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Three Wag* (whom roo.* faatid■■ ua rerpe;»
Wight rather designate three Sharpe's*
Entered al k'oik the Lat St Piddle,
Aud finding that the host was out
On bul until for two bouts aud more,
While Sau> the lustie Waiter wore
The visage of a simple lout.
Wh im they might safely tr^- didd.e,
They nrdeird diuner in a ranter-.
Cold oi liut, it mattered nul.
Provided it was inn J imtanltr.
And as the heat had made them very ,
Uiy and dusty in the throttles,
They hade the waiter briugthiee bo'dies
Of ptiuieuld Vott aud oae of Sherry.
Sain tau with ardor to the laide;,
Then to the kitchen,
And aa he briskly went to work, he '
Vie* ftuiu tbe spit a sucking tut key",
With sausa^ri embeliuh'd, what, .a
A trice upon the bneidwss spread,
l'ugether with a nice cold brisket,
Nor did be even cMivisc&te
Half ■ pig's heed.
To these succeeded puddings, j its,
Custards ami jellies, j
■ All doom’d to fall a sacrifice
T > (heir tosatiable bellies;
As if, like camels, they intruded
To stuff into their monstrous craws __
Enough to eatisfy their maws s
Until their piT^rimege was ended.
Talking, laughing, eating and quaffing. '
The bottles atoud no moment still.
They rallied Sam with joke and banter,
And, as they drain'd the lest decanter,
Call’d lor the bill.
’Twai brought—when one of them whs ayad *
And added up the items, ciied
“Eittetnely modeiate tudeed'
I'll make a point to recommend i
This inn to every tiavailing frump,
Aud you Sain, shall he doubly feed. ”
This said, a weighty purse he drew, \
When bis Lumpaoious interposed,
“Nay Hatty, that will nevet do,
Pray let your purse again he closed,
You paid all chatges yesterday,
’’’ie cicatly uow my tuin to pay.”
Harry, however, wouldn’t listen
To any such insulting tT« r,
His g'uerous eyes eppeaied toglisteo
Indignant at the ptutTer;
And though bis ftieod talk’d loud, his clangsur
Served but to aggravate Hal's auger.
“My wo tliy lellowe,”ciied tbe third, j
“N >w really this is too absurd:
What! do b.dh ot ye fotgrt,
I have nut paid a laithiugyet’
Am I eternally tociam
At your ripeust'—’til child.sb qui'e;
I claim this p-.ymeu! as my right —
Hete —bow much is the tuouey, Sam!’’
10 mis mo«i rational pmposai,
The others gave such tier Ce negation,
Ono might have fancied they wcic foes ah,
6" licit became the altercation;
Each in bu punc Ini ir.onty rattling,
Insisting, aigumg au.i bat'bug.
One ol (him Cl led out at last—'-A If a: a.
This point we will no longer moot,
Wrangling (or tnflei is no u«e,
Aoulbus we’ll finish the dispute.
That w« may scute what we three owe,
We’ll hlindlotd Sam, and whictio’tr
Uecat'hesof us first, th ill bear,
The whole expenses of the trio.
With half a crown (if that’s enough)
To Bam, for playing Ulmduian's Huff.1'
Pam liked it hugely—th ught the raosnx
I’or a good game of fun, was handsome
Gave his owu handkerchief beside,
To have his eyes stcuiely tied,
AnJ soon began to grope and sraieh.
When the thres knaves, 1 ueed'ut sa",
Adroitly left him in the luir.b,
Blipprd down the stairs, and stole away
Poor Sam continued hard a( work;
N w o’er a chair he gets a tall;
Now floundering forward with a jerk,
lie lobs his nose against the wall;
And now encouraged by a subtle
Fancy that thty’ie neat the door,
He jumps behind it to eiplote,
And hieaks his ibnis against the scut
Crying out at each disaster—Drat it.
Ifaug it. Od rabbit it! and rat ill
Just ill the crisis of bis doom
Tne bos' returning, sought the room; <
And Sam uo sooner heard his tread,
Than, pouncing on bim like a bruin,
He almost shook bim into ruin.
And with a shout of laughter said —
11 Uy gum, I have cotche.l thea now! so down !
With i ash for all, and my half crown.”
OT went ihe bandage, and his eyea
Baem’d to be goggliug, o’«r bu forehesl!,
While his mouth widru'd with a horrid
Look uf agonized sui prise. ‘
“ Quill’’ reared Ins master—“ Gudgeon! dunce • 1
Fool a a you are, you're right for oijce.
’I’ll clear (hat 1 must pay Ibvsutn;
Hut this une thought my wrath assuagei'j
That every half penny shall come
Gut of your wages.
From EeU'i IVcuhty Messenger—.Von. -21.
The event long expected,of the opening of the '
Ports for the admission of foreign grain has at;
length occurred; and n Friday the averages at
tained to such a height, that it was announced that i
wheat was admissible for home consumption upon '
the payment of the minimum duty of one shilling |
per quarter, barley at three shillings &. fourpeniC, t
and oats at seven shillings and nincpcnce.
Mere than ten yeav.i have now elapsed since the 1
ports were opened, unlimitedly, for the importation J
of foreign wheat. Since the year ISIS, this coun- ‘
try, with very few exceptions, has produced its!
own supply, and fed its own population. On two
c three occasions, indeed the foreign wheat irn-*
ported and warehoused, and which was spoiling!
under the King’s locks, has been let into coustimp- j
tion upon the payment of duty. This bounty thus j
conferred on trade, to thy injury of the fanner, and I
the vory small profit of the consumer, took place
during Mr. Canning's short Administration, & the •
Revenue received nearly half a million tiom the j
measure. But, according to the geneial law, the *
ports have been shut to wheat since 1817. The a- !
vorages never attained eighty shillings per quar- j
tor, which, until 1:22, was the maximum price;and
therefore the experiment, under the new Bill ot ■
the Marquis of Londonderry, in the period ot
1822, was never made. We are now, theiefore,
commencing a new era in our corn trade, and fo- !
reign wheat is at present in the market at the low !
duty of one shilling per quarter. This is the I
Duke of Wellington’s Bill, and, since 1817, the a- j
\eragcs have never been so high as they are now I
ITo.- far the market.-"will be affected by the'ad
mission; of foreign corn, it is very difficult to say
'I here is every reason fo believe that the granaries
of Earope have been pretty nearly exhausted bj 1
the cotemporaneous demands for corn, both for j
England and France; and prices are, at this pre-*
sent momcn*. so high abroad, more especially in
iMntzic and the Baltic ports, as to afford very lit
tle prospect of remuneration to the importer. But
Jet it be remembered, that the corn now let out
for consumption was purchased up in cheap time*
The indication of a failing harvest was sufficiently
obvious in tbe month of July, and speculation was
at work in every foreign port in the purchase of
wheat, from 'he moment the wet season commenc-.
It is, however, worthy of observation, that the
c/jrn market seerns to have been managed with so
much skill, that Government has been defeated in
it3 expectations of revenue. Gambling, indeed, ap
pears to have deserted its old position in the A1-.
Jay, to have taken up its quarters at the Corn Ex
change; for novrr, we believe, has there been
kfiown a season of more trick and chicanery thati j
his lately occurred in the great staple of life. j
In considering the question of tho opening of
the ports, scarcely know what class of his Ma
jesty’s subjects to congratulate on tbie event; and
•we very much doubt If any das® will share in its
T***nefifs. The furm r, whose crop ? .os been reduc
ed and impaired in value by an unfavorable
»on, will see the fore'gn importer availing himself
of those profits which naturally belong to himself,
-^rihnneed hy the prof t of tv« merchant, who, h.1
•he gainful traffic whfoh hr has pursued, will h ivr> I
Orr.rjy doubled the COSt pr:ce which he W» paid 1
!i> 'fie ports ot Dumps. In other words, wheat'
dH^lunTly brought thirty or thirty four sh lings
pof qnr.^.rtr, w !'l he ♦ !1 in the British markef f,
*** .Qg, »wo ehS;!>y/ *1 fb*», is r ■* - -
v\ih it at tail to observe, upon the payn eat of cee
shilling duty only to tho Government. Hut it may
he said that the consumer will benefit by tbe re
duced price of grain occasioned by the foreign im
portation of wheat? That he will beuofit tor a time,
we make uo doubt, but whether the advantage
will bo permanent, or not, is the only important
Whatever teaches us to depend too much upon
forcigu supplies, abridge# the spiiit of agticuHutal j
improvement, and contracts the outlay of capital i
upon land; and though manufacturers may obtain I
sorr.o assistance from a sudden demand for then j
commodities in " foreign market, the reduction of!
tho home consumption, which inevitably follows
upon tbe low price of corn, aflbrds but a poor com
pensation for a abort season of active trario abroad.
Cut wo are not disposed, to enter into tbe question i
ot the Corn Laws, or to discuss*the policy of the :
existing system. V c have often given our opinion 1
upon it, and have considered it a reasonable com- :
promise between tho two contending interests of
society, the landed and the finding interests. Our
object in the pi event tcmarV is to evil attention to
tho manifest injury which arises from the average
and warehousing system.
Government has found this system f* re-act1
upon itself, and instead of gaining revenue, as was j
expected, it has been defrauded in the very mo-1
ment ot piouiise, by the natuial tendency of the 1
late law. Tho truth is, the average and ware-}
housing system, which we are sorry io condemn, j
as we scarcely know what to aub'-titutc, has a
manifest tendency to encourage, what is already j
n great evil, speculation in corn. The mai kets j
in Britain are very much, indeed almost wholly, j
iu the hinds of professional corn dealers. They
can in many places raise or lower the averages at
their pleasure, and play w ith them according to
their own interests, iu a manner most mischiev
ous to the public, and particularly injurious to
the corn growers of this country. They are able,
under the present system, to withhold their corn
from the market, until, by deficiency of supply,
they have raised the pi ices to tiio-c rates when
they can enter their imported corn at a low du
ty-—though they may still withhold that corn from
tho market, or bring it iuto consumption as may
best suit their interest. Now, it is scarcely possi
ble to imagine a more active temptation to fraud
and extravagant speculation. We will repeat a
gein—that, during the last six weeks, the traffic
amongst stock jobbers in the Alley, during the
most sordid and scandalous periods of lmv gaming,
has been innocent in comparison with some of the
late events on the corn Lxchauge. Two inter
ests, however, have been the sufferers; one, for
which no sympathy, w as ever yet felt, the far
mer; the other, for which as little sympathy is as
ordinarily excited,—the public revenue.
But the economists hold, that speculation is the
life of trade—that the gain ot all traders, except!
com groweis,canuot be too great, whatever con-i
suiners may suffer. It is the maxim of this class. 1
mai me oniy crane wnuau prom ougni ro nc nrougnt j
as low as possible is that of the landlord and farm-1
ei; whilst the denier iu foreign corn, the merchant, I
the jobber, the factor, and all the mongrel tribe
which intervene between the com grower amt the
consumer—(we except the miller, whose profit?
us a manufacturer are always kept to the just level)
—arc left to enhance the price on the Consumer■”
by every art and contiivance.
V. c do not mean to express any regret that the]
Worts have been opened. The havest was defi- •
rient, and supplies must be had from some quar-'
'er. We would rather have wished that the ex-:
tended produce of our country had supplied the]
deficiency, as we are most certain it would have j
done, if due encouragement had been given to do-'
mestic agriculture. But the opening of the ports
must teach an important lesson to Government. I?
shows ia a strong light, the necessary frauds of the
average and warehousing system. The averages
purport to be struck upon actual sales, tl.e law .iocs
not compel, and cannot compel, actual bona fide
delivery upon those sale?, particularly of ware- ;
housed corn. The sale is often a nominal transfci,,
without any real delivery, a sale for the purposes!
of speculation, and not for actual consumption. It,
may not even ba a sale on speculation, but a!
mere contri vance to raise the avcragejnnd ibis may ;
be contrived even if a ’ual delivery should appa- ]
. 4. fitly lake place. lathe gi cat markets the corn]
may tie, and often ha? been, sold, and thus entered *
into the average ten limes, under dttlerenl names,:
before it passes to the consumer. No regulations'
can prevent this. Requiring actual delivery by
the stronge-t provisions would not prevent it. It
might be actually delivered by one speculator to!
anothei several times over, with or without bona j
fide sale, before it might come to tho hands of the '
consumer. This now tskes place t^a great extent j
iu home grown corn,in it? passage from the grow- j
cr to the market
4 hus.for the supply of any of our great manufac- j
taring towns,a corn dealer purchases of the farmer j
on credit by bills; & then sells, at the first stage
of his ti.insit to the destined market,at an advanced j
price, to another corn dealer, on similar credit, j
The corn travelling another stage towards the
place where it is to be consumed, is sold at the se
cond stage, at an advanced price, to a third com
dealer, ail on credit; and it may pass in the same
way to a third stage, and be sold in like manner,
,nd sent by the last purchaser to the market,where
it may be finally sold to the consumer, or even then
it may be sold two or three times before it coincs
to tiie consumer. The diifcrence between the
pi ice paid to the farmer, and the price for which
it i° sold to the supposed consumer at the place of
final destination, has been calculated, upon an
average, to be at least five shillings upon a quarter
of wheat. The actual consumer, indeed, pays still
more; lor he pays also what is called the miller’s
profit, but which is, iu reality, the corn dealer’s
profit, in a great degree; for the greater part of tho
mills i! those districts which arc districts of con
siderable consumption, are in the hands of coin
dealers; «nu the pi ice of bread is not regulated by
the real price of corn in any market, but by the
manoMivre* of corn dealers iu all.
Now, under such a system which we have
shortly sketched, who i? likely to profit by the
opening of the ports' The consumer, we believe,
very little; Government, as the recent event shows,
not at all; whilst the factor and the jobber gain
every tiling. _
r| tit F. Ortj innsinn busine«s subsisting between the suhjeri
JL urn, under (be hr m of Andeisno, It lair ii Aodersun, will
htocefortb continue tu hiist.solely for the purpose of enabling
them U. wiml up (he unfinished businett of (be concern with
greater convenience to themselves, and such of their friends
as are engaged in the Milling Business.
As it is particularly desirable that (b ir alTairs aiiould m
brought tu a close as ip eJily as possible, (hey request all
(l.oic having claims against theiss to call for payment, and j
those indebted to them to liquidate their balances without de< (
K’ umoiiJ, SJrt December, 1928.
> ue subscribers, and>t the firm of Richard Anderson & •
Son, will transact business on commission, at their gifice neat'
Shuikoe Warehouse.
R iris round, 1st January, 1829.
Tb* subscribers, under the firm of Blair & Anderson, will
continue to tranrict a cotr miss-on bujintsa at the o3ice on Ua> '
ry Sire#!, st r-eiVDt occupied by A. B. A A,
ftlchmoUrf,!/! Jan.-.sry, 1829.
.T«i. 22 , ____98 2avr2wthenwt/
. - jjyxer Land Jot Hu e
ABEAT7TIFUI, Highsland Farm, in (be county of Gnncb. j
land, within 2ft miieiof Richmond, lying upon the West- j
tern sole of Durer creek and reaching to Janus River, is!
otfeied fur sale; it contain* about 669 1-5 acres, of which 99 are I
river t.'tt ,m of the highest grade, 16, rich meadow land; and !
(he balanca, red land of evcellent quality, one half heavili
timbered. with Oak. Thisfaim ranks among the best river I
higb-'sodt in prodo t, aouooda in good water, is intersected >
b> the Canal, and o'movt reachrs the door of D-iver-mills, .
whim affords a ready supply of meal through the severest
dr, ii»ht» o#i tiitnet, sod often, a g od ms-'atl fot wheat. A '
rej’d* nee of two years upon I’, with a tolerably numerous
family, end note knowledge ol the nrer cuuntiy within I
miles uf Richmond *bovf,eoaMe* the proprietor to tay wr.it,
confidence, that he believes (here are but lew situations on
the r-vee rnof* hviltby. The dwelling house is new and
cotrir >dinct, and Ihr other buildinva, suitable. A propnaitem
f >r the form may 1,0 made thro’ Mr. Drew of Kiehinufid, ..
Mr. Huan-eut at Dofer-millv Post Olfi'e; ao l any one wishm. ;
to ae* if, is invited to visit the proprietor on the premi.es
Dec. fl ’ »'«- w .w
* (l^.eurva residing in a health/ part of the country i
wist,os (o employ n female tea bet to take charge ef a!
aclrnol r.oiMtsting tu a Until 15 or 15 s bniarf. Oomruoiaatlons
to he • cut to il e t ce- * n
JJ 55-*'?
Land, Slaves, ire. for Sale. \'
BV tutucuf tin r • tvv.r.l it*«d. of tiutt of rfcoid inUbif 1
l«*U* Otlicv, rgrciHrct b> Uapt. Utaphvu Uvdfotd, to the
auhocribcia, for puipota* thrraio uifutiuned, will hr aoldtoth*
higbeat bidder, at the treidencr oi raid Bedford in the county
ol Charlotte, 4 niilei aoutb of lbs enurtbeute, ->u Wrdnexlay
the IBth of Febiuary n> at, a valuable Tract ol L«ud •■tuat
ed «n Twline’s crevh, ratuuaird at bbS acre, cuuiidtrrd on*
of lliv bed hull land trail* on tbe ,lie«tn, on it arc very ueat
and comlnitable buililingrol avety description for «hv a com
uiodaiion ul a laoirly, and lor plantation purpoaea, a braulitui
and beal(h) ail oat ion, good water, aud in a uviglib.Mii boo.! of
aa good aoeiety aa auv <u the Utata of Virginia. The land u
worth (he attention ol any one diipi-aed to settle in lha r ouu.
*■ y. • ft’ fher description n deemed unnecetaar y, any person
Wiihiua to view, will apply to eitbci of the ■ut-a< ribera, or to
Capt. Bedford, rending on the prtmiiva who wll shew the
Ian ■; leiuii made known on the day of sale.
At the same tin c aud place, will be aold on a credit until
(he lddayul June ueat, between 90 k 40 likely family ne
groes, ninuugil lliv iu aje men, t*i turn, boy* aud girls uucou<>
tf culy likely aud valuable, being the rrtnnni ul a laigv num
ber of negroes, none of whom would be offered lor sale, but
from oecesfity. 1 hose who wish to purchase oeeroes foi their
owu uar, air adviser! to atiano this sale, nlie-e it is thought
they may be accommodated with ar good uvgioea a* have heeu
vaposed to sale in tLis country. Also at the ssujetiuie k place.
Will be solo the slock of horses, cattle, she-p and hngr, plau,
tatlou toolr, bouiehnld and kit tun turuituie, rrepa ol c«rn,
loiiJri, wliisl *nil oau, waggou*, carls nu t a riding carnage,
aud uiauy articles tu i ttdioui to incutioii; also on a credit uuiil
the Ist day of Juae neat on all sums above ten d«IUis,th* rur
chareis giving hoods with approved security, all auuis o ten
d Ibis and uudei cash. Tbe sale will.erUluly lake place on
Ibv day appointed, aud will contiuue fioui day to day, until all
n aold. 1 he titles to land and property i* indisputable, but
«utu (Hits ctiiy a? ait veiled iu us by said detds will be fun
veytd to |:uichasers.
JNO. M. DANIEL. 5 teed.
*Ih» *V>ve calc i* made by my coi.-*nt. •. HKHKOHIK
J%o 24._7 ft3— _
Liberty Hill for Sale.
^^.URSHANT !•» a deed ol liuit tauug Halt «he 26t
»f Hat ember in lha v tar IHifi, and duly bdimin t
itoold io the clerk's office ul Kii'hiuond couuty, executed b.
Albeit Ci McCaity and Lucinda D. hi* wilt to mcsiliuitd,
lor tbe beueUt of Ueorrt Y. McCarty, I shall ou (be premii
mi (be 25th day of March 1829, if fan, or the first fai *»a
thireaftci, sell aud dispose ul in lv«' wuiplt at public aucl»»*t*
t > the highest bidder, for wady money, (hat (tai l r pnc< I h
laud called aud kuowu by the *.«u»e •» Libttly Hi(t% *»tu>***:
aud bung in Richmond cuuuty, Va., iC4ita*uti«> 642 ar ,
tno r oi Ivit, with all the building*aim luipiovtmeiil* ihereur,
And the appurtenances ol evety kind thwelo belonging. i»*r
the pui p >ae« ape ifitd m saul ti ui( del i|. j
rtiia tract well dtseives the c justderation «»f tlio*a who
nay wish to purchase laud—It has on it a two alovy douhl*
twine, containing six tucui* with fi*e places, two large pas«ag>
"* and closets, there ait also iu the haieiucut story Hum
aige room t and au entry} to out of the oouia there is a fit»
place; alto a good kitchen, suioke house, dairy, stable, ban
»n a new store house aud ice house, on said laud.— The sim
Itacl ( uUins about 150 acres of high laud,the rest low grounds,
ind cf the Utter ah »u 100 acres of while oak swamp.
The said Mauuui House u ah >ut one mile fiom Mi r<itii u
• *eek, and two miles fr»»u« the Uapphannock river, conyeuiem
• ever y st-urce of com for t li» he Arrived from our salt wait i»
!• is a healthy «Hua(«9j, ai d well ••tuated for auy profistion,
1 *mg near the public roads.—Wheat and Rye are aeeded ou
•am faiui. Rctsous who may desire to purchase said land
aie invited to view the preranta previous to ihv dav of salt.
X shall cou7ey such title only as i* vests I ... me as trustee.
„ , JNO B BRAMUAM, Trustee
I’l'otiim church, Jan. 24 83- td»
I WISH to line for the yen "TiuT’a tiuMy O-iTrr it tutu
carriage dciret, aud will liirtout a good boo' ^ no, u.a
Dec* 16. 87—ti
^ BSD AN Ilua decree JT the county court of Es--i.pt -
'louuced on thr I7ih day ol Noveomei l€^8, the under
•igued will proceed to sell, to the highest hi* d»t, for cash,on
the premises, on Thursday the 2t>tb day of Kebiuary u* x', i
fsir, otherwise on (tie next fair da thereafter, the lot in th
Urn n ol 1 appabaniiock, whereof Insepb D nnijjn, die. , setae
uni possessed, subject to the dower intereit ol tbe widow c.1 j
h said Joseph D •uni-ou The improvements consul at a lai g ]
•t-1 c uvement dwelling Imute, fwell aitu*t>d for a tay»rn.>)
% Hr lieu amt other necessary htitlJiogs,* all »>f which have
cenMv hern thoroughly tepaired. A deed with special warrar*- i
ty will he made the pun hater under the decree of the com!
confirming the teport *i the sale.
GEO. W1UGI1T, ) Comis
THUS. GRESHAM, ) sionera.
Jan. 31. _ _^_ 63 wt<t«.
. I’unin.iy, lO me highest mtitler, el (New
TV r.,wu on Thursday Ihe I Sill day of neat month F«n.
[il lair, il not, the nest fairdiy, Sunday excepted,J ab-ot
tweuty likely negroes, consisting ol a man [an excellent m
Ur,j two or three women, and lh< rest boys and girl". O.
unity a> will iaiie the amount doe from Ihe e*ta(e of Edwin
VIotley, dat’d, to me. A credit nfsn months will he allow d
Uic purchaser ou giving loud »u(h approved «erurify*
with ihe will annexed
of Edwin Motley.
King A Quern, .Tan. 24. 63— w4w
'1 nml Sale of Ixind.
1 *♦ ¥ virtue ol ■ deed of trust execu'ed by Janies B. Fergu
j' eon to Ihe subscribers, whuli deed is duly admitted
record in (be clerk’s office ol Goochland county court, we i
• Him one i f u>, will ou Monday the Ititb day peb. neat, (II,at
being Uojchlai d comity couit day ,) proceed () si II a( Uiorh
laud courthouse, lor cash, is nrdei to satisfy Ihe purposes of
said deed ol trust, Ihe tract ol land (btreiu mentioned; lyi •*
and being iti Ihe said county ol Goochland, containing 83 t*2
aerres, known by (he name ol East's Tract—Thi title P I.
said tract ol Laud is helieveo to he unquestionable, hut ll,»
subscribers,or cither one wh'- rosy art, will ordy convey sncli
tille at i> vested ic (hen by the aforesaid deed of trust.
G. M. QUARLES. ) Trun
RICH’D MOR IS. 5 teen.
_ __63 wi Js
C. &. A. WARWICK, Have for 8ale,
irl Vjfr xt llh l . oM -al T nscco
A 'JL ’t— 25£ no. dry Tobacco sleirii.
Jan. ‘24. 83- 3t*
f 14 HE Subscriber r*ipectluily informs bis friends and (he
*-Jk public id general that he has (akeu that well known
house, tbe
Indian Queen Hotel,
recently occupied by John T. Kawhns and is now prepared
I >r the reception ol company. This Bpacmus and extensive
establishment has lately bteu put iu coruplrie repair, and Ihe
inh<ciiher feeia himself justified in assuring all those who
will do him (he honor of calling upon him, dial (he entertain
ment will not be mleiior In dial id any other house in (he
stale. Ilia charges, lu sui (hr times will be moderate. He has
attentive and laidiful invalid. His
are uuder tbe dir> clioo of an exctllent llodlrr, and his B*r
issuppli .d with the best of Liquors.
J 111. 24. _83- w4w
Public Warehouse Richmond,
M. C. Lackland,
'TIKNDKRS his service* In tbe Cultivators of Tobacco as
1. Salesman at the above Wan house, (at the desire and un
der (he recommendation of (lie Inspectors.) and w ill pay the
sdicUst at entton In receiving, sreunng and selling any To
bacco consigned to Ins care; or sent to the Inspectors. l'tmc
tuality and despatch are pruimsed on his part.
(tyT./llage See. advanced.
HyOfbct in the lnspeetoi’s Onu: ing (toons.
N U. The Plau(er< are assured (hat tbe best prices will be
obtained from all (he buyers.
Jan. 24. 83— wif
I "he Ueueral Meeting ot itie .Miiiu.il .Vesuiiiuce
Society again*! Fire on buildings of tbe State
of Virginia, will be held at the Snciety’d Oliice
in the City of Richmond, on Monday the 9th day
of Februaiy next, at 1 2 o’clock.
Principal Agent M A. Society.
J«. L>._ 77—Id'
Middlesex County Court Sept. 1828. *
ON (he motion of Kit hr id M. Segar l*ie 8 hr i iff cud Com*
inittre of the estate ot M. Heff. man, dec’d. It it orders
ilirr hr advertin' in the Hichinnnd h qinrri it. liu :. on.
ed by him foi
nan, dec’d, among iht several tUiioauti. A Gopy. Teste,
UKO. HEALY, O. of M. G.
Agreeably to the above order, I have appointed Thui sday
the 2d day of April nc *t for the distribution of the above es
tate, io the tusvn of Uibanoa. HIGH’Ii M 8KUAK,
Sbff and Gom. of the eatite
of Henry Hcffirnan, dec’d.
Dec. t».___64- wBw
FfyOKlA HOTEL, old point comport!
tpilli Subscriber, grateful (or pest favors, leturus hiiimrerr
A. (hanks for (tie liberal encouragement afforded the lly
gria Hotel, since it has been in his occupancy, and respect
fully informs tbe puhlic, that for tbe lest 12 months, lie bs
been engaged iu making alterations end improvements. Th<
interior ot the house has heen newly painted and ornamented
His Icehnn.c filled with clean northern Ice. His If A K wet.
stocked with the choicest Liquors, purchased by frirnds (n
prriencedjudges) m N>-w York sud Philadelphia; and his
BEDS are ol (he eery first quality.
He now throws open Ins House lorcompiny, convinced that
they will rot till J it interior to any establishment of the kind
on the sea hoard; and pledges himself, at all times, to furnish
his TABLE <vi(|] (be choicest dtltceeies the season, nisrkei t,
neighborhood afforJ, and that titty attention; shall be shewn
tb .so who favor him with their patronage.
Old Point Comfort is n..w to well known, that it needs no
description: •uflirr it to >ay, that the well established hral'bi
oi-s, and delightful .S'eo Hntking, tende- it as desirable a, any
oo the sea board,both to the invalid as those io quest ol plre
Steam Rials from Philadelphia,Baltimore and Washington,
tourh «t the Point each tup to land, and recaive passengers,
and a 8’eam Boat plies daily between (his place, Norfolk anil
Hampton, for the convenience of those who may wish to visit
either of those places.
Vei’th ol every description continually passing anrire
paising, both from foreign ports and coastwne. Th- magnitude
of the fortifications protesting daily. The fine military ap- j
pearanre of Ten Companies of V 6 Artillery, stationed here j
for a school of practice, and their elegant Band, are well ral- j
culated to entertain and amuse.
Arrangements will be made for Ootilljoo Parties, and Biasoi )
Boats employed on Parties of Pleasure Io the Gapes, wheue '
ver a sufficient number justifies it, and timely notice it given.
There hat been lately erected a Bridge across Mill Greek,
tnd a fine 1 urnpikf road will torn be completed between Old
Point and Hampton, which will afford an opportunity for visit
ors to view the adjoining country.
There art Hath.rig Houses attached to ihs-dsblishment,where
visisoreeau at allt.tnes be accommodated wilt a warm .. cold
ITT The Hath House,creeled an the beach, or the move
nit nee of 8ea Itatbiog, hae been pr- vi ic with a foot path
lavding from the Hotel, whi. h render* the walkmuehmnr*
pl-asaul, than formerly thro’(bvaand, JuoeJT. 15—vtf(
I1SN Chancery, Northumberland County Covet i2ih No* <
* ' 8*«
Warurr Hurst nod lllinttlb K. his mft, Pill's,
K»ui, llurst, Isaac W. Hunt, Thotoai K. Hunt, and Vir
ginia llu.lnall, Delta
Tins day cam* (he p Iffi hy (heir counsel, audlit appearing
lu the eat 1*1icln.u ol liie oml, (hat (he dalti Kemp Huis(t
Isaac W. Herat,and Thomas K. llurst, are mil inhabitants vi
hit Coumn'tiwraUh, ou the uiotiuu ol the I’ltfs, it is ordered,
hat the said Dells do appear b>rr on the sccoud Muuday in
Mai ch mat,and ainiaei the lull of the pills, and that a copy
•I this order be forthwith inserted for two mouths successive
ly iu some newspaper published within this State, auJ aiao
[totted at (he flout door of tbe Cuui (house of tins county.
A C py. Teste,
Pec. II. f.6—ts8w_F. BATES, c c._
IN Ubaineiy, IuL uita Coumy Ccutt, December bth 182'J;
Jutni Cosby, Fltf.
against -
John L. Cclliu- edininislralur de hunts non of Tbumai Oos. I
by dec’d, aud adm’or ol Eiieaheth Cosby dec’d, James ts.
M’Kalliilet aud Folly bit wile, loimely F. Ily Oothy,Wi lisle
Cosby, Joseph Cosby, James Cosby,Stephen U. Nelson and
Bally Lu wile, (uiunily Sally Cushy, Betsey Coshy, am!
Fleming Chiles and Naucy I is wife, fuiuerly Nancy Cosh*,
Da Its.
The defendants Janie U. IM’Kallider and Polly lui wile,
loruierljr Fully Cushy, William Cosby, Joseph Cosby, James
Cushy, bteptirn Is. Nelson an I Sally his wile, foruieily Sal
ly Coahy, not having entered their appeaiaucr aud givtu se
curity acroidiugto law and the rulas of this Cuuit; and it ap
peal tug to the aativfai lion of Hit comt that they are not in
habitants of this Stale, Uu the motion of the plaintiff hy his
Counsel, It is ordered, that tbsy appeal here, n tbs rust day
oi Match Cou tin at ami auswer the bill of th* | lamiitf, and
tbai a copy Cl thu older he turlhwith minted in some news
paper puididied in lire Uiiy ul Hicbmond lor two aitmilis
successively, aud posted at (he (rout d.uir of the Couilhoust
ol thu Coutpy uu aume court day. A copy. Tealv,
o *• 7!i— wAwt
.\ Ubaureiy, Noilh'imbe laud County Court loth OcT.
vi 1828:
Ui din H. Fouibet, pltf.
Isaac W. Hurst aud Waruer Hurrt adm’or of Jane II.
llurst, dec’d * Pelts
This day came tlir pit! by his cuuusel slid it nppeirmg to
tbe •sliiUcliou ol the Court that the dell Isaac llurit uot
au luhabitsul ol this Uoininouwealth,oa the moliou ol the pI:t
it u ordered that the said dett. appear here on the second
.14 Jliday IU March uest, aud an-wer the hill of the pit I, and
that a c . v cf this order he forthwith luserteil lor two mouths
au. ceasively, in some uewipapei published wiinm (hr slat.,
and also posted at th- Iront door of the Courthouse id this
County, Samuel Blackwell Att’y. A copy, Tejte,
„ F BATES, c.c.
'f N t’Aawccry, Fnnce E want October court, I82e
vnL lieiu.au Y. Stokes, Metn-etbei Hurl an Ling, >u Ua
cou, ji. bting the partner! ul Uermau Y. blokes it Co.
out) Its.
Win. 11. Harrison aud Edinuud Luckel, Shenff of Priuc*
Edward couuty,au-J aa adm’or of Wm. Harrison, dec’d.
_ Dali-,
-he Dell. Wm II. Harrison not having catered bis apprai
auce aud given seem ily according loan Acl of Assembly, aim
‘he rulas of this corn t, aud it appearing, to the satisfaction ol
the court that he is uot au inhabitant of this State: Ou the
mod.m of tfce couipitj hy consent, it is ordered, that the said
left Wui. 11. llartnoii,do appear here no the fn it day ol Feb
uar> court neat, anj answer the complainant's hill, anil lint
i » •? d this order he forthwith inserted in some one of the
untie newspapers printed iu tbe City ol Richmond for lw.
.•mill su< ei-ivtiy, aud also posted at the flout door ul tht
Courthous. of Uni County A Copy. Teste,
13. WORSHAM, c. c.
Dec. 9.t>4—«8w*
• f'N Chauceiy, At » court held lor Ciimbtrlaud County, ilie
A W day ol December 1828:
Turner Snuiliill, Pllff.
C» y boutball, Naury Southall, Henry Martin At Elizabeth
bis sail., I in me i |y K.izabeth Maitiu, Maltha au I John Snuin
all, i fill D * i» "I James Southail, dec'd, Maria Marliu, Win.
Mn do, Albert Southall, Elizabeth Southall, Susau Soulhai.,
Children ul Jas. Southall, dec’d, lufanta hy Mmei Wuodaon,
then special guardian, Mary aud Rebecca Bonthall,Chihli tn
of 1 uroer Southall dec’d, lkiants, alio by their at anal guar*
dtan, I’ullv, Hannah, James, Susan, Elizabeth and Cary
Martin, lufauts hy their guardian Miller Woodson, Deft -.
The defendants Johu Southall, aud Martha Southall, not
having eutered their appealance and given security aicti Imp
to the Act ol Assembly, and the ru es ol (his cuuii, and n
"ppear'Ug to the saliilactiuii ol the court (hat (bey air m
inhabitants 01 this commonwealth: Ou motion, it is oidne,
'tiatthe said Johu Ac Maltha do ap tar btre'ou (he 4lh !U m
■ lay in Frbiuary next, auJ answer • tie hill of'tlie plaintiff, at.,
(tut a ropy of this order heluithwilh inserted in sou.e new*
■•■par punted in (lie City of Richmond tor tree nionlnt sn
cessisely, aud pusted at the fiout door of the Cuuithouse w
this County. A copy. Teste,
Dec. 30 “7 2— wGtt*
> r-N Chancery— At a Court L.ld for Cumberland Counts, the
A 24th Nov 1828: 1
Thomas T. Swauu aud Sally W. Swauu his wife, Tills,
Allen Wilson end Daniil A. Alien, Ex’ors of Sally Marno,
der’d Rehecea Redd. Jgffersou Woodson and Sally his wife
Robert Faulknci and Uelsey 11.hit wile, Milled Woods, n,
Guardian ad litem for Auiauda Redd, Ann Redd, Rebecca
Redd, George Redd, Jane Redd, Robert Redd, Martha Red I,
Anderson lledd, Virginia Michaux, Uelsey Michaux ami Ma
cdu Michaux, Charles Oalloway «ud Salley Ins wile, Joseph
Mi haux, Jr. aim Joseph Fuqua, Kichaid Afichaux, Jr. Geo.
W. Ciump and Geo. T. Crump, Detis.
Tne Defenoauts Jefl'ersou Woodson and Sally, Ins wife,
Andiew MtKubeiis a no Amanda, his wife, barles Oalloway
ami Sally, Ins wile, m.t having entered their appear m e anil
givrn security according to the Act of Aseuihly At the tides
of (his court, and it appearing hy satisfactory evidence, that
(hey are no.’ inhabitants of tins country.* Ordered that the sat.!
deleudauts do appear here on the fird d«y of the lien Fth
ruary term and ans .er Ihe toll of the Plaiuliffi; aud that ,
Cony of this o;der lie f-nthwith luseited in some uewtpa( ei
fluniished in the City of Richmond, for two mouths successive
y au I posted at (be Iron! door of llie cuuithouse of (Ins roun
•y. A copy. Tote,
JfN Chancery— Vngiuia— At rules lielil iu the Clerks Office
A >■( Essex County court, oulhe 1st dsy of December 1828:
Johu Rogers, pjtj
Mary Oox, ^ Deft.
The defendant not, having entered her appearauce and
giveu security accr.i ding to (he Act of Assembly, and (ba rules
of this Court, aud il appearing hy satisfactory evidence (bat
she is not au inhabitsnt of (his Suit, ou the motion of (he
plaintiff, it is ordered, that the said defendant do appear before
(he Juslies of the County Court of Essex at the C ntrthoiisr
ou (he third Monday in behruaiy next, aud answer his lull,
Jr (hat a copy of this order he forthwith inserted in !h Rich,
mond Enquirer for (wo months successively, and that another
copy he pusted at the front door of the Cuustbouse of this
county. A Copy. Te*le,
Dec. II_65— w8w ZA< H. U. CRITTENDEN.
1 pursuance of a decree ol the Superior Courts of Chan.
A eery fer (he Richmond District, piuu ninred ou the Hlb
day of March 1828, in Ihe case of Harilimau vs llardimin, I
shall on Ihe I Ith day of February next, offer tor sale, to I In
highest bidder, at public auction, for cash, on the premise
the tract of land of five hundred acres; iu the county of Uuck
ingliaui in (he bill mentioned.
or one of his Deputies.
_ J»°- fO-_ 77- 2awld>
aee.e* RK it rcineiuh-red, that cm (be seven'et-uth i av
SL. S.{ Januaiy it. the filly thud year jf the Independence
J.a.eJ ®* ,h* S"1** America. Thoa. Jefferson
Randolph, of (be said Di-trict, hath deposit! d in
ffi' e the mlr of a hook, the right whereof he claims ai
'«i riel .r in the worda following, to wit:
“Memoir, Correspondence, and Miscellanies,
from the papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Edited by Thomas Jekkekson Kandoi.ph.”
In conformity to the act of the Congress of (he II. Hlates,
ant "ltd “Au Act for (he encouragement of learning, by at
curing the CO, ieacf rrapi, charts, and hooka, to the authors
and pi opri«tor> of such copies, dunu the times (*■• eifl men
tioned.” IllUri) JKKKItIKS,
Clerk of the Eastern Pi r.'t / V .
$100 hhrt akTT
U/1 ILL he given for (he apprehension and delivery of a ne
gro man named Anderson, win absconded from the Kagle
I avern, Rirhm nd. in Oct her or November La«t. Anderson
is ab.ut or 27 ytars of are, very likely, intelligent and ol
yuulhftsl appearance. He has probably made his escape lo
some free bt.iie, and will deny his name and owner;the above
rewatil will be given if apprrfiende J without the Hiat. . olliv i
wise RAO- O. SELI'EN
J«". ®_ _ IS- wtf
IHIK Suh-r.ribir has opmed a house ol private cut eft a n-a
menl at the well known stand of Hnnlei’s tavern, on Ihu
mam road leading from Richmond to Lynchburg, and fiftee
milea frero the latter place where, ha will he prepared lo ac”
commodate traveller*. ALLEN JOHNSON.
J«n 17.__ 80- I2t
WILL give ten dnllirs reward for the apprehension of
«A man HARR A. who slop'd from John l>. In swell of
llaiiovrr county, about ail months aro. He is of a brownish
coinplegion, and lather under Its ordinary size of men. If is
supposed he was pul in Albemsrle jail about (wo nonlhs ago;
fiom which he made his escape in company with a free man.
It is pr- hahla he is either lurking about in the county of An.
gusta, where he wit ouce hired, or making his way to Ohio
The above reward and all necessary eipensea w.ll be paid for
delivering Ihe said negro to me, at Charlotte couiflinuse, Va.,
or lodging him in jail so (hat 1 get him again.
J»n- I’ _ Rtt-werf
Slate Quarry for Hent or Lease.
VifV Slate Quarry on Hum’s O el, nearu its junction with
viLV slate Hiver, in the county of Rmkigham, about one
mil« Hiv^r itfnr Utrtor l.fme.
There have been rawed from them the past y.,r
hundred squares of Slate, and the prospect i* now better than
at any former period, large blocks being now entirely egpoi
ed which may be quarried with great facility. This Slate hat
maintained as toquality the highest reputation of any in Ihe
Untied Stales, be,ng unenu m nly light and smordh. The dia
(anrt from the truarrp lo Ihe b -at landing on Klate Hives, is
abotil three quarters of a mile, and the navigation thence to
Richmond good at all seasons of the year Application may
be made to me at my residence ah ut f„nr miles above New
Canton, and within half a mile of the Qnariy.
Jan. 6 7A- wdw*
bknTamTn- FT m iUhTE^
attorney at raw.
It ILL practice „ ihe Superior and Inferior Court* held in
v » the city of Richm ud, including those for the musty r
Itrnrica He tory hi font,d at (be office of Obapn.an J o!*n«on,
hn.13. •’S-wtw
I HAVE two boat* navigating tha river froa ay a 111* to
F'luvauua te Richmond, for my own purposes only, aod
do ujt consider myself a Public Cairier, and hereby forwent I
all person* from making any contract wilb eitbvi of my watt. - I
meu, Duck or Uaitlett, or putting any produce, good*, or other
•(tide* on either cf my butts at any time.
'Palmyra, Jan. 30. XI—Shi
~’ jviyrfcE.
> t*Y virtue o( a deed of (rust ascoted to the >uh*tiiber by
'—A Samuel Steger, hearing data the 10th day uf November,
1821, and duly admitted to record ill thv clerk’* office uf the
■ uuuty court of Cumber land, hi shall lor the purpose* iu
»*t.l <ltrd uiealiuued, at tbe front door ot Mrs Jnhntoo’l ta
vern, in the luteu of Uarteravillr, Cumberland county, on the
6<h la* of Fehiuary n»xt, sell at public auction, to t be high {
e*t hinder, f»r -ash, a crrtaiu tract of laud in said deed men.
(•oned, King !i being in said county, and bounded by the lands
of Denjaioiu Carrington, Thomas M. Walton, dec’u and uthrrs,
it being the Mute tract of land p .rchasrd by the said Samuel
Steger of John Herrs*. Actiug as t. utter, see m.l « onvey such
title ouly u is vested iu u* hy said J. rd.
WU. MONTAGUE, $ Trustees.
Jan. 13. 78—«v4t*
I * I'lIK Ferry In in C • krS Land *n F»n» ** Ueorjc*. lo Wry*
JL KUuke io Ch«net Cify« im11* e*t*’»lul**d, aod tbe usual
•ignal will bt altrud’ (.• JlIKlIjr fc
sale of valuable property.
In BrentaviUe, (P. Win. C. H.) Fa.
UN THURSDAY, in. ItJitr day ol December ueat, if fair
il uut ua (be neat lair day, the Subscriber will offer (or
sale at public auction, at Urtulsville, the following properly,
via: Tbat well kusnu tavern stand, tbe ‘'Drtntsviile llutel,”
adjmuiug the public square, tbe lot contenting 3 acies ol
grouud, well nupioved, with every i.ecessaiy out building,
and a comfurtabie maiu buildiug, iu winch are 15 rooms aud
4 large passages, twu of said rooms have been well fitted up
a. a store and counting iooui, with a large cellar underneath,
and it,d .ubtleas the belt mercautilr stand iu the place. Also,
his stock of fuiuilure, comprising almost eveiy article needed
by an Inu'ki eptr, among which are 24 bed*, bedsteads ai-d
furuituie. Also, twu Uristur tract lots, one adjoining the ta
vern pi uprrly, tuulaiuiug about 100 acres, the oihct lying in
(he bend of Cedar Run, lately owued by (rha*. (iuodwin, who
pur chaied it of Walter Coe.
All praioui indebtedf..the Subscriber are earnestly request,
ed to wake settlement hy note or payment without delay, aod
persons baviug claims will please present them as soon as con
venient. TH R. DAMP TON.
N. U. Die sale oil the IStli ult. baviug ri suited only iu a
fiaidal ditp »sl of my property, (be tavern lot described a
■uve, will again !>e oneied for tale oil the Grit Mi uday in
Fehriidiy oegt, (being court day.) *
Scarcely a doubt can be entertained of (hr facts that ere
long the Chancery Court will he held in each county, (he
prospect ol which should euliaucr the value of such proper
s’. The terms of -alt will now be au aci mmmlJaliug credit
uu the whole amouut ot purcli&air money. T. It. il.
Jan. I. 78— td
i*IIE winter session m each ul these Seminaries will com
mence cn the 12th ol January next.
The Female Academy under the superiuteudance of the I
Hr v. Josepn Laharee, assisted hy (wo ladies of rmiueut quali
fications. Miss E. Humphries whu tear.lies Music and 4bv
blench language is au uisuuctress of considerable experience,
lisvn.g taught (or six or seven years in the Moravian School
hi Ucltiletirui, Pccuaylvauia, and mthis Academy during the
past year
The Matt Academy will he under the superiuteudance of
Mr. James D. Johnson as nerietufoie.
North Car.Isna. Dec. »3. 68-w6w
IaHE subscriber having tsXn. Ins hrothei James C. Crane,
nit" partneiship with him, the business heretofore carried
on hy li.msell, will hr continued, at the staud at present oc*
cupied by him, iu (be name ol W. i. J. C. Crane.
The sahsciihers offer for sale, a geuvial assoilineut of .ea
(her of all ktuds, lor shoe-makers, carriage-makers, saddle At
harness.uiakeis, shoe thread and shoe trimmings, sboe-uiakeii
and curriers tools. Ate. <VC- 4tc.
GOO Spanish hides
250 Richmond slaughter bidet
Tanner’s oil. W. If J- C. CRANE.
JkU.jh____ 75- »4»
CHIP P LU—for tii tie.
r> N the 4lh fil ..day in >1. cl. at Cumber laud Court, l
■jy# will sell at public audi o , my h' lse r ttlPI’LK, on thr-e
ps'.in ulsj (he blit to In ms.it un ibe fii>( da> <>t J j
1H30— and the others ou the fit at day ol Jauua. y m the iw
• ucr.eeding yean, (say 1831,-32) Wheiever Crippl* lu.
i cod, he is known to be one ol the finest loll gelt, is i,
lie State; and it is perhaps not saying (on much to asset I, that
lie can show a greater proportion <d fine colls than auy bolts
within my knowledge; indeed as far as 1 am competent t.
judge,! have never seen an inditfeienl colt gotten hy hiui He
o.'Vt-red suly one.mares . in mg the last seas, u, aud no iioum
I would have covered many mmt, but lor the waut of pis.psr
attention, which bis owner were entirely unable to give I
the subject. Ulipple was beeoteo by tue celebrated hoi.
Rou Uuek,his dam by the well kuuwn horse Cultivator. She
was the most perfectly formesl mar e lever saw. Uuppls i-a
fine hljud hay with black lees, au.l but for lire dislocation vr
his shoulder al one year old (which alTscted Ins sixe,] is a
horse of most perlect form, he is witball a nmaraably stirs
fnalgetlei. Accoidiug to former advcrtisc-mtuis^Ciipple would
appear to have been uiue years old last spring; but it is be
sieved be will be only nine next •pring_A l.uuH with approv
ed aecuiity fur each payment will lie required of the purchaser.
Jan. 10.<_ 97- wtds
•f’f'AVING taken out the license that is required by Law.
vRiV («l theexpense ol Gl) dollais,] as aalesmau at the Pulon
W. House lor the present yeai, I again tendei uiy best :ei vi
ces to ail that may terl disposed to continue the express!..u in
their good feelings,hy a continuance of patronage to those plan
.ers whose eucvuregement lias raised the inspection lu iis
p: esent standing, amt whose expressions ol then satrsla. tun
,i the services which 1 have been liy them allowed to rendu,
ss well as those whose tobacco 1 have sold when undti the
management ol other gcutiemeu, I lender my must gialeiul
j. knowledguieuts. Tins notice aud appeal to my ti lends
would not have be- n made, hut tor (he ufftr u( another gentle
uuu to do busiuess as my competitor,—it may not ba amiss to
remark.that I took the situation when no one w> ulu have it, and
brought usyself in debt the tint year while woikiug to establish
ibe inspection, tbeiehy hoping to establish my own iituatiun;
whether in doing the falter 1 have reduced auy seivice t. the
Public, as well to ludividrals, it is lor lbeu>to say, when they
see (lie differpuce between what has been paid mlo the liea
•ury the (wo years that 1 have been tlrer- , and that which was
paid (lie year previous, (he amount was only 14 dollais; li e
5 it year alter my taking a situation the amount paid wa
S253G 41, the present year it was 374a dolls At 37 els. 1 co
hy no means take the riedit ol the whole ol tins increase lu
myself, but am willing to know that the Piauteis have b. en
the maiojcanse; should Ihrir friendship to me have been any
inducement,’! aui thankful; it is at (he pleasute of such, a<
well as thr dealers (hat 1 have held, and now bold the situa
tion. 1 can give no better evidence of my altarhuieui to (hr
interest of those enc uragiug me, than by aiiueaingtbe follow
lug muni, who have kindly directed me Io give leltreuce to
them, by way of shewing theie salislaclion at the uiatuiei that
i have dcoe busiuess as salesman; (lie particular patronage ol
su< h drains will ever insure a lair pnce'foi all tobacco sent
(<• iuy management; such an expression of kindness places me
uiihr i many obligations. Intending to keep my Accls sepa
ate liuui others at Ibe Ware House, (host sending tobacco
w ill.send it to me, or it to the inspector be parlirulai in saying
1 ■ at 1 wifi pay Toll, Aer. their receipts will always be sr. t—
in ordei Ibat the planters may not be detained alter the
weighing Ilf (heir tobacco,a Genlltmau will arlvauce the ain’t
ven if it shaft be after blank 0 urs Special care will be
paio to (he urder of (he hogsheads as they come in.
i!_/'Office a( (be Ware llous,. II. U MONTAGUE,
n r.r r.e.ni> u r..
Auger* fit Harrison, Jno. fii Wm. Gilliat, Scotl,
trvme fit Co., Titos. Adkins, John Slewarl, Kerr,
Cankle* fit Co., Gray fit i'ankey, Geu. L. Sampson,
A. Puticolas fit Co., J. Marx bt Sun, Williams fit
Ciingaii, Jas. \\ . V\ iniree, J.ucke it Sizer, JJan’l
Warwick, John Junes, Win. Barrett, Chs. Ellis,
A. W. (Suiting, A. C. Blander, L). Barclay, Wm.
Kerr, Hutchison fit Kerr, H. L. Wight fit Son,
S.iin’l s. Saunders, U fit T. Gwa'hiney. >>!»•• Bur
'• :|. v‘'in- Au: ock, 1 l.us. v uuuu, ami ku.j .min
1 late tier.
*'■ B. Tu (hue Gt-nlleintti that have promises theii cions
' " 'he tint luce, ii well as tbuse who have tent Iheii ezpiei
*'"n* of satisfaction, and promise ol a share ,,f rufluen ». 1
Imv. only to writ, (hi ui * j'.uil puce ann promts, u.) in at
*•'tl-.Ha to obtain u (or tl.eu,. |l. fl
Bee. 30._73-nt , i.llu_
hi Hanover County Court, Sent. 24th, 1828.
. AVID 8I’D EH, Robert G 0|.i>> , Dsvn. So.ret ao.i
“M Lucy Bpieer, the three tail df wl „ aie children of
lleiijaumi Spicer, dte’d, CUevley That ei and Polly bn wile,
lormerly Polly 8pic-r,an Win. Jolrnx n and Fiancee his
wile, formerly France. Sjicnr, wbirh saul firs! mentioned
David end Benjamin Bpieer, Poll* Thacker, and Fiancee
Johnson, were children ol David Spietr, dec’d, pltfe.
agair.it r
Nathaniel Dickenson, adrn’or de home notrr.f David Sricer,
■In <1, John Davis and Susanna hie vie, forui'ily Butanria
Spicer, Tbnrpae W. Spicer, Henry Spir.r, John L. Binr. and
E revhetb bn wife, formerly Elizabeth Bpieer, dlte— In
l*h'» day came the plaintiff, by their cotineel, and thtv bill
and anewer oI the deleurlant Nathaniel Dicjreqeon, ad
m’ot de b'inii non ol David Bpiter dec’d, being filed, ami
the other defendant., not having entered their appearanr
ami given security according to the Act of Assembly and the
mlei of tbia court, and H appearing torhe ealrefartion i l the
court, that they are not inhabitants of tine commonwialtlii on
the motion of the plaintiff, it ordered, that the card defen
dant., John Davie and Rosanna hi, wife, Thntnae W. Bpieer,
Henry Bpieer, John L. Rime and Elizabeth hie wife, appear
her e on Ihe firet day of March court neat, and anew,r the
plaintiffs’ said hill; and that a copy of tjiie order be forth
with inerrlrd in Ihe Enquirer, a nt wspap< r published m Ihe
city of Richmond, for two months suctesesively, and that an
other copy be posted at the front door of the courthouse of Hue
county, A copy. Teete,
Jn-J. _ 71- W3w
HV Virtue of a deed of trust fie- ttted by Oeorgr Owen to
Benjamin M >-hy and (he subscriber, on ihe 17if, Hay' i
| March in the year 1934, and recorded n> the Clerk’s Otfi-a ot
j Powhatan, for the i.mpo.e of eernring a debt due from Hughe.
Owen, and Ihe said George Owen, a. hi* eeeutile.in oherlei
: Woodson, as eaerutnr of Frederick Woodmo,/ec’d, will be
! s Id, In the highest bidder, at public auction, for ready
| ney, at Powhaian O-riifthouse, on th< third Wc,l|,
; yebrusry nest, (being rourl day ) a i.sct of |,„,i |y., , ,'lh,
cowsify of powhaian, in the neighhorho .( of ||,c (-On1(house
contain.n. 200 an re, more or less, n vhichth* .ant Ge i,e
Ow>o eeideat'-r much ihe. « of a. will > • euS, ienl t- tali,
(he ptirp- es of ,-id trust deed. Surf tin at is veal- d into
subscriber will be conveyed to the juiclaser
| Dec, S7.?|~wit*J WM. 8. DANCE, Truetee,
Cash for Negroes.
IW13H topuiehaac twenty-firs or thirty likely yovit*
groe men, from fifteen to twenty years of age, to work
he Cbcsterheld coal pits near thia city, and will give raP
hem liberal prices. UKVERLEY RANDOLPH
Jan. 19 «l wtl
rllE subscriber will sell privately his tract of land lu
Uedford county, situated on the north aud south lorks nf
■loose Creek, and uu the main road leading from Lyuchburr
o Fmcaitle, 12 miles west ol Libsrty, aud adjuimog OapC
Juford. It contaius about 1400 acre,, of which 800 are uu.
cleared- Tbe part which is uncleared, cacept a very small
rortiou, is escellaut tobacco laud. Of lira cleared land, I5<y
icres are low grouuds of the first quality, and the remainder
miarkably 6ue high land. This ia one ot the best barts of
•ud in the upper country, being well adapted lo the cultivs.
iou of tobacco and all kiudj of g.-am ; it lies remarkably well
inJisvety frae front it one; if divided it would make two very
aiiosome >• acts, which shall be done, if Ibote who wish to
•urebase wish it. Peisons wubiug tu purchase may apply to
ne subscriber residing iu the utighborho.d of New London,
ir lo Uapt. Buford, reaiilmg ueai the tract. WM. IRVINE.
•*<»• IH-19—tf
Lunatic Hospital, Wiltiumsbure
■VTOTIOEis hereby given thatall theccllsinthisinstilution
L9 arc occupied, aud that no mora palieuti will be received
anti Isom e <>i the said cells are vacant; Jueuoticcuf which wil
••given. Bv »rdar ol tbe Courtof Directors.
Mav ia 48—*' I.. IlhNLEY.
Charles Cahi er hi Co. *
T y P e P O U N 1) E R S,
No. 17 .South Cavert st. baltimore,
UAVl.NtJ uruished hemiaive# a hi, Moulds, Matrices, Lr.
foi C tut tug Tx/ptt of ihe iuosi luouern aud approved
rtyle, are uow . *ady lo receive orders lui any kiud or quantify
ol Types. J
They have on baud Founts of Type or various sixes, Flow*,
ns, tfuoialious, Leads, Space Kulea, Brass Kulea, Oases, he
ulso, e large assortment of Cuts and La.geJoh Letter, (on I
•uiid hoiieij.and will lake inipreijiuus Hum Wood Cuts of auy ^
description. * ’
t h Co. have constantly uu Land Printing Ink ot a iu- 1
C noi quality.
Orders wifi he executed with promptness, on the most fa
vourabic terms aud no pains spared to luruiih avery article
ol the best quality.
Spe mu us will he usueo in the course of the winter.
_Balliuiore, Dec. 23. 70— 2*<e6w
*i i HE Uruitn School will be opened m 15th January inst
by flit William Watkins, appointed by the trustees. '
Terms,—For tuili-u, §30 in Latin,, and §20 in Ihe Eugbih
language, lurtheleim uf leu mouths.
Eveiy ■ tiolai will he hound for the whole (arm, unless.
I »ct ived by contract lor a shorter time.
ll is bvlievtd that hoard can he obtained iu genteel families
iu the immediate neighbourhood.
There wilt be e vacation of one m «utb, r.iiiimcnciox on tha
„ , . 7'nuttti.
Powhatan, Jan. 1. 73_w4w
I (tumble Heal Eblatefor Sale
V|l,u,r Jl * drill ul tiusl wane by J ..In. Ki.binsf.n, tr. 1
> -t- Agnes bit wu., to vi Ibe subscribers, wbicb nears date
the liOlh day of November, 1818, and was admitted to record
in Itemicu county coml on the 2lsl day ul tbe same No*
vemlier, tec sliall on Friday die brA day ul February next
between 11 o'clock furtuoon, aud one o’cl ik uj'ttmoonl
if fair, il not, al trie same tnut the ntat fan day thereat*
ter, al llie front door ul Ike Kadi Hotel, iu tbe city of Kiclc.
Uloud, tell at public aueduu, to tlie Inchest bidder, foe ready
mousy, a ceitaiu tractor parcel ot Taod, by tbe said John
liobiujun commonly calleJ Utton, lying aud Leiuc >u Heurico
county, aud uu (be uerth folk of thr III ook mi , about five
miles above the city ul Uicbuit>ud, aud which tract or parcel
ol laud was sold and convey id to tbe said Jilin h-ibinsou by
Dahuey Williamson and bis wife as containing ab >ul 230 acres,
or an muchol said li art and apjiurtc nances as may be sufficient
to raise the sum ol two rhousaud six liuuured ai.d seventy nine
dollais and sixty sevcu ceuls, aud the lOteitsl winch has
accrued, and will accrue Hitieou Hum Hie 20lh November
1820, up to the said lime ol sale—due to Maiy Bhepaid and
otlivis, hens and legal representative! of Samuel bbepaul
deceased, besides the expenses attcujinr the ciecutuu of thu
Tbe tilie ot the above property, me believe to be clear and
unquestionable; but see shall convey only such as ii vested in
us as trustees aluresaid. 11 L. WIGHT, ) -
Wm. MONCUUK. J rru,,*t,«
N. B. The pm chaser paying ©370, al dxltvery of thx
ilftil-Kds bxvt j cirdi' toi a number cl years fur su much of
the balance ol th- puichise mumy as shall not exceed
2o7‘J dollais—il sstnlaW.iry security he given.— lutsicst In bn
paid scmi.annualiy. Iciltui patUcuUia may be known by
applying to— U. l WIGHT.
Jau. H.
The above mentioned tract ol land well deserves the attention
ol persons disposed to purchase on. . I its use, not only lor ite
luliiusic value, hut the auvauiagi s of its situaduu, being bcaU
thy,well wst.ied, iu a good ntighb uihuid, aud lyiug very
ueai tbe Brook Tuiupixe.—So great a proportion of it is i.|
wood of origins- giowth, oax, hickoiy and pine, of beet
quality, that l believe about lOu a its ol the wood uiav be
spared, aud a mfficiriir.y left foi ihe suppott of the plantation.
Siuce I have owned it, bung more than '23 years, particular
attention has been paid to the pteieivatiou ol the Umber, and
all Hie laud in wood is nut only of good, but most of it .uperior
quality. As two loads per day, by the same lea.ii, uiav b*. made
to Hichmund, ei ept in,tbe short days of wiutti, l rtxlly
believe Ihe wuou way be wade to produce Irow 30 to 4‘.)
dollars per acre cleat ul eipeuses There is on toe laud au old
dwelling house in lolrixtilt good rtpau, and x .mall but sub*
slaiilixi uar 14 by 2B list, built wilnio a few years post, re* |
tended (or au Ovi-rs-er. r
Adjoining this tract, I have a swaller one of 100 acres,
principally cleared, with a dwelling house on il 18 by 88 feet,
whith I wouid cell at a easouxble price to the purchaser of
(he othei tract, if he should wish to add toll.
_ J- KOBlikSON.
^er- ^_ 70— 4w
£f<Hfc* Subscriber will open a school the present year at
« Locust Grove, the resideu.r ol his Mother, iu tha lower
pan hi Louisa. He will teach (he Greek, Latiu, and Freuch
languages,logelbrr with the comwou branches of Kugluh edu*
cation. Four or five well disposed boys would he taken as
boarders, at the low puce ol eighty dollars lor board 8c tuition,
ihe school will commence on tbe 2u -lay ot February uext,
amf eapn e cu the I Ills of December following, wilb a vaca
tion ol two wetk* during the summer. The subscriber has
had 8 or 10 years experience a a leachei, aod can produce
ample testimony of his cbararler and qualifications.
Jan- B~__76- 2*w3w
Sale of Hand, JYegroes, i?c.
1 f SHALL otfer lor sale at the late i esidence oi Jno. Starke,
dec’ll, iu the Couuty of Hauovei, mi Finicy the 30th of
this month, if l.sir, otherwise the ueit fail day (beteafter up ■
a credit of one, two and three years, several am ill tracts of
land adjoining the tract on which said dec’d resided; also one
othei tract called Liltlepages, containing about 288 acres, near
Headrick's Tavern; this tract is well timbered aud is consider*
ed superior to suy land in the neighborhood, bouds with per
s-juai aecui sly and deeds of Hast will be required to aecure (be
purchase money.
At the same nine and place, I shall offer for sale upon a cred
it ol six uiotiHif, ten or fifteen likely young negroes, consist
me of ineo, buys, and girls,(for a pail of the negroes cash
will be lequireil.) Alsu all the riops, a fine parcel of stock,
plantation utensils, carriage and hai ness, sulky and harness, a
valuable .till, Ii luscbold aud kiliben furniture, will bt hired
ul at ibe time several uagiues, belonging to the estate.
J03. bTAUKK, adtu’or,
■* |()77 - 2iwi Willi Ibr will annexed.
.'IJOO II U nil o
mEBPEGTFULLY informs (hr public, that her Seminary
for the in,liur.liou youug Lailiea, was opi ned on (h<*
111 M»l., Hi which will he taught the following biaochea :
Orthography, Beading,Writing,Aritli oelic, English Wrannuar,
Ueograohy, Nstucal and Mmal Philosophy, History. Cbruuol
ogy. Belles Leltres, and Composition- The French Language
and Musi, will he taught, it wished. Boardi ra will be re
ts ivti. a* $150 per ittsiou, fui board and (union; Washing 18
lolls j Lodging .0 dolls. The session cousisliog of lOinoulhs.
Day pupils 36 dolls, per session, Furl Dl 50tls. All necessary
atteution will be paid to the l.esltli and manners of the yonuz
laCies. Oct. 3. 43-if
/fMIE subscriber’a arhool ssmI c .i.iinue lb rntuiug year et
7*, Ins inot bet’s residence, who will accommodate 10 or 15
Thecour.. of instriKtir.n will embrace the English, Lslio
and Qieck Languages, pure and miaed Mathematics, Ancient
and Modern Geography, and wi 1 he preparatory (be Uni*
ycrsity. The strictest attention shall be paid to the morale
• rid inaonera u( ibe pupils, and the subscriber pledgee hiruself
t ‘ • 'eidl’l to dll bis July in every department of bit profta
aioD.— r
Terms per Session of 5 months:
? V’1’ trono
Tuihon, . # 1603
Fe>s foi B iard and Tuili.n payable in advance. The
let Session will open Janua-y 15th,’1829.
TTI<’'tecs duelled '•OJeinlo Post Office” will he promptly
alls n«(#d_ Her. 9. 64.. wCtf V 7
Air. Thomas Almond, " '
Nsdin, I ha I shall on Thmsday the t7ih day of
I. Fihrmiy neiLs ih fayrrn house of William Penicli in
(he tow,, oi Farmville, and county ot Pnncr E.lw.id, hatweeo
the hours of seven in the omming, »,„l f,vf j„ ihe evruiot
',f *o1' Wln- L Morton) aodon
Hearth M.rl!' h i*7u°f <h' ,,'Df °’u,',h. *' 'he bouse of
• C m a M C.V8°» '" «h« C'unly of Charlotte, proceed to
k the depositions of W m. Dennree and others, between Uin
h -urs a.oresaid, to he read as evident-e in a suit now depeod
"* "birh, I, a* Ihe E.es
W. Ll? P •'•••*, dee. am plsmt jr, and yourself aoi
William L. Morton are defendanl, Yours, kt
. . Charles II. Pearson, dec’d.
Ji,n >5._70— w4w»
IB !,deed of ,rr' fa'futed to Hie subscriber hy
K*c r«fd J. Iltfrif rrd John lltirrrf, hearing riafeth»2f*t
day of March 1825, and duly recorded, ’I .half, ", the , ur.
pose- in said deed mentioned, at Ihe front iloor of Mra. j'bn
V? ‘on’Ihe’Ch i* "”7Vf,C*r Comber land county,
on the 20th day of Hehrnary n**t# proceed («. ff || (0 the
Of i *V **"' •vttin\ r'»hc a certain tract or
parrel o| land containing one Ih usaod, three hundred aud
oinety-aii acres, ymg and being in tha county of Hawkins.
Male or Tennessee, on Holstnii river) or so murh of said tract
»f land as will ha sufficient for Ihe purpcaeaof raid dte.'s tha ••
,*od " ^n,n,on\y >i led and known by tha oaroa
f Solitude. Acting as Trustee, I will eonyryseen (Hit only
m »• vfMed id me hr *
J?in- '*•_7S—wfit”
Sank of Virginia. """
D,r’Ih- day declared, di.
** hit/ « yr' fc." "" ,hr r*'"- 8"..k ol <h« Bank
last half year, payable on Ih, 15th instant.
. r w, DANDRIDOE, Ca.ah’r.
7J—tlstf ft.

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