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Richmond enquirer. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1815-1867, June 26, 1827, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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ij lu I. | U'MUUl .1 IWKi 4
» J litre* a Mrv«c ilu:ui£ the kuidu ui the btilt Leguu
t ««.—trice, ti>« i«me m beietui'orc, Ki»r Dollar. j.cr suuuui,
PyaM.m advance. Mite. of rcartrir I, tpecie-p.vin* batik,
i cly) (nil be rtcoved iu payment. The Editors w.li Hit!*:i
llt U.« mlely of icutilliuj; them by u.t'1; the postage oi (11 let
t-.rs being paid, by tfte writers.
tr Jio paper wiil Of duCotUtnuetl (but el 'he Jucr.UoU »f
the Editors,) until (II ariesr»,;e. have beto paid up.
13* Whoever will cunanlt> thv paymtut of uine papers
• am have lln tenth OIIATXS.
XT Ont *<|u(i«, OIL Lh.3o—First insertion IS cents—aacli
Couunuoncr, 50 cauls.
*,* No (JveruM iucu inserted, until it h(i eilhtr v”.to pai.i
fur, or assumed by a'.uir person in lUia city, or ita «r .irons.
l i.EMI.Wti 4a KD'ATIN JA51Kt>4i.OO. ilUHKET BRIDGE.
UAVL received,piiucipsliy by the late aitival. Item .N,»
Volk, l’lilladelplua .toil ll> lUu,
I 417 /’u'.Auj.j i.f Fresh .Seasonable
<.uitiiiuiik ol llie Ibiiwwiiif; miictrj :
« Cases 6-4 vry nru, utw »iyt«, benege
X do Go»*p:*i), |>2kiu 4ii«l striped
i (lo ltdUli'4«r, ll«luiloBcl)r «uuUtd
X do Flam India mUiik, and saltin loautines
J do FUm «. figured, bUcit, white i. coloured French
4 d.* FiguieJ Gro be Napa k plaid silks, for laditj
\» do Plain k watered tdi- be Napa, comprising a choice
aisoxtiuenl of <tluiO*t fter' shade »v. quality
X do Italian 4. F trot h luati ing«
X do Ui«ck, while At cMouied Moo* .lapeluae
A do ISpIrmlia iigui e«l iudta lujli iu^
X do JLMoiu Horeuces, »»y black, tvh i*, blue, pick, lilac &
4 do Ugais) Ribbons, a Urge and general assortment
l> do tUcniy Dgtiicd Cauii.u ami MaiuUi iu crape diesac*
‘2 do FI .in anti d-.»r«:ii Mandaiiu crapes, Uiftei cut colours
13 do Plain aud figured (Jauluisciapes do do
I do black fvuchMn
•1 Uo Ln~lifC black houibaxiDcn
U do" (20 lioaci) Figu. *<1 silk. gairz< aud berre^e hdkut,
shawls and scat U, fiue eery handsomely figured
3 d> black, white audculumed llafiau crapes
I do lial crapes
d Ooaes battfiisb aud Feacbthread, and Rn^lith bobbi
belle and gmip lacts
X do riiw4 walked bwijbiuelle lace veils and plain hobble
1 C jDU. Caulon^Uvaotine L ltaliau ctarits aud
do £f jiun ju<! Uantou tewiugfillUi well assorted
Siuill (run nip(>rii*i blur, black mid diabl&ut
Bale* patent thread*, wt ftl assorted
do bp'iol cotton, sevnugs, and tullou bills
OtM$ rli^ tad bandanna bdk&
do iHeu'j and tvuuicu’i fcia^ioli aud FieOfli silk hose k.
ilcu’i lull bote #
do do d / Colton do do do
do lilac.k and coloured collou and Wanted hose
.Packages Glow*, omprijiug aiaig** and choice assortment
uf wuiueti,a white* am! hiaikmk, kui, beavei, atid
loug and short h4.iieikm
do film's best buckskin, ueavei, horseskui and doeskin
Casts .Net suspend* is, wanted and cottou
do 4-4 and o 4 farulttuo dimities
do Cotton baud emial and Mnu-ai hdklVl
do 6-4 wove spot and striped jackoucls
Caere Fancy prints, com pi i»:ug a Urge os* 'i intent cl al
m**et every style
do 0 4 new styie caiuhrn k», and jackootue g^n^kaDi*
U -xie very neb!)' worked At d uin td Swn* muiiindrctM)
Caiei rainbow n book and S«no o^ujIujv suae very ncu
do L"'»m figured book end jackouette uiosliiw
do 1 4 and c* 4 (iJint book and Swim musliua
do 4 4 and 6 1 :apt* stuped k corded jackouet innslms
do i h i 1 .amout wushui and jaconet rawbriCs
do Ri.u-n eauliarra
tlo b-4 bin k aieuuo bombazines
do Mixed French sat tear)*, jeans and Circassians
do do do Au^oUc4>iiau[i*i
Bales t! 4 and 4- 4 Knglish black cnctuiia&i
do Black lading*
Ca-ie aloui aiird India ailk camhlet*
do Super Fre*i'h netnp drilling*
do P'am and ribbedwhite Loudon do
do Silk striped -ud |>!\iu latin do
do Cugiiih and ifieuch striped jeans J 'tj
Ual^a aud boars fOlW pieces) abott yellow long, com- I ^
pany aud uaiibt chop uuukeem J ^
do Bitie uaukui* I £
Bale Denmark satins |
Case plain aud figui ed vrh.t* and printed fi/mieilles .
do Plain and uguis d black fi t mi me do
do 7*8 and 4-4 iiuii linen*
do Li row u and black hoiUnds
do loug Uwu* ana linen c am h licks
Bales I(u la sheetings, durks ami diapert
do German ami lit Huh <>*Ti*fcurgs and burlaps
do Bleached On man or.uabuig* and tickleumnga
do Flaxen < «nahurga, s*. kins andUesfiaa mil*
do Topsail duck aud siitTmari linen padding
d«» Plsid «b>naealtc* and common chocks
do Fine apron ani hnnituje checks
Bale* and cues domestic cotton shillings and sheetings,jay
fl- » and 4-4 brown ami hie*, bed ibiitio^., and
4-4, fi-1 and 61 do do sheetings
do 4 4 and 0.4 powci IO'»m bidticki
lloxca umbrella* ami parasuis
Packages gilt, coal and vest bultona
do Uouimon ami polialud bone .sin! pearl buttons
do 100 elegant India window blinds
Boses shell, tuck, side and long oeut cemhj
Oases pack and mixed pun
Pul Oruiluu tuck and side crmh»
Ilnxes Bolivar and £ip-ey Leghorn hata and men's ball
do Women's straw h innets
Bales aud rases fine, superfine and extra fine, blue, black,
anj fancy c domed dot As, a well selected aisort
I do h*H»l huJ pc!i«t rlolhi, for ivtn's »ufuna*r coat*
li C-iih fiueatii <upnfile ca«5iincrei agoou j»«*orlmcnt
-U* . 'lyii-Tl
,•*2-*! *■
J J<i|J
Uile double nitllfj ilisb cloths
8 Hues nnjit cottons
3 do Point and rose blankets
9 to Douifitir ilouSit milled kerseys and
I Oise Imitation linen rarahries amt hdkfa
p jiiadjli.il. (ill-lie,/nr bonnets, piping eord, boulried blue it
Riean sarseuitls, for covering umbrellas, silk btaids, mutation
fc1*" cambrics, bobbins, tapes, stay Isccs, blank inoi, bonnet
wiitf lw» butfoiii, fiue iwiy combi, he. he. he.
The Goods above mentioned, are i dried lot sale be ths
package, piece, or at ictail. }
M-" 8- __117—isPsv
HAVKinSlorejnJ a-e receiving per (bo scliouneis Reaper
sod Magnolia troui Boston, auil Sea Horse, Kdort A M,.
cLsmc from Ni-sv-Y.uk, the following ariicles, wiiirhthoy offer
»0| sale upon their usual terrr.* :
?A?? 8t. Cron, Muscovado and II. Orleans 8nears
si 96 hbds. assorted loaf „„
230 bags green coffee, pail veiy superior
13 do Jars do
22 hbds English Island Molasses
8 do and I .... ,
I« barrel. {VVI,ul,f)'
30 do old high proof do
? pnneherns Antigua rum
I do ol-1 Jamaica do
S pipes tine old Cognac Brandy
CO Mils apple da
> pipe Uid Holland 0>Q
Mslsgs and T
K "tuition y
23 boxes gunpowder teas
• Candles, Jjrkion’s anil Woodroof’* hf.r.Jr
100 krgs Jl- a.ty’f gunpowder
10 ton shot,assorted
M do iron, viotled
8 do pl-iugb inottlds
German, English oil American Steal
Cut aud wrought Nails
Bar lead
Indigo, maddtr, nluin, tor-pera <
Pepper, pimento, s,ng*r, nutmeg.
Cap, letter, and ssrappiug nsner
Bed eerds, plough lines, twine
Demijohns, Blent ware
Oottou Yarns tnd f Kforn the Union M rnif.Morin a
Indigo Plaid. J Co. of Maryland.
Apfll«. 7 ft 3—tf
spuing aoo.os.
AIL NE1U0S, her frnir.it hjrthe Effort, Planter and
lt.fhrr. Jii.1 Packet, end othet lute arrival. from .New York
aod Phi lade iphia, a largeproportion of In, 3 f HI,VO HOODS;
* end ile.irable MMrtment o. Pane* and
computingan extenuvei_ __
Staple arlitl*.. Anion tat which ere Hi ili.b end Berman <5r.ne
hurg., Bnrlap. and rirfctenhnri;., Iii.h Linen., Lawn., liiarera
I/*»i»j»k, .laconef. Hook ami 8 win Muilmt, feliio and
figured, Crttoa ami Thread CarxSrir k*9 and Oimhrl«i H*nd
K9remuf Calico** and Ltnlliois, 8.i(lfrn>
end Orendurell., fjentlemen end LaH.er Oi turn end Silk
lloriery, Bine end Bud Nankeen., Port-die Shell, ride, neck end
tuck cn.nl«, 9-4;4-f, 4-4 end »i-4, Brown Hhi.tmg. ant Sl.eet
Itlc., Bleached Shidmgi end Sheetinga, Ib.tne tic Plaid, end
Check*, Bed rn king, tf.. Ac. All al which will he told oo
very moderate lermt, either wb-deaale m by retail.
March 50. 7 inn—it
Jarnt* Riner Land for Sale.
IIlE lncl e( laud belonging to (he heiri of John Dandridge. j
” ,'.'f ** * *,,ie *ho’"' tract n eitnated in the futility of
Jv>nce lie'irge, immediately on Jemc rieer, Adjoining Ike
11 ode or Beige end William Harmon, Evpi. and Mil K.lloe,
od ciintnnr about tia hundred aerra; It w in -mi of the beat 1
■■eientu-uihoodr in Virginia, and icinferior to none in fertility,
in -ft->( rt i« heavily timbered; hr location and -luality rendei
.. the wort daairiMe tract of land for rale at (hi. tune in Vir
r.un- PeraoQA Wuhing to pnrc.ba.e ran aacertain the term., by
Mtphrwgto tditijiid Chi ..nan, Ea^. or John Dandridge, in
hm*L 4ft17. * Ili-tf *
■ I Av K I recite d by (be latf.-.i, u aie how i.fieuiui; anndili
*"7 ‘"Pb'y •*»'• »n«J b«.iulilul Gvidllb. *w..i.s-l
them, arc a U w iHuUfuuie *
Uui{(lMui»,gr«a. giugbauuaud hate,tea
“ •pwnuiti isliclc m» liiruituir chiu‘%4
lrijlt Liut-ui, of cuprriot bleach
b*.itiB ttiiptJ ft&utlius. a h(.«uti*ji hrtUta
bilk bomiy, cotton do. and thread
l*ir£Uil loo«.n~ glanti
I*mi white kid an 1 other glovta, Lc.
• he«c, wnlti leueul prueiuua iupplie,, make their (u.ent
murt complete thau it lioe be. u at any pruviuu, time.—it cm
»i»ts ill fii( oi the t llouio^diliciki, vir :
Cloths a ad umuiaci of every nualny
Viguuic ai.l Angola < Mimrrn, fox sum to or w*«r
Pleio ami u.»*td Ustiugj, lor do
Pla*mu<l cticxvtaiu, to! do
Krrucii and lintiWi dulling, white and coloured, fordo
1 tcivltiM** tWllWU tt°d salUtn*, iui l.o% t and
Stuped <k plain jeans and fustiau ,fcr do
ruae itiitl L ’udoii pi tuts
•iuprilint catubiu gingu .wa, gome beautiful pink for
cliildieti r
3-<, 4-4 i. b-4 plant aud Ureriao stripe do
** *in^H ^ cambric*, • luabric nio,iiua, jaconet, aud
4 4 At C-4 plan , corded and rawed ,tripe mutlin
-1 lH.uk, tad lappete—plaiu and willed Swift do
Plain snd filmed liahhiutil lace
lush imeus, •ii«dinj;i. lawn? auJ diapers
Cj. an ut, CaiUil.i k a»id turuiiui *? dimtiirj
Kich XU.Untd bieefc Italian iusiuugt
do 1’” truth do »
c‘o ludm do
do 911U111 ievauWxiP*
Ulark, white, and cmM U<a da *\a,»ies
hijutc.1 d..,nd tilo d’ele—Italian ciape,, vari«U»*iolouri
Cauiou and Nankin d*. auo i «*hc%
^'■ntouaud JNnnkiii ciHpe shawls
Liun* t ambries aud cambric htiifs.
linitaiiuudo a.id «t«»
W uolm Bud Cvllcu bai*i»*»s
ii' uibaRetls and bmubstiiKH, sortie 6-i widr
Klkc1’ tcJ ,hlwl*,0< »«,uu» hiude, a, s»Uic, S*i,», fnJu,
A large auorlment gauze h-lb(>.
btfitlr utni’ij iadiet* miu » a»o%^t
Uobbinett Ucr vetia, cape,, capa at.d collura, aoinr beuutm
luiiy lieu
Thread lace, edpiu. and pearling —bobbn.rli do t collou
Uan.UiiH and n ig InKf,. —(ietuiau twilled do
Italian ^ 1'ttucli i rivaling-long aud (hurt nabliecu,
VV iliuiii^tou »l(ip4.‘i ami gratiduiils
Koivai. riu'uieii, i ua«t article
till A. Man. die, veiling.—Uuni t iheetinn St I), wlj,
Linrii and cotton apion check-. —tine do lot child.i,.
1 .. aiuU aud umbrella, -ii.eu. i buy’, .nuntet hat,
1,500 • neap palm leaf Urns
b e-thi-i, papei aud titfany on, a gieat eauelv
oaialiai.u latje scxaciie do
A Urge asjotiiutnl of plain and ftgnred riblcas, cf rvcl^
descripiiuu * »•
Silk bullu.it,,ilk cord,, and yiu.pi
litauuahon triuiunngi, (or tnoiu.iue rnlint dretir,
Cuiottd .atteeu, to, ridiiw tlreoe*
U.le, ol 3-4, 1 l,54i b-4 unblea had demotic
n. , . Uj bleached do
lilies of lirklenhurgs St ozuahuigt
/Jele, burlap,, toll, i. tie.-,mu,
bapeii u ,cwmg Mika and twwta
Ulue, black, Kin; a I ..hue.l tlneadj
t Hike’, aud Oiil’aiuooi cotton
Hi *li» u-.ii do
Ivoty, aide an.l tucking comb,
fjuapeiidcra, w -rk bo,e, t cotton cord,
buckle,, cla»p», eaf-unp, and oilier deal orna
Afew aecond muura:ns jtwehy .nnameuta.a uew &. beau
tilol a; tide
Md7i,!dc;“'<!"*« b«rt Gall,pot pomatum
lints and ready uiadr c*.at? fur sei rants
Peci I, ivory bone, *teci, gill aud .ilk button,
Heuung a & Paid w a heat needle, aud mvpr Ihimblea
Pea 11 counter > aud Uquar i b. xe.
Au.l a large variety of oluei new and u.elul aittrleannl re
memberad, wblcii, withtbr preceding, Utey ate drtei wined to
,jll ai low a, aimiUr van eau he obtained, in any aloro in ti„ ,
TH 17S T SALE. j
,U1? U ,!r"‘ 04 '»«»•. executet* by Neill McOcoll, t.
be*"V d‘,e 'in ,h* J,‘ '“y of N •»- 1
M « d V^f°rM*J ,D ,he 1 04 '*>« county tornt
. I Oon'JUand. we rh.ll Srl|, t„ .he h.ghett b.duer, ou In. 4,1,
.l.y of Auju.l next, if fa.., but if u ,Ut ‘ V, **'
tf.r'7*M»u*r‘,!*th *Xe,,’‘'d’U,'’ 'Ulh* Prro o«- cad,. 7.
* °* ‘“U'liiu thmouslyof it-»'.rhldtiJ, ralini WinCim*
L,tkin*ho1' *•*, c„n,l:
n k ' * ',d" *CM:,i •»* i<ui.irho» ttu (r»r, M
‘° I*'** *ne ’Um °f »l«i Hi" -
*.-! 1 ! •'*•> c*nu, wall lulanl thereto, from the
l.lhdayof Nov., I Sid, end the expellees attending the rxr
. utiou of tbu truil. The title i, helieved to be g but act
ing a, tio.iee,, we „,|J only , onvey ru.l, ink a. ve.w.riuu.
by eei11 deed. KOISERT UOUTHAT
Jiid, B. f)-td«_JOHN U. WILLIAMS
R "f J,lcc'Vfoi toe.up.rm, eou.tof chancery,for
« .25 •VJ*'*'1 'l‘,'r'r'' ""“f* on he 26thday ol Feb,ua
ci?M "LBr-“‘cl' v»- t'hextiuiu. and ISurloot n
Ch.alt.am l ,I,al , on Monday the 9th day ol July neat, at
Glieslei field tourthoiue, being Ohe.i.ifi. ,d court dev, . (Jei lor
, ’ “ Pu,,!lc ouct.on, to the higher! ladder, lor cash, the f.l.
lowing property in aaiodette. rel.ir.d In, to *„ ; the U.r.i
•f laud conveyed by Peter V. Edward* to Park. Poindexter,
by a deed bra, mg date the Htb day of June, Ib23,containing
an.|tKof",|,'|al|!‘l,f00|!” ,.'r*’ I, ,,’K ,ht'county o! Che,te. field,
and bounded hy the land, at (i.oige Cogb.il, Reuben Uotton,
and John Brown, .object t. the dowe, ,lfhtul M„. Su.anua
t.Jwai,l,-Alto, at the ,auie time and (,l«,e, l .ball, in like
manner, offer for rale, at public auction, t„ the highest biddet,
p t-i » P,er«an*1 property, conveyed by the .atd ptlcr
r. iatl WAftfd. hv I lMl>Vm!lle..l. rale., It.. -- . a I
P l* I i 1. - 1 : • 'vi t»nvf|co I.w (lie MM reiei
r. L<lw4rd«,hv llie several dt-tda reicned to »n pan J tletire
confuting of the following , lave a. Jcc. to nit : Stenhe , I
lllv. ArlJvr. Kak o»,i Ti.., V..J .L \a i ■
• f. * , V "tiig Mtivi#, atr, 'v wii i olepne l*
ham, papboe, Biddy, Artec, S.h, „,,l Jlu,;_Judeb, Melinda,
Oamilln, A. H.rty and Joshua; Ovley, Lavi..is,.„d Fanny
M.rta, Oaureuco, end EgSy} und anch other., (el the
and atork "f every detci^no", hou.ehold and k.lcneo turni
lure ao. plantation uCVntllj, Winch are mentioned in the afure
.aid deeds, u .hall he inrreiidered to th. n.ae.hal ou the above
named day ot nle, or to uruci. Ih-reofa. will te.uffi.-.eut (c
ralufy .aid decree. J. OU&RHANT.aa .. e. e.r.d.
jnat r, c*1 uu* ol In. Depntiev
J4" »"dMorocco Factory, within a.mal
1 M. distance ,.f the Mirket Ilou.e, in thu place, wbeie Hide,
can be got very cheap. Tue Yaid.Uaik Mill and .pan.u
building, aie all 111 good older, and the tenter ran ivc.ik in t
»t’ck alter theldluol July next, and have full iuu.rt.mn in ■
•cw in iiilhr afterward.. VVM. HEPUIEST.
may 2X 4_|f
|l» virtue of a d-erre ol Powhatan rhooreiy coun, we ih
■ * undemgoe . coininreiiouera will .e|| t« the liighe.l hidde,
upon the preMM.f, oa the t«,h Ji.t. Jr. xt, on a c.adit of O.u
ricfl. 1,11,1 • (bring tl
* “ . j belonging i
J w«. «V » HitnflVTD [(I Ifl
a.mr foimerly coveted b, lirynut’. Mili Pmd.l hi Ion.. i
the e«ale of the late Pete.- t),.ruy „ .mmidrlirly "n*.t
of, and adwihing to the C ,»l Mate, rallea A- /4vofr
end t. confidenlTp helirveJ to contain latgv^body
7. :r “ “Dilin a later body „| , ,,a
boiog within 3.h5 va-d. of thru old pita. Upon tl... Iran the,
iie large Irainril IIotttc, formerly uted a, the Mill IJtm
a a .7 a , . , ’ . -c “'cu ai u,e nnuiloi
And on the 7ll. July, being the day after ihr above .ale
“P"" 'be premier.,lb- Plantation and H u>r., call
I "-d’-cl llill, containing .boat 270 Acre., |A«n? ,1., fa,„
• f.Wmce «/the tatj decedent] upon a riedit oi 6. I2ai»l
month.. ’
And at thr -a-nr timt g„d p)BCr, will hr told to the bi h
bidder, upon a credit of S month,, ihe ir»r,*„„.ty „g|,|
all Ihr Land at pre.rnt covered by the Powhgi,,, Lotion F.
b^y Pond’.uppoird to contain 8 m IU arret, «ffloiiiin| to J .
bltild, Win. P. Smith and utliei,. *
ch.irces nn.iyvtr,
JOSEPH n dap is,
liOBEUT Harris
•l.y 2., 5—til
R ANAWAY fi<.in the Huh.crihri, who |ive;m G'hedeifi, Id
coonly,.t...«i the ».« of Jan led, a m-gr, min by (!„
n.me ef Jin, ah .nt WJyear, olJ. Hr had on, when hr went I
"?*/» * "ark y,r," w,lh " wWl* y»»» roundabout o»r, it,
r, Vir./?[" f’"'"*lo"n'' '“«* ,n ‘•l«l fur hit. Jon „th, , loW
.hio', ! ,hl'r,lm»rr iirijfht of nr.rne., holly ,id wall f.to.e!, I
rtin tolerably br.*b', when wa.ho.l . Irani foil, round fate,with
1,0 ?n,',f1h,,ch**k*««•» hn no.r, w r,r.«ne<t.
- . I L"n,i *",|u*r "f apeeeh, and In, a down lo>k,e,- I
P**-.7 *”? e >»*el»u,emit. It p,.,l,ahlr hr ir.«y hr to I
1",,hnf c,,rk w'»~. *• m- ;
Wat kin, and Mr. Hill hivr orgr-ie* hired there, and with jou.r ,
01 whom ha ha, hernr-rjr intimate. I w,|| g,ve the abort rr
Z*'t '•lk' b,n' "*•» " *«•" from my
hou.a, and .lelieer lo me, or ronfine him to »• I may
5, ,,m •*•"> >2” Him to any period who will i*kV
hio» tlti4rf that dlf'fttlc*, f»nr| deliver I,fin to i»,e.
-Jun> 8-_5- l»- FUANCIH path am.
Ajinc Chttkahommi Ettale~flr Nu/77
fr K.rkor, <»1. ...II .11_a a * *
’»* r!'t*rr* h»'S*,n •" • tract of ft!0
Of . .1) ai r a of l.r I, lying on the north aide of Obicki
hommiHwamp, in the comity of New Kent, .immediately ..
Jr^iK V'?* . *• •••he tract of L,n.| lately ,„|J »,v
i*' *t«r»h«|I ©( the Willnnithnr^ Clmirrrj (J<4ir(, tttniti i
**?r,*<*l,mnn*jphwrf Court, in the ra«e of
Setree ®,bnr,,f' "Tbo title u unquertmueMe omlrr the
1 lift »r»ct contain* * large quantify of rarity reclaimed I •»
around*, of fhr hr.t quality,oo the duamp, with much valin
le Oypreta and other timbor mi H. About one-h .if of
hal.nta of the Irarl «• flat Unit, and the other fcr'.le Inal,
’tiI* i*rV. P"M wbifh if covered with prime . .ik timo. .
The land l,e,j,.,t aho»e tide water, mthe h.vrr, and from .1
boat* hare dearemled to Windsor Shade., the Schooner U„„
in* about 7 or I mile, below.
Knr term, apply to Mi Wm. Bromley, nt theWh.t* l|,m.r,
near New Kent cowthotu'. or 41.* tuhtcriher in Frederick,
rut h »i
&LI&A (r/JJA f, |{. J. I’nbiU, Uiuslcr, to l«
a* lliitnlird Mini 4Mil m all ut at mouth ;
l*0*lh idy ot bu Largo hi tnj* engageh’ot ft tight
I *!tI> 10 JUBKril SLUtX V i u
nVrtUe * «•*•*<! of lnut. avcuttd lo Ibr iu>'irnlicr i.
ik««k R-Ciilliam, on iht 2«ih ua> of April, m the >cv
*”**• h> "» 1 foompiou am I p.>|«. y hi* wif*, fo. the ruip .je
•Jru,u,rf payment nt a •*«-l#i therein mentioned, me t*.
'""“T** Mtl ihorrtto^, (,«d »!..<!• In, loin duly . r. idi.i
ill tin* «'Uir of (tie r|» % (tie county court o» Iturkiagfc.iiu)
*^r bijjUeal I»i4d**lt loi *.»>h,-n i)«lui Jay, tb»
“ »»f July neat, a certainliact or parcel of bud, 01 »•» urn. it
l hereof a* nil; S.- mtH'ieut U ntidy and pay tin said Me Km
iiev* and (notnfoti, wbat* vn iuid ur ium« t)ia< um, i r ui.i
to* Uj, of the titbli umiliuiit>il m the said drcii, an** «•.I *-•••( ,i
U tiding the «utd «.«!e, tying md bring in flie r utility of !inb
lugkaui, on both cities nt the Buckingham t r.l. cotdaininr, by
♦♦i.m-ttiMi, Ml acre*, (ha the Mmr more . m;<tiMi aujoitMng
JA:: ,uu' 4,1 Wm L» J<>ues liluilirt Jobii-, llu- rtUlt of J*.lm
JUtlmiouck, Bamu.-I Hancli. Mini 0thvi*. It Utvif tie nuir
parcel or tract of land, on which the fan! William rkuuip.on
now rc.ideg, and commonly tailed ami known I v the name *.|
the Arvi oiot e Trie improvement* on th« ahjve mentioned
coiutal «»f a good Tavern ll»me, two atari* he us ii, aud
u* l,rcrt*4r> oui-hnwer, and it i*«> he. with piopm.i,.caul,
tuai it *4 out it' tne bet .i.r4* i,». „ ... .i,.. . ...
lot 4 Tdvrru. in ibe uppt.
c* untrjr. 4 4
! he title •- heliri ed t i J.e indbpufable —-hut I « »uh>cn~
her iwll cobvt) «U<rh holy.aiM viand hi b in by (Tie deed a
r',r'*-,,J ‘ isAJIUlii UHANcll
J^V virtue rf i.imul
~\rO TICK.
... ~ ’* ,,,,r* arcuie,* ii. the aubscilbai, on
r. i ui- -V I' oiuuC. Yalllby a. I
, "I■ lab lu< wifr, Ini the jiui|iuie «•< »e, until the |.n> intmt cl «
(I<b4|lit-i^iu inni'inn*.; due to Saum |i . itol the m.
o« Richmond, (and whirls ba* Iwau ,ui» e mdgd tu the mi ce
ol the cieik ■ I ili«- county i «uit of llu. k.n.hvuij will I a -oi
*',** huheat bidder, loi cnsb.ou tie p. ihu« ..i>S«un.l«»'
•"*'■ ""y °* IKXI, lliitr lu'i «*»* Iahu, Ivin.; iuii hfin
ia ihr town of Cuu in thr r .utU% vl Hack**tdcH
•'•Mini'unc a« •*. h»:«1 kir'wn mi • |.|in of «utd ( mu,
I** lui* No ihr* r, 'wtlyt, aiifl iliiiie*? U| oc one of i|»* i«,t«
vc iUioimm!, h i new ir^o j/eru iiduk ncarft/ jlnizk
, rt ant* u,lf **. •* *»*'l«* t-xpriici , n.Mii. «iuwer either for
, u*ru/c oil ceding home; and «Uo 4 mull »un««f whicii lit'
I «Hta mrd a« n-c.ne hou«e. Cu:J»vitle m »i\ YViHt«*« K.vei,
1 mid niuiiiid a! th* hc-.i»l of (lit* iii^i^iiiua I that stream. |\»
> fTi*ns.ruiAii of niji'tal, uijliiiic to m the fueicaiii’le
| |'U*iuej»yilitr above property unght br .»»» ‘ ^ct. Tile tnie
hrlieverl t.e be good*, but »U«*.h oiity wilt h. c ,.v.>«.!, as 1- *• -l
t.J 111 ih* •uhivriHei hytn* d«H af'imai .
, , ■t""- '•»* *0—l.l. SMI. Ill) AN't’ll
Lunatic Hospital. H'iliunhsLurii
V! onct:.. hereby Kivrn ilui all tar cell, in tin. inatituli,
*■ ' ai *■ orruoiud, auil Ii. »l iii* inui# patient will h, receive,!
until ^‘iiin of the mill cells are vacant; Ju« nuticeol which .. i
••ry..vii. 11y ortlei of the Court of lined
M.v 3*! A—n 1, ijiMiKY
ON THURSDAY the 0:t> day ..f AL'GUST NEXT, if
lau, ll.eiwi.r the neat fan day, t.iil In otiVir.i, ..u
the premises, to the highest bidder, tint valuable lmi.lv
estate, of the l.-ite E.l.i.im l Hal i isuu, ic the rouciv of p
tan, two mil,, below the Cnuitl.misv. lying cn th. H1|«ti i.f
Fine Ci vrk. > outlining, lv ..,11)16 1-4 an.,, ,h m
1‘NJof which lie very valuable (In ,.„l, arlyail ie< l.nu.it,
amI in nice otdei to* cropping;!! ,• btgh. unit equal, u m.t -ii-’
j*eiinf, to any in the nrschbotli > •<!, a 1:. g. ,,„:tioa . i which
are in wood*, heavily limbered with ..„k. k It bin, on u cmi
vemelit and .uitnble houses l,,r tile arr, iaa,i datiun ,,f a lau*i
ly, ruling cruju i,f Tobaem, and pieurving every epenraul
cr„|i, well yvalcreu; it> gnat . nnlut-iiy i fccctl-vill,. Jr.
feraun, Him the two lar ge i irt n, Jaiuri aii r-Anpcruatloa, win. I,
renili-i* ttie jiiodu"! made thei «uu, euaily eliveied, in eitbe
Richmond „■ Prterahuie— > unit Otbei I. i u ne, able a,Ivan a
gea, i enderi u a veiy deniable fm.i . ami veil « tn |nr ,i;.
lion «if ru- Ii os ait tleair< uc of vr-luig ttirn it.n.f. in real * * ,,ie.
Any per.*.n wi.hu-;; l„ view tin prepi: It. I e aliewn it I ,
•’ll • R"1 el I <>. Mac, II, t'apt. l*uoil, «,r Al . A,. ha< tf.n ke, n h,*
live luioir JiBir Iv *n the oeuhior ho,! —I'm,,; D,.„i*
• ppinveit prraoiial irruiity. and a lieu i-n sle ptopr I*, win
■utei, al limn the (latr, payable m *u.,ia lliiec . i. ur i. five
year-, b-qual aiiniiyi iiiatalmenta util be iei|uired .,f tbe poi
chaaei; l ut a deduction of .is pei ccutum, i *i annum, will l,e
ina le .11 eat h lui ptompt pay ui rut the to*. Thu Ii act will be
divided to toil puiearner*, if .1- cnr.l.
Ea’t.r ,,i Kitmund fiairiann, Jcc.
I couy.nt to the above aale, u. f.i i.. | ■ i irie-i.d.
, LloVVAK l» COX.
r,Iinel2. 10—Ida
fciJO HK ii A if It
RUNAWA\ Ii-iu. lire «ul..f r. -er, ,fl 1. .. lit wig. . n Tuesday
evening. Ilia l i.ll Mat. hi, mg. buy THOIt NTON. Hi
is a very likely mulailo, about 18 or 20'yeanold. an! al-.-ut
a teel 7 turlies high, with large pioiuineiit • yea Had on. when
he left, a blue clolll coal, with a velvet co.iai; blue , iolii trow
sera, and a dark v.i.troal. With a ied atiipe. which wa,e.-a cely
vi»ib|». Ilf, also took wiih him a pair <>f fight blue auiiiett trow
aeratyell .tv Wjulcmu, with uiei.,1 I tm..... and n white and
green airipe unc. Tiir .uluci iber think- there were IQi ee of
his fingers oil which hand he d, ea nut n roilcttl an much ern
tiacted, that he could u-t straighten in. u.. The -uhscnhci
nuii ha,e l him. on the 30th January la-*, i.nm Mi James \V.
Vtsrlei Waihmgti.il, Cluipeper ■ t-unly; it, which ne-.hboi hood
the aiul hoy had aiwayr lived, pirvi u* t.. my l-uvina liim, and
whithei Hr has, pi ' bat.iy, guua It ■> . .ij«iiur,'o mi t* has
prucu cd a pass —The above tewai J willhe paid, t • any prison,
lor llig denveiy ol the and h..y, to the sunacrthei, It, iyncli
hoig, or half «f it, to any pri*ou who wilt lodge lion iu any of
the Jail# iii the commonwealth, and g.vt oiloruijliun. so aa to
enable the suhactibet to get hnn. DAVID WAllil.K
Lynchhurg. J.iue 5.
r ytr\ n+iL.r*.
' 1MIE Poplar F nest, H»it* f,act, . .ill that pirtofthf
• estate attached to Hie .Mansi n 11 a.,, roiiumm. hy ir
rtot suivey '•«« thfttiuiid aiitl seventy lyur tries, jud three
quarters; of this laud never belon od'. ..<1 to the public, abut
nOOarte* aie steady cleared, (hr rest in wo.nl* .. mn
h-red. and tbr a .alei pari lohaern Ian 1 ol the fit.. nualh).
The cleared land with llie exception uf al nut M ai r> it all m
K"<n! heart, U capable undo judh i ur uiau .inn.ultd p.otlpri. ..
hue cuni, the . xhau-l. d j.oi tiuu might hi scud reclaimed. This
plantation distal)! nnr unlr liuin I hr tun.pike and eight fioiu
Lynchhtitg, i« well watered, hem* inlet itcted by asny lr«;,.b
e«, H>adui< within its limits am! (hrrrlur# ml ... mli. to
ovnOose, auVnding not le,» than SO acre., of btanrh and but
ton* land, well adapted to the • iiltmt oi Timothy ai.it other
Sr*y"> *ntl tv the puiposr il danding t .haeeu tuft; aimul ..nr
half of the branch land is Mill io «,.od. Ou the plantation,
betide*other improvements,there ii a laigr framed wheat ham,
with a Itin..r thrrshiug machine. The irali.o.n tmos- i. lonmy,
conn mi ni, handsome, and •inntril on an eminence rinunisiiil'
mg n»ai ly the whole id the a raid e laud of the farm. Inis rid
ing to i ensure to another date, the a: nvi ptnperly w • toned
lose, f..r cash nr crtflri, uud fieri no Ii. sdihon in a.si rtn.s,
• hit to a tobae.ro f.lamei few ratalrs -re non desmbi..
. frllAJk Id EPPLS
Unlf.id, April IT Iltl-tl
! 'PIIK nx' iruion ul tbr Midway Acsdemy,silua'r.l in 'he
I i. 'nutty of G’umhei Uml, one .niir aheve Laugh.-rue"#
; Tavern,Will Ctmuwence ou Uis ft..I day ol Jane, unu.r mt .n
i pei intrudenrr of the subscribes*.
This mslitirtinii bar l.trn estahliihe.I more Ilian two years;
1 and, from it* unrivalled success, they hope to ml til a
I eonliiiiMr.ee uf the public eoufi.ten e The situation of the
| Amileoiy is rrinaikahlr lor its lis.ilthis ft; and the society of
, the n» itliH'u bn >.l at the very best character.
r.-.n.WS :—Oieek, Latin a 21iiluHo.tr., per session of 10
| months. b ;0
1 Kngloh Ciattchei "nr,
I The Student* ran h- accommodated with hoerd to the urost
: r«pectah|efaHit|ire. KldVIi. IV. KJtN SY
1 n-reAo. o , fciiW AHI) L. §CHu009
iO Address 11 Lancnornt’s Tivtru.”
Mr. KIM.V Alt I> LBI'HUUOy, who hs.» e..rs*euted t > sti.oiv
(he place M-. VV. M. Page, is « fining f .ilrur.ii oolirsl . ale
classical kn..wlriigr,*nd rg idnat. ..f lUmmltM BtiTlis y C .l
Ivgcy UK lie President of i*hi. h pis e. the subscriberrefers
(liose wh . wish to know the . I.aiarfe „f the Aeeilrmy »< a
prepatAtoiy Sri.ool for the Freshmen and tsnnli.insnie • 1
°f-CAl.*'„ . K. VVM.N.NY
%y I will kceommodate 10 or 12 bo-vders from the a .,se A
WM 0 PH It K,
•• i _i4<
i nr/s r sale of peal estate.
**V niilar end ,'v^ nr.-a irr a ifeod of im«t hum Joi.i, r,l
io Hie hard Cok*,Bei.r.,r*re jubn t.'.
•*ne ih* |-<yn>rnt i.t . r*ilamilcM ilveretn mentioned, linn,
rtlff (hr Kill <l«v r.f K»li »}• »* ..— i.. . i ».
... r ■ ifiwirioffn tnffHR in»nuo... „ _
^'li of Keli., IS'^I, nu*l ohirh w<i< »< !tr>"i»{r<tr*
rr» afMf Admitted (O If tort!, Ml Ibf r!«jtk • ofTi- r of J
rMInfv fha. ■ W..J. J .. f I. i M
- ----IecorI,, ,,, ,,)r rux ft . OKI' r III Jam*. Citi
cr..inlv, Ih* .,tn. d.V, l ,h, |, M r- y (he e*eoud day of
Mly n^*t, in*^T, if f*»rt f ul »f n »t,Uir fi,.i fa|r flay therm (t,
^II a( fjuMic aiicdvn, on (he prtmbtB, i.» inri nf Ui,,)
ewillWn* acre#, by utr tttrvet; tr with a trill,
and (lie lenH C*T*re«J hy (hr | «ii|, «t>d (lie ri«bf
t«U» »»«J J .lmM. (4r*gory hath, In »*( iiml.*r f".ru ih. «-*t,y
I III* pfopirfi rniniirr' it*.! L. ^.,1 f M a.. .
. , --V. iw«i»in ^ri Iimi>»r tnr e rtr*
lyol. I hi. pr..p.,|, p,„r.hv»*d fcv 7„|„, M Ureeofv
of lot llliu J >liii B. Rf 'Wuf, i* 4»<n<tt*«; III thr roifnty of .1 n— '
’ - V. 7. . ,,r #w,,r« »• nt tnrroijrify of .inn -*
r,<>* '*€■" yMirkaliofnifiy Hivor and at (hr h»a.| of a i.mtuMi
■I ream making -ul of .aid Kivennnd il h believed, wiih pm
pei ullKMi'iii, ipigtali* rendered *•.• valuable. Tli*eutaeriher,
"'ll** ?* rritapp, will convey .in I. i,i|. „n|v, .. may h* vert,,I
In nun V (he .aid deed— th* lltle, however, i. rnneidered nn
eveepri-oihlP. MiltAMJ) COKE, 8r., Trn.few.
1M,E* "• lb* I«'W|| ,f Vaneev ville.f.oii
* I«1 eoiinty, bl*l* of Vhgirintend* n moving (.ifhr (v*.(
,n.« o.Tct. for ml, lire .„ri 3j/,rrr., I.,«a
on lh* »0Mk .W* nf Ih* P.mnnk<y fcrter? born, led of, ,he
\V*n by lW,,»r l,rrelr,„n „,e „r
M. Win»Um, nn>l ,wd *n 1b* K»l hy .11. Au.ler.,,,,.
The l -w giound. ar, I.fh »n.l r,rt,l*. ih, l.lrb |„„| of
r,o*lit). I hire n Irucl of «7 vere, of well d™h,r.d Uni. lym,
r.W.eni*nt, Which « l.bew.,* f„r Thf „0p„^*,„, uf,'
‘ 1w,lll« *
on the h m oeincd (rMI »rp >n **, »,m .luellin, ti .n.p tf
reo.ly bnilr, w.rh .11 n*c*.,„y on.-hon ev Mid • yen.,,, - rch
.ri of rh..>kc Iruil. ( offer the .liovr ,1;,nie,l Umf for .vl* -i
**cl.eo.e fnr y -or* n*gr-,e,,-,r |.„d |>(„. (h, s,,„ ,d r,„.
rwee, within 30 mile, of Clait.yiilp
T ... ,, ojAr,i,r3 fi/.finfCTT.
‘ W I IliBiHl l- 1
aaiTXSil PARLI.aiHEEaj’T
ehuj 1/ l.o.X'uojv r.'irt.Us
Ib-ceivtil aid.. udiir -I me N. Yi.rlt Uoiu • uU Ajvcrt«*i,
*•' * e *Imj* ilu'Nitii.
HOUSE OF < O .1 viO.NS w«a v ?
General G-.ec yue piencuted * IV ilion, signed
■ “.) liie principal Shipotv rr» of vciQpoi, a
the rliMigfN in the Wav ga'ion L>w» i!*•
'"i1* it.bn pr ending to bring forward the Motion
r’. liifii in; tiaj given no ice on tit «. biiIiJm* but
i i' was mterr pled by •!)- r.mlowo,. in the House,
winch w*n rxfeMivei rr wde.l
Mr. G. D-waou liien i»g«* and -ia •• I luf he
n/d been some time waiting m >t« the Fust lm
isier nl (be Cr»«n,iii order to pul a question of
eome imporaner io him. He thought that, by
tii.n hour, the Right Honourable Gentleman might
tavor (lie iiouee with hie p ese rt.
Ml. Ilu*k union Mi s ktd, thill il the R-ghi Ho
iiOiabte tieiith.ij.ai, had ,j.( rued the Cuancclloi
H the Exchequer f bin mtenuoii. he would no
*■ 1 '»• have been p,esent — cheer*_
Mr. G Daw non etated, ImI before the ballot,
he had rtiven notice to the Right Hun. Gentle
man ••iijmsite, Mr. I lueliuaon.
Mr. HushtscOn admired the fact, but denied
that he theiefnre fell bound to »c»d for In, Uiuht
I Hon. Fi lend.
tjMirfdJ «i*seoj i»e ajjiim »o-c, and many Mem
I btr» requued hia* to pr- cced with bin Moiiun,
; but die G tiltinl General said that he would defer
i II lor live minute* He had sciicely resumed his
'seat when Ml. Cumin- vmuied -it* House, itiid
j took his place.
! 'Jr‘ ’r,,ol,: J "'.sh to a-cemin from the
; “Wn Hc;u Gentleman, the tin Minister cl the
I Ci"wn, whether any a. raugements have hern made,
j or are in comeraplattoo, lor filling up the vacau
i offi-es <d Ala tei o the lint. Judge Advocate
, tarns.al, a:.d Sm vcyci-Gvner 1/
Mr. I among (in a veiy etruh'ic one:)
^e*' L Loud aad teiterated cheating flow all
.M |
Uaw-on w2>» i « lot* t„ understand the
meaning f these cheers, fa. laugh J hut in order
to tiling "idler- to » cri-tn he would move for co
pies of -hr-e appoinmuo s. Th ugh the ollivr
faad been been aol nff vava. t, nobody yet kue.v
by whom ihry Vveie to i e filled, unless the repon
was correct that they were designed for notne of
the uew friends of the Iflgm lion Gentleman. -
l bs would, indeed, be the las; act of the politi
c..l fare- which had been playing foi he last 'hree
werU-. Jr.«i. wa* Oil* cor Oil. mciJrnt of. this
fair- io wbtc hr most i vert vi s me stalr . em
•d tin- Ktg't Hon. Gent email, tl,,t lie had re
ceived nix I theta-e icsignatioaM in bis M*je« y’s j
rloaet. Now hr f ill lMv-ouj bed heard b>u |
ol tlio-r lair Mlnis'cr* dcci.ce, in another piacc
tha thry h-d ae.ii m lieu robust Ions a* e.uly a- 1
eigh o’clock in the m ruing, ml! iwo 0f ii„,!n' ,jlr !
l ight betorr. Ii 'hey were all sent -ogether b the I
I* .<•*■ linn. H.iiUsinan to hi* tv.ycre.gn, tiir!
I'bject was clearly to msV- an impression ” on the
ifoyal mind, that these partite had lo.med n fac- j
lion or cabal; and it w.t» an extraordinary coinci
dence, tha' the same impression was made on the
public blind through the daily Press. l he Mem
ber for Win* bel ts (..Mr. iirougham) haJ stated
two nights before, in a bold and manly lone, diat
he had long acqute-i rd in the view- of the Kiglil
liououruole Grntietnan mat they had in fart,*no
subjec t ot diJjrrcnce—and that hey agreed up u
all points ot foreign policy and Internal
tion. He (Mr. Dawson) had no means of getting
at seciel opinion*, and could merely judge from !
the recorded debate* and proceedings of this
House. From these sources only could he learn
the sentiments ol the Honourable Gentlemen who
weie la tel i s'yled the Oppo-idon, and who had
so suddenly become the adherents of the King’s
Ministers. {> beers.) He had taken the double
togo >ver the proceeding* ol the H-use, and ne
found that d iimg the las' lUe ye-rs. via. since the
fit Hon. Geu lenian had been die leader *.| diet
House, there in I been ‘J l or if3 divisions upon
the ni> a-urrs of G vertumni. In the lists of Up
position, lit' found the name of the \le *ber lor
Winched— tidy iraes; that of the Meu.her for
Knareaborough ^Mr. 1'ieiney )—whom report de
signated as the future Master of the Mint,— forty
nine times; that ol the member for Wsreh.mi, Mr.
Ualcrait, also p-unte. out lor olBoe forty se
ven times, tha ol an lion, aud Kenned Kni-ht
Sir ie* Vlaruiutovh,—spoken of u« the IuIliic
Judge Aurora e-lJrnt-.,.) -thirty times—hear,
hear'.— Wan tin* evidence ol die ucrordici e of
tiie«e nova combined pat.e*?— Cheer*. —Excepting
on the Catholic Que* ion there bad been nothing
IjU- an approxiois ion 01 opinion »r •! iha was <o
he especially r.suived cheers. — The Honourable
Gentleman then went through the list of topics on
w ich tiirai* deb. te* had taken piaca. They were
o: q ie»iio - oi liitle moment and temporary lire*
‘®*l» ' ut o; grea magnitude and lasting nnpor
tanee The ohiy bond id muon was tfce f.inolir
Quest ion, and ii that was pas-rd over, ibe It’.
Hon Gentleman must either betray the King or
! the Cat nolle". • » the o'her p»ny, M . Daw
son ob-e veil, in conclusion, the Hon. Gentlemen
who have no.* joined the Government if they Jo<*
sigh; ot toe Cath hr Ques ion— if they <b*iid>n it
i for a single moment— cnecr*, and some laughter,—
they will lose e er, ciairu C".ei* e .<*y, 1 they
. abandon u, dity will do s fur ream * whicfi die
! public will Appro, wte, »i a tnOnrent when three
| ▼ • lunine place «re reported to be about to ‘be gi
ven »wty tothose who hy hen eubserviency may
show hemeelvee tne moat meritorious clmnntn a
-hear, hear! and laughter.—They will abandon
it when, recording to report, odrer ofti. e* are lo be
j re-erved lor diem, 10 retrain liieir ready but ducor*
j dent coalition— hear, hear!—
The rn lion having been ie..J ircm the f'hair,
; — Mr H.-ouglmui said, i rn-o to wceinl die motion
| of die Hon. (Jeutleiiiau.—Cheer* and lidighiei.—
The House will believe that, in so doing, while
i 1 ha e yielded to the lion We tieuiMi my place
! on the o'her side, ami have been guilty, os he con*
I lend* of an accenion lit ihe fo . e- or, line siue,
I 1 hue arced") also <u a ur-de di-n otJmury abate
I t'f Ministerial candor. My eurre-eo,*, I. horn 1
-ee with pteastwe on t! « oppoalie benra.es, h.ve!
proved thimi«*tv*e, in turn the mo a; apt learners, i
I will not any ot all the tricks and woes o' lai*«
lioo, hut at least ot all die ni ex<r»0'diu«ry re.
sources offaction, 1 bare rvr ret -eeo trained, in
that moot re.petia.le school — Cheer* — N ver, in
the eii'i of mf experience ol Opposition, cihei
as an amateur or ns a:« writ*!, a. * bee « smler or as
a pneti lionet In in- own person, hive 1 witnessed
any thing approaching ;he ties erily til the ev In
j tion ol to dar, Widi nieict'd.'*s ait II, run iihJ'S i
in the middle, (nil m tne exordium ol a HpetcUi,
j on a subject ol wbrch etnerul ivn.',*’ no'iu* had
been given t>y ihe <»a!|a . Mendwr for .Liverpool
1 the lion Wenoeinan ha contrived to mterja.t a
I too inn, -.ot for e sake of annoying his rl.jesty
I Ministers, hut for the pdrpoeeof neatlng an inter
j cal.fy de'xte. Judging, 'ben, ml its alter perior>
rn-nes" from the re, liming of dm new Opyo*>fi >n~.
be lie rarser I og a» I m.» wish it. or error «* ibey '
«n»y desireit;u nquiif ctfinn,tbti » m rre violent,
a more unlieeilaling, a more unj.r.pi oil*, par >
never tva* goitn. l.igMlnf, than tnei which broke
ground for th- firs lime the nigh betide lav.—
— Loud cheering.—1 admire ihe fruki.e** au.l
i manliness cf the HQti. C** n'leBauQ (be*; f,vm
(i ti (niKcoy e) &s niurli »* 'bo G-llan' General,
or the 11 On. M iho whoa* i * Inin wl h an c
rwr‘* t ( to. Hr tftdiik procet'iiy: i» infinite)'
'•« If Cm. an a «.i»t '.U-. halt-av .*ed, a..d l-aif
c nre . d re*»-i*ncr} because ll at once dm lores
(he loot whicji i« cant 10 curry he lion. Geo
,< i4ioiii bark to office, audio kick the ' 'tit holies
tar tro:n fcjm <*jj,n ion—, ir-.ea *,l ch-eting and
l.ilie|||^ .— fT 'i»v prfi|j, his a(j aI)j (union
to the a hnlir*. J, i they me stricken wi'b nothing
tl'ar, mnlne—if they do ot urn 'lia , to f I
I w hie rounarli tv old be lie lOinl rum of their
cadre Let hero trout i0 the elfcrt* ot ti'scu*
lieu if time, 1 belter lignin b{t kina in liom v
li u» quartets, of ihe’r o- ii fo beuranc*-— hem ! —
Ot tlieir own aba ineii<ae from olft sive tnpirg
— hi-a am) of <Leir reject ion ot ihe infltiencv
o' suspicion* advi-ere. Lei them coo ili.te th #.•
wlio art- hostile from konesi prejudice*, by respect
tt'.g scruple*, of the existence of tvhieir we have
all but •uiliemie information from the Hon. Gen
ilemio on ih» Bench opposite. Let them hope
all from f.-.-’ enrvice, moderation, and a c -nctlta.
•orv demeanor} let them e»chew the hasty coun
cil* of intemperate flieu.l*; bin. above all, lei them
eschew the wilv .-outictls of open and avowed en
t t'iiti, who, for party purpose-,—reiterated cheer*.
—thro ■ over the naked deformity of the moo vi
ritlenf feeling by lar the thinnest disguise 1 ever yet
beheld, [hear, hear!j Formerly die sgiutio. «.f
'hiti quesdon was depict alrd as a pro* ter evil even
'hair conceaaion i'selt. Hu liie cry of tlie lion.
Genilcunn now i* • For God’s -ak<\ brine for
ward dial vital quc-tlOii; do no delay it fo. a v.-v-U!
—a tntle week i- loo long or me to co - i ue on
in* *: at <>i thor », and I have no chance ol rebel
but ficm that perilous discussion; a litd. week is
!<■ > | tig fo me <o be exclude 1 fr m the sunshine
of I»o at Isvor; 1 have noting now to do— no
employment but readme the iag-ea is ol by-gone
defin e*; and matesJ ot calculating Ihe budget (or
! the current year—instead of summing up the va*
noil* iifi"! of expenditure, anil ihe still more en
desrl'jj i'em* •( rete pt—h ire I sit, like a n,i*r(\y
*» l disappointed biriT of pr y upon * barren oek,
surrounded by hone n ho art m -a bid plight a*
mysolf.—her. ! and laughter—Jo th» leil-nsne**
, f.l mac ion, 1 havebt-n reilu.'fl.l ev**n IO the ncct**
I -i'v of counting how man; tunes the fiitme Man er
1 of the .Mint ha* voted against the first LiOid of
the Treasury, and how many -imra tin* alino-t
ni-de Juilgi; Advocate has joined <1;visions in op
j o-iiii.it;) he mens ires ol the new lahinet JDr
ven from hi foimer post <u my pieaent pill.r, 1
can only indulge in a tuelrnri ><iy retrospect ol
n.v funner happiness, and e deavnr to so.* discoid
among those who ci'hei aie e joying he s > eet» of
proinoti ’i), r have promo ion o give. No won*
d-r then, i am impatient lor n he*h debate up n
±in-i ci| ..t!0 •—no wen.lei 1 cannot a.low it to
real for ;• single month. A in on Hi? No for a
w-ihj Ion are men abandoned o »1! *e se of
h • o :r in puh ic lile, 'he very m nu * of locun
*i- snc», if you do oo'iu-Uutly r »vulse Knghir.d,
d t a !ie'a <!, nod fill the whoi einp re with t-r or
St ili-iiniv bv bringing forward that question, dreadful
in itself, but worst of all in its agitation. If you
have not ubamloi'J your principles, .nd sacrificed
the v.'atliOili'H to the s udid love ol yliire, you can
not refuse, instantly, to renew the discussion of
tlis only topic winch can Rive us a chance i
Once more enjoying 'he emoluments of office!” —
After some ol sei ration* i- defence of the daily
pres.*, whicii the 1 lonornble and Ltirne1 Gentle
limn remarked, «a», it fell, uuiurli, d nut rnoie,
ierfueneed by public opinion than it had power to
lead and guide it, lie proceeded i justify lus irteruj*
and hini-eil for tiie support they are giving )0 the
adfnir.istraiinn, which, hs at pmeent constituted,
was, in In* opinion, well calculated ic restore con
fidence in our relations, foreign and domestic, and
particularly to cm:t-iliaie and iianquiiize Ireland—
he --Hailed to 'he state of the opposition. Vfc
have now, said he, however, got a good fact I us
opposition, and I congratulate the country hat the
ground has been so ably taken a loud l»U"h_anil
ttial the opposition is now to be conducted in the
true spirit o! the most factious and unabated aspe
rity i ami then to make it the more ecu veil tent p is
very email hear, hear, and a laugh —A i irgp op
pOM'ion i* too cumbrous; lor, r.hen the people be
gin * count dt> istons b* hundreds on rath side,
ihen there is to much cu derating and such coin
! promising that llit CrUne ot opposition is commie
| ratily weakened; and you ne>er see such an opp
I sjii n spired * nil *o much exasperation as to in ike
! It sufri.-is.it! factious to introduces eutu-jlv -re
! gulsr d b te in the ver> middle of a discussion re
gularlv ord-re.i hr the night. I his ,, reserved I. t
1 a *m ;l oppose pm; and ill- country is „o d ubt to
be r ng aitilnted, the) now an Opposition is y tic
1 rood ictfd on lie Irue principle* ol faction, and bt
j spiced In s t h » nnniter ns tn re ’der It exquisitely
| pal*'able—a laugh —l'ii» Honorable aud learned
Gentleman, in con tins n, referred to he liberal
i and manly principles on which the fir*i lord t ],e
!• -.*-«*ry b.i» *c ed since he re urne I t,o <>lT5ca u.
Ih!i2. On that grounr! the li ght Hon. Gen leruan
had hie approbation; end a* long as he c ntiiiii-il
to act upon them, he bed n right to dema d ids
(Mr Kiough-m'*) most rondel, ir.rlou* sod disin
terested support. (Loud nd ronti ucd i berring )
The Chat cellor ot the Axcnequer f Mr (,’anning )
i rose only ro cJatrn the priority 0f dlscUssim lr.| j’ie
j proposition which was regularly before the Mw.,
The manner in wbt«h he Hon Gen !envui (.M .
Daw-on) h.J introduced lus -prech, vvns irre-ufar
ami irtif rope . T was fortunsie, hrm ever ,•!)»?-hi
method. »f proceeding had a tends icy io work os
o mi curt, by he disgust which I ncce-aarlly ere
» ed among a I imps ml people (cheers ) He sd
Oit'teJ he had made s ••ligb' in make ,•* to the map
ner in which the rcsjgnsiioa* had skert place, and
fi'd, Lii.. -vu* U out, .n.u.eil al».- v n
k'Owledged it A* • the nroiiiiriion f hh ua'ent
for a Judge Advocate, he did.no sfce h.;
were on iha table, the Honorable GenlIrmiu rouid
drs.v any c inclusion Itoni it, except upon the
Cambridge principle, by . hich he numbers of the
masts mii I g.,i,s of e v-s el baiug g ven, (he name
of hi ..aster C •mid h« font I. (A Isngii |
Mr. Peel admitted ihsi it w on Id have been mot*
regular to h*ve ps- r;.l tolhe uue-lio iixed tor rti.
fusion llul ev*:ili,)< »» i„, «... verj faI f 0lll
f>ei g « ■ 11- iir(I w th the explanation given I y tic
llonnraiili mid latmi.i I Gcmleinan, of 'he priori
»>*es on ivl.ich die eoali i m .wax founded, lie c iij.t
give no I'onii (cur* to tne present vVdmim#raiion
i’lie Uijjlii Mono .<l»Je (jeulleinan « ontinui <J; Who',
i r example, is to lie dune tvnh (tia quwii n (,f
i'arliatneu »ry re'orin? |Cheea ) 1 n- »o 'e!
ljiMtijIl,i lor>va <1 in e .y .penlic no, and aupporfe
eil by (he new fii.nd. ol he (ioveru.itn ; or im u
lo be postponed ornil all ifo.e .hades of opinion
can e ble..d«d , o| " hlih I have hi* < . cling hoard
lor ihu first lime/ ( tie.#..) I,mi question « er
lamljr tv.- «vi h >lioaa Honorable Gentleman a turn
(non bond f aonnecilo; I no not ay uninnj
every ni-.ii in M* support, |>m undo lineally inrl.nl
in« so many of ihsin, th»i Iron, n . aresi p.ulni
me >i ivj i’.rt\ look 'hnr eoliri mil .lni*. | iheir
n»me I eli'.u.d have .|. ’tj>lil tfr.l no (joverr.rueht
that hoped fn the supper of l'mlloneii', wooM
I. »l e co'ii.ieoam ed so rcenitd ail. ange »n the
conailtdti n r>i tht- House <a Ida |« if le which Jt
allude c«lla for ^louti clue a ) If iliear opinion
ha not eo n cnanccd by Ihe nets Gfo» errmta .1, on
wha |irio iplc, Hit) , f »efc ef.in, rs i .* q e.non ol
r«rliameivary Unarm lo t“ di.ru «ed( Is it to
.!:» it’hll tils ftf. tbclu 4t?UtUlion fa? MJI.eeia tlft’Di
!l\* ,,U] > 1 — »hi- *eproacb
fu|l' for * k °'v f ooiirui.t •:« «eit in the atraneiw
with e«p*-ct to tha (juMilon but I a«k
in .. be -uir^cd to r-n.-v,,« in? (j,oud
j Iron. the Oi position lie cite..) Tbete mlnMlong
Jmiwt p-oduce tli- elements of discord in the „evv
Admim-lr-n ii .tile*-. indeed J a,„ to
jtiomwiH t»»r- Honorable at..| IWoed Gentleman
lias *• <J, 'bat Parliatnen ai > Beforni in u'no to l><»
ma.le an open <ju«»lion it it be true that tli. chi«r.
tia. , it I. said, ttre eoie ..I.Jec of l|,e coalition I* ly
in-ii,.am the j;.,iue.it the Crown, why, hen
1 - a it ih.i be the ground, is . no. declared eo at
? 'r;* l*?” "•-> <» avo .hat to
lie ther«| reason? |Cheer.] Why do they not
«av tba. -hey will forget ibc faihol.c Que.tiou md
* arl lament .ry Ilelorn. -that ih- fi„j lh#
tleeoi the < Vow., in da..g«r ».„J the b*ie rueUd
onv ,rd to defend it ? (V The.,, ] Why dfl ,, ^
low the SiM place the S a e to continue nfiJI
ed. like.empty box-, »v.,iti- « !or tilc fc y,. .
l)T ' ^’b‘ •'* ) Wi,r, I a,L
agali., do i.iey not nine do • to n is House
n-ll u» frankly wua. arc-he t nuripfea o< which
ihe. have entered into this « o:.liiioo?_Continued
cheering. — 1 hen conduct, sit, I repeat, i. not e&U
c-lac oi v It is not lining .0 the tair dialing and
inaniiue-a lit which thmeoumry delight* —Cdmer*
- It doe« not accord with the priuguple. • f }„. t on
butuuo” tor one party to unite with aiothe, ,;a
condition that -here should be a period of proba
tion, in oidcr -hat they „ a de eiuiina u heihci thcht
principles of action will agree or not._Cheerr_
iyr!’°u!,\l be ‘“,ty '"e i,e 1 b*,ac*'r el the great
>V“» 1 af,y '°'var«J »"<« di-graced; but it wUlnot
i fulu.e eland yen h.gh with he public unlese a
clear andean, fact o,j ixpUt.atu,., bcg:Vtn why theia
Htbuission o power .‘u.s been dfta>id. Cheats.**.
tls It ill., ther, arc «... the no tec buok some incou
| v incut c.tries widt h the U-mbttrs oi thflt partV
j know ot hi,xv ' ell to evade dir erase? (<-'heer» \
lut for example, will hey d.i with the notice
;<d the Membei for Ba.,Jen, ( Lord J Hif -cll )f,
the repeal ot <h« T, ,t .„d Corporation Acte c
ilit> IB a:ioth<r inif ,r ant ipiesion, wh.ch I su/
,pcc will dt Idav ih- nrstei:r»} .1,tfereuce which
'in np'Dioh < CI 'hose Iltgh, H,*.
yenA,r.?e,‘ lvho,J‘ 1 h“l '•'•b 'he honour to have
| mi Colleagues j .d ifaeir nc.v allies. If *f«er
| Noble i. ml iu- cot. uittd witlr the leader-, of Uto
j 1 roles am Uie--i* he I'lnui, be p.eparcd to
rtKive lor * y I untie; i.. then favour,
'ijy * liee 10 Oppose him. Rad
,ut - will il\/a> - . ... o •< briber i,i or out c-f pmv
jee he* eh j a: dm; desire of office. Vv‘,’.ia
I hive .1. j; tril ,i, t (e„ a p*.,,onf(| ..aerifies
me< 1 c“a “y '• "•» «*»■« I tare not whether 1
return ;.r m... 1 fr.-l giairul fot the cmHide.:c,
of :a.D, Ih-ut God, .iulcpo„d*nt
ot it. “'f W•ufiplea a,e rhanKe»W«5 with uiv
porutm.r 1 »V«:1 there to them •• through good
report and through evil report.” (( bears.) Jt
'* wih »he-e wm ine.ite, that I u w s,r that
the | nut- .. 1 leve referred- rar'n*
m.t.t.ry R f,r mm)*.,,- motion, e„tcllj OQ
the Notice Uct.L, fo. he Repeal of the Teat nnd
Corpoia un A cm 2<id,atiii more, ii.*e ^
Qt.-Mio:' have no, be... expired r-:.,ul«r:oil#
t J»e iCi;;lr* il 'a. t&entiiwan then referred to
iocon-t-renry of it,- Whr- adherents to the new
AdlTl'nietration, in rpiiseuiing ,» tj,e nrranse»
mu.te for rontinurrj;/ e divided state <.f ihe Irish
Cover..mem , an.! , odu ng di.union between
i.re Law CHhcers of the Crown i„ th,a roor.tr
who we e ar il.t- lime both candidate* lor t> - re-^
pre-eiiHt.on c-f Ibe same University, eproMtu
each other on the ground of their differencera;, i i
ihe C« holt • Q te-tii.n. He concluded in the**
words there lacl-t l efore j My> t, i
the union o the Wn gs with ,llL. now Adtninsu*.! ,
If... n. extraordinary con ci l~r.ee [loud cheers | \ *'
inis is not an ..eras on ... witch I c* . l.c expect*
e ' to * ve e*h|’"H*i°.' n.ore idly lo lny ,8 .
but toy votes or. many (filer toms thr.r will come
; bei r.i me inuet lepenj on the degree of confi.
der.ee 1 posse-a in the Administration \ hear, hear.)
I feel eu'i'Jrd t call upon them ro Slate what a.c
he condition* an winch it has been formed par
tirularly ivi h regard to Pa, 1,am-ntmy Reform
*n.l the Established Church. I -et; hat the .'e-r
be. tor Mo,trose (M, Uu- e) ye-te.tU, ro*.‘,or,
ed his inoiioii reaper'iug the Church of Ireland
av .wing a- ilia rtas.r.t (,„ so doing that ha hail
ht 1 confidence in '.tie it. eniions of th* .,crt, Mioi#
tr , tliou-hl oeii. ve, f,„ul ,}!e bo,.on. of n,v t.eart
ibat he will tinil hn is mistaken in hi* erpictution
01 •••VP*rt from no Right Jj^cnd (M,. Can*
nmg.) wh >, I be..eve, will n.antully defend the
Ch r h agan.si all hi* attacks But when 1 he.ur
lire lior. * ember iron. MontrO-e publicly ar^i*
such - reason for po- ponii.g ,Jfa- moiton, 1 ln,./t
pause, before I give any V otes of ri.eie corjh.fer.ee
lo the pres-m Admiustration, till I know
are the pjinei, 1«-which it . founded, a, *
f rhamenta y Reform snd ihe other pioat o.U*b
lions of equal importance; whe her they are to
be open, lik" -he Catholic ^..e-tion.iofreedin'-.
cusaion, bv every Member of Admutfaira jja. or
whether lltoae who «« r.-,l»cd by -h- bot.oritbU
t*ai.it* or \>h.g6 »ro p..p,„ed r*o oppose Urdu
Wren hey may h* broughi forw rd.
Wir F. Rutdetl then rose, but give way to •
Mr Ur ugliam, *.,,0 had eKprained r*. pfc^s’cdjrt
h - *(.e••.* woich b J been misapprehended.
So F Uu.deli b*K»n by remarking, that tht*
ilign tlo . tj«n,tlcr.,*n, 1. the absat.rc 0| all „r.
guimnl. o-d h ugh lit to bring forward a vail
uy <*f tna.i.uMiofle and perstfm.1 aliueio,;., a.ul
' ... <>l IncortHiMenc.. «,.d w.u.t at
piiuciple, neither tube n. taiained by realm., Qr
jusrire nor in any .g.cs win nit | Or called &>/
fy rh* occasion [ne.r, hear .] Aotwl hsiamlme
*"* •* P*’cn ly I*" profeanm a, « evidtmi t|, t
hs w . ir.uv.it ed wrb the same spirit a \
h ire >:,on- t* o: ^io & nmen*. or be would ... t
•O wvrn and -UrWsn.y lQlgo Un rhe n|(,n]/
co....« Which tie had hitherto pursued. Rut whor,
he fonyrted .ni art aitack on the cor duct r.f
Others what was In the fi.at int^hre only a j*.mj -
f' »i 'on ol Lnnsrlf, he mu i bo made to feei ho v
ih..; a, auk recoils upon i * author [cheers! Zr,
repb (*auf the Honourable Baronet) 1 will lei) •
'•tin. ih.t every word ha uUered in bis own de*
• er.ee waa r ornple e just iltostim, t\ all .l.jar,
n«u c *■ rt I II ms ‘mi Ilf- |,|«M*||| ,llL. s9\u„ J
*,,h*r 1 mI r,n lu vvilIii.ru,v IrOia
ihe AJifiiiiiMraimn, <r w« h-d an.j-le is
p-Teour ■upjrfir I. ii [mw, ,, l„| iiewr'I Tha
Rinli lion ural.le ('irt.ij UIIU In, a i.a-rj n gr»-t
<laat raapaetiW VI h an i i'oric* I «m n nl'r
on- ntn Hi« Cr'Tier. f„ i»rt, .J>tJ tfo.a
no nteaHiiiR. I liey we no longer i0
the rimim la ce- I the roumry Though :l>er
raiphi bp -oma Im. convenient to indickio uv»
rJialinr.iOn r ■ / i>|.po«iie part e«, It wool.I b4 WBil it
/or 'r0«a** m cle«r(tea* am! 0», ,hn of
iheni «»»* tlircoMinusil 1 hi Hon ttefJ j
bW PVf, «Jo.-P 1,0- ,Pri„„ l,ln„t.|fl| %V, , , -
o 'he higher horn-r ol "
Fo ID) ,,8, I inysail „i„ M, t. V
nn“9 ,o aw p> ni< § *
f •01 ,h" ' o-«nu' tm, ,i hup,,. ,n al, J"
...MH, «o afeo »l,r., rhe rM,fe*»K„.« , £l0>
o b s,rc«n»,a cs8 I „ 1U,,V |lfe, 5XoTlB
Iwfeh 'I } ,h ,U U } ,,,<v - lira
Cr. vy„ ln M, Jue cv:ri„ 0| j
a«».nM any t.. „* to *
certaJ <»e-i*„. think to p a |- ,
Pi),"pw| M again Q r-.,,,, >J( , ,«.IV;r.f tlo ul
c.ir«r»,> it* ^arujfailve of l£a Cro\A fraitfoy/,

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