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moat THE uERMAS.
T>«ic< n.l. rlcitCBil, O •turner !
Thy li'jiiiJ treasure* o’er the uiwiiotr< i.oi r,
AuJ raise each drooping flowi r.
A on trees that late, in l>l<-i*ti)ii*g prid*“.
Adorned the lowly valley's title,
Thy moistening aid implore ;
V’t nuerr, round which the woodbine ttv
lt< foliage twines in graceful play.
Delected <!toop«, ant! it ems to »a‘v,
Descend, descend, O shower ! *
Oh, let not then the woodbine f.ijr,
Hut quickly grant thy fostering aid,
And thy relieving power ;
To every plant thy c ire extend,
And Inste, in plcnitoui streams descend.
Oh balmy shower!
\ on herds that deck the mountain's brow,
Ami tlio.c that range the plain below.
Alik* thy aid implore :
Uufeehlcdby the noontide ray,
O er hill and dale they drooping |t- v-,
And hcavru-w ir.l turn the languid e ve,
Ihat asks tor thee, O shower !
• ih, let not nature plead in vain,
L' t not the (lower that decks the plain
In vain thy aid imp! >re ;
But liailv, thy pearly trciwures bring,
Iteirre the had*, restore the mu mg,
O'er earth her emerald ui.iutle nine,
An I soft deicrlul, li shower !
While Health, hy siiiilnig plenty crowned.
blia.1l scatter ail her st^r- ■ around,
Aud hail thy genial poserr.
The followiu; inscription for the monument of Uoa. Johu
OailUrd, says a correspondent the New-H-ttnpshire States
mm til l Register, it genet ally supposed to be f. oui the peu of
Vice President Ciifkoisn !
Is erected by the United States
To ths memory of JOHN (s AI kh.A |{ [»,
A Senator fiom the Sure of South Uaiolirn,
Who diidat Washington, Keh. 2K, tajtf,
111 the discharge of his public duties,
lie was a man
Of manners plain, lint engaging—
Of anItodristanding vigorous and corrci t—
An.! of integrity the iun»| inflexible,
lie followed the w idles of his own S.ate
When they were the willies of his e.mufry ;
And he connected kiniselfu-itk party
A'nt “ at rrn iiptrunnnt of ainbdion,
•‘lint ns a living depository of principle.”
A!! Ilia ends as esc- public end',
Aud ail the arts ha- which he i ought to obtaiu them
\Vcte manly aits.
lac <tairtftj no friends xeAeu thy irrrr a.. .•
And he united \ii.ae If evith no enemies
1 of the sal-e of increniing hit orcis potc-cY.
lie could support a government
Which was nut administered liy his friend-_
And he cuuldnppoje uiea-urrs aahich he deemed
Wrong, with fitmtiess,
Without coarseness and rancour,
Amidst themoit violent conflicts hi patties.
And in the discussion of uiuinculous questions,
He never, for a moment.
L«d the character n| a gen leic.an.
fiat itsg the lime that lie piesided over the Senate
lie treated its luruttiti,
As if they were all his frieu Jr—«
And, hy inch conduct, lie made them so.
Hi all appointments, which it was his duty to mike,
He sought to gratify his men judgment,
And not (he leelinga, passions,n wishes,
Of himself, or ofothers.
And by his rigid adhere--.. to the rules
1 rained with so lutu h wisdom
l'< f (he government of the Smote,
He preserved that good order,
If iI bout which public b’uinen is retarded —
l he feelings of the members excited oad insulted—
And the dignity of the body lost.
• May his successors.
In the liighyiflice of presiding uver the Senate—
TU*t great assrmhlv of the Slates —
Thai this monument will be their reproach.
Lfthey neglect to remember
Wahuem, (Fauquier.' June 3.
A spectator of the trial which too ce in the
{superior Court of Fairfax, during me last week,
of William D. Ilooe, for the murder of IVm.
Simption, ha* thought it time not thrown away,
to put together the following remaika ai:d reflec
tions thereon.
“ IT tli it (hr llcartn* Jn not th« ir < i,jli|(. jj.j,;.,
to tame these »ile • tT.i.ci ,
li’rmabity rnuit (■•Tforre prty on s'.self,
Lib? n.anstrll it tlfc£ llrtf.”
. Shakrsprarc, K i it % t.tnr.
The trial in Fairfax Superior Court, of William
D I/ooe, for the murder of Wm. Simpson, a younr
mar who Came from North Carolina to thi*'Sta!e°
to purchase slaves, (in whose friendship and affec
tion the prisoner liad, as stated, insinuated hitn
Helf) was really the most interesting and solemn
judicial enquiry I ever witnessed. It was render
ed doubly awful by the situation of the Judge, the
Hon. Wm. A. G. Dade, whose health was illy
able to go through the labour* of the term; but
whose wasted fiatnr, am! spectred appearance
heightened the solemnity of a scene the most im
pressive, at well to the community as the prisoner,
which we can either create or witness It was the
tfxerche of the highest right, in avenging the sever
est wrong; it was decided whether a being accoun
table to a higher and purer tribunal for ail hisdeeds,
was worthy of a longer slay on earth: whether be
had not by the laws of his country forfeited that
life with which an .111uisc Creator in the mys
tery of his divinity and wisdom had endowed him.
An invaluable moral might have been taught to
all absent, and surely must have been to those
present, be their condition in life what it may._
I’crhaps there never was, and I trust there never
will be a parallel of crime, eo atrocious, so degrad
ing to our nature, and covering so great a surface
of depravity and cruelty, hereafter developed in a
court of Justice, in any country.
An alarming example might have been seen of
fhc lengihs to which inexperienced and thoughtless
youth can be led, and the dreadful gulph into which
they may be precipitated by the gratification of
pride, vanity and evil passions, and the counsels of
bad associates. A beacon which I sincerely pray
may alarm all those who are beginning to tread in
those paths, most naturally terminating in similar
rejnorse, infamy, and death.
The trial commenced on Monday mornin", and
was not gone through till Friday evening. The
difficulty was great in procuring a jury, the usual
vote of the county being exhausted, in conse
quence of the great excitement of the public mind,
at the commission of an act, marked and distinguish
ed in every stage by the most brutal and savage
purpose. The evidence against the accused was
clear, unimpeachable and presenting a case of the
strongest chain of circumstantial testimony. No
thing positive was in proof; but the facts'were -o
well supported, so consistent, »0 natural to have
itappened one \yith another; and the witnesses «o
numerous and respectable, that the guilt of the ae
cused was as manifest and as firmly impressed on
my mind ss my own existence; Icavin «■ not the
slightest doubt or hesitancy with the most scep
Tbc evidence mainly relied on in substance tvat
s> follows:
i ne prisoner was seen m Warrcnton, at Februo
:y Court, 1825, in company with the deceased, as
an associate and a friend, extending to him the hand
ol aid and fellowship in a foreign land. He pur
chaaeil |he fatal pistol at the store of the Messrs.
Waldep s—left this town for the neighborhood of
Cgntreyill*. Prisoner was the last person seen in
the company of thedeceased_they walked out,
W «rt«». on Satt,nky nigh,, from the Tavern
°n Centreyille. l>,boncr re„lrned
,n 15 or 20 minutes without Simp-on; was a,le,l
hia ksrnsrhut mr..n...l .1. .
hi. keeper,*' but supposed that * he (Hir^nj
hnd gone to the lodge. Pr:.on,r
being a mason-- rnaoner on
next morning was aeen to come in the direction
from the spot where Simpson’s body lay ii'l!
truly in the moming set out for Leesbiu*, tvi *
tears and «ng..«sh on the road, and the witness who
**»cd when he arrived at L’entrevill*.
what was the rra"r.' - j, ,, 'v"*’
r-s * tVh-> haj
The body of Simpson was not found till Tucsda y
morning— it was shot in the right shoulder, and
stabbed eleven times in the neck and six times in
the breast —supposed at that time to have been
done with an instrument like a gouge—a club near
— horse tracts were discovered across the open
field to, and from, the body. Huoe was apprehend
ed in Leesburg, and the pistol found on him prov
ed to have been the one purchased of the Messrs.
Waldens—with hair, blood and clay on it: the hair
of the same color as that on the temple and breast
of Simpson: the clay like that of the neighborhood
where the body was found; the sum of hi dolls,
was found in Ilooe’s possession, consisting in part
of a 20 dollar note, a 10 dollar and a 4 dollar
note, sworn and described to have been in Simp
son’s possession the week of the murder. The
Bank, number and private marks described by the
witnesses, while the notes were in the hands of
the committing justice.
Other money was found in Hooe’s possession
the week after the murder. The sum of 1)00 dolls,
was deposited in the Bank in Leesburg. It was
also proved that wheu he left Leesburg for Fau
quier he had no money, and was driven even to
borrow 10 dollars. On his leturn, the day after
the murder, he was flush of cash, and showed one
of his intimate acqaintances 800 dollars or 1000
dollars in 100 dollar notes, and it was also proved
that the money of Simpson was for the most part
in •'fjlOU notes. Also it was in evidence that
I loot had no oilier visible or known means of ma
j king money save his salary of !j>100 per annum
from the Clerk’s Office.
All the stab* in Siinpson’sbreast, shirt and waist
coat were of the figure and size ot the baj'onct of
the pistol found on Hoop.
The prisoner on his part proved a good general
character and was in appearance a most genteel
and handsome looking man. lie persists in his in
nocence, seems to have acknowledged to me that
he knows the man who did the act, and declares
that he will die an innocent man.
The jury brought in their verdict on Friday
evening, after the examination before them of 00
or GO witnesses.
The counsel for the prosecution were Richard
II. Henderson, Nathaniel Tyler, and John (aibsou,
esqrs. —the counsel for the prisoner were Thomp
son F. Mason, Thus. Hcwctt, John JM’Carty and
Thomas Swann, esqrs.
The cause was managed and argoed on both sides
with ability and zeal, but particularly able were the
exertions of Nathaniel Tyler, e.-q. who, by his
bold, argumentative and eloquent opening made
indelible impression on the mind of the jury. The
Counsel for the Prisoner, exerted themselves to
their utmost, but they had a mountain on their
shoulders, the burden of which neither they nor
| any oilier Council cculd bear.
ii.ven the accustomed pathos and persuasion of
the venerable and sagacious Swann, gave ground;
| for that prisoner there ivau no room for the cxer—
I cise of such genius; he stood before his Peers mani
j festly so ’guilty of a crime so enormous, colouted
j with a die so deep that no professional art or in
genuity could raise even the shadow of doubt as to
his guilt.
The verdict of the Jury was guilty, and that to
the honor of the .State.
While we see the criminal Justice of our Sister
! State arrested by the influence of power, the arts
of chicanery, and professional trick; icc have the
pleasing consci .lion that the arm of the Daw is jet
strong among tr.t; that the judicial ermine of our
state is yet unspotted; and that here the foun
tains of justice still How on in such even currents,
as to wash away that Ji/th, pollution, and crime,
with which the moral atmosphere of our Sister
State, is impregnate'.!.
Justly has it been said that the pure administra
tion of justice, is die principal aiul essential part
of all government; the great majority of us know
| and judge of it by nothing else—its ctfects arc felt
every day by the meanest; In the bu-i.uess and af
fairs of common life. The independent, prompt
and patient discharge of the duty imposed on the
Pairtax Jury; as likewise the intelligent discharge
of the judicial duty by Judge Dade, reflect great
credit and honor upon the Court; and was praised
and admired by all present.
The following is the chaste, feeling, and appro
priate address oi the Judge to the Prisoner.
Prisoner—If, on this sad occasion, I could
hope, that any thing I might say to you, would
turn your thoughts into a better channel, than that
in which they have so long flow ed, :his la^t duty
> would be discharged with less painful sensibility,
i But when I advert to the circumstance under which
j dismal crime was conceiveJ and perpetrated,
j I fl!» not sanguine in such expectation. Born to
the inheritance of an ancient and unspotted name;
■ in the.enjoyment of youth, health, and a fair char
| acter; the road to independence and even honors,
j lay open beforeyou; and the example of many of
| y'>ur acquaintances might have encouraged you to
j become a steady traveller in those paths.
But you have chosen to wander from them; you
have followed the counsels of evil passions; “ you
have sowed the wind and you have reaped the
whirlwind;” you have sow ed iniquity and crime,
and ^you will have reaped remorse, infamy and
Painful at all times is the spectacle of the high
est saci dice to the laws of the country. But when
the victim is young; just entering on the career of
life; at that stage when the best feelings of the heart
I are the most vivid; and the inspirations of hope
i ®nd benevolence the most warm and animating_at
such a time to behold the place of these kind and
| generous emotions usuiped by the fell machina
tions of grey haired and disciplined depravity,
sickens the heart and we turn from its contempla
tion with new and humiliating reflections, on the
fatal stamp which sin has impressed on our nature.
With you the glass is nearly run out, the lamp of
life is flickering in its socket, and the hour is at
hand when the limits which separate time and
eternity, are to be passed. Indulge then no vain
hopes which have their foundation in this world,
cheat not yourself with the delusive imagination
that any earthly power will interpose between you
and the fate which impends you. But rather seek
pardon from a higher source where it may even
yet be granted:—Appeal with earnestness to that
power whose dearest attribute is mercy: who can
wash the foulest sinner white, who is omnipotent
to save. Console yourself with the reflection that
the resentments of an Injured community cannot,
would not pursue you beyond the grave. That
although at your time of life it is hard to tesr one’s
self from the anticipated enjoyments of the world,
yet age might prove them illusory: and that there
are many whose Jives have been passed without
criminally, and whose heads have been whitened
by time, who have had frequent occasion to de- j
plore that death had not snatched them away in
youth, before disease and disappointment and sor
row had left nothing but dregs in their cup. Yet
there is a terrible hour to be passed, and it is nir
solemn duty to announce that hour.
To award judgment in the execution of which1
your offence against the institutions and safety of!
society is to be expected: You will be remanded |
to jail: there to remain in close custody until the !
80th day of next June: on which day between the !
hours of 11 in the forenoon, and I in the after- 1
noon, you arc to be taken to tbe place which shall !
be appointed for your execution, where, between i
the said hours, you are to be hanged by tbe neck
till you are dead—AND GO IN PEACE.
[ Gazette.
It is state ■ in a New Yock paper that Judge
*» a«htngton arid Chief Justice Marshall have selec
ted from the papers left by Washington, between
three and four hundred letters of his correspondence
with various individuals both before and since the
revolution. They are committed to the hand-of
Messrs. Carey & De a of Philadelphia, for publica
|> A N A WAV fi«rn tiir ,n rrii.f, it.. l«»ih *tn» h.», *
• I I'ictipf h.fch.trry l.tMh, with * n,„, t- |„,
.... Y ^ ?W’ m''r ">..hi, Cf.nnrj.,...
i rrwtrm-H •juu't ihrRirmc nt l.nharinc ,n.| ,|,»r I«,||
ftive ■ H w .rifof trn dulinfj luf * * • -
(fj »» or I. y n.!nKii-r.
h'j apprrhcn<ion ami .Irlivi-fV
ArUULTC Examination of the Scholars at the Wicwatn
Uraastnar School, will lake place on the Hih ami 16th of
lh«* pr* tent tu Mith, fjutir.) AH ivho may Ittl auy mUrvd iu
In*? mu i***ruirnt cl th* youth ot (lut Srhoot art* rviueclfullv
invilvil to atltud. Wll. D. GILES*
Ju,*5‘* 7-ia
N. 1). *1 hr next Syfioti will rouimvnre on HdhJuIy*.
IN pursuance »>f the prumioiu *»f a tit* rd of trust executed by
I>r. S'iid*i«tck Alftteu-J «nd Elizabtdn hi* wife, hearing date
August !82l,|o£i t-coid in the county cvuitol Juuticih coun
ty) foi the |*u. po»e ol securing the payrneut of a ccr taio* sun* of
in ones tlieieiti exoresjed in D.. Iticfiaid Jtfficj, wt shall on
M'UiJjv the 10th July next, being J uuti city court day, at the
Kaleigh iavcrutn Willuoiibu.piocetd at public auction to
inahr > ilt ol that vaiuiblc estate lying ui:d being in the county
aforesaid, called Powhatan,containing about l^UO acres, anil
distant about three miles from the city ol Williamsburg. As
it is I’resutued that any person diipoxcd to put chase this pro
peity would prefer to confide iu iiis owu view of it, a more
particular description is deemed superfluous, only to add that
this tract of laud wo conveyed by Hiclinrd liauuou and others
to Pleasant Akiu, and by Into tran»feiied to Dr. Alliiend, to
which deed reference aiay be had for the mInation and buuu
darie*. Till: TRUSTEES.
Term* c.isu.
Jt>n* ~_ 7-tds
JVt'to lorfc Institution for correcting impedi
tncu/f of fptcrhy JSo ‘J.VI //•*oarf:wyl opposite the Tart".
11 i;li, the principal ol thi* iii»litutiou, hating • ngag
i.▼ l e l the vices of a profe«»ioual geullemau of the high* *t
i e-p* viability to aid her in superintending it, feel* orat rauled iu
Mssiiring the public, trotu the pcitect success she has had in ca
ses of stamuicring aud other imprdiineiit.4 ot speech tint hue
come multi her care9jth it att stammerers can he cured, and the
uiu.t <h .finale tan be made to .'peak with comparative cast aud
fluency in :» few wret-V*, and many in a few days.
Mr*. Ltigli ciu exhibit Uumerotl* testimonials at her Inditu
tiou ol the ••J'.cac.y <d li«*i systecu The public cuuuol dtUi iud
a ni *rc r.i-isfactory one than the following itom gentl* men win*
occupy tlie first iauk in science and litei-tiuie, and to whom she
lias confidentially communicated it.
Atu* York, Apt it I?ih% 13:«.
Having received fioin Mi *• Leigh, an cxpluuaiiuu of her the
ory f**r the collection ol stammiring,and other urpeUiu.cuts of
*1 < ecii, aud hiving suited hei Institution, it is with great plea
sure that we oner to the public our teatiruouy in her far sol.
1 loiu the uiHuy instances we there saw ol cute, eveu when
the* habit had been ol viry luug siamimg, as well as troui the
assurance ol many ti'spectable persons, cf the greatest advan
tage they had derived from her instruction, we -inccreiy be
lieve it will piovea public benefit : and we hope thni Mr;.
L igli uiay obtain the pstrouage her ingenuity and persevering
patience Have ?«> well deserved.
We do n**t hesitate further to add cur conviction, that an ad
hert nee to her rules, ou the part of the pupil, is alllhat is re
rpirsitf to t fleet a perlcct cure.
\* • rWyM)^r Materii Alcdica and botany in the Uuivcrsity of
JOHN Me. VICK Alt, D. I).
Profo.or cf ?.lcral Pajilnsophy, Columbia College.
JAS. if. fllANLtV, M D.
I\c.'ideut oflhe Xeit Yoik $uir Medical Society.
Fl.iiiciau to the New York Hospital.
Coj>y o/ a letter from Dr. J.R. MANLEY to Mrs. LEIGH.
“ -VhllV YORK, May. 13i«.
T'ikr »uit pleasure iu bearm; mv public In
timacy In the excellence if your pi.a Tor the treatment au>l
cur* ol Sumiutiiiu;, which in some cases, cxi-ts u> such extent
■tj to pl.ee the unfortunate subject or tlm habit, so fir at lean
ns his com eisv.ioual I ilcnl i* conrerurd, verv in ally iu the cou
(lition ul a .'/u.’c. The confidence you have placed m me by
expluiuiu^ iu detail vout inelho I, and the Tact* and it r.sonin^s
by which } "u have a.uinij totuch complete success,lectivts
my acknou'lcdgriuenls.
“The esauimation from tiaic lo time t.f your pupils; tlio
bi-torie* of their own cases from (heir own mouths; tiie oppor
(unities I have had lo compare the progiess of their aiccitd
iiieul ; and above all, the points of suppoit which your system
d«ticns Iri-tii a devclopeinetit of the causOi i‘l Stauiiuei un;, as
lanl ,,pen in your expu»itioa, have all coiispited to convince
me that your method must tie successful; and that, if the pupils
be of adu.t or disctCliuiiary ,je, having brou once cut ed, tlirv
cannot ret.ap-e iuTotiieirlotmer habit, without [l had almost
Isaidj studying to acquire it.
“ That unexampled success will attend your efforts in the
Ireatiuent of this unfortuuato vice ol speech, I entertain no
i don1!, an*! il it hear any susignahlc proportion to your merits in
i hrmgiue it to sucli a .leeree ol pel lection, you will have abun
dant cause ot satisfaction. With much esteem, I am,
,, “ Madam, Yours,
[Signed] “JAMES It. MANLEY, A/. D.
resident of the Aeto lVJfc .State Medical Society ”
•Tlll,e tk It— 2lil
rVIIIS Will nassunk in September. lH2J,aml almost iustan
X lauously exhibited it* uiediriiu1 ,oj.eiuef. In U21.itjtv.is
vi'itcdhy a large unmhcr of persons, laborin-,- imtlci disease,
many of whom experienced great relief. In 11125, the number
| i*l viditois uji niu.c (han duuMcti j and from the many cuics
t *hich ",rc effected, tui»l the general satisfaction expressed, »*e
I have teasou to expect a much greater number the |iresent tea
' soil. Already bare they cuiuuieneed ihrn attendance on this
I * V.C11 *u VUtb ** the lst<.f Aj'nl, did some ficuuent
J tlii* V\ ellt wiiiUt on tin* ju reading ivusuni their attradance was
. much I «l« r that i«, n; lo25, Hit lii.-t c unpui y catnc iuMiv,
i and in IE.1 none attended until some tune in July. Tire e
i lacti ju-tify the helief, that the viitue of these Waters are
; more ami mure approved of as they are more generally tested,
; 80,1 encourage us to invite tire attention of those who hitherto
I may not have become art,aaiuted with their salutary effects.
ritesuhscriher lakes this utelhud of returning his grateful ire
j knoivlrdgmcnlrtotlu.se of his friends who have so generously
j favored him with their company, aud to inform them and the
public, (bat he H still the Proprietor of this Establishment, and
I that 1. or y exeitlonuu hu part will he made to render his visit*
ors coort irtatle.
I lie character rf the Water of this Will has now- hreorne so
i completely (Mt.ibli»hed« (hat il is almost iiiincrcu iiy to sjy .i:i\
j thing inietcreoce to itssittues. Suffice it then, to observe, for
I the information of those who may not hive heai d of it, that it
| lias hi eu fuuiul c-ffictuar is relieving ague aud fever, dtopiv,
j diipepsi.i, gravel, 4tc.—that it is transparent, unusually odd!
I and iiy no means unpleasant to the lu-te_Horvcvt i,(lre best
j t.'-'-.blt way f-.r pet sons to test the efficacy of ail Medicinal
v\ ater s, if, to make the experiment for themselves, lie w mid,
• then fore, advise all peisons aSlicted with the above diseases to
visit this Well. WA/. II. CJOM.WN,
5'irrscx co. -I 1)1.tes fiuuth of the Cou> tl*nusc.
\ I*, fa-There is uoiv eslabliibed u Po-t-Offire at tins place.
_ _ W. II. C. Post-Master.
•Tl!,l*”:- c—t;i
STOLEN from the lulncrihei’j stable last n!ght,a Iforse,
Saddle, Martin,.il auti Bridle. Ileisa largehglil bay,!!
■ r'l years o:d, in very fine order; no pmtirul.u mark recollected,
but believed to have one white hind foot; n luug and rather
hollow hark -, short tail, which he c ari ies badly, and the hair
r ubbed from the top ; his hood's are uuusuallv flat and short, and
• tour havinghesn loug shod are in had rider, lie trots and
pact; pretty well, hut slops rather short ami vety wide with his
The above reward will be paid far the reroverv of the Horse.
irlanohcjtrr, June 3. 9—if
•'T*11 ■- ! ‘Ifowi.ig Certificate*, which accompanied the Aoaly
a .is of this grate, in lire Enquirer of the 2d instant, arc all
sufficient t.i show the estimation in which tl is held by cuiuue
lent judges : r
I have had ..tic of ftr. Mayo’s “ Patent Crates” sit up in (h
Eagle lime I [in Afarch tastj and am perfectly convinced oI u
decided superiority to the grates iu common tt c.
It ichraond. May DO, 182C.
The •indcr-tgned have seen Dr. Mayo’s pjtcnl (irate in sue
ressn,| operation at the K.gle Hotel, aud cheer fully tile, tin
they hare received the most favorable impression ofils prarii
cal utility in promoting the objects of economy and cowtoit.
Tne f.rate, will be supplied, (to order only) of ,uc|, diluen
sion, ami number <>i cvlrndeis, from two to four,as .v,|| „„t th,
chit*e?\r i° f ' ,U>' arc »>P pl .crtJ, lt (|lfll<tlJ
charges of Cist iron per pound, vruh a small advance far (hi
patent right. The grate with two cylinders wVllreouire,
.pace III the clltrami ol 51 nirhcs elevation, hv 2b i„,|„. w„.,.
lhat ol liner cylinders will require a space of Ji inches el
a'soaee 1 , Tb\ "f w.ll
a space ol 31 ruches elevation by 3-1 inches wide. I>, i„„,
disposed t j give orders would do well to examine whetlie
The fJ mJ,n"(,TMr,k d ,n" rmr, T,"h 'heir chimney nu.nl,,
fir* facings of brick or marble slabs may he (alien out am
mmllesOrdi« T>fi with"u‘ tnterfetiug with th,
luntlM. Orders should he given during the .nuimerflhat the,
1 be hy the wiuler. Ro. MAVO, Patentee.
—-'2- . 2t
Pm“Hm V^.d HU',,,ro,,r' fif,h Virginia
Koliril I>un 1* in ami Jinfi Dunlop, surviving partners of the
late mercantile Duutf of Duulotii Crosse.
n.1 * AlIUS.
Tli..ni« R. Jinnic, „dmr. ,vi(h wiJ) of J(>|l
Day|e>r,dcr..ayh„ wa» .nrytvtna eaor. of John Hat lor the rider
;lrr- *' *"*« ' ,or’ »«•"*». * J«hn Car l„r, M/eorge I». Il,v.’
lor, children, lieirj and devi.ee, of (lit- raid John llaylor, dec
7 l k«r Hr»»ee. of (he ialdjolm
tMjrlor tl»e efdrr, dec. I>( f.a
i hi» came r uni on fo he heard by rnnr.nl of (hr plaintiff,
.nd the defendant, John ami George j> llaylnr, de,i,,e,„f
John I iylor.dre. ic.r . whereupon the roml ordered and He
creed, that the defendant, John and Oeorre I». Haylor navi,
Ihe plaintiff, (lie runt of i*g.l7l m w„\, „„Jrr,( on *7 J ,V,'
P,rt lrV,rP ’4[lJ,'r ,t!t "f 6 PJf cent. per annum from Ihe ;;,i
day of Miv. 1, .0 uni I pa,d And il wa, further ordered and
decreed,(hat U!.|r„t|., defend,nlr John and George I). |la- -
lor, pay to lire p ainl.lf, «In- afore.rid ruin of HJJ7I 37-n
b.f,„r the 1,1 day of January. I8J2, will, the hitereat a. afore! !
k t nun me iinrn m a* afore*
•ant.lhat the mach il of ihrt court, [do in default of inch oar
mrnl[ after adveili leg the time and piare of,ale,for fourwVet,
tin rta l.’f v m .. .... ...__ _ ■ • • . .
* ry ... ..... | vri lilir, I'll lOUf W»
noe,. .rely, ... neyy.paper p.tMnhcd in (he (own of
Frederick.hiiig, or (henly of Richmond, cap.... puldir . de«,
mue.i of the 'rut id land foranv p.rl thereof Dial he may ihinlt
j.eil called ,N* «r Market, lying in the eetinfy of Caroline
rail k.ll.r ae.tf I,. __ a*., 1.1. . I • . '■••'•Ilir.
pr perl called he. Market, lymg ... the county of Cirol.ne
it .hall he .uffirient (0 pay the debt and title ir.t aforesaid and’
,h* f0*1’ ellenrlmg ll.ii .ale. on . credit n| twelve month.! th<
purr Inter giving hond nr bot, I, with .inn:oar4.erur,tv heatin
mietejt from rhe day ef .ale.an-l a deed , f t,u«t on .’he |,m|
.cruet the payment ol .Urh hood or bond., eie.pl ,n „,lrh .1
the piirrha-r looney a. -hall h.ff.r .e„( ,,,/ .hetorlr an,
chv,Ke. of.ale, wlrfrh .h .11 Paid er.h \£L
In teiifurmity to the terror or the fuegoing decree, I ,1,'ell
V: PuM,c auction at the Dowling Green t
, ■ w. .... i»'.*7f|eii- tllfPi
. ounty of Caroline, mi Monday (he I Oil. of July ncjt, helwe,,, i
't .of dn, „,,v, nTX?
.he tract Of Land railed Nr wMa.kef, mentioned m th^.-H
decree, a.-hall he .uflicent to i.liafy the puipote* (I,firm
menttorterl. ' T
The paii,r,.I,e pari. ,.f the tr.rf which will h. offered ay,r
of dingnsipd on Inc dny of in!p,
. „ A- 11 TIIORNTON.ft. M.
•f"'1 P—t U for .l„hn Hear am, M. V. I).
the. Herald, at Fredffirk,burr, will pnbli.h Ih
fill dny of # .
VIRGINIA At a superior <ourt of r.luurery lioideii al the
^ Capitol IU (lie city of Richmond the "1.1 Jay of Juu;.aty
K.chatd Bass, adrn’r do bonis non of Lilburn IX.Tucker, dec.
and MichaelTucker, 1’ltfl*.
Kobett Sampson and Wm. It. Taylor, adra'is de honis non
of Jesie Tucker, dec.,anJ Jaiuu Cluke and Samuel Itrnnih,
I’.v ronwnl o. the patties hy their couiuel, the court J..lh
aider, that the defendants Robert Sampson ind William U.
Taylor do reader an aeeount of their administration of Tt.e
estate of the raid Je.se l ucker, dee., Indore a cuuiait*»ioner
of the court, wh’> it directed to examine, stale ,u.d teltle the
•aid account, and rcpoit the >n.. i i;., ■ -m, u>
tenapeciatly ttaled deemed pertlurut bv himself, or which
may be ici|iiiied by the parties to l>e »> ttaled.
A cony. Trite, WAf. W. IIKN'IN’G, e.e.
Cemmi'jientr's-Offtce, Richmond, 6tA Mint, it
The parties luterrited in the matters m refeiriw c‘by virtue
»f the above Ordi i, will take uotice that 1 have eppoiuled the
bill day of July next, at 10 o’clock, a. to., for their attendance
at this Ollice on the* said mattes in I e lei cnce, when and where
they are hereby requited to be* prepared with the accounts,
documents and pioofs necessary, to enable me, as one of the
commusmner, of the superior eouit of chancery hnldeis ct
Richmond, to perform the duly required by said order el one
uf the couiuitSsiuiur* of the said ro'irt.
WM. U. I’ENDLKTOX, coot.
\T 1KGIN1A. At a Superior Court of Chanter. holdeti at
the Capitol, iu the city or Richmond, the h day
January, ltt'Jit.
Margin t Cowan, adin'x of A!r\ander Cowan, X’llfl
d‘’bu R. Harwood, adni’r of William llaiwood lift
fiiis cause came ou this day to lie furtbei bear d, on tin p.t
pei» formerly lead, and the report of the commissi- u -t, u.ade
iu pursuan. t of the order o' the 8th day or J.m*, l. it), with
exceptions thereto hy the defendant, and was uigue.l hy coun
sel Ou Consideration w hereof the i ->uit doth recommit the said
report and exceptions, to a commitiuiicr for him to examine
aud report thereupon. A copy. Teste,
' WM. W. HEXING, c. c.
Commitiioner't OJRrt, Richmond, Muy TD, ll’ib.
The parties interested will pera-e take notice, that I have
appointed lb. 18th day ot September next to commetice
tlie duties pieeerihcd by the foregoing order ol tile
court. On which .lay at o’clock A. AX. they aie irquired
to attend at my otnee, in tin. city', w ilia the uccer-at y documents
i,c. ready lor examination and settlement.
;. -• ’•••** •'•**_ AMOS LADD, m.c.
f ” OUANCEUY. At ■ court held for f. i. .
a ty, the 18th day of Jlav, H-'rl.
Sti-i.ba.. *_p Uoslick and Uhiua Xlo.'.iclr, CorupU.
Nathan Uostick,John Ilosticlc, Littlebcrry 0 -liri, A'gsthl
UosUck, who udeimarried with Nathaniel Real. , Lucy Ho,tick
X- loyd Unstick, said Naihat.i. I Iieale, Jo.mh T. head 11. lsh
am Cheadle, .Ha* ilia A. Cheadle, Judith W. Cheadle aui
Jese Hughes
J his d ly enme the complainants by counsel an ,? file d (lo ir hi!
and the Defendants Nathan llosti. k,' John Zto.tick. Liltlcbcin
DO’Uck, Agpa ty Dealt, Nathaniel Real,, Lur.y Xloitirk au'i
r lOVll l)u«llt’L tml ti'ieinis s.i>i<si..l ll,.l. __ i
|S. | .. ‘ y’ d 7 • - •••••••»■» j llU'-t KM Mil1 IS d
1 loyrl Uostick, nut hiving entered their appearance am! iv
IPl'IIrtlt' 9rs>isr>lin» I.. . -a . i* at J s J . . .
* . • .'3 .. II 'll |ll ill elllSsST • s I , ' 1 , 1*1,
security according toan ,ct of the tieneial Assembly am' th
tule, of tilts court, aud it appealing to the satisfaction . : th
court tliat they are not inhabitants ot this state ; . u the uiotioi
ot the complainants by counsel, it is ordered tbat the .aid defen
dauts Nathan lJos'ick, Johii Dnslick, Liftlcbcrrv Oo.tic!:, Area
t hy besle, Nathaniel Ueale, Lucy Uoitiik and l i n'd l. slid
I Ull 1)1*1.. i it lisa. Rr.l .1-,.. I A .... a
| do aj*j»e*r here on the first day cf August rouit next* and aii
I 1 !u ^‘11, am! that a copy
, - ''*■*> linn a iwity of tills order !»
. lonnwuh inserted imomr one of the public new paper, print.
' in the city of Richmond, lor two months lucre,.tv ,;|y, and als
. posted .d the front door of the eo.irtlio.ue uf thi> .. iy. Au
di* I urtuer ordered; Hint m« defendants Jo.UIr T. (Jim !!,
l ‘““f. Cheadle,Martha A. Cheadle, Judith W. Mo idle ..n
j ocssc Hughes, l.e iujoiiiud from committing va-te on the line
! ..I laud iu the hill mention.d. formerly In lor.giug to Joiiu It...
nek, containing hy estimation try,, Imndied aiol twenty -li .
, acies, lying on Day’s Cleek,a branch of Appomatt >. liver.
j Tcilc, D. J. WORSH AM, C. C.
holden in the Cle.S
, the 1st day of Ala
VIHGIKIAs in Chancery. At rulr.
ts-i" ^ct "* c,'uut>’ court of las.ex, t
James Game, admor. of all and singular the goi.Js,chattel
rights and creJits of Nancy (jauea, dec. aud in liisowurigh
»- i., t X’laiutiff
Austiu Urockeiibrough, sherilT of Esiex county, and com
iin.tee admor. ofJau.es ltouyhan, dec., Thmua. Ho.van
au in or. of William Uoward.dec., and Winter Rtay. drjn. ,
bdward Ware, dix. Defendants.
1 lie UHcmiaui 11.-uu.xt Howard, Admor. of William U«)’.%art
.tec. nut basing enteied hi, appearance acc.nding to tin- act.
Assemldy and theiules ol ih'i couit,and it appearing hv satis
lactoiy evideiirc, that heisn. tan inhabitant jf this stale: onth
mol.on ..f theplainuffby William A. Wright, E-q. Iiiscoun-.
I .S O,Ae.cd. that the s.,,.1 defendant .lo*’ appeal here on tl,
third .'loudly in August nest, and enter Ins appea.auce, au
answer the plaintiff1* bill, and give security t' i performing th
dicrce of tiierouit ; and that a copy of this order be inset I.
in me Uicbuiond fcuqui. er for two months successively, snJ no.
«dup at the irout^dooi id 'necounhousC of the said county.
flniAM It It ATTMI.’ll'C .
j A Copy.
We#!xiei»iay i.igfu last, a lirij
1 STOLE N out of my .tabfe,.
Vn* u,‘ire?!*1* ) eats old, wiliia^tir m lift fort hr
feet lOor It imdirs high, main rubbed wilbihecoll’ai
leaching the hock, trots and paces much he!Ur than comu
wo, horses. I lull give the above reward to, the Uelive,.
said mare. I’EUtsV OWEN
lleiin.;.) eo., June 6. P_
I”1 £»*'*“ U,1 L*'“! 11*11 Orove, containing above
*• *>■rr**s lying in tlie lowei cud of Amelia romilv, for
nie.lv aiiveili.nl, in .till for sale. Il would make an excellent
coUo;■ plantation. It will be sold all lugathcr or di.ided inn.
^11/ '* * he term* will beurrouimoiiatiiiL'.
\VuMUm, m.in li 4. 09—tf HrM. fi. GILES.
A OREKABLV to ttie wil. of ilic late llev. Needier Robin
f *• ,0"’ 1 w‘11 ‘’ffei to tile highest bidder on Thursday tl,e 10.1.
August uext, if lair, if not, tbe i.,»t f.ir .lav, at .Sew Kent
coin (home, (n.. f.acts of Land lying <u the f. end o. New
Kent county, and nnmedi.trly on tin wdusot VulR,
I lie one tract known hy.tlie name of Maishficl I, contain* 1000
acres, on wind, there is a Urge and . ..niuiodiou* Bri. h House
ollwojlor.es,and out house , some of «|... 1. .re in good
The quality of the land i. stiff and n will adapted to the growth
ol wheat.—Its contiguity to the river affords great fac.litv in
proem nig the nee. vines of the mater. Oy.de. Bed.and fr.sh
M~ llocks me unwidiately adjacent to the Join, and tin doo.
within 50 yards of .hr hank ol (he river.
This land is bounde d«... the West by a creek running thro.. I.
a spacious piece of iHanh containing <i,out CO or 70 art e.—
w hirl, is partly owned hv Mr. Prim Vaughan who is dtiirous in
joining to rec aim .t. Naiuie l.,.s tli.owi. .... un.normou.
...nund of sand. leaving only a passage „f fo, |||R tl).
lung and Bowing uf the tide up and down the crick—The e\>
Ol'tlJl* ul I «'f ! Ill If. > l*ll. I.i.r.l, a- ...... # .... I.r ..
* i . i, *i >*iu uviiii uis crtt'i
fiinjc ol recluucingthis marsh cannot cxctiiSthirty tiolhik
the only work nrce.,..ry, will be the liiiug ol'a flood <Mte in (ins
lunow ja si-e.
The Oil.e. tiact con.moi.lv tailed Pond Marsh, hut was rbani
ed to W uttlelhorpc, coni ,,u.WJ acres, and j. Ma,si,field ...
the bouthe ist. riieie are n.j nuproveuiinU <>u fltij truer » »
crpl the l. ime of a,, old dwelling home, which,.,a, be ra.ili
.. paired to lie comfortable. The pt. ul.ar advant of ih,
(.art con-ist ... it. favorable adaptation to the . ..T,f Cntile
I. .v mg a wry extends* Maish attached toil, t •ball ,r|| b, ,1
t.ait- on a credit .four, two and three yea.., .eotiiiin- , *h<
purchasers bund with security and ., deed „f (i u,( on the l»m
to secure fhe payment. WM. ROBINSON, Admr.
Trustee's Sale of Rea! Estate
*IY Vi.tueofadeedoftru.l exernted to the ch cribr, b,
I f IM.nryMi.riiK n.l tialMiu wife and I.ess Jon. s ari
lamlemo In. wile, hsa.mg date 24th May, lu.\ and of recur.
. (he comity con,t of Hcn.ico, for the h, nefit of certain err
d.lorsof MurrWJ 4c Jones, will be offered for ,ile, at nubi,
on. ,on,bHo,e the door of the K.gle Hotel, .„ (he cdy „
Htohuionsl, ..i hrulV* 23d June, Hik’d, a of Oronnd (yin,
.nihe com.lv of Hem,CO and w.th.nlhe ju„ dirti, n ol the cil
<d R.i Iimo.iil, co.,la,...ng by estimation 7 .cm , 2 roodl and 2
pole s, on winch| situated Mutable build,,.gsf„, the accmmoo
datum of a small faintly. One and two ,t„, credit w.ll I,
allowed, Ihe purchmer giving bond wiil, a[,,(ruted ,
security <inJ a deed of tiuat^n »*proprity.
May 23, IBM. JAMLS "ADISONMrmlee.
, AF-IK-YOllK.
I MUaeominod.on, and eetmn.ve K.t .Misl.hmenl, fron'i .
Zj],I0' '""l inUr 8lrttl'i hcl ”>• /’in* Street , „/
t tauten Iron r, is now titled up ,n a convenient cud elegant sty It
fm the reception ol Company.
The situation ol the United States Hour presents pecnliat
ad*anlage« to Merchants and Travellios, being in the rent, .
aftfit mereantde husines* of the civ, and wiil.m a in.. .
ure^ of the Bank*, Exchange, and public Offices. The fie.
circulation of air which the extent of the Establishment eii
iff**A? ~ npulment*, rendar* u » very devirahla revidence.
I he and toffee Hoorn, are spacious, and plea ..illy do
ate.I V I Is*: Sleeping Rooms any and comfortable the Cel.
tar, *,e even Hocked will, the £• t Wine, and Lo.nors —the
Amr/crw.llhecomtantly .upplied with every delicacyof the
i * and other markets : —and m addition
to the other range of accou.mo.lalions, convenient UntMr.
Uoiuet I.1VC been erected, whe.ellot, (Jold, and Shower Baths,
°* •*»*' ,Pr,0K vr.ifertirc always in reft'liitf<*.
Ornlef.il lor the liberal patronage already received tbe Pro
prietorwill be ever anxious to merit its ront.iiuanre and ej.
.TV !" »***«cvp.»fi ev* of which, he pled., . him
sell to bestow In* lesions exertions for Ihe comfmt of his p.,
k'u c j c. T. II. REimONB.
v O- Soda, to»gre„,and other Mineral H alers.
New-ioik, iiny yj, a—ft
nil KIt IjAJvD Fun SALK.
f^Y* **!'■ * * >*''>*•)« Iran Of Land II. Ihr r.ui.lv . Con ha
iiv iVuu*'*'',™ *?"** R,,*r> ftvrm.lV. fiom the
Nmr.* ill. llm ,l”l<»nJ Iw'> hrlnwihr t. non,..to n ti.c
,, 1 Jl r.>»i him fj ,n five |» .,* hum’,< <l arr. ,
n^ LL^'r l,,"r » »■"- ■ fur Oil
1 n1 _h’*'! 1" -trneralljr fertile, ,.f AmI i ii. ,
. ’ ’ *nH l"nh*M*’• I'he impioyeinent. arc an nverir. r’.
a 7l !l *"’"*'»! ng'Hi.l I .an. „,.| ma-lunar I nm
d T" h?f*t* w,,,"w'' rominnili >n* I ,h,ieC(i Urn..—
. V*\PL*7? "f ',,r *,'"v',,r,r' »f lanrf, lie •litinnril tr.„||
I u,.on liberalI In mi ; hnn< anatom to do .<■, lhrv invite ■ .<»
I, iiirmri. wi.hinj In invest money in nlmM. landed ,.,,,oer.
Owf- Ba.n.irl I*lea«ml., or Wilt,. ,.,
»« Wile f. in. Hiclin.'iml, in the romi-y ,.f
llrnrt <•, or to Mr. .Inn, Van-1,>'iv of (ho rity. Mr. II n<, the
MP.V.r.* will .hew itloai.y pV-i.oi. inclim .] to
Mhillil.h, Miy 20. Ii-rt
('Ock-Jlfaich at Honaoer Cdurthovtc,
■ i Ihr Kth J'.II’ m »t, and ronfiint'ii three day., fimhee
m Kin; W ill,in, .<110.1 Hanover ,,nd ll-m 1.Thnl.
VT.T".;'"?.. h-t'ir- <Ml.n l,;M, in,I ' >
-Ilk Hr* "‘1 The<l<y A HuUU llo’jut. The corker,
will he form.hH wnl, imple armioniorlatioa*.
I • 8. A Ihlch A/oin will hr alio foiieht.
may 2»i. 0 K—ti*
JM^Tl.r report of the r .rl.-rghf being put ofi i. i.,.f,-jn,lrtl.
ffwpilot, Williamsburg.
hTKy ;,'"n Ine fell* mthi, in-tit,,I,on
, I . rT"1' \’M‘ ... P**i- t -' ill hr ,r,. ,v, "
■ml, •■me of thr *aol eel|« are v „ ,ut, which will
'V, t h>' "T'}'r ' f ,!>« Conn of Direr ton.
rl4 • ' ’ t J.»:0 • r r. f
Valuable instate for Sale or Exchange.
npUK subscriber wishes tg sell »i exchange the LAND
-M wnciewn lie uow resides, containing 860 acres, lying m
bpottsylvauia county, outlie road leading from Fredericks
Jur* Orange Spiings, 20 unle* from the formrt aud 12
Iro'ii tbe latter place Ou this e.tatc is a Manufacturing'aud
■ tut It It, mil hy cue skilled in lb* ui.inufartuiiu • business,
much might be dune. A. to the Grin Mill, it is considered
decidedly the best iu the country, having almost conitiut rns
nloyueul, and would lie a good .mud for n Grocery or Dry
Gn >d otorr under proper management. This tract is fully
CIJU..I, or •upriigr to any in the neighhuui hood_The im
provements are anew* Dwelling Home, well fitted (or the
,uo,t Mm" 1 lamtly. fjaviu- been lately finished off iu the he.t
minuei, neatly piloted imule ami out, with all uecessaiy out
liou.rs, Uaideii, tc. The situation i. high, pleasant, .did a,
uaudsoiue as any in the country, wi h a nevei failing Surma
Ol as good water is am m the State. The riantaliun i« in coo
Older, nudeoutanu ti. ui 350 to -100acres of cleared land; the
balance'll! wood. Any person from the lower country, oi
elM-where, who wauts a pleasant countiy residence in a good
urig.ihoitiood will Jo well to own this property The mode
“/ l*»yj"cnt will he accommodating. The subscribe! will ei
• her s, tor Ca.h, young Negroes, at cash pi ices, or long cred
It, oi exchange tor lands of good 1(uali(y and title in Ten
m-sser, Kentucky, or on the Keuawbi river in Virginia. This
t-tate is offered for the a.wouimodalion of his family, who
wish lo II. ove to the West. Persons wishing toown this Estate,
will make immediate application. JOliN WHITE
b|s*itt.\ Ivania co.. May 19. •;__ |„
RANAWAY .. the .ubscrihei. Using in the county o
'.'.;' Trv “'r'?loud3Mlht 22.1 iust. my negro manium
<1 LEY, of dirk complexion. 28 veai. ol ire, about
*nthes high. ID look with him a new double wove unx
\ II ;iiua cloth coat; also, a snuff coloured cloth or rimmcn
‘i!’Jl| ulhe, clothing i. variiu. : In
n.iu i< bushy and loii-er than cominno negroes, lie makes;
geiiteel .ppea,wen lor a negro; the fore-fmget of the lei
am I, , :l about the middle joint, and he ha. a sear on the for*
eld sccnmmdbjethc kick ol ahorse; he is feud of dliviu.
■ *;>•-. he i. .. i. .. pci xud a Miller. I have no doubt of In
attempting la j .„ * fiee oi,n, aud I think it prohahlcbe ha
hoardaso rueaus obtained t.ee pipe,,, and null „y get.,,
Le to Phil |'T?‘ or Pelc.hurg and’ attempt t,
I • ^llidjlpbi.i.ai hr baa a father,a free mau, Using ill,,,
isownri, or commandant,ol vessels fiou
e|kpc?so."“rr‘ °h‘1’ “r u!h, r ,';n’ ,!,alh""'f: of him, and all .ah
. «nl ?, tY* h*' ""S *’r t*“*’lo>'*,i5 *'»>• '»•*»> was, a- tin
L*" u!l h‘ l“" »> force. The above levied svil
he pais! to any person who will deliver said HAWLEY to me
oi secure him in Jail that I get him again.
Ys.rtarofi ,1c,d of trust executed by Stephen Drauc
1... |,“|-'county, on the IMi „f April, ISIC.convc
.ng oGuler inu, Wood and Kobe,l Wood, one tract of Ur,
coma,mug AM ar.es more or less, lying a„d being in the cou;
nlurcrmd, whirh sa,d deed was made to secure the pa
I rut Ot a judgment by Jury rendered against saiJ S. Diaiit
to fasc.urofJ.usejlJrac, of ,id county ?... $120, and . o,t ©I
-- cent-, with mleresl from the 1st of Januatv, It07, till pa
mint; whirl, ,„.| Ue-d was admitted to recc'd in the1
"unty court, on the 22,1 of April, mu;, a„j
on iv! tn»Ct" ,ho'•T V uf- lhl *3ld J“,u< > sba
on VV i dneujay tae 21st ol tins instant, on the preuii.es, p.oce.
to v II at public auction, fot ea,h, the tract of land a/orrsii
( sl.eiL«n the ,aid b. Uianth uuwtrsides.) the sulisciibri,
Hi m hv ’"I f ‘otbe purchaser such title as i- se.u
iu 12a< tu by »aul tiorl tltrrf.
110UEKT WOOD, ) Trustees.
Virginia Female Academy, ISoydton, Mecklt
burg county.
| till- first public examination the young Ladies in
A pl»*e Monday; June 12th. and
tallowing day. 1 '>,.udsot the pupil,,aud all whu’appr,
a.e jhe importance ol Female Education, ate suUcitcd tu
.S'* c';' r,i *-uf the school will r. commence on Monday
u.n, as there is im nnunrr vacation: it is ,|, ..aide that'r
"dcndu.g to send their child, cu should du,oa3 oc.ir'
-..;,'ll‘V Ac.t,U,ni-V ",tre ,*rc.5 competent tcachets eor„ta,
? r''' liu‘ °f 'union, at is they are all of .me f,
1; ? , 'ncauvMiiieiict» whu it oftru ari>e» to pupils froui i clia
ot instructoi, will hr cnmplcti ly obviated! Vu cvery d.p
meut the . u.livation ol the under,tan ling i the primal ob,
-»nd tfie'iieni.j,^. „ exercised oi.K for thuatlainmint ol that.
c '!?e “Jllal!y employed in recital,ou, ., portio
Itevotnl to l imili.ii lerluies on the subjects studied, a'cou.r
■ ed by expel ,menu : .t u hoped tint the piogic,, n.sn.fr.tc,
lureewfui CWULC 1,111 lt“ !»•>'’„ of their teacher, have h
Young Lillie, from adictanre are expected to hoard v
lit I rinc.pali, uule s iln v have nt ar lebtive^ in (.mu : i|
iuctreated in t v* iy ri 5p.«I a, meu.!»*n ol tli*- family, and ul
hh-.tv.rnor ,hCrUP l"'Mi '"r ‘heir moral,i„,|
havn.iir, they arc made to feel ss little as possible the depri
lion o| any of the enjoyments of home. *
1 hr course for the licit session will embrace Nctd’c If'o
sfcmi.o.. Ayse/W, n’,ai:;r. Arithmetic, Gremamr, Geos
phy, Hutory, th,j„u,try, Natural I'hUoinphu, tlrlUi L.-tt
Tlu ,d‘a,Kr I t Hoard, with tuition as abr
, ."m • !lve mouths. Vocal mill Iu.l
n r" ,1 .du ir will aim be taught at 20 dollars, and diawin,
A dollais, lor the . -.on, the whole payahl- in advance. N
scliulais pay only Iroiu the time ol their entrance.
1. r h , xI";,Ud shi rts, blankets, a cov
Id, and towels, or .1 small vxfru charge will he made,
l.uuks, arc. will be furnished at the usual ,!oie prices.
ISoydton,u.iy 29. 5-wt!2tbJ GEa^L.'uAKKH
Safety Rurges on the Hudson River
A oaicly Ua-rei h**
l"iiging (o the Steam Navigation
Company will, from Hit 1st of
.Juur, l>e continue «1 aj rctrula'
fin l';*Map*‘ boal« bclweeuliie cities of
N#\v Vorlc .m«t All,,..,
* "*” barge, II, suhsiautial vessels of mu 200 tons liurthi n
« i; li, wnb -|mcioii, mid splendid accommodation, free fieui the
none, jan m.. and heat to which Steam-bo.Ua aie subject, ami
< lo J’»per» resulting from (lie explosion of
steam boilers, nr any other IHpposablc causes of acridi ut. Tbe
experience ol the pint year has shewn the decided superiority
tho mode of travelling, air! the proprietors refer with cou
fulenee to those who have had opportunity to enjoy this dc
IsgritJul mode of conveyance. J J
The Strain-Boats towing the Safety Ilarfie» have powerful
r.ngiiirs safe and improved ronstruction, ami will tale on
board the horse . rarr,.,5ri an I servants of families who take
parage m lilt* Uurgri,
Forfurther iifforuiation apply to the Captains onboard, or to
fife/ 'r ..Pifra' Albany, aDd at the
tool ot loillandt-slicct, f*ew York.
New Yorlr, May l (-=fj. A«v*6»«<«J'_C^»P«y.
rpilAT valuable plantation situated in .Vewkrnt county, 27
*• '“"'’V'ro'u lire 11.10ml, and two from Pamunkey River,ad
••mug major t u.irj’i estate, genl. Cham her lay ne’s and otheis,
llll.llllir • I;O *SCI <• . .VIft (,r ul.irl, ..I . . i I. .
IniTnY which an* under rood cultivation
“n 1 .w 11 " ,IcH "*• '■<"* «‘aeb lot well watered -dieiidr s several
good rpi nigs; an extrusive orchard is on that tract and a large
I‘u'*,”'u‘ tOOacrei, is good low laud and inueli
in. ili' i *i i" i t**/ri' P,arl—ll'rr e is also a large marl hed
nthalUnd, winch has hern tried and provtn lo he good,
rhe w io.il,ml heavily limbered with pine and oak o? the
«J*w«iyuus ; tin louse and out Ironses are convenient.
° h0,rn »•<”«» •>«'• ts.ulers, and
f<iD ,'V r ,ri< * (a*r v*fi»i»tion| and possession on
m h ocd .,• **• «•*«*
- -.... J null me
or immediately, hy paying a I n.-price for the gro wins'’crops of
wheat, rye,oats, hay,corn, fcc. which aie vi ' •
■ ■ ■ —7— -iv very promising. For
termsapplv to tIn subscriber on tire prr iriise.,or at bisilwcl*
M !lt,chu,l",'J- J M- DEL-CAM VO.
may jo. 6—wtf
Twenty five JJollai s Jleward.
IJ AN AWAY from the subscriber a negro woman hv the
'ir '{if w 1' 8!“ purchased of James Holliday
h " V"-:""1 Oimerly owned by the widow II ill of that
pta. e. She If rather of yellow complexion, ahoul 27 yeais <»l
age, tolerably ileshy and well sol. A reward of2o dollars will
>» given to any person who will t ,he her up and lodge her in
*.‘i j3* *<ivi»rti«»* the «nnw in this paper, <»r addresj
a line to the ,uh»cr ibtr living near Williarn.horoush, Granville
ijly, iV C. ARCH: MURPHY.
/ I Il'JIllJ.nrn’ rJ r> __ft a
Willnmsboio’ N. C. may 20
.<//•. W illiam Hablcton, for Hczckiah Ford
) H A ft I' s.r.l si..* T .. r* I .... ....
IRAKIS nolle* that I mall on 3d and 4th dtvi of July next
■ ■ 'ir fin I llll.ie ..f St. J... -sat •<, > .. .... .
r, * siirtiiuii uu dim 'nn mitj oi juiy nex
n .,r 1!) ,er ,*lc '*aT,> nl 1,10 Tavern of Henry lslkin, r
Itie city of hew Orleans, proceed to lake the drporite.no
uenry Endr, between the hours of uinc o’clock in the morn
■ugaiel su III the evening, to be read as eviJi lice in a suit non
ueperijing in the county court of Cumberland, m which yot
are plamiitr.ind Tschauner Woodson ns shegitf and admiuislia
tor ol George Carson, dec.are dricudants.
• J"ne B —•71iv* _ T3. WOODSON.
« Ills I.il.iMohiaent Will be open on the 1ft of June, imder
* ke direction of Air. John G. Wright, an experienced ma
linger. and ever v rdort will ()t; made to give general aati.fae
(mu. ill. beautifully ailuafed at the E utcin bare of the North
mountain, I., inilci N W. from Staunton mid h'O mile* S. \V.
, m and n-ar the road leading throu-h each
place to the Warm, Hot. Sweet, and Wln-e Sulphur Spring.
The climate i.hi-lteved to he the moat healthy, and in .uin
mer the most ill:,irablc in the atale,and the improvement, »e
eond to none m point of cm fort, and lufficieut for the aceorr.
im»<mi of 100 hf'irrfcri.
The water* contain a quant,-y of mlphiiretlcd hvdiocen rv.
tvith 'omecarbonicaiid ri., and are .nfficiently pingati.e—
their «(Tret upon the kidney,, akin and itornir.h i, alimot Im
itiMfHf# timl npon illi.if <«cteUr)r most potrerfuf. In
Mil i>e»"I gra.rl, where it ha; Hern tiled if lit, proved if,elf
pecilliirly r, i, act -us, and in cutaneouf, di*prptie, hepatic and
h,!n Itlfeel,,,,,. - rpericnrc h.„ fully tinted iU.uJerior rfur,cy
f»«-e| ii.mir and a pood park of hmiiidn i»il he provided.
The Stagei from Ktcjimon I, I'rederirkiburg and Wmeher
(ri.air.v, atM.unfonthr ctiircra Wtefe, fr-rn wl,»nee ra»
« Ie;n . by ■ hack cm reach (he Spring, in three hour..
■A«tlie place *» yet 111 it, infancy, romparrd with the olj i,v
let.r.< Place, in Virginia, fc.pectful rr^rencei, made, to the
«e . ria! gentlemen, under named, all of whom hive hoi ,ome
oppo.tnnitvo, becoming *r„.,„nied with i'« merit, and any
rlai in it any hive to public pal run age. '
T,.i <>r EitAsarcs STninn.va.
lion. Jamc- R.rb-ir. Washington; O.L. fJteren.on Ae'wm.
lUin.i.l, 1 J■redeiirk.l,,,,,; Uon .1 ,hn C’oaHei and
nY1*'* John,,.", J£wp Hirlin .nd j Vr. R p. Wallet and
Mmrl Il'Ve" i ^dhew ClutT, Norfolk;
.**«!•»*">/*«"'»» Ool.M Montague, fowlm
tan, f»t II .1,me, Carter,,-,(le ) Dr, Ludlow, and Payne Wa
V'V’ h V i 'rf-,rhn"r W.fter K yfOrange;
■ H i D Dyer. Charlntteavillf. ' *
One hundred Dollars reward.
T1 ,hr h"" t,f 12 ,lVl<'rk *< bighf, on
a (lie .nth tilt., »« are „ted by „„ (i,.
opposite fh» d. r.r of the Planter’. fl«*l. Shuck* lf,||, bnorkej
it iwn with a club, and • email rad iroiorco pocket ho..|i cut
loi]eMir.,cr‘’0',,,tK’" h’nk ""'**> •»* »**Ut three
i ! TT J U?s. . ,*• '*r «•>•- -aid mte. were of $We„h,«r
l ',c^i? l K * r’f 7bifU ,,,H '■'••lor.edonthe
.Mle.o/i’l,, .H ' .!■ r"r* f'r' -nd >«* dollar
7*. e ; H,nK The above re
ml .... i' f"r,^r apprehension and ronviction of the
„ M * "M0" ' • • rrv ‘rtfor the recovery <*f all or any
*/ '** '« ’ n;t:l K JoRfifK. 7
* e’....
n,,,. . KOll SAlJi
T‘nVhfch he « ‘‘ .i.l,ly, ,,,'*ho*U«d *» till* valuator r..
Tlii, ,,ui* I,,, h ‘ •« >»* fatliir, \V<J. M.
Chat a particular r*ecrni * ■dy*rtiu*daoil »o well know t .
tltttn imurj A ‘ ^ P""11} «*•*»*■•
detri iniurtl lo ..II , H! ° ‘b*'F,wwt“ °r ‘bat artick. U< u -i
,.urch “" Th: !;)rau',,jiJ:‘‘:u '-vJ,r h"d l‘y di.i-.at2
«c< SUv U |, .,1 • , *'tl.' 'Ivsciiiitiun faiu.iuc utro.il ,
the tubsctibi-r l*r*te t ui turlliri yaitirul.tr* rrfrr t j
‘•'.rlr. J.,lv WAlfe MOSUY.Jr.
Krr?S&.,"‘vins rure:r
^'aCe.bfueMT, 5*1' 't'iw' by'hij. f&
attend to elr vmi. ,!; Vlv*^u>. Uschnsuud, be will pc..ally
Mr Jl'Niu:-lu’ f• I** * *,e l>U3,u"'. »nJ respectfully solicits
l!!J uVu ffi I! 'o *1Ib‘“TlO 'I**' !,il 'haraclrr, us a Gun-maker,
Fnrlaml ,,’i fi “Ua'nrd « fir»t-r«te fancy Workman lium
doc L in . Id ,!l‘,e »*"’‘:b*'c» •'«' ba» wade iif Mr. M'Naughl'a
UeucTto.av h. ° !'’ rm*'' s‘uck' '“able. b,m will. Conti
nent 0| UUKS lMSTor 4n0r'i *x'^,,,ive »uJ elegant asmrt
‘, 7,r...r 1 ,.L,fa’ar"1 aiticles in IVi» I,tie ti.an
• n .i ,n Pi ** ' 'i? 1,11 l, ic* bef<«e; among which are I’ei
recive.U I* "?vl> "“Prove,I flan, 7,.i which hr has
A..„7'ln^h fH"!.Lh,e .V‘*.it1ed. P«rn*-“a>vr.
• a . i Ul me untied clalrs’ nairnl
U.^XulTr 7^’, tW,'tr‘ l,ar"'1 »“'1 1-hloOnns
,. v^'r re**. uui«, rut!,,
TllfL . , n . • 7’»Ll ‘wiou, ttWIrs, cun, |>tst*.d aud
au J nTu'lt Shut li U|. * OK'd"r 1’ I ask. and Horns, double
witl, am r 1 ’£ al“ •'•***“* U«g». Wash-rod-,
muiappanlu^ fancy Sscrew Olivers, with nick.. Ly. k Vice
nicUand’h1111*1 ?un and rifle Worm,. M.lila.y
2, -AlUf wd £ 1^** V*” *"J ,Url Mountings, Oil Flint
iieA ii ’ “ J*t*rn»nca to aall low.Yorcash.
lie will ciry oil the Gun.Mukinc and repairinc bu-ines- in
^ drJu/ted 0*Tch'- Uun.!:,of& *»
and !,failed on veiy teuonahle tem,, u„d at the shortest n7
. J- T>.*• PrcP»red to alter any gun, into the improved l*orcc*
..on principle,, o that they Jay* be ,hut by ^coTon 7r7
Jwt received a lot of the best English Gnn IWJcr.
wi»il.ommtTn!nT,“ fu. {n0.r‘"n)’^b ',ld ‘“atomera, that ha
will also continue Ilia ertablishmeut in Petersburg cveu on i
Slend “',Ve’Ca,e ““ here“*f'T«^-to which liis Son v.iij
—_1_April 25. 1 IS—wtf
Pfr*m» tndebt.d t. the estate of Ec
ion, Isle of Carters ville, will please Vmke,,p7vmMU<’’(n,
"nJ,m"“°t,!'7ittnl A" •r,son» fa»v<“S claims again
cited fha. a ’ W‘ P ?*? bl "5 them formal d duly autlfeutiw
caled, that arr jnsen,,-lit, for payment may be made'
mayUV?tai'V‘ DAMtL. adw’r ’'f «enj. U Johmou.ilec.
TU^r rn"d “T *N< k tiU<S°'v "> Amherat cotin'v,
J- called the Glebe,coot»inins about 1000 acei ol'eaeelk'u:
b.haeco and wheat and, ...d*re„trd the prment ye'7
Lraiefurd4c Hallet, and on which <apt. Edmund IV
livu, is foi .ale, with liberty to tow wheat ia'llie (all aril lull
po.,r.,iun given on lh. 1st of January. I-'or terms lie Vn ,1 -
ciiion to be ui.de to John Uou in the county of Albemarle c -
"i this place to JAMES KOSS.
r rrdt ru'k -Kurc, may 12- I_n.8l.
I^KAIt silt : lake Notice—Tliat in ptirsuanccof a comiu;..
I-*.".., lor that pmpo.e, ,ve shall take the deposition ou“«;'
ter icscr.y Esq. on TuestUj Kith June next, between suun-r
and ".met, at the olnre of Henry Tooley, Esq. the c.Tcd
•ult de'nei"r bUTi M,',,,*iPP'i «“'*c read evidclice'm ..
ml,'? ht; suPtr,or cnurt °f Cinnstrj for the Kicb
n ond Ih-trirt, in which you are plaintiff aod^ ourselves and
olh.-M delendwits. Should not the -a,it deposition -betaken
out on that day,it will be postponed from day today until ti e
same shall be taken, at the above place and hours. ‘
_ 118—wtd
Tb^M^Tu'n 'll* ‘C’idcnce of the suhsc.ber* conducted
A b> Mrs. Kudd last year, will 1* continued again the pre
\ eai lliillfl her tin ivtnm rk- a, _ c • 7 *
The course of in.TructVon com
1.1st, a full course for sn accomplished and u.eful cducath u.
The term. Ihe-Ime a. heretofore, »U: for all cha.ee, except
rawing and music ijilltl per session of teu months ' 20dullar,
paid.ia advance,the balance in two equal payments: the fir.t at
the end ol five uonth» and the balance at the end uf the m ■
•ion. runic will hi- 20 dollars ptr quarter of ^6 Ussou.*, aud
diawing and painting 10 d dlars per session.
I owhatan. Jan. 31. 85—wlf L. II. M0SI1V.
A YAOANOY having occuired imht ctfire of teacher fi
Jx. (In. iiidiluticii, the Trusters are desirous of enraging, fu
rr'ntV* session, tvhicli will commence some time iu July
f. ws ll s, r/;0;e.5UOra^iCbc r*C.ter “ ,J'«c-plMu»ble. andwh
well qualilj- ,1 to leach the English, Latin and Greek l»u
guages, logethei w ith ail other branches ol Education usual'
Guchl ... academies: personal applications would be preferred
s ! I,'sVl Vni n nvrn,*n1'•,yr *e"*> "PO" the sulycrt, post ...i,:
v t, V “?,?:• J ""*'’ ,U p»Hun, presiJtnt ol the Uo ud.Da:.
Vitt, V.I. will he immediately attended to.
- 2l'y _ s-wjtc
\V L lf‘e ""'icr3,-;nr'1 ‘1° hereby revoke all authority am
» » powtrlietetolore given by us to Jtfi. Isaac N. Cardoso o
Uiriiii.oiid, as our
I’owh.d.in, 20: h Hay, 1326.
%/tunzn c.arnozOy ot*n.
Aaron IV. Cardoso,
Sam!. JV. Cardoso,
David .V, Cardoso,
Isaac JV. Cardoso,
Jacob JV Cardoso,
Closet iV. Cardozo,
Rachel JV. Cardczo,
•Judith y. CardczOy Jr. ■
Saruh h'ecr, *
t Abner R. Kter.
J nave appointed Uavid N C.nrJoro, of f'umherlsod ccun*
my »g<-nlto Iran.acf settle, a.,.! finally clom all hu.inew in rf -
lationlolhe estate of Mwu N. Car.loro dec
_Pnwl,a,yn,Ma,vC0,l826JDI,1Tli °A“D°*A’ ^mExU.
,virtue of a drr.l nl trust efrecnid in the county court of
• , by Thomas Adams,for the purpose* of-erur
L.mi; i.,r.i. aml Hr.rugg, a certain suit) ofro mey thcrehi
lurnmned, IJ.ball proceed to sell to the highest bidderfor emh
Oil Uio nrciuMe*. Oil rhur«rl.«v OQfk .i_. f t. . . n>
_tl ..T~, net'll 10 me iiicn^st IndiJn for cam
on the premises, on Thursday the 29th day ..(June 1020
half acre M, O, land lying i£ .hr „.w„ of Cair. and design™
. • , town of uaira and ifni,..
tine in the plan „f „aj,| town by the Nos. 3, 1 and 17 or
LanghcwuVand Scruggs ** *UmC,eU, W "-debt, to sa.J
Hichmond, May 30. C—wills
TH? ^jbscrilier inform, Ins friends and the ptthlir e-neia '■/
I .bat he ha, removed to the Or,xng, i>r,„e,!ll)"«n i',
| it unnecessary to expatiate on the qualities oMhe state, lie
. would refer persons disposed to visit the Springs, to Hooch lio
have ripens need their beneficial effects, lie pledge, him,elf
U, u.e eveiy ex-Tlrc,. in hi, power to rendt. tile l,ie of vrs, .
| or. pleasant wd apreeahle. Mi, bar .hull be well furnithed
: an.llhe urigbhoui hood in which the spring, a,e sitnatcdwill
f T ppPr"lM‘\,y of supplying his table with (he best
. mtaU 01 (he *eajr>n. 1 lie cabhm-t wrijf be render nl mm h r„, ^
, comfoitahle than heretofore, having been added loe-rh
1 Rr.ek chimney. A hack with a strong end gentle ,’a!r of hr’c"
les.and a careful driver, together with two saddle hoi,r, uil)
j be kept for the aceoinmodalion of . I who may requite then
The spring, ere situated at 12 m.lcs south-east of Orange emus
bouse,about G5 miles distant from Richmond, 33 nnfe, ir„m
I'redenrkslnirg and 39 from Charlottesville UW’
. JL",'£• n,Tr ""\-Ur-,ub,rri',rr »'*public to he asrered
(hat the Old Gum Spring,, will not h, abandoned : the bunco,
and weai y (raveller will always find there something to eat &d
* Ma oo “ ",gb
Pennsylvania. Chimney Marble
THE subscriber, in connexion with the pionnetor, of an e
tenstve W.iler-I’ower Saw Mill, is prcoircd to "
any nuami.y of the different kind, of Prnn.yfya.m Chimney
Maiblc Slab,, at the lowest price, f r cash, hr neceptanew v
,hMl»t?h n •# y , *8AAu B- OARRl?illEs.*'
n i ’ i i°f "u^'no rtreef* between Seventh t Eighth.
I hiladelpbii, Mjy 30 G-.17t
ion SALE on LEASE.1
rpilE subset.bar offer, for sale a valuable ulale, ini'
|- . . V. , ■ "atuame sslale, ini'
■- county of Powhatan, roiil,-lining onwards of twelve hnol
acres, about nnc third pari of which is in woods ol the
*i!p ffiliarfd Imitl. A rnnai,l«.sl.L_t i
rn(«? fobacr
,i .. n A considerable quantify of icwgr'ound,
~_,ban '■ none inure valuable. A very goodd«i \
. .. .. n very eooddni:
with wx room,, and out house, „f every description, jn ,i
greatest abundance. (*i he would lease it to a good mtnsler'
on shore.-if an advance of money he made-on whirl? hi
... •• e ... money ne mane—on wlnrb h.
Mil pay inletesl. eilhsr in ru. nev. or wrth hi. pottion of (k
crops, rhere will he enough land in the cultivation of « Tob,
r» nri'l veir Is. .OS..1 f_ a . -,.eu
r j #, « l in me coHivition of “Tobji^
CO and Corn this year, to seed from IM to I£0, or prrhar
200 hulitls of wheat •, and there ate few such prospects t
making so large a crop from the quantity of land.
further particular, will he made known, on arplicalinn ,
•he subscriber, in the ,,y of Rirhmonrfj and Mr. n%!.» r"
ill, adjoining the premises, will sh' w the estate to any wet.,
"'ion'.1 9 e<,n<rsc,‘ henry ani>ki(son, u
IN the yen 1 C2T>, the Compile, „l , Manual for (he Artil|..
* rnU ( f V'tr^inM, «ubmi(fr<J hi* m*nu«cript to the iropfriion
O' a ceil lemur), now a member of the Conrt of Awieal. Htv.
Tal ippl,ration, have been made f„r thi* M 6 8.. and |h,
compiler ha. been informed. that * be. been loam-,I t« „ro
Th,e,e nan-., „ for*otlen. The write, rmneelfnllj ue>
'll"".<!' | -»nb 1
rt .oomto wbmeh.ml.Mmey have hi,rn, to ..
M. Bernar'l le.to^ oi Lieut. 0.,». Daniel,m Kir’bmoud.
The mm- of the «,,ter->fthi- ndire.i, I, ft niihl),i«e eer
"’'■Kdi[or' of!hc inquirer end Edrtof."t
Warrentoe, Va. Jnne r>. 9
A H Ihnie « * po,t office r.tabli'hed lieie. nil rh, I,,,.

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