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VOL'. XXV...NO. Ilf.
*■». “"tt"***K »» published l«iri a week generally
•m IliMiiiu a awk during ilia hnwii <af tha ttd« L*aiiu
i«la~frkathi itaa u MrtU(otc,f m Dollars per tuuun,
piyabte in advance. Notes ef chartered, specie-paying bauts.
(kfti*) will ba received inpayment. The Editors will ruarau
tee Ihn anfety nf remitting them bp mail}tha pesters
lata W*( p»id, l>y tha writers.
Or No paper will bo disc sutiaued(but at tha discretion at
l Kilters) until alt arrearages lure basu paid ap.
Wlioevar will gun antes tha payment ef nine papers
(haH have the tenth OKATI8. 1
. UFOn* square, OK I, £83—Firsiiu,erLiuu76<tati—task
■fteottaiuace, 60 cents. *.»
*.*moddvertisemant inserted, until it baa either been paid
w assumed by Sana parson in this city, or its eavtr'-nv.
Virtue of a deed of trust bearing date tbt 26ih day of
November 1822, and duly recorded m tne clerk's office
of the county court of Amherst ou the 8(b day ef January
ISO, whereby James 8. Pendleton, of the said county, cun.
rayed tot be undersigned, io trust, for (be i.urposes Ihrreiu
. r.--a. W—aw. I... MU 1UIT8IU
mentioned,“one cesuiotiact or parcel of laml, couiaiuine
7JI MT#»p M o; )««<, Iviu^ auJ htiuit in (hr
coufttf M Amfecrit, on DufTtiwt rivtr, ou both side* of (hr
a ? of asuisoiac * 1 v ' 1 I Will IIU«I Ul (Ot
road from New Glasgow to Lynchburg, and ajpiuinc the
Unde of David 8. Uatland, being (he seme lands which TLu«
Aldridge purchased of John Ovoui and Jidta Warwick,
and Which was conveyed by said Thoi. Aldridge and Catba’
line bit wife, to tha said Ja.ors 8 l*«u llelou, by deed hear.
tb| data the 29th dayuf April 1818;” wc shall, »u Moudav,
tha ISth day ut June heat, before the troat door of the Ea
|lt Hotel in the City of llicbicaifd, proceed to sell, to the
Isigheat bidder, at public auction, Toy cash, all that part of saiJ
tract of land which lies east of the said road, with e small part
west of the said road to include the haro, containing agrees
M) {• roceul suivey. Slid ecies, lor lot purp<Mej ul arid trait.
Oa that portieo of said tract, which will be soldi, aforesaid,
there is a two story brick dwelling house, with other necoeaary
out bouses: the situation is heal'.hy, water good, nvighourbood
agreeable, improvement- in good condition, and plantation uu
der a good eastern of culture. The title is believed to be in
disputable, but acting as tiuAeaa we shall gall and convey
only the title vested in us.
April 7.
WM. NEKER VIS, J Truslecs*
109 ids
.1 ihiiuavie araci v wncuicijiela Isanti for Sale.
PURSUANT (o a dterec of ihe Superior Court of Chan.
cer* for tbe Richmond district, pronounced on the 37ih
day of Uaicb 1859, in the cues of ltianrh v*. Cheatham, and
llurfoot va. Cheatham— I snail on Wedpetday (be 29th day
of April 1859, ou tht premises, at the boar of 13 o’clock offer
for M>l, U public auction, |p the highest hi Jder, for r.a.h, the
tract of land in raid decree mentioned, Ivin* and hain* in the
county of Obeatarlivid and containing about four hundred
■crea, whereon Mr*. Maitha Uhealhvio lately resided.
*thw land there is a comfortable d willing houae.and ne
y out bouire.
J. GUERRANT, M. S. C. C. R. D.,
or one of his Deputies.
April’- 109— Ida
Star that's Sale of one eighth part of the Colum
bian Afills—Situated in the City of Itichmond.
JftURSUANT to a decree of the Superior Court
of Chancery for the Richmond District, pro
nounced on the nth day of March, 1823, in the
C»M of Moore vs. Bell, I shall on the lllh day
of May, 1829, at the hour of 12 o'clock, if fair,
if not the nest fair day thereafter, ofTer for sale, on
the premises at public auction, to the highest bid
der, “one undivided eighth part of the Columbian
Mills, with the appurtenancos conveyed hy John
Grtnberry and wife to William and Philip Haxall,
hy deed bearing date, the 22d day of August,
1809." J * ’
Terms—A credit of 6, 12 and 18 months, bonds
with approved security required, and the title re
tailed until the purchase money be paid.
J. GUERRANT, m. h. c. c. it. o.
April 7. 109—tds Or one of his Deputies
ALL persons having claim* against the estate of Samuel
Moshy, late of Hanover county, are hereby requested to
Produce them, io order, that arrangement! may be made for
tne payment of ell auch aa may b* presented legally eutheoti
cated: end all (hose indebted to said estate are respectfully
retpieriedto make aa early payment at possible, aithesitua
ttoa of tbe eaUte can admit of but little indulgs-ore.
Es'on of Sam’l Moshy, dec’d,
_April l._ 109 -wtait.'inSn
V virtue of t deed of trust executed by Ilentey C. Dos we II
if Kvilina his wife, and Ueojamioe F. Doawell and Mary
BTnh wife, to John O. Williams and Joseph F. Price, heariur
date the 15tb day of Feb., 1823, and recorded in the otters
of tbe county courts ol Hanover and Caroline counties, to
secure to Uyrd (decree the payment of #3500, with intercat
thereon from the said 15th of February 1833; will he sold on
Friday the tTth day of Apiil nail if (air, if not, the hist fair
day thereafter, upon (he premises, to the highrst bidder, for
ready money, a tract if land lying anil being in (he upper part
of the Forka of llauovtr county, on Newfound river, contain*'
laming by estimation eight hundred an J forty eight acres, and
bounded on (he eait hy the lands of Chiu. Crenshaw, dec’d, on
the aouth by the lands of said Crenshaw ii T. Utaniry, on the
weal by the lands of aaid Stanley and Nathaniel (Jaliahan,
■nd on the north by the lands cf Joho Wickham snd William
Fulcher—bain* Ihe same tract that was devised to the ttid
Henley O .and Benjamin F. Doawell Isy Thomas Doawell
including that perl that was devised to Hally D .swell for life
atld if the proceeds arising from inch tail shall he] inaufhcieot !
to rati-'y the debt end intereit aforesaid and the ripen, c* at
tending <ha execution of (he trust, (hen, on (he 18th day of
April next, will be sold, upon Ibe premises, to the highest
Milder, for ready money, a tract of land in the county of
Caroline, upon which the said Benjamin F. Doswell resided
at the time of tht execution of (he aaid deed, containing by
estimationthr«e hundred and thirty aeven acraa, and hounded
«rn tbe e«s( by the lands of Lewis ttenrge and Mia. Dickenson,
cm the south by the lands of said Dickenson and Henry
llurrus, on the west hy the lands of Charlrs Burras, end
on tbe north by the lands of Timothy Cbaudler, being (he
seme tract of land that was conveyed to sai J Benjamin Dos*
well by Thomas' Mieui.
The files will he made by (be Trusstees above uamed or
out of them*
P. S. For the IiiIimioI the purchase usnney, after paying I
the amoun' r.f ®7,50n interest ami charges of salt, (he pur.
chafer will he allowed a rradit of <>na and fwonira, upon
cifrag bond with approved security, and a deed of (ruit outlie '
Lad. II. O. UOSWKLL, for
Belf, aod'a* Ki’or of
Wurth 17. _ 103 Ids U F I), swell. i
PURSUANT toa deni of truat executed to me on the 25th
•f'Jan. 1828, by Henry W. aud Osborne Lockett, and
duly recorded in the Clerk’s office of the county court of
Powhatan, f shall, on the 18th day of F»J.iu*iy 1829, (that
beidg Powatan court day,) at the courthouse of sard county,
offer to the highest HiJJnr, at public auction, for cash 10 like.
Iy negroes, (sia men, and a woman and three children.) alto
four Dorses, (br propeily of said Henry W. Lockett, to aatii.
fy a debt due to Willis Cousins of Petersburg.
Suck title only as ia vested in me as trustee, I will convey.
A. H. WALTHALL, Trustee.
' In consequence of bad weather the above sale is postponed
UH At 18th day of April next, that heing Powhatan election
day.—Should that day he unfavourable ar to weather,the a<
hanre ealc will take place on the ueat favourable day.
A. B. W.
Kerch 37. 196 -tds •
TWknTvTjoCCars kkwaku.
finili be given fer the delivery of my man CYRUS to me,
vv Dear ilauo'ver Couit House. He is a daik mulatto, be ,
tween 25 and 30 years of age, rather below the ordioary dieight, j
proatineat cheek bones, vttt whiskerj generally, and has t
ciew suit of brown cloth, with gill bottoms, and a stuped s*»>'„.
alotea waistcoat; I think he has a lar»,« scar neat one r,\ his
♦ftUe ia aJhnost universally known in Richmond, ar'ivte hr
♦mi lived frasi his iofsnry until ,tiout eighteen if,onths agj,
ftMl ra Mr. AC (Coiurdn's fsmrly end afterwards it. mine. His
WfTa lives all ft. Wia. McKim’i, and hit fjtber it a hltrk
atBjlb near Mi . II. O. Scott's; he is remarkable for bis activity
wnd inl*T1ir-y -e, and may pwoldy attempt to escape in a ss*.
•I nv atetia V >at—the masters of which are cautioned not to
*r*r'*’** *’y onboard. I left him io town last Friday! etperl
1 dlow me. WM. F. WIOKHAJU.
83- tf
tixccHlirc Drprn tmeiit, \
Feb. 21,1K2J1. 5
Pnor-J 1ALS will he rereieed at tl(», fiepattment f..r the
—... _ w..- -* • - -
purc'y ise of the transyoifx in lh« Penitentiary. Terms,cash.
Thrice Jijj soeed (o f mohair will give in their proposals without
By or/Jer, Wm, H. RICHARDSON.
Ffh. 1 f.
WfhHlf Slimmer <8ouf«e of Lectures will br ;in on Monday,
4Jh if e Mb day of April, ami end on the Saturday preceding
ffiefiw t Monday <sf November. The month tW August is a
*/ .TffANtia CHAPMAN, M. » On the Prmoliti
■Sfer Heine.
LFM P CEWKKR M. D. On 3fManf/Vsy.
THoS. HAIiKIS, ill. D. 8 ifeeon U. b. Navy. On Optra,
tiof SnYpty.
«AM’L JACKSON, M T) On MnUrin McK a.
WIJI- E. HOHNEH, M O. On Anatomy
•} JOS- *WT OH K f,L, M. 1». On Ck'ml’try.
JOHN HELL, M It. On St faibi’iifts/ iftfieiat, aa.l
Jfir iir.nl JvritnrtftUnrp,
2.? t.jfOp«K,M P. Oh the rrincip>'i»f fin't'.ri.
bi», April 3. t08 - 2m
npHK NEW MAPS OP VIROINfA, Henide’. StMirtea, .t
»J*«i UReter*. fc Randolphs Keportj of reiet arxw*d
* , (ltUruii»«a III (he Court ol Appeals, Journals of the 6e*
o«(e end Home of Oelegale. of Virginia ffon, 1176 lo »7J'J
i ®0'* lh* Cou»*l»l»on» «f 1775 ri a,..* 176*.
The I'-x-elMure bavin* directed the infe of there book. It
“>*»*•> 01 wln«h were purcbaanl by the State, to itnitre
be publication, they are od.r.l to the pubbc at (eac.pl
• he Journal.) much lew m.u co*; at,.I «, the proceed, a'e
Jo he applied to the lucres., of the Library of the Stete, it i.
hoped that every Virginia purcheier will he disputed to aup<
ply bintreU Iroto tbu fierce. «f the lat te Map. of Viigiuia, eo
jiutly adiaired for it. general accutacy aud btialy or rarcu
liou, hut a turned nuaiher of ccpi»e reuiaui lor .ale-The
Journal., which baee recently beta primed at the i ublic ex
rau»e, embrace the etitira periil or the Revolutionary .tun.
gle, coutaiu inucu valuable and iolerniiu* oiittar-arc no
where e!>» to he bad, and with tbc Statute, it Rice ought t.
be hi the library of every Vnginiao. The Mlowmg ere the
Pjieaat-Kor the large map *20, vmell map 6; Hening’a
tilalutra at large, perarfttf 13 vela 12 dollar.; UiUuer’a Hr.
purl. 2 dull*, per vob; Raudclph’., par act 20 dolt., or in pro.
Portion lor inv tiilfticMai iha. <ih __a «_a . „ _
portion fur any »..l*xcet.t the 5(h’,' which csonut 'be aoljfor
Ipi lliao Mulli; frr Ihr Jome.il, f
-- --- pcr.et, compriaiae 5 on rto,
*W 3 octavo volt. 23 della, being no more umb the eapenae of
penning and binding. r
Orders aaldipuc.i to the subscriber at (he Capitol in the
&tcJ>uinnd, or lo J. A* J. E. ileiou, coruei above the
tr|le Hotel will be promptly attend**! to.
Match 27.
Cleric of the Council and Librarian
-ubsr'ibvrs, having puirhascd tb« Lin* of Stogta
if niouiof between Gujaiidctle and Lt wiihurg, will, oc or
before (he lirat of May neat, commence tunning (lie Rout*
twice a wttk.
The Line will peti through Charleston, and from thence,
by (he State Turnpike, tv Lmirbuig aud the principal Medi
cinal 8|.iings, to wit; the White Sulphur, tba Uol, theWeim,
*c. (o tsMuaton.
It will leave Guyindotte, (wire a week, at 3 o'clock, A. M.
And, on ita return, will leave S'-auntm twice a week.
From Uuyxndutte to the Springs (hue will be no nialt
travelling. - 3
At Siauuton the Line meet, the Charlotletville, RichmonJ,
and Fredericks burg I.iuea, tunning three timer a week.
The Route, from Ouyendutta to tttauutcu, will be perfoimed
tu five days, and fiotu Stsuulon, to Richmond, or ktcden
ickrhurg, in two days, aud fr«ro Kichuioud, to the City of
Washington in 26 hourr, and from Fredericksburg, to tb: City,
iu eight hours. “
Person* ascending tbe Ohio on their way to the North, will
hod this route the pleasantest It cheapest. Aud those whs
may with to visit the Springs are informed, that, exclusive
of the Line, they can at all times be accommodated, on »bort
notice, with good txtra Coaches to those watering plana.
And the public are a,sured,that in attention to the accom
modation and comfort of the paitengtrs, so fai argued Coach,
ct aud Trams, and skilful and sober Drivers can UJVrd them
tbe liue shall not ba inferior to any other in the Stale.
Rtcbmcud, Va. Biarch 17. 103-(Jiv
I HAVE two boats navigating the river from my mills in
Fluvanna la Richmond, for ioy own purposes only, and
— - -7 f —-...wom.i, • II wwu pui 1‘OICI oil IT | ID4
do not consider niyseli a Public Cairier. and hereby forwai?
all persous from waking any contract with either of my eats/
m#n IlnrW tmf llaallwJt ....lalu^ —__1_ m ~ . •
meu, Buck or Uaitleit, ur putting any produce, goods, orothu
articles ou either of uiy beats at any time.
_ . - w. T1MBERLAKE,
Palmyra, Jan. 20. RI-iM
hand for Sale.
;HE subscriber, intending to remove to the Wert, will of
« fer at public tale, at his bouse in Prince Edward ccurity,
I'n Thursday tbe 5Sd day of next month. (April.) the trer t of
land wbereon be lives, containing four hundred and thii/y or
- -- -— —i containing -uu-i.u *uu luuir u
forty acre*.—Buffalo llivei tuns nearly thiougbj the ceijre c
it, and afford* 60 or 70 aorex of t«ry rich land,— situated tw
miles weal of Hamden Sidney college, four miles Iruia th
couithpusr, and niue from Karmvillfj tbe improvriusmtv m
good.- the dwelling bouse built only a few years, and of ih
F.vst materials, and is convenient.—After fifteen years • rptri
ence, I am enabled to say it it as healthy as any situation i
the count:)-,— the subscriber deems it unuecetrary to be fur
ther particular, presumiog any neison wishing tu laiy a goo
tract of Ixnd, and in a most desirable oeialihouil ood, wi
view for themselves.— Terms, not fouitb of Hie pure hase rot
DfV trill hr If>ntlir0.l uihon nusesaii.n 1. — :_ /_« . f
... , -,-, - - a —| «ee mam IUU‘
ney will be leqeued when possession ia given, (see 1st. liar
he privilege of seeding wbeal, the balance iu tut
(text,) with the ........ wu,.., ID, uaiaw.c ru
etpial annual instalments, with good personal security, ori
deed of trust ou tbe land. MOSES TltEL'-WAY.
March 2d. 106— Id/ *3*
^|kHE Executive will receive proposals in conformity with
aUk the provisions of tbe 3d section of (he act concerning
the Armory, hereto annexed—** An.] be it further enacted,
that (be Executive be authorised If recuired to asentain upon
what terms tbe Armory Bitildingt If Land attackin' tkirita,
can be sold, exchanged or leased for a term of yeert, t coma
muuieate to lb* ntat U.ncral Assembly (be reault of their
enquiry.” By erder of the Kxecutire.
_ . „ WM. U. U1CHAUD80N, e. c
Exceptive Department, |
13th March, 182*.
March 14
Not ice:
tot ~tr
*\3 committed to (he Jail of fiilcj county, VaM on (lie
_ _ 20th day of December, 1828, n* a runaway, a mulatto
man who calls bimivlf Henry Bird, says that he is a free trait,
that he w« raised in Cuex Cautr.y, Vs., ucar HohsVllole.
Henry Bird bad on when committed, a hlua woolen jeans coat
sod pantaloons, an oij wool hat, and a variety of other clothes
in hn possession, believed tu he stolen. Heury Bird is a few
ibadf" darker (ban a bright mulatto, he Las a large heard, and
loUiabla large whiskers, at ia about five feel ail or seven inr h«*s
bigh, between 25 k !S0 years of age, appears a smart, inttUi*
^eol nun, quick spokeo, and plays tolerably well oo th* vio
The owner, if any, are requested to come foward, prove
proparty, pay charges,and take Inns away, or else be will he
Jealt with accoidiog to law. MUB TON P. EMMONS,
_ , ^ for Win. Smith, J G. O.
Feb. 21. 9fi—3m
C'/ji/fCfv hums tf Jturlhcn Wart*
N*,f*V \,nf Stucco, Water end Front Street
350 > PackagesiKartbeiiware, containing edge plate?, dishes,
c. c. chambers, bowls, pitchers., edged tees, mugs, blue plate?,
t»i<ri«r*, dishes, itc. Dow limiioi from ships Geo. Canoini,
Mllrrlnni* fnhn !■» Y.. 1.. t. •_'! .. L —_t__• !___ • *
iwiHim, uuufi.ftic.Qjw jemuog from ships U«o. Cano
Caledonia, John Jay, Jubilee end others from Liverpool.
110 Out? OUm ware, containing quart and pint decanters;
pint, b\H pint, and one»thifd pint tumblers; for sale by the
package, or repacked to country mere bar is, on as liberal terms
as by any bouse in the Union.
Also,Jor salens rtbove,
A complete Btaoi to.ent of looking (I nta, .bell and horn
coml», Ladtea’ (T«».lliii* wmk basV.«V, Antuiue Oili, muff
boaai, necklaces, mnl Pam Fancy (* ,ods, centrally.
N. Y.>rk, M.,ch 17. 7 * IM-Vd
T1IK MATTE A WAN UOMPANV, at their Machine
Shop and Fcilodry, no'rr Jr ritik>11 Landing on the North
(Hudson| Itiver, State of / «tfW V»r k, are c.nitrueliug every
kind of Cotton and IVojt <•»% Machinery, in a superior style
of workmanship, aod or4 the beit and oboit approved plans.-*
h*» visited Europe, aod brought with
him alodrjs and Jn*v' .lines of the latest improvements m those
two branches of My .ulac-fac(urine*
They do everv description of Co4tinr in their Foundry,
and tie partir.uis ijy calculated lor making all kinds of Mill
tietrrng— **V.h is all fitted ready to put up when reuiiirtd.
They have r uaiier.un paternsof Shafts, Wheels, Ac. Ac.
The ttyre of their work may be teen at (he Cotton Mill of
y*,r.** • unningbam \ Auderiouof Uicbiaoud, to whom they
liberty of referring.
. orders dirocted to A. It. 8'htnck, Fishkifl Landing, or
* ' IL Brhenek It Co. New York, will bt promptly *1f« tided to.
March 11. ~ I Ob— 9 no
f\ LL persons haring claim. asan.it th* .•Ufa of Thomas
li-t/Jjhy, dec’d, a re to present then., Ihat
arr.narni.nli may br mad. Ini adjoifmenf; and all indebt
ed to laid eit.ie, are requested to make peyinrnt to—
of TtiOk. GooilahVi dcc’d.
April 5. ICR— ie3l
fh I.L pereone iiavmg ■.anist lire ritataot »:
-A Ivinn, dee’d, tie re.|nrilr I In make them known to in.
without delay. Thu notice will he relied vit a« a her to all dr.
mand«, oof ai.ertrtl before (be foil arfmrorrti alien of the off.
• (•Is of «a>d latatr. A. L WAIINKY, adm'or
Feb 20. tf-AmWi with the will aoneaed.
Mr. Samuel Elam and Elizabeth Elam his wife,
\tuMHI, net brior inhabitants of th. fti.ie of Virginia, will
«A b. pleated to lake noting that I .hall prr-eard at Nih
lo'i Taerrn, in tha town of I’etershurg, and State aforesaid,
•intha fouitli day of May real, betwean tba bon ■ of right
oVIoik in tbr forenoon, and tit o'clock in the afternoon <.f
the lOBia il.y, to take the depoiKio** of Johii F, Mae. A. It.
Bi'oonrr, William French, Roger Mallory, end William
Clarke; ami <bat I will continue from day to day at the linn
place, end between the same hour., (Aundtys esr.p(rd) until
the depnai*i >m of the said witn*nei iball all he taken; which
deporiti mi are to be read a* eeidence, on the trial of a md.
now depending ib the Superior Court of Chancery for the
Michmund Itulrict. in the H'ate aforriiid, whersin yoo him
u»l Klara and Eli/aheth Klim, together with Allan Mrirelf.
Wiiii.Di Williimi, .fame’ Jones, William Robertson, jr. and
Tboreei Bstfe era defendin'', and T am plaintiff
March 37. ION-win*
IITANTEP at the X'eiiilentiary.*eeenttr.fiir thousand Flour
' ; Biller. TU0M48 NELSON, P A F.
tid. 77. »4~tl
ALL peraona having claiaia agaiuit Tbcmaa Panp, dec’d,
«trri|Ut!il4il luoiiii; Ihrio forward ou or betore the
■ at uf October aril for it.illeuiciil, u 1 aui dctciauauad to
have (liia uotica plead at bar on all cUiili tbat air uot pre
sented by (hat (iui*—and all peraoua iodtbled will waka im
■uediate payauaut, aa no lurtucr indulgence wail be given.
Al. WiM' llKK, Ka’oi of
Prb. «7._S3 _w8«i_Thoa. Pai.p, dec’d.
jflantali-un Jur Hale.
djt^IIAT hcaliliy nu.l beantiiul Jr'aim called Bb*Ui*wj_,d,
in liae cn'ral part of New Kent county, aurrouuded by
foodland wealthy iiaiplihoura, 26 ftailaa from Rirboioiad, ami
i l.ru fruva (he White Hour* Landing on 1'atnuoky liver; con.
| leaning about 700 eerce of gu:d XNn.ut.ky bottom laud, the
cultivated nil t« about 500 arc er, dinted iulo four lota well
fenced ir^iaialrlr, and in each lot la a nnom of wall*!, the ro
laaeiuder i< heavily (ir.htredi in one of the h'lr are aarcral
oiarle heda; all hut the upper pail,on winch Hie ituure aixnda,
ia a iierlect level; lliere aieacvcial g.uj auring<, au eateu.?»e
orchard of different kitaiir of fruit ti eti, The houae tbo* imall,
aa ueal, the out lioakita, bama, ii abadea are nuinar>. ua li tou
venaent; the horn cattle, tbeep, uteiaailr, fuiegrr. Jtc., may be
caapoaed of, and poaaataiou given on die £rj of January naal,
unlit tbe privilege^ of lowing stiuall grain m due tearon/a
ligihte town propeitv will iu pan he taken for payment.
ror further information inquire to J. tl. Jbel CanA,
Bbccloe Uill, wlao haa tor aale, a good tlrung light bay g—
hmie 6 ye.ua eld, a good double gag and plated haructa, a light
jetaey waarJn aoj harucaa, aud a good inalcli cow with a call
t> wreka old.
March 2d. _ 105- wtf
* JAHE Onuiuiissiou business «ubsiiiiug between the subseri
under the firm cf Anderson, Blair A Anderson, will
henceforth coitiuue to ext,I,solely tor the purpose of enabling
them In wind up (he unlusisbed business of the cnuceru with
greater convenience to themselves, audaucb of their friends
*' «« •"S*lI'd 'n Ihe Milling Business.
As it is particularly desirable that (hair affsits aboulil be
brought to a cl-.se at tpccJily at possible, they request all
UiOM haricg claims against them to call lor payment, and
there inJr.huJ to tbeui to liqaidate their balances without dc«
Richmond, 31st December, 1828.
The subscribers, uudtr the nr in of Richard Anderiou A
8jo, will transect tusincu.ou couimiatun, at their cilice uear
tfbuckoe Warehouse.
Richmond, 1st January, 1829.
The subscribers, uudei the firm if Blair A Anderson, will
c utiuue to transait e commission butinras at the edict on Cs>
ry Street, at pintol occupied by A. U. it A.
Richmond, Irt January, 1829.
J«i<. C3. 82 2a*2*theuwif
WAS committed to the Jail ot King A Queen county, Va.
on the 15th day of January 1829, u a runaway, a negro
man who rails luunrli Deu, and says he bvlougs to Thomas
Milts of the county of Amherst) lie is 5 feet four inches high,
has a scar ju«t over his letl eye, and a stiaight fmger on his
light baud; he had on whan committed hootespuu clothes;
this fellow is between thirty-five and fotly years of age.
The owner ia requested to come forward, prove bis proper
ty, psy charges, and take tun away, nr else he will be dealt
with accenting tc late. WM. 8T0N E, jr. Jailor.
King and Quern County.
March 27 tOd—w!2w
Valuable Property for Sale.
THE subscriber has, in vauous changes, that has recently
taken place in his business, unavoidably got possession of
the following Valuable Real Estates, which I cow ctl'er mul
have dttermiued to sell the ensuing year.
One Had of lend lying on the South side of Koanoke river,
within one mile of Salem, iloletourl County; containing 840
acres, about 100 bottom, the bilance first rate up laud suitable
for tobacco, ISO aciea cleared and in cultivation; this tract of
land is uncommonly well watered, and well improver!, with a
good brick dwelling bouse well fiuiilied, a first rate ham 40
by 80, as well, as ail other out-bousas suitable for overseer,
nvgioct, he. Ac. — AIjo, a mill with a pair of sub »try burrs
ana choptrs, well finished for manufactuiing flourreind grind
ing coiu and rye; a Inst rate distillery, coustiucted in such a
way as to enable one hand to D-ake t oil) gallons whiskey from
1st Nuv. to 1st May, which will be done the present season
with great ease to the distiller.
Cue other trr.rt of land adjoining the above, containing 477
acres, about 100 first rate h ,Uon>, tae balaur.r equal to any
up land inlhe country; 160 acres cleaied an I iu cultivation;
this tract of laud has a comfortable dwelling house, and a new
barn 40 by 75, and in every respect derivable.
One other (tact of land, containing 210 acres, unimproved
One other tract of land, containing 80 icrct, a part cleared.
One other tract of bod, lying on the North aide of Itiauuke
river, nearly adjoining the town of Salem; containing 172 acres,
about i>0 acres cleared, the balance well timbered, with a
toleiahle bouse, and a iarfe still-h mse on it; tliia ia a desirable
tract to a person disporcdlo live in Selrn, and engage in pub*
lie husiueti, as it will afljrd every comfort nettssaiy fnr a fa
mily if well attended In.
One house and 1st in the town of Salem; tbw propetty
is well improved, and constructed in such a way as to make it
suit for a private family and store.
Two other bouses, and lots suitable for families.
One tract Of land, in Augusta county, lying on hoth
• ides of Mid die river, within one mite of (he Main Road
containing 1J3 acres, about 80 acres clem ed and in cultiva
The whole of (be above property has been purrlisted
since the great decliue of pries, and will he sold on aCront
modjutog terms. Versons that have rot the cnmicaud of rash
• '.•mediately, bead (tel no hesitation in making application as
1 am disposed to give auy indulgence required by securing (he
pavipenta with interest.
If the wholeauy part of the above property remains on
hsarl the 1st. ofBept. neat, it avail be leased out for a term of
March 10. 101 —w2i*
mJt li t.
rTHU& fubsrrihrr brio, aoxiou. lo remove to the West, will
l »ell a gi eat largin in land in Merkleuhuig cn., no Dutch,
•n creek, iboutievem " “ ‘
miles North WVst »»f the Courthouse,
®fi*l t*o from Bkipwitii’s Ferry; the tract I resit?* on contains
net\f ven sii and seven hundred acres, equal to any in this sec
tion of country, well improved, and in a fine neighbourhood,
and a healthier situation is not lo he found in the State; ~
Also a tract of one hundred and silty three acres, about a
mile up said creek, which has on it a Manufacturing Milt, fin
ished off iu the best tnanuer, about sii or seven years since,
in a fine neighborhood for custom; this properly would he
eicbangtd for land in the West, or would take part io yonne
nagtoes. J *
1 would make the payments suit the purchaser. —Any per.
100 wishing to write to ine oo the subject, will direct to Doyd
loo, and it will bv strictly atteoded to.
Feb. I$. Pi— wUtr#
By the Lieutenant Uovtrnor >af the Common
U'colth of Virginia.
HKKKA8 it haa hevn repre.rMed to (he Executive, by
III* Sheriff of Westmoreland county,that on Thursday
nubl I,it, a murder wn committed tm (In body of a certain
K»ty Morrir, by her hn.baud, William O. Morrir, at hi. hou.e
intaid r..uiiljr,and (bat the raid William O. M .rrir, ha. made
hie etetpe and i« now going at large; I h«ee, theiafore,thought
proper, with tb. adrice of the Council of btate, to offer a
re.ifd of On. Hundred Dollar., to any peraot, or parlor*, who
will apprehend and convey to the Jail of Wealmireland
counfy eforeiaid, the .aid Wm. (i. Morrir, And I do, more
over, require all officer, Civil and Military, and eihort the
good people of the Commonwealth to it.e their beat rudea
vor. lorau.r the .aid fugitive to be apprehended,Ibtt he may
be dealt with a* the law direct..
Oivcn under my hand a. Lieutenant Governor, and under
[Seal.] the teal of the Commonwealth at RicbinouJ,
(hit Slat day of March, t«?o.
Lieu't Gov’r of Va.
William <1 MorrH, ii .opposed to had feet 6 or • iuchc.
high,.lender madr, fair complexion, hut iruch tnrot with the
mn, which make. Idir. appear aomewhat freckled, with
light hair, almc.t inclinable to he red— ipe.aki .,uu W when
•pvken to, with rather a down look.—(lad on when he neap
ed, a gmid Mark broad cloth coal, bit other apparel not re*
collected, hut known to b# veiy indifferent.
April 8. JO#— wfw
Mr. Henry S. Ifvpkiun,
(It— Take Notice, that I ihall, oo Wedn»,dav*be 50th
Off of Jooe neat, at the Tavern of John M Williaip.on ip
the county of t’unr.a Kdward, between (be hoima of 10 o*.
clock in (he forenoon, and .1 o’olock in the eftrrnoon of that
day, prottrd Intake the dep tuition, of fetar Nonnflly, 8r.
Littlehmy Nunnelly, At lea Nuntielly, ArrherT. Jatk'cnand
Mile. A. Jack,on— to he read at aeidence, in a »uit in Chan*
reey in th* connly court of rrmce Kdward now depending)
wherein, I «t> plaintiff, and yon am defendant; when aud
where you may attend if you plea,*. Your. fee.
Merrb 2T |<y?_ wtw»
♦ 1»0 REWARD.
WILL he given for the apprahen.ion and drlirerv of a nr.
gru eon named An.Tenon, whoah,cnn*led from the Eagle
fav.rn, K.rhmnud, in Octuher or Novemb, r Le*f. Ardrr.on
'» »b*id or 27 year# of »ge, very likely, intelligent and oI
youthful appearance. He bat prohahlym.de hif *»cap* to
tome fre* State, and w II deny hit name and rav.r; tb. above
reward will b* girao ft apprehended without the Siai», other
"<»• fbO- C. 8 Li. DEN.
tan. « Tb - wi f
I) EfiTM-'TFULLY inf rn»t the public, fb-*f sfi* wi«hv« Is
ll^ski four or fiv# Utin io bonfff, whf»to th# will accom*
aerial* in a nff(,f)|i.y s*yl€ on rtasoual It term#*
Apul 3. )0«
Tj^N pursuance of a Decree of the Superior
Court of Chancery, for the Richmond District,
pronounced on the 6th day of Veb. 182*, in a suit
between the Mutual Assurance Society, against
fire on liuilding.H, of tho State of Virginia, plain
tiffs, and Samuel Gnrthwright, Adm’r of Samuel
Grimshaw, dec. and others, defendants, will he
*old, by public Auction, to the highest bidder, for
ready money, on the premises, on the 25th day of
April next, at 12 o'clock of that day, the House in
the bill mentioned, and described in the duciara
tiJn of SatnucI Grimshaw as a IVootlcu Tavern,
otic story high, situated at a place near New Mar
ket, in the couuty of Henrico, called the OUl Or
dinary, and occupied by the said Grimshaw, in the
year 1816, or such part thereof as will be sufficient
| tr> satisfy the debt, interest and costs, and expenses
of sale, directed by the said Decree U> be pahl.
I JO US GUERRANT, m. s. c. c. r. d.
er one of his Deputies.
March 31. 405—-tds
I N pursuance ot a decree of the Superior Court
*of Chancery for the Richmond District, pro
nounced on the 2nd February, 18*28, in a suit be
tween the Mutual Assurance Society, against fire
on buildings of tike state of Virginia, plaintiffs, a
gai>L<<t Frederick A. Mayo and others, defendants:
Will be sold by pulic auction, to the highest bid
der, for ready money on the premises,on the 24tli
day of April uextat 5 o’clock I’. M., the Houses
in the proceedings mentioned and described in the
declarations of the said Frederick A. Mayo, as fol
lows: A brick dwelling house, a wooden smoke
house, a wooden cow house and stable, a brick
kitchen, a brick lodging room, a wooden coal and
hen house,and a brick book-biudery, situated on a
lot of land near Rocketts, in what is usually kuotvn
and called Post Mayo, and being the same proper
ty occupied for many years by the said F. A.
Mayo, or such part of the (said buildings as shall
he sufficient to satisfy the debt, interest and costs
and'expensea of sale directed by the said decree to
| be paid. Uythe terms of the decree aforesaid, the
, book-bindeiy must lie sold separately to raise the
j sum of $63 89 with interest and costs, and the o
{titer buildings, or such part thereof as may lie ne
j cessary, will he sold to raise the sum of §122 65
with interest and costs ns ufbresaid.
JOHN GUERRANT, m. s. c. c. r. d.
or one of his deputies.
March 21. , 103—td
| jSJrsSUTs sZiTtT.
J1Y virtue of a Decree of the Superior Court of
Chancery, for the Williamsburg District, in a
cause therein depending, wherein John U. Chris
l lion, Nc.dc Rice, benjamin Parker and others -are
Elizabeth B. Tyler.ex’trix and solo devisee and
legatee of Lewis C. Tyler, dec. aod John Minge,
Sr. Dcfdts.
I shall, on the 15th day of April next, pro
ceed to sell, on the premises, the tract of land in
the proceedings mentioned, called “ New West
burg,” containing about 321 acres, lying on James
River, in the county of Charles City.
The land above described, will be sold, subject
to the dower of the defendant Elizabeth B. Tyler,
and on a credit of 6, 12, 18 &. 21 months. Bond
and security will he required, and the title re
tained until the purchase money is paid.
CHAS. L. WINGFIELD,m. s.e.e. w.d.
or one of his Deputies.
March 1?.__102—tds
Richmond Rolling Hr Slitting Mill, and oYail
IPe have for sale a largo stock of Cut Nails of
** our own manufacture, made of Swedish im
ported Iron and the quality warranted. We arc pre
paring to execute orders for all the various sizes
from 3d to 40d in casks containing from 100 to 200
lbs. each; also, brads, horse shoe, iron rods &. roll
ed iron of different descriptions; we are determined
to .sell as low as as any that can he imported, and
we invite our country friends and merchants, ge
nerally, to call and examine the goods before they
purchase. We have lately ereeted a Spike Ma
chine of an immense power and new construction,
calculated to cut from 5 to 8 inch spikes, which
can be substituted for the wrought, that are no
better, and far more costly.
March 17.
[The property of John M JJotts.']
RICH bi.ood hay with black mane, tail ami
lefts, 6 feet i 1-2 inches high, anti in appear
ance w ithout a rival, will stand the ensuing season
at my stable 10 miles North of Halifax Court
House, and 3 miles South of Barksdale's store;
and will be let to mares at §40 the season, which
may be discharged by the payment of §30 within
.the season, which will expire the 20th of July
next. Fifty dollars to insuro a mare in foal, pay
able when it is ascertained, or the mare is trans
ferred; and one dollar to the groom, to be sent with
the mare. Very extensive pastures well enclosed,
gratis.—The subscriber has a superior groom, and
| will pay personal attention, and make every effort
to prevent accidents or escapes; but will not bo
liable for either. Mares may he fed with 3 gallons
of grain per day at 25 cts. Servants boarded per
day, at the same. Gohnnna distinguished himself
on tho turf.lor speed and bottom, until he became
the property of his present owner, since which
time, owing to the most intolerable bad manage
ment he has never won a race; though uniforinlv
ran with credit, and is unquestionably one of tho
best bred and bottomed sons of old Sir Archer.
P,.j”For further particulars see band bills.
March 17. 103—|2t
RANAWAY from (ba Hiibacnher. co the fith of March, »
negro men napied HILLY TIN; he ii between 28 and 30
yearect age, about 5 feet 10 inctiea high, of light complexion,
and pl*a*ing countenance when rp >ken to; he had on when
he runaway, a auit of yarn clothe*, »n old napt Gotten lurt >ut
and mi old fur hat—1 thiuk it probable, he i» lurking about
Shirley od Janie* Rircr, wheie he ha* relatu.nr, m may haae
obtained * free pa«>, and gut *b.,ard acme *hip or verirl, (at
City point or lUrtnu.la Hundred) the ir.a«tcn of winch are
cautioned not to receive him.—The above reward will he
given for the delivery of the laid man to me in King William,
near the T pmg Treo. TIH>,MAS GARTKIL
April 10. ItO—.f
H I iball he ahaent from Caitrreelll*, (Vn.1 for tom*
_time,ant not haring empowered any ptiMu to receive
and give checked receipt. for money, ihal ta Hue to <|,e late
eoncarii of A. It ft. Smith, thia i* to authmi.e my lawful agent,
Mr. Daniel r. Smith, to receive money and giant receipt* for
the «imr,’tulil he receive* a futfieieney, to ditchatgi' lehnt
debt* are dn« from A It II. Smith, ami upon the adjaalmeat
of which, the honiti,account*, be. to be Mituliy divided l>e
tween the partner!.
Mcreipl# for money wilt not he deemed good, nnleja it i*
from A f* Smith, Henry Smi*h, nr toy *t*o*e lewiul azent
Air. Darnel C. Smith.
City of New Vork.
April to.
SIT.AS BIOLOW, fc ro.—phiwek Kj>wa*t>
• pr'yo'f new ,0,
g*a - • V. . ’ r.* ' I’l'j "'«* »n
r**luon*Me Spring ft node, compriemg a general aeaort
meut of article* unted to the aearon; whirh thefeffW for *al
»t eery redttred price*.
Among trhirh are,
Catjeoe* and ginxhair.., new andtpleodid rafter**,
Soper Mark Italian alike,
Art and hlu* Mack Oro* de Naple*,
Itatlute for hontiefiaod d rerun,
Gtoih*, eo l Slimmer clothing.
Diown dotn**tic*, MUM*. » heck*, Hr
A L S O,
llala, Shoe*, Hardware, Crock,rv and Orecerie*.
A* their good* ha** been h >utht principally f.rc**h *■
•> they are i*!i*fied WHh *ira(l rtufrfr, they are rnntl lei t Ihi
ibev can eiv» there Who rail npr.fr them rrtot bn*toim
Aortl fii# 110-w 4[
From the Journal of Commerce.
From Natchez.—The U. S. ship Natchez, IS
gun*. was yesterday morning lowed from the Na
vy Yard l»y the steam packet Chancellor Living
ston into the North River, where she anchored.
It was expected she would sail early this morn
ing. She has live Lieuten ants on board, and a
double complement of Midshipmen. Her cruise,
we understand, is limited to two months, during
which she will make a thorough search fur pirates
injthe West Indies,particularly those that murdered
the'erews of the New Priscilla and Attentive. We
have some reason to believe that the object of her
speedy return is to carry out the Hon. Thomas C.
Moore, the new Minister to Colombia. The fbl
lowipg list ol officers on hoard, has been politely
furnished us by one of their number:
Comuiauder, W. D. Shubrick—1st Lieutenant,
H. Ogden—2d do. F. Buchanan—3d do. H. A.
Adams—1th do. II. Ivigle, Jr.—5th do. I, S. Lee—
Spiling Master, John L. Rail—Surgeon, 13. H.
Tinsdan—Purser, W. P. Zaniziuger—Asa’t Sur
geon, J. C. Spencer—Passed Midshipman, II. E.
V. Robinson—Midshipmen, L. C.i\ Falio, S. A.
Street, W. P. Livingston, Wtp. launbert, D. B.
Morgan, T. A. Jenkins, C. F. M.Spot.twood,Mont
gomery Lewis, J. Morehead, J. M. Barker,.L. C.
Love, J. Heriot, G. RI. While, C. E. L. Grillin,
Wm. S. Ringgold—Master’s Mate.N. 11. Hunter—
Captain’s Clerk, J. C. Satteithwaite—Boatswain,
J. Haywood—Gunner, Win. Cowon—Carpenter,
M. Hartnett—Sail Maker,Patrick Murphy.
• The Natchez sailed this morning about 9 o’
J-Yom the Boston Statesman, March 27.
More Brazilian InsoUnct-srWe have seen a
a letter dated at Campeachy, Dec. 6lh 1928, which
relates to the detention and cottfi-cafion of the
ship Transit, of Bo-ton, the imprisonment efthe
master and owner, Capt. Michael W. Heed, and
the entire dispersion ot the crew, with the excep- I
tion of the cook and steward, for no other reasons !
than his being guilty of exciting suspicions—in the
minds of those who were determined he should ap
pear suspicions, whether justly or not. The Tran
sit avilved at Sisal on the 8th of November, with
the intention of loading with that country’s pro
duce, and brought goods and merchandize to the
amount of about $20(10, and a package of letters
directed to Vinal and Shields, her consignees. She
was entered according to all the formalities of the
law, and the papers of the captain were complete,
but (he contemptible opinion which has gained
ground, of the American power, and of their tamo
bess in submitting to abuses, encouraged the offi
cer* at that place to persist iu their villany, impri
son the captain, confiscate the cargo and send tiie i
crew on shore, *o live or die, as they could. The '
j remonstrances of the Consul were treated with in- 1
attention and disdain, and there the matter rested. ]
These occurences are powerful comments on the 1
forbearing policy which lias been pursued towards
this petty faction. The American Consul at that j
place has no more weight than a perfect stranger.
He is alone, and his office from want of support ■
from the government, is held iu the most profound '
contempt, and his submission to so many outrages,
they imagine proceeds from either personal or go- !
vernmental fear. The English alone, by the fre- i
'qiient visits of their men of war to that coast, have j
created lor themselves some degree of respect, aod
hence Biitisb subjecia have suffered the fewest
There are hopes of improvement since the reins of >
our government have passed into new hands. The j
promptness of the President’s measures in regard '
to piracy and his uniform decision of character, and j
jealousy of our national honor, aro convincing i
proofs that further acts of insolence will meet with 1
a proper acknowledgment; and that foreign powers '
will find it rather dangerous to encroach" too far.
Cjiarlxsto.v, April 3.—The brig <Jen. C.ids
den, Capt. Aveilhc, arrived at this port yederday
In 4 1-2 days from Havana. We are indebted to
Capt. A. for the Noticio-o Merchantil of the 27th
ult. and a Prices Current of the 2lstv We al-o 1
Jearn from the same source the following gratfy- :
ing particulars in relation to the capture of a g»n»
of i-’irates:
The Br. brig Nancy Pierce, 1" days from I
Guernsey, arrived at Havana, Zlil ult. Captain '
P. was boarded 18th ult. by a Lieut, from H. ff.
M. brig Victor, in lat. 22 20, N. Ion. 82 W. who '
• informed him that the brig had captured a Pirati- j
cal vessel, and had the prisoners on board bound 1
to Janiiaca to deliver them to Admiral Flemming, I
1 commanding on that station; that they had been’ |
obliged to hang several of them lor attempting to
take possession of the brig. The officer likewise
Meted that they had information of four other Pi
raticsl vessels which had been cruizing otr Capo
Antonio, and warned Capt P. to give the Capo al
wide birth. The Captain of the Nancy, did not
enquire how many Pirates were taken, but sup
posed there must have been at least from SO to
100, ns the crew amov tiled to 110, men, and car- '
ried 18 guns. Capt. Pierce had given the above ’
particulars on affidavit.
The Fr. brig L’Amedce, of Bordeaux, Captain
Botireu, railed from Lxuina on the 2d March, for
Havana, which vessel was fallen in with, within
five miles of Cape Antonia, by the shin Beniamin
Morgan, totally abandoned. Several boxes and
trunks of merchandize were scattered about the
decks, which led to tho belief that she had beer,.
robbed by pirates and the crew murdered, us the
decks were all stained with blood* The above m-,
formation was communicated by the French Con
sul to the U. S. Agent at llavanna, on (he 22d nil.
It was supposed that the J/Atnedee was carried
into New-Orleans by the Benjamin Morgan.
An attempt had been made, hut was fortunately
frustrated, to assassinate tho Intcndant of Havana.
In addition to the above we learn fr,»n» the II i
vans Noticiofo Mereaotil of the 27th March, that
the Spanish armed schooner Habanera had been
cruising in search of a piratical schooner which was
; said to be stationed near the Colorado* (keys.)
frrom information given to the commander,at a lute
hour of tho night, on the 2'; J ult. he was enabled
on the succeeding day to find the above piratical
ve-sel, and preparing himself for action bore down '
upon her, having in company two barges_On
^approaching her, however, sho was found derert
ed. Two dead bodies lay «n the deck near the
pivot gun, and threo more floated alongside the
vessel. The deck was strewed vrllli blood, which
had been so abundant as to run out through tho
rcopplo holes, from this circumstance, t?>«* offi
cer of die Snani-h schooner conjectures that th«
pirates had fought and destroyed one smother
| They had previously robbed a biig and stranded
tier r*fx C »j»e Anfonio.
The impression at Havana was that the Pirates
of the above vessel had been all exe-uted immedi
st. ly alter their espfnre, by order of the Comman
der of the Spanish Vessel of War,
The armed Schooner and her Prize had arrived
af Bahia Honda.
We also gather from Capt. Aveilbe that *• re
t!i«» affr»«irit fApicfj into ot paper 'tay,
Irotn the Havonusd, <»roi gian. of the murder of the
ere*v nt the brig Charlotte, of Portland, who were
r lid to have been uail»d to the drrk, a rumour to
that oftee.f was in ciieulation at Havanna, but
nothing positively biso,
The last cargo of flic**, which arrived af Ha
vana, ml | af 12. In l.-lund produce (hero
was no violation. [Mercury.
Fkiiuvanv 20, 1820.
Head, «*D(! ordered, that in addition to the mu. '
number 1000 copies be printed.
-Mr. Smith of .1 fariffand, made thefollowing
tit per l:
The Committee on Finance, to which was refer
red, on the 12th day of January, l82J>, the fol
lowing resolutions :
Resolved, That the 5th section of the Sinking
Fund act, of 1817,-ohght to bo eo nmetided as In
authorize the Commissioners of that Knud to make
purchases of the Public Debt, at its current mar
ket price, whenever, in their opinion, such pur
chases can be made beneficially for the interests
of the U. S., and consistently with existing en
2. That llie 4th section of the same act, which
authorizes a retention of two millions of surplus
revenue in the Treasury, ought to be repeated,
and that the first section of the Sinking Fund act
of 1790, which directs the whole of the surplus
money in the Treasury to be appliet) to the pay
ment of the Public Debt, ought to be revived and
continued in force.
2. That the lianb of (lie U. S. ought to be re -
quired to make a compensation to the people of
the U. S. for the use of the balances of public mo
ney on its hands., *
4. That a puMic deht is a putilfc burthen; anil
that the presemdebt of the U. S. is a burthen up
_on the people ot the f J. S., to the amount of mote
’than 15 millions of <Wlars per annum, from which
they ought to he relieved as eoon as possible, am
may be relieved in four years by a “ tirnetu” and
** judteiaus” application of the means within tL«
power of Congress.
5. That an abolition of duties, to (he amount of
the ten millions of dollars, now annually levied or»
account ot the Public Debt, ought to be made au
soon as that debt is paid, and may he made, ac
cording to the present indication? of the revenue,
without diminishing the protection due to an .
branch of domestic manufactures, and with man
ifest advantage to the agriculture and commerce
of the country.
. That the first resolution contemplate* autho: -
zing ** the Commissioners of tbe Sinking Fund, to
purchase the public debt, at its current market
I'rirt, when purchases rau be tirade beneftciul to
the interests of the U. S., aud consistently with
existing, engagements.”
The granting of such authority mast be preilf*
cated on the idea, that there will be in the Treasu
ry, surplus funds inapplicable to any of the dab:
of tiro U. y., and, therefore, an authority to pur»
chase is the only thoile by wlm-h the public money
can be applied to the payment of the debt.
In order to ascertain whether that was the fact
the committee applied to the Secretary cf th'o
Treasury for information, and have received two
documents, which they submit as part of their re
port; that merited A, gives a view of the debt ,
(excluding the Bank dehl and 3 per cents.,) and
tiie manner of its redemption. By which it is
clearly shown, not admitting a doubt, (hat there
are of debts, rette unable at pleasure, which wmi
the iuterest payable, will be amply sufficient un
til tbe 1st July, 1932, to ab.-oib the whole of the
ten millions of dollars per annum, yestfed by (.tw
in the Commissioners ot the Sinking Fund, to en
able them to pay the principle and interest of the
public debt, or a larger amount {f required, with*
out the necessity of purchase at pi ices above par
or real value. The same document also shows,
that ot the ten millions payable in IS32, there will
be about a million of dollars inapplicable on the
1st January, 1833, to any debt, without the con
sent of the holders of ihe stack; that sum, it is
believed by the committee, will bo relinquidu-U
at par by lira Bank of fbo tfuited States, from
stock that it holds redeemable at pleasure, on the
31st December, 1831. ft is so believed, because
it is its disposition and real interest. So that there
cannot be a doubt, that there is of debt redeema
ble, and interest payable, sufficient, in every view
of tbe subject, to inalrc a recourse to a purchase.
wholly unnecessary and inexpedient. It may net
he improper for the committee to present the ac
tual price* of the several stocks, that the Senate
may he erf a bled tojudge of the propriety of vest
ing the extraordinary power to purchase. “ at tbe
current market price," to wit: Six per ccntB. of
1811, half per cent, above par; same of 1813, two
and a half per cent, above par. Those will all be
extinguished in 1829 and 1830. Five per cents, of
ISllO, 3 to 4 percent, above par; and will be paid
oir In 1831. Same of 1821, from 4 to 5 pur cent,
above par. Four and a half per cents, at par.
It is proper that the Senate should he informed,
that there will not be sufficient of debt redeema
ble on the 1st July, 1831, to meet the interest and
five millions principal usuaity paid on (bat day.—r
But the Committee rely, with confidence, that the
bank will relinquish as much as may be required
from stock that it holds, and which is redeemable
on the Slat December of that year. A .friendly
disposition towards tire government will be the r\ii
inz motive.
i l*e C ommittoe can pesreive no cause (hat should
induce the Senate to auihoiizc the purchase os'
their own stock at the piices quoted, when they
will he paid regularly at their real and par value
without the loss of a cent to tho nation in any way
Since tho above was written, the Committee
have received a letter from the President of tq«
hank, which is submitted as part os tliclr repip t
and which fully verities their expectation, to Wit
“That the hank will give every fiiriltty in it*
power to accommodate Hie Commissioner* in (hcii
extinguishment of the debt ot the 0. S.,” and in
the preewo in inner mentioned in the first earacranV
oi this report.
The document B, give* A statement of the whole,
dei.t (including the If per cent*, and bank debt
ai.d show* the manner in which tho whole may
Although it may be desirable to purchase the 15
per cents., yel as it has been shown, that there wi i
be no money in the Treasury until the year 18153.
w hich cat! he applied thereto, without diverting i:
from the payment of idocks hearing a higher in
terest, the ('ominttttsat* ol opinion, that it rvoui't
not he expedient or useful, to j?ivn at this tine (hi.
authority to purchase.
I lie 2d resolution psopT*<-s “ the repeal of tin.
4th section of tho .Sinking ttind act,that the su>
plus of two millions authorized should not be
tained.and that no surplus fir un/bre^aon
ciea'should remain in the Trce-mry ”
It is true that the a^f ol 17110 directed Mm! (h >
wlmlc surplus in the Treasury, at tins end of the
year, should be applied to the payment ol Che debt.
It i* believed that no inquiry was ever made, jv>
know whether timro iiadhceu a strict compliant,
wi tli that act. It is knewn liiut, for many year;,
»the means of the Treasury were not abundant.
When th«t Siid.inu Fund art of IH|7 pa**od, it tra.t
known that the Secretary of the Treasury did te
fain a surplus of a rnilho:i, at the end ol the yeas',
to meet extraordinary occurrences, alihou/.if toe
tatv directed “ that all sin: surplus money rhoud
be applied to the payment of tho debt.” It is high*
'y prohat In that little respect wa* ever paid fn
that part of the law; for Mr. f.'.dl.itin distinct.;/
say** in hi* report for 1*01,the first made by him.
“ •be excess of specie tri the 1 eeauiry, '>ey< n>i
thn own iv’iirh it is fnulciit tn keep there, ma/
he estimated at about one million of dollars." A
gain, in his report for 1804, he xav* i “ A» tVo
grontast part of those demands will be paid in tlo
courso cl' the year JSOii, the I ahtraa will not, efo

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