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ijiWMi 1 d mmmm* i ■ ayn laMMig
TSr Liverpool Mercutv »4V* tlic lullowinx liuu art asciilied
to the late Ueucral Washington.
i'he Sav.ijjc hires In* native dt*>re,
Though ruth* th** mil, ami chill the air ;
Ami well may Brin’s sous ail re
Til** I Hid lh.it u.ttuie I»*r iiierl so fair.
What tlood lellecls J >h«»rr so .weit,
A* Shannon. «>i p.i.toial llum ?
Ur who a t,ieinl or foe ran hr,
•So gciieioils a-* ju It ishuuu !
His li.uitl i« rash, his heait i« w nra,
Hut principle i« -till his ^ui.le ;
None more regrets a deed **f Inrm,
And none lor<j«e« with nohler pride ,
lie may he duped, hut u ui't he dared;
I* liter to practice than to plan,
lie dearly eanuapoui reward,
Ami spend4 it lik* an Irishman.
Jt pool orstia*'*ey for mmi he'll pay.
And guide >ou whs r» you safe may her
!t y»*u’re a »tt.utgt*r, while you >tay
Ills cottage hold* a jubilee
Hi* utmost soul lie will unlock,
Ami it he may your secret' &r*u.
Your confidence he scorns to u»o«k,
i'or f.uihiul i* *n ii uhmau.
11V honour hound in w » and weal,
Whale’er lie says, he dues to tin;
IV) him with hiihe. it ivon't pit *;«•!?
I*ul him to tii*-, you’ll /in I him true.*
II* •**»-k* no safely hi hi* p 4,
\V i i*. \r he in.i» in honot'* van;
A uil the held ol* fame ••» l<.„i,
li won’t !•* hy .in (lidtiUau.
I'.riti! lov’d Iand, fi • on age t«» a^e,
lii* th in nioie hl#*«vd, utoie lam'd and free !
Al.sv pc.u e he in I d.-.uhl you wage.
Iteteiisive war«, reap sicloiv !
May plenty hlooin in evrrv held,
Aa*l gentle hreet«*« tweet[y I »n,
A id <eQ< iou« sn*ih*s serni’ely dnsld
The lu »ust of evsry Irishman.
CE JL. 12 9H ATIOLT3,1825.
0. 1 the Itli iust. at Citv Point, N. Rice, was u
nknimously chosen President of the day—and by
solicitation an o/ation was delivered by John Pren
tis. The Secretary appointed on the present occa
sion lias endeavoured i.i vain to procure a copy for
publication, while he is cotnpcllel to remark,
with much regret, that many a flower escapes the’
public eye. After partaking of a sumptuous din
ner, prepared by Mr. Folkts, the following senti
ments were drank, the day ending in perfect har
mony :
1. The Day we celebrate: Unprecedented in the
2. The memory of Washington : Ilis fame im
perishable, his glory immortal—millions unborn
will hover o’er his shrine! a*.td shed tears of regret
to the memory of departed worth.—Drank stand
3. The Soldiers of the Revolution.
•I. The Constitution of the U. S.: Itssentiments
the plainest dictates of justice—its principles shall
be inviolable.
b. The Ex-Presidents of the U. S. : They w ill
•-•■joy in retirement that peace of mind to which
their public services entitle them.
t». The President of the U. States.
7. The Rights of Man—Uouiulod in nature—
many prize inheritance—like our A B though
hard to learn, when once learned never forgot
S. The People of Europe : Struggling against
oppression—one slight giai.ee at our political insti
tutions would shed a new light on their benighted
winds and raise them to troedom and indepen
9. Gen. Ea Fayette—Gratitude and affection
gave to him a hearty welcome. i'he Monarch may
be eulogized—but pure gold has its weight.
If). James Pleasants, Governor of Virginia—
I ^.gdby many, respected by all.
11. ^1>«; majority of the State Legislature, who
. >ted in favor of the York (own Bill : Their lilic
rid views are recorded on the bosom of common
12. The memory of Gen. De Kalb —His wind
ing sheet was bedewed with the tears of a grateful
13. Woman : Admired in every age—the beau
ty of life.
14. Oar Sister States : While parents are res
pected, the children will he remembered.
By the President of the Day : The Constitution
of the United Stales : Based upon theatfcciion of
the peoplc.it is the work of our forefathers—let us
unite to preserve, protect and defend it.
By Uie Secretary of the Day : The minority of
the Slate Legislature of Virginia on the Vork Town
bill: Too nice to be liberal, too sensible lor com
mon sense.
By John Prentis : Greece : She is rising in glory
on the r tins ot ancient Peloponnessus—but the
gulf of Lepai.to is ci hummed with the blood oi lier
By Uapt. Glover : A long continuation of the
peace and harmony which at present exists be
tween our natural parent Great Britain and this
By Mr. Robert Gilliam, Senr. : General J,a
Fayette : May guardian Angels hover over and
protect him, when tossed on the tcinpolunus
ocean, and France receive him withnnen arm.
ByJ. II. Peterson, E»q.: Joseph Anderson,
Comptroller of the Treasury of the U. S.: An ho
liest man, the noblest work of God.
By William Gilliam : The Governor of Virgi
nia : May every American possess those patri
otic feelings which he did when he pledged him
self for toe entertainment of La Fayette at York
By Dr. Jolmson : Wm. H. Crawford : Honored
as a public Agent : adorned as a man.
By .Mr. Folkes : May the Flags of the United
States and Great Britain forever wave in union.
Extra Volunteer hy Dr. Johnson: TJue Emerald
Isle: The land beloved hy every freeman in every
By E. Walker : James Monroe, late President of
the United States.
By Win. Gibson : Everlasting liberty—with
peace a ml plenty.
WiwcHr.sTKR, July 8.—The Declaration of
American Independence vva* read in excellent style
by the Hon. 11. St. It. Tucker and was succeeded
by A. II. Powell, Esq. who delivered asi oration,
which, whether it be regarded for its composition,
or the variety of new and interesting topics it
touched upon, we have seldom, if ever, heard sur
At ‘A o’clock upwards of two hundred persons
from the town and country sat down to dinner.
General John Smith presiding, assisted hy H. St.
G. Tucker, Edward McGuire, and Wm. B. Page,
S*qr». Amongst the guests, we were gratified to
observe some of the soldiers of the last century,
men who fought and won the battle* of the revo
lution, and whose heads have been whitened by the
frosts of more than three score years.
The day we celebrate : “Every 50th year the
trumpet of Jubilee shall sound throughout Canaan
and liberty shall he proclaimed unto alt the inhabi
tants thereof.”
The Constitution of the United State* : “ Res
pect for its authority and acquiescence in its mea
sures, are duties enjoined by the fundamental max
ims of true lilierty.”
George Washington (Drank standing.) The
stream of time which washes away the fabrics of
Other men's fame, flows harmlessly by his.
General Li f ayette : This early, consistent and
devoted friend of the rights of man is now reaping,
in the affectionate gratitude of ten millions of free
men, the golden harvest of a well spent life,
— , —. ‘ Compnr#tl with which
Th** Uurrl» ilnt i C*»«r vrnrt irffrli *
Tl* President cf tl*e United State*.
'1'he State of Virginia:
- ■— u What ibvltil haml
I'an #*Vi imtir the nlul band
TL.it brnds us to our dative laud **
By II. St. G. Tucker: The rifle company of
Crany Island : A plavnix rise* from it* a-hes.
l*y Allred H. Powell : The richinheiitance we
are now enjoying from out fat hem; may it be
transmitted pute and undelilcd to millions yet un
By Jos. II. Shcrrard : William H. Crawford :
When the political Atmosphere shall have been
puntied, and demagogues and intriguers reduced to
their proper level, this virtuous and enlightened
statesman will receive the reward to which his
long and valuable services so eminently entitle j
By Robert B. White: Bunker’s Hill and York
Town : The hero and philanthropist who assisted
in laving the cap-stone of the temple of American
Freedom, has laid the corner stone of a monument
on Bunker's Hill, to the memory of the gallant -pi
nts who on that spot cemented with their blood this
fair fabric of liberty ; may their recollections l.e al
ways associated, and uj iy they teach us a lesson
ot union, charity and brothel Iv love.
By Kbin Milton : Ilcury Clay : •* The secretary
stands aloi.e. Modern degeneracy cannot reach
By II. L. Heiskell: Henry Clay, Secretary of
state: •» Thus fax slialt thou go and no far
By John Bruce: The ‘Ion. Robert White: Wc
sympathize with the paralyzed veteran, while we
recollect tlie youthful hero of the (evolution.
By the same : Internal Improvement : Refine
ment of mind and purity of heart ; may educa
tion guide it through every constitutional obstruc
By O. A. Shaw: Andrew Jackson and Henry
C 'lay : May the choice of the people give us our
next president.
By James Meredith: Gen. Andrew Jackson :
Without fear and wiihoul reproach, and with the
heart* of hi- countrymen.
By Pat-ick Henry Cabell: Our native state :
Confusion to the hearties* parasites who would
render her an object of reproach and jealousy to
our sister states—there i- a daily beauty in her po- i
lilical life which makes them look ugly.
By A. 7’. Magitl : The proposed convention :
may it prove a severe cautery to eradicate the ul
cers of our constitutional sy stem.
Selected Toasts drank bff the Artillery Compa
ny of ll'inchester.
Major Jutiicn M. Mason, presiding, assisted by
Cap:aiu Blakemore, col. A C. Smith, and major
Joseph Kean.
The surviving herons of the Revolution : The
old nobility of America, whose patents are derived
from Heaven.
7'lie Memory of George Washington : The
it... ___ i.: .._ i__
parallel; tradition no equal; fame no competitor.
Our Country : Her constitutions, her laws, her
polity—standing refutations of the dogmas of he
reditary rule.
The Old Dominion : Let her sons ever remem
ber those they came of.
Thomas Jefferson, who laid tlie corner stone of
the temple ol liberty—whilst we admire tire build
ing, let ns honor the architect.
The President of the United States: Our res
pect is due to the otiice, let the man acquire it by
his acts.
The welcome of La Fayette to our shores : A
lesson of humility to Kings. lie cauic,—a na
tion of ireemen weal forth 10 receive their bene
The Greeks : In their glorious struggle for eman
cipation, they have shewn themselves not unwor
thy t,i the days of Marathon, of Platxa, of Sala
tn is.
Our sister republics of the south : They have
assumed their stations amongst the nations of the
earth. Our country gave them their first wel
By A. S.. Baldwin: William H. Crawford. An
honest man and able statesman—may lie be spee
dily restored to health and the councils of the na
By Robert Barr : General Andrew Jackson :
While patriotism has existence in our country, or
gratitude a place in our hearts, liis name will be
dear to his countrymen.
By J. M. llulet : De Witt Clinton: The prac
tical statesnvn, “ actions speak more than
By Htrvey Brown : The Virginia Convention :
1 lie ordeal thro’ which our constitution must pass
before we can enjoy the privileges of freemen.
After M. T. Hunter, E-up the orator of the
Jay, and Gen. Boyd (appointed to read the De
claration of Independence) weic escorted to the
place where the procession was to be formed, a
detachnlditt of the Rifle corps waited upon the
Gentlemen of the Engineer corps Col. Albeit,
Lieuts. McComb, Findlay, Bennet and Vail, who
are engaged at present near Williamsport on the
Potomac, in surveying the intended route of the
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, and who had upon the
invitation of the Committee of Arrangement, polite
ly favoured us in participating in our celebration of
the day.—The Church was filled to overflowing,
every window was occupied—after the Declara
tion was read by Gen. Boyd, Mr. Hunter deliv
ered an Oration, equally chaste and eloquent, and if
the expression dare he used of a -ith of July Ora
tion, equally remarkable for ongiuaiity.
A handsome and plentiful dinner iv.n* r>n>n:ir<vi I,..
Mr. John McClkahv, jr. on Captain Ran
•one’s place near town—at which Col. Hunter
md Col. Gregory presided.
Let the subjects of crowned Despots keep the
birth days of tiicir masters, we celebrate the birth
day of onr freedom.
Washington : “ His name shall be
A watch-word ’till all nations shall be free.”
La Fayette: “The man without fear and with
out reproach.” His whole history is a living proof
that the days of Chilivalry are not over.
The Army : They have nobly marched in the
footsteps of their fathers—Chippewa rivals Tren
ton—New Orleans vies with Vork Town.
Our Federal and State Governments: A splen
did machine of a “ 24 state-power”—wheels with
in a wheel—May it prove the political perpetual
Mr. Compton. The Virginia Convention : May
it becompo-ed of men whose only aim is the good
of She people, wishing not to en joy any blessing in
which their brothers cannot participate,
A number of gentlemen of Woodstock met for
the purpose of celebrating the great Anniversary of
our National Independence. The whole marched
in procession out of town, on Arriving at tlie
spring, where the company were Iodine, Major
Robert I unNKR was chosen President, and D.
J. (JHAWroHO, Esq. Vice President for the day.
Before partaking ol a plain republican dinner as wa“
prepared for the company by Mrs. J. Stover, Mr.
Charges \j. Lovell, was W(||ed upon to read
the Declaration of Independence, which was done
in a comprehensive and impressive manner. After
the cloth was removed, and“ the glasses* sparkled
on the board” the subjoinod standing and volun
teer toast were drank.
The Declaration of Independence, the political
creed of our country, may we shew forth our faith !
by our works.
The Et-Presidents of the United States, may
their deaths be as happy as theft live* have been
The present administration, may it realize the
expectations of its friends, and disappoint the for
ho lings of its enemies.
A Convention to amend our state constitution.
We are not afraid to trust the people.
The old Dominion not ashamed of the princi
ples of P*t, although they are now unfashionable.
Governor Troup, and the Committee of tae Le
gisUture of Georgia, we trust their insanity is only
By Major Turner. Sirnou Bolivar, the father
and liberator of two republics. He desires no other
rewarJ, no other honor than the esteem of his
country men.
By B. L. Bogen. De Witt Clinton. The man
for the people, and people the for the man.
By P. Williams, jr. James Madison, it is sufficient
praise of him to say, he is the author of the Va.
remonstrance of *98.
By Joseph Yeager. Gen. Andrew Jackson the
Hero of Orleans.
By J. H. Smoot. D. W. Clinton, to Iris patrio
tism and enterprise, New York is indebted for the
honor of the first rank in the union. This day he
commences for Ohio, her magnificent canal, and
before her rivers shall have united with the lakes,
he will be hailed chief of the union.
By Wm. Anderson. A Convention speedily,
and limited only by sound discretion, and patrio
By P. Williams, jun’r. Win. H. Crawford, a
speedy restoration to health, and the councils of his
By B. L. Bogcn. W. II. Crawford, the virtu
ous statesman, and tile honest man.
The Declaration of Independence was then read
in a distinct, clear, and audible voice by l)r. John
T. Garland, which being finished, the Orator of
the Day, Mr. David M. Sanders, ascended the
rostrum, and in a truly eloquent and brilliant speech,
impressed every one present with the most interest
ing recollections of the early history of our Revolu
tion, its portentous origin, its threatening progress,
and its glorious termination.
After the conclusion of the Oration, about 100
gentlemen assembled at the Long Room of the
Eagle Tavern ami partook of an excellent Dinner
prepared by Mr. John 1. Oliver—the cloth being
lemoved, the following Toasts were drank with
spirit and animation:
George Washington : An illustrious advocate
h is truly said, that •* Ctcsar was merciful, Scipio
was continent, and llunnibr.l was patient, but it
remained for Washington to concentrate all these
excellencies—to exhibit in one glow of associated
beauty the pride of every model, and the perfection
ot every master.”
Tlie Greek cause. Whilst our policy as a nation
renders us neutral in conduct, w e are their sincere
allies in feeling and in sentiment.
The present Administration : Constitutionally
elected, let it be constitutionally supported or con
Slate Rights : Tho»e that have eyes and can see
not, cars and can hear not, and purses that can feel
not, merit all that the Northern policy ascendant
can either dictate or prescribe.
vm.nv rtfiTHS
By Bartlett Yancey, Esq. internal Improvement
and Public Education : The pillars upon which
must rest the future prospects and hopes of this
By James Rainey, Esq. The venerable patriots
of our sister v. ounty, Mecklenburg: They first sug
gested a Declaration of that Independence which
we this day celebrate: their valour and virtues will
long be remembered by their country.
By Maj. James Holder. Tne ( lay of Kentucky:
may it prove a more pioductive soil than lias been
By Thomas DonoJio. John Q. Adams and his
Cabinet : iOGtli Ps.din Stli v. ‘ May their days be
few, and another take their office.’
By Civ. Wilson. Win. II. Crawford : The star
of the South.
By M. P. Huntington. Gen. Andrew Jackson,
the brave soldier : who by the energy of his char
acter obtained a gloiions victory, and emblazoned
the pages of his country’s history with the battle at
Orleans. —
At half past 10 o’clock, the Volunteers pro
ceeded to the Methodist Church, where, before a
large assembly of our citize is, an r.ppropri ite
prayer was offered up by the Rev. Mr. Hammet;
an Ode sung; the Declaration of Independence was
read by Mr. Henry if. Miller; and an Oration de
veredby Dr. A. S. H. Burges.
The citizens and military then repaired to the
Senate Chamber, where, pursuant to the arrange
ments of the former, the Declaration of Indepen
dence was read by Mr. Beuj. B. Blume, and an
Oration delivered by Mr. Matthias Manly.
At two o'clock, a large party of gentlemen sat
down to a public dinner at Col. Cooke’s Tavern;
at which Col. Win. Polk officiated as President,
and Joseph Gale**, Esq. as Vice President.
The principles of ‘7G. Like the electric fluid,
they are pervading and purifying the moral atmos
phere of Europe: May its long standing throne of
Despotism crumble beneath their thunders!
Latayette, De Kalb, Kosciusko and Pulaski. In
the cause of Liberty they sacrificed all mo*l dear to
man—home, kindred, and country : Their meed
shall be immortality, and a Nation’s Gratiuide. *
America, l’he Mount Arrarat, upon which has
rested the Ark of Liberty.
Public Education. The People must fully un
it and, before they an duly appreciate their politi
cal blessings.
The “ Blues” partook of an excellent Barbacue,
provided at the Quarry Spring by Mr. J. W. Pul
len; at which < apt. J. J. S. Ruffin presided, assis
ted by Lieut. A. J. Lawrence, as Vice President.
The Constitution of the United States. It com
■nands our reverence: If it has defects let us pa
tently await the proper corrective, remembering
hat Murcules destroyed not the Hydra at a blow”
The President of the U. States. The tree should
ie judged by its fruit.
Woman—lovely woman. Centrally we have
placed them; for on them arc centered man’s fairest
hopes, prospects and joys.
Simon liolivar, the Washington of South Ameri
ca May his reward be found in the permanent es
tablishment of the freedom and prosperity of otu
sister Republic.
The common interest. Disregarding imaginary
rights and local considerations, may honesty and
virtue unite in cementing the Union.
By Scrg. N. \Y ilson. Gen. Andrew Jackson._
May he beour next President.
By Mr. Calvin J. Gulley. John Q. Adams: The
President of the U. States.
By Dr. A. S. H. Burge- (the Orator.) John C.
Calhoun. Vice President of the United States: The
bud of his youthful promise has blossomed in the
summer of his manhood: May it retain its fragrance
amidst the snows of age.
The treaty lately concluded between Colombia
and G. Britain, in some of its provisions approach
es, m others it materially differs from that existing
between this country and Colombia. The first ver
bal difference, (we do not know that it is any thing
more) is, that the first Article of our treaty runs
thus: " there slid! he a perfect, firm, and inviola
ble peace and friendship between,” kc. kc. The
first article in the British treaty is, «« There shall
be a lasting, firm, and sincere alliance between,”
kc. kc. In all clauses guaranteeing to citizens nr
subjects of each country security of per«on and pro
perly* liberty ot conscience, of free ingress and
egress, and other similar rights and privileges, the
two treaties substantially agree. In two important
items, however, they differ. Our treaty stipulates,
that •• free bottoms make free goods;” snd also de
scribes and limits articles contraband of war These
provisions, so favourable toneufral commerce, and
the freedom of the seas, find „0 j„the British
treaty; on the other hand, this latter stipulates in
behalf of the manufactures and produce of Great
Britain, that they shall be arfmitt* I into Colombia
on the same terms in Britiah, as in Colombian
vessels; and reoiprocallv, that articles 0f the
growth, produce, or manufacture of Colombia,
ahall be admitted into the ports of Great Britain, in
Colombian, on the same terms as in British shijw!
This provision is decidedly favorable at present
!o Great Britain, seeing that her exports to t Jolom
* large, and dtlefiy made in Bri'isb vessels.
Ii 13, however, right in itself; and as our treaty
1ms a clause by which it is provided, that any fa
vors granted to otliei nations, may be enjoyed by
us on the same terms, it is to be presumed that the
government of the United States will readily acquire
to American vessels the right of entering the ports
of Colombia on the same footing as the vessels ol
that country, by conceding the same right, as to the
ports of the U. States, to Colombian vessels.
The additional article, which stipulates to re
cognize for seven years to come, as Colombian
vessels, vessels, wherever built, which shall be
owned entirely, and, as to equipage, navigated
three-fourths by Colombian citizens, may in its
operation prove of advantage to this country;
which for that period, may be used as the ship
builder of Colombia. In this, the most noble
and magnificent of all manufactures, we have no
rivals to fear, and can command the market.
[«A" i'. .Inter.
Four sons »f the ex-emperor Iturbide, camepas
seuges in tire Cincinnatus, arrived at New York,
from London to reside with their mother in tlita
BY virtu* of a it* nl ol tlU'l executed to I lie fiihacrihera and
Janie- W. Deane,tin tin- 20th day nl Kehruarv, 1819, bv
lli iiajili Uiown, fur ptirpinr, tlinein mentioned,aiul rrroideil
in tin- County Court aj' Cumberland, will lie 0IIV1('ll for .sir to
Ilie bighe.l bidder at public suctioll for t'a.h, in the town of
Cu Ira, on t-'ridny tile I .’ill Aliguit next, if lair, if not the next
fur day, Ilie trai l of Land known bv the 11.11110 of tringJUIei,
ami I\ nig in tin-county of llurkingfiaui and Uumbeittiiil, ami
011 VY’illi,«e. t ivet, 1 ontainiiig 780 acre,, bn the lame more or
lev-, or *0 murh thereof a, m.iy he ne< e.-ary lo ,ati,|y .mil pay
tli- balance due on-aid Ii u«t deed,with the urcrvoiry cut and
rxpeniei attending theexecu'iuu thereat; the title 1. believed
to lie good ; we fhall convey ,uch title only a. i, veiled in 11,
a< ti u.-tce,.
MAY KICK LANGllUltNE, ( Surruving
llt'.XJ. h. St’ltUtiliS, y trusters.
Cu -uherlond Jn’<j 12,1825. 19—w5w'
1 N IT.\ in NG tifrtfy to go to Mump*— All thane who have
S claim* again,I me, aio ie<|iie,ted 1.. bring them in lot .ettle
im "t- Ami th'.ie who are indebted to me, are hereby driired
lo call ami make payment. LEWIS M. UIVALAIN.
May ol. 70 —ntf
TIIE next Scion ol my Seiiool, [within half a mile of the
L'niveivity of Y’ngiuij) will cuuimenreon ilie lithof the
prevent month. I ll. w. ]q tuny.
Charlottesville, July fl. |p_n4\*
IXIIE llllvjcrihcl wilt .,11 the al.ove valuable tract of LAND,
■ 011 which lie rctidf.v, lying on Appomattox liver, n *ai lit
III V Uridge, in the county of Cliaeteifield. It contain. :ii)0
aci ee, ol w Inch about 300 acre, ai e river .(iu[r reek low gi ouml,.
A portion n| the low ground,, «ay 40 01 50 acre,, me Ire.h. ami
Kline 30 or 40 an e. more of fme'ipiality yet remain to lie cleu
ed. The high land lie, well—it equal lo ally in Hu neighbor
hood, and i>, (a huger proportion tiiaii necessary) still in wood.
I lie lillliiovim.nl. . 011,1.1 of a large and rmnfortalilr dwelling
iii'iist*. he lutifulU ^ilmletl on un eiuiut*nrc uYciltuLiii!' (Ii*
pi .illation j kitchen, ipiarler,, ftahlei, icu-houae, col Ion gin, Ac.
L.nge and well couxlru.tcil giauarie, for the ,ecuiily ol tin
crop., and an excellent uicliaid, garden, Ac. Ar. The Soci
ety cpial In the bed country ...ciirv in Virginia, an.I the heal
Ihine., of the neighb in Ii-nmI ihiexcpti triable, Deiei nulled on
moving lo in. W extern country, the mbscriher will ,ell tin
pnperty oil model ate and e.i,y triim, either for l a.h or on n
rrxxouahlecredit—or he will take iu part exchange for it a few
nrgior., or land in North Alabama or Soon. We,I T. nne-,ee
*1 anon in.nit- ny letter (rfn.ctcd lo Within,.,unite I*..,I- I
O.licr) to the subset diet, or t > his brother lit iijamiti Walkin',
ol Uhr.trrlicld, ol lo Hr. fll. S. Wallins of Huntsville, Alalia
■binr 24 l4-w!»w*
Tkeasuhv Depahtaient,
March 11, 1S25.
UniEKEAS, Oil the 3d of March, 1425, a law w pawed by
liie Cuugtess ol the United Stale., ol which the 5.1, 4!ii,
anil otli sirlions, ate in liie words billowing, ,|t.
Set. 5. And 6c it further enacted, Tim a subscription to
the amount ol twelve millions id dollais of (he six pit cent,
•tock ot the year eighteen uunJred and t hit teen, be, and I lie j
•..me u li..iehy, proposed: for which pm pose hooks shall he
opened at the Treasury of liie United Stale,, an J at the seve
...I I.MU offices, on the first .lay »i Aptd urat, lo continue open I
iiultj liie tir.t day of Ortohcr thereafter, fot such parts ,f tit.
4buve-11.enU.med description of sl..ck, a, shall on tile day of
ubscriptiun, stand oti the books ol tiie Tnasury, and on dm,.
•t the scvnal loan ..Hire,, respectively; which subscription
• hall be . fleeted by a Iran,ter to the United S.ate,, in the Ui m
ner p...sided liy law for such trausfe.j, ol the credit or credits
-laudiug »ti said books, au.l by a sut render ol the ceitilicatrs of
(lie slock »o subscribed. Provided, That ail subscription by
urn traii.lr, ot stock, shall be considered as part < I .be said j
uw Ur million* ol dollars auuioMitriUu lit* boi rowed by li*t iu,t
<-CtioQ of till* net J I
•Sic. 4. And be it further enacted. That, for the whole ot j
any rail ol any sum, which shall he thus subscribed, credits
ball hr entered lo Ihe respective sub, crihers, who shall been- I
Iiud to a ceilili. ale- or certilirates, pm pot ling that Hie United
•Male, owe to tile noldei or holdeis Ibcieol, tin, her, or their I
assign,, a smn m lit expies.eu ihuicin, equal to th.. amount of I
me juinripal slock thus subscribed, bearing an iuterext not ex I
ecedmg lour and one Hall per ct mum per annum, payable j
.(uailetly, I, .ui the llurly-hist day of December, one thousand
. .gin Oiiudred and twenty-live ; tiau-fanable in the .an..- man
nci as Is provided by law lor lh. transfer ol Ibe stock sun,crib
ed, and subject lo redemption at the pleasure of the United
Slates, as follows, one lull at any lime all. r the tiiirly-lu-t
.lay <d December, one thuusaml eight hundred and tweuty
eig"l, ana the iriuainderat any time after die ihiily-lir.t day
ot Dectinner, one thousand eight iiuudied and twruiv-uiue -
Provided, Hum., iciuibui send ol shall be made, rxi opt for the
.mole amount ot ,itcli n.nv crrtilieale, nor until aftu at lead.ix
..oi.tlu’pohlir notice of such intended rt-iiubur tim id. And
■l snail he ihe duty of the decretaly of the Treasury lo esuse
,o be le-iiaosleucd lo Die respective subscribers the seven!
.unis by them subscribed bryou.l the am <un( ol the certificates
ol four aud oue-half prrceul. stock issued to them respectively.
“^ec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the same funus
which have herclofoie been, and now aie pledged by law loi
tin payment of the iulere.t, and |c.r die redemption and r> u»
hur.euieill ..f the slock Which may lit iedeemed or reimhursed
■ y VII. tie of the provisions of tlii, act, shall i cinain pledged in
like tuaunei for die payment of die interest accruing on the
dock created by lea. of such •‘anription, and for the u
demptn.u ,,r remiluiiseui. nt of the principal of the same. And
it .hall hr the duly of the Commissionei, uf the Sinking Fund
localise to be applied and paid, out of the said fund, yeaily and
every year, surh sum and sums as may he annually requited to
Ulschaigr die interest accruing on the stock, which may he cre
ate»l l»y vuitie ol tins ad. flic »;iid Commissioners are alto
hereby authorised la apply, fiom time to time, such .urn and
sums out of die said loud, a, they may think pi ..per, towards
i e.I .seining, l.y purchase, or by leiinhurieiueiit, in conformity
wit line provisions of this act, Ihe principal ot the wild dock';
and II. h pail ot the annual sum ot ten millions of dollars, vrsl
.It l.y law. III tile said Commissioneis. as mav he necessary and
iequirrd for the above puiposcs, .ball be, and continue appio
mostc.lt., Die payment >.| interest aud redemption of the pub
lic debt, until the whole of the stock which may be created
.itt.itT die provisions of tins art, shall have been redeemed or
iYotc, therefore, Notice ij hereby "ben. That hanks will he
«.p. net ,i die Treasury .1 the United State, and at Ihe -evenl
loan oflirrs, on the first dav of April next, ami continue open
until the lli.t day ol October theieaftei, for irrriiing subscrip
Uoii* in conformity ui(h I he* provisions of the* unit! Uw.
l iie iiib.riiptions u.ay be made by the Drum ietjrs of die
hock, rnni-r in |x-i<ou 01 by their Attorneys duly authorized to
lUtMcrdo and transfer it to llie United States.
Hliriulil subscriptions of sard stock he made loan amount ex
ceeding twelve millions of dollar., a distribution of (lie said sum
"* •"'else millions, will In. m ule among the subscribers in pro
portion 10 Site sums Subscribed by (In . respectively.
Acting Secretary nf thi Treamry.
At ireb 2,a, III*,—IfiOlliB
TH b'TsVitY iiKTAUT.u /.VrT," i.i.r, .ip,u, . cb.
VT OTICK is hereby given, iliat on (iie lirst dav of Oil>ber
• ~ next, the principal ol (hr Six per Cent. Slock of the Uni
ted Slates, created .. the authority of an art of Gungicss
entitled, 11 An act authorising a loan for a sum not exceeding
eleven niillious of dollars,” opened on the fourteenth day of
March, one thousand eight hundred and twelve, together with
iht inter esl due thereon, will he paid to the proprietors of said
Stock, or then attornics duly authorized, at the Treasury of
United Slate* in Washington, and at the several Loan Offi
ee<, on the Hooks ol winch any portion of said Slock may stand.
A surrender of the eeitnicates of said Stork will be-renuired
al Hie time of payment, and the inteiest on .aid Stork will cease
ftoin and after the Hiulieth Jay of September next.
Acting See’ry Treasury.
Jtfay 10, 1823, __l~30tbS
Wchmond Burr .Mill-Stone .Manufactory.
r|AII K subscribers respectfully inform their friends and the
A. public generally, that they Inve now on hand, a good and
well selected as- ilmerit of FRENCH HOUR RLOCKS,
of the he.t quality And also, ready made Hurr Mill-tUoua,
nf various sizes, ythieh they warrant not inferior to any built m
Ibis country, persons wanting the above article can be sup
plied at Northern prices, as we are determined lo sell as low
a« they can lie bought hi any respectable shop for cash or (own
acceptances. Their shop is at the cornel of K and 18th
Sheets. Orders will be thankfully received and promptly ex
e-citted. SNELL A HOST.
AfnuC. 117—w 13w
_ -N. II. For reference a* lo the qualify of out ready made
Boir Mill-Sloires, apply lo Ilic-Riehmond millers, as they have
Iioiversxlfr had a fair trial nf them H. A II.
Rackoon-Ford .Milts for Sale.
rI''l|IK subscriber* having purchased tin above Mills under a
■ deed of hud, but not being arqu noted with the luilling
business, are disposed In sr|| them very cheap, Tliev lie on
• he Itapol Ann llivrr, in the enmities id Orange aud Uulprper,
slide."not of a Manufacturing, Grist, Saw, and Blaster Alill i
apieking Gin and a Carding Machine. The Manufacturing
Mill i« undergoing suitable repairs for the next gtmdinc sea
son. The f»i 1st Mill, Ur. are new.
This pioperty is so advantageously loealed (bat it is believed
twenty-five thousand btt<he|s of wheat a season ran he com
manded with much ease—tbit the toll from the corn mill will
cavrrage two hundred and fifty barrels, ami Hist the saw mill,
aiding machine,Ac. will command a valuable eusiotn under pm.
per management. All person* disposed to engage in Hie mill
ing business, are invited to mike a personal inspection, as the
subscriber* leel Confident. «o good a bargain will rarelv be of
fered in property of this kind. .1M K8DN MORTON.
inns 24 H-iAnc .IKIlK Mtiltii.v
NOt it K.
\LL perteni having claims against the Estate of (he late Dr.
Wm- Konthee, Sen. dec.arc hereby notified and required
o make them known lo the undersigned, in order that provision
may be made lor their discharge.
And all person* indebted to the said Estate are earnestly re
quested to make immediate payment to
With the will annexed of Wm. ionshee, Hen. dec
s«v»-,7’ ifo-wtr
Rtsl'tt Il lLLV iulorm. thepublic, that |,e ha* opened
nUrng and JnistAcraiy Mon, in (hr City of Richmond
opposite the Eagle lintel, lie l>a. laid in a general arsortm* ut
»i DHUUS li wKIMl'lNhS,which he warrant* genuine, lie
ha* engaged Mr. Joliu II. Illauiire, from Norfolk, a gentleman
who ha* been regularly W ought up a. an Apothecarv and lbug
gid. Those who may fa,or him with their custom, may tel,
un punctuality and despatch. j J
In addition to the above, he lias and intend* tnkerp a general
ass.irt in till of PAIN Tb, OILS, Ate. and all kind* of buigical
Instrument*, at Philadelphia pi ice*. Kamil, Medicine chests
complete, with priuted dirertinus.
Older* from the country will meet with immediate attention.
Jllur *-E_ II—wlf
Lots in Fannville for Sale.
VLT be offried lor sale to the highest bidder, intheluwn
«f Karmville,on Thursday the tuth of August nest, if
falr,if not, the next fair day thereafter, the whole of the Lot*
in the plan of -aid town, which have net hern heretofore con
veyed or sold hv the Tin,Ires of said town, ronsidiug of 22
hall acie Lots, and designated in the plan hv Number* 14. 15.
17, 18, lit, 20, 21, 22, 25, 24, 25, SI?, 27, *8, 23, 30, 37, 39
50. 51. 32, 63.
Twelvemonth* credit will he given; the purchaser* giving
bend, with apptosed security aud a lien uponthe L"t«.
July 5. 17—w7w*
The: *ub«ciiliers have just received * t'slton din. of supe
rior werkmanahip—and ordei* fur tliis article, of difle. i lit
diineusiuu-, will hv executed without delay. The quatitv ol
which i* warranted in eery tetpeel.
M*> I—,,3m
fTIUE suhsriiliet, tmnieil, a rc-idt nt of Mathews couuty,
A where lie wiu long engaged in making Colton Gin*, which
were highly appro,ed of, lias now resinned that hiisine,* in this
city, aud iulemfs entry in- it ou, on the most improvsd plan, and
to any demand that urn, he „ lilting, nl the low price ol' Jjt2 30
per saw, for all ... from 30lo40sa,vs; and for those' of a
greater number of saw., $2 25 only will be charged; lie wi.lie*
lli.ue who may want Gins made, to send their Ordeis as earl,
a, po..ilde, which.hall lie loitiilully executed, an.l if the work
is not approved of they shall mil lie humid to receive if.
My it.idence i* un Afuia S/rtt2,uvei Mr William Mitchell
H irhinoiiil. May 13 2_,v3in
A Runaway in Jail.
!" ODGKDin the jail «t Wyllie count, , on the 6th day of
■ J this inst int, a negro until live feel nine inrlies high, of ra
th* I a y rllowish rompicMiiii: iho, a stoppage in his speech,
who Stale, his name to lie JO//.V; Thai he belong, to Thomas
Scott in the Apalsiu*. country, am! that he left home about the
l.i«t sd March; that lie wa. formerly of Ualtiimne, and belong
ed to a man of lire name of Owen. The nwtirr is tequired to
roii'.' forward mid prove bis JOtv and take him away, or lie
will be dealt wish accotding to Isw.
.. „ MICHAEL MOYF.K, jailor.
>. H. Tbc above negro Will he sold at the Augu-t court, IK25.
May 27. _____e—wi2„
\\ Mwmillrdj0 the jail of Nottoway county ou the 15th
t V >1 iv last at a runaway, a negro man who calls himself
JAMES, and say. that lie i. the propel ly ..a* Tod,, or
lolly, a trader, and wa, purchased of John Ellis of —
r0.","'}\npBr*hr Eastern Spiing, and that ho ran olT frnm the
said I odv orTottv, in the mountains, ou hi* way to the West.
James is between 30 and 35 years ol a-e, , erv Idark, 5 feet 7
inches high, remarkably white teeth, and ha. a large scar alibis
breast, produced a* lie *ay»hv a hum, anil had the maiasof
iron bn his wrist* when roniiuitted to jail. He ha, on a red
ilanuet shirt, ere, mixed foirest cloth coat ami Virginia cloth
paiilalonn*. Jame*appear* lobe diticicnt in intellert, and can*
in.1, Ol will nut, give any ulisfartory arronut of himself or the
.1 lie and county where hr was raised. The owner of -aid run
away i, hereby required to come forward prove hi* pi c.prrty,
pay charge,and laae him away, or (it will he dealt with is llir
Jm>*- 21_1.1—w12w of Nottoway county.
QJTOLKi\ in Itichimuiil on loth I hi* i ml., from the tttbscribe/,
woman bv the name of 8allv. The thief is bv the
name of Phil lit urn*kill, a free mm, both rni-eci in Amelia
'ouniy.-— Sally if about 21 yean oM, live feet four or five in
rhr* liisby dark complexion, thick lip* and u*lv featured ;
w* ai* a black heaverh.it. Phil is alio.it six feet tliree or four
luclict hipi,2a )Mr* old, black complexion, culkv count* fiance,
wltcii spukt ii to lininhle and pleasant, wears blue ea***inett
clothe*. A* they once attempted to get on hoard a vc*.el a*
lire persons, it is believed they will attempt it a second time,
ma*leri ot vessels are thcrafoie for warned from taking them on
lio:«t«l ;t* passengers, or otherwise. The ahpve reward will he
paid to any person who will secure them in any •!:»•! iu this
Jji*1? the w Jinrn and hriug the fellow to justice, or
dollars will be paid for the woman alone.
Mi\ 3M 132A. 7--«v8w» R. |f. SCOTT.
T)UR6i]ANT tu tbc U«l will and testament of the late Mi
ir'flj’,* •t’ffrr- tor. '*lr ,,M| beautiful estate called
Hitiit// //.fl,l\iug in the county of Hanover, upon (lie
>1 age road from Hicliinuud to Fredericksburg, and distant from
I.iri'irr place about ten mile... The tract contain. ;tUO acin
divided into three fields, and well enclosed and iu nice oidoi
Jar fu'ii.uig. 1 be impioveuienti consist of a l .ren two ,tors
Brick Dwelling Home, with all the neces-aiv nil home., fur
the acrommodalion of a genteel family, A plat of the Land,
ih- puce and terms of payment will he made known on aiuili
cation to Mr. Anthony It,.bins,,n, Jr. at the Bank ol Virginia:
and the tenant, Mr. Anderson Grubbs, will shew tiir e-iale to
iho*e inclined to purchase. Should a aale nut be effected be.
fore tlie lust day cf September next, it will on that day, be of
fered hr lure lire front door of the Kagle Hotel in the city of
Richmond. WILLIAM RICH All DSo.V,
Ainu ney in fart for Sar d, C ruel., ExYx. of Daniel Couch di e.
Zjwttiylvania, 21tk May. H_w|f
J1A.\ away fr.un the subscriber about two months ago Gran
fi 1. derson, a man about 23ytars ol age, a roam- carpeuter,
and is remarkably white fora slave, and might h, readilv la
k. u lor a white man ; i. a stiong active well -et f. Ilow rMlier
above ordinary sue. He mas have a sraron In. forehead he
Iw.en, orrather above Ins eyebrow,ranging up and down, a.
hv accident the edge of an axe rtv ing from it. helve cut him
there some year. ago. Our of hi. at m, ,va, broken when,mall
near the wrist punt, and it is believed (lie left, which .bows
(hat joint enlarged, and gives it the appearance of dislocation
bending outwaid,, tvilh the end of the outer Bone ol ih-arm
next to th#* joint considerably increased in size. Ilis »->t« are
blue and hi. Ir.ur is very straight, of a dingy yrllowi.h wlutc.
had pei haps when he went offa black fared 11,1 ,nd blue
Iu, Mil cloth round .limit Coat, lie i. a blunt -p .ken fellow
spcalm with ;■ •arm, e and stutters and •tainint r. in spr ikin -’
particularly when confined. Hi, purpose i. doubtless to nai,’
• Hi,cen,an. 1 will give one hundred dollar- tor hi, safe
delivery in any jail so that I ret him again, and will pay be
sides any reasonable expense, tor bis delivery to me at iiiyici
dence in the county ol Franklin, North Garo'liua *
T ,, , nor JO,,N U■ HAWKINS.
.Turn* 17 1R25. 12—If
Valuable Property in Cartersvi/le for Sale.
I WILL offer for sale ou the premises in Caitersville on Wed
nesday the ninth day ot next March, the improvements and
on,all ,M acre on which I lately resided. The Store Toon, i,
I irge and conveniently tilled up, a good drv cellar, and n lar e
and pie,.ant counting morn, the lau.ilv part of the building
having one room and a pa,-age below stairs, two cellar, thie.
rooms and ■ passage above siairs-theyvhol. making a lajgr two
•toned building in llic be.( order fur the reception «I „
"1,1 a lar ge stork of Goods. The ,„rt-li„u.r, consist of a fram
ed Kitchen with liv„ room, la low and one above stairs an ex
cebent -moke hon.r and ire house. The enclosure will be made
eniirely new before (he day of sale. A, ,he same time and
dace Will be off. red another half acre Lu of Land convenient
ly Dtu.itftl to the othi r. oi) which i4 U. .. • » »
1.0,..e and canaille of holding fifteen thou,and bmhrh
"I wheal, and a framed stable for four hor»e«! These lots will
he sold separately or together. a« maybe.. ,|le „„he,
the purchasers. Having renamed from C.rtersvillc (hi, property
>v,ll he sold .f any Ihn.g m ar its value is offered. Persons wlm
are about to make mercantile etlahlishmeuti wonld do wall
look at this property ; fnr the undersigned can assert fro* ex
perience that there is not a situation is, Va. to f.„ as he km 1.
that hold, out a better prospect of s„nre„ to tl.v merehanUhan
(.arlersv.il. and its neighlmrhood, which is ihicklv stilled wuh
SeTu^i^! S,,Me.,OU’ ^ ‘"“V « «n
The tern,, of p»Men( will he three equal annual instalment,
to commence the tfnt day ol July n„J, „i,ho„t interest; Urn
purchaser or purchaser, to give bond and good security h,
approved by the undersigned, and n deed of trust „„ (he pro
perly for the first payment—and deeds of tru,t t, secure the
Iwo l.i«t piirmruti.
Indisputable titles will be made to the purchaser or piirrha
,crv « .00 Asuuiiv ckknbiIaw.
Virginia Mills, March 22. 104—wtf
P".r,i* *bu7 pr-perly not being .old; it j, „ow offered .1
private saleorforiemor Application may he made to
;7‘'; .rhh'‘"‘a' ‘ ne*r Cart, r-villc or lo.be un.lcig „
e.l ai ihc Virginia Mills._A8IIUHY CUKNSIIAVV
iVvILL iell at put.|»c rale, at th* tavern of Horatio rb~eft
in the town Aletwndrm, oa rVHV RSt) AY^ Hth of j,-’ ,
rf/Ys’/’. j/v' "V V4luab,r "" 'he Potomac river callfd ,
t.r.VyfO/V, situated about 12 milesbeluw the Di.liirl ot Co
lumbia. This estate contains rather more than 2000 acres of
fine land, to which are attached several valuable fishnses_
°f ""* '""i,*" * l, a‘"' fnr ,lfr’ *"«• rents fo,
5.1,000 per mum in ; 40 acres are under a lease for a term of .
yes,,, and rents fnr 100 dollars; the fnlieries have rcnied f ,
1,000 dollars, and generally for 400 to 500 per annum. In ,fc \
event of (he romp let -an of the Ohio and Chesapeake llanal ihc
will he of inealculalile value. The arable land produce! fair c
crop, of corn and wheat; and the source, of improvement of a
the land fiotn the fishing shore, are inexhaustible. Two thirds »
or the estate is in woods. A large inauiifaclnring mill i, dis 1
tant only two miles by eater, where all ll.r seu,f„ c.,„ h, na2 ,
•Illy sold at the District of Columbia prices free of freight • the \
navigation to Ihe mills i, sufficient for vessels earn me Joruv ,
hu h.Of w heat. The steam-boats P... the lamV?/,?, \u? h
I h#* wo'iijt Aoournl wilh «lrwr ami thr rreek« unrl rivfr
"iM /nwl. The improvement urna very I npee and suJutanimJ I |
brick dwelling home, a kitchen, meal house, dairy, ice bouse 1
well, overseer’s houses, stables barns, negro homes kr o! *
Alt r/r"',, "'ft ,*"■ !"?' :,rc'’,n,uodation,
Amuit one mile of fence inrlo.es the whole neck of i*„.| 1
laming 5090 acres. It could, the buildings being so located l>c 1
advantageously divided, and will he sold so a, !o soil p,lr, ha - f
. is. One fourth nflhe Money will he required in hand, the „
.•alaore m ll.ree annual payments, bearing interest, secured by
aileedof 1 rust on the property. 1
At Ihe same tune and plar.^ I'will ,e|| (h,t beautiful seal, on
who h now resale, called MOV Hi" BAULK. This r ,nt!,„.
sb ,,n 40acres1 of land, some of which ha. bee,, highly impro- r
v., Mount hagle is .Hmurdon anr,near Al^andr.a
andfor beauly of p.o.perl is unriralled H command, a fine r
view of Ihe potomae, of Alesandna and the city of Washing- P
ion. The dwelling home „ spacimrs and very convenient, and
Ihr witter * bun Irwi nun tinfomnionly fiQf,
Also, 100 Arre, 0/ »W /.ned,' adjoining Col. Angnrtme *
Srvnlh, near Alexandria, re,ms one half ra.h, Ihs balance in I
iwo annual payments, bearing interest, serured hy deeds of t
Irtut on the land. Persons nohm? to see lire flunston estate *
w,l| call .n Mr. Sangsler or.Mis. Young, near whose house the*
its aus-boats pass daily. I will shew the olhar land.
Vonnl EnfU, neat AUrce^dria,l „irf,L,.wants.. I s w
June 26, 15—sf{tyi
VIRGINIA At tiiupsruir Court nj‘ Ckanttry hoklrn afiti*,
Capital, iu Uw-city ol RichinouJ, the Will day ol Marsh, '
John Lewis Barms and Philip J. Barriza, in his own rights
and u adui’rde looms uou olLury h. Paradise, dec. p|UTs
John llopLius, former ad’mor of the said Lucy L. Paradise, I
dec’s), II tuiy Kdlne, Saigrant <>i the city of Williamsburg, ami
ronimiltee and adiu‘01 ot William Hodgson, sler'd, wlio wai
also sr. as'm’or of the said I.ury L. Paradis*, dec'd, I’oitix
llodrsun, widow of the said William Ilodgsou, John Wishhoia
«ud William B.tmlridgr, tiustees under u deed from William
Hodgson and Poitia hu wife, Jotui Marshall, K>sp, adin'or of
William Marshall, whowtu oneel the securities to (he adnu
ills nation bond of John Hopkins and William Hodgson, funner
adm’itof Lurv L. Puadise; John Foster and Uenrv Lee, juu.
thr other securities to that bond; tiroige Roper and Maria O.,
hit wife, who »a. Maria O.Matslu.il; William l>. Taylor and
Eliza Adams his wile, who wa. Kliza A. Marshall,Thom*.(J,
Lucy and John J. Marshall, iulaut clllldlcu and only heirs of
William Marshall, deceased, I>efts.
Tins cause rams on this day to he again hcnrrl on the paper*
foinirrls read,the supplemental and amended hill, whirhh.ith
lietu taken as conies. 1 d against all the defendants therein, ex
cept John Marshall, John l-'o'ter and Henry Kdloe, the deric
tal older for that purpose appearing to have hern duly execut
ed, the alls wet I ot the last named defendants, and was argued
hy ruuticil: un consideration whereof, tliecouit doth Older that
llu defendant John Hopkins, do lender lit lore a commissioner
ol the court,an account of his sduiini.(ration of dig estate ot the
said Lucy L. Paradise j that the defendant Kdloe, dll also ren
tier an account ol his intestate’* administration of the
same estate, and of his own ndiuiuhtialioii of the estate
III III, nits state; that the defendant John Mat,hall, do ren
der lieforr the same commissionei tut account of his adminis
tration of the estate of the said Win. Marshall, dee., and that
the defendants, the heirs ol the .aid Win. Marshall, do also
tender helure tlie- same commissioner, au account of all the
estate, realaud personal, they may have ..-cchcd from him;
andtue said commissioner is dit eel. d to examine, slate and set
tle the said accounts, and repoit the same to thr court with
any matters specially slated, deemed pin,unit hv hituscif, or
which may hr rebutted hy the pat ties to he so slat. d.
A copy. Teste, WM. W.UKMNU, C. C.
COMMISSION KIt'S-Oh f'/f /hrAntumf, April ‘,!7,1C2.’»
1 lie pat tie. interested wilt please take notice, that 1 have
Tr’.'TY 1 Uth day of July next to commence the accounts
directed in the lar.goiiig ord.r of emit, on which day at 'J
o clock H ,"., they are lecp.iredto attend at n.y oilier in tins
city, witU their account! aiui voucims rt hiIv lor examination
ellU H. liAKtlt, ill. C.
A,"!> h‘___117—wl,l
V »ltGl-MA: At u.y.i/i.imr Court c/CAussco-y, 1.0,^T„t
!?•*/■ ,u l*lt* ol KacUuiooU, the 1 Hi* day ot June, .
Kduiund Bailey Plaintiff,
Against •
Alexander M’Kint, Elitaheth M’Kim, widow of KuhettM’
KtiU’aml At "r»,et M’hti"’ Mary M Kim, Win. M’Kim. J...
seplt M Kim and J me Aim M’Kim, cliinl, to of ltohml M’Kim
«nu infant, I,y the Mai.h.l o. this Co,,,., special*
K habr.h M-K, ? :‘T’.JrV‘",d E““'''"l h>s «,fo, lute
Kliubcth M Kim, also a I luld ol aid itoheil M'Kiui dec’d
J taiiCi, \\ • Gliiicr, William Fieri, W'.ll.a.u Neka.v.!, Win*
!f Vimmh! and Company ul th. Hunk
U Virmma and ol th, Panne,,’ Bank ol Viigm.a, Willun,
M Kill, and hltaabelh hu wife, Natl,’I .Shepherd, Alexander
Buchanan, Marion Buchanan and Joanna Buchanan and James
bi iotl and Ueo: Winston and Win. U. Wren. Ser.e mt „ ,1.1
nty Ul Ktctimond.lowhiuu tins l.een comm.tied |.„ a In.i,
ttun t„e estate ol Kol.et M’Kim di e. J, /end ,., ,
I Ins can,.-, 111 which tlie lull hall, been taken for confessed
.. ‘••■’'-’j- -»d K11 zalwth hi,
Wife, .Nutli I ,Sh< pin 1 it, Jame- Scott, George Win,tun xml A
lexaiidi r If,,eh.nan and the ll.mk ofVrigi,,*, audi-a win, I,the
nuintiffappea., t„ have ptoceeded in the mode pmciibed by
de'endauts, Alexander M’Kiui, Marriun amt
sm«e..Viku’ to beard on the bill,the
1... Ur ««•’ ■>'"* exhibits; and wa, aioue-l
h». l r . "»■•«« x-f tlie cou.t doth wider
s'uMi’rn' •,fclr,‘.1 to •• Commission! r Id the court, to take an ac
enunt ofthe mume, ,,atd by the plaintiff a, surety of It. hut
am Alexande M hiui, us administrator, of AndiVw M’Ki...
iil thi- ii. • n’*ml aPI,0,l,wn Uie same aimwi^
all the ureiies to the administnitiou aud guardianship Lund*
ascertaining hv any 1-vidriirr which may L aimed hefol®
" f,b °f'ae '“reties, if any, are insolvent and aii
pornon Hie !«,.occasioned by such insolvency amour the
uthirs. And that he, ni like manner,take an account ol the mo
it'/ k'lheri M Vi* l^®,^ni,,l*dnitiu,,4icuardunfl,,p accouat
.1 M K,,n’ lbv ?Uul *"">**** Audrey, »„d ap
iM olhc *\T “,brfar' dir'r*'d »m mg the difleient sure
Aui. .* d 1‘0,“1' :,And , lr Court doth lurthei order, that
an "ace's, mil d» «"•>« >•*'*•,* the same Con. mis,ioner
anaccou.it of his admistral ion on the estate of Wta. M’
Kec .nie, dec. and set forth all the estate left hv hi. teslvwr
Hut th ,,0rfil* ! " r''nf’ a •'**« come to hi, hands, ,u,{
llut the c. imnrs.iomr report the same to the Cmnl with
anv uiattei. spec,aHy ,|jlr,1( deemed pertinenl by Inn,-elf, or
«h ch may he required hv the parties lobe so ,!»•,; J. And ..a
Mar'liVl Uln‘ * lh'.cuur‘ doll> fuilhcr Order, that the
Mar.lul be appniuied receiver of th. rent, and i-uei of the
teal esiht.: ol Itoheri ai’Kim, dec , and that he rent out the
“ .'.'“J a l,,r‘‘d «*cet,img twelve month.; hut h. i, not
‘u ‘I"" uf Mr,. M Kim, in the house u,
uliirh (he tani Uuhti resided#
A copy. Teste, TO. W. JI EM NO, C. C
ca.VMSSIOJVEWS.OFF/CE, Richmond, June 27 IS23,
count, il'reeled in the foregoing <irde of C..ui°t"'on'irbn-h jvr
July5. 11 BAKKK, M.C.
—-- m 17—w-lw
IN^tajANCKUT-ln flange,. Cuuu*y Court, Ap.il 2b,h,
its?, xr? ‘•“V
p.,■ArsisT.JS! j™-. .
ag^Jss*-*-*"***^ j
Susanna Murray, widow uf Mark Murnv r> ..
who intern.ar.ird with Samuel Patter,o^md ih /
i*'e . "*'l,,d defendants bring fried and rea l andtbe , it
UyofVhen'eM P,™ here or, ^
"I.WIT Ihe plaintiff. -aid Idll, and Vhat'T copy uff‘ihiT‘
['Nia2*ANCERY: In IItwlc,‘ Ct-U'"y court June iIiTtU,
Janie. Trannni and Nancy his wife former!* V,„ ms
ani^Arms.ead Uimie, and Lucy In, w,f, .V-nuT^™ uc^
Atainst Platmiirs,
pt“>' > and the rule, of tlii, court • *n<l it
JS3t SiK’"J "'■' * '"ly "On! iX'-ClrE,.'^
“i-»-n«n.l, t,.r iwo1V,7m„7v.I\hi,"' '7 C"> ""
Je,”Aronal T* ,f,U"' d7J' °f ,I,C ...r of th!'n.Jn{7
.Tun/^im:'*' U,t nS *■ ^LKTT, C.‘ W
■ — 13—»wRw
r'lt.2<‘i !IANCKKY : M'tkl,,ll'»rS County March curt
Pf''aSr*,‘,,j0h" I,e,l,nn° riaintiff.,
fitor^llr.Uor. andWi'han, O. Ooode Defendant.
jsr.'zt*c£?: ^rsf fSi’tii, • z\ t

OT.Mk, faltWAlt D t tabb.c.
—-- 13- -wi it*
A EJVTUCK y A (; J 'ZVV’ V ”
ins kisx I’.*« .521&*, o„.
» K..,kfon,»5yrm„“ kv foMheZT,"' 6i.n,elf
rh.rh he It,, hern enraged forthe fnT.!°" °f 'h'" »*
ati.ir land title. t.avin~t..*. , , ‘ "* J**r»,*i*: in irive.tr
•tale*,.tun-for,roliertn,. de’hN i" .Ifjf' 7",'"8 lau*1-■'"'"’n■
repaird hi.o.ulf at K, eat ea, e.«e h J „ ? f"‘rP',,P '"K
^zwsd ’zH-’i-oi texr'
Tefer 7o Jttd J f7rl~ « V'*\T of '^ •<»<*•
• Arcliei of Amelia' Dr^Joifu \,i’"Ul ,,0“>din,llie Hon. Wm.
wh.. i. en.a.ed a.pova^d ..
.^Li“,7«7:r;7,K,i!?nWh^ he h""WH on
Z'tir1 •» »r«wwt"srL7irt**iiV^ss
Krankfort, Oet.2, IS21.
'-“if T"pU"Jh’' I™*'*
>lhw,l| never he .b.e„t f, tt, h'Z",f>’ «• ^-M
orrerpondrnt«, «h.. mnkcIL*'.*** "f ,h* time,-,
iM-o-or.it promptly ^m e ,h,lr offer* w,,f'h »«mtion
eh. 19 TnirLKTT It BURNLEY. #
-- -95—mf
mitr/!0,! A Wljyiww GLASS, ~fyc.
I Sf«;«Z^Vyfm,d7<ifc(,hr,Ve fVh', "V'*" C"™‘
and will .■SE^a"3j * .hemZ. f TWr"»
— k'nJ* of Ola.., mad:. af^horeTc^hi^r PtM> J""
any parl.eolar pattern, whelhr, plain, cmI„t mlu/drrf * He
3v7f'.T hf"r in ***•« ^* 31
Pf v "■ apolheearte,’ ware, decanter, nun. , . .
rr^wm^iaw.,, gohUt., howU.dbhe^’phte^phoC:,^.
Cut nail, and hiad. and clinch nail. ft,.r lot,a/,,* 11 t i
sttwar--* k~?SK^

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