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Richmond enquirer. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1815-1867, September 18, 1827, Image 1

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„ B ''V'V C ❖
— ,l,‘ »•■»■■" ■■ ■■» ,—— — ■ .- , „ , _i ^ ^ pi
BY RiTC UIE ,V EOOCU. " " ,\} ~~~ --' ---—v ■ .. --■-- ---.--■■ .
•;• , ,„.... ' ■■ MUli.OM'. VIRGINIA, fUESDAY, SEPTEMBER Is, |S«, - VOL. XXIV. NO
* Uutt tim's a week Uuiuig the testi'W of the tinn L'gtsl*
iur«.—Prtc«, llvy lint 4< berctutorc, l*i?fi Dollars pci annimi,
"yable iu advance. Notes oi charter* i, apecic-payiug i auks'
( *ul v) will be received in payment. The hdttora will ruaran
l*a tbe safely of remitting them by mail; the postage of all let.
t*i* being paid, by tbe witters.
CT N>» })4jiti w'li Seduc uttuiied (but at (be iuciUiou oi
tUa iaI.Iom,) miul ail art ranges l ave been paid up.
'Vtioever will gonauie* tuu payment *4 mui paper#
Jtitll have tbe tenth uKATlH.
reuAis or ADVKimaiNu.
^ Ona stpia %•, Olt L&SS—first ia»eitiou 75 cants—t»c L
continuance, oO cents. •
*0* No *Jv*«iiuriuen inserted, until it has either been paid
jijyrv Er n*ojv, uauth > co.
£ I in Store a.i.l are receiving per the schooner# Reap*
it I. tu-l ,>| sailoli* Irntu Uoitoit, auu Sea 11 »rjc, Kflfort \ Me
<■1 inic (ruin New* York, the f»fto»viug articles, w uii h tli«*y oiler
\ *ul ••*!* apuu their usual term* t
(' lf^ StUiux, IVl ucovado and N. Oilcans feu^ais
Sp 3o bil l#, uioitid loil no
J>U bags green collet*, pail very superior
13 do Java do
lihda Kuglish IsUud MwUnri
H do and / ,
i »ba,.«l« iUh*ko
•3v> do old high proof do
~l puncheons Antigua turn
1 do «*ld Jaui&u.* si.»
t> pips.# Tine old Cognac iiisnoy
-il lib!# apple uo
1 Pipe old Holland Gin
bic.ly \
Ton ( w.
Malsgaand f
ltousilloo J
*.S bones gunpowder !**«
J'andle#, J«cks #n*« and Woodiouf’s brand#
SiK) krgr Heady’* guupowuer
10 ton shot,ajsnit**d
* i do iron, *»#orted
V do plough moulds
-German, Kugluh and American ;S«eel
*t*ut and wrought Nail*
Bar lead
indigo, madder, alum, copperas
*nr*ri |»i®«nt«. ginger, nutmegs
Oep, letter, and wrapping paper
Bed c.rds, plough lines, twine
Iteinijohiis, Slonew«ie
k C^Uo.i Yartu and > from the Uisi«»n M imfnrluting
, luj.gl. i'laiia J Co. ot Maryland.
/ Af i n *4.__/ S3—if
nALL NElL-SllN lisa received l.y the Planter, Exit auil
ntftavr laic arrival*, a freslia«*ortmeiit of iti? oiotl lathum.
*ble and dtiiiabl? GOODS of itu latest importation, which hr
»• riiablc'l lo oflVr *1 vi*iy four p.icr*, vir:
CIiiImii dresses, Gm^liatn*, Grass Mn*lins, Londno x.nni* d
< ambrici, Ill ick linluti Lu-lnm;, Mandaim Crapes, twin’d
♦aud plain Gro* dc Naples asiuited, Pongee, 6 4 Frrurh Bo in
l<*<ese,btirk andtNiaed I.uslring and Circassiaua, brnwn and
wuilr French Dulling, Nankeen?, Vesting*, LouJ. it sureitfm
<^loth* aud Camuieit‘9, lush Linens, Lawn* aud Diaper*, \Jl
?«*./** *B<I ’f»cklenbaigs, Cotton <;«mbrtck*, i.i.m and figur’d
.Moil, Swiss, Book and lwdit Ai'ul.m, nen Lace Collars,
I clirencs and Ifitkf*., bleached aud unbleacbeil Domestic
toft" tings and Sheeting*.
Wilh a variety of other desirable good*, which renders the
July 13. i^_\vtf
^VN the 24th day of Seplembct next, being Bedfuid c u t
X M 1 will >e||, oil a ciedil jf one, nvo, thtee, fou: 4i five
♦ nrx, the Bell Tavern, which u now occupied l.y me. I’hu
i.mlu *o well kuowu.ltula de.ciiptiuu of till pioperty is deem
unnecessary. 1 will also, ante same lime au.l lot. r, ,ell,
Oil a credit of one, twd and ilueeyrars, a Trxct of Land Bine
ai'out one mile north of L beity, cunUimog C30 acre* d l.o,
l*nii ** bounded on one tide b> Little O.lei, lies iem.ik.ibl>
well, and is ,,f a very fcitile quality- Alo another tiact Jt
tJOd ly ing shout 17 ntilei South of Libeily, on which I former.
ly livid. The improvement on this lanu aie good, and w-ll
adapted lor a store and residence of a lamily. I will also sell
«t the same time and place, lots adi lining th* town of Lib
♦My, and also belween 15 and 20 hkiiy negroes; u:> stock of
♦ wry description—in winch thee are 1C valuahle«hurses, anil
H.i my household ami kitchen luinduie and plant,turn ulensiK
l ne purchaser ol the Tavern, ran obtain with it a later suii
i ly of gram, and all other supplies uecessary fur the use »(the
■ere'lft* frOU* l“e tuhscribei, at a fair price ami on a llbeial
1 lie SuliscriLer being absoluti ly Hi trrmini-l t> move we,|.
avai dly, (be tale of the above propel ly will reiiamly take i.larc.
t is seloum that such propeity is brought solo luaiket on si.cii
*«••• „ WM. TERRY.
Auousl >«• a7 -t2lltl.S
If illiant and Metry College
?^HE Visitors at W illiaisi Ar Maty College are request e*l to
w*. assemble m tlsen Convoi sti*. n Itnnit, on the thin day of
tile present month, lot to. purpose of adopting .ucli mix oils
a- may be . ailed I r by the laaienled death of lhe late i*iesi
tleiii W timer. I iie lu.Juirineiit to puurtii.il attendance will
. b. apparent to all. JOHN TYLER rtrrtac.
RA.YJJ ton RE:\T.
J'Yviitiieof an ordri ol the Stipei ior Culirt of Chxnr.erv,
* * fill the Kichim n I Dull o I, made on the k.h day of F< n.,
I Bed, in the case of I ■ ■o’Jric'ge vs. Olivet, 1 shall, on the Ylhh
day ol S' pi., lbY7, Otter for irnl, at public auction, to (lie
highest bidder,on the pi euiiies, the Hart of land in the pro
ceedings mentioned, called it known by me name ul tjVVKET
HALL, lying in the county ol King William, on the I'smuoky
Itivei, With the puvili-ge ol iqwsug . nop of .until gram tbit
tall icseiving a like privilege In any turn ailing Tenant, lo
sosd a Clop ol small gram in the fall ol U.2J. Boud with ap
proved secuilty will be requited
J. GL'ERllANT.m s. n. c. r. .1.
_ uiitri.l bii DiLutit*.
. s>r‘-___so—u
Ten Dallam Reward.
1Y UNAWAY from IJog f.fiod. m ihe coiioly ni Sorry, an
me 1.1 instant, Uiy msn ANTHONY, between 25 and 30
) tan of »ge, stoiil, well made, and mai ti Hit high. Hit (eeln
III front aie wider apart than usual, and his haw snort and eery
'nick i he had on when he wi nt ulT, a Idur mixed ini'tid jsi a* t
and pantaloons, witn a small wool hat, and took w.,„ hi a, two
pair of in w villi long pantaloons aui a -liirt of the same mate
nsls. He was sold at auction hi Richmond tw > oi Hirer months
»<r>,aud puichased by a gentleman uf whom I b> n^ht him,
ami is said to have bet n brought llum Middlesex c« omy, an.)
has a wiir at a Mi. Gorkin's in that county oi (sloucrslet. The
above reward and all expenses mcuired will be i aid upon
delivering him In the O.e.seei at the lsiao.1, or up(.n ios.hp‘i„L
bun in James or Clisrias Uilv j,i|, and niforuiiui u.e ol ft
Without delay, through the bail, or ntheiwis».
_ . , W.B. ROBfcllTAON, Jr.
TVfrrd’urg, July 17. Y0~il
11 lot Richmond Manufactory eppoli'e the Union Hotel.
f j inE tiiblcriher rest > cilully ..ins (he larn.. rs planters.
^lil h* !»*• now oil t,i-n'i4i vim tv l'L()U<iil£>
than has ever b,lore been .•(tel*.I lu this maikct amulii which
a.e M Uorarrk . one, two and Ih-ce h .rse si ll-tharp-iieis,
nil Iiiiihirf, vilu littf* tinprofftioriitc; firvnruiuli's and ih**
ini|»ioved harahait, *i#u, Fieebiem mud olhvf c#iii ri»'iisrhs,
tiiMiNKlIjrrheaj'. VV/rt. FALMFlt.
14 _If
jtiint* ntver l.nn,i jor Sale.
r«VlIE tract »< land belongim.; to the heirs of John Dn.diidgr,
*- ** "***• ^ nf m in il»# county of
Frmee urorge, I ••Ml> dutely on James fiver, a'ljoiiurz th*
l..;i l« of tSroige a.fiT William Ilsrfi.on, Esuia. ami A ,. K.lior,
and coin nos about hundred acres; it i> in ,m> ,.f ih, he.t
neighbourhood. 111 Virginia, and i. inferior to none ,u fertility,
iii .it .t it M he .v*ly timbered; it. lot alia.. an.I ouality rrnlri
it the in* at .Durable Iran of land for sale at tin. inn* ... V.r
g.ui.i. i ersi.n. wtahiiu top.irrln e ran atr.tit.io the terms, by
applying to Edmund Christian, Ea... or Join. Dandtidce. ir.
It icnnn.n l.__ April 17. . Ill —11
l>! HHUa* r lotiio within warrant, i» u. ducted, ..."rnTre
.1. I In. dsv viewed an c.tray in ire, a .null sm i el, shrul f
• *el* high, w.th a....all .lar in her forehead, the
huitler fo.»C *ln(e, * lung ••»irh<:i| rum*, rr. wu out ron
fi.itMMv «incc ntnchnu; n boh fail, sud toiii« aiv «|i white «... t
.... her h.rk .tipp.ne.l t„ be cured by ibe .addle-. shown to
by J .In. Miller of lint county; and do find the .am* to be ,f
me above .le. r pl.on, and about >ix yemt of »* j,
apl’Mi.e the said mar, t„ the.nm i.f » H, Culif.ed under ....r
hind. (lit.'Jill day of June, I4J7, (Signed)
Z'l'.l_'1~,(_ Clei k f),..nb, i|... I
Meoicai. Dcpahtjuat.
V>!t!I£ L. rime, will hrtii. y usual ou the li >t Monday in N, v.
ea ami tonlinut till Merrh.
„ . ANATo'IY.
Tly V. 8. Pfiy.tr Ir M. D.; W E. Il .iner, M. I*.
.Ill .. Redman Cose, M. D.
i*4lfl4nil| t hr*n'n«#1|. Me l>.
Minwi f-tff Y.
THof. C. >1. f>.
Hoh’i I|it4 M. l»,
BVtiuHB Y.
'Vw, f>i*'#oii. M. Ji.
V. It., HOUNER,/ihuit.SOCl.f.rnt FfrA*f.
. '**€ r tit •, A ojuet 17.
Y ti A!f COflUiUril lo Ofin'tilWiil .lltl, m 4 H»»n*w.»yt « hr^r'1
♦ V mail hy thf fti«it* of KPHflAM, ttfeo **y« h* i’i p»*»
of % Mr. C/. Tr»vf »<, »*f Ihnwii’Hir eooiily:
i.4'b YA yffff of n»; h frrl H ftf iurhi»
h»« fl.'tvnis, paiilyl-yfi*, Mne -b*r-*v
fttlnii tfhf o^r**fof Hunaifiy i« »fr» rninr
A ! prove p-• |*Mty, pav |iv( (die* him »*% iyf of?l*
srivtsr Hf Vil) be tleall etlhM fl«f Uw <!»rrrt«
W >t. W I M Vli t, tt, m Cn* f jib* for
W.M. Ki*Vutl Ya *!»♦•?*** Ti l,
f ; ' ! . t * i -«•!<%*
Juotrn, JLand, Sye. for Rate.
' i ' V hem* tit sii uus • I changing In, J.UI mi' has
... *iit‘|U'iiied lo .ell ..ml u.» .Dtia loi u.e, that valuable
tavern at Sussex com Ihtuat, with lioui onv kuncre.l atus <•!
luud.to III ere bundled, at may In ,i tui| Ibe |>unl.U'i, ami
X'viu luviueclsately. bur (lie n. I,in. an .11 ol ih. ..
who «ie iiusriptaiule.l will, this establishment, 1 mil say that
•Ul.ti «D opportunity hat uol pi eirutrtl list if in n.auy year* lo *n
entrrpritiug man lo uiake hi* loiluur. Tl:e Tavern boom n
,4,Kr and convenient with all necessity nulliun.es ; tin .tahlss
ruuUtn about one liumii cd atali,. To give au nl. ail llirl.on
oow done at tin* i. vein, 1 dim it, ■„ „veuly-li„ to on. bun
dled aud (kn person* on public day*— leid in.ui one liumlred
and liliy lo two liuodii d nui>es, aim Invc f,uui twenty -five to
llmty pen. o, to atay ..II u.glil, and • lit pint, at he hat in tli.
• Cine pinpoint u. 'l„e Br«ut advantage o. clu.ng hum,.,, ..tin,
place ov.1 II... t other cslabllsliuit t.la of llie kiud, u, that to.
wbuiniaBca.il business, and then- being no opposition, il a
iu to will keep t good boom i.e mil rertainly meet 'with vei v !
aieal eni.ouiageinc.it. i'ei.obs wuhrng (.. e.-ag. it, the above I
ou.jnew are invited to vi. *r the esUblnliUienl, when the let...* \
will he made known, which shall be accommodating, or I will i
evliaoge it loi a lam, not uioic than I. ny miles lr..m i’rtris-j
b,,:s- , UVKUB DiLLAlild.
truticx ronrtho.i.c. Autml il . _|t)(
A valuable Plantation far Sale.
III. ShI/jcj Her offers for sal. his t'lunlation m the county
"J rlunoyer, lying on I hu kailominy Swamp, containing
t A acres; Hull - miles from the my of tucAmoud; the
V.cK.mtcsvdle Turnpike passes through if. There are more
than *00 acres which hunt never been chared-, the timber on it I
is cvnsidertU ejual, if not superior, to uny in this section of
country. / here arc iiO acris of ixoetlnl Meadow Land To
a.I a purchnstr, that part lying below the Turnpike would le
rparutely disposed of. There is a Saw Mill within half a
mite, which would be a great advantage to any one wishing
to git up the timber, or build. A further description is deem
ea unnecessary, ess those desirous of testing capital in I asset,
“ v‘*“ ,l Joshua Starrs, living on the adjoinn.t farm, will
mew it at uny tirtu ; ajiphcationto be made to him or
dutfustl. Ub-tf LlC Ilf AS STORKS.
rr 1IIK New Map ol Virginia,compiled fieui artual suivesi, ‘
n- under the authority ui the Sut-, ia now publish, d, n't.tl
.nay be obtained by pv t sou* detiruua ol pioruring it.on apploa
M '*in* "• Hicbardiofi, b( the Capitol, mile Citjol Rich
I his w.'ik, . (T.-cted by the lab >ur o( many j».v», and at a
ri ea. a ,1 of cal e and money*, lias never, pri heps, been nu pass
e.i ,u vnnly anda.iittncy ol detail, or in beauty and elegance
c tVr "i" n' reflect* the hicberl credit on th. acieuce aud
Kill u( llie person* immediately ciuuerned in iu pubiication,
a ,d must prove highly gratifying and useful to the public The
Legislature have authorised the tale ol JdO Copies only of this
,•’» on tile large scale ol fiv e iiiilrs to the in. i : ami the Ext
rutive, with llie view of making the sale aa extensive aud rapid
.s possible, have directed the copies to be diapossd ol at the
moderate price ol fcsO. 1
Under these circumstance*, il is probable that persons who
(bull not make early application, will be uuahie lo obtain a
Copy of ibis beautilu* and valuable work.
3. I
in*# •* 1 unernJar L.casc,
IV fot alr.ui wl yean, to the high j
»T e.l bidder, on ihe premi.es, on Monday Ihe lirst day ..I •
knrn 'll r',,r’■ wueH'c next fair day, 1I..1 well
1 bland, lUiari • Tavern, situa'e in I tie c«. ui.lv ..| Cutu
berl.nd, at the j"„. turn ..I the main Northern," S.mlhein.
Evlein s.id W./lei 11 Stage load,, S: marly centrical helweeu
Ki. Iimonil and LyocliLuig. ... other advantage, con
nected with Ihia itiuii, are helievidtu he so well know.. >, t
tender a turihri description „f „ umircearary : suffice p
theiefore to ley, that it u inferior to n.-ur in Vi.git.ia. llomi
wnh approvals,., ui dy will he leqmrtd of ihe i.'evop ..r per- i
sons leasing,au.l possession given the twenty liftt> o: Dec. m- :
her, with the pnvil. tr of setdiug a cron ot Wheat, l..r wlucu
the soil is admirably adapted, as Weil ai loi otliri small clam,
* o. bhoulil any person prefer buying the ahave *l-iml, hv
addreasiiitm lew line* to me, residing at it, it is more then
pr.maiile I might uiaae such arrange,o.nts a» la sell ins’ead of
Ira'in* on th;*t«liiy. r u
Z.ijYJJ Foil HALF.
’Hi‘ l*"'" ol T<‘-' KXf ruled to me l.y Francis
V~* Osborne,and recorded in Ihe OI.rk’. Oilicc.f Chesterfield ■
county court, amt b- sting da:, thr.ithol April, 1821, loser me
the payment , f criUssi sunt, ol n. ney, [therein mmtion.il I to
Ueorg* Mark haul, Jr. and Vinci nt M..rkh*m,will be sold, on the
prrunie., al | u.ilic. auction, ful n arty ..., on (helSiLday
id Septemb/i next,the I,a l of laud r uve.e.l lo m* l.y il.e
said deed, containing between 700 i I00J sues, n .w occupied
by the said kraucis Osborne, lying ihe Appomattox River.
A considerable poitionof tin. land, »• g...,d low grounds-the
higli ground «• also of good quality. The Sub.cribtr will only
convey such title as is vesle .0 linn as Inniee. 7
. _ ELIJAH tillliSsUAM, Trutlet
_1-_. __2S>- t.t,
L to. k field ft' Sale.
n[THt subaci i -er w.li se.l 1.11 Jloudry liie I Alb dav of next
1 uit’Ot i, L0. l | it lair, it not (he next Ijir *tav, at iiuhSic
auction, on me (iieini es, that heautitu: inrt valuab'l. plantation
on winch lie luu resides,railed itro.lfi Id, di.tant fr uu Rirh
nioml only 5 miles, containing 63J acre-, lying 01. the
Urook.Ku" end a.tj dninglho Orouk Turnpike It. ad. I?lus tract
0 land contains obonl one hundred acres cl cierk |..w grounds,
01 fu St quality, anJ about same quantify of second low grounds ;
and liir high land very cxrelle.il and i.1 a good .tale of cul
livalmn-tli.ie ts on it n very g..o I rtwiliing I. use, and all
olh. 1 toil... 1-nres-arv lor 1 plsul.ition ...i an . xleos.ve farm,
and 111 good repair. I will tn at with any eeison, privately,
who may wnh lo purchase hrtmetba nay of sale—and itasale
lieflVeteJ iu Ural way.due i.- lo e noil b> given. The terms
will be made k.mwu 0.1 the Hay or salt, which will hr very ar
roimnodatiiig. flir land will be shew.. t*» any peisnn disposed
toview it,before the day of sale, by the .ub.criher, or, in his 1
xh-eucr, by hi", overseer. This nrl ,.t Ixurt affords advantages,!
tb .l but lew tr sets ot it* value affords in the neighborhood ol
Richmond. It is sufficiently near to town f. 1 a g> nllrman to
re.ole at, svlrc may be engaged in the ineieantile or any olh-r 1
husinest, (hat 10 sy requiit his daily attention in town. I have !
lived an it for 16 years.durin,- the whole of which ti ne I have I
be-u 'n.agediii ,...ne active business, in Richmond, that re. I
qoirrrt my personal kileulmn »ai |y 11, i„e ha i |„p m j
I ha evening—it la only a half or three quartet, ot anhoiir's
rule, and on one of the bed Turnpikes in Virginia-, ami J I
bclove 11.n safely aay thcie is col . healthy place in 1
\ irgooa. There is a spring of . v eli-m ivale- near the house
and well ..f good water 11. the yaid. ift'.V Sli&l’l* AUT).
\ •*>*/’< __at:-id.
lrnluubU i t'll Entute fur Hide. •
I ^ .*11, on accommodating te.ni*, lev firui adjoining ;
1 the UitivciMly ol Viigiim, cobiiimug «Ju6 n ere ft or co'H,
j «*Mi»e’ lan.l, Hill v**f-red, ami cic6||.nt|y a.lA,.(rt» f.»r (he
| \Tr^,h ' * 4 "• 1 wheat, (oh .cc^, Uc. About IftOor O') n-i uf
I thi* laml iirfc Ii**4Vfly tlmherert The imj.iuvtnieiii- n-%*, l.
j coiHiil of 9 lar*;#- At couvfmcnthjitk fltrcllin^ b.*u*r,wilh nil ihe
1 nffnmr* trio 114* ful out h«>titct} iurli ai an ovcueerfi liomt,
! 4*rvkiii» h .i|s*f,tta^lr9, i.r. Tm* putiruiar l*rnlionof (In*
j renerty, h iving the tToivrrsity mi une «i.|i ,an<i Chat lot(e»vilk
| <>u Ihr other, M*rurr» (o it mn \y autl iiiipiiianf n l .ant avi to<i
| rend eta it Hclh e»irern?lv traluaMe ami d«»iiah|r. ro««eMiof» I
I even 011 (hr !•»( ctay of I>ec. lit x(,orioouer,*f irqnired. Persotii I
1 («t]»uicha«c 4ir tflfiihi |i. J. w. Sami 'rr-a Clm 5
; lo««/*v»J!e. MMhuD UHAMII iM
I Aukiio i,\. IW—Ht ;
£29 UK WARD.
\\ AS STOLEN from the A'ubscrilin, hvnr in It >r ktorliam
County, Va., out of the ,V .hie ..f>1., Linnet Mithewe,
living nest a uiili’e Clerk in said Count), on the night of the
27"h nisi., A (ih AY HOUSE Saddle .ntl blanket, a new dm.
l.!e reined keiI. hit hi. He, new M.rtmgsl nml 4 dish cloth
<1 eat Coat. Thu 11 Tie ha. <d,k msm, led and If*.; if light
madfj.bnil all rounds ha* a •mall lain,, nninedisti Iv umlei At 1
behind Ihe knee joint of the right hinder leg; is ahuut !7
hand, high; auJ was five year, old leaf Spring." The Saddli
hsa a new traddle . |.,tli and it rmne wiitl w in The above
, Howard will he givenlo whoever will enable me to repossess
| ntys.lf of thi llorae and ihe ah we Ail., le-. and appirbmd
• and p oirrate the Thief lo ronvii lion; 1 r Fifteen Dollar. I01
enihlii.g n.e t.. gel Ihe llorae and the ah »e Article.. w.ih.,ul ,
the appich. inioii of the Thief; ..1 ten dolUi. far the lloi.e I
,lo"r rurtti f. kouniz. I
J'l"1 T- __ _ _ 35 -dt
Public Sale of Fiiiiuihle Properly. 1
IN pursuance of the U-l will and Lit ament of Hie latr James
Unit lop. t».|. Ilf ill* town of I’rlerst.org, t . close the ron
eern of liunlsp It O'caln, will he sold ..n Ihe | llh day of Otto
her neat'on a credit of two, four and ns years, pw.il. interest i
on'helWo law inrtalments. In commence at Ihe dale of the first
payment, that is,two years from the time ,.f salej ..11 ihe pre
mises, thal spacious »i|d cotnmo-IIoui building ..11 Holioghroke
slrert, well known as the KXCtltlHI E COFFEE HOUSE,
occupied by Mr. John 7»'blo,r eluding Stabler and all other
out-iiuiiscs belonging lo it; helug iindcr a lease of £7900 per
annum, which capires its N .vcm'.rr Otfd—and insured in
Ihe Londjn l‘h'enix tidi.e, Norfolk, *1 4,019, and the Mutual
OfT.re, Richmond, ghljfl, making the I tal aiuoiinl of .’I4,d9i>
. dollars, wbtt.li would he recovered in esse of loss h» Ore.
DAVID D. IIMYlfON, ' Ex'is.
Aoiod 11. 73-M. DAVID DUNI.or )
for sale.
I ' JNfIK r. p!sr F .rest, llon.e Tract, or all that part of Ihe
1 e.lale atlxclie J to the Mansion If o.c, r.on1ai:rst:g hvre*
1 cent survey one thousand and reveriy four acre*, and Ihre
1 "pullers; of this (in.I never helots offered to the public, aboue
I •"■‘W aerss are already cleared,the rest in woods heavily tin. 1
, h'red, and the greater part lul.arm land nf the fir.l quality
j The CIS lie.I land wih the except ion of about SO ar.sisallDn
r *od he it t, -V ca jnhle unrtr f jirdi* 1 us marine«-m. rit.of p 1 o In' mg
Hue cs*s| Ihe eabati.fed portion might be seusn reclaimed. This
plantation li*laut ..ne u.ile fiomilie tnii.pik'and eight from
Lynchburg, is we II water erl, being ini. 1 reeled by ir.iuy 1 ranch
e., heading within its limits ami therefore not so r«t . . to
ovrifiow, affording not lew Ilian fiOane. of hranth and t-. l
fom 1 .nd, we II adrpte.lfo the failure ef Ttw-tlMr a. .1 th'i
eras es, an J to Ih- pit. pose of dan Im* l..ha< I .A; p r ne
half of Ihe hr rur h land is still in wood. On (lie nlantaltoC,
'—We. other f ir provrmegltsLfhrrf is a laige rramed wheat barn,
e,th a e net threshing machine. The mansion house is roomy,
cm. en..nt,han isome, and situated «s« so eminence cr.nim.od
mg nearly (he whole the arsl.le land nf the (arm. Intend.
■ ne lo t».i.ove to aeroiher V tfo, the sous* mop, rty isoffei.d
..W- fur fasti nr emlit, an.l I f.el no he.r .0, .. «..riling,
hit to 4 lohacCn , I, (»w are n.* rr Pe.ir ,M.-.
Dedferdy 7<rty 7),
f ilUK Sn-«< rib* r th.iuktul fur lb* vny liberal eucou*»»•>;*—
- tueut he ha* reeeivrd, w»ubl luform hi* fur mi* «••* l ihe
pu »o gemmliy, that lie ha* reiitotrd hi* fllvp tv%i» a*
r ‘e., **• “ ) oppogitr Taii*m|( li-li; ami lit* *«»r
Wl*t.«f riuciUaiig Machtit-s, made ul the br»i
»i.Uej itli anil in the <1 ill able u«aua««r *1 he uicuMitir<it>
uj a iu! I at llie*r ui.i<-iiiiift9 Irunj cxpenenceil pittiitci», ami the
ueiai sat i*t act ion they pie, induce* the .ub*cnbcr to ftolicit
rat IV appji« tliniii.
Wni.,1 Ea..s)!Slta. Cutter,, Corn Shelters, a:..! all kin I. „f
mai iiinery uiade aud it paired; also Disk Ink- lor will Gild,
geoiw, kr. JOHN EXALL,
.. Alum Hired, H
i II. b* isfactciry certificate, can be shown (tola, n uuiutn
u tii|utli!ilr risutn, aliulurc iuy machines ill uar.
Augn,i at._ ' ,s3 _f,t
1 a1 !I"J, , wi** °l *'! "S‘in OH the lint day of CM abet nr it
I ii« Munches cl English Education u-u.illy taught m
bcbeols, will be attended to; anil iu lifts whne tney ate de
»aie«l tatiu, Eiemli un i Geometry. The pupils will also he
imlsuciid IU Nalu.al Philosophy m l the u.e ol the Globes_
I he sulucither assures all prisons who may lerl da,posed t.
puce tbeir thildieu iu hi, family, that iliry will he carrluily '
io,liucted in whatever is utr*g.' .-n, and as far a. il po.- ible, I
r«guUtrd by and educMd m ■, rinciplrsas with Ore ble
•ngot ilsavtn, will In them tor rliilutpa and happiness in
ie piesrut life, au.l lor that state o perfect happiness hereaf I
ter, for nluchit is the duty of ail parents aud teachers of the
y cuitg o Uie all ilm uh dm tu their } uwet to »•«! h* prrpam ; .
too*, r out united lo their cire. The Session will coutiauc trim,
trie mil ol October to lire first of Auguit, and ali new b. bolais
enlMHig at th.it time will be expected lo reiiimii the
Scholastic year. The terms for bund and tuition are one l.un
died and twruty-five doll.is, an. half paiJ in advance and the
•alance at the end of the Sr ,so u ; with an addition ul ten Job
•ft** lor rucL bchoiai t%b<» Itarnt lieoji** try.
Augu*t2i. So-mo PHIL11* NELSON.
■ , lubtriibeu haviu< b( i ii Jong aud tofiiUAtely ftcq'ihnt* !
with (hr Umily <1 Mi. Nchon, and bring fully cunviui eii ul I
“Ditty and d. leimin,lieu ul ins daughters to priltiim what
tfityr propose to undeitake,have gi.al pleasure and Ictl p.iietl 1
C'lunderu.e its recommending (be above irhonltoai p.,i • „t, and ;
gusidiauj Who would whir llim cl.iljren brought up in tin lust
uiantipr. fochriil an pitt«i(«, uh>» tituiu Hie lelieim* in- J
, rurlion it ths rr chit Ji eu ol the fust unpoitame, we would ,
pai ticulai ly ri commend it, a, well knowing, from I lie rhaiactn '
and Views ol lime who w.ll conduct it, that whatever rood . a
ample, pious pr,:c»pt, and affectionate pnsuasioti, iu Imuddc '
dependence upon divine grace,can effect, will ho l .uhlully and I
diligently alien.pleu by tneui. Wear* peiruaneil, indeed,that j
every kind ol at.emion which the most anaious | aieuti could !
wish and trait nat ly eips-u, will be paid to the children com
united to (bit school, aud therefoit me iu >*l siuccit’ly Kioui
u t-n.l it.
Ilev. WM. MEADE, | JOHN TAtiE, Sr.
UOd’l’ PAGE, Si. I It K .MEADE.
1 ci ti hi entirely in the rtcuinmr nation piv.n above. Any
person desiring tuilliei mi irmation, utky receive it on applies
trill to use, duiiug :hi cession ol tb< Lreis.atlile.
h red i irk county, Jan. 18. “ p\ jp|. It. pAGE.
a 'm. “«•* Latic caiitru 1)4it liiuki , ...........n....
1 2,^>0 acrti, lying iu iti< l»w*r end ol Amelia comity, lot
tnei I v ad v*i Hied, is still fui talc, il tvoulil make an exieilrui
C.ttou plantation. It *,ll hr sold elllog.thei wi divided mt.
pttrieis. I del «ri uiA will hearrouim "iftting.
*§ '*** a. iu.it. n 4 QU-I. W/ir
d |N’h ^hD L»t»LLAH8 will be tivrn as a rrtm*i<
Man'll?- ‘V’) r V’*"‘ ' iM‘" '-1 ,h? ui«..m ..i
Jildi OA IL itAI.i., |J lie nerd.I m (hi. U.ly, ..| im („r|, w
mg d,».ri”,.,"S anil descriptionThe building iu he ol Utiik,
nil a Unckor Slone lionl, 4 .lerics, and DO leet lioul, ami
ex ending 1*0 letl back-The baanueul ,tu,y he flush !
Willi (lie .treil, calculated lor two Stmt., w.th back Hoouw, ]
and an ample pi..age rnliaure between tlirui. Tne acre ml
aloiy |„ be ap,.i op, ,»ted lo public purpo.e.. Tile 3d .lory
must contain a Lodge Kuoin, and prepxraliaii ll.«iu,, .u.i the
vn .lory, a Chapter and piepaiatiou Koom,. To. Ma.uuic
tlall U.U..I 0 ,1 C lo exceed *22,000. PI...,, a, in e.t,»,,,r.,
Hill be received by (liei.n„«,f.g„ed mini lb. i.i Nov. next.
Samuel iiale, ! § ?
w.u. r. uouli), „..d ~ ?
John w. wjluk, j ^
j>ote Lumber mav Lr a*nd m (hit inv,*i $»t0 50cK ,,ti
tbou.ud, <upei filial measuri; aud U.o L-.u *7 ii> a in ■.n.m.1
U,o. Sepl -I Ol.v l iO
jN virtue of a dei d ol trust mad. tbc 5th day of May 132 .,
. '**•*W'X*** W'ade Mo.by, II. eider, and Su.cnuaii M.„by.
'*• uf 'h*-'County ol Powhatan, :d (hr In-I t ail; Wi liam
S' •l d dndwai.1 C. Mushy, of Heuricb minty, and
Wynlbam k .i.erlsuu and Wu>. U. Pcmlleioo, ol ti.e city nr
Kicliim nJ.ul tbe .er»ii'J pari; and J -hi. O AX by, ao , u/.d
bpeed, Mai j U. Ituyall, and Liillebuiy il AI-j»li},<)f (be comi
ty of X oHlialau,ol Hie third pail; which dre.1 »<- duly ,du.il
led lo record, in (he clerk’t office, „f t|,i courtly couiL of (Hr
rminlir, ol Ueuricu .ud Vuwhalao, in thr same nioiitti ol Jlay,
1 2b; tl.e no.(emptied, one of Ihe li utter* name,I in .-aid died, ,
nnh lull power and authertty lo art in Ihe i z-ci.t.oi. of ll.e
|ru/, ""Y'O declared, will proceed lo -e'l, by public auction, 1
to (hr highest bidder, .1 the residence of II. S. M u iron, in the *
County/l Io\vliitan,(iatethr iMidcnce cl'Viid Wadi Mo h> i
the elder,) on Thursday, (be 27ih day id St,d. ml.ei m xt, if
, V L, VC UOi ,h® he*t *M,r ,,4.v» ,l1*' Ivlin wing pi pnty,vz:— 1
LAND. One |-.ecc or parcel of Land, tdiaahd to remain
3TO acrei, l.e i.ie.ame m re or In:, I vine m the eonuiyof .
Powhalan, on the aoutb tide of Ihe Uai i. r.vdle ItnaJ, and
bounded by tne land* of l! P.bnuie, J. M-ller, J. Sit aii-.n, Ihe 1
.dd courthouse Hart, and tut ,airt Call.r.ville It. , ; heingihal i 1
pan rfhirh ieu-.,„...n, i d.of ihe Ha i ol land, climated lo ,
eonla.u SOD arrec, on which ,aiJ V.'. M nhy luc elder, l .lcly
aVaV^i"11 rtn*'yrd »-y deed -,f l,„d ;
oL A VtS. Alsu 17 Slaeri, lo wit: Pner, and bit wile Kilty, i
W.l . lhe.rlwo children Mary and John; Jinny, and hr, rbree i
rbildr.n, Lucy. Judy, an I an uifaut; J..e, Harry, Tour, George,
Jiuiiny, Uridg.t, Naucy, Hebe,aud Hagar; an..rE wbi.baie 1
r -oil phiutatxou hands, and a, yaluahi. Aoaar servants, at any : 1
III Iht COlllUlUimr daa!i. J :
fforut, Sfnt lr Furniture, \c. \ 1
c.An<l j!; » a,! Uu* Worses, Malu, Hock, *>i Cattle. lh»r», and
>htep, H oggous hiu] Carts, H oust hold aih\ fx itchzn Fur .liturc ‘ j
L-f Ihe .aid Wide M .by, the elder, conveyed by »„d „u.t'
deed, wnh one Carr,a -e ] Harsu^t. J 1
n n , ,. teums OF SJLE.
rhe Real f.’latt in hr tid.l „n » credit of tlx, IhHve, and ,
eighteen inoulli.—erjual rn»tj|,„ei,le-.bon.l, w,(„ .1,. roved.- ,
tu Ily, and a deea ol liiol on the ptopeiiy |0 seeme the pay i
nielli, i Tne Fcrtonul i'rojit, fy, on a rr edit of aix and melee 1
•uonlhi-i qual .ml.lintuti-bond, will, approved |,ei.ou»l »e- i
cu;;‘J, K f^a**,*' "*'A^»ng te n dollar, lo bt pain m cadi, i
It „b- ,e,cd ,bai.l,ei.i|c;r .(bcahiv, pcperly .» pe.lee.ly •
clear,and her from all incun.biame and claim*, save Ihe deed I
under nhrrh thw *ale is lo be made. Out ihe umlemeued.
a-.ling a. liU.tec miry, will convey .,n,y the I tiler vr,|rd iiihim.
. ,. W M. W. MuaUi, Tnoice.
‘''■"(S'”1 31 -rd. ;
- „y vinucui HI, .. nt.unrd Dead ol Tiu.l tell i
■ al public Riielioa.il! front of Ibe fc.gle Holt I, in the oly
Hi Ml; nd, > 11 Monday Ilia hih day nl Ucl. her 1.1 * ll.ci.l
lowiiig pit.pi i u iinnt in * a; . ii, ■ d, vr : On, ..■..i ii ,.i
inttre.l owned by Wade Mo.by the * unset,m .. . , ,t ,
of laud ly ing near the Old.tfa.ket ilou.e, uu /fun St.e.t,
Ibe illy , | Ktclii»..nd,a,id lui Wbicb a mil ,, now l ending in
Ih. b.ipem r Con.l ol Law for Henrico.-Al.o, all the iuleFe.t
r “"'WiiileAforb^lbe elder, I,a, a claim m at;.vtof
Lind ol bilween .itKW and tJ.JOO acre., lying on Ike Ohio rive,
between lb* nioulbt nl U.g Kandy ami Little bandy Hirer, ini
lbe county of OretD.ip ai.,1 dl.tr ,.| ..ky. The whole of '
.In. land .. Rial rale Holton, 'and, and 1 have no do.,Id a «,t.l I
»»arv tm maj !»♦ » in U. 6
I t.U.1/6' •• bia, twelve, and eighteen month. eredip bond, !
with approved .ermuy anil a deej of the nroi.ity i„
.. rule ibe payu.enla. I will only convey ..,e|, ml, *, ,. ;r,(. I
rd ... .ee a. . u.t.e. VO/ iV filOSIIY, Trutttt.
>**" 1 _It -id.
F()l< LEA HE. ’
' J1II K Sub.rMhr, .(Ter. t„ |ea.e lor a term of yearMbe
*- Hlirk I Ivern, MCbailulte eouilhi.iiae.f. utterly the nr r.
l'«Hy oM..a father Mr. Win fli. VValk.im ’ ' j
Die Tavvin-boii-e largo and counted.nut, with net e»,»ry ’
out l.uildmgi} •.* sit tinted on a lot of about 30 a< ..a —joi.i I e. to
waw.lma iiinll tiacl ol Land, al a amall dulancc fimn H. al I
lording ana! in. la.it.upply of w od for fuel,and timber forilie
ol ih*1 fault.
It* public eitwatiun, in proaimity to the romlhoai*. being
the ntjieet, and tl.ei. twins but one Tara, n at ti.e p|»re '
dei, it a very eligible .land lor a Tavern Knk-r ' I
Term, will be reiy modeiale, etpenaily lor the fi t year •
to any one who ran rnuie well rtroininended a. a Tavern '
ir-eper. I’, a rf,i..i, ran be g.renat any time. Apply to the '
SuliKiibcr al hi! Failin’., who tail', acl loi him .b.mlJ |,< he .
.00 feAil'L V. VvAlKlNb.
A'ig.i’1 ??.___33—11.1
Lunatic Hospital, if ithumeburg
NOntJKi. hereby given lint all (ba cell, In Ihta in.|i(Uli,„,
are occupied, auri that no more paliri.li will he receive 1
n-.til tome of Ine aatd cell, ire varanl; due 1. dice of whirh ,.,1
Uy order of the Courtoi Direct .... 11
w»r _*—if_l. IIKXtgy. r.t.
aluable Property for Safe".
' rt ^* o°. *"*"•"* W remove frou. Ih.a pari of Ibe country I
will di.pn.e of n,r Plantation, ..mated j„ iha con
Ante lie, near Hev.li’, ll.ldre,* d.atant I,. .. P.tcnl.uigabou* «
,,„!,. an I a Ik ul 31 from Hi. hm. nd. Tl,.. I.uj l.e. ||„ f„,o
of . . fr,,fc *n‘* APpo»n«tt»Jt Hi*er and ronumi Uiwt^r. {.na
V;; V*■**’"! '* 160 •* ««*h and nvee low ground..
Aria, bed I- the barm 11 . valuable gri t A manufaclu.,„ill
ntual. .1 ..,1 lie.p Check, wuluo a quarter of a mile . f . ’
tu.e, w„l. ibe r,„r,e. p,Ve of ngfrou. a.Mr to two
ol foil coin |»rf nntiUift.
f 1 1* silo n cotton fin of 40 irvii, hKm !i wiil r.,t ; fr<(,n
P. 3M0 weight of cotton per day. Inc h un» fnn.i.t <1 . |,_
alary dwe'lmg hunt#, hilcbew, ,m k. b...i.., daily, ,reho„„i
be., t'g'ther mill ■ (1,3ft >•• wly .rnpilcdaid a n.-eii ruin,a
hro- lr lunnmg through the middle of .1. Ii „ uunee-rcarr 1
.iy more, a, it i« p.e,„ Be.l that Iho.e w, bine 10 , ..
fi. M view tha premi e,. 11 ,,p, , .n by ,1.- Jt,n u/ Ocu,b,r
urtf, t *»«ll fh*-n ivrtjr tX*%'**4 ff* nil ,l»f r,„ fL..
lb. I., .1 fair day (together w -h ill my ,1 . k ,.f ttw. a g. ,i,ee«
;; ’f <"'» Plan .tun . Ve. , n^’
I tin. d »».•», and the baiine, ime, two A there > ear,.
I’D ■ I K d<»,X HtH.ttiV.nK
21 t !-td,f;.
I'.'tutiiiHatMxof Mr. a tit s'i Switch.]
Mr. Speaker: I find inyself this in uring, in
an unaccustomed dilemma. 1 tiud iiiy«ell, sir,
progressing with a speech which has already near
ly exhausted the preceding day. 1 find too, sir,
a great portion of the task, uiatked out for myself,
aiill ut accomplished, and, rir, 1 acknow ledge, that
it rppear* too much like pieauinp’ion on my part,
to ark jour ki'd indulgence tor time to complete
• I Bu‘, Sir, 1 am impelled to p "ores I from the
conviction, that the subject is ot tlie deepest inter
e-t t.» ua all, to the whole human race; and at
time time. I lab. r under an eijua'ly strong con
viction, that the momentous subject has not been
sufficiently considered; and that it is not gener»I:y
understood by tl e American people. The most
glimmer! g light, therefore, th.<t could be thrown
upon it, ought not to he wi hheld from them, i
resd you, sir, yerterday, an authentic document,
ron'ainicg ike meat imj orient information, be.ring
directly upon till- subject. !• is informatioii re
cently ob1 allied, and but Jit'le ltnow>, even to tlie
well informed in ihi« country. 1, therefore, pre
euu e it would not be unacceptable to the House,
that 1 should red it again connected with r.itne ad
dit'Oi al sections, fhrse sections air as follow*: —
It therefore,an unparallelid arrun>ulatiou ofricb•
e'• and power, in all the forms most altra ting to j
ordinary ambition, were t> j ist sand-rd of national
hippine-s, the peopfeofGie..t Britain. end expect- i
ally oi E gland, who govern ths residue of this j
in ghty empire, would be the roost bless d on
earth. I hrir present lot does, in leed, prcxcal 'lie !
most splendid exhibi ion, that the world has evoi 1
witnessed ol ;hc triumph of commerce in amass- 1
illg ict allh; bit at the s.,me time, i is tlie most j
alarming evidence if the possible inequality of\
its d stribution; ami ol the consequent prcvuleti- :
cy "f wan!, ignorance, vice anti misery " it 1
cam ui escape ob ervatton, tint here, the a- onish
mg w e-lib of Gie-t Bntaio, is ascribe I to he epe
i.i.iHn oi comaierci-; i ot to the restrictive system,;
winch U at open wai, with every attribute, and.
principle of commerce.— Again, page- 27 23.
" B therefore, at all eu prlsirg that the
number of uneducate t children in Engfand and
Wale-, between the ages of lit e a. d fifteen years,
compu in" tho-e ol the telieved pooi, exceeds eie
ven bundled and fifty thousand, while the toial
number c-ntiot tail far short o! two millions,
f hr R-, but br untimely deaths from accident,
fam.tie, and dis-a-e, or the fatal penalty of a
b'oo 'y rde of laws, would arrive at manhood un
taugbt, and might die of age without reproof or
roii-olation from the perusi-1 f the nraclss of God.
wbirh so much i- annually expended by the same i
people, and-o usefully too. in tran-latn.g mio fo-I
reign languages, and publishing to heathen land-.
A midst t,.js acme of pauperism, ignorance, and
• r me, hut in ii,e abseuce of foieign war, or ol
scarcity from ungenerous masons, in the plenitude
ot commercial prosperity, Jo after a great redUrti n
of those taxe- hitherto charge! oithe necessaries
of life, spectacles r.re al this moment presented in
England of human calamity more awful than the.
pe-tik-me which walks unseen by day, and usu-1
ally span g the country, -mites only to vi.s and •
cities with death and turning. Having filled'
Sr.ut!. Britain with dimes and harm, they have
extended their awful visitation, though in leas'
Ihreatenteg f tin.-, to hardy, laborious, and Irugal
Scotland. ° I
“ No augmentation of mechanical power has conn- !
lerarted.in the least,the dangerous conserjuences of !
1.13 necpiAlily of wealth & know ledge. Althou-h the J
• {•plication to ilie arts of a single agent hsssupet- 1
uided he cfTec ive opetalion of a hundred million !
>f hands to the Ibour of the people of England
tr.d diversified and cheapmed the luxuriou- graiiti.. 1
•ationa of the rich, it has not -eneiblv increased
he leisure, noi multiplied the visible Comforts of
he poor.
•‘Machinery, the joi:.t prodne ion oftve.I h and
ngenuiiy, has given new eirployment to accun.u
atrd capital, and much enlarged its vast acquisi
ions. Aided by the growth of numbers, it ha- 1
beapenril the wages of labour more than it h.>s I
aided to the enjoyment* rf the 1-bouier, by reduc. i
t'g their co-t. liy ihi- combined agency, it h1
ncreaaed at lie same moment the weulil, oi the
ich, and lite indigence o. the poor. I. has accu.
nutated poverty in g-e-ter masse-, aggravated it?
nisery, and rendered it more tenific.” °
Mr. Speaker, let tne implore you, ?ir, to look
ite-d fa- ly at he real pic ure of the actual eon
"u ,n °J ,ht' Biitiah nation and population
• nd con.paie it with the hrihun*, d.iuaivc fuc -
it hurt one. exhibited by the splendid orator. Then,
natk the con rasi! — Y,.u chi.h >t thm. avoid tee- I
ng, -i., either that the orator v.as himself grossly <
nisinfo n.eJ of the actual condition of the British !
union and population, or that be h-d omitted to!
-ive tint mb-, .nation which wa* most material to
.liable o hers to make a just estimate of it; That
stalls fc<, In wever sonor .ua mid redundant,
fve 1 10 Pre»*-•'»' it- most material lea'u.es io
• e public view. For, -uppose the actual con
uiinn oi tne Urmdi im i. ii am) |n.p Jalion be such
‘V here de-c.ii-ed by an authentic document,
which will not be disputed, wood it not ad J a
r. .v, deplorable, and destructive feature to the
:.rilltant, enchanting j ictu-e drawn l.y our oratoi }
V °"!l5 “ot lhl-* featuie to ally <!eface A\ the pri »
tine beauty and *yn metry of iht original, and strip
it of all ns fascinating charms? Would you de- j
sire, sir, that the American nation and people
• hotibl change their present condition for that oi l
(he British, under its true, i e>., | „f jtg fartrtjotie i
iep<emulation? P.av, sir. examine well, and
,he rn"rti,ion ol “.e B Hieh nation and pnpu* |
laiion is, Which is reroimuen led to our adoption
l o save time, take a single feature. Oi 21,000,000 '
of people, 2HU,0b0 only, o .n all the property in
the nation, whilst 20,200,0«<J .-.re destitute of in
r-.o,,; :.farlj l!l0 whole of that iiumei.'e mars,
suffering pauperism, in some d..g-ee c r other. A
b. ut 1,6llU,0t<0 »re technically paupers, ar.d five i
millions in England and Wales depend "for j er.na. j
nei.t or occasional relief upon the constrained cl,a
tdy of the residue.” I. this condition of the BrU j
li-h population so desirable that you o tsh to as i
sm.ildte that of Ihe United Plate* t , it ? Thai you •
” ly «bh it, *s t . sacrifice for then j
e if .file B.i irh blessing*, brilliantly pourfray ej and !
recommended to you by our Orator, all youi fun- I
dan.enlal laws? All your sac ed rsmparts raised '
for protecting your own greater blessing*, and a- I
mongst the rest, your own Messed liberties? V; t, !
sir, you cannot but see that pauperism, mis-ryJ
wretchedness am! vice a.e larg,|y commixed w***, I
• he gittcring, delusive hle-singe, promised you'
through the adoption of Ihe Tariff. The orator '
**y». in substance, that this condi.ion of the Bri
tiah nation and people, which he describes as su
perlatively blessed, is ina'nly to be escribed lo her
re-trictive *y»'em. J he orator say-: •• Urea- Bti
t«ln protects most her industry, and the wealh of
Ureal Brrain I* consequently the greatest.” Ad
mit the fvC', s« to the ss'oni hing degree of wealth,
What dienh itfr n of this mass ot indescribable
wealth is made by this protecting policy? Hy
restrictive ayatem? By the great desideratum of
bo,me.I ccon-iiiiy ? —ihe a^gre* .■« wtalil, „i u,. .
- .. e.e.WM .n.TfT, T U .? tV ) \ }, ?*-,< Tf , .
r • tmmm i* — -» * n.t twhm’.i*’•*
(«f li<iman luxury? Twenty millions two bumhed
i thousand* of wretches steeped to the lips inpover
two L riJicJ sod eighty thousand r>ob!e«*e, n
yerwLeltued vvith luxuries und rirbes! Such is the
in tv cable result ot the long continuation of the
ie*t-iclive, monopolizing system. It* perpetual
tendeiicy is to wake the rich richer, and the po- r
poorer; so much has this been the case under the
natural operation of the British system in the
ccur-e c I two hunche I yun, that the rich have be
come -o r0h, ll ev do not know whtl to do with
their riches; . i.rl*t the poor are stript of every
comfort am. merit of life - whilst the middling
‘*>lis society i- alino-t anntbil-ted. Bo far then.
• rom the condition < f 'Le British people being su
perlatively blessed, I think it superlatively wretch
• d. It is to this deplorable, miserable condition that
y u are advised to bring the American po; ulation,
ty tjie adaption of the same unwise, wicket ami
d-spo ic policy, which ha* produced this effect in
t»i e..t Brltai; ? Ilia the simplest t! *ng imagine •
b e to see; bow this eff.ct ha- been | rouuced by
Bri’islt p |.cy It has hern done by assuming »«
control over a'l the proceeds of tie labour of the
coun'ry, an-l distributing them in such away a*
to lake Iroui the productive and give it to the un
productive lab r-rs; to take from one man, that
which be labors for, and give it to a.nothei who
has not labored for it.
But in Great Biitain utl’ie yinstnlifin/, th*re i« J
not only a reason, b *1 a necessity f-r taking from
the productive laborer, the whole produce of hi
lal'or, and giving it to the unproductive laborer,
who docs not labor fur it; nti'h-r this reason nor
n-« ecsity doe-, as ye1, ep| ly to this country. The
B itUh government, therefore isunder an iuJi-pen-I
»ab.e obligation to lake tbe w\.oJe productive la - ;
borofsociey, for govemnental purpo-es; and i< '
consequently «x<-u-at le for 'he ruinous plunder; I
whilst the real legitimate pmpo-es of our govern- I
me t do noi call tor die whole productive labour j
of socie'j; our gov rnment, ti.erefore, would be 1
t Hi excuse were it »o plunder the
xvhole. B t the practical gover; ment not having
necessary demands, -eeni- 10 be engaged in invent-'
• ng artificial deu and-, for the purpose of affording
a piett-xt to plunder ibe whole pr reeds ol pro
ductive |.,bor, as the great desideratum in their!
political economy, as the g-c.;t desideratum fori
their individual aggrandisement. In G.eat Bn- I
tain, the distribution of the proceeds of labor, j
• s iitude by lythes and 1 axes; and most deplora- •
ble for the laboring class, w|,en all ibe deinai d« !
for the tythes, and taxes become satisfied, there is '
not sufficiency left to furnish the pour opera ice, I
with food and laimeni. i hire demands are said,
however, to he indispen-able to pay lor loans!
heretofore made, cr for services now rendering.—
After one lentil of the whole productive lahoi i
given to the Price'hood—one million pounds s!ei*
l<iig for the King and hie civil Ji-t, the expen-j
• Inure- foi Army and Navy, and interest upon i
he public deb' defray J, tlie whole proceeds of the ,
productive labor ate gone, so that there is no
hope 'or bette irtg the condition of t'.;e Brit «h j
people, so long us the pret ent oider of thing- shall j
remain in tha' country; a state of thing* brought on !
u -tnly by the rcs'ricttve system. The great mas- I
of populati m must be doom d to pnuperism and;
starvation. The demand* upon the people of thj
L . S., are not yet equal to the whole proceeds of tha
lyjiductive labor of the nation, but the practical
government i* determined t-> make it so, Ly artitil
ejal expenditures and variations in the cliatribu-l
tfons o! labor; jy tak-ng fro one mxi the pr
duct of hi-labor, and giving it 10 ano.h'r, wh :
ioes not lab -r for it, uith ut compensation, ai d
mot for public use; by spl-ndid schemes lor inf
tjrrn I in provement-, and Oj everv other species
tjf profligacy, which their imaginations ran invent!.
9n ! which they believe the people w ill bear. — U i
t\ hene, er ti.e demand- upon the Johor of society* j,
here, slirtll-.hsoib tlie whole pr needs, then will j
i^e condition of the population become assuimi-I
I«lted toth.it ol tlie Briti-li. I- this the condition q
-1 devoutly to be wished for? If no', avoid the,1/
Briti-h restrictive monopolising sy-tepi, wind./'
ts produced it thee, and whi.h will produce the j 1
same effects in eve-y couutry. that shall n:uLo the i
experiment. The difference here, ih-n, be ween !
he splendid orator and myself, is ieduced to a | .
simple m-tier ut fact. He rfpre- nt* the condi- : !
imn of the Biitiah nation, and p pul-tion aethe ' i
niO't wealthy, ti e n.o-l prosperous, the most ' i
splend fhc most powerful, and f,e it. M happy • i
in Europe. I rcp.e-r.nt it «s the must jnire aide, |
tlie moat w retched, and th n o t oppressed p«: - ,
|)le in El ope. hits -'air- u- .i appU* to 230 <;0l) ' t
.ouU, Mi,,, to ;>0 200,001- E timati s human !,
Sappiness, by number-, which re|-re-er:t;;ljon i-' i
lieu the true one? Surrdy, that which go.s to'i
lescrtb-* the er udition of the gir.ur numbers. SoJ :
s-gcr hrs tlie splendid orator l sen to make bi» :
Jescription r* 'be per e lihility of the British t o- i
P ilaHo i complete, th-t he ha- not failed to notice i
heir hoti-es, food ar.d c othing, “ and a people i ,
icdt ;if.j clad, and liouMtl tire no* lo b* found ;
Jndei the sun, than 'he British nation!” 20,2ti0,0.i0, !
I pre-uine, excepted out ol the rr. r I mas*. Luc’- <
y 1,500,000 technical pauper- onght to' o except- |
and the 6,000,000 living upon con- rained ; i
diarity, No v wbu s-ys the aullreotic report as
o food and raiment? j,
nuumuii it, too pr eroding sonn-l expend,* I
ure, for a aerie- of many }.V~, an nve,»e- an- I
'iiiu! sum amount,vg Ic, n or t.eenly snoinn of i
lot lore, hot been Luted in the tcinttl counties of
r.ngland rtrut Wales, for the clot ting and tulm- i
once of their indigent fioor, win ^ of th a tund
33 pail whatever ha- been h -to .vet! .j| r,r. their
l..Mrucih,n. lj irn.g rhis period r.e anr.ua. „ke,a,.e
of a.I the charitable donation* from ev/v other
5330*000.,'lliS °tJ lC* b*“’ nw‘ much
Can it t e believed that a population ran he well
feil, rill and homed, Wh’.li r-rpnre* tnen'y-ri*:
million* of dollar- annually, of f net 1 eon'riba*
non-, to furni-h food ari l ramie,.t to the hdt-i
i;e..t and definite poor? (>,„ ora-or, ,jft In,l(,s ■
have confined hi» brilliant repreenfatmn rxcln. !
sjvely to the iirh. It 1* readily admitted, that the i
nr.i are *0 rich that they have not g-ntua enough'
to-know how to apen.J their richta; and itiatea.):
of making theuiaclv-a happy, have, by lut irio-.
inuulgetieicf, etfeuiinatcd their mental a..d their:
phy-iv-1 facullica.
Upon a review of all there facia, ran you avoid
drawing the ronclnetou, -,r. e, her that our ep|e„
•I’d orator did not undera'and the actual condition
ot 'he lul'ieb na'lOu »>,d popul tiun, hirneelf, ir
il he did under*!* 11 it, th», he has withheld fr,
other* the mo-t n a en-l fort-, to enable them
to aoder-and . » I tin,,it o. e of thee com Ju-,oo,|
mu-t he undeniable, even by the aplembd or-tot I
himself. Hut I will leave ihia part of the -tibj-ct,
although far from being rah".- ed, a proceed tot
the examination of part of tha-an.* *t.ii-iir« »n '
frodoced by our m ,ior for another ohUer, h „| h,
prove aliil more evidenMy, t!,v he miaconcatve-1
their moat obviou- branny,- «n l re-ult
. Kxtran from Hp-ech, page 15,
'• - he amount Ot her wealth annually pr(,-' ,r»d.!
la three Imndred and Af,y m.llme - erlti.e; i,e,r)rt|
a l.rg.-pro) orbon to. I of h r pr»*er,e.|ng w*.|th
1 he agricultural |.<.r ion ot it 1, -mid by the genii* '
men Ir m Virginia o be gre-ie, than that created,
by ay o'her branch or h*r hdi.try. B,t ih.i
flow.- mainly from - policy aimilar to that pro
f'°e»d by th - hill. One-thud -n\y of h-r pooui. j
(t*fu i-erfgage.fin agrtcol'iie the - her two Umd I
,,no * for the produce of that third
i ('draw taut uiaiket, and what becomes of her
agriculture? 1 he power ami ihe wealth of G. Bri
tain cannor be more strikingly illustraitd ,h»„ by »
comparison of her | opufation and revenue wttli
those of Other commit# mH with our own. [hU;#
Mr- C1“r rtvibue I 'he follow ing table, made out
/torn authentic materials.”]
i fulitiuu. T*%r% Sr puh- Tmt« per
KutiM 111 I-.:irnp», 37.0t)0 0(M) l 18,000,000 /. 0 9 3
! 1'Muce •utliuJi. g Cor
, ’**?• . 3D,7t»,00J 37,000,000 I 4 0
I u‘*at Unfsin. >
tl If viand, (ihv Ian ■
tuin|iuO'l atroijn ^
•° «•»» main* <1 uiu
n»y on ili< turiji.un
lln'l'l'mn" J , , 1 '.5'TO-OOO 40,000,000 2 15 0
'•rc*»t I rram nn.l I re
land. cnHectix.ljr, 21,500.00-) 44,000,000 2 0 6
alunv, 1 l.i-UOMM 3->.OOO.OoO 3 2 0
T»r LWd Stale, of '’°00'V*° <0U00°0 0 II 0
A.f • 10,000,000 4,500,000 0 8 0
brom this exhibit, we must remaik, that the
wealth ol Great Britain, (and consequently her
power ) is greater than that of *ny ot the other
nation- with which it is compared. The amount
of the contributions which she draws from the
pocket# of her stibjecis, is not referred to for imi
'ation, but a# indicam c of their wealth. The bur
then of taxation is slwa;.s relative to the ability
of the toilject« of it. A poor nation can pay L-ut
itttie. And the heavier taxes of British eut-iec!**,
for txainj le, jn c n- queace of their greater
werl.li, may be ea-ier borne, than the much light
er taxis ol S;nui.h subjects, in consequence of
their extreme poverty.”
■r\..d again p'ge 1G.
“ lie Comtuif.ce will observe, from that table,
™ then ensure ol the wealth of a nation i« indi
cated by the u ensure of it* protection of industry:
a id th.t the measure of a poverty ..f « nation i*
:,lai ‘1' '*>■ ,l!al of *' e degree ir, which itneglerts&:
abandon- the care of it# o-.n industry, leaving it
exposed to the action cf fortign powers. Great
, 1 h,n f/otecte iter industry, and llte wealth of
Great H i tin i# con-eq ie,.ly the greatest; Frauce
ts nex in the degree of protection, and France is
next in the order ot wealth. Spain rno-t neglects
the duty of protecting the industry of her subject#,
and - ; :> n is one <.f the poore-l of European na
tion', Unfortunate Ireland, d.sinherited, or reu
■len ! in Lei industry #ub»crvicnt to England, is
ev.ci.v in the santc s ate of poverty with Spain,
measured by the rule cf taxation. And the Uni
t d S:at-- arc s'lll pooler than either.”
i l.e object of our splendid deluded orator, in
iitlro luting thi* table of statistics, is ino-t striking
ly to ill t-trate the superior comparative power
and wealth ot Great L.itain over all other nation#
compithended w. hin the table For, says our
trator, “ from this exhibit, we mu#t remark, that
1:18 wealth of Great Britain (and consequently her
I10""7) •* g*eaier than that ot any other nation
ivi.h which it i# compared. The amount ot thu
rontrib itions, which she draw# from the pockets of
lier subject*, i- not teferred t.. for imitat.on, but as
md c.ittve of her wesbh;” a. d he states, in the
next page, tLe lt#l of this comparative wealth is to
e t«X»'i( n—** ti.ta u ej (#ay# our orator) by (He
rule of taxation.” I have beard of the rule s>£
hree aid other rule*of proportions, but never be
lore heard of the tule cf luxation, as a measure if
ivtabh. But, s.r, however wealthy and powerful
jreat Britain tnay be, I perem ptorily «!eny that
•• on, and particuGily the taxation contained
“ the statistical table, is any test whatever either
•I that wealth, or of the re’ativ.e wealth and proa
peiry ol the several nations mentioned in the uUe
Jr ot the relative sbifity of the inhabitants of each
o pay taxes. The table dues not state (he fact,
1-.I any one of the Governments mentioned in it
>M. t”?el "s fubjec's -o the ichole extent of
nm naJjy (o nor does our splendid orator
i*seit (h it lart; and, until that fact is added, t*xa~
on. i# no measure whatever cf what the i’nhiU
ont# of a nation ran pay. i had thought that
!;-re w#s not a clodhopper in the United States
V'o Cl>u,J not SCt: -at the t-xation imposed by
jrovernir.sr.U upon their subjects, was no teat what
•we: ol what tbo*r subjects could pay, until it
v« conceded 'bat the Government* had drawn
r m them every thing lhey could pay. Until this
conceded, it i* aell-nviJent that taxatkn afford*
,o rule nor test, nor indication whatever, of the
cfi0,c abt '*V of r«t>I>le o pay. Thi* fact i*
!0! asserted, and, it i* devoutly to be hoped, that it
i“* no existence. Th.t Governments, with the
xcept.ou ot the B.ilidi Government, do not
!ra-.v f.om their subject# #11 they cm pay, but only
o much as will ans.vir tbeir Governmental pur
> --r*. To demonstrate the palpable fallacy of our
pie, did oral, r upon thi* point, suppose one of tj «
a nm included within the -taiiatica] table, France
">»’»ncr, were to tax French subjects double
no amount ca'lej f, r in the statistical table, and
he b rem h subject# were to p«y the whole a
uount; then, according to our ontor’s measure*
lid indica ions, France would be pro ved to be dx ti
de as weal by a* «he ts now represented to be un
lerthe table, «nd her subject* double a* able to pay
*xe# », they now are, -I *r their pocket*bad been
:ti d of double the arn u .t that they were before/.
U-coi.l ng to our crater's r ile of measuring or in
liraiing wealth and prorp Gty, the rule of taxa
toii, the poor United Mates have shared a hard
tut unde-erved fate. There has been an expert
ii-nl ir. - le upon the aiiility of the people ol the
.Juited fc at » to p y t..x-s During the Isto war
bey were p early augmented yet.hsy wete paid,
lo do the people o, tha U. States justice, then,
l.e measure ol tlwir ability ought lo be changed to
be smo'tnt of their w r taxe*. The rule ot UXa
ion, then, accord ng -o the bewdlered o.ator’s
ngtc, vvrul.l prove, that the people of the Unite J
i.atr# could pay most when they had the least cbtli
y lo pay; *•» * tt»«t even under the pressure of %
no.- de uuctive vr r, ih-y wouIJ pay, perhaps,
li.ul.l i lb** amount I It ey could pay i.i tune tf in—
lour'd peace. 7
I he resort to the war lexe, would have apared
lotnrthinjr <*f the impoverishment and degradation
oroneoualy thrown upon tho people of the United
S ate, by our I e viblered orator, in hie co.npar eon
i f them with foreign nation.. Here again it'Wt'l
* *'*■"'y '»«“ »H j'ist inference* are con^
I lelnljr inverted by our orator. Aocordmeto in* in
ferences, the mere «h«t „ drawn from (he pocket*
>1 hr; individual, the more i, he enahled io pay;
md the amount drawn i*. at the ,an e lime, the
: juli m e o! Ida prosperity, or hia increa«eJ capaci
ly to pay. To pursue thi* coir-e of inference it
n,u*t he concluded, that when (he 1.1*1 cent is taken
from the individual’# pocket, than ia the acme of
lits wealth and j .osperry; r.r, to u*a the * r.k n »
rue aph r* of the Serieury ifueli — •• Th t ti,«
me,-ure of i.ts prosperity i- p'.teiitially full.’* The
atatUticAl t Id-, introduced by our orator, if pIO
P- 1y is . o, will p.nve that the inhabitants ol the
-ve *1 nations comp eheuded in it, can pay Hie
,r.umt if text, drawn from then, respectively;
Mit in !, r prove, nor it. licit, that he Jn
t.abKe. 's CC. Id not pay more i-x-,. ,1 rnore wer.
,''1 «r.d (iod fo.liKi that all Gbv
-! iinieji'e should take from the inhabitants r.epect
ivriy. eil they ran pay 1 .'w.I thi, la done, it Cch
n • !•« 'old hn-.r much the inhabitant* of either can
piy 111, <MU»I tax tin , whstcrer it maybe,
•t ori «.f the whole ability to p,j, affords no test
nor indication »«in'cver •«<• io their extreme aWli-r
to pa . Mr. Speak r, I am extremely dieneff-A-d,
»•', With tl.M if ode o „ .mating (lie per*,!,*

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