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M Yir NliMAl.M UMiV.Nu"—C<'Uyi r.
(From lliu N. Y. Mirror.)
" />i Jltemoir* «jt U stn^ • J’a/i homme §rUlt.'%
l» was /in Autumn evening 14,1e, and on each *v ellntg hill,
Tin* rmulMitv rolouiu»4 of leaves, a gorgeous pall, wm *1111;
I lit* nun went down l.t nit*How shiiIjs, and o’*r the quint ic*mi«
rin*io ilolu a charm more magical llwii Spring's untrodden givi/li;
Ad in Iwforv my tath«?r*« door, III*’ locust shed it* leaf,
I drank my mother's pur 11.14 Kiia 111 my Inal liutm ut grief.
A* the lii l<i«Q wituli wc.il murmuring by witli low tml luminHul
A tear \v«« in ti«»r thoughtful oye—her matron cheek war palo!—*
How strongly com**« Ui.it picture up from soirow 4 that mi down,
f*Vr manhood'* r»*»tlus* miugos, a talisman—a tonu!—
In Kaiicp spell I linger yet alwut that sacred spot.
And crosses ol my pilgrtiuago are III lint hour forgot;
The cknnrs utid cliait£o which since li.itu boon are fading in my
And looking back, I hood not now, how Time’* swift pinions flaw;
I lo rd it not, us 111 111) thought that pnitt.ig scorn? is given,
It was tlio fust all *unless cloud that o% 1 rny path w.*s diivtn;
Ami deeply planted in my breast the spring-* ol* feeling riie,
W inlo recollection** tokens bring tbo teardrops to iniini eyes.
Il«»\v thronged into that hitter hour the memories of the past!
* M golden inouietiW wasted, and of dreams that could not last-.
J ** *ho treasure* of my I toy hood's hour—the phantom* ofits spring—
II in Irewli unsulliod feelings, which only Youth cun bring:
Inch color, with their yearning hopes, all vanities of earth;
I hat from the uowm.*** of the soul have their ephoiuer.il hirtli;
luach haunt of wild enjoyment which their passing hours impart,
A» living's Imstoiiiiig wave is hi with dsydieains of the heart.
And us the suitdes.’oii led low, and Twilight's reign began,
How «*er departed ruptures nil my busy memories ran!
The blue lake wore 11 smile of lovo, a id dimly on its shore
flm runny colored wood lands bent its printless w aters o’er!
Ami blending i» the distance with the deep mysterious sky.
The mount nn‘s hnsy summit rose — the lovo of Childhood's eye;
Oh, .Nature's smile was beautiful! — hut all was grief to him
s\ hose heart gave u(» its fountain, to make Ins young eye dim!
Ilow utility lu*pes haw come mid gone, with vatu and liatuionl
Since o * r my buoyant spirit swept the shadows of that hour!
1 1 * *u'*° wotld my ardent dreams, like ventures, have been cast;—
I have town tlis wind, and now I reap the whirlw ind and tli* blast;
I reap the tears of cold deivjt, where Friendship's kin illy eve
tJnre pour* d into my heart * plow, like summer'll pictured skr:
ylinl Kotnnuce cannot sanctify the race for pleasure's goal,
(V "l"*A my mother's priceless love waked mp:uro in my soul,
l i t, I o ily ask the memories which hallowed every scene,
I hut stirred my hounding hosmi when existuncu nil was green:
I u*«k the boon ol feeling still, that tenderness of heart
liicli can to nil the paths ol life a ray of |>*aee impart,
\\ Iomi the golden bowl is breaking, and, our hopes are unrnstored
,,,cl* <>n.cv ,,,Uo [htf •,,4'ro ywutli such verdure could afford,
I li 1 w« lose tliu sickness ol regrot, and hoping midst our fesrs,
»nt with a strength to bear our lot, we mark tliu coming years.
a* ones* curl "
[From t'm X. V. Commercial A Ivortner. I
At a Ule hour we leceiv.d our rile* ol Pari* paper*
l-y Hie packet ship Charle* Carroll, from Havre, which
pxiihc left on tlm 1st of December. Hie Pari* .late,
aio only one ilay later 'lian were previously received
!>y .vav ol Englsn I. The followin'* are (lie only item,
ill the late*! date which are worth extracting.
In an action for defamation, brought hy Mr. Agnado,
formerly banker of the Sp.<ni*h government at Paria,
ati « n*t the three papoi*, the Con*iiintionel, Journal
(In fomiiieree. and (J ioti.hci.ne, t ie Tribunal of Cot
lecttoaal Police, pronounce I judgment against the de.
!e ant*, Mill contemned them “to pay a lino of 500
Irancs each, to Insert the judgment in one of their iniin
,fT*> 8 * * tc»pojit up ihe jild^uimt tci I!»e number of 200
co. ie*. The thiee Klito.. immediately declared thcii
minim in *o appeal.
I lie ll.niiburgh Correspondent announce*, on au
thority of intelligence f>oin St Petorrlnirgli, that nr
der. have heeti sent to f;u„. Pa*k*wilsrli to evacuate
l.iaerum and all (lie line ol territory annexed to Ku«.*ia
hy ihe treaty ol Ailri inople. It i, probable that the
a h meed sea.ou and the had Mate ol (In- roads will pro
' cut ihe-* order* being carried into ex-cution. The
movement of troupe horn the urerior cl Kil.gia towards
, r '^'ePfco'itiiines. The armies of the Pruthaml the
innbe also receive email reii.foreenienis from lime to
Inn ■, pre.ia *ly to hII up the vacancies occ.i*ion»d by
mo men to whom their r.ongf i* grant-d. It t* said that
: _ uy of the South will rtniniu pro tempore on the
wai I.lotiilg, and that the aelive a-my will ha kept at
In* full complement of ISd.OOtj men.
In 'he eight ol the lii h cl Neveinher, a great quin*
lily cf snow I-II in almost all part* ol the departingnl
‘ 1 ",u Far, and in mine places it coiilinuvd to mow on
the following clay. At Havre also there waa a heavy
fall of -now on (tie 24 h and 25t‘> November.
*1. Cm.escas.e.one of the piincipal merchant, of
• > 'e*jx, d.isd a short time ago. Hit funeral wa* at
• il A tiv -ix hundr-d of the most le pocia de person*
«* 1 and neighli.,ihoji!, iucllldlllg (hr Dcpnli's
• f .}»■• f)e|iiriin-n'.*. the American Con-ul, and many
iMit.itr auiheri :e«. 1 h i Mecca ed w as a P.ole*
Id. r
II i tonne fla/c'tc gives the I .Hawing, under date
. .. - .* Novcmfi i || :—••!),!, .Miuiir-1 has written
Dine el U'elJington to piopose (hat Lord
> .ran-should enter into hi* service at a considera
Inc .;.i try, sjeurod to him upon the logs of the Isle of
foreoira, for it ishy the rapture of that Island lie is to
iruko liis debut in his now post.”
The cotton market a*. Havre was dull, and without
alteration in price.
.\sii::i.—Pots were quoted ai 51, and Pearl* at 50.
P.i-senger* in the packet shin (/'Ital ics Carroll, Capl.
i ‘lark, front Havre:—Wm. II. Hodgson, Ksq. Into pi a.
( on ml a Algiers; Messrs. II. Traun, (J. Springer, Id.
Hrnnl.L. Ldu-ns, P. Scignoiirct, F. Hoihietii, ,\l. Le
io jx, U. Uridarri, II. Alexander, F. I.. Martin, J. Mi
chel, J. J. Desaille.
The packet l» ig Athenian, sailed on Thursday forf’ar
thagena. Passenger* -Dr. Herrera, lady and servant
ol Columbia and Mr. David* of this citv.
(Prom (lie t . Juurn.l ui Coa.uicrca.)
1 li j Iasi paragraph of the subjoined letter i* imper
t ml. The public irny In: assured, that on the 30th of
’ioveiuhcr, the prosper!* of Ihe negotiation* in rc*peet
to American trade with the 1/ritisn West Indie* were
un'avornblo to a satisfactory arrangement.
J.ox now, Nov. 30, 132!).
f ile progress and improvement in trade continues, al
Ihnigh ulo.vly: You will sec by the Liverpool Price
t'urrents tit s ri- e in tiie Colton market there, and also
tii.it-ilk i* forming a market for iiself in that port, and
-.•Ming both there an I hero at belter price*. The same
in iy he said of Wools of all foreign descriptions, when
"fell cleaned of dirt and grease.
i ti<: contnmud confidence m t:ie tranq’iifity of Europe
It i' .-out• iliuted to a tale general a banco in the prico of
' ’ 1 * ovory w!n:.r. I ho •( per coot Consol* arc now f)t
>> k lor January, aivl 91 l-s |,,r money, being a rise of 2
l»crc<-nt in '' diys. I lie rumor i«,iliatgovcrnincntcon
template selling .uin-iities terminable in ID > years, in or
(l.'i to extingiiisli llioir 11 idling debt of exchequer hills,
without recourse to loans. Thu amount of this part of
III debt is about thirty millions, and all new exchequer
bills bear (he low interest of 1 I-2d. per day on JC100,
• i t il to a fraction morn than 2 1-4 per cent per annum,
u il yet they command a premium of about .4 1-2 per
i -m in the money market. Hut the government in case
<>i war, wool I tin I the currency n( their Kxclirqurr
Hills *» much affected, that it would be compelled to
the interest at once to 5 per cent or more,and oven
then might net prevent their tailing to a considerable
di u unit, ns . distantly occur rod during the last war, but
on I ho contrary would tin I it at last unavoidably ne
< •<< i:y to fund *.l,a greater part at a disadvantageous
I all*.
i'h i state of the manufacturers is generally quiet,
h it ii i hin* resembling great prosperity. The agricul
t iriits on tho othi-i h ind, aro suffering intensely. Farms
re thrown up wherovor the tenants can do it, and pro
•luce of all descriptions is very much depressed. Ma
ny f.n io-r* ar» paying ilmirshop-keepers and grocer* in
ain 1. lor want of inatijy, an-1 sour! wlm made early
»h:s of thoir wheat in order to pay their rent. h»vn lat
te. Iv boon compelled to Imy lurk iti.it article in the
mol, above mentioned, ot barter, for the daily consump
tion of tlielr families.
Vo I will sec that rumors are abroad,that Prince Mel
ternic • Ins cndoavoruil to engage the potentates of flu
i »,is in a line of policy very new to him It is nothing
1- * th us to give Greece absolute freedom and liberty
t > 'tl! their oh n government, without foreign intor
t nr-; that the gr^ja power* of fluropc should united
ly <!-• l ire to Portugal,that iUtni»ruln must exist no Ion- ■
gcr; to tin- Kinneror of llra/.il, that he must arrange his
*' i * ‘rences with his brother- -which, accomplished, they
!.• II guarantee to the. Portuguese a government of laws
aril pool order, and, hiially, to France, that she must
he governed according to tho eh rtcr guaranteed by the
flolv Alliance at the Hc.storailon! Tho last, if true, is
■ plain hit at the rumnie I intentional the French Cabi
net to rule without a legislature.
1.1 Ho'irdonnaye resigned about a work ago, in ron
queue* nf one of the French Cabinet augg-sting, at
th - council tatilc, that it was proper for the existing
Ministry to flare an ostensible and responsih e head in
si » I of romaiiting on tho actual forcing ot perfect, qil(,||.
tv and individual hrcspoftsthlily. I-’ H. was solirlteil
fo.'Ill < opinion, but declined riving il, as ho declared
he Ii id not been a Minister, from the moment the ques
tion ha-! been brought forward for discussion.
His sue,.|.;ior ir si ultia as himself; hut l.a H. earriei
oft wi*h him about ft luemhers of (lie t ote Droile
v t'O-o -1 cm hardly ho spared at (tie hppioaehing «cs
sion of the harriW.ru.
i (is \unnt ui Minister is much engaged in discus
• Xi With 1.0! t Un rdeen Kil l th-' I'resi-Tf lit of the Hoard
I of Trade; but it I* feared it wilt all be unavailing —
| Principle iuut. be maintaiueil, if colonics ar* beggared
[ or starved! *a
[Vtx* u lliv NhIiviiaI liu/utl**.)
I xtrret of .1 letter ol a di*4u Kuuhril gentleman in Kng*
land, il,tied M..n< better, Nov. 15, 1829.
“ V...I will ter.-iv* a p rket tier. with. containing a
etrr ml r g u ! to the 'I’timiiylviiiii Society |.ir It..
! len.at Improvement,' by ill- Chevalier Anthony t.’»i«t
I ner, together iflth the ir-allsr on Kail Koad*, Canal*,
I * tc., ut .M. O‘Miner’* lather. *< trandaied into French
by .1 .l|.tinKui»h«(l engineer. >1. Ger.i.l, ol l‘afi»;—also
I »vo drawing», on a toller, being a pl.m and section* o’
f a rail ma I, about lorty mile« in length, which hat liven
recently made in the dominion* of Austria, under the
directions ot the Chevalier (ier-tner, to connect the na
vigation* of the Elbe ami Danube river*.
“ I he* you will present my bed inspects to Mr
tS'rickl.md, and nay that we all think, in tin* couu'ry,
hi* Report doe* him great honour. Von will see hy the
English newspaper* that the rail load system h*a at
length become an object of great interett and excite,
•in-nt m this quarter, our.ng to the great niece.** ol the
loromo'ice *team etuine* recently tried on the line he
Iwa-ni thia town and Liverpool. In tli* conr*e of one
or two year* «« *h ill doubtless have retrial oib“r rail
road* of importance constructed in England, whereby
the long contested qu e*tion, a* to w he the r or not can d*
arc to he in a grea' nm i.*nre *u;ier*eded hy them, will
bo pradi'ally aeitlml. I he decision ei’lier way, of
tins important quo.non, will he of the greuteyt interest
to he American public, where capital to a ru«f extent
ia y«*t to he vested in work* tor the trat spot tatiou ol
liotvy article* acro«* the interior to great dietaucea. To
adopt the wrong plan now, would ho doubly ail* ruin*
oualy wrong, becau*e you would thereby ha involved
in a double expenditure to no purpo*e; for the beat plan
Wi I ultimately he u*ed. ('anal properly ha* already
suffered great de|r iciation in value through the anti
cipit -d *ucce*«.f n rival. I think the safest way lor
hr great interests rotating to the I eg lines of internal
cominunlcation con emptied in America, and which
sooil-r or later will .| mblle** he fnin-d, i* to avail the
result ol the trial, to be made here (with the va*t sur
phi* capital of tli* t ountry,) ami which, hy anotliei
' isit, Mr. Stiicklaud might take honi*; thus presenting
another monument of his public-spirited and valuable
labo.its, and another instance, among the many here
tofoie recorded, ol a great legaev liom the ancient
mother to her vigorous and watchful o(T*pi ing!**
'■"» ■* ■ II Hit—imsiia i ■^■1————
I ll* ami'j4l Mo««.ige o| th*» (jjvvrnor ol tho Su«e
of New York, iit<bv«rtti| at Albany on the 3th mat. is
contain*.' in th* N. \oik evening paper* of Wedue*
>\ ijf. It occupies ii or* than >ix c dumn* of th* Am*ri
ran. 1 li.*1Legislature of Xoar Ymk nut on Tuotday;
Hill. M. Oliver wai t Ircted President of th* Senate
pro tern-, an I Erastu* Hoof, Speaker of tho House.—
* fr. lloul Ii4'l niiitf(y-(hr«o 'O'e#; and Franrif (■ranger
fth* Anii-Ma«onlc candidate) thirty. \V* take tlu fol
lowing notice of prominent parts ol th* Mi»«i>j from
tlu Evening Po t:
- I’he M«nniti>. in alluding to the iiumhti of lunatic*
in tin* .tile, tv hi 'h, hy the cei ant ol 1825, amounted
l'» SIU, ol "'*•0:11 203 wet* in jn| or oiippo: teil hy cha
nty, ainl SIS wore at large, a terror to other*, anil
In-in*elve* sultering Irotn extreme want, recommend*
(h »i itaiiit) |)ii!)'ic proviaim be iiMtjtf lor die gratuitotif
care ami recovery ol such .it tliia imhr finale rl*s« ol
persons a* ara not pos*e**cd of prop itv to pay lot* their
own *upport.
“I he plan of purchasing farm* and eroding hon«es
upon them for the reception ami employment ,.| the
poor in the several c mnlle.*, h’g, according to the m>s
**ge, surce ..Ird *0 itr a* it hi* been Hind. The ex
pence ha* been levelled, .ml the number of applies
tion* tor rlnrity ha* diminished.
IMI,',,I 01 tlio Common School fnml con*i«ts ol
$1,6(51,1)31 in storks and otlirr securities, and 839010
•icre* Ol land. The principal of this fund has *u,t.,i.,
e I a loss of $50,0')Q hy the failure of the Middle Di.
'rict H.tnk. 'J’lie revenue for distribution the enduing
yea,, i* estimated a- $|i>9 931. The whole number ol
•chool districts, is 8.847, the number ol new di*lrict*
formed during the past year 233; and 480 325 children
have hern taught an art rage time of eight inou'lu dur
ing the year.
“Hitli re*prct to the fund* of the *ta'c, it appear,
that tor lour year* 04.:, i||- genera!'fund, a* it i* call
rd. I.a* been gradually decreasing by repeated appm-I
prtatiov* ol it* principal. In about lour years, r.oi'ly ,
hall ol its amount will he expend d, and without 0 rr
anrt to taxation, it will *|, ,rtly be entirely exhausted,
when we ali.il> be driven to taxation ax a ia.*t expe
dient. *
I lie ( anal debt !)••» been reduced somewhat doing
the pi«l year, and now amount* to $7.7«M>.0I3. The
toll* on the Eli- and Champlain Cxnalt, have somewhat
more than paid theeipen.es and the mterest ot th*
drill created by constructing thorn. Th* toll* on <),
wego Canal, and on Cayuga and Seneca Cantl, lear*
a ron«iderahle deficit < »i th* expence* and interrst.
•• I lia purchase* lately made nl the Oneida Indian*,
m thi* state, are meiida'lrd a* attended with two im
portant advantage*. 1 lie state has actptiied o 171) arte,
ol exnl'ent land, which will *0011 he cultivated hy ci
vilized men. .11,j tli»- Indians are removed to a situation
better suited to their national habits, and the improve
ment ol ih,ir condition
“The provisions ol tV hmlt l.nv are spoken of as
having received the approbation of tlu public in gene
ral. It.11 a* tin-a'l-lietory to many of the ex isting bank*,
an I l.itrlj limn the hoT-shues* ol some of their le»t' ro*. I
to 1 r p.ii , 1 ather, than strengthen, that public security. I
v.nuh w a. the object of the law.”
" e extract h- annexed raragraph* from the Mes
sage it.se| :
• I'rout 'he Period of the ad ip'lon of lit- Co s itulion
of the I niitfd Stairs, tvp have progressed m testing III
I •tlcr.il system, wi h caution* steps, unter the guidance
ol in.-tiucted public sen'inintl; and Hllhougli doctrine*
have from time to 'ime been honestly advanced, Jt incipi
ent measures i.ik-'ii, at va i.mcr withcinstitutional i«o
Iriclon*. and deemed adverse Ij the t tte interests ol
lie people, they have fitted a prompt corrective in thr
pub.ic voice. During the pre*ent Administration, the
soui .1 fci.ee, enlightened view., and ardent patriotism,
of the Executive, leave no room to doubt that the
known lindmark* of the Const! ution »v 111 bn respected,
that tin- sovereignly ot the States will not he violated,
and that measure* warranted bv plain con*'ruction mi
ly. will be pursuad indirect reference to the puhl.c
north Carolina.
Tim Legislature o( lit* Slate a j lUm'.'il < n the Jth
I h* MU which had pa<»«d this Sona'c, j> oporing in
«*»lab ish a fi.mk on behalf of, and Mr 'lm hcnrtit of ihr
S alo, wa* indofiliife'y postponed hv he Mouse of Cum
moiM, on ihv 5 h mat. hy a vole of f>7 to (13.
On the name day, »he Senate want mt > committee
of flie IV hole, on the Kesolu'ion rrla'iv.. to the power
ol Long ea.toniake Improvements of National ror.turn;
and (tie Uerolntion pnposing to ins ruet our S-tator*
and It-prr.srutalivrs in Congress to u<e their ilfirt'lo
procure an appropiiation lor opening an outlet from
Alb made Sound to (he O.-oaii. Mr. Caldwell and Mr
Dirk a poke at roomier aide length ..ppoi t o( the aL
hrma'ive aide of the qtl-rtion, and (ho Coinmil're then
roaa, and obtained leave, to nt again,
1 lie S Irrt Coinmitteo to whom ivaa referred the
K-a.iluftou, enquiring m o the expei'leney of extend ng
the law. of th,» State over the Cherokee Nation ol In
diana, ro f.r a« tin ehaitr A-d lyiiit# of the fiiate extend,
have uiada a Report winch war ronenrred with, in
*vhich the propi lety of postponing legislation on the
subject, at tin* time, n rnroinmviidrd.
Tim It turnin'inn totranain t aMemoiitl from the Li
gtalatiire to Congress, on the aitbjoct of opening an out.
et to the Or* in Irom Albemarle Sound, wi h instrur*
tinoa to «ur D'ltgation in Cong «i« to nro their efforts
to obtain an appropriation toward* accomplishing Ihia
o.jeet, wa* adopted on the 6ih inal. 'I’h# main qw*s*
tt’in, wli»tiiT, in the opinion of the Lyg.slaiure, f.'on
area, possesses the power of makmg Improrrm-• nia of
National concern, haa been laid on the table, (torn
ujhrnca it will not, In all prdu'daly, tie rat ed up.—
I he iin>!riii tioii, however, given a< above stated, ia a
sufficient proof that North Carolina does not feel ihr
aaiu- »qu-*anii*hne*« on the subject, aa some el her si*.
lh* Hank*.—The aH, of A*semtdy. which were
passed at the la*t aes«ion, giving time to the Rank* to
close their affairs, and lining an uniform me ol coll-r* 1
linn, commence th ir npeiati.in thirty days aider the
adjournment •• (General Asoinbly : that i< to say,
on III.) 7th day ol February next, |i is \ cry imp u tant j
that the rominimity should know that no d-blor ran I
claim the hen-fit (f the p’ovis ons ol these act* who
may he m tint im« a sf- I nq ient, Kvery i dividual,
lliereh.re, wh r is Indetiteil to any of these ins'ittiilon«,
and n ho i* anxious to secure t» 11 ns ll the fight ol
paying i,n hy small in«laliu> Ills, shoil'd lake arethit
ttis note, Uiu wdis, should lt« ren^w-d helo e the 7th
ol next month. Unless this he done, he is left to the
nicify nl Ins creditors.
Al a meeting of Che Stockholders of the Slate Ik n't,
held m Ibis City, on Tuesday last, it was resolved In
acre, I the modified cl. .tier of that hank, peered at the
last res tun nl the L'gis'auire. |/frr/cig/i S nr.
Lrgi^nluref!/ Maine —The Lgi l.tore of the state
' Irom the accounts Indore ns, seems to he in
" situation some what like that lately presented l.y the
worthy Common Co* n-il t.f thi• city. ivii hon-es
•■acinbled at Cortland on VVednead iy last. After the
u*ual o.it’e wai admrni.iererf to the members, the Sen*
ate proceeded to hall »t for a President. The votes stood
seven Mr Mr. Omlapol Cutnherland, seven lor Mr.
Kingsbury tf Kennebec, and two scattering. The
isttr’ ffl’il: was had th ough bve su^fesrive balloting*,
when the Senate adjourned. TI,o Il.u»c «f Kepreacii- I
titives »p-nt the whole .lay, till seven m tin ocinng.j
iu 'l*hatime on the qualification* of j memb-r,
The Soiiate, on the following day, btllept-d tiinr
time* lor a Piesldent, the re-titt **r!i lime bong ** hi
the *!ay before. fha limn* 11 i(«|il'rirnt*li«w .pent
•no:her d»y in d.isciuwltig the disputed rght of two
men,bn* to (heir s*Vs The claim ul one of tli-in,
Simeon Fowler, w.i* finally carnil, tie vote *’ii .I:i.l> |
7J to 72, atnl the u jority b, lug made by i>* au*o vote.
* [,V. it. /Vs,*, j
(fVinUt«,/ the Hit. UrjinblituH.)
AknAPoLts, Jam. 7, 1830.
Uj.ir S r :—The discussion of the questions ari-mg out
ot the K-.-nt Mil l Alleghany Kieeti.ms, was losumed to*
•lay iu the Mou«e ot Delegate*, (it Committee ot the!
" Ml; the immediate subject being nu outer ollcrcd
by Mr. Nieho'a*, that the scat ol Hugh Wallis, oil
Kent county, b-r vacated, an<l that Philip If. Tiuvdla
sin] John McNeill, Jr , be admitted to the House**
Delegate* ami quality a* *tich. Alter * very long dis
I elusion, hill ot interest and excitement, signalized by
many elaborate argument* and t.ol 4 lew hursts ol
extraordinary eloquence, and embracing wi'hiti it*
scope, the very wide tiehl ot Parliamentary usage,
the act* ot A*<<-mtdy and (tie constilulion ol ilw State,
a* th*y respectively bore upon the matter In dispute, 11
"** decided, by ihr committee, that the sent ol Hugh
Wallis, of Kent, be vaca'eil. and (hat John McNeill,
Jr. ol Alleghany, tie admitted to a seat in the IlaUav->*
a delegate, and qualify as Mich. The tust ol lhe»c |
question* was derided hy a vote ol 3‘t 10 38, and tin
latter without any setiou* opposi'ion. When the q ies
tion was propounded by the Char man d the Commit* I
tee, whether or not Mr. Tranlla *h >u‘d he admitted,
one ol the members f.-wourable to his admission, mis
conceived the question, and by voting 111 the neea'ive;
the niajnri'v ol ih» Coni mil tee decided against Mr.
| I'm villa (3ft-o 38.* Itcing. however, meiely the. deci
sion ol a Committee, it i» hy no means final, and tl.e
mistake will doubtless he rectiti- d in the Hon**.
I most sincerely wish 1 cun d do justice 10 the gen
th*inert mi either *>;de, by giving you * sketch ul the
debate (or publication; hut the t«.-k i« a hopeless ore,
> and 1 decline an attempt. The peo|i!e ol li.iltiinore
I will b-» delighted to hear, that ill. ir delegate, Mr. Ni
1 dn>|aa, made a hiilliant debut, and Ini* turned lor him
| *el| a distinguished station among the lust debaters 1
in the House.—Hi* 111«-mls insist that his argument re
j main* unaiiswer-'l aud iinanswoial.le, wlnl<t hi« suvtr
j satie* unwillingly concede that it wa< learned, ingcui
uu* and plau-ibln.
Although the question isone of iutense interest, and
I s sum to be con-tdwred by ea< I, one ol ho li parties, as
| ado ding a tc«t of his political orthodoxy and parly ti
■lulity; and although tha di-c.i-sion has b«en continued
lor two day* with untiling zeal and unbsisd ardor, i
ttn'e (ho circumstance a< one of extraordinary oc
currence, *ml Considering the temper ol the tunas,
l( ■* highly compliinan'ai y to the character u| the
House, that in no instance has the ..toy 1
of debate beau infringe I u,»»u or violated — 1
The subject will bo resumed, and, ill all probability,
finally disposed of to-morrow, w hen I will send you the |
result. Tito Senate have refused to go into the election i
ol Ifegisler ol Wills lor Prince (lo.rgc’s county on!
Thursday,and 1 know- not w hat day they will fix on.
N luroLK, J.in. 1 I—J<uues Mi nroe, E-q., Ex-Presi
dent ol the ITni• e«l Staten, arrived bee yesterday im ru
itijt about 4 o’clock in ilie Slejm Huai Hampton, accom
panied by his d-fgltter Mrs. llay. Mr. Motine isxc
ry u.ueh indisposed. He ptocteded wailv xo-i'fl.y
morning to the residence of Com, Hanoi,at llie Navy
\ aid. It i< to be hoprd ihxt the change ol jir u ay be
.» jjre.it bent-tit in bis health.
1'be S eam Ihial l’otrinac was still ashore on thv
Paint ol Shoal* yesterday, and it >u- diutittnl whether
she tould be got off without much trouble and expei se
[Fiee Press.
A salute was lire 1 at th* .Vary Yard yesterday, as
a tribute ol respect to Ex- President Momoe, now on a
visit to the Commodore, where the ststeof his henl'lt
will jirolnbly cause biui to remain a Otv day* [Deacon.
Extract tt a letter bom a gentleman in Wa-liuijjion, to
his trip nil in Ibis Hortnigh. dated
tSTiuday Morning, Jan 1 t»/A, 1S3D.
“ We had a most brilliant evening on the 8:h in*t
Every thin* con«pir d to read-r the fete agreeable anti
the rniMpaoy t b ased with each other. H utv, erac
an I (tsliion shone conspicnot.'r-fn vvsry quarter of the
riont. Eve< hlat k and pieri'ii ft. blue and largui-hing.
threw • licit i alliance round the Hal, that vonrohl friend
all unjashiaiuihlc as he is, wa* rn lie vety * vc ol hi w
'itjr at ihe sl.rine ol Cupid, ami exclaiming "My fill
be done,'’ ivh-ii 'lie sudden bursting of a champagne
bottle recall tl lii< wandering senses.—Thanks to ilie
good (stnjs, and kind champsigne, that waked him Iroin
dresms too blis.ful 'o be. rcalrzstl; and nnoions loo Un
d.r to be hidul^ttl by o;.e ct bis years.
A mot g the ntiin'ier ol distinguished ci'izma and
•bangers that honored u* with their ailaodanre. was
•he President, (himsell the most disiingni.died,) locking
a« though he bad lakrri a new lease ol life, for the
intre purpose of leasing his enemies.
Mi. ard Mrs Ka'on x»c o also present, it,e leiiei
I oketl lovely as 11 be in all Iter freshr.e -, and appear
ed as enchanting ..s she was fur.
Mr. Ad'ina, i« in I oiler health than at any former
l>*riotl of his life, ami i» riioro than usually agreeable
and entertaining. A few tliy«ago, the 2d Audi o,,
(Mr. Lewis, ol the President's household) paid him a
visit, which xvits promptly returned b\ Mr. A. at the
old house where lie was wont to r*igo with *0 much
dignity, and eetisiniy some share of abilitv. This con
signing lo the tomb of the OCpul-ti a l pns'innl ani
inosi'y among p tli'iral opponents, argues w- It.” I lb
Llfilllll Or JANUARY.—Tnij innitrrrtarv —
an event wh-cli will ever s'and rrcortb'd among
iho most brilliant achievements of vVmeticau val-tr, as
it »vas among tlic most impnrtaut in its re/nll*, wa«i,ot
p-rm itu lio p*i*s unreg.irth d in o ir H. rough. Th«
day was hAltered by a psrado of rmr Yebinteerf, who
afi-r goinp- through their usual military exercises, tired
a solute. In the evening a spl-nditl Hall xvas given »t
Jolin-o ,’s As.sembiv K > in. in honor of the occasion, a’
which there xv ts a full display of the beamy and ele
gance ol tb s a id tli* sister town. Irivii.i(|-<tis wre ,|
so riven to the otrireis of Fortress Monroe, anil of the
D- laxvarc 74, whose presence lent anitrts'ion to the
scene* [A’orfulk 11,•raid.
Since the arrival of tlie U. S. ship ol it e lino Dela
ware in Haiiip'tiii Roads, bom (lie Me,lilerratit<aii sta
tion, she has liven visited by many of out citizens, all
ol whom have expie-.«el in iinineasurei! terms their
admira'ion ol the Mtpeiior elegance of Irrr rquiimienl
anti thng-nnal nealnes<, order and regularity, ob
servable in everv pat t of this va-t (l isting rss le, «ur
pisssing all they had ever before seen on hoard id any
man ol xvar. As it is upon the conduct ot the first lieu
i«ii tilt that good discipline Mid nra'r ess on bond ol a
at ip of xvar greatly depend, xx c ram rd imh s instance
eiv-* 'oo nuicli mtlit lo Lieutenant Mirvme I’. Mix.
lit si o' the Delaware, for exhibitin/ his ship in such
«i>lemi|d order. [lb.
CONSECUA I lON.-Ye terday the Episcopal Chmch
in Portsmouth which has la oly hern lebmlt hi a vt-ry
n-at and handsome s yle, was ronwc a'etl ns a place
ol worship by the Right Rev. R C. Mooro Uuhopof
(lie Dioce.ss ol Virginia.
(I rorn tlm Norfolk 11 <*ra l«l. >
On Friday, the l*i day ol January, ai Stony linn, in
Warwick county, wa* committed, in iii« presence ol a
hrga conrotiiao of p-r« m*, ,i murder, which, (iir enor
mity and heif h? ol crime, line rarely if over attracted '
our notice, at ended null rirrnmttancvs tin- m .*• »g.
gravatiii* and liorriii, Oa (ha Tuesday prevlou* to Hie
d<y on winch ihi* transaction occurred, Mr. William
Malicole.ol the county ol Surry, ind* up wirli a l*(g»
Inailnd horac W hip to iM r I hornet I lube*, •> i (lie u ,iiu
county road, near the residence ol Mr. Aiuumiii*
Mo«r», and alier »*eh»nging a l« w word* with said
IlilKhM rv’aiva to Ida (Malico'e’rJ fnarrhgr wi h the
•Mt'r af Hughes, ha endeavored to horsewhip him, in
which he fuceeeded in pail only,lor alter using lire whin
■ wire, Hughes wreMed n f.orn him and gavehim one < i
'«ob'ow*in return, and so walked oft. taking wuh him
the whip which wa« a'irrward* asceria) o tto lie !||» pro I
party nl fhnmi* Mali role, F*(| William Maliroio |
meanwhile, went in search of a gun, lull llught s aw ait
ad not hi> return. They thru parted wi h mutua!
threat*, an t on Friday .Mr. Hugh a attempted In w*e the j
*anm whip in tire name way on Mali'ofe lint trad h-en !
practiced on h in by tire latter, but a lew d*tf* tie. j
f>r-: cn (III* o-raunii .Malicot* ran, and ifighe*
h Came the pursu- r ; lull unfortunately Ml, which M r j
lirole puc- iking, Itirnnl and ran up In him, »Md a- h ■ I
W i« in III- act ol rising, plunged, w iil> «ar..g« bai h u ity.
a large dirk immediately through hi* leu lung, into (hr *
h"ar(, having provioudy arm 'd hririmM Irr Mie purpose, j
ami !cirii'g Mi* inlcpxi ton of the law, he speedily
unwilled a h »r-e provided lor I i u l.y In* hrothei '
11ot* *ri MaliCOte, and irwde ofr, in pr**enc*ol many ol- I
lieer* of the pe»e *. It. I) llmwii, K q ordered an in-j
<|Ue«t over lire h >dy, who hrotighl In •• dial ih* d< c a* i
cd camo hy hi* de iMi hy a *ta(* from 'lie hand* of W i ■
liam Malicol-*.” W lierrupo.i .Mr. It.own ottered a re- J
ward hr hi* apprr In n-hm. in wliirh he wa* j .inod li) ]
ome other high minded Hit/.olis—bill lie ha* not t, on
j arrested iiu In thi* time.
Mr. fliighe* w.»« in In* IS h vp.ir, and lived in Not*
lolk with Mr. Ci. dlpy, *hip hull.I r of fhal 'own —
In Warwick he w*« lr*hived by all who knew him
I whose 1ii*niMiip wi*ot anv vilue. 11■« u.| w r.l*
I ware a rrqn-i*- rh it I) ictor (.or h|u ( u* *i tei hu-h ml)
j might he sent lor. The hoc tor accordingly a'lemh-l
j lliwigh confined at the timr* he received 'lie inrs-ag*
j hy an attack ol plem i»y, and the shock to hi* leetinr*
I wa* an sever* a* to render it don off il w h*ll.er h • will
lever recover. Or. Hubbard offered every rid in hi*
power to the unfortunate llughc*, but hi manh spirit
I had tectivtd i'» tin*l rummont.
tW'/iHi'iii (»»»«/ \feetco.— (■ inter Ihtr (fo.ul the New
York Journal rl Commerce ol Fiiday last, Iras nil ar
ti' In in which it »ta'e« tliat there W a rumor there,
(ami it give* it a* a rumour only.) tti.it a j»l in h»« hern
luriiinl hv hugland, France Mi l Spain, l>r the /M.'i/irti
(ion at Mexico Mint Colo-nhii, hv e»tabltslimg n regal
I >r \i at govei niueiit nt i ** • ltin countries, an t nnaran*
lyit'U t* periua-teucc. Tint <*x]>*r>li’io>i of Hi* ll'gh
n«-s i’ 1*1 nee V\ 'lliam ol Wi, tenhnrg, who .irnvrtl some
li i.e since a' New () li-an*, with the alleged intention
"I rro.si.ug the Km-lcy M ttiiit.«ius to the I’acide Ocean
I'T si ientilir purposes, is suspected to have a connexiou
»vnli It i* plan. It h is been minoiiiireil in some of the
Lsroprin paper*, that •ev»nl thousand s aints ot arm*
' a»e been piocurej m llollwul lor the invasion ot
Mexico, .hi I that Dun Migu.-I his sgre<«i to furtii-h
ottUJ oi 40(10 tiorpj as a part ot th- expedition, in con
siileiation ot l.is being acknowledged by Spam the right
l'1! kiug ol I’oitugal. It has been pretended, *l*o, tliat
there was a secret understanding between Bolivar and
some ot the European f’ourts. wliich would eud in his
coioiialii.n i» lx lilac ol CoHitubi*.
M e confess, says th.- Jenrnal ef Commerce, that
many parts ot this vory seem t*u< extremely improba*
t ic. 1 hat Spain contemplates a tic" expedition loi the
re-ci>iii|ux»i of Mexico, i« not impossible, nor very in*
probable; and that Don Miguel shout I olf-T to assi*t in
the undertaking, i«, con-ideiing his chaiacter, not a
motig the seven wonders: It may oe true, or it may
not. lint that France, and csp-ciaPy Kngl.mil, will
dirty th* ir lingers in the business, is luoie tltau we
ar* prepared to believe.
" Ajhinotok, Jan. It.-^The .Mm»>ion of ill** Pe
*i«l.nt was op-no I eu Thumlay evening la«l to rrcrivu
visitor* tnieriHv, and is lu he open every Thursday lurt
uiftlit «1 itr>ne tho .6".ion lor the Mine purpose. We
learn that .i large Company id Ladies and Gentlemen
assembled On lite Deration
*>*•* numerously attended Dali, at Caru«i’s
A*«emUJy on the evening o| Fridsy, tlie S'h
'••►taut, in coiiiiiieinrtratiaii of the victory ot Ni-n Or
lean', at which the President at the United State* nrn
present l>y invitation, and alto the Head* of Dapart*
nieiit*, kc. [Afct. hit.
Arnold Natidain ha* been cho«en a Seoa'or ol the
United States Iroin the State til l)clawa>e, to till the
vacancy occasioned by the resignation ot Mr. Me Line,
mm Milflater to Kngland. [Hi.
On lip even ng ol IhO 1'illi nil. a caoutchouc bal
loon, made by Ur. J K. Mitchell, escaped while under
conveyance Iroin the Medical Institute to ihi« city. It
went i tl South hy Fast. Yesterday, Ur. Mitchell re
ceived a Inter Iroin a respectable physician at Haiti
n ore, with the pillowing iiilorntatlon—" A larg
raou'chouc bag. *ir p i'ed to hive be«n tiflit
ad wi'h hydrogen {.n, was flood suspended in the top
of a a 1:0ul thirty-one mile* in a North Wr.ietltr
direction I.cm thi* rity, Hthiinoio, a dit'anre ol about
one hundiu-l and thirty (s*r tniim from Pmls.lelphis.
The b*e was uninjured. Mr. Mitrhsll, on the evening
ol tlie 8 h iii<tatit., wlian engaged hsfrr* his class, »»ith
• he subject ot hydrogen ei*. sent into the air a halloo i
of similar e'rurturc, ran yiug an in-c iptionol the d*t»
and place ol itti a scrum u. It* com *e war nearly due
South Last. [JWit (int.f
mmsvzrr nib" f’ ^yv.- l?'">■■■ « r.^.^ rrr »' ■ *■!*»■» irt»v rr\~u9?r*^
U N A 'V A \ IN J.XIL— XV roitiumiei! to tlie
Jail of Montgomery Con try, in the state ol Vir
Kinia, on tbt 10th day ol October last, one negro man,
named Too, alias Thomas Bto> Its, olio .tales ih.it lie
i« a lire mao, blit was sold as a slave in Alexandria, to
It iijamin L-wis, Itice 1'nllard, and -Mos«,
who took li .t, to the State ol MU*i«.ippi, ami llirru sold
him to George D.vis ol liuik County. Tom is dip
po-esl to lie twenty.mx or seven veai* old, daik com
fdexion, al'oni live leet six or eight im lie* high, tolaia
lily stout limit, very intelligent, can lead, had on when
COimnillcd a very good illab big coal, and black list
ha* a «c.ir on the right sole id his face and one on hie
right arm. I he owner is requested io come lorwai't,
prove property, pay clmgcs, and i. ka him away, or he
will be dealt With according law.
a<*OUTY DOLLARS HEW Mil).-Ku...w.r> in,,,,
llir Subset ilicr, refilling hi Loui-a ro inty, with
m i\v#» milt** ot t!»v cow*.— hoii'c ol -.it,! county* about
tlv.* 2Siti ol Derci.iher my nr^ro mail Sy<!im r.—
•he said Syilnri i* about Ibe mi.bill- Mize, about B feet
7 or S ilidiB* high, nl d .11; completion, helwe-n lb) anil
•-!j yearn 1 f age, 1m- i j'.her adiwn liuk, speaks quirk,
.mil intelligent lor a m-gro, when epokeu In; be lie veil
to have no -c-r or 11 sik about him «l any note; Im hi
cowl clothing, Hill) likely ha-taken -villi him the fol
I living ai tide-—a black hoinhay.ct coat anil pant 'loans,
a lie»v blue cassino mat, and an old blue pair of ms-i
u-t | iill'.alo(in-, an nlil blue broad clu'b coat, a pair ot
black stuff pantal hiik with rai.ed stripes, anil a black
lur hat. The at .>ve reward will he given for hint, if
taken out ol tin 1 Slate, or twenty dollar-, it taken
within the tUte--it is very probable he will attempt to
leave (lie state ol Virginia. JOHN CHILES.
Jan. 12. 7S_iv4>v
I >1 )C'A I ION .— | .'hall Open .1 J)Jdldliig-.Sen.»ol li e
A 1 n-uiug yo.ii, at :ny residence in Hanover County,
■iti.jiit J.{ iml-- fr un Richmond, and about (i above tVl.
Loot! .It Aty ennree 01 11.-u nction w ill entnpriae tin
I.atin, I* 1 elicit, eil Eugli-S Languages; ti-ogr.iphy,
vvitli the use ul lb j Map- mil til die-; a reunite cour.-t
ol lli-t'iry with ( I ronologv, Ainlimtic, M.i'lu-ni.itir
and the .in of Sin t oying; Eogli-h biiauunar ami Eng
lish Corn posit ion
M y term- lor lio'rd arid Tuition are tin schol.r—
tic v ear id leu inoi h«. My -ci'.ool will roiutseiice on
the 15th ol Janu. rv, 1S.10, and terminate on Cie 15 h
Deremb r. A v n ation ot lour weeks will he } ivcii in
ill ■ 1 iimiuer.
I -hall have an examina'idi at Ihe cotnrllen■,. -merit,
and another at tin close ul the year.—Tile refill ol
which will h.- ati.t lithe parent- and guard!ms ol
children committed to my care.—Particular at'- t.iioii
will be piiil (o (be moral rnn.lwrt of my pupil-, mid
good discipline main'ained in school. I h ive been eh
gagnd iu leaebing tor right ymrx p.i-t, and am lolly
•eu.-ihle ;,f tlie great responsibility which my piole
•im. impose-. My residence i* ui.u-ually heal hy and
remote Iroin places ol vice and dis-ip.vion. In irla
timi to my character and qualihca'ions. I am authorised
lo refer lo 'he billowing gentlemen, viz:
It'ght /lev. Hithard Chunnintr .Moore, J) 1). of
lire William Jlrnutrong, of Richmond.
*’• .V /'J. Jomr/i, V Ci*. of do.
Hr>. I! ill inn .Meade, I). I). of Frederick Count t;.
Hanover, Dec. H2SI. 1IERMON DAVIS.
Certificate of llifhon .Moore.
Mr. H. Davj- was employed by Jhthop .Meade a« | ri
vate loloi o In- children for r.pirardsol two years, and
I have eve 1 y rva-on to believe tvas approved hy him. I,
the:elore, ean with propriety recommend Mr, Davis,
to such |.ir.nl- as inry in* di»p-ed lo einnlny IriiM.
A ld**r addressed lo me, must he directed lo .Mont
pelier, ll.inovrr County, Va. 1IEKMON l.'AVIS.
Dec, 10. 71—(i .vl
i^TOI K.E.— I oiler lor sale my House and,Lot, m the
•i w City ol Wiliiamshuig, and Plantation adjoining,
containing hy estimation 4!H) acres ol land; more than
(wo-lhirds of vrhirh, has been in cultivation, i>ti-*.is, al
(Ins time, in a fc.gh -tan- of imp'nveinent. The Ld is
supi o-.-d to contain .“JO acres; and I believe, Hie pari now
in InJiaii corn, («ay hall,) will produce 40 bushels lo
the acre. I h- building- are a large commodious man
•ton, having line, rooms in Hie cellar, live on the first
lloor, and ihr--e above; a large kilctirn, dairy, smoke
liou-v, and barn. It is needle--to describe, more mi
nutely, this propelty, as a purclia-er would lii-t view
it. Chose who wish lo deuve advantages ol E-luca
'imi from t ie College ol William k Msiy, will pioha
I'ly never havo a lo-u-r opportuui'y to putchasc.
Should it he desirable, this properly would lie sol.) in
parrels, instead of 'he whole. II. TAYLOR.
U illiantsburft, Dee 25. 77_w-lw
faTOI l('K,—Know .ili men i>y the*e preterit*, Hm |,
1^1 Na har.irl S Shepard, of Helmotitil County, Ohio,
<l > niitlriri«e and appoint Fr*nri« F Mitchell nl Vir
ginia, (o Mink", an,I v* nd •• Dr, Win. Judkin*’ l'a*
t ri Specific Oiii!tn>*nt,” throughout Hie t'ounflri »,(
x, Middlr»ex, CiJciifeairf, M.i'th'W*, York, Klizi*
Ix l'i Cily, Warwick, Norfolk and J’rincer* Amir, ill*
rinding «li t.-wn* and citie* in the raine, »» fully a* I
could, were I present my«ell.
<Jivn i from iindci my li.md and teal thi* day, dated
Hirlimnnd, December f> li, I82!h
Or.n. V*’. $iiRi.Toa.
D r. I ’ 72 —ufi *
HE Milia ' i k m who real la in tha county of l.u
fil ncnhurjf, with to employ fur the mailing year a
teacher i|Ualilicd to teach the Engliili k l.atln l.a'ngtia
st ION TEN TION will a ami n W»rr anion. Katiquif i
M J c •'n.iy, Virrluia, w! >T“ hr made hi* ht«t •e**afi.
I’rrt eulara hereat er. THOMAS D U‘a I SON,
D r. 12 S4 —w I |«i M an h
£ t OMAiN .N .1 w ill Miiiul the eii*uii j; •* ,*n>i ,<i my
■* n I anii, known a* Hall Smk, nine mile* Irnm llicli*
nmn.l, on 'he road Irailhietn 1‘irdri i k-lmig.
IVrm» at loruu rly—$.VI i ,r tha * •*«..n. <o he di*.
chujt»il l,v in* piyinrnt cl ihirtn# th« tea-on; In
•urrfiee £(i • dollar*.
The irmark ihiy px/hirm* rlurael-r of Odtanna’*
roll* h-ing «o w#ll known in fhia redion id country,it
ia ms deemed tieceriary to uy mm e about It.
j. m non
SI 2 : WIW
VIM.IMA: In Chaneory—At a court continued mid
lieM lor liuekingluui county the 13th day of Do
cciiiber, 1829.
Charles Mills, Pltlf.
Joel \\ . Mood. in hir in .'iviilu.il capacity, and as ex
ecutor ol .Mary Flood, dee’d. i'lioutas Trent, acting ex
ecutor of the said Mary Flood.dec’d. Catharitiu Watt,
l.udwcll Dawson and Jane his wile, l.ouisa Watt, J.
Houry Ia>f wood, Kdward F. Logwood, Chari** M. Log.
wood and Thomas Logwood, devisees ol" said Mary
Flood, doe’d. Defts.
The defendants J. Henry Logwood, Edward F. Log
wood, Charles M. Logwood Thomas logauol, not hav
in<; entered their appuarinee and given security accord
ing to tlio Act of Assembly and th * rules of this court,
and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that they
arc not inhabitant* of this country: It is ordered that the
saiiLabsent defendants do appear hero at March term
next, and answer lire hill of the plaintills.iind that a copy
ot this order l»o forthwith Inserted in the Itichmond En
quirer, for two months successively, and posted at the
front door of the courthouse of this county.
A Copy. Teste,
K. ELDlilDCE, Jr. c. u. c.
Doe. 29. 78—w8w
( IIANCERY —Ala Court held lor Louisa County,
llio Courthouse, on Monday, October tlic 12th,
On the motion of Stephen T. Pulliam, one of the chit
•lee11 of /.achariah Pulliam, doc’d. It is ordered, that
John S. Fleming, administrator of the said Zachariali
Pulliam, dec’d. do appear hereon the fust day of Janua
ry Court next, and shew cause (if any he nan) why his
letters of administration on said estate shall not bo re
voked, and that a eopy ol the said order he published for
two months previous thereto, in some public newspaper
published in the city of Ricliinoud.
A Copy. Teste,
Nov. 5, 56—w3w» JNO. HUNTER* C. L. C.
^ I IK*IN I A : In Chancery — in Goochland County
Court, 21st December, IS29:
Ilnj;li McDowell *u ml Amy liis wife, formerly Amy
Crenshaw, one ol the distiihutcos ol Susan Crenshaw,
dcc’d. ^ l»ltf.
Nathaniel Callahan and Mary his wife, Robert Alt is
and Eliza his wife, David Crenshaw, and
an inlaut child ol Jellerson Crenshaw, dec. which snid
Mary, Eliza and iutant child, aru also distributees of
Susan Crenshaw, dec’d.
I his day came the plaintiffs hy their attorney and
tiled their hill, and the defendants not bavin*; entered
heir appearance and given security according to the Act
ot Assembly and rules of this court, and it appearing to
the suit action ul the court, that the dHeiidanls are not
inhabitants id" this Commonwealth: on the motion ol the
plaintiff hy counsel, it is ordered, that tho said defen
dants do appear here on the first day of March court
next, ami answer the bill of the plaintiffs, ans that a co
py •>! llii.s order he tortwilh inserted ill some newspaper
printed in the city ol Richmond, for two months suc
cessively, and that another copy he posted at tlia front
door ol the courthouse of this connty on two successive
court days. A Copy. Te’ste,
N\ W. MILLER, D. C. O. C.
_Dec. 29. 79—w7w
1 N CHANCERY—In Nottoway County Court, 7th
id August, 1829:
Ordered that the account of William DoswellV execu
torship ol William Doswell, dec. be re-committed to John
P. D'Jpuy, Master Commissioner in Chancory of this
Court, that the said Commissioner audit, state and settle
the ftainc, in such manner as to show how the account
stands between eacli legatee of tiic decedent and the
Executor, that he allow the executor’s receipts for dis
bursements, and that ho report thereupon to this Court.
A Copy. Teste,
The parties interested will take notice, that 1 have
appointed Monday the fifteenth day of February next,
to attend at Jenniiig’s Old Ordinary, in the County of
Nottoway, for the purpose of carrying the foregoing
order into ellect, where the parties are requested to at
tend at an early hour with their papers, ^c. ready for a
settlement. JOHN P. DIJPUV, M. C. N. C.
Dec. 12. 72—wSw
jtj N. Cl IA NCERY—At mins taken in the Cleik*’ (>i
9L lice of Prince Edward County Court, the 4th day ol
January, lStiO:
German V. Stokes, Complt.
Arnold Thomason mil Daniel S. M’Cormick, lloftj*.
The defendant Thomason not having entered his ap
pearance, ami (liven security according to an Act ol the
General Assembly ami the t itles of this Court, and it ap
pearing that he is not an inhabitant of this State, on the
motion of the complainant by his attorney: it is ordered,
that the said defendant Thomason, do appear here on
the first day ol March Court next, and answer the com
plainant’s hill, and that a copy of this order he forthwith
inserted in .some one of thu public newspapers, printed
in the city ol Richmond. lor two moths successively,
and a I jo posted at the Iron! door cl the courlliou.se ol this
county. Tests,
Jan. 12. 83—wSw B. WORSHAM, C..C.
A TEACHER WA.NTKD._-The Trustees of the
/ >a. Northumberland Academy, are desirous of cnga->*
j"g a Pivddcnlol this Institution for the ensuing yc.n-.
To a gentleman well qualified to teach the Greek, La
tin, French and English Languages and the oulinarv
branches of Mathematics, a lived salary in money will
I hough the Trustees arc not particularly scrupulous,
they would prefer a clergyman, as one if much wanted in
the neighborhood, and, it is believed, quite a handsome
sum would he made up for services to he preformed on
:he Sabbath. There would be no objection to one with
a family—a comfortable dwelling and necessary out
houses being already provided for the exclusive accom
modation of the President of the School.
This institution has been in successful operation for
the last 7 years, is about 2 miles from the courthouse,*_
blessed with line water and as healthy a situation as any
in this section ol country. The building i< large and
commodious and well constructed for a school.
Address to the unde signed at Northumberland C. II.
who are authorised to contract.
SAM I,. 111.At KVYELL, Clir’n. ) of the Board of
JOS. BAYSE, Sec’ry. $ Trustees.
Dec. 31. 7!l—h -lw
A‘y the Utnerwir oj the OntutmmwtaUh q/ Pirtiain
WI«KRKAS it hits beer, represented to ths F.sorn
V w live by the Superintend mt ol Qonran ine, that
the crew of the schooner Armada, ('apt. Gifford, hound
liotn New Yoik to tliit sity, now lying in tin- livrrbe
low Rocketts, i< infected with the small.pox—to pre
vent the contagion liotil spreading, I have thought pm
p-r, with the advice ol the Council of Stat«*, and in
pursuance of the art ol the G nual A seuihly, to de
clare ths *aid srhomier Armada, und-r Quarantine, mi
the place designated by the Supeiin'ei dtnt, about s veil
mile* below Ricketts, i r fifteen da\s.
Given under my hand as Governor anti un
[Seal] der the st-a) of the Commonwealth, at Rich
mond, tl.i4 blit da)' ot Jantiarv, 1830
jsn. 6 82—h4'«v
JBLIC SALK.— Pursuant to an order made by
_ the lion. IV in. Cranrh, Chief Judge of tho (Jir
the Court of the District of Columbia, in the matter ol
John Davis, an insolvent debtor, will besold, at public
auction, on the 1st day of March next, all the right, title
and interest of the said Davis, in and to a tract ol laud
in Kanawha County,in the fltato of Virginia, Jying on
l.lk rirer, on the S. L. side, ahova and below the mouth
ol Blue Creek, supposed to rontain about 8<l,00d acres.
Sale to take place at the Indian Queen I Intel, in the
Hlyol \\ asbington, kept by Jesse Brown, at 4’ oclock,
Terms—A credit of twelve months, the purchase mo
ney to he secured hy the purchaser's bonds, with se
curity to he approved by tiie Trustee.
THOS. IIUGHK5, Trustee.
sept. 13. 37—wills I’. MAUKOfc .SON, itrlerr*.
r*!HK M-1 IDOL AT LLANGOLLEN, for ^.l_
IS_ tiratiofiol bova, in !!••* county ol S|n>tf«vlv.tnia
and State ol V ir^inm, ha* iwi department*. O ir em
braced the Enpbah language—(he G'rer k and Latin
cla««ir«—Kip Spanish, linlita. anil Krenrli — Ancient
and Modern Mi'tory, »iul tlac l'hilo*ophy of 1/VtijtM^r.
■ I lie (» her—G*-Og< ai'lljr, AtilllfliO jr, Algebra and
Geometry In additionto(lie .move, Itov* tvlm^rr not
iot* tided for Collet*, h*t mho ilenre a liberal education
w:li be 'aught Ethic*. Logic, Mroal Philosophy, and
ibldical Economy
There are two vacation* in the year—one emnmenc*
in* on tl.e ftr*t day of July —the o her on the )5>h ol
Der« tuber. During bo It, (be boy* inay tetnaiti here,
without additional egprnce.
Tlie annual rherge i« (JI-IO. Thl« include* all'charge*
lor inalritrtioti, boat<1, wo- lung, fuel and c tto!| -* — « |)PI|
or ttiltra«, ind hetLclotbing. to be lurnM:*tl by the |*u
|dl, ot «:'i to bo paid lot them. Do Ir.vg will be (onr'iir
etl, athoft it I* wished, on advent** eon* term'. 'Ibe
li*«t *o< i in retnitiftic** on lb* 2ft It o| January. Ft r
iitrili-r iolurtna ion, <ei- ili«* Kii bii;( ii l Enquirer lor
18 b id September, 1*29.
_ Add"'*« Lewis'* Store I’.irt'Olfiro, Spo't.y Uini.« Co.
Virgit i i.
January 7.
k >Jo aell)lw only-live alinres of Ibe above Mock, n biclt i.a
now likely In heroine valuable. I’craout at n diafanco
< *n communicate w ilb me by letter, putt paid.
I'tteraburg, Jan. 12. 81—-0t
I, Uurkiiiglutm Comity, ,|l# l»th",181a1
w.n. nw£";s
A$£*" 01 A,,e" ScruSK- We’d. ' ' ptVir!.1'*
Archer Scru^i., Val*nliii»Scnifw m.,-,., v
yh“ ..«.•><*■ Ki^S'hJ
Tin* ,U frn«lant« Archer Srr«iKlc.. V.,j,JMw>
.»i hI. IS wniully «n,I Polly I,is wife, ,, ,vj * ""***•
th... appearance, «,u| <)Vfu ^Cllrlfy ,r| * *"Ur**
..(A..,....I..,.* ,h, of „,i(
V I'f-ctory evl.lfiio, tbot they ,re ix.t ml. .hitl'f, 7#
llu» roiintry—lM. ordrrt.,,, ihat the ,ai.| .Hen.Un"
apmar Imre hI february Court „nl, *.,.1 .newer ,hi
hill of the |>laintilf.; ami that a com of .|,i. or.Ur K
forthwith inserted it. the Kichn.o.,.1 Enquirer foj Jil
month, rttcccstvely, »n,| po.te.1 the Iron! door of the
Court-house of this county. f\ Cony_Te*te *
Nov. ly. <i2_wSa» R. KM)|<II)GE. Jh. |). C.
1*. 1 — Al a Conrl roiuiDiled and held
lur Buckingham county si the Court-House ou thn
luili tlay ot November, 1S29;
Johu Mo‘», and Elizabeth his wife, ritffc
Polly Scruggs, widow, Isham Scruggs, J,m,r
•^rugg*. Archer Scruggs, Valentine Scruggs, Sam’»
ScriiZKs. I>i.inch Nnnnal y and Polly hie n il*, WillhuQ
Nowlin and Jane T. his wife, |j^„#
The delei.deuie Archer ..ggs, Valentine Scrum.
Ilisiich .\ untidily and Polly his wife, not hiving enter*
en iheir upp-ar.ince and given security according to (lie
act ol Assembly, and die rule? of this court; and it an.
prating to the satisfaction ot the court that thsv are not*
inhabitants of this ronntiy—It is otderrd, that tlie raidi
defendant do appear h-re at Februury Court next aMll<
answer ihe hill of the plaintiffs; anil that a copy of Hii«*
nrdvr he forthwith inserted in the Kirhinoiul Enquirer*
lor two inoii'hs successively, and posted at the frentt
door ol the Court-house of this county.
A Copv Teste.
Nov. if) *>2 — wSn* it KI.DRIDOE; Jr. n. a
IN CHANCERY—' irginiu: In l.ui euburg Cuuidw
Couit ll'li Nrv *
Lewis Giicii.admiuistiator of Abrolum Tatum,due’ll
Divi.l Street, almh'istra'nr of Mere wether Hurt, dee’d
who was adininistralor wi'h th-will annexed of Wnl
Tatum, decM. Win Woml, adininistralor of Christopher
Wood, who was surviving liiiebstidol Sucky Wood, (er
meily Sucky Tatum, Benjamin Tatum and Charity, his
wile; Matthew Tati. Nancy Griffin, BenjaminTa
Clement Nevila, administrator ol John Nevil#
James Neal, admhistia o- «f Allen Tatum, and Ttiomae
!• islisr administrator ol Msr\ Fisher dec'd, Dalis.
’I'he Defendants, Wiiliam Wood administrator mt
( liristopher U ood, dac’d, w ho was surviving kiisliamt
of Sucky Wood, furmerly Sucky Tatum, Renjatulm
1 alum and Charity his wife, Matthew Tatum, Nancy
Griffin, CM.. Nevih, itiliniiiiatra'.or of John Nevils,
and Thomas Fidier, admiuis’rutor id Maty Fisher*.
their appearance and given
to the act ot Assembly and.*
( oiirt, and it appearing by
that they ate not inhabitants
ol this country: On thn motion of Ihe plaintiff
hy his ariorney, it is ordered—Th.it the said de
temlants appear here on or; Injloie the second Monday
m Match next, mu! tile tln-tr answers to the pl.-intifPa
hill and that .i copv o! 'Ins order tie (nriliwitli inserted
in some newspaper puhti-li»d it, the Town ol Peters
hm g or City nt Kichm ui'l, f »r t w o months successively^
and posted at the hunt door of (he Court-house of tho
said county. A Copy —Teste.
'h’c 5. firt—wg.v' T. w. WINN, D. C.
not having entered
secutity according
the rules ot this
satisfactory evidence
• IIA.\C1’,H\—A( Kill.-* held in ilie Clerk’s
Office i.l the t 'oillily Court of Amelia, lor the month
ol Novell.S *r, lS2y.
J*!m L Jeter, Complainant
Peter lliirlon, executor of Emily Ellington, (funner
!>' Emily t'luik'-,)'tl.“ wife of a certain Peter Idling
tell, anil l.uey Ann I’oli.trd, Defendant*.
I lie Dcl.-ndant Lucy Ann Pollard, not li ning enter*
ed hernpp armce, and given *ecmity according to (ho
Act ol Assembly, uml the Rules of this Court ; anil it
*l,l,,,*i i"~ «i>-'ttho ..ml!.. A. Pollard, in no? an inhabitant
of this CommonwealthOn the motion or the Plaintiff;
it ii ordered, that tiio said i.ury Ann Pollard ilo appear
before fhc Justices ol our said Court, at the Courthouse
thereof on the fourth f Imrsduy in January next, and an
swer the C inpla mini’s Hill. And that a copy of this or
der be torthwith inserted in sonic New spaper published,
in (lie City of Richmond, for two months successively,
and another copy lie ported up at the front door of the
( ourtliousc ot this County on two successive Courts
days. A Copy—Teste,
‘ JOHN T. LEIGIT, c. a. «.
Nov. 10. U2—tvStr
& IKolNIA: In Chancery—At Rules held in the
V Clerk's Ofllco of James City County Court, on
Monday the itli day of December, 1S20:
William Hankins, administrator of Allen Richardson*
deceased, Pltff*
n Noriioi ne RatclifTo, Thomas RateNfTe and Carolines
Italrlillc, heirs of James RatcifTe, doc’d. Dells.
T!ie defendants not Iiavin^ entered their nppearaaro
aL“ S' on security according to the Act ot Assemfdy
ami Hi., me* ol thi* court, am! it appearing l>y satisfec
tory evidence, that the said defendants arc not inliabl
bmts ol this Commonwealth: it is ordered, that they d»
appear here on or heforo the first day of March Court
next, and answer the hill of the plaintiff, and that a copy
ol this order he forthwith inserted in the Richmond En
(jti rer lor two months successively, and posed at the
bout door of the courthouse of said county.
A Copy. Teste,
n .. ’ TIL O. COD RILL, D. C.
,)rr -1'- 79-wSw
t^N CD t.\. El<\.—State ol Norm Caioliiu, Grsn
vilie t 5»inty, Nn\Vfi ht?r Trrin, A. I) J82J)
iviimH Douiicy, Execului rj. Smith, Murphey
aml others. 1 *
( aveat in the probate of a paper willing, purporting
'o is the hot will and ieaUmunt ol John G. Smith,
It m nub red by the Court, that no'ice he given by
adveriUm-1 I lor .ix we. k- in the Richmond Eu
quirer ami Raleigh Star, to the Trustees nr Di
rector* <t the F.|n;:bi Humane Soil, ty of Rjch
oond and Slate ol Viigiu.a, Dr. Thomas Nelson,
u.lham I nn , Samuel G Smith Francjs Smith, Thom,
as Sii.iih, H ilhammn and J .„e Smith, \Villj*,„*on, who
are legatee* in the pap.-'-wi iting whirl) i* here off-r
ed as the last Will and Testament of John G. Smith
Dec d, that this suit i« now in this Court, and that they
m iy aj |>ear and make themseives parlies to the emtio*
ver«y d they think pi ope r, at the Court of Picaranl
(Jnarler Sessions to he he d (or lh CVintv and Slat»
iloresaid, at the Court Mouse in Otioid on the first
.Momfay in robin try next.
VVitness, STEP. K. SNEED, C.
r> r 3- f,A_«8w»
G N -1 11 N< EK\ \i Kuin. Holden in (he Clerk’*
0 Office of (lie County Court of Cliailolte, on the fir*
Monday in Dceemlier, 1920:
Edward 15. Fowlkes, pjjf,
William Towltr, cx’or. of Edmund Keeling dccM..
Eli/ahelh Keeling and Gustavus llcn.lrick and Elia
belli his wife, Delta.
The defendants Gustavus Hendrick and Elizabeth lift*
«ifo, not having entered their appearance according to.
Ilie Act ol Assembly, and the rules of this court, and ii
appearing to the satisfaction of the courl, that they are
not inhabitants of this State, on the motion of the plain
tifi by counsel, it i* ordered, that (he said defendants do
appear here on the first Monday in March next,and en
ter their appearance and answer the plaintiffs' bid, and
give security (or performing the doerre of the court, and
that a copy of this order he inserted in the Richmond:
Enquirer for (wo months successively, and posted at (ho
front door of the courl house of the said county.
A copy. Teste,
Hue. 17. 74_w«w
WTKAM Mi(;\U KKFINKHV, JYo 27, Church
JChy, Philadelphia.—The »ub#rrihtr< having
their Kfh'iriy in inii i p imtifn under the »up#i iniea
•lanee (>| fixrph S. I.ovptint;, (fmmrrly of the how#*
of Philip* ft Levering of tin* rity.J am pre
|> ted lotiipp v oriVip lor ilonblo, »i ■ lost an.’ lump
sugar#, refined without the u*e of blood, of ’hr
■np’iiircluNrlrf •• that made lieieiolore l<v Me*#**
P. it !.. which I late V Mill lll#pO-e ol #1 4 llbfial dl'CCUlit
lor rash, or lor acceptanre In Mil* rity.
I.KX.CANIlYk LKX, Philadelphia.
Til# »tib«crihcr, a* ag^nt lor tin*-ale* ol iheal>o»o
in'ii'inned fiigar# in Itichinond, ha* c<n*t<*ntly °u
Ii4iii|, l«r «.i|« ei htrlory pric.-*. 4 hill #nnplv.
Jan. 12 Sd-r.fi >ii HKHN MID PKTTfW.
ONK IH M) U D DOLLARS in " \lll» 1 wlU
Ria reward of AO dollar*, if taken within l!i®
Stale of Viiginia, and 100 dollar* if taken owl ol lid
State, lor the apprehension# anrl delivery of my man
Arthur, railing hhn*elf Arthur WaaMngloM « ho ran*
wsy from the eily of Hiehmoitd, on (lie SMliof Decern*
hcr last. Me i« a tall, wcll-mml • neuron cry Mark, po
lite mail reaperlful in hit deportment, generally wnllc#
when Spoken to. Me i« a first rale bl»rk*niilh,#mlabotil
00 years ot age,ran read an I tv I lie, and my belief it,
llial he has forged hlnirelf a fire pn a, or copied one
forged try tome while person, « i• It lira view ol going to
the Norllr. Me had on when he eloped, a blue rto®**
roal with velvet collar and dr ih ra**incl p inla'eonyand
bloe rle'h waistcoat. SAMVL1. PL LAS \ TS
Jan. 12, 93~M

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