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**" tliry bt,aa Ilvinu mill••(Ivancn!.-.
flien—tvh«Tf eto»u!s are proudly itatiog
llouml ih** |i«*|y nin’infauiN* hr«w,—
^lark the ItgliUungS fli*h dec Units:,
«»l licritaic gathering now •
Ha; k ! riis the thunder deeply pealing,
rr»« «*ui It. !•* • Miudrelv,
1 it the >oti •• of Heaven revealing—
u O’lorv it igtit uheioculs a»e it«c/
Joy ts iirtlliiic,
In Husl dwelling,
Hli > is I t iglit—v\ h»*i e flu brave Jull be j
And (be cli.'ii dou*,
In lilt n • love,
Swell M Lilory feigns white »oul*arc ftec.71
Mirk you ti <t the radiance burning?
L »! Hie »uid c un hu: -1; fhovrj
Ap.iihot l! Ihr -ouU irinrning
*hcir tu„h real ins ol light and love :
Shield* me bngUt and-woulsare gleaming
I'f'UU'il, t'»\V id* tin**. I»<>vvt*is? o( him-—
Lightning cm and 1 itunii hcuintrij*
fiipeak, “ t i lory i • igm in hunts like tLata-*7
Jo) is swelling, &c.
i3y our Father* ii »b!y *l« - p* c*
Win 11 tiieii .hub ai r. u. l lv due,
il» «ui ti.ut of tt iftb \ keeping
IVafrli oVi them n'lff Ih. ir I uti** m .« won.
i»> ill* »r Inicihi K in!,. .«uldiui«*l> it.inti..
Hallowed | . »heii [iiii.is ot light ;
M’* w ill »triv .• v uh f , !* duiinj; -
kiloiy leig',* wlu-r • dt i’s ate height.
Jov tv swelling, in.
Htik! our iQ.ii.ls mvccI strain* are pouiinr—
Holiei II up* wiit rate lithe 8**11:;,
And our old nu n, the Piicd*, 4*l*.i 1 15
RotlUiltMil 1*4(1 It*—ht*d Will till ir. .
lVli**n, in <1* tth, our »•%**. .uc cl »*iog—
\Vh**u <#UI f! lg' \ J-to, i'lll*, WtVl -
ileav'ii will ble«r t*m sweet r* po 111,1
U lory—(«lory, light our gr •»>»*.
Joy is •welling,
Onward, now, the foe 1* lictidir?.
r biles and ctutbrcH tilltlti-xir - I
Wlmt a tilt hi- \u;n « uutf tiding f
N »t a frerbottidoul Ij there--* |
No- -iiul ubttaih of paiiiol dighiir^,
N 'ta pgiuiionr'iu in fill,
To • hr ci tluir -onls, xvln-n tlirv lire dx h -,
** Ulcrv rcicnj where tin* .-ulster fell."
Joy is sxvcliin-, 3tc.
irC it*le! H ittle ! God' xvntch o'er you**— I
Thus our i'ri« it- |n or turn l«> ill—
• Victorious—-—h ecdoiti «ini*o before you.
Heaven u*c« ire* you if you fall.
Th*- holy nli^glowi fairly imxv
You. girliii.ii lovely Virgins weave.
To rr«*WJ! the living lien.'* tiro*—
i*o deck the ilvins hero's giavc.”
Joy is -w« in.’i",in. VYARRKX.
IVart tn County. IV. C. July 7, 11)25. ^
* M >wxt Otympti*—cJU'd hoty% b« •u*nc it un« *U|'r«i-»ed by
tin Ani ientt ihc abode *>t tin (iixli / ii/r I.\ mjs/iet e*j (7ru>.
4. U Ihctionnry. 9
| 1 h.ivc billowed the opinion of I.uri.xn in repaid to the»itu
ixtion of ll»«- ulmdi-of lh** xoul-of the virtunir. alter ilt *ih, W
Cnuse most con-i tent wi'h the iii.riotn irtil»-iiaiue<| thereof At
(■resent. u-VccoMliug to l.ui r i.i," says I • in|»i ieie, 14 they.
( t''iyiii campi) wore -itmtcil near the fonon. IIis o^uiou sc
tit agreed xvitli that genet ally » utrtfann.il at pieicut tJ nine* ,
th* Klvsijn fo lds tibmc th. fitutKtthoughhy others hey were
juppu*fJ t * he situated b*la:v it."
♦ i’hc l eieinony ol -.u i ihrinr xrxs always it.idly observed
by Ihc ancient Greeks previously to battle.
Theday was relebiated in Norfolk with Reli
gious .iiiil Military Ort-monies, in the usual fine
style of that patrotic town. The Declaration of
Independence was read by Mr. Jo-cpli H. Robert
son, and an Oration delivered by Mr. Jno. R.
S'.eed. The Independents and Juniors dined ir.
the opacioua apartment in the Custom House.
The President f Ihc United States: May
wisdom and justice be the characteristics, and na
tional liappinfc-H and prosperity dieiesult, of his«.d
The Stales: May the rights guaranteed to them
by (lie Constitution never be impaired by a latitu
dinarun process of construe.ion.
The Union: The foundation of our political
happiness, prosperity and safety. None but a mail
man or a traitor would counsel its destruction.
Bolivar: He has spurned with disdain the prof
fered regatta of monarchy: .lay he never cease to
m-rit the glorious title of Liberator.
i'.outh America: Free end independent: We
h.iil-her us a Sister in freedom. -May she long cher
ish as the bulwark of her liberties those immutable
principles proclaimed by aur own glorious revolu
Greece: The fY die of Liberty: The tnir.d!e«s
•Ottoman with fear and trembling dies before her
heroic sons, armed in defence of all that is dear to
The Virginia Guards dined at Lindsay’s Gar
den-. The Uol. and Stiff of the 5-lih Regt. were
invited guests at this feast, and weretcccived with
•i- ultar marks of respect.
fi ^.ernt La Fayette: The distinguished soldier
;>• he revoi jtio —ti e friend of Washington—.the
voi*r. of fre-doin—let us emulate hi*- virtues.
The Co : ires* of *7«; A band of Patriots, who
lec . J on! <o tnclitirriy of their country.
Th' President of the United State*: May his
ad-ni :t. ,ion deserve and receive the approbation
ot his counTy.
The Heals of Departments: Let the public
good be their only ..ini.
State itij'its: Tne psllrdium of our republic_
Virginia will .-ever surrender thorn.
The Militia: Always ready to do its duty—al
ways efficient when properly directed.
By Col. Nimmo—Grieve: Her sons prove
themselves worthy of their sires.
By Major Myres—Our nautical enterprize:
A source ol wealth in peace—a means of victory
in war.
By Wm. W. Sharp, Esq—General Bolivar:
Tim character of him who having conquered the
enemies of his country, con conquer himself, re
quires no commentary.
Tim Portsmouth Riflemen anti Greys having re
turned from Norfolk timed at the " Cottage.”
The Constitution 'of the U. S. The best speci
men of wisdom, equity and justice; it will stand the
test of poli.icti scrutiny.
Gen. La Fayette: The companion of Washing
ton, our country's friend—we have received him
with expanded arm*', under the tree of Liberty,
planted by hi* aid and in hi* immediate presence pu
taken of the fruit* thereof—we have rallied around
the stand ird hi* valor assisted to erect, nud resolv
ed tosuppor? it. Ili* fame consists not in theadtila
tion of sycophants; hut in merit, and the gratitude
of million* of freemen.
The Kr- Presidents of the U. S. They have
retired from th< ir labors loaded with the applauses
and approbation of their country.
The Union of the States ': The best security
f t national happiness—" United we stand—divid
ed ne fall.”
South America: Her fields are moistened w ith
the blood of heroes who fell contending for their
rights. H:.e must he free!
The freedom of the Press: Invaluable_and let
those that write for it he free to write.
By Ntl*on Millar, Esq. James Pleasants,
Governor aj Uirftinia: No les* distinguished for
his goodne*'. of heart, ih-m for the correctness of
his political sentiments.
Ry En*ign Gayle of the Riflo Company. Com.
James Barron, of Pie If s. Aacy; The on sha
ke friend of his country.
M John XV. Murd.nigh, F«q. The Catholics of
Ireland: May they, ere Soother return of this me
morable day, sound an nppe-d to the Mri(i*h Parlia
ment, a* g!o iotis and a* effectual in its results as
was that aouaded by our father! on the 4\L Jay ol
July ’76.
The Artillery company of Sheppcrdatown, and a
number of citizens celebrated the Fourth, ou the
Banks of the Potomac.
John Quincy Adams: President of the United
States—may his administration prove as satisfacto
ry as that of his predecessor.
General La Fayette: We hail hint as our best
and dearest friend.
Our Constitution: Its energies ara invigorated,
and its blessings secured by a recurrence to its first
The Republic of Colombia: She has assumed
her rank among the nations of the earth—may her
national existence be perpetual.
At Harper's Ferry.
George Washington, the father of American In
dependence—the friend of freemen, and the polar
star of liberty.
The Nation’s Guest, the virtuous Lafayette: The
friend of America in adversity; millions of freemen
hail him with gratitude.
The Army ol the United Slates: Composed of
the sons of America, Chippewa, Eric and New
Oilcans have shown their merit.
The Navy ol the United States: Youthful iu years,
but mighty in prowess
By Joseph Hoffman: Dc Wit Clinton: our next
Vice l*i cadent.
By Joseph Byrne: Charles F. IMcrccr, the
strenuous advocate of tiro right of suffrage, and
the zealous promoter of internal improvement.
By Joseph Hedrick: The state of Virginia:
whose sons so eminently distinguished themselves
ou the ilny we celebrate.
By O. Sturdy; General Andrew Jackson, a cre
dit to his country, an honor to his friends, and a
terror to his enemies; may he never be forgotten by
(he freemen of America.
By James Moore: M -jor General Andrew Jack
son: the choice of the people, let him trample on
t ho Clay of Kentucky.
By James Riley: The President of the United
States: may it be said of him, oil the 4th March,
1823, “ well done good and faithful servant, enter
thou into the joys iu reversion for tliec.”
By Captain Bowers: General Andrew Jack
son: The hero of New Orleans, he lias proved
himself a vigilant and efficient officer, a constant
and undcviuliue patriot, and a iudicious counsel
Hi/ Dr. J. II'. Tinner: Eternal disgrace to the
( lay alliance, and a rope to every conspirator of
the A. II. pint. To which Mr. L’. IITagcr added.
Alas! poor Edward*.
At Shannondale Spring, Jefferson Co.
Henry S. Turner acted as President, assisted
by Col. (i. II' Uwnphriyi—atul II. L. Opie as
Vice-President, assisted by Doct. .*?. J. Cramer.
Our Co j:.try : Justice her guide, neutrality her
policy, liberty and self-government her constant
The Congress of the United Staten : May their
object be the public good, unembarrassed by party
or intrigue, together with shorter sessions, more
business, and lees wine.
The Navy: Its prowess is acknowledged by
the world—well may our country be proud of its
The Army : Without the advantage of discip
line, it conquered conqueror*.
Our militia and volunteers: They have prov
ed that a fi«e people will never want gallant de
By H. S. Turner, the president. The venerated
memory of our Fathers of the Revolution: With
their blood they vindicated the liberties they he
queathed us— to the last drop we will defend the
eacied inheritance.
B.v If. I- Oj ic, the vice-president. William H.
Crawford, late .Secretary of the Tieasury—an hon
est man and a virtuous statesman.
By Col. Humphiey*. Commodore David Por
ter, the liberal scholar, the gallant soldier, the firm
:,| d zealous patriot—speedy confusion to his ene
By Doer. Cramer. The late President, Colonel
Monroe: His administration was so exactly oon
forinnble to the example set by Washington, that
every one saw and acknowledged the resemblance.
The Declaration of Independence was read by
E. R. V as3, Esq. and an Address delivered by
Richard ('. L. Moncure, Flsq. An excellent din
ner wan provided for the occasion; Murray Forbes,
E-q. acted as President, and W. C. Beale, as Vice
'The memory of George Washington: The
pyramids of Egypt have tailed to commemorate
their founder; but Mount Vernon, without a tamb,
will ever he known a* the grave of Washington.
General Lafayette: From the Atlantic to the
Mississippi; from Florida to the great Dikes, have l
been poured forth for him a nation’s greetings,
and a nation’s prayer is offered up for his health
and happiness.
The President of the United States: To use
the words of a generous rival “ Let Iris administra
tion he judged by its measures.”
J he Hattie oj Hunker Hill; \V ith our North
ern Brethern, we will cherish the glory of that
day at our common inheritance, and recollect it
with the same exultation that we call to mind York
or Eutaw.
The Fire-President of the United States:_
Elected by the almost unanimous voice of the na
tion. He has only met with the reward due to his
brilliant talents and distinguished services.
Our Sister Republics of the South: May they
ever form with us a holy alliance against the foes
of Liberty.
Hi/ the President: The next President. May
he be the choice of the people, not'the choice of
Hi/ the Vice President: General Rolivar. He
is following the virtuous career of our Washington.
Judge Coulter: Fire trade and sailor’s rights.
How zee Peyton: Benjamin Watkins Leigh.
'Die able defender of the Virginia Constitution; suc
c»<8 to his exertions to quiet the troubled spirits of
the reformists.
K. Mason, jr. The Confederation of the U.
S'atea. Tho’charged by a southern Troup, let us
adhere to the old maxim" united we stand, divided
we fall.'*
It. C. A. Moncure: Win. II. Crawford. The
laurels of his civic glory, show more lovely in the
solitude ofliis retirement.
At the Stafford Springs ; the Declaration of In
dependence was read by James French, Esq. ac
companied by some appropriate remarks: after
which, an Oration was delivered by John P. Phil
lips, E-q A large number of Lnd'es and Gentle
men pa, look of an excellent Barbecue, prepared
l.y Mr Dickinson. William French lieing ap
pointed President, and Charles Tackett, Vice Presi
sfi/.ectkd Toasts.
The Declaration of Independence. The bri-lit
est lamp in the temple of Freedom.
Jefferson,. Madison tf. Monroe. Virginia’s noble
sons, and the Nation’s ornaments.
The President of the United States; guided
by the Constitution. May his meueures give gener
al satisfaction. b
; tlrn. Hu Fayette. Tyrants rnay awe, ronquer
I ,,r'< s,|hduc, and state-men have their parlie-, but he
i .done can boast ot ten millions of free, sincere, am!
groateful friends.
William ft Crawford. The useful man; who
j liter having benefited hjs country by his iabornsis
service-, now enjoys in retirement, the snubs of an
j approving conscience.
Jlgriculture. The mother of all other pursuits;
may she l>o properly respected by those in authori
ty, and not di-abled for the benefit of her offspring.
/ he Supporters of the Fork Jim. Entitled to
the thanks of the Stntr. for having i.ived her /rom
I (Ij-grace.
Samuel .McLean, of Alexandria. Tr.e memory
of Patrick Henry, the apostle of Freedom. ^
James French. The legislature of Virginia;
may a majority of its member* be always found
willing to sacrifice their popularity to save the honor
and credit of the State.
Stephen L. French, Ime Constitution of A ir
ginia, framed by Sages of the Revolution; we should
regard it with the reverence due the work of those
who gave us liberty—may it remain a monument of
their wisdom.
The President. The memory of Col. John Tay
lor, late Senator from A'lrginia to the Congress of
the UnitcJ States—the practical farmer, the enligh
tened statesman, the consistent politician, the friend
of State rights.
The late Anniversary of our Independence was
celebrated in a most spirited anil agreeable manner
in the Grove at lluckhorn Church, in Maney’s
I Neck, N. C.
Tire day was ushered in by the discharge ol
Artillery—.at 10 o’clock, Capt. Maney’s Troop of j
Cavalry paraded and remained On duty for an hour,
when they were dismissed.
The festivities of the day were preceded by Di
vine Service, performed in the Church, by the
Rev. Daniel Southall, whose patriotic feelings
were evinced upon this as upon other similar occa
sions, when Henry AV. Long, K«q. after an elegant
and appropriate prefatory address, read the De
claration of Independence. The company (both
ladies and gentlemen) then withdrew to the Grove,
where they sat down to a table abundantly spread
«ith all the delicacies of the season. The ladies
having retired, and the cloth being removed, Doc
tor Thomas Borland was called to tile chair, assist
ed by Thomas Maney, Esq. when the following
toasts were drunk, sppropiiately accompanied by
the liiing of cannon, and a variety of patriotic and
pleasing tongs. • The enjoyments of the day were
much enhanced by the presence of a large number
of ladies, comprising the beauty and fashion of the
surrounding country, to whom the companies were j
greatly indebted for tire tasteful arrangements of
the table.
The Federal Union : AVe this day renew the
pledges of our lives, our fortunes, and out* sacred
honor to maintain and defend it.
The Rights of the States : Jealousy, in watch
ing over these,may be admitted among the virtues.
Agriculture, Commerce and .Manufactures: |
Unrestrained, and without bounties to force, may j
they prosper.
vTciirjni r aycnc . j. nc s trice* r : \
The friend of Washington, and Soldier of our .Re
volution—We look on him with feelings of deep
gratitude and affection.
General Andrew Jackson : Let the nation be
grateful and aiTcctionate for his toil and his peril.
Alexandria, D. C. July 7.
To the Memory of a perfect Alan: General
George Washington.
The President of the U. States : True to the
trust committed to him, may he never want the
confidence and support of his fellow citizens.
The Hcadsof Departments : Their talents and
integrity the best security for the faithful discharge
of their high and important duties.
The Ex-Presidents of the U. States : Their
public services and private virtues entitle them to
cpir respect and esteem.
The Friend to America and Liberty : Gen.
Ls Fayette : May favorable gales waft Itim in
s^'ety to his native land, and amifkishe rural scenes
of l^a Grange, long may he live to enjoy the con
sciousness of a well-spent life, and to receive the
continued testimonies of veneration and gratitude
f.om evsry iriend to freedom.
Lotivar, toe Liberator : Long may he live to
enjoy the highest reward pf gallant achievements;
the love, honor and confidence of his countrymen.
By Lieut. Dunlap. Gen. Andrew Jackson:
though a “ Military Chieftain,” and not the
“ greatest Statesman,” he has a soul too puie
to sacrifice his country’s good on the altar of am
By Afr. Afeade. William II. Cranford: Though
his enemies have endeavored to blast his reputa
tion, and detract from his well earned fame, yet
there is a jewel in his character which will not
be permitted to linger unnoticed in the darkness of
By .Mr. McKenzie. Henry C lay: Fearless in
the discharge ofTluty, he is not to be awed by
intemperate factinnists.
By Afr. Sanford. John Randolph of Roanoke:
The eloquent and consister.t patriot.
^ Philadelphia, July 6.—At Field’s Hotel
the foity-ninth Anniversary of American Inde
pendence was celebrated by a number of the demo
cratic citizens of the county of Philadelphia, a
Field’s Hotel, in Fourth street above Callowhill
tt.eet. The Declaration of Independence having
been read by Jacob Holyate, Lsq. the Company
sat down to an excellent entertainment, at which
the lion. Daniel H. .Miller presided, assisted by
Judy,* .Morton and Dr. William Ihtnkel. After
the doth was removed, the following toasts were
drunk, interspersed by a number of very fine patri
otic and sentimental «ongs. The Company, after
having spent the afternoon with greet hilarity, se
parated at an early hour in perfectly good order.
Thomas Jefferson. The author of the De
claration of Independence, the patriarch of de
mocracy : In tiic decline, as in the outset of his
useful career, still devoted to the improvement of
the human race.
Washington. A hero without ambition, a
statesman without guile, a pure and disinterested
General Andrew Jackson. The persevering
patriot, the inflexible republican; too honest to in
trigue for powei, too noble to flatter for it. His
cause is safe with the people, because it la theirs.
John C. Calhoun. Jin 1812, the boldest states
man to assert the nation's honour, and the peo
ple’s rights; in 1821, the lirst to sacrifice his own
advancement to the people’s wishes.
Our JValional Guest. Posterity will envy ua
the happiness his visit has conferred. We envy
France the last years of La Fay ette.
The cause of the Greeks. The prayers of all
good men rest upon it : an over-riding Providence
will bless it.
The Democratic party. The people have felt
its practical advantages : May they never be cajol
ed inlo its abandonment by fine sentences and hollow
The annor of the * Military Chieftain'—11 i«
sword, the Peoplo’a will—hinplumc, the people’*
glory—his shield, the people’s love.
By James S. lluber. Commodore David Por
ter : His services are indelibly impressed upon the
hearts of his countrymen—-May his errors be writ
ten upon the sands of the Southern Ocean.
By Hickory dub, A'o. 1. Philadelphia—
The People : The rightful sovereigns of our
Country; their will the supreme law of the land;
their happiness the true end of all virtuous govern
Andrew Jackson : the brightest Constellation in
the Political Galaxy of the United States. His
sound Democratic principle#, virtues and services,
asfturo us that with him as our next President,
corruption will be banisl ed, and our country res
tored to the proud eminence to which a Jefferson
had raised i*.
The Vice President of the United States, John
1 C, Calhoun : He obeyed the voice of the People
i in support of their favourite son; by the People
w.ll he be remembered in his turn.
Thomas Jefferson : The b'.igc and Patriarch of
Democracy, the able Expounder of the Rights of
Man, the Advocate of C ivil and Religious Liber
ty ; a Nation’s blessing* surround him in the
peaceful shades of retirement.
Commodore Porter : A l>rave and proud Ame
rican, who has supported the honour and dignity of
his country in every clime. Such men should only
be recalled to be promoted.
Ily Frederick Stoever : The Usurped «eat of
the Presidential Chair; may it be Occupied on the
i 1th of March 1929, IS7 our distinguished fellow
citizen, Andrew Jackson, expressed diiCetlyby
the votes of the freemen of the United State*,
without the aid of a corrupt and disgraced Con
By E. T. Scott : Mr. Clay : Like Esau, he
sold his birth-right for a mess of pottle; tnay the
people of the United States give him the mittimus
“ depart ye cursed."
By H. S. Hughe* : Captain David Porter; The
intrepid defender of his country’s honour, a fair
specimen of Americun valour; an Imbecile Admin
istration can'never crush tlie tnan who relies on
the protection of a grateful people.
By W. >1. Duncan : The compatriot* of Em
mett, too pure for the atmosphere of courts:
too proud for the livery of a Kttig.
By James Page: Jackson and Adams; mark
the difference—the one elected, not inaugurated
the other inaugurated, not elected.
The Society of the Cincinnati of Pennsylvania,
after the transaction of its annual business and the
appointment of its officers, dined at the Franklin
House in Philadelphia.
The glorious and beloved memory of the great
and good Washington. Enujared to his country
and respected throughout the world.
Major General Lafay ette. The gallant Assertor
of our Country’s Mights, and the faithful Friend ol
her happiness; whose cordial and unrivalled recep
tion as the Nation’s Guest attest the unanimous
and grateful attachment of Twelve Millions ol
Major General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney,
President General of the Cincinnati. The distin
guished Patriot, Hero and Statesman.
The glorious cause of the Patriotic Greeks—
Speedy and complete success to their gallant ef
The cherished memory of our departed Associ
ates iu the Revolution War.
Our surviving Brothers of the Cincinnati :
Whenever convened to celebrate the National In
dependence, the iicknowlodgement of which at
tested the fidelity of their service anil the successful
performance of their engagements to the United
By Col. Allen M’Lane. The Old Continental
Congress of 74, 75 and 70, their Bills of Credit and
Committees of safety.
.1 Teacher Wanting.
IU ANTING .a flu* Uapjiuhumiock Acadruiv f»-r the rnniin^
M y«*r, a well <• u.«!i tied Instructor in the Greek aud Lain.
Lan^uap ». aud (lit branch?* of ICm;!i*4i KJucaiion,
< inhtariitg the Mathematic k*. Anion:; the adviMitn-.;?* ol th«
institution ii its *liable situation on an airy, healthy «itr, in an
agreeable ntighltuuihooil, extensive building*, a well u itcicd
Library, and .1 linn, with ahuud.ince ul fuel.
ii i» netieveu in.,1 a .Uinour i.l ilu im pel might advanta
geously combine the congviu. I offices of literary and religious
Instruction, to whom a ptefercncs- would he given, if pcwsesscl
of equal scholastic iiualiiiralioiis to o.ln r coinpeliloi...— Appli
« a'ionv ire icque-tculu lie made to Joint Dickinson, l*mtmi-tcr
it the Academy, through whom correspondence will te con
ducted, liy (lie Hoard ot Tiuttce-.
JOHN II. UEk.NAKD, Pre.’dl of the DoarJ.
J'Jv *■ _ 17—wtiw
Treasury Department,
.March 11, I82i).
Ur HERE AS, on the 3d of March, a law w I- pa- * 1 hy
tlie Cohgteas |J tlie L'liiti I State-, ol' winch the 3d, -Uli,
ami 5th sections, are in the wolds following, via.
Ser.3. Anti lit it furth. r emu te,/. That a subscription to
the amount of twelve millions ol dollar* of thr six per ctul.
•lock ol the year eighteen hundred nuj thirteen, be, and the
same is beretiy, proposed : for which purpose books sliail he
opened al tlie Trrasuiy of the United State-, and at the seve
ral loau Olficcs, on the first day of April neat, to continue open
until the first day of October thei caller, for »ucli parts . f the
aim*e-iuculiotitd description of aim k, as shall on lltr day ol
subscription, stand on the books of the Treasury, and on those
of the several loin "(lires, respectively; wiiirh subscription
•ball b» effected by a tianslcr to tlie United estate.-, in the man
IIC.C provided tiy law for so, h limn>leis, of the cicdil oi credit
•landing un said books, and by a surrender ol the certificates of
the stock so subscribed. Provided, That all subscription by
-uch tianslr. of stock, shall be. cousideted a> part of the said
twelve mliliousol dollars authonscdlo be hollowed hy the lint
f cl ion of this act
“Sec. -1. And be it further enacted. That, for the whole or
any part of any sum, which shall be thus subscribed, uediu
shall be entered to the respective subscribers, who shall be en
t if led to a ctiiilirate or certificates, purporting that the United
States owe to the- holder or holdeis thereof, his, her, or tlreir
assigns, a sum to he expressed therein, equal to the amount ol
the puncipal stock thu, subscribed, heating au interest not ex
es rding four and one half per centum per annum, payable
quarteily, fi nn the thisty -first day of December, one thousand
* ighl bundled and twenty-five; Uaiufvrralilr in the same man
ner a- is provided hy law lor the transfer of the stuck subscrib
ed, and subject to redemption at the plcasuie of the Unite,!
Slates, as follows; one hill at any time after the thirty-fiisl
Joy ol December, one th >u-md eight huiiiiieil and twenty
eijjlit, and the remaiudcrat any time after the thu ty-first day
ol December, one thousand eihIit bundled uud twenty-nine';
I'rtnided, Tint u» reimbursement -ball be made, except lor ilu
whole amount of such uevv certificate, nor until aftei at lea.-1sis
month*’ public notice of such intended reimbursement. An,!
It sliail be the duty ot the Secrelaiy of the Treasury to canst
to be i e-transferr, <1 to the n-«pt. tivc subscribers the several
-inns by lilt m subset died beyond the am >unt of the certificate;
of four and one-half percent, stork issued to them i espec lively,
‘i Sec. 5. And be il further enacted, That the same fuud:
which have heretofore hern, ami now aie pledged by law foi
the payment of the niteie-t, and for the redemption and reim
bursement of the stock which may be redeemed or icimhurstd
by virtue of the ixovisions of this act, shall remain pledged^,
like manner for the payment of the interest accruing on tin
stock cteated by leuuu of such sub-oriptinn, anil for the re
demption ot reimbursement of the puncipal of the same. And
il shall he til* duty of the Commissioners of the (jinking Fund
to ciuve to he applied ami paid, out of the said fund, yeai lv and
evtiy year, such -urn anil sums as may he annually required V
discharge the inteiesl aerming on thr stock, which may be cre
ated by virtue of tins act. The said Commissioners are alsi
hereby authorised to apply, from time to time, surli sum and
-urns out of the said fund, a* they may thiuk proper, toward
redeeming, hy purchase, or hy reimbursement, in r„i tonr.ily
with thr piovismns of llti- act, the principal oi the .- ml stock
and-uch part of llicaunu.il -inn of ten raillion^f dollats, ve*t
esl by law, in the said Commissioners, as may W ncre»sary an,
requite,I for the shove purposes, shall be, and continue appro
pi rated to the payment of interest and redemption of the nub
lie debt, until Hie whole of the -took which may he created
under the morisioni oi this act, shall have been i> deemed oi
trow, thcrefure, iVottce tt hereby given, That haolc. will In
opened .1 the Ttcaiury of the United Butts, and at the severs
loan offices, on the lir.-t day of April next, and continue opet
until the first day nf October the reafter, for recoiling subset ip
tson« in conformity with the provisions at ttiesaid law.
The subscriptions may be made by the proprietors of tin
stork, rilher iu person m hy their Attorneys duly authorized ti
subscribe and transfer it to the United Slates.
Should subscriptions of .aid dock be made to an amount ex
ceeding Iwel, e million! nf dollar*, a disti ihutinn of the said sun
nf twelve millions, will hr mad* among the subscribers in pro
poition to Ihr ruins subscribed by I lie in respectively.
Acting Secretary cf the 't'reaeury
March as. __ ' m» aim.
tKH TffUW? lie ,'d«ntrv'", j •ins."
V7 OT1CK II hereby given, that on lb* fir.t day of Ortnhei
la neat, the principal of the Six per Cent. Slock of th* Uni
led States, eirals.d under the authority of an act of Congres
entitled, “ An art author long a loan for'a sum not exceedint
eleven millions of dollars,” opened on the tsurterulh day o
March, one llmucnol eight hundred and twelve, together will
1 lie interest due thereon, will he paid to the proprietors of sail
Stoi k, or their attornies duly authorized, at the Treasury o
the United Stabs in Washington, and at the several Loan i)ffi
res, on the Hindis ofwtiir it any portion of "aid Stork may .land
A surrender of the certificates of said Stock will bererpiirei
it th* Inur ..I payment, and the interest on said Stock will ceasi
fi oni and aflei the thu tietii Jay of September next.
Acting Sec’ry Trea-ury.
May to, ) »25, 1—30lhS
RAN away from the subscriber about two months ago Gram
• derson, a man alum! 2Sycsr< of age, a coarse r irneutcr
and is remaikally white fm a slave, and might be readily tj
ken for a while man ; is a strong active well set fellow ralhei
shove ordinary si re. II* may have n scar on hi* forehead be
trveen, orratlirr above liis eyebrows,ranging up ami down, as
Gy accident the e,l;c of an ai* flying from its hclrecut him
thrre soar tears ago. On* of liis arms was broken when small
nr.ir the wrist joint, and it is believed the left, sslio'h shows
that joint enlarged, and gives it the appearanco of dislocation
beiulmg outwards, with th* end of the outer Hone of the arm
next to the joint considerably inerr ased in si/e. Hi* r ye* are
’due .ami In* lt,ir i> very straight, >’f i dingy vellosynli whit*,
bad petliau, when be went off a black fared flat an I a blue
broad rlr,th roundabout Coat, lie is a blunt *p ikn fellow,
•peaks with aum ttuc and .lutters ami stammers in speaking.
| i”i olaily when confused. Hi* pmpo*e is doiihtlex to pa**
i« a free man. I will give one hundred dollars for his i.ife
delivery in any jail so that I «el him again, end will pay he
•isles any ,hie expert'** for bis rltlivcy to mo at uiy resi
lience in the county of Franklin, North Carolina
.Ton* 17 1W>. 12— tf
liactunm-Ford AliUn Jnr Sale.
f rMfK ml- f rif.rrt Waving (lurchBJtd Ihe ahovfc Atsllif BI'Hr a
I deetf of Irnd, M not tKin; RfqBBiiMtH With th* mttlmf
hn-im«tf .iff tlhrotfil fo «elt Infm \try elirap* Th*y lift on
l!i* Itwpid Ann Itivrr. in th* '•mitiliffof Orin^ n l (iulpep’ r,
in»l co mi t of i ]ilmuf<ict(frtiie« Orifly 8aw. aii«l Platter Mill;
ipirkinx It ift ami a Cardins MicHihf. Th* Mm on fir faring
Mdl i« mfdrft'iMahld r^piif« (or ih« next gntnlift* n-4*
-on. TfiC <rfid Mill, Jtr. are new. *
Thi« prnprity issri nflv in(i;fMn)v lofatftd that if it htlfftved
' ih"»»«inil hv*«h<l« of wheal a «ratoii can ha com
| mainled with imirh e;i4i -fh if fh* foil from the c »rn mill will
* areraj5* Iwo fciindted und (ifly Wi^h, an I that ihe na mill,
Hiding nr* Khine.hf. will command a vaiimhlf Ciwtftin tinder pro
per m 'ni^Mfinif. All d»*po«e.l to in the mill
ing: hmiiM***, an* irttrfed i » mike a perional in«per,tir>n, a« fhr
»il»4*rther* i*e| confident, po f'*»d « Mfjfiitn will rm lr he t>f
frrfil in ni'ffrlf of fhi4 kind* JACKSON MOII TON.
Jwtf a! I _ II I Am
V? IUEKAL pi ice will he paid mi *a«h fur » few likely
he lihy ynonf tfEdRO Vf. Y and IfOV^iV. A hifhrj
price will he ^weuto flu ff wh«» will 4*111 n»n.a * t of Shrff thu
have bee ft ra*4*d together off one farm.as they ate Hoi wanted
for tuff nl*fv n. Eniiuirt K fhis Oflitt*
J-aly It* 1%-it*
A IX t»viug claims against the Eslxtf al the late Er.
si Wm. Foushee, oen. dec. are hereby notified and required
o make them know a to the undersigned, tu order that piovtsiua
uiav be made tut their discharge.
And all persons indebted tu the Mid Estate are earnestly re
quested to make immediate payment tu
With the will aoneaed ol' Wm. Foushee, Sen. dec
Sept. 17.__30— wtf
\jki AS cuimuitledtn llieiail of IVinre William county, on the
* * 3d day ol March, 18«Js, ai a runaseay, a negro man named
HARPLUPP—he states that he i« the property of Mrs. Milly
Fage,of Richmond comity, Va. Said runaway it about forty
years old, of tlaik complex ion, about 5 feet two inches hirb; lie
tool on wlieu committed, a dark brown coatee aud Mue pants
foonj.—The owner of said runaway U hereby required tocoaie
lorward, prove property, pay charges and lake him away, or
he will be dealt'w ilh as the faw direct*.
Aprils, tl.S—wlJw JOHN MERCHANT, Jail or.
XI.’ As c> III milted to the Jail ol Albemarle county, as a Kua
V» away, nn till-‘^2d dav ol March Inst, a negro mau named
MARTI N, about 30 or 35 years of age, aud ii 5 fiet 4 inches
bicli. The above negro is tbe pruprilv of Joseph Cosby ol
Louisa county, is hired to Mayberry Ac Weaver, of Roekbtulgr
comity. The owner of said negro is requested to come forward,
prove property,pay charges and take him away, or he will be
dealt with as tile laiv directs.
Of Alhenin It- count).
Junes. ft—w3i„
\LL persons haring claims against the estate of Win. Gdlt,
drr. will bring them forward properly authenticated for
p i viiii ul, »nd iliuse indebted to the estate, or to the late concern
of Unit 4c Joliujoii, will n. ik.- payment to us, without delay.
JOHH ALLAH. \ Executois of
WILLIAM LJLP, i Windfall,dre
Apri! 5. tOI...4ni
lamd for Sale.
ON tli** 2*»lh «lav of Ancii'l next, if fair, otherwise the next
fair dnv, vrill pmilixt'fv he *nld uti tin: pmni" 4 to (be
liiclifxt biduemfor Ca»lt,tht* l-uni and houses conveyed hy Tho
01 »* N. (irviiKtatnl wil'v in ImU to the sub-cr»ber«, cont lining
III an .xml situated m King William county, adjoinin'; (hr
l*i)dtt£ Ti ee, uii flic river, to itfy the purpose* <>f the said
deed* JOHN CHEW, * # #
CAilTEll 1IUAXTON, { trutt€€S
June 21. KJ—wCw
To .Mrs. Ann V. Claiborne :
UNl)KKbTANl)l>U you .tie not an inhabitant of Virginia,
I take the mode prc«ctihed by law, for notifying you, that
I shill on the Jd Thu rad a \ iu Auj'irt, at the only tavern kept at
Nrwkent courth iy»r in Vitgmia, In tween the hours of ten in
llic luic .m<I iix in the afternoon, pioceed to lake till* dcj»o«iti
on* dr hem* e*5C, of Col. Wui. H. Macoii an.l other*, and con
tinue from day to day till completed, and at IDookV Tavern, in
M.iiu heater, on the folhming Saturday, hettvet n the same honit
• »l that day, the deposition, dr Irene cue, ol Thninaj Hood, and
*thcr*, to he trad m evidence dr bene e>»e,on tho trial of the
tom* now dernnJiug in the 8ii|»eiior court of law fur the count*.
•d Henrico, Jirectro by the Superior Court of Chancery for the
(tirliinond Dixitict, in the Milt therein depending, in the mine
»jf Wm. Dangci fir Id V representative* and other*, plain! til*,
vj* yourself and other*, defendant** YourN. kc.
WILLI AM J. DICKINSHN, admV dc bonis non,
with the will annexed of Wm. Daiigci field.
June 24 1825. it—wtJw
Manufactory, near the Union Hotel.
^1111 K subscriber re-pirthilly informs hi* fticiM* nml tin
*• public eeucrallv, that In* ha*on h ind. \Vh*-.»t l**it»i*, Corn
S hellers, single and double Shovel Plough*, Corn Cultivators,
and almost every* other description of Agricultural imple
ment*, all of which heoflVr* low, for ca*h.
June 17. 12—%HfVVII.LIAM PAI.MER.
Two doors ubove COHEN'S Lottery-Office.
IN forming the above establishment, the prop* telor* have been
duly iuipiessed with the import ante of furnishing the public
with genuine Medicine*, compounded with the most scrupulou*
atteution to the principle* of Chemistry and I'harmacy. Iriflu
enred hy those considerations every elfort has been made to
rentier their concern deserving of public support. A member
of the firm li.v -elcrtcd si the t>c*t market the principal articles.
No expeiMe has spared in prorming the mo*t approved.
Measure* have been adapted for obtaining from Apotnecaties*
11 all, London, such articles as cannot be fui untied equally good
A Laboratory is attached to the establishment, in which che
mical* requiring pai'iniUr caie in preparation, and such as ate
perishable in their nature, are maiiufactuicd, viz :
Prussic Acid.
Oxide of Hixmuih.
in in/*, (tin* febrifuge ptiuciple of Irufc.)
Pyroligneous Acid.
Pure Nitric Acid.
Muriate of Gold.
Morphia, ( inodyiie principle of opium )
Extract of Sarsaparilla.
And the »lhtr concentrated an l powciful remedies recetilly
introduced into medicalpractice. J
It will he generally admitted that;« certaiu degree of skill and I
science nre requisite qualifications of an Apothecary, and lh.it 1
the comp uindiot; *»t Mediriufs should be intrusted onlv to pel
sons con vet * ant with the-principle* and m inipi.l stiom* of thr !
art. The evils resulting horn tlie employment ol*hoys o* pej
sous unacquainted with the business, have induced the* deiei
oiination not to admit such into the establish'!** nt, whic h wn
t>e cotihticd to the composition and rale of articles employed a
medicine. 1 J
Valuable Rea! Estate for Sale.
r I lHE Traci of Laud upon winch ih.* i.b.crinrr re.iilcj, h
X lb« rni'iity of Mecklenburg u|.on Hoanuke river,ten mile
SmitaEul o| the Couilhon.e, containing twelve hundred an.i
lifl>- four acrei, of which two humlre.l and ten an<«, bv a
accurate survey. are liver low ground: in addition to whirl,
there are several acre* of detached niece. of flu l«..(| up,, ,
the different water cour.e. pairing through it. Al.uui t uh.
boiiilreil anj fifty arieiof the high land ,ue -landing ii. wood
jllol whi h will produce tobacco; hut above COO" acre, an
productive tobacco, cotton or wheat land. The plantation hull,
of high land and low ground i. productive; a good pioporlioanl
>»huh i. fitted fur the culture of tobacco or rotten, and all f...
any other crop u.uallv cultivated in Virginia. Every kind of
improvement, cither for the ronvr i.ient and comfortable aecom
niod.itiou of a family, or the securing of a large crop of every
description, i. upon thi. e.tate. I( i'j not often that an e.taten
sinn may he h.irl the 25th day of December next, with the right
to seed wheat this fall in due timed “tie fourth of the purchase
money will lie required when possession is given, the balance
, to lie divided into three equal annual pay incut*; from that time
satisfactoiy security will he required.
One other tract in the county of Mecklenburg, within one
mile of the courthouse, at which place there is a village,which
affords a good neighbourhood market; Hus tiact contains tiro
hundred and twenty two acres; a small plantation recently
openej <T about fifteen acres, with a few new cabins put up
by the present tenant; about one hundred and Iwrritv acre, of
this land is tobacco land ; these two tracts will he shewn by
the subsetiher,and inliis absence hy some agent who will af
wayv he in place for lhat purpose.
A third tract of tobacco laud, lying in the county of Ilrnry,
containing three hundred and eighty arres, upon I.calherwood
Creek,upon whirh there isa small plantation well euclo-ed,
. and some log houses. This tract of land will he shewn hy Mr.
Wild, the tenant living apon it. Possession of these two ti arts
of land can he had on the 25th day of December next ; for the
two last Ir.iets of land one third the pure hn«e money will hr re
quired when possession is given; the balance in two equal
annual payments,for whirh security will l.e required.
I As agent ol Mr. St it Is II. fepi jgins of Alabama, I will sell a
tract ot five hundred acres of land lying in the county of Not
toway, and in that part of the county called the Fork of Not
toway, one half of this traet is wisod l-inil of good quality ; upon
it there was formerly a very profitable mill, which, although at
this lime it is entirely out of repair, coaid he rebuilt at a very
ine.onsisleruhle expense. The title to a pait »f this tract of
land is Mill in the subscriber, hut a deed w ill he ru r mad hy
him to the purchaser; for the other part the den* will In made
hy Mr. Vpragins and his wife. I, mil in Alabama, Kentucky,
ur Tennessee, or Stares at a fair price would be taken in ex
change for this tract of land, or it would he sold upon accom
modating terms as to time of payment.
Thirty Shares of Roanake Navigilion Stork, upon whirhall
the requisitions which have been made are paid, c an he had
The offering this property for sale will not interfere with (hr
professional engagements of the subscriber; thev will be faith
fully fulfilled. 6. GKKKN.
June i7. i •
IN conformity f.i an ict ol' the General Assembly of this
Commonwealth, entitled, “An Act to reduce into one art
j 'lie several acts concerning Ksrhralors,” passed the 8lfl Jana
i tty ltt|9, I do hereby make known to all whom it may ron
cern, that it appear* hy cetliticale of the E*rh*ator of fltoii
| tester county, that the following parcels of land lying and hc
) mg in the said county of Gloucester, havr been touud, hy in
I q' ' *to oof escheat taken oft the 14th day of last May, to ev
| cheat to tojs commonwealth, viz :
| 11 adre« near 8rvtrn river, and 14 miles N. E. fi in Glou
cester courthouse.
i ti do da do do
of which two parcels of land Henry Keating, a foreigner slied
I seized, au l 41 tries ol Fofr>t Land, whereof George Dun
, can, a free man of culour died seized anJ nots» ,.ed.
W. HKLDKN, /i<?. E.OJfict.
I J : * 2’ 15 —wl!w
/ v DOLlAR ■ &E WARD.
I AN AWAY fr nm th* subscriber living in the county of
; f.V C.tr lm *. a necto man named MEGY UlICK. The said
I negra is about fl fi et 2 inches high, yellowish complexion and
I snare made, a Carpenter by trade ; has a white luck of hair on
| the left side i f In. bex-l and a bushy head of h.iti, some scars
ion his hands, and pne of his ankle* rx'htr larger than theother.
i It is supp o'd he is lurking about Dr.Thomas II. Anderson’s
; The above retvardwill be paid for apprehending ansi deliver
' log txid runxwty to tue, or lodge him in any jail so that 1 get
him again. THUS. WILSON.
! June 10. 10-wtf
I 4 I.L persons xtiilhaving Claims against the estate ef Newton
I /\ pord, dee. who was the Executor of John Ford, Seq. and
I tdrn’r of John Ford, Jr. dec. ate requested to present them for
I settlement.
STIRLING FORD, Ex’r of Newton Ford, dec.
June 23,1331. >0— w4w
w:\mf i
ITIRGINIA: AtiSuptrbrffmrtt/JXaneity Uuld*n atike i
^Capital, in the city ol Richmond, the 19th sUyofMai'cl,
John Lewis Carina and Philip J. Burnt, in hit own rigl“
and at adm’rde bouts noli of Lucy L. Paradise, dec. PluT>.
John Hopkins,former ad’mor of the itij Lucy L. Paradise,
dec d,Il-iuy Edloe, Sergeant or tbecitr of Williamsburg,and
coininiUee aud mlm’or of William Hodgson, dec’d, who was
alio en adui’or of Ihe said Lucy L. Paradise, .lec’d, Portie
Hodgson, widow of the said William Ilodg.on, John Wickham
| aud William lUmlridge, tiiistera under a deed from William
IJ.dg.nii and Portia hit wile, John .Marshall, Esq., nduior of ;
Willi im Marshall, who was one *1 the .reunites to the adni -
niitratum bond of John Hopkins and William Hodgson, form-r
adui’i. of Lucy L Paiadise; John Foster and Henry Lee, ii u.
the sillier securities to that l>»)ud ; tteoree K.per ami Maria U.,
hi. wife, who was Maria O.Marshall; William D. Taylor ami
Klira Adam, bis wife, who was Elm A. Marshall, Thomas U..
“***£ *{ohn J. M»r'Lall, infant child* to and only heirs uf
V\ 'Hum Mirdiailj ilpctaml, Dcfty.
Thu cause rauie on this day to be again heard on the papers
foiuurW read, the supplemental and amended hill, v hirhLth
been taken as coufessed against all the defend ants tin ruin, ex.
crpt Jobn Marshall, John Foster Mid llrury Edloe, the den*,
talordrr lor 'bat puipe e appealing to have been duly exeen*.
ed, the answers ol ibrlusl uauieddelendauts, and wai argued
bv count i|I: on consideration whereof, ll.c court doth onlei that
iiie .Ulen.lsot John Hopkins, do rendci before a commissioner ll
ol tliecnuil.an account ol hi. admiiilslrath ■> of the e.lsle of the
Jai l Lucy I.. Paradise i that the di lru.lant Kdh e, d » also ren
der an acrouut of his intestate's administration of the l
.juie estate, and of his own administration of the estate ag
ol his intr.Ute; that the defendant John Blar.hall, Jo ten- ■
uer before the .ante commissioner an acrouut of his adinin.i- V
tialion ol tlu estate of the said Win. Marshall, dec- .and that I
Hie defendant,, Ihe heir, „| the .:,id Win. Marshall, do at<. I
lender liclore the same cuinisiw.ioner, an acrouut of all tin: I
estate, iialantl personal, they may hare receistd fnu.hi.nl
am! Ihe said commissioner is dii eclcd to examine, state aud set* i
lie Ihe-aid account..,and report the ...me to the court, wnb S
an. w tilersspecially staled, deemed pertinent hy himself, or 1
"hicti may be required by the puilie, to be so stated. ;
A copy. Tele, W.M. W. 11KN1MO, C. C.
COMMISSION FK'S-OFFICF. Richmond, April 27,1S25
the parties interested will please lake notice, that l base
appointed the l!blidayoJ July next tocouimeiicr the account,
directed in the faregoiiq; order of until, ou which das at y
o cloek, a. III., they are required to attend at my office in thi,
cits , seit.i their accounta and vouchers ready fur examination
amt-ettb llt. u. BAUEIt, At. C.
______ 117—wtd
I.^ Goucluuinl County Court Jttli May
Urorje W. Pai rishex'or of Booker Parrish, deed. riifl
llavid M. Parri.h, Williain S. Hat*, and Huldah hi. wife
and Jarne. .O .her, tlira (:..o.lai.t, Ia.uisa Ann ami William S.
Hat. *,cl..lilr. 1. Cl the said H itliain S. Hates and ...
wit., Joel itiomaa and busaona b» wile,3ain.iel Iti.tberluid
and Aun In. wit , Archibald Itlill.eif.od and Marcaiel M. Id.
wilr, Liprcuil. Crank aud Polly j.i, wile, Thi uin. Edd. an.l
KJb‘7t'1r MV"1* Ps-nnb aml < unt hi. sW, and
Itol.c.11». 1 nri wh,Siuai.na ta. Pamahand Geo.3. Parrish chit- |.
dun of Itookci fa Pa.ri.h, the younger deed. Hells
The IJelemiart. William S. Italy ami Iluldah hie wife! .ml
•I . e, ll. okei, i'.it/a Constant, Louisa Ann and William S*
1. lie., U.lrl.iidi. noltlie ...... Will...,, 3. »«,.. a.,.1 HuldaU |
Ills Ml .u t having ciiteied then appeal an.« and rise., seruiity
molding to tha aelot Arrmbly and the, ul.su! tL, Court, 7mt
It appealing to the sati.f.Uon ..f the Court (hat they ..re not l:
••ils.it.,1.1.1. ol I ... state, .... ll.c Ii.otioi. ol Ih. PI i.iiu.r hy |,„ M. !
to'i.ev, it dried that the said Hslcc.la.it, Williams. Hates
... .! lle.titi.ti tin wife amt Jauiee Booker, Eli Constant Loui.a
Am. and W ilbam S. Hate, infant children ol the said William
b l..a.Ci a.ul Huldah 1.., wne.hi anpaar here on the thii.i
Monday nt August next u ml an.wer lift Plaintiff*, bill, an.l that
aiopy ol tin. oilier be forthwith intoted m ...me nuMii
I-I . u'Mi.uium inry‘'VulHnl,nioiid (or eight weeks ,u0.
ccsvrvelv and ifu| aim:N i copy lit pc,ted at liie front door i f
lire rnu-fhumc of this coun y on pro -urn «rivc court day,
. CO'?. ‘>'• W. MILLER, 1). C. L a.
_Ju".. 2d H,2u._ 8-w8w
J ‘N(„aUA;NltKtl‘ : V“6".M..-Vi U„li , Iiuldru u, thecic.k's
I Ortree of the counts- ol K.i > tfce Couitbou e
tiurr. f, on Mom!*}- tl.c Uh day uf June, 1: 25:
Henry A. Brown, assign, e of'E-jbertCourluey, FUtuliff.
A;iiihI ¥
Edward D. Neuliill ami Thomas Ntwhill, Defendant.
I hi. day ram. the plaintiff l.v Charles Hill, Ksn. Id,
nev, and It appearing hour an affidavit bled ,n this* cause that
lie delendaol, tdvv.;id D. NvuL.U „u,.t a rc.dent of tie -
vl.ile of Viigima, and that the ordinaly procrr, of this coutt
cannot be sirv.d tttrott him, it i decreed and ordered, that he
app. ar hew on or bet -re the 2nd .Moml.iv in Au*u t next aud
emer I... appeal am e and give ccu.ity for- the performance i f
the liiture decree of thiaCoi.it, ac:or.lin6 to the rules of the
Cuurt.und thataeonv ofthi. tide, he forthwith iusirted in
.11".e new,paper published in the city of Richmond lor two
month. Miccev-ivelv, and that another copy he posted at the
I.out door of the rourlhuuaa of ihiv county for two successive
court days. Acopv. Te-le/ 11
■Inn. It). 10-ail,, GEtr.ll.’ POINDEXTER. D.C.
L/lilUiMA: .si lute- hidden n> The Clerk, hffiee uftfe
. nf t the Kichnion.1 D„u,vt
the Gih day of June 1825.
Beverly B. Browne, Fielding Browne, and Orri* Brown-,
, • . Plointilf
Against n
UadeMusJ.v, Thon.a, Gatewood id hi, own right and as
excr. of lh,lemur, (ij . wood deed., Richaid and Willi:,n
Galenood, child, en and In ira will, I him,as Gat. w.. d ol he !
said Pliiloinou Gatewood deed., Thomas Mann Itarnlo! ih, Jr.,
and Susan hi, wife, Join. F. llovrcr, and Alary In. wile, anrj
Mary A. (, tlevvor d widow of Pl.Ptuiou Gatewood deed. x). .el,.
1 In: Be I ciula id. William Gatewood, and John F. Bowci i
•Mary Ins wife not having enteied their appearance and risen
secuity according to the act of A-..„,l,ly and the rule,of this
court, and it appearing l.y sati,factuty evidence, that they are
II lUhaliitaut, of tins country : Rlso.deitd, Uml the said
defendant. do appear here on the lirn day of th. next term and
au.wer the hill ol ll.« Plamiiff,; and tint a tops of tin, order
bi (o.-ihwith Mi.ei'ed m .otne newspaper published in the City I
oi Richmond, f r tsvo .iiou-.hs succes.ively, and posted at the
l:ont uoor ol tin capuol, in .be sai city.
A Copy. Teste WAI. W. IIKMNO, O. G.
Julv I. _
’ j>il >. auh.cr.her das mg a Factory of Farming Uten.ils iu
, tstchuiond, at the coiner ol E and 1 Othstreets, where may
if lia Mavis , new and much approved plan . f Ploughs and lus
M I a.icru, with the Bai-share. As also, a snmll U ir-share on
f-n truefio". A small Garden Plough to
*ur*yy, , . ’ d^uhlf ami dingle .Shovel Ploughs, «vith a vari
i ts of Cult.valor and Harrow., Wheat Fan., both double and
single, . I the most approved plain Avals.., other Uteri its made
i^L s it .'*V,MS ' “• I' S”1 » Blacksmith from the North my
i pi’ a J°": '‘”DP" '«- A, several persons have made and
, 1 *’‘“gh, calling them Dusts,, 1 may inform the public
thru in. olnerperson Ira- the privilege of making them iu Old
Vugima, cicept in Luiniou count}.
II. iv , as. , ^ TIIOMAS SPENCER.
Ih» hmond. March 22._ 104—wtf
Loo/c at this as you pas*.
J HE subscribe offer, for sale, the well known and desirable
.eek lire'. ’ "!Vcb be n,m r«‘Jes, lying on Ellt
'®V’ * c"V“'.v,v lrS»>™, containing two hundred and
eghty .1,. ee ar, es. There i- a vutlicuUcy of open land to work
.. I ‘,an‘ s ,t J advf“>'“p- The »<>ad land „ well timbered,
and w< i I adapted to the culture of tobacco. There is on tiie
premises a commodious and comfoPsIde Bseelling Ho.t-e, svrth
•rv room., and five fire place.,,and ither convenient homes.al.o
” ,... ... -aceiirm iriut. 1 Im tract cl Laud lie. i-j
» i ‘y’ :'"'1 re*Pecl»bleneighbourhood, fifteen milva
from Lynchburg eleven mile* from Bedford courthouse, and
live mile. frc.in New-London. Auyptno,, wi himr to purclm.e
he above tiact of land, cau know the term, of .ale by applying
March to._ |02—w|f
D AX away from the .uliacnher on the night 01 the 7<li rf
fir r"ST WATT' .. call, him
.ti Walt Hul.hard. He i.abiigl i mulatto, hit fact it uncom
monly marked with dark frrikler. he it about X or 27 >eait <.t
age, feel 10 or 11 me hr. high, it a Irim, .traight, well made
man ; and urrl m answering question,. lie wnt forneilvthe
property of Samuel Sloket of Carter,ville, and na.igated jarne«
Kiver several y ear,. It i, supposed he i. now lurking on taiil
river, between Lynchburg an,( Richmond. The above rewaid
will he pyul (or appr, h< mliug and delivering «aul runaway to
n,c, or securing him in jail to that I get him again.
r luvann* county, July 12. jg_21*
rpilE tiihiciiber it duly atuhoiiwdlo -ell tbit valuable estate
J. on which lie reside., belonging to hi. father, VVaile i>Ii ,be'
I In. eatate ha, been io recently aUvcitited and to well known
in.il a juitifulur cltfcription of it is deemed unne* cj.ary.
estate wo (hi river |>o»«#ssct most* advantage'. The huiidinct
are very convenient and in good rrpiir, ami eveiy acre of Uni
on the farm it io good order foi cultivation. The •m.all ti
periment. made with ihe cotton crop ha. sufficiently proven,
Ibatit it admirable adapted Io (hr growth of ll.at article. Befc.r
determined to tell, a bargain may he had by Ihoie ditpoted to
purcha.e. The .lock of eveiy deter,pli,m, farming utensil,,
Vc. may he had at ralualion ; and I ml) teed for Ihe purchaser
- cop ,.f Wheat at a fan price, for further particular, refer to
th..u'.c,.her. „ WADE MOSBY.Jr.
0,11 lf‘- J"ly 9 _ 18—wlf
rpilE subscriber offer* for .ale a very valuable E.tate whereon
J he I rude., containing hetween 11*0 and 1100 acre, lyine
in the upper end of Mecklenburg county, and running within
tc than one mile of 8t.mil,.n river—about 400 acre. i. cleared
,l nf,W K,rh b?.' b"n 5“ml lobaeco land, and a very’
.mail pan hut what .till retain, medly it. original .oil, and m it
.” justly ratad amongst the hert upland edal, a in the country
It i. fine wheat land, and I have no r,a»on In donht hut a. grd.i
fur cotton at any in thu section of country, and lam „..„plf.
paring ami planting about 50 acre in that crop. The .itiulhm
"ommodmu ' Th l,l,yrImprovement. are valuable and
comrnodiou.. Thnte who wish Io piqchate land, I invitelolook *
at thie—very rarelv they will meet with meh an opportunity.
A considerable part of the purcha.e money would be requ.r.-d
to he paid down, the balance in one ami two years, or n, might
•dhrrwi.e he agreed on, and a denlof trust on the land to .c
eurPth.nayme*. WM. BOYD.
clear i< ? Pr"P'**’**<»*» «f ‘bore tract of land yet (o
clvar l« toiHi Tulurco land. J
Jl,ly 8~___18—svgw
'TIIIF. »tih.erihrr will., II the ahore valuable tract of LAXl)
"" w1hirh *"• rmdes, lying on Appmnatto* river, near De
vil , Hi idge in the county of Che.trrfit 1,1. It contain. 900
an et, of whir h about 800acres arc river and rreek low ground*
A portion of the low ground,, *»y 40 or .50 acres, are fresh, ami
.nine 30 or 40 act e* more of fine quality yet remain to he clear
oil. I he high land lie, well—item,al l,. any in the nc,abhor
hned, and •», (a larger proportion than necessary) still in wood
The improvement. eon.id of a large and comfortable dwelling
hou*e, beautifully 'ituateri on an eminence ovcrlo »kinr the
plantation( kilrhen,quarter., .table,,lre-hou«e, eotlon gin, Ire.
Large and well eorwlrncled gramme, for the security of thu
rrop», ami an eacellent orchard, gard.n, he. Ire. The Soci
ety equal to Ihe bed country .oei'ety in Virginia, and the heal
Ihinet. of the neighbourhood uMaeaptlnnahle. Determined on
moving to the Wedern country, the subscriber will .ell tin*
property on moderate and e,a«y term., either for ea.h nr on .,
reasonable rredlf—or he will take in part nehange for it a few
negroes or land in North Abstain-) <* South Wed Tennessee..
Application made by letter (drierfcl to Wilkioonvillr p<„|_
Office) t<r Ihe •utwrrinet, or t • hi* brother Beniamin Waikm,
of Oheatericld, < r to Dr M 8 Watkin*of Unnl.vllle, Alaba
June 21. 1+ w9w*

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