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Richmond enquirer. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1815-1867, November 26, 1830, Image 2

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trt'* lun»f«nt o( th* crlmii for which they were to
suffer. Th* ah r!tf having Indulg'd them (o the ut
lilO'l eKtallt of th* lillli limiUd, they 1)4.!* 4 long and
l*M farewell lo Mich ol their frien.'s n came lonvaid
to take th'to hy th* hau l, anti KC'iilrd the arafftald. A’
thia solemn ait I tT>iu|) moment. Kimbrough teemed
to htr» lal int In* biokm eR'igi'*, all>l Mo- it ti in and
t>n*h<ik*i> |u > lent i(uey; while hi romp-tulcll in tg
iioii11\ unjiiarnt to liav* l«»*t hi* • ■>l!*po-s«*rt n, and
III t'-e limriit .itnl aug'i-lt ill hi* «•!<•'rein..led ilk i a
»'1 *hak 'II i'l the lilt t- > ai d C.'U'M'Uml to llllir IU*
«JiH|m npifa'iui,* I H-aVeii, until th* <0|i- wax cut
w).i-h h •' " * di-i'i, ->n ' n..'I; ol h iti»li«|>)>y ,-ie«
•on** am in i i. on n pr >rtp|t* -d into the I'muirr
0< their ti.ial J'l 'ge.
It i« due to S i-• i*f Mm on to -t-te that 'ha truing**
ni'iit* h** adopt-d * * • i *h ■ uiiim nlul iirruiii, wore of
the very *••••! kind; a"<! >h i he > *•< tur e.t the whole ot
the tragic atr ir with i hnitiir*'. I* n|i red with coin
itd*er* i .n, di rvt *v 'I o li h at rouiiiieiiiation.
0 ■ i vvie * in,. i)i* wind* *cene an.I the vati u* oc
currence* III ilir >1 • V . li Ct 'out itl-r-IO, we are Impelled
to the f,v vie'ioo, wi i*'' *. cm* to ore vail wry gener
ally am ’ g nrc in ein.> r «riee, the' public eg, cuth'll>
do n r t n i to |>i i.i,ot ei h* r the p • .c • aud h tt nun y o'
•wl-ly,Ot en.iili|i .l ining (lie p> npie. Tli- rarklexsneas
cf Older and e—*ie\; ii • • r tam'y an '. inteiuparanc*;
the in ti*- r-*iiti* it*, in oalit g 'oggMi >r nl in. li, wo non.
a«d chihlr <n, of iv. ry r»!n .uni aye. cXSihng a degen
*• I' i ‘*1 t.ce, whined on eiirli ii. c-..i»tn, may
lead o a vi i 'rJ lie ol i.nh-'e l-eling painful indeed
to r. fleet no mi Alt I'm, * i !i-> van more, tvat vvitneM*
ed in thja city nil !>' nl iy |.i I Many thefts vvero coni
milled o i onr ui“i i li i:.ts,w fill* (hair i onr were ctotvd
ed with l.u vrr*; c nu.tr 11.1 ,r* te-i et upou it a* a favor*
•hi* time l<> jia«r ifieir ci’lii'eil il in on y; ttn* our
atreele a* ivght proevii'i d ii x-.-nerf disorder and dtun
k-nn-ex a* once shucking to the fee in<S of lilt in -•iiity,
and ili'gt i*e,"l <o a civilige I e -iii .ninity. [Sfur.
Ii«*t M.md «y at etnoon, Ju le* I'utnxin pronounced
i ante lire on loseph J nkio* K-*;p, jon , wt>* h*d heen
found coil y a- an a ce*xory in lit murder <1 .Mr Jo-j
eepli Wni The Ju tge clo ed tin ad.'re.i tothap.l i
• On-rr id Ih*> |u|| \y.| VVirJx J
On. lax duty re.i.ain* >o be p-r tinned, which la to j
pax ■ the #• nl-nre ot the l,n», firlfie crium of which1
Von have been c.invicleif, which sentence is, and thia I
< on. i - nth acco'diugly adjudge,tfi t you are lo lie taken '
from h»n«*# to i h- pr-»n frotn whence yo i came, trom !
’ll nr* (o li» j. -i o ,.f |C\ culiao, and there he hanged
liv the neck i'u il you *li, Il h- dead. Andi-ty tJad ol
hi« infinite g ,irt hiv* tn-rcy upon your soul.
Th |irla jn-r *v*a then remanded *o j til.
1 ue Salem (I./, tte of )a*t Tu**day, contains a lull
rep.iit if 11:e trial ol ft o*tr-* Crtiwnlushh 11 a* an »r
p.i-ito v hi ill* n u der ol 'Ir. White I' coining need
on h'idey ai I > •* hruuplii ton cloai about 1 o'clock
on the V . . day iufl-i'v atii;, 1. v.a< given to the
jury At ti a.1 p.v \l , I > k iliey c.uue into court uni
ran-Uted a verdict <t .V/f Ou-l'y. When th* lore
in-in h .<1 p. oi,o>it,p i* *tie v i.li.'f,-o’lie dteturhancea wa#
made in c i.irt, !.y 'he rb» ling of a portion ot ilia »pec
ta.orr. O dei w - * a on r--to ed, however, and 'he
t,rr',i,|l V l,'-< ce ,| (I,,i * ,-p-mi n ol the off .nre
«v > il I he fbl-owo I hy the * r fci e-t p ltd lio.ent ihe conr’
cou .1 mil «•!, up.>n ea iii-ny o| ill* t.ff-tidai* as could
i>e .Inter'e.I, An dier itidietmen' »> n- 'hen rca rharg.
•tig Hi* ;■«i "i*.»r >vi*h mitpiiron nf ftlony. Hi-conn*
ael iv.it dei roue <d proce i at oi.ee t.i the will, hut
'h* conn <<eein-i' it inturoji«r to r moitt tile cat-, 'o 'll
'line jtiiy which liw* j i*t arquiMcd him upon nnothrr
• hitgr, m f lotpuir it - «t 1 at to thv2dlin»t Tim
pri*oner waa then nnl rr.l to recoin 7.-, hiin**lf, tvi.h !
nijn »«’«!•/, in the miui of h/e f.uiidird.lollaia ca'h, ai.-d
Wa* f le . <e I
T he fell,,.* j,,,, *rp literal *rd es»et ro,>'«i of th-* pa
per* le f Ii 7 Kichn-d t ‘rowninahiehl, Jr. in hi* r-dl at the
Mme < « hanged hiinaelf on th- 15 h June Th*»c p-p*r.*
a- «vell a- the a-i ui suicide, are a siror-g aud satisfactory
Cv/nfo#fti<jri of hi# h :
4 *9KtsV.M. J 10* 13 I), 1S30
D a* F4th»r—T h'*a are the U<1 line* limn your
• mi•'u»i ill »nn, that Im« di r l your rh» :« moral
prrlb it wii aim iy* 'vomi'i (illy bes'ow.d, oil th<*
U'lforiuna'" filing hat will *r« you receive thia, cettee
toeii.f my lid irqnr.l it that to>l will Im-r inv body
, <**>n’lv buried, .ill I have It p*oteftei| (rnm th" rii<«ert
mg inula, ami may the ble*a:i g ol G >d rail upon you.
Farewell. v 1
“ 1 o G to fig n Cr.ow s i ismM.n."
‘ Sai.km, June 15, 1830.
•'Da»r Brother—May G'ld it' d'vonr innocence guide
yen a* fa ilir* u *»i ISi# Tri*'. Hall t k-n youralvic,
I would stilt enjoy Life, Lib-ity, and a clear ronari
;««• n«» * not. arid perceive my rare to lie hope
*'**• 'nrrelcro I have rome lo 'he defermir. vion t.i dr.
priv* them r.f tl « pl©a*t:raef behtd.'hg „.<■ pUb|,rly
* vru'e I, a* after I am condemned tliey will not give
n,0 (So opportunity, *„ 1 „ ay Oud forg va in-, (J.rrvr
•M< i- an awiiji warning In y »u, ami I hope it will be
t'w meant of reforming many, to virtue. Albeit, they
»>iriy meet with *urir««» at the eommeneement nf pice,
if it short-lived, and sooner or later if they persist in
it, they will meet with a similar fate to mine O •
Georg* tin give me for what I line cau« d you and .*!
thera to mir r on my acro-ini, and my lad Benediction
T sli upon you. A *o"ir, a la-• nlleu.
1 P i Gnoru;e Cnow.r is»tmi,r.”
• To
LiigtHtafu! wretch**; whrdoyn eraver
Th.. life otir heavenly maker gave
"’by confine a* in thn gloomy cell’*?
VVltr.ie nothing i»v« "riafiin.l »orro>v dwell'*
lie.ioateil Pi»n.l<: be btnralicil heoe*.
Among vein Kindred gn l»n*l vour .erne,
Where imp. of Hell, and lleiili rnme,
fio and «ecU out your native home."
(1 he abovo anath-'in t wa< probably aitnid at th-* p»r
» >nr actlva in detecting ih • innr l-rei*.)
(From llio N. Y?Stand\rd )
Y»-*o’dav. w.i« brought to n rot.clu.inn in the Cir.
r' it Court «>f 'hi< Ur.ited State*,now eidii g at die C.i’y
Hall, one nl thn mo*t int-re»ting rati-e*, far aa do
vtrsHr peace and professional confidence are concern
•< l, litt we ha « vr known. S.> g eat ha. been the
crowd In Wirnn.e it* , rogr.M, an-l a. literally ha* the
* uri Room he-n hesieg.nl by mi li'Or*, that it ia aparcr
Iv reee«*«ry lo »di|. that wo refer lo the trial o| Or
<’r»ile* Bull, of 11 o ilt!yn, m the -nil of Mr. Joaei.h
I'llgrr, l.i'e id III* V II. ire h'l* mw resident in Onli
ne,dicnl 1 ii • lict* 'ty m a mrrow comp***, although
sia rtaw were oecii<ii-d in tIt.* inva.uga'ion.
I w 1. an nr n h-o tght bv the fa |,'t for an a«*.v |
noon hi* d ...ghtnr, lor the following rirct.m«'*neea
The plait,t.flr h int ah„„i |„ depart u; ori a voyageo
rome nr th- and anticipating .|ie confinement of hi.
r "* •’•'"•■C-, employed the d -f-hdant a* ho
Ian Ily p*'V*tr.iti, <o a'r.nd f.o n lino to time a* hi* *er
C.r-a might he r.qnired. In Inly, 1928, one of th.
plaint.IT - d m -h’o a, and on whom the mb* qu-nt out.
raw- was rh.,.g. d to have oren eoinml'ie l, wa* unwell
end Ihe family p*. vIrian, of coom, wi, aent lor H.
pr-eerthetl rente 4in«. and tl « younf lady rernvere.l -
Ah,,,,. , itmn •. m«r,wer.U.|.er moiher in law wa. ron
fined, ai d at- "'tended |,y l)r. H .11 Th- third flat
aft-r th* „re..,.t k~.. e„t. th- l» or d-ar-nd-d Umht
M-k Hi.m'-er Into rhP hall or pail r, enquired for hi
h.rin-r patien', and .cot for hrr, from th- garden -
She r*m- m an I .at by him < n tin- .nfa, when he c un
meoced a cmv. r.*tion m th* *u'j-rf o( her fither’.
ejperted return —non .poke of the too light lacing o
h rcor-et.—tlr...t hi, hand Info h*r bomm, and pro
reed-,1 to li, r„,„n,i«*ton cl odteraitd gro-.-r and out
rageon- nr I. of wntuonne** and indecency, tin’ll *h.
.woore.l ..way. II . then led her <o th. air to rocov.
tier, and after advi-m* h-r no- in tell h-r mot!,.., |r(
ll»* h«u*e.
' ^ w "9 * n"r innr^on th*tr)iKhf,
* i* e nur i "•! 'r r / wd a'arming iixira'ion* of jn-itn
) “7 i?r u . ’ ' '* ’ " "•"vlftCnn»»,e w, I
1V ,r‘ ”4,‘ WH' ,r 1 r""'n mid * .carcti —
“""'V *»-r w M *„• nr,,.,..1 dep,ri.nm», denoted a
7 inder11»/ of tn t.d, i! n .1 , partial »• erratic of intellect.
nd« con imi'.t.wiih gradual me>n». for 3 or » lay,
the In,-noon of h , day .,lt -r ,h« ir.nMrMon, th* mV
her «... hnl*ter*d in d.« h,d a, ,h« penned .note to
>r. I* all, of h Ittrh the toll .wing |< * eopy :
" Dr Hill j. rfqne.ted to *ti«pcnd hit vldt* .( No
. » u '''r'-l""'V b" n* '""tor "grroable.
H Dr. H. w#h». for an explan.flon, tie will find one on
reviewing hi« conduct of la*t -rent. g. Conduct, which
drove non n| ite wrv i<n hive in mete* lo the border* oi
mt.nliv, and eti'ai'n | a n'ghf of extreme anxiety and
watchliilnee* on til. jrifTeilog patimf. I,. \V. R ”
From th.t period I) . Rail .1. never permit ed fo vl
*' ;h“ *‘:h/r bf P of •* i nally. Th.
j lalni fr ee urt.ed from hi* voya.n In D-ceml.-r-had
l,.en iinf.rfnn.t~ In 1,1. f„ ine.. ,nd tailed—hn( with
out any »'an or reproach i;po„ »,|. character Thte c'r
rurr.t.nce. hncrer, r, .,,d the ne-fu,„y ,lif
rrctnlory eff.ir* *. iiich it involved, log-ther wpfi a de
*ri!rV.VlfcWJ‘h 1"! ,r"’"1 M'-MI,.affair
tn th he huh-I ttnd fo-,ot.en were the .round* on
wl-lch the dotay to prrwecufe wif illvfed b« the plain
tiff, nor w*« i* tin'll the fonfcu* of alander a..ape | ,h„
rep.it.tlon of hi* dangh'er -h.f he deemed ii nefe-.arv
forihe purpo.e. of viodleail >n of her chancier loan.’
peal «0 the law fr.r redreea. v
9',fh fl’» enu> a. offered In proof, and
ritrh w- *h.tild pre.um. to he Hie e*flm.t|on of it hy
the jury, from Me virllet that (hey rendered.
"holied wit)
th. 1 a nt if at the tirneof theiran.^Hon wacemined
»nd feet If) *d 0 taMcu/oelni. in*or,.Mten, the t—
tirnony of the principal witn*.» Other evidence
•ddu, •. >a p.ove .IJerrep.ncle* and aon'rarfoti-a of .,*.
»*rt on hy lU oil,,, witnerer. who wet. c.ll.d by th*
Mntiff to •«•*. ,1a the artier, *
If r.a< i»f o *tl mpt.e t£. t» »h# wo or he pert of he
defendant, who admitted to t witnsse that l.» *va« p.r
h.»* j.o Ire. with the s*nng Udy—but that “,t -fMt
M>"V (n»t whatever tie ha 1 dona *»»» dune/irii/essum
ally. and moreover lh.it (ho labored uuder hysterical
affections Jin] 'hit the rtnt<e< rh<s made against hun
were the nun ilfieti ol a disturbed iini(li>atlin. To
im< It Km r*|ilii>d, that no per-oual examination irai ri
'h>r authorised «r nectsiary, and'hat tti«* hyatrriral.«t
tec l«U{, il hy-tnical 'h.y wrf, were r.o; lliv cutoc ol
the Plii g», hut the tff ct o' the ou'iag*
Me lira! gei tl.-ii.eii well- railed lopioVe the «avwnd
(aliens* id persons Ithoiiug under hysteria, hut th »r tp».
i-not'y went tochaiv :ha> meiiioiy is not always impair
the til. and that Urn .Moot r«as«. who.
the nt ha- p->» id a.sjy
(ti at *sal audahi ily were manl'p.ie i hy ih-i
•el mi both a'Jea For the Plaint,fl the , o
penad by W in S- ■>■«■»;«... Em, and summed u,. I v O.
Hnir.nenen.IS i\ ivaplee, E ip* O,, * ,„ |M„ he
n .landanf ware M-ws. Codwi.e, Kadellir. lint!,.a and
b " 1 Ul"'; ™»e " ®r summed and the cause
!•.» C i.int trd to the jury yesterday mm,in* alter ...
,.,.,,rP,.1v. end IupIu rh.rM by Judge Thomn-on In
at. m t«n hours th-y returned with . verdict fur the
Plaint.ir with two (hatwand dollar, damages .n.l co
lit* verdict, although not so heavy as many might
auppo.e.tonKlHtnhc.tf the Jury deemed ,hey d?
! ltniy. *‘.a * was» nevorthelo**, doubilpM suflieicnt
to > indicate tho young lady a reputation, which we be
n-vo to stand without reproach. No effort >rai made
by too neleiulant to impeach it by any direct testimony
w tatever,other than to show by variant evidence, that
she was mistaken in her testimony.
But whatever may have been 'ho grounds assumed
\ the Jury, the case, itself, is ol deep importance t<
the public, and to the profession to which the defen Ian
belongs. Confidence is necessarily reposed in our modi
cal advisers, and, if that confidence is betrayed or aims
ed. scarcely too deep execration can visit the head of the
offender. Without referenco to the special case in
oiu-stion. we take occasion to say, that the “mawkish
familiarity too often assumed hy aomo physician*, ought
to be repressed; and although it is doubtless essential
that those to whom the health of our families is com
milted, should fully understand the case of their pa
tu-nt, yet in every instance, the most scrupulous dclira
cy. compatible with necessary investigation, should he
observed—It is no excuse to aay-it is my wau. if that
way is a bad way; and no practi-ioner, in our judgment
i* to he permitted to tak? any liberties with a fomale
patient, unless distinctly authorised by the individual to
whom, by nature or relation, her honor is conli led. In
dependent of the repugnance that may bo felt hv a
young lady of susceptible mind, and the consequent in
jury that may result to her health and feelings thero
are masons to apprehend that such familiarity is one of
tho avenues by which temptation may approach, and the
moral sense he subdued.
The whole subject is one of delicacy, which it is more
easy to conceive than discuss, and we, therefore, dismiss
the srihjoc t by remarking that however this trial m.y
affect tlio parties, we hope its operation may ho salutary
to the public—that parents and guardians will exercise
increased vigilance in the selection of medical advisers
an l those adviser* will sedulously abstain from any prac'
tico that may inflict an unnecessary pang on the inno
cent and sentivc mind.
nutR, HOY
. .. „ -• "Mf? r*. honway ar.d Pel
r»Yni th« C<intii,i^u>Y,er v,d Surveyor a up unt-d hv d,m
President, cn (he part of th*. Territory, f-r th- purpose j
«f running the boundary lin • h-twe*,, Arker,,,, aiM, '
Co.iM*,., lilt ihi*pUr -. mi Friday . venmK la.t t ,r
v.l e n.nt, where i(|.y *v.»l me-t .h» C >m ita-nmer and I
Surveyor on (he part of th • St Ho of I.ouiuana, ,„.l I
(root whence (hey will proceed (.-> the point on the Mi*.
r,v r wh.ro lli-»«r labor* will eo.n.t,-r.ro |M.
rot t xp.rlr f ihut they w II complete <h ir labors much I
i>* fjr•» In** 1<I .! »r ih« v
th/-: MKxrcjt.v boundary
" "uderatand that (Juv Pope ha* received a com I
mtinic.rll,.n Iron, the Secret try of Sate. in relation to
same p-oc-edinC-, under M-xiejn aothotitv, on our
•mtt torn frontier, which w. had ocra-iun tn no ice *om~
-vrek. since. Th* President r- gre-a the occurrence ot
»nv cirrutnMnncee tendine to produce Ut,pl-a.an» col
li tons h.rwcen the roo.tl'uted autho-iue. of (hi. Ter
ritory ant ot thoro claiming 'o an tinder Mexican an
*hr. tty, hill at the .ante time wi.lie* that the j i.j die
tion of -he Territory of A kan.a*. ovor th- land* in
cont.*,|. to the ext-ntef h-r juri,dief|onal limit*, may
not be d..continued or r*|inqni#he,l. while th* q ,*.
tion of houndtry remain* undecided h.tween the (}or
•rrmui'* of the Unil.d State# and M-giro. W*
d- r«tand. Biro, !hht he Secretary of State lit* opened a
correspondence on 'he .uhject with th. Mexican Mm
j i*ter, and we hope the matter may bn brought to a
L1’*'.y *n‘l torn,ination. In any arrat.yem .nl
■ .. ""J nil *1II V Q III'l 111
wh'C i may b* «n»er-d in’o between the two Onvern
in-ntv, on this -tahjert, we f-eI a*>ured that the Fxec.i
• IV- of lha Unitrd s ate# will h*ve»dtl« rvgvd for th*
■ ucitl* and lint.or of the naiion, and the rarrn i.l in gr
eat* of (hi* 7 crr.'ory.
We are al*o informed, hv a gentleman fr-m Lafaye't*
county, »nd hv * letter from a cur-eepondent in Lost
Prairie dated 17 h u!t , th.f th* Mexican line, from
lit . Sabine to R.d river, wa* again run, In th.eailv
part o( la* m^mh, !>y two resp-c'oble suivyor* who
.•ruck R-d rlvr «ix mil*, below the mouth of the
Sulphur Fork If thi. lino W to be relation, all th* it -
hahranta of T,»favett* county, ra-iding west and routh
of R-d >lvr, wi 1 fall within mi- Terrj ory. The unit
e ter alao add*, that “Col R R Milam commcnc d
•tirvey.ngon Monday la-t filth ttlr.J, and intend* con
tinuing until (topped by force of arm. ”
Mrkantai Gazette.
Cnirkaraw Vrlegatic-n—A Delegation,consisting of
*-veral Ctiiel* and Warrior* of (ho ChrkiMrv nalinri ot
Indian*, passed up through th* Big Prairie, on Mon
l.y la-t, under the direction of Col. K-ynold*. U. S.
Agent for 'hat nation. We saw and converged, ye»ter
dar, with Mr. Ireland, on* ol the gentlemen attached
•n the par's, and learn front him. that the o'ject of the
D legation i. to explore ami select a country west of
At kart***, for the future re*idrnra of th ir nation,
which is lobe guaranteed to them hy the Government,
tn ctc'itnuc for the country which 'h v hare recent
Jv reded to the United fit- te» ea-u of th* Mia.issippi.
The roui.try which they have in view, an I which they
will explore firal. i» that lying between the AikuiMi
and Canadian, and wr#t of th* tract *et apart for the
Cre. k*.
M e ar* also In for m-d, 1 y the #»me gentlern in, that
* Delegation from the Chncktaw nation will *et nut
■.con, for tb* pu'pote of exploring the country which
■hey own wcat of nnr Territory, preparatory to making
arr ngemen’a forth • general removal of Hat nation
from the country which (bey have recently red-don
the ea<t-Ife rf the Mi«sl«dpp|. The route of that D#l
egation will lie through th- eouheui part of the Ter.
titory. and w.e pr*Mitne that mo-t of ih* emigration
from that nation will a.cend R-d riv-r. Wo w-re in
bop** 'h »t an arrarg -mrnl might hare been made with
the Cbo-taw., for the accommodation of tho Clihka*
.aw. wi bin the country l> -longing tn them, which i«
ehundan'ly larg* f,r the eccomm dation of both na
tion*. But wn tinderMand (ha( a proposition to that
• fMrt wa* m»il« hv tho romml^inn on tho part of
•h- U 8,,t iho Trrafy frotiml, nn.f r^j«rt«d hy thf
( hoctaw*. 3„ch an arrang-ment would nodmiht l,av«
lenued to the mutual advantage and aecuriiy of both
parti**, a* It |« nndera-o d that the mod fri-mlly and
ao.icahl* relatione euheirt Settveen (be two na'ione.
A* conei-Vrahlo uonece«*>ry *nd groundlce* a'arm
hae been cxci'eil among eorna of our ritixen* in the
w-etern rount e., in con«cqu-nee of a report, whirl,
ha* h.rn induttriomdy circulated, lhal the Indian* had
be*r. off -red the countfe* ol Washington. Craw ford, and
Sevier, we look occasion to inquire nf Mr. Irel.n.l, u
to the foundation of the rumor. He repbo I that it we#
ground'es', a* respected the Chicka«aw*. and that he
I believed it to he equally so a* regarded any other na
tion o I Indian* The Chirk..*-v» pa** through our
r-rri’nry a. mere traveller*, without any -xperta'inn
! or "f fort-ivlng a font of land within our organii-d
• limit*; and the Choctaw*, w« know, expert none, a*
j t if*y nlfoidy h^v^ n PiifTi i»nryf md do not iirnuir^ any
I inure land under the la'e trea'y.
" p inin inai, in ni?«ir*# our r»tiz»ri« w;M not ti *tf»n
UJ' h Idle tale*. They »ra o* <len*ly got tip and
ri-muted for mtarhlevoue ftupsse*, a <1 only tend in
!»•« Itjury ot the country, t.y cheeking emigration
0 it, wi hoot benefiting any body. We have repeat
e.tty a**»red our rlti*»ha, tt.if th*v ar* in no dang.r
of ti'ifig arain driven from their home? to make room
for 1 nt|j.tu<; in<! w* ag i t a**ure th»m that we have
not the n,oM di«t»nt idea that the (,'avermn. nt will ev.
er re ede another foot of land, within the organized
lim-it of Arkmaa*. to any nation or tribe oT Indian*
whatever. Th* IVeeldenf, we are rure, ronreir.plate*
7 mea.nre, and even It he did, be dor* nnt pn»»f,g
the power io carry it into effort. The law of iho lam
****Mnof Congre**, from which we made an extract
1 in th* ft of (he 13 h tilt. prohibit* him from c*«t
I t* an/ land in an “orua wizkd TKRntTORY.” Tl e
•fr.mga idea which w* hive ee-n romewhere dvanrrd
.hafihi fl’a’ea eaat of He Ml.*i alPPf .re anaion* to
- r.d the Indian* weat, that Congre** «i l ha Induced
o rrit-aleornnrh of that litv it r**<rlct« th- c-i ion rt
lan t* In any -rrgantzed Territory,„d ejv„ f|„.fn „ni/
I /«»»//# that they may a W hr. w at cf the Ml**l*.lp.l,
provided they will remove to them, i* too novel arid
i'MV«to ii to merir a moment’* ronMiieratton. Tt e cl'i
I zoo* nt A-ka • a have revived too m.my e*ld-nfe< o'
. the good w It *■ d fa»' fable • consideration of Congre**
j '(° ^'tntenanca *o gra*a a (lander on that rgfpeeUhle
K-ltr OF HKD mvEH.
! Arr.*j**a*, Oct 27.—Uetrf. *ewall of (he United
h.te* engineer Corpa, hat been diligently employed,
with about I 10 hand*, rinco rome *itne in Affgiret leaf,
In Tl*"/1”*: out a pawage through and around the Haft
of lle l River, ottrattant to an act of Congrea*. aporoerl
atn-g ;jj2&,©00 for the acr<*Tipl|ahment of that desirable
ohjeet ufxl^refand he hue, thua f»r. proeec-jfed
tho work with much success, an.) expresses a confident
hopo of effecting a sale and convenient passage for boat*
around the Halt, before next spring. Tilt removal oi
the dangerous impediment* which now obstruct the n •
vigtiion ot Ked river, is mi object of the highest impor
tance to the people of the southern section of this Ter
ritory. it is a work which must coat great labor aid
expense, but wo do not despair ol seeing it accom
Col. M. Arbuckle, Commanding OtlWr at Cantor.
"lent Gibson, arrived in this place on Saturday even
ing last. We are happy to learn front him, that the U.
States* troops under Iris command have enjoyed rery
good health during the past summer and autumn. As
■m evidence of the rcifWkable healthiness ot this |»0u,
I it may not ho amiss to mention the tact, that, of a ooin
| mand averaging about 130 men, there Inis been hut one
[solitary death, Irom fever, during the last three years.
I be dioiight liar been very long and severe in that
quarter, and the crops are considerably reduced in con
sequence of it-—but are sulhcicnt to supply tho wants
ot tlio l*ost, anti leave * cou*i<!oi able surplus.
The various tribes of Indians in that quarter continue
to remain in a state of peace and quietness, and there
is no reason to apprehend any speedy interruption in
the harmony which subsists between them.
I he t rocks have displayed a degree ot Industry dur
ing the past season, which would not he discreditable to
a white population ol the same extent. They bovs
raised a plentiful supply of corn tor then own eonsump
tmn, and it is supposed have a surplus of at least 60,(>uO
er 60,000 bushels to dispose ol to the Government, for
the subsistence ot such new emigrants as may be sent
on during the ensuing winter and spring.
IT. S. MlijT.iR V Ai.IDKMY
f ‘lay au otiicul document rtlativi (c
this important Institution, in th- -ops that it mny pro
iiuee tti— eft cl intended by the G >v - rumen'. Itutobc
regretted that the crn«ure of the War Department i
d-enird necessaiy, hut it i. right tlisl h» Academy
should It- purged ol idle aid die-olufa member., when
ao many epp fctnis ol a d ffeient eharae'er are known
u* '** "t>xi >us tor a Imission. The document from tl,e
" ar l) ‘pailmsnt nil', it U to be hoped, sugg-xt to -a
fiMits and guardian* the p-optiitty of hein* constantly
a I vised froiii \\ -,t Point ol the proh.ivnoy ao 1 moral
con luM «f their ion* *n 1 war.la, and the emo ttm
serve ns a timely cau.icn to the Cadet, them wives.
[-V V. Stan,laid.
Kxoivser Department,
. Wsahinitfon, Nev.9 h 1630.
_ -•lihtary .1cadcm\f, Onltr .Vo 33.
Th- Inrp^cior of the MiH'ary Academy in the exe
cution ol Ins du y. in relrrsnce to that Institution,
regularly submits to the Secrets.y of War. for Ins in
■p ct.on acd ob-erratlon the otfi-ial reports which are
<1irwtrdeil to the Engineer Department by the super
Intrndanl ol .»,« Mili'ary Academy; an I .,,m„ the r, -
,*or t -r th.* l-i*t four m n »i*, being presented anj de
y examti ed by him, he hasthcug'it proper to make the
Icllowmg iremark-; which are publish, d for the l.ilor
nation of the Cadets
i'r.I-* n i m k^ r or War
. _ Nov«mt»*r9 h, \
• I I.b S rrctary „f War, ,jnc* re(ur„
P'-'ni. in, ha- (miHdIIv exam ned the metis and cia*e
trporN . I the Military Academy, for -he laai (our month*
and it I a »m ti lunch regret h- pere-lv.-s (hat eon o ol
n- voting gentlemen, under instruction there, ,ve re
s. of correct deportment, and of their own i,
lereai; while many ate found lo regard U,o regulations
in.da lor their government, and arc persung their
• mlice m h a Correctness of deportment, and «i h a
•l.luvnce which afford pr*,age of future honor to th‘tn
»r|ve» and u-efulnesi to the conn ry, ti ore are a fe%»
, " a*’|,e,r ln,,,-n*;b:« »«> 'h« o!j,ct for whichJhea
■lava hr ert placed here.” 5
The young; gentlemen at the Institution, are nro’eae*
ol the k. v rument; rducafd in the hops and expec
ration that h-r alter their country may he ren rite.! lor
t.ir pateraal care, evinced towards them. Their parents
at.d guardian*, too. take a hvo-y ii.tere*t in i|,-ir wel
laro and tnecess. Ol what avail will he the moat ac
tive cfl rta t. render them uaelul and valuable men, it
they cl-regard law and rule and devote themselves Ir.
d.cness anti not to th ir diitiea.
Mleaptnt time ran never he recalled; and, when at
an Sgs for J idgmvnttoact, they w ill repent sorely the
uegl-ct o. 'hose hone, which, being differently em
l> <>y <1. might.havs rendered ih«.n useful aod valuable
m-n.b. raot vone-y, a, d „ ml*. ,, ,(< „ eir par,nt,,
I he aeini-anou.il examination i* r*pi ||y approaching.
‘ COn;!Ue' 'hB l»™‘iciency of the Cadetr
will t»e rri.tcally looked into. It it .hall apr.ear .hat
any, acntic it.duregird ol >hetr in'erest, have neglected
their etu i.ea, thn Academic Board must, and will .e
commend a 1 etich tor dismiss .1; and, how* ver palntul
o hi- fueling * it tn v be, a venue , f duty will con* rain
the Secretary o, tt ar to confirm i - recommendation,
rh a hem* thecas., they w,|| h„ thrown track io-olhe
w rid, and upon their own resources. A» a fri.r d, th
S erefsry ol W ar forts it to be a duly fornmb nt upon
nim, to wyn the young gentlemen of ihu miliary
Academy, to lime, that they may be guarded again*,
the possibility of being placed in so unpleasant a i.re
dlC.imelit. * 1
If dismissed, strong and satisfactory reasons will be
required lo obtain a testora loo. None need < aicula e
on being signalized *ot favor, for it cannot be extended
Hie worthy ami industrious Cadets must be sepan'
ed Irom th- v,ri0u* and Urn idle; their interest., and ll e
m'eresls of the ronntry, rr quire urn! demand it.
it 'a tit’s timely, friendly admor.i’ion, and (o the
paternal advice eo frequently repealed,' any .hall mill
turn a naif ra-, Ie, ihrtn not hereatter complain' all
b'atrirt and fault will ho ilieir own. The government
cannot c-11110116 ai the Institution those who, ei her
trom a want ol capacity, or from indisposition to learn,
Blind no iiope ol Inline usefulness to the ronntry
(Sl*n'‘>) J. II. EATON.
By o'rier,
(Sigo-d) C. GRATIOT, B ig. fj.-n.
A Copy. N. TiU.INfiHAST, Lt. and Ac’g Adj’t.
An otrici.l notice iron, the Union Btnk ol M .rylaii.l
which has been published in the several newspapers < f
this city, gives the important and highly gratifying
information that, “The P-e-ident at.d D.rectors have de
cided to make loans ol mon-y. up. n pl.dgea o( approv
ed stock* s* •ecuiily, AT I.K99 THAW THE HATKOr
six rERCB.fT ren a.wm.” This decision ol ihe
l t.rsotois ol an incorporated, inoniod tiuii-u’ion, posgf..
- n< Hie largest capital ol any bank in .his R ate. re
llects the highest credi on their j idgmetii, libcrali y
and aitrchiuent to the prosperity ol their lellow-ri iz-ris!
who will duly appreciate the value and i- lluence of
, "’"P *o feduco the rate of imersst in munis .
iti'iitu ion*.
Th-jf|i»f rate fif Interest i* that which monied man
generally are arrustotnrd to receive and b ean*fied
with,and it is well know- in Baltimore that all well se
emed stock*, prying a certain interest of 5p«r car,,
annum, are above par, some ol them as much a* 10 <>«».
ernt. And vast turn* ol money are constantly on dr
pos, e in on- or our ptibiie in-lltutl.ir.s, and in the hand
r.l tt.dtvidtial Rank-rs, at Ihe rale ol 4 percent, per an
num; it is therefore an act of jus ice to the m-n ot husi
n-»s iu our community, who require loans by rli counts fo.
rbori periods, t| at ihey should no! pay more than a fair
fft c of interest The Dtr -clors ol ihe Union Bank will
hive the me.it f being for most in ert sc ingthi* de-i
rable ami jus, redttciion, a* there can ba no doubt the
o’h-T public ioalKutfoiis will follow tlietr example. W
scarcely need r*m iik, that the raduction of in er it w.b
cattae a great iticrease in vilue of r»al property in Bal
■imore as compare I with ihe usual standard_coney.
Extract of /! letter from a citizen of Gtle» Countu
I'n. to hit friend in thit Borough, tinted .Yov 5
••A me* ling of our Citizens hell h-re on the
29th nil. re-parting rail-ways, when re* .lull-ns wr.
ai'op’ed ami arrangements made pieparato'y lo enter
,nK f'l'ly «*;oil i-e ful.j-el. The great point in
;ny opinion i< in untie the Roanoke with the K mawhs
whl h can be done w.t , a rail.way only 15 mile, lone!
i» no- lea*. T o unite the Kit awt.a with James river
would require a rail-way o; 65 ir,ilea »l least, and we
cannot muster the furrl* 'or melt an unJt risking • hi t
the rot.ner ion of the Koar.oke and Kanawha beu.E
practicable, the r. ni.q lence will be that (lie great at
pwl ol the produce ol the WVat will K„ |.v w.v ol
W.Mon lo Notf Ik. II the Lynrhbur*\. ’,0.
to mike :i rail-way Irom thence to Ot er nrer (a h aurli
o' Roanoke) they ran do ao, the distance heir ,, uri|y
I'Oiit 15 or 16 in- e», hut r ot'.ing «l«e ran divert tit*
traJe that way, and even ih-n it will he d.ob'fiit 1
am sanguine In the l»- li«f that the union ol theac two ri
var. (K. and K ) can he r (T.rtetl: and in lhat event ti.c
.M. N,„ v„k. Plill.lel-ht, II.l.„„o„"S.
the N .rh Western part of Virgin a, Kaniurky.T-n>
ne«»te, the'Northern part of Alahama, part ol Ohio. In
dieni and lihude, would turn tine way Irom Pittsburg
lo the month ol the K «n .wha for want of water, h.,r
vrr below the'.
ri.ii has bean the driest season known here f .r a
lotus time. In Greenbrier roun y the people have
• i *°aC*i<h r’*.wr*r »» sugar Water Is aa
Ihered from the map's One coul I ,c*rce!y „
borea watered along tt.a turnpike roa.l. Well, which
have hast, always deep baloro, berime Ullerly dried
,,p [Aorftdk JIrraid.
The citizen* of Maltimorr, wo believe, are much dis
posed In comply with the suggestion made some time
since in a Waihington paper, "to construct a lateral
Hail.Hoad from the Ualilmore and Ohio Rail.Road to the
ity ot Washington.’ I he Haltimore and Ohio Rail
Koa l C ompany have full power, under their charter tn
construct such a Road aa far as the line of the Dinc’ict
of Columbia; and there is no doubt that Congress would
p»»* a law to e (fend their powers amt privileges to any
part of iho Tlts'riof. The o*t of such a Rail-Rr^d
e©uM not exceed 150,000 dollars—it* benefit would bv I
Kieat to both cities, and indeed to the United State*, and
it* profit to the Stockholder* ample. Thu is a subject
woithy of attention, and we hope will not be neglected.
-. . . i > ** , [fiui/. Gazette.
I he Liverpool and Manchester Railway appears to
bo inlet feting with the business ol the coach** plying
between those cities. The tallowing appears hi a Liver
pool paper el the 9th nit:—“We understand that sever
al ol the coaches have been withdrawn fiom the Liver
pool and Manchester road from the Impossibility ol con
tending with the Railway. This was ol course to he
expected. The number of passengers conveyed by the
Railway Company last week has Itcen from ei'hthuu
died to a thousand a day.” "
I^ki EitiButto, Nov 19.-—A* wi» ai pio,ch this great
project, and proceed with our preparations for its actual
Ctmunrnc-m*„t, difficulties vanish. \V« uoderrtand
ttia' the Kngitie r in a second anrwy lias hern rnahl.d
to 'elect ground lor the location of the Road muih tnoie
favourat.l* than that at first passed ov r, and that ol
course th« aetu-l cost will fail considerably below ti e
•s ituate*. Till* la encout aging.—Y«t farther!: Wr
<re in ormed that among the rrcrnt (Uhsenplion*, two
very I be. alone* have been received from Liverpool in
Knoland. An example, which it is not yet loo late fu,
•ome rf the capl ahsts m our weal hy American Cities
to Imitate. Tit* locatiou ol the R <ad rum'lie need yr«
tarday. [Intelligencer.
I'TWCtuuno, Va. Nov. 14 —-It is our painful duty to
notice the arrest ol Chas. Whitley, Leroy Jordan, and
Anthony Evans, all of them citizen* of Medford, here
tofore oi reputable standing, and one ol them a magis
trate <d tho county, charged with having delrauded the
U. States, hy forging documents in the name ol Rovo
lulionary soldier*, and .Irawing tho pension* upon them.
V ° "° ,iot know to what extent the Iraud has been ear
ned—nor indeed whether the parties are guilty— if they
are not, they will soon he enabled to establish their iu
n°r pnce* a,“l W'P° oflf suspicion. [ Cinrinitin.
[j hey are sont to the Federal Court at Richmond, lor
trial.J *
** .T.irM.t I. I l/.l fA,’ UK.
■ ■txiNOTtn, Nttir. 20.—W« have tn« pleasure to
■ n'orni our renter* hat Dr. Loui* Marshal ( ,ro h t ol
i>* Chief .fu-tire) has »rC*pioil ihe H.-esidcn-y of tlii»
institution. II- i. now line, *oJ enter* immediately
on the dimes of his olfi-e.
_ r*® Faculty have det-rmii c I on admitting anew
r r*»iunan class to enter Ih a session, with a view of ae
comiiio.la• itijc a nilinh-r olnrw (indent*, and of chni(
i'i' the lime ol ihe C. m iieticvment* from «(>riuc *r» fall.
II any aiudniita who have not yet arrived, cnn'emid.tr
ent-i lug th:« if.ilitD, we arc r quest, d by the Ficul*
ly 1° Inform them of tlm in por'imre of alien‘inz a.*
•peedily as possible. Tlis session haijmi begun.
_ [Inttllif'encer.
Captain Ryan of the S earner A Untie, arrived la*t
rvniinz. informs tie tl.at Ibe Nepuine. Capt, Barrel,
iron Si. Louis for this port, wag snagged on Sunday
morning, the 17 li October, at eight o’riork, about three
mil*« below the month of the Ohio, and Sunk in I wen
*V*nve foet Writer. The N^ptun^ |>m been aground
Opi. site the mouth, and lightene I off w ith the aid ol
two kee'-hoats, which the had in tow She reload..!
and »ra’ c ly had got nnd r way when she at'ttrk a
sunken *nag on her larboard aide about mi.Lhips.w bich
entered her bo'tom and pasted through Ihe cabin. The
pa**eng*r« and rr-»w immediately jumped on board the
ke«| boa'e which were cut adrift, aud by that mean*
eav d 1 heir liver.
1 • e Udu a were taken off lire hurricane d*rk. by the
yawl, when it was level with the water. The pay
•engei» did no* even eav# their baggage Forluna’e
)• on I vea were (oat. I' i* suppnaed ebe aunk irf about a
11-inutc after ehe was Him-k Her cargo, which is er
Urely loaf, consisted principally of pig and bar lead,
pel Mra, fl :ur and tobacco. The two keele are on their
way to thia p'rt, under eweepa f JVVtc Orleans Jltlv.
I' ir men ioned in the Savannah (irorgiar, tli.t th*
Superior Court ol the difrici ol T*llah*s#e, and Florida,
baa pronounced in decree in the caa- of Mitrhell, ami
o'hcr*. ver.au. the Uni-ed Stat-s, brought hr ilia ron
hmation r f (he title to that tract of country, known a
I orh»» purchase, in favor of the United S a»ee. We
ara lurthor informed ’hat the decree is only a prelim
inary one preparatory to the examination of thia impor
tant cau.«e, byjlie eupreme court ol lie United State*
the ~bjTy tr.ide~
1 he Revenue i nt er which came up yesterday ev -
ning from h.'ow, report. ti.M upwai.la of one hundred
and h iy «ail ot vu«**|s, laden wi ll produce ami arli
c ev lor the Btl'imnre inark-f, are in the bay and river,
having been detained bel.atv bv the fog* and north
ea*t wind*. _ [fluff, JImer JYov lS
An tnoimst). verdict lua bee.u recover'd in V'r
mont, in a 7m' tnm action, brotigh' by George J. W||
It* again*! It S Saunders and L R'tleon, under a law
of that elate making it p.-nsl to maka or *et Hp a lot
tery Tbe cause m. tried in one of the county court*,
and the jury returned a verdict for a pena!.y equal ml
the whole scheme of the lot ery, w! irh w** $|t>2 069
’ iffaSjaaaiTe" ~.~
rn n k e n.i ys r~i te n fr o.i7 rjstg lajyd
Neiv-Vork, Nov. 20—The ehip Mary Howland,
C 'pt. Actoia, arrived la-t evening rrotn Liverpool, vi.a
t^ork. Bv this v< asel a Cork piper of ihe 2l*t of Ocfo
ber ha, ire ■,» received, containing Liverpool date* of
the t«)ih ami London date* of the 18'h of tl.at month.
A public meeting had been railed in Dublin to c.n
’V ,r V,e object cf di* olving in a leg,I way fhe union
of Ireland and England. Thu Lord Id'tttenant i.sucd
a proclamation forbidding the people lo assemble on lire
occa-ion, and a good deal of excitement en-ued.
A Limerick article rtatee that the or.ltunce store*
hive h en removed from th it citv, on account of a pro
hention* 'rom the peasantry of that quarter, among
whom rnn*iderab!e di-turhanecs prevail. Th- so!dier«
ol iho 87-h regiment in Newry have had quarr,}. wi h
the people, who n ih-y have treated roughly. Th.
*u!jent h to ho investigat'd, and it is thought that the
regiment will be *ent out ol tho country.
A priva'e le'ter from London, received al Cork, *»y _
"A r^po/t ia current in the city, and reems’tohavg
-onre foundation, that some houses in Birmingham hav
entered into a ron'rect for the supply ot 2110,000 mu*
kcls to the French Gnverntnent. (1 is supposed also
that the quantity ultima'ely required wtll be much
gr-ater. h-order iesai.l to be a v-ry pressing one.
and that a delivery is urged at a rate of GO.ODO monthly
if p>’-ih!e—This circumstance is nol at preent view
ed V\ 1 l, ary alarm in the money inark.t. as the mo iv*
asdgn-.l f..r the order, and the despatch of it, is >h
Iiiisera.de s-aie of in, in.deucy as to equipment, in which
the whole of the regular army of France was lift by
Charles A. and his Ministers.*’ 1
London. O t. IS.-The French 2 per C nt* h-in4
q j .t'd eolova»83f 10, in the run ning paper* ocea
•suned a temporary fa I in Consols fro 11 8« 7-S to 8(i 12;
■ t w as, however. *0011 ascertained that by estah-tts the
f'7,:h “'•■Ee 1 per rsnt highe ; ('ohsoIs rose to
ot» .5-I. tvl» rfi it now ihe ij'iotafior.
Spanish Band* have fallen 20 1-2 The jobbers do
not like the alow progress ol the re-.olution, nor the
subdued tone of their publications.
The rrtnmercidl acrouut* from the Continent con
tinue v, ry gloomy; there are to-day accounts „f (he
•topn ge ol the leading msnuf •cturing house* in France,
at Havre, ol a email hanking establishment at I»,ri*
one extensive firm at Madrid, and one at Bordeaux, be
■id.*a odi-rs of m.rior linpo-tance.
The letters by the Spani-h p .*t state every thing was
tranquil. O le lelt-r fiom Madrid,{bow over, al ude* to
an ai etnpt at reb-llii.n in ihe capital, but *ay* it had
b-en matanily auppieued by th* government au hoii
London Corn Exchange Oct 18— We find a mode
rately bri-k sale ior Ibe Wlieal, which fully supports
last wn-k* priesa. Th-re are soma fine samples of
Harley in the market, which readily meets *d». at our
last quotation', the top price being 10*. The Oit trails 1
doen not appear to he very hrl.k, and the price, ha. e »«•
variation. H-ans and |»ea» remain steady. The sup
pitea of Grain g-nerally, are not Lrgr. Of F our tve
have a g el quantity, hut no vatis-ion* in term*
LORN—The av rsge price of Wheat thia.lay Is 6 1
per trariel higher Ilian "Ur last quotation*. ILrley lor
exportation has *1 o Implored 101, and the average
v-V’"i-< 1 li a t extent. There i* n> alteration
H r m-eket w** rxihfr 'r^nMly ftipplied with Co
to d.iy, and Wheat sold rather fr-aly at |a|- prici
pitn e and samples, indeed rather higher, and Oat*
an improvement cf 3 •. her brl. No ali.-ra'ion In Be
or Barley Fb.rtr and Oiltneal as la*t week. Whs
f.» 2T*‘ 92‘ 5 '*'• *»*»«'•. *<»« to 34*.-, Oats, 10*.
12s. 61 ; Barley, 13*. 61. >0 |0 ,
Smyrna, ot Dmbury, Capt. Sprague, which ar
riveil M»rt on I'.i'aday (light mi t'i» very rhorl finencr
o» Jorty-twv \Uv* fiOifi M'uyrn*, miM la t*e (lie short
e»l ever made (lienee to (hie pod, elect mid* her pa*
omf »'■'»«» 'W* por* l« SmyriM in ihe »*me el nri spur-,
rinr bri< prtrooilnl f.om Smyrna to (ionetantioople,
tl en n up (he Bu«phnrii« and (he Black S-a |0 OiIoim,
j b-ing h- firft .'tmrrienn cra<e/lh«( ever reached that
pi tee nr it eplay. J ,|,» •*<(»! •rpiti jjlr (I banner” initial
reroute m,
Sue In. k on hoard a carfoe of wheal ft Trleafe, and
on pa*>iiiy Otoiiaiitf'iiiiir, after an »!•**( c • c f 21 day*,
hMin I a 11 el of raueli bound up the Black S*a, aeverai
ni which were Brldah, which »he bad left there, | 0:ir
»f which attempted to » *at up again*! a N E wind
and lh» current rt the Boptnrn*, (which ran it ih*
raf • <.t a.i mile* an » ou-.) r*crpt a DW«h barque, e
An* EnilUh brig. and two clipper bu.it schoo
narf.—Ttie harque and th* brig *.», „p the attempt .the
.chooner. (which l.av. th. sdv*„..K, in beating) -nd
. ,'"yrM I!*®**1 H',ck «•■* A. the wind pre
vailed at N. fc the Smyrna toond them, on her're
turn, a. above. Oapt. Sprague afor a;»cha*«ini- tun car*
go at 1 lUeie, returnrii to Smyrna. Oo his way he
poke tmg I I u-‘>e Ann with Mr. Khtn<t, U 8. Com
mis.ieuer to Turkey, paarettger, beund to New-York
enJ eaw the laet railing .choouer Fen Far, al-o lor
New York, the letter el which vm-I had not’ anivrd
n » the lormrr anived at New Yo k < n Monday. A
Smyrna Cep*. S, took on butril a lull cargo |.f p#,
•ot.. I lie Smyrna bar been absent but a-v. n it-onth
ye.ter.lay, [Koaio.t Patriot. '
V\ e are Im'ebted to Capt S wrixon, . f the a hr.
l-aul.n. lor Smyrna papeia to S pi 19 inclusive.
I he following a. tide will b» ieaJ wit'i.nine inter, o',
Ai illuatia ing Ilia cordial fe« lug hIii }| mil! w«*
tru-i ever will e* ft between emancipated K tnrc and
the perple o( the United S ilea f.V Y. Jour o'Com
Smtrwa, S p*. 19 —On the Uth Inal ti e Fr,nch
h'la ot war l.e Pa'iuuie, commanded by Lleu'enaut
Tori in, arrived beariog th. tri-ro'oored fl tg. TM« I*
the lint ehip which has pr. seated it.ell h re. uudt r
t .e.e noble color., nine, the late revolution in Krauce.
An imin«n*o crowd thronged the quay., and uumorous
person, appeared on the terrace, i f their hoti.ea, en
deavouring to catch a Sight ol the flag at a d .lance.
All the F.etich gelt leturn emitted on ^choldi.tg it; all
were tille,! with nobis and gem ram «.iilun-nta at -h *
pro,port of ti ding thoin«rlv-« agsi i uni e.l to that h. n
ner «h ch lr;nn time to time ha* tuarke I in France the
ere ol liber y and g'ory.
On the same d iy Mr. Oh tries RVui.l, Kuvoy Pleiii
potenliary ol the United State, ol Anietica to the
Sublime Porte, having arrived at Smyrna a week pre
vio.|., ad.Ire..ed to M Turpin the I allowing note :
The American* now in Stnyriu de ire to pre-out their
per* ual respect. t> tbe Commandant of the French .hip
ol war. -he br.*t winch ha* horn, th* tit-colored ll ,g
in 1 urkey, and beg the Ooinmandant to n. me the hour
m which it will be convenient to receive'them.—The
undersigned i* happy in u-.aking known the de-ire ut
bi* compatriot., and pray* tbe Commandant to receive
the asiurance of In. distiiiguUhed < on.hl*rai|nn,
(Sigord) Charles Kiiind,
Commissioner Plonipotenfiary of tha U.
Stale* near the Sublime Porte.
Smyrna, 13:h Srpt. 1830.
Immediately on tha iccepti n of this rote, Mr. Tur
pin hastened to call m Mr. lthiud, who received hitn
with th* greatest cordiality. Two days afterwards, the
*aid Ch«,g. d'AIf.ire*, acrompinie.l by ail the Am.ri
can merchants re-blent in tint city, and all the Captain.
•' the fame na'ijn, returned (In visit on board tha
P'liiiure, were ho wa* received with military honor..
On bis d p.rtuto he was *a!utoJ by a discharge of 11
IJ05TON, Nov. I8. — W* have ncrivvd liom our at
»n,,«rr c' rre,p°" *«"•» Smyrna papers io Scpt. 2 «. Ou
22dof (Ini uioulh die French inhabitant# ol Smyrna
«elrt»ra|. hy a public banquet, die Vc «.v*nt.« in
!• ranee. Th- French and English Consul* were Invited.
dn‘ Mr. Khirul, (lie Ametic«n CoimitiMionvr, and an
• c|• i.i 1 number of Knglish and American niHichaati
An article dated Consaitinople, S pi. t«), confirm*
Mit arcounts heretofore given t.f the tiuaclury prae’ia
ed by th* Grand V z>er on the Albanian iider*. He
tvi'n In a Pacha ol Scodra had entered into an arrange
ment by which hey pAid down a part oldie arrears ol
pay due to the Albanian army, and agretd to pay the
re.idup from the revenues ol KoumalH, where die
<*raml Vixier commanded. At do moment when the
nr*t part (A (hi* arrangement was carried into exeru
don. the principal h-y. who*, siihmis-ion i. was thought
would be the u.o-t d fficult, were drawn into a rut hy
which they lost their lives. About 200 o! then suit who
were made prifon rs.were rent to Conetandimple where
they were condemned to hard labour at the ga'iles.
A great termen'aiion %va* produced atno'-g the Al uni
ant by the news ol the execution ef lii- r chief', who
had repaired to the quarter' o| die Miami Vixier upon
bis ic vi'a'ion.and it wa» f«ar..d hat this cruel and t earli
arou* measure instead ol insp'rtrg tc rur among them
would excite them anew and give a greater xig.ur to
the msnrrecion.
1 lie Porte had not offi daily ackuowlrdg-d the tri-col
onrril M'g.btit it was permitted tii».n the %alace ot
ahin* °r’ aiul 00 t)rard ,ho *r,nch Merchant
Mr. Uhirid, the Commissioner of our Government
who negotiated a Commercial Treaty wi ll the CJrand
hid an o! I urkey, arrived at New York on Sunday I-.h
in the brig | t.oebe Ann, fr.»m Smyrna, bringing wi h
him dm 1roaty ne»oiat-d by him Mr. Ubind hi
brought with him the feur Arabian Morse* procured by
him st Constantinople. Mr Wind roe Andrew#, ol ihi.
city, was also a passenger in the same ve**rl, from
Sm>r,Mr- [D. Ado.
Accou.vti r*OM thc East-W« have mine
ron> 0l,r io*alllif»nt cuu.ul l>r Turkey, Mr. Ridn.l, *h i
great change* ha* been made in the view, »•* well p*
the habile, of ths Tuiklfh Government, within two or
i ft u yVrf: Ti" of die J.nissari.a his
lelt the Sultan more at liber y, and he has been thus
'JY-r J-° *,l*mP|s wi'h si-cce**, a relorinalitn olihe
0 d 1 urkish system, in which -everal s-ep* have alrea
■lv bee, I-ken which may lead -o semethitig importan*.
Not only the Ktjra.-a.i «y*lem ol ti.lic* tia* l.c-n in
tro<.need info the army, hut the F anlt dress has h*en
assumed hy Ihe Sultan and the Court; and a con-i lera
-le drgree of knowledge on the puli ICS ol F.-irnne ai -
pears lo have found it.* way into die cabinet This may
op-m th* wry her-after to th-* ndmla ion ol knowledge
and many desirable impovetnrnt*.
world* Mr n *Jnl <0 ,hat Parl of «»!*
1 f (,':n''v, ‘"’l In* associate, had
I Constantinople for Curdisiau, where, as had re
Chu,rh »!*? , VCar'.*.,0ed* an •■«!«« ClnislUn
Hri’t i I re'8in ""lrh ot ,he Pr'n'i,ive
‘V 1 d®c,,1,‘e •«*'• government, and should ihe
hlv ’“V""*"' ‘>»™e»Hi*« that proha
v ain hi Mt"’ ""'V.llrev would probably colled so,ne
th« R , “i Jn,1 ‘ Ln Th,y he '*«•• received by
r* itriri li * olher au horities, they may meet with
* ,'rr* were numerous and mo l rep. ct,hie
An -rcotniof th-ir safe arrlv.l at E.x-rUm had bean
Reived before Mi. R ’# dtparlurv Irom CotisUntino
The surcee* of Ihe school mis i.-,n at Smyna is at||.
reprnaentrd a* most encouraging. Two mmi'o<UI
liools are now in op. r.t ion under Ihe caro of Mr.
lirewer end his as#ociales, male and female. They
coma,,, 150 poor Oratk ehildr-n. wl.o.e progress i
Mghly grailfying. O.m of .1,* lad.es leaches needle
work, and tolh are tiding them elve. lor more #,.,P.
•iv« wplulnfM hy flirt Htudy Of lartfcii cep The P*
chA h«« the srliooh, and I»m »on, the H *v ts.ke*»
*t,II greater tniere.t i„ them. So much encourage
mem i* .fib-red by Turk*. H.ai if ,he nrces.rry fund
and cuntnbu,ions'could b* obtained, (wl-icli would
s-.ounl io hut Mil..) it is not doubted, ,ha, Turkish
females would he found, boll, from th* ci y and other
P res, anxious to he latight, and tba’ native school
mi-tresses muht soon be aei.l Io difluse female
a i n amons«t h il hi herto ignnrrnc people. ff« hope
, ” l hrop c, especially i„ New Y.uk, will not
be s'ow m lending such aid ,hi* great and benevo
lent object as its mi|ortjnra deman I*.
, , „ [-V Y. Daily Adv.
I he brig Emily has arrived »- Norfolk from R.tter
lam having left that port Oct. 12, and bringing d-a
-latchss to (he govsinrnrnl, wbief, the C n*ul at Ro*.
tsrdaui info med ilia Capllhl were linport-int. I,|(.|c
n;7‘ h our.hr hy this a rival Th-cron .Ron of ,|,r
Austrian Crown Pilnce a* King of Hungary |„0k i.lice
on.h- 28.1. ot Sept. The Kmg of Hungary wa.
make h * grand en-ra into V ei n* Oct |
The despatches hy the Emily rr.*y have refrr-nre
to the *u'j-ct of our hoiiudary controversy, w hict, ...t,
"itRsil to the arbitration ol the Kiog of the Netherlands "
— I Imre is rca-on to apprehend that the engag-ment ol
»e K-,ig upon hi, own afT.lr* may liar! Jrvv’n "d
bi< H'vu g tl.a prompt attention to <h* suH-cl „fihi.
•fh.trgtiot. Which „nd*r other circumsta r8.he would
have e.ron — It we rcro'lecl the t.-rms of the suhu.is
•ton, th - a: Mtra'or is allowed twelve month, to m,k
«Pthis opinion, (r ir. tin final d-livrry ol the
whdi totk pi«’a several month* since. [R,
Extract «/ a Utter Jrom an intelligent Amerie
V’"'!'man, dated Paris, 19lh Oct, 1830
v’" 'bay possibly hear i gsgg.r aiM| eccouma .f ,|
nr (*uccs her., bm he not alarmed, far there is
danger. What area frw bund,* t. or even
m,mrr««s srr/rfs against JdO.OVO .. and squ.pn
National Guards, all unanrntaiit f-,r |jIP or, '
siii;! mu, w*r .noe^fz::,;
' "'"H l » month : bur | do .
T'.nm'i 7' * ”'i'1 n°* h" M,v O'I
I .m 1 .1 A ° "s- Prud ■„*
" k ' "r ",!'n',y •lid good* safe, b th now. ,
_ _ ' «»» Ifi* contrary. [Halt Urn
K John Martin, and Sally Marlin, u-.fe „/
m I I V 1 Marl,n>~ r.k - N .lira, that I fi.aH
.Ini Kn.lay i„ D.remb r nasi, batwoon ,|l0 hr ,»ra m
' i , vvU('ir"* «"»• <»><■ ban*.
o< \V. M hi..r, ,»,* County ol An.eli.,. and N ,t,
?! , l,Tnr'*'i •» '»<«• dap.mior',* ol M*i
lludo|«lt|l Jeiar M l oilier*, i» Ita ra,,| •• ,vi,l*r>ra *n *
in ( hinra.y. „„w ,«e,,-eh- Co.imy C »
of Amaila. In whtrb you ar* P,*,„ t|U and myall ,MI
0 ,'"r* Drfdl.iUlilf I Al ttliirh lio.a and pl»r.- y „
y°» «W«* I rol” r NbouMalllhe drpo.iimn,
not I . taken on .h*i ,|*y. I al,-ll aoniinun from.lay -o
dot (Sunday* «fayta,l) to Oka -I,- *,me .mill iha
v*lu»!a are committed. V.>ur*, ftr *
•S wJw
Nov. 2G.
'here are no hounds to the hatred of the Oppoaition
farty toward. Mr. Randolph. He was the nT,tTo,n“
Jackson as the probable successor to
*>• than expect to he forgiven? It was
■e ot,ler day that a Boston paper re-puhli*hcd a
part ot one of his speeches, to rhow how early lie had
co.mnenced the c.mpaign-.nj how vigorously ho had
banner iflte“Nor d“* , ,he,,,he his sword, until tho
C L lei r y,rM pla,,,cd "P,m '»•« ramparts of tho
tuadel. Can he then expect to be forgiven? Or does
wiehir‘aeil-?.C.rPPO °? '° U,° Adi"''d.tratiou forbear to
wield against it every ms'rument of attack, whether it
he admitted or prohibited by the rules of honorable war
t.ire; whether it be fair w eapons or whether it be poison
ing the springs of information. lie it fair, legitimato
argument, or be It the grossest inisrepresentatiou and
«von forgery itself, it seems to bo equally welcome to
the parli/.ans of the opposition.
In tlie case of Mr. Randolph, it is fortunate that their
vituperation is carried to such extremes os to defeat lt
I ho “ New York Journal of Commerce” scorns to
take the lead—(Tho New York Commercial, however
non™agno mtervAlo)-in the dirty work of fabricating’
an<l pioinulgaling whatever fictions it has the ingenuity
to conceive. I lie following account which that paper
gives oMh® correspondence between the President and
•»ir. It. is grossly erroneous—
JsSt. s^rsK'jiSi,* ssit" sirsiz
u ."r:,, v^T.iToT.^A^inins; £prraci;r.\i;r£
vorninmit •apomtranuU, a,,J clo.i.i* willi a Joel-iriii.ik .VV. F
th.n* would induce hi,,,’.., accept ,h1 SoiT.. d we?.
Mccoriipanietl with |>»i inindion to utov nt St lViur»S..md» ... i 9
thin hi«h «»n Is I find1 it convenient-tLotl£r
7.1U onfM:,v.,„h5rK"ro|M?- ,hiH ^uuZt i"r,h«n*om°e^
ippmotfn'nt ^2'“>•
Now, what are the real facts ol the case?—Tha Presi
dent s letter at once offurs the appointment ol tho Mis
sion to St. Petersburg!, to Mr. R. in terms highly Halter
ing to Ins political and personal diameter. In .Mr. R’»
reply, ho accepts the appointment on tho grounds of the
manner In which it is tendered, and of the a pedal ob
ject of the mission. Ho says not one word about ‘•gov
ernment appointments,” but observes that it had been
Ins intention to withdraw from public life. No tonnu
were specified by Mr. R in his acceptance, but tho
l.JlCr.V V t1"" to rhanyc the climate, if hU
adrnI.Vfh?r dxnqu r° “* tUe l"*blic service would
admit of It. I lie letter trom Mr. Van Huren about tho
. loop of War to convey him to his place „f destination
was long after the acceptance,and it is presumed, mero
Hs "voyage °rmU,g lh° arrangement, of
choctaw the.cry
£«•«*■« ,J *•««• °l ‘h- 31 !■,««. puMi.he. a
cop\ ol tin Treaty made on the 15th S p*. t.y the S«c
h u s.. r,l°:rt! ,nMb-h*“ •*« 1.*.?.;;.?!
•V, . S'* t v ', ,l,e Chi«u, Captain* and
ZVoZr: °l ^ O,0r'a ¥ ,uioC- i.„
“Where*. ih» g-netal .i c-mhjy cf th„ StB( f M)
ha* #*«e..d„l the law* ol ,ai ! Slate .0 perron.
;;rup7/V "•»..» the chartered limit* ol tha ,a,„ *
and the Pre-id n| the Unhe.l State. he ca. no
prolerl .he Cnortaw people from he oPe a.i0„ „l E
law* ; n,,v, the telerc, that the Choctaw, may lire
•l«r ihetr own law*, m i e ,re with the Uni e J S ate*
™l Mrlm’l ^ '»>-y »>»*e d.Urmin-d to
their ■> n K»*t of tha Mi —-.i„pl rjV).rt f
agreed to 'he tallowing article,” (22 in »l. )
I lie U. S. pledge ihetmelv -a 0 •• cati*e to ha r*.
veyed to the Choctaw Nation a tract ol etuniry writ
of th* river— bro if. n*i)ir rear |(iri s si
where 'he ArUanaa- boundary croa.e. the Arkan*.*rj!
iMn .rh" r"n' ,71<T ’V,1'* *M,,h 01 lh# Canadian Folk
I m the limit, of the Untied S »i«., Pr ,0 three |,m
hen,- .on.h to R,d rirer, and down Rod riw 2
th* we t l otindary ot (he T> rtt'ory of ArL»t.*.. • ti «
ri«rth along that lin* t„ the begin, ing. The boundary
ol the .ante to lc agre* able to the t.ra'v tn.de t ^
eluded a, Washington Cily in Z Z,W*S " C°°'
the "re.^ 'r'S “S'*" »,rovH‘,«* «l in
■ uili IsnsKi
poi-e,, e.at ot the Mi*,i..irf| ,iver. and they .."ee m
remove beyond the Mi.*i,,j1,pj river a. early a* pr.i
licab e. atpl wnl *o arrange (heir removal ■>. • f *
V ,,,cir Prf,|*l<», pot exceeding one hal^lif
hem wl o!e number, .hall depart during th* f,|| of Isa!
^n»f 1832; a berer oportnni'v Mill in iKio
be airtrde l Ihe government to extend to them thTflciVl
V am. romfait wh ch it it derirable eho .Id t>B r,.eLd.
• d m conveying H em -o th ir new home- ” *
rhe no\i ar icle i. very Important. „ it rfIs,Bf
(lie future dr,(my ol Ilia Choctaw.- •• Tt ' *
men. and P r pl. of the United State, ar. h««b/ihX
o .ecu: e to the (aid Choctaw Nat on ot re I m
P-r.y -hat may he wi hit, th-i li „i,„ ? t0 no*
territory or . at. eh.II ever have a right to n... i „ !
the government cf the ChicMw Na ion Jt r I
rrd their dear.,.dan,*, and t"a no*'Srt 'of'fhS'ffJ:
P" i'huiztliwrg^WaS:;:? ,;fr;*,roer^
C ortaw Nation front and againat all law* except .u h
7 mjy *'0m time to time be enact.d i„ .hri, ow„ “ a
tonal conn, ila not iocon.i.t.nt nith the rn-niim.
tr.atl.8 ar>tl law* cl the U State, 9„(| "r
may have hem enacted by Cong re’-., tl.e'ixle'ut lh*at
I- or.gre,. under Hie con-'itii't .n j, r. n„ r« J . , *
a 'ejiahticn over iud.an ift.lr*. Hut the Ct.ocmw"
•hoold llii* tr-aty be ra tfi.d, . gpre*. * w.-h that rZ!‘
vre.a ahonltl grant ,o the Choctaw, the ,i*|l( o puniO,
mg hy thrir own law* any white mat, who .h.l corns
-nto .he nation and miring, a, y ol tl etr national rrgul"!
The U S. pledge them.clv •» |o protret the C or
taw* Irom dome.tic .(rife a„d f„r*iin j„v, j ' _ **
are reveral arlirl., | r regulating .h, interrotir.i
tween the whi*# men and the Indian.—and between
the Choctaw* ami o'her tribe*—A nnaltfi.d /
KxerV Choc,awMhV*d '^ fg”*
7" p:y,ll,f °* #20,000 lor 20 s,ir. comrnm
after thnr ramovj o h- \r *> ■ of whi h tl 7 *
y.*r*lt.r 111,.. r,n»o„l, .1.1 oo6,l.,l| ,, diVi.le.l ' . r 1
l.ll...,. -ib.l foM.,’n7.d»'.1'.MVr',b! »«*
, J;:,'r. r';y srr,‘w ch“"'
IS school hOlHf4 ftn’i! 'h* ni'lnn *
sstxz r,
mill w g)4 lor 5 year* ; al o, liter* .h’,|| be l.le'i'S*!!
the following Mll.-lea: 2100 blank*'.i— i lurnlahod
who emigrate., a rill , mould#, wiper. .,.,1 !1 ' Wa.r'l,,r
one thott-anti i*-, t ljiigl.*, |l0.. ,» i . f m,,nHion;
r»t.h, I be Inrni.b,,"! e«r<J»~»lr0 4V0
200 weigh, of „ anttually, ,0
m^r'.,.; „i »-•*•». *•*
»«fv<ncMn*n» in • ( n ». rf.\r.. ^ of rapid
a •ol'rittxlr |h,, ««,, **»n*D*, tiara rf,
»• nrf0l«c,.. on ir ^y.. I*hj,Ve lU rrivilrg.
f*»»l ihti c>w it* i # ool
«*•- »rq.,rrtyhi* « ,hir 1 ;* y -rce.Jo
fun-l appro, ria .4 f,r .»,• ir «„ Hto.J.1 „ _ fi'Vi h*
w»'rt„. i v#r » r„, rhH,l,#0 *jlh ■**'*"•
•*• i Mid Wl'l 0 • fhl« t ♦>» * In fit', J M,.n *
fnairu manta u,t «*ricn| n #» , ,| , 'r,7v/"< «"</tittle,
Chii.rht* .rar-t-rl; fr ,l() . . * 1 '"*/» • id
il>ii» fhf Chor(ii9i ir || ^
..—- j” <**» wnrjyS'SS'M:

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