la'.Jsome troop of Loverr.or Smicc. horn Prince
George’s County, Maryland, which, after vtsitimr
Ilf city, reti/rned to Bludeusburgh, where they had
a Public Dinner. [Auf. lilt.
Alexandria, D. C. July 6.—Considering the
verv o..ott time which was atfoidcd tie p trioiic
“ young men” w ho undertook, w ith such praise
worthy alacrity, to make the ncrevsary arrange
ments, the Fourth ot July has seidoin been observ
ed with as much credit to our town as on Mo dav.
Tlie young men determined at their meeting, held
befoie, on a public procession, and selected a highly
respectable commit tee of arrangements ior tht pur
pose ot giving invitations to the different sociriics,
and w hich were generally complied wi h m a high
ly creditable manner; and to the respectable and
patriotic officers and members of the" Hibernian
Society," particularly, much credit is due lor their
attention and display on the occasion—more espe
cially too as it has been formed but very little over
a year. The Washington Society, composed of
the oldest and u ost worthy of our inhabitants urr
etl out well, as usual, and claim, too, the thanks of
their routhful friends for their polite compliance oa
the occasion.
Early in the morning, capt. Williams, with
Ins accustomed promptitude, announced irom the
mou h of his “ big guns,” over old Potomac’s bo
som, that radiated Sol was smiling in all hism des’y
upon the Fiftieth Anniversary of American In
A li.tle after tlie appointed hour the procession
began to form; and soon moved in ihe prescribed
order up Cameron street to Washington street, down
Washington to King street, down King to Pi;t
street, thence to S'. Paul's church.
As the procession moved under the splendid
arch, erected, at the time, in honor of Lafayette’s
visit to our town, and which still stands another
evidence of the patriotic spirit of tlie youth of our
place, the numerous and excellent band ol music at
tached to the military struck up, in handsome style,
the enlivening aid patriotic air of” Hail Columbia.*'
At church, utter such of the procession and the
military as could be conveniently accommodated had
entered, the itev. E. Harrison commenced the
performances by a very appropriate and pathetic
I prayer. Edit. It. Belcher,esq. then re ,d, in an
f audible tone, the Declaration of Independence,
I which he prefaced with a few pertinent and sensi
■ ble remarks. Franck Pcvmv .... _
• rose and delivered, in a neat and animated style, a
I moderate and creditable oration. The whole was
; concluded by a short prayer from the Rev. Dr
I WiLMr.it—previous to which a collection v/h*
■ made for the benefit of the Colonization Society;
and wc will digress a little here from our narrative
i just to observe, that we cannot conceive of a wiser
. plan for promoting the great national object in view
: than this. Surely, when we are rejoicing and
) offering up prayers for our own happiness, is the
i j meet >irne that we should manifest our charity fer
I I an unfortunate and degraded specie* of our rare.
| The procession returned from church in the order
in which it moved.
After the procession had dispersed, the “ L i
Fayette Infantry” under capt. Jamikson, accom
panied by the band, escorted the mayor, the orator
the reader of the Declaration of Independence and
the committee of arrangement* to Hroom Latin a
beau.tful wooded spot in the vicinity of the town
and on an elevated brow of the Potomac, where a
dinner was prepared for the occasion.
Several other dinners were given, at which, ns it
ever should be, on this day, nought else but hilarity
and harmony prevailed. *
The committee of arrangement who acted on the
ceremonies of the day, were Jacob .Morgan, P.
H. Findall, John Wheelwright, T. If.
Howland, M. Bavly, jr. \V. E. Thompson!
tV. G. < ranch and 11. Rohlr rs, esqs._.all
designated by large blua scarfs, blue Coats and whiio
pantaloons. The system and good order with
. which they conducted the whole render compliment
superfluous. [ Herald.
New York, July 4.
The Anniversary of the Declaration of our In.
dependence, will be celebrated this day throughout
the United Stales. In this city the occasion w ill
h ive a peculiar zest, in consequence of the presence
of Gen. DAI* A YLJ’I’E, who contributed so large,
ly to the establishment of the right* and privileges
wc then asserted and now enjoy. The General ar
rived here early yesterday morning in the StP .ru
• Boat Chancellor Kent, from Albany, and took
lodging* at Bunker’s Mansion Horn • in Broad
way. We are happy to state he u in good U dth.
The Steun Boats and packets from every quarter
' have been crowded the last two days with p ,*sen
• gers from abroad who intend to partake in the eere
II monies and amusements of the day. Arrangement*
, are made accordingly, and the celebration w;ti be
' I unusually splendid.
• i The troops w ill be formed in line in Can»l-*treet.
’ j their right on Broadway, at half past fl o’clock, and
tom thence will r.ari'h dona ihoadway |<i dVai«

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