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2, 1827.
NO. >3,
if r>. it i ««ei (•.utitll
*• id three Iioki a vreik oaring the session of the ijui. Legisia
'•Kt.— PiKt, In* unit u kcitMure, Kite Dollars pcraimiiot,
psyaole m advance. Nines of i harltrc I, specie-paying banks
. mly) still he recriveii m payment. The Editors will tuarau
'■« ll.e safely of remitting them oy is.au; tha postage of all let
lira being paid, by the wi iters.
JLT N < paper will be disc .utiuued (hut at (he discretion of
the dJitois.) until all arrearages uave been paid up.
Cf Whoever will guiranler the payaicut of mtit papers
shall have the tenth (HIATUS.
S3* One square, Oil LESS—Ku st insertion 7& cents—each
continuance, 60 cents.
No advertbeuieii inserted, until it has either been path
foi, or ss.iiae-d by some person iu tbi* city, or its eotnou*.
HAVK iiiBtort aud are receiving |*«r the •chconti* Keeper
*ud *tl*i. ih.Ji.t (nun Doiloii, and 6e« Horse, Kdfurt i* Mi-*
' UAiMcfrom New*York, itw-ic^ aitides, Hhiilitlity odVr
lot sale upon limr usual tern** :
^ 11HD6 8t. Cr-iix, Muscovado and X. Oilcans Bucars
VJ^ 3., nliclj. ainiUii loal uo
2J0 ha^s green culler, pail very superior
Id do Java da
• i had* Kiiehib Inland Molasses
dJ do wid high pr*M»f do
7 puuchcous Amigua ruin
I do <dd Jamaica d*>
*1 pipes Gur old Cogii3'. llrdutiy
L.J hid* apoh* do
1 jup. old ilvdlitd Cim
Malaga aut
*»nk» - gunpowder le*j
<7aiidiert Jackson’s and VV\»adrOif*s hulili
iod kip* !l‘ *Uv’i guupouucr
10 ton dnl,si9«>lUii
A'J do irnu, aa«orted
8 do phuigh immMs
Getiuab, Bnglish ind Aruericati Sftel
Out Mill \vi ought Nails
liar lead
‘Indue, madder, alum, copperas
Pepper, pimento, ginger, nutmegs
Onp, letter, aud wiappmg papu
lied c.i dj, plough hues, tai «r
Demijohns, Bloncuaie
Ootlo.i Yamsaud /Fioui the Union M nutVturicg
Indigo Plaids > t... of Mat) laud.
April 24. ' /it—tf
HALL NKILSON, has imi»«il hy the Llfor!, r'anter and
Kichuiuini Packet, aud olliei late amvals Irom New Yolk
ju.hJ Philadelphia, a laigepropoilion of Ins 3P/{f iVts ijOODS;
comprising an extensiveand ueiualile assortment ol Kaucvaifd
Staple articled. Amongst wbicli are Unlish and Ur. man Utin
burg*. lWlap* .mil Tickienburgr, lush Lisieus, Lawns, in.pen
and IS-imask, Jaconet,Moll, liooX and Swis« Muslins, plain aud
-i^ui cd, Ootto* and Thread Caiub: ic k«, and Csintn ick liar .
Urdlitft, Uir'iia.iii, Calicoes and Diulitits, 1/riiling*, Sailed,
and Urauduielia, (Jtullnmn and Ladies IN lion and bilk
■Hosiery, i'luc.iilJ Had Nankeens, 1’ >rl-i.e Shell, ride, neck aud
tuclr combs, 3-1, 4.4, 5 4 auJ 6.1, Uiown Shirtings and Shrt*
■iip, Bleached Shillings mw Sheetings, Dnisesiu: 1‘laidr and
Checks, llrd Tu kmj, $■:. 4u-. Alim which will be u Id on
very moderate lei ins, either wholesale or by retail.
Mirth SO. I OH -if
William jyealk, is. cu.
HAVK received by the KtfWt. 4c aie now opening an addi
tional supply a| new end beautiful GOO Lb, amsugsl
4k-o>, are a lew handsome
'iiagti.son, grass ginghams ami bxteates
A splendid article in luiunuie cInn.z
I - is U Linens, of superior bleach
•'attin stiipr.l mushes, a heatmfal article
Nitk b wry. eotlon do. and (bread
Klcgsnl lousing glaaurs
Vwr while kid aud other gloves, iic. Ac.
d tide, wnl. recent previous supplies, make their assortment
more eomplc man it has bceu at any previous tnue.— It Cou.
• uts in pait uf the tallowing i;iicitl, viz :
Cloth* and c.issmieies of every crtslity
Viguuia aud Angola caasiin-roe, loi soianier, wear
1’rain aud mixed lutings, for d •
Plain and ilripi d circaasiaus, foi do
b’rencli and Hiitnh drilline, white and colaared, fordo
i-'loreutinrs, cotton cusstmd.es and aatteeiu, loi hoy i aud
.Striped A plain jean* ti d fdtliahyfor do
jb'ine am! >upe.line Liud.is punts
b'upeitine camniic gingh mi., aomc htautiful pinks for
ft-). -1-1 Jt d- t plaid aud Grecian stripe do
A 4 Y 6 4 cuit"u cambrics,cainhiie muslins, iicoaetsaod
malls J
• 4 A t’-4 plain, corded and raised stripe mu tin
r'ls’d hooks and lappets—plain aud Wu.ked odiu do
.‘isiu ami figuied hohhmui iare
Irish linens, sbei tings, lawn, and diapen
(launent, camhiic and furniture dimities
Itirh lusteied blick Italian lustrings
i>> do do l*ri nch do
Wo do do German do
Wo do do India do
Ho do do s.iltin levintini’s
ltlar.k, white, and cul’d Uro de Naples
Fijnred do and Gro d’ete—Italian crapes, various colours
Canton and Naukm do nu.l rnb'i
Canton and Nankin crape shawls
Xmen catnbnca and cambric h Ikfe.
imitation do and do
Worsted and Cotton bareges
Bcm'aa/.et's and bonibas.ir.t-s, soma 6-4 wide
Grarfi aud shawls,of various kiudj, as gailsc, Swiss, India,
A lafge assortment gartre hdkfs.
*>i rillemer/j, ladies’ and orissi s gloves
liuhbinett lace veils, capes, caps aud collars, some bersuti.
fully tirh
Thread lace, edging and pearling —Irobbinrtt do & cotton
i'andaiin and dag lidkfs. —German tivrilcd do
Jl .linn tf hreucli cravatrug—long and short nankeens
*lViliulngton stripes and gi andunla
itowan casutnere, a new article
fjilk t dl irrerllcs vesting*-Ruina sheetings A Woiel.ri
T.ineu and cotton apron checks—tine do for children
r.iraso|j and uinbrellas —men s i-. b..y's suimnei hats
I.5D0 cheap palm leal (kiu
i'ealher, papei and (idany do, a great variety
Small ami large screeue do
A large assmtmtut of plain and figured ribbons, of evert
description 3
Ailk buttons, silk cords, and gimps
llrandahoo tr nnmings, lor Ipmti.ing ritliog dre*tt*a
Cnloied raiti cii, lor riding iliesses
Males ol 3-4,4-4, 3 1 it 6-4 unblear lierl domestic
Wo d» da bleached do
Hales of trcklenhurgs 4c oznaburga
/tales burlaps, tolls It lieisiaus
■•Super i .i sewing silks and twists
Wlue,black, aod ail colured thteaif<i
Clai ke’s aud Oi il’t spool cotton
l/o do doss do
Ivoiy, side and tucking combs
iluspendeia, work boxes 4c Cotton cords
Jiracelett, buckles, clasps, ear-iiugs, ami other steel urna
A few second mourning jewelry ornament/, a new 4t beau*
tifnl article
S weet scented shaving soap, 4c the best Gallipot pomatum
IlaG and ready made coats for servants •
I’e ii I, ivory, bone, steal, gilt and silk buttons
ileiniirg’sic Pard-w’a best needles aud slitter (hnn'jlet
Pearl counters and lar)uant hoses
.And h large variety of other new and useful articles not re
rn'iebeted, which, with the preceding, they are determined to
sell as low as similar unes (an be obtained, in any store in tire
I S' ifca
HY virtue iif * deed of tru<l, executed by Neill McCmill. If
Ihe rubrcribeir, heating date on Ut» lit day of N<,v., ru'the
vfrr IBIS, end dulyrecorded in 'hr offi-.t u| Ih* comity eon I
• f Mooehland. we *hill jell, to the highe.t bidder, on ilu d;,
dey of Atjiul mil, if Ur, l.gl if not, ik*n Die fii.l f„,r day
fiiereaftet, ruitdaya eaeepieit, up'n the pteum-a, for r*-b, *
tian of land, in Ihe county ot U-ochland, railed Whitehall,
(ilurlerl on Ihe tipper Lickingboie Cieik, r.ontauiiu-, by eati
nnlion, 100 and odd acre*, or in much ul Ihe tai.f (rail >•
Will he tufSnrnt In raise (be »mn of fifteen luiodicd and Ihir*
tren riollur and anty rente, with intercut thereon, from Ihe
l7lh day of Nov., MIS, and the eapemei aitcndlnv the eve
enlirm of (hi* Iruel. The title ir believed tea hv good, hot act
ing a* trwrteer, we will only convey such title ai <• vrrtedm tie
ty •«•<! deed. BOUGHT BOOTH AT,
f> -Ida
nY virtoe of a detree of the mperinr court of chancery, for
Ihe Ktr-hro ind district, made on the sfJihday of l'earna
ry, Ur/1, in (he e.raea of Itianch va. Cheatham, and Bitrfoot v»
i. lifailiam. I ihall, on Moiiaay llir Sth day of July neat, at
Cheater field com lltonte, being Chesterfield c.omt day, offer for
rale, at public otiction, to the higbr.t bidder, for carh, the fat
Inwms property, ut aairftlerire referred to, fo wil : Ihe Iran
of loud conveyed by Peler F. Ertwarda In Parke Poimlralrr,
by a deed heating date ihe t tth day of June, 18'iS, containing,
ar (herein dited, WX) acre*, lying in ilia county ot Olieiterfield,
an-! hounded by the land* of Ornrge Cogbill, Iteuben Bottom,
nd John Brown, riif jectti: the dower right of Mr». Murmur
I f-ardr. — Atm, atliie nine time and plree, I rhall, milk
r i inner, offer for elle, at pnblic. auction, to Ihe hiflieat biddei.
! ••r ca»b, all the perronal pn-prny, conveyed by lire rani Peiri
J . K-iwar.lr,hy the •rvetal deeda refeireil to 10 raid dent-,
c.—toting of IM following -lavri, Air. to wit; Btephe , I
fore, Ibrphne, Biddy, Artec, Sib, a»d Jimj— Jodali. Maltnda,
/’ loiila, Ann, ilariy and Joshua, Utley, LavmiH.aml Fanny.
Mma, Ifoirtiiin, mid Kggv,aad mth otberr, (< / iba»la*««
end ttorkcl cvny docnpiiou, household and kitchen luirti
lu'e, and plaulation nl< nsiit, whir h are mention* , in t|»»- atote
i ,i(| deed*, as rhall bo rurr i nderr.l •« tile utarthal utt the above
i-.irtfd dav of ea|e, or tp lilorli thereofat will be Midi "It M to
•iinff taw (Irnfe. t. ftUF.ltWANT, m a c. r.r. d.
Ot c&etl hit Beplifiet
A LAKtafc 1 ,11 V uJ ami Wo, >cc.. t Jiluii, within a •m ill
Iji«lancf ut tin- Muket It ine, in (hi, I'lacr,where llide>
can he got very cheap. The Vitiii, Bark Jiill and inuuu.
nuildinga aie all in gund i.idm, and the (enter can w.nk mg
, <l<c|i alter ihrldtn.,1 July ntal.uan huic lull pminamu in «
lew in iiiiln altrrwardr. \VM. UKPH1E6T.
May 2Z
: J> V virtui; ■ i ■» lire rev cl toarluliu men- rry cuurl, we iIip
*' UilUti.ignc.l ruiuuiiiiIlir.a will sell u, ||,« utchcil hijun.
; iijoi. the pituii..-., U1. 4 ..i,:t„l 64ml
Is muiillu, .hunt M 31‘ii atrci rick tun u:v taut, ISeing ilis
*»ii^ tuiiurrly iovertJ hy Ury.nt’s Mil: I* ud,j kilv^.7,, i„
lur mate of (lie late J'tttr Ou^uy |i imm, jMU l> <m:h
ol.anil Mljuiuiiig tu the Hcwi iVl.nm la.le-i i)„j.uu’i tr Bovall't,
au-lij confident y bellived ic cuinn .i In lio.lv ol r..al,
lict.ic within JtJO y.nu.ui their old |iitt. Up„u tin. ti4<. Ih<-i *
••a larje uanird U-Hiie, loruierly u..eo at me MM Haute
And on the 7t.. July, blins the djy aft,-, i|,e afovn -nle.we
Jttail sell upon the monies, th? I'Uniai. .u„ U u . r»lle,|
fiospeit Hill, cunUiuMig about 27U Acres, litinr tlu fanner
residence of the said <ieccdcnl\ upon a riuiit ol ti, u„u„ u
And at the ims lime and pise., Mill he « .1,1 to the hiL-hrrt
j bidder. Upon n credit of ti mom Its, the r« veisiouaiy right to
all in* Land a, prutul c-.veicd by llie I'nwln.Ui. Colton Fic
*'.’*>. * ond.-upposed to contaiu J oi 10 ... its, an: i.im • to J ,i:u
b.tud, A'm. 1*. Smith joo others.
V i v '
JORKj-n b iKins,
CLaJ.'fC/f.v t . ■■ j vi
T &}Clt A. its
i . ,e bun,cribri, . Cutitetfield’
1st of Jan. U.i, a «.,u mau hv the
I i.i.n .1 J l.u, all 111 ao yell* old. He lud oil, \,hcu be Wrut
a-.. , a .!».» yarn flat, »nh a whit, yam rMiuople ut ore, it,
vim. y.inpantaloon*, and an olu lurnal. Jim is rather low
er than the “rd'i-ny height of ii.-Liors, bulky ami well l-.i u.ei1:
-• .in loin ably loiglit, ub.n wariiid clean; lull, round fact, will,
a seal . ut.. i on one of his cheriu oi on In, note, Uot rt collect-.
• at this tun.; ht isih v »l speech, and ba> n down loA, es
pecially whin conscnwi- ol cunt. It t, probable lie n a, b-.n
the neighnoil.ood of the F«lhDS Creek <-oal u.ines, a„ M..
Watkins and Mr. Hill have negroes hired ther e, and with -ome
ol whom he baa been very iiilituste. I Will give the above r
oo:d to any parson who will lake him ovei ti mllta linn „ ,
h >use, and deliver him In is.e. „r ci.nlin. Inm no 1 ....
o*N1 again Slat half that u111 in any peisnu who v:ill talic
uipi under that distance, and denser >ii n to me.
June «. 1 11 A M 18 PAf> .
A tine Chtckt.r .mum Estate for Sn
fTUIE r>»d>*« rib*. will sell *gj rat bargain in h
-I or H50aci« of laud, ly.ug on th« ooit’i *.ie . i t
hoiaiin Swilup, in (he county of New Kent, imruf di..:*l% !»♦
. i?'* w 5 1,1 ,,lhe f MCI of Lm.l lately • [) ,
the ill^ 1 s11 nt of (he V\ ii%mo»burg OliMiccrv (J* ur(t nf ,»■#
ilecireot the liidmoutl Chancery Cotut, in*th«? .»| !• ,1.
sjMrtiI.1 vj.Uhibojut. ihc title i) unqueitiuiiiliie tjilt
Tom Part Co:itaifft5 a large quantity of vaiil) rtr.laiai eil low
^ * .c f't-, t «j ' *»ity, on the £>u nij>, w u much
b»eOy|i|..,N i>u«l Vthti linihtr f»n it. Atioui « uotntt 01 l».»
balutn >,l :«te li.tt l ».« /!.«• Hint (tie oilier fci*.»!c .hit .
Uo*.j 1 great |iart of wmcii 1* coverttl with criioe i „ 1 1. l#
The iami lit# jusl kucve title water, in the . • t inm it
have cl«#ceittied (oWiodaur bi»-.t*? tie Lclio ntr iau«i
iucahoul 7 or A uiilis ht I. w.
•' r le: ;u. apply to Mr. W n. Bromley , d th« White Mount,
neai New Keui counhuOsj, or llie aubsc Ini m l-'r».! i. ks
•'“'5- JSO. l>tCKf>M»N.
Btav 4. 1 :i-__if •
Y vittue o| a det-cl of tru»t, • xrcutrJ t<» Ihc n'llnrrihts 5:
> Olovrv l>. Giliiauu ou lit* ^Pih dav f April, tu the \ < «r
ly VYm TUumptou an-l Poll, y hi* lot 4 fie f urpooe
of irrurin^ the payment of a debt (herein menu »t »ti, due to
MrKitineyt an*l Thornton, (and whicii h%» been duly itcouied
in the f.iii# e of tha. clnk of the cwonfy court oi Bin kmghan.)
he will fell,td the blglicat hidden f.*t cash, <>H Salui Jay, the
•Jlh v( July next, 1 rrrtam Ciarl or parcel cl I md, or *0 ui«« it
thereof a- will hc.uitii icnl to situfy and p.iv the said DleK a
m ys md Thi>riU(Hi, uhilrvq nun or tu«n« f l.al may be due
th«'Ui, of tiie debts uirtitioiied in (he said deed, ami ail cot at
tending the y.v»l il-.-, lying and being in the county of UuiJb
ii^hauij uu h 1 ■ • s: Mih» 01 lb . lljckiitkl.fiiii 1 •«•!, •-oitlaiimig, in
eftrm^tii u, ^1.*: til# AUir n--'*r ci |«rf#)e id adjoillilig
fh !» is of VTo*. Li JuUCI, 6iO)U«iJu{jur, the ••1*1* ol Jl-Lu
£< Coioiirfc, baiDuef Branch, and ethers, A neiug tL*- »mm
paieet or truet of li.uif, on uhi« it (lie rai l WjUiant Thump*ryu
uowreiidey, and commonly called nr.tl kn .wn bv lii» n<tu.e i t
the New Store The improvements on Iii«-. ab've men'i ird
land, Con. i*l of a good T tvern House, ln.> tore i- .:»e». -u-1
thi* necessary out-houser; aud it may Oe, wiih ixo;-. iv, «aid,
that it is oue of the bc*t »tand , foi a T.ivern, in tin *1^1 ei
Th* title ii belie veil *• bo inliap st^’ii*- —but (he «'i*^ "Ti
ber wiil convey such •»:#;>, ms is vtsitd 111 h»in by (he deed a
fotesaid. SAhTUKL BHANl II.
J'”**’ 1- ID- tils
L'tntral Grammar School.
fTT^HE subfcnber »ntr fid# opt mug a Grammar Si hi»ol on (he
lOih of July nc xt, at CharleiiM-n:, the into lesidcure ot
CuarUs Haukhaul, Ero. Char lemont m ntuMcd 111 Aihemarle
c-'unty a( the fo>t ol iVtonticello, witlim three null# of the
Htiiveisitv, and etjually 1 tu,#iliable lor its t*#-huly and he iltn
tiiluess. The situation 1# sufficiently rctir* I to be free Irom
the objtctioisi gtiieiilly obadt.to loo neat #u appi' ach lo a
T he cr»inr of »t« lie# will rr»nfoi m as Tar as prjrliraHc to
that of die CJniveisitv, aui) will comprise the Gitek a Latiu
C!n?«ict a^ 1 xteDfively as they are read 111 any college in (lie
Luitrd Slates, with caiiiposittoji in ea« h ot lnose languages—
The Mathematics, as (aught at the Univenxty, Bcllr-letties
anil Enshsli Conjpo«iliou. lioaid can he ul.Uinad in the fa
nnly of the subscriber, and in many resnertable families in
the ueighhuut hood afS h> per session. Tuition
Total expi-nsrs for Board, ws«|iinc, Jodemg, raudlr# ami tui
tion, tor the se-.mii id 5> mrntb#, $Cu. 1 he pm e ol h. aid aud
tuitioo will in every iiislan. e ),e <apei lid in advanre ; but
wherr it may be inconvenient a notr f.o the iir.oiitd, pnyahle
on drniarrt. will be re/pnred. UAKTllUtsO}IKVV Kfr\N,
Priucipal of the Wicwaui Grauiin.11 Sclio-I.
MiJ Is- a-if
1 h» Wigwaui GiausOiar Srhoo) will he disconlinrd afl#r the
present session. W. U (i.
tf V virtue of adeed, of tiusf, executed to the suh.criber, oti
» the SUi day of August, I Safi, by Thomas U. Yallabv and ;
Delilah hi! wife, lot the purpose of securing (he pay inrnt of a
ileht theicin mentioned, due to Samti'i Coe, k co., ol tlie iity
of Richmond, (anti which has been duly ie< olds I in thr «Ci. e i
of the clerk of the county curt of Uu'kmf him) wili hr sol,,, j
to the highest bidder, fot cull, mi the pr> luoes, ol'Saturday
the 5f2d I (ay of July nrxt, three lo's of land, Iving aod h,j
m the fuwu of Curdsville, m the county ol Rockingham, each I
containing one-half acre, and known in tin plan ol ciid town, 1
a* loti No. thr>e, twelre, and thirteen. Upon one of tin Iota ‘
nhoee mentioned, tbrre is a new f-.ro stary limnr ntariyjinisK
td, and which, with a little sxpeuce, wnuM aniwer either for
a tforc or o welling house; atul also 4 small kumr. wl.irlt baa
been flaed as a store house. Curdsvtlie is <• 1 Wtilis’a River,
anil situated at the head of the navigators il Out sit ram. To !
a griitieinan of capital, wishing to engage in the mercantile !
busmen,the above property might he an ohj. cl. The title la j
in be veil tobr good; but such only will he convey ed, aa is vest- 1
*d in ihe suhtciihei by the deed afotesaid.
»3- 10-iJs 'tAM. IHIANMI. ;
hnnatic Hospital, WiUiomei»urs>
VT OTIC E is hereby given that all (hr cells III this institution
*-| xir occupied,and that no mote patients will be teceivtd
until some of (hr said cells are vacant; due notice of wiucii wil
be given. l!y order of the Court of Dure tors.
Ms* }« 5—if L. Ilh.VT.KV. r.r.
Green Creek for Sale
ryv virtue of a deed Ol fruit exrrirted to Nathaniel E. Vc
* nahleaiid Miller Womie.ni. jr. by Thomas It.. Raiulolpb
and wile, beating date the Sfhh day of Sept. mber, IfIJI, and
recorded mthe county court of (,'umbtrhtiul, Iw propose* in
the deni mentioned, the said Trust* ss will, mi tin 2-'ddr,yof
June, IS27, on the premises. pioceed to sell for cash, the well
known It act of land called tjreen Ctrik, and non in possessi
on ol fbotna. M. Ra .idol, b. This liarl is suppo i d to c ur am
tr'l) acres. Tlt» (1 wife u will only convey sue If title as u vesterl
•11 litem. M*v IS R—ids*
ON THURSDAY Ih* ""h day of AUGUST M.Mr, if
• si's thermic (lie neat fur day, wul be o.fuet, on!
tiie piemncs, lo the fustiest huldei, that valuable laiideu
estate, of the late KilmunJ Harrison, m the county of 1'ow.ia
tan, tsvo miles below llir courthmiae, lying (III th»- waters of
Ktne Cieck,containing, by estimation, l,(MC> I I acres, about
l.yiof which ate very valiial.le list laud, nearly all is . Isnued,
and in nice order tor Cropping; the Inph’inds c.jnal, if not su
perior, to any 111 lltv neighbor It .od, * large poiti.m ol which :
are in woods, heavily timbered with oak, kc It has on it e»n- I
veiiicnt sod rtf liable home* foi the serominod.itioil of a fami
ly,Curing cr ips of Tobacco, and pterrrvute rvery cpec.tea td
crop, well watered) III great eoatiiuity to Hcoflsville, to Jef
ferson,aod the two large rivers, James and Appomattox,which
fended the produce made thereon, canity deltveied, 10 either
Richmond 01 Petersburg —with its other innumerable a lvanta
ges, lenders it a vetv dr.liable farn., and well worth the alien
tion of ru. h as are destrr.ua of vesting their funds in real estate.
Any person set-(ring to view the property, will he .h< an it by
Mi. Robert O. Mac. n,Oept.Ligon, or Mi. Archer Ooeke, who
lire immeJiaUly in the oeighroib'x.d —Terms: Roods, with
approved personal .e. urily, and a lien on the prupetls. w lli
imereit from the date, payable m inetlsv.., (hr- e, lour It five
yearr. Ktpml animal nut'a Inn rile will he required of (he an
rftaseii but a deduction of ris per etnlutn, pet eontim, willh.
01a !e on each for piourpt payment iheteof. Thi. tiact will he
divided to suit ptirchi-ees, it’ desired.
Ka’or ol Kdmoml Itaii.son, dec.
I consent to the above sale, tr fur as 1 am 1 dett de-d.
June 12. 10 —ids
VUI. persons rndeht. d to the estate of John Jl remherten.
(late Deputy HhenlTof HrmiesJ f«r their taxes, fog tpe
*. ar 182 V, or on say other account, are requested to make pay
: neut. immediately, Is either of the Adinmisti aten s, at no fa.
titer indulgence can he erven.
JOHN H/VLKH, ) Adm’reof J. h .
8A:iTJU, n.~,\SAS73, j II Pemberloii.
. I—ft{.*
/use ft
$21) liEHJlliD.
* 'VW Ay Iroiiiliic aubrcrnei, iu JLynclihuig, on TuniU)
(be la:h May, hr. nrgrobuy TtiOKN TUN. 11.
A*.‘""V *>r 30 vtau ..Id, end ah nit
l! i ft*'"f. b.,*b’ ■*■?* piuuilliaul rye. lla.l . wi.ru
*«• rli. » hlue cl.illi EM, w.tii a vrivrl collar; bio. ci.uh tiow
»n«, •'.•la tin k uxuIcimI, with a . «kI Mi i|ir, which wi. tra'ccly
vi.|i lr. It also tool «..!■ In.., » pair ..I light blur . a.tniatl Imw
triaiyteilow waiatuunt, with uirtal button*. and a uh.te and
Rirrn Mripc our. Tiir i,turn ibrr Hunk. Ihrir wrrr thirr ol
nigrr. on which baud be d. e. nut lecoilrct) ao much c*.n
uarted, that he could u • ,li»t(,hin, Ihr-a,. fhr .uMcrihn
aO*li Januaty lax, lt..na Air Jn.r.r. W
l.nter Waihui-toi., Uu;ji«|.*i county; u, which neuhh.nhood
V ’**“ “°y I*1** alu.iv i.vrd. pirn u. to my fuvu,.- him, anil
wuitnei hr hai, pinbahly, gone. It if run jrcluird hit lir ha*
proemcd a p*.» — The above i.-wn j will hi- paid,p. ant pt non,
... ti.r dctivrjy ol tttr im.l Imjv, to ihe •ui.fCnbt'ti in Ltnth
,S; •“ hall ol it, to any peiion who will Icdg*- In.. in any of
tt., Jail. Ill tiir c-.intuoi.wraith,and g.ve iDlortuatu.ii, ... aa t.,
c-nal-.e till) iub.ci.brr logrt fc„a. DAVID WALK Eli.
LvorMuirc, Jm:*> o. 8--tf
I 'HE Pop Ur H->»«*(, Home riart,.»T «|| that part of tlie
• >tilf utlAviii'J lu (hr M&nsiwU ll'.u.-r, t iiy ir
c«nt #u»v«*)Miitr i !i< * 11* 11 ul mil (event)r lout an J (lire**
- .. jv-vi’kj i iui f if, .111,1
qunilri •; .1 ln.< I md never hr fort „i|’ ndln tiir public, about
SOI) arrea art al raut cleared, the m-m tu w l.ray.iy tun
In • d, and tb. ttii.al'1 patt tobacco land ol the lira! mini, t. |
anr i.rai.-i tin.I with thr oxr.-pli.uof about S<t icin u "...
dr uI, Vcup.ibiru.ijn.-i.l n-ina..--*t,i.iit,ofprodu. ■ •
thcxb.udr.lp,,, „.,1 - .. ice lam. U.w!
" ■ It lt.li.plk .mi right I. -u
...» ..t'tuj, •, tt. li wax I beun;..i . -01. . I by -. mv bran, h- j
*'jt if* admit witnli* it* l.n.iis aim t.,-. • , ruhiecl to
'tlbw, affoi-lint not ie>. It.au oawtti <n b.»ncli and pot
tom land, w.ll on.pt.d to tht . ulluir ol Tim. ll.t . .
graiira, and to the* pa, p«».r ol Man, tne 1- h.t05: .;bo * *
half of tiir l»falien laud u .till in .. ;
heiuleaoUief improvement).Ih.ii „ a la.vc I,
with a good fhreihtng n.arliit r. Tb* r
run. « ntt.nl, baiiuiu,nr, and aitu-Ur.l on .
•“? ntarly li.e whole of the aiabiai.it
nit to inil. .r ! . another . lie, tiu a!
I-'W. for t»li or credit, and 1 feel in
tu.t to a tcbjcio plainer irw .italei J. _ _. .. ... . __
JbiiA.SCIt, hl‘fintS.
Bedf.w,!. April n. nO_if
fr.iueiiirr c*
•1 (hi li< :•
lit-ilaitt a in u
j Ml '* f Ihe MmI *u) Actil' m^MtiiAlrd io the
" *• CiWiittfUml, uti« mi. «i> >vr i.Ui^liume’j
**«:ui*«*ur.e ..a iht iir*l ti<ty ui u «u<, uad«r n.c »u
k » tf ut ti.r Mih»rribei«.
ii -v i». iiutiou tias btru Mt^biiilud tuore tli.?n tvro ytai*;
* *rw,M ,l* ‘indviJli-il *uc.ct*9if ihey hope to merit a
ciiaiuiuabce wl th» ; nblieconl»..«ttrr. The .ttual.on of lit
• Miy IS rrm*ik*uj? lor its beftithiM »j.«i the jwcicfy of
1 • »ehboi)h*jJ (I iIn* ret) bc>( ilij.min.
t .^Uitik, Litiii .Ma.i juaiit.., per it>iion of Io
i H Hi niche* ^
The Student. cun be sccoiuuu.i!ilid w,ih l>..»rd in the must
reap vcim-ie families. f.UWii. V. UKNNV,
... . KDVWAU.» li. hUHU6US
3 ijUirK *• Lirn;hiiin.’. Tbv.i...”
. . Al(l> L. bU{L'U(i6. eliu li. nsented to supply
- , Il,*ce ul Mi. IV.H. I’i-i .u H vuuiig (unit man of first mte
cl .Miinl km,w|cdgetan ! ag.aduaU of lump.;, i.Sy.ll.ty Col
15C > i’lwideiil ol ivai.ii pU- r, »* «ubsriih*rr refer*
those who nisll lu km w the cbaiMttr 01 1. c .Usd, my, a- a
prapaislory School f.. the I'mliuiea an.i S.iedionimecl««n
i. W.
0./' I w... am .uiiuixljte 10 or 13 boar tin. Horn (lie above A
. WM. li. THICK.
-\f.ro Co::um»SUmei's OJJice,
T _ | c l3th.H«icii, 11S37.
Live Oak frame and |>i omm umn firn «, m Snips ul the
l"M 1 rhc.tti hikI t)h>,p*ul it :.i.
| ini-, coiuntmionen 01 the Nuvy will receive proposal
J. until (he 31<( day of July u-*i, lor 1 in on June live is.k
timhei , cut lo o. ...Io., (which I«e> Ulll fm Ulsil.) fur ship. of j
. '"I’lfrifl'it.a amt .loops ot war, a.d Hie proportion ol pro- j
irus. in us iivi oak, cut lo ilmn nrioiu that nay he rniiureil_ |
.ay oufl'J cub,cal le,i 1 r taihsliip 1: >iu/: \ rA_L I
Inhale : ami lOOOIor each .loop. ri, „.t.. he rut i
llolll lici t gtOWO 1U «,Illation, not iic.lelc, tuileafi. in!
the •ea.ilehverah'.e at the f..,|jwi„o v,x ._ I
Putt: mouth. N. H. bu.t.,1. i Yea k. fo . .Jua, VVaili- i
L |f ■ i_
/a> ooor before Ihe l.l f.o, , . 1 of carh y. ar.
Teramia ortiring, will ; . . (1 to state purlin Wly, theit
Uiin- per fill... ul foot, hi k of |lle names, with (lie
j-i npcrliou el pnoiiiseuou. . irr tiepined; ai.u, (-noiilil thev
he deposed (• . .. m ,e,, th.11 nun pci cubical fool ;
lot IJ/u haii.. 1 c- I ' ...iii,. 01 . ii eU.is, licit u, a 74 1
► •it and a sloop,) ui'h :: ■ . »i.-,wu fir he,, designating,
.. . >1 c>; , thci o r. 1 .. the n 1 in*' of a >iup of the line, ut ,
- liigale, ..I ., ..mo,;, , ui, in' p- isrnoua riiul-er; the otler. 1
• an ne nunc dtiisrt il.!e It ... ■ one or either, or all • I tin I
vai l, above . .<11 .; ii-: o„l the ltiu.s p. 1 cubical fool, Hell |
vtrilile at ea Kt[ a .iuiri etice hi inode !■) the bidder,' must
he until,c'l) -laim. It ntubs i.ndentonil, that the Coiuum
smntrs will setei t -u- h offet., aud a.iif;!. to each liddtr sum i
portlon,ol the timber retjuiird (tint loci Ihauoue entii e h.itde.)
auJ deiiriiate such yam. fm in. delivery, a. tbev uny jude- i
espedieut for tue pu die il.te, i-t j and In. flir,, lint no moil* y j
nil!, at auy time, under auv niniunnmr,, ■ adiaunul, anil ;
that mini M ill I e paid until ail retrial datum of tlnibel , ifiat j
tund, with two 01 mure julhtitnl auietirs,fni the failhlul dis- I
bba v. ol any coot,act, wdi be le,pined j ll.ai (he atnount of 1
•m u 0011, will hi ..1 the e ..muted amount of the con- I
hart; moreover,that, ns .additional ant • . (lateral tenuity, ‘
ten per centum ol the null ol e.. b care* will be leseived I
and^ withheld, until tin- n.iitract shall In- lolly complied with, •
to thi mi ire .atislactioi ol tin. vloummiemri.; and that, in ail
donverit J of tiinner, a mtr proportion ol n„ dilBcult pait. !
ol tilt- liao.es .ball hr .1 lives..I, othriwi-e, It ihall he at the 1
option ol ll.e Coin Ini: 1 neiv In ailhhold such nruount III ad- I
Oition to the 10 pi 1 . eut. above inentniue.l,as Ihey msy ^ntir.e •
et] e.licnt to, ibe puotir inlr:e.t, ontil sticli ,11 br.ient propor
lioiiol stub dilhcuit tnni>eis shall he d-livers.l; and it is lut
hier to hr umlentood, that all pay menu will be tna<!e at tht
places ol «lt ,iv. ry.
Those who may iTrr to supply nny pail ol thi. timber, are
fur’ber re^noiteh lu sla'o pa, ticuia. ly, (hut own it jolt lire,
the naioes sml residence ol Choir lUitlii'i; t . forward letter;
Ifotn inch persons, statiug (hen w illiii^nr.i in become sureties;
and also, to lo, m sid evioence of Ibe compeleney ol such uei
svru as surel-e., 10 the amonrd for sshich they nny become,
bound. Alt ojers ire It, he scaled, aud directed to llie Com
missinnets of llie Navy, anJ endnr.ed with the follow.nv
woids, via: “ G.ln to inrinsli live oak, iiuiltt Iht adtciti-e
“ mrlit of 12th Msich, li.'T.”
fiie timber 1. to be inspected and measured arcordinc to
'lie lutes established l.y the lioaid—1 oyy ol which may hi
obtained, on application to tlie NavyAg nt, . „l„>T,t I>e,„a.
cola, 8.1c.1:111111 Ui,arlch.u, S tl. Norfolk, H shinclon, Ualli
more Tliilsiielphia, Nnv Ymk, .u, I'ufismoiitb, N. II.
Any bill, not in.ule in c n' ,runty to tin. advet(i-rnirnt, or
that may not he received within tlie tune l.eieiu limited for
icreivini; ools, cunuot be ousideied.
March 30 103— I31J
5 NTKN DlNti to riniuve tm* fall u, llie If iitlory of I-'londa,
« 1 olfer foi sale. Illy dale mi the Happ- lannoi k iliver, 111
the county of Kai qmr', .m l aho„, eigVt'r'n u ilcs above h'rv
dericltsbuig,calltu AlOU.ar Kl'IlKAlXt; Ihis is a viryilesi
rab!e siliiahon ami highly improved, liavnn; all the liuddin-s,
for nst, coin foil ati-l elegance, imcWary fur a pvnllen.an's
coimtiy ies,deuce; and is as healthy as my .ituafion in Vir
gima. Havirg delern-tned tuiomovr, 1 will sell Ibis hami
*onit < li sle at 1 vrrvieda<e,l price, and male Ibe lei ms easy,
(ir tit It trie 1, iltsp'oeh lo pur. ha. e ate inviie I *rs come and vi, w
Ihis piupeity. I Mill alio, sail a tiar| 1,1 lamolThtee Hnn
drid and Ninely-lfilt aues, in Ihe crninly ol iliilpsp.i near
4<aila*i*w l! r 1 I, a- / V,. .. .s', la* ,.1\_' 1 . I i. .. a . . . t
Oaitei’a llri.lge, (N' rmaa'l Kind) railed Ine Cattail sprmt.
A -‘ ““ 112-11 THUS. blttnV.S.
i 1) lr£Ji TISKMKNT.
tracl jf Land called flill (trove, loot amine a’o.vr
2,£Hl a ret, lying in the lower end ol Amelia comity, for
meily adveilisec, is .till for sale. I> would makr an oxcellenl
r ftoii plantation, li Mill he sold all (blather or divided mb
psiceis. Tliel etm. will bearconiiniHlaiina.
M'lvwani. man h t 0«~l, 14'M fl ()U.E9.
TRUST S.1T.K nr IiE.11. ESTATE. SfC.
m i • ^i»d in put tliaore of a tht'fi of irvfi I join JutiijM. !
• * to NffUfft! t>fctf BelliIn entire t<» J ■•!»»» fc» I
Hf •* I* the pay'd* it* * 1 4 rWlMUli'f il llii r ff> Ultf.'.fOitCtJy bfrfl
,nK **•» *df» i'.Aj *•( A1 • b., I '■ Jl, #<td v.hi< '• ie «< *ikrwwl?ii£*
< and niimiHHl in ferord, in the rU^k9* of*» t nf J ur.r# rii%
county, Ine ».>ui«r u<ii, 1 mh 1. o!» M-'mi*, nir frnmi day of
July nuif l?27, if (air, hot if o<>!, tbf fit#; fair il.«y ihfien l* r,
fell at j ulilii nid! *n, «>n the pteiM«e«, loi eafh.a tract of Umi
c<*o(i(rtifi| A02 «{i»5, by late ftirvey*, together w»ii» n taw null,
anti lli#» l.mtl ruvtirH h> the pund f mmI m».l, nod the right
fhe tan) .1 olio M. Urfguiy hath,to get limber ft urn (lit k'rtry
laml. I f»it property wa« purchased fcy **td John M. ilrttory,
n| (lit 9aid John K. Biiiwnf, »« rituaied mi the county of Jatni*
r if y, near (Jhi<*k»Horn my River and at the head of a imvi|ikjf
stream finking «.uf of taut htrtr, .mil it w hriiKvnt, with pro
per attention, tnig'M he re tide ml ve§y vilunhfe. Th* unbar fiber,
filling a« rrafter, will «onvr y tueli »itl» only, m may he vetted
in Into f y the teid tletd - the till*-, how* ver. |9 cm-iderfd ut»
Mrepttonahie. KICHARJ) CORK, Si,, Titrate*.
May y>.
flOO/Tft Ti . //»If
j j I HAWAII from in Sul fcrdo t1 in Ityrlrtnphaftt, nit the
llr 3d in |., Polly n. Polly Whyte. a« »he Cell* her** If, vtid
h«r ton Archibald o» 8ffa«, *h< ralfi him Polly »« about
•3y**»r« hi; very h|«cli| of orn'liilt rfr; tilh link foie teeth
foment them, p**rhapf, «.ut; o(l*n «tnokep‘,an.I geiierally weai*
a cap, or tuinefMftg tied on her h*ad —among her ( Mini,
while yn r», wh>*e ntthfid, end r.aiieoe ilrrnf*, and a Itriped
*nk apron.—Ar hfhald, w Sefua. m a mvhrtfo krn; nkviH If
year* •?«!, atiait and artivr: had on a abort, pal# purple, erdt«>,
e'>af, and d.vk double w.»ve, M(.n|hn pUttiiAdfi*;• ihv, am*
•AT at the fame tune, from dm. Win f'hamherlay ne’r plant#
i ‘ % neai me, ht« uegr«» man !£««*«. the heahand of th-«b.»*e
Polly, who h*a, no doubt, # onduUed them . lT — h* aid middle
*dNr< nml n'f v*iy hl.irk*,hi* chin out rathe* more than c**m
mo#» — f hive every rea«nn to Relit**, that they mil mak* for
Ohio, to p is# at free, and hfve free paper*, I * have no do*,hi
I will pfr the ahovf reward, for the delivery c f u»v two, to no
.♦ wfftcore them, that I get them again, ut on* huff fur either
f tn* m, delivered or •*< mnl; »nd ( >n, by llrnji
o*.tn Le#y9tlie OeoeiaPf overaeeT, to ray, that th* OmieiafwtP
v*’ a liberal11w«rd fdr th** detiveiy of ht«, «ir • »a«ein ed #tn—
•»J«* h EDWAPM tvlilur.
Wfiy, • A+Tu
Received <1 ili« OlEre .1 the N. V..ik Uoaiiuernal Adveituvr,
kv li»r *li»p Hu«f«oti.
1 ne Spi- >ker jiui the question, on the motion of
Mr. Herries, for * new writ for tho election of .1
Metnbe* to serve for Ashburton, in the room ol
•he Eight H norable William St irpes Bourne.
Mr. Prel ilien r ee. li was now ihree weeks
sinre he had virtually re-lgned the MltUation qf So
oietsr\ of Stale f*,r the Home Department : ami
he was aware hat in the course ol th t interval his
silence might have subjected him to much doubt.
»••«! perhaps to muah misconstruction. —Yet he
had waited patientl), siipjorted by the comriou-—
ne«s of the honesty and punt.- of hiso.'o mo'ixes,
arul l>jr the reflection that he had acted upon public
fir unds, and that the oourse which he had puisu
cd wav consistent with that which was due to his
owa priricip*- and character. The . . ,,;t
whi.'i I:y' . mm 'lie pub ic -r. «tio
**J *o«sa. 1 rum-i < f;>st entrance into pub
lie fe. he b*d leit .. . ! manifested an ft idem y.e»I
i"r til • Co .-dilution i»u the establishments which
it sheltered. •'1.:. 1 ! . <td < »uii;.*J cheeis.) For
’ am be h..d,p---•» -. •J .. .5 undevi tints and
• <ea»ly course, ciicriiv; ». u.ic • iiji.oi.i:ain;», ! it at
ti e sji-.e time (a- t c ,.d) .» • ..ju ... «*... I con
mal resistai. - «. . c.;..c. ssicae ?o
. • nan CaiLoiii ~. t, - . rii rs ■ ained the op in
* "hie** he had Jot ■: ax .jxxtu, and retaining as
! tlio.se opinions, *u.J, above ail, having taken
> active and prominent a part as he bad some time
• in being the t* 1 ?e Minioier ct the Crown
cling in opposition to the claims of the Xeontan
Catholics, he did net irvi that he couU, concise
tently with hi* honor, acquiesce in the arrange
ment, which, whii; r;i ; benefit himself Ly ena
bling bun to retain _dce, w ould be calculated to
promote the success of those measures to which
he bad been in the habit cl oflerii.g a decided re
sistance. His opposition was grounded on a con
viclian, that the removal of the e.vi-.ing barriers
would place power and influence in tho-e hands,
in 'hich thex could 1101 be tv: it. .] xvr.h saiety to
the est>.blt-hid Church; inert . .e fct ou'd not be
justified in aequie-cir.g in a . as .re Lioh lie had
hitherto uuiiorruiy opposed, iie bad not expe/r
e-jeed any change oi sentiment that ct-ouid ju- U)
the adoption of su* h a cur-e Tile D ike ol i'o.h
was no more, and tbv vo;r of .Lord Liverpool
had ceased to lie heaid. fls would on ija-e ac
count* be more cu.hie. i. po**ibie, vvo »■ he (0
abandon the course of public conduct tv inch he
had heretofoie pursue!, £c in rojisei^aeu which
it was in some degree that iie had been -ppmied
to the office connected with Ireland, which he ha]
lor bonie tuue the honor to fili. The next i, .ue.t.. .1
was, whether the aj pointnient o; his I&lgl.l Hon.
LViertJ to be at the bead cf the Administration
and i occupy the place which had «q recently
been filled b* the JSknl ol htvery<>oi, ivoc* J or not,
if lie (Mr. Peel) had acquiesced, have pioaioteJ
the final uicccsi. of the Ci-tbollC Question. IIi9
opinion was that jt would. He gave his Iltghi
Hon Friend ihe fuliest credit lor the boi.'-* v and
dcceii j of his principles, and for his ahili in the
management of State Affairs He imi-i judge h.s
Might Hon. Friend, as he was himself to b.- judg
fd, by his uuif< raj course cf public conduct, Lyhis
ivowed opinions, and h;s jiubhc declarations, fiat
•fird, then, aa he w**, of the . i»,c<ur«ly -mi ,;;»a| ol
its liiglil Hon Friend, {;«? fejt t. . I ifanl fa
von Id consider n his duty, as u was his intention,
f at the head of public affairs, to promote, if not
he immediate, at least the ultimate success of tlw
|tieslion; and feeling that to be the case, he had
■onie to the conclusion that the only proper course
etuaining open to him, [Mr. Feel,J was Jie one
vhich he had adopted, in behalf ol his colleagues,
Hr. Peel said, he was prepared now, if necessary,
0 vindicate them from the charge of cabal made
igainst them, and to mntn'ain that the course pur
med by each of them is justifiable by the view ti.ey
ook of the public service] which conduct of (heir’s
night lo ho held up as art ejoample to all. L, the
tout-* of his speech, the Ziighi Hon. Gentleman
idverled to a variety of consideration’', both per
•onal am! public, under the influence of which lie
jad acted. Among other things, he mated, that
tie hsil contemplated resigning tfie Se. ls of Office
n 1825, in consequence of the peculiar and ein
tmrasemfi situation in which he found iiiin-eif,as
the only minister in the House of Commons who
stood opposed to concession of the Catholic claims;
but,at llie reqijes* of his noble triend then at the i;» d
01 his Majesty’* Government, £.he Earl of .Liver
pool.] iie consented to remain, on condition that a
new Parli-uienl sirou.d be called. It was his de
rided intention also to retire, had the motion of
Sn F. Burdetr, brought forward in the early pari
of the present session, beer, earned in the affirma
tive, *s he anticipated it would. His retirement,
there! >rc, under existing c rcum-tance*, was only
in accordance with a determination, the propriety
of which he bad long acknowledged. The Highi
Hnn. Gentleman concluded amidst Joud and long
continued cheering.
Sir Francis lifirdett, expressed the greatest sat
isfaction at hearing .Mr. Feel’s speech no person,
saiJ tbe Hon. Baronet, more regrets than 1 do,
that he cannot, consistently with his principle, car
ry on those immense bo edits to the country,
which he has had the merit of introducing, coun
tenancing, and forwarding; but although be Flight
Kon. Gentleman cannot do it with tiis came effect
as it he hail been enabled to retain the aittiaiion he
formerly held, I still tru-l he will not, because he
doe* not re'ain that situation, abandon tho^c view*
(Hear, hear, from Mr Peel) anJ withdraw that
support they neri-flarily derived from hi* cliarao
ter, knowledge and abilities. Doing this justice to
Hie t lion. GenUc-Eau, uen.ing Als,,, with
ionic lit'le surprise, (hat the principle I allude in
«o'p ^rlr.ciple cn whuh ilie divi«io.,e
ift Iiie Mej'sty’* G >vc«nniei i ha.I I ten place. I
mu-t say. that whatever l? j principle on which
t >ey acltd, I (liinkH i« * grei bent fi u.lhoconii
Ity; and not*, jfiiata^i.ling tile Kight lion Gentle
loan ha* >een obliged to wilhdiov Iron, a stuaiion,
which while hla own honorable fed.ngs j trn.iiier,
hini, he made m public good, loceUj an almost in
eurmouivable obstacle b«* bten reuiov*;) to n^rrat
public improvement. and to mii alteration of n sta'e
of things, p<rucul*rly in island, widen 00 men
ran preend to any r/ijbt lobe allow to continue
as they are.
Sir Thoruas J.eihhrldge made some strong snj
niadtersions <>11 the speech of Sir t rant 1* 1; .ru« it,
who had rated the catholic claims to he « kind of
tine 'inn non ni h h“s par'y, s n! declared he
would rsiher *ee this <pie»tlon have tha eopt ort or
the Ministry, th’n see it treated a* 1. had been fot
• he last twenty years—at lea-t fro.n IS<I7 o ihe
present nine—(a laugh). Tne <jue*tio>. had no!
Mtfn meet in the w»y it ou^hi to b*ye been. It
had been treated by the respective governments in
a way not very creditable to thosu Governments,
ife rejoiced exceedingly Ih.t that lime i.ml 1,0 s
passed. Me called on Ins majoeij’a government to
spe»k out this evening, and tell the counliy whai
| It Wss they we, S going IO do
Mr. Dawson yaid, the' in the whole f this
hti*tne<«, from the support which the Jii. Jinn
Gen', the first minister ol the Clown, had rereiv
i <*> *he gentlemen who h e sst on the other
i-ide of Ihe house, |,e sa *, n ih.ng hui a desire o
• participate in place, po er, and profit, and ins
* e-Jdn-rthey were t'oag): f* » its:-l»- o.’:a
'ion ‘he better. The Hon Gentle wan proceeded
—1 <i<> not complain of having ceased lo be a ser
vant of the crown: I left my place for the reason*
which have teen *o eloquently, amply, anil no ho
nombly to hirn-ell ami human nature, enptessed
by tny Hon. lfriend. 1 participated *o the ut
most in even word expresfed !>y my itt. 'ton.
I' riend, and 1 fi nl greater pleasure in standing here
t“ assert my couttnuaure in, and adherence io.
those principles, than 1 could derive fioiu holding
the highest situation under the itt. Hqn. Gentle
man, with the le.,st abandonmen' ol th-'ee prmci
plea. Though he Honorable Bu net, a- he has
stated, has taken his place behind the Rt. H >«
Gentleman, in the hope that ihe catholic Question
will be carried unleu* he has taken hi* p'scewitb
that hope, he !.« s been a p rty to o> •- ui i.,. I. .s —f
coalition* that ever wu- formed [lie ., L? ■
I shsll not be afraid i:i such a rri .» . a tble, e .
press n*v or r '• • ,y tijat r.:», ■ ; il.a
->— i-a. , s ev iy man who s:> • :
■> h ■*, ' • * thmr plaeee w.lh iLr u. j
.'.id , ta ry cariyi , tij.it gre„i and !inp"riant
question I repeal it. l:,r, they are par'.t * to o .•
of the mo ! um.atujp!. and one i f the bn.scat, su
jOrt' i.i the most unpr* -tdcnitJ coalition* that e»
| v< i v; > made. In the coi.rs 1., > speech, Mt.
‘ *in gue anosi k «tt pmiipj »c with i ; «
. ".u*e 10 me puo.ic jouri. some estidor
•kr.ary fntalily tic* pres:. ot ibis country la uirver
i suliy favourable to the new Government ^Go-ul
1 ohi!ere ) It ha* been corrupted to it- v-rj core.
(_4.'heet■«.) The licit si ^xpresviou of letjin^, vs ’>i(;i
. hat] u*ver been stilled b*foie,han b on sr:tii . by
'vital tn aue I htiOA not I; lias been st.k , snu
pie vet) l til the eXpretc-Jon of public italing on tbij
‘great quest;on, ;.nd on all circurn.-lancev> connect
ed'vi.. ' ins extra rdrnary tianaactinn. It has been
dtvi red, eatd the Honor ?.l..e 6en>]ewan, mat tLe
|tusi»of forming litis present AJn.lbtstrMion was
one in whicii tne Protest ant interest “bond be
. pioicctetl. I' was dec Jar e<i as t be opinion ot tin- i
I highest authority in tilts country Utv the *.e Ad !
ministration was not to change ns character on I
J that que-tion, It was declared rl ■ tlie Cabin-el j
was to be so eon* rucWti that the grtales' po. i n
oi it was to const-t oi Gvtuleaien who were a' ]
giins' the Catholic claims, ibis hn» been s'.teu
tote the busts on tvbicii the Atltiuuiiitraiiun 1. -
'been formed. We know tne Adnunutraiion is i
formed without any attention to dial bast-. Jb,et I
me ».-h the House whu « e live people o« this I
country to understand bom me declaration pub- ,
ltc’y made, promulgated in every eocie y, r t-'y to
be asserted and prove 1 that tbe A-citbehop ot j
Canterbury, and the £ -bop ul -Loudon, .teen,i . ,1 '
»o the astt:nb!ed l’rejales—4! rear, L-;.r)—at
-Landre h 1 . .i they 1, tii heard linn, a very log,
personage that i is c.j nitons upon tbe Catlioii 1
quesiion were as ui in able as tl.o^e widen dis
tinguished his lat" broilier— even stronger than
this, as unalkrrabli- as those which dicUu£,ui«lied
hrs lamented fatiici i i'Le House, however, uut>bi
not to separate wide) 1 asking ike Mimsier,
** What, S11, are jour ...VcntiofS?—give n- on
ample explanation.” lie thou: . c •ncliule 1 ; ca
pre. sing his lirtn Lope, tli.it ul.iiib'.eia would be . x
plicit and unequivocal i.i deciani.g the grounds ot1
lh*if tuiure policy.— i .1 bear.)
Mr. brougham now sc from his east t. n the
*kirt id behind Mr. > unuing, 10J «
the H00-.•, and with Lis uni abih’y \j....|C*. ed
hLtr,sell . .1 the alius* »n-‘ 01 tbe lien. .1:?uibtr loi
Somerset and mo;-, pr. • • «•; -,3 iion
Member for Derry. Ha batu, u: no s:. 0e ol me
negotiation Have I evei so much as dreamt of u»
Jri.ig office under the pre-ient arrangement; nay;
U,ueh more—by. those very nrrangemsnts am i
placed more irrecoverably out ot office nmen far
tfcer t« office now driven beyonJ uty contempts* 1
•ton than ever farther than even from the con
temptation ol the Ut. Hon. Member for Berry
himself. (A latigr.j But, Sir, «e propose to
bui port—of wc hope to be able to support lor
that ib all that v. o ar* really p.edged to, the yul..
niit.i'-lia: ion of the Jit. H"n. Csriiileniaii below
me, by virtue, it seen.s, of an unnatural coalition
— an until ut. l alliance has been esmbli.-htd be
tween that Right Hon. Gentleman anti those whli,
whom I have had the honor umiorndy io act.
An unnatural alliance, because there are, omt* of
ditTsre :cs which should have eternally forbade the
junction; an unnatural alliance, because we hive
differed particularly of la « year?, on all the most
material questions ot internal and foreign policy
an unnatural alliance, because since the tleaih ol
.Rord .Londonderry, we have been striving to ri
vet fast to the chariot wheel of the Holy Alli
ance, the triumphant fortunes ol Great Britain!- j
(Hear) —an unnamral coalition, because n c have:
been amongst those who have been the staunchest I
friends to the liberal system of commercial policy
adopted by that Ministry: because amongst others,
I iny*elf have been the constant supporter of those
free doctrines in trade, which were afterword* re
ceived. sanctioned, aud carried into puciice by
men more enlightened and of tar more political
weight than myseif; because, in fi^r, we have
differed so broadly vriib the Right Honourable
Gentleman’s views in all the great que-tions of
external and internal policy, end especially in lhai,
the great corner sto»e of our domestic policy the
1 coins* we should adopl towards the sister island.
Mr. 11. stated, lie lud been pieveuted from join
i mg the former administration by the division i„ the
■ Cabinet on the Catholic question, and eh odd sup
port the presv nt Ministry without the Jeisfpro
j peeled person*! ailvaniage, because ^n arr.inge
l men! has been made which utterly excludes him
bom latur.g >lfice. l.si r*.e now be permitted,
j Sir, said the learned Gentleman, to add a few
I w. ids more on (lie subject ol the Catholic fjuca.
j tion. The man who advisee anv Member ol Par
liament io bring tnr.vaid .he Catholic Claims tins
Ces-iou in r,j t*? -n,—-.f- ,i^r«--- » E-nse
(fi llip lieu c—tfiAl mail, f ever he li a . Le, Jot*
no« further li e interests .,f eland |,e
seiv.- 111- rpie-tiou i»*r!f, in r consult ’h-tranquili
ty oi Hugland; he is the wor t enemy of »1| ihure
. m in eiiloiis interests, aud .becomes, in effect, a
blind tool in the hand* ol ihc llou. Member for
j '' i oerse'fliire. r ) 1 have now, -ir, hut io
id f, that 1 Iwve rpiit.ed a situation in this house,
under a eonscienliuti feeling of duty—a situation
| quite siifncieni lor the gratification of an bilion,
j in which I was eurronmied—and my friends wdf
II rgive me if J say, followed, in some sense -by
! one of die large-t, ihu in at honor,hi* (f s*yn.
f wh..«e motive, cannot now l»e suspected_1 •!, 0
| hnnw that their motives are alike above sn«pi.
j s'lon,) ami withal ihe most disinterested bo.fy r»f
•»;; o*i ion that ever Ml wiihin the wall* oi f'ariin
Mr. fvwring iht Cbmcalior r>f the Esrbrqu t,
| roM nw. i *<■<•!, raid hr, <lml It nonld pe ’
. r*rHirtoou» to the I!»u«e, *n<l 10 my JN j |,i Hon
, friend (Mr. il i |?i ihi«drltaie r o«e, with
[oat e*pre«Mi»g the eeniiment* winch hi* eperrh
| excited |f,» ih.in It ronfinin il. Thiwuh i have
■not lin-n expie**ly I .<r .he |’iirpn«s of replyin<» to
f tli« call* a.ad* on u.e Iro.o h.d.rrni part* Otf the
Kfloior, yet I sin perfectly willing and iju i- pre
.|mii(I, I l/u*', ti> return p*ii*inrtery answer*.. To
hegm with try ltight IloDomable Kicnd (Mr.
P<-e| ) |'r ha* in cue or iwo iifttarirtr, appe.lle.r
j 10 say te*tin>«n> f >r tl« cM»tm ilii n of rome
pail* of the narrn ive ««f Hi* own condor i I con
linn them in the lull ret cleg **«■ *’I.root hour i\
L ih* dWcuneiOna that I have i.ad • t><-« Parliatne i
v«rs* r ' j vtj
k'ricnd in ail our cone a.-.t and confident. I inler
c Ur-e, I have aiway* foun t him in every poirfi
the same lie has »l\vay ua«d the -am* expre«
sion ot seiitioieulf, and shown ihe eauie < xlii'oilion
ol principle, the* he claimed lor himself in his ad
dress this evening—{Cheer- ) The House will
have very much uiisti km my condition, if they
; believe it one ol t.Yiijul cm or pic-'tpc, or even if
they suppose it productive- ol ietlirjjs ot complete
eatulaction. Kiom the beginning of these ditcue
' stone, 1 foresaw— we both tj-esa.v that they
jiiii's terminate in a wpatutioc— wool.t o God it
.Jitaj he hut lor ,i time !— .• ceen my Right Hon.
s-i‘s,,J n“J niraclf. 1 declar- most sol uly, thaa
I if the elites ton, whether ij«t sepamtu,, should
he eicartsd by Lie retirement fr.au, iiiVL mine.
<iad t 1 ;eft in my hand*, 1 would have utcidul
is'^r hilern^i' / * (i^ud htrtrrit?^. J —
. -* 'f '» Irtend ir d the «ourt« j ■ «:^;c j0
i ■« unlay, tliat oe ei.c- .n (c;, e Ci,
errv-Uon- ih.s eveup.ie to ids Horn e I h«J
ijeielort toe oppoitip ily, lor » i.ich J tl.ank hun,
ot doin; lju , .tiiout which! could not liaveadi*
urtfSrj '.lit: ,u >e SatlsfaclOrllv. Z have .-.sked
’•'* obtuiiitrJ J i- .lifjfbij'» peiiuhtsion
to state Mich passages of the ia:e negotiation, as
u ..j Lit-uecew. ly io my vindirauoii. Audilriit,
I beg to assure the liigli Hen. r.ei.iUman ami
u.t* House, i'•••it i wa- m. unaware of the pcculiAx
difficulty j.tciui'iii (iu the lortuauon ol a new
A.iiuinisCiton, ft«m \e -tate ct the Catholio
<i>ue-uon; : .-/ i «-.J coum-el hi» Majesty, when
tic <1.. i. c ti.c t. i.ur to advise w ith me, in make
a Go u.iui -ni in every respect coniorm .L.e lo
o. ilil. us. To carry that « Outsel into tiTecf,
wo.iiu hat e, of cour.-e, involved the necessity yf
my letiieuiriit iioa; office; hut 1 can declare mort
com-crintiouslj, th* 1 worn.) have laid at the feet
ol jov Sovereign the situation i hove the honour
to uoid, «.r\ » mOff cheerful heart, aud with au
assura .ee of a quicker termination •{ fbe difficui
ties to which f hav.. -Ihuod. than I hive mute
.:ee<t dispo»*d.to en.c.um in the subsequent prut
■: thtbe raucrutmo-. It was not tor me to «ffer
a. Vice to my buveret-n , t, the inode by which
he .» to occumph^ .t.t fo.-matton f . a Cabinet
oppoted to my own opinio..-; hm rhe fact is
mo.-l trn j a» I cave fUtril it; l d;d propose to
witliilmv iri.tii altogether !roui the Administra
te n, am: ] bJ a ivi.ee the Ximg to torm j new Aai
fliu ;: tra :ou, acc rdl g to th,. p.n.r.ples I have
meutic. ad -\o.v, why dm 1 «to thisr Why did I,
ho a t . Lenu U.J-l: u.i from n.aj y of my late
Colleague* .;on .on tjiie&;:on, ru .i wfto, as tea
huen truly observed, tnu> d flu m-, ,,j;i continued
• o -o i-h it.c r . \\ hv tli.i 1 ihu- . ake thr tiis—
teioe ilj.i Adtiiiii'-ii.iiyn, even tit. ugh divided
n |'.e fcui.ject ol the Ca t, ,ip Claima, and adviee
fits Majesty to tor in au v ilmiiiisiratioa wholly hos
tile untune claims.- i - ijj sup- n»y reasons briefly
Ijr'uat comae No- many rno.i h» ago, his Majesty
rt.en.d alettei ;.o« .. .- ui.eto •• Inch J cannot
nor tv.ii uo ciluJc, most e c nuoiialj advising h/a
.vi a - , io I luce the Government ol ireoouiiliy
lit a .01 uniformity, and that tmi oiiuity u> lie
an uri.him .mi decide j opposition to he Catholic
Clsi.t,: IZ.01 d l.t verpcol, to whom a letter, ol tlie
...... - .no ean.e UU..B
<>-; >..#l til *ilch 1 hare ken, ..a being *en! ft
•’••* -'I-V »|JT. -P»» . erejving a ro.t nv:■ ;. ;«i:oi. ,.u.
vu f j!. *-t r.i:u tt.e :.<]£, ib ,-d dii.l.
e.tallec .s g«j a .«ite*, a. V.i. h Jje tani ilit,
*° 1,1 ’ " ’• ‘‘ • Ji - - ; u.. end it might
oe ai.i .t . t.: ji..i . tiovert taeni formed
..[ i.n -.he principled CuleiP.iuing d, Wiled ojiiaioiM
wuh respect to the Catholic Claim., he, for oue,
nevei could concern u> become a member of any
(iovernii.eni utodejlen upo.. the principle of exclu-.
aton;— [.hem, hear,]—and h.ejtorilshipadded, that
HS he Was called Upon to g tb hie advice to In* Ma
he lm-t s-y that, i., his opinion, it would Be
ex. rente ly dill>c.ili to ai compliab »uob a foriiuttion.
* ?ay, theielore, v>tr, tha when I felt myself
placed umler the tiecp-riiy, as a Couucellor of
the Crown, ol ad.j-in» hia Majesty to attempt
the formation of such a i»uverninent, it wan not
tor me to esitruate ihe difficulty of the task-it
was not lor me to take ihe place of those CoUii
aellot» who cou;.celled the necessity of such a
cou.se, and point out f.o,v difficulties might be
*ut mounted or object t.m, overcome. Jt was not
for me. I say.b. potm out how it might be done*
but 1 cou r! not disguise ti bom it.) self, as 1 had
lelt it it.y »lut> not in do guise i- from my Sove
reign, u.ai although the formation of such a M j„
Dl-I.y was a worU of very g.tal dlffiruliy, jt jv
not a ta*k ol ab/eluie impracticability.— blear )_
Jbnv, for wbut re.son f at advice was not act^l
njori, by whose advice or by ivh. t council it was
determine 1 to abandon that course, b do uot
know— and more than i Unow I will not My~
bu. fioni ibe lime when 1 first mvv the King, and
gavj the advice 1 have described, down to tho
perto-l whan his M-j-sty came to town, I had no
UuOTv.edge of any ceri.duty, that the advice i
gave hud not been adopted. To far, therefore
irotn seekir g or soliciting; as ihe Hon. Gentlel
man charges inc, ihe p ,st which 1 have now ,J,e
honor to hold, J withdrew myself altogether from
any partrip.tion in the atr.-ng-menis, in order
liiHt tin- experiment which was «tf|J l0 be so loud
ly called lor t>y the court ty, might be faiily
ritd— that experiment which was alluded to, aud
sought to be cnlotccJ, by the abortive motion of
ijie Honorable Member for &aintr.<MH*hire (Sir T.
Lethbndge,) I mean not, however, to be guiliy of
■ ary Incivility; but l repeal, ] withdrew in
oi..er *0 ..sve tha- «\p< riiucnt fully and fairly tried;
and i decNtu to bod liut their was nothing at
I tha m- iem nearer to n v heart, than that my
ping «.u, ot the wsy in.grit remove every obstacle
I to t hat trial tti v.hn ll was distinctly stated to
ine tha Mich an Adinini-rratiou could not b„
, forrmd, ami when I receiv.d his iMaje.ty'a CoB),
- marils to med 1 a Hoveriiineat on the same princi
, ■••iwl Ol L fd Livsipui.l, of Winch I had been
a M*irhei, nothing, I conceived, could possibly
ren ’b. >ut t;> ronstiuct a Oovcrnsnent of the «b
, video c)...rarl r to which 1 have alluded, „p4,n „ a
si.bje. t ol Catholic jbui.r.ctpaiion, with the neces -
j snry constIj-ic te,-ha. the .juestion of the removal
: "* D atbililiee should not be made a rnca
: -ire oi me * .Dinei. Bu\ (hen, wi.b ibe pr- pp,al
, (o Id rn * government >.n (bat i rlnnplc upon t*.a
very prii ciple of jny prfdereeaor, came a new
'juevi.oti a t|*ie.«iion which at once involved tba
Puin* o', whether 1 tvaa to nmain in (be situation
i :o which 1 iiad been ranted. d.-graced in my own
I < pun >n, and dincrrdiieii in the rye of my country
oi whether I •»,*«> rereiie from be hand* of m*
•Sovereign, uiidjiDini./.ed and ur encumbered, tbr.t
i inheritance nbirh a di-a.ltu| miatorUme, t r
dreed ul l may indeed rail ,t. had raet Ur>
on hi- df-po-al. Now, what j '
f»"‘c !* w»«'. "•* il ‘ »'•<«» i* in command to do f,
ihe r e-cnatruction ot die (iomnmtMi: To form
a AIinie'ry upon I." principle „| Lo.d Kiverpooln
Adm.in-iration lb., ,h. Government ;,tou|J
even cope..' ol the Very same indivnloale, I
I bad no oWtioa. But wfat wa, proposed to
liter lliftt I, having 1.1- Majesty's commands to
loim » eoverntnc.it upon the very »ame pr nciplrh
aatho-eofm- lament d p edeceaeor, ahould pUco
at the head c»f that Government anodier person,
bolding upon ibe subject of (be Horn a n Catholic
b.kiint AmiJ i.i verpooi’s Opllliona? (Hear, hear I
i«OW wli»t >»- it ) vr#- rlatired tn -auction l>y
tha ad p!i n of that course? M hat principle i« ,■ j
waa called upon to admit? Why, f „,s de ire l
I plainly to *•?, ll.t Z, tjle fjju. -a

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