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rut cINtlUliti£it n • nn-M.-i
VOC VY1V Mr* nt
« •) I three tunes a week during the session of the Slat* L«.UM'
lure.—Price, the same as Dei etufore,(rive Lhsllara per aumiiu
piyatsiain M>ucc. Notes of chartered, snecie-p.iyiug hanks
I #ly) will be received in paytucuf. Tl.e Editors will guarau
l«e tba safely of reuniting them by u.aU;lhc purlieu a! all let
C«rs being paul, by (he tviilers.
£J* N >.paper will hedisc iuuaued(hut at (he discretion v
be Kil tor*,) uulil all arre^rtgea nave beau pan! op.
Cl* Whoever will guarantee the payment of uiue paper:
thill have (ha tenth liKA'I'IS.
tr One square, OR LESS—ir'irsli usertiou75 ceutt_etch
Continuance, SO cents.
*** Noadvertiae.ueu inserted, until it baa cither bcca paid
fir. or s.mined by auiue peraou iu this city,ur its environs.
rlllK Subscriber has recu.nmrii:ed (hr importation rf I*rv
I .ii.iilj # a l\ . a m a a ar a a a ..... ..a . a . . . . t ... .1* r a ■ *
Uooda 0.1 hn own accoti it; and now offers fur tale, l>>
.note,ale and retail swell aelected atsuitiueut of ST ATL.E
CUTICLES’ well suited tu this Msi ket, consisting iu pait of
Uoush and Braithivait’s, Wilson's mil Usndy’s napt coll.n?;
Point, Lou Ion Diiilil. Whitney and Rose blankets; white, blue
mid greeu plains; beat superbue clnlb, and cajsitnerea; narruw,
double milled drub cloths; Khodrs’s houibaeel.; Circassian and
'1 at tan plaids; crouton uurecui; ;>«i noughts fot great coats;
.Brussels, Kidderniiustcr and ItuRli carpeting; health lugs;
scarlet, red, yellow, gieeu and white i]luuels; gi ecu baize and
carpeting clothi Beareltern, blearhed awamdvwn, gray (ui ill t
sidller*’girth webbing; Tilley's best slioe thread, of various
ai/-e,; dill > bed patent thread,, all colours,dec.; fstnppe’s spool
cotton, 3andC Cord; gietu surge, a good aiticle ler servant-;
hosiery, ladies’ while cotton 3i thread; ladies’ blsck lauih,’
wool; do black and white gauzs; ctuldieua’ long and half
hose; mens' Iambi wool half bi.se; Imperial do; siruusdown
.. .-- . -. - >ai uv, s n a mo u V, II
vestme of very good quality, white and coloured quilting do;
twilled hangup cord.; lurnature twist linen un.l coliuu checks:
id end 6-4 taiubric muslins; 5 4 and C l jackonels dig white
■I jackouels dig 1_
cotton shirting;calicoes; Gentlemen's London hats; Nolting
lisas (bread lacts and hobhinet; 4- I Irish linen, of gi an hleacli
ami good quality; blown lawns;white do foi ittlkf* ; thread
raniblick; men’s buck, Woodstock and beaver gloves; ladies’
kid aud braver du; gentleman’* and ladies’ while an 1 blark
silk hose; best black silk flat cnliiir, for vesting; black ,i!k
uucul velvet,for do; Ilcuinuug’s needles,assorted; mixed noun.I
pins; do in parks; white iurmture and coidml diiuily;table
i nvert, a new artidle; an ekcclleut aaaoituitnt of cntUiy and
bardwarr; knives L. forki of vaiiuus soils and qualities; pock, t,
uen, and 3 Mailed knives; large and small scupurr; thawing
knrvei; wooJrcirwr; locket ■ bisirls; erorblt Is; best cast sit ci '
tiles of various sort;; y, cut, mill and handsaws;’biar.c and
belts; best hinges; nszola of superior quality; gaeen and hia«,
fendets; horse shoe nails; plow liaces; curry combs; chamber 4c
brass candlesticks; stock, pad, chest, draw and port locks, gill
and prail buttons; coffee mills; large shovels and spades; auv its
and vices; japanned trailers; best cast steel, in small squarr :
bars;cast steel sheets, fur o.ltou gin saws; tin plates; mil ! nd-;
sack salt, of extra sue aud bagging; a few (sales licklrnburc,.
Mis goods weie Selected by himself iu Kuglaud, and will
bo told upon model ate tei ins. fits olJ fne da and customer s
nrr re»pr. (fully invited to cillaud tee tht in at Ins stole on E
jrtiect, lately occupied by J. i*. Taylor it Co.
Sept. .3. 41 —ff
V"|IHE Subscribers respectfully iiifurm (lieir friends and the
v—*i public, (hat the next iriiiuii of this Institution will com
mence oil the 1st day ul Nov.
All the Studies preparatory to catering the Sophomore and
Junior Cits-et of College, will he taught, Instruction wilt also
be given in (he French,' Book-Keeping, aud all the 3t »uches
belonging to n practical Ednratii n.
Teirns as heretofore:—Far Greek, Latin U Mathematic ks,
*xe. S-oO
Vorhugluli 25
It is desirable that the Parents and G uardians, who wish to
-Ollier their sous aud wards, will make eaily application, that
the clas.et may be imuiediatelv ai ranted, aud proceed to their
Several studies. El*W'l> W. KENNV
Address Langhoru’s Tavern, >
Y• )
Cumberland county.
I>,sard c»u he had m the uu.t respectable families of tht
poizlihoui hood. Oct. 5. 43—241
b'or Sate at the Penitentiary Store,
A LARGE supply of the Manufactures ol the I’euiletitiaiy
Institution,tu this city, suitable lu the approaching sea
you. Among which are
Wagonr, caita, Negro cloathinz,shoes, wagon, cait k plough
fear,of every description; aaes, hues, wrought nails, wheel
arrows, cooper’s w*i e, he. h , ill of the In st quality.
O’ Country meichants find others aie invited lu call and
tlauiina them. THUS- NELSON, I’. A. i’.
Bept.15. 40-tf
A PETITION wf.l he presented to (he next Si-rsion of the
Vi'ginia Legislature, praying that the Inspectors of all
Public WaiehoUsrs, shall be teqtiirad, in inspecting Tobacco,
to break it m four different paitr of ewli In gibea.l, in order
to delect the many iisspositiotis practised iu prizing; and that
certain Warehouses, svnere such frauds aib couuiveJ at, cud
where inspectors letiwe to bieak Tobaoco in such places a
Uicv ne desired to do by tlie purchasers, may be suppi eased.
Sept 21. 33—tf
^AIVZMLL be sold, at Powhatan coui tin use, on the 20(h Dee.
V -V next, that being coint Hay, all the Negroes belonging
to liie Estate! f tbc late Mrs. Ileberra Murray, of Amelia,
a.uounliug, with ahrn, to between 20 L 22 very valiialde
eves, A credit till the 1st of Nov. 1823, will.be given.
Lunds, with such security ai I approve, earning interest frois
the date, will be required. The interest to he leusittei', if the
principal is punctually paid. 1V.I1. MURRAY, Ex’or.
Nov. 28. ,S7 _,n,
« lue »J;li ol llec., next, if lair, if ii,t,tlu trial Ian day,
the m^iciifirr will sell, at public nni tiou, on a credit ul
12 month*, before the I'laiiklin Hotel, iu Ly- liburg, 7J liki
!y.u> glues, cuimsling ot tnt n, uhih ii .,.id children. Inev.n.
nrgrue* of fine character', among them are seveial co k'- an I
‘•‘•use servants. If they be not .old m one day, Ihesale will
he continued until they are ail .old.
. The subscriber will likewise sell r.rivately histiactof land
In Bedfotd ci untv, jiluatc l on the north and .outh fork* of
Uonee Creek, anilii the uiain road leadiog from Lynehbutc
to i incastle, I- mill's west ol Lihtity anil adjotittug U.n(. IIu.
foul, ft eoutai. • about 1-100 a- res, ot .which £00 aie unclear*
rd. Tiie part which is uncleared, es epl a very nn ill por
tioo, n exrellrnl tobacco land Of the rleared Ian I, IX acres
are lose grounds of the first niutsty, and the rruiaimtrr
l«u,aik*.>ly fine high land. •this is on" of the be
tracts of land in (Iter upper cnuidiy, being w . II adapted to the
•cultivation of (ubiccu and all kind* of gisin; it In-, tein ir ka
hly well and is very fiee from stone; il divided it would
nuke two very handsome liacls, svhicli ahall he done, if tl.oie
wuo wish to pul chase wish it. I’crson* wishing to purchase
may apply to the subscriber residing in the iit-ighhothnn j of
New Lon Jon, or to Caj I. ilufmd, itsidirg neat tile (tails.
Nov. f3. Sl-td.
Lunatic Hospital, IVilliamslfurg
VOTKSKii hereby given Ibalatl the ctlls intLi,institution
a » are occupied,sod that uo more patient* will he received
flume ol (he p«»il celU arc ur.aul; due ooticeuf which wij
legiven. Uy order of the Couiluf tiucctxi.
. M.v2<! _*—tf f.. IO.NLEY,
jykjy map of VIlujijvia.
fflllK Ntif Mip of Virginia,compiled from *ruj.tl surveys
t- itudet the lothurity ol the State, m now puhicli* ni.il
.may be ohtameJby pejsons desiiuiu of procuring it.ois ap.dira
tnili to Wil. IJ. UicliJldior,, at llit- Capitol, in ft e bitty ot Kn.li
Ultinl. J
this woik, ifTrctcit hy the Ult.iur tsf many vests, end at a
gieat cest of care and L.oney, has u« vcr» perhaps, ht.u .mpass
ed in variety and accuracy of detail,or in l.esutj aod clt . sues
of ion. Il t effects the highest credit s>o the scieuce *nd
skill ol the person, tiiinii-distely coiiretueit in its publication,
and inu.i prove highly gratifying and useful to the public The
Li gul dure have anth noed the sale of 2 V) Copies only of this
Slap, on the large scaled liveonlra Co the fisch; and the Exe
cutive, with the view of making the sale as extensive and rapid
ai possible, have diiected lh. copies to be disposed of at Hi
n.odetate price of $20.
Under thesecircumdancrs,it is p.ol.ablt that persons who
shall net inske rally application, will he unable In ohlain s
Copy of this beautiful and valuable woik.
-vcrnc k.
\ * Decree of ill- If»f!i c.uitof ehtficm
- V,f Jh*1 Ilif.lnnoiid IWrirf, in the suit iVinHliun Kni.I.!
■n I wifr *g*m*( Joseph Ywibrou^h ami oiheis, the couiiiiii
/ionfif, appointed l>v »aid r »m(v M,|| „i, (h* lO h .fay of»fwu.
* Mwf,*'1 Old Oidiuary, in (he etnniy «.f P.mee K.|
ward,prucef(l fo iliiiiihut<> the ilivfi mentioned iii«iiiiI dccrtf,
according to Hie directum* thereof. Tb* Have* art- Him
heMMatbed by George Walt* 11, lo Muth* Walloj>,
e* *,0< n»en to lii< child* ett and 4r.u11 children.
The hi if cut of of Alirtha Walton %v •] l attend at the fair.*
place, on the Mine day, (0 settle Iim account au«l divide I
(jiiilf of tl»* Estate to (Hoff respectively entitled: hf hopeffhr
patties interested will attend in prison or by Afiornir. lie
i.ve« not»ce to these indebted, to tome forward before that
h*ne and irake pi) inenf, and those who have claims acamst the
instate ate raijuasied to present them for payment.
. Ki’of of A/.u tha Walton, dec.
U’JIITE O.l h' h'jYEKS.
*\uvy t'ummisriopcra' Office, )
25ih Ort IS 27. 5
Wil1 *’* <1 llll...ffir< ,.rt<v> 'h. toil.
%ar we. »»«•*’. «'* »"H'ly lh« following WJIITK OAK
kjfhKK.to hf d» liver..I the Navy Yxrd, I'lnUtlrlt.liM,on
^before llie Ijf M.y, 1323.
Ui'lnl. r«!r. Am.
c' Kn»»), >(.i Ml 12 r<-i t> frrt
n» t>xg««r Knr.., 8 (o ll» I 2 do *» tn 7 ft. A H
1 ij Lodge Xn..*, 7 I- 3(•» 10 tin A f.,i r f.«t.
If rot*gh ai.lril. <h»y Om.t hi? 2 ImImi lirtn) if III)! arm hr
ru:»d,M *h»«ild hr large rnwigh l«mm,i. | inch more *hjb the
£ivtvt dttv*fii«n>nr.
■V70 Kite.•, lo tide Ootn 8 lo II inrhei, Iwt-'h ..f »rin,from
K in I. fee* t.oglh of body fmni A In 7 lee.; :? be ilrtiveinj el
r'trh Mher y»r.f» r« Ihe OuiiMntitinnni nun? t.iiiiir. Tie
wh.de C > on.leten ihe in,perlmn »t«l ii.r i-mri„i ni <>! lb- ,e,.
r'tiler f ird» of ilelireir L, « oCei” mtul b« r
?• ;hT*r In flflliil Xftefi.'’
Kv”? M *?-?»nM<*hr>

tlMa jyutice.
W SHC..0.““r'rV“.“,.e ji'' vi I'f'JIcto.. county, on the
Lcuu Kubm. “u, t*«l“h *rb*“u*g, 7J“ in’ JohTjm
d*lit Being the county of Horkb..,!,,8 V. r, *' “ J
** »•* rctl bi.li, stout made, black cniVerled U«JTull rAt’
on* (tans nail of ....... .I ” .... *“* b.,u* ‘“miner rt-al;
' ■>«« ■ im U4i run u
Jam nrgro m requested |u coiiir forward ... . .
lJke hi® «•«»• »• !uy
Or! O Jailor of P. O.
i NKL®°-y l,a* l*>no»».l to (bat pleassnllv situ
**•' uv.wi^r'i^al'rr r.,-.tir*'r,,’;,.,ir hi1 *iov,d’
. «««.«udU. a porliwu of the Weaver, of the
,n,*nilnig to decl.tft- the hleirantile ru.j.
v>, o r*, about chiuluisi, w.uld Ln-e or Rent |'L j
I>",S uiJin Stage ii-ad fiUn, it.i haio.nl (.. (JImiIoII. .
*.ll«, about 7 mile, alloc, tioc. Iiland c .... thou.,.. For lelL*
>Wly to the subicnbcr o, Mr. Samuel Dunn, in K,. I.mond
UK St.
t "cc ~',vr "nJ Luu,l,er House at lb* Piping Tr«r. in
in I ^ "b" "Oc''Cu,l,l,y. situated in a wealthy ueighbouihood
and at one ,f the ,...,„ ,...bl.c Ferries ,u tbe lowe? pa,( ..fX’
bl. r. Pt.no.li wishing to Rrnl . , Lease the .for.ia.d V,„
perl}, f... coiu.netcial purposes, .rill apply t„ Mr. Srerlinc-I
Cru.up, il tber.ty .1 U.cbmou.J, oi l. Ine subscriber lesid
n"! ’i'.'i"5 Wm cou,,‘>- ItOUKltr I. KING.
L E 117 S TIME Eli LAKE,
1 j Amt v°. i’.mi!? ,hf ',rui''Pal I--" “I I'., fancy fc tlaplc
t-J Wli UOODb. «<*IiciU t.V atUutiou of hi< lnen«li
* ,, ° r“l* •'‘,l * ■hem. He leel, confident, in
the »t Icotion, nurture Li the city cm rurp.,,1 it; and a p...,live
del emu nation that none.lull undeiscll him in ibe agy agate.
Among tile article* uoiv offered for sale, are_
Sup. bine, black, olive and Ozford mixiure, and other fuhiau
a**I - curt Its anu c.'ir* unci
Ladic ’ hatuf, pelijieantl meriuo cloths
i'*Scotttou^"S_COn“'‘“K ol PUin». ^tid n.ft
Ve.tingt of the newest ,„d moit fashionable patterns
biguieland plain Gu. de Naps, in great v trie ties
b b. luces, satin ievautines, Italian lu.t.ings
“tod. ,, ci ape line, game,, vaiion, colonri
llaititte, barege and G, ecu a robrs, splcnd.d au.rtment
Italian ue^ts, /mjten rt evapes
Naitkiii, Cduluii aad llai.au cranfi
I’eleiines.capes and iigurpd lace do
Ilobhinrl lace, and rjuilling
4,5 and ti i figured end plain hobbinef
Figured and plain Swiss and mull muslins
Cambrics, jickuucU and book uiu.lins
Ginghnos, calicoes and cambric piiuls, btauiiful
Ciicass.anpla.d, and sli.pes
TaMaii plan',-and camhUts .
Kugliih and French ulk hosiery
W erited, lambs’ wool, Angola and cotton hojir: y
Gran bleached liueus and Irish sbeelmes
Bombazine* and bombas, ti, coloured aud blark
Colnhiic. and tutniture dimities
Kibhuns ol every description and superior nn,|iiv
Culoiiieil and w ,,-e Jome.tirs, sattm.u and chicks
Ruse point and ilufle blankets;
With many other Jiticje, not enumerated. By the neat
aruvaU, 1 shall rece.vo an additional supply to comp el "the
| r„‘d° I.‘a.mn;N^."* iU-' W‘“ b' •»" ^b,enable Cloths
I Oct. 12.
jf w‘ i‘‘u.' “u,t ,Xtc‘,u<l 5tr, day oi !
v-i 18i6, by Wade Mujl.y the elder, end Suiauuah In. wile 1
1 cir.LVwn Ce, V .111: e" 7’’ W,“C'‘ '* of "“hi •- «!•• '
I , , “Vhf c:*uu<> comtj Of tke counlie, of Henrico
,d Irf>w,l,u*"’ *,* U »le * of llle Eagle Hotel, in (be 1
! C! ■>'. **fch,n?nJ» uu Monday, the 10th of Her next, at I i
1 ° ^ kr^u fu‘‘UW,“S l’r“»*e,ly «»uied in -aid .Iced, vie one- '
.-.nth of (he .ntrre.l owned by Wa.U Mod-,, Jr. , MlUi„
paieel of l.ndjV.ng mar the Oil Maikethou.'e, on Mam ,t“
IU the city ol Kichmond, anil for which a luit u now pending
| !u, '* <ot Henrico county. -Abo,all the t
.uterest the »aul Wade Mo.hy the elder, hu In a clam, (o a ■
tract of laud of between 5 and liOOO .ere., lying the Ol.rn !
iwer, between the mouth, of U.k Sm.lv ,il 1..1.L _.
^ u“u wywmcre*. ivmc on (lit lilii.i
uver, between the mouth. ur U.g Sandy and JUll. Uau.lv
r.va.a, ... the county ol Oreenup and Stite of Keutuclry Th'e
«ho!e • f I hi, laud I. fit it late bettor., laud, an i 1 have no doubt
apient b«*i may (•«? boticli* m i(, %
rEHMS -I. 1.' and IS mouth.* cieilit, hondi with snpr .v. '
c.l security, and a deed ol trust on the properly to (aeure the
payment.. I >vt!| convey only sort, title „ ye.ud ,u me a.
“til WM. W xMOSUV, Wee. |
'IMIJ-. Uub.cr.ber will ifiV-r f„, ,..|e, „ l*o,vha'an Court'
,, l";u**r> *’1' ‘I'O *l“'«l I lilir.d.y in December next, hem,
I owh.itao Ci uiity couit d.y, 00 cr 35 veiy valuable ne.-ioe.
Ki’.lT arT ’'TV*1 •«*. oi.ci.n in,II.
V Obic-ljf, and at least l^ui 15 hny. and cir la, from ft to I!
ye.,, o, age who w,II be .old ae,.irately. The g:o«„ negro,,
are, obedient a.,.1 faithful Ap.it , f .hem will b- .old |„r
caili, and the real at twrlve month, credit-the purcha.et.
giving hood., to bear lutert.l liom the date, with uncxcep
tionahlt* (triii ity. 1
The rale will* he conducted by Mr. George M. Pollard for
.\ov.0. 53-tf WM. U. GILES
a valuable estate for sale.
/|llll-; Snbicnber will, on the SOlh ol Dec., at Edl'-ei’
v-x iavern, In New Kant, exp. .* to public ,alr, the valua>i|e
'rz. r , \ ..*, * * r.tw,w r«'»nr. in* valuable
Had of lau.l lying .... the Nutfh i.de of Obickahoruiny, be.
ginning at the Long Bridge and mooing dowu the uvei about
i. mile.. The ti act ront.in. 893 acre, by a ucent . jrve> -, one
VI Willi ll It 11 • a I rtln I Ilia ft. .
f I. V, . V o . ,n* acre, tiy a ltce.it ,u,ve.. „Ilt
full thud of which 15 lu.l rate Low Uroil.nl., eanly bAui-ht
into cullivatw.li and with ryprew, „L.lc- o«k, white a.h, f. d
.wc.tguu. and yejluw .mp, ,r tm.h.r up ,,, it, great „
tiu. The balance of th« tract corunt. of about 150 acree of dal
: Um* rlvv'ed and pe, lisp, aoo acre, of fir. t late hit h land. g. e .
part well timbered. Ii u believed that the .lave tnnl.e. wouh
pay the price a-kcd for the land. The ...h.i.iher hud...
coveied shell marie of the puteil kind within ;IU feet of lh<
uwui l«-v«r| of (be uplant).
Tl.r term, sale a,e t-tth in cash, the hal.nce ini. C Jc 3
yetis,eecured by baud and .c-curity, and a deed of trust inioi
llie |ti < 1
! 1 he su iscnher i, ronfi lent, that the timber will f«n th.
Kivir being rl, ared of the tree,, which alone obsliurt, navi. .
forjrow. to tide w,te, about ti mile, below ) altn ,?v
raying (he expcm.es of getting, ,vi*| double what « a.ke.l f„
the bat He, and whin that „ taken off, the land will make
I ?UHE 8uh.er.ber will .ell, on, a credit of fi months, a
/ tlU J }!* ’J11 1 ie ro,,,,l> Hanover,« n SntunUv, it
, i".fnJ LC.‘ 8l<V> Hogs, and Horst,, to/Al.e
! Xuta'ooMr:::::^anj ,h- ....
I . w<*> approved security, bearing intrrert from tb.
I a ite, it Obj punctually paid (or ail rum, over ten .1-llar_n.
j lor all under that amount. JNO. XflOKINSON
lUct.ver,under a decree of the Trederickbur
j ^ Chancery Court.
| N. It. The Negroe, belonging to the Edale will he hire
j for (he n* *1 y^ar, »( nine (fine im! ol^ee.
j N >v. ao. _
\V77T.; ''•iv.ahoiit £0,000
< (/ Hour Ixrr. I Itillrt., (ine-llmd lit adnit;) lor which the
h'h,lr‘* pmc in ti ll will beta id; a p,,t of I ham r.iurt be n ..
Oil. 2'i. 4F _,f
‘ Land, A'egrvet, ktark, tfcjor ftaftT.
I ; KIN'j -bool lu move my iBtnlmee, I ahnll .ff-r for .,|e
, . on 1.1“'®,M’.‘’O Moil ay (hr 21,1 of Jar,. nt*i,|„ i|,r
l.latin.1 hulrlrr, on a credit of 1,2 S. Sye.ra.the nantetlon o„
Wli.rli I iroilr, m ilia comity of Amelia, 10 mile. from Kicla
ni,-ti,lI I , from Pmer.barg, anti B from Amalia emirtboiue.
. "iWa?*1 ,'"u" **‘l *7 Oaniln Road on Ilia North, k
r>y rial Criak on Iha tjjulb; and conUini brlirr an 1500 k 20* V)
urai i.f I . a .1 - ( L._ I. I. a . *
’ - • " «v.i.r.) nini vunii||||| OH * _
‘rr.r*!-0r.’”'!f!, *?0 ?f low arniindr, partly reclaimed.
land in got
l ljt ia are 200 burhel.of wheal town on Ilia lamf in a-,oil or
der, anil .on,, work done yaar’arorn field. Thai a
Iliu ;ofLJ2l'‘Jm-rorU,',S <!''rllir* $•'»<« on the Un.l, buKl
nithihliie lar • yr*rt; h«.u«M for doincrffe pmr< ie#; koo<I
.ul’lr«} « hirn Willi a Hi A him iiinehmt attached (entiielr
new,) R large tobareo bar nr, all in *JOl| repair. The (tael, ,1
required, mar be ad/intageoiidy divided inln two i>ait>. at
lutllng In each dir I, inn a fair proportion of wood tand. aod
U*nntn nf fnnry f«#i Uiming purj
AC Ch« «*nrit Cim# ^n-J p!ar»?, I -hill »r1l Co Che
ffV" r * rl 1,1 ,,f *•»*»* hoxn mul ia»«<J on (he
I’Wntrftxm. rilo rtO'k of nil kind*, lioffff, caCCl#.h<>Ks«h«»ri>.
h.rUieholH k«tl7ien fui liftoff ^UnCttion uCrimU.eom, fodder
• h»»f kf, -Mint rein tilling *,11 the r*ld(# * ill l.c «old
Trcmt-for hondi *iil, approved lectfrH* and a
1 f rl til frildf l til ll.a nr.uirifu I2 . aL_ a •"
. , ; ..1 .. .V'1" and ,1
i r ,,n t* P'<’P*'«y- PoMb* perronal propefty, ami
cradrl ef 12 month*, bearing intereil from the date, ii m l
■.-wdually paid, on all tuna over *20 _».n J.r thm
he r-qu.ral VV. J. U.\KK8 0ALK.
law llraiirh, Am*ln, Nor B. fB27.
*. M. The*l« of (tie Xeiron grill Ch« 9WT90ua\ proviiv.
rrtlnnfy he nude on die day ipnoiifled, tvhetiier fhe laud
or (III. tar a a.
. ,, . . T .n »rt»TT» for imr || f,«,f
pnnelually pa.. all ami., over *.'0 -unJir thnt a*on, ra.b
W.I he r-qu.ral VV. J. il.AUKS UALK.
It «*v h. Nor f. IPT7.
•elll * _#
i# told or l»o. j jj
Hie KJilort of the Xalionil lolellli-rnrrr will pub|,,h Ihe
abuvr adeiti.imenf Warlily (iBilay o( ..ale anj l.u ward thru
•#eomu in tin. , ff(ra.
ANTP,l»tu purr bate a fair lilctfg young Iftgratl ~ bo.
flom IB to 2A, and 4lt(a fr„m (Atn tear, of ,-a: ,|,i,
a lirrt rate cook, waiher an.l Irmier, and body rrivmi, abu.o
i or I* year, of a-e. Tha adrtitirrr p«ubarer ( In. own
and i rqiip.ta tbiiaa who bar* trimti of (lie uR .vr ,|r
Ka 'le ifi*. ! , f’* ' " 'I O'*
'‘f 'V ‘ ...
fit Li.S T s.-iLF. - Canceled JYotice
•LUr,*rd ®r r,,w< executeJdo (be .ubicribor hy
Jir ,iM ' • U?5* Ureo<h»l», adm’r ..f Naih’i Urrtuhavr,
rt,,t,h**b**n ••»>KUt<l to Saui’l P. Hargrave. will
jlv ^. 4.hru huU"ef..r c.h. on Thor.
' r * '}*? ' f *>rc of the tuur ui'utioued
u. 1^1 at Powhatan courthouse, the tract
_ , ’ r,r1.l,rol,"*y ”f •*** sa,d Cocke, which lira in the
the toy*nf. Kiv«,r, a jh'irt distance i.eluvr
I. tuwnot J, fler.011. T hie tract « unlaiti. 400 a it,, ni ne or
ahm’.. an » htge pioporlioo of wood, with
° 1 v' "ver lo" K,"uad‘- The tale M liable to in
q N. . "u W. a. Alton Kit.
'\Lm I’**»••*»* .living claim. vaunt the e« tit- ni John
ru^.m.,D?*’i drC.‘ "r rr<P*'*l*«1 to | lf.rut (Inin prupcifv
L eail Ihoie indebted to said estate, Will ul*a»e
claim X!‘J!lh,ral w"1,oul df'a>« »' *•'« Executors ate anxious to
ciiut (heir transactions a» ea.ly »« possible.
JOU.V, Wil. II., UOLLI-N U. i. 11KNJ. 0. MINOK
Oct. 1G. ' •W_wl*i'"' |
Hllaiolit.# Greta Property for Sale
y vii(in nf a cited of lnut, .xe.uied to a> for ceitaiii i ur
joi,„pn** <rv." h> A,Ic‘* »"<< **»«• i»«
i. i ii * lIoon.es. a„d Armi«!«ad II mm, ,, d.i- I
*1 ( ie Mill July, IJ2J, for ccrt4i„ purposes therein inei.ii. n I
,7 *lr,u* * d‘«d of U nit executed lo ua hy Ai- |
mwtod ll'Miujej, Imanng date the D'.ili of September, 132
lii.th cal which dc-edaare duly recorded in the Clerk*. Ofti
tntf CuUUtV rmn I ..f* #*«....!_ ... l.ti
#k ..v,t ""ir‘,u7 i rcoru* *i in me Link, Uffire ul
,|.;Ti.CU.USl^.CO“J‘ ”r C^olme, weelixll proceed to eell to (In
highest bidder. lor ready money, before ilie front door of tin
It .... . -V .“W •'*»''** IHMU «ioi*r OI lilt*
ItHh Kr-f'nl r‘*V,e"'' “*«, ,aiJ ««"»«*. rn 51 n.Uy, the
lUtli day of December next, (hung Caroline rnuii dav.l In
cunt Hue front day to day (ill liuihed, one fuurt.'i yjrt ot the :
1 “'U'S Oreeu estate, U,„s tf.c inteut of the late Colonel !
Aruiietcad Iloouiet, at decteed by the Ohmcery Court ol!
i'redertcksliuig. I he Coutiu..lionets appointed l y the raid
decree tui the purpoae ofdividiug !he raid utate intofoui noial .
par. m execution thereof, auigutd to the raid Aruitltead
tloon.c> for hi. poition.
lhe lloivliuyt Oreen Tavein and liOt. coidi,ti».B , f (he Ta- I
vern itcelf, whirl, i. ipacious and convenient, I he malde and
all nectMary out haurc., a comlortnble Duelling Hou.e lo: a !
mull fauiiiy, (mu illy orcupied hy (lie lavem kevou’- lail.iiv,') 1
a .Iliad home, ivliich I,a, been occupied hy . family .ome time, i
|.a..cd and known by the name of Uinufu, and fa-.- hundred
uml/!fty nine arret cj luutl adjacent,a pail of (neni covered |
.urveyU,ber’ r ** I,uun,l“,ics Iixve been a.ceitaiued by actual
Thi. propeay, lying on tin stage ruad from Frede.irk.buri
lo Uiahmoiid, ■< ,a generally known, thil it i, thought uuue. 1
ce.sary to .U.cril.e it more pa.ticulaily. Also, at the some
tune and place, and hy vntue of the lame antbority, we ,hall
sell upon the tame terms,one other fourth uu,t oflhttuui Hour
fin7 ettate, tor and during the natural life of Wil.ou Allen
r' ,,ie ■nterc.t t • which the .aid Allen is ent.lled
aa tenant hy thecurte-y, and . n the aforesaid decree of the
LhH.cerv ton t ot tr.deitckibutg. The cnwuu.ioaci. :,p
phuded hy the said dictee lor the puiiM .es aforesaid, have,
in execufioii thueof, assigned to Mir. Sophia Allen, wile „|
the .aid Wti.ua Allen, Kiquiir, <Ae tract of /mi,l Ivin* op.
«»*uhr UlilitioueJ, containing, by a< liml
survey, 733 acres. Tins lot is the most futile part of the
t, nt, and contain, a rjoantily of v.luable timber. It a!-^ lu,
"" .“ t',,' »uu.e. occupied as merchant .tore,, a dwelling Imu.e,
an d a vat lety of other buildings. s
Also at ti.e time time and place, and by virtue of the same
authority, we .hall .ell upon the same terms, thirteen tilth,
o.uvcs; a along,t I It to, are, some valuable house servants, and
a woman who excellent scursliess. A fcr-.uuple will
be convey.d lu the tavern tract, and dale for the uatutal
t.teof Wilson Alien, h.<j. m (he tract oppositetlie t .vern, and
the absolute propetty ,n the slaves; but a, we 5eil as trustees,
we .hall warrant the titles (winch are believed to he .imi.ie.
tion.hlej only again,! oui.elves am! those rlaiming under us.
WM ii. nowison. ) r.us
v _ KOItUORXK E bUi rON, ytces.
r<ov- * • 52-td.
. A/a tern District of Virginia, to wit:
rl . ,,ie0ll'n>,,» that 0,1 lUt i>»*t«layof OduUr, in (lie
V f If I. f I I l ImlinAaiilAitx. . C ■ I. . VI. !■ I
. 0 , . . »r . ^•»i«s»jui ucitmfi, III uifc
0*d >ejr tf luc* Imlf peotleiire of (lie Utillfd SiKn of
ic .. Ay1*'''.*. »■* Excellency, U’M. IJ. GltKiJ,of Ihe
aaid District, Governor of the Commonwealth of
t t i Vitgimaa, for b hi helialf of theniJ Couunuiiwehltl),
h%tb (Upouled III this Office the* title of a Mao. the iiffht
whereof lie cU.^ffor the ben, fit of I he Commonwealth
aloreiaid Jas Proprietor, n> U.e wolds following, to w it : “ A
Mip of the bute of Virginia, reduced from the nine sheet Map
ul the State, to conformity I., law : Uv Herman Uoye.”
In conformity to the Acl of Ihe C..n;Ie,. ol the Uuiled
btotes, entitled, *• An Act for the encouragement of Irarninr
hy srcuriuc the copies of M ip«, Thai Is and I5or»ki,to the Ad
tin.. • and Piopiietu.'f of aurh Copies dm inglhe tunes therein
mentiwTT-. (Signed) Itl>. JKFF1UKS,
Clerk of the ha.Uii. District of Virginia.
Nj*-2- *1—If
of the Virginia Legislature IVanled
ANV person who may have in their possession
the Journals of the Virginia Legislature, for the
V-ay Sessions of 1779 ami 1782, will render a
public service by making it known to the Execu
tive • Ify order,
°rf. 5. »:i—tf
7V> Tobacco and C otto a Plant-rs.
^ I*- OWArilMEV, will rrreiev ami ,e|| on Cain*
v“^• mission, lobs. co it cotton for those l’Unteis who in i v
‘link tit to Cuiiaign their riojM lolh«if).
's,ov- -• 62—2«winNfcwrl|.iM
#::oo KKlVAhU
UriLI. he given fur the apprehension anil delivery to
at Itia J sil ol Henrico County, ol JAMES IV. fOA
all ha Jail ul Henrico County, ol JAMES IV. POAt'll
and WA1. IV. AXUilKWS, who' escaped from tin sun! JH||
on tl’ri.'sht of the 11. I, of S-pt. last, ur Our Hundred and
t fly Dollars lu ei»h»-r »•! thrm.
PO AO Hi* ahold 21 years of age, 5feel 9 inches high, red
hair and I I"- ey.s; has on Ins right arm, lusiked with India
ink, Ihe initials of his name, the repi e.eutalmn of a Tomb,
with a man in I lies attitude of weeping, i ver whu Isus a willow'
and under which is In date of Ins l.rtlh, 1 fiOO; mXoii his left’
arm, the representation of an Altai autl two Hearts united
ovei which are two finvej suspt tiding a Wreath of L' vt, jn.i
above llie elh.osv the A.ornran Flag. Had oil linen paota
loons. Colion shirt, abalf worn fur hat, and striped coat 4c vest.
AN DUE WS is about 36 y< ars of age, light hair, haale ryes
swarthy complexion, 5 feet 10 inches high, has marked with
India ink on his light arm, W. W. A. ov«r which i, the A
ii.erican p lag and Eagle; on his lefl aim an All ir, over svhi. h
is an Altar aud two H-ails unde I, w.Mi two Doves su pendiu -
a Wrealh ol Love. Hit on a pale blue domestic coat and
pantaloons, will, a hal about halt .. From the b.-.t it,for
inaloM. i bay, beeu able «o .Main, l am induced to believe
•bey art tog. tin i at work on Ihe Di.inal Swan,p Canal
_ . . A It THDHNfON, I» M
Out. 12. 45—It For John I’tgrnin, M. K. F. O.
& f ALL NEI LSO.M lias.ere.v.d a la. re and general assi.it
IX iue.it of Staple and Fancy COO US, ad.pled „,r
season : Amongst which are, eatra supeifine cloths and rl,M
i ""'If*, pelisse and Merino cloth., real ca.nel’s hair ca.nMct
1 7,Ull<ty. napl cottons, kersey, and plains, rose point
blanket*, tunnels and bouibar.-tti, Uermin 4i Dnlisb osnaburr*
Ir.sh linens, lawns, diaper, and .heelings, book, jseonel. mulL
6wi.< ati'l India muslins, plaid and plain Uios de Nantes
In),an lustrings, satins and other silk roods silk, cotton ami
worsted hosiery, domestic sbittiugs,’pUid» and lirkirivs itr fcc
-and will continue t» receive further Supplies by tj.e na.keli
; ftmn New Vutk and Philadelphia. 1 1
| Oct. 18. ••■•ir ; 48*—tt
/rtHE Avalon O.mpai.s have rn hand, and intend eon.tanll
tokeep.al their Warehouie, router of p,and L.gli
la reels,lia/lt "ora, ac upplete and gene.at assortment of lira
tiers, ft, and ShtatKiag Co£ji‘.r, ‘nntl Ccyprr .V-ii/t, m',
i *t tlieir t»i»rk< up *»i l'nid| frt), nmr iIih e;»y
1 he patent and powef uf tlresr Works are such,(list the ino<
I **'*"1'!v*’ '>»"<•*» '•» be promptly supplied. Apply l„
■ I'ahui.ore. t>cl. 13 4A-3,n__KVAN_T. KLLKOTT.Aget.
\\ If.Lbe of ened the ensum. j ear on the I tih of Janusr
»» and rlmed.ui I2lli of DtC. A yacalioo of one moi,l
! ".J ,'r K'**" *" •"* summer.
rhe mouse ol Instruction w.|| embiaee ihe firmk. Latin I
.. '.if .. 1 '-;’*l*t**»«the. element, cl fleomuiv. Oeography
r;.l. the u.e of the (il-.he*, anV Arithmeti'^-^Sn'w/
ine bi, Student..—Uoorrf, the student liirnisl
mgh.s own ted. tvtlfrost 75 .toll,, Tuillon 25 dolls. -Tl.
I .. ■ v*n .v* • Ulkl’ll CJ UlJJe — |l|
»«ibjp.nh*f i«(urus hii ^rtreful (hank* to thf puhltt. for th
li >eiai patronage wliifh he lias received, arid hope, that fc
former m o*ur««till c*.»mp n c out in*! *»!•■•* r» f Ok orne
Orange Nov. 20. MALCOLM ITAflT.
'V!,K r*1" *','>nn of H.ih.ri.l..,'. Rrhoul, at hit Mo.
it .^ofT.n ';,n2i“WrO,“rt0
T*J ci’"u,I "ill tmhftc*, (he LMiri, Orttii,
N;^,V“hi|”;.!,hh;:!,"f,C’' G^f»Ph/. '*>« Kl
I ,1 At \ frr of .Imonf/iit
v, , ?VP2 r<y*»>lr i.i *4v*nr« -Tui(i .i IA .1-l|,.
J h'd,,m*' * ««**»• h««n
t*lr» ch.nje of 6 per bed per Settion.
fl7 -1>v>?nttui?lJ!l, flit
N-.e. S3.
/' U l lrA T f: SEMI. YA It Y
J,0,,,,Kt’At.fnrmeilr -,l Wtfm.l...,, .Vnrih Her
-h.i fn .1 to. The rl„ rf f,„ r..l,V..i .
• oi«. r.. inei.ro, p.y.M. ..ml .fly ... o.l’..,ce
.|.(rn*M. «M. Ireorh fOd.ll,, M,„!ck W> doll.., K,..l„„„ie, v
4f» dolU.t lot Hi* wb«ilo In in, 7 ;
Ho,*. Jt W|„ f |b#
Ad lrct« <n Kte.hmond, Ve.
Kl f»r **»»!-. 15:'• k T'i-.r.j J# T ;i .
1 f<>*
oomivrujKriciiTio u:
1 ursuent io notice, a large number of the htt
holders of the county of Westmoreland, assemble
at 'heir courthouse, on the 2<jih insl. for the put
pose ot expressing their preference to the electio
°* tieii. A. Jackson over bis competitor.
0,1 V*n. John P. Hungerford tv,
ttnanirn -ualy oiled to the Chair, ai.tl Win. Kobin
■“-‘I- elected Secretary.
The MJow.op, gentlemen, viz; Robert Mur
l> ty. W m. IVlnldloton, Wm. Sturman, Willoughh
*1 eWlon, John W. IluDgeriord, Daniel Payne
James Parke Philip, A. J.. Oontee, Wm H.San
A ' P'"l£,'r* 1'bonaas llmt, and Win
a ivrps were appointed a coruiniltei
“ l,reParH *n a.ldrosi and resolution* expre**iv<
nt the views and leelings oi the meeting. Ilavii.i
retired for a iborf lime, they returned and pre
m n ed the following, which were unaniaiouslj
| opted, it omy however, be proper to state, ihti
>ne or two members of the committee, although
pprovmg the gentr,! object of the meeting, d d
'o. c ncur in ail the views of the majority of the
'\e,a portion of the citizens of Westmoreland
■ t.ii y, conventd tor the purpose of contributing
,ur aid to the election of (ieo. A. Jickson, avail
uiselves of the opportunity thus afforded, of «X
uessu g our sentiment* freely a. d at large, upon
he l .pics which our meeting naturally suggests.
the ptesent, in our estimation, uuy be jus'ly
cgnrded, as tile most eventful crisis which has
p| e* ed iii the destinies of our country, siuce
i»t »ia«inorable content bttv\e?n JtrtiVr$»;n and IJuir.
Sow, as then, a fierce conllict is waged between
he sovereignly 0t the people on the one side, and
lie powers of intrigue, ch cane and corruption on
tie '< for. With this conviction impressed upon
>itr min Is, w« cannot hesitate a moment as to the
tde which t- tgb t be espoused. The ascemian
- . '“e popular will must be maintainedr or
, ' ,!l an e; »t once, of our boasted discovery
tithe rapacity Of man ilJr self-government.
>> e deem it unnecessary to enlarge on the nu
merous disqualifications of Mr. Adams, to preside
1 l*ie °f blale* When we regard the tickle*
C"S ol his poittical faith—-he changes through
, ! , " baa passe.l — th* person'll eotisequtnces
riilcll have followed; and the complexion of the
reed which he now professes, it is iu.possible for
» to believe that soundness of judgment and in
egri’y oi heart are united hi his character._
* inebever quality may be assigned him, it must
e given at toe expense, and wish the abandonment
t tt.e other. We are of course, neither prepared
0 listen to his counsel, nor to follow ins march,
“•pressed l'‘-h ‘be Jeepest veneration for those
octrines which have so Jong composed the poHti
al creed of our state, communion with .itin,
vould denote the protest apostacy, and the most
taring Ueriliction of public princtj le and duty in
s. 1 he truth of this remark in its general aspect
1 admitted even by those who assemble amongst
s to espouse his cause, and to promote his re
lectiou to office. He may read in the very name
rhiclt they give to their meetings, the wtakaeas
i their faith; and in their guarded, measured ex
ressions, the little love vvl.ich s felt for him at
carl. It is notorious that the only hope of
allying Virginia aiouud his slandatd, constats in
oustng the passions, the fears, and the prtjidiCCs
if the p lop.e, and directing them against h s rival,
fence the railing against him as dangerous to the
iberties of his country—hence the wretched ef
orts to cast a shade over the brightest actions oi
us life; to disparage his intellect, and to dim (he
ustre of his inotai worth.
n a Granger were to come amongst us, ert
og to ibe clamor xth.ch pervade* tbe country, a
;ain-t lire “military chieftain” he would natural
y conclude that Gen. Jackson waetho unity can~
ii lute, and about to be borne into office auiui-t
he bayouel* of the eoidory. How remit* from
iirt actual situation! broui the commencement t>i
he last Contest to the present period, he haa been
tmphatically the candidate of the People. Kn
ivened no dotbt by gratitude, their collective »a<
;ncry, which seldom etrs, firs, sought him au.itJ
Itose calm retreats into which he tiad voluntarily
etned, alter the tcenes of his glory had passed
iway—Their voice alone brought hint upon the
•tage, and he tvas borne into the II u»e datin ’ (lit
an contest upon their shoulders.
Though the glory of his maitial exploit may
impait a peculiar lustre to his name—Though ih.
magnitude ol his patriotic services may give udJj
lional energy lo his support, slid, it i., not true
lhat these constilu e the sole or even chief gri until
of his sireng h. It is conceded by all who know
him, tii’i in point of native strength and vigor
his intellect is of the highest it ler— that his mint
H etiCowm With I Ire keenest sagacty and l!i<
soundest judgment- ihn he is excelled by none ii
that deep and extensive arrpiujulaiice with mei
nntl tilings, winch, more tiian any tiling else, i.
the distinguishing characteristic, of a vigorous anr
usetul understanding. With these are tin ted, i
jovj of country, anient, re?tle«s and indefatigable
and a II nun elevation and purify ol ti.und:
pto-ed to lie beyond the reach of temptation am
utterly impregnable to corruption. The,e tonsti
tute the 1) ’iic strung h, while Ins martial glor
may be tfgardsd ** timely trie Cor Inti,;au decora
Hon if those pillars, by whicii fits popularity t
While we thus deny that the popularity of tien
Jackson, in the present contest, re-ts wholly or u
chitf, U| id his military services a.,d renown, w <
beg leave to protest, in tiie strongest terms, a.
gainst the doctrine, wiiicii is so industriously cir
ciliated, that on account of these lie sh ,ul 1 be le
yarded as a dangerous man, and that his elecliot
would aflord a precedent, Unpio pi lions to the ctvt
liber til’s of his counify. Monstrous pervcsion o
reasoi ! He saw the rights of his couniry in
fringed; her borders invaded; her territory laic
waste; her armies for a time discotulied; gloom
and despondency beginning to settle upon the pub.
lie mind—With the noblest niofitej which car
ac.uate the heart of man, he flew to her support
covered her Kagles with glory, and itrrurd her
from danger and disgrace— Therefore, bis soul i
poi«oned by ambition and pants to over urn the
laws, tits constitution and liberties ol h,s couritiy,
ll is impossible to tin»gme a case where the pre
mises and conclusions are more completely at va>
fiance— where tie allegation and testimony are
moro thoroughly al war.
Passing by the iMutf which tins doctrine offr-p
to the patriotism and good sense of the people
which plainly says to them, you are incapable e:.
flier from a want of capacity or devotion to free
dom, to select your President, we will dwell foi
■ moment on the fatal Impolicy, of thus driving
bom the field of civil competition, every m*-,
who has Worn a sword in the service of his coun
ilie love of war, it would neem, if na'.tirnl it
rn,n- At *11 event*, it m i»ell known to tie Hit
Uvori e •< p«*«iti,e ol Kin#*.*’ Until the unlit' i
,,n ’’"•i"* " with healing in it* wings,” 01 ibe ns
ure ol man, in »<>tue nay, la radically changed
v«t cm Knot f.tprct to lie entirely eaeropt fron^* il>e
n-it* of w»r The best w*y to put off the evil
‘-•7, or to mitigate it* calamities when it e»o no
onger be *i tried, is •• to li« prepared to meet it ”
X nie preparation must chiefly consist in • millt«r•
jrgo iiJtion <>f *otnt sort, end, to r*n ler ihii ef
lecihe, offirerj of genii* a- I ability tutHt be pro
r* .
vidod. But if je«]ou*y anil distru-f of their pa'
riotiem, ►lull be the bitter fru:ts of accepting
commission; it this shall pursue them in time o
1 peace as a stigma ami a reproach; if, wha’eve
maybe the brilliant character ol iheii t1relensi"ns
1 tins alone shall doom them to undergo a s rt c
^ banishment from tiie rpliere of civil elevation, who
wiih these disheartening anticipations, will b<
* . found in time of war to court the tainted ami sus
I ‘‘Ctcd pre-eminence of a gallant and distinguishes
chieftain. 'J he rialural consequence of fostering
these ill-judge 1 and misguided feelings, will be,
> lh.it the finest geniuses ol" iheir time will he lost
T > their country, at those trying seasons when tlieii
■ i services will be most oeedetL.
j It, unfortunately, the leasuning which we have
ju-t urged, should prove fallacious, then the hue
, ; policy of tiie d ictii.ie will be still more con*
spicuuus in ano'her point of view. Ail aigue
that the excessive growth of the military vpitit,
should be repressed in a fiee s' ate, and that it
should be circumscribed within as moderate limit*
i as n ju-t demand for its services will pertni'. To
i e . 81 is «ot the wisest course that a disiin
I gutshed and popular commander should be lured
,av. ay from the head of his army, as soon as the
necessity for b:s services ha* ceased? By placing
ijum on a perfect level writ the rest of society;
by holding cut to him equal opportunities wi'h
, others, of advancing in the path of civil preferment,
i la most elleclual encouragement will be given
him to merge the character ol the soldier in that of
| the citizen. A proper direction will be thus giv
en loins ambition, and it will be disarmed at once
ol every dangerous dfs’re. JBat, if a different
i j'Oiicy shall be pursued; it obscurity cr bis svvoiil
i s‘‘"'n 1,8 the oa!y alternatives set befrre him. Ilieu
, may it be justly feared that the latter will be em
ploye I to carve his way to that eminen.-e, which
• open to every other citizen, while it is barred
j against id to.
It is extreme folly to contend that a •* MiliUrv
; -hietuiu,” ought to rest satisfied with the honors !
; v”"c“ ‘lH *'vord has purchased. The desire of I
i Climbing to the highest elation, and gathering the
, tust honors ot his country, cannot with any rea
son be supposed, to be less ardent in his breast,
I , ** ,n t,jat o{ a demagogue or cunning di
iplomatist. .Nor is it at all likely to be b.cked
' by fewer qualification*. All history attests the
fact, that those who have been most distinguished
iu war, have also proved on trial the most pro*
found and ekiilful statesman. There is no rta-on!
whatever to b.-lieve, that tiie ambition of a uiili- I
i»ry leader in the abstract is less generous, disinte- •
re.-Ud a. d 1 <yfcl, than tint of any other citizen.
*" ambition is a quality neither to be de
precated nor despised It is the di's.ingui-htng pro
pnety of every .K-b'eit gifted mind. It is the source
of e< cry thing, great and glorious in the world I
and neuher can, nor might io be. erad-cited from !
(he nattne ot man. Let all incentives to evil be j
1 w,tlib*dJ Jet it not be inflamed by uni ist treat- !
I merit; Let not its sensibilities be woundcl by ca- ‘
lumny and detraction; let it have fair play; room io I
exeit its salutary vigour, and to turn its energies
into a proper channel,and its spirit will become
identified with the good, instead of the optieesion
of ma..kind.
Wi ll regard <o the particular acts of General
Jackson winch have teen bo violently availed
j we view w ill extreme regret, the total departure
of nio opponents f,oui those stern *„) impartial
rules of inV45-U.gallon which are g laranteed by the
sijirit ol our laws to the meanest and mo-t abject
offenders. W’hile the acts thruiselvcs are painted
I in the blackest colours and exhibited in the r’-ong
■ est light, the j Isl/ijation Of which they sTT
; ce,M.Lie, is Studiously concealed from the pul lie
, view. U tihout entering into an elaborate review
iofthe entire grounds ot his defence-why was
: it, we would ask, tbit when he appeare I before
jlhc grand inquest of the nation—when every
' , was tresh In the minds of the people and
iboir agents; when every thing condemnatory or
otherwise was brought forward—why was it
we say, that a •* redeeming t.p;ri.” w as seen to’
walk With iilfii through the whole scene, and to
bear htm not only unhurt, bn triumphant, out of
the hands of hie enemies? Shall we he told that
the Ilepre-euU.ivee of the nation were untrne to
their Uusi; that they Winked at the violation ol
.iteJoui; that cloaking his enoimitie*, they bowed
do.vn and did homage 10 a man who had trampled
the laws and the constitution, contemptuously be
neath bis feet. it is not to be credited for a ro
mtnl. i hey knew lhat if he exercised a s-ron*
arm ,t, the , rorince of his command, i, was becau."
the honor and nalety of hiscom-.y, depended up.
on us vigour. Ifhecaused'Aibuthnot J Aid
br.Mer to be hung, ,t was the just reward of the
savage enonn,lies which they *,hd and abetted.
,n.U. * /" frt»'b"J,0» f'->' «»>e unoffending !, cod
which they helped to #hed. We distrust the cha
racer of that humanity, whirl, while its snrro,. s
are lavishly poured nroumf the gra* es of ou Im
;ro civilisation — wretches who had assoc.el
Ihemselvee with the •• Can aba I S..vag,." ,„r ,'e
|,mri.oae.Sofn,urdera„dplll,ge, ha - not a tear ,*
Smhtd bloo”) U,1':“r0'19 “**<’f innocent a,. 1
uiiidu blooj 1; again, he invaded the prr>v:n
ces ol n u ral state. ,1 wasb.cuse the iu.L ibtv
or rather eoll.t-mn ol her lor,I auifto.ihes had f.,r
. C te l all i laim to tue protection of iuternation l
j law and rendered the measure intIi*pen«ob.e to the
; effectual chastisement of our foes tfi r
etl with the pes m .l ^ of”,
because that CPtz-n had forcotte-, wi, , ,
j him who ba.| been en-rusted with |,tr defence —
i N.O, lean., GV„ ral Jackson Jli 6 \
iress .I. i. 1 'VM* suirounded with
ireasnn to tatch an extent, that according to the
confession ui an intelligent Hritisi, Oihc^ he a
,nV° he lirionged, marched ,-.s
and arsured vict. ry. 1 hus by coupling the el!
ledged niHdee-awb then ... i| !V,2«. n
! -V II be found that General Jackson was actuate,]
throughout by luc purest devotion . . his r
1 hm ,od ,hy * V>*' Sen‘* lhe which w.i
due to the imperious requrrsme-.s of state ne
it is cont'ij.
t"',. i'hT "“ —".I.'.- lb. J,„j a
example of conti'irinK he li tlie-t office i
..:<■■> f..v;
‘J‘ »oiirce of f„,u„ nrnchief, wo,*;. i, Plwi
rjop»e ou^ht .oxvoij jjJ( „ lhe
. ’ ,'rl! Jac*”0», who. h.9 eiiom.ei wuulij fain
**?, ' b“,,*r1W’ '* >»- "•«*» viol*,,, m.' «b"
l,ve<], lie i.ol .langeroux. I>j wh.| r,„l t,i loa-c can
lie •9iabli«li»dl that another or »no her
-urce.Mon. a,l iike hi,,,, w„„|,| be «
rw“»- vV>«»" »«>' l»y cl,,*, l,kc of 0L* 1U
puhlicm thdken, to (he r., , ' ,{ *
<h-*l (h.fafoie leave fu.ur. .vL.l ,«7 -
ration. All that W( eoni,ni\ f S'"**
i irs!: *r - • ■> *»
' •hall tmltm ' 10 UWir I'.ll (.<>••» W«
i?c-r0(14 C/fC *! 1 lo fKint'ity h Jin
*',f*c;,ve *"*•*»< If «>.'/ rml.fi.re ,l.r
I *f o a in’lf.gr/ chl»f|*lr^,,• who (ifeati'iiie <■)
I inc acknnwUl^aj ptinothm an.J illu-fimaa *|r
| t»J«H t*f mm VV tKtntf C illuts W* eppotttr)
i lib€rr|«ii benea'b hi§ fee I, they Vv ;!l not l>
lultowiftg our txamplc, hi llir ff»o!teh :,r w rk
, <W.re. olthair own heart, So |on}; .. hn r»
Oif.n true to tlrnnaelve.. - So J0^ ,t ,h-j ortUnus
to cherish a proper rcg„d ,or ,heir ^ , .
I than the eounicr/git Gen. J«ck*oU. ’ Buf wmIo
| tlieui, when the pubi c virtue of their leadma
■ statesmen has become a prey to the lust of eeltT.h
aggr.nUuement! When venality »,,d eorruptfoa
' "w?d U'e,r rHU,s w,de and Jeep into the
r . ?V KeV,be wei{,,,t of »,0Pul*f influence [,iB
, ceased to be felt in the halls of legislation!- TU
| indeed anarchy will not be far off, and militsIJ
aSZ ta!i.0'to”iM “ *• tau.
fiom what quarter of the the Pre-i,»
i rJ?",'/' CVideJr ? br‘nK* wilh a Bin? /,
qual to the duties of ins station; a heart .
i to the interests of hi. country; a due sense of^
it wee to the will of the people, and a disrnai
Uon, which nothing can warp, to adininMeTlfo
con-titution in spirit and in truth. *
! Wc‘ fan ‘ee no ••uiWance oi reason for >r,s/v,a
tiMng the opposition to the adminieirafion a8Cfar
" “ V'tiking piw(of ,,
of the people, associated with a pIOper
for their r ights a becoming veneration for E
.•• ■tut,on-, and a, evincing a noble resolmL, .
preserve them ft, their priuittive purity and i?Jr°
Nr hen doctnnesot evil oiurn are proclaim* I** *
cannot see the wisdom of waiting for ,he ml?
sures to which (if they mean any thing) ,1.?* “‘
neces-arily lead. On the contrary,^ w. d? "“E
ar more expedient to crush the evils at once j
their chrysalis state, than to wa.t tin tb7v r' ?
taken w ng and spread themselves over the Jid
Hat, ,1 is asked, why has V.rginia delcr.ed MV
Adams, who was the object of her secoi.il -r, •
at the last election } A. well might fh. . ^
wave demand ef the roclc, which fpurns it from^
base, why have you left me' V.rSnia , V*
those principles to which she has cfun» ’thlok?
“ e°0tl through evil report ’* has n«i h ^
an inch from the ground which she has aTva^
occupied. The man of her second choice lln W
s.-rfed her; end not only her, but with n faedhr
transformation, wholly untivalled, miles* hi il
lie o ol the Midsummer Night’s Dream i y 1,0
ally gc.ie out Of and deserTeJ him,*?' A*
did nun iviJJ dare to say, that the enirif .Ca,T
faderalism, which now shines out so*
the Pre-ideut, and whirl. «a„dU £cfiST&>
affi,Haled spirit- of the Hartford ConvontionXu?
s ms which many jears ago. bowed down by si
an I sorrow, openly renounced thefaj,;, in ^.ir^
U had been baptize I, and reared, and disciplined
and became the accredited convert and prole™ 1*,
Gues and Jefferson. There is not a solitary ?j„7
of resemblance a d hence the ,jS9 and progrj^f
t he alienated feelings of Virginia. 91
Ag.in, it tsat-kel. what sympathy can . n • .
between V rgin a and Gen. Jackson 7 J J!o
those points of const,tutional doctrine, and hole
lme. of domestic policy to which the former ii so
strenuously opposed. Werer.tr .h.t ‘ °
ue certainly lortknown to «]la, „,enl
Jnclceon i, prepared to go in relation to these ,ubi
{r- Mr‘ UU>’ m 1'ertive speech « PS:
j v* S a?* “i 0ne rea*0n °f hlS Preference"of
Adams; that With fe*pect tn
* —>»«»
lie was in iloutil as to those nf r* t , ”‘*llc
! U..» Mr. CLj ,v„b° ,M,' ^2?/^ «
°r jrr.'gnrg. Iras rtrom to doubt, P„re|yf ,ve
have r om to hope, and h',oe ,Ve
and languid, would still be „uffV' f , eVC“ **,nt
I - to persevere in o,„ Voir" - fh^'d ^T^
! i«P over ,i.e desolation of Vb- n."t 1^T"
present Objbct.andover.pre.de every *ftu“re
pect with the deepest gloom 3 ta.ureplp*-.
Resolved therefore, That wliile w« „;i,
willing and implicit obsdience to it P3^ a
authorities winch exi-t, we wil? 'll
honorable means to e:Tcct a chan^ r~ **,r
; ,U.... re. V^TZVZT1
more just »o the r gh.e and privileges oi h. 1?S«7
“a*4«r^rrV - 3?
1 charge of a corrupt understanding he'ween 3J t
io-^vr wwi,,
. r-u ih.ed to eleva'e each other to oflice contrarv to
i r.3j' Sf... yf*i,e S.“
r,w* ,v» '««»'.! Hie u.nipl,
i ”fr;;?.0.“«*•»>
| ^ % “ * • li illuCji^), tiain /\n a I. n _ i i
• main on Uie republican nliri
1 \l l;f.0jr f°“n,rf; a«‘d « marking the approach of
ih..t decay of pub.ic morals which is the conSUnc
| forerunner of the ruin of republics. * rni5U.it
R. jived, Th., we regard Gen. A. Jjrk.on ts
a pure and zealous patriot-As a man void'ct
gui.e.a/jd proof against corruption, and ss -weTl
1 q.ia.iQed by the sound and pr,etic.d cast 0^1
1 u m.V» f PU'7 and of hi- nur,?!!
• oJ.ll the highest othcc in the gift of a Bee l*eo
l(.ir*ie dt‘e*al,e8 b«i"P considered as
withdrawn) Unit our .Senator and .Delegate* in fj,e
■ •• •*'•"« b-,and they are hereby requeU-d
j formation of a J.ckson Ticket ^ '
Ivtso ved That in addition to the persons'bfcrt,r«
1 njeiilioned, Gordon Korbe», Down nr (. on Wm
C. Cb.mII., a.,.id Ilutt.Sui. J.me. Sent.. Snd
S,.|.|„n I). 1,11.,tl.qr.. b» .PPo,I.I..1. com.o.lr.o
j lo f ’,fe*P°nJ with other conimitteo in this ffina
*oi ial district and elreivhere. Wn
Resolved, That the Editors of the RichnjtW
Enquirer, D. 3 1 elegraph and Political Arena h,;
, i (.quested to publish these proceedings.
m JtuaiNso.M, Secretary.
| At » Meting of the c.t v.ens of Halifax ty^nty,
opfaMatl lo the election o* Ge„. Andrew j^'i*
M .T Vr. encv of U" U,,i'el s »'e». htld -on
the 2<J:h Noy. 1S27, V J
Mhj. r John S Lew*11 an wa* called to ihe-cbair
lleiuy 1 II■!field was appointed Berreu/y.
• v , ' f, ,,v •Pl'topnate remark* from Gerre/,1
iLdvvard O Cer„,,g»un, .xpU„,lory 0( lheo,j*'tj(
, of th* meeting. the following preamble .ndtteo
| luliona tvti« euboiitird and ad pi,t; rvfcbm.t a difa*
sentient voice;
Vv e, a poruon of the rilJstena « f Halifax ffltlnly
j are decide ly <>ppo-fd to the elec ion of (.’en.
Amlre* Jackson to the Presidency of the Unf*
'<• I >.»tea, t„c,use we ih'nk hint unfitted for sq
! olnce, m which wi-d m, |-ru'enrc and mnderttfou
are llie p e t* i; iuite»; by a temper no'orioualy .fit*
I 'y, vc lent an l oveiherring; became w* ki)o«V
i that he has h JJ jnany civil office*, and we have
never Understood that he has display*,i, -)n
tie dircn.irge ot tt.eir dunes, taieo's which
' eleva e I hmi c ore the level of ordinary states
i men tVe a e .ho, that »n- aiten.pl te tlow «,,,
ikhg 'ino.e Mr Adam* ho* the PiMtdentfal
( r, and ,., p are (,*„ Jsck-on thereon - not up!
m. , finejp .; ,,m he an* a eh.ng,. of me.™* ft
expected; In... Jackwx. i. opposed lo
,he *f'' •'!<l «° -ternd imp ovem-nt -d ut bZ
r.n e is Vgal by its enemi*,) (V.o adroit*,
i "r,*hl corruption. This isli#
lariV lie J ' ° .t^,€ I’P>»'r'On, and partffu
'* 1 jmian, l ave t^o Ight proper to irsako
iiiK and upon which th y ar- w I’ing to try
d Je«f-on 1| I t people h rush the
, ‘ 1 •*» y.m«, w ho are n >«* in oilrce. fsotn
r high stations, they »v II he con* d>rel, and
! j1' 'S' ' ’•d'* *' giv,i'" their SJPctfoti ?3 thi»

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