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fHccntttt nf It’viffin, by Mrs.
WiHiWitthou w*»«r the gift of inwor<il blovoif
WyulJ.l thou tunic in scorn at the shadowy tomb?
Drink ut this cup! it •• ri« hly fraught
Willi balm from the gardens ot (irnn brought;
Drink, and the spoiler shall pais thie by, J
When Hie young all scatter eJ like rose leaves lie. ]
And would not lhe youth of toy soul be gone,
11 tbe lov'd had b ft me, one by one *
Take ha* k the cup that uny never b>««.
The gift that would make ut broiheilen!
How should I live, with no kmdi ed ey <*
To m fleet Dime luiinottali'y?
Wonldst thou have empire, by s»trn oi •• c!!,
«Wer the mighty in an that dwell?
Wouldsl thou r.all the spirits of shore ar»d steep
To fetch the jewels fious ore ah's dgep?
Wave but this rod, and n vi* wless baud
Slaves to thy will, shall around thee stand. «
And w«»uhj not fear, at rny cousin? theo,
Hush every voice iu the homretif men?
Would not hiight eyes in my presence quail
Young cheeks with a nameless thrill turn palt
gift ha iitinv that aside would turn
The hum in luve lu whose founts I yearn!
Won hist thou then read tluo'the hearts of those
Upon whom luik th*>u hast sought repost?
Wear this rich gem! it is charm'd to show
When a change comes over affection's glow;
Look cu its flushing or fading hue,
And learn if the trusted be false or true!
Keep, keep tin* gem, that 1 still may trust,
Tl»o' iny heart's wealtn b«*h»jt pour'd ou dustf
l,**t not a doubt in my s*ul have place,
To dmi the light nl a lov'd otic's lace;
Leave r<# tbeeaith its warm sutiey smile—
Tnat gl >iy would pass could 1 io.k or guile!
Say (hen, what boon of roy power -hall be
Favour’d ol spirits pout'd forth on thee?
Tnou scorned the trearnre of wave ami mine.
Thou wilt not drink of the cup divine,
Tli ju art fain wi:h a mortal's lot to re*t—
Answer uie! how may I gta« c it best?
O! give me no swsy o’er the powers unseen.
But a human head wher.* my own may leau*.
A fiicud, one tender and faithful friend,
Whose thoughts'free cut rent with mine may blend.
And leaving not either on eaith alone,
Bid the bugkt calm close M our lives be one!
J*'rout the „V. F. Journal of Commerce.
Tiie btig Mei.iM has arrived in safety at Pores,
with the donations despatched fiom the U. .S. for
'Jio relief ot' tiie Greeks. Her arrival at thi- time
is very opportune, as the inhabitants of the Morea
are said to he tn a state ol absolute starvation.—
The lollnwitig letter from Mr. King, who hits at -
lived at Poros in the llorald, will be read with in
terest by the friends of Greece. It was addressed
to the ladies ot the Grc» k Committee, thro’ whose
agency he was sent to that country.
Polios, Dili August, 182?.
I have at h-ng h arrived at the place of my des
tination, and my feet have the happiness to stand
on Grecian soil. My c>e« now behold an immense
tield “ white already to harvest,” and I rejoice
that 1 am sent hither to labour. We arrived in the
harbour of Poros, the 2ii'.h ult. in 00 days from N.
-York. Being quite ill the day of our arrival, arid
learning that it was very sickly in tiiis place, hav
ing no lodgings procured, and as the Loid’s day
was approaching, I concluded to remain on hoard
till Monday the 2Sth, at which time 1 came on
shore, and took lodgings in one ol the best houses
i could liud, tho’ there was in it neither bed, chair
nor table. Ti e same large trunk, which Mr.
-■Fisk and myself used in tho desert, an I for a long
time at Jerusalem for a table, 1 am now using a
galn for the same purpose.
The cargo ol supplies for tiie Greeks arrived in
goo:! order, and is now deposited in magazines fur
nished gratis by the Government ol Greece. We
have called on the President, his brother, (Count
V. A. Capo.listrias,) M.ivr.icordatfiSb the Governor
uf the Island, allot whom gave us the most polite
and cor«!i.il reception. The President lias also
been with us to examine the cargo, and seemed
highly gratified, tho’lie several times remarked,
tb it tiie tilings were quite too good.
Our first interview with him vt as to tne in the
highest degree interesting. After he had readsev
cral letters ot introduction whi h i had to him,
from Mr. Gallatin, from the Duchess de Broglie,
the Countess ?t. Aulaire, and others of hi-friends
in France and .'Witz viand, our conversation turn
ed upon thr preseid state ol Greece, the means to
lie employed to raise her from the low stale to
which she lias been reduced by Turkish tyranny,
war and anarchy; the importance of establishing
schools, of teaching the youth not only science,
but good morals and the religion ol the Gospel, &c.
&.C., which 1 have not now time to detail.
On my observing to his Excellency that we, so
far as means were concerned, owed our indepen
dence to tiie firm principl s of probity which our
forefa hers po.-si-ssed, who lied Iron: England to A- ;
in erica with tiie Bible in tli i. hand.:: ‘-I know it,”
- iid lie, “ 1 am wt II acquainted with your history.”
Alter a long conversation of tiiis kind, we came to
the subject ot the o n t o -c:.t out by the Greek
Committee ol New-York. The letter from that
Committee had been given to him by his brother,
previous to our seeing him, i.e was absent at tho
tune of our arrival, and our first business was |
transacted with his brother.
I was so unwell for several days after ny arid- I
val, that 1 could do little more than perforin the !
c'ltics which were absolutely necessary, such as i
calling on tiie authorities cl ihe place and making j
such arrangements as weie necessary for tiie un
loading tiie cargo, taking (lie bouse, tkc. Besides I
multitudes were calling on me to beg the Gospel. 1
know not that i ever aaw people so absolutely him- \
gry for books as they are in tiiis place. Not more I
than three or four have asked mo lor charity—
hundreds have asked me for hooks, i have many
things which interest me ex< eedingly, which I
wish to communicate, but cjmiot now, as the He
rald, by which I send this, is to sail at two o’
clock to-rnorrow morning. Suffice it to say that
the way is perfectly opened tor mo to establish
schools to almost any extent.
If you ran send me fifty thousand dollars I can
employ it for that purpose. Could not (he ladies ol
New York collect money enough for the building
n school house, a: tiie establishment of a school
ol superior order for iemales ir. Greece? Would
not such an acl of charity in the Ladies of your ci
ty be to them a more brilliant ornament than chains
of gold and pearls? I have to day had another in
terview with the President, and lie has invited me
to visit the schools which be lias established here,
mid (lien corns to 1 .ina, (where he is going to
morrow morning.) to be intiuduced by him to tiie
Bishop in that plate, and to visit die schools which
ho lias there established.
Athens is still in the hands of tiie Turks, and
Ibrahim Pacha and the plague are still in tiie
Morea. In this place it i- now sickly. Dr. It
says that lie thinks them are five bundled in Poros
ill ot fevers.
iJnH word now tnin rrgarn to ltn« place, nnd I
rrill conclude: f’uiu,, m :■ sn, dl, rough, rorky fs
|jnd, sepai-ted from the main land,the Morea,
hy a narrow channel of Wider. The city, which
contains, perhaps, five ihwi«snd inhabitants, is
built on the declivities of a steep hill, and the
hones rise one above another, so that the found,!
.O'li of one i, about on a level \\ ilh the top of the
Other, u in the midst of them are. ledges ot large
pendent rocks, which, it would feern, n little sha
king of the earth might *-et in motion, and roll
down in desolation upon aU beneath.
Tins Inland was formerly called Calavria. It
Was here, tint \><’HiO-uhenes took refuge in the
temple of Neptune arid, where, to avoid falling
into the hands of a 1 ymnl, he swallowed poi«oft
snd fell dead at the fool of the Altar Here fell
SbePiiueo of f>rators. Mere svms hu-tudtn i
Jence, more than two thousand yr*T» ago, (he
mightiest voice of olcqtiec.ee, Which the Pagan
rvflrld ever hoard. Ilut tho Liberty, far which
- ha plead, though fallen, still lives, and rmw half
.-ifti from tf o dual, to Which Turkish Tyranny
had crushed hnr, has seized her shield and swmd,
cud already pci formed deeds of valour. They
-y*ifl one day bs. i doubt nut, recognir. t! as such.
At , sent, 1 hear little cl e from foreigners, hut
' base f.tct k,s, vilt! Hr,',-' s, lying Mrc k«, thievish
(ircrb.imwjit'i.y 01 me charities youurin*' mtu
unworthy of assistance, unworthy of Liberty,
worse than Parhnrians.”
Some told me before I arrived here, that they
thought it very "probable, that the Greeks would
cut my throat. It may beso.l cannot say whot
may, or may not happen as to that. I can only
say, for the present, that my reception here has
been such as it alwavs{was among the Greeks in
Palestine &. Syria, l'gypt, Ada, Minor, and Con
stantinople, friendly and polite.
In tnuch haste, your very obedient fiiend and
| humble servant, * JONAS KING.
, To the i.adcisof tire Greek Committee.
_*_ <
[ From the -Vetv York Gnsctle.1 i
A case of sonic interest was decided yesterday
morning, in the I’olico Office, before Justice Wy
man. A gentleman named John McMu11an,of
Baltimore, appeared before the Magistrate, with a
coloured woman, in charge of an officer, whom he
claimed as ids property. The woman was first,
examined, and gave the name of Martha Smith.—
She stated that she had been in this city' nearly
two years, and had married here about ten mouths
since, and could not tell r*.e clergyman’s name who
married her; that sho had never seen Mr. M’Mul
lan before Thursday night, and was not his slave;
that she was horn a slave in Soowhill, Maryland,
and there belonged to Mr. llamblelon.of that place.
She alio produced a certificate signed by William
Paulding, Esq. Mayor of this city, stating that sa
tisfactory evidence had been adduced before him,
that 11 Martha Smith,” was a free woman of color,
and recommending her to the protection of the
magistrates and citizens. At this stage of the pro
ceedings. the Mayor was sent for, who acknow
ledged the certificate to be genuine, hut he could
j not recognize the woman aa the individual to whom
• he certificate had been given. He also explained
to the magistrate the usual manner in which tho-c
certificates were granted.
A colored man named Moses Smith, -was then
called, and testified that he had known the woman
.'or about 20 years; that her name was not Smith,
hut Sarah Clarke, that lie had lived in the same
neighbourhood with her a number of years; when
he fir*t knew her, she was the property of Mr.
Tubman, a lich farmer in Maryland. Mr. M’
Mutlan, the claimant, married Mr. T’s daughter,
and on the division of the estate, Sarah with six
or seven other slaves, fell to his lot. He could
not be mistaken in the woman, os he had known
her from her infancy.
John M’Mullan testified that tba woman’s name
w<n .Sar ih Clark, and that he became possessed
ot her in the manner decrihed by the previous
witness. She ran away in December or January
hut, from Kent island. Queen Ann County, Mary
The Rev. James Smith, one of the Pastors of
St. Peter’s Church, in this city, testified to the
good character and respectability of Mr. M’Mul
lan, having been acquainted with him for a num
ber of years..
Two gentleman, members of the society of
!• fiends, then interfered ’in behalf of the woman,
and asked her if (here were no person in the city
who could confirm her story? She named two
i coloured women who she 9aid had known her for
nearly two years, and also, mentioned several
places where she had lived. The coloured wo
men were then sent for,hut on being examined,
did not confirm her story in any particular except
as to the fact of knowing her. The Magistrate
then asked the two gectlcincu if they were sat
isfied as to the claimant’s ownership, to which
they immediately replied in the affirmative. Mr.
Justice Wyman then gave a certificate in favor of
Mr. M’Mullan, and the woman was delivered up
to him.
1 he investigation of Ibis matter occupied sev
eral hours, and was conducted in a very proper
manner, every opportunity being afforded the
woman, to substantiate her own declarations,
which, however, she could not do, audall who
heard hpr statement were fully convinced of its
falsity.—The case brought together a concourse
ol coloured people, many of whom came into the
office, and others loitered iu and around the Hall.
Some indigna'ion was expressed against the co
loured man Smith, who, they said, had “betrayed”
her, and there were indications given of a de
sire to do personal injury to him Measures were,
however, taken to put him in a place of security
until he can be removed from the city.
Although we deprecate slavery as much as a
ny person, yet, as it does exist, it is very proper
that the rightful owner of such property should
not be deprived of it, when he makes a satisfac
tory claim as was the casein the present instance.
It is due to the members of the So. i ity ofFriends
"'ho undertook the examination of the case in be
half of the woman, to say that they conducted the
affair in the most liberal manner and fully acqui
esced in the proceedings.
Liverpool and Manchester Railway.—The rail
way commences at the port of Liverpool, at a point
in direct communication with the King’s and
Queen’s Docks. The line passes under the town
of Liverpool by a tunnel and inclined plane. This
magnificent archway, sixteen feet high and twenty
two feet wide, is cut through the solid rock for the
enormous length of 2243 yards, the inclined plane
rising one foot in forty-nine. The steep asceut of
Liverpool is thus avoided, and all interference with
the general business of the streets is thus effectu
ally prevented. The excavations of this stupendu
ous work have been going on at several points at
the same time; and the precision with which the
junctions of the different parts have been effected,
in some cases not varying two inches, offers n
most remarkable example of the certainly of set-1
entitle arrangement. The road through the tun !
ncl, which we thus see is about a mile and a quar
ter long, comes into the day-light at the fop of the
high hill (Edge HilJj looking down upon Liverpool.
A deep excavation through the elevated ground
beyond this point offers an interes’iug example of
liic triumph of man over physical difficulties. Se
veral miles onward, the roadway passes over a
moss; and here, by a steady and cautious system
of cuttings and embankments, the railway has
been laid down successively upon a soil which
appeared as treacherous as the sands of the desert.
1 he valley tin **-gli which the river Sancey iun<
is crossed by an enormous viaduct, consisting of
embankments and arches built upon piles of ex
traordinary magnitude. Hence, to Manchester,
the line does not present any peculiar difficulties.
The whole cost of this grand work will be about
£i/00,000. [London Paper.
As j sample of the grandiloquence with which
horse races arc described in tbe London journals,
we subjoin tbe finishing paragraph of a long ac
count in the London Morning Chronicle o',T the
22d ult. ot the Doncaster sped.
•' Thus closed a meeting of unparalleled inter
rest, not only to Yorkshire, of which it is, de
servedly, the pride and boast, but (o all KngJand_
a meeting at once animating ami delighting, a vast
concourse of both sexe s and of all classes. Tin* Led
ger-day was a complete holiday, and never was
witnessed such a spectacle as it presented; (lie
procession of equipages from the Mansion-house
and New Mclting-iooms was ceaseless; and asdense
*s m supply a constant-tream to both sides of the
Grand l'avillion, (hat received tins assemblage of
fashion. Moderate persons estimate that iwire
the number of spectators were on Ihe stand and
about tbe ground as collected on the Inst St. Led
ger-day, which itself boasted of a splendid atten
dance; others could certainly find a limit to (heir
estimates: tut all agree, that a more glorious exhi
bition, never, on any occasion, appeared at Don
caster or nny other races. The day was through
out one ofdx77ling brightness arid kindling warmth,
which made the whole multitude sparkle with
| glee, wc should mention, however, that some ha
ter* r.f huionn pleasure—some would-be taint*,
had place conspicuously on the road to the rare
course, and m the midst of this hij py assemblage,
placards n uli the following f'rt'vr mriounrcme nt: —
D.f end of all these things i* death!! !’*
A'ntional Catcttc.
AJjUJir.HAV* Ml.A.
, XT) OflSlMN I IV • list re* of tf * iup*ri*r toort o' r’>*n-er*
: *£, (ef (he TVillian>,fcnr* Tittriet, n«eun Iton-in if>
| Mr , f I..n. oar • d lh- i.Vhi'sy <f July. IS*.’*, • h*r«n,.Tr„,.
m-n /’*•►** is plaintiff *nrt Elijah IftiT rt«(Mt., 1 nror--,’
'•> > M, for >*•!>, hrfr-re the cuttrlhoe** rlocf of ,e,nirr>t
1 cutty, I Thursday fh» Uth rfay of Ptr., »«*', that heir*
c -err i(»y, i!,e ff of Lamt nir lid' fteit in the r oinglainam'*
h> I, f..r tiit f.Mfpi *e of aafisffiee 'he rrijitirem-rf* ef *siil
I deciir. V’S 1. WUr TflL’ tS m.#. e. e. w. A.
^ “or. I' jo—’.-I*
Ai.Ai Ai\ AC i Oli .
W.CST published by PETKR COTTOM, his Virginia, a ad
■ijl North Caiolina Almanac fat the y rat 1820 rnlau.ii.g,
• snlri (he ArlroiHiuiical Calcutati -ns,Courts, $c. 4cc. a va
Ii-ljr i f cunous, useful 4r eutiitainiug maltir*—the Aitinim
■meal pail calculated liy Joseph Care of Orange c utility, Va.
aud loi sale by the grace, do/.ru oi tingle.
In Trett aud shuttly will lie puhli.hed. a New No.e'.hy a
Y -ung Lady of Viignua, entitled ‘Gi oald Adair," two vol
Ocl.T. Sl-tr
Auditor's Office, 16/A Oct. 1S23
fallowing abstract ul the tevtial lawitur legulat.iic the
*• pay of Militia CTc-rtiu lima of pee>r, it published lor
the rut innali n uf all perious cuncerued.
The Hrigaite lutpertoit are entitle i u. six dollar! i,*i d«y,
for each dav they shall attend the training* a .1 R ^lujcuta
uiusteis, anil ten cents per uule fui tiev llirg iliiough (be Gri.
n6u! ttl"-'Jean onJ'J charge mileage far One circuit through ,
the brigade, b> which it uuueiaiuoJ, mileage ft mu th*ir ttv* ;
ral plim uf abode to ra- h successive training an . mustei |
giound, uutil they letum Iwiue. No mileage will h, paid, Ihai
it not cei (Mi d according t i (lilt ohvinu* cou.di urti in of ihr Adi
of Assembly. The Law giving a runtt-ium allowam •• of one
hundred d-ttar, (.» (he luiprctur, it coiitidurd Kill m lore*.
liytlicAcl I J7ih Febiuaiy 1821, Intpect-n can uo lunger
enmi ■ M-i.iaiaits to attend them tlir.nuhoultb* Brigade; kul
(•«e Regimental iiun h Afi Majors at * .equired to attend
the training, ana Regimental a.i' Battalion sutlers,—fur
which, they are ea-ii allowed [by tnr Regimental Cuuit at tu
other aietj two dcltar, per Jay. No other inuncian can be
paid tor atleodiog such miitten.
Uiuinmert *t Fifers tie each allowed one dollar fur attend
mg a Comg-.ar.j .uutier, and atruuipetei ur bugler it entKltd
to (he tame compensation aud uu mure, lui attending (be in us*
tar ul auuup oi Cavaliy.
The Oleik of each Regimental anil Balta'ioo couit, it al
lowed (he turn ut ft* dollar, fur bit etieo'auce aud service
at each anch Court, aud tit more, 1 li'iuell the taiue rhuulu con*
(iiiue hi set,ion beyond one d*y (fli clerks->f the IO(b,
39.hi 4t34i" Regiments uity be ai'lowed Ten dollar,.) The Act
if ”e 1823, cutiMet ea*b eltik in iieaj bis former
allowance lor (he like tenure. In charge “lor uiikiug out ana
cerinyiug eai h fist ofi fjnrs rtguired by lato, the turn two
ertt-t foi (he * a me ot each pertuu, entered thereon, against
wta.iiu any fine oi Cues tliall have been attested, anil no uther
couipenaaiiun fur men tervice." The listsrefeirril lotosrruMir
ed by law, tre thme which are furnished the Slienff to Audi
tor. Tiie tuppleoiental act last ineultoned, it not c ust.ue
to tupi i .*dr tne allawaucet heretofore made fur advertising
T e p ty of (he Provost Martial, it redu. ed to one dedtar per
•-* .HI each day he thall teivu al the erimcutal V Uallalioti
The pay of the Adiutacl, it reduced to three dollar, per
day for every day he'thtll attend the Regimental and Lal
taliiMi muitns;— but he u hot uuw requited (o attend the Crain
Expresses, are allowed four cents per mile; hut (be (rana
mission of Regimental, Battalion and Company orders is n d
paid for in lime of peace.
The Sergeant Mtjcr it now entitled tu no compensation.
The commanding o<5, eit id each regiment aie referred tu
tection of the act amending the Militia Lew, patted the
l-eb. Id22, which restrict! them to the sum of forty dol
lars, in the purchur of each aland of colors, and piubihilt the
puirhate altogether, unleit the free of t he ir rttpcclixtc Re
fimenCJ yield a sufficient surplus eftc; durhaigiug all other
draltt. Tha ncn-ohjervauce of tiui act has led Usuoie mcuu
It it particularly reqoitteJ, (hat every claim allowed by a
Kerinientil Court should be countersigned, or endorsed by
the Comuandioe Officei_
^ * claim will he pant at Ibis Office, which has not such
couolettignaluie or eudoiteinrut; n..i will any militia clam.
I hereafter be paid, uutil the Gcneial list of allow meet shall
beforwarded by llie Kegim-utel clnk, and ion i.aiid wila
the claims at preacuUd. JAMES K HEATH,
Auditor of public account,
Oct. 85 t9 -n
University of Pettnsylvama.
'f^HE L*ciuin milCorumciic r a. u-ual on (he Cist Monday
1- in N r. and be continued (ill Afarch.
Th' arrangement of Uit Uiao he* uasf.dlowt:
Anatomy _p. 6. Phiattck. M. G. W. E. Hornet, M. D.
Materia Med.ca —Jn<> Redman (Jolt, M. D.
Practice of Meucine —Nath. Chapman, M. U.
Midwifery—Thi. O. James, M. G. W. P. L'cnees, M. D.
Chemistry — Roh. Hare, M U.
Surgery —Win. Cibton, M. G.
Institute uf Medicine —Sam. Jackson, M. D.
Clinical Lectures on the Precticeof OledicsueIsol Surgeiy.
will be delivered on Wednesdays and Saturdays, by Duct srt
Chapman i. G.bsop,at (be Alms House.
W. E. IIOU NEK, Dean,
2t>3, Clie.nnt St.
August 12._(ISlhNov_Philadelphia
Exevutiee will receive proposals in conformity wit
Ike previsions ol Ihe 3 : section of the »ct Conccrni ■ s,
ihe Armory, hereto anneaed —m Ao.t be it furlker meets,
thet the Executive he eulhorised if required to ascertain upon
svhal terms the Armory Ruildinft df Load attacked thereto,
- xu tie sold, exchanged or leased lor a term of yesrs, it coti.s
munirate to the next Giueral A-srmbly the result of ttosr
enquiry" By order of the Executive.
VVTVi. U. K1CHAKD30N, c. c.
Executive Department, I
13th March, IH38. f
W»rrb is_ mi -tf
Land for Hale.
virtue of a deedoftiust executed to cr by Jeroi-n
dmg Baker, J, c., and «.f rerurd in Amelia Clerk’s Other, lor
the purp se of securing a debt due Wu.. S. Archer and 8a
muel Jones, will he sold for cash, on the premises, on tin
C6ik of NOVEMBER, (next month) a Tract i.f Land,
lying m the r. .11 .ty if A Delia, commonly called Grove
Br ok, coataiuiog about 600 acres.
This Laad lies on Apna-uadox river, not fat above Genoa
Bridge. Such title as is vested in us, we will convey.
J. T. LEIGH, > Tins
„ i. W. BAKER, J tees. ,
Pel _ _A1--C,_
»0TICE it hereby giveu, that a Petition will b> pirs.tne
to the nett General A-.«rmb!y, for leave to er«n.t a Toll
Hridge a-i.iss the Pamunky Itiver, at the point at which Lit
llepage’s Bridge oow crosses the said Hirer
Elizabeth Taylor,
Richard S. Tavlor.
Hanover. Sept. B. 35" (lj
'j £<kv Virtue of the lilt Will and testament of Hubert Hum
uec’d.wlll tie oiTeted for sale lo the hif-lieit hs.ldri ■
Tuesday the 8d December next, ell Ihe real and personal .. . .
ol said deceden’, virr
Onet:actof land situated on one of the beaj branches ui]
Big Falling river in (hi l.orr end of Camphell roun- y ad
joiniuglhe lands of Thos. Moseley and others, and contain
ing by Uu survey 463 acres This land is well adaptej d.
the culture of (obarco, co-11, wheat, lie.— The improvements
consist of an excellent dwelling house, * good barn, and all !
other necessary out-houses.
One of hertract about lw j ini.es above the before i>amed|
trarl, situated 00 both sides ol thu mam road (hat leads from
Itirlim .Dd toLynchbu-g, afisl about 15 miles from the lat(-i I
plare, Containing by a late survey 685 acres— On (bn place*
house ol private entertainment was krft tor a great many
years, g-neially called Hurter’s laeein. The buildings a-e 1
as suitable for a tavern as auv between Lynrbhuig ft Uirh- !
monrf.— The situation is liandsoaiv and healthy.— Also, ah rut '
Ml likely negroes, household and kitchen furniture; plains- j
11"° nte«ilj,Uidie>,cattle, sheep, hog?,— crupr of corn, fodder. 1
oat<, hr.
Terms,-One fcirrth of the purchase rror.cy forthe liml'
will he required al the tune of sale? for the balance a ne r
of »ue, two, and three years ivill hegivtn on the purchaser;
earculing bond with a proved secuidy, end a deed of trust on
(lie laud to secutr Ihe payment.- A credit of twelve months
will he girrn on the negroes, on the putchaseis giving t. nils
with approved serurify.- The terms jf sale of (he nther
ptoperty will he msde known on the day of sale. 1
ELMS HUNTER, > Kx’or.u of Rofit.
ROBERT HUNTER, ) Hunter dre’d.
0ct-31-_____ 67- Iris
mns. &. miss tiurxr,
TOfAVING recently returned from London. be"
^^le.avc respectfully to announce (0 iheir friends
and the citizens generally, that they have com
menced giving lesson? in Ibis place, outlie Piano,
and hope, from their highly improved mode of in’
| -truclinn, (having for several months attended to
the Logier sysfpm of instruction) (o give decided
and entire satisfaction.
Mbs Sully would respectfully inform the la
dies, that she tool; les-son* for five months, undoi
one of the ablc-f masters in London, on the dun-'
Lie action Harp, end is prepared to give lessons
either on the single or double action Harp.
Mm. Sully al o beg-leave to state, tb it ?lie 1
made arrangmenls with one of the best Instru
ment makers in London, to supply at the shortest
notice, Pianos and Harps of the best finish and
fine-t tone—as also all the modern and most ap
proved pieces of music.
Mr-. Sully may be consulted at her residence
on 4th rtrerf, between I U G sheets, Shocks
Nov HI_ _fi"—2' '
AWriiflrman r*» einr it, * Hearn,y pin ol Urn r n„i l
wi.hst lo r,nv\;y . female her t . use elisrrr . ( ,
I*"**' mp.i'Unt'l„r 15 .M„., <;o»t»„«ie,;.on.
to lu- sent totfic Ln iinrei.
I No? It.
i.LHjCA'i dot*.
/IVLti imicrmer lies lh« pltarure to inform Ini JV.rcns
A «»d the Public |ilirialli,i|u( bisFcluol will hr uptpi il
• gaiu, at MtUwooit, tar mlris-nce q( Mi fathci, un the 15th
d*y ul .Nniiuy, I8».» Itii ccur*e ot instiuctioa will embrace
mu t ul the blanches of a clinical and useful r.lucaliou. Tb*
undersigned, giaie'ul for the vaicnt I» which his sctiu >1 has
heei, |ial.ini’sed by a liberal puMic, pledge* h*tsis*If that no
ea-r ion. ihtll he minting on his pari to support the good
rlisi s ter which it l,u Ii-i tiofure su.'siiie.l. In testimony ul
ihe deep sense Ii- enteitaioa of ths difficulty and letpcniihi.
lily of con,l*i* ling the youths e •inmilted to*In* .aie, he his
only to say, that his tunc is exclusively devtrd to their in
struction, and that he is rarely separat'd from their society.
It is In* duly an.l delight to lie (heir Cuualaot utupaniou, to
to*pire them with tha love of learning, aud to convince Ihtut
of its vast importance to tbrir luiure destinies TU* hap
py influence of lus method has haeu attested, hy the rspid
tiiogiss. of In. scholari, and by the geneial satisiaUton wb ch
he has given to all those who have enl'Usle.l tliaii childirn 4c
svjidf t> his care.--Te. 0.1, fot Uoa-d s„d Tuition $100, each
hoarder finding his owu bed, bedding and ran.it- •
Millwood, near the Bowling-Green,
Camtine county, Va. Nov. 7 5-1— 8tw25U
jums huohks
ESrEcrFULLV uiloriiM the public, that bei Seminary
I*r (lie msil'u-t.on of yuaog Ladies, wa« opened on lb*
I-I inst.; in winch will br (aught the toil .wing brauchrs •
I Orilmg aphy.ltra ling,Willing, Anth oftic, English (irammar,
Umcraphy. Natural aud Moral Philosophy, History, lltu-ml
wy.8l!l«i Lettrus, aud Uomposidon. The Fiench Lsi.rusie
aud Music will be laugbt, if wiahed. Boarder*will h* te
ceired at $150 p> t s'i.iou, for board and tuition; Wash-ng 18
dulls.; Lmigtug 0 dolh. The session cons'-ling of 10 manths.
l)ay pupils 3<t .lulls, per session, Fuel Dl SOUs. All necessary
attention will he paid to the health aud menuer* of the y,.mu
ladies. ’
Q» «. 43 i
Executive Department, )
October 28, 1828. k
PROrOSAJ.8 xv.tlhe Htiitil bjr th*- !£■•< ut>vr -«>t th.
purcha.e u( thr trmupom m ihr'Pi nrten«i»r». Tli •• <1 •
Co purchttr will (iff m thvir pr..pi»nli with,nil a«U.
By order, Wm. H. RICHARDSON.
0c'- *•-_ M- (I
Steam-boat PATHXEJVT, Capt. G. Weems
^ Will Iravr l)«ltiti-<>i* on Wrili. -«.
ay M"i Dim l>e*t,(in«te»ti of Tnaa
Ja)4 ** 8 o’ lock, ami al thr -am,
.hour every W.du.i.lay; aod afiai
_ _,1 'urhint al Heim ( Uay, «.
proceed to and up the Kappahanoock, l , Fredrrick.bur:
where sue will arrive ud Thur.dav evening. Ktluioinc, tbv
Patmeol will leave Fredero kahurg on Saturday morniut
rest, (lurlaad uf Friday,) al 8 o'clock, and at It e taiua h-ur
every luccee lmg Satuiday, aud will arrive in Baltiawr <-*
Sunday avreing —The Patuxent will, v,inx au,l iKurmur,
• top al Tappahammck and r...l-R y»| (o Uuiti an I Infer i ff
pa».ei.*rra and ireight; .he will alio .l ip at Carter’. Creek.
atrJJrhana to laud aud take .ff rawenyar. io bet own
U »al. In a«!ili(iou (o Ihe rlegint accommodation* for Ptnti.
<rra the Paluxeut i. coruliurled to cairy the hulk of twelve
bundled ' arrtli Fteight, winch . ao he taken and delivered
• very on a commniUliitr (fnn<.
Foi FI eight or Pa»a(r, apply to, Capt. Ween., on tnx..i,
or to
Agents at Baltimore—or
Agent at Fredericksburg
N. U. - - There it a I capiat line "f
Statu e.tihli.hrd helteeeu T.| pa
*nn -i k it Rh hai-.nil, foi the »*
^ niron daticn ol Pa-ieixn. I ) ll.u
---^liTiWirrl iiiii1* ,l P*«»vosei. leaviogOaliia..i*
Tatuxent. will e, |4„de.l i.n
TLunday moimny at Tappahae. ock an I a,rive in Itichirond
the lame er-uui* m Ihe 8ia«e—and thoae leavina Kirhmond
ou S-imday mu-ning id (hi. line, will autre in Ualtiuiun on
bili'dny rYtU'fg.
O’All Ilnr^ace nl (he risk of (he owner9.
JZrPt rioni n. t* aliuoiitl , having Goods on board, will nltts*
M‘"« i'ii (OC111 «0>l) on Fi'^iy
U.ltmen, Ort. at.__51- Ira
Tf** v nsu an ex ol tlie last Will ami Testament
ol John Shelton. Esq. dcc’d.—will be sold to
the highest bidder, «»n the premises, on Ttie“
tlay the 16th day ol Ur* next, if fait, otherwise
the lust fair day thereafter, the Grist and Saw
Mill, on tlie Southaiia River, Loui«a county, with
live acres of land attached thereto, and about six
acres adjoining, formerly tlie property of William
Baugh dec d*. cii which there is a very comforta
ble Dwelling House, fee., and an excellent orch
atd, See tie. One fourth of the purchase money
will be required in cash—for the balance, one. two
and three years credit will be allowi-d. the pur
chasers giving notes satisfactorily endorsed, and a
deed ol tru»t upon the propeity, to«ccure the punc
tual payment of the purchase money.—At the same
time will be sold lor cash, a Tract ol Land former
ly the propei ty of James Astin, containing about
75 acres, abou< 23 of which is in wood.—
. Al-o, one other Traci called Lovell’s, contain
ing about 85 acres.—
Also, one other Tract called Hunter’s, contain
tng abort 140 acres.—
The above Tracts of land will be sold for the
purpose of satisfying claims against J. Shelton Jr.
BENJAMIN B. DUKE, ) Ex’orsof
Wxi. SHEL i ON, (Minor.) $ J. Shelton, dec’d.
I Nov. 7._ __64—tds
Vlf Rs Tho: N«:nso.v having enlarged her Board
**-*^ing Establishment, by the addition of a com
modious end w ell finished Brick Tenement on the
opposite side of the Street, will be prepared to ac
commodate from 15 to 20 Gentlemen and Ladies,
during the session of tlie Legislature. Gentlemen
wishing it, can have their Carriages and Morses
taken in. Oct IT. 47—tlsfM. Dec
CTAjif. Mutual Assurance Soriety against fire on
- buildings of Ihe State of Virginia, will take
notice, that I shall not consider inysell a member
of that society, after (he determination ot a contro
versy now depending, between myself and the
Principal Agent of said society, in the County
Court of Albemarle; that I shall hereby hold my
self discharged from the payment ol any other
quotas, after Ihe l»t day of Nov , 1828, which might
otherwise occur upon tho building- assigned to
me, by Benjamin Johnson, and which were un
valued, and ln«ured, ai:«r Ihe said a—igninent in
my name,that I hereby claim to have all the build
ings in the town of Warren, or elsewhere, belong
ing to me, exonerated &. discharged from the pay
ment of all future quotas. JESSE JOPLIN.
Nov- 8._ 961— 3f
A petition will he presented to the next Ge
neral Assembly of Virginia, by Jesse Jopling,
praying to he released from the further adininis
tration of the estate of James Brent, which was
committed to his hands to he administered, while
High Sheriff of Nelson County.
Nov. T. 61—31"
f OST, ..n ill* 20th init ial, bctwreu Hie T«y> >11 of
r ^ l V(While Cbimine ■.) turf the Driilf. (he
Jur"l '■« R «** loerf'iu to Richmond, ■ red Morcrro rocket
lio-.ky nUiain* 600 doilail. The note., lathe hen , tnv
; r.oller.t'on, were: One of 100, end one of SO doll.,. „n the
Uank of (hr f). butci—four o, SO, tw • of 20, toil elieen of
.0 .all.,,, an I he Bank. o I V, rrtn.’a The «.?oe, ...Vn," .
tdtin < ,iuoiHh leather .lip, an | Cl.nl within the* !!■, k / , ,•
infjima'iin -oti tmint- the none, will by th.nkfnlty received
hy the "iihscr iber, aud (ha ,S.„, reward paid for (he Hook ind
It. ruiiteiita. Til. rocket I! .ok il.o rontaitied • note eeeruted
by 8illv U 8tu..t ,a me (or ninety rfolferi, .e».r.| ,efe„,..
from jr .l... K.Hhrll end Rohe f.. TuroAt.ll, for
bi'lu^iat. oo, bend*, other note, not recede,ted at lh.. •
m ' „ .. HENRY LEWIS,
eiireyitlc .. mrick Ct, Va. Ur l 2'. 59-'l:*
A ofti .
KV^V’.' ^ 1 Hf.,lenf ,fU” to «. by W,Irfan,
Wo.ldr.dt;- ,.d M.lly hi, wife, and Ah,.ham ti w'.'l"
•lr.d<e, and rr-arha the clerk*. ..fflee of Ohe,lrVfkl |
.inly C*..r», will be .old on Thnr.Jay (lie 20<h day „ No,
"*■*'*,f ("r’ ,f ""I «he next fair day, on (he i rrinue,
n^Oh'e1.,, fi M M-'-l. of land, ?y,oe
I nllfflfj *’ of land whe.e,uy|he
ai < V/i?f»am V tt'jHrMcf restjer, rtmp iir I (» c rf »
• rrra, be (he feme -u are or lea. A'- .A,J
U p,t' I,f ,ht ir*tl ,*n‘l r innianly called the t;,'eek
H.i., n b.ch l.yt of land a, iuppo,e,l lo enotalodO ,tre._
A.ao, a tract of land ,»;>po,e.i to c< nlnm 120 err*,, he the
l1,;;;;:';;,1;;' Th.n' r1 hVh*!,n'" *f tM**
the drier l!«l n.iy hr •(•: -rtrd *.y"Wr'lvuVh.rf^*
er hi. a*, id <m!y te n.,) of tbt ,„d trar„ land wilt or
l.'Ie a, 'to .ol. ”r 01 CnuM‘* w""r only,net.
rj., THUMA8 VADKW, V lee.
- ' fon v
* vife> c1;:! 'jr",floN'
[ ,.».•««**„ nn I „,,i * "'VlhV'dav’ 'hd*' 'r"
r, a very rrd.rced pt-re, f.,v f„,, a ' * nr month,
1 c-'bw'n;”,"Cf;r V'v/
E S&r XXXWti
Oitittf uh ovSttf, of 1n 1 «-» p»y lo u *
1- / m iiRVMWWT}, .Ybrfolk,
r'^?, "o nXVMMOJM, /'ftcr/'jurg.
•— _______<i -ribv
N JIo^V^:^d,,7,7.‘bl*J!‘ha,(le*t' w,ibbiM1,“'(''’
ft no n- r,I*r ',r?tr direct .a.
®'T a' *•*-«* l MLNtEY,
i’aSNLli, Sr. inform* Uit pu'Uicdalli.a «ci.90
1 *1 his boust will be continued the next veer by D W
Dshuey. — I'll* Oieek, Latni, French, & Eitglnb Languages
with the usual cuune ul Mathematic, can be i.tight. The
school will be commenced ou (be 15th ul Ftlouajv,and tin*
whed on the 15th of Dec., with a vacation of 3 weeks iu the
The chargee for board, exclusive of lodging gr.j
For tuition ^
N. B. Lo igmg cau he furnished for a ftw, at S5.
Louisa, Nov. 4._53— w‘dl*
W/Sljl Uurt:i., OI.U I'Ut.Vf COMFORT.
' I WIE 8ubtcrtb,i, <r ste'ul for past favors, seturui hu'sinctr*
i thanks lor th* iilsetal encouragement afforded the Hy
Uulrl,unce it has h«eu hi hts c*cc«»parr\, aiui rfirtci*
lully tufoiuat the public, that (■„ tm last 12 louulbi, he has
been engaged iu rrakiog aiteratious and improvements. The
inl-rior ol the house hat been newly palmed and oiuameultd.
His Icehouse filled with clean uortbern Ice. liu MAR well
•tot bed with lb* cboineat Liquors, purchased by friruds (i x
,n H"w *“'k M'> rinladelphiai aud hit
UEH8 are ol the eery first quality.
II* note throws open bw Mouse lor company, convinced that
they will noi find it mlertor to any establishment ol ihe kind
°u ?5.*|•*>«• I'letlge* bimvelf, at all tiuses, to furnish
his I ABLE with the choicest delicacies Ihe season, uiaiket It
neighbor hood afforJ, au.l that evrry attention shall be shit, u
those who lavoi him with their pationage.
Old Point Uomlort is now so well known, that it needy no
description : ttifiire it to aay, that Ihe well established healths
uets. aud els Isgbtful iru fit.’iinj, reader it as dasirablr as auy
ou Use yea board,both to the luvalid as those iu quest of pica*
aur*. ’
bteam Rsati Iron Philadelplna,Balliinore aud Washington,
touch at the Poiuteach tiip to laud, and receive passengers,
aud a btesu- Boat plies daily between this place, Norfolk and
Hampton, for tba coureuieuce of tbwie who usay wish to visit
cither ot tboie placet.
Vrueli of arery description continually pasting and rt
passing, both trout foreign porte and coastwise. Th- magnitude
of Ihe fortifications prog, eating daslv. The fiue military ap
pearance of Ten Companies ot O. ii Aitilleiy, stationed hers
tor a school <>l practice, and their elcgaul Biuii, aie well cal
culated to antcilam aud amuse.
A. rangamcuti will be made for Cotillion Parliea, and Statu.
Boals employed on Parlies of Pleasure In the Capes, wheae
yuBcient number justifies it, and timely notice is giecn.
There has beeu lately erected a Bridge across Mill Creek,
mid a fine Turnpike road will soon be completed between Old
Point and Hampton, which will afford an oppoituuity for visit
or* to view the adjoining country.
There are Bath,ug (louses attached lothrestahlithmeol.whtie
***** ’** **u *1 all times be acconsinodaletl wrtli a warm os co'd
ICT The Bath House,erected on the beach, lor the conea
ii>ance ot Sea Uailiing, has been provided with a In. t path
— *' ,n* from Ihe H.ds-I, whi-h tenders Ihv Walk much muri
nteasaui, than formerly thso* Ihe yand
Juar»7_- 15— utl
2he mibtrrihcr'offim for Strip,
” I^ii^ «luahla pianist ions oil which hs resides, called Ihe
,*■ Meadow Budges. This atlale it uluated in ihe aounlv f
Hanover, on Cbickahoaaioy Swamp. C mile. f,,,m the city ..f
Ktchmuud, and contain* 4?G and one s ighlh acres: of which
lie,e.re between lOOand 150 aerat l-w gruua *s cl.ared.
rha late improvements on th* Swamp have entirely drained
the Rat lands—The high land, it well impioved. The build
mgs ate extensive, c.rnoi.idi us and in good ordy, The Or
eiiardt are large containing I cti-i en 3 toil 400 (ten of ex
• client ftuits. The health of Ihe sub’ciihei’s family since Ins
reuiience .in tine eslale, slluws him t. assrit that no situation
can he uimr desirable in that respect. No pi orerty her lueo
i-fleied tor -pie m (his section of country- for many yens,
possessing as uumemus advantages-Th* toil ir svell r alculatul
tor tbs piodurtinn of com, cotton, onte, rye ami giars-aml a
small portion foi wheat. A. a set i.hle toil, it is uurm passed,
the subscriber would pieur making a pi.vela sale, which if
'!>* 15th December, be will iheu offer ■■
A. me same time he will sell IA or 20 likely Negroes, Ini
ctvp ol w,ro aoosilting of about 500 ha, iel.-between 250 At
J00 ol which are liomniy coin, lo'tier, -hocks, hr — also bis
Isanet, mulct aotl CfRi; together with hit hnu-ehol.l furuiture,
plantation utensil; Eo.—The teiros of sale on Ihe real anil
pcriunal eslale, will be made known at a prop, i time
Oft-14. -4G—tf
/MlIK Subscriber nlhe |.i day ibis m.nlh, Novrsuhr.
'A u,*r Uoqjrfm’t t\»v*ro, m tbe Owciv Hrm.vn, «i pr«
"*'**?'* 1 “9r# b:*>; «>• «*»* ntuie i. 8be,»a« J, a,4<i I*.,
imlhe I- frre b..in, and a resident-t.t Henrico ...only; but
l.aring nu fir. papers, he ■> uidere. I.. the J«i| ol .aid roun
**• ,°l’®“ ,searching .aid l.n,. »• f.,un.l n, bia poweMiuii ,
jM' irt rn iik, coiitiininc ^i*0, which ihf owner may liav h*
I,v*nS latwlK (ory eviJeuce »»f hit property, am! paying iti«
• ost -if (Im adverlittOiCnt and (be reward that may he •rte
* ’* .. A. M. BHOOKS
_Hanovi r, N v. 7. 54_
4 \ viiiii« ol a deed uf iru-t e*e,ute. hy John b'lmiloo, J.
J • » to ll>> •ubTiibci and Idinjiii.in It. Muk>, on Ibr 24 b d»,
I January. 1*24 and le.nrd.d in lb. County C.uil O.li .
I Louiaa, (nr the pu pgin therein wti.lioued—mil it . ,lf.
at Public Auction,no the premise*,for < aih,onVVedniadar tbi
17th f Dec. mil if fair, olherwiar (be oi it ait day |h.\r
the’nnl John Shelton, Jr*» lutereil—n h, ,0. ....
ball, of ..lie hundred and four acic, of |«„.! with.he mil and
lartoiy attached Ih.rcl., lying and heiug in the County n
Lou.la nil the Scuibma rivi an! on the auuth -ide ibertol
adjoining ih> landi of Gcoige Fleming md othm, with ib«'
apuurteuani ri, maeliinenei and ipparitoa iheieuuto l.gluog.
ng, alio filly and one fnu.fh acres of land, purchased hy iha
•aid Jilin Shelton, Jr. .fjohn Austin and other,. »n tha
-N uih «ide .if the nrer aforesaid,adjoining the lands nfTi ...
Loy I anj other,-alto all his, (he said John Shelton, Jr’s in
i-cit in, md to one other piece r parcel of land lying
.-in. in Hie md County of Lcuiia ohlbe Noilh aide of ihe.
} i d ;ive>,containing fitly acres, which is part of a Ita i ft
j ..id formerly owned h> Peter Shell n- in right of h., wrfo
| also the tallow.,,g petss.ual estate, i„ „ii:_|w., negro men
j " lif let inn Harry, two nrgro women Judith Ai Nancy, two
. children Caroline It James, sig horses, one colt and 2 uiulas
1 lour uien, five cows, twesity-tire sheep, all the stock of bog,’
i three carts, one waggon, one dcaen ploughs, ami ihe gear
J hinging to them, two mahogany 1.1,It-,, together with all
] h .u-ehold ant kitchen lurnilurt, one silvei watch, and
I lit smooth barrelgnn, and uneridf
ty Negin**, hnuseh .Id fusn.lure, slock, Lr wll be „■ U
lb» dwelling bouse on Tnuraday ll.es »Ht*i *f D.aemhe
JOSEI'H SHELTON, Acting Trustee.
Nov- 7■_ 51—til*
White Hall Gamnutr School. “
? *1118i School will he ’-pitied sgaiu ut, (he tOtli uf Nov
j « <t the subsTibci J rest ience ,« lli« county nl F.vderifk
j -h.ie a few more h ,ys will be received Ihan those alira'v
'• (seed: al (heprire of one hundred and twenty d< liars rer
! f ,t b •'■l.'u"' •>, bedding, Alc. payable;,,*;
Iilvaocr— 1 he < oui,a uf study in this school i. such a.
usually preparatory In an enlrance mto ihe University ol Va
•ny of the im,thein Colleges. The allculiun of the„ii,rr,"
v.. Will he particularly ds.ecled to (he m .al end inlellertn.
«t lUFproveuj^iit of (he youth* entrusted to hi* r*fr
.. _ JNO. W. PAGE.
SoT- 7___44- '0 *
Bowling-Green Tavern for Sole
• » us eijuctt ni the tlscaie healtli ,.i ne 'I,,
» elm a oltneabs.ee pro!-rty, they have detei mso. ,|,' hy
iiu.ual roiMsiil, In dissolve their pailnership, and offer n I-.
sssa in the highest bidder al public auction or. Monday ihe 6-1,
sy ,.l I>cr, tuber n.H, being Caroline Court day. 1%, vein.
", ’his property .generally known Hill ll,e .nl>scrsher<
ituk r uunpffiiiry fo s^v n ny (hin^ ir.orr ch«n lht( the T«
v* s. since II come into thtir po«,e.sion has been repaiied
and painted and enlarged by ihe ..ld.ln-.o ol several moms,
s new Portico, Balcony and (liable containing 75 stalls ha,
been erected, and the 5a,dan and yin put nnder gooden
cosure. Some out-house. also are built. The t act ol land
all*, ned to the Tavern Will a bo be sold ; ,t eontam. 243
£*»• A pc.fecl title will he made to Hie purchaser.
Teims— l ourthousaml d'dlan in cash and (lie balance of
the purr has. money at Ihe end of 12 mouths, to be .ecurcd hy
A tiff t! of (f u*( tlpofl (lit' |if opf f( V. *
n . r* m » BUR UK.
njwltnft Orcen,\ ». Nov. t bt-uu
A CARD. -|
• *,ro, her fiiemla and (he public,
tnsl the «lih occo|hm (<i«( commodious find pfeAj^ndv
r.t.nied hnuae, one door below the Bell T* vein, where the,,
l.iepaitd lu iertive boarder*, by il.e month >1 year. Fi. n. 10
o l. >1* rn .*?'» of (he LcjC>«latiire c«ii he icconmu. Uf«d
I0| the tertinnj and abe beg* leave general y, („ aasuirthoae
who may he diapoaerf to eiimmaga her, (hat il.a atrieieal at
on her part thali he hr,tow..I, to rer.drr ber ecttb
tabuienl every way worthy o{ (hen palionj^e.
A good Coo!:,
Mate or female, whe ran be ,et. romeoded for hor.city aud
• hrrely, n wanted . n hire, during the winter. 1: It H
S'?-J_ _ -M-ft
Notice.- ---
I A Lh estate o. Robert
T*. Doutha.,dcc. Ire of Wertover, io Clwrlc, Ojt, c , P v
< • aqueatail If n.*kt llieu. kra up lo the auhaeriher, it. i|i,’
e,'j ’• ‘Jlch'troiiH,e,*„;n a> p'tarble; frat.n* thatlh.r. «i!|
J"* I < }”y h*nt*» per r.rnnl aiaetta luSkiaiat (.. p»v si. tt.e,
I 5el,“’ \ w,,b> *’ v '-" *• poaiibla. to he informed of allcla mi
agam.i I'rm, *, guardwu, admW or u„ jndg,„. ntr; ,1... ti|
J bonded debt*. All per,on. in lel.tc.l to the Kalate ,e,„ir
j e I toinike in>u,tdiate pay meal, •> no indulge nr.
i r. „ a W. n. wTtKN.AdmVr
( ‘"T* 2,‘_r?T_nt linfcati D'utbat. dec.
j 'IMlh anhnriber will -til privately Tia* tract ofUmj“|n
X Ben Old county, a.tuated un Iba north and ninth foi ka . I
Gome t reek, and ,;n the mam road leading from Lynchburg
o una.t e, 12 mile, weal of L'berty, and adjoining Capl.
Itu'ord. fl contilua about 1 J0‘» acre., of which 800 are un
| .earr.k The part which t, uoclearetl, eicepi a very email
portion, n li . Ilent tobacco laud Of the cleared land, IJO
* '*• ate onr grounds of the frit quality, and the t. marodar
.. nrrkeh y fine high lend. Thia r* on« „f the bt.l (tarlanf
and in (t.cun-r country, being wtll adapted to the culltva*
" ' t rbar co and all kindaof gram i it !,ea r. ma-k.yMy wi ll
an i ij vtty free (torn atone ; if divided il <*'.„|d make two ye. a
I I airdrome Iracti, which lhatl be done, if'tlioje whj with Ir.
•I chirr wilh it. TVrf.n, wiahing to pmcfiaae m,y apt ly t*
Hie ao' icriher rending i.1 the traighbmhoid of Nttt Lond'.n,
to (fapt. Btifonl, teaidtng near the tract. HM lit VINK
VV '■* ____TO—rf
OjJtce of the jigt iif qf the brcalnnattf, >
I’liildilelplii t, 22'IOc* l«a2S i
' ejiiN tor funnily with indrueflnn# from the N*vy T>r,.t.
»,A n..-t, iKATKP PJiorOBAf8 w,ll be ,eer,.,d
• I ‘3. e ", lint' t'ondty lleJtli ..f Jf'.yi ir her n»,t<„ |h> ,imply
J ,• ti e ade r»( the llf'akwitey, neai Cayt tfrnftprn ttnnjr »•
i ..u» htiitdred an ‘ twenty tin mind | mclier of Blctie, . f twrt,
I: vfioe- cti’ie. ft*' to tha f~chj etch atone,to wnsh fi,IU) otic
ftf l f in ( • lw;i |*HM and upWfrH*.
Th* qualify of the met.>.«l i. ...t be of the following .1.*
| rriptionr,— Tiapmck l.orublende,(Itanite, rempart
' *».,■ hie or limtatone; an I be drpoait'd within t ertam p.. .mb'
; e .1 limit*, eceordiog to (he direct ion, of the Lilaini er/h. twei n
j lh» O otlr* of Ar -il and D«C»H'ber of (be en-umg yaar !
, No propoael yiil be received forfueaii) ply of a |e„ . „„'(,(, '
t (hin ^ / i
1 hi r> nr .<*!# tood. in addition to (hr r.aaca of (he h'.d./or* 1
cent licthme of their tfvnttit, and the place. o( iheir 'on/!
t'.ve rct.di .vt.
• Tin t- • a.l« will be raaiino'd ard doi |.|ed or, Ity fha !
| Rnvrnei wl , may ! e apt .-.nte by fh* Kloouttve tod by i|i. '
""" ! < b' •wumrlted Ir (he epi r v,! of I
« Kr-v i> p«i(n*ei.t CLEKliM C llf»H 1 K
j .t.-|.3l. tdh Ae ui,4rc, j
1 ^ /• jtancery—wSortfiumhcriand County Com f.
l.Jth October, 1828 : William lludnall admiau
trator ol Tliauiaj Hudnall, deed.
Thomas K. Murat—aud Thomas U. Hnirey, de
fendants. '
This day day came (he plaintiffby his counsel,
and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that
the defendant, ThouiajK. Ilurst, is not an bihahi
taut of this commouwcalth, on the motion of the
plaintiff, it is ordered, that tlic said defendant, ap
pear here on the wcond Monday in March nexf.
and aimver the bill of the plaintii^ fit that a copy of
tins order be forthwith Inserted for two month's
surceMivcty in some newspaper published within
tbu State, and also posted at the front door of tho
Courthouse oi this county. Wm. B. Hudnall
Copy teste, F. BATES, clerk.
iNovember 7. 54_w8w"
|N .Chancery—Northumberland County Court’.
ISlh October, 1628: *
William Hudnall administrator of Thomas Hud
nail deed.
a . . FMT
Thomas K. Hurst, fc Warner Hurst administra
i tor of H Hurst deed, di-fondants.
This day came the plaintiff by his counsel and if
appearing to the satisfaction of the court, thnt Iho
defendant rhos. Hurst is not an Inhabitant of this
commonwealth: On the motion of the plaintiff. It
is oidered, that the said defendant, appear here hji
the second Monday in March next, and answer
the bill of the plaintiff, and that a copy of this order
be forthwith inserted for two months successively
in some newspaper published within this elate,
and also posted at the front door of the Court
house of this county. Wm. 11. Hudnall, Attor
Copy teste, F. BATES?, Clerk.
Nov- 7•54—
. »*> V vjitioa —
I * redericksburg female seminary will b<*
continued the ensuing year. The pupils will
be instructed by Miss Boggs in Orthography.
Reading U riling. Arithinetic, English Grammar,
Geography, with the u«e of the Globes, and tho ru
ilmwnts of Astronomy—It will be opened on the
10th or January, and w ill close on the 15th of Dc
cembcr, with a vacation of one month from tho
Ijih ot Juno to the tfth July.—The ptfc© for
board and tuition will be $120, oue half payable in
advance, and the balance at the end of the year_
I-ch young lady will furnish herself with a pair of
sheets, a pair ol blankets, a coloured counterpane,
and three towels, or if preferred, thev will be fur
nished by tno for an additional charge' of $5. Those
w bo 'emain in my family during vacation, or ony
part of it, will be charged at the rale of $10 imp
month r
I have engaged a teacher of music to give in
struction on the l'iano Forte. To such young la
dies as may choose to attend,him there will be on
additional charge of 7uct« per lesson, to be discon
tinued at the pleasure of their parents or guardians.
Tboso whose daughters or waids have been, or
may, hereafter, be engaged at this seminary, and
an* desirous of having them instructed in music*
are requested to advise me of it as early as they
can with convenience.
When th. lew vacancies yet remaining are fitf
ed, this advei tisement will be discontinued, after
which it will be useless to make any application
i toi ndinis'ion Letters by mail addressd to me
' will be directed to Gardner’s X Roads Louisa.
i 7. 54—wtf
Q) * ,,le 32,h day of January next, Mr. John JJ.
Day will open a school convenient to the sub
j i*rr,hers, by whom he has been recently employ*
eH, in w hich, will be taught the Latin, Greek,
F rench, and F.nglish Languages, embracing in
irie last, all the necessaiy branches preparatory
i r " e ripe,n •* unnecessary to say more
I of Mr Day’s moral habits or qualifications for u
| learner, than to refer those who may fgel dispos
ed to patronize this Institution, to the Recom
I mendationa in liis possession; or to such persons
as have enrouiaged his school for the last ei.-lit or
ten \i-ars. * **
F'ivc or six boarders can be received by each of
us at $75 lor the term of ten months, (that beio"
the scholastic year ) °
As Boarding with the Teacher is often desired
we arc authorized to state, that Mr. Day will ac
commodate a lew young gentlemen upon the siino
terms as above mentioned.
Tuition in every instance will be $25._
JImehti, JMov. 1th, 1825. 64-wtl2Jan
£/on balk, at the Ptmitctithiry Store, nearlyoy
l>osite tho State I’ank*, a large assortment of
* rniUwitiary Manufactures, to wit: Negro Cloth
ing, Shoes, Gear of all kinds, Nails, &.e. &.c_Far
mers, Country Merchant =, and others, are respect
fully invited to call ami examine them.
I he prices ot many ot the articles have been late
ly reduced by the Board of Directors, particularly
the Shoes THOMAS NELSON, p. a. r
Sept. 23.__ 40—(f
'['ME Subscriber’s School for hoys of twelve
years and under, will open on the I5ih Janua
ry. 1629. Instinct ion will be given in tho usual
hranche* ol an English Education, and fn Latin
Greek, and French. Hoard, including washing
candles. Sic. §42 GO per session of live month*:
and lor tuition, §12 50 tor the same time. Tho
2d session will commence in thirty days after tho
first concludes, and continue until the middle of
Payment in advance will be expected for tho
1st session, and on or before the middle of Nov.
for the 2d session.
Females, under the age of I I years, will be re
ceived and taught upon tho same terms, bv Mrg,
Elizabeth W. C. Taylor, who lives with the Sub
scriber. They may be instructed in any, or all of
the above branches of Education, if required.
The school* will he kept in separate apartments.
Any persons inclined to entrust their children 10
our care, may rely upon the same attention beinr*
paid to their religious and moral improvement, to
their conduct both in and out of school, to heaTth
and cleanliness, that I have ever paid to my own
children; and if it should please God to visit us
with sickness, may roly upon such medical assist
ance, giatie, as the experience of upwards of 30
years practice will enable tho Subscriber to afford
them: though I wih venture the opinion, that no
district of country in the United States exceeds
ours in health. A line addressed to Mrs Taylor
or nivselt, Montpelier, Hanover county, Virginia,
will be attended to.
N ovemher 7. 54_(f
Interesting Inquiry ami llcqucst.
[r cither of the (then) two young rnon, who<»
names are not recollected, belonging to Captain
Thomas Drew’s* company of Virginia regular.--,
attached to the light infantry corps of Gen Gate ’s
army, on the fatal night ot the 15th of August 1780,
comisandocl by Lt Col. Porterfield of the Virginia
line; who assisted the writer of this enquiry to
carry tho Colonel off tlio field of battle, in hij
bleeding and maimed condition, in the face of tho
whole line of British infantry, then firing ui>on u»;
or. it Lt. Vaughn, or ensign V.f of the said corn
panv; or, indeed, if any other of tho private* of
tho -nine, he yet alive, which, may God grant, J
earnestly solicit them to give me their address,
wherever they may be; ami respectfully request
ihetn lo be particular u« to tho Slate and rouuty
where they may happen to reside, and the Toft
Office nearest to them; as I anxioydy wish to con
fer with them upon paper; particularly the twi*
young men first mentioned (for we were all young
then;) on facts not generally known to the artsy
at tim lime; and, l>y reason of tho fatal dis
asters of the next morning, are unknown fr»
ili-tory; nor can they ever be recorded, unless it
shall bo done -before the la*t of us i* wra^t
in the cold recess <>f the sib-nt grave.
Franklin, WllHamson County, Nor. 7.
-Vo/os. —* li e know that f apt Thomas Drew
has bean doad these thirty years, or nearly that
t Ensign 1 mum, or Vcrnor, or Vcrnpn, bnt
’.*s name u 1 pieciaeiy rcGoUectC-J
• 0 *

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